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King of Kings Magazine

e ws NCommunity

Easter bunnies and april fools, gather around easter events are in game!

ter vie w! talks’ InJacques Prepare yourself for a Journey!

otlight SpLegionaries

& Kingdoms

This month we continue from where we left off. Make your legion and build your kingdom!

lkthroughs a WaBecoming kingdom

Prepare yourself for a jurny! Classes / Tomes / Contest / Q&A / Forcast 002 May 2012

be the winner 500g funds! Turn to page 50 to see what to do!

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Co-Editors of this issue

Jacques, Sykarra, Kaida, Jaegar, Caecarius, Stilgar, Kaion, Kuroyanagi. Layout/Art Editor

Muninn. ___

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King of Kings

//Editors comment

! e m o c l e WEaster Bunnies...! Hello everyone, Here we are again, with a followup from the last magazine. Happy easter to everybody, hope that the spring is starting to show its signs arround the world. This month we bring news about mostly the legions and the kingdoms as a followup to the guild theme we had in the last issue.

we will start with the Community Managers and then work our way through the team, the first one in the hotseat is Jacques our beloved master chief. This magazine is meant for both new comers and players who have been here for a while, but to help the new players get into the game we have started with some easier topics which everyone can benefit from rather than talking about something only hardcore players can relate to.

We will talk about both how to build a legion and take you though the steps of becoming a kingdom, to give you a We are please to share another magabetter insight in the goals that needs to zine with all of you! be forfilled for you to become the king Greetings from Muninn, and all the of your own kingdom. great co. editors of this issue! In the end there will be a section mainly for buildings, how they look what they cost their functions and a lot more usefull things. Other than that we also have easter events ongoing, at this point and to match that up we added some new items to the shop which you already should have been made aware of! And npcs that grants you an extra little buff if your are lucky. We also really would like to thank you all for the positve feedback on the magazine, as we have had a few comments towards what you would like more of. We added two extra pages for tome locations and decided to add interviews to the magazine, so you guys can get to know us a little better,


King of Kings


ain MContent 5. Community What resently happened! 8. Interview! Get to know our team members, this month we have our CM Jacques in the hot seat! 10. In the Shop Offers available both old and new ones!

Regulars 44. Classes 46. tombs 50. Contest 52. Q&a 54. Gift Dispenser 55. Forcast



King of Kings

otlight SpLegionaries 20. First Steps 22. legion quests 24. Legion Supplies 28. Legion Mine

otlight SpKingdoms 30. reaching kingdom status 32. buildings in a kingdom 34. kingdom quests

alkthroug&hsfeatures WQuest 38. The kingdom quest 42. a kingdom mount


e ws been going on? NWhat’s Greetings, everyone. This free gift will be come as a hollow Grab your favorite chocolate treats and egg which must be opened to get to fuel yourself up for the month-long the following items inside: Easter celebration in King of Kings 3. The Easter bunny has come to Tangramia and has brought with it all sorts of fun events, new items and a special gift box to celebrate the occasion. We hope you liked all the events and still have a lot of fun with them until April 30th. An Easter Egg Worth Cracking Into

From now through April 30th (08:59 server time), all characters level 20 and up can get the Special Easter Box from the Gift Dispenser in Skarabare (118, 66).

• • • • •

HP Dye Level 4 Weapon/Equipment Ticket 1 x Dainia’s Blessing 1 x Ball Ticket 2 x Happy Agent

A Good Egg Gets Good Luck

From now through April 30th (08:59 server time), speak to the Easter Bunny in Skarabare (130, 176) and play the Easter Lottery to win an assortment of buffs. As always, you can either take the first item that the lottery box suggests or try your luck to see what random buff you can win. Also note that you can only play the Easter Lottery once every sixty minutes. Let’s Play Whack-A-Mole

EaSter Bunny buffs (130,175)

Those pesky moles seemed to have found their way back to various areas around Tangramia and it’s up to you to keep them from coming back! From now through April 30th (08:59 server time), hunting down and defeating any moles you come up against could score you some serious loot – anywhere from experience cards to treasure map fragments and much more! Unlike last year’s event, all moles are at varying levels (30, 60, 90, 120, 150, 180) and you must be within 20 levels of the ones you attack in order to receive the loot. So the higher the level you are, the higher the level of moles you can attack and get loot from.


King of Kings


With that, as the mole levels increase, so will their HP and the quality of loot they’ll drop. Each level of mole will be recognizable by a distinct name and clothing color. Hunting For Easter Eggs

tion and offer +12% Magical/Physical Defence, as well as an increase of the upper limit of HP by 12%. Rapid Rabbit Transformation

Moon Rabbit Transformation Potion is available from the Rarity section of the Travelling Shop from now through April 30th (08:59 server time). Use it and enjoy 10 minutes as a newly transformed Moon Rabbit. Of course, you won’t be able to use skills and do magic amongst other things, but when you’re an adorable bunny, there’s no use for such things.

rom now through April 30th (08:59 server time), make sure to visit Funny Bunny in Skarabare (100, 140) for the brand new quest, “Missing Eggs.” Collect Easter eggs by killing monsters level 20 and up. Once you have collected 50 eggs, bring them back to Funny Bunny and she will reward you An All-Seeing Eye Sees Best with these items: All-Seeing Eye Coupons are available in • 1 x Dainia’s Blessing the Rarity section of the Travelling Shop • 1 x Soul Crown Exchange Card from now through April 30th (08:59 • 1 x Crystal Pandora Box server time). Each coupon includes one All-Seeing Eye which increases your Mooooove drop rate by 50%. If you want to rake in To Get These Costumes the loot, now would be the time. The Cow Suit and the Bunny Girl Outfit are available now through April 30th Pandas Make (08:59 server time) from the men’s Fash- Finding Loot Easy ion Salesclerk (101, 181) and the Fash- Panda EasyCards are available from ion Saleswoman (99, 183) in Skarabare. the Rarity section of the Travelling Both costumes last for 7 days after ini- Shop from now through April 30th tiation and offer +8% Magical/Physical (08:59 server time). Players 20 and Defence, as well as an increase of the up can use the EasyCard to receive a panda mount. Owning a panda will upper limit of HP by 12%. grant you an additional 20% chance of It’s hot, it’s wild! finding loot. This buff will also stack The Luxury Bunny Girl Outfit and with that of the All-Seeing Eye, giving Luxury Cow Suit are available now players who own/use both a drop rate through April 30th (08:59 server of 70%. The EasyCard will also tack on time) from the Women’s and Men’s an additional 30 days if the panda buff section of the Travelling Shop. Both is already in effect. costumes last for 7 days after initia-



King of Kings


Store All The Things

Golden Deposit Cards are available from the Rarity section of the Travelling Shop from now through April 30th (08:59 server time). Using this card gives players a 30 day lease on a bank deposit box. If a VIP deposit box is already active, it will add another 30 days to it. In either case, with so many items to gather from Easter events and so many more ways to increase your loot drops, having more space to put everything would be a smart strategy, making a Golden Deposit Card an absolute necessity for those who need “all the things.”

Get them now for 15% off the normal price! Use one of the Divine Beads to gain a status in which the player will receive 1.75X monster killing XP for a certain period of time (2 hours – small, 24 hours – large) which could be cumulatively increased to a maximum of one week (168 hours). Considering all the monsters players will need to kill for loot, the XP boost from these Divine Beads can really add up.

Making Monster Killing Simply Divine

Small and Large Divine Beads are on sale in the High Quality section of the Travelling Shop and from the Rare Goods Merchant (103,181) in Skarabare from now through April 30th (08:59 server time).


King of Kings


! w e i v ter InJacques Talks’

It’s great to see when a new player has questions and an What made you become a part “old guy” tries to help him, even when they don’t know of the gamigo team? I wanted to take over King of Kings 3 as each other.

it has a lot of potential. With an eye on the original game version there are awesome things to come in the next addons Jacques de Molay (big M) was the last and I was excited since the first days. grandmaster of the temple knights in the 13th century. He fought for what how long have you been a he believed was right and didn’t be- COmmunity Manager? tray his comrades even if it might have I applied for the job in June 2010 and was hired later on to start with King of safed his life. Kings 3 during the Closed Beta Testposition ings. I’m a Community Manager at CM - Community Manager gamigo since August 2010. why did you choose your alias /what does it mean?

What is your daily job, in king of kings 3?

Bug Reports, GM Tickets, Forum Moderation and Social Networks are just a small part of it. While all of them and creating a proper GM team are ongoing tasks, most of the things I do are unique problems. Meetings and discussions with related gamigo employees, the developer or even players take place on a weekly basis as well as new events, suggestions, feedback and much more. In general it can be said that a Community Manager fights for his Community in any way to achieve the best solution for them, the company and the game.



King of Kings

//Interview - Jacques

What are you most proud of in king of kings 3?

What I’m most proud of is not really game related. It took more than a year to get to that point but I’m most proud of my GM team. They take a lot of work off of my shoulders so I can focus on things to improve the gaming experience for everyone.

What is your favourite feature in king of kings 3?

My favourite feature is the PvP system and the various events we have. I’m really excited to see great new PvP additions in game which will definetely be implemented in the future.

what do you like MOST ABOUT THE COMMUNITY IN king of kings 3?

I totally like the diversity of cultures we combine in King of Kings 3 and how they interact. It’s great to see when a new player has questions and an “old guy” tries to help him, even when they don’t know each other.

My equipment isn’t that good and I die a lot, but team action is still the greatest fun of all.

what do you like to do in king of kings 3?

In my private time I prefer to do quests with my Fighter and have some PvP here and there. My equipment isn’t that good and I die a lot, but team action is still the greatest fun of all.

what do you hate MOST ABOUT THE COMMUNITY IN king what are your expectations of this year? of kings 3?

“Hate” isn’t the best word. It’s difficult to deal with feedback that’s not constructive at all. There are players creating great threads and tickets but still many who simply say everything sucks. We will listen to useful feedback only as that’s the only way to improve the game in a proper way.

Most of all the new addon coming out this year including many features the community requests for a long time now. Any final words?

I would like to thank Musier for his great artworks as the background on this page was made by him as well. Thanks a lot!

What classes do you like? and why do you like them?

I prefer playing my Fighter as I like the fist weapons.


King of Kings


! p o h S the room for fun InMore Offers available from the 2nd of April & afteR! “Are your treasures taking all your bank space?� rent an extra bank slot now!



King of Kings

//In the shop

All-seeing Eye coupon

Right click to use. Each coupon contains one all-seeing eye which increases your item drop rate by 50%. Purchase price 18s shilling

Divine bead (small)

Divine bead (Large)

Gain a status in which you receive 1.75x monster-killing XP. Effective for 2hrs. Effective time period can be cumulatively increased to a max of 7 days. Cannot be used with other exp increasing effects.

Gain a status in which you receive 1.75x monster-killing XP. Effective for 24hrs. Effective time period can be cumulatively increased to a max of 7 days. Cannot be used with other exp increasing effects.

Purchase price 1s 70c Soul/sHilling

Purchase price 17s Soul/sHilling

Golden Deposit Card

Gives user a temporary lease on a bank deposit box, effective for 30 days. If you already have a VIP bank deposit box, it will add another 30 days to its duration. Purchase price 15s shilling


King of Kings


! p o h S the & Upgrades InJewels Offers available from the 21st of April! In need of an upgrade? Gems and boxes that will boost your strength!

Lv. 50 Attribute Gem Voucher

Lv. 100 Attribute gem voucher

Lv. 150 attribute gem voucher

Use to obtain 1 bound lv. 50 Use to obtain 1 bound lv. 100 Use to obtain 1 bound lv. 150 attribute gem of your choice. attribute gem of your choice. attribute gem of your choice. Purchase price 3s soul shilling/shilling

Purchase price 5s shilling

Purchase price 8s shillings

Gem box

Use to receive components for gem inlaying. Requiers 7 free backpack compartments. 5x Artemis Metal lv. 1 till 5 2x Lv. 100 Attribute Gem Vouchers 3x Lv. 150 Attribute Gem Vouchers Purchase price 50s shilling



King of Kings

//In the shop

Happy Days box

Golden splendor box

Gear up box

Right click to receive lots of cool items: 100x Crystal Pandora’s Box, 10x Holy Stone Shard, 5x Dainia’s Blessing, 2x New Moon Spring Voucher, 1x Backwear Box, 1x Crazed Fashion Box.

Right click to receive lots of cool items: 100x Crystal Pandora’s Box, 10x Fairy Jade, 5x Dainia’s Blessing, 5x Purple Stone Shard, 2x Backwear Box, 2x Crazed Fashion Box, 1 Bright Star.

Use to receive one of the following items: Equipment Value Designator, Resonance Ability Designator, Prefix Attribute Designator, HP Dye or 10 x Bright Stars.

Please ensure that 6 backpack compartments are free before using.

Please ensure that 7 backpack compartments are free before using.

Purchase price 1g 50s shilling

Purchase price 3g shilling

Purchase price 50s shilling


King of Kings


! p o h S the InUpgrading the gear Offers available from the 21st of April! In need of an upgrade? Materials for upgrading or change your gear!



King of Kings

// in the shop

10x Lv. 5 advanced Material Voucher

5x Lv. 6 advanced Material Voucher

Can be exchanged for one bound Lv. 5 crafting material of your choice.

Can be exchanged for one bound Lv. 6 crafting material of your choice.

Purchase price 1g 56s 20c shilling

Purchase price 1g 95s shilling


King of Kings


! p o h S the Findings InEaster

Moon Rabbit transformation potion

Use to transform into a Moon Rabbit for 10 minuts. While transformed, it is not possible to use skills, ride a mount or use magic attacks. The transformation can be undone by using a Restoration Potion. Purchase price 20c soul/ shilling

Panda Easycard

EasyCard containing a panda heart. Right click to summon a panda mount and receive the panda heart buff (loot rate increases by 20%). 30 days are automaticly added if panda buff is already in effect. Use is restricted to characters above lvl 20. Purchase price 35s shilling



King of Kings

//In the shop

Luxury bunny girl outfit

Luxury Cow suit

Availabe time: 7days Gender Limit: Female Maical defence: +12% Physical defence: + 12% Hp increasement: +12%

Availabe time: 7days Gender Limit: Male Maical defence: +12% Physical defence: + 12% Hp increasement: +12%

Purchase price 14s soul/shilling

Purchase price 14s soul/shilling


King of Kings


t h g i l t o SpLegionaries Realm chats are filled up with leeching, moaning about guards killing and searching for legion. Truely you might already thought about it. About ‘What the hell are they talking’. Legions and guards, I just have guild. Why are they able to run their adventure quests alone? What is that worm each day, is it something to go fishing? Of course every new information and explanation causes addition 100 questions but also more motivation to evolve in game. The next pages will start with legions. New challenges await you and new powerful features will cross your way. Keep on reading to learn more about nearly everything.

t h g i l t o SpFirst steps You got your guild right? And now you want to have your legion as fast as possible? Calm your horses, first we should talk about what a legion exactly is! Is it worth to have one, can you stand the pressure and of course will you be able to handle the amount of benefits?

Also leveling up your character needs no further explanation. But, is it really that easy? For now, yes! Requirements

Guild level 3 Guild leader must be level 50 We’re pretty sure you will like it so 3 gold crowns or soul crowns keep on reading to learn how to get all After meeting the requirements, you of the following: need to find the following NPC in • Legion Camp Mercenary Camp. • Guards • Pills and Potions Npc Name: Legion Service Officer • Jeweler for powerful gems Npc Location: Mercenary Camp (111, 21) • Altar • Teleportation Crystal By talking to that Npc, you first should choose “I want to establish a legion”. Making a legion Now the Npc will make sure that you Since you already know how to level are ready to take the challenge. A clear up a guild, it should not be a problem “Yes! I have the powers” will convince to reach level 3. him easily. After a second “Yes”, you confirm that you have the required 3g, either soul crown or crown will not bother the NPC. We hope you made some thoughts about your legion’s name, yes? Enter it and confirm the whole process. Congratulations on establishing your legion!



King of Kings

//Spotlight - Legionaries

Legion camp - Headquarter


King of Kings


t h g i l t o SpLegion quests An important part for any growing legion. Do these for easy experience and legion prestige to pave the road towards acquiring a Kingdom.The best part is, even when you have a Kingdom, you can still do these quests!

From there, find monsters and kill to your hearts content. The best AQ for easy kills and quick amassing of Elemental Energy Ore is the Green Sea quest.

2:Allied Realm: Go to Elemental CorIt is best to activate and do these quests ridor and speak with the Realm Telduring Loose Time as you will get bonus eporter NPC(143,122) and for 10 silexperience and prestige for your Legion. ver soul crown, you can teleport to any of the 6 other realm’s. Teleport to the To initiate a legion quest, the legion realm you are allied with and then farm leader, or deputies, simply go to the the monsters in that realm’s Elemental Legion Supplier Npc in Mercenary Corridor to collect Energy Ore. camp (103,20). The quests that can be activated are the following: 3:Habitat: If you are already part of a kingdom or have a kingdom visa • Collecting Energy Ore activated, simply enter the Monster • Guarding the Border Habitat,spawn some monsters and • Transporting Material kill them to collect Energy Ore. Once completed, return to the Legion supCollecting Energy Ore plier and hand in the quest. Reward: (Varies per level) Transporting Materials Exp Reward: (Varies per level) Legion Prestige Exp Legion Funds Legion Prestige Achievement Point Legion Funds For this quest you are required to col- Achievement Point lect 300 pieces of Elemental Energy Ore from monsters from a different Transporting Materials is a Donkey realm from level 40 or above. There are escort quest to Element Corridor. To activate this quest simply speak to the three ways to accomplish this: Legion Supplier(103,20) in Merce1:Adventure quests: By entering an ad- nary Camp and take the quest. Keep in venture quest dungeon, you enter a mind you will need to pay a deposit of realm known as the Neutral Zone. Soul Crowns in order to take the



King of Kings

//Spotlight - Legionaries

quest, but this will be returned to you etc. You can accept Guarding the borupon completion of the quest. Next der from Leien up to 5 minutes before you need to deliver the Donkey to the the quest is due to start. Realm Merchant(147,97) in Element Corridor. Once there, hand it in to the Realm Merchant to complete the quest. Simple as that. Guarding the Border

Reward: (Varies per level) Exp Legion Prestige Legion Funds Achievement Point An easy quest to obtain maximal experience with minimal effort. To initiate this quest you need to go to Element Corridor and speak with Leien(132,97). Accept the quest and then! Sit down. That is all. Monsters will appear at a set time in 6 waves, each completed wave granting a certain amount of exp. Multiple legions can accept this quest so there is often a vast amount of players sitting for the quest. If you have guards station them at the portal where the monsters will spawn from and let them to the rest. Once the quest is completed, hand it in to Leien for even more experience. The quest will begin halfway through your realm’s Loose Time e.g. If your realm’s Loose Time is at 20:00 then Guarding the Border will begin at 21:00

Guarding the Border

Protect the realm against the intruders, they have the form and the mind of snakes!


King of Kings


t h g i l t o SpLegion Supplies Wouldn’t it be great if you had acces to more than just two kinds of legion materials? Indeed it would! Other than the legion mine you also have the chance of using the Legion Supplies Trader in Mercenary Camp! Where to go

The Legion Supplies Trader is located in Mercenary Camp(58,13). What does it do?

At the Legion Supplies Trader you can trade legion materials for another kind, at a 5:1 ratio. Improving the ratio

This ratio can be improved by completing a quest from the Legion Supplies Trader. After picking up the quest, talk to the Overseer (58,11) to open the private mine and once again to enter. After entering you will need to buy a mistral ore pick from the Tool Merchant to mine 50 Miste Lode. The mine is a PvP area where even players with inactive PvP licenses are at risk. So be careful!



King of Kings

//Spotlight - Legionaries

Legion Supplies Mine


King of Kings


t h g i l t o SpLegion Mine Other than the legion supplies your legion will have the possibililty to get access to the legion mine every day. But you will only be able to enter if you defeat the Giant Mine Beetle which guards the mine! The legion mine can be found in Element Corridor at the NPC Rufus(20,169). You race against other legions/kingdoms to do the most damage against a green boss that spawns everyday at 20:30 server time. BEETLES LOCATIONS

(131,233), (160,65) or (60,70)

ores you can come across rare stones, which can be turned into gems at the Socketing Workshop in the legion/ Kingdom or sold to other players. Each ore drops different stones. Clay drops

Light, Grey and Red stones. Stone drops

Light, Spirit and Glimmering stones. Iron drops

Calcium Carbide, Light and Dark stones.

The legion/kingdom that deals the most damage to the boss controls the Buy Tools mine until 20:30 the next day, in this General Merchant, period they are allowed to access the Skarabare (220,148) mine, where both clay, stone and iron will be available. While mining these

Advanced - Burning Village Lv. 35



King of Kings

The legion mine

//Spotlight - Legionaries

The giant mine beetle

The Beetle is a giant green boss, which level depends on the level of the strongest player in the realm. It is capable of swollowing its attacker for an amount of time and breaking down the gear of the players in the mine.


King of Kings


t h g i l t o SpKingdoms Habitat, Monster Cards and the Divine Beast are new questions appearing on many of your faces. Indeed, a legion is not the last goal, kingdoms truely are. So many new features and adventures. But carefully, kingdoms are not easy to get, neither easy to keep. Don’t worry too much my friend, we will guide you through it. It might be that even “oldtimers” will get some hints on stuff they didn’t know. If you keep reading, all your questions about new mounts, visa’s, the habitat and more will be answered.

t h g i l t o Spreaching

kingdom status A Kingdom is the ultimate goal of any aspiring Legion. It is a place for your friends to raise guards, build houses, and gain levels in your personal habitat. It is in essence a bigger legion, just so much cooler! How do I form a Kingdom?

To form a Kingdom you must first have a level 5 legion. Then travel to Red Stone Town and speak to the Country Foundation Application Clerk (153,139) and select the ‘Start Building Kingdom’ option.

to leave this part of establishment until you have completed the other quest conditions as this will make the quest easier and provide more resources upon completion. Total Materials

These you will have to donate in order to provide the resources for your kingdom, the more you complete, the more resources become available. Also donating materials will provide experience for your members and will also Now press ‘ O ‘ to open the Communi- make the founding instance vastly easty section and click on the Legion tab. ier to complete so it is encouraged. Look for the Legion Management button located between the ‘Send’ and ‘Di- Upon Completion, Speak with the plomacy’ buttons and click on it. Then Country Foundation Application Clerk click the Establish tab located there and Npc again and click ‘commercial town’. you will see the conditions that must You will have a choice of choosing your be fulfilled in order to establish a king- Kingdoms name, or adopting your ledom. The more conditions you fulfill, gion name. Once done click ok. the easier the Kingdom instance will be and the more resources will be provid- Congratulations, you have now established your Kingdom. ed upon initial establishment. If you want to know more about the This is the Kingdom instance that re- kingdom quest: quires completion in order to establish your Kingdom. Inside you are re- read the WALKTHROUGH quired to defeat every monster on the on page 38! map within the allotted time. After defeating all the basic monsters the main instance bosses will appear and you will be required to kill them in order to complete the instance. It is advised Repel Enemy



King of Kings

//Spotlight - Kingdoms

Country founding war governor

Talk to this npc to enter the kingdom founding instance, be prepared!


King of Kings


t h g i l t o Spbuildings

in a kingdom One of the big advantages of having a kingdom is the buildings that become available to you and your kindom mates, endless farming, attribute buffs, gear upgrades and much, much more.

with the levels and in the case of the Barracks, the guards. You can do this by speaking with the National adjutant and choosing the “Collect Legion Camp Station Buildings” option. I have my Kingdom, The Material Master allows you to now what? meld legion materials into higher levYou can enter your Kingdom by speak- el materials for your Kingdom. This ing to the National Official NPC works especially well in tandem with (152,162) located in Red Stone Town. the Resource Gathering field. When you enter your Kingdom you will start with 4 basic structures. The The Resource Gathering Field Kingdom Headquarters, Mana Forge, Allows you to choose two types of maResource Gathering Field and the Tel- terials you wish to gather. The number eport stone. All these will be level 1 will build up over time, all you have to with the exception of the Teleport Stone do is simply collect it! which will retain any levels that it held in the legion if you chose to upgrade it. The Mana Forge The soul of the Kingdom. It is with the Kingdom Headquarters Mana Forge that you can gain Kingdom The head office of your kingdom. Here contributions and affinity to use kingyou will find two Npc’s, The Material dom functions such as the Forge, or the Master(73, 130) and the National Ad- Ranch. The Mana forge also provides jutant.(73,125) Mana, the life blood of the kingdom that is used to run Kingdom events, upThe National Adjutant provides a list of grade buildings and also is used in oroptions for a King or Ministers to use. der to transform your equipment. You can set kingdom quests, purchase buildings and decorations for your Other Buildings kingdom; you can change the style of Monster Habitat: The most sought afyour kingdom or purchase Kingdom ter building in the Kingdom. You can purchase this from the National Adscrolls that strengthen your party. jutant and place it in your kingdom Likewise if you had a Barracks, and Al- in order to host Kingdom events. The chemist or a Socketing Workshop, you higher level your habitat the greater can add these to your kingdom along the exp bonus on monsters and the



King of Kings

//Spotlight - Kingdoms

longer the event. With a level 5 habitat emental resistance bonus. you can host an x4 exp event for 3 days! State Market: Use this building to create Kingdom Visa’s that allows those To get monsters for your habitat you outside of your Realm or guilds to need monster cards. These can be ob- enter your Kingdom. These are most tained either by killing a monster and commonly sold while hosting a Kingit drops a card, or they can be pur- dom event. chased from other players in the game. Put these cards in your habitat and Kingdoms are a fun aspect of King of start killing. Kings 3 and much of what you learn about them comes from exploration The Forge: You can use this building and self-preference. Hopefully this secto select items that you wish to forge tion has given you some insight into from 12 stars to 15 stars. Choose care- providing a better understanding of fully which Items you wish to forge what a Kingdom is. as you can’t undo your choices. Ranch: Use this building to purchase a Kingdom mount. This is a randomly generated rare mount available to purchase for your Kingdom Members. The choice of mount can be changed for 100g Kingdom funds so once you find a mount you like, it is advised to stick with it. Citizen hut: A house in your Kingdom. This provides you with quick and easy access to your house from your kingdom. Honor Monument: Used to collect rewards from the Divine Beast event, as well as a King reward or citizen award. Altar: Use this to gain a HP and Elview all available buildings


King of Kings


t h g i l t o SpKingdom quests Guilds and legions have quests that let them level, give money and experience. Did you ever wander what kind of quests are available and their benefits? Below are listed quests that you can take part in. Kingdom can offer three types of quests:


Every kingdom member can recharge Realm Might by taking the quest. After accepting the Realm might quest you will have to kill specific monsters. Type of the monsters, their location and amount can be found in the quest description (Quest Log). When you complete the quest and bring it back to the National Adjutant your kingdom will gain 1 gold crown and you will be able to choose Realm Might. It will grant you 100 points of chosen power.

Realm Might & Mana Forge Recharge quest that can be obtained from National Adjutant near Kingdom Headquarters. Before starting these quests it needs to be activated by kingdom leader. Activating the quests takes away Mana. Kingdom Mount Quest that can be tak- KINGDOM MOUNT QUEST: This quest can be taken once a day. en from Ranch Keeper near Ranch. Each completed quest will give you 3 gold discount for kingdom mount, which normally cost 200 gold. It’s a great way to save a bit of money. After speaking to Ranch Keeper and accepting the quest you will have one day to kill 5000 monsters and return to the NPC. Completing the quest also grants a great amount of experience. Remember if you would like to complete the quest sooner you can get help by forming a party.



King of Kings

//Spotlight - Kingdoms


National Adjutant wants you to kill 1 of 12 listed types of monsters in order to receive their cores. When you accept the quest, in your quest log, you will be able to see which monsters you can kill. You should choose the monster, which location is known by you. When you complete the quest, come back to the National Adjutant to recharge Mana.

The more the better

Remember for one person recharge may seem not much but if its done by all the kingdom members it will save loads of material donations.


King of Kings


h g u o r alkth Wquests & features What was that stuff about the kingdom quests and the kingdom mounts? What are they? What do I need them for? Yes, we fired you up with new information and there they are again, new questions. To keep the last articles as focussed as possible, we only scratched on some topics. But don’t worry, here we are and we will give you all the information you need to know, a complete walkthrough for the kingdom establishment quest and the kingdom mounts.

h g u o r alkthKingdom Quest WThe As you might have heard you need to finish a kingdom quest before being able to start the transformation of becoming a kingdom. To make it a little easier we will take you through the steps and help you on your journey towards a future as kindom owner! PREPARATIONS

requirements needed to establish your Kingdom, press O on the keyboard, then the ‘Legion’ tab, then ‘Legion Management’ button and finally click the ‘Establish’ tab. Note - All the requirements needed must be donated through the ‘Establish’ tab.

When your legion has reached level 5, it’s time to upgrade it to a Kingdom. The requirements tell you that you will need to collect the following items: Getting the quests

Your first step on the road to owning your own Kingdom is to go and talk to the “Country Founding War Governor” in Red Stone Town (152, 151). 1. Before Entering!

• • • • •

Regular Crowns - 100g  Soul Crowns -  1000g Any Low Level Mats - 1600   Crest Paint lvl 1 -  12500   Any Legion Resources - 25000  

He will ask: “Do you plan to enter the Note - The legion resources and gold kingdom founding instance?” (This is a will be returned after the creation of level 100 quest). Select ‘yes, I want to enter’. the Kingdom. But only if the quest has been completed successfully at first try. You will be told that your legion commander must go to the ‘KingWhen you have collected everything dom Founding Application Officer’ needed, return to the ‘Country to activate the founding kingdom pro- Founding War Governor’ in Red cedure. He can be found in Red Stone Stone Town (152, 151). Town (153, 139) so give him a visit. Select the option ‘Start Building a Kingdom’ and process will begin. A message in the legion chat window will announce to all legion members that your legion has begun to establish a kingdom. To view the



King of Kings

2. Prepare yourself

Now is the time that you need to assemble your legion members, because it’s time to do some fighting and prove that your legion is worthy of owning a Kingdom.

// Walkthrough - The kingdom quest

The ‘Country Founding War Governor’ will ask “if you plan to enter the kingdom founding instance?”, select ‘yes, I want to enter’. With a shocked look on his face, he will exclaim “My! how your kingdom has grown!” and then ask if you are ready to lead your legion members into battle against an elite unit, dispatched by Overlord Julie.


Select - ‘Activate instance, proceed with kingdom founding battle’. 3. defeat the army

Now comes the fun part you have all been waiting for, it’s time to hone your weapons of mass destruction and face huge mobs of frenzied monsters who are looking forward to picking their teeth clean with your bones . You and your trusty legion troops will be teleported into a new map called ‘Kingdom Building Campaign’. But don’t hang around too long, there’s killing to be done. Scour this new map for the ‘four’ lots of level 97 mobs and make them sorry for ever crossing you.




King of Kings



4. Kyle is awaiting you

If all goes well and you triumph over adversity, go and speak to ‘Kyles Attendant’ Kylee at 79 131. Being the coward that he is, Kylee will say “Even if you kill me, Lord Kyle will take revenge for me!” But does that bother us? Like Hell it does! 4.

After a quick rebuffing of your troops, select “Then tell Kyle to come to his death!” Now it’s time to sort out the men from the boys, as three red bosses of level 105 appear in front of you, and these guys aren’t messing about. 5. The bosses could be:

Sorceress Amy Sage Jojin Beserker Kaih

After a long tiring battle, when the dust settles and you see the bodies of your ememies lying on the ground, go talk to ‘Kyle’ once more and a glorious message will appear on screen declaring!




King of Kings

If you fail the quest, don’t worry. You can repeat it again. Each time you reenter, the Quest level goes down by 10 levels. So next time you try it will be level 90. If you fail again, it will go down to level 80 and so on, until a minimum level of 50 is reached.

// Walkthrough - The kingdom quest

*Note - Each time the quest level is *Note - You must always use the ‘Nalowered, your reward for founding the tional Official’ npc to enter your KingKingdom will also be lowered. dom. The legion camp npc in Mercenary camp will no longer work for you. But hold off on the back slapping just yet, there’s still more to do. There are two styles of kingdom, for you to choose: After a little while, you and your legion members will be teleported from the map 1. Commercial Town (Default) and will appear back in Red Stone Town. 2. Harbor Town Now the legion leader must talk to the This is the time to select what style of ‘Country Foundation Application Clerk’ Kingdom you would like, as it is much (153 139) for the final time.

easier to do it now rather than later. If you should want to change the style later, go speak to the ‘National Adjutant’ npc in your Kingdom (73 125) and select ‘Territory Style Switch’. This will cost mana and funds. Talking to the ‘National Adjutant’ (73, 125) will also let you build the new buildings that are now available for your kingdom.

Select the option ‘commercial town’ and you will be given two choices: 1. Rename the kingdom (Lets you choose a completely new name for your Kingdom) 2. Adopt legions name (Will use the same name as your legion)

Choose which suits you best! Congratulations you now have your very own brand new shiny kingdom!! To enter your new kingdom, you must talk to the ‘National Official’ npc in Red Stone Town (152 163) and select ‘I want to teleport back to the kingdoms territory’.


King of Kings


h g u o r alkth WKingdom mount Being a part of a Kingdom gives some advantages. One of them is to be able to buy a special high speed kingdom mount. For some players this will be expensive therefore you will be able to take a quest at the Ranch. It gives you an opportunity to decrease that price!

Time is money

Now in your quest log: “Time is money”. All you need is to defeat 5000 monsters that are higher than your level. You choose the location and type of the monster. After completing the PREPARATIONS quest you report back to the Ranch To get it however you need the following: Keeper. Tip: Habitat can be used. • 8 Affinity points • 6.25mill contribution points What to remember The quest can be taken once per day Where I can get it? only and you need to finish it within Go to your kingdom territory and 24 hours. find Ranch keeper near the Ranch. His position will depend on the king- What is the reward? doms building layout. After talking to Each quest lowers the price of him he’ll give you two option: Buying the mount by 3 gold and grants experience points. the mount or getting a discount. If you choose the second one he’ll offer the special kingdom mount quest.

The ranch building

Every kingdom has a kingdom mount available. It can be changed for the price of 100 gold kingdom funds. Ask your king to find out which mount is currently active.



King of Kings

// Walkthrough - Kingdom mount

View all Mounts


King of Kings


asses Knight & Lich ClDragon No kingdom without some wizardly magic and an army of knights for a strong defence! The Dragon knight

Class type

Your dragon has an extraordinary appetite and a need to learn life-skills. But the hardships can be very worthwile. A fully trained dragon can fly like the wind and breathe fire on its enemies sending their souls straight to eternal damnation.

Special Skills

The life of a Dragon Knight is not an The Dragon Knight is a Neutral class, who’s easy one. From the day of his birth, your damage has an advantage vs. Holy classes. dragon will need your constant attention.

The background and advancements

The Dragon Knight class originate from the Warrior class. At level 50 your first choice would be Knight and at level 120 you will be able to choose the Dragon Knight.

A few skills of the Dragon Knight:

Draconic Hold lvl 150

Command your dragon to remove any magic on its master. Also has a chance of removing ‘Hold’ against you and inflicting ‘Hold’ on an enemy.

Draconic Storm lvl 170

Command your dragon to summon a ‘tempest’ which hits all players on screen. Also has a chance of slowing down your enemies movement speed.

Draconic Wipe-out lvl 175

A magic dealing attack that cannot be The Dragon Knight is a direct damage evaded. Can also deplete your targets MP. dealer. He can stand out in front of your party and meet the enemy head-on. The Advantages for PvE very fast movement speed of his flying Has a very strong defence against mobs. dragon allows him to give chase to all Put a Dragon Knight right in amongst the action and he can stay there all day but the speediest of mounts. slaying anything within range. View images of Main Purpose

the Blue dragon


Unlimited Pet:

The Blue Dragon



King of Kings


Shield or Buckler Weapon:



Strength for Damage Dexterity for Defence Stamina for Health

Advantages for PvP

With the right kind of support, the Dragon Knight can lead a party into battle and take the brunt of the action. The speed of his dragon & its fiery breath allows him to swiftly mop up the enemy.


The Lich

The conscientous wizard in pursuit of the most powerful strenght finally decides to follow the dark. It is the only way he will gain the more power and immortality. His body lacks what he needs and he gives up the pain of the flesh and blood to get closer to his aim. However the darkness clings to him more than he thought. He hides under a cloak at all times. At night he sees the most terrible nightmares. He sees what the dark magic can do. But he can’t stop in his path now... He is so close to what he wants.

Class type

The Lich is a Demon class, with a damage advantage over Neutral classes. Special Skills

A few skills that are worth mentioning are the following:

Dark Ghost - lvl 165

Summon a 180 Level Ghost. The ghost reduces damage taken and attack against player inflict dark damage and Insane God damage. When summoned, dark damage and Insane God damage taken by the master will be reduced.

Soul Return - lvl 170

After casting, if you take a fatal attack, HP will be immediately restored The Lich originates from the Mage class. and magical attack increase. At level 50 the next class choice would Demon Counter - lvl 175 be Wizard and at level 120 you will be Creates a shield, absorbing damage and able to choose the path of the Lich. inflicting damage on any attackers. The skill consumes elemental energy. Main Purpose The Background and Advancements

The Lich is a very popular class and has great powers even with average gear.


Cotton Robe


No Defence Weapon:

Magic Wand


Intellegence for Damage

Advantages for PvE

His summon helps him against the mobs. With the skill Demon Counter he has a good shield against the environment damage. Advantages for PvP

Great defence with the Demon Counter casted and good Dark Elemental absorbition.


King of Kings


mes Knight & Lich ToDragon we reveal a few locations of tomes for the classes that we have been looking into this month.








Dragon Knight Secret Text Dragon knight Level: 120

Dragon Knight Secret Text Dragon Knight Level: 125

Dragon Knight Secret Text Dragon Knight Level: 130

MOBS 1. Lost Burned Dragon Half 2. Demon Keeper 3. Lava Earth 4. Blood Angel 5. Dragon Knight Pet

MOBS 1. Giant Tail Demon 2. Fire Dragon Half 3. Ice Bear 4. Devil no13 5. Lava explosion demon

MOBS 1. Spined Jellyfish 2. Screaming Broken Angel 3. Executioner Mantis

LOCATIONS 1. Dormant Dragon Plateu 2. Abandon Place 3. Mist Top Valley 4. Angel Lake 5. Misty Ravine

LOCATIONS 1. Battlefront Stronghold 2. Road of Fire 3. Tomb of Truth 4. Abonded Place 5. Mist Top Valley


King of Kings

LOCATIONS 1, 3. Rainbow Plain 2. Tomb of Truth

//Dragon Knight Tomes






Dragon Knight Secret Text Dragon Knight Level: 135

Dragon Knight Secret Text Dragon Knight Level: 140

Dragon Knight Secret Text Dragon Knight Level: 145

MOBS 1. Black Bear 2. Ruthless Stone Wolf

MOBS 1. Robbie Spirit 2. Fallen Angel Yovat 3. Fallen Angel

MOBS 1. Nimble Green Dragon 2. Blood Angel 3. Emerald Antelope

LOCATIONS 1, 2. Memory Banks

LOCATIONS 1, 2. Moonscar Mine 3. Angel Lake

LOCATIONS 1. Beast Lair 2. Angel Lake 3. Tomb of truth



King of Kings






Lich Spell

Flame Pillar


Book Of The Lich Lich Level: 120

Book Of The Lich Lich Level: 125

Book Of The Lich Lich Level: 130

Mobs 1. Outlaw Dragon Warrior 2. Enslaved Dragon Warrior 3. Ebony Dragon Soldier 4. Cartesian Bear 5. Giant Tail Boss

Mobs 1. Blue Demon Archer 2. Burning Fire Dragon 3. Running Angel 4. Soul of sealed desire 5. Lord of Banished Demons

Mobs 1. Blue Demon Archer 2. Running Angel 3. Giant Stripped Boar

Location 1, 2. Place of Despair 3. Mist Top Valley 4. Angel Lake 5. Battlefront Stronghold

Location 1. Battlefront Stronghold 2. Road of Fire 3. Tomb of truth 4. Smouldering Valley 5. Abonded Place

Location 1. Battlefront Stronghold 2. Tomb of truth 3. Rainbow Plain


King of Kings

//Lich Tomes






Book Of Lich Lich Level: 135

Book Of Lich Lich Level: 140

Book Of Lich Lich Level: 145

MOBS 1. One Horned Spirit 2. Aggressive Mushroom

MOBS 1. Robbie Ghost 2. Brown Bear Chieftain 3. Fire Crazed Antelope

MOBS 1. Furious Mountain Dog 2. Cartesian Bear 3. Fallen Angel Olway

LOCATIONS 1, 2. Memory Banks

LOCATIONS 1. Moonscar Mine 2, 3. Beast Liar

LOCATIONS 1. Beast Liar 2,3. Angel Lake



King of Kings


t s e t n o CTime for decorations! send your screenshot to this email: mail title: “Deco + name” else the Entry will be invalid! Hello everyone! We hope to see some awesome looking legions and kingdoms out there in the realms! Contest lineup

Take a screenshot of your legion or kingdom, and show us how awesome it really looks! rules

There needs to be 15 different decorations of own choice! And a minimum of 2 buildings. The screenshot needs to be full screen. what we value

Creativity, quality, and of course following the above rules. Prizes for the winner 1. A spread in the next magazine,

where we interview the winners and talk about their legion or kingdom! 2. 500 gold for the legion and king-

dom funds!

One legion and kingdom will win. deadline

25th of May 2012 E-Mail: Title: “Deco + Character, Legion or Kingdom name”

View all available decorations!



King of Kings


Screenoshot example!


King of Kings


y l t n e u req Questions FAsked got a question? send us a email: or use the ticket system within the game!

Q: why are My guards/summon not attACKING THE MOBS? Sometimes the guards and summons cause troubles, the hot fix for that is to close down the game, then reboot your whole pc and start up the game again. This will get rid of that problem!

Q: why am I out of mana? If you do not donate enough mana to the Mana Forge, the mana will slowly empty due to the fact that a lot of the kingdom building uses mana to function, when you run out the buildings will stop working and you won’t be able to get into the kingdom without donating mana to the National Official.

Q: why is my knight mount not leveling any longer? The Knight Horse level is restricted to the level that the skill “Ride” has, so the max level of a Knight Q: How do I move decoraHorse is level 119! tions in the kingdom? Enter your Legion/Kingdom, look to your lower right, there will be a new Q: WHY can’t I buy the DREAM SOUL button called “Territory Management” Click this button to open a mini map FRUIT FOR THE LVL 90 INSTANCE? You haven’t completed your level 90 branch quest click on the icon for the building you want to move. The “Check” button to the point which makes you able talk to Fez, he will then to buy the item from Mave for entering will now be active, click it and choose the option to move the building! the level 90 instance!



King of Kings

//Fequently asked questions

Q: I have a bug, what to do? Get as much information about the bug you have experienced, when, where, why, name of the skill, npc or what ever it is that causes you problems. Use the Bug Tool to send a report on the matter, then the GMs will test it and file a report to our developers if needed!

Q: Hello, any gm online? A few steps on how to get you the fastest help, with as least trouble as possible!

Q: what do I need to do, to get my shillings? First go to the npc Bank Manager (97,180) Skarabare to check if your shillings have arrived. If this is not the case, you will need to contact our Support System choose “Submit a Ticket” and follow the instructions to the end. This is the direct way to get help with shillings, if you send a GM ticket in game, we will tell you to go to the Support System and Submit a ticket about your shilling problem, so better go there right a way to spare you for the trouble of having to resend the message.

If your question cannot be answered by them, go to our FAQ (link below) here will be an updated version of the most common problems and solutions to those.

When you experience a problem or have a question, always try to ask your friends, especially if it is about; what equipment you should use, when war is and things in this type of order.

If your question isn’t in the list please feel free to send us a GM ticket within the game! View more fequently asked Questions! go to support System


King of Kings


r e s d n e p s i D ft Gi

Easters Gift Box Last chance! Easter gift available from the 2nd of April until the 30th of april, go pick it up at skarabare (118,66).

Easter Gift Box • 1x Dainia’s Blessing • 2x Happy Agents • 1x Ball Ticket • 1x Hp Dye • 1x Lvl 4 Equipment Voucher Enjoy, greetings from the King of Kings 3 Staff!



King of Kings


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King of Kings


Heavy Constructions - 02 - KoK3 Magazine  
Heavy Constructions - 02 - KoK3 Magazine  

This moth its all about, kingdoms, constructions, and anything else worth knowing related to these topics! Hope you guys will enjoy the read...