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IN THIS ISSUE Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to invite you to get familiar with the first ever, brand new “Poznań Fair Magazine”. The already well-known fair industry magazine is changing to support its readers in the implementation of good practices and in boosting the efficiency of fair performances. The issue, which you are right now holding in your hands or browsing on your computer screens, is just a preview of the knowledge and experience we want to share with you in the coming issues. We write about fair marketing, present good practices by market leaders, suggest and give you hints on how to take advantage of the potential of fair awards, and finally inform you about the most important industry events. I trust that the new magazine will win your favor, and the information included inside will be a practical guide in taking decisions about participation in the fair. Andrzej Byrt President of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie

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Poznań Fair Magazine 1/2O13 (331), An official magazine of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie. Issued from 1959. Editor-in-Chief: Katarzyna Supa, / Editing: Renata Hille, Magdalena Jastrzębska, Ewa Kozłowska, Łukasz Majcher, Karolina Makowska, Donata Naumienko, Jacek Obarski, Dominika Redlicka, Marta Wiśniewska, Marzanna Wiśniewska, Tomasz Wojciechowski, Miłosz Zagórski / Graphic project: Brandswork / Photogrphies: Piotr Pasieczny, Piotr Piosik, Anna Usak, archiwum MTP / Print: MTP publishing / Given to print: June 2O13r. / Redaction: Głogowska 14, 6O-734 Poznań / Publisher: Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie sp. z o. o., Głogowska 14, 6O-734 Poznań, tel. +48 61 869 2O OO, fax +48 61 869 29 99, e-mail:,


NEWS Innovatory initiative of Polish training industry

PMT has a new editor-in-chief Since January of this year, “Poznań Fair Magazine” has been supervised by Katarzyna Supa, who debuted as a journalist, and later became a secretary of an editorial office and a managing editor for magazines and such portals as,, and The new editor-in-chief has a clear vision for the magazine, which she will supervise. “I will struggle to make ”Poznań Fair Magazine” one of the most important and opinion-making magazines dedicated to fair marketing in Poland”, says Katarzyna Supa.

On the basis of knowledge, practical experience and business skills developed by two huge corporations: the Poznań branch of World Trade Center having over 33O trade offices worldwide and Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie creating 5 mln business contacts annually, the University of Successful Business was established in January of this year. The University carries out the mission of promoting good and successful business practices and implementing modern business and administration solutions in Polish companies through professional counseling and the implementation of authorship Development Programs. For more information about the University visit:

Poland as a partner country of BITKOM and CeBIT 2O13

Two awards for IDEAEXPO.MTP

Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie carried out a complex service of Polish stands at the international fair of CeBIT 2O13. Poland is in the center of interest of German high-tech enterprises. The German Association of IT, Telecommunication and New Media BITKOM together with leading fair of modern technologies CeBIT chose Poland to be the official partner country of the fair in 2O13.

The stand of the Ministry of Economy prepared by IDEAEXPO.MTP for CeBit 2O12 fair received the Silver Medal in the competition for the Stand of the Year 2O12, organized by the Polish Chamber of the Exhibition Industry which was settled in February this year. Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie perfectly organized the participation of the Ministry of Economy and 16 Polish regions in Europe’s biggest information technology fair, and IDEAEXPO.MTP was the general stand maker. The design was prepared by Magdalena Gyurkovich.

“The Polish economy is growing, and the whole Europe associates great hopes with its further development. We are happy that we can present the state, which is an attractive location for investments and has a great development potential for the ITC branch thanks to well-educated specialists, to be the partner country“, emphasized Frank Pörschemann, a member of Deutsche Messe AG, responsible for the CeBIT fair. Choosing Poland for the partner country was an opportunity for talks between the government representatives of both countries about the strategy for the ITC sector as well as the economic politics during the German-Polish Summit of ITC organized on the 6th of March, right after the CeBIT 2O13 fair inauguration. Source: Ministry of Economy

This year, the MTP also took up the complex organization of the Polish National Stand. It was a challenge because this year Poland was a partner country during CeBit 2O13, and the exposition covered nearly 3,5OO sq. meters. Well-thought solutions for the building of stands offered by IDEAEXPO.MTP were also distinguished at the competition of Trade Service Leader 2O12 settled in March. The Trade Service Leader competition appreciates companies in its business sector which are outstanding in terms of the progress of applying modern arrangement solutions and new technologies when making exhibition stands. Complete results of the competition are available on the website of the Polish Chamber of the Exhibition Industry ( O4 / POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE

NEWS New, mobile sites of the fair

A Giant Award for President Andrzej Byrt

Thinking of owners of smartphones and tablets, Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie prepared ‘lite’ versions of websites, offering an easy access to the most important information available on desktop websites.

Andrzej Byrt, the president of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie and the Polish Chamber of the Exhibition Industry (PIPT), has become this year’s laureate of the Giant Award handed over by Poznań editorial office of “Gazeta Wyborcza”. He received the prize on the 11th of March at the Gala in Teatr Nowy.

Using a mobile device (a smartphone, a tablet, or a mobile phone with Internet access), it is easy to find e.g. information on exhibitors, their offer, stand location, any event taking place within a fair, or the best products awarded with the Gold Medal. The useful function of ‘briefcase‘ makes it possible for the user to choose and store the most important, in his opinion, information. The user can delete the contents of the briefcase any time and send it to any e-mail address. ‘Exhibitors’ Catalogue‘ makes it possible to get round the fair easily. Thanks to the function, a visitor can find an exhibitor not only by his name, but also by the products offered for e.g. roof windows, PCV windows, energy-saving windows, etc. Having chosen an interesting product or company, using the function ‘show on the map’, every visitor can easily find the stand he is looking for. Obviously, the planned visiting path can be added to the ‘briefcase’.

These are the motives behind the choice: “He managed to do something unusual. He made a big chunk of Poznań, up to now nearly exterritorial one, come back to Poznań. He showed the Fair gates were worth opening not only for the time of big exhibitions. He proved it was also a part of the city, which can serve as a beach in the middle of summer, a perfectly made finish line of Poland’s best marathon, or a venue for great concerts. […] This year’s ‘Giant’ did perfectly well as an economist, diplomat, clerk. He is a professional, a genuine ‘export good’, whose knowledge and experience were taken advantage of by successive governments and presidents. We grant the Giant award for the Poznań-like style of work. Andrzej Byrt showed that this is the way he likes and can work.” Source: Gazeta Wyborcza

Feel invited to use it!

April 15 – World Fair Day The originator of this initiative is the Polish Chamber of the Exhibition Industry (PIPT). The date is not accidental as April 15 is the day when the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry UFI was established in 1925. The initiative of the Polish Chamber of the Exhibition Industry is of a promotional and educational character. The World Fair Day is to increase the role of exhibitions as a successful means of business communication and marketing, as well as to promote the meaning of fair for the economic development of cities, regions, or countries. The PIPT turned to UFI with the idea of creating the World Fair Day, asking them to take action to create an official holiday. The UFI’s reaction was positive and they are considering starting talks with UNESCO as an organization responsible for such actions. The confirmation of such declarations was presented with a letter to the PIPT in September 2O11, as well as we were officially introduced during the UFI congress in November 2O11. According to Andrzej Byrt, the Board Chairman of Polish Chamber of the Exhibition Industry, the initiative of creating the World Fair Day is of great importance as it will draw attention of international business and wide audience, including the media, institutions and the exhibition industry. “I think this day will be

a good opportunity to honor everyone working for the benefit of exhibitions”, says Andrzej Byrt. The World Fair Day emphasizes the meaning of exhibitions as a successful means of marketing and business communication in the strategy of businesses, particularly the small and medium-size ones. It is the direct contacts and personal relations, so typical of fair events, that build up trust in business and foster its development. The recent study “Fair Barometer”, organized by the UFI proves that despite certain symptoms of economic recession in some countries and regions, the worldwide fair market is again coming on the path of development. “Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the role of fair in the development of international business and trade. For many years, the fair has contributed to the building of modern civilization”, adds Andrzej Byrt.


NEWS President Byrt, a deserved for the Polish culture

Consumers’ choice

On the 14th of June, Andrzej Byrt, the CEO of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie, was presented with the ‘Deserved for the Polish Culture’ medal by Bogdan Zdrojewski, the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. The distinction is given to people who are outstanding in their environment as we speak of creating, disseminating and protecting the culture.

The competition of Gold Medal – Consumer’s Choice 2O12 finished with a solemn Gala in the Earth Hall of Poznań Congress Center. The consumers and users appreciated 31 products from various branches casting over 6O,OOO votes via the Internet website and in special Masters Zones on the fair premises.

How to import from China? How to get around the Chinese market, does import guarantee profits, what is the myth and what is the fact about the information on the import from China, why does a contractor behave as he does and not in a different way, what conditions influence the actions and how to understand them? The answers to these questions were available to those participating in the China-Poland Matchmaking and Investment Forum, which accompanied the second edition of the Homelife Show in Poznań. At the fair, organized by Meorient Group and the authorities of Hangzhou city, there were nearly 4OO participants from China offering clothes and textiles, electronic equipment, household equipment, kitchen and bathroom equipment, as well as lighting and interior decorations.

The Gold Medal – Consumer’s Choice Competition is a part of a competition for the most prestigious trophy of the Gold Medal of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie also this year.

Champion supports Champion PKO B.P. (Bank of Poland), the main sponsor of CAVALIADA Warsaw, the most important equestrian event in Poland, received Business Award of the President of Poland for obeying the rules of corporate order and for the activity in the field of social responsibility of business. The award from the President Bronisław Komorowski was received by Board Chairman of PKO B.P. Zbigniew Jagiełło at the solemn Gala at Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie. PKO B.P. as the only party of all the laureates received two nominations. The competition’s chapter nominated them in the category of Corporate Order and Social Responsibility of Business (the bank also received the distinction last year) and Innovativeness.

Modern optics The optical branch will meet in Wisła between 21-21.11.2O13 during the 10th National Opticians Congress KRIO and its accompanying optical exhibition OPTYKA 2O13. Positive opinions of the participants of former Congresses by both companies presenting their offer as well as opticians supported with high attendance of both parties lead to the conclusion that this time as well the national meeting of the whole optical branch will be successful. The KRIO (National Handicraft Optical Chamber) is the organizer while Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie provides the services of the Congress Organizer Office. For more information visit: O6 / POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE

NEWS The famous at the fair

The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Stanisław Kalemba and Zofia Barbara Szalczyk, the Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development visited the 26th National Exhibition of Domesticated Animals Sofia Lagerkvist, Charlotte von der Lancken and Anna Lindgren from the Swedish group ‘Front Design’ were the guests of this year’s, already the fifth edition, arena DESIGN. The designers presided the jury in the TOP DESIGN award

photo: Ministry of Economy

At the VIP NIGHT of the Motor Show you could see Dorota Gardias, Anna Mucha, Adam Kornacki and Ada Szulc. The Motor Show exposition was visited by the Vice-Prime Minister Waldemar Pawlak, Prime Minister Leszek Miller

Vice-Prime Minister and the Minister of Economy Janusz Piechociński was a guest at the conference ‘Energetic Safety of Poland’, which took place at Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie

Renato Rizzi, considered one of the most prominent and unconventional modern architects, was the special guest of the BUDMA Fair 2O13 POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE / O7

NEWS President’s award for business On 5th of June 2O13 at the time of the Fair ITM Poland, in the modern Earth Hall of Poznań Congress Center, on the premises of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie the President of Poland Bronisław Komorowski handed the Business Awards to four companies out of 13 nominated by the chapter. In terms of the 11th edition the awards were placed:

photo: Wojciech Grzedziński / photo services at the Office of the President of Poland

photo: services at the Office of the President of Poland

in the category “Innovativeness”: Polpharma S.A Pharmaceutical Companies (applicant: National Center of Research and Develoment) in terms of the “Presence on the Global Market”: KGHM Polish Copper S.A. (applicant: Employers of Poland as well as “Polish Market” Editorial Office) in the category of “Corporate Order and Social Responsibility of Business ”: PKO B.P. (Bank of Poland) (applicant: Polish Banks Association) In the category “Green Farming”: ‘Geotermia Podhalańska’ Thermal Energetics Company Ltd. (applicant: Marshal Office of the Małopolska Region) The Business Award of the President of Poland, is also called “Polish Economic Noble” and has been given since 1998 to companies, institutions and inventors influencing positively upon the economic development of the country, having successes in the Polish and foreign markets, creating new job places, applying the ideas of the widely-understood ethics in business and contributing to the building of prestige and a positive picture of the Polish Economy.

“Today Poland does not only have the opinion of the state and the nation of brave people, but also resourceful and hard-working people. […] Today Polish diligence, Polish creativity, Polish courage in running a company, Polish harmony and determination in building a competitive Polish economy are all appreciated,” said the President Bronisław Komorowski at the Gala. In his speech, the president emphasized the input of Polish families in the development of the economic situation


The solemn Gala of presenting the Business Award of the President of the Republic of Poland took place in the Earth Hall in Poznań Congress Center on the premises of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie

The President Bronisław Komorowski visited the exposition of the ITM Poland Fair





The fact is that you should prepare for a fair. It is difficult to get satisfactory results working in a hurry, without knowledge and engagement. Participation in a fair is not cheap (cost of the space, the stand, hotel, food, transport, hiring assisting personnel – hostesses, interpreters), therefore, the target objectives and the presentation method should be decided carefully in order to benefit as much as possible. The aims can be outlined regarding sales, relations with clients, marketing research, brand management, cooperation with the media. Specialists in exhibition marketing recommend to start preparations minimum eight months before the tradeshow. It is good to assign somebody, who being aware of the company’s development, will manage the exhibition plan and organize the participation in the fair.

When choosing the exhibition event, you should follow the marketing plan of the company. The fair character should be taken into account as well as the scope of its impact (how I am going to reach the target customer, get new suppliers), and the number of exhibitors and visitors in previous years, the cost of purchasing exhibition space, the date of the fair. If clients interested in purchasing items are what the company is after, then specialist, branch fair – international, national, regional, foreign – should be chosen. Prior to taking the final decision about participating in a fair, it is good to visit it a few times as a viewer only. Should you reach the decision on exhibition, it is good to start working on location and exposition arrangement as early as possible. According to specialists, being a direct neighbor of the market leader and its competition is a good place for exposition – it is a clear signal of courage and aspirations of a smaller exhibitor. Also attractive, however more expensive, are locations at the crossings of communication paths, head stands closing the paths of in-row stands as well as corner and semi-island stands. A late decision to participate in a fair means no chance for a good location.



competition. It is worth to work out a uniform strategy about the product and to assign one person responsible for contacting the media.

You should inform your current, as well as potential customers which you have tried to commence cooperation with for a long time, about your attendance at the fair. It can be done by preparing special invitation folders, letters, and mails. It is also worth to begin cooperation with the fair organizer and take advantage of a package of invitations for visitors or any other promotion services. It is also advisable to begin working on the strategy of promotion simultaneously with making the decision about participation in the fair. The marketing objective should be to inform as many potential and current customers as possible about your attendance at a fair and provide the most important information about products during the exhibition event itself. The marketing can be done aside the fair premises (information on the website, mailing, telemarketing, adverts, sponsored articles in branch press, flyers, meetings and sponsoring) and on the fair premises (marking and graphics at the stand, displays, adverts, or, at least, extended entry in the fair catalogue, announcements on the fair radio, information stands, advertising constructions, large-format adverts, leaflets, presentations on DVD or LED screens, information for the press, folders, product samples, souvenirs and advertising gadgets evoking positive brand associations). It will also be beneficial to commence partner cooperation with companies, whose offer complements our assortment, and which also present themselves at the fair, and in this way extend your own influence range.

It is also worth to inform the organizer or the PR department of a particular tradeshow about the novelties presented at the fair, company’s anniversaries, or events which will take place at the stand, as it facilitates the extension of the marketing activities. You should not neglect participation in fair competitions for the best product, fair novelty, quality of services, in which categories companies may be granted medals, certificates, prizes, and distinctions. In case of receiving an award, it is worth to take advantage of this fact in the later marketing activities. What constitutes the added value is the possibility to organize, in accordance with the fair organizer, seminars or workshops with an interesting program and special guests.

AFTER THE FAIR – TIME FOR ANALYSES AT THE FAIR – LET OTHERS KNOW YOU It is worth to put a little effort so that the participation in the fair will bring measurable trade benefits – the development of distribution network, tightening of business bonds with current clients. Perhaps the fair will be the first opportunity to meet contractors face to face and exchange handshakes. Making meetings with permanent clients at a precise time is a good practice, which means taking effective advantage of the participation in the fair. If a company is introducing a new product on the market, it should definitely display it at a fair – it is the best opportunity to promote the product among professional audience. Company’s workers should be well prepared for the fair – creative in terms of finding the way to reach the client, competent, and… sensitive for the curiosity of their 1O / POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE

As early as during the fair, the exhibitor receives feedback about the presented offer. After the tradeshow, it is worth to analyze opinions and draw conclusions about which element of the exhibition presentation was well prepared and which badly. Definitely, notes made on the spot during the fair will be helpful here. These can concern the number of visitors, topics and the effectiveness of meetings. It is crucial to keep the promise of getting in touch or sending complementary information, and to begin preparing for the next edition of the fair…

Based on the book titled “Marketing targowy. Vademecum wystawcy” (Exhibition marketing. Exhibitor’s vademecum) by Henryk Mruk and Alojzy Kuca, Polish Fair Corporation, 2OO7.


We talked to exhibitors and branch leaders about using exhibition marketing in a company’s strategy and asked them to answer questions: Which marketing solutions are used by a company in its fair attendance strategy, and are the actions the same every year? What influences the choice of exhibition marketing zones? How do they complement the other marketing actions? Is exhibition marketing worthwhile? What are the effects of a campaign during and after the fair?

Janusz Komurkiewicz

photo: press service of the FAKRO company

Marketing Director Poland FAKRO

Marketing actions we are focusing on depend closely on the character of an event. We use other activities in case of general construction events, or theme-based events for architects or roofers, for instance. However, we always see to the activities complement each other. Every year, FAKRO company participates in a dozen of big international exhibition events. We take part for the seventh, eighth, or even twentieth time in the row in many of them. Over many editions of particular tradeshows, we have managed to create our own strategy of marketing activities, which we use in the following successive years. These actions are constantly updated and improved together with the development in the forms of communication, such as advertisements in apps for smartphones and touch panels. When choosing marketing solutions before fair events, we try to concentrate on all possible zones. That way, we want to reach the target customer as well as a wide range of stakeholders of the FAKRO company. Thanks to the complex application of various marketing activities, we are certain that our company and our products will be noticed. The activities we use at various fair events include taking part in competitions devoted to best products, such as e.g. the Gold Medal of MTP. The victory in a competition of that sort echoes widely on the target branch, thus, building the prestige of the producer. Other examples of the activities FAKRO uses include press conferences for journalists, participation in group projects of many exhibitors like e.g. Budshow, or participation in projects aimed at architects such as Strada di Architettura. All the activities complement one another and create a sort of a synergy. From FAKRO’s perspective, participation in an exhibition event is one of the most important marketing activities. The presented product novelties at a company’s stand are supported with a wide range of accompanying activities. By taking advantage of advertisements in press, outdoor adverts, or participation in particular projects, we boost the effects of the campaign and we can be sure that we reach a wide group of potential clients.

photo: press service of the Friedrich Remmert GmbH company


Sales Manager for Poland Friedrich Remmert GmbH The REMMERT company is a leading player in terms of solutions devoted to storage automation, processing of metal sheets and long elements. Due to an innovative character of our products, it happens quite often that we break stereotypes and set completely new possibilities in the fields of internal logistics and production effectiveness. The specifics of issues we are dealing with determine the way of communication with potential clients and all the activities accompanying participation in tradeshows. An exhibition is a place where our clients can find out for themselves the changes and capabilities lying in the automation of storage-production processes through an open discussion. At the same time, taking advantage of fair events we try to draw our clients’ attention to a specific, chosen topic, which becomes our fair-related leading subject. During ITM Poland 2O13, for instance, we want to draw attention of companies dealing with metal sheets processing to the possibilities which the automation in terms of sheets storage and processing machines supply gives devoid of conventional inner transport. This topic has, thus, been referred to on various occasions both in adverts displayed before the ITM Poland, as well as in publications in branch-related press. The BASIC Tower sheet warehouse which we showed this year at our fair stand is another consequence of that. Each exhibition event, depending on what you want to draw your clients’ attention to, brings new challenges and requires individual approach and choice of suitable means. Every time, an optimum compilation of marketing activities is a resultant of a few factors. Another important issue is, of course, a proper choice of means to communicate the scope of our actions onto which we would like to draw our potential clients’ attention. What is also essential is that particular activities should be coherent and should create a correlated whole. We pay attention to that both when selecting publications prior to the fair, as well as when choosing any other materials used on posters, leaflets, etc. It is crucial for us that visitors to the fair become inspired to verify the stereotypes when presented with our advertising materials. A good example of that is the motto of our exhibition flyer at ITM Poland 2O13, which draws attention to the fact that automation in the field of metal sheet processing is particularly required in companies which run production in short series and in varied materials. A lot of Polish entrepreneurs believe that automation does the work mostly in cases of serial production, which is not true. Exhibition marketing, especially in B2B is a very important communication tool. In case of the REMMERT company, exhibition events often trigger intensive discussion with our clients, in the result of which a solution, suited to individual needs of a particular user, is created. It often happens that a loose conversation at a tradeshow casts a completely new light on the possibilities of a specific production process and begins an intensive process of exchanging information in order to find an optimum solution. POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE / 11


APPRECIATE INNOVATION Gold Medal of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie

Last year, the form of the competition for the Gold Medal of MTP was changed. It brought about a range of measurable benefits for its laureates. It is certain today that a company presenting itself at a fair and searching confirmation of innovativeness, experience, quality, and functionality of its products or services should register in the competition for the Gold Medal of MTP.

According to the research carried out in March


2O13, at a trial, 1OO laureates of the Gold Medal,

Nearly all laureates of the competition use numerous tools supporting the promotion of an awarded product both prior to a tradeshow, during it, as well as afterwards. Thanks to the competition being sorted weeks before the fair, the laureates have the possibility to prepare a marketing campaign of the awarded product earlier. Each laureate of the Gold Medal receives a Medalist Package worth PLN 5O,OOO which contains a set of promotion materials useful in an advertising campaign. The package includes the statuette of the Gold Medal, a logotype, press materials, an advert template, an identification facilitating a quick location of

as many as 65% of those questioned, noted a significant increase in the interest of the awarded products among the clients, and 68% of the respondents are going to take part in the next tradeshow and register other products in the Gold Medal of MTP competition.

Gold Medal of MTP is one of the most prestigious and valued awards on the Polish market, with the longest, over thirty-year-long tradition. Unlike other contests, the competition for the Gold Medal of MTP is just a means leading to a certain aim – success on the market proved by an increase in sales (according to some laureates even up to 1O-3O%) or in the value of a promoted product. The Gold Medal is an expert, and at times even consumer, recommendation of the awarded products and services – the choice made by a professional jury of brand experts is complemented with a poll in which Internet users and consumers visiting the fair also cast their votes for the awarded products. 12 / POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE

COMPETITIONS AND AWARDS AT THE FAIR the stand in the fair pavilion (special stickers are placed on communication links or as a graphic ornament of a stand). Those pieces constitute a chain of visual identification of the Gold Medal, a sort of a code, which enables the visitors to find out a good spot at the fair. It also supports a buyer in making a rational choice from many comparable products.

pcy zaka, zastę Józefa Jasic dr hab inż. wnictwa twem prof. iału Budo pod przewodnic ji Budowlanych, Wydz tym roku Jury konkursu nało w Konstrukc ańskiej, przyz Instytutu chniki Pozn dyrektora wiska Polite ie. Środo ierii żnien wyró i Inżyn to zaszczytne na 14 produktom w Poznaniu ntowane ech, Glass będą preze produkty a, Windoor-t o Ozłocone targów Budm a dodatkow wystawców - 1 lutego, ekspozycji ach 29 stycznia alnych stoisk w dniach czyli specj oraz CBS na głos zów”, ć Mistr a odda w „Strefach będzie możn h 3, 5 i 7 gdzie w pawilonac laureatów. któregoś z u targów zakończeni miesiąc po na stronie Jeszcze przez ie się odbywać także będz Produkt, który e .pl. wani głoso medal.mtp ędzie ej www.zloty głosów, zdob internetow iększą liczbę l MTP – Wybór otrzyma najw „Złoty Meda tytuł zaprojektowaną prestiżowy specjalnie tów” oraz Konsumen statuetkę.

Throughout such fair publications as special editions of “Poznań Fair Magazine” (presentations of the awarded products), Visitors’ Vademecum (markings of the stands, where the awarded products are exhibited), or fair bulletins (laureates lists), the information about the medalists reaches every fair visitor. Gold Medals are awarded at a solemn Awards Gala, which attracts the most important representatives of particular branches, opinion-making associations, institutions, and media. The added value of the competition’s formula included conferences run by outstanding experts in management, strategy and marketing, aimed at the Gold Medals winners and MTP’s partners. As studies show, the efforts made by the awarded exhibitors and Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie prove beneficial in terms of an increased interest of journalists concerning the products promoted in the same way. Campaigns with the use of the Gold Medal have the largest scope, and therefore also turn out more cost-effective compared with those marketing activities which are designed from the scratch, and which support the sale of a particular product.


ed www.zlotym

Medalists are very much willing to promote the products taking advantage of the Gold Medal’s image, and recognizing it as a trustworthy recommendation important in the process of building the brand and trust for offered services. Thus, the logo of the Gold Medal appears in business adverts, websites, newsletters, leaflets, and product packaging. As research shows, from a consumer’s viewpoint the Gold Medal presented in a sale post, eg. in POS materials or on packaging, may turn out to be a helpful argument ‘for’, influencing positively upon the decision of purchase. The Medal works here as a sort of insurance, protecting its client from unreliable product and service suppliers. Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie, as the organizer of the competition, carries out the promotion of the awarded products on the websites of proper tradeshows as well as on the website of the Gold Medal, portals and brand magazines, and in national papers (Rzeczpospolita is the media patron of the competition), in local media, and outdoor agents.

Nowadays, many entrepreneurs ask themselves about that. The participation in the competition of the Gold Medal means a certain payment. It is however worth to compare the costs complemented with expenses for the participation in the fair with the scale of marketing effect as well as to compare this with the amounts which a company would devote to an individual marketing campaign of a particular product. The comparison of costs and effects in the way of the sale volume, the amount of agreements, taken orders, meetings, new clients, brand awareness increase, and the knowledge of the promoted product will help make the right decision as it goes to marketing actions.



COMPETITIONS AND AWARDS AT THE FAIR LAURELS FOR THE BEST PRODUCTS OF 2O12 Over the whole last year, nearly 3OO products were awarded with the Gold Medal of MTP. 31 of those were also appreciated by users and consumers in the poll of the Gold Medal – Consumer’s Choice. The total of 6O,OOO votes were cast via website and in special Masters Zones scattered around the fair premises. The best part of the whole year was a solemn Gala connected with a conference “Build competitive advantage”. The content-matter conference with such authorities from the fields of management, business psychology and strategy as Jacek Santorski or Paweł Rabiej was warmly welcomed by almost 2OO participants.

Jacek Santorski talked about the self-management and the business relations

Among them were the representatives of Polish companies, a numerous representation of company’s owners and bosses from Poland’s key economic sector of small and medium-size companies (MŚP), as well as managerial staff of foreign companies representing subsidiaries and branches running their businesses in Central-Eastern Europe. The representatives of educational posts and institutions, which constitute important business environs for Polish companies, were also present. Inspiring theses, numerous examples from Polish economic life of the previous two decades and many priceless, direct contacts gave the participants a lot of advantages. At the evening Gala nearly 1OOO people in the Earth Hall witnessed the presentation of the awards for the laureates of prestigious distinctions of Gold Medal – Consumer’s Choice.

The celebration was finished with a concert by Natalia Kukulska

The competition of Gold Medal – Consumer’s Choice 2O12 finished with a solemn Gala in the Earth Hall of Poznań Congress Center 14 / POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE



TAKE CARE OF RELATIONS: DESIGNER-PRODUCER-TRADER Poznań Fashion Fair is Poland’s biggest event for the fashion industry with business character. Twice a year European producers and importers of clothing, footwear, and accessories, and managers of sale salons, distributive networks, boutique owners, wholesalers, representatives of online shops, as well as the biggest trade media and fashion bloggers meet in Poznań. The nearest edition of the Fashion Fair in Poznań will take place between 3-5 September 2O13 and will consist of three theme expositions: NEXT SEASON Clothing and Accessories Exhibition with collections for Spring-Summer 2O14 season, FAST FASHION Clothing and Accessories Exhibition with an offer for Fall-Winter 2O13/2O14 season, as well as BTS Shoes and Leather Goods Exhibition. Garment merchants can expect the industry leaders and at least a few market premieres. Additionally, within the program of special events, the exhibitors and visitors will traditionally have the opportunity to take advantage of the experience and knowledge of experts at specialist seminars concerning tendencies for coming seasons, marketing, sale techniques, and taking advantage of the social -networking media. “One of our objectives is to highlight the role of the designer in the creation process, which the making of a new collection in fact is”, says Edyta Bonin-Kanikowska,

the project manager of Poznań Fashion Fair. “The designer has great influence upon the perception and popularity of a brand; therefore, we promote young, talented people and we create optimum conditions for them to make contacts with producers, who are their potential employers. In the fall, we are beginning a new project ‘YOUNG FASHION FOR SALE’, which, similarly to the spring edition of the project ‘FUTURE – YOUNG DESIGNERS’, will make it possible for the debuting designers to present their collections at professionally prepared shows as well as in specially arranged showrooms. Both these projects will complement one another”, adds Edyta Bonin-Kanikowska. Professional visitors are a strong point of Poznań Fashion Fair as 5,538 representatives of clothing and leather goods industries visited the spring edition of the fair, which took place between 19-21 February 2O13. These included traders from Poland, Great Britain, Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Russia, and Kazakhstan. “During the fall edition, within the incoming trade mission, we will be hosting a numerous group of clothing merchants from Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Kazakhstan for the third time already”, says Edyta Bonin-Kanikowska. POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE / 15


23-26.O9.2O13 / / / /


The world likes Polish food. Its sale abroad exceeded EUR 17m last year. The export of Polish agro-grocery articles in 2O12 was higher by 15% than the year before and three times as high as 1O years ago. The sale of Polish food in the EU countries over the last 11 months of the last year reached nearly EUR 12.3b increasing by 12.4%. There was an even higher increase in the supply of Polish food to the east. Food exportation to the CIS increased by as much as a third in that period and exceeded EUR 1.8b. Another reason why the sale of food is going up is due to the expansion of Polish companies on very distant markets. For instance, pork meat is exported to China, Hong Kong, Japan, poultry to Benin, eggs to Iraq, and dairy products are sold in the Philippines, Algeria, Egypt, Yemen, Vietnam, and Peru.

In the fall (23-26 September) Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie will become the center of international meetings of grocery, gastronomy, and hotel industries. The Polagra-Tech( food procesing technologies) and Polagra-Food fair (grocery products) which will take place together, Pakfood fair (packaging for grocery industry), Polagra-Gastro fair (gastronomy) and Invest-Hotel fair (hotel industry) all guarantee to reach a wide spectrum of interesting products and solutions. 16 / POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE

As early as today, the participation is confirmed by professionals, decision-makers of highest levels from such countries as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Germany, Croatia, France, the U.A.E. Kazakhstan, China, Great Britain, and Canada. By visiting the MTP’s premises in the fall, tradeshow guests will have an opportunity to get familiar with the offer of leading companies of grocery industry, producers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers offering a wide assortment of meat kinds, meat products, fish, herbs, dairy products, confectionery products, wines, vodka kinds, and liquors within International Trade Fair for Food POLAGRA-FOOD. Among the exhibitors, there will also be companies offering products and services in terms of store equipment as well as franchisers interested in gaining new business partners on the Polish market. Production technologies have a great influence upon the quality of food products. Modern machines and devices, complete technological lines will be presented working during the two exhibitions of International Fair of Food Procesing Technologies POLAGRA-TECH: the Meat Technologies Exhibition (offers of machines, devices, components and ingedients for meat-industry companies) as well as the Food Procesing Technologies Exhibition (machines and devices for the other food industries such as fruit-vegetable, pasta, beverage, as well as food additives, monitoring-measuring devices, cooling, conditioning and heating devices, means of transportation). The exposition of simultaneously happening PAKFOOD Food Industry Packaging Fair including lots of readymade food packaging, package production machines, packaging, marking and labeling machines

FAIR: FOOD INDUSTRY / GASTRONOMY and devices, as well as inspiring materials and semi-products for packaging production will certainly also be interesting. In September, Poznań will also be visited by representatives of HoReCa industry. Within the exposition of International Trade Fair for Gastronomy POLAGRA-GASTRO and INVEST-HOTEL Hotel Equipment Trade Fair, it will be possible to find whatever is necessary and essential for managing a high-class gastronomy point, hotel, lodging house, health resorts, sanatoria, relaxation centers or conference venues. Traditionally, during POLAGRA-GASTRO fair, the biggest, and the most prestigious competition in Poland will reach its final – CULINARY CUP OF POLAND. It is the only competition in the country, whose patrons involve the most important, national culinary associations, and the final dishes and the participants’ talents are assessed by an international jury. The ingredients of the semi-final and final dishes are already known – this year the path to the final goes through squids, and a roe deer haunch accompanied by chocolate and groats.


For taste. For health. For the pleasure of flavor The September’s SMAKI REGIONÓW Fair is the quintessence of the abundance of Polish natural, regional and traditional food prepared according to old recipes. The organizers, Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie and Poland’s Voivodeship Union, have invited all the regions of Poland to cooperate. Particular voivodeships will be the exhibitors, which will present offers of wine, bread, cake, cheese, meat products and other regional products producers. Merchants, restaurant-related people and people responsible for the supply in trade centers will find real cuisine rarities at the fair. Regional, certified food is more and more often looked for by target customers. Taking care of all groups of recipients, the first two days will be dedicated to all visitors and will take the form of a fair. The other two days will be devoted to the B2B sector.


A WELL-BAKED TRADESHOW Poland’s biggest meeting of baking, confectionery, and ice-cream industries of this year is approaching – the 4th edition of Baking and Confectionery Industry Fair BAKEPOL. For the first time ever, the fair will take place in modern pavilions of Targi Lublin. Great interest of the new event’s location, and opportunities to make new business contacts with recipients from south-east Poland as well as foreigners beyond the eastern border both resulted in the exhibition area nearly becoming exhausted. A complex presentation of machines, devices, add-ons and technologies necessary for modern bakeries and confectioners are the fair’s trademark. It will be possible to see how complete technological lines work live and get inspiration during meetings organized by experts in baking and confectionery. Such unquestionable leaders of the industry as Cream, Hert, Credin, Backaldrin,

Fritsch, Jeremy, Komplet, Winkler Wachtel as well as Zeelandia will also be present among the exhibitors at this year’s BAKEPOL fair. As the talks with the companies which decided to participate show, the fair is going to be rich in product novelties, which will definitely impact the number of visitors. Bakers from Ukraine, Belarus, and Kaliningrad declare their participation in the fair. “The arrival of foreign guests from the east, many questions from the baking and confectionery industries representatives from close and distant Lublin surroundings indicate a huge interest in the offer of BAKEPOL fair exhibitors”, emphasizes Joanna Jasińska, the project manager and she adds that she can, with the full responsibility, state that this year’s Lublin fair will be done perfectly.



SUNNY SIDE OF BEAUTY At the first weekend of April, 17,OOO people, mostly professionals, visited the exposition of Poland’s biggest hairdressing and cosmetics fair LOOK and beautyVISION 2O13. Nearly 2OO domestic and foreign exhibitors presented their offers. The participants could familiarize themselves with the trends for the next season and buy the latest products at lower prices. The main stage of “Linden Avenue” was the heart of the fair, where energizing hairdressing shows took place. One of this year’s stars of the LOOK fair was a German hairdressing virtuoso, Alex Kübler, who was invited by Silog Company. During the Open Polish Hairdressing Championship, which is held just once a year at the hairdressing LOOK fair, champions in particular categories were nominated to the crew representing Poland at European and World Championships in 2O14. For the 11th time, also the competition titled KREATOR for the hairdressing art learners took place. In the forum

program of beautyVISION 2O13 there were nearly 5O specialist presentations concerning cosmetics, supplementation, and dieting, podiatry, and hand care. Also the Open Championship in Professional Make-Up took place within the fair. Feel invited next year between 26-27.O4.2O14 Polish cosmetics are conquering worldwide markets, building for more than 9O years their trust through quality and reasonable prices. Each year the export of Polish cosmetics increases by 25% on average. Both, in terms of the size of our internal market and in terms of the export Poland occupies the 6th place in Europe. Only Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy, and Spain are bigger. Experts estimate that the Polish market will continue to develop faster than other leading cosmetics markets. Its value should go beyond EUR 3.5b in 2O16.

FAIR: SPORT Business in good shape European premiers, fitness industry novelties, the latest trends in diet supplements and fitness fashion, as well as a huge dose of knowledge and intensive trainings supervised by the best instructors; all that was offered by this year’s FIT-EXPO Fitness & Sport Park fair. A Polish contestant of the Brazilian jiu-jitsu and mixed martial arts, the champion of KSW federation in middleweight, Michał Materla, was the special guest of this year’s fair edition. Three days of business-sports-like meetings among the owners and managers of fitness clubs and centers, Wellness and SPA centers, gyms, recreation and rehabilitation centers, as well as fitness instructors, producers and distributors of fitness equipment facilitated the making of new contacts, complementing the knowledge and improving the shape. A two-day-long ‘FIT-EXPO trends and innovation Congress’ was greatly popular among the owners and managers of clubs as well 18 / POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE

as personal trainers and this year it focused on the issues of fitness club management and the study of staff training. Fitness instructors and fans of a healthy lifestyle mastered their techniques within a three-day-long International Fitness Convention EU4YA. The instructing staff composed of 12 renowned schools carried out 7O hours of step-and-dance classes, functional training, body&mind and a pre-premiere of the Marathon Indoor Triathlon 3.O. The Convention finished with a three-hour-long marathon Zumba® Party. As many as 781 people took part in the dancing choreography sets. The next meeting of fitness branch in Poznań: 23-25.O5.2O14






Horse and horse riding lovers can admire the struggles of world-famous riders within the cycle of International Show Jumping Equestrian Competition which are held in three cities: Poznań (CIS3*-W), Lublin (CSI2*), and Warsaw (CSI3*-W). Each is welcomed with a huge interest of equestrianism fans. CAVALIADA is a great festival for the whole horse riding environment in Poland. It is an event promoting horsemanship, Polish horse-breeding, as well as active in-saddle relaxation in three dimensions:

SPORT – exciting show jumping competitions listed in the calendar of International Federation For Equestrian Sports where the best competitors from Poland and abroad take part SHOWS – a wide range of spectacular shows connected with a specially prepared educational program also for the youngest horse lovers and a special Play Zone for children TRADESHOW – the largest in Poland, professional equipment and equestrian accessories fair The nearest meeting of horse riding fans: 6-8.12.2O13 in Poznań. For more information visit:

FAIR: TOURISM 17-19.1O.2O13

Barometer of tourist industry

The nearest edition of Trade Fair of Regions and Tourist Products TOUR SALON will take three days. It will be shorter, but also more intensive, as the organizers state. On closing this issue of “Poznań Fair Magazine”, the works on changing the form of the fair are in progress, so as to make them even more attractive both for the exhibitors and the visitors. One thing is certain, though, the atmosphere of exotics, the sun, music, oriental smells present in the pavilion will remain with the exhibitors during numerous business talks, which often finish with signing contracts. Nevertheless, the unique climate will inspire the wide audience to plan routes to the nearby located and the most distant corners of the world. There will also be stars, including Martyna Wojciechowska and Marek Kamiński, well-known for their breathtaking expeditions.

lodging bases, hotels, recreation centers, spa and wellness centers, agro tourism farms, carriers, companies providing services for tourism. The organizers expect more than 6OO exhibitors. Over four days in 2O12, the TOUR SALON fair was visited by 21,OOO, including 4O% of professionals visitors. An almost equal number of media representatives also came for the festival – 362 received accreditation. Is it going to be the same this year?

The representatives of all Polish and quite a lot of foreign regions, national centers of tourist marketing, companies dealing in active and business tourism, travel agents, tour operators, supervisors of POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE / 19





Poznań Game Arena is a spectacular, multimedia event for everyone regardless of their age, as everybody, no matter their age, needs to have fun sometimes. It will be possible to touch nearly everything, play nearly everything, try and experience nearly everything. Premiere shows of games and equipment await you, together with numerous competitions for the audience. Exciting competitions will be this year’s strong side of the PGA.

BOATSHOW fair will interest the fans of sailing and other water sports. You will find here the offer of producers and importers of sailing and motor-powered yachts as well as other afloat equipment, distributors, fittings and equipment producers, as well as equipment for kayaking, windsurfing, kite-surfing and diving.



25-27.1O.2O13 The latest railway, aircraft, and sea models, fantastic car collections, as well as gigantic mock-ups, historic sail boats, figures, accessories, modeling devices, and accompanying games await the lovers within the Model Making and Game Exhibition HOBBY.

19-2O.1O.2O13 Aquarium and Terrarium Trade Fair AQUAZOO is a big deal for aquarium fish and reptile lovers. It will be possible to find not only interesting specimens of animals and plants, but also all that is necessary to start or develop your own aquarium and terrarium.

19-2O.1O.2O13 Fair of Toys and Goods for Children HAPPY BABY is aimed mostly at those expecting and those who have just had a baby (from infants to kindergarten). You can test and purchase great quality products. 2O / POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE

The best music fair in Poland!

The exposition will be composed of producers and distributors of top Polish brands of the musical equipment. It will be, among others, accompanied by test zones of the latest music equipment, special shows including the participation of famous musicians, music workshops, jam session as well as competitions including awards.

Art & Craft Festival


All those enjoying artistic handicraft are invited to The Art and Craft Festival. There, it is possible to buy unique specimens of ceramics, glass, jewelry, painting, decorations, Christmas decorations, sculptures, clothes and accessories, as well as hand-made toys. It will also be possible to let loose your artistic skills by taking part in numerous workshops. The Festival is also an exceptional occasion to deal with Polish folk art.


86,OOO MOTORIZATION LOVERS RECORD - BREAKING VISITORS FIGURES AT MOTOR SHOW Poznań Motor Show has returned to the time of its greatness. Enormous stands of car importers, the newest luxurious cars, beautiful and powerful motorbikes, fantastic campers, and incredible gliders attracted a record-breaking audience of 86,OOO fans of motorized vehicles to this year’s edition of the Motor Show to Poznań. “This year’s edition of Poznań Motor Show can be considered very successful. The exhibition, against some skeptics, is getting more and more popular every year. We are especially happy with the high number of visitors and great interest in the cars by Ford. This forecasts positive prospects for the future”, said Mariusz Jasiński, the director of Public Relations of Ford, Poland. All thematic salons experienced great interest, i.e. cars, motorbikes, air, and caravan. “The fair is a great success for us. The sale results went beyond our wildest expectations”, states Jacek Jaskot, the managing director of Elcamp Traveller. The premieres prepared this year, including in total over 4O models at the whole fair, numerous attractions and shows, attracted not only the 86,OOO people to Poznań, but also all the biggest Polish media. The fair was broadcast on national television stations: TVN, TVN24, TVN Turbo, TVN CNBC, TVP1, TVP2, TVP Info, Polsat, Polsat News, Polsat Business and many others. Thus, a new record has been set - there were 75O reporters accredited to the fair!

It was possible to admire beautiful displays prepared by Volkswagen Group Poland, Ford Poland, Toyota Motor Poland, Kia Motors Poland, Volvo Auto Poland, Jaguar Land Rover Poland, amongst others. The guests to the Motor Show were astonished with luxurious cars such as Rolls-Royce (the exhibition prepared by Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Service Warsaw), Ferrari (realized by Ferrari Warsaw), and Wiesmann. The new E and CLA classes had their Polish premiere at the fair – the latest models of Mercedes or Jaguar F-type – a beautiful and modern convertible. Also, the new Fiat 5OOL experienced great interest. The exhibitors at the motorbike salon, which has been developing rapidly for the last three years, presented their offer equally attractively. “We had the pleasure to participate in this year’s edition of the Motor Show in Poznań. At the moment, it is the best-prepared event for this branch. We believe that the set of satisfied exhibitors will grow every year. We wish to participate in the next year’s event as well, and we are going to encourage partner-companies to join in. Those who missed the event should regret it”, summarized Michał Mruk from Polmotor, the sole distributor of Motor Guzzi in Poland. Note down in your calendar: 27-3O.O3.2O14 – the next edition of the Motor Show and TTM Automotive Technology Fair POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE / 21


BUSINESS, KNOWLEDGE, EVENTS Nearly 21,OOO professional visitors, 525 exhibitors in 7 different pavilions covering the area of over 23,OOO sq. meters, technological lines and machines at work, over 1O special events, two full-range factories at the exhibition area. This is how the Derma and Furnica fair 2O13 could be summarized. Representatives of the biggest furniture companies and sawmills, and a wide range of representatives of small and medium-size companies of the wood and furniture industries participated in the fair. It was possible to come into furniture designers among the fair visitors. The exposition of the Drema fair was where a complex offer was presented concerning machines and devices for the wood and furniture sectors, and technologies for forestry, a wide range of chemicals for timber and biomass. Top producers, suppliers, and distributors of components , materials and accessories indispensable for the realization of the most ambitious furniture sets participated in the Furnica fair, on the other hand. For four days, the fair was accompanied by interesting speeches within ‘Knowledge Zone’ located at the exhibition titled ‘Glamour of Details’ which presented design trends in furniture components. The visitors’ attention was also drawn to ‘Parquet Flooring Workshops’, fork lift truck shows, skills testing ground, where modern solutions for wooden surface processing were checked as well as the ‘Polish Championship Final in Nails Driving’, and the exhibition called “Conjured from wood” presenting extraordinary items made of wood or wood-like materials which so far have been made with the use of another material – a motorbike, a sewing machine, and a wooden backpack. The Derma Fair is on the list of world’s largest exhibitions recommended by the European Federation of Wood Processing Machine Producers. Another edition of the Derma and Furnica fair in the new date: 16-19.O9.2O14 22 / POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE





FURNITURE WITHOUT BORDERS Undeniably, furniture is the pride of the Polish economy and its visiting-card around the word. As much as 9O% of the production by the Polish furniture industry is exported. Its value is estimated at PLN 27b. Poland is the fourth power in the sector worldwide, placed behind China, Germany, and Italy. The potential of the Polish furniture branch is fully presented at the MEBLE POLSKA Furniture Fair, which is an event of a strictly business-like character attracting representatives of salons and furniture chains from Poland and abroad. The international dimension of the fair supports the ‘Trade Marketing Program of the Furniture Industry’ carried out by the Ministry of Economy, which the MEBLE POLSKA Furniture Fair is a part of. Within the program of ‘Created in Poland’, the Poznań fair is visited by tradesmen and journalists from Germany, Ukraine, Russia, France, and Great Britain. The furniture merchants participating in the MEBLE POLSKA fair can take advantage of a special package of services and conveniences. The most important, key clients are given special attention and can count on further, additional services such as assistance with organizing the trip, accommodation, access to the WiFi on the fair premises, as well as an invitation to the evening party. The merchants representing exceptionally high purchase potential (especially the representatives of the largest furniture store chains) have an opportunity to use specially prepared rooms for them free-of-charge, which can serve as temporary offices and meeting venues, yet guaranteeing comfortable work conditions and privacy, which are indispensable while carrying out business negotiations.

How was it this year?

Over four fair days (5-8.O3.2O13), more than 15,OOO people got familiar with the exposition. As much as 24% of them were foreign traders from 48 countries. Apart from Polish guests, the most numerous representations of furniture merchants came from Czech Republic, Lithuania, Slovakia, Great Britain, Belgium, Latvia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Denmark, Azerbaijan, and Italy. The exhibitors’ exposition area covered 31,OOO sq. meters. Almost all leaders of the Polish market were present amongst nearly 2OO exhibitors. The MEBLE POLSKA fair accompanied the fair of decorations and interiors Home Decor, at which representatives of shops, warehouses, distributive networks, hotels and interior architects and furniture merchants contracted new collections of textiles, decorations, ceramics, glass and lighting. Simultaneously, in the area of the arena DESIGN, a meeting of designers, architects, and entrepreneurs interested in industrial pattern-designing took place. ‘Front Design’, a Swedish group, was the special guest of the event. The next edition of the MEBLE POLSKA Furniture Fair, the HOME DECOR fair and the arena DESIGN will take place between 18th – 21st February 2O14. POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE / 23



The most important and the biggest fair of professionals of construction industry in the Central-Eastern Europe is undergoing a metamorphosis. The name and the date is being changed. New projects accompanying the BUDMA fair are mostly the effect of a continuous dialog which has for years been going on with exhibitors and key groups of visitors. One of the most essential elements of the consultations is the extension of the fair’s name through adding the future-wise branch key Polish architects and a new, March, date of International Construction and Architecture Fair BUDMA starting 2O14. The distinction of architecture emphasizes even more powerful meaning of the industry for the shape of construction of the future, based on good, functional, and aesthetic special solutions. Access to the latest technology, the easiness of its implementation, yet maintaining as much functionality and aesthetics as possible set new, more and more ambitious tasks in front of architects, as well as the whole construction fair. The novelties and a rich offer of products and services of the International Construction and Architecture Fair BUDMA will certainly interest the architects, design offices, trade companies, execution companies, and general exhibitors and investors. Apart from the events which gained recognition among both the exhibitors and the visitors, such as for example, ‘Architecture Forum’ including a world-famous architect, ‘Distributor’s Day’ and ‘Test Zone’, the International Construction and Architecture Fair BUDMA also means the return of the essentially important bathroom sector – the Exhibition Bathrooms and Wellness AquaSan. There will also be interesting events complementing the fair’s exposition: the shows and competitions of the best professionals in their field, conferences, workshops, and debates. Interior designers and architects will definitely show the interest in the International Fireplaces Fair KOMINKI which will become integral part of the next year’s block of construction fair. Simultaneously, the CBS Sports Facilities, Amenity Areas, Wellness & Spa fair will take place as well as GLASS Fair–making it the most complex offer of construction branch. 24 / POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE

How was it this year?

At the BUDMA fair more than 1,OOO exhibitors presented their offer, a third of whom were foreign companies from 35 countries of the world. This year’s edition was dedicated to four target groups: architects, traders, developers, and executors. At the same time, three closely-related construction-industry events happened which included Fair of Machines, Tools, and Components for Window, Door, Gates, and Facades Production WinDoor-Tech, CBS – Sports Facilities, Amenity Areas, Wellness & Spa fair and Glass Industry Fair. In total, four expositions covered nearly the whole fair premises of 6O,OOO square meters. During the four days, the exhibition halls were visited by 53,OOO guests from 5O countries. The most numerous ones included professionals from Germany, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Italy, Slovakia, Russia, Belarus, France, Sweden, and Latvia.

BUILDING, RENOVATING, DESIGNING? DON’T MISS IT! 6-9.11.2O13 11-14.O3.2O14 11-14.O3.2O14 11-14.O3.2O14 11-14.O3.2O14


27.O2 – 1.O3.2O14


This year’s edition of the Garden and Landscape Architecture Fair GARDENIA showed how powerfully and energetically the gardening industry in Poland can flourish. The exposition of nearly 6OO exhibitors was located in six modern pavilions covering the total area of 32,OOO sq. meters. The fair was visited by 3O,OOO people including 8,3OO professionals.

flowers and decorations will draw attention of those who work with plant decorations on daily basis. Florist shows will be prepared in an even larger scale. The Gardenia fair will be accompanied by Festivity and Special Occasion Products Fair SPECIAL DAYS. There, it will be possible to find everything that makes Christmas and other exceptional festivals great including seasonal and occasional decorations, candles, occasional cards and packaging, florist articles. The offer will interest the owners of garden centers, DIY chain managers, and managers of homing department stores, as well as the owners of florist warehouses and flower stores, which offer decorative articles.

“We are very pleased with great interest on the foreign traders side”, says the project manager, Jakub Patelka. “Meetings with representatives from Germany, Austria, or Great Britain could have been predicted; however, guest visitors from Italy, Spain, or even Dubai went beyond our wildest expectations”, he adds. The exposition of Gardenia is not only a pallet of flower colors and all shades of green at the stands of nurserymen, but also the knowledge and support of the best professionals of the industry, which is appreciated both by hobbyists and people who deal with gardening professionally. The organizers assure that in 2O14 the Gardenia Fair will be even more suited to the needs of every group of visitors. Thinking of the owners of garden centers and trade representatives, a ‘Model Garden Center’ will be prepared which will present how to organize a sale point effectively and professionally. Architects and greenery keepers will certainly be interested in the conference titled ‘Urban Garden Art’ as well as a rich offer of little garden architecture, garden furniture, and various nursery materials. A wide offer of producers and distributors of florist accessories, and, above all, POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE / 25


7-1O.1O.2O13 /

AN IDEA FOR ECO-INVESTMENTS The research carried out by TNS Poland for the Bank Ochrony Środowiska (BOŚ) indicates that ecological awareness of the Poles is on the increase. The biggest progress is done in terms of sorting out rubbish, plus we are more willing to buy energy-saving light bulbs, and biodegradable shopping bags. However, we are still looking for solutions owing to which water treatment, waste segregation, and gaining energy from renewable sources will be more effective. A few dozens of such solutions can be found in the Poleko and Komtechnika fair in Poznań. “The Poleko fair is a perfect opportunity for entrepreneurs to get knowledge on the development of economic activity at the lowest possible impact on the environment”, said the Minister Aneta Wilmańska during the opening of the Poleko Fair 2O12.

Already in October, for four days, Poznań pavilions will look like an eco-technological center: machines for recycling weighing a few tons, dustcarts and pumps, log-like pressed bottles and cardboard boxes, photovoltaic farms, electric cars and scooters. The fair will also serve as a branch informative platform on the current trends of recycling, renewable energy production, sewage draining, water management, control-measuring apparatus, and prevention of serious industrial failures. Parallel to the Poleko fair, the Komtechnika fair will take palce presenting modern equipment for road clearing and maintenance, IT systems for settling accounts and controlling the quality of services of receiving waste, and machines for maintaining hard shoulders, paths and city greenery. The Komtechnika fair is an important event for the whole municipal industry as well as for local governments and individual investors.


For region development

Local government officials, entrepreneurs and investors will meet at the Trade Fair of Products and Services for Local Governments GMINA which takes place together with the Property and Investment Exhibition INVESTFIELD. The partner of both these events is the daily, ”Rzeczpospolita”. The exhibitors at the GMINA fair will be companies providing services related to urban architecture, companies offering financial counseling, computerization and economic marketing of communes, as well as trade-related publishing companies. However, within the INVESTFIELD exhibition, the representatives of local governments will present investment offers of the regions. The GMINA and INVESTFIELD tradeshows will, for the second time, be accompanied by the Local Government – Business Forum organized by Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie and ”Rzeczpospolita”. The main objective of the congress is to provoke a discussion on the development of regions and to create a platform to exchange experiences between the representatives


of local governments, and public and business administration. The experts of the industry will take part in numerous discussion panels. A rich program of the event will not miss any important and up-to-date issue, seen from the perspective of the needs and problems of local communities and authorities.



Electricity in the socket is like water in the tap – we do not appreciate it as long as we have it. Only the moment we run out of it, can we see how inevitable it really is today. Failures can be prevented with investments in the electricity infrastructure as well as reaching for alternative electricity sources such as, for instance, wind or solar house installations. The latest solutions in conventional power industry and renewable energy were presented by 25O exhibitors of the International Power Industry Fair EXPOPOWER as well as the parallel International Renewable Energy Fair GREENPOWER. A varied exposition including all branches of renewable energies such as solar energy, wind energy, water energy, geothermal energy, biomass and biofuels, energy-saving technologies, as well as an attractive program of specialist trainings and conferences attracted a few thousand visitors this year. These included e.g. decision-makers of the power industry, private investors and architects interested in energy-saving technologies, representatives of maintenance services in industrial companies, representatives of local governments and companies working in tourist, hotel and SPA industries. Not only clients from Poland visited Poznań though, but also from such countries as Saudi Arabia, Austria, Belgium, Belarus, Czech Republic,

Denmark, Spain, Holland, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Latvia, Germany, Italy, and Pakistan. Within the Expopower fair, it was possible for them to get familiar with dozens of technological novelties from electro-installation fittings, building automatics, safety systems, energy distribution, lightning protection and technical infrastructure of IT buildings supervision systems. The Greenpower fair were rich in novelties of solar branch and biomass, wind, water, geothermal energies. Within the Expopower and Greenpower fair there were 2O conferences, workshops, and trainings prepared by this year’s strategic partner, the wholesale chain TIM SA. The industry meetings concerned the latest solutions for intelligent buildings, energetic effectiveness, modern LED lighting systems (interiors, garden and road architecture), electric engines, electric systems, as well as examples of completed projects of photovoltaic farms, biogas as well as taking advantage of wind and water. Note down the date of the next edition: 13-15.O5. 2O14

FAIR: TECHNOLOGIES FOR INDUSTRY Meeting of polymer and rubber industry specialists

At this year’s International Trade Fair of Plastics and Rubber Processing EPLA, the offer of 134 exhibitors of plastics, composites and rubber from Austria, Czech Republic, Spain, Holland, India, Germany, Switzerland, and Poland was presented. For the first time, apart from materials, special machines were presented. The fair events were accompanied by the ‘Congress of Rubber Industry’, the convention of the ‘Club of Plastics Technologist’ as well as a cycle of open industry-related lectures. This year the fair organizers initiated

a wide-scope cooperation with associations of processing plants from Europe including GKV (Germany), British Plastics Federation (Great Britain), Assocomoplast (Italy), La Plasturgie Federation (France), Federplast (Belgium), PlastIndustrien (Denmark), Finnish Plastics Federation (Finland), NVR (Holland), Aspaplast (Romania), ANAIP (Spain), Swedish Plastics Association (Sweden), KSV (Switzerland), FCIO (Austria), PI (Ireland), PIF (Norway), PAGEV (Turkey). These organizations prepared economic missions to the EPLA fair for their members. Next fair edition: 26-28.O3.2O14 POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE / 27


FASTER, CHEAPER, MORE PRECISE – INNOVATIONS FOR INDUSTRY Innovativeness is indispensable for industrial branches. ITM Poland is the biggest event, where specialists from the most important branches of worldwide industry meet. A vast exposition of nearly one thousand exhibitors and companies from 3O countries as well as meetings of specialists at prestigious conferences and trainings make for a perfect platform for the transfer of knowledge in industrial branches. Within eight branch showrooms of the ITM Poland 2O13 fair (Mach-Tool extended with maintenance, Hape, Metalforum, Surfex, Welding, Transporta, Education for Economy, and Work Safety), in Poznań producers and distributors of machines and devices, research institutes, scientific posts, higher universities and institutions all presented their offer. Professionals who came to Poznań industry fair to buy machines had the opportunity to see and test innovative machining tools, devices for metal sheet machining, control-measuring apparatus, technological instrumentation, software, solutions for varnish manufacturing, metallurgy, foundry, welding, pneumatics, maintenance. It was also possible for them to get familiar with the offer of companies offering services in terms of technical counseling. Apart from the vast exposition of Polish producers and distributors at the ITM Poland fair, international brands were also present. The presence was strongly accentuated by entrepreneurs from Turkey presenting a wide offer of plastic machining of metal sheets.

NEW Effective cooperation The ITM Poland fair was accompanied by Industrial Subcontracting Exhibition 2O13, where companies providing subcontracting services in the field of metal processing for medium, large, and corporate production industries presented their offer. What also happened were various corporate meetings – ‘Subcontracting ITM Meetings’ – which were participated by the invited potential employers of subcontracting services for the companies presenting


At the stand of Baden-Württemberg, the offer of 2O tool companies was presented. For the second time, a communal initiative of Polish-Swiss Economic Chamber and Swiss Business Hub Poland was realized in the form of the Swiss Pavilion. Also, Slovak-Polish Trade Chamber, the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Slovakia as well as the Association of Machine Industry from Taiwan and Korea presented their offers. Traditionally, the ‘Engineering Forum’, which was organized by the Polish Federation of Engineering Associations (NOT), took place at the fair. This year’s main theme was the “Innovations in machine and device industries”, in particular the agricultural machines and devices, machines and technologies for construction, rock mining, and waste management. The specialists also met during the seminar concerning stainless steel organized by Stainless Steel Association, at the international seminar of the Institute of Precision Mechanics from Warsaw concerning tools and machine parts nitration as well as workshops for varnishing specialists, technologists and managers of paint shops. ‘Cax Innovation’, an event presenting modern technologies, happened for the second time; and, there was a debut of a three-day-long conference dedicated to maintenance reliability. If you want to follow the innovations fell invited next edition of ITM Poland: 3-6.O6.2O14

themselves at the ITM Poland fair. The first ever, yet successful, edition of the SUBCONTRACTING fair took place between the 5th and the 7th March 2O13. At that time, 4O exhibitors participated and five hundred visitors from Poland, Denmark, France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, Italy and Israel got familiar with their offer. Within the Subcontracting Meetings nearly 7O business-to-business meetings took place. The next edition of the fair: 3-6.O6.2O14


SAFETY OF SUCCESS Once every two years, the safety industry meets in Poznań at International Security Fair SECUREX. In the last edition in 2O12, over the period of four days, professionals got familiar with the offers of 25O exhibitors from 18 countries. Nearly 15O premiere products being world famous were presented. The honorary patronage of the fair was taken over by the Minister of Economy, the Minister of Internal Affairs, the Chairman of Polish Banks Association, and the Voivodeship Police Commandment Officer in Poznań. What will the next SECUREX be like? The organizers are preparing a lot of novelties. The theme of the fair has been extended with SECUREX IT, i.e. systems for personal data and information protection. Also, the Thematic Park – Weapon and Equipment of Uniformed Serviced will have its debut. A rich program of accompanying events will refer to current issues of the branch in the manner of conferences, trainings, and shows.

Among other attractions, there will be the 4th Polish Championship of Alarm Systems Installers co-organized by Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie and Polish Chamber of Alarm Systems, the 15th edition of the competition of ‘Polish Champion of Alarm Technics’ whose organizer is ‘POLALARM’ Association, as well as a conference concerning the safety of public buildings co-organized with the Police. The new event in the schedule is the ‘Day of Integrator’ as well as an interdisciplinary area ‘Intelligent Building’ dedicated to an integrated system of a building management or to a complex of buildings on the alarm, electric, water, heating, air conditioning, and firefighting installations plan. Note down in your calendar the date of the SECUREX fair: 8-11.O4.2O14

MEDIA FAIR Digital technologies at hand The fifth jubilee edition of the Poznań Media Expo – Forum of digital technologies has finished with flying colors. The event was organized by the MTP together with the National Broadcasting Corporation and the EmiTel company under the auspices of the Ministry of Administration and Digitalization and the President of Poznań. Certainly, Poznań Media Expo 2013 was an important venue of gaining knowledge about the government activities in terms of the digitalization of the country, as well as devices and new radio and television technologies. The professional visitors to this year’s exposition could see the latest solutions taking advantage of the Internet, such as SmartTV or

HbbTV as well as digital radios forecasting the arrival of the DAB standard. A two-day long conference titled ‘Digital Poland for Everyone’ was an integral part of the exhibition referring to topics related to various forms of receiving digital television contents starting with the DVB-T, through satellite platforms and cable networks, and finishing with the SmartTV. There were also talks on interactive television of the future and the digitalization of radio broadcast. Much attention was devoted to access of the disabled and the elderly to the television. A high level and prestige of the conference popular among the listeners were emphasized by the participation of experts from the institutions regulating the electronic media market in Poland, Germany, and Denmark. The next edition of POZNAŃ MEDIA EXPO: 8-11.O4.2O14 POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE / 29



When is the right time to get down to preparing a stand for a tradeshow? Well…, the best moment is during the still unfinished edition of the one we are planning to take part in. If you already are an exhibitor, then is the best time to evaluate the company’s stand, the functionality of solutions and aesthetics of handiwork as well as to grasp all imperfections. It is best to write down all conclusions, and document all observations on the spot using a camera. If you are only planning an exhibition debut, why don’t you visit a tradeshow which you are interested in and have a look at what your competition and trend leaders look like.

READY, STEADY… WHEN TO ORDER A STAND The decision to participate in a fair is the starting point of talks with a stand maker. The application documents start a mechanism whose final step is a fair company’s-like headquarters. Therefore, it is better not to delay the project of the stand. What you get is not only the feeling of safety, but also the possibility of getting familiar with offers of a few companies and a thorough comparison of their offers prior to choosing the best solution. As is the case with choosing an advertising company or PR, it is best to use a brief, either one’s own or one available on the websites of some makers. Not only should the brief include information about the size and the kind of an ordered area, but also information on the character of presentation, which is the outcome of the aim of participation in a fair. A very good solution is to outsource the service of all tradeshows in which a company takes part to the same company building stands. It saves a lot of time, which we can devote to other activities such as inviting customers, preparing events, working up press and advertising materials, preparing exhibits. A caretaker of the company building a stand, once getting to know company’s needs, will skillfully prepare a project of another stand, suggest modifications regarding e.g. different size measurements and fair character (national, international, regional, uni-branch, multi-branch, image-like, sale-like, various profiles of visitors). 3O/ POZNAŃ FAIR MAGAZINE

It also means the saving of money as the mechanism of package offer is available here. Moreover, it means the feeling of safety and comfort. The company is sure that coming for a fair in any place in Poland and around the world, they will be welcomed with a perfectly prepared stand.

THE WAY THEY SEE US… A PERFECT PROJECT The stand project is a resultant of a number of factors including the size of ordered area, fair character, budget, and most of all, objectives we want to realize at the fair. As the marketing research by the MTP (August and September 2O11, carried out on 134 exhibitors at the fair in Poznań over 2O1O-2O11) shows, the project is one of the main criteria of choosing the stand assembly (besides the price and quality). There is nothing strange in that as the stand is the most tangible piece confirming the presence at the fair. Not only should it look good, but also it should be functional and comfortable, and, above all, compliant with the marketing strategy of a company and its objectives. Having numerous meetings with key clients in mind, there must be an intimate place at the ready to talk to them. If the stand is not large, and we expect a lot of guests, it is advisable to think of a bar where they might stop for a moment. If we want to present novelties, it is worth taking care of their proper display, lighting, and the right access for the public. Small size areas can be enlarged with the use of an entresol. If limited insight of our competition into the presented offer is of value, the stand can be partly or completely closed. If we go for a sale, an open stand will prove good, with a number of counters, consultation points and easily-accessible marketing materials. Even very small information stand need not be boring if there is pretty furniture and walls are ornamented with a graphics referring to the business profile or painted in business colors. Contrary to common opinions, a stand built from system elements can also be effective, if only it gets varied with single non-standard elements such as e.g. an original

FAIR SERVICES counter, a hanging ramp with a banner visible at a distance, spacious letters, and the business logo on the walls, uplifted and illuminated coffers made of Plexiglas. Using the help of specialists, it is possible to arrange even ‘difficult’ places, e.g. under an entresol, in an interesting way. Examples are endless. A professional consultant cooperating with an experienced designer is capable of putting a company’s needs onto a project, which will be best for a particular fair.

IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT… HOW TO PAY AND NOT LOSE It is possible to see spectacular realizations at a fair made with the use of precious materials like glass, wood, metal, equipped with luxurious furniture and the most modern devices. This is usually the way market leaders will present themselves. Even different rules apply to the presentations of international concerns. Domestic representations often take advantage of the know-how of their centers, adjusting a fair presentation concept to a global strategy and corporation guidelines, and the ready elements are transported from one event to another. Majority of fair participants must, however, take care of the stand themselves and has much smaller budgets to spend. In these cases, the optimization rule should be applied, in which you check what can be gained within a particular budget, which means what kind of a project will guarantee the realization of company’s objectives without lowering the quality of work. A stand ‘behaves’ like any other product or service, where the price and the quality are in linear dependence. Sometimes less means more, and sometimes different means better. Anyway, almost always, much cheaper means worse. Individual projects may differ a lot in price depending on applied materials, architectural solutions, and the ‘density’ of elements in the area. Comparing the prices of various yet similar projects, however, a few percent of discrepancy is allowed, whereas a strikingly low price may mean one thing only – the quality of handiwork can surprise us negatively. Carelessly assembled walls, unprotected electrical wires, low-quality print-outs, damaged furniture all mean a nightmare one had better not experience, especially when there is no time for corrections. Such problems hardly ever refer to big realizations, in cases where the details of presentation are settled weeks in advance, and a few people

are responsible for the realization of a tradeshow. It is much more often the case with smaller companies, though, as the employees occupied with current affairs of the company cannot see to every detail themselves for two weeks. It is best to come for ‘a readymade’ stand one day prior to the fair and only see to the stand being signed and sealed. The ideal situation means we can count on immediate technical help in case of unexpected incidents or order additional equipment even if we only order the smallest stand. If we have serious objections to the contractor, we shall not hesitate to give up on his services, even in case of him assuring us that such a situation would not happen again.

FINAL NOTES… WHAT IS ALSO WORTH REMEMBERING ABOUT It is worth to remember about additional services independent of the assembly itself such as electricity, water and compressed air terminals. It is obligatory to pay for the waste disposal. Those additional services can be arranged by ourselves, as well as we can cede them on the stand maker. The prices for such services, which are often not listed in the offers of stand makers, should be added up to the costs of participation in all tradeshows regardless of who and where builds the stand. You can also commission the stand maker to see to all the necessary formalities connected with technical rules applicable in a certain place. Fair centers in Poland and abroad have them written in many long regulations, which must be obeyed in order to provide safety of the people participating in tradeshows. It is especially worth to take advantage of that at presentations abroad. When, however, a tradeshow is coming to an end, it is advisable to consider what happens to the stand; the last day of a tradeshow is the highest time to decide which elements made for individual orders can be recovered (e.g. advertising banners, counters, non-standard construction elements) and ask the executing company to store them thinking of the coming edition of the fair or about the stand in another fair center. Such attitude will make it possible to lower global costs of participation in a tradeshow and will emphasize our taking care of the environment.



IDEAEXPO.MTP IS: Guarantee of an optimised stand in the project-quality-price area, taking into account the specific character of the fair and trends in marketing communication Comprehensive offer of stand development including logistics and promotion (advertising materials, events, sales promotion, outdoor advertising) Ready concepts of participation in the fair – not only for leaders Long-term offers for regular customers allowing the optimization of costs of participation in the fair


On-site technical service Poland’s largest collection of furniture and modern accessories Customer service in all fair centres in Poland and on any fair event abroad Arrangement of non-standard space and handling such events as: sports contests, concerts, conferences, events, animal exhibitions, outdoor exhibitions Quality of cooperation guaranteed by Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie

IDEAEXPO.MTP ul. Głogowska 14, 6O-734 Poznań tel.: +48 61 869 23 33,,




The number of firms, government and local government institutions using a complex support by Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie as it goes to abroad presentations at over 5O renowned fair and exhibitions in such countries as Germany, Russia, Canada, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Holland, Denmark, France, Bulgaria, Romania, Korea, the U.A.E, the USA, Turkey, and Kazakhstan is increasing. “It is a great distinction for us to be able to support the promotion of Poland as an attractive business partner, and above all, strengthen the position of domestic companies on international markets”, says Anna Myślak, the director of MTP’s Department of Foreign Fair Organization. Since January 2O13, the MTP has realized complex services of 11 Polish regions and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development at International Green Week Berlin and the service of Polish stands at CeBIT 2O13 in Hannover, at which Poland was a partner country. The Ministry of Defense asked MTP to prepare and service the stand at International Defence Industry Fair IDEF 2O13 in Istanbul and the International Exhibition of Defence and Security Technologies IDET 2O13 in Brno. By the order of Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAlilZ), Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie have realized e.g. presentations of representatives from Eastern Poland at International Exhibition for Food, Breverages and Food Raw Materials Prod Expo 2O13 in Moscow, underwear tradeshow Salon de Lingerie 2O13 in Paris as well as food industry fair Seoul Food&Hotel 2O13 in Seoul. Apart from that, by the order of the Ministry of Economy, the MTP is carrying out two Brand Promotion Programs – for the clothing and furniture industries and two General Promotion Programs at the far-reaching markets of Canada and Kazakhstan. It is worth following the actions in terms of marketing programs, as the entrepreneurs taking part in them can get a subsidy of up to 75% of the cost.

CANADA – PROMISING PERSPECTIVES Polish entrepreneurs can spread their wings on the Canadian market thanks to the General Promotion Program prepared by the Ministry of Economy and carried out in 2O13. Polish businessmen can, within the program, take advantage of having their participation in tradeshows and economic missions in Canada funded (including matchmaking meetings, conferences, and seminars). Thinking of strengthening business relations between Poland and Canada, study tours incoming missions for contractors and merchants representing Canadian businesses take place in Poland. The program is accompanied by wide marketing of Polish Economy Brand (Marka Polskiej Gospodarki) in the Canadian national branch media. In the first half of the year, the representatives of the tourism, environment protection, aircraft industries took advantage of promotion activities. Polish entrepreneurs emphasized the fact that the talks they had had with Canadian companies made up for a great introduction to start cooperation in the future. The attendance at conferences with great speakers, however, makes it possible to assume that there is a need for mutual cooperation. In the second half of the year, other companies from fashion, beauty and construction branches will be granted the promotion activities. Beauty, health and fashion show EUROPE NOW will take place in the fall (23-25 September 2O13), and building and construction show CONSTRUCT CANADA will take place in the winter (4-6 December 2O13). Both these events will take place in Toronto.


FAIR ABROAD KAZAKHSTAN – THE MARKET HAS FUTURE In March an incoming visit of Kazakh furniture merchants and branch journalists was prepared. They arrived in Poznań for MEBLE POLSKA Furniture Fair. In April, however, representatives of Kazakh companies and beauty parlors met Polish producers at LOOK and beautyVision tradeshows as well as visited production, distributions plants and training companies active in the cosmetics industry. May was the promotion month for firms from medical and pharmaceutical industries. The representatives of the leading Polish medical equipment producers presented their offer at International Healthcare Exhibition KIHE in Almaty. Soon, in order to come in the remote Asian market of Kazakhstan, representatives of mining industry (MINING WEEK fair in Karaganda from 27-29 June 2O13), companies offering environmental solutions (EKO TECH fair in Almaty from 3-6 September 2O13), companies dealing with machines, tools and chemical substances for agriculture (KAZAGRO fair in Astana from 3O October – 1 November 2O13), Polish cosmetics producers (BEAUTY WORLD fair in Astana from 5-8 November 2O13) will have the opportunity taking advantage of the General Promotion Program.

Kazakh entrepreneurs visited MEBLE POLSKA Furniture Fair and LOOK and beautyVision fair, they also visited Polish production plants

Within the Promotion Program, representatives of Polish businesses will also take part in various economic missions to Kazakhstan, which were arranged for June, October, and November. The invitation for participation in this activity is targeted at Polish furniture, petrochemical, energy, and food industries. The detailed schedule is available on and Two economic forums, first in Aktobe at Europe-Asia Borderless Cooperation Fair (October 2O13), the other at WORLD FOOD fair (November 2O13) will both be important events. POLISH FURNITURE PRODUCERS CONQUER EUROPE Within the Branch Promotion Program of the furniture industry, in 2O13 Polish furniture producers participated in the tradeshows in Cologne, Birmingham, Paris, and Kiev. On each of these markets, Polish products, presented within a fair exhibition and at direct matchmaking meetings, were welcomed with great interest, especially large in case of Eastern markets. The contacts made resulted in further negotiations and even contracts. In November of this year, Polish furniture producers could again present their offer in Russia at International Exhibition for Furniture, Fittings and Upholstery Materials Fair MEBEL in Moscow (18-22 November 2O13).

Modern solutions offered by Polish IT brands were tested by Poland’s Prime Minister Donald Tusk and the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel

FOREIGN MERCHANTS CURIOUS OF POLISH BRANDS CIFF fair in Copenhagen, CPM in Moscow, Fashion Week Poland in Łódź, and Poznań Fashion Fair were opportunities to meet foreign clothing merchants. Merchants from Kazakhstan, Russia, Holland, Sweden, and Denmark came to Poznań. Due to a positive opinion of foreign trade mission participants, the offer of Polish producers got huge interest, and the contacts made resulted in the purchase of collections and orders for the production of foreign brands. Today, MTP’s Departamen of Foreign Fair Organization receives enquiries from European traders regarding the visit at Poznań Fashion Fair in September. In August, however, Polish producers will


Within the General Promotion Program in Canada Polish entrepreneurs promote themselves at the fair, conferences, and direct matchmaking meetings

FAIR ABROAD have an opportunity to present their collections to recipients from Scandinavia at CIFF fair (8-11 August 2O13). Another opportunity will come within a trade mission at CPI fair in Turkey. November will be an opportunity to promote protective clothing at A+A fair in Düsseldorf (5-8 November 2O13), the most important specjalist trade fair for all aspects of safety and security. BROADEN YOUR BUSINESS HORIZONS Companies interested in starting cooperation on foreign markets are invited to visit website and directly contact the MTP’s Departament of Foreign Fair Organisation. The knowledge of the specifics of international markets makes it possible to suggest the most effective form of presentation at foreign fair gaining optimum benefits at rational costs. Exhibitors can count on professional marketing and technical help, as well as full care while travelling and staying at location. The MTP crew for foreign fair organization takes on a whole set of responsibilities connected with the participation at the fair, starting from application form completion, through adding an entry to the catalogue, hiring assistance personnel (hostesses, interpreters, photo and video services), organization of conferences and business meetings, to the stand assembly according to the client’s needs and the ordering of additional equipment for the stand.

The stand of the Ministry of National Defense of Poland at International Defence Industry Fair IDEF 2O13

They also help to book accommodation and flight tickets, organize logistics and dispatch services, see to visa requirements. Often, if the client needs it, the team organizes activities at the fair, such as e.g. live cooking shows done by Polish cooks, music bands and dancing shows, fashion shows, and the like. Prior to departure, MTP also prepares promotion and advertising materials. The MTP’s Departament of Foreign Fair Organisation is at service 24 hours a day, passionately getting engaged in every task. Polish exposition at CeBIT 2O13 fair with big popularity. The stands of up to 34OO square meters in eight locations were made by IDEAEXPO.MTP

Polish delicacies at International Green Week Berlin were promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and other 11 Polish Regions


CONGRESSES/CONCERTS/ EVENTS Cultural feast in Earth Hall Attractive Fall in PCC International Scientific Congress, Poznań Inauguration of the Academic Year, Moscow City ballet, outdoor concerts within the Malta festival, as well as the fair, performances, exhibitions and concerts of international stars; all those and many other prestigious events will take place on the premises of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie in the second half of 2O13. It seems that after a demanding and rich-in-events first half of the year, the other one in Poznań Congress Center will be even more interesting.

Sold-out tickets, standing ovations, world-famous stars – in just half of the year of its opening, the Earth Hall has become a well-known and extremely popular venue for concerts, movie and theatre premiers. Macy Gray, Vaya Con Dios, Chris Botti, Imany and Tomasz Stańko, Natalia Kukulaska, Kora, Grzegorz Turnau, or Radzimir Dębski are just a few of the vast number of stars who performed in the recent months in the concert hall of Poznań Congress Center. Besides spectacular concerts, the hall also proved its assets as a movie spot, with its February debut of the premiere of “Syberiada Polska”, a historical drama, as well as a theater spot during the performance premiere titled “Ślub doskonały”. Macy Gray

12-14 July Regional Congress of Jehovah Witnesses 2O July ‘Atoms for Peace’ concert within Poznań Malta Festival 7-8 September Flats and Houses Fair 12-14 September

23rd Central-European Dental Exhibition CEDE

25-28 September 25th Jubilee Convention of the Polish Association of Hematologists and Transfusiologists September-December Performances by the Polish Dance Theatre 1 October

Poznań Academic Inauguration

25-26 October

6th Fall Cardiologists Meetings

26-27 October

Fair of House, Flat, Interior

26-27 October

International Exhibition of Pedigree Dogs

27 October

Chris Botti Imany

Cuban Show: Pasion de Buena Vista




„Syberiada Polska”

Prestigious award for Poznań Congress Center The congress and conference center of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie has been awarded in the competition titled ‘MP Power Venue’, in which the best event infrastructures in Poland receive distinctions. A three-level, most modern building of the MTP received an award in the “Congress Venue” category.


The awards were handed in at a solemn MP Power Night Gala on the 26th of April in the Muranów Conference Center in Warsaw. The statuette, whose originators were Magdalena Kondas and Sylwia Banaszewska from, went to Przemysław Trawa, the vice-chairman of the board of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie. The main idea of the contest of MP Power Awards was to choose and distinguish venues with the greatest potential for the organization of various events, yet presenting the highest standards of cooperation with the events’ organizers. In the category of “Congress Venue”, besides the PCC Center, the nominees included the Warsaw Conference Center Adgar Plaza and Radisson Blu Centrum Hotel in Warsaw.

photo: Sollus Entertainment / Adamkiewicz Foto

3 nights and days with Polish Dance Theatre

„Ślub doskonały”

Owing to the 4Oth season of activity of the Polish Dance Theatre, the “3 nights and days with Polish Dance Theatre” festival took place in the Music Pavilion 2 (MP2) of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie. It was one of the most important points of the jubilee year celebrations. Between 21 and 23 June, the premiere of a spectacle by Ewa Wycichowska “I wish you were here” took place at the MTP. The performance was inspired with documentary materials of the Theatre showing the first twenty years of its existence. The viewers also saw “Album from this world” with the choreography by Ewa Wycichowska. On the last day of the festival, an extraordinary presentation of the performance titled ‘Walk@ karnawału z postem’ (The fight of Carnival with Lent) connected with ‘food and drinks for body and spirit’ took place. The festival was also accompanied by a photography exhibition by Krzysztof Fabiański titled ‘Time of dance’ as well as an outdoor cinema and a café.

Vaya con Dios


CONGRESSES/CONCERTS/ EVENTS MTP, a professional congress organizer Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie received the recommendation of Professional Congress Organizer of Poland Convention Bureau. The prestigious title goes only to companies which can prove proper experience, technical back-up, and a trained personnel. The objective of the Professional Organizers Recommendation Program, Poland Conventional Bureau, is to identify and support the subjects, which provide complex, professional services in terms of organization and service of conferences and congresses in Poland. The title itself and the certificate acknowledging it are awarded by the chairman of Polish Tourism Organization.

The jubilee of orthopedics in the congress center An exceptional jubilee of 1OO years of Polish Orthopedics and Traumatology took place in Poznań Congress Center between 2O-23 June. The solemn celebration was accompanied by ‘Orthopedics Days’ – a conference and numerous scientific sessions, seminars and workshops. The four-day-long jubilee celebration was addressed to orthopedic surgeons, rehabilitants, physiotherapists, as well as to students of medicine and physiotherapy, for which a range of lectures and workshops were prepared, and finally to the citizens of Poznań who had the opportunity to see an unusual exhibition devoted to the history of orthopedics. Also the ‘Polish-German Symposium of Traumatology Surgeons and Orthopedic Surgeons’, jubilee running race and a bike rally were organized within the accompanying events.

Within the recommendation program, PCB collects and distributes data concerning all recommended parties, runs analyses of offers, their supply and demand. The effect of cooperation between Poland Convention Bureau of Polish Tourism Organization and Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie will mean the coordination of promotion activities in terms of business tourism and the promotion of Poland as an attractive congress destination.

Green garden on the fair

Poznań Academic Inauguration in the Earth Hall

Oak, yew, platanus, and silver linden trees, with comfortable benches between them and a fountain integrated into the greenery – this is the looks of the main entrance to the Poznań Congress Center at the moment.

For the first time ever, Poznań Higher State Schools will inaugurate the academic year together in the Earth Hall of Poznań Congress Center. The invitation to participate in the symbolic ceremony at Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie was handed to the President Bronisław Komorowski. In the history of Poznań’s Alma Mater, this is an unprecedented event. The main idea of Poznań Academic Inauguration is integration, cooperation and unification of the local academic environment. The initiative carried out together by the Board of Rectors of Poznań and Poznań City itself in cooperation with Poznań International Fair is to become a new symbol of state universities in Poznań. All academic bands and a concert will make the inauguration of the academic year 2O13/2O14 even more solemn.

The glamorous, terrace-shaped garden, designed with the participants of the events in mind, enriched the space next to pavilion 15 making it more attractive. It also emphasized the rank of the place, which after its modernization last year, plays the role of the main entrance. The design project was prepared by the most famous Poznań architecture workshop Studio ADS, whose portfolio includes designs of such landmarks as Stary Browar, and the passenger terminal of Poznań Ławica Airport.


The most modern congress and conference center in Poland

VIP lounges 12O m2 multimedia screen 38 adjustable meeting rooms Concert and entertainment hall for 2OOO pax State-of-the-art AV equipment Parking space for up to 2OOOcars We are inviting you to a recently modernized congress and conference center of Poznań International Fair. Three level venue has over 13 OOOm2 and 38 meeting rooms, and its greatest asset is the concert and entertainment hall for nearly 2,OOO people.





24.08 - 25.08 Roltechnika - Agricultural Exhibition - Wilkowice near Leszno concurrently: Festival of Old Tractors, organiser: Gmina LIPNO 03.09 - 05.09 POZNAŃ FASHION FAIR: - NEXT SEASON Exhibition of Clothing and Accessories - Spring - Summer 2014 - FAST FASHION Exhibition of Clothing and Accessories - Autumn - Winter 2013/2014 - BTS - Exhibition of Shoes and Leather Goods 06.09 - 07.09 Poznań Optical Exhibition 2) 07.09 - 10.09 BAKEPOL - Baking and Confectionery Industry Fair - Lublin 12.09 - 14.09 CEDE - Central European Dental Exhibition 9) 21.09 - 24.09 SMAKI REGIONÓW Fair 10) 23.09 - 26.09 POLAGRA - TECH - International Trade Fair of Food Processing Technologies POLAGRA - FOOD - International Trade Fair for Food POLAGRA GASTRO - International Trade Fair for Gastronomy INVEST- HOTEL - Hotel Equipment Trade Fair PAKFOOD - Food Industry Packaging Fair 27.09 - 29.09 DREMASILESIA - Exhibition of Woodworking Machines and Tools - Katowice 07.10 - 09.10 GMINA - Fair of Products and Services for Local Governments INVESTFIELD - Property and Investment Exhibition DWORZEC - Local and Regional Public Transport Exhibition 07.10 - 10.10 POLEKO - International Trade Fair of Environmental Protection KOMTECHNIKA - International Trade Fair of Municipal Technologies 08.10 - 09.10 The Local Government Business Forum 11) 11.10 - 13.10 POZNAŃ SPORT FAIR 17.10 - 19.10 TOUR SALON - Trade Fair of Regions and Tourist Products 18.10 - 20.10 POZNAŃ GAME ARENA 19.10 - 20.10 HOBBY - Model Making and Games Exhibition AQUAZOO - Aquarium and Terrarium Trade Fair HAPPY BABY - Fair of Toys and Goods for Children 25.10 - 27.10 MUSIC LAB - Fair of Music, Stage and Lighting 26.10 - 27.10 AGRO - PARK - Agricultural Fair - Lublin12) 05.11 - 07.11 SAKRALIA - Trade Fair of Church Furnishings, Liturgical Objects and Devotional Items 06.11 - 09.11 KAMIEŃ - STONE - Stone Industry Fair 13) 12.11 - 14.11 SOFAB - International Trade Fair of Upholstery Fabrics and Components for Upholstered Furniture 15.11 - 17.11 BOAT SHOW - Fair of Sailing and Water Sports - Łódź 14) 06.12 - 08.12 Art & Craft Festival 06.12 - 08.12 CAVALIADA - Horse-Riding Equipment Fair

1) Co-organiser: Business Image Publishing House 2) Organiser: Interprovincial Guild of Optical Crafts – Poznań 3) Co-organiser: Automotive Technology Association 4) Co-organiser: Polish Equestrian Federation 5) Co-organiser: Targi Lublin SA 6) Co-organiser: Polish District Heating Chamber of Commerce 7) Organiser: Meorient International Exhibition 8) Co-organiser: Akademia Rozwoju Systemów Sieciowych sp. z o.o. – Warszawa 9) Organiser: Exactus sp.j. 10) Co-organiser: Union of the Voivodeships of the Republic of Poland 11) Co-organiser: Presspublica sp. z o.o. 12) Co-organiser: Targi Lublin SA 13) Co-organiser: Geoservice-Christi sp. z o.o. – Wrocław 14) Co-organiser: Interservis sp. z o.o. – Łódź

Before making a decision on participating in the fair, please check event dates on our website

30.01 - 02.02 POLAGRA PREMIERY - International Trade Fair of Agricultural Mechanization 10.02 - 12.02 SALMED - International Trade Fair of Medical Equipment and Instruments 18.02 - 21.02 MEBLE POLSKA - Furniture Fair HOME DECOR - Interior Fair 18.02 - 21.02 ARENA DESIGN 21.02 - 23.02 Education Fair School Equipment Exhibition Books for Children and Young People - 13th Poznań Trade Fair Meetings 26.02 - 28.02 POZNAŃ FASHION FAIR: - NEXT SEASON Exhibition of Clothing and Accessories - Autumn-Winter 2014/2015 - FAST FASHION Exhibition of Clothing and Accessories – Spring-Summer 2014 - BTS Exhibition of Shoes and Leather Goods - TEX-STYLE Exhibition of Components for Clothing Industry 26.02 - 28.02 INTERMASZ - International Trade Fair of Textile, Clothes and Shoe Making Machines 27.02 - 01.03 GARDENIA - Garden and Landscape Architecture Fair ANIMAL MARKET – Zoological Fair SPECIAL DAYS - Festivity and Special Occasion Products Fair 28.02 - 02.03 RYBOMANIA - Angling Fair 11.03 - 14.03 BUDMA - International Construction and Architecture Fair NEW DATE BUMASZ - International Fair of Construction and Road Building Machines, Vehicles and Equipment CBS - Sports Facilities, Amenity Areas, Wellness & Spa GLASS - Glass Industry Fair KOMINKI - International Fireplace Fair 21.03 - 22.03 Poznań Optical Exhibition 2) 26.03 - 28.03 EPLA - International Trade Fair of Plastics and Rubber Processing1) 27.03 - 30.03 TTM - Automotive Technology Fair 3) 27.03 - 30.03 MOTOR SHOW AIR PASSION March CAVALIADA WARSZAWA - Horse-Riding Equipment Fair 4) March CAVALIADA LUBLIN - Horse-Riding Equipment Fair 5) 05.04 - 06.04 AKTYWNI 50+ 08.04 - 11.04 INSTALACJE - International Fair of Installations and Equipment WODOCIĄGI - International Water and Sewerage Industry Fair TCS - System Heating Trade Fair 6) SECUREX - International Security Fair 08.04 - 11.04 POZNAŃ MEDIA EXPO 09.04 - 11.04 SAWO - International Fair of Work Protection, Fire-Fighting and Rescue Equipment 26.04 - 27.04 LOOK - Hairdressing Forum BEAUTY VISION - Cosmetics Forum April DREMASILESIA - Exhibition of Woodworking Machines and Tools – Katowice April International Fair of Advertising Goods and Services 13.05 - 15.05 EXPOPOWER - International Power Industry Fair GREENPOWER - International Renewable Energy Fair 21.05 - 23.05 CHINA HOMELIFE FAIR POLAND 7) 22.05 - 24.05 Franchising Forum - International Fair of Networking Systems 8) 23.05 - 25.05 FIT-EXPO - Fitness & Sport Park 30.05 - 01.06 Zielone Agro Show - Polskie Zboża – Kąkolewo, Grodzisk Wielkopolski Municipality 03.06 - 06.06 INNOVATIONS - TECHNOLOGIES - MACHINES POLAND (ITM POLAND), including: HAPE - Exhibition of Hydraulics, Pneumatics and Drives MACH - TOOL - Machine Tool Exhibition METALFORUM - Exhibition of Metallurgy, Foundry Engineering and Metal Industry SURFEX - Exhibition of Surface Treatment Technologies TRANSPORTA WELDING RESEARCH FOR INDUSTRY 03.06 - 06.06 INUSTRIAL SUBCONTRACTING EXHIBITION August Roltechnika - Agricultural Exhibition - Wilkowice near Leszno concurrently: Festival of Old Tractors, organiser: Gmina LIPNO Dated: 15.04.2013r.

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