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2nd Exhibition for Cosmetics, Beauty, Hair

Home Care, Private Label, Packaging, Ingredients

ICC - Istanbul Congress Center - Taksim, Istanbul - Turkey

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Green tea


THE VEGAN HAIR DYE WITH A HIGH NATURAL INDEX Our commitment to respecting the planet and the beauty of women

Diamond Skin Protection

Shine Complex

Sweet protection

Ammonia free

With PTD

*Contains no animal-derived ingredients


Organic extracts

We love pets


N. 9 - Anno XL DECEMBER 2020 / JANUARY 2021 DICEMBRE 2020 / GENNAIO 2021

Beauty Eurasia

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Beauty Istanbul

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On the cover: Color Oil no ammonia by Hair Company

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Professional hair dryers

The most powerful 2650 W

intervie w


limiting resources, energy, the reduction of waste as much as possible in every phase of the production process.

EXPORT MAGAZINE: Tecnoelettra is a company that is very attentive to the environment. How is this attention shown through your articles? GILBERTO FAVA: In the field of hairdryers, as in any other technological sector, innovation is at the basis of progress. For our type of product, progress is developed along three lines: weight, power and design. We cannot speak of progress if we do not obtain the maximum if each of these three factors. These objectives always underlie any activity in the R & D sector of our company. Tecnoelettra continues its innovation at the service of the hairdresser always with the maximum respect for the environment, presenting at Cosmoprof 2020 a new product with a patented accessory with the capacity of increasing performances without minimally impacting the energy consumption. Therefore, low consumption, maximum performance and therefore an economic saving for the hairdresser. We are proud of having created a hairdryer that is the ally both of the hairdresser and of the environment. Therefore, a reduction of the consumption of time working and of energy without any impact at all on the performances, with a consequent and obvious economic saving by the final user. Tecnoelettra has always been committed to respecting the environment, doing its best by investing in research into evolved technologies and advanced solutions aimed at saving and

4 www.exportmagazine.net

EM: Does your specialization in creating professional hairdryers allow you to offer products that are really innovative? GF: We like to repeat, because in our company the tangible result is the wide range of solutions that we offer, made up of increasingly innovative products both from the point of view of components and style. Each product perfectly reflects our philosophy oriented to innovation, beauty care and the love for our work which has lasted for over 30 years. The demand and need for quality of the product that is necessary and suitable for an increasingly competitive market are growing all the time and it is for this reason that our production system is continually updated. At Tecnoelettra, innovation is not limited to the technical and production field, but exists in every sector of the company,

obviously with particular attention for the sector of prototypes and testing. For us, sensitivity and attention to innovation are the key of competitiveness. EM: Which new products will you be presenting at the next Cosmoprof in Bologna? GF: We will be presenting a hairdryer for the professional segment with a patented accessory that allows obtaining a product with performances that definitely give improvements in terms of economic and time saving, while keeping the consumption of energy unchanged. The innovation of this product consists precisely of the ability to increase performances without minimally impacting on the consumption of energy. Therefore, low consumption, maximum performance and therefore economic saving for the hairdresser. We are proud of having created a hairdryer that is an ally for the hairdresser and for the environment.

We asked Daniele Focante, HEAD OF SALES, Tecnoelettra, of the trend on export markets EM: How important is your presence on foreign markets and what are the aspects that are particularly appreciated? Daniele Focante: I would say fundamental. The strong connotation of Italianness linked to the country of origin and the drive of innovation by the new management have led and are leading Tecnoelettra towards a process of globalization, increasingly spreading our brand internationally. The aspects that make our product appreciated are the reliability and safety of what we create and make. These characteristics are translated into a very long life cycle of the product and putting on to the market only and exclusively products which have obtained all the certifications necessary to be considered reliable and safe. Tecnoelettra is a company that has lasted more than 30 years.


INSTANT HAIR FIBRE REGENERATION, FOR STRONG, RESISTANT AND EXTRAORDINARILY BRIGHT HAIR REHUB+ SPECIALIST is the new powerful and professional treatment for the instant repair of damaged hair, with a strengthening and regenerating action and an immediately visible and lasting result. Discover more on www.helenseward.it

compan y

REHUB+ SPECIALIST KERATIN MULTILEVEL TECHNOLOGY New strength and beauty for damaged hair

Sun, sea, wind, excessive and incorrect use of hair dryers and straighteners and chemical treatments can cause alterations in the structure of the hair, making it dull and dry, weak and with split ends. Helen Seward launches the solution:

step n.

REHUB+ SPECIALIST is born, the efficient, professional treatment for the instant repair of damaged hair, which offers a fortifying and regenerating action. In just 3 steps, REHUB+ Specialist allows targeted and immediate action on damaged hair, with deep


regeneration through the formation of new internal bonds, transforming the quality and appearance of the hair by sealing the cuticle and split ends, restoring body and integrity for stronger looking hair that’s resistant to breakage and exceptionally soft and shiny.

step n.

REBUILDING FILLER Instant anti-breakage reconstruction filler. Penetrates the hair fibre and strengthens it, generating new multiple bonds. Repairs damaged hair, restoring body and the resistance of healthy hair.


REGENERATING TREATMENT Split ends sealer regenerating treatment. Seals the cuticle and split ends with a long-lasting smoothing action. Offers buoyancy and extreme softness without weighing down the hair, restoring the damaged hair fibre to its healthy condition.

step n.

Discover REHUB+ Specialist, watch out the video.

The high performance of the formulas is based on powerful, natural active ingredients that act in progressive combination with Keratins and Argan Oil.

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FINISHER OIL Thermo-protective perfectioner oil. Featuring an anti-frizz action, it offers a special and unique velvety finish, extraordinarily highlighting the hair’s shine.

compan y

REHUB+ SPECIALIST acts on different levels:

Instantly generates new multiple bonds within the hair fibre, performing an anti-breakage action and repairing the fibre from the inside, fortifying it and restoring body.

Performs an external smoothing and long-lasting sealing action on the cuticle and split ends, restoring the hair’s original structure.

With a thermo-protective, anti-frizz action and velvety finishing effect, it enhances the shine of the regenerated hair.

More info: www.helenseward.it

Helen Seward Milano

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I ntervie w

COSMOPROF BOLOGNA WORLDWIDE Interview with Enrico Zannini, Bologna Fiere Cosmoprof General Manager

To date the decision to move the next Cosmoprof to the end of May seems the most correct, because this way we support the activities launching new collections in the first half of the year but we continue to monitor the situation to evaluate every possible alternative.

EXPORT MAGAZINE: You have recently announced the new dates of Cosmoprof 2021, at the end of May. Can you explain the evaluations which led to establishing this date? ENRICO ZANNINI: The increase in the number of cases of Covid-109 in the past few weeks, not only in Italy but in general throughout Europe, has forced us to make another postponement. Cosmoprof has been the most important international showcase for the cosmetics industry for over 50 years and the investment of companies and professionals to take part in the event is very great, especially in a complicated economic scenario like the present. It is our duty to protect our community as much as possible, working as best as we can to offer an event of a great level, with a suitable profile of visitors.

EM: Cosmoprof Bologna Worldwide is the forerunner in the beauty sector, which everyone perceives as a point of reference at worldwide level. The collective though is more or less like this, at the end of a year which has seen the almost total block of trade fairs: ‘when Cosmoprof starts again, the machine of the cosmetics industry gets started again.� Do you agree? How do you experience this responsibility? EZ: In the past few months we have perceived the awareness by companies and professionals of the importance of Cosmoprof as an indispensable business partner for the global development of the industry. Never as today has it been clear that the digital sector can certainly male commercial activities easier, but cannot replace the value of human relations at the stands of a show, the importance at professional level of being present amongst the international stakeholders, the possibility of testing with all five senses the new products and being able to assess the offer of the whole beauty sector. This is why it becomes important to guarantee a show of quality, in line with the prestige of Cosmoprof. It is a responsibility that we have in relation to the over 10,000 companies and the 600,000 professionals of our community all over the world.

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EM: Which consequences will the Covid-19 pandemic which has affected the whole world without any distinction bring to the way of conceiving a trade show? Not only at a logistic level but as far as the marketing and commercial characteristics that so far have distinguished trade fair activities are concerned. EZ: Protecting the safety of our exhibitors and visitors will be our priority. Together with the Bologna trade fair we are preparing the most suitable measures to manage the affluence at the gates and in the halls. We are studying solutions for a better management of the refreshment points and greater control with our staff to avoid crowds forming. The stands and the initiatives of the event will also pursue the aim of guaranteeing a high-performing professional experience which at the same time is without risks. EM: In the past months you have carried out an intense activity at digital level to provide support to your clients. How do you assess this experience and what is the feedback from the participants? EZ: It was a positive experience, because it has allowed us to increase our offer of services to support the industry at a very complex time. The results of the two editions of WeCosmoprof, our digital events, have been satisfying for our exhibitors, who were able to keep up relations already consolidated and assess new commercial contacts and new areas of development, despite social distancing and the restriction of travel to contain the spread of the pandemic.

I ntervie w

Our match-making service, which we have developed starting from the technologies that we already used at the show in recent years, has allowed networking activities through instruments of live chats, video calls and virtual tours of the companies, bringing together as far as possible manufacturers, buyers and distributors. The collaboration during the last event in October with the international marketplaces alibaba. com, BORN and Needl helped us to offer a wider range of contacts and services. Digital opportunities can certainly help the business activities of professionals, above all in a world scenario that imposes moving our daily life on to online platforms, but we realize that they cannot replace the role of the physical trade fair as a global observatory of the whole cosmetics industry. This is why it is important to be able to return to Bologna and fully live the Cosmoprof experience. EM: Can we also mention the other trade fair events of your network? There are 4 in the calendar: Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Mumbai and Bangkok. How is their organization going? EZ: We have also had to postpone Cosmoprof North America from 29th to 31st August, to allow the best conditions for the professionals and the companies that from the USA and the countries of Central and South America to go to Las Vegas each year

to discover the most creative proposals for their market. Cosmoprof Asia will be back in Hong Kong from 16th to 19 November, offering an overview of the evolution of the Asia Pacific area and the opportunities on those markets – China, Korea, and Japan – that according to the experts will lead the rebirth of the sector. Cosmoprof India will also be held in the second half of 2021, from 16th to 18th September. Finally, we will inaugurate the first Cosmoprof CBE Asean in Bangkok, a new stage of our platform which will allow us to discover together the potential of the whole of South-East Asia. EM: What type of message do you want to convey to the exhibitors at Cosmoprof Bologna? EZ: First of all I want to thank them for having trusted is and having followed us in these months, taking part in our initiatives. We will continue to be at their side in these difficult times, keeping our services and our experience at their disposal to help the industry get started again.

9 www.exportmagazine.net

EM: And the international professionals who usually visit the show? EZ: Keep following us, we can’t wait to welcome you back once again to Bologna to offer you a unique and high quality Cosmoprof. We look forward to seeing you!

Claudia Stagno



PRESTIGEOUS AWARD FOR NAZIH GROUP Mr. Nazih Hamad won the BWME Lifetime Achievement Award

s 20 Organizer 0 2 t s a E le d Mid “BeautyWorld d, CEO & a m a H ih z a N Mr. has Awarded s the first� a p u o r G ih z a Founder of N t experienced s o m e h t y b nominated industry. y t u a e b e h t judges in

This Award Category rewards a Major Player in the Middle-East industry who has exhibited for his outstanding creative, innovative and visionary leadership in the growth and advancement of the beauty industry and even more during this extraordinary & challenging year that we all faced during this Year. 16 www.exportmagazine.net

Company subject to management and coordination by AGF88 Holding S.r.l.

servicing beauty industry since 1946


w w w. a g f 8 8 h o l d i n g . i t EARTH


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A new range of semi-permanent direct colors that can be mixed together to explore inďŹ nite color possibilities.





create, share, express

compan y

INEBRYA introduces THE BLONDESSE LINE EXTENSION The Blondesse range boasts three new allies for an even brighter blonde

Blonde is renowned to be the timeless colour par excellence. Every woman, at least once in life, has been blonde or has thought of having her hair coloured blonde. Today, even men feel seduced by this elegant and everlasting colour. Figures speak for themselves: blonde is an evergreen iconic colour with innumerable shades. Inebrya is a brand specialized in Professional Hair Care that has been offering professionals inspiring and exciting products for many years. New items have joined Blondesse, a custom-made range developed for all blonde lovers, including pre-lighteners, toners and specific treatments. Following on the success of the first launch step, Blondesse introduces a new line extension with after-service technical treatments both in-salon and at home to keep hair soft, silky and conditioned. Blonde Miracle Post-Bleach Treatment, Blonde Miracle Bi-Phase Conditioner and Blonde Miracle Drops are the new allies for those looking for the best blonde expression. Blondesse, offering an increasingly complete product range, helps hairdressers protect blonde hair from pollution and oxidation.

The shampoo and mask duo, a best seller among Inebrya blonde treatments, contains specific active ingredients to protect blonde shades from the damages caused by pollution, fine dust and UV rays. Working as a proper shield, active ingredients protect hair cuticles from external agents that attack the hair structure, thus damaging it. The new additions include: Blonde Miracle Post-Bleach Treatment, a re-balancing and softening treatment to be applied on the scalp after pre-lightening, with moisturising and soothing properties, as well as pH-restoring. With its vegan, paraben, sulphate and paraffin-free formulation, it’s 99,09% natural. Blonde Miracle Bi-Phase Conditioner is a two-phase, anti-yellow and anti-pollution leave-in conditioner, for a flawless and confident blonde. 98,28% natural, its formulation is vegan, sulphate, paraben, paraffin and silicon-free.

Finally, Blonde Miracle Drops is a product suitable for all hair types, ensuring heat-styling protection, making hair soft and silky from the very first application. It enhances cold tones thanks to its brightening and anti-pollution properties, providing blonde extremely bright tones. Vegan, sulphate, paraben and paraffin-free formulation.

Inebrya has developed an exclusive set, Blonde Miracle Kit from the Blondesse range, consisting of three products: • Blonde Miracle Shampoo 300 ml - Anti-pollution, blonde-beautifying shampoo, enriched with Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera; • Blonde Miracle Nectar 250 ml - Boosting, anti-pollution, nourishing blonde-beautifying treatment, enriched with Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera; • Blonde Miracle Drops 50 ml - Brightening, anti-pollution, blonde-beautifying shield, enriched with Coconut Oil.

20 www.exportmagazine.net

compan y

Alter Ego Italy presents Gentle Protective Lightener A pre-lightener designed for safe protected bleaching in just one step

Alter Ego Italy is a professional haircare brand focussed on beauty, as its guideline, muse and identity. Beauty is envisaged as a universal language, able to mould our experiences and to inspire professionals to cater to the needs of modern and contemporary women. Today Alter Ego Italy has extended the Blondego family with the addition of Gentle Protective Lightener, an innovative pre-lightener ensuring gentle lift in all circumstances. Enriched by the Deco-cuddle Professional technology, it is ideal for clients having their hair often pre-lightened and for particularly treated and damaged locks. Gentle Protective Lightener is a lightening powder with violet micro-pigments, featuring neutralizing properties and allowing techniques to bring up to 7 levels of lift. This product’s technical excellence is provided by Osmo Protector, whose effectiveness was tested in Alter Ego Italy laboratories and allows to maintain the proteins’ osmotic balance, thus preserving the keratin’s structure. The result? Total protection, not only of the disulphide bonds, but also of the whole keratin structure, thus achieving safe lightening processes even on sensitized or damaged hair, while ensuring excellent moisturising both during and after the service. Osmo Protector guarantees an Hair_Gogen Team as Artistic Direction for Alter Ego Italy Photography_ Alessandro Iovino / Products_ Alter Ego Italy 21 www.exportmagazine.net

amazing performance in just one step and in 45 minute processing time. It highly protects the structure of the hair, leaving it tamed and moisturised, while preventing or reducing any issue due to the pre-lightening service. The protection of the new Patent Pending* system is not only provided by strengthening a single bond, but is guaranteed by the overall effectiveness of a synergistic system, able to preserve the hair’s osmotic balance. As a result, the hair proteins are not affected and the hair fibre remains unaltered. *Patent pending n. 102019000024361

In addition to this new product, the range is made by the following toners and lighteners that meet all lifting and toning needs, while protecting the hair and scalp structure: • Balayage Clay Lightener, based on Kaolin clay; • Ultra 9 Lightener, enriched by a mix of sugars and amino acids; • Pure Light Blue Powder, enriched by a mix of sugars and amino acids; • Pure Light Oil, enriched with Inca oil, Hydrahair 3R O2, Active Shine complex and Diamond-shine technology • Pure Light Cream; • Pure & Pastel Toner; • Pure Hi-lite; • Blonde Maintain Shampoo. The Blondego range allows salons to discover the neverending shades of perfect blonde.


COSMOPROF ASIA DIGITAL WEEK The inaugural Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week Ends with strong results and success stories

The first-ever edition of Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week has concluded successfully, creating copious business opportunities for the world’s companies and operators looking for new business solutions in the Asia-Pacific region. 652 exhibitors from 19 countries and regions took part in the event, with 227 companies joining Cosmoprof Asia for the very first time. Thanks to international associations’ and governments’ commitment to support the beauty industry, 15 Country and Group pavilions from China, Greece, Italy, Korea, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, and UK participated in Digital Week. The first edition of Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week gained the support of InvestHK, the Hong Kong SAR Government department responsible for Foreign Direct Investment, and The Cosmetic & Perfumery Association of Hong Kong (CPAHK) for collaboration and promotion. 8,953 visitors from 115 countries and regions registered on the platform in order to virtually network, learn about current and upcoming trends, and increase their business.

Both exhibitors and visitors reported strongly positive interactions, with 3,568 b2b meetings and 31,009 live chat connections through the innovative Match & Meet software by Cosmoprof Asia. “Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week has been a profitable opportunity for our

22 www.exportmagazine.net

international exhibitors and operators,” said Gianpiero Calzolari, President of BolognaFiere Group. “The Asia-Pacific region is still a key market for the beauty industry, and it will be one of the first areas to recover in the next months. It is therefore important for our exhibitors and operators to maintain a strong interaction with local stakeholders, and thanks to Digital Week, our international community could share updates and specific projects for APAC consumers.” “We are delighted by the overwhelmingly positive results from this first edition of Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week,” said David Bondi, Senior Vice President – Asia of Informa Markets and Director of Cosmoprof Asia Ltd. “Digital Week has proven that buyers and sellers are eager for connection and commerce via a high-quality online event, while establishing a strong foundation for future hybrid events combining physical and online trade. We look forward to 2021 knowing that whatever it brings we will be able to continue to bring the industry together again.”


Testimonials deliver fast feedback on the quality event Testimonials are already pouring in, from many corners of the world, with exhibitors commenting on the high-quality connections and networking, while already anticipating attending in 2021. “We had total 61 contacts during seven days, which is highly efficient considering the fact that it wasn’t just a random walk-in. What’s cool about Digital Week is that we were given the chance to learn about the potential partner in advance before confirming the meeting. So, in some context it is way more time and cost efficient compared to the traditional offline exhibition. Thumbs up and 5 stars for Digital Week.” Avril Han, Manager, The Beautiful Factr., Korea

“We saw a very good result from this online event. 60 meetings were made in five days with buyers of very high quality. The application of the Match & Meet platform is easy to manage compared to others. We have recommended this Digital Week to our brand clients and they are ready to join for the next edition.” Wendy Zhang, Marketing Manager, Yally Cosmetics Industrial (Huizhou) Co., Ltd, China

“For us it was a very profitable and interesting experience compared

Global beauty trends from BEAUTYSTREAMS

In this time of great upheaval, Cosmoprof Asia presented the latest CosmoTrends report curated by renowned global beauty trend forecasting agency BEAUTYSTREAMS. The 21 most innovative products from exhibitors of Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week 2020 have been selected for the report, providing a vital perspective on the beauty market. BEAUTYSTREAMS highlighted six major trends taking centre stage: SELF-CARE TECH, LOCAL TREASURES, HYPER- HYGIENE, SEAL OF SCIENCE, NATURE’S POTIONS, and MASK FRIENDLY BEAUTY. For the full CosmoTrends report, please visit: https://digital- week. cosmoprof-asia.com/en-us/Events/CosmoTrends. Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week offered a vital virtual business arena for the whole beauty industry while we are all waiting to meet again in Hong Kong in November 2021 for Cosmoprof Asia. Stay tuned for updates!

to the usual fairs. Not only for a matter of costs, but because it allowed us t o find new contacts, and above all to get found. The platform worked well and I found it easy and intuitive. Searching for contacts was easy and absolutely effective. Summing up: 8/10!” Daniele Fenice, Co-Founder, NUME-Lab, Switzerland

These are joined by testimonials from buyers. Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week attracted around 9,000 buyers, the majority of which were joining the online exhibition from China, Philippines, USA, South Korea and

Education, Live Demos and Trends Forecast During Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week, online seminars unveiled new technologies and trends. Cosmotalks – The Virtual Series offered 17 expert-led webinars, with specific daily topics exploring the main trends for the beauty industry: sustainability, digital evolution, new consumer habits, general regulations. 3,338 operators took part in the online panels, which will be available on-demand on our website – https://digital-week.cosmoprof-asia.com/en- us/Education/CosmoTalks-The-Virtual-Series E-live demos of hair, nail creations, make-up techniques and presentations of innovative products enriched the digital calendar of the Cosmo Virtual Stage, with 1,975 views for the sessions hosted by Shiseido Professional, GAMA Professional, May’s and Nailholic. Cosmo Virtual Stage demos are available at Cosmoprof Asia website: https://digital-week.cosmoprof-asia.com/en- us/Events/Cosmo-Virtual-Stage

Taiwan region, confirming the global nature of the exhibition. “Interesting and very busy week. Picked up a few contacts that could turn into real opportunities for componentry and finished products. I would definitely attend again and would recommend this event to anyone within the industry. Big thanks to Cosmoprof Asia for putting it together.” Sally Jackson, Global Sourcing Executive, Potter & Moore Innovations Ltd, UK.

“Cosmoprof Asia is still the most important trade platform for us. It was nice matching with some companies supplying good quality lashes and skincare products via this digital platform. Thank you for the opportunity to continue my sourcing achievement virtually. Hope to meet them face to face next November in Hong Kong.” Junko Tanomoto, Director, Cyberbeauty Co Ltd, Japan

“Rather than not having the opportunity to source new products because of the pandemic, this system creates an avenue to still connect with businesses in our line of business.” Fagbamiye Bola, Director, Alpha Liberty Trading Inc., Canada

23 www.exportmagazine.net

compan y

ECHOSLINE PRESENTS B.PUR, ESSENTIAL HARMONY A cleansing, sanitizing and purifying range by Echosline

Echosline is a Professional Hair Care brand that has embraced The Vegan Way philosophy for some years. Keeping in mind the “less is more” concept, it has developed B.PUR, a range of products designed for those looking for a deep body, hair and surface cleaning, yet featuring all the benefits of naturally-sourced ingredients. B.PUR has married the “Clean Beauty” and essential and sustainable beauty concept by developing products based on natural ingredients, Free From unnecessary elements. From skin through hair, to tools and work surface, the B.PUR products restore the natural balance, removing harmful microorganisms while ensuring the Echolsline professional quality. The B.PUR consists of six products: Cleaning Shampoo Hair&Body, Water Dry Shampoo, Detangling Conditioner, Cleaning Hand Gel, Intensive Hand Cream, Surface&Tools Cleaner.

ECHOSLINE B.PUR PRODUCT RANGE CLEANING SHAMPOO HAIR&BODY Cleansing, sanitizing and moisturising shampoo for hair and body, with a light and soft texture. It cleanses gently and removes dirt in depth, leaving the hair clean and conditioned. Featuring a 99% natural formulation, it is 99% biodegradable, paraben and silicon free.

DETANGLING CONDITIONER Detangling conditioner in two versions: rinse and leave-in. Nourishes and detangles the hair, leaving it soft and protected thanks to its filming properties. The conditioner rounds off the cleansing-sanitizing properties of the shampoo. Featuring a 99% natural formulation, it is 97% biodegradable, paraben, silicon and sulphate free.

WATER DRY SHAMPOO Refreshing dry shampoo. It instantly cleanses and cleans the hair, with no water needed. It absorbs excess sebum and dirt while giving the scalp a pleasant fresh and clean feeling. Hair is clean, scented and rich in volume. Light formulation with vegetable carbon.

INTENSIVE HAND CREAM Intensive moisturising hand cream with a light and soft texture. It dries out quickly. Featuring a 94% natural formulation, it deeply nourishes the skin, leaving it soft, velvety and elastic. Paraben and sulphate free.

CLEANING HAND GEL Leave-in cleansing sanitizing hand gel, formulated with 70% alcohol, cleanses and sanitizes hands in a few seconds, while effectively removing dirt, germs and bacteria. Thanks to its Glycerine-based formula, skin stays soft and moisturised. Featuring a 99% natural formulation, it is 98% biodegradable, paraben and sulphate free.

24 www.exportmagazine.net

SURFACE & TOOLS CLEANER Cleansing-sanitizing liquid spray, suitable for all surfaces and tools, such as brushes, combs, scissors and so on. It cleanses easily and removes impurities.

16-18 June 2021







MC2 FAST Color



Optimize your work, reducing the time of the duration of your client in salon, whilst guaranteeing professionality, safety and punctuality. 34 innovative shades confering a brillant vibrant color, with an impeccable coverage of white hair. Today, only those who have the courage to change will gain. www.ilovesensus.it

intervie w

hsa A real partner for a demanding clientele Export Magazine interviewed Paolo Delle Piane, Strategic Marketing Director

Paolo Delle Piane, who has been with HAS for four years and has an important background in the beauty sector, illustrates the various strategic directions the company has taken. In addition to the development of customized brands in the hair sector, which has always been the core business of the Varese-based firm, business is expanding to the skincare and make-up sectors, including with the creation of its own lifestyle brands for all channels. Paolo Delle Piane, HS A Strategic Marketing Ditector

EXPORT MAGAZINE: 2020 has been a year that none of us will ever be able to forget. Have there been any positive factors, in the midst of the multiple problematic issues, that HSA has promoted and which are worth remembering? PAOLO DELLE PIANE: I think that the most obvious factor that has characterized this period, and which many people have spoken about, is precisely the resilience of the beauty sector at such a socially and economically complex time. I cannot list here all the reasons why our sector has succeeded, more than others, in fighting the problems caused by the pandemic, but I can certainly confirm that at a psychological level, speaking about beauty, ethics and sustainability, speaking about pleasantness and experientiality, speaking about sensory gratification, has been a small driver which has allowed our clients to overcome moments of fear, crisis and despair. Resilience also means the ability to become reorganized in the face of a critical event, and never as this year have beauty companies - and H.S.A. is at the top of the list - been able to react very quickly with new products, new projects and perhaps more ethical new behaviour towards man and the surrounding environment.

EM: Have all the manufacturing units of HAS worked as normal? PDP: The company has never stopped, not even during the total lockdown last spring. Only a few days of closure in August allowed the personnel to rest after such a complex season. Obviously it has not always been running at full steam, especially at the beginning of the pandemic, in order to let all the departments reorganize the safety procedures. The strictness of the internal rules, the daily check of their application and the fast reorganization of all the processes allowed us to all come back to the company in May and avoid the virus spreading. The few cases that were confirmed came from outside contacts but did not infect any colleague. As in all companies it is not easy to work with masks, physical meetings cancelled, watertight departments, but this allowed us to keep all the personnel employed and meet the increase of work that we had in 2020, closing at +6% compared to 2019. EM: Did you continue with the main business of private label production for hair care products or have you created new lines according to the needs created by the pandemic? PDP: The core business of HSA has always been manufacturing products for third party brands all over the

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world, especially in the professional hairdressing field, but the months of lockdown have had a severe effect on the turnovers of many clients, although with the end of the year we have seen a slight recovery. In any case, a commercial strategy that we had already begun a couple of years ago, has been rapidly implemented this year: I am speaking about the extension of the type of clients, introducing brands that also work in areas other than professional, such as retail channels and e-commerce. The hair care sector had been growing for a few years in areas in which skin care and make up were predominant, such as department stores, perfumeries and drugstores, therefore this trend was already rewarding our new business strategy with clients in this channel. The pandemic then gave a boost to the whole of the e-commerce sector and consumers moved purchases of colourings and hair care products online and we were already ready to meet the demand. In the central months of the year, we had to work intensely to provide the brands that saw a considerable increase in turnover on their online platforms or in the various marketplaces such as Amazon and similar. Our flexibility and ability to react quickly to the market changes also drove us to create new lines for our proprietary brands. In a few months,

intervie w

Stefano Zanzi, HSA President & CEO

we were able to develop two product systems which perfectly meet the new needs both of the professional market and of the retail market: our leading brand Nouvelle saw the introduction of ESPRESSOTIME, a complete ritual of permanent colouring with an application time of only 10 minutes and SANI HABIT, a complete system for in-depth moisturizing and cleansing of the scalp and of the hair, with natural antibacterial ingredients and highly performing and sensory black textures with carbon textures for an enjoyable experience of freshness, cleanliness and nourishment. EM: Some years ago you added the production of skincare products and, more recently, make-up. Is there a particular reason for this? PDP: There can be various reasons but essentially it is about wanting to meet the increasingly structured demands of the global beauty market. On the one hand, there is the need to enter some markets like Asia where make-up and skin care are growing at staggering rates so “tactically� it was important to have products in this category. A second aspect that we are taking into consideration is the growing attitude of many brands to become lifestyle brands, offering multiple products or complete routines for body, face and hair care, thus reinforcing the message of the brand and increasing the loyalty of the final consumers, helping them in their quest for beauty at all times.

This is why we organized ourselves a few years ago, to produce skin care and some make up products, allowing our already loyal hair care clients to have an interesting and competitive product extension, as well as becoming appetizing for brands that were not yet clients, who already live on cross selling between hair products, skin care and make up. EM: Do you think that the various marketing strategies applied for some years now are giving the desired results? PDP: About three years ago, we drew up a short- and long-term strategic plan which obviously we cannot set forth completely here, it is a rather structured programme and with first and second level strategies depending on their importance. However, we can say that some of the pillars which support our strategic thought are: considering H.S.A., in its private label division, as a fully-fledged brand to promote, transforming it from a simple manufacturing company to a real partner capable of accompanying the client in the phases of product development, starting from the presentation of future trends to the complete study of the finished product. This objective has been reached with a process of in-depth digitalization of the company and the production of contents in the form of downloadable e-books, newsletters, social media posts, all integrated in a new CRM for the management of new clients.

All this has led to the positioning of HSA as one of the most recognized companies in its sector with a consequent exponential increase of the requests for contact which today stand at about 3000 in a year. Obviously the implementation of the strategy has not only been in the field of communication, but also in R&D, developing new lines with very current concepts such as clean beauty and all the sustainable products, taking us to the fore and succeeding in attracting companies of worldwide fame. Another pillar was the important revision of the proprietary brands, which is entailing radical changes both in the packaging and image, and an improvement of the performances of the professional and resale products. The increased interest at international level is confirming that we are on the right path, now having in our portfolio a set of modern brands with a very different positioning and all with distinctive identities. EM: Taking a look at the future, what are the next most important objectives? PDP: We are in a time of great ferment, and 2021 will see the start of very important projects, not only as product development. We are considering various partnerships with companies that are very different from us, present in channels that are new for us, which will allow us to fully follow the omnichannel world, especially with our proprietary brands. An important focus for us will be Asia, which today we still serve only marginally, but which will see significant investments together with local partners for a perfect management of the most promising market of the future years. Claudia Stagno

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the good

hygiene habit SANI HABIT,the first complete routine to hydrate and sanitize hands, body, skin and hair, suitable for both service in salon and at home. Clean and balsamic formulas with unexpected black textures are the best in terms of safety and pleasure.

% LO C 100












A NEW WORLD FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS AND ECONOMIC RECOVERY Cosmoprof Asia Digital Week featured a webinar on the evolution on the beauty sector’s approach to environmental problems

Moderated by Camille Loiseau, Head of Social Innovation at Sparknews, the webinar offered a platform to the following speakers to give their opinions on the subject: Dimitri Caudrelier, CEO Quantis: Andrea Spinosa, Packaging Development Consultant; César Dugast, Energy & Climate Senior Consultant at Carbone 4, leader of the Net Zero Initiative Project; Alexandre Capelli, Group Environmental Senior Manager, LVMH; Christina Raab, Vice President, Strategy & Development – Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute and Elie Papiernik, Foudner and Creative Director, centdegrés. The social and environmental awareness of the consumer today is also a key value for the beauty sector. Cosmetics play a key role in the well-being of the individual, but it also has an important impact on the community, both due to the productive decisions it makes and its approach to the workers and their families. Companies today must have transparent and authentic communication with the consumer, to share the innovative decisions to reduce the environmental impact.

Andrea Spinosa listed some sustainable solutions in the area of packaging, including the reduction of packaging, refills as a solution for no-packaging products, avoiding decorations and visual materials which with their ink increase the environmental impact of the packaging materials, recycling ass a solution to reduce plastic, aluminium and glass and using new resins containing less plastic, or more easily recyclable materials such as paper and cardboard. The challenge for companies is to reconcile sustainability with the need for an aesthetically attractive, protective, safe and informative packaging. There has to be a cultural evolution, with a change to the approach to packaging.

Christina Raab shared an analysis of the state of the circular economy at present, underlining its impact both for individual well-being and for the growth of society. Today only 8.6% of productive activities meet the criteria of the circular economy. The challenge concerns above all the manufacturing sector: research on safe materials and chemicals, and on innovations to reduce waste materials is essential. Elie Papiernik shared the point of view of a creative agency, proposing that the fundamental values in the creation of a product

Dimitri Caudrelier highlighted the key topics that must guide a sustainable evolution in the cosmetics industry today, namely looking for more sustainable raw materials, new packaging solutions, greater attention to the management of transport and better management of the production processes.

today seem to be integrity, the brands must know the production processes and communicate every phase transparently and clearly to the consumers; sustainability, the definition must refer not only to the production processes, but to the whole cycle of the product, until its disposal and playfulness, the experience of the product, with the pleasure that must come from it always being kept in mind. Lastly, César Dugast highlighted the individual impact on environmental topics.

Dimitri Caudrelier then underlined the positive aspects of a more sustainable approach, namely having a more complete vision of the environmental impact of a more sustainable approach; reducing the impact of our consumption and its consequences; giving rise to new technological solutions and maximizing the transparency of communication on the subject.

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10 ESPRESSOTIME How to dye hair and save 70% of the time min.

ESPRESSOTIME is the professional permanent hair color that in just 10 minutes guarantees maximum results in terms of hair shine and coverage. Not only color, but also 4 products for a complete ritual enriched with fermented green coffee and ginseng.




Highlights of perfumery and cosmetics exhibition InterCHARM 2020 The 27th international exhibition of perfumery and cosmetics InterCHARM 2020 ran on October 28-31 in Moscow

The exhibition became a place of a long-awaited meeting of the professional beauty community. During 4 days of the show, more than 20 000 industry professionals met together to find new business partners, buy equipment for beauty salons and clinics, discover new brands, try beauty novelties, discuss issues connected to development of the cosmetic industry, present business projects, gain new professional knowledge and inspiration. Being a business event for thousands of beauty professionals and hundreds businesses InterCHARM positively impacts Russia’s economy. Due to high importance for the country and Moscow region economics, the International perfumery and cosmetics exhibition InterCHARM 2020 was announced as the Official event of the Moscow region. The industry was provided with an opportunity to gather and cope with different complexities in such challenging times. This year, it was especially important to bring together the best beauty industry experts and define the direction to move forward.

The show united famous experts, market leaders, manufacturers, distributors, beauty business owners and the best industry specialists. Participants confirmed the effectiveness of the show by sharing their opinion. “Of course, the exhibition is very important. We are taking part in InterCHARM three times in a row, here we found our clients,” – said Ildar Bagautdinov, director of Koras Trade Company. “If we are talking about the importance of the InterCHARM exhibition for the beauty industry, I probably won’t exaggerate if I say that it is huge. For 16 years, every year, our company is taking part in the show. We were surprised that at InterCHARM 2020 we found 72 wholesale clients we didn’t work before. It was a pleasant surprise for us,” – said Veronica Ruban, founder of Nika Nagel Company. “This year, I would like to notice that the number of visitors, for obvious reasons, was less than usual, but the quality of the audience was much higher. We have already signed several contracts. The exhibition was productive for us,” – said Sergei Mileshkin, commercial director KitMed company.

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This year InterCHARM exhibitors demonstrated products, accessories, beauty devices and services of various segments in 3 show halls. Visitors could find different products of the beauty market such as perfumery and cosmetics, hairdressing, nail services, cosmetology, equipment, tools for beauty salons. Hall 13 was dedicated to perfumery and cosmetics, Hall 14 was dedicated to cosmetology and equipment for beauty salons, and Hall 15 presented products for professionals of nail service, make-up and hairdressing. Companies’ representatives were glad to demonstrate their products and services on the stands. 300 exhibitors presented their novelties and best sellers onsite. Nail service professionals could enjoy the variety of products from different brands such as BPW Style, BeautiX Russia, Dance Legend. Products for lash extension masters were presented at the stands of Liu Mat, ARISON BEAUTY. Visitors of PRBrush, Artaius, Hair board stands could find high-quality tools and equipment for hairdressing. Kosmotrade, APTOS,


CANDELA, CARE & BEAUTY, KN TECH, Laser MedSystems, Premium Aesthetics, RHANA surprised attendees with exclusive technologies for injection and laser cosmetology. The products on AmidaTrade stand were interesting for connoisseurs of Korean cosmetics. It was worth to pay attention to the R-Beauty section, which included Russia’s companies: Ichthionella Laboratory, Geltek-Medica, Valentina Kostina. During a break from shopping and networking, guests could relax in the ARNEBIA Wi-Fi LOUNGE. Full list of exhibitors is still available on the website.

Visitors of InterCHARM 2020 could enjoy a unique program for professionals and business audience, from cosmetologists and makeup artists to marketers and business leaders. On October 28, Analytical conference “Cosmetics in Russia” (Retail Connect) gathered together manufacturers and retailers specialized in cosmetics, perfumery, personal care and home care products. The program covered the biggest issues relevant to retail market, the main trends and changes in the market, the ways for promotion. After the conference, the series of personal matchmaking meetings within Retail Connect Summit ran between retailers and manufacturers. Participants could find new partners and discuss the details of future The annual Congress of Cosmetology and Aesthetic Medicine InterCHARM Med which also ran on October 28 brought together well-known cosmetologists and doctors to discuss the latest

achievements in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. Experts discussed the classification of fibrosis, modern methods of lifting, physical parameters of laser radiation that affect the success of the procedures and other issues of modern cosmetology. In addition, there was a special tour around the exhibition grounds with a professional guide for medical school students and young specialists – the participants of InterCHARM Mentorship program. They had a chance to be acquainted with the main companies of Russian cosmetology market, specific features of the products and procedures, as well as to learn the latest trends in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. Each day on the show well-known beauty experts and celebrity artists ran master classes for professionals of nail art, hairdressing and makeup on the InterCHARM Podium. In addition, visitors could enjoy public talks about the latest trends with beauty editors of glossy magazines.

InterCHARM gives an opportunity for make-up artists, hairdressers and nail artists to show their talent in online contest “Beauty Team”. In total, 161 artists from 81 cities of Russia applied for the contest this year. On October 28, the winners received their awards at the ceremony on the main stage. On October 29, professionals of permanent make-up could be inspired and gain knowledge at master classes on permanent make-up and micro blading. Leading teachers, specialists and trainers revealed the professional secrets, spoke about ways to overlap unsuccessful permanent makeup, to correct scars after mammoplasty and to remove pigments.

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Participants of the event learned how to create a sketch for permanent makeup and how to achieve a three-color gradient in eyebrow makeup. Guests and participants of the show could enjoy the atmosphere of celebration during the InterCHARM Gold Medal Award Ceremony. The God Medals were given to the companies that distinguished themselves in the perfumery and cosmetic market this year. The winners were selected by an expert jury consisting of representatives of the industry press and InterCHARM experts in the following nominations: Launch of the Year – Savonri, Trend of the Year – Sensatia Botanicals, Contribution to the development of R-Beauty – Geltek-Medica, Contribution to the development of the professional community – APTOS, Innovative approach to brand promotion – Alabino (Happy Skin), Effective regional promotion – PROFIT, Contribution to sustainable development – RHANA, Innovative approach to creating and launching unique products and marketing solutions – Ichthyonella Laboratory, Best Anti-Crisis Case – AKRIKHIN, Best Instagram Promotion during COVID-19 – Nika Nagel.


compan y

New Parlux ALYON® ANTIBACTERIAL and Magic Sense® diffuser Parlux ALYON®, the most modern hairdryer in the range, a true concentrate of power and technology, a best seller in many hair salons all over the world, in its new NIGHT BLUE coloring is now also available in a new version using the technology called “Antibacterial”. During this long sanitary emergency, in addition to the sanitization systems and the new rules of conduct at hair salons, at Parlux they have been carrying out the identification and realization of tools which cannot become vehicles for the proliferation of microorganisms during the creation of any hairstyle or technical hair service. In this spirit, to be able to assure the maximum safety level, the new Parlux ALYON® “Antibacterial” has been created.

The body of this best seller hairdryer model is here enriched with a special antimicrobial treatment, tested and guaranteed by a certified institution.

This innovative surface painting, enriched with silver powder, creates a sort of invisible and protective film that prevents the proliferation of microorganisms. The use of the hairdryer will be hygienically safe although this antibacterial system prevents the proliferation of bacteria but does not protect against the virus of the current health emergency. In addition to the modern design, the excellent balance, the K-ADVANCE® Plus professional motor with exceptional power and long life (3000 hours!), a new variable geometry resistance (2250 Watt), the Air Ionizer Tech technology (the device that emits negative ions which makes the hair soft and shiny), this model is light and ergonomic and allows for effective and very fast drying. The innovative HFS “Hair Free System” (hair capture filter) also makes it unique and permits optimal cleaning of the hairdryer for top performances. There is also a special package of the Parlux ALYON®, Night Blue “Antibacterial” enclosed in an elegant box that also includes the MagicSense®, the revolutionary Parlux diffuser, ideal for the natural drying of curly hair. The natural effect (without messing up the hair) is ensured by its new design, its size and the combination of temperature and quantity of air emitted, allowing you to dry

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your hair quickly, reducing frizz. Its special 15 massage tips also give a pleasant sensation on the customer’s skin. The MagicSense® diffuser is equipped with a specific quick coupling for the Parlux ALYON® and Parlux ADVANCE® models, while a special universal adapter permits to use it on all the other Parlux professional hairdryers in the catalogue (excluding the Parlux 3500 and Parlux 385 models).






The special paint of Parlux ALYON® NIGHT BLUE Antibacterial, enriched with silver powder, creates an unfavorable surface for the proliferation of microorganisms and helps maintain hygiene during use. Antimicrobial treatment prevents the proliferation of bacteria but does not protect against the virus of this current health emergency. The antibacterial treatment is available only in the new Night Blue color.


• • • • • •

Antibacterial Technology Professional K-ADVANCE PLUS ® motor Duration: 3000 hours Ideal power 2.250 Watt - 84 m 3 / h “Air Ionizer Tech” technology HFS - Hair Free System device

• • • •


The NEW MagicSense diffuser combined with the Parlux ALYON Night Blu Antibacterial hairdryer, is the non plus ultra for perfect hairstyles and natural curls







Bigger size, ideal for faster drying 15 “finger-tip effect” of new design Universal, suitable for all Parlux hairdryers* DFO - Dynamic Flow Optimizer system which betters the flow of air and does not mess up hair while styling

* suitable for all Parlux hairdryers excluding Parlux 3500 and Parlux 385

compan y

DAVINES GROUP COMMUNICATES SUCCESSION PLAN IN 2021 Davines Group Chair, Davide Bollati, communicated a succession plan at the head of the Group

In May 2021, Paolo Braguzzi will leave his role of Davines Group CEO and Managing Director - while maintaining his position as a Board member after a long and brilliant career in the international cosmetics industry. Paolo, born in Mantova, Italy, graduated in Economics at the University of Verona, for which he was named ‘Alumni of the year’ in 2019, to then start his professional path in consumer marketing, progressing to the role of Division Manager and then General Manager of the Italian branch of a multinational company in the professional beauty industry. In the last sixteen years spent at Davines Group, he broadly contributed to the growth of its brands (Davines, haircare, and Comfort Zone, skincare) and to its reputation worldwide, implementing its transformation into a B Corp in 2016, and a Benefit Corporation in 2019. When he joined the Group in 2004, Davines’ turnover was 27 M€: 2019’s turnover reached 163 M€, with Davines being today one of the most relevant and topperforming cosmetics companies in the

“The Davines Group’s experience allowed me to implement the business vision I have always believed in – Paolo Braguzzi comments - where the company’s success has to come together, in a virtuous circle, with the positive impact on people and planet”.

Italian landscape, and a significant player on the global beauty scene. The Board of Director has appointed Anthony Molet – currently Davines North America CEO – to replace Paolo Braguzzi at the head of the Group, starting May 2021. Anthony was raised in Giremoutiers, France before moving to Paris in 1993 where he graduated four years later from ESLSCA Business School, a Grande École de Commerce. He then joined the New York subsidiary of a French family-owned company, manufacturing high-end hair and skincare products, rapidly progressing to the role of Sales Director first for their Salon and then Retail divisions, which also earned him the title of Executive Vice President. In 2008, Anthony joined Davines North America as CEO. During his thirteenyear tenure, Anthony implemented structure and continuity, resulting in steady growth that made North America a key market for the Davines Group. With this choice, the Chair Davide Bollati and the Board of Directors are confirming their will to continue the Group’s path of sustainable growth, based on the solid ethical principles of the 100% family-owned Italian company. “First of all, I would like to thank Paolo for the wonderful work he did for the company in these sixteen years – Davide Bollati says. His ethical and organizational leadership, his personal and professional integrity, and his consistent commitment, not only led the Group to successful achievements in terms of financial results, but also significantly contributed to the company’s sustainability culture and to building a sustainability-driven, resilient community, which has been able to come together also in disruptive times

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“I believe that it is increasingly the responsibility of companies to educate consumers and influence their behavior towards a more sustainable world – says Anthony Molet. What I find so compelling about Davines is that it has the power to impact people, just like it did to me. Over the years Paolo Braguzzi paved a path for the company with a perfect balance between values, quality products and financial health, and I am looking forward to continuing this journey.”

like the ones we are all going through. I would also like to welcome Anthony – he continues - already part of our enlarged Davines family, among which his successful endeavours in the North American market (our first one in terms of turnover and potential) are well known and celebrated. I am confident both in his professional capacity and in his personal commitment to guide the Group, in harmony with our values and in evolution as the present times strongly require. My warmest wishes to Paolo and Anthony”. In the next months leading to the May succession, Paolo Braguzzi will have the time to guide this transition and hand over the guide of the Group to Anthony Molet, while at the same time managing a similar transition to a new GM (still to be appointed) for Davines North America.



A vertical B2B Platform focusing on

cosmetic supply chain

Connect 100+ worldwide beauty trade shows And ensure you the fastest way to view products beyond the exhibition. Select 5000+ cosmetic manufacturers from 100+ worldwide beauty trade shows exhibitors in different regions. The supplier qualification is guaranteed. Search by trade shows or by product category Send meeting requests to suppliers through the meeting tools of our on-site trade show.

www.beautysourcing.com info@beautysourcing.com

compan y

BIOFARMA GROUP – THE YEAR 2020 CLOSED WITH POSITIVE RESULTS INTEGRATION AND GROWTH - THE KEY FACTORS CONTRIBUTING TO THE SUCCESS OF THE GROUP Despite the pandemic crisis, the group moved in the opposite direction and obtained great goals in the Health & Beauty Care

Biofarma group, the leading European player in the research, development, production and packaging of HealthCare products, food supplements, nutraceuticals, medical devices, drugs containing probiotics and cosmetics exclusively for third parties, confirms their leading position and their successful achievement to create a new strongly competitive industrial group. The merger transaction between the two Italian excellences, Biofarma Spa and Nutrilinea, concluded in February 2020. The group confirms its leading position at home as well as in Europe.

Despite the fact that coronavirus pandemic has halted economic activity in many sectors, the new group has moved in the opposite direction with a growing turnover of 10% that, by the end of the year 2020, will have reached 184 million Euros. There has also been an improvement in quantitative as well as qualitative resources: Biofarma’s team now counts above 700 employees that will extend the group’s knowledge and know-how. Maurizio Castorina Biofarma’s CEO, has stated that the year 2020 has been out of the ordinary; nonetheless the group has worked

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tenaciously with passion and resolution, which has made them extremely proud. The group can boast a team of experts that are professionally qualified, which has allowed them to overcome such a difficult time that has resulted in a decrease in the sector of nutraceuticals and beauty care. Mr Marco Malaguti, GM of the Group, explained that they will be a point of reference for new clients and will continue be a reliable and strong partner for their current clients. Moreover, they are present in 40 countries worldwide and are going to continue their process of expansion throughout Europe. Innovation will play a key role in the new group, with ground-breaking machinery, new formulations meeting clients’ needs and an increasingly efficient production line. Germano Scarpa, President of Biofarma, believes R&D represents their strategic asset with a team of 50 experts that develop 2,000 projects per year inspired by innovative ideas and the implementation of new technologies within their production plants and labs. Values such as innovation, productive excellence and a highly-qualified team have always distinguished the company and these values will make the group expand thanks to the acquisition of new technologies and extended investments. This will allow Biofarma Group to confirm their leading position and generate a positive impact on this territory in the Health and Beauty care sector.


The image of Germany as a nation whose economy is based on industry lives on… including in the sector of perfumery and cosmetics. Thanks to this DNA, the five companies presented here on a “virtual” tour confirm their credo of “being the best in its niche and in its country” thanks to innovation and development. Every company has been at grips with the unprecedented situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, setting new challenges. These companies have reacted well and above all without ever giving up hope, confiding in their quality and their constant research and develop for non-stop innovation and growing dedication to sustainable and environmentally-friendly manufacturing. TouchJi is another concept that stands out, thanks to the use of RGB lights and loudspeakers for music. This concept makes it possible to replace the empty bottle with a simple exchange and to use the existing base station. The first target group could be children and younger consumers, for concepts such as Mickey Mouse, Maya the Bee or Hello Kitty.

HEINZ-GLAS This family-owned company has been in business since 1622 and is now in its thirteenth generation. Excellence, innovation and sustainability are the key words for this group which employs over 3,000 people in Heinz-Glas and over 300 employees in Heinz-Plastics. Glass as a hollow container goes back to 1500 BC and the ancient Egyptians. The history of Heinz-Glas started in the 17th century but the group is firmly focused on the future, with the goal of sustainability to corroborate their image as glassmakers, through their glass innovations. In its designs and concepts, the aim of Heinz-Glas is to show their customers which current limits can be defined through creativity, but also through the passion for this magical raw material by the actual art of “glassmaking”. The innovations by Heinz-Glas The innovations of Heinz-Glas include FaceTalk, a flacon with freely designed solid glass frames, which communicates similar to the well-known emojis only through the design language of the respective glass frame.

This creation, supported by almost endless possibilities of the glass frames, offers the possibility of being discovered again and again. Amaze’n’Gaze is a bottle which, thanks to its opening in the middle of the body (any shape can selected) offers a perfect platform for interaction with a variable selectable add-on. The “Times Square” concept, for which Heinz-Glas won the RedDot Award in 2019, is the first flacon in the world that forms the bridge from industry to the new digital/smart world. An LCD screen on the flacon, which can be individually played on, no matter whether it is private photos or videos. The user can also implement written messages. This concept gives the answer to the desire for personalization, the creation of emotions and the added value of “not just being a perfume bottle”. SmartGlass is Amaze’n’Gaze in conjunction with AR. By simply scanning the decoration of the flacon via tablet or smartphone, you can dive into the digital world, which can be filled with video messages or any kind of information. Each customer decides for her/himself which information can be called up via the app.

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The new luxury For many years, heavyweight flacons with visibly thick glass bottoms were the identifying feature of luxury in the fragrance world. Due to the growing trend for “green packaging”, the trend of very lightweight flacons has now arrived. The glass becomes symbolic like a transparent skin for the fragrance. HeinzGlas today develops lightweight flacons for its customers, as well as for its own standard range, The Victor light flacon won the German Packaging Award in the sustainability category in 2019 and the WordStar Packaging Award in 2020.


GEKA Geka was founded in 1925 and provides packaging for liquid colour cosmetics, fully finished products and beauty accessories. With a strongly recognized expertise in mascara, Geka is a performance leader in make-up packaging. Geka is able to offer perfectly coordinated colour cosmetic solutions from brief to delivery, comprising applicator, wiper, packaging and formula. It can also claim speed-to-market thanks to great flexibility with its filling machines in Europe and North America and fully-automated processes.

Sustainability Geka’s strategy is driven by sustainability, with action being taken in the three major areas of CO2 emissions, Geka people and Geka products. Packaging can be aesthetic and attractive as well as sustainable and the company offers reliable and responsible solutions with a total sustainable material share of 93%. Expertise Geka’s expertise in brushes is shown by some figures: 91 million twisted wire brushes were produced in 2019, with 60 years of in-house fibre brush production, 5 patented technologies for brush grinding, exclusive and patented fibre filament and 600 brush designs available. In addition, it produced 122 million moulded brushes in 2019 and is a pioneer in the area of moulded brushes, with its own patents for bi-injected brush production. The Geka world also includes accessories, as it designs, develops and procures high-quality cosmetic accessories for leading brands and retailers around the world.

Innovation Geka’s innovation strategy is multi-faceted, from sustainability with conscious design concepts with higher sustainability value, to digitalization (smart visualization), additive manufacturing (technology for direct manufacturing), new applicators, with future formulas requiring new applicator shapes, and fast market needs, with quick market changes and sudden needs. Since 2019, Geka has offered a standard packaging offer for

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liquid cosmetic on 3 continents in China, Europe, the USA and Brazil, which allows them to promote their brush expertise worldwide. Geka has four locations: Bechhofen, Germany, São Paulo (Brazil), Elgin (Illinois, USA) and Shanghai (China), allowing for a combination of global reach supported by a local presence for direct and immediate access, feedback and solutions. The Bechhofen headquarters are currently being expanded to add 10,000 sq. m., bringing under one roof what was previously done in two other locations (Bamberg and Königshofen) with the advantage of everything being processed at the same place, thus reducing transport and its associated footprint.

The sustainable “Reborn” collection gives plastic packaging a second life, either using recycled materials or bio-based alternatives: a smart and clever solution for a high-performing make-up result through the use of sustainable materials.



The acquisition of Louvrette, the German manufacturer of cosmetics packaging makes Quadpack one of the top ten European leaders in the sector. The transaction, which was completed last year, allows Quadpack to increase its injection moulding capacity and to strengthen its foothold in Germany, one of the top five cosmetic markets in Europe.

Digital transformation The company has a target to invest 10% of its EBITDA in sustainability, both in the factories and in product development, and Quadpack Connect is being rolled out. This €1 million digital transformation project aims to connect the entire business by consolidating data into a single database on a SAP 4/HANA platform, for improved efficiency, scalability and flexibility. Quadpack has three divisions focused on the skincare, make-up and perfume segments.

Expansion plans Quadpack currently has a global market share of 0.6% with a strong foothold in Europe (1.8%) and is expanding its presence in the Americas and Asia Pacific (both 0.2%). It has recently opened a new office in Japan as an important step towards the plans for expansion in that territory. Its 2025 vision is to achieve a global market share of 2%, by increasing its commercial presence in the Americas and Asia Pacific regions and through local manufacturing.

Its main product launches in 2019/2020 have been the decoration of a range of sprays and disc-top cap bottles with an attractive collar made of sustainably-sourced wood to create an instant eco-chic effect. The Louvrette Regular jar range has also been extended with Regula Light, this attractive packaging meets functional and aesthetic requirements for thick-walled jars but uses up to 50% less material. Sustainability: underpinning all activity Sustainability underpins all the company’s activity and is one of the five pillars of its 2020-2025 business strategy. Quadpack aims to have a positive impact on society and the environment by pioneering sustainable transformation in three areas: people, processes and products. Quadpack is committed to supporting the development of its people and communities, fostering a culture of integrity, diversity and innovation. It also aims to reduce the impact of all its processes, both in its factories and in its supply chain, working towards becoming a carbo n-neutral, zero-waste operation.

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Collaborative innovation Looking ahead, Quadpack sees collaborative innovation ass the way forward. Its partnerships with Sulapac and Inotech are examples of that. Through the German engineering company Inotech, it acquired its first, world-exclusive patented manufacturing technology last year. BI-injection blowmoulding will enable Quadpack to make great strides in packaging innovation. Through joint R & D with Inotech, Quadpack aims to exploit the technology and plans to unveil the first results in 2021. By working with experts in different areas – like airless, new materials and new processes, Quadpack can come up with unexpected concepts and change the ways of thinking and working.


RUSI/HCP In May 2020 Rusi was renamed as HCP Germany Cosmetic GmbH & Co KG, focusing on the competencies from Rusi’s heritage in the eye categories with mascara and eyeliner and in the lips category with lip gloss and lipsticks. HCP is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of stock and custom primary packaging containers for colour cosmetics, skincare, fragrances and toiletries. Its global manufacturing footprint is truly global with 10 world-class production facilities, 3 plants in the USA, 2 in Europe and 5 in China. The development teams are in Shanghai and employ 5000 people globally. 2020: HCP Germany’s year of transformation Investments have been made in 2020 at HCP Germany for a new decoration department, a new moulding department and 8 new injection moulding machines, so that 2020 is set to be HCP Germany’s year of transformation into beauty brands’ preferred European manufacturing site. The investment of new, larger-tonnage machines in HCP Germany enables higher manufacturing capacities, with increased levels of automated assembly and new state-of-the-art machinery. The 2020 implementation of the ‘Oracle ERP’ system in all regions supports the process, reducing lead-times and with faster reactivity.

Innovative development HCP’s timely partnership with Pum-Tech Korea has vastly enriched the skincare offering, bringing a specialist airless portfolio which offers both enhanced hygiene and increased shelf-life to formulas plus innovating dispensing designs that are easy to use. PTK’s drive for innovative product development is also frequently adding new highly functional and unique facial care skincare items to the mix. The HCP Group are also continually investing in new initiatives such as the ‘Centre of Excellence’ to better support customers on design, development, manufacture, to ensure packaging meets the needs of innovative skincare formula trends. Actions for the environment The HCP-Eco team are dedicated to proactively supporting beauty brands which take a holistic approach to their ‘Clean Beauty’ ethos by extending their sustainable credentials through to their choice of primary packaging. As the green movement in the cosmetics and skincare industry evolves and gains pace, the development and manufacture of eco-friendly packaging and materials with a minimised environmental impact are at the fore of the HCP innovation programme. Optimizing the hierarchy of ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’, and with a commitment to on-going strategies in the supply chain, manufacturing processes and design of cosmetic and skincare packaging, HCP invites brands to partner for a sustainable and beautiful future. HCP’s exclusive ‘EcoWood’ is a fully certified, plastic and toxic-free bio-based sustainable alternative to traditional materials.

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It has a neutral-to-negative carbon footprint over the full life-cycle. Certified PEFC and a natural by-product of cellulose processing from the paper industry, EcoWood does not compete with food sources and is FDA certified. Going green does not need to compromise aesthetics: EcoWood offers the possibility for transparency and high shine with the addition of vegetal waxes and decoration options include UV Lacquer, silk screen inks or foils.

Easily adaptable HCP’s extensive and varied stock packaging portfolio is easily adapted to any market level with late-stage differentiation through its world-class decoration capabilities. Opportunities to customize packaging gives brands the flexibility to achieve their own creative vision while still benefiting from speed-to-market, convenience and flexibility that stock packaging offers. Season on season reinvention with lower costs than custom packaging means that brands can be highly responsive to shifts in market trends.


WECKERLE The Weckerle Group and its worldwide facilities adapted to the new conditions created by the Covid pandemic in a rapidly reactive way. Digitalization was pushed forward quickly, creative solutions for virtual customer visits were designed and also the product portfolio was supplemented by a comprehensive range that fits the new market requirements. The company adapted flexibly to the rise in the demand for eye products and the fall in lipstick sales. A further example of its adaptation was the digitalized Factory Acceptance Test, which takes place as soon as a machine is assembled and ready for final testing, virtually. The test is filmed in a 360 degree-view with microphone connection so that the customer can participate in the virtual FAT from their offices or mobile working spaces. After a successful virtual pilot project, the virtual FAT is now becoming a new standard.

Masks The R&D department of Weckerle machines quickly came up with a new concept to produce face masks fully automatically. Today Weckerle Machines delivers face mask machines whereas Weckerle Cosmetics produces medical face masks for customers, both made in Germany. The company has also been able to use its know-how in cosmetic production for hand-sanitizing products and offers a whole kit that allows everyone to take care of themselves and others.

Thanks to being flexible, its quick adaptation and thinking outside the box, Weckerle is always prepared to adapt to future changes.

Circular economy The Weckerle concept is based on the circular economy, i.e. “Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!” and the group has combined all these values in one product, the Myconic. Unlike traditional multi-material packaging products, Myconic packaging is 100% mono-material. This makes the products much easier to recycle after use and no waste is produced. Based on the circular economy concept, the products are also made entirely from recycled material. Myconic products guarantee completely closed and pure recycling streams. The Myconic components can be filled with various products, e.g. eyeshadow, lipstick, concealer or primer. In addition, straight or slanted tip designs are available in an unlimited choice of colours. The Myconic stands for the future of cosmetics. A further pillar of the Weckerle Group, the production of oral care products, also aims to produce sustainable and environmentally products. Many products manufactured by Weckerle are subject to strict regulations and are Cosmos or Natrue certified.

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In addition, by following the principle of global local production, this not only shortens supply chains, which brings the product from Weckerle to the customer faster, but is also more environmentally friendly. Continuous innovation Apart from Myconic, Weckerle’s latest innovations include laser engravings, special decorated lipstick bullets and exceptional multi-coloured lipsticks and the revolutionary Multi Stick 3, a game-changing development for every moulded cosmetic product. This means previous limits in the process (i.e. temperatures of moulds and bulk, and cooling times) are extended greatly and allow products which have not been possible to produce in the whole industry. The machine covers all filling technologies such as top filling, back filling, softmould and metal moulded lipstick production, multi-coloured sticks and pencils. Additionally, jars, bottles and pans can be filled. Weckerle Cosmetics US and Germany are already equipped with MS3 machines in order to spread innovation to their existing and new customers.

compan y

FACA PACKAGING IS CELEBRATING 50 YEARS OF PASSION, EXCELLENCE AND GROWTH 2020 is an extremely special year for Faca Packaging which is celebrating its 50th anniversary of excellence and passion in the packaging sector

Since 1970, when Mr. Aniceto Canamasas founded Faca Packaging and began his career with great vision, Faca Packaging has been developing and innovating to achieve a leading position in the highend and luxury sector of the cosmetic packaging industry and the passion and the research for excellence, has never ceased to invigorate their team. This is also a special year with regard to their extended production of new molds, which demonstrates Faca’s constant investment in Research and Development in injection and blowmolding to innovate their products. At present, new markets are demanding a change in seeking sustainable solutions, and Faca Packaging is leading the way in this field.

New technologies This year Faca Packaging has launched its most representative model, the T22 – version of the refill jar, which has constantly been imitated in the last 20 years. Right now it has a refillable goblet as well as the possibility of manufacturing its recyclable and recycled materials. In addition, they have launched an authentic and unique airless jar on the market to preserve natural creams.

Sustainability Faca Packaging constantly updates and develops their machinery in order to obtain the best state-of-the-art technology available in the market for injection and decoration machines. This year has also been special for the leading global company because strong investments have been made in state-of-the-art machinery that is more sustainable and with lower consumption levels, both in the injection process, with the acquisition of heavy-duty machinery to allow multi-cavity molds in decoration, as well as in the assembly by cutting edge machinery with the addition of ultra-high-speed artificial

vision cameras for quality control. This huge investment will reinforce the company’s objective which is to continue being a world leader in the high-end cosmetics packaging. Since 2019, the Spanish company has been using 100% renewable energy in their three factories, the injection mold factory and its offices, thus continuing with the commitment to a sustainable environment. The entire electricity consumption comes totally from renewable energy. R&D, design, exclusivity and quality are the main pillars characterizing Faca Packaging. In addition, the company is certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Added Value One of the major technical factors contributing to the strength of this packaging is the perfect sealing that guarantees the preservation of the properties of a cream, a key feature on which packaging design must be based. An additional central factor is aesthetics - design, decoration, and finishes play an extremely important role in the cosmetic packaging. Faca Packaging 50 years’ experience has allowed them to achieve exceptional aesthetic, technological, and functional results. The company’s philosophy consists in launching 4 or 5 models per year, as well as increasing their list of patents that at the moment are 250. They are extremely proud to share this special event with their clients and thank them for the confidence they have placed in them.

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E vents , P ackaging and R a w M aterials

LUMSON’S NEW HAND SaNITIZER BOTTLE As the sanitary crisis is inciting preventative measures as an integral part of consumers’ daily routines all over the world, the demand for hand sanitizing gels has been skyrocketing. Lumson, the Italian leader in primary cosmetics packaging and a key player committed to offering functional and alternative concepts has reinvented itself adapting its offering to the new growing demand of sanitizing gels. Lumson’s new Gel In Jelly is an unconventional, practical and functional packaging comprising a range of

plastic bottles with options from 30ml up to 1000ml. Lumsons’ new range is compatible with formulas that have a high percentage of alcohol and can be used for different formulations. Gel in Jelly pocket size 30ml bottle comes with a soft silicone case that can be attached to a purse or belt with a hook system. The portable case and bottle can be customized with various colors and effects and with a brand logo. In addition, the dispensing system ensures a precise and accurate dose and its opening system can be easily managed to facilitate on-the-go use. The travelsize format makes Gel in Jelly bottle easy to be refilled and reused.

BeautySourcing.com Offers Sourcing Opportunities post-Covid Era Amidst the industry challenges faced due to COVID-19, BeautySourcing.com emerges as a global marketplace for a complete range of beauty supply-side products. As business models continues to turn to digital alternatives, by leveraging digital smartly to catapult ahead, the site serves as a 24/7 immediate solution that enables businesses to effectively find everything needed to produce the next cosmetic breakthrough. BeautySourcing.com allows members to connect with over 5,000 suppliers from across 100+ worldwide beauty events with a mission to stimulate and maintain international beauty trade in the new normal. Some of the highlighting features of BeautySourcing.com are: • By leveraging effective big data technology to analyze beauty industry’s growing volume, with Beautysourcing.com’s

About BeautySourcing.com: BeautySourcing.com is an online comprehensive sourcing platform for the beauty supply-side market. It aims to power the growth of the international beauty industry and serve as a community to connect businesses with high-quality products, worldwide trade events, and industry news. The site is supported by a dedicated team of veteran event organizers with over 20 years of beauty industry experience and a keen eye for reviewing supplier capabilities and market trends. For more information, visit www.beautysourcing.com.

cutting-edge, artificial intelligence based SEO strategy and its targeted algorithms, it helps the members to match with both domestic and International buyers. At the same time, it increases the conversion rate of leads from the SERP significantly. • Over 200,000 products showcased from formulation, ingredients, raw materials, OEM/ODM/OBM, machinery & equipment, packaging solutions and hair & nail. • Experienced exporters and pre-qualified suppliers with at least 5 years of active participation in global beauty events. • Updates about major beauty events such as: Cosmoprof, In-cosmetics, interCHARM, Cosmobeaute and more. • Integrated online-to-offline services that offer product preview and appointment scheduling with exhibitors from global trade shows before physical shows resume. • Active community forum for beauty professionals to share industry news, stay connected and network.

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Export Magazine 9-20  

E' un'esposizione permanente e aggiornata di cosmetici - profumi - articoli per l'igiene - prodotti fitocosmetici - bigiotteria - articoli d...

Export Magazine 9-20  

E' un'esposizione permanente e aggiornata di cosmetici - profumi - articoli per l'igiene - prodotti fitocosmetici - bigiotteria - articoli d...