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welcome to rip curl pro portugal After the popular success of 2009, Rip Curl is coming back to Peniche to offer Portugal one of the two events in Europe part of the World Tour Circuit. The 2010 edition promises to be an exciting one, as the title races are extremely tight in both men and woman. The new format of 32 surfers and the new judgment criteria ally to the increase numbers of maneuvers from the new schools riders will contribute to the quality of the show. Our main structure will remain at Supertubos, but the organization will also be equipped with mobile structures that will drive us around the beaches of Peniche, depending on the wind and swell directions.


The environment remains a priority for our brand, Rip Curl Planet teams in partnership with local associations and Peniche have implemented a complete infrastructure to protect the sites and their surroundings.

The competition also compensates its carbon emissions. The races for the world title will continue straight after Peniche with the Rip Curl Pro search that will be held in Puerto Rico in the Caribbean’s. Like in Portugal last year, it will be the first time in pro surfing that a world tour event will happen on this island. I thank in advance all the teams involved in this wonderful adventure, our sponsors, our partners, the associations and the mayor of Peniche for his valuable support. Everything is set for a great show. Fred Bass Rip Curl Europe General Manager


MESSAGE FROM THE SECRETARY OF STATE FOR TOURISM It is with great pleasure that we once again link with the Rip Curl Pro Portugal, an event that has been exemplary put together in 2009. Following last year’s edition, where the Portuguese organization overcame all expectations, everything fits together for the 2010 edition to be another success. The link between the passion for active tourism, logically connected with the event, and a tourism destination that is an international reference for surfing, Peniche, is relevant in the tourism development strategy outlined for the region.


Active Tourism plays, without a doubt, an important role in the consolidation and diversification of tourism that we desire, and events such as this make a decisive contribution to its development and appreciation of the sporting activities involved in them. Promotion of the Oeste (Western)

region as a new national reference in terms of tourism destinations is enhanced by the high international exhibition of the event through written press, television and the internet. I congratulate the Rip Curl Pro Portugal organization, as well as the Peniche city council for its hospitality, and I wish all the surfers the best success and a nice stay in the Oeste Region Bernardo Trindade Secretary of State for Tourism

TMN with the Rip curl pro portugal 2010 tmn’s presence in the surfing arena began in 2006 and, since then, has continually evolved, with our support to athletes, surf schools and championships. The high point of this presence was in 2009, with the Rip Curl PRO Search, that brought the best surfers in the world to Peniche. This year, we had to be present again, given the success of the 2009 edition and the relevance this event has in the international surf agenda. It is also a unique opportunity to present Portugal as a premium surfing destination.


Surf is a sport that shares many values with the tmn brand – audacity, effort, perseverance, amongst others. This link is present in all our sponsorships: in our tmn surf team, that includes

our best Portuguese surfers, amongst which is Tiago Pires; the many surf championships we sponsor; and our own events, such as tmn Saca Tour and tmn Saca Juniores, that help promote this sport near those who are beginning to surf but also help young athletes evolve and maybe, who knows, become the next Tiago Pires! The World Tour is in Portugal to stay, and so is tmn in the surf arena. Luis Avelar – management board member of TMN

eSTAMOS À eSPeRA DOS MeLHOReS DO MuNDO A tmn orgulha-se de trazer uma vez mais, Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning e todos os Prós do surf a Portugal. Vem a Peniche apoiar o Saca de 7 a 18 de Outubro e vê em como podes surfar com os Prós, entrar na SurfMob ou participar no Pimp my Board. Acompanha o campeonato em directo no meo mobile e na página tmn do facebook.


Message from the mayor of Peniche Dear visitors, All the magic, show and emotion of surf are back to “Peniche – the wave capital”. Its beaches will host the world’s best female and male surfers from 7-18 October 2010. This circuit of the World Tour in Peniche, in addition to recognizing the potential of this territory, materializes in practice the Municipal Strategy for the Seas – to promote sports connected to the Sea, assuming itself as a lever for economic development of Peniche in the present and in the near future. The sporting and organizational success of the Rip Curl Pro Search 2009 held in Peniche contributed decisively to the fact that Peniche and Portugal became part of the schedule of the World Tour with a stage set - Rip Curl Pro


Such success has been widely recognized by surfers who were in competition, by the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP), by the national and international media. The Tourism of Portugal awarded the prize “Event of the Year 2009” to Rip Curl Pro Search.

The excellent natural conditions in this region, particularly the wave of Supertubos and the alternative scenario of Pico da Mota contributed greatly to make this recognition possible, as well as the true public-private partnership established between the Rip Curl, the Municipality of Peniche, the Tourism Portugal and the main sponsors, especially TMN. This formula for success will be maintained at Rip Curl Pro Portugal-Peniche, being the guarantee of satisfaction and quality we pass on to all the athletes, sponsors and faithful followers of this sport. To all, I wish you great waves in the expectation that in Peniche you may find the ideal conditions for the achievement of your personal and professional projects António José Correia Mayor Peniche City Council


the event


Last June, Rip Curl officially announced this year’s ASP World event in Supertubos (Peniche). In 2010, the Rip Curl Pro, 5th event on the women’s circuit (of 9), and the 8th event of the men’s Tour (of 10), will again take place in the mythical Portuguese spot, Supertubos in Peniche. The contest will happen from the 7th to the 18th of October, for the 2nd year running. In 2009, the Dream Tour stopped at the famous surf spot of Supertubos, gathering thousands of people on the beach. The public had the opportunity to watch a spectacular contest, where the best surfers in the world competed. Supertubos is a powerful wave, using the long, deep swell of the Atlantic Ocean to provide trough waves of 4 to 5 meters high. The spot is becoming known as the “European Pipeline”, as it really looks like the famous Hawaiian wave in Banzai, Pipeline.

During the Rip Curl Pro Search in October 2009, the wave turned out to be really dangerous, providing an incredible show but also hurting some attendees (Owen Wright was unable to compete in the semi-finals because of an injury during the quarter finals). The women’s top 17 is back! During the 2009 competition, Rip Curl invited the best surfer girls to the Portuguese spot for the first time in Pro Search history. On the back of this success, the top 17 are back to confront each other on the famous left tube. This competition is the 5th stop on the ASP Womens World Tour, and it’s also the only European stop. Contrary to what happened last year, the women’s contest will open the event, starting on the 7th of October and continuing until the 11th.

Prize Money

Men - US$400,000: 1st: US$75,000, 2nd: US$30,000, =3rd: US$17,000, =5th: US$13,250, =9th: US$10,000, =17th: US$8,000, =33rd: US$6,000 Woman - US$100,000: 1st: US$20,000, 2nd: US$10,000, =3rd: US$7,500, =5th: US$5,500, =9th: US$4,500, =17th: US$3,500



a perfect welcoming land for the Dream Tour Portugal is located in south Western Europe and sits on the Iberian Peninsula. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the west and south and by Spain to the north and east. The Atlantic archipelagos of the Azores and Madeira are also part of Portugal. Portuguese is the official language spoken throughout the country, although almost everyone speaks English (basic knowledge) as well. Known as one of the most hospitable countries in the world, Portugal attracts many tourists each year with the most visited destinations in Greater Lisbon, the Algarve, Portuguese Islands, Madeira and Azores, Greater Porto and Northern Portugal and Alentejo.



The Waves

Peniche lies on a peninsula with a perimeter of approximately 9km and Cabo Carvoeiro constitutes the western part of it. The coastline is shaped by majestic reefs and magnificent beaches, home to a thriving fishing community. Off Peniche, we can find the Berlenga Archipelago, if we look west over the Atlantic Ocean. Widely recognised as the best and most consistent surf spot in Europe, the peninsula of Peniche offers a north and south-facing coastline. The result is the finest surfing conditions everyday regardless of the swell and wind direction. The Peninsula of Peniche will always offer a beach where the wind will be offshore and waves will be good. Along the 15km of coastline you will find more than 20 surf spots catering for all levels of surfing - from beginner to advanced. Most surfers in Portugal claim that Supertubos is the best wave along the coast and it is also highly rated as one of the best in Europe. It is a hollow barreling wave and only suitable for experts.

After the 1st edition, the organization decided to concentrate the event on 2 local waves: SUPERTUBOS World famous break known for its perfectly tubular waves. This spot is famous for its lefts but mainly provides epic rights. Supertubos was acknowledged by Surfer magazine as being one of the best waves in the world. • Swell direction: South-West • Wind: North-East BELGAS Beach with multiple surf peaks. Sand bars mixed with some rocks & sand • Swell direction: All


ASP WORLD TOUr wind of changes ASP International is forever striving to provide a platform for the evolution of highperformance surfing, creating an objective clear-cut pathway en route to crowning an undisputed ASP World Champion. Adaptation and progression are the two key characteristics necessary to accomplishing this in an ever-changing, ever-evolving sport. 2010 will see two key changes on the Men’s ASP World Tour: the reduction in field and the transition to the ASP World Ranking System. As a bridge year for both the changes, 2010 will see the ASP Top 45 compete in the first five events of the ASP World Tour (Gold Coast, Bells Beach, Brazil, Jeffreys Bay and Tahiti) before the reduction takes place. Following the ASP World Tour event in Tahiti, the Top 32-rated surfers of the original 45, will then become the “ASP Top 32”. The ASP Top 32 will then compete in the remaining five events of the ASP World Tour (Trestles, France, Portugal, Search and Pipeline) and will henceforth be the only surfers (as well as wildcards) competing in


the elite ASP World Tour events. The second major change we’ll be activating in 2010 is the transition to the ASP World Ranking System. This system will combine a surfer’s ranking to include both results from ASP World Tour and ASP World Qualifying Series (WQS) events. This combination of results creates a better presentation of the ASP career pathway and the simplicity of the ASP World Ranking System will further help our penetration into the non-endemic audience. “ASP International, and its stakeholders, are very excited about the changes and we look forward to another excellent year of surfing.” - Brodie Carr, ASP CEO Read more about the 2010 ASP World Tour changes at:


The ASP World Tour surfers MICK FANNING Reigning ASP World champion In life and in competition Mick has faced some monumental hurdles. In 1998, when he was 16 and his career was just taking off, his older brother Sean (who was also an aspiring surfer) was killed in a car accident. Although he was completely heartbroken after the death of his brother Mick stayed true to their dream and continued on his rise as a professional surfer. In 2002 Mick finished in the top five in his rookie year on the ASP World Tour and was moving closer to the number one spot each season when in 2004 tragedy struck again. While on a photo trip to Indonesia Mick tore his hamstring off the bone when he fell trying to execute a critical manoeuvre. Mick underwent major surgery and doctors were unsure whether he would ever fully recover. A committed training regime saw Mick miraculously return to the water and ASP World Tour six months later. Back in full flight, Mick’s next test would be the same challenge every other Australian pro surfer has faced in the last decade - the domination of Kelly Slater and Andy Irons. After winning the first event of the year in 2007, Mick put together one of the most impressive competitive seasons of all time. He won three events, finished runner-up in one and made four semi finals. He had done the impossible, by bringing the ASP World Title back to Australia for the first time since 1999. Mick climbed the hill again in 2009 and overcame a season-leading charge by good friend Joel Parkinson to claim his second ASP World Title during the final event of the year at Hawaii’s Banzai Pipeline. Mick’s comeback was amazing, spearheaded by wins in the USA, France and at the Rip Curl Pro Search in Portugal. He’s the ultimate competitor and an all-round great guy.



KELLY SLATER on the way for his 10th world title ? Kelly Slater’s sheer domination of competitive surfing is something that has not only gone unmatched in the sport, but across all sports in the history of mankind. Touted by many as one of the greatest athletes of all time, the nine-time ASP World Champion sank his teeth into competitive surfing against legends such as Tom Carroll, Martin Potter and Derek Ho and the surfing icon has only improved with age. The Floridian prodigy began his ASP World Title legacy when he claimed his first in 1992 and followed up by conquering the majority of the ’90s, placing six ASP world title trophies on his mantle throughout the decade. Slater returned back to competition after a brief sabbatical from 1999-2001, tackling the new millennium’s arsenal of talent including Andy Irons, Mick Fanning and Joel Parkinson and proved he hasn’t lost his touch, claiming three additional titles since his return. After an up-and-down year in2009, Slater has remained cautious in revealing his plans for a full-time attack on the ASP World Tour for 2010, so the question is, will the legend go for an unprecedented 10th ASP World Title this year? Slater’s legendary stature constantly attracts swarming media frenzy, probing about his numerous celebrity relationships and pending retirement. Regardless of the lack of privacy for Slater due to his achieved celebrity status, there is one thing that will never need to be brought to the table, that Slater’s accomplishments mark him as the best competitive surfer of all time. Slater is to surfing what Michael Jordan is to basketball or what Tiger Woods is to golf. In addition to his competitive dominance Slater is known for his abundant charity work for organizations such as Life Rolls On, SurfAid and the Space Coast Early Intervention Center.



7. Adriano de Souza

AKA: Slats DOB: 11/02/1972
 Born: Cocoa Beach, Florida, USA Resides: Florida, California and Havai, USA Hobbies: Golf, music and fishing. Stance: Natural Títulos mundials: 1992, ‘94, ‘95, ‘96, ‘97, ‘98, ‘05, ‘06, ‘08

AKA: Mineirinho 
 Data a de nascimento: 13/02/1987
 Born: Guaruja São Paulo, Brasil
 Resides: Guaruja São Paulo, Brasil Hobbies: Video editing Stance: Natural

2. Jordy Smith

8. owen Wright

3. Taj Burrow

9. Adrian Buchan

4. Dane Reynolds

10. Andy Irons


11. CJ Hobgood

AKA: Micktor, Eugene or White Lightning
 DOB: 13/06/1981
 Born: Penrith, Australia
 Resides: Tweed Heads, Australia Hobbies: Surf and leisure Stance: Natural World titles: 2007

AKA: Ceej
 DOB: 6/07/1979
 Born: Melbourne, Florida, USA
 Resides: Melbourne, Florida, USA Hobbies: Golf, tennis and fishing. Stance: Goofy World titles: 2001

6. Bede Durbidge

12. Damien Hobgood

AKA: Jordy
 DOB: 2/02/1988
 Born: Durban, South Africa
 Resides: Newport Beach, Califórnia, USA
 Hobbies: Futebol e ténis. Stance: Natural

 DOB: 2/06/1978
 Born: Busselton, WA, Australia
 Resides: Yallingup, Australia
 Hobbies: Surfboard technology and traveling. Stance: Natural

AKA: Bro
 DOB: 7/09/1985
 Born: Long Beach, California, USA
 Resides: Ventura, California, USA
 Hobbies: Drink beer Stance: Natural

AKA: Durbo, “The White Fijian”
 DOB: 23/02/1983
 Born: Brisbane, QLD, Australia. Resides: Currumbin, QLD, Australia Hobbies: Golf, music and soccer. Stance: Natural

AKA: Owe
 DOB: 16/01/1990
 Born: Culburra Beach, New South Wales, Australia
 Resides: Lennox Head, New South Wales, Australia Hobbies: Tennis and golf Stance: Natural

AKA: Ace or Bucko 
 DOB: 21/09/1982
 Born: Central Coast, Australia
 Resides: Avoca Beach, Australia
 Hobbies: Fishing, reading and ping-pong. Stance: Goofy

AKA: A.I. DOB: 24/06/1978
 Born: Hanalei, Kauai, Hawaii, USA
 Resides: Hanalei, Kauai, Hawaii, USA Hobbies: Tennis, golf and watching TV. Stance: Natural

AKA: Damo
 DOB: 6/07/1979
 Born: Melbourne, Florida, USA 
 Resides: Satellite Beach, Florida, USA 
 Hobbies: Tennis and fishing. Stance: Goofy

Owen Wright The Rookie One of the most heralded young talents to ascend the ranks of professional surfing this decade, Owen Wright enters the 2010 ASP World Tour with the weight of the world on his shoulders. 2009 set the stage as the lanky goofy-footer went undefeated on the ASP Australasia Pro Junior Series, taking the title, as well as finishing third on the ASP World Qualifying Series (WQS). To top it off, Wright twice defeated former nine-time ASP World Champion Kelly Slater as a wildcard at the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach and the Rip Curl Pro Search Portugal. Hailing from the unspoiled beaches and reefs of southern New South Wales, Wright has since relocated with his family to the Lennox Head region. As adept at threading massive barrels as he is at soaring above the lip, Wright is asserting himself at the forefront of professional surfing’s new vanguard.



AKA: Jadson
 DOB: 13/03/1982
 Born: Natal City, Brasil
 Resides: Guaruja, Brasil Hobbies: Playing football and cards Stance: goofy


AKA: Saca 
 Born: Alcantara, Lisboa, Portugal
 Resides: Ericeira, Portugal
 Hobbies: Tennis e leisure Stance: Natural

15. Bobby Martinez

AKA: Bobby 
 DOB: 26/05/1982
 Born: Santa Barbara, California, USA
 Resides: Santa Barbara, California, USA Hobbies: Boxe and surfing Stance: Goofy

34. Tom Whitaker

AKA: Whits
 DOB: 4/10/1979
 Born: Sydney, NSW, Australia
 Resides: Sydney, NSW, Australia Hobbies: Golf and soccer Stance: Natural replacing Joel Parkinson

20. Adam Melling

AKA: Melling 
 DOB: 29/03/1985
 Born: Lennox Head, New South Wales, Australia
 Resides: Lennox Head, New South Wales, Australia Hobbies: Fishing footy and golf Stance: Natural

21. Jeremy Flores

AKA: Jezza 
 DOB: 27/04/1988
 Born: Reunion Islands 
 Resides: Capbreton, France Hobbies: Fishing, Jiu-jitsu and leisure. Stance: Natural

16. Fredrick Patacchia Jnr

22. Kieren Perrow

AKA: Freddy P
 DOB: 15/12/1981
 Born: North Shore, Oahu, Havai
 Resides: North Shore, Oahu, Havai Hobbies: Golf Stance: Goofy

 DOB: 1/01/1977
 Born: Byron Bay, NSW, Australia
 Resides: Byron Bay, NSW, Australia
 Hobbies: Leisure, fishing and chocolats Stance: Natural

16. Michel Bourez

23. Taylor Knox

AKA: Spartan
 DOB: 30/12/1985
 Born: Rurutu, Tuamotus Islands Resides: Toahotu, Tuamotus Islands Hobbies: Tennis Stance: Natural

18. Chris Davidson AKA: Davo DOB: 9/12/1976 Resides: Narrabeen, NSW, Australia Hobbies: Cars Stance: Natural

 DOB: 15/05/1971
 Born: Thousand Oaks, California, USA Resides: Carlsbad, California, USA Hobbies: Surfing and baseball Stance: Natural


23. Patrick gudauskas AKA: Patty Cakes, Pat, Gudang
 DOB: 20/11/1985
 Born: La Jolla, California, USA Resides: San Clemente, California, USA Hobbies: Guitar, music, art, golfing and reading Stance: Natural

tiago pires The first ever and sole Portuguese on the ASP World Tour is back after a testing first two years. Pires, a national hero in Portugal, faced the world’s best surfers with great determination and skill and won an immense amount of respect after he became the first surfer on tour to break 9X ASP World Champion Kelly Slater’s domination in the first half of the 2008 at the Rip Curl Pro Search in Indonesia, and has since become a major threat to the top seeds on tour. “The Portuguese Tiger”, as he is affectionately known, is into his third year amongst the elite and there is a good chance that the natural-footer from Portugal’s renowned surfing town of Ericeira will be stronger than ever in 2010. Having impressed the ASP Top 45 in Tahiti and Indonesia with great backhand tuberides, locations where he was expected least to perform, Pires has yet to show his righthand pointbreak attack to the rest of his ASP Dream Tour fellows and with more confidence and experience, he has a second chance to improve and hopefully unleash his beautiful on-the-rail surfing at Snapper Rocks, Bells Beach and J-Bay.


25. Luke Stedman

31. daniel ross

25. Dusty payne

31. luke munro

25. matt wilkinson

31. travis logie

28. brett simpson

35. Gabe Kling

29. Roy Powers

35. Kieren perrow

AKA: Steds
 DOB: 10/07/1976
 Born: Sydney, Australia
 Resides: Avalon Beach, Australia 
 Hobbies: Organizing logistics for charity surf/skate contest “Reach Out” Stance: Natural

AKA: Crusty
 DOB: 27/12/1988
 Born: Wahiawa, Oahu, USA Resides: Lahaina, Maui, USA Hobbies: Golfing and cruising Stance: Natural

AKA: Wilko
 DOB: 29/11/1988
 Born: Sydney, NSW, Austrália
 Resides: Copacabana, NSW, Austrália 
 Hobbies: Snowboarding and wakeboarding Stance: Goofy

AKA: Simpo
 DOB: 5/01/1985
 Born: Long Beach, California, USA
 Resides: Huntington Beach, California, USA
 Hobbies: Tennis and Basketball Stance: Natural

AKA: Powers DOB: 9/01/1981
 Born: Hanalei, Kauai, USA
 Resides: Hanelei, Kauai, USA
 Hobbies: Golf and Cars. Stance: Natural

30. Kai Otton

AKA: Ottz or Otto
 DOB: 16/12/1979
 Born: Tathra, Australia
 Resides: Curl, Sydney, Australia Hobbies: Golf and music Stance: Goofy

AKA: Rossy
 DOB: 15/02/1983
 Born: Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia
 Resides: Angourie, NSW, Australia Hobbies: Dirt Biking and training Stance: Natural

AKA: Munners
 DOB: 27/01/1983
 Born: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
 Resides: Currumbin, Queensland, Australia
 Hobbies: Golf, fishing and horse racing Stance: Natural

AKA: Trent
 DOB: 11/05/1979
 Born: Durban, South Africa Resides: Durban North, South Africa
 Hobbies: Tennis and soccer
 Stance: Goofy

AKA: Piggy ou Thor
 DOB: 18/08/1980
 Born: St. Augustine, Florida, USA
 Resides: St. Augustine, Florida, USA
 Hobbies: Tennis and ping-pong. Stance: Natural

AKA: Kerrsy
 DOB: 29/03/1984
 Born: Tweed Heads, NSW, Austrália Resides: Tweed Heads, NSW, Austrália
 Hobbies: Fishing and golf Stance: Natural

35. dean morrison

AKA: Mushy
 DOB: 12/08/1982
 Born: Geelong, VIC, Austrália Resides: Jan Juc, VIC, Austrália Hobbies: Tennis, cinema and leisure Stance: Natural


Women Top 17 Stephanie Gilmore x3 World Champion Surfing’s leading lady. Our sport’s super girl. Three-time world champion. Everyone’s favourite. The smiling assassin. Stephanie Gilmore is only in her young 20s, but she’s already a house-hold name across the globe. After storming on the scene in 2005 by winning the Roxy Pro Gold Coast contest as a 17-year-old wildcard, Steph has since proceeded to collect every major surfing title on the professional circuit in the past few years. Accolade-wise, she’s got three ASP Women’s World titles from three years on Tour, two Vans Triple Crown of Surfing titles and recently won the 2010 Laureus Action Sports Athlete Of The Year Award, just to name a few. Steph began surfing at age 10, when she started learning to stand on a bodyboard with help from her dad. She quickly honed her young skills on Australia’s Gold Coast and took up sponsorship with Rip Curl at age 11.



6. Melanie Bartels

11. Sally Fitzgibbons

16. Coco Ho

AKA: Steph DOB: 29/01/1988 Nacida en: Murwillumbah, NSW, Australia Resides: Tweed Heads, NSW, Australia Posiçao: Natural Hobbies: Music and guitar Títulos Mundiales: 2007, 2008 and 2009

AKA: Turtle or v Mel
 DOB: 2/05/1982
 Born: Makaha, Oahu, Hawai Resides: Makaha, Oahu, Hawai
 Stance: Natural Hobbies: Bodyboard and play the “ukulele”

AKA: Sal
 DOB: 19/12/1990
 Born: Nowra, NSW, Australia
 Resides: Gerroa, NSW, Australia
 Stance: Natural
 Hobbies: Soccer

AKA: Cokes 
 DOB: 28/04/1991 Born: Honolulu, Hawai
 Resides: Sunset Beach, Hawai
 Stance: Natural Hobbies: Tennis

2. Silvana Lima

8. Carissa Moore

AKA: Sil
 DOB: 29/10/1984 
 Born: Paracuru, Ceara, Brasil
 Resides: Rio De Janeiro, Brasil 
 Stance: Natural Hobbies: DVD and leisure

3. Sofia Mulanovich

AKA: C-Moore, Riss DOB: 27/08/1992
 Born: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA Resides: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA Stance: Regular Hobbies: Hanging with my little sisters

14. Paige Hareb

AKA: Sof
 DOB: 24/06/1983
 Born: Lima, Peru 
 Resides: Lima, Peru Stance: Natural Hobbies: Sleep, surf and leisure

AKA: Paigey, Paigo
 DOB: 6/06/1990
 Born: New Plymouth, New Zeland
 Resides: Oakura, Taranaki, New Zeland Stance: Goofy Hobbies: Sports

10. Chelsea Hedges

7. Rebecca Woods

AKA: Chels 
 DOB: 15/10/1983
 Born: Sydney, NSW, Australia
 Resides: Tweed Heads, NSW, Australia
 Stance: Goofy Hobbies: Music, tennis, cinema and surf

AKA: Woodsy, Bec ou Rebooba
 DOB: 14/09/1984
 Born: Copacabana, NSW, Australia Resides: Copacabana, NSW, Australia Stance: Natural Hobbies: Snowboard, golf and tennis


8. Jess Miley-Dyer

13. Bruna Schmitz

12. Rosanne Hodge

17. Nikita Robb

AKA: Milly-Dilly, J. Middy Diddy ou JMD DOB: 29/05/1986
 Born: Paddington, NSW, Australia
 Resides: Bronte, NSW, Australia
 Stance: Goofy Hobbies: Chocolate, coffee and leisure

AKA: Rosy, Rosa, Rosebud DOB: 27 de Abril, 1987 Nacida en: East London, South Africa Resides: East London, South Africa Posiçao: Natural Hobbies: Bodysurfing, read, swim and draw.

13. Claire Bevilacqua AKA: Bevo DOB: 29/01 /1983
 Born: Perth, Western Australia, Australia Resides: Perth, Western Australia, Australia
 Stance: Natural
 Hobbies: Yoga and skating

4. Amee Donohoe

AKA: Amos
 DOB: 8/11/1980
 Born: Sydney, NSW, Austrália
 Resides: MacMasters Beach, NSW, Australia Stance: Natural 
 Hobbies: Wakeboard, fishing and motorbikes


13. Lee Ann Curren

AKA: Dormeuse DOB: 23/06 /1989
 Born: Biarritz, France Resides: Biarritz, France
 Stance: Natural
 Hobbies: Playing guitar and listening to music

AKA: Bruninha DOB: 3/04 /1990
 Born: Salto Do Lontra, Brasil
 Resides: Matinhos, Brasil
 Stance: Goofy
 Hobbies: Surf, running and computers

AKA: Grom 
 DOB: 6/02/1989
 Born: Johannesburg, South Africa
 Resides: East London, South Africa
 Stance: goofy 
 Hobbies: Training reading, Hanging out and watching movies


Coco Ho the 2009 Rip Curl Pro Search winner Hailing from the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, Coco Ho seemingly stumbled onto the ASP Women’s World Stage via the ASP WQS and had no trouble settling in to the tough competition, clinching the 2009 ASP Rookie of the year award while finishing as the top rated Hawaiian female in the world. While graduating on to the ASP Women’s World Tour alongside the highly touted ‘New Guard’, Ho led her rookie class and her polished approach to competition marked her as the only rookie to take out an event win when she clinched the Rip Curl Pro Search over former ASP Women’s World Champion Chelsea Hedges. Ho’s comfort in all conditions and her full repertoire of explosive maneuvers combined with a priceless year of competition under her belt entering the 2010 season will no doubt make her a serious threat to all competitors on this year’s ASP Women’s World Tour. With Ho’s impressive family bloodline of proven champions, look for the young Hawaiian to follows in her family’s footsteps in her quest for an ASP World Title.



Cannelle Bulard French, 16, the European wildcard After a great WQS season, Cannelle finished 6th on the world ranking. Then she won the chance to participate to her 1st WWT event, against the 17 best surfer girls of the world. Born on the Reunion Island, Cannelle spent her early chilhood on a sailing boat. Naturally familiar with the ocean, she started surfing at the age of 7, and it quickly turn into a real passion spending most of her free time living her passion on Saint-Leu’s spots. Talented on water, she became a promising young surfer girl at a National and International level, but still enjoys practicing with her brother on their homespot. As she is competitive, her saying is “Victory is beautiful” and really wants to find her place on the WQS tour and maybe to qualify on the 2011 ASP Women’s world tour.



planet Born at Bells Beach in Australia, Rip Curl brings together everyone who is concerned about our threatened environment, and promises to protect it. In 2005, Rip Curl inaugurated the ”RipCurl Planet” initiative, with the aim of intensifying its environmental policy at all levels of business, most notably during events. Encouraged by the results, the Rip Curl Pro in Portugal is refining its plan of attack and positioning itself as a clean and responsible surf event. Some rigorous terms and conditions set out in partnership with the WWF. CARBON OFFSET The Rip Curl Pro Portugal 2010 will be a carbon neutral event. The following greenhouse gases emissions will be offset by our partner E.Value, giving the event the Carbono Zero label : • Fossil fuel consumption • Electricity consumption • Staff air and road travel • Competitors and Officials air and road travel.


One of E.Value’s projects is The Nobrecel biomass project, which is located in the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Here, Nobrecel SA, produces pulp and paper and the carbon emissions have been reduced through the installation of a new biomass boiler and turbine which replaced the original oil fired boilers. Respect the climate. Ride the perfect wave with CarbonoZero



• All contest rashvests are in recycled polyester • The official event T-shirts are made with organic cotton • All posters, leaflets etc are printed on recycled or FSC certified paper. Same for all blank paper used at the event.

• We will make special efforts to keep the beaches where we hold the competition as clean as before the event, by engaging the public. • Fences and banners will protect the dunes.

WASTE MANAGEMENT / RECYCLING • Recycling bins throughout and around the event site. We aim at receiving the 100R award from Sociedade Ponto Verde like we did in 2009, in recognition of our waste management and recycling. • Rip Curl and the Rip Curl Pro sponsors pay special attention not to give away cheap goodies to the public as they often end up as litter. • Catering will use real plates & cutlery and not disposable ones to avoid producing more waste.

ECO TOILETS • The Rip Curl Pro Portugal will have ecotoilets on the event village • for event participants • as well as on the beaches where the contest will be run • for the public. These toilets use no water or no chemicals, only wood scraps and their waste is composted.


RIP CURL WILL CELEBRATE THE 20th ANNIVERSARY OF SURFRIDER FOUNDATION Gilles Asenjo, president of Surfrider Foundation Europe (SFE), wonders whether « when Tom Curren and the other pioneers met in Biarritz in 1990 to create SFE, would they have ever imagined it would be celebrating its 20th anniversary this year?! » In any case, it is indeed a question of how many candles our association, born out of the desire of local surfers including legendary triple world champion Tom Curren, will blow about the protection of the ocean, the coast and the waves. Confronted with pollution problems at their local spots, these impassioned individuals embarked on an adventure that would eventually reach well beyond the corners of their favorite beaches.


A return to Fundamentals: battles fought on the ground The protection of our oceans is a war. A war of information, mobilisation and action. In order to fight this war on a daily basis, Surfrider Foundation Europe decided, on the eve of its 20th anniversary, to return its focus to the fundamentals that originally brought it success. With a return to work on the ground, work that our organization never stopped, their troops now count on local actions like never before. With more than 30 local chapters and thousands of volunteers, they are a powerful strike force that includes knowledge of local areas and human contact as the keys for success in the future. Now an operation coordinated by 5 regional offices, they are better placed to share information and adapt their local responses. 5 is also the number of our campaigns: water quality and health, maritime transport, macro-waste, artificialisation of coastlines and the natural

heritage of waves. 5 front all benefiting from the scientific and legal artillery that we have acquired in previous years. A new string to our bow: Lobbying One of SFE’s newer fighting tools is the pressure it can put on decision-makers. Their status as an expert gave them the opportunity to take part in the French delegation at the Copenhagen Convention, where they, among others, demanded quotas on greenhouse gas emissions arising from maritime transport. The epilogue to this battle will be at the Mexico Summit at the end of 2010… Some of the lobbying work that Surfrider also exercises through the ‘Grenelles de la mer’ (a government initiative), is for the ecological prejudice recognized in the Erika trial to be consolidated into one law. In addition, we now have one full-time salaried staff based in Brussels in order to make our demands heard in the European parliament. Always raising Awareness Finally, Surfrider Foundation Europe has not changed its fundamental position; it has just become better equipped to fight and is now able to exert influence at a higher level. This is for the best given the importance of anticipating potential problems so that new battles can be avoided. As education remains the best form of protection, Surfrider has multiplied its targets as part of its new Education Workgroup: to include not only students but also associations, local elected representatives and businesses. Our centre for research and environmental education has recently opened its doors at 16 avenue d’Etienne in Biarritz!


RIP CURL PRO SEARCH RELOCATES TO PUERTO RICO FOR 2010 After an amazing showing in Peniche, Portugal, in 2009, the crowd favorite Rip Curl Pro Search will relocate to the tropical beaches of Puerto Rico this year, for the ASP World Tour’s first visit to the Caribbean and yet another exotic Search adventure. Puerto Rico - often AKAd the island of enchantment - is a surfer’s paradise, home to warmwater waves, pristine beaches, tropical weather, beautiful people and a host of amazing natural wonders. All eyes will be on the island’s North Shore during the event though, with the world’s best male and female surfers all onsite for the year’s second-to-last ASP World Tour meet. The primary location of Middles and backup spot Wilderness will be the chosen playing fields, with reigning world champions Mick Fanning and Stephanie Gilmore, plus former world champs Kelly Slater, Andy Irons, Sofia Mulanovich and Chelsea Hedges the headline stars. The relocation to Puerto Rico was announced during the Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach in April, ending months of mystery surrounding the decision. ”We try to have a bit of fun with the announcement each year,” said Neil Ridgway, Rip Curl Global Marketing & Advertising Chairman. ”It’s become surfing’s version of the Olympic Games announcement and the ASP World Tour fans like the mystery the event has at the start of each year. People like to guess where they think we might move to and the rumors fly thick and fast until we actually announce it!” The Rip Curl Pro Search is the only ASP World Tour event with a floating license, issued to Rip Curl so the event could be moved to a new wave every year. The past five years have been a dream run for the ASP, with every event scoring epic waves and great conditions.


”The Rip Curl Pro Search was an awesome addition to the ASP World Tour five years ago when it started in Reunion Island and has just got better and better every year since,” said Brodie Carr, ASP CEO. ”All of the surfers are excited about heading to Puerto Rico this year and the ASP is thankful to Rip Curl for including both Men’s and Women’s World Tours again.” Fanning, the defending Rip Curl Pro Search champion is one of surfing’s elite that is already thinking about the Caribbean adventure ahead. ”The Caribbean looks insane! I’ve never been there but I’ve been checking out a lot of footage on the net and there definitely seems to be plenty of quality breaks down that way. Fingers crossed it delivers when we’re there!”


The Hanalei Show The crazy free surfer girl, Hanalei Reponty, will hang around to make people live the search behind the scenes of this international event. She’ll witness the parties, concerts, technical backstage activities, staff, ecology, fashion, exclusive interviews with the best male and female surfers in the world‌ and many others in a quirky and funny style. This Tahitian girl is now an international business school student in Sydney. She juggles her academic life with surfing and travelling the four corners of the earth. Curious and always getting inspiration from her many discoveries, Hanalei is the perfect Rip Curl muse, championing a modern way of life that is both trendy and filled with surf.



Eurosport 2

the very first Talk Show in a surfing competition Back in 2007 when The Daily Surf Report started, Rip Curl was the first surfing brand to jump onboard and support the show, with a first episode filmed in Pipeline, Hawaii. Three years later, as Eurosport has been working on a new format for the show, they thought they would thank Rip Curl for their loyalty by unveiling the brand new Daily Surf Report during the Rip Curl Pro Peniche in Portugal. What’s next... From the 7th to the 18th of October 2010, surfing fans will get to experience the “Daily Surf Report +” every night at 11pm on Eurosport 2. DSR+ means more. Immerse yourself in the ASP event as if you were there, and get

to discover new fresh content with the introduction of the “backstage” section showcasing new unique stories which only insiders usually get to see. Learn more from the athletes with a prestigious guest joining us on stage to talk about the competition Last but not least; for the occasion we will introduce the « STUDIO » where all of this will be filmed « as live »: be ready to be surprised!!! By introducing this fresh new format, Eurosport 2 and Rip Curl are more than ever pleased to join forces and share what professional surfing really is.



We hope you can join us on the beach in Peniche for this year’s Rip Curl Pro, but if not - fear not - because we’ll be webcasting the entire event live and for free over the internet on

Rip Curl is the leader in innovation and our event webcast offers high quality video from multiple camera angles, expert commentary, high performance broadcast editing, scoring, replays, beach interviews and VOD clips.

All of the live surfing action and event highlights will be broadcast to your home computer, allowing you to be a beach spectator from the comfort of your own home!

If you can’t be in Peniche with us, the next best thing is joining us online every dayfrom October 7!



IMPORTANT INFORMATION Emergency Phones Emergency: 112 Poisoning and intoxications: +351 808250143 Police +351 262789555 Hospital +351 262780900 Surf Equipment 3/2 or 4/3 mm wetsuits. BY CAR Directions As you leave the airport you will find a roundabout whith traffic light. take the first exit at your right (2ÂŞ circula) folow the blue signage (direction to A8 Loures/ Leiria) drive approximately 73 km until you found the exit nr 14 (green signage - IP6 Peniche) Peniche 80Km North from Lisbon 50Km North from Ericeira 270Km south from Oporto





MEDIA CONTACTS RIP CURL INTERNATIONAL Dane Sharp (Media Manager) Telefone: +61 439 300 391 Email: ASP INTERNATIONAL Dave Prodan (Media Manager) Telefone: +1 (949) 678 0987 Email: RIP CURL EUROPE Rip Curl (Hossegor) Marie Pascale Delanne Telefone: +33 (0)6 99 65 04 59 Email: Grupo GCI RIP CURL Portugal PR Agency InĂŞs Becken Quartin | Showroom Manager | Client Executive Main +351 21 3591527

Catálogo Rip Curl Pro Portugal - Peniche 2010 - English Version (obtido a partir do Guia Oficial)  

October 7th - 18th Peniche, Portugal

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