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How to boost mood and memory at home


ociety has become much better at recognizing the importance of mental wellness practices. It’s now common knowledge that exercise, a healthy diet and quality sleep are essential to both physical and mental health. This is great progress, but many people overlook other ways to take care of mind and mood besides treating the body. Mental hygiene practices directly improve mental wellness and go beyond simply managing stress. A wave of new research has demonstrated that implementing practices like meditation can increase mind-body awareness/mindfulness, raise self-esteem, improve concentration, strengthen memory and prevent depression. An example that is trending for its effectiveness and accessibility is the Kirtan Kriya meditation. A type of meditation from the Kundalini Yoga tradition, Kirtan Kriya has been shown to reduce symptoms of depression and dementia, while being beneficial to both mood and overall mental wellness. SCIENTIFIC SUPPORT Recent studies show the numerous mental health benefits of this non-religious, meditative practice. For example, researchers out of UCLA, West Virginia University, and the Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation have used functional imaging studies, genomics, biomarkers, and neurocognitive testing to study the effects of Kundalini Yoga and Kirtan Kriya on individuals with cognitive decline over six months. Intervention groups practicing Kirtan Kriya saw improvements to memory and cognitive functioning as well as improved

mood and quality of life. These findings are supported by other research studies on the practice, with Kirtan Kriya meditation shown to improve blood flow to the brain, reverse memory loss and ease depression. The results demonstrate how Kundalini Yoga and meditative practice are beneficial for memory and may even stave off the symptoms of cognitive decline, which are often a precursor to Alzheimer’s disease. PRACTICE FROM ANYWHERE Experiencing the benefits of Kirtan Kriya can happen in just six minutes of practice each day. Since yoga and meditation techniques can be done at home, it’s something that anyone can do to support their mental wellness. To make Kirtan Kriya meditations part of your mental hygiene routine, follow these steps: POSITION: Sit comfortably in a chair with feet flat on the floor or sit on the floor with legs crossed. The key is to be comfortable with the spine straight. Keep eyes closed and breathe naturally as the meditation unfolds. MANTRA OR CHANT: The chant uses the basic sounds, “Sah, Tah, Nah, Mah”, taken from the Sikh words “Sat Nam,” meaning “my true identity.” MUDRA OR HAND POSITION: The thumb is touched to each of the other four fingers in sequence. Both hands perform the same sequence simultaneously.

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- When you chant Sah, touch the index fingers of each hand to the thumbs. - On Tah, touch your middle fingers to your thumbs. - On Nah, touch your ring fingers to your thumbs. - On Mah, touch your little fingers to your thumbs.

Live Well

THE TIMING: Sing the sounds “Sah, Tah, Nah, Mah” while performing the mudras sequence with the fingers of both hands. At the same time, visualize the sound flowing in through the top of the head and out the middle of the forehead. - For one minute, sing the sounds out loud. - For one minute, use a loud whisper. - F or the next two minutes, repeat the sounds silently to yourself. - Then whisper the sounds for one minute and then sing out loud for one minute, for a total meditation time of six minutes.

Chatuge Family Practice A non-profit organization

828.389.6383 Teresa A. Heavner, M.D.


To come out of the exercise, inhale very deeply, stretch hands above the head while stretching the fingers wide. Stretch the spine and take several deep breaths. Relax. Sally Cody, FNP-C

To learn more about the mental benefits of Kirtan Kriya and Kundalini Yoga, please visit kundaliniresearchinstitute.org. (BPT)

241 Church Street, Hayesville, NC 28904

Jill M. Brinke, M.D.

Services Offered

CDL Exams Preventative Care Laboratory Work Minor Surgery

Hours: Mon, Tues, Thurs: 8 am - 6 pm Wed and Fri: 8 am - 4:30pm

Sports Physicals Acute & Chronic Disease Management Weight Loss Management

Acupuncture Dermatology/Skin Checks Medication & Medical Assistance Programs

MEDICARE OPEN ENROLLMENT October 15 - December 7

INSURANCE For all your Medicare needs. Insurance you can rely on! • Health Insurance & Coverage Options • VA & Tricare Plans Available • Auto & Home Insurance • Walk-Ins Welcome


620 Hill St • Murphy, NC 28906


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It’s time...


f you are about to turn 65, retired and are taking Social Security payments, enrollment in Medicare will be automatic as of the first day of your 65th birthday month.

Oct. 15 through Dec. 7 is the time of year to re-evaluate your Medicare health coverage to be sure it will meet your health care needs going forward, learn whether your prescriptions are still covered in 2021 and understand any changes that occurred in your current plans. Medicare can be confusing, so how will you choose the best plan(s) to fit your unique health needs? The website of www.Medicare.gov is there to create your own MyMedicare account, store medical records, sign up for Medicare for the first time at age 65, check or compare drug costs, and to find out which procedures are covered and find and research medical providers in your area. If you are about to turn 65, retired and haven’t started taking Social Security payments, you should know that enrollment in Medicare is not automatic. You will need to enroll in Medicare Part A (Hospital in-patient coverage), Medicare Part B (out-patient services) and Medicare Part D (prescription plan).

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Also, some people with lower incomes may qualify for programs that can reduce Medicare-related costs. There is a Medicare Savings Programs for people on Medicare with limited income and resources that can help with coinsurance, co-pays, deductibles and prescription drug costs. Your drug plan must tell you each year if your drug coverage is considered creditable coverage. They may send you this information in a letter, or draw your attention to it in a newsletter or other piece of correspondence. Keep this information, because you may need it if you join a Medicare drug plan later and want to avoid the Part D late enrollment penalty. If you have creditable prescription drug coverage when you first become eligible for Medicare, generally you can keep it without paying the late enrollment penalty if you sign up for Part D later. At Southwind Agency, our best advice helps you generate a comprehensive set of recommendations. Our step-bystep process will lead you to a relevant solutions and give you the confidence that you have made the right decision. Contact Tammara Lawson 706-867-0009 or visit www.Southwind.Agency to make an appointment

• Medicare

ENROLLMENT Oct 15 - Dec 7 Medigap (Medicare Supplement) Medicare Advantage Plans Prescription Drug Plans

• Health

ENROLLMENT Nov 1 - Dec 15 All Available Exchanges Christian Cost Sharing Plans Short Term Plans Group Health Plans

• Life

Term • Final Expense • Whole Life Indexed Universal Life

• Supplemental Insurance Gap Plans • Dental, Vision, Hearing Cancer, Etc.

• Long Term Care • Disability • Elder - Patient Advocacy • Retirement Planning Services • Income for Life Options 75 N. Grove St, Suite C Dahlonega, GA 30533



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Neck Pain...

Chiropractic and the Older Patient


eople of all ages suffer from neck pain, and many frequently turn to chiropractors for care because it’s been found to be one of the most effective and efficient forms of treatment available, and it carries minimal side effects! It has been projected that by 2030, nearly one in five residents in the United States will be 65 or older. Currently, approximately 14% of the patients treated by chiropractors are 65 or older, making it one of the most frequently utilized forms of complementary and alternative care used by older adults. What kind of care can a senior citizen expect when seeking treatment from a chiropractor? Let’s take a look… Musculoskeletal pain—pain in the neck, back, arms, and/or legs—drives the majority of elderly patients to chiropractors. While low back and neck pain are the most common complaints, it’s not unusual for patients to also have one or two other conditions (or more) that they did NOT know chiropractic care could help. In fact, common “goals” for managing every patient

(not just the elderly) include services related to patient assessment, maintenance of health, and prevention of illness, in addition to treatment of illness or injury. Common chiropractic treatment approaches include spinal manipulation and/or mobilization, nutritional counseling, physical activity/exercise, and (especially important for the elderly population) fall prevention. Focusing on neck pain there are various chiropractic management strategies that might be encountered by an elderly patient. Common reasons patients present regarding the neck include limited movement, stiffness, and pain. Neck pain can also interfere with sleep, as finding a comfortable position in bed can be quite challenging! Lifting, carrying, and playing with grandchildren is a very common issue for either causing a new complaint or irritating an existing one. Neck pain may also interfere with reaching and lifting. Thus, activities like yard or garden work may become more difficult and less enjoyable. Neck pain is often associated

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with headaches, which can make daily tasks even more challenging. When visiting a chiropractor for the first time or for a new complaint, he/she can expect to fill out some initial paperwork, as well as provide a history of the main complaint and any lesser complaints. This may also include providing a family and medical history. The examination usually includes general observations, palpating or feeling for muscle tightness, tenderness, warm/cool, range of spinal motion (neck, back, extremities), orthopedic tests, neurological tests, and possibly x-rays. Treatment of the neck may include massage or mobilization to loosen up the neck, manipulation to free up restricted joint motion, and even exercise training. The goal of treatment is to improve neck motion, activity tolerance, and quality of life (less pain, improved sleep, etc.). So, whether you are 10, 20, 50, 70, or 90 years old, give chiropractic a chance to help you manage your neck pain. To help manage your neck pain, call Blue Ridge Wellness and Massage today!

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2714 East First St • Blue Ridge 706-946-9355 • blueridgewam@gmail.com blueridgewellnessmassage.com

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Brasstown Pharmacy Drug & Gun 23 B Murphy Hwy. 706-745-2303 Blairsville’s most reliable Pharmacy for all your prescriptions, including hormone replacement therapy, vaccinations, & compounding for your specific needs. Firearms and ammunition plus parts or accessories. brasstown.biz

N. Georgia Hearing Aid Specialist, LLC 281-C Young Harris Street 706-745-1861 Connie Duncan hearing aid specialist serving the local area for over 25 years. All make repair, new digital technology, any brands except franchise. “Hearing Aid Specialist of the Year - 2012” Conviently located for over 15 years, next to the Blairsville Post Office.

BLUE RIDGE Blue Ridge Wellness & Massage 2710 E First Street 706-946-9355 We offer a full array of holistic/wellness services. Massage, Skin Therapy, Wellness Coaching, Natural Healing and Fitness Classes, Diagnostic Testing and more... blueridgewellnessmassage.com See pg 7

CLAYTON Family Care Clayton 563 Mountain City Road


WE ARE OFFERING 3 TYPES OF COVID19 TESTING! Due to a federal grant we are able to see uninsured patients at no cost to the patient for COVID-19 related visits! Primary Care and Urgent Care services that include exams, sick visits, DOT physicals, IV fluids, blood work, stitches, sports/school physicals, and more. TeleMed available. Walk-ins always welcome. familycarega.com

MedLink GA 896 US-441

706-754-4348 ext 2018

Your Link to Quality Medical Care, Accepting all insurances including Meicare & Medicaid medlinkga.org See pg 13

CLEVELAND MedLink GA 17 White St.

706-754-4348 ext 2018

Your Link to Quality Medical Care, Accepting all insurances including Meicare & Medicaid medlinkga.org See pg 13

DAHLONEGA Family Care Dahlonega 400 Walmart Way Suite F


WE ARE OFFERING 3 TYPES OF COVID19 TESTING! Due to a federal grant we are able to see uninsured patients at no cost to the patient for COVID-19 related visits! Primary Care and Urgent Care services that include exams, sick visits, DOT physicals, IV fluids, blood work, stitches, sports/school physicals, and more. TeleMed available. Walk-ins always welcome. familycarega.com

DEMOREST MedLink GA 706-754-4348 ext 2018 396 Historic Highway 441 N. Your Link to Quality Medical Care, Accepting all insurances including Meicare & Medicaid medlinkga.org See pg 13

HAYESVILLE Chatuge Family Practice 241 Church Street


Established 42 year Community medical practice that offers many services. Variety of Insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, and Assistant Payment programs available. chatugefp.org See pg 3


Murphy Dental Center 828-837-5911 119 Natural Springs Drive Modern Dentistry in a caring, home-like atmosphere including General Dentistry, CEREC Dentistry, and Oral Conscious and IV Sedation. murphydentalcenter.com

Peachtree Community Health Center 4048 E US 64 ALT, Suite 1 828-837-8131 Providing whole person care by integrating primary care and behavioral health at one location, during one visit. Our services encompass individualized treatment, health education, and community assistance from a team of providers that include physicians, nurses, Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSWs), community health workers, and peer support specialists. Monday - Friday | 7:30 am - 5:30 pm amchc.org See pg 16

Pro Motion Rehab 2810 W US-64 Suite 1

You will feel right at home here where our state-of-the-art facilities feature advanced cardiovascular, stabilization and strength stimulating technology to provide the greatest impact for accelerated recovery and relief from pain. promotionrehab.com See pg 9


Tallulah Community Health Center 409 Tallulah Rd. 828-479-6434 Providing whole person care by integrating primary care and behavioral health at one location, during one visit. Our services encompass individualized treatment, health education, and community assistance from a team of providers that include physicians, nurses, Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSWs), community health workers, and peer support specialists. Monday-Friday | 7 am - 6 pm amchc.org See pg 16


Wesley Mountain Village / Simpson Estates 493 Wesley Mountain Drive 706-745-5565 The independent lifestyle you’ve been looking for! Enjoy your own home in the mountains without the burden of lawn care and maintenance (for those 55+) simpsonestates.org / wesleywoods.org


See pg 11

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Improve Range of Motion with INSTRUMENT ASSISTED SOFT TISSUE MOBILIZATION Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) is a modern form of traditional Chinese medicine. IASTM is a non-invasive treatment where a therapist uses uniquely designed stainless steel tools to break down scar tissue. Similar to how a comb works out knots in your hair, these tools are used to release tissue abnormalities. These tools are uniquely designed with specific edges to mobilize soft tissue and decrease adhesions in the area. IASTM enables therapists to efficiently locate and treat soft tissue limitations. This allows the therapist to mobilize one layer of soft tissue on top of the other layer by causing the adhesions to break up and aid the healing process. IASTM is a popular procedure due to its effectiveness and efficiency. Many of our patients see results in a couple sessions. It has been proven to increase healing response time, decrease scar tissue, increase blood flow and strengthen tissues. Adhesions

Pro Motion Rehab Physical, Occupational, & Massage Therapies 2810 US Hwy 64 W Suite 1 Murphy, NC 28906

828-837-0400 pt@promotionrehab.com ProMotionRehab.com

Come as a patient, leave as a friend. within the soft tissue may develop as a result of surgery, immobilization, repetitive tasks or repeated injury. Our therapists assess a patient’s condition by reviewing a patient’s medical history, doctor orders, office notes and diagnostic test reports, as well as by evaluating limitations of strength and range of motion in order to determine the most appropriate treatment plan of care. For more information about IASTM or to make an appointment with a Physical Therapist contact Pro Motion Rehab today.

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10 Tips to Recognize Ripe Fruits

Keeping fresh fruit around the house provides a healthier alternative when your sweet tooth comes calling. Understanding how and when to buy at the peak of ripeness (or just before, in some cases) can help you avoid food waste while keeping your doctor happy. Consider these simple tips for recognizing ripe fruits: • Strawberries: Check the area at the top of the berry near the stem and leaves. A ripe strawberry is fully red; green or white near the top means the fruit is underripe.

Senior Living in the North Georgia Mountains


An affordable community of apartments in a beautiful mountain setting. (Federal rental assistance for those 62+ or mobility impaired.)


The independent lifestyle you’ve been looking for! Enjoy your own home in the mountains without the burden of lawn care and maintenance. (for those 55+)

• Watermelon: The “field spot,” or the area where the melon sat on the ground, should be yellow, and a tap on the rind should produce a hollow sound. • Cherries: Flesh should appear dark with a crimson color and feel firm. • Blueberries: Similar to cherries, color should deepen to dark blue. A reddish or pink color may be visible in unripe berries. • Blackberries: Look for a smooth texture without any red appearance. Because blackberries don’t ripen after being picked, they tend to spoil quickly. • Cantaloupe: You should detect a sweet smell, and the melon should feel heavy upon lifting. • Peaches: A sweet, fragrant odor should be apparent. Skin should feel tender but not soft. • Pineapple: Smell is again an important factor for pineapple - a sweet scent shows it’s ready, but a vinegary one likely means it’s overripe. • Raspberries: Generally follow the same rules as blackberries. Best eaten within a couple days of purchase, a bright red color represents ripe berries. • Bananas: A ripe banana features a peel lightly spotted without significant bruising. Your best bet may be to purchase bananas still slightly green and allow them to ripen at home. Photo courtesy of Getty Images #14869 Source: Culinary.net

leaders in senior living

493 Wesley Mountain Drive, Blairsville, GA 30512 www.wesleywoods.org 706-745-5565

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Improve Heart Health with Daily Nutrition from a Refrigerator Staple


Add 100% orange juice to family recipes and routines Taking care of your heart requires a commitment to the right routines and smart decisions, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Simple ingredients already in your kitchen may offer powerful protection to keep your heart healthy. For example, more than a decade of research shows 100% orange juice and its vitamins and minerals may play a beneficial role in helping lower blood pressure and other risk factors for heart disease. A study published in the “European Journal of Nutrition” by researchers at Eurecat, Centre TecnolÚgic de Catalunya, in Reus, Spain provides further support for 100% orange juice’s role in heart health, and offers additional insight into a unique component in orange juice, called hesperidin, that may have antioxidant activity and contribute to orange juice’s cardiovascular benefits. The study, which was funded by the Florida Department of Citrus, determined that adults with pre- or stage-1 hypertension who drank about 2 cups of 100% orange juice per day saw significant reductions in systolic blood pressure and other markers of heart health and inflammation. “Nearly half of adults in the United States have high blood pressure,” said Dr. Rosa Walsh, scientific research director at the Florida Department of Citrus. “For those with mild hypertension, including something as simple and pure as 100% orange juice in your daily healthy routine may help make significant improvements in such a prevalent problem.” Beyond its heart health benefits, many studies, including a National Health & Nutrition Survey published in “Nutrition Journal,” have found that 100% orange juice consumption is associated with higher diet quality and increased levels of key nutrients, including many that are under-consumed, like potassium. “The vitamin C, antioxidants and potassium found in 100% orange juice can help maintain a healthy blood pressure, which

is a big factor in heart health,” said Kaleigh McMordie, RDN and founder of the blog “Lively Table.” With no added sugar and no fat, cholesterol or sodium, Florida Orange Juice can help you take advantage of these nutritious benefits from breakfast to dinner with dishes like Poached Salmon with Collard Green Salad, an easy way to add potassium and vitamin C at the family table, especially when paired with an 8-ounce glass of 100% orange juice. For those busy mornings on the go, an Orange Kale Smoothie can be the fuel you need as a filling option with less than five ingredients that’s an excellent source of vitamin C, folate and vitamin K and a good source of potassium and thiamin. For more information on the heart health benefits of 100% orange juice, visit FloridaJuice.com.

Poached Salmon with Collard Green Salad

1 1/4 cups Florida Orange Juice, divided Nonstick cooking spray 1 pound salmon filets 1 cup white wine 2 cloves garlic, smashed 2 teaspoons finely grated fresh ginger, divided 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar 1 tablespoon finely minced shallot salt, to taste pepper, to taste 1 small bunch collard greens (about 8 ounces), stems and center ribs removed 1/2 cup toasted, slivered almonds

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NOW OFFERING TELEHEALTH APPOINTMENTS We offer primary care for families and children, along with dental, pharmacies, rehabilitation, diabetes education & behavioral health. Accepting most insurances including MEDICARE & MEDICAID.



896 Highway 441 S Clayton, GA. 30525

HABERSHAM 396 Historic Hwy Demorest, GA 30535

- Preheat oven to 375 F. Spray small glass baking dish with nonstick cooking spray. Set salmon in dish. - Heat small saucepan over high heat, combine 1 cup 100% orange juice, white wine, garlic and 1 teaspoon grated ginger; bring to simmer. - Pour poaching liquid over salmon and cover with aluminum foil. - Poach in oven 15-20 minutes, or until salmon is cooked through. - In lidded jar, combine remaining 100% orange juice, remaining grated ginger, olive oil, vinegar and shallot; shake to combine. Season with salt and pepper, to taste. - Cut collard greens into thin ribbons and transfer to large mixing bowl. Pour dressing over collard greens; toss well to combine and fully coat. - Remove salmon from liquid and serve on top of collard greens. Sprinkle with almonds. - Season with additional salt and pepper, to taste, and serve.


520 Jesse Jewell Pkwy SE Gainesville, GA 30501


17 White St Cleveland, GA 20528

706.521.3113 For other locations and information visit:



Health Store & Smoothie Bar

Orange Kale Smoothie Servings: 2 2 1/4 1 4

773 North Main Street Clayton, GA. 30525

cups Florida Orange Juice cup frozen pineapple cup kale, tough stems removed mint leaves

- In large blender, blend 100% orange juice, frozen pineapple, kale and mint leaves until smooth. - Pour into tall glass. Family Features #15387 Source: Florida Department of Citrus

• All-Natural Smoothies • Vitamins • Bulk Herbs • Supplements • Ionic Foot Bath • Essential Oils • CBD/Hemp Oil • Local Baked Goods• Kombucha • Honey • Skincare • Teas & Spices • Milk & Meat Open 7 Days a Week • FREE WiFi

204 E Louise St • Clarkesville (across from Ingles)

AtoZincHealth.com • 706-754-0247

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Are you a classic or a jalopy?

Do you ever look around and see people your age that seem much younger, spryer, more energetic than you? They are cruising around, enjoying their lives, looking and feeling much younger than their age. They are classics, timeless. Or are you one of the lucky ones who think “That’s not what a (insert your age here) year old should look like.”? You see people you went to school with and think, man, they got OLD. They have been rundown, beat up, and look every one of their years- and FAR older than you. Which one are you? Classic or Jalopy? Which one do you want to be? And what is the difference between the two?

Simple answer-Care and maintenance. It is amazing that people will do all sorts of things for their cars, washing, waxing, buffing, detailing, oil changes, new brakes, annual maintenance. These cars look as good as when they rolled off the showroom floor. But when it comes to their most important vehicle, the one that lasts (if we are lucky) 100 years, they think wear and tear is normal and expected, and they neglect it, sometimes abuse it. And then seem surprised when it does not last. Thankfully, these neglected chassis can be rebuilt. Here’s how...

HighroadsLiving.com Volume 9 • Issue 5 - Highroads Living 15 GREAT FUEL= HEALTHY ENGINE Classics know the most important thing that we can do is provide the right fuel for our bodies. Fresh, seasonal produce, grass-fed meats (if it is in your budget) and lots of water will make your internal engine hum. Keep your food natural and as close to how it was created as possible. No franken-foods- mass produced food like products that line most supermarket shelves. IF your great grandparents would not recognize it as food- your body will not either.

Yes, we are OPEN. Exercise is GOOD for you!

Need a little power boost? Try a good food-based multivitamin to supplement your diet. Post-menopausal women should look for lower iron varieties. And always check with your doctor before taking ANYTHING, as some may interfere with prescription meds. BALANCE- IT’S NOT JUST FOR TIRES Classics know the importance of having balanced tires, but your body needs balance too. Balance training is one of the simplest things you can do. First, start with your shoulders back, chest lifted, abdominal muscles tight, and feet together. Stand next to a counter or chair. Do not lean on it, just rest one hand lightly. Now lift one leg to the front and hold it. Now the other leg. Repeat the process holding your leg first to the side, then to the back. Too easy? Close your eyes and repeat. Another easy trick to help with balance, move your head. Left to right, side to side and up and down. Keeping your head moving is one of the best things you can do for balance. MUSCLES AND MUSCLE CARS Jalopies have been told (once you hit a certain age) it is all downhill from here. And you know, if you haven’t taken care of your vehicle, that might be true. But this is also true, restoration is possible. You can fix much of what is going wrong, the sagging, the lack of power, the extra shimmy in the rear, all by doing a little body work. TURNING A JALOPY INTO A CLASSIC Start with the basics. Depending on where you are in the jalopy to classic continuum, the basics can be pretty, well, basic. Walking without stooping, standing up and sitting down with ease. Lifting the arms outstretched to the front and side. Using soup cans to do biceps curls. Going up on your toes, or doing pushups against a wall or counter. Add rubber. Resistance bands are the next step. Get an inexpensive set at your local national retailer, look up appropriate exercises (or ask your doctor), and start shaping and toning that chassis. Another great place to try this is at your local gym for Silver Sneakers classes. Classes can be done standing or seated, and utilize bands, balls and other fun toys in a warm, supervised environment with others just like you. Time for some iron. If you are already a gym member, this is best accomplished by doing a training session with your club’s personal training staff.

Personal Training • Group Fitness • Zumba Yoga/Pilates • Spin • Tanning • Childcare Now Accepting

3 Locations / 24 Hours Cleveland, GA 868 S. Main St. 706-219-7690

Dawsonville, GA Blairsville, GA 749 Hwy 53 1741 Blue Ridge Hwy. 706-265-7093 706-781-5320

TheGymGA.com Most clubs have trainers experienced with classics and wannabe classics, and can recommend a safe program for you. Initially, you will probably be using machines, and most clubs will provide you with a simple circuit to build strength with the lowest risk. If you are not a gym member, a small set of dumbbells (hand-weights) will go a long way in adding resistance, and helping you become stronger. Bicep curls, triceps extensions, simple squats, rows, planks and presses are all you need to reshape your vehicle and rev your engine FIND A GREAT “BODY”SHOP Aside from great equipment and classes, gyms and health clubs provide the additional benefit of camaraderie, peer-support and accountability all in a safe and social setting. You will find additional resources in the form of personal trainers and get detailed advice on how to restore your most important vehicle. Many insurance providers also have gym programs, so all or part of your membership fee is free. Check with your provider to find out. Your own chassis needs the same care as your classic car, so you both can keep running as long as possible. Take a little time on the care and maintenance of your most important vehicle. Stay on the road longer. Be a classic. As always please consult a physician before starting any physical activity.

Peachtree Community Health Center



EVERYONE IS WELCOME! PRIMARY CARE | BEHAVIORAL HEALTH Whole Person Healthcare Includes: • Preventive Care • Complete Physical Exams • Treatment for Acute Illnesses and Minor Injuries • Women’s Services • Minor Office Procedures • Chronic Disease Management • Mental Health and Behavioral Health Services • Care Management for Primary Care: • Resource connections • Care plans • Basic counseling services • Medication monitoring and management • Medical appointment coordination Peachtree Community Health Center participates in a Medicare Shared Savings Program, resulting in coordinated care and additional resources for our Medicare patients. • Home visits • Pharmacy reviews • CaraMedic programs that integrate paramedics into the multidisciplinary care team - bringing compassionate care truly closer to home. Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurance accepted. Self-pay and sliding scale options available.

PEACHTREE COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER 4048 E US 64 Alternate, Suite 1 Murphy, NC 28906 Phone: 828-837-8131 Fax: 828-930-7732 Monday - Friday | 7:30 am - 5:30 pm (Murphy, Cherokee County) An affiliate of

amchc.org TALLULAH COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER 409 Tallulah Rd. Robbinsville, NC 28771 Phone: 828-479-6434 Fax: 828-479-2917 Monday-Friday | 7 am - 6 pm (Robbinsville, Graham County)

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