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A Lifestyle Resource for Adults 55+ Vol 10 Issue 5

This Issue Features Building a Strong Immune System Scope of Orthopedics Self Care Simple Stretches

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2 Highroads Living - Volume 10 • Issue 5

Senior Living in the North Georgia Mountains

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An affordable community of apartments in a beautiful mountain setting. (Federal rental assistance for those 62+ or mobility impaired.)


The independent lifestyle you’ve been looking for! Enjoy your own home in the mountains without the burden of lawn care and maintenance. (for those 55+)

321 Hwy 64 West • Hayesville, NC 28904

leaders in senior living

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Nutritious Fall Meals

With a return to busy fall routines, it can be challenging for many families to find the time to sit down at the table for nutritious meals.

Adding an option like Florida Orange Juice to your family’s routine can help fuel them throughout the day. Whether drinking it on its own or by adding it to recipes like Grilled Turkey Club with Orange Juice-Infused Aioli or Orange Cream Smoothies, you can feel good about incorporating a beverage with essential vitamins and minerals, nutrients for immune system support and no added sugars. Diet and nutritional benefits: Both nutritious and delicious, drinking 100% orange juice can increase fruit intake as well as provide key nutrients including vitamin C, potassium, folate, thiamin and magnesium, as well as vitamin D and calcium in fortified juice. Research has found children whose diets include orange juice tend to have healthier diets and higher levels of physical activity compared to those whose do not. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends limiting 100% fruit juice to no more than 4-6 ounces daily for children ages 2-6 and no more than 8 ounces for children ages 7 and older.

Immune support: 100% orange juice can help support the immune system by providing a variety of vitamins and minerals. For example, an 8-ounce glass of 100% orange juice is an excellent source of vitamin C, which helps protect cells and promote the production and function of immune cells. An 8-ounce serving of fortified 100% orange juice is a good source of vitamin D, which plays an important role in regulating immune response to help fight off bacteria and viruses that get into the body. Additionally, 100% orange juice has many beneficial plant compounds, flavonoids and colorful carotenoids, which work to support the immune system by fighting inflammation and helping cells communicate with each other. No added sugar: Unlike many foods and beverages that contain added sugars, the natural sugar in 100% orange juice comes with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. In fact, a study published in “Frontiers in Nutrition” found children and adults who consumed 100% orange juice had lower intakes of added sugar compared to those who did not. Visit to find more nutritious recipes. Volume 10 • Issue 5 - Highroads Living 3

Grilled Turkey Club with Orange Juice-Infused Aioli Orange Juice-Infused Aioli: 1 cup mayonnaise 1/2 cup Florida Orange Juice 2 tablespoons chopped parsley 2 cloves garlic, grated 2 teaspoons Dijon mustard Turkey Club: 8 slices multi-grain bread 1 cup watercress 8 ounces thinly sliced smoked turkey 4 slices provolone cheese nonstick cooking spray - To make aioli: In small bowl, whisk mayonnaise, orange juice, parsley, garlic and Dijon mustard. - To make turkey club: Spread 2-3 teaspoons aioli on four bread slices. Spread watercress on top of aioli. Top watercress with turkey, cheese and remaining bread slices. - Spray grill pan, electric skillet or cast-iron skillet with nonstick cooking spray and warm over medium heat. When pan is hot, add sandwiches, cheese side down, and cook until bread is golden brown and cheese has melted, about 4 minutes. Gently flip and cook 2-3 minutes, or until bread is golden brown. - Serve with remaining aioli as dipping sauce.

Orange Cream Smoothies

Everthing Dental Voted Best Dentist for 12 Years by Readers Choice of the Cherokee Scout American Dental Association • International Association for Orthodontics Fellowship Status with Aacademy of General Dentistry Fellowship Status American Orthodontic Society American Academy of Implant Dentistry International Congress of Oral Implantologists American Association of Cosmetic Dentistry

Welcome Dr. Courtney Marshall to the Team!

828-837-3577 | 1-800-544-5840 96 Central St., Suite 201 • Murphy

Live Well Chatuge Family Practice

1 1/2 2 6 1/2

cups Florida Orange Juice cups ice ounces non-fat vanilla Greek yogurt cup vanilla almond or soy milk

- In blender on medium speed, blend orange juice, ice, Greek yogurt and vanilla almond or soy milk until smooth and creamy. - Pour into two tall glasses.

A non-profit organization

828.389.6383 Teresa A. Heavner, M.D. Sally Cody, FNP-C

Justin Roby, M.D.

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Jill M. Brinke, M.D.

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Hours: Mon, Tues, Thurs: 8 am - 6 pm Wed and Fri: 8 am - 4:30pm

Sports Physicals Acute & Chronic Disease Management Weight Loss Management

Acupuncture Dermatology/Skin Checks Medication & Medical Assistance Programs

4 Highroads Living - Volume 10 • Issue 5

Pro Motion Rehab Physical, Occupational, & Massage Therapies 2810 US Hwy 64 W Suite 1 Murphy, NC 28906 828-837-0400 Fax: 828-837-0404 Treatment may involve rest, medication, or surgery.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) TBI occurs when an injury disrupts the way the brain functions. The most common causes of TBI are falls, car crashes, and blows to the head. Immediate or delayed symptoms may include confusion, blurred vision, headache, concentration difficulty, and infants may cry persistently or be irritable.

There are approximately three-million cases of TBI diagnosed each year in the USA with a concussion making up approximately 8-% of all diagnosed TBIs. Children under the age of four are at risk of injury from falls and child abuse. Adolescents aged 15 to 19 are at an increased risk due to sports injuries and car crashes. People aged 75 years and older are at risk from falls. For more information: Pro Motion Rehab: 828-837-0400 Volume 10 • Issue 5 - Highroads Living 5

Quality Care

Serving Your Loved One for a Better Quality of Life

24-Hour Skilled Nursing Care 20-Bed, Quiet, Secured Unit for Dementia Care Therapeutic Recreation & Activities Respite Care for Care Givers Who Need A Break

Comprehensive Rehabilitation & Therapies Physical, Occupational, Speech, & Respiratory Therapy; Short Term “Rehab-to-Home” Programs; Post-Surgical, Orthopedic, Neurological, & Cardiac Rehabilitation IN2L Touchscreen Technology to Keep Families Connected & Offer The Interactive World To All Residents

CLAY COUNTY C A R E CE N TE R a Consulate Health Care Center

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Building a Strong Immune Syst em Scope of Ort hopedics Self Care Simple Stre tches





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Issue 5

6 Highroads Living - Volume 10 • Issue 5



hile we should strive to maintain a robust immune system at all times, it is particularly important to get serious about it BEFORE flu season arrives. While influenza viruses circulate yearround, in the United States flu season occurs in the Fall and Winter. The flu typically infects on average 35 million Americans every year, with anywhere from 280,000 to 810,000 ending up in the hospital.

managing your response to stress. These along with making good lifestyle choices all help you find balance and harmony in the body.

To build a healthy immune system, start by establishing good foundations of health.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and is one of the biggest immune boosters of all. In fact, a lack of vitamin C can even make you more prone to getting sick. Daily intake of vitamin C is essential for good health because your body doesn’t produce it or store it. Supplementing with vitamin C has been shown to reduce the duration and severity of upper respiratory tract infections, including the common cold.

This includes proper hydration, consumption of nutrientdense food, getting adequate sunlight, regular rest, appropriate exercise for your age and fitness level, and

Research has shown that supplementing with certain vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other substances can help improve immune response and potentially protect against illness. Volume 10 • Issue 5 - Highroads Living 7


Health Store & Smoothie Bar • All-Natural Smoothies • Vitamins • Bulk Herbs • Supplements • Ionic Foot Bath • Essential Oils • CBD/Hemp Oil • Local Baked Goods • Kombucha • Honey • Skincare • Teas & Spices • Milk & Meat Open 7 Days a Week • FREE WiFi

204 E Louise St • Clarkesville (across from Ingles) • 706-754-0247 N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) is an amino acid prized for its targeted benefits for lung health and its ability to suppress viral replication.

Zinc fights bacteria and viruses and is essential for immune system function. A deficiency in this nutrient significantly affects your immune system’s ability to function properly, resulting in an increased risk of infection and disease, including pneumonia. Zinc deficiency affects around 2 billion people worldwide and is very common in older adults. In fact, up to 30% of older adults are considered deficient in this nutrient. In addition to building strong bones and teeth, Vitamin D plays a critical role in immune health and may also protect lungs from respiratory infections. About 42% of the US population is deficient in Vitamin D. Folate is a B vitamin necessary for proper immune function as well as a host of other benefits. B-vitamins are crucial to overall health and functionality. Age, chronic disease, changes in digestion, use of antiacids all lower your body’s ability to absorb B vitamins through food.

Quercetin is a plant flavonoid that has potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties especially in the sinus area and it functions as a natural anti-histamine. And let’s not forget herbs like Mullein, Elderberry, Fenugreek, Thyme, and Ivy that can help break up mucous and assist with coughs, ear infections and sore throats. Start building a strong healthy immune system today so that when you are presented with a pathogen your body can begin fighting it off right away. We are always available at A to Zinc Health Store to assist you with any natural health questions. Call us at (706) 754-0247 or just stop by. We would love to meet you! By Tracy Pato, CTN, CNHP

8 Highroads Living - Volume 10 • Issue 5

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veryone gets stressed at times, and unfortunately, the past year and a half has brought an extra significant stressor to us in COVID 19. It is very easy to get caught up in all of the responsibilities and daily tasks that have to be done each day. However, when those things start to build up, it can become overwhelming.

More than just a magazine!

There is often a misconception that it is best to just push through and get everything done while pushing self-care to the side. People often push self-care to the side due to focusing on all the things that need to be done for the kids, their spouse, at work, at home, etc. The problem with putting self-care to the side is that oftentimes the stress begins to build up which can then lead to people becoming overly stressed, becoming more irritable, having an increase in mental health symptoms, etc. It is important to remember that in order to be able to be able to take care of others we also have to be taking care of ourselves, which includes self-care. SOME IDEAS FOR SELF-CARE: going on a walk, taking a bath, reading a book, listening to music/watching television that is not geared around kids, going on a drive alone, writing in a journal, going to lunch with a friend, going on a date with your spouse/significant other, getting good sleep, eating nu- Volume 10 • Issue 5 - Highroads Living 9

The importance of


tritious meals, exercise, going on a drive by yourself, getting a massage, getting your nails done, going on a hike, etc. In regards to self- care, it is imperative to make sure you are doing things you enjoy. For example, if someone feels most comfortable being outside then their self-care may include going to the park. However, if someone does not enjoy being in the heat their self-care may be reading, etc. Self-care does not have to be something that takes long periods of time. Sometimes people may treat their ride to work as part of their self-care time or taking a bath as part of their self-care time. When people are busy and caring for others that selfcare time often seems limited so it is often about acknowledging those little times that you have during the day that can then add up. Even being able to acknowledge the small things we are able to do for self-care can help decrease mental health symptoms. Primary care physicians with MedLink can help diagnose & treat early skin cancers. Call today to schedule your screening. By MedLink Georgia Provider: Savannah Smith, LCSW

10 Highroads Living - Volume 10 • Issue 5

The Scope of Orthopaedics at Erlanger


re you living with undiagnosed joint pain? You are not alone. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, severe joint pain affects more than 14.6 million people in the U.S. Joint pain can exist in any of the body’s joints, including the hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, ankles, feet, jaw, and neck.

diagnose both acute and chronic injuries, meaning those that have occurred over time.

Detection of the source of your joint pain is the first step in successfully treating or reducing it. The Orthopaedics Team at Erlanger Western Carolina is here to help by using the latest evidence-based orthopaedic medicine and surgical techniques. One commonly recommended procedure is arthroscopy.

“There are many benefits to arthroscopy,” Eric Clarke, MD, Erlanger orthopaedic surgeon, says.

Arthroscopic surgery, also known simply as arthroscopy, is a minimally invasive procedure that uses a fiber-optic device to look within a joint rather than opening it completely, to diagnose and treat an array of joint disorders with minimal soft tissue violation. The camera transmits those images in real-time so that the surgeon is able to literally see inside the joint. Arthroscopy allows a doctor to

Increasingly, arthroscopy also is being used as a treatment method in and of itself. While inside the joint, surgeons can make repairs that often alleviate the issue.

“It’s less traumatic on the joints — and it allows a surgeon to evaluate the joints thoroughly. We can repair cartilage defects and meniscal tears, as well as stabilize the joints.” Volume 10 • Issue 5 - Highroads Living 11

Is Arthroscopy Right for You? Arthroscopy can be used to treat many different conditions and areas of the body, including the shoulders and knees. Some common injuries or conditions treated include: • Shoulders: rotator cuff tears and recurrent dislocations •K  nees: meniscal tears, anterior cruciate ligament tears with instability and cartilage injuries Erlanger Western Carolina Hospital is home to an exceptional orthopaedic care team with broad expertise. Board-certified and fellowship-trained physicians Drs. Eric Clarke and Stephen Purvis, and nurse practitioner Jesse Mayo, are ready to help create the right treatment plan for you if you feel persistent joint pain.

To make an appointment with Erlanger Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine at Erlanger Western Carolina Hospital in Murphy, call 828-266-0393.

12 Highroads Living - Volume 10 • Issue 5


MedicalDirectory DAHLONEGA

Brasstown Pharmacy Drug & Gun 23 B Murphy Hwy. 706-745-2303 Blairsville’s most reliable Pharmacy for all your prescriptions, including hormone replacement therapy, vaccinations, & compounding for your specific needs. Firearms and ammunition plus parts or accessories.

Family Care Habersham 5330 Hwy 115


Where our PATIENTS are our PRIMARY concern! PRIMARY and URGENT CARE FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY! M-F 9-5. Medication and disease management, Illness/Injury, Well exams/physicals, Well woman exams, DOT physicals, Sports physicals, Labs, urinalysis, EKG, plus Rapid, PCR and Antibody COVID testing.

CLAYTON 706-754-4348 ext 2018

Your Link to Quality Medical Care, Accepting all insurances including Meicare & Medicaid

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CLEVELAND MedLink GA 17 White St.

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Your Link to Quality Medical Care, Accepting all insurances including Meicare & Medicaid

Family Care Dahlonega 400 Walmart Way Suite F


Where our PATIENTS are our PRIMARY concern! PRIMARY and URGENT CARE FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY! M-F 8-6, Sa/Su 9-2. Medication and disease management, Illness/ Injury, Well exams/physicals, Well woman exams, DOT physicals, Sports physicals, Labs, urinalysis, EKG, plus Rapid, PCR, and Antibody COVID testing.



MedLink GA 896 US-441

See pg 9

MedLink GA 706-754-4348 ext 2018 396 Historic Highway 441 N. Your Link to Quality Medical Care, Accepting all insurances including Meicare & Medicaid See pg 9


Chatuge Family Practice 241 Church Street


Established 42 year Community medical practice that offers many services. Variety of Insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, and Assistant Payment programs available. See pg 3


Georgia Mountains Hospice 70 Caring Way 706-253-4100 800-692-7199 Life with Care & Compassion! Local non profit hospice serving 10 north GA counties since 1993 including Pickens, Gilmer, Union, Fannin, Dawson ,Forsyth, Murray ,Bartow, Gordon, & Cherokee County. Providing Home Care, Nursing Home, & Assisted Living support.


Mims Family Dentistry 96 Central St • Ste 201


We want you to keep your teeth happy & healthy for a lifetime. Services include braces to implants. Open 8am-5pm daily. See page 3

Murphy Dental Center 828-837-5911 119 Natural Springs Drive Modern Dentistry in a caring, home-like atmosphere including General Dentistry, CEREC Dentistry, and Oral Conscious and IV Sedation.

Peachtree Community Health Center 4048 E US 64 ALT, Suite 1 828-837-8131 Providing whole person care by integrating primary care and behavioral health at one location, during one visit. Our services encompass individualized treatment, health education, and community assistance from a team of providers that include physicians, nurses, Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSWs), community health workers, and peer support specialists. M-F | 7:30 am - 5:30 pm See pg 16

Pro Motion Rehab 2810 W US-64 Suite 1


You will feel right at home here where our state-of-the-art facilities feature advanced cardiovascular, stabilization and strength stimulating technology to provide the greatest impact for accelerated recovery and relief from pain. See pg 4

ROBBINSVILLE Tallulah Community Health Center 409 Tallulah Rd. 828-479-6434 Providing whole person care by integrating primary care and behavioral health at one location, during one visit. Our services encompass individualized treatment, health education, and community assistance from a team of providers that include physicians, nurses, Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSWs), community health workers, and peer support specialists. M-F| 7 am - 6 pm See pg 16


Wesley Mountain Village / Simpson Estates 493 Wesley Mountain Drive


The independent lifestyle you’ve been looking for! Enjoy your own home in the mountains without the burden of lawn care and maintenance (for those 55+) / See pg 2


Clay County Care Center 86 Valley Hideaway Drive


Skilled Nursing Facility providing rehabilitation, long term care, respite care, Alzheimer’s and dementia secured care. Clay County Care Center is a place to get better, a place for living. See pg 5 Volume 10 • Issue 5 - Highroads Living 13

Annual Enrollment Period for Medicare Advantage and Part D plans is October 15th – December 7th MAKE YOUR APPOINTMENT NOW! 706-781-7832 Medical Supplements • Medicare Advantage Plans • Medicare Drug Plans

Let Cathy, your experienced home-town professional, answer your questions!

Cathy Jarrett

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Licensed Insurance Agent Licensed in GA, NC, TN, FL

Where to Get Your COVID-19 Vaccine The FDA approved the first COVID-19 vaccine, Pfizer-BioNTech, for individuals 16 years of age and older. To find your nearest location or to schedule appt. visit.. GEORGIA Gainesville Northeast Georgia Medical Center Hall County Health Dept. Longstreet Clinic Medlink Demorest Habersham Health Dept. Medlink Habersham Primary Care Cornelia Arnold Drug Company Cleveland White County Health Dept. Dahlonega Lumpkin County Health Dept. Georgia Mountain Health

Clayton Rabun County Health Dept. Medlink Young Harris Towns County Health Dept. Hiawassee Synergy Health Blairsville Union County Health Dept. Blue Ridge Georgia Mountains Health Ellijay Piedmont Community Center Georgia Mountains Health

Availability may be offered at these Pharmacies: • CVS • Ingles • Kroger • Publix • U-Save-It • Walmart • Walgreens

NORTH CAROLINA Murphy Murphy Medical Center Cherokee Health Dept. Walgreens, Walmart Murphy Elementary School Franklin Angel Medical Center Macon Health Dept. Walgreens, Walmart Robbinsville Graham County Health Dept. Walgreens Andrews Walgreens Hayesville Walgreens Clay County Health Dept.

14 Highroads Living - Volume 10 • Issue 5

12 Simple Stretches to Help You Move Better Here’s an alarming fact- for most of us our flexibility will diminish by more than 50% as we age. Yikes! This means your gait will likely get shorter, your posture will suffer, and simple movements will become more difficult- like putting on your shoes or picking things up off the ground. But does it have to happen? WHY YOU BECOME LESS FLEXIBLE When you have been on this planet for more than a couple of decades, you begin to see the results of muscle imbalances, overuse, faulty movement patterns and injuries in your flexibility. In fact, all of these things can cause muscles to tighten and become resistant to what you probably think of as normal movement- walking, stooping and bending. Because it becomes more difficult, we tend to avoid those motions that cause us trouble. But as they say- if you don’t use it- you lose it. This is particularly true with flexibility. As we limit movement our bodies no longer sense the need to preserve the ability to stretch. Tendons and ligaments stiffen and the collagen that they are made of deteriorates. Without challenges to this connective tissue, there is no need for the cellular repair work or nutrients, so blood flow is diminished. Add to that the almost chronic state of dehydration most of us live in (medications, caffeine, heat, and not enough water) and it is no wonder that we see struggles with flexibility as we age. SO WHAT CAN YOU DO? There are multiple issues to address. The first is hydration. • Drink more water. • Check your medications, and if a side effect is dehydration- add more water to your daily intake. • Don’t wait until you feel thirsty to drink water or other fluids. • Drink a glass of water or two immediately upon waking. • Drink a full glass of water with your meds- as long as that is advised. promote healthy connective tissue, and generally feel better. Find a licensed massage therapist that specializes in mature populations. Exercise Move more. Exercise, even light walking will go far in encouraging blood flow to get to the connective tissue and stave off some of the cellular senescence of aging. Start slow if you need to, but please just move. Classes with others are a great way to get moving in a supervised way, and also give the added benefit of social accountability. Stretching Stretching improves your mobility, flexibility and ultimately your independence. Stretches come in 2 varieties. Dynamic and static. Static stretches are ones that are held for 30 seconds or more and dynamic stretches that are more movement-based and mimic actions that you likely already do. It is important to keep the 2 forms separate, as doing a static stretch and bouncing or before you are warmed up has potential for injury. General advice for a stretching program. • Start slow. • BE HYDRATED. • Focus on your breathing. There is a tendency to hold your breath. You must counter that by consciously breathing or counting softly to yourself. If you are making a noise, you are not holding your breath. • It’s ok to use tools like straps or bands to help. • Get a little warm. Wait until after a workout or a walk to focus on stretching. • If you are not sure about how something looks or feels, try doing your stretches in front of a mirror. • Stretches will be uncomfortable, but they should NOT be painful. If you feel anything sharp or tingly, stop immediately. The following is a list of seated or standing stretches you can do to keep every part of your body moving. Remember as always, please consult a physician before beginning this or any other program. SEATED OR STANDING STRETCHES Neck Stretch

Important note: No one likes to talk about incontinence, but it is NOT a reason to avoid drinking your water. Talk with your doctor if this is a concern. Nutrition Eat your veggies. Dark green vegetables such as broccoli, kale and spinach contain a substance known as lutein. Lutein helps your body produce elastin. Get high quality protein. The amino acids in protein provide the building blocks of elastin and collagen. Omega 3s- these things are pretty much good for everything, including your connective tissue. Massage Massage is a healthy and natural way to encourage blood flow,

Tilt your head to the left, right, back and forward. Then turn your head left and right. Hold each movement for 10-30 seconds. It is not necessary or advisable to use your hands to deepen the stretch. Just relax into it. Avoid moving your shoulders as much as possible. Special Note on BACK Stretches Avoid dynamic movement on back stretches. Without proper core engagement, you can injure yourself. If you want to learn about core engagement, please contact a certified personal trainer to help you. Volume 10 • Issue 5 - Highroads Living 15 Upper Back Stretch Squeeze your shoulder blades together, opening your arms wide and breathe deeply. Then round your back and cross your arms in front of you at the elbows, hollowing out your belly.

Yes, we are OPEN. Exercise is GOOD for you!

Seated Twists Sit straight and tall on a chair, bench or box with your shoulders back. Twist the torso slowly until facing one side, and hold for 10-30 seconds. Then do the other side. Shoulder Stretch Keeping your arm straight, cross it in front of you. Bend the other arm, and support the straight arm at the elbow. Push the straight arm’s shoulder down away from the ears and hold. Repeat on the other side. Side Stretch Stand or sit straight in a chair. If you can, join both hands overhead tilt to one side and hold. Then do the other side. If you cannot put your arms overhead, you can put your hands on your hips and bend. Try to keep your hips straight. Chest Stretch Spread the arms wide. Extend the hands and slowly rotate the arms so that the thumbs are moving from pointing to the ceiling to pointing toward the floor. Triceps Stretch Lift your arm, to touch the opposite shoulder behind your head. Grab that elbow with your other hand and ease it back until the elbow points at the ceiling.

Bicep and Wrist Stretch Extend the arm with the elbow up and grab the fingers bringing them down to flex at the wrist. Rotate the hand and again grab the fingers to flex in the opposite direction. Quad Stretch Ideally this is done standing and grabbing your foot. Bend one knee to grab your foot behind you. Hold on to something if balancing is a challenge.

Heart Rate Technology • Personal Training Group Fitness • Zumba • Yoga/Pilates • Spin Tanning • Childcare Now Accepting

3 Locations / 24 Hours Cleveland, GA 868 S. Main St. 706-219-7690

Dawsonville, GA Blairsville, GA 749 Hwy 53 1741 Blue Ridge Hwy. 706-265-7093 706-781-5320

If that is too difficult, you can use this modified version. Stand next to a chair or other flat surface about knee high. Try to grab the foot of the bent leg by the shoelaces. Calf Stretch Place both hands on a wall. Stagger the feet. Bend the front leg slightly. Do not allow the knee to extend beyond the toe. Straighten the back leg and stretch the heel until it is flat.

Seated Glute Stretch Sit straight on a sturdy chair, box or bench. Cross one leg. The ankle should rest on the opposite knee. Place one hand gently on the bent leg to stretch out to the side. Inner Thigh Stretch Sit on the edge of a chair, bench, or box. Take legs as wide as possible with toes pointing out. Place a hand on each knee. Without moving knees beyond toes, drop shoulders one at at time to press thighs open. Try a few or try them all. Need more help? TheGym locations all have certified personal trainers available to help you.

Peachtree Community Health Center 16 Highroads Living - Volume 10 • Issue 1



EVERYONE IS WELCOME! PRIMARY CARE | BEHAVIORAL HEALTH Whole Person Healthcare Includes: • Preventive Care • Complete Physical Exams • Treatment for Acute Illnesses and Minor Injuries • Women’s Services • Minor Office Procedures • Chronic Disease Management • Mental Health and Behavioral Health Services • Care Management for Primary Care: • Resource connections • Care plans • Basic counseling services • Medication monitoring and management • Medical appointment coordination Peachtree Community Health Center participates in a Medicare Shared Savings Program, resulting in coordinated care and additional resources for our Medicare patients. • Home visits • Pharmacy reviews • CaraMedic programs that integrate paramedics into the multidisciplinary care team - bringing compassionate care truly closer to home. Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurance accepted. Self-pay and sliding scale options available.

PEACHTREE COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER 4048 E US 64 Alternate, Suite 1 Murphy, NC 28906 Phone: 828-837-8131 Fax: 877-930-7732 Monday - Friday | 7:30 am - 5:30 pm (Murphy, Cherokee County) An affiliate of TALLULAH COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER 409 Tallulah Rd. Robbinsville, NC 28771 Phone: 828-479-6434 Fax: 828-479-2917 Monday-Friday | 7 am - 6 pm (Robbinsville, Graham County)

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