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5-8 DECEMBER 2013






WELCOME Welcome to the inaugural Mapping Melbourne festival, an exciting new platform for contemporary independent artists based in Australia and the countries of South East Asia.

mix –and builds on our State’s strong and evolving relationships with the countries of South East Asia across a range of industries and endeavours.

Mapping Melbourne will create opportunities for artists to present their work in a curated context, and collaborate and build connections with Asia.

I commend Multicultural Arts Victoria on this initiative and look forward to shining a spotlight on contemporary Asian culture and artistic practice here in Melbourne.

It demonstrates the role that art can play in celebrating, understanding and sharing our cultures, and will showcase the diverse contemporary art of our region.

Hon Heidi Victoria MP Minister for the Arts Minister for Women’s Affairs Minister for Consumer Affairs

The festival brings together two of Victoria’s greatest strengths –our arts and diverse cultural


MAPPING MELBOURNE Mapping Melbourne is a new initiative which brings Asian culture and contemporary arts together in a new and exciting way. As the Asian Century White Paper identifies we need to strengthen Australia’s deep and broad relationships across the region at every level. These links are social and cultural as much as they are political and economic. Improving people-to-people links can unlock large economic and social gains. Art enables us to learn about each other in creative and expressive ways that contributes significantly to greater understanding and respect for each other. Mapping Melbourne is a platform for strengthening arts networks between contemporary independent artists across the Asian region, building connections and establishing collaborative ongoing relationships, and presenting challenging work. Over the past years, Multicultural Arts Victoria (MAV) has been supporting independent work in Asia, including Malaysia and Indonesia and the creation of two new International cultural Festivals - MAPFest (Melaka/Malaysia) and the

Arts Island Festival (Java/Bali) stimulated and driven by Tony Yap from TYC (Australia) E Plus Entertainment (Malaysia) and Agung Gunawan (Indonesia). These are innovative sister festivals and feature independent contemporary site specific art. Building on these discoveries and importantly on this style of artistic programming, which is developing exciting new links and networks in Asia, it is time to create and play in Melbourne and make this work visible in our own backyard. For both the Australian and International artists, Mapping Melbourne creates a unique opportunity for creative discourse and interaction. For audiences the festival provides a free, highly accessible program presented across some of the City of Melbourne’s most iconic venues. MAV thanks all our sponsors, supporters and artists who have made Mapping Melbourne possible. Jill Morgan AM Chief Executive Officer Multicultural Arts Victoria


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DISCOVERY Discover the influence of contemporary Asian cultures on our city’s avant garde style. From street art and unconventional fashion to site specific dance, multimedia and robotics, Mapping Melbourne will bring together an explosive program of events across the CBD celebrating our unique Asian Australian identity and international creative connections. Multicultural Arts Victoria (MAV) strongly supports the objectives of the 2005 UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion


of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions, which states the need to create the conditions for cultures to flourish and to freely interact in a mutually beneficial manner. With Mapping Melbourne, our vision is to strengthen networks between contemporary independent artists across the Asian region, build connections, and establish collaborative ongoing relationships. Most importantly it is to present Melbourne with the some of the best work being produced in our region. So come on Melbourne – get your Asia on!


Thursday 5 December from 10am CHEN PING EXHIBITION @ MiFA Gallery, 1/278 Collins St (Opening hours Mon - Fri 10am - 5.30pm) Until Monday 23 Dec


Friday 6 December 12.30pm & 5.30pm FAME AGENDA X DARBOTZ (FASHION PARADE/STREET ART) @ State Library of Victoria Forecourt, Swanston St


Saturday 7 December 5pm - 9.30pm TRACES OF TRANSFORMATION (DANCE, MULTIMEDIA & PERFORMANCE) @ Melbourne Museum Forecourt, Nicholson St


Saturday 7 December 9pm - 1am TARI JALANAN WAREHOUSE PARTY (ASIAN DANCE PARTY) @ 1000£ Bend, 361 Lt Lonsdale St


Sunday 8 December 11am - 2pm ARTIST TALKS WITH ASIALINK @ MiFA Gallery, 1/278 Collins St


Sunday 8 December 2pm - 3pm JAVANESE CULTURE MASTERCLASS @ MiFA Gallery, 1/278 Collins St


Sunday 8 December 2.30pm – 5pm COMMON GROUND: MECCA TO AMRITSAR (INTERFAITH SPOKEN WORD/POETRY) @ The Wheeler Centre, 176 Lt Lonsdale St



Painter Chen Ping continues to maintain traditional Chinese cultural values whilst developing concepts from a contemporary western perspective. Underpinning Chen’s work are his observations on life and the frailty of the human condition. These are truly global paintings which transcend cultures - akin to the artist’s own background. “Over time in China the landscapes have changed from nature to material. This has affected the Chinese persona and their connection to the spiritual past. The spirit of China has been replaced by materials. Within my paintings the figures are emerging and disappearing at the same time. The animals, people and landscapes transcend into one another much like they do in reality, this is the way I see the world. The movement, disappearance and blending of shapes and forms relate to the loss of identity of people living within China. In ancient China, people believed their ancestors were from different kinds of animals. Animals were considered to be spiritual guides and people were intertwined and dependent upon them.


In this wonderful world, beautiful spirits fought between physical and metaphysical spaces. This is exemplified by the organic and blended nature of the forms in the works. The work cannot exist by singling out a single element because all parts are transcendent of one another. Although the use of colours sometimes reflects nature, there are attempts to invent accidental colours in my work to lead viewers into a different reality – a magical one.” -Chen Ping This will be Chen Ping’s first exhibition with MiFA Gallery after returning from exhibiting at the 55th Venice Biennale of Art in Personal Structures. View works from this important Tasmanian based, Chinese born artist at MiFA Gallery from 29 November until 23 December. Hear Chen Ping in conversation with Jason Yeap OAM Sunday 8 December at 2:00pm at MiFA.

CHEN PING b. China (Australia) is an artist with a truly unique perspective of painting. He considers his work to be a product of existing between two different cultures and societies, China and Australia. His artwork seeks to explore and return to the beginnings of culture and re-examine the relationship between people, their environment, and animals. The artist is deeply passionate about understanding the effects the built world is having on the environment and people.

“Painting is not just an interesting exercise. To me, it’s about humanity, it’s about human stories.” - Chen Ping





As part of Mapping Melbourne, the Forecourt of the State Library of Victoria will be transformed into an extravaganza of fashion, music, dance and live street art by internationally renowned street artist Darbotz (Jakarta) and Melbourne fashion house Fame Agenda, with Fresh Sox dance crew and DJs Bayu and Kanzo. The Fame Agenda X Darbotz fashion collection features prints developed from photo images of Darbotz’s actual street art left on Melbourne’s walls. Playing with the monster theme, the elements of the collection include monster scales and teeth in various 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional forms. Darbotz is fast becoming one of the Asia Pacific’s most prolific street artists and after making his mark on Melbourne back in April, is returning to once again join forces with fashion house Fame Agenda. This unlikely partnership was born from Fame Agenda’s fashion-as-art philosophy and they first worked together to present a fashion show at the 2013 Victorian Government’s Super Trade Mission to Southeast Asia. The collaboration resulted in an eclectic

new capsule collection that was so successful it is now expanding onto the steps of the State Library of Victoria in an extravaganza of fashion, music and live street art with Fresh Sox dance crew and DJ’s Bayu and Kanzo. FAME AGENDA headed by designer MONICA LIM b. Malaysia (Australia) starts from the point of fashion being an accessible and wearable form of contemporary art. The label is known for developing its own unique, quirky prints, which are often challenging. In line with its philosophy of fashion-as-art, Fame Agenda often collaborates with artists to produce special capsule collections. DARBOTZ b. Indonesian Darbotz is one of Indonesia’s most loved street artists and his reputation in the Melbourne street art scene is growing since he presented his first solo exhibition in Melbourne over AprilMay 2013. Darbotz is most famous for creating monster characters, his effort to rescue the chaotic streets of Jakarta by transforming the walls with colourful imagery.




A contemporary dance program not to be missed, Traces of Transformation brings together a potent mix of local and international performance and multimedia artists to form a unique creative taskforce. Traces of Transformation will take place on the Melbourne Museum Forecourt between the iconic Melbourne Museum and Royal Exhibition Building. Placing the work in this UNESCO World Heritage site reinforces concepts being explored in site-specific performances that sit somewhere between the historic and the contemporary and that provide a dynamic space for cultural exchange.

Once the sun goes down the Royal Exhibition Building Melbourne’s world heritage site will become the back drop to Shadows on the Wall, a new performance work utilizing heritage, technology, Javanese dance, robotics, light and shadows. Featuring RM Altiyanto Henryawan, Bimo Suryojati, Agung Gunawan (Indonesia) and Cake Industries (Jesse Stevens and Dean Petersen, Australia) in a unique creative development between Australia and Indonesia, this inspiring project has already enthralled audiences across Indonesia and is being presented for the first time in Australia as part of Mapping Melbourne.

Traces of Transformation, as part of Mapping Melbourne, is curated by Tony Yap of the Tony Yap Company. Featuring artists from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Japan, Mongolia and Australia, this site specific event brings innovation and the contemporary into focus. Across four sites within the precinct, audiences are free to navigate the Melbourne Museum Forecourt and engage with unique performances from local and international independent artists. The event will premiere a new work Squarcle choreographed by Victoria Chiu, performed with Kristina Chan and musician Mindy Meng Wang. Master Srimpi dancer, Ibu Kadar (Indonesia) will be travelling to Australia with five dancers from the Royal Palace Yogykarta to perform their unique collaboration Srimpen/Lost with Tony Yap.

TONY YAP b. Malaysia (Australia) Creative Director of Traces of Transformation. Tony from the Tony Yap Company is an accomplished dancer, director, choreographer and visual artist. Tony was one of the principle performers with IRAA Theatre (1989-1996) and has worked extensively in Australia, Asia and in Europe. Tony has received many awards, and was a Fellow of the Dance Board of the Australia Council from 2008-2009. He is the Creative Producer of MAPFest which was a finalist in the Australia in Asia Awards 2013.













Site 1 Yumi Umiumare

Site 2 Site 3 Aida Redza/Khue Nguyen* Tony Yap/ Brendan O’Connor


Agung Gunawan

Ronnarong Khampha

5:15 5:30

Site 4

Amraa Hannaford

5:45 6:00

Aida Redza/ Weizen Ho/Yumi Umiumare Brendan O’connor

Janette Hoe


Amraa Hannaford Agung Gunawan/ Khue Nguyen*

6:30 Ronnarong Khampha

6:45 7:00

Weizen Ho/Brendan O’Connor

7:30 7:45 8:00

Janette Hoe

Aida Redza

Amraa Hannaford

Agung Gunawan

Yumi Umiumare

7:15 Squarcle

Weizen Ho Ronnarong Khampha/ Khue Nguyen*

Janette Hoe

8:15 Srimpen/Lost

8:30 8:45 Shadows on the Wall

9:00 9:15 9:30

Event concludes

*Khue Nguyen will be drawing artists live throughout the event and his work will then be hung in an open air exhibition Full details and artist bios available at


MAPPING MELBOURNE @ MELBOURNE MUSEUM PLAZA SRIMPEN/LOST Srimpen/Lost is a collaboration between Tony Yap and Surya Kencana under the direction of Agung Gunawan. Srimpen/Lost contrasts Javanese and Western concepts of ‘lost’. Choreographically, Yap’s theatrical physical language is offset by the dreamlike and fluid Srimpi dance, adapted by Ibu Kadar and Agung Gunawan for this work. Ibu Kadar and dancers from the Kraton Royal Palace in Indonesia, Sagitama Krisnandaru, Harin Setyandari, Sarastiati and Anti Tri Cahyani, will join Tony in Melbourne for this performance. Srimpen/Lost is the second stage of its collaborative development. Tony is currently undertaking his second Asialink residency with a view to deepening his understanding of traditional dance practices, especially the refined Srimpi and in contrast, the raw psycho-physical trance practices of Bantengan in East Java. He aims to incorporate their philosophies into his own dance practice and to investigate the bridging of existing traditional/contemporary dichotomies. SRIMPI DANCE Srimpi dance, which Srimpen/Lost has evolved from, originates from the refined and sophisticated culture of the Javanese Kratons, or Royal Palaces. Sri means a king or queen and Impi means the desire or wish to live with honour and in peace. The Srimpi dance was originally performed in the Pendopo (open hall) of Javanese mansions and palaces around the central pillars. It is believed when Srimpi dance is performed correctly, it should give magical power. The dance has a very soft movement depicting moral behaviour. Traditionally the dancers all wear the same costume and makeup in order to avoid jealously between one and other.

AGUNG GUNAWAN b. Indonesia Agung is an accomplished practitioner of Yogyakartanese classical dance, and a choreographer and performer of contemporary work. He is assistant choreographer of the Miroto Dance Company and founding director of the Arts Island Festival. Agung has toured extensively in Australia, Asia and Europe. His long association with Tony Yap was most recently profiled at Melbourne Festival 2012 in the work Grobak Padi. He has creatively directed Srimpen/Lost and is performing as both an independent artist in the Traces of Transformation program and as a key artist in Shadows on the Wall. R. AY. SRI KADARYATI YWANDJONO (IBU KADAR) b. Indonesia Ibu Kadar is an accomplished choreographer and well respected former classical dancer. As granddaughter of the King in Yogyakarta, she was exposed to classical dance in the royal court from an early age. Ibu Kadar has been a practicing master of Srimpi since 1960 and began her first choreography, Bedhaya Genjong Goling in 1985 which was performed in the Kraton, Royal Palace Yogyakarta. Since then, she has choreographed many Bedhaya and Srimpi works. Currently R. Ay Sri Kadaryati Ywandjono is one of the main dance teachers in the Yogyakarta Palace and a key resource for those studying Yogyakartanese classical dance derivations and reconstructions. Key performers from the Royal Palace in Yogyakarta Indonesia, Sagitama Krisnandaru, Harin Setyandari, Sarastiati and Anti Tri Cahyani will join Ibu and Tony in Melbourne for this one and only performance.



AMRAA HANNAFORD b. Mongolia (Australia) After arriving in Australia in 2008, Amraa began rebuilding her dancing career after injury prevented her from performing. She has performed at the Tsaagan Sar (Mongolian New Year) festivities in South Melbourne; in Canberra to celebrate the Great Mongolian State, is currently practicing with fellow Mongolian College graduate Bukhchuluun Ganburged. AIDA REDZA b. Malaysia Aida Redza is an independent performer and choreographer living in Penang, advocating her artistic work towards social cause with a focus on integration and inclusion. Her solo works are a visible example of tight bound tradition and deconstruction, intertwining new dance and physical theatre to create dynamic live performances. BRENDAN O’CONNOR b. Ireland (Australia) Since arriving Melbourne in 2009, Brendan has trained and performed as a member of Tony Yap Company. His evolving duet practice with Tony Yap is the basis for a new full-length work directed by Tony, Dionysus Molecule. JANETTE HOE b. Malaysia (Australia) Janette is a Melbourne-based independent dance artist and performance maker. Her practice is driven by an interest in the ecstatic body in performance and is influenced by authentic movement practices such as Butoh and Asian trance dance. KHUE NGUYEN b. Vietnam (Australia) After graduating from Ho Chi Minh City University of Fine Arts, Khue moved to Melbourne in 1988 to complete a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design at Monash University. Khue has had several solo exhibitions based in Australia and Vietnam and was a finalist in The Archibald Art Prize 2010. As part of Mapping Melbourne Khue will create epic drawn works live in front of audiences. RONNARONG ‘Ong’ KHAMPHA b. Thailand Ong performs in contemporary style using traditional Lanna dance as the base. Ong has studied Javanese and Balinese dance in Indonesia, and Japanese Noh Drama in Kyoto, and draws on these techniques to augment his work. WEIZEN HO b. Malaysia (Australia) Weizen is developing a sound, vocal, movement and flash visual project, Dying Songs I Dance with Jon Rose as mentor/dramaturg. Since 1999, Weizen has been invited to compose, perform and improvise in radio, music-theatre, sound and visual installations for many radio stations and theatre and dance companies in Indonesia, Beijing and Malaysia. YUMI UMIUMARE b. Japan (Australia) Yumi is a dancer, choreographer and the creator of Butoh Cabaret and visceral dance theatre works. She is the only Japanese Butoh Dancer living in Australia and has been creating her distinctive style of hybrid works over the last 20 years.




Choreography Victoria Chiu in collaboration with Kristina Chan music Mindy Meng Wang Ambassador for Multicultural Arts Victoria at Melbourne Festival 2013, choreographer and dancer Victoria Chiu will be joined by award winning dancer Kristina Chan to research identity of Australians with Chinese heritage. World-class guzheng (traditional Chinese harp) musician Mindy Meng Wang, will join them. The research will identify personal and universal issues relating to the perception of the performers as members of a Chinese diaspora. The choreography will create a series of moving images that aim to encourage participation in the discourse of contemporary racial and cultural diversity, bridging ethnicities and generations. The artists will explore the implications of being labelled with a fixed identity in our modern lives which involve varying degrees of cosmopolitanism and transculturalism. KRISTINA CHAN b. China (Australia) Kristina is the Project Manager of iOU Dance, which is a creative development and performance platform for NSW based


Independent dance artists. She is currently developing Faint Existence, a full-length solo work supported by Force Majeure. MINDY MENG WANG b. China (Australia) Mindy Meng Wang studied the guzheng in China with leading masters since the age of six. In 2008, she was awarded “Hull Sinfonietta’s Young International Artist of the Year”. She has a passion for creating cross-cultural links based on her experiences of the music of the East and the West. VICTORIA CHIU b. Australia (h. China) An accomplished dancer and choreographer, Victoria has just completed full length work Floored as Dancehouse’s XI Housemate.The work was funded by ArtsVic and premiered at Dancehouse in August 2013. Victoria’s company Chiucox are company in residence at Footscray Community Arts Centre from September 2013.



Shadows on the Wall is a creative development between Australian media artists Cake Industries (Jesse Stevens and Dean Petersen) and Indonesian artists Agung Gunawan, RM Altiyanto Henryawan and Bimo Suryojati that culminates in a unique performance incorporating traditional Javanese dance with media art and robotics. Indonesian dancer, Agung Gunawan is fitted with designed robotic appendages in a melding of old and new and will perform in front of the iconic Royal Exhibition Building (a UNESCO world heritage site) that will be projected upon with animation and film, coming together in a frighteningly beautiful synergy of shadows and movement. Shadows on the Wall began as a two week development period in Yogyakarta in June with the resulting work going on to tour with the Arts Island Festival in Bali and Kediri in June/ July 2013. This is its first Australian showing the original creative development was supported by the Australia Indonesia Institute and Arts Victoria.


CAKE INDUSTRIES (JESSE STEVENS b. Australia and DEAN PETERSEN b. Australia) Media artists Jesse Stevens and Dean Petersen have worked under the collaborative pseudonym of Cake Industries since 2006. They are media artists, tinkerers, futuristic dreamers, and have great passion for the robots and machinery they engage with. Their practice concentrates on electromechanical sensing, electronics, and robotics to create anthropomorphic, autonomous, self-regulating objects that investigate ideas of story and future technology. Heavily influenced by science fiction of the 1950s focused on dystopia and population control mechanisms, their work tends to reflect doubts and anxiety felt about current world trends and leaders.

RM. ALTIYANTO HENRYAWAN (ALTI) b. Indonesia Since 2006 Altiyanto has designed TV programs for the national television channel of Indonesia-Yogya as a freelance programmer. Between 2008 and 2010, he worked at Yogyakarta Art Festival in the chief division of traditional art. In September 2012 he was appointed an honour by the Sultan of Yogyakarta as Wedana (chief) in Kawedanan Hageng Widya Budaya, an institution in Yogya Palace. BIMO SURYOJATI b. Indonesia In 2002 Bimo founded an animation studio with his friends and in 2005 produced the 1st animation feature film in Indonesia which won many awards from national film festivals. Since 2010, he has delved into contemporary and cross art form with Agung Gunawan and Memet Chairul Slamet, working predominantly in film and photography.


MAPPING MELBOURNE @ 1000£ BEND TARI JALANAN WAREHOUSE PARTY SATURDAY 7 DECEMBER, 9PM - 1AM 361 LT LONSDALE ST Jakarta’s own Bboy Kreate will be leading some of Melbourne’s finest in a showcase that exposes the true talent of Melbourne’s underground street dance scene. Local crews Nomadic Funk, Jigsaw Sneakers, Odorico.a and representatives of KO Crew, Fresh Sox, and Naacal will be breaking, rocking, popping and locking to the sounds and styles of DJ Kuya and Australia’s World DJ champion, DJ J Red. Tari Jalanan Warehouse Party is creatively directed by Andre Widjaja. As co-founder and original member of Nomadic Funk, Andre focuses mainly on Funk-Styles (popping and locking) and has been inspired by U.S pioneers the ‘Electric Boogaloos’ and the ‘Lockers’. Andre is known as one of Australia’s most talented street dancers.


MC for the night will be the irrepressible LAMAROC (b. Australia h. Indonesia) of the underground stars Fresh Sox, 5 times Australian B-Boy champions. Lamaroc is also an avid member of the international families, 7$ and the Mighty Zulu Kingz (est. 1973). Lamaroc has travelled around the globe, pursuing his passion of old school Hiphop dance and Funkstyles from the pre-Hiphop era. He is most well-known for his 2003 Australian Battle of the Year Solo Championship title. Lamaroc has been dancing for over 15 years but still remains a student to the dance of Rocking, Popping, Locking and Breaking.


MAPPING MELBOURNE @ 1000£ BEND TARI JALANAN WAREHOUSE PARTY SATURDAY 7 DECEMBER, 9PM - 1AM 361 LT LONSDALE ST NOMADIC FUNK began in 2006 as a band of brothers who have a mutual love for the Street Dance Culture. They established themselves as the first All-Star Popping Crew in Melbourne performing amongst the Hip Hop and Arts Communities. Co-founder Dre Eazee (aka Andre Widjaja) has creatively directed this event utilising his knowledge of street dance culture in Melbourne. Featuring: Andre ‘Dre Eazee’ Widjaja b. Indonesia (Australia), Lenard ‘Lenny’ Tre and Fairooz Khadiwala JIGSAW SNEAKERS is a Melbourne based dance team which began in 2007. Since then, they have been actively involved with competitions, educational institutions and dance studios across Australia, Japan and Thailand. Featuring: Daisuke Fujino, Deloy De Jesus, Efren Pamilacan and Nish Mathur.


ORORICO.a is a female only crew formed in Melbourne in 2012, a blending of three unique individual artists. Arisa has trained under world’s finest dancers has also trained dancers and competed throughout Australia, Asia, United States and Canada. Mga teaches Jazz and Girls’ Hip Hop at Melbourne Super Studio. Hip Hop music has had a profound influence on Ai’s life and over the last four years she has been perfecting her Hip Hop and House moves. Featuring: Arisa Herbert, Mga Wu and Ai Onozaki. BBOY KREATE b. Indonesia has travelled around the world performing and judging break dancing competitions in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia (Perth, Melbourne, Sydney), Sweden, Switzerland and Canada. Bboy Kreate currently focuses on building the break dance scene in Indonesia by running events with his organization Bboyindo.

BREAKING CREW It’s possible you’ve seen these dancers busking on the streets or on a stage somewhere in the world sharing their Bboying/breakin’ hiphop culture but it’s not often you’ll have the chance to witness global representatives of Kings Only Crew, Fresh Sox and Naacal sharing the same dance floor in the heart of Melbourne. Featuring: Febian ’BBoy Kreate’ Hidranto, Anthony ‘Lamaroc’ Lawang, William ‘Hugga’ Ramsay, Rush Wepiha, Leon ‘Kurv’ Gilette, Alan ‘Tofu’ Dang and Leonard ‘Lion” Hermwan. NADIAH IDRIS b. Australia (h. Malaysia) and DEMI SORONO b. Australia (h. Philippines) Two of Australia’s best female dancers are bringing something new to the dance floor. The petite powerhouse Bgirl Demilition (Demi Sorono) is known for her athletic skills in Breakdancing and the pocket rocket NfuZion (Nadiah Idris) is known for her wild Ragga Dancehall style. An exciting playful performance jam packed with endless energy and a whole lot of spunk, not to be missed.

JARROD FOX aka DJ J-RED b. Australia J-Red was introduced to the decks at an extremely early age, busting styles and turntables at the age of 4. At the age of 17 he entered his first Technics DMC battle placing 3rd. Little did he know he would be the only DJ with 8 National titles by the time he had released his first (legal) mix CD - Streets Ahead on Crookneck/Stomp. He also pioneered a Hip Hopurntablist mix show on KISS 90 FM along with DJ Kuya, Australia’s first show of its kind. Most recently J-Red was voted Australia’s best Urban mix DJ, Turntablist and mix-tape DJ by Australia’s largest online Hip-Hop community. ARSENIO FABAY aka DJ KUYA b. Philippines (Australia). DJing for over 20 years, with three Victorian DMC State titles (1998-2000) and earning the Australian ITF DJ title in 1999, it seems as though Kuya’s done it all. From rockin’ parties to winning DJ competitions, Kuya has proven to be one of Australia’s most innovative and original DJs. This has led to Kuya being in demand for a wide variety of gigs far and wide, including supports for Public Enemy, DJ Krush, Gaslamp Killer, DJ Q-Bert, Lyrics Born, Loefah, Mark Pritchard, Steve Spacek, DJ Craze, Lindsey Stirling and many more.



Hosted by Lesley Alway, Director, Asialink Arts and Jason Yeap OAM, Trustee, National Gallery of Victoria. Talk 1: Cross Cultural Media Art Collaborations. Featuring: RM Altiyanto Henryawan, Bimo Suryojati and Cake Industries (Jesse Stevens and Dean Petersen). Go behind the scenes with the Shadows on the Wall team and hear about the amazing journey this project has taken. Talk 2: Working Internationally. Featuring: Tony Yap, Agung Gunawan, Yumi Umiumare, Mindy Meng Wang and Victoria Chiu. These independent artists will share their experiences of performing and collaborating throughout the world with a focus on Asia and Europe. Talk 3: Chen Ping in discussion with Jason Yeap OAM (National Gallery of Victoria). Covering cultural identity in Australia and whether there is a distinctive ‘Asian’ vernacular emerging in the contemporary visual arts that is being recognised and valued by the wider industry.

INDONESIAN MASTERCLASS WITH R. AY. SRI KADARYATI YWANDJONO (IBU KADAR), RM. ALTIYANTO HENRYAWAN (ALTI), AND SARASTIATI SUNDAY 8 DECEMBER 2PM - 3PM 1/278 COLLINS STREET, MELBOURNE Explore in detail the significance of dance in Javanese culture. Presented by Alti (Culture keeper at Royal Palace Yogyakarta), Master dancer and choreographer Ibu Kadar (Royal Palace) and Sarasiati (Royal Palace dancer). In this master class Alti, Ibu and Sarastiati will be sharing knowledge of Javanese Culture through the philosophy and traditions of the ancient sacred court dance Srimpi from which Srimpen/Lost is derived. Dance is the human body of movement and through the motion of the human body it is used to express ideas, feelings and experiences. The Srimpi dance has a very graceful and sophisticated set of movements. Mastering them is the ultimate goal of every female Javanese dancer. Learn of its importance to the culture of the Palace, its heritage and also the healing properties of the dance. “When communities no longer care for their traditional dances, they will disappear— and when they’re gone part of their national identity and heritage will also be gone. The role of the Palace is vital in ensuring that culture is kept alive and shared from one generation to another and remains an important part of Javanese identity.” - Jill Morgan AM, CEO Multicultural Arts Victoria  





Sparking interfaith discussions through creativity and poetry, Common Ground is a collaboration between young people from Sikh and Muslim communities in Melbourne, led by the word wizardry of Sikh emcee L-FRESH the Lion and spoken word poet Abdul Hammoud. SUKHDEEP SINGH BHOGAL b. Australia (h. India) Hailing from South West Sydney, currently residing in Melbourne, Hip Hop artist L-FRESH The LION has made a name for himself with his versatile catalogue and his energetic and engaging live show. It is his passion, honesty and integrity as an artist and lyricist that has garnered him such noteworthy attention.

ABDUL HAMMOUD b. Lebanon (Australia) Abdul Hammoud is a spoken word artist based in Melbourne by way of Lebanon, a country that still captivates and connects to him. Most of his work revolves around current issues; the constant state of war in the Middle East and the division amongst people of different races, religions and cultures. Through his poetry he hopes to help plant the seeds for a positive future.



Meg for super-charged creative producer awesomeness Deshani for the wicked campaign design and zen-like patience Kate for keeping Meg sane Darbotz (and Fredy) for creating the wild original design Jill for her zeitgeist vision Kat for bringing the cool Anita for bringing us back to reality when we get carried away Jess, Claudia, Man and Robyn for their publicity prowess Hung for keeping the cash (and us) on the straight and narrow Bryan, Mara, Torey and MiFA gang for bringing us the Darbotz Andre for taking dance parties to a whole new level of OTT Tony for the epic creative powerhouse that is Traces of Transformation Andrew and Agung for their inspiration and ‘Sister’ Festivals Monica for unwavering grace and style Konfir for mucking in and believing in our vision Kath for always helping out Jason and Lesley – the true believers Rifda for the air miles City of Melbourne for embracing the concept from day dot Arts Victoria and the Besen Family Foundation for joining the ride To all the amazingly talented artists that make up Mapping Melbourne – well done you! To MAV’s righteous staff and board and to all our wonderful supporters – thanks guys, it’s been an Asian experience and a trip to be continued. Sponsors:

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A BIG thanks to The Wheeler Centre and Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for their support All images appear courtesy of the artists and Multicultural Arts Victoria KEY VISUAL GRAPHIC CARE OF THE DARBOTZ ENTIRE ROCKING CAMPAIGN DESIGNED BY DESHANI WICKREMASINGHE 30


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