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15th Iron Age Research Student Symposium 31 May – 3 June 2012 Southampton

Programme IARSS 2012 Programme of Events

Thursday, 31st of May 2012 17:00 18:00 Rachel Pope seminar talk, Lecture theatre C, Avenue Campus

Friday, 1st of June 2012 09:00 10:00 Registration and morning Tea and Coffee

10:00 10:10 Welcome by Prof. Tim Champion

Session 1: Dr. Jody Joy British Museum

10:10 10:30

10:30 10:50

10:50 11:10

11:10 11:30

Elizabeth SchechDurham Bodily Adornment in Iron Age Britain: some University preliminary results on glass beads Helen ChittockUniversity Art and Crafts in Iron Age Britain: of Southampton Reconsidering the aesthetics of weaving combs Gemma CruickshanksUniversity of Edinburgh

Under the Rust: Investigating the production and use of iron in the Orcadian Iron Age

Sophia AdamsUniversity of Leicester

Iron in the Changes

11:30 12:00 Discussion

12:00 13:40 LUNCH Session 2: Prof. Colin Haselgrove University of Leicester

Sebastian N. 13:40 14:00 BeckerUniversity of Cambridge

Metaphors of Movement and Moving Traditions: exploring the longue durée of bird representations in Late Bronze and Early Iron Age Europe (ca. 1300 – 500 BC)

Maria Yubero, Marta Mateu and Laia 14:00 14:20 Font Universitat de Barcelona

Shaping Phoenician influences on local communities in NE Iberian peninsula

14:20 14:40

Peter GirdwoodUniversity of Southampton

On the Edge of History: How the Modern Reception of Etruscans and Celts has Been Shaped Through a Roman Reality

14:40 15:10 TEA BREAK

15:10 15:30

15:30 15:50

Jennifer PeacockUniveristy of Worcester

A Question of Choice: ‘value’ and material culture in Roman Cumbria

Michael Ann Bevivino, Jacqueline Cahill Wilson The Late Iron Age and Roman Ireland Project and Ger Dowling The (LIARI)

Discovery Programme 15:50 16:20 Discussion

18:00: Prehistoric Society reception

Saturday 2nd of June 2012 09:00 10:00 Registration and morning Tea and Coffee

Session 3: Dr. Rachel Pope (University of Liverpool) Allison Marcucci and Christopher 10:10 10:30 KernsUniversity of Southampton

10:30 10:50

10:50 11:10

11:10 11:30

Separating the Mundane from the Sacred and Profane: The Excavation and Re-examination of Iron Age activity at Read’s Cavern,

Catherine BohnerUniversity of Southampton

Continuity and Reuse in Warrior Burials at Pokrovka, Russia: A Reappraisal

Brittany Hill University of Southampton

Birds, Beasts and Burial: Changes in Iron Age and Romano-British Funerary Practices

Tanya Freke University of Southampton

The Bones from Baile Sear – Human and animal remains recovered from the 2007, 2008 and 2010 excavations of a Hebridean Iron Age Wheelhouse.

11:30 12:00 Discussion

12:00 13:00 LUNCH 13:00 13:50 Poster Session

Session 4: Prof. Tim Champion (University of Southampton)

13:50 14:10

14:10 14:30

14:30 15:00

Yvonne Inall University of Hull

Preliminary Typology of Iron Age Spearheads for Britain

Jay Ingate University of Kent

Drums in the deep: how the meaning-laden prehistoric waterscape of Lincoln was amplified in the Roman period.

Jesús GarcíaSánchezUniversity of Cantabria

Iron Age landscape in north Burgos (Castilla y León, Spain). From Theoretical approaches to field survey.

15:00 15:20 TEA BREAK 15:20 15:40

15:40 16:00

Marta Fanello University Reception and Rejection: A Study of Later Iron of Leicester Age Coinage in Britain Ester Oras University of Cambridge

Building methodology for studying practices of wealth depositing

16:00 16:30 Discussion

16:30 16:40 Closing Remarks

Sunday 3rd of June 2012 09:00 17:00 Field trip to Woodcuts, Hod Hill and Ringmoor (pre-Register)


IAARS 2012 - Program

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