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Why Hire Medical Transcription Companies? Long gone are the days when the doctor dictated his case to a secretary who patiently typed every word of it on her old fashioned typewriter. Medical transcription outsourcing is the hallmark of the new healthcare era. Medical transcription job is, of course, not everyone’s meat. It requires hard work, much patience, and many hard-earned language skills. Medical transcription companies make use of advanced technologies and expertize to cater to the rising needs of the medical industry. A number of physicians, hospitals, clinics and health management companies benefit from transcription services. Medical transcription services provide assistance to almost all fields of healthcare including orthopedics, obstetrics, gastroenterology, cardiology, radiology, and more. Medical transcription requires the services of professionally trained transcribers to ensure flawless medical documents. It involves preparing a variety of records such as death summaries, treatment histories, follow-up notes, referrals, laboratory summaries, consultation reports, medical billing, medical coding and so on. Since medical transcription involves much complexity and requires the use of high-end technology and trained personnel, it is ideal for medical firms and doctors to hire a good medical transcription company for the purpose. It will enable them to devote their entire time on better patient care and avoid the tedious task of


documentation. Medical transcription companies employ advanced systems such as HL 7 transcription interface and record flow management software to handle your various requirements.

Benefits of Hiring a Medical Transcription Firm Here are the main benefits of outsourcing medical transcription services: •

Cost effective: Offshore locations provide opportunities for getting the transcription job done at cheaper costs. Outsourcing to off-shore locations brings lower per line cost, as well as lower labor costs, and lower costs in Human resources managemnet, administrative and training areas. You also save on acquiring and maintaining digital and transcription equipments, and infrasructure.

Quality industry expertize: Outsourcing allows you to get recourse to high-class professionals that stand-out from the rest of transcription industry.

Versatality of expertise: Outsourcing to good service providers enables you to make use of the services of specialists in your specific healthcare area. Such experts can take care of any kind of records such as operative notes, discharge summaries, progress notes, and emergency room records.

Advantages of time-zone differences: You can also take advantage of the time zone difference at the offshore location. You can get your records transcribed overnight and use them the following day.


• Fastest turnaround time •

Quality and accuracy: Most medical transcription service providers keep global standards ensuring world-class and 99% accurate HIPAA compliant transcription.

Easy record manoeuvre: Outsourcing makes editing, sorting, proofreading and reviewing of records easy.

Reduced investments and workload: by outsourcing, your investment and workload are reduced tremendously.

Flexible dictation option: Several outsourcing firms offer flexible dictation methods such as digital recorders and toll free numbers for your convenience.

Cost-effective: A number of professional firms offer you 30 to 40 percent cost savings.

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Why Hire Medical Transcription Companies?  

Medical transcription outsourcing is the order of the day. Today many medical transcription companies vie with one another to provide you st...

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