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Gary Riggs


Captivating films, colorful Colorado foliage and charm of Crested Butte: it’s an unrivaled cinematic experience. Festival passes now available at

Wow, Issue 40! I will now have 40 copies of Mountain Town Magazine stacked up in the office and it’s fun to look through all of them. There are so many great stories and I am proud to know that we are in the business of preserving them for future generations to look back on.

This business started in 2011. I had three kids who really needed me at home, but as we all know, living in a mountain town is very expensive and I needed to work. Work from home was not an accepted practice then. I had a growing idea to create a publication that talked about each of our mountain towns communities, its surrounding environment and the people who dared to come and settle into its peaks and valleys.

The recession was coming to an end and there were a ton of new unique businesses rising up out of the ashes of financial instability in each of our little towns. I was fascinated and felt we needed an authentic magazine crafted by locals to tell these stories and represent all of us living at altitude.

I started blogging at home, telling people what was happening in each of our towns as I traveled through them with my children. We were on the road for soccer games, school events and skiing competitions. Every time I left one of our little mountain hamlets I discovered I had learned new things about the region. I found a passion for sharing it with my friends and followers. Everyone wanted to know what was happening in these areas (and they still do).

A friend taught me basic magazine layout and from there I launched our first digital publication. Folks would ask me for copies. I realized print wasn’t dead and pushed forward to release our first physical publication in 2012.

Here it is 2024 and we present to you a fabulous new edition talking about biking in our mountain towns, daring entrepreneurs, great things to do, road trips and travel, incredible chefs and places to eat, stories about our environment as well as the places we call home. Everything is written by local residents to provide an insider’s perspective, without ruining the surprise of discovery for you.

A lot has changed up here since 2011 and yet there is still one thing that stays the same. My love for Colorado’s mountains and the communities that fill their valleys.

Thank you for reading Mountain Town Magazine and if you have any story ideas I would love to hear them. Shoot me an email anytime..

P.S. It’s summer, get out and stop to smell the flowers!

2024 Fine Art Festival Schedule

You won't want to miss the only nationally recognized fine art festivals in Summit County!

Free admission and family friendly

41st Breckenridge July Art Festival

July 4, 5, 6

Village at Breckenridge & Main Street Station

6th Silverthorne Fine Arts Festival

July 12, 13, 14 Next to Silverthorne Rec Center

23rd Breckenridge August Art Festival

August 1, 2, 3

Village at Breckenridge & Main Street Station

49th Breckenridge Gathering at the Great Divide

August 31, September 1, 2 Colorado Mountain College

4th Palisade Art Festival

September 28 & 29

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Veteran's Memorial Park, Palisade, CO

Buena Vista

Buena Vista, Bewna Vista, Bewnie, or BV- the opinions behind the pronunciation of this town are as vast and fast as the Arkansas River in mid-June, but one thing rings true: BV has become a place to be-

with a quickly emerging music scene, a Main Street full of bars, restaurants, shops that no longer roll up the carpets at dark, and an organized effort by the people that live here to both protect and allow enjoyment of all the 100,000 BLM and Forest Service acres and the river play park downtown that make up the surroundings of a town bursting with vitality and imagination.

Bewnie is a place that I have made my home for 20 years. I came here by way of the river and stayed for the ideal mountain life. Back then, it was multi-generational families that had lived through the booms

and busts of a mining town. Otherwise, it was me in my 20s, five-ish friends in their 20s, the bar regulars, and the deer on Main Street at night. When those few friends and I had the trails to ourselves and our off-leash dogs; it was quiet, mellow, special. Some may say that those were the good ol’ days of BV, and some may say much like most of Colorado, Buena Vista is being ruined by out-of-towners bringing their big ideas, wallets, and vibes – ruining God’s country. But while I did pour one out when we went from one stoplight to two a few years back, I disagree with this sentiment of things getting ruined.

Photo by Cloud Level Media

What’s happening in Buena Vista is so engulfed in passion and ingenuity, and the growth is driven by community trying to make community more awesome.

It’s the riverfront through town that is made up of trails and waves to play in, not mansions that someone lives in three weeks a year. It’s the Surf Hotel and Ivy Ballroom which cater to visitors who need beds and good times, but also houses an amazing restaurant and two music venues that we all get to boogie to through the four seasons. It’s the fact that we do still get an off-season where you know everyone at the bar.

There are a few entrepreneurs who made Buena Vista their home before it was the cool thing to do. When Jed Selby and Katie Urban discovered that 41-acres alongside the Arkansas River was up for sale in 2003, the two pro-kayakers created a plan around a world class whitewater park and a development that revolved around conscientious land-use design, green building, and a walkable nook in town. South Main houses Eddyline Brewery, The Midland Coffee Shop, Black Burro Bike Shop, The Surf Hotel, two amazing music venues and Wesley and Rose, a restaurant that perfectly offers a casual upscale dining experience right on the river. What could have been a riverfront of large houses and private lots became a playground for kayaking, sup’ing, rafting, hiking, biking, and dancing.

Earl and Cheryl Richmond moved Colorado Kayak Supply to Main Street from Nathrop in 2000 and saw the vision of the whitewater park at the end of Main Street. “We didn’t have the full vision of Main Street in the beginning. We moved there to be adjacent to the fun runs like The Numbers, The Narrows, and The Fractions and a whitewater park that was in the baby days of ideas. Town was empty, locals were supportive, but questioning us. No one is going to come to BV to shop for things! We were stubborn and ignorant because it was out one choice in our budget. We moved in and the rest is history,” explains Earl Richmond.

The Roastery Café, The Asian Palate, and The Deerhammer Distillery all followed in the footsteps of the early days of Main Street, when often there were truly zero cars on Main Street at night. It took gumption, vision, and paved the path for the revitalization of this town.

Main Street Buena Vista today is a mosaic of fun. This year, CKS River Supply and The Buena Viking made their permanent homes in their brand-new brick and mortars. There are cute

and unique boutique hotels such as The Inn on Railroad, The Even Keel Lodge, and The Shorehouse Hotel giving fun options for places to sleep. Crave Pizza and The Main Street Tavern are giving new life to an otherwise sleepy block. We no longer must order cute clothes online due to Luna Vista Consignment and Hilonesome Boutique keeping locals and tourists alike styled and hip, and the kids are all psyched for options for ice cream with Louie’s Ice Cream and Chocolatte.

A quickly emerging music scene is also putting Buena Vista on the map. The Ivy Ballroom and The Lawn in South Main have hosted the likes of Thievery Corporation, Kitchen Dwellers, Leftover Salmon, Fruition, Trevor Hall, Brett Dennon, Keller Williams, and The Motet, just to name a few! The Meadows Farm has hosted festivals like Vertex and 7-Peaks and has settled on slightly smaller, more intimate shows such as Billy Strings “Renewal” every year. Back up on Main Street, The Lariat is serving up good food, beer, and a world class sound system that hosts music 3-4 days a week.

Margaret J. Wheatley once said, “There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.” In Buena Vista and surrounding areas, you can hike high alpine, bike amazing singletrack, skin to quiet and still forests and ski back down to your car, play on the river in all forms, and we have really nice benches placed in perfect places to take it all in. There is a lot to protect and a lot to plan for to not ruin what makes it all special. Our town has people with that passion and drive.

The Buena Vista Singletrack Coalition is a non-profit trail advocacy organization “committed to collaborating with agencies, businesses, and locals in order to build, maintain, and steward sustainable trails for muscle-powered users.”

Friends of Fourmile aims to balance good stewardship with quality recreational opportunities. These two volunteer organizations are working to build infrastructure responsibly in the way of minimizing direct and indirect impacts in our local trail system.

You can’t really talk about Buena Vista without talking about The Arkansas river being a vein of energy and importance for our culture. Traveling a bit north of BV and ending in town is a classic stretch of river that offers everything from class V stretches to class III stretches. They make for great after work runs, lunch hours, and sunset cruises. Ending in downtown Buena Vista,

we have our river park. The park contains five man-made play features which allow a variety of user groups to easily access and enjoy the river.

The Friends of the Buena Vista River Park has emerged as a protector and guide for the future of this increasingly busy area. This 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization raises funds and awareness for all future outdoor recreation projects, improvements, and maintenance involving or benefiting The Buena Vista River Park. It is made up of people who know and love our river and encour age sustainable and ongoing improvements in safety and fun.

I’ve made Buena Vista my home since 2008. Barely a drop in the bucket for some local lineages. I’ve seen change. I’ve become an entrepreneur, and I’ve felt the growing pains of this little town that could. Buena Vista, Bewna Vista, Bewnie, BV is a gem worth talking about, and as Norman Maclean once said, a river runs through it, connecting us all in making this an amazing place to visit, raise our kids, make our homes, run our dogs, and cheers beers to a life well lived.


It’s official, The Rural is Rad (RiR) movement has launched to champion rural brands and founders in the outdoor industry. It aims to help consumers and specialty, independent retailers discover new brands, empowering them to shop locally and raise awareness of the incredible products, jobs, and communities being developed in remote areas.

Rural is Rad highlights the grit and determination of rural outdoor brands and founders, helping them gain recognition in a challenging market. The movement targets consumers who are mindful about their purchases and seek connections with purpose-driven brands that respect the outdoors.

All rural outdoor brands are invited to join the Rural is Rad movement at no cost and be part of a transformative journey towards a more inclusive, sustainable, and vibrant outdoor industry.

For more information and to get involved, join the directory, follow and connect with RiR on Instagram @ruralisrad.


It’s official, The Rural is Rad (RiR) movement has launched to champion rural The Eagle Valley Trail connects our mountain town communities from the top of Vail Pass to Glenwood Canyon. It links directly with Summit County’s bike path and will carry you through Eagle County to Glenwood Springs and the Roaring Fork Valley. At some point, our mountain town communities will be able to ride all the

way to Denver with the Peaks to Plains Trail, a 65-mile trail stretching from the Continental Divide on Loveland Pass to the South Platte River Trail in Denver and Adams County.

The Eagle Valley Trail has ribbon cuttings to celebrate new sections in late June. Now, there are only 7.5 miles left to connect Horn Ranch in Wolcott to Edwards. The finale of this pathway is a

challenge due to the location’s physicality. This stretch will take approximately $26 million to complete but the EVT only needs to raise $3 million from the community to complete this last section of trail. If accessibility is your passion you can help meet the EVT’s funding goal.

To learn more head to


The town and community of Breckenridge celebrated Rootstalk Restaurant’s Chef and Owner Matt Vawter’s first James Beard Foundation Award on June 10, 2024. Vawter, owner of two restaurants in Breckenridge, CO - Rootstalk and Radicato - won the title of ‘Best Chef: Mountain’. This category represents a region that includes Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming.

Chef Matt Vawter, a native of Colorado’s Summit County, discovered his culinary passion through the Colorado


transcript of Chef Vawter’s acceptance speech is below:

“Wow, thank you to the [James Beard] Foundation for recognizing what we do in our small little mountain community in Breckenridge. I started cooking when I was fourteen years old to help my parents pay rent, and I’ve never looked back. To our producers and farmers, we get to highlight your products on the plate and in the restaurant, and it makes our lives really easy.

To my partners, Patrick and Cam, who are in the audience, you guys believed in me when I said, let’s go open a restaurant in the middle of the pandemic. You picked up your lives and moved, and you practice what you preach. You work to get better every single day, and our restaurants wouldn’t exist without you.

To all of our leaders back at home ... you all make our teams better, you make our restaurants a better place to work, and thank you.

To our teams, none of this is possible without you. Thank you for believing in us and trusting us to lead you. Thank you for all your hard work To all the chefs that took a chance on me, and allowed me to make mistakes and grow, and teach me about this business, I certainly wouldn’t be on this stage without your help.

And lastly, my wife, Christy. You’re my best friend. You met me when I was an eighteen-year-old apprentice, and you’ve been by my side ever since. Through all the years of being a broke cook, three restaurant openings — one of which you had to be a single mom and live in a different city — thank you for always supporting my dreams and being by my side. Thank you for being my partner in life.

Mountain College Culinary Apprenticeship Program. Mentored by Chef Alex Seidel at Fruition restaurant in Denver, Vawter honed his craft and commitment to sourcing quality ingredients.

Co-founding Mercantile Dining & Provision in 2014, he later returned to Breckenridge, opening Rootstalk in 2020 and Radicato in 2022, which serve as vibrant community culinary hubs, reflecting Vawter’s dedication to exceptional food and hospitality.

With accolades that include a 2024 James Beard Award win for ‘Best Chef: Mountain’ and being named ‘Best Chef’ in the 2023 Best of Summit Awards, Vawter continues to elevate Summit County’s culinary scene with exceptional food preparation and exceptional services while fostering relationships with local purveyors.


Humble Suds

Humble suds is your answer to all natural cleaning products. Born and raised in Evergreen Colorado in 2018, and woman owned, Humble Suds produces cleaning products that are effective, gentle, pronounceable and enjoyable. Made in glass, reusable bottles and available in different scents, Humble suds products are good for the environment and for you. Even their spray nozzles are recyclable. The Laundry soap is the most popular, and the all-purpose cleaner is a big seller as well. “Get ready to love laundry days” is one of their slogans.

Their products can be found at select retail and grocery stores, and online at Use code MTN10 for 10% of your purchase.

Frankie’s Spicy Water

We took one sip and we were hooked. This lovely new beverage is crafted in Eagle, Colorado by Vail Valley locals Casey Thomson, Jeff Thomson and Jake Lammert. Mocktail or cocktail?! Spicy, sparkly and refreshing Frankie’s Spicy Water provides the perfect foundation for a Mocktail or a Cocktail. We love it straight from the can. Choose from two flavors, Strawberry Jalapeño or Pineapple Jalapeño. Each flavor is crafted with real fruit and jalapeno peppers, has a low sugar content and is certified organic. The capsaicin in the peppers give it a real zing to help you feel energized while reducing inflammation in your body. You can buy through their website or discover where it is sold in our mountain town communities on their shop page.

Atlas Pet Company

I love to celebrate local companies in our mountain communities. Pups are family, and Atlas Pet company in beautiful Golden Colorado has a back story like no other. Owner Sam Alter had an idea to make the best leashes, collars, and accessories in 2015 in San Francisco, CA. Most dog products are made overseas, with cheaper materials, and not made locally. Sam wanted to make something better, a higher quality American made product. After a few years of development, with early mornings and late nights, Sam decided to quit his job in the tech industry and set out with his best friend and sweet pup Atlas. His partner and her dog also came along for an adventure in a 4X4 sprinter van for a year to see the country and to do more research on Atlas Pet Products. After a year of development and adventures, they decided to land their operations in Golden CO. All products are made in Golden, in small batches. His leashes are made from climbing rope, to provide a little give in the leash, and are available in multiple lengths. Even

the clamps for the leashes are sourced from Colorado. His Lifetime Leash is a best seller, and lifetime means just that, guaranteed for a lifetime even if your pup destroys it. Sam’s goal wasn’t to invent new products for dogs, he instead wanted to make the products that are used with our pets better, and I believe he has achieved this. Sam’s passion for what he does and his love for your furry friends comes out tenfold in his products. Life is about adventures with your pup, and whether you are headed to a coffee shop, or out for a hike, Atlas Pet Company makes sure the adventure is that much better. They even have travel water bowls, and pouches that hook onto your leash for your poop bags, car keys or whatever you need on your adventure. The collars are made to be extra comfortable, and both come in a variety of colors. Buying local never felt so good. Your pup will be fur-ever grateful.

Non-Profit Nook

Headwaters Trails Alliance

Headwaters Trails Alliance (HTA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving, promoting, and enhancing trails in scenic Grand County, Colorado. Their Good mission? To build, maintain, and promote a network of trails that are accessible to all while minimizing impact on the environment in Grand County where the Colorado River headwaters begin.

The group works to identify, maintain, and expand accessible, interconnecting trail systems in Grand County for appropriate multi-user groups while promoting appreciation, preservation, and enjoyment of trails through education. HTA also helps keep trail users safe with tips, ideas, and resources for responsible recreation through their Outdoor Ambassador Program. Volunteers and paid staff work together to help keep trails clear of trees and other debris.

Over the last seven years, HTA has performed a great deal of mountain bike-specific trail improvements across the Fraser Valley. The projects include improving the user experience with bike-optimized features, increased connectivity, and several new trails and trailhead improvements such as bike tool stations. Most recently, they have performed an almost complete overhaul of the Phases Trail System outside of Tabernash making the area a new favorite among local and visiting cyclists alike. Without this nonprofit many trails would not be in existence or in poor condition and Grand County’s natural areas would be negatively impacted. Thank you Headwaters Trail Alliance.


Find Your Bliss

C3 Premier llc Growing A Highland Oasis

Tucked away along the bike path on the East end of Eagle is a beautiful business growing flowers, herbs, and vegetables while creating brilliant custom flower containers and hanging baskets. We don’t often think of Colorado’s mountain towns as farmland but this spread coaxes the most spectacular array of foliage into bloom for gardens from Pitkin to Summit County. C3 also provides Eagle County with organically grown vegetables, herbs, starts for the garden, and garden boxes to enhance your patio.

Owner, Jeff Matlock, has been working with flowers for over 20 years. His partner, Jen Pace handles sales and is the greenhouse manager. The entire operation is run without electricity and utilizes gravity-fed water for irrigation.

Nothing goes unused in and around the greenhouses. Everything is repurposed for sustainability.

Vegetables are grown from non-GMO seeds and can be purchased at local farmers markets or better yet their garden patio boxes allow you to grow herbs and veggies at your home or place of business.

If you have admired the colorful array of baskets and boxes brightening the hotels, shops, and restaurants in Vail and Beaver Creek, chances are they are C3Premier Llc creations.

To learn more and discover what farmer’s markets, garden parties and plant sales you can find them at, head to their Facebook Page @C3PremierLLC or email them

Pets Healing Hands


When Ullr, a beautiful fluffy 6-year-old husky mix, suffered a spinal stroke (what vets call a FCE or Fibrocartilagenous Embolism), his left rear leg became paralyzed. Ullr began dragging his leg and having trouble standing. His human reached out to Rebecca Hall at Zen Mountain Mobility who launched his recovery journey. Through hands-on massage and stretching, proprioceptive exercise, strength building, laser therapy, PEMF (pulsed electro-magnetic field) therapy and acupuncture, Ullr is now bounding around the yard all by himself — no longer needing his mobility cart to get around.

“There is nothing more satisfying than to ease pain and see
my patients thrive and enjoy life again,” says Dr. Hall, DVM, CVA, CCRT.

Hall has wanted to work with animals since she was a little girl looking up to her veterinarian father. Her academic resume includes a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Marine Biology from Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Ross University College of Veterinary Medicine in West Indies, St. Kitts. She worked in the emergency vet world for nearly two decades and taught at the university level before digging into pain management options

outside of traditional western pharmaceuticals. Hall had developed a soft spot for older cats and dogs with mobility issues.

After obtaining her acupuncture and canine rehabilitation certifications, Hall worked in a niche animal hospital in Boulder. She fulfilled a longtime dream of living in the mountains, moving to Summit County in 2016 and launched her own mobile rehabilitation and acupuncture business last summer.

Hall’s favorite part of the job? “Using my hands to alleviate suffering and make my patients feel good again.”

Zen Mountain Mobility serves Summit and Eagle counties with the occasional Front Range patient. Find out more at




JUL 10 Joe Samba

JUL 17 Ryan Montbleau Band




AUG 14 Paul Benjaman Band




Escape to the Grand Mesa National Forest! Visit Powderhorn in the summer to enjoy hiking, biking, live music, and events in the cool mountain air.

Our Flat-Top Flyer lift o ers bikers and hikers a scenic trip up the mountain for exploring the Mesa top trails or dropping into the downhill Bike Park. We hope you’ll join us! For tickets, events, and hours, vist us online at

Hair & Makeup Artistry Weddings - Elopements - Events Happily Ever After Starts Here Serving all of Colorado


Generation Wild has launched a fun initiative for summer and is calling on Colorado’s kids to Help Save the Bees! Generation Wild is distributing more than 100,000 FREE packets of Wildflower Seeds across the state for kids and families to plant in their backyards. The initiative aims to make our state more beautiful, more ecologically diverse and more friendly to our pollinator friends — all while rewilding Colorado’s kids buy getting them outside in nature.The “Wilderflower” mix was developed in partnership with Applewood Seed Co. and packets are now available for pickup at local libraries and designated partner sites including more than 80 Little Free Library boxes. Along with distributing the seed packets, Generation Wild has planted Florafitti gardens in several parks for families to visit all summer long. To learn more and get Wilder head to:

The PlayGarten

The PlayGaren in Silverthorne recently held their Grand Opening celebrating their new indoor playspace. This new facility is everything a mountain town family has wished for with its multi-age, multi-attraction indoor play destination providing year-round fun for all ages. Kids will love the space to run, jump, climb and tumble while adults enjoy an in-house biergarten. Set next to Bluebird Market you can also grab a quick bite to eat too.

The multi-level indoor playground with slides, swings, and climbing obstacles is available to children of all ages. The first floor caters to toddlers and crawlers with soft play, fine motor games, and a “road” for vehicle play and rotating attractions.

PlayGarten’s turf area is open for play, running, jumping, or working on your favorite sports skills. With soccer goals and basketball hoops, kids of all ages (and adults too!) will enjoy the open space to play or practice.

But wait! There is more…arcade games and a multi ball area will keep everyone engaged and mom and dad can grab a beer from their taps in the open lounge area. Check it out:

325 Blue River Pkwy, #105 Silverthorne, CO 80498 (970) 368-3159

WHERE ART meets adventure

Enjoy wide open spaces, thousands of acres of wilderness and hundreds of miles of hiking and biking trails alongside a thriving arts and culture scene. Explore the heart of Summit County in Silverthorne, Colorado and find where art meets adventure!

Pedals & Pizza


With the help of Virginia Ericson at Flying Bear Pizza and Juan Alberto DelaRoca of the Gravel Adventure Field Guide

we’ve crafted a fun tour that you can bike, hike (that would be long) or drive. Wherever you’re starting from you can fuel up for the adventure or kick back with a pie and a pint then retire to some great lodging establishments after a day in the saddle.


Pizza: Colorado Boy Pub & Brewery

Appetizers, Salads, Pizza and Beer. What more could you ask for? Oh yeah, how about a flourless chocolate Torte.

602 Clinton St, Ridgway, CO 81432

Stay: Basecamp 550

RV’s, Glamping and Tiny Homes available with beautiful views with a cool clubhouse to gather and kick back with new friends and old.

20725 US-550, Ridgway, CO


Pizza: Norwood Dark Sky Pie

Open Friday through Monday, serving up tasty pies hand tossed and topped with the freshest of ingredients.

1615 Grand Ave, Norwood, CO

Stay: Back Country Inn

Mountain-elegant rooms at an economic rate in the center of town and an easy ride from Dark Sky Pie.

1160 W Grand Avenue Norwood, CO 81423


Pizza: The Flying Bear at Naturita Bicycle Co

Part Bike Shop Part Pizzeria. You can sit at the Bike Bar and order off the Menu at the Flying Bear Pizzeria- a full service Rocky Mountain ‘Za pizzeria located right inside of the bike shop...or is the bike shop inside of the pizzeria? You decide!

202 E Main St, Naturita, CO 81422

Stay: Camp V

CampV has something for everyone. This boutique camp in Naturita, Colorado combines art, history, architecture, design, outdoor recreation & unique spaces. Cabins, Camping, Yurts and Glamping Tents.

Ee 26 Road Vancorum, Colo 81422


Pizza: Colorado Boy Brewery

Just like Ridgway but add sandwiches and a whole lot more is on the desert menu.

320 E. Main St. Montrose, Colorado 81401

Stay: Old School Lodge

A tranquil retreat for weary travelers and adventure seekers set in a renovated old school house.

21049 Uncompahgre Rd, Montrose, CO 81403


A Toast to Quandary Peak …

Hiking up a trail, most of us don’t often think about what goes into building and maintaining it. Afterall, trails effortlessly blend into the landscape, winding through pine trees, curving up switchbacks, over boulders and logs. That switchback? That boulder or log? Each one of those actually took a great deal of effort.

Historically ranked among the most popular peaks in Colorado, Quandary Peak earned a special place in my heart after a stormy day of trail work last fall.

Located just a few miles south of downtown Breckenridge and with an elevation of 14,272 feet, Quandary is one of Colorado’s most accessible fourteeners. This is largely what accounts for its popularity.

“Quandary has a great trail. It’s relatively easy to follow. It’s a shorter, more straightforward fourteener, so if you haven’t done one before, you say, OK, only 3 miles to the summit? I can handle that,” says Brian Sargeant of Colorado Fourteeners Initiative (CFI).

My trail work day, led by CFI, was prompted by TINCUP Whiskey. The brand recently released the second edition of its 14-year-aged Fourteeners blend featuring Quandary Peak. Launched in 2022 fea-

turing Longs Peak, TINCUP Fourteeners celebrates a specific Colorado fourteener every year, donating $14,000 to CFI. Also, debuting at Quandary, TINCUP recruits volunteers for a trail work day.

So, unlike most days of strenuous physical labor, mine ended in especially festive fashion. After hours of scraping, digging and wielding heavy raw materials in rain and snow, those TINCUP hot toddies hit the spot. But truly, the most rewarding part was seeing the small section of trail I helped improve.

The day started by splitting into two groups. The first group schlepped axes, shovels and picks a couple miles up the trail. There, above treeline at 13,000 feet, summer foot traffic had scattered the loose rocks (scree) all over, covering staircases and steps. Forming an assembly line, blinking away snow, the group spent the day clearing the corridor. Down below, my group’s job was preparing and placing logs onto the lower section of trail. This process began with CFI Field Programs Director Ben Hanus hiking up in the 4 a.m. darkness to saw down a couple of enormous, dead pine trees. By the time we got there, they had been neatly cut into 4-foot

logs. We got to work shaving the bark off each until it looked fit to be transformed into expensive furniture. Weighing about 80 pounds, each log was wedged into a primitive carrying device, two of us holding one side of a handle while maneuvering the cumbersome mass down rock steps, around trees and steep pitches to a mapped out resting place near the start of the trail. There, we followed detailed instructions, digging out a trench in which to wedge each log, cover and camouflage it into the trail, occasionally moving our bodies and tools aside for the few intrepid hikers heading down the trail, their heads and shoulders brushed with snow.

“What we found with our trail conditions research at Quandary, if we have a really well-built trail made with sustainable materials, it can handle all the traffic it’s getting. It’s one of the best in the state in terms of its condition,” Sargeant says.

In 2022, CFI used data from trail counters to determine that the 23 fourteeners it maintains saw a total of 279,000 hiking days. Of those, 22,000 landed on Quandary, making it Colorado’s second-most (after Mt. Bierstadt) frequented fourteener. In 2023, preliminary data

showed that Quandary tallied about 25,000 hiking days. These numbers are especially impressive considering Quandary’s new parking reservation requirements. Before these requirements, which came into play during summer 2021, Quandary would see around 40,000 hiking days a year. Now, to reach Quandary in the summer, visitors must either book parking in advance (using, a full weekend day in 2023 cost $55), or take a shuttle to/from the trailhead. (This ran $7 per person roundtrip; free to Summit County locals). The parking and shuttle fees are only in effect from mid-June to mid-September. In winter, parking is free. Although CFI does not count visitors in the colder months, Quandary is, “anecdotally,” Colorado’s most popular winter fourteener.

“Quandary is really unique in that it’s great for first timers hiking a fourteener in the snow,” Sargeant says. “The avalanche risk on the east ridge is minimal compared to a lot of other places. It’s a spectacular peak to visit year-round.”

Even when the trail is covered in snow, I’ll always know where my log lies. I will forever step – or ski – over it with pride.

To volunteer with CFI, visit Also, Friends of Breckenridge Trails schedule volunteer work days around Breck from spring through fall. Fourteeners whiskey featuring Quandary Peak can be found at

The hubby and I have spent the last thirty springs and falls traveling through the western US, mostly in Colorado, always with our bikes, and always in some kind of camping rig, no tents or hotels for us. Our priority is to keep it simple - drive a few hours, find a quiet place to camp for the next couple days, ride bikes, read books, stay warm. We live in a ski town, Breckenridge, and our seasonal jobs allow us to take month-long vacations during the off seasons.

Our first camping rig back in the mid 80’s was a ‘76 Dodge Van where the steering had a life of its own, heat was a white gas lantern, and the bikes were awkwardly stored on the roof. After a few more years of primitive campers with no toilet or shower, we decided that our knees and the environment could no longer handle using the great outdoors as our bathroom and it was time for a hard side camper and today, as I write this, we are traveling in luxury - a toilet, hot shower, and even an oven! Even the bikes are traveling in style - Jeffrey took out the back seat of the truck for bike storage.

After so many years of biking all over the west, we both have concluded that our home state of Colorado is the best. It meets all the needs of anyone who loves to recreate on two wheels, road, gravel or mountain. Red rock desert, sagebrush foothills, ponderosa pine woodlands, healthy spruce and fir forests, sunny Aspen groves, and of course the high alpine. Colorado has it all. By late March you can find temperatures in the upper fifties at lower

elevations and in higher terrain by June. Plenty of buffed dirt roads for the gravel rider, pavement with decent shoulders for the roadie, and singletrack for the mountain biker ranging from smooth and fast to technical and rocky. Car camping certainly was easier twenty years ago, but you can still find beautiful spots to park the van or stay in one of many primitive forest service or BLM campgrounds.

By mid April, most ski town residents desperately need a break from snow and there is a mass exodus to somewhere, anywhere where we can put on shorts and ride on brown dirt or dry pavement. Jeffrey and I aim for areas below 7500 feet, and also look for trails that aren’t too difficult so we can ease into the bike season. By July it’s time to take advantage of what Colorado provides like no other state - high alpine riding. But easily our favorite time to be on the saddle in our home state is the fall when the crowds are gone and fall colors are in full swing, beginning with the alpine tundra turning a rusty red, and a few weeks later it’s the changing colors of Aspens.




There’s a pretty good chance that we will bump into a few friends from Summit County when we head to Fruita in April. It will be crowded since most ski town residents are feeling the same urge to escape snow as soon as the resorts close and Fruita is the perfect destination. Camping can be a little tricky, so try and make a reservation or splurge on a motel. But the crowds are worth it because the riding is phenomenal. This is high desert country and often the weather is warm enough to wear short sleeves and shorts, the cottonwood trees will have just bloomed (that initial gorgeous shade of lime green) and the desert wildflowers are just starting to pop.

Fruita/Grand Junction are most famous for the mountain biking, and has everything from easy smooth singletrack to the technical classic desert rocky, ledgy stuff. Road riding the National Monument is a must do classic, but if you want to ride without crowds the farm roads north of Fruita on gravel or a road bike are great for some easy cruising. By mid May you can count on fields of mariposa lilies for a


gravel ride on the Frontage road, and the Kokopelli trail near Loma is your best chance to find Indian Paintbrush, desert primrose, phlox and more.

Sometimes the spring crowds of at Fruita/GJ can be a bit much for us two old curmudgeons and we will sacrifice a little bit of variety of trails for places less busy like Nucla/Naturita. Similar to Fruita, you can still ride in beautiful red rock canyons, buffed dirt or paved roads next to the Dolores River or cruise along on old school singletrack like the Paradox trail or the Camp V trail. Check West End Trails Alliance’s website for an extensive list and map of their trails both for gravel, and mountain bike.

Other spring getaways that we love - Canon City, Cortez, Pueblo, Glenwood Springs, Gunnison. With a little research you can find numerous options for biking - dirt or paved. One gravel ride on my To Do list, is the Phantom Canyon Road out of Canon City, traveling through a deep narrow red walled canyon, and usually dry and not too busy by April. I’ve heard that Steamboat Springs, Buena Vista and Trinidad are great gravel riding destinations.


As soon as the lower elevations heat up, which for us wimps are temperatures over 75 degrees, we head for higher altitudes like Aspen or Crested Butte but be prepared for crowds. Crested Butte is famous for singletrack and wildflowers and early July tends to be the best just don’t forget the bug spray. Biking the Maroon Bells Road out of Aspen is another top five Colorado experiences. We choose rides though where for some portion we will be above treeline - Leadville, Monarch Pass, Molas Pass, Silverton, Cameron Pass are all good options. All of these offer either high alpine singletrack, or numerous dirt roads for the gravel grinder. But honestly, by mid July, we are happy to just stick around Breckenridge for the cooler temperatures, peaking wildflowers and how we have so many options for riding up to the alpine.

Now’s the time to tick off road biking the passes of Summit County - Vail Pass, Fremont Pass, Loveland Pass, and even the less traveled Ute Pass. I see quite a few Gravel riders on Boreas Pass from Breckenridge

to Como and while it seems a bit bumpy to me, the alpine views and hillsides of Aspen sunflowers will be a worthy distraction.

For me, it is always about the wildflowers. Probably my all time favorite wildflower ride is the Colorado Trail from Molas Pass. Time it for late July, early August, avoid it on weekends and bundle up and ride it early in the morning to miss the crowds. This trail is busy with Colorado Trail hikers, so please be courteous and let the hiker have the right of way. Count on seeing rosy paintbrush, Indian paintbrush, Aspen sunflowers, delphinium, and plenty more.

I am not a downhiller, but I do know that some of the best lift served riding in Colorado are Winter Park and Keystone. Plus most bike-centric towns will advertise a few “downhill only” trails. The Crest Trail off Monarch Pass is usually done as a shuttle ride, with 5700 feet elevation loss, but I wouldn’t categorize it just as a downhill trail since you do have to climb close to 2000 Feet.

BIKE PARKS AND DOWNHILL BIKING have become extremely popular and many of our Colorado mountain town resorts offer trails, uploads, rental gear, biking lessons and clinics. A ticket is often required to access these trails.

Powderhorn Bike Park

The Powderhorn Bike Park has five topto-botton trails, three connector trails, and a new trail linking the Bike Park to the larger Grand Mesa trail system, covering 1650 vertical feet, served by a high-speed quad chairlift. The Park is open to all ages and abilities. Rental bikes and body armor are available.

Arapahoe Basin Trails

Frisco Bike Park frisco-adventure-park/

Keystone Resort Bike Park

Purgatory Bike Park

Snowmass Bike Park

Steamboat Bike Park

Winter Park’s Trestles Bike Park




But it is always the fall (early September-October) where being on two wheels, whizzing through gorgeous alpine groundcover or buffed singletrack in peaking aspens, is truly what makes Colorado the best. Road Riding the steep Cottonwood Pass Road in early September from Buena Vista turns into a sea of rusty reds and orange when the alpine tundra changes. Groundcover fall colors are overlooked by many due to the difficulty to access since it is all above treeline, but it is so worth the effort and we will often drive as high as we can for a fall tundra ride.

By late September, temperatures are dropping, we’ve had our first dusting of snow on the peaks, and the aspens are changing. Riding a singletrack through peaking Aspens is a magical experience and I become

this Aspen addict much to the frustration of my husband who loves riding it as much as I do, but not so much into driving for hours across the state to squeeze in one more fall foliage extravaganza before it all ends mid October.

There are trails and roads in our Aspens throughout the entire state. In general aspens peak late September in the northern part of the state and early October further south. Crested Butte and Steamboat are well known for the rides through endless Aspen groves but southwest Colorado is a guaranteed good option, especially for road riders. Telluride and Silverton are two top destinations in the Southwest or check out the road ride from Creede to Lake City over Slumgullion Pass.

As I write this, we are in our camper, heading home from Northern California. And the usual has happened. This anxious feeling consumes me - I have to get back home as soon as possible, to Colorado. The sego lilies are peaking in Fruita, and a little side trip to Paonia for a road ride is in order. The trails out our front door in Breckenridge are finally drying out, and it will be so good to be home. And there it is, the sign on I-70, “Welcome to Colorful Colorado.” On we go.

Original Thinkers

Last October 2023 I attended the most unique festival filled with ideas, thoughts, and art. The 6th Annual Original Thinkers Festival in Telluride immersed me in fresh perspectives and participatory experiences that don’t exist in the lineup of most mainstream events. Presentations from political leaders, journalists, filmmakers, health practitioners, musicians, healers, and more opened up my mind and introduced the audience to new and alternative ways of thinking while confronting the complexities and challenges of our ever-changing world.

Each year this festival brings ideas, stories, and community together. Using the festival as a springboard, Original

Thinkers has launched several initiatives that thoughtfully repurpose the festival’s engaging programming.

There were fun and smart gatherings that included guided DJ-led sound journeys from Zendo Stereo, film presentations, hikes, a women’s circle, the Climate Cafe, Original Drinkers cocktail hours, communal meals, an introduction to a new meditative technology called Shiftwave, and many other unexpected experiences.

The Seventh year of Original Thinkers will be held on October 4 -6, 2024. OT will continue its curation of creative, fresh and contemplative programming while shining a spotlight on a host of new voices, artists, thinkers, storytellers, health practitioners and visionaries. With changing times

and attitudes, Founder David Holbrooke continues to evolve the presentations of the festival’s offerings. He invites audiences to join him on a transformative journey to listen, think deeply, see possibility, and embrace new ideas.

This festival is a work of art. I experienced beauty through each presenter’s lens of ideas and walked away at the end of this gathering astounded by how one’s mind, body, and spirit can be opened up by a community of people willing to share new ideas and possibilities.

I look forward to the brilliant concoction of events this year will bring.

Meet the artist behind Breck’s new home furniture store


When Gary Riggs designs a house, he sees every room as its own composition.

“I’m looking at lines, colors, textures, patterns. A room is a three-dimensional painting,” Riggs says. “I want it to look good from every angle, from every corner of the room. I’ve learned that so much of home design is for people to see an aesthetic, but doing it in their taste. It’s not my responsibility to foist my aesthetic onto their home. I’ve also found that a lot of people don’t know what they love until they’re in it or until they see it.”

Growing up on a farm in rural Washington and studying art at Brigham Young University, Riggs has had a knack for aesthetics since childhood. After graduat-

ing he worked for a studio producing the Donny and Marie Osmond TV show, also helping design sets and scenery for several Hollywood films, including the original Footloose. His drawings and paintings have earned their way into galleries across the country since the 1980s.

Hoping to become part of a larger art market, Riggs moved to the Dallas area and visited with several galleries and interior designers.

“I was met with positivity right away. They wanted my stuff. I painted and took odd jobs to keep income coming in,” Riggs says.

His journey as a home designer, however, arrived serendipitously, when a woman seeking paintings for a new house visited Riggs and admired the furnishings and design in his home. Riggs recalls the conversation clearly.

“She said, ‘we’ve built this home. We need artwork and I’d love to see your work.’ She came to the house, looked at all the paintings I had there. She bought a couple. She went back home. The next day I got another call from her. She said, ‘I have an odd question. When I was at your home, I loved the way your home feels. We’ve spent a lot of money on furnishings, but it doesn’t feel right. I want it to feel like your house. Can you make that happen?’”

Riggs worked his magic on her house and launched his foray into home design.

“I went up and looked at her house. I could see immediately there were nice things, but it was presented horribly. The space planning was awkward, everything was plopped around. There wasn’t an aesthetic to how it was put in. I took some pictures. I said I’d brainstorm some ideas.”

He ended up doing a furniture shuffle in her living area, incorporated a new coromandel screen behind the sofa and added a few other items “to finish it off.”

“The next day, she said, ‘I couldn’t leave that room. I sat in there all day and all night. We just love it.’”

Riggs opened his own business in Dallas in 2004. It has now become a massive retail space and design consultancy. He has spent the last two decades helping property owners discover and rediscover beauty and comfort in their homes in Dallas and beyond, designing homes in Vail, Beaver Creek, Jackson Hole and Bozeman.

Identifying a local demand for and deficit of luxury home furniture and design professionals, he has expanded to Breckenridge, opening Gary Riggs Home Furnishings on north Main Street this summer. The historic, two-story shop is worth a tour in itself, each corner an artistic masterpiece, featuring hand-selected furniture, wall art and accessories ranging in price from $30 to $27,000.

“I’m a person who believes there’s a place for everything,” Riggs says. “Our demographic is on the higher side, but my feeling is you can make a $200,000 home look like an $800,000 home. If you have a $6 million home, you’d better make it look like a $6 million home, but you can also make it look like an $8 million home.”

The gratification for Riggs comes in his client’s joy and contentment with their new home environment.

“I have one client I’ve worked with on many homes who will say, ‘I need a bit of a refresh. I’m tired of this room.’ I’ll give it a fresh face. The reward is in the people, the client’s smile or tears or the hug you get because they’re excited about the place. I love it when people appreciate your time and realize the thought you’ve put into it.”

Go Big When You Go Home

Statement Patio Doors for Exceptional Colorado Views

You’ve seen interior designers go ga-ga over moving walls of giant glass in your favorite magazines and Instagram accounts. Maybe you’ve even seen it in someone else’s home. You were left wowed and wondering, “What is that? And how do I get one of those in my home?”

That’s no ordinary wall, for sure. It’s a set of floor-to-ceiling Pella doors that can seamlessly extend your indoor living area to your outdoor spaces.

How to Get Big Patio Doors in Your Home

Using patio doors to highlight beautiful views is a must-have in Colorado. Oversized bi-fold or multi-slide doors provide the benefits of large windows with the functionality of patio doors, effortlessly extending your indoor living spaces to your outdoor spaces.

Sliding or folding? Bifold Patio Doors

Bifold patio doors fold up like an accordion instead of sliding along a track. The panels fold up neatly on one or both sides of the entryway. They can provide a wider entrance than some multi-slide patio doors that stack at the edges of the frame.

Because bifold patio doors fold instead of slide, there is not an overlap between the panels, which means it is a narrower track. This can make for a more seamless transition between your interior and exterior rooms.

Design Options for Sliding or Folding Glass Doors

When you opt to use doors instead of windows for maximum coverage and impact, you can get more design flexibility. Pella Multi-slide and bi-fold patio doors work with almost any architectural style.

Curved walls

Tracks can be curved instead of straight lines. Curved glass walls work in rounded rooms or other spaces with irregular shapes.


Your wall space doesn’t have to be all on one wall. Multi-slide and bifold patio doors can be configured at a 90-degree angle. This gives you the option to build two movable glass walls instead of one, creating a unique feature entrance.

Open on the side

Instead of a center opening, glass panels can be pushed to one side of the entryway. By sliding or folding the panels off to a side, you can gain additional space in your home or on your patio.

If you’re ready to start your patio door project, Pella of Grand Junction is here to help. As a locally owned and operated Pella distributor, our design consultants know what products work best for Colorado’s unique altitude, climate and building requirements, plus we provide full service from quote to installation.

Call (970) 779-6197for an in-home consultation or visit our new showroom at 2478 Patterson Rd STE 15, Grand Junction, CO 81505

DarkSky Colorado

Viewing the star-laden night skies without the interruption of light pollution is an experience beyond belief. It is an unparalleled immersive natural resource that can be experienced by all.

A new movement has been taking place, DarkSky International, a worldwide movement to restore the nighttime environment and protect communities from the harmful effects of light pollution through outreach, advocacy, and conservation.

Colorado has its own branch, DarkSky Colorado and our state has many Dark Sky certified regions to enjoy the night sky.

When planning your home, renovating or replacing an exterior light fixture you can now help restore our night skies to their glory and let the Milky Way shine a whole lot brighter (and also help birds while migrating).

How to Start:

1. Reduce the amount of light outside your home or place of business. Turn off all non-essential nighttime lights.

2. Shield outdoor lights to prevent light from being emitted upwards. Place lights to illuminate the floor or ground and use lighting shields to prevent shining into the sky.

3. Change the color of your lights from cool to warm.

4. Advocate for dark sky and bird-friendly lighting in your town.

5. Visit:

Sea Turtle and Wildlife Certified Orange A-19 LED Lamp

Artificial light is a threat to wildlife. Light at night disrupts natural behavior and can cause injury or death to the animal population. Consider this wildlife friendly light bulb to keep your outdoor spaces safe for both humans and wildlife.

Stay Step Back In Time

With a Stay at the Western Hotel & Spa Ouray

Western Colorado’s newest hotel destination, The Western Hotel & Spa in Ouray is one of the few remaining 19th-century wood-frame hotels in the United States. I had the opportunity to experience this meticulously restored landmark and it is stunning. It may sound clichè but when I walked through their double doors I felt as if I stepped back into Ouray’s mining-era glory.

Not a thing has been overlooked in the building’s restoration. Elegant touches, furniture, and décor match the building’s old western charm. Originally built in 1891, during Ouray’s mining boom days, The Western is one of the state’s last remaining wood frame hotels. Denver-based Zeppelin Development reimagined it as a sophisticated, European-style hospitality experience and a luxurious home base for outdoor recreation and succeeded.

Preservation was the priority for the team as they renovated the 132-year-old structure. Everything they could preserve

was taken into account, including an early 20th-century mural on the floor of The Saloon. Original taxidermy and art, stained glass windows, tin ceilings, the original front desk, hand-painted wallpaper, and the original hand-carved bar all grace the space they had originally occupied.

The hotel’s guest quarters include eight queen suites, four double queen suites, two king suites and two deluxe king suites located on floors two and three. Each room is punctuated with luxurious baths, gas fireplaces, large vintage mirrors, custom

flat-weave wool rugs, and kitchenettes outfitted with a sink and two-burner stovetop.

The Spa, located on the lower floor of the hotel, is a unique, intimate retreat offering Nordic therapeutic treatment methods and a horseshoe-shaped subterranean hot and cold saline plunge pool.

On the hotel’s main floor, the old west charm continues in the Grill and Dining Hall, with a menu inspired by traditions of the Ute tribe and local ingredients. Culinary director, Nic Weber, who has worked extensively throughout Colorado and California, including on the James Beard Award-winning team at Mercantile Dining & Provision in Denver and three Michelin-starred Atelier Crenn in San Francisco, creates seasonal menus of Western Colorado cuisine with a focus on local sourcing.

The Saloon is connected to the Grill and will have you wondering if you have stepped back in time with their pre-Prohibition era classic cocktail offerings.

This fabulous new hotel offers a welcoming, mountain-town curated experience, where understated luxury meets the original historic character.

The Western is located at 210 7th Avenue, Ouray, CO 81427. For more information, please visit

Evergreen Brewery

I get really excited this time of year because it’s patio season. Time to put away the skis and snowshoes and head out on a hike in beautiful Evergreen, Colorado. Today I am headed to Evergreen Brewery to try some of the beer and food pairings. I have heard nothing but great things about both, so I am excited and even better, it’s a stellar bluebird Colorado day, so I can’t wait to get out on the patio, get some Vitamin D, eat, and drink well.

Evergreen Brewery has been around since 2015 and sits upstairs from Boone Mountain Sports. Owner Logan Boone was on hand to answer any question we had, as he owns both Boone Mountain Sports and Evergreen Brewery. Boone Mountain Sports is the place to go for all your ski and snowboard needs in the winter and pivots to hiking, camping, and fishing gear in the summer. Think of both businesses as a one stop shop for all your mountain needs, including tasty brews and great food. Logan lives in Evergreen and loves his town, and the community that has supported him for so many years. As I sat here, I realized that this is the place where you can come and truly get that mountain town feel.

We started with the Green Goddess Artichoke Dip served with pita and veggies paired with their most popular beer, The Elk Meadow IPA. The dip is something you must try, and the beer paired perfect with this appetizer. Next up was the Italian sandwich paired with the Infinite Lines Amber Ale. I am not a huge beer drinker, but this beer was addicting, and the sandwich was perfection. It reminded me of a true New York Italian sandwich, with all the fixings. The Bahn Mi sandwich was up next, and the refreshing Robot Dance hazy pale ale was a perfect match for this unique sandwich. Salads here are also inventive, very tasty, and enough to share.

There are 5 core beers always on tap, with seasonal beers as well. You can buy their beers in cans to go if you are in a hurry, but I truly encourage you to sit down, relax, soak in some fresh mountain air, and make new friends. The staff is wonderful here. Chef Michelle Fuller is so creative with the food choices to pair with the beers, and almost everything is made from scratch.

Did I mention that they don’t have a fryer? They don’t and never will, so don’t ask for fries, but don’t worry, their sides are so good you won’t even think about

fries. Ask for a taste of any of their beers, they don’t mind, because it’s hard to choose just one.

Living in a small mountain town like Evergreen Colorado has its perks. It’s a town where people are kind, happy, and always looking out for one another. The Brewery is truly a nod to everything Evergreen. Whether you are a tourist or a local, you can come here and have good food, good conversation, and a guarantee of a good time.

2962 Evergreen Parkway Evergreen, CO 80439

Above Boone Mountain Sports

Dune Valley Distillery

Colorado’s San Luis Valley is one of the largest potato-growing regions in the U.S., with more than 150 farms growing 2 billion pounds a year.

But good luck trying to find some at a grocery store here. They’re almost all shipped out of state.

Nick Chambers has been trying for 10 years to help locals eat locally, with his Valley Roots Food Hub. And soon they’ll be able to drink the local potatoes - in the form of spirits.

Dune Valley Distillery opens in the summer of 2024 in the hamlet of Mosca, 13 miles from Great Sand Dunes National Park.

Potato farming, Chambers says, “Is the basis of our economy. It’s really the powerhouse that runs this valley and we need to be more aware of it ... It should be more in our lives as opposed to, ‘Oh that’s a potato truck going down the highway and they’re shipping it all off to New Jersey.’”

The setting is another place dear to the hearts of locals: The historic school gym, a Spanish-style adobe building used from 1933 to 2012. The 8,000-square foot building will be used to make and sell spirits, with a dining room and stage for live music. It’s on the state register of historic properties.

The building was vacant and boarded-up and in danger of falling apart. Chambers says restoring it was important for him and the community.

“There are a lot of memories here. From 1933 until 2012 we had generations and generations of kids playing here. I hear the stories all the time ... So it’s got a lot of memories. It’s been an anchor for a long time out here in the center of the valley.”

Chambers has his own historic claim. When Prohibition ended in 1933, his great-grandfather received the first liquor license in the state.

Getting the old gym into shape is a work in progress 5 years on, and Chambers doesn’t know when they’ll be open for regular hours. Instead there are several soft opening events this summer.

“The community really came together to see this happen. It wasn’t like money was first and then the idea. It was like, ‘Let’s get going on this and save the building.,” he says. “It was in danger of falling apart and just needed some love.”

Mosca, population 1,092, has never had anything like this, a place to congregate, dine and enjoy a stiff drink. Chambers hopes locals will embrace it and tourists visiting the dunes will stop by for some local valley flavors. The distillery’s base spirit will be organic potato vodka, though Colorado-grown peaches, carrots, beets, rye and quinoa will also be distilled into the spirits.

Cocktail offerings will include Vodka Mojito, Voodoo Vodka Tonic, Chupacabre Milk Vodka Tonic and the Mosca Mule.

Food offerings will be limited at first, though there will be special food-anddrink pairing meals hosted by traveling chefs. Find more about these and make reservations at

“We really want to be a beacon of local food and experience and really showcase what the valley has to offer. What does the valley have and what are we about? Our agriculture, our food, our experience.”

5301 Terry Street, Mosca , Colorado

What’s Trending and Delicious in the Vail Valley

Summer never tasted so good thanks to these culinary creatives and hands-on experiences.

Where to Eat in the Vail Valley This Summer

Dig into this post-hike, post-bike alpine haven for European village cafes, modern seasonally influenced greats and time-honored local haunts all wrapped in Gore Range glory.

Craving: Artisan cheese, global wines and a neighborhood cafe vibe

Go To: Drunken Goat

Savor This: This Edwards lunch, happy hour and dinner spot is drawing a wide swath of fans with its handcrafted menu built around locally sourced and artisan ingredients. More than 100 varieties of decadent cheese beg to be paired with fine wines painstakingly selected by house wine experts. Sip rosé and slurp oysters during happy hour (daily 3:30-5:30pm) on the patio and ask about their take-home cheese boards and wine for your own summertime soirees.

Craving: Elevated comfort bites and a buzzy happy hour

Go To: The Fitz

Savor This: Follow locals into this iconic Manor Vail Lodge restaurant for an approachable mountain menu that hits the spot every time. This modern-day lodgey nook is family friendly (buttered noodles and chicken fingers — check!) and full of creative cocktails and local Colorado brews for the grown-ups. Catch happy hour daily 3 to 5pm and enjoy half off apps like burrata flatbread and Asian sesame chicken wings.

Craving: Gorgeous mountainside dining with upscale dashes

Go To: Wyld

Savor This: Riding high on a Michelin recommendation nod, this luxe all-season patio rests at the foot of the Ritz-Carlton, Bachelor Gulch resort in Avon. Drink in the ski resort’s green summer slopes with your hyper-seasonal dinner selections. You can’t go wrong with the Colorado lamb or wild salmon.

Craving: Classic European Vail flair and Bavarian flavors

Go To: Alpenrose

Savor This: Start with a generous mug of German beer and work your way through the menu of fine-tuned Old World staples. This family-owned favorite has been wowing visitors since 1974 and has perfected its hearty cheese fondue, pork schnitzel and zwiebelkuchen (onion pie).

Craving: Fine resort dining and a meal to remember

Go To: Sweet Basil

Savor This: Michelin-recognized Sweet Basil is a hard res to score, so plan well in advance. Once you’ve secured your table, head to the heart of Vail Village for artful takes on innovative American cuisine. Delight taste buds with foie gras and rabbit steamed buns, Snake River Farms wagyu cuts, honey bourbon-glazed Iberian Duroc pork chops and the to-die-for sticky toffee pudding cake. Be sure to try their wood-fired sister, Mountain Standard, another standout making culinary waves.

Craving: Raw bar goodies and fresh lobster rolls

Go To: Mountain Fish House

Savor This: This seafood-focused Edwards gem pulls from renowned coastal purveyors like Seaview Lobster Co. and Taylor Shellfish Farms, so you know it’s legit. Answer your oceanic cravings with the Maine lobster roll served with Knapp Ranch honey, cumin vinaigrette and fresh corn salsa. Try the peel and eat Old Bay shrimp, little neck clams on the half shell and chilled mussels. Or nosh warmer dishes like the house made crab tater tots, the grilled grouper sandwich and Pacific cod fish and chips. Don’t miss the daily happy hour 3:30 to 5:30pm when a trio of oysters and a glass of bubbles is only $10.

Summer Culinary Adventures at The Hythe Vail

From fly fishing to picnic hideaways by horseback to mushroom hunting, this Vail hotel invites guests to dip into new culinary excursions this summer.

Vail’s fresh-faced chic hotel The Hythe draws winter guests with its Lionshead ski-in ski-out address and zenned out Well & Being Spa. The mod mountain haven prides itself on a special blend of refined rustic splashed with hints of retro 1960s architecture and, rolling out for summer, a lengthy menu of signature culinary experiences to keep guests on their toes.

The Fly Fishing by Horseback Adventure unleashes an exclusive fly fishing tour June through September, accessing unreachable private wilderness on horseback to hook trophy trout while an expert angler coaches you step by step. After an hour or two of casting for cutthroat and brook trout, groups enjoy a privately catered riverside feast. The trail lunch is prepared over a campfire and enjoyed next to a lake or alpine stream for a truly pristine dining experience.

On a Private Horseback + Picnic Ride, families are greeted with coffee and pastries before heading out on horseback — with plenty of time for the kids to groom and ride ponies — through the remote Flat Tops mountainside meadows and forests outside of Vail. Wranglers set up a hot gourmet trail lunch (typically carnitas tacos and vegetarian fajitas) to be enjoyed picnic style while the horses graze in the sun. The ride is 1.5 hours each way and horses are well trained and used to traveling long distances at a slow pace, so no prior experience on a horse is required.

The Vail Mushroom Foray experience is made for those who like to dig in the dirt and connect deeply with Mother Nature. Spend an afternoon hiking and hunting with an expert forager and mycologist, learning about edible mushrooms and plucking them from their woodsy hiding spots.

Back at The Hythe, pop into the Revel Lounge to feast on fungi from the apres menu. Order the black forest mushroom carpaccio for a plateful of king trumpets and white truffles served with arugula, shallots and house focaccia.

Learn more at

Buffalo Rose

The beautiful mountain town of Golden Colorado is rich in history dating back to the mid 1800’s. Everywhere you turn in downtown Golden, there are remnants of the Old West, and the Buffalo Rose is in a building that comes from a long Golden history. I had the opportunity to have lunch and take a tour with Manager Derek Hall. I have heard great things about the food here but did not know just how historic this restaurant/ event venue is. So, saddle up, and take a trip back in time with me before we have lunch.

The Buffalo Rose is comprised of five historic structures including the event venue, the saloon, the main entrance to the restaurant, The Hoagland Building, and the Haas Block. When it was built in 1859, the event venue was Golden’s largest building, and was home to Colorado’s territorial legislature. It’s impressive to think that some of Colorado laws were ratified in that room, and thus, the upper level of the event venue is called the State Room for this reason. The indoor pool that was established there from 1928-1941 called The Golden Plunge has a long history. After many years, the pool was eventually covered up to become a union hall, a roller-skating rink, and today, a popular concert venue. The empty pool remains underneath the floor in the event venue to

Photos Courtesy of Buffalo Rose

this day. The Event venue hosts weddings, and many other events, including concerts. In 2018, the venue underwent a complete renovation, but left the original bar from 1908. The saloon section of The Buffalo Rose dates to 1859 and is home to the oldest bar in the state of Colorado. I could go on and on about the history of The Buffalo Rose because there is so much, but I am hungry, so let’s eat!

The menu at The Buffalo Rose is extensive, and so is the bar program. We were sat in the old Hoagland Building, which is now home to a huge bar and seating area. The star of this part of the restaurant is the retractable glass roof. On many beautiful Colorado mountain days, this roof goes “top down”, so guests can enjoy some of that fresh mountain air. We started with the Green Chili artichoke dip and the Chorizo Stuffed Jalapenos. The cheesy artichoke was everything you could want in a Colorado appetizer. It was full of Pueblo green chilis, and the house

made tortilla chips were delicious. The jalapenos were stuffed with three cheeses and a spicy whiskey glaze. The whiskey glaze was a perfect complement to this dish, and a nod to everything Colorado. The Street Taco Trio serves as an appetizer or entree. We had these as one of our entrées and they are amazing. Filled with either chicken, shrimp, pork or veggies. The tacos really hit the spot, and if you are wanting an entrée, there are so many choices. Colorado trout, bison short ribs, a smothered burrito, and chicken enchiladas were some of the standout dishes. We tried the bison short ribs. They were aromatic and excellent. The potato ragout that comes with them is delicious! We enjoyed the Colorado Agave Peach crisp for dessert. This crisp is topped with a bourbon butterscotch ice cream that is out of this world. What could be more Colorado than bourbon and peaches?

If you are craving a cocktail, then the Buffalo Rose is your place. Looking at the bar, there are so many choices of libations, it’s hard to choose. The Autumn Old Fashioned uses bourbon from The Golden Moon Distillery which is around the corner from The Buffalo Rose. The spiced pear liqueur in this cocktail made it so special, and the fact that it was made with local bourbon gives it a five-star rating. I left full and happy with a history lesson I will never forget about Golden. The sign welcoming you into Golden states that it is where “The West Lives”, and now I truly understand that. The Buffalo Rose is a mix of old and new and has made sure to preserve our Colorado history in the process. It is a fabulous place to eat, drink, and make new friends. That’s probably how they did things in the Old West and it just seems fitting.

Continental Divide Winery

Create Your Own Custom Wine at Continental Divide Winery

Continental Divide, Breckenridge’s original locally owned winery, gives you a fun and unique opportunity to be a winemaker for a day! Explore the art of wine blending with guidance from their professional staff. Use authentic vintner equipment to custom craft your own personalized wine blend, then bottle, cork and label your custom-crafted wine as a souvenir of your experience.

Awarded Best Winery Experience by Lux-Life Magazine, the Wine Blending Experience is an interactive and enter-

taining two-hour program offered daily (reservations required). “Think of this as high school chemistry where you play with wine instead of chemicals,” explains winery founder Jeffrey Maltzman.

Verified customer reviews sum up the activity best. “The best thing we did in Breckenridge! I cannot recommend it enough!” wrote Eileen from Boston, MA. “This was such a unique cool experience,” boasted Brittah from Big Lake, MN. “I loved learning and experimenting with how the flavors changed as we made our blends,” wrote Steve from Denver CO.

nery’s Main Street Station tasting room daily. Wine Tasting reservations can be made through OpenTable, but walk-ins are welcome.

To book a Wine Blending Experience call 970-771-3443 or book online at

Continental Divide Winery

Main Street Station

505 S. Main Street

Breckenridge, CO 80424 970-771-3443

breckenridge dining


Radicato, the creation of Chef Matt Vawter, is a modern Italian restaurant nestled in the heart of Breckenridge, Colorado. Recently honored as the winner for the James Beard Awards’ Best Chef in the Mountain Region, Chef Matt brings a wealth of culinary expertise cultivated during his fourteen-year tenure in Denver. From his role as the Chef de Cuisine at Fruition Restaurant to his tenure as the Executive Chef/Partner at Mercantile dining & provision, and now the Executive Chef/Owner of Rootstalk and Radicato, Chef Matt’s culinary journey underscores a steadfast commitment to culinary excellence.

Opened in June of 2022, Radicato celebrates seasonal and technique-driven cuisine inspired by the rich culinary traditions of Italy. The name Radiato is an Italian word that means being deeply rooted to a place. There is a passion for showcasing everything Breckenridge and Colorado has to offer. The aim is to explore the connections between farmers and diners, while providing an atmosphere that allows guests to connect with each other. As a privately owned and operated establishment by Chef Matt, alongside partners Chef Cameron Baker and Director of Hospitality Patrick Murphy, Radicato embodies a team of hospitality professionals dedicated to curating memorable dining experiences. Radicato executes Chefs Matt Vawter and Cameron Baker’s vision of Mountain Italian. Ingredients are diligently sourced and are highlighted on ever evolving seasonal menus. Radicato offers a variety of dining options from happy hour, a la carte pastas and entrees, and a 5 course tasting menu which showcases the best of the Radicato kitchen.

The setting of Radicato is also influenced by the season. In the winter the dining room is lit by the warm ambiance of the lights in Blue River Plaza. There is no better place to watch the snow fall on a winter evening. In the summer two outdoor seating areas provide fresh air, the sounds of the Blue River, and stunning views of the Ten Mile Range. The dining room provides a welcoming, warm ambiance for any occasion or celebration. Hospitality is the central focus of our entire team at Radicato, we aim to create world class dining experiences for anyone who chooses to spend a night with us.

137 South Main Street. Breckenridge Colorado

breckenridge dining


Rootstalk is a modern American restaurant founded on the idea of connection and coming home. Chef Matt Vawter was born and raised in Summit County and spent the formative years of his culinary career in Keystone and Breckenridge. After spending a period of time away from Breckenridge, Chef Matt returned to his hometown determined to open a restaurant of his own and help grow the culinary landscape in Summit County. Chef Matt made a large step towards that goal when he won the 2024 James Beard Award for Best Chef Mountain.

From old dormant roots, Rootstalk was opened in December of 2020 in a historic home on North Main Street in Breckenridge. The name Rootstalk refers to rhizomes that are all connected via a complex underground root system. The name was inspired by the large stands of Aspen trees surrounding the community of Breckenridge. Rootstalk explores the notion of connection through the cuisine, hospitality, and beverage programs. The aim is to connect guests with farmers, ranchers, winemakers, and other producers; while providing a space where people can connect with each other during their dinner.

Our team seeks to provide “Elevated, Everyday Dining” to the local community as well as out of town visitors. The cuisine is ingredient focused, technique driven and deeply committed to quality at all levels. The culinary team meticulously sources produce, proteins, and ingredients from quality producers from Colorado and across the country. Cocktails are created with intention and given the same level of care as the food on the plate. The wine program is focused on small-scale quality producers from across the globe from the classic to more esoteric modern styles. There are a range of experiences offered at Rootstalk from seven course tasting menus paired with wine to simply having a quick snack and beverage at the bar. Rootstalk can curate an experience for any occasion big or small.

The two dining areas of the restaurant are beautiful juxtapositions of each other. Upstairs is bright, elegant, and airy with views of Main Street offered by bay windows in the front. While the Root Cellar downstairs offers a more intimate dining experience with a Chef’s Counter available for those who love to be part of the action. During the summer the patios are abundantly decorated with flowers offering a wonderful outdoor dining experience. Rootstalk is a venue that allows guests to connect to everything that Breckenridge has to offer.

207 North Main Street, Breckenridge, Colorado

137 South Main Street. Breckenridge Colorado

Ten Ways To Enjoy the

Breckenridge Distillery


award-winning spirit’s production facility to indulging in worldclass cuisine, Breckenridge Distillery is truly an adventure for the senses. Whether you have time for the full experience at the Distillery on Airport Road, or you’re simply curious about tasting its award-winning spirits while strolling Main Street, the Distillery makes it easy, fun and delicious to discover what it’s all about. Here are 10 ways you can experience the Breckenridge Distillery.


Breckenridge Distillery’s modern-American steakhouse atmosphere showcases seasonal and approachable dishes that impart not only the fantastic spirits of Breckenridge Distillery but also, their upscale mountain dining experience. Their family style menu features locally sourced steaks from Fitch Ranch. As always, the menu revolves around local produce, comfort foods with a twist and shareable dishes meant to encourage interaction and conviviality. Enjoy Happy Hour dishes starting at $13. Book a reservation at


If it’s edible, chances are Liquid Chef Billie Keithley has made a cocktail out of it. And that’s one of the reasons she loves working for the Distillery so much. Because of the Distillery’s special liquor license, Keithley can’t go out and buy spirits and cordials elsewhere, so she creates them herself. Products like amaros, bitters, vermouth and liqueurs are all made in-house. “Which means we can put our own twists on them,” she says. Keithley and Lead Bartender Griffin Bovich are creating schnapps, shrubs, syrups and juices, among other fresh products, for every specialty cocktail. Popular menu staples include the Obi Wan Old Fashioned, made with Breckenridge Port Cask Whiskey.


Book a private dinner or event at the Breckenridge Distillery. Parties up to 30 people can reserve their exclusive spaces surrounded by aging whiskey barrels, old barn wood, leather couches and an authentic mountain vibe. Their exclusive, private dining areas come with a personal wait staff and can be used for families, micro conferences, executive meetings, or small parties. For inquiries and bookings, email


The Breckenridge Distillery offers one of the most highly awarded craft bourbons in the U.S. Guests can choose from a limited menu of spirits and have the option to upgrade their tasting to try their high-end flights. Tastings are on a first-come, firstserve basis a both of the Distillery’s locations. Looking for a more personalized and unique tasting experience? Book a Chocolate & Spirits pairing, small bites and spirits pairing, Cask Finished Flights, among others. Book at


Every Saturday & Sunday, guests can take a behind-the scenes tour of the Breckenridge Distillery’s production facility. This abbreviated tour starts by tasting two of their award-winning Breckenridge spirits in the Founder’s Lab. Their expert guides will take guests on a 1-hour tour through their original production facility and finish up the experience with a tasting of their Breckenridge Bourbon Whiskey. Book a tour at


Breckenridge Distillery offers guests a VIP experience during their After Hours tours. Use your senses to experience the inner workings of how these handcrafted spirits go from grain to bottle while learning about the history of whiskey and how the distillery was founded. Tours are offered at 5:00 pm and 6:15pm by reservation only. Book a VIP tour at


Nerd out with our distillers and become a master blender for a few magical hours. Breckenridge Distillery’s distillers are experts in nosing, flavor categorization and pairing substrates together to create a whole that far exceeds the expected sum of its parts. Guests will be taught to break down aggregate flavors while building a whiskey blend complete with mouthfeel and finish. You will hand bottle your creation and complete the experience with a customized label. By reservation only. Book at


In the heart of downtown Breckenridge, get a taste of not only the Distillery’s spirits but also a taste of what the Breckenridge Distillery is all about. From merchandise to personable, knowledgeable staff, this small tasting room is a glimpse of what you can experience at their main location on Airport Rd. Learn more about current hours and offerings at


The Breckenridge Distillery offers a free shuttle to and from the Breckenridge Distillery and Main Street Tasting Room within Breckenridge town limits. The shuttle fits up to 14 guests. To book a ride, call the Distillery Shuttle at 970-445-8613.


Breckenridge Spirits are available nationwide at your local retailers. Shop your local retailer or get home delivery on your favorite Breckenridge spirits. Visit products to get delivery. Looking for fun cocktail recipes? Visit Billie’s Cocktail Lab on their website for 100’s of cocktail recipes.

Mi Casa Mexican Restaurant & Cantina

Since 1981, Mi Casa Mexican Restaurant & Cantina has been a gathering place for locals and visitors alike. Conveniently located on Park Avenue across from the base of Peak 9, Mi Casa is a great place to bring your whole family for lunch, or join your friends for their perennially popular daily Happy Hour. The wide-ranging menu and colorful atmosphere create a fun & festive dining experience for any type of crowd!

The decades-long tradition continues today with some modern tweaks including contemporary, spirit-forward Margaritas and craft cocktails, and a menu featuring the classics you expect, as well as elevated

seasonal options. From their famous Queso and Signature Salsas, to sizzling Fajitas, mix & match Tacos, and fresh appetizers and salads, there truly is something for everyone to enjoy! Plenty of Mi Casa’s menu items are great for sharing, and it remains one of the best values in town, with generous portion sizes. Their friendly, knowledgeable staff can help guide you to your perfect margarita or entree choice, from a menu filled with gluten-free & vegetarian options.

As one of the largest restaurants in Breckenridge, Mi Casa seats up to 300 people, and is a fantastic location for fam-

ilies and groups to gather and celebrate life’s special events. A visit to Breckenridge is best topped off with a taste of Mexico, and Mi Casa is the local favorite.

We invite you to visit us for Lunch, Happy Hour, or Dinner. We look forward to helping you and your friends & family experience the tastes and traditions of Mi Casa Mexican Restaurant & Cantina, a Breckenridge staple for more than 40 years. Salud!

600 South Park Avenue, Breckenridge 970-453-2071

crested butte dining

Tin Cup Ice Cream & Desserts

A Third Bowl Homemade Ice Cream scoop shop

Crested Butte, Colorado is a special town with a long history and close-knit community, and what would a quirky town be without a local ice cream shop? Look no further than Tin Cup CB, right off the main strip with hundreds of rotating, homemade flavors.

Owners Matthew and Lydia Price opened their first restaurant on Elk Avenue in 2019. Their mission was to create quality food in a grab-and-go style. They originally sold pasties; meat pies made popular by Cornish tin miners. The name “Tin Cup CB” comes from those miners and the mining ghost town.

The Prices wanted to bring historic food back into the valley, but they encountered obstacles such as staffing a kitchen, lack of experience, and burnout. Before they could figure out their snags, COVID shut the town down.

Around the same time, their friend, Kendall Tanslersky, reached out about needing a short-term solution to keep her ice cream company in business. So, the Prices built out a little corner of their restaurant for Third Bowl Homemade Ice Cream as a temporary solution.

In April of 2022, the Prices opted out of their lease and made the big move to open a mountain location, selling ice cream, desserts, and cheap booze. With the demand and success at the new mountain location, the Prices realized they needed to bring ice cream back down into town.

Hopefully you have sampled the high-quality products, and maybe even met the owners Matthew and Lydia Price. With their fun glasses and passion for the business, they serve up ice cream at both of their locations throughout the busy seasons.

Tin Cup CB and Third Bowl Homemade Ice Cream are staples for Crested Butte and can now be found at their two locations: Crested Butte - 313 3rd St and Mt. Crested Butte - 620 Gothic Rd, Suite C-150

Read the entire story in the Dine Local Guide!

buena vista dining

Deerhammer Distilling Co.

Established in 2012, Deerhammer Distillery stands as a beacon of excellence in the heart of downtown Buena Vista. Nestled at 321 East Main Street, our inviting tasting room beckons connoisseurs and newcomers alike to indulge in the unparalleled craftsmanship of Deerhammer’s acclaimed whiskey collection. Immerse yourself in the rich flavors of our 4-grain bourbon, rye, and distinctive American single malt whiskey.

As you step into our tasting room, prepare to be enchanted by more than just our libations. Sip on meticulously crafted craft cocktails, embark on a whiskey flight, or bask in the embrace of our inviting patio, perfect for enjoying the company of friends and the crisp Colorado air.

But the Deerhammer experience doesn’t stop there. We’re proud to announce that we now offer an expanded menu featuring a curated selection of beer, wine, and daily culinary delights from our very own Deerhammer Kitchen.

For those craving a deeper dive into the artistry behind our spirits, consider booking a tour and tasting via our website - Delve into the alchemy of whiskey-making as we lead you through our distillation process, showcasing our dedication to using locally sourced grains and traditional copper pot stills.

A first time or returning visit to Deerhammer Distillery promises an unforgettable journey into the world of fine spirits. Raise a glass and toast to the experience that awaits. Cheers!

321 E. Main Street, Buena Vista, CO 81211-1126 (719) 966–7771 @deerhammer

Vinny’s Euro American Cuisine

With a name like Vinny’s, one would probably think Italian. Is it an Italian restaurant? No. Are their Italian-inspired dishes available? Yes. Vinny began his career before he knew what the word career meant as he assisted his Sicilian grandparents with family meals at home. Chef Vincent Monarca, an East coast transplant who arrived shortly after graduating in 1992 from the Johnson & Wales University Culinary Program, discovered Frisco and called it home. He worked for several well-known restaurants in the area. He was the Chef for a local organic market before he opened the doors to his own restaurant, Vinny’s Euro American Restaurant in Frisco.

Vinny’s Euro American Restaurant recently moved and is located on the second floor of the Frisco Centre, above the Next Page Bookstore. The floor-toceiling windows offer panoramic views of Frisco, Mountain Royal, and Peak One. An elevator to the restaurant and stairs are available for customers. The new restaurant location is the perfect spot for a romantic evening for two and accommodates large groups, including Weddings, and Rehearsals, and company outings.

Chef Vincent emphasizes creating a menu based on the availability of seasonal ingredients, natural hormone-free meats,

wild-caught seafood, fresh organic pasta, and the freshest, local, Non-GMO vegetables he can procure. He incorporates his passion into each dish the restaurant prepares and is proud to serve food that does not require a microwave or pre-made processed foods. You will not find styrofoam or plastic boxes for foods you want to take out. Chef Monarca believes that these efforts make the food he serves tastier and healthier for our bodies, the economy, and the planet. Vegans, vegetarians, and carnivores will find something extraordinary for their evening out.

Expect a warm welcome when you arrive, as the restaurant operates like a large family with many staff in place since the restaurant launched. The restaurant has a main dining room, a full dinner menu, and a cozy bistro bar offering small plates, appetizers, and heartier selections. They are well-versed in preparing the menu items and offering the best wines to complement each dish. The small plate selection is a great way to experience a part of the dining room offerings.

Vinny’s dinner menu is extensive, offering classically prepared dishes such as Duck Leg Confit with a white bean cassoulet, Colorado Lamb Shank with Cabernet Demi-Glace, and Aspen Ridge Boneless Beef Short Ribs with a Cabernet Demi

Glace – to which I would like to note, his Demi Glace is liquid gold. Another favorite entrée is the Roasted Prosciutto Wrapped Basil Rubbed Pork Tenderloin. Fish and Steak du jour options are available daily.

Pasta is prepared in the kitchen with all organic ingredients. Every selection is delicious. Try the Linguine and Clams, Bolognese Ragu, or Sausage Rigatoni.

There is the Beyond Meat Vegan Sausage, Peppers & Onions, Salad Selections, and more for Vegans and Vegetarians. The Eggplant Tower with Portobello, Roasted Peppers, Provolone, and Marinara is one to try, and their mushroom strudel is a flaky delight. Gluten-free options are also available.

After dinner, I highly recommend their ever-changing dessert selections too. I had the Tiramisu, and it knocked my socks off (it is one of my favorites).

Locals have voted Vinny’s Best Restaurant for many years. If you are heading to Frisco, stop in, it is a local favorite.

Vinny’s Euro American Restaurant 409 Main Street 2nd Floor #201 Frisco,CO

steamboat springs dining


Surrounded by the snow covered peaks in the picturesque mountain town of Steamboat Springs, Latin-Asian fusion restaurant

Bésame takes guests on a vacation. The rich and romantic experience, anchored by Bésame’s tapas selection, features an extensive Spanish-heavy wine menu, stellar cocktail menu, a Diego Rivera art motif, and a menu full of Latin surprises.

Mambo Italiano

Bésame draws inspiration from the Chef’s world travels in Thailand, Ecuador, Morocco, and Spain. Alongside classic Spanish tapas with Latin and Asian flair - such as the Patatas Bravas and Grilled Octopus - Bésame has non-traditional tapas like Gyoza “Al Pastor” and Chili Glazed Beef Short Rib. In addition to the large plates like the Cubano, Quesobirria Tacos, and Paella that also serve up to 10 people, Bésame also has Muu Waan, Thai Red Curry, and Carne Asada.

Bésame’s cocktail program is - just like a good cocktail - strong, robust and multifaceted including Spanish classics like the Caipirinha, six types of Mojito, and a dozen innovative cocktails and mocktails. Original cocktails include The Tipsy Carrot which uses tequila, carrot juice, lime, chiles, hellfire bitters, habanero syrup, fresno chili, cilantro and Tequila After Dark with Casamigos Reposado, zucca amaro, agave, angostura bitters, orange bitters, dark chocolate, and orange.

Visit Bésame today to embark on a gastronomic journey like no other.

818 Lincoln Avenue, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487

Mambo Italiano, situated in Steamboat Springs, stands as an Italian culinary masterpiece. Since 2016, Mambo has been captivating patrons with its unparalleled Italian menu, wine and cocktail lists, generous happy hour and impeccable service, inviting open kitchen, pizza bar, indoor-outdoor bar, and gorgeous patio, making it the premier dining destination in the Yampa Valley.

Mambo has an enviable Italian wine list with more than 100 bottles from nearly every region in Italy. Italian-inspired cocktails include the classics like Negroni and Manhattan Nero, alongside seasonal Mambo cocktails such as The Venetian Spritz with Cappelletti “orange bitter”, prosecco, soda, and orange, and the Caffè e Crema Martini with espresso, Frangelico, Cool Swan dairy cream liqueur, St. George all purpose vodka, chocolate bitters, and coffee beans.

Working with Executive Chef Joe Campbell, Mambo’s menu offers fresh new takes on Italian classics, such as Fusilli All’Amatriciana, Lasagna, Rigatoni Alla Vodka, Crispy Artichokes, Prosciutto Di Parma, and Steak Florentine for two which features a 32 oz Prime Colorado T-bone steak, crispy truffled potatoes, arugula, heirloom cherry tomatoes, shaved parmesan, aged balsamic vinegar, rosemary, and olive oil.

Mambo is known for having dedication to and passion for making everything from scratch, using the highest quality ingredients available locally, nationally, and internationally. Visit today to experience the extraordinary dishes, warm ambiance, and culinary journey that Mambo offers.

521 Lincoln Ave, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487

steamboat springs dining

Yampa Valley Kitchen

Yampa Valley Kitchen, the latest creation from esteemed restaurateur Hannah Hopkins in Steamboat Springs, stands as a downtown dining staple. Housed in a recently renovated 1900s farmhouse, Yampa Valley Kitchen offers elevated classic comfort food throughout the day, celebrating nostalgic flavors and introducing new traditions.

This culinary haven prioritizes Colorado-sourced ingredients, collaborating with local producers such as Hayden Fresh Farms and 7X Ranch. Yampa Valley Kitchen’s dinner menu features inventive dishes like Miso Salmon, Steak Au Poivre & Frites, and Duck à L’Orange. In addition to dinner, Yampa Valley Kitchen also serves a popular breakfast and lunch featuring local favorites like the California Dreamin’ Benedict, Bananas Foster French Toast, Truffalo Burger, and Smoked Salmon Bowl.

Since its 2020 debut, Yampa Valley Kitchen has pioneered the Yampa Valley dining scene’s mocktail culture, presenting a full menu with the same creativity as their cocktails. Savor renowned mocktails like the Orange Julia, Matcha Mint G&T, and Beet Down Sour, showcasing Yampa Valley Kitchen’s commitment to innovative, alcohol-free options.

Join us at Yampa Valley Kitchen in celebrating the fusion of classic and contemporary flavors.

207 9th St, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487

The Iron Way


The Gold Mountain Via Ferrata in Ouray , Colorado opened in 2022 and is a new edition to the high altitude adventures available within the small mining town of Ouray, CO. The all new Gold Mountain Via Ferrata is a rising centerpiece.

A Via Ferrata is a protected climbing route built with steel cables and metal steps attached to rock faces, traversing over gorges, & climbing through epic wilderness & vertical terrain.

Logan Tyler, a Ouray local, accomplished climber & route developer started Basecamp Ouray

several years ago in an effort to provide a climbing gym & space for the community to meet & train. Since then, Basecamp Ouray’s business model has evolved including via ferratas, rock climbing, ice climbing & providing “earned experiences” for people traveling through or visiting Ouray.

“We specifically designed & built the Gold Mountain course to be more than your average via ferrata. We want the course to be attainable for everyone & to spark or re-ignite your sense of adventure.”

This new via ferrata course climbs roughly 1,000 feet of elevation, scaling the infamous “Gold Mountain”, a historic & highly profitable mining claim from the days of old. The course tops-out with a cable bridge and private vista of the San Juan mountain range, further reiterating why Ouray has been dubbed the “Switzerland of America”.

Scale towering cliffs and navigate rugged mountain faces, even if you’ve never climbed before.

Vail Farmers Market


The Vail Farmers Market is a scene. It’s an “if you know, you know” situation for 17 Sundays Father’s Day through early October where flip-flop-wearing summer produce seekers and lunching visitors from all reaches of the globe descend on charming Bavarian-inspired Vail Village in hungry droves. The market’s 148 colorful tents and booths swirl down East Meadow Drive, offering up 40 food vendors, artists selling Colorado wares, farmers slinging freshly plucked Western Slope tomatoes and so much more. Jarred honey to CBD dog treats to pies, pickles and artwork — it’s all here and it’s the best of the best (the waitlist to become a Vail vendor is legendary).

This summer, a Market to Table chefled excursion will whisk eager market-goers to the bustling bazaar from The Hythe hotel in a plush Lexus courtesy shuttle,

treating them to a morning epicurean tour of the Vail Farmers Market. At $120 per person, guests will stroll vendor booths with Hythe executive chef Axel Torres, tasting and gathering Colorado ingredients to bring back to the hotel for an interactive cooking demonstration and outdoor brunch on the swanky mountainside après deck. After sipping a specialty cocktail or savoring a whiskey tasting, guests are treated to a seasonally prepared meal showcasing their own farmers market finds.

Chef Torres grew up at his uncle’s feet in Puerto Rican restaurants and learned the culinary ropes in the states alongside famed chefs like Wolfgang Puck, Jose Andres and other Michelin-starred celebs. His menus revolve around Colorado lamb and elk, foraged mushrooms and chicken slow roasted in local lager.

Yampah Mineral Baths

The ever popular Vail Farmers Market launches into its 20th season on June 16, drawing hundreds of shoppers to Vail Village’s adorable cobblestone streets to scoop up Colorado-made goods., experiences


Glenwood Hot Springs Resort recently unveiled their new Yampah Mineral Baths. This serene collection of five beautiful pools, a shade pergola, and an outdoor lounging area with a gas-flame hearth is a delightful new addition. This entirely new area is east of the historic Therapy Pool. The five pools offer varying temperatures and are part of an innovative design that includes relaxing waterfalls, infinity edges, and a natural stone grotto. The natural geothermal water for Yampah Mineral Baths flows in from Yampah Source Spring, and the pools range in temperature from 100° to 104°F in the warm Cascade Waters section anf 52° to °60F in the Inhale cold plunge pools.


• Cascade Waters – 100° to 104°F with the natural sounds of a waterfall.

• Sacred Waters – 97° to 102°F This infinity-edge pool has an expansive view of the resort.

• Falling Waters – 95° to 100°F Stand beneath the waterfalls in the grotto for a natural massage on shoulders, neck and back.

• Inhale – 52° to °60F Experience the dramatic effects of cold-water therapy.

• Exhale – 75° to °80F Try this less extreme cold-contrast bath to increase focus and energy levels.

Glenwood Hot Springs Resort has priced their entry fee so all of the pool’s amenities are available for use at no extra charge. Head to the Yampah Mineral Baths later in the day for an adult only experience.

Beach Town Escapes


Immersed in the captivating worlds of ‘Where the Crawdads Sing’ and the thrilling escapades of ‘Outerbanks’ alongside my daughter, I found myself bewitched by the allure of South Carolina’s Lowcountry.

While fleeting childhood memories of Hilton Head Island lingered, it was the majestic waterways depicted in these tales that ignited my curiosity.

As fate would have it, during a flight from Florida to Philadelphia, the intricate waterways of this lowland paradise unveiled themselves from my plane’s window. Determined to explore, the Universe answered my call with an invitation to the enchanting St. Phillips Island in South Carolina.

Nestled off the coast, St. Phillips Island, a 4-mile-long, 4,680acre undeveloped barrier island, emerged as a hidden gem of the Lowcountry. Once the prized possession of billionaire conservationist Ted Turner, who ardently safeguarded its natural splendor, the island transitioned into the care of the State of South Carolina in 2017. Operated in harmony with nearby Hunting Island State Park, it stands as a testament to the preservation of pristine beauty.

Aboard a boat ferrying us to the island, the playful dance of dolphins welcomed our group, escorting us through the boat’s wake. The contrast from our dry Rocky Mountain environment was stark, and I marveled at the wilderness that unfolded – marshes, seabirds, meadows, tidal pools, estuaries, and a jungle adorned

with palms, live oaks, cedars, magnolia trees, all draped in the deceptive Spanish Moss, a revelation shared by our knowledgeable naturalist guide.

Our haven for the week, The Turner House, a beach retreat constructed by Ted Turner in 1979, cradled us in comfort. With its ten-guest capacity, master bedroom, additional guest bathroom, and a second level boasting four bedrooms and three bathrooms, it exuded a timeless charm. The living room, kitchen, bar area, convertible dining room/game room, and den beckoned us to unwind. The pièce de résistance was the expansive 820-squarefoot screened porch, a sanctuary with hammocks and seating, offering a front-row seat to the Atlantic Ocean’s symphony while keeping bugs and winds at bay.

The house rental came with fishing equipment, bikes, kayaks, beach chairs, binoculars and a delightful surprise – two dedicated naturalists, incredibly knowledgeable guides to the island’s wonders. From the interior jungle to marshland cruises, and a sunrise coastal tour amidst “ghost forests,” To continue reading our story head to our website through the QR Code:




June 16, 2024

Jaripeo Ranchero Mexican Rodeo, Carbondale

June 17, 2024

ArtWalk, Crested Butte June 17 – 23, 2024

Artsweek Golden, Golden

June 18, 2024

Vail Lacrosse Tournament, Avon

June 18, 2024

Friends Of Folk Festival, Estes Park

June 18, 2024

Mountain Goat Kids’ Trail Running Series, Frisco

June 19 – August 21, 2024

Snowmass Rodeo, Aspen/ Snowmass

June 19, 2024

Rebirth Brass Band: Juneteenth Freedom Festival, Crested Butte Mountain

June 19, 2024

Historic Lecture Series at the Historic Park Log Chapel, Frisco

July 20, 2024

Audi Power Of Four Trail Run, Aspen/ Snowmass

June 20 – 22, 2024

Country Jam, Fruita

June 20 – 22, 2024

Country Jam Music Festival, Grand Junction

June 20, 2024

Bike Park Opening Day, Powderhorn Mountain Resort

June 20 – 23, 2024

Telluride Bluegrass Festival, Telluride

June 21 – 22, 2024

Discovery Days, Aspen/ Snowmass June 21, 2024

Cowboys Forever Rodeo Series, Eagle

June 21 - 23, 2024!

Strawberry Days, Glenwood Springs June 21 – 23, 2024

Leadville Trail 100 Run Camp, Leadville

June 21 – 22, 2024

Steamboat Springs Pro Rodeo, Steamboat Springs

June 22, 2024

Dynafit Summer Solstice Trail Run, Beaver Creek Resort{f9b5813f-d28c-49cc-a642-653e245edf09}&sd=04%2F22% 2F2024&ed=07%2F31%2F2024

June 22, 2024

Festival Las Americas, Carbondale

June 22, 2024

Gardens On Tour, Durango

June 22, 2024

Mountain Rec Opening Day Celebration, Eagle

June 22, 2024

Estes Park’s Backyard Ultra Race, Estes Park

June 22, 2024

Slacker Races! , Georgetown

June 22, 2024

3rd Annual Pedal Your Butte-Off! Challenge, Gunnison

June 22 – 23, 2024

Bacon & Bourbon Festival, Keystone Resort

June 22. 2024

San Juan Solstice, Lake City

June 22, 2024

Revolution Enduro, Purgatory Resort

June 22, 2024

5Point Adventure Film Festival & Camper Rig Rally, Winter Park

June 23, 2024

3rd Annual Pedal Your Butte-Off! Challenge, Gunnison

June 23, 2024

Pride on the Divide Hike, Leadville June 23, 2024

Silverthorne Art Strolls, Silverthorne

June 25 – 30, 2024

Durango Playfest, Durango

June 26, 2024

Snowmass Rodeo, Aspen/ Snowmass June 26, 2024

Historic Lecture Series at the Old Frisco Community Center, Frisco

June 27 – 30. 2024

Snowmass Doubles Volleyball Tournament, Aspen/Snowmass June 27, 2024

Concert in the Park, Frisco

June 27 – July 7, 2024

MusicFest 2024, Telluride

June 27 – 30, 2024

Telluride Yoga Festival, Telluride June 27, 2024

Winter Park Art Trail Open House, Winter Park winter-park-art-trail-open-house

June 28, 2024

Lawn Bash, Aspen/ Snowmass

June 28 – 30, 2024

Breckenridge’s Agave Festival, Breckenridge

June 28 – 29, 2024

Flight Days, Eagle

June 28, 2024

Cowboys Forever Rodeo Series, Eagle

June 28, 2024

Fruita Fourth Friday, Fruita

June 28 - 30, 2024

13th Annual Lavendar Festival, Palisade

June 28 – 30, 2024

Mountain Archery Festival, Purgatory Resort

June 28 – 30, 2024

Telluride Arts Summer Bazaar, Telluride

June 28, 2024

Flat Out Fridays Downhill Race 1, Powderhorn Mountain Resort

June 28 – 30, 2024

Mountain Archery Festival, Purgatory Resort

June 28 - 29, 2024

Steamboat Springs Pro Rodeo, Steamboat Springs

June 28 – July, 7, 2024

Vail Lacrosse Shootout, Vail event-details.aspx?id={79ae6ac9-b659-4f39-aa41-caa8ab1ff0e8}&sd=07 %2F01%2F2024&ed=09%2F30%2F2024

June 28 – 30, 2024

Blues From The Top 2024, Winter Park Resort blues-top-2024

June 29 – 30, 2024

VIDA MTB Series Women’s Skills Clinic, Aspen/ Snowmass

June 29, 2024

Goods in the Woods, Keystone Resort{e7717caf-a104-4c6a-8760-a1f3556fa673}&sd=06%2F01%2F2024&ed=09%2F30%2F2024

June 29, 2024

Stars & Guitars, Keystone Resort

June 29. 2024

Past, Present, Future Gala, Lake City

June 29 – 30, 2024

Kick Off to SummerFest, Pagosa Springs

June 29, 2024

13th Colorado Lavender Festiva, Palisade

June 29, 2024

Ridgway RiverFest, Ridgway

June 30, 2024

Ridgway Fete de la Musique, Ridgway

June 30 – July6, 2024

Telluride Plein Air Festival, Telluride

June 27 – July 7, 2024

MusicFest 2024, Telluride

June 30 – July 6, 2024

Telluride Plein Air Festival, Telluride

June 29, 2924

Thebigwonderful Beer Fest & Bluegrass, Winter Park Resort


July1, 2024

Bingo at the Pad, Frisco

July 2, 2024

Mountain Goat Kids’ Trail Running Series, Frisco

July 2, 2024

Minturn Independence Day Celebration, Minturn

July 3, 2024

Snowmass Rodeo, Aspen/ Snowmass

July 3, 2024

38th Annual Salute to the USA, Avon

July 3, 2024

MTCB Independence Day Celebration & Fireworks, Crested Butte Mountain

July 3, 2024

Historic Lecture Series at the Historic Park Gazebo, Frisco

July 3. 2024

Ducky Derby, Lake City

July 3 – 4, 2024

Independence Day Celebration, Lake City

July 3 – 6,2024

Park to Park Artisan and Food Market, Pagosa Springs

July 3 – 6, 2024

Steamboat Springs Pro Rodeo, Steamboat Springs

July 3 – 4, 2024

Red, White & Blues, Telluride

July 4, 2024

July 4th Celebration, Aspen/ Snowmass

July 4, 2024

Independence Day Celebration, Beaver Creek Resort{a79992b8-4f71-479b-9488-8150d0172630}&sd=04%2F22 %2F2024&ed=07%2F31%2F2024

July 4, 2024

4th of July in Breckenridge, Breckenridge

July 4 – 6, 2024

41st Annual Breckenridge July Art Festival, Breckenridge

July 4 – 5, 2024

4th of July Parade, Buena Vista

July 4, 2024

4th of July Parade and Pool Party, Carbondale

July 4- July 6.,2024

Red, White, Brews & Tunes , Copper Mountain

July 4, 2024

July 4th Kids’ Bike Parade, Eagle

July4. 2024

Independence Day Celebration, Fairplay

July 4, 2024

Frisco’s Fabulous 4th of July, Frisco

July 4, 2024

4th of July Festival, Golden

July 4, 2024

4th Of July Parade, Grand Junction

July 4 – 6, 2024

Gunnison Balloon Rally, Gunnison

July 4, 2024

Fire up the Cliffs 2024, Kremmling

July 4, 2024

July 4th In Leadville. Leadville

July 4,2024, Ouray

4th of July OURAYCE, Ouray

July 4 – 6, 2024

Paonia Cherry Days & 78th Annual 4th of July Celebration, Paonia

July 4 2024

4th of July Parade, Pagosa Springs

July 4 – 6, 2024

Red Ryder Roundup Rodeo, Pagosa Springs

July 4, 2024

Fourth of July Celebration with the National Repertory Orchestra, Silverthorne

July 4, 2024

Fourth of July Celebration, Steamboat Springs.

July 4, 2024

Steamboat 4th of July Bash, Steamboat Springs Ski Resort

July 4, 2024

Rundola, Telluride July 4, 2024

4th of July Parade, Telluride July 4, 2024

4th of July River Parade, Telluride July 4, 2024

Fourth of July Fireworks, Telluride July 4, 2024

Telluride Art Walk, Telluride July 4, 2024

Patriotic Concert, Vail event-details.aspx?id={9de2ead5-afcc-4046-95dc-0bae9b8c5cee}&sd= 07%2F01%2F2024&ed=09%2F30%2F2024

July 4, 2024

Rendezvous Run for Independence Winter Park Resort

July 4, 2024

4th of July Celebration Winter Park Resort

July 5, 2024

Lakeside Cinema, Avon

July 5, 2024

Carbondale First Fridays – Downtown Main Street, Carbondale

July 5 – 6, 2024

True Western Roundup Red White and Bulls Event, Durango

July 5, 2024

First Friday, Durango

July 5, 2024

First Friday! Art Groove, Estes Park

July 5 – 10, 2024

Rooftop Rodeo, Estes Park

July 5. 2024

First Friday Artwalk, Lake City

July 5, 2025

Silver Rush 50 Run, Leadville

July 5, 2024

First Friday Art Walk, Ridgway

July 5, 2024

July First Friday Concert with Blitzen Trapper, Silverthorne Event/2120/166?curm=7&cury=2024

July 5, 2024

First Friday Art Walk, Silverton

July 5, 2024

First Friday Artwalk, Steamboat Springs

July 6, 2024

Snowmass Gran Fondo, Aspen/ Snowmass

July 6, 2024

Frisco History Day, Frisco

July 6, 2024

Aspen House Duathlon, Pagosa Springs

July 6, 2924

Vail Hill Climb, Vail event-details.aspx?id={10ac27ce-7691-4ec2-b58b-d4a78b5fb0a0}&sd=0 7%2F01%2F2024&ed=09%2F30%2F2024

July 6 – 7, 2024

Winter Park Alpine ArtAffair Winter Park Resort winter-park-alpine-artaffair-0

July 6 – August 17, 2024

High Country Stampede Rodeo Winter Park Resort high-country-stampede-rodeo

July 7, 2024

Mountain Mixology, Copper Mountain mountain-mixology-july7

July 8 – 14, 2024

Telluride Art + Architecture, Telluride

July 10, 2024

Snowmass Rodeo, Aspen/ Snowmass

July 10

VRD - Boneyard Brawl, Eagle

July 10, 2024

Historic Lecture Series at the Historic Park Gazebo, Frisco

July 11, 2024

Gravity Girls, Steamboat Springs Ski Resort

July 12, 2024

Lakeside Cinema, Avon

July 12 – 14, 2024

Four Corners Gem & Mineral Show, Durango


American Eagle | Columbia | CROCS | Eddie Bauer | Famous Footwear | J Crew | Levi‘s | Le Creuset | Pearl iZumi | Polo Ralph Lauren | Sports Buffet | Williams Sonoma
Timberline Craft Kitchen & Cocktails | Thirsty Pika Taproom

July 12, 2024

Youth Whitewater Safety, Eagle

July 12 – 14, 2024

SnowyGrass Music Festival, Estes Park

July 12 – 21, 2024

Park County Fair, Fairplay

July 12, 2024

10th Annual Frisco Triathlon, Frisco

July 12, 2024

10th Annual Frisco Triathlon, Frisco

July 12, 2024

Wine & Jazz Happy Hour Kickoff, Keystone Resort{3201b769-7632-49da-bafa-f4d58bf56525}&sd=06%2F01%2F2024&ed=09%2F30%2F2024

July 12, 2024

Flat Out Fridays Downhill Race 2, Powderhorn Mountain Resort

July 12, 2024

Steamboat Springs Pro Rodeo, Steamboat Springs

July 13 – 14, 2024

Snowmass Art Festival, Aspen/ Snowmass

July 13, 2024

Breckenridge Summer Beer Festival, Breckenridge

July 13 – 14, 2024

Wine & Jazz Festival, Keystone Resort

July 13, 2024

Summer Brew: Beer & Music Festival, Purgatory Resort

July 13.2024

Colorado Brewers Rendezvous, Salida event/2288784-colorado-brewers-rendezvous

July 13. 2024

20th Anniversary Tour De Steamboat Bike Ride, Steamboat Springs Ski Resort

July 13 – 14, 2024

Art in the Park, Steamboat Springs July 13, 2024

Venture Out Fest, Winter Park Resort

July 14, 2024

Jaripeo Ranchero Mexican Rodeo, Carbondale

July 15, 2024

ArtWalk, Crested Butte July 15 – 20, 2024

Mesa County Fair, Grand Junction July 16, 2024

Mountain Goat Kids’ Trail Running Series, Frisco

July 16, 2024

48th Arts & Crafts Festival, Lake City

July 17, 2024

Snowmass Rodeo, Aspen/ Snowmass

July 17, 2024

Wine + Food Festival, Crested Butte

July 18, 2024

CBFOL Wine Tasting Supporting Old Rock Library, Crested Butte

July 19, 2024

Lakeside Cinema, Avon

July 19 – 28, 2024

Chaffee County Fair & Rodeo, Buena Vista event/2178736-chaffee-county-fair-rodeo

July 19 – 20,2024

Ouray 100, Ouray

July 19 – 20. 2024

Steamboat Springs Pro Rodeo, Steamboat Springs

July 19 – 20, 2024

Telluride Americana Music Festival, Telluride

July19 – 21, 2024

Ah Haa HAHA, Telluride

July 19 - J2, 2024

Fred Ammer Vail Soccer Tournament, Vail event-details.aspx?id={d6fb0290-518b-4a92-b308-f63deb7f0904}&sd= 07%2F01%2F2024&ed=09%2F30%2F2024

July 20, 2024

Audi Power Of Four Trail Run, Aspen/ Snowmass

July 20, 2024

Celebrating A Decade Of Breck Create, Breckenridge

July 20 – 21, 2024

Courage Classic Bicycle Tour, Copper Mountain courage-classic

July 20, 2024

Christmas in July, Durango

July 20, 2024

Caddis Cup Fly Fishing Tournament, Gunnison

July 20, 2024

Mt Blue Sky Hill Climb, Idaho Springs








Stoked or Not Stoked…


I’ve skied for a long time and skied a lot of volume in my days. Killington Mountain School, 7 years on the US Ski Team, Olympic Games, Coached at two Olympics, various academies… Trained and guest coached every summer in various venues and countries for over 20 years. Like, a lot!

One of my pet peeves is the pretension of skiing and the “I’m over it” attitude. This is supposed to be our opportunity to commune with mother nature, God, whomever / whatever you wish!

It doesn’t matter what your level is… this is really important to understand for everyone. I’m pretty good at what I do, but more so, I really enjoy skiing still (feel pretty grateful for that because that’s not always the case for ex – world cup skiers). People in ski towns get pretty wrapped up in how good they are, what they wear, their equipment or who they ski with, but I’ll tell you, if I get the chance to go ski with the world champion and he or she is “not having it” or enjoying the moment(s), I don’t want to ski with them! Trust me, I’ve witnessed this more than once in my life. It’s sort of miserable to be out there with them. On the other side of the coin is my mother-in-law . She has been teaching skiing at the Steamboat Ski Area for 53 years and you know what she said to me this fall when we received our first bit of snow? Best day of the year, the start of winter! Now… that’s the attitude and enthusiasm that I’m talking about!

I ski with a lot of people that are not at my level and why that may sound pretentious it’s not meant to be. I ski for enjoyment and love to ski with people that have high levels of stoke. I love to surf. I’m not that good to be honest (pretty intermediate), but I love it. I love waxing my board, transporting my boards, putting the fins on and being out there regardless of the conditions (mostly). I’m the guy you want to surf with! My goal is to be excited without being that over-stoked guy that’s sort of potentially annoying. You know what I’m saying? Sort of quiet, taking every bit of it in, while communing with nature. It’s not about my board shorts, how sweet my board is, but respect for the surfing culture, the environment and the other surfers.

There are no bad ski days (trust me, not at least in the West), just bad ski preparation or inappropriate skis for the day or a bad attitude. So, next time you’re out there even if you’re not completely feeling it, put a smile on your face and just understand how lucky we are to be doing something that’s such a wonderful part of nature. Have a great spring and see you next winter!

422 Timber Trail Road | Breckenridge

8 BD | 9 BA | 8,072 SF | $19,995,000

Introducing the pinnacle of luxury living in Breckenridge, Colorado. Nestled steps from the edge of Peak 8, this extraordinary property is arguably the best ski-in/ski-out lot in the area, offering unparalleled first-chair access to the Breckenridge Ski Resort. This home features eight bedrooms, multiple living areas, and a slope-side patio. Experience luxury living with this remarkable skiers’ haven.

1107 Penstemon Road | Keystone

4 BD | 4.5 BA | 4,997 SF | $3,200,000

National Forest and the Keystone Ranch Golf Course surround this 4-bedroom Colorado mountain retreat. Only a short drive to the Keystone Resort Mountain House base area/ski lifts, this secluded setting provides privacy and convenience. Features include a large open-concept kitchen and dining area with soaring ceilings, exposed wood beams, and large windows. This stunning home is perfect for large gatherings, encompassing mountain living at its best.

SARAH MCNEILL | 970.389.3559

Welcome to Crossroads, a secluded, custom-built estate on the premier home site in the Highlands at Breckenridge. Stunning panoramic vistas span from Lake Dillon and the Gore Range along the entire Tenmile Range. The 6.5-acre property is surrounded by 25 acres of open space, offering unmatched privacy, within an easy 2-mile drive to Main Street and Breckenridge Resort. This mountain modern masterpiece showcases exceptional craftsmanship inside and out.

Adjoining Keystone Lodge & Spa, steps from Keystone Lake and the Snake River, and just minutes from the lifts, this collection of newlybuilt, thoughtfully-appointed, 1 to 3-bedroom condominium residences is situated for the best of Summit County living. DAVE GREENBERG | 970.393.0769 JIM SCHLEGEL | 970.389.3528 MICHELE HART | 970.376.7799

CLARK | 970.333.1541

Brightwood At Keystone | Keystone 1-3 BD Condos | Starting around $700,000

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