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McDonaldization in our society

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What is “fast-food culture” ? Fast-food culture is not only an eating culture. It also appears in our society and daily life. Everyone is pursuing efficiency and convenience, so they spend less time and effort to deal with or resolve a problem. However, getting the most in shortest time means giving up intrinsic worth.

McDonald is the most representable fast food culture. Here are four components of “Mcdonaldization”:


McDonaldization McDonaldization is a term used by sociologist George Ritzer in his book “The McDonaldization of Society (1995)”. He describes it as the process which a society takes on the characteristics of a fast-food restaurant.

Efficiency Efficiency means reaching a goal as fast as possible, with minimum effort or cost, and with chosen methods. One of the McDonald’s methods is to leave away waiters. This is very efficient because they do not have to pay for waiters and their work is done by customers.

The control in a rational System is a very important aspect, to make sure that the product is predictable, calculable and that it is produced in an efficient way. To make sure that no faults are made, work has to be made very simple by machines, so that humans errors are reduced. Half of the works, e.g. French fries and cup filling, are done by non-human technologies.


Predictability Calculability McDonald put more focus on Quantity but not Quality of food. Consumers are getting a large amount of food for not a lot of money. Workers in McDonald are judged by how fast they are but not the quality of the work they do.

No matter which McDonald a person goes to, he will receive the same service and the same product every time.The system of ordering and eating is known, and every restaurant looks more or less the same. .

Research part1- fast food culture

McDonaldization in our society McDonaldization doesn’t only appear in McDonald. It’s also appears in our society and daily life. Here are some examples to show mcdonaldization in our life:


Students want to get high marks in shortest possible time with the help of intensive tutorial classes. They skip many parts in the syllabus and do not understand the subjects thoroughly. Students do a lot of pass paper exercises in order to familiarize themselves with the exam. They focus on the results of exams but not a good understanding of the subjects. They can only keep the knowledge as short term memories.

2.Travel tour

With travel tour, people can visit many places within a few days but the duration in each visit is very short. They can hardly enjoy the relaxation they are looking for on a holiday.

3. A chain of retail stores

Customers can buy a whole set of outfits, from t-shirts to shoes, in one shop. There are also plenty of choices for each item and pattern varies every month. The focus is put on quantity of variations, but the quality of the products is bad.


Pigs will be fed up in shortest possible time with the use of medicines and hormones so that the pig owners can make money faster. However, use of medicines and hormones may affect the health of the pigs and cause side effects to consumers.

The garments are mass produced so that they do not fit everyone.

Research part1- fast food culture

The side effect of fast-food culture +


1 Fast food contains excess fat, sugar, salt and offers few to no vege-

tables and fruits. A regular meal at McDonald’s consists of a Big Mac, large fries, and a large Coca-Cola drink amounting to 1430 calories. A diet of approximately 2000 calories is considered a healthy amount of calories for an entire day.


Environment 1 In pursuing efficiency, we sacrificed our environment, e.g. driving instead of taking public transport

2 For convenience, we always use disposable products instead of reusable ones. Those disposable products damag the environment badly. Here are two researches showing the quantity of disposable food containers in primary school and disposable products in fast food restaurant.

2 In order to be quick, we use tools, for example, cars and elevators, to make life faster. This greatly reduces our chances for exercising

3 Nowadays, people live busy lives. They have long working hour and little time for rest. This is the main reason why people live a fast life.


According to the estimate of the Environmental Protection Department (EPD), in the past three years between 2004 and 2006, about 60 million, 47.5 million and 34 million disposable food containers were used by primary schools throughout the territory respectively, with respective net weights of about 1,200 tonnes, 950 tonnes and 680 tonnes.


Here is the research showing disposable product in fast food restaurant : (research by Greensense in 2006-2007)

5 Americans is working at the time when he should be taking + 1restoutorofseeing a doctor.


In estimation, 10000 people died of “Death from overwork” each year in Japan.

每週工作60小時的 人,罹患 + 2002年日本福岡市九州大學研究發現, 心臟病機率比40小時的人大2倍,每週至少有2天睡眠不足5小時的 人,患病風險則是3倍。


Amount of branch store

Total amount of Disposable utensil

Average amount using Disposable utensil by each consumer





Cafe De Coral




















Research part1- fast food culture


People relationship Eating becomes something only for fulfilling basic needs, but not a way to have gathering with friends. For convenience, we always choose the fastest way to show our regards and appreciation to our famliy or friends. For example, we buy mass produced products for gifts instead of making a unique one. Because we are used to living a busy life, we put more focus on work than on families and friends.


Standardized Under fast food culutre, products are standardized and choices are limited. For example, people in Hong Kong are used to buying coffee in the biggest chain coffee shop. This adversely afftect people in pursuing values and tastes.



Lose our patience We are used to living a fast life. If we have to wait for something, we easily feel annoyed. In brief, we are losing our patience. For example, we need to wait for a certain period of time for our food in traditional restaurants. In fast food restaurant, we never need to wait for more than a few minutes. Influenced by the difference in speed, nowadays, we tend to complain about the speed of traditional restaurants. A decade ago, persoanl computer had slow internet connection speed. We were used to it and didn’t have much complaints. We surfed the internet happily wih a 28.8k speed modem. Nowadays, we are using broadband technology for internet connection. If we need to wait for more than a few seconds for a webpage to load, we think of complaining or switching to other internet service providers. Not until recent years, keeping fit is often done by doing exercises. Now, people use medicine and surgery because they do not have the patience to wait for the results.

“slow lifestyle� We now realize that fast culture is usually busy, and living in ways that causes bad effects on our health, environment, people relationship etc.Therefore, some organizations are formed to counteract fast food and fast life.

{Supporting slow lifestyle society}

Research part2 Slow food culture

{ Supporting slow lifestyle society }

background Slow food is mainly focus on eating culture and slow food is clean, good and fair food.They believe that the food we eat should taste good; that it should be produced in a clean way that does not harm the environment, animal welfare nor our health; and that food producers should receive fair compensation for their work. Slow food began in Italy with the foundation of its forerunner organization in 1986 to resist the opening of Mcdonald’s near the Spanish steps in Rome.

What do they do ?

+ Slow Food 1.Taste Education

Slow Food helps people rediscover the joy of eating and understand the importance of caring where their food comes from, who makes it and how it’s made. Slow Food created the University of Gastronomic Science to offer a multidisciplinary academic program in the science and culture of food and also the traditional knowledge of farmers and food producers.

2.Protects Supporting traditional food, fresh food and producers who produce high quality food. Oppose fast food and supermarket

3.Promotion Slow food festival, slow talk and meal gathering to promote food cultures and the concept of good, clean and fair food.

The movement had then been expanded globally to over 83000 memebers in 122 countries.

Research part2 - Slow food culture

+ Cittaslow / Slow city { Supporting slow lifestyle society }

+ Lohas

{ Supporting slow lifestyle society }

background background

Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) is a demographic defining a particular market segment related to sustainable living, “green” ecological initiatives, and generally composed of a relatively upscale and well-educated population segment. LOHAS make their buying

Cittaslow is a movement founded in Italy in October of 1999. The inspiration of Cittaslow was the Slow Food organization. Cittaslow’s goals include improving the quality of life in towns while resisting fast-lane and fast life. Their philosophy is good living and living slow.

42 countries have joined Citta slow. To qualify and get the name of “Slow City”, as well as using the snail logo, a city must be vetted and regularly checked by inspectors to make sure it is living up to the Slow City standard of conduct, which include 55 pledges or criteria, grouped into six categorie: 1. Encouragement of local producers and products No mass production. support traditional handcrafted goods. 2. Hospitality and community, so it is well-liked by tourists. 3. Technologies and facilities for Urban Quality eg. Plan for controlling noise in specifically noisy areas. 4. Infrastructure policies 5. Environmental policy, car in town in order to reduce air pollution. 6. less than 50000 residents in town

decisions based on health and responsibility, that is, they make considerations on environmental impact, effects on health, pollution,etc. when they make a purchase

+ Sloth Club

{ Supporting slow lifestyle society }

background The Sloth Club is a NGO, which was set up in July of 1999 in japan. The Sloth Club concept is to actually ‘become’ a sloth. The aim is to emulate some of the basic behaviors of the sloth in order to find a way to live in harmony with the earth. They want to promote the concept of ‘doing’ less, living simply, minimising our destructive impact and finding joy in our life without consuming an endless chain of meaningless things.

Research part2 - Slow food culture

Slow life in Kakegawa (Japan)

The practice of the “Slow Life” involves the following eight themes:

The Japanse town Kakegawa dedicates itself as a “slow city” promoting a slow life: ” Humans live about 700,800 hours (assuming an average life expectancy of 80 years), of which we spend about 70,800 hours working (assuming we work for 40 years). The remaining 430,000 hours are spent on other activities, such as eating, studying, and leisure, and 230,000 hours sleeping. Until now, people often focused their lives on these 70,000 hours of labor, devoting their lives to their companies. However, with the “slow life” principles, They would now like to pay more attention to the 630,000 hours outside of work to achieve true happiness and peace of mind.




We value the culture of walking, to be fit and to reduce traffic accidents.

We respect and cherish our beautiful traditional costumes, including woven and dyed fabrics, Japanese kimonos and Japanese night robes (yukata).

We take care of our forests, through our agriculture and forestry, conduct sustainable farming with human labor, and ultimately spread urban farms and green tourism.

10% 31%


leisure hours working sleeping

4. EDUCATION We pay less attention to academic achievement, and create a society in which people can enjoy arts, hobbies, and sports throughout our lifetimes, and where all generations can communicate well with each other.


5. HOUSE We respect houses built with wood, bamboo, and paper, lasting over one hundred or two hundred years, and are careful to make things durably, and ultimately, to conserve our environment.




We enjoy Japanese food culture, such as Japanese dishes and tea ceremony, and safe local ingredients.

We aim to age with grace and be self-reliant throughout our lifetimes.

Based on the philosophy of life stated above, we live our lives with nature and the seasons, saving our resources and energy. “

Research part2 - Slow food culture


慢 活

} “

In Praise Of Slow



slow walk 步行

最古老的運動方式東山再起,前工業時代裏的人到那裡多半是走路,因此很 健康,後來發明引擎動力,人們便懶惰了,走路於是成了最後逼不得已的交通 方式,世界衛生組織稱之維「被遺忘的藝術」 ;走路能幫助沈思,培養緩慢的 心境,能讓我們學會忘記加速,這是天生的緩慢。透過一步步規律的節奏,可 以舒解壓力,放下煩憂,讓你擁有更多的思考空間 。試著跨出腳步走一段, 不花一毛錢,重新認識生活許久的環境和鄰居,還可以品味減速的樂趣。

Presents escort children go to school 陪著孩子走路上學 民間的「上善人文基金會」也提醒家長每天花二十分鐘,早起陪著孩 子走路上學。透過上學必經的路途,讓孩子去感受四季的更迭,體會 環境的變化,感受不同的生活。 Gardening 園藝 2002年美國家庭問卷調,從事園藝活動的人數創新高7千8百萬 人,成為全國最熱門之戶外休閒活動。


Nap 小睡/午睡


Music 音樂 音樂可以振奮、刺激、活潑,也可以緩和與放鬆, 用音樂來舒緩身心。

現代人多半睡眠不足,研究顯示短暫的“充電睡眠—理想長度20分” , 可增進體力與產能

+ Other activities 園藝

抽空從事對抗加速之活動,如靜坐、編織、園藝、瑜珈、繪畫、閱讀、散 步、氣功。


Oppose watch TV 反電視運動 辛苦工作一天後,多數人拿起電視遙控器比拿小鏟子或編織針的機率 來的大,全球第一休閒活動就是『看電視』 ;美國平均每人每天看4小 時,歐洲人3小時,電視提供娛樂與資訊,可以轉移注意力及放鬆心情, 但嚴格來說卻不緩慢,沒有時間暫停或思考,且電視掌控步調、快速畫 面、急促對話、快速剪接,不斷轉台。


This book suggested some methods to slow down our llife:

Research part2 - Slow food culture

{Campaign Research} The Sugoi On-Train Conference @Japan.2007


1. Promotion on the train

2. Promotion at JR station (booklet and poster)

A campaign developed for raising the consciousness of citizens about environment issues.The campaign was conducted September-October 2006, on the occasion of the One year anniversary since the holding of Aichi Expo, the theme of which was the environment.

Poster ---The graphics in the posters were printed by a waterless printing method in the one color of green on paper made from timber pulp and wastepaper, the aim being the optimum ecospecifications from various perspectives.

Promotion The name of campaign is”a great meeting on board a train”. The car of Nagoya’s municpal subway, the Higashiyama Line, were chosen as a meeting room and the messages of the magnificent group of panelist were displayed. The mechanism was for opinions to be collected on the website and displayed inside the trains so that people who saw the advertising could also participate in the meeting.

The outlook of the train

Posters with earphore jack


Papercraft Posters

The opinions of the panelists are posted in the train

Staff T-shirt

Research part2 Slow food culture

booklet---Take home seeds for a plant come with the booklet. The bookbinding uses a thread binding

Research part2 Slow food culture

Research part2 - Slow food culture

3. website: + Famous person (musician, artist...) speak to Nature

+ Other company’s ways for protecting the environment

+ Other promotion items ( download material )


.+ Citizen message

+ Introduce other promotion items outside the train

Animation (going to main page )

Train model

poster x 2



music x 2

Animation Main page

Research part2 - Slow food culture

Project brief Background


Fast food culture has become a part of our life in different aspects. Everyone is pursuing efficiency, convenience and Quantity but giving up intrinsic worth. This project is a part of cooperation with “Citta Slow” and is about holding a campaign to promote slow culture and remind people to slow down their life. In this project, a “Slow City” is outlined to raise the public awareness on slow life. The target audience needs guidance for slowing down their life.

Demographics Age:15-25 ( they are affected by fast culture the most ) Education:secondary school level or above

Message & Aim

Psychographics teenages who are adversely affected by fast food culture. They are pursuing efficiency and convenience

+ To cooperate “Cittaslow” make a campaign to promote slow culture and re-

Anticipated Design Output

+ To remind people put more focus on quality of life, but not quantity of life. The

1. Promotion Items (equations x 30,poster x1, sticker x30 ) 2. Website 3. Project Report

mind people slow down their life.

faster one is not certainly a winner, the slower one sometime gets more.

+ To let people know fast food culture has penetrated into different aspects of our lives.

Idea development

After doing research, I have found some methods to slow down our life, starting from details of lives. slow down methods


Clothing Transportation



fast in our life

Cook by yourself

go out dinner

Organic, fresh food

fast food

Traditional market


Eat in support local brand with Good quality

take away Mass productive with bad quality

Tram, bicycle, ferry

MTR, aeroplan, taxi


Lift, Escalator, transport

Reading, Drawing, fishing

Playing tv-game, watch TV

Freedom travel or Slow travel

Travel tour


a bunch of flowers

Gathring, handmade present Presents escort children go to school

And then i try to visualize those methods.

mass email / sms by school bus

Idea development

Suggests slow down methods through equations. I try to suggest some methods for people to slow down their life, starting from details of lives, in form of equations are suggested for this purpose. Here are format of the equation:

+/Here are five examples:


{ going home + tram – bus = environment}


environment / health / relationship / enjoyment

{ Friend + coffee + cake= relationship}

{ people + stair – elevator = health}

{ cup + homemade coffee - instant coffee = enjoyment} {food + eat in – take away = environment}

Idea development

Art direction {Sign}

Sign references :

“SIGN� to show the message because they are: + Easily draw attention + Clearly express messages + Be easy to understand

Idea development

Art direction {Color}

Sign develoment

Color association:


Green is the color of nature. youth, environment


Blue is considered helpful to the mind and body. It slows human metabolism and produces a calming effect





Pink is a sister color of red, but they are very different in terms of symbolism. It symbolizes Spring, appreciation, friendship,love, romance, June, marriage.

Orange combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow. It is associated with joy, sunshine, and the tropics. Orange represents, happiness, creativity, attraction, success, encouragement



Idea development



Environment Equation Sign Develoment

1.{ Train - car = environment}

4.{ vegetable + water - cosmetic = environment }


5.{ food + eat in - take away = environment} 2.{ Recycle bag - plastic bag = environment}


3.{ food + eat in - take away = environment }

6.{ wash hand + towel -tissue paper = environment}

Idea development



Equation Sign develoment


7.{ Vegetable - canned food - fast food = health }

9.{ Fat people + exercise - medicine = health }

10.{ Chick + insect - vaccination = health } 8.{ food + stove - microwave oven = health }

11.{ stair - elevator = health }

Idea development



Relationship Equation Sign develoment

12.{ coffee + cake + friends = relationship }

15.{ xmas + cake + friends = relationship }

Merry X’mas

13.{ suburb + kite / bicycle + lovers = relationship } 16 .{ breakfast + escorts children go to school - school bus = relationship }

14 .{ suburb + kite / bicycle + lovers = relationship }

Idea development


Enjoyment Equation Sign develoment


17.{ cup + handmade coffee + instant coffee = enjoyment }

20.{ travelling + semi-independent travel - travel tour = enjoyment }

18.{ cup + handmade coffee + instant coffee = enjoyment } 21.{sunbath - indoor sun tanning tanning = enjoyment }

22.{ go out with dog - dog at home - watch tv = enjoyment } 19.{ travelling + train - by plane = enjoyment }

23.{ Fat people + small spoon - big spoon = enjoyment }

Idea development

Equations review enjoyment environment health




Idea development

{ Promotion strategy } stage1. Outdoor advertisement stage2. Print advertisement

The print advertisement will be posted at Central and Causeway Bay MTR station because it’s a place where target audience often visit. Also, MTR wants to become a part of HongKong people life apart from a public transport. MTR is continually putting focus on providing a better life to Hong Kong people, so it matches this project. The advertisement will be post the website address to get more detail.

The print advertisement will be post on milk magazine because it’s a magazine targeted on youngsters. The website address will be post on the postcard. The formula stickers can be sticked in different places to act as reminders.

stage3. website People can find out all the equations on the website and create a equation to suggest how to slow down our life slow down method

Idea development

{ Ideation }

Testing : I tried to put all the equations into the slow menu.

Slow down for enjoyment

Slow down for environment

Slow down for relationship

Idea 1 Hong Kong people used to seeing fast food menu in thier daily life. I would like to apply the equations into the menu and it become a slow life menu which tell you how to slow down your life.

Slow down for your health

Idea development

Idea 2

The Magic Peacock

Resonart from Resona Bank

The second idea is “slow city”.“slow city” is a wonderful and peaceful place. The citizen of the slow city will show you how to slow down, from your daliy life. I would like to use illutration to create a slow city and it will be show on the web and print adverisement. Many Culture - One World

USA Road Map

Techology special cover

Bla city from Blablabra London Map from London Architecture Week They are seemingly illustrations. However, when you look at the illustrations more carefully, there are some hidden meanings.

Idea development

CIty building Each icon represent each equation



Idea development

The first layout of slow city

Color Testing

Slow City

Slow down for better life

Slow City

Slow down for better life

There are too many colours, attention would be easily distracted.

Slow City

Slow down for better life

Slow City

Slow down for better life

The final color scheme Three blue colours in different value are used finally to provide a matched colour scheme.

A pale blue colour is used to put emphasis key parts in Slow City but it seems unmatch.

Idea development

Font development

The slogans for the campaign :

I chose “Alba Super” because it gives a funny and playful feeling which match the slow city.

“enjoy your life” “slow for better life” “slow down for better life” “slow down for H.E.R.E” ..........






slow down for better life.

Slow City ...


slow down for better life.


Slow City ......




Font: Alba Super ( Regular)


slow down for better life.


Slow City Slow City Slow City







Font: Helvetica Neue (light)

ife w down for better l slo

Slow City slow down for better life

Idea development

} ...







slow down for better life.


The print advertisement will be posted on milk magazine because it’s match the target audience. The deliverables include a postcard, on which formulas are closely packed and sticked to it. When the reader remove the formula stickers one by one, the “Slow City� would appear. The formula stickers can be sticked in different places to act as reminders.


{ in Milk magazine

Print advertisement

size:12cm X19cm

Idea development

advertisement} { Outdoor in MTR station The advertisements will also be posted on MTR stations because it’s places where the target audience often visit. And also MTR wants to become part of Hong Kong people life, not just a public transport. MTR is continually putting focus on providing a better life to Hong Kong people, so it matches this project. The website address will be posted on the adverisement, so people can get more detail on this campaign.



www. .






down for better life.





Print adverisement at Causeway Bay station

Idea development


Online advertisement website:


Part1 Introduction 1








The third promotion item is the website. The main reason for using a website is because of its penetrating power. Moreover, most teenagers in Hong Kong use internet in daily life. They can easily obtain information about slow culture in this website. This website is divided into three parts: 1.short animation ( introduction ) 2.check out the equations 3.sharing ( people can create a equation to suggest how to slow down the life )

Flow chart of the website:

Animation ( introduction )

create equation

slow city (homepage)

see the equation

add equation

website development

Part 2 slow city

After the introduction, the user will be directed to the Slow City page. When the user move his mouse cursor over a button, an animation in another colour will be played. After clicking a button, an equation will be popped up. So that you can check out all equations through this website.

website development

Part 3 sharing ( people can create a equation to suggest how to slow down the life )

you can choose your category here

When the mouse cursor is over the snail, you can see your equation here.

you can choose “+” or “-”here Click here to add an icon

click here to add the equation

website development

Resources: Website


Citta slow :

In Praise of slow

Slow food :


Slow movement :


Lohas : Slow down : JapanFS : Mcdonaldization : Carlhonore :

Slow lifestyle  

Web site: Introduction: This is a promotion campaign about slow lifestyle. Most of Hong Kong people are...