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2nd International Exhibition for Cosmetics, Beauty, Hair Home Care, Private Label, Packaging and Ingredients

ICC - Istanbul Congress Center - Taksim, Istanbul - Turkey

6 in in 11 EVENT EVENT 6 TARGET CLIENT PROGRAM • Personalized client leads for exhibitors • Connecting target markets and target audience directly



Periodical exclusive buyer meetings

Reach 12.378 buyers from 175 countries in a click


VIRTUAL FAIR • Supported by the infrastructure of O2O Online Platform

• Delicately selected high-quality buyers from all over the world

• Strong user base and 2 years of expertise in digital events


• 756 Exclusive Hosted Buyers from 120 countries

2nd BEAUTYISTANBUL Exhibition October, 14-15-16, 2021

www.beauty-istanbul.com Organizer

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Green tea


THE VEGAN HAIR DYE WITH A HIGH NATURAL INDEX Our commitment to respecting the planet and the beauty of women

Diamond Skin Protection

Shine Complex

Sweet protection

Ammonia free

With PTD

*Contains no animal-derived ingredients


Organic extracts

We love pets


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Beauty Eurasia

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Beauty Istanbul

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On the cover: Nouvelle, when hair colour means art



Hair Bleaching Powder - UBP


Hair Company


Helen Seward


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Professional hair dryers

The most powerful 2650 W

intervie w


limiting resources, energy, the reduction of waste as much as possible in every phase of the production process.

EXPORT MAGAZINE: Tecnoelettra is a company that is very attentive to the environment. How is this attention shown through your articles? GILBERTO FAVA: In the field of hairdryers, as in any other technological sector, innovation is at the basis of progress. For our type of product, progress is developed along three lines: weight, power and design. We cannot speak of progress if we do not obtain the maximum if each of these three factors. These objectives always underlie any activity in the R & D sector of our company. Tecnoelettra continues its innovation at the service of the hairdresser always with the maximum respect for the environment, presenting at Cosmoprof 2020 a new product with a patented accessory with the capacity of increasing performances without minimally impacting the energy consumption. Therefore, low consumption, maximum performance and therefore an economic saving for the hairdresser. We are proud of having created a hairdryer that is the ally both of the hairdresser and of the environment. Therefore, a reduction of the consumption of time working and of energy without any impact at all on the performances, with a consequent and obvious economic saving by the final user. Tecnoelettra has always been committed to respecting the environment, doing its best by investing in research into evolved technologies and advanced solutions aimed at saving and

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EM: Does your specialization in creating professional hairdryers allow you to offer products that are really innovative? GF: We like to repeat, because in our company the tangible result is the wide range of solutions that we offer, made up of increasingly innovative products both from the point of view of components and style. Each product perfectly reflects our philosophy oriented to innovation, beauty care and the love for our work which has lasted for over 30 years. The demand and need for quality of the product that is necessary and suitable for an increasingly competitive market are growing all the time and it is for this reason that our production system is continually updated. At Tecnoelettra, innovation is not limited to the technical and production field, but exists in every sector of the company,

obviously with particular attention for the sector of prototypes and testing. For us, sensitivity and attention to innovation are the key of competitiveness. EM: Which new products will you be presenting at the next Cosmoprof in Bologna? GF: We will be presenting a hairdryer for the professional segment with a patented accessory that allows obtaining a product with performances that definitely give improvements in terms of economic and time saving, while keeping the consumption of energy unchanged. The innovation of this product consists precisely of the ability to increase performances without minimally impacting on the consumption of energy. Therefore, low consumption, maximum performance and therefore economic saving for the hairdresser. We are proud of having created a hairdryer that is an ally for the hairdresser and for the environment.

We asked Daniele Focante, HEAD OF SALES, Tecnoelettra, of the trend on export markets EM: How important is your presence on foreign markets and what are the aspects that are particularly appreciated? Daniele Focante: I would say fundamental. The strong connotation of Italianness linked to the country of origin and the drive of innovation by the new management have led and are leading Tecnoelettra towards a process of globalization, increasingly spreading our brand internationally. The aspects that make our product appreciated are the reliability and safety of what we create and make. These characteristics are translated into a very long life cycle of the product and putting on to the market only and exclusively products which have obtained all the certifications necessary to be considered reliable and safe. Tecnoelettra is a company that has lasted more than 30 years.

intervie w

V ACQUA - ILLUMINATING SILKY TREATMENT The latest innovation by Vitality’s offers well being to your clients’ hair and advantageous opportunities to hairdressers

Vitality’s, the line dedicated to hair stylists, is a complete, top quality range, designed to enhance clients’ style and improve their well-being. The range encompasses specific colouring, shaping and styling solutions that offer added value: creativity and experience of Italian-made products. Soft, shiny hair means natural healthy hair which in turn is synonymous with beauty. Well-being is also achieved through the beauty of the hair. Essential by Vitality’s is a family of products that are extremely important, “essential”, to the salon routine.

Essential, in fact, includes all the products necessary, or must-have, for each situation in any good salon. The silkening glow hair treatment V Acqua is the latest of the family and it has been designed for clients who do not have enough time to dedicate to a hair treatment. V Aqua is an illuminating treatment with a silky effect that is the perfect ally of each salon and each client. This product do not need any processing time, a factor that will revolutionize and speed up hair care. Its light formula acts instantly, hydrates and nourishes without weighing hair down, while leaving a fresh and floral scent. Applied after shampooing, its immediate effect is surprising: the hair is light, disciplined and shiny. V Acqua is formulated with Marine trace elements that provide a remineralizing action and make your hair shine; Limnanthes Alba ( meadowfoam) complex repairs the cuticles and imparts shine and body to the hair fiber. The Italian company producer of this latest innovation has always invested in research and advanced technology delivering ground-breaking products able to meet client’s new needs. V Acqua is a light, liquid and water-like transparent product. The droplets containing nourishing, oily substances have been trapped so as not to be visible.

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Its special formula turns the product’s jelly texture into a creamy texture when in contact with water. The nutrients are then released and the gel turns from transparent to white. Application is extremely easy and fast. After shampooing, apply V Acqua generously, massage thoroughly until the gel is totally distributed. Rinse and continue to the desired styling and drying. The result will be extraordinarily satisfactory. Perfect for any hair type, V Acqua is the ideal solution for those who can’t spend much time at a salon and it represents a cost-effective opportunity for hairdressers.

REHUB+ SPECIALIST MULTIBONDING LIGHTENING SYSTEM TO CREATE THE PERFECT BLONDE WHILE PROVIDING TOTAL PROTECTION OF THE HAIR FIBRE. Introducing the revolutionary bleaching system that allows you to achieve light to strong lightening with a customisable result in the total hair fibre protection. The innovative technology is the result of the combined action of MULTIBONDING LIGHTENER, the lightening powder with integrated protection, and MULTIBONDING MODULATOR, the protective emulsion with a high degree of hydration.


Discover more on www.helenseward.it

compan y

REHUB+ SPECIALIST MULTIBONDING LIGHTENING SYSTEM Do traditional bleaching processes damage the hair fibre? After frequent lightening and bleaching do the hair appear dull and weak? Helen Seward presents REHUB+ SPECIALIST MULTIBONDING LIGHTENING SYSTEM, the revolutionary bleaching system that allows you to achieve light to strong lightening with a customisable result in the total hair fibre protection. Ideal in case of frequent lightening and bleaching. The innovative technology is the result of the combined action of MULTIBONDING LIGHTENER and MULTIBONDING MODULATOR. Compact lightening powder with integrated protection for bleaching up to 9 tones. It ensures maximum lightening while protecting the integrity of the hair, thanks to MULTIBONDING PROTECTION which generates multiple new bonds and reduces the risk of the hair fibre breaking. Enhanced by the restructuring and smoothing action of the ANTI-DRYNESS SYSTEM. The technical result can be modulated with REHUB+ Specialist MULTIBONDING MODULATOR. Hyper-moisturizing protective emulsion with MULTIBONDING PROTECTION and ANTI-DRYNESS SYSTEM. Mixed with REHUB+ Specialist 9 Multibonding Lightener, it makes possible to perform lightening services ranging from light to intense ones, depending on the mixing ratio chosen, modulating the action of the bleaching powder and enhancing its protective action. The innovative ingredients hydrate hair deep down and increase its suppleness. It smooths and tames hair, leaving it shiny and easier to comb.


1. ANTI-BRASS EQUALISING LIGHTENING Guarantees gradual lightening with an antibrass and equalising effect for a uniform result and perfect cool blondes.

2. MULTIBONDING ANTI-BREAKAGE PROTECTION Generates new bonds in the hair fibre, boosting the hair’s strength and resistance to breakage.

INNOVATIVE ACTIVE GREEN The innovative natural ingredient, from sugar source, with an effective and proven strengthening anti- breakage effect.

3. RESTRUCTURING ANTI-DRYNESS SYSTEM In the rinsing stage, it restructures, smooths and hydrates, leaving hair soft and shiny.

Watch the video

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More info: www.helenseward.it Helen Seward Milano helenseward_official Helen Seward Milano


The 25th edition of Cosmoprof Asia will be held from 17 to 19 November 2021 one venue: hybrid format With around 2,000 exhibitors from international markets anticipated, Cosmopack and Cosmoprof Asia 2021 will, for this year only, be held under one roof at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre (HKCEC). This one-time consolidation of both events will feature a hybrid format, running a parallel digital platform available for all stakeholders unable to travel to Hong Kong. The digital tools will allow for online connection between all companies and professionals visiting the fair district, therefore optimising new business

opportunities and enhancing the capacity for global networking. BolognaFiere and Informa Markets, the exhibition organisers, are proud to transform the iconic fair as it celebrates its quarter century into a truly inclusive

Capturing Asia-Pacific’s beauty market Cosmoprof Asia has long been a vital industry benchmark for stakeholders worldwide interested in developments in the AsiaPacific. Asia-Pacific is the second largest beauty market in the world after Europe, and it was the first region to restart after the pandemic breakdown, as highlighted recently by the latest annual report by McKinsey & Company. Being held in Hong Kong, the perfect business hub and an international finance centre, the exhibition is the “gateway” for the main markets in the region. In China, a unique example globally, beauty sales increased in the first half of 2020 thanks to Chinese consumers spending more on the domestic market. Generally speaking, China’s economy is projected to grow by 8 to 10% between 2019 and 2021; at the same time, the remarkable development of e-commerce in South-East Asia – above all Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines – is expected to offer fresh new opportunities to international players. Cosmoprof Asia is more than ever one of the fundamental meeting events for the Cosmoprof international community this year, thanks to its hybrid format,” declared Antonio Bruzzone, General Manager

and global event by pivoting to the new hybrid format. In addition, consolidating Cosmopack and Cosmoprof Asia (typically held at Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) and AsiaWorld-Expo (AWE)), under the single roof of

HKCEC means in-person buyers will maximize their time by sourcing from 13 product sectors all in one venue. Product sectors include Cosmoprof Asia’s finished products categories of Cosmetics & Toiletries, Beauty Salon, Nails, Natural & Organic, Hair and the new areas “Clean and Hygiene” and “Beauty & Retail Tech”. Meanwhile, Cosmopack Asia will host suppliers from Ingredients & Lab, Contract Manufacturing, Primary & Secondary Packaging, Prestige Pack & OEM, Print & Label, Machinery & Equipment.

of BolognaFiere and Director of Cosmoprof Asia. “We are focusing on offering seamless digital connections for virtual attendees while guaranteeing total safety for in-person visitors keen to experience Cosmoprof Asia “as normal”. Opening up the exhibition to an even wider global audience enhances the business opportunities and networking capacity for all. Cosmoprof Asia 2021 makes it easy for global beauty industry players to focus their investment in Asia-Pacific, where the strongest driving economies in the world are currently located.” “We look forward to delivering an even better Cosmoprof Asia in 2021, with the hybrid format opening up the event to an unprecedented audience worldwide, thanks to the combination of digital and face-to-face visitors. We are proud to be pivoting to this exciting new format while celebrating the momentous 25th anniversary of Cosmoprof Asia,” said David Bondi, Senior Vice President – Asia of Informa Markets and Director of Cosmoprof Asia Ltd. “At the same time, we are excited to share our year-round, on-going calendar of digital opportunities designed to maximise the engagement of global buyers and suppliers. We look forward to greeting you all, online and in-person, at Cosmoprof Asia 2021.”

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VALÉRIE KAMINOV – BIOGRAPHY Valérie Kaminov is Founder and Managing Director of the highly successful International Luxury Brand Consultancy. For over 25 years Valérie has been at the forefront of the global cosmetics industry and has worked with a vast array of luxury, premium and niche beauty brands and fragrances. With her extensive expertise, commercial acumen and practical experience IL Brand Consultancy has become one of the most sought after management and distribution agencies specialising in global beauty. Recognised for the breadth of business sectors and extensive distribution channels it works with, ILBC’s international client portfolio spans both well-established names and newly-emerging brands in hair care, make-up, skincare, fragrance, devices and top-to-toe brands. Valérie’s wealth of knowledge in international growth strategies and business development is combined with an inspirational and forward-thinking approach. Through her exceptional insight and understanding of the industry Valérie has helped brands amplify their market reach, elevate their brand presence, improve their business performance and achieve commercial success globally. A further aspect of her business is her skill in brand evaluation, acquisition due diligence, risk assessment and commercial growth which has led Valérie to regularly advise Private Equity Funds, multi-national organizations and financial investors. This capability in combination with her advanced qualifications and proficiency in corporate governance have made her a much-desired Board Advisor and Non-Executive Director. From her CEW mentoring, organisation of the International Manufacturers & Distributors Forum (IMF) and guest lecture programmes, Valérie is a passionate and dynamic advocate of the global beauty industry. Valérie splits her time between her London HQ and her central Paris office as well as managing a satellite network in China.

The year of happy beauty Happiness was low on the radar in 2020 but as we slowly start to emerge into a post-pandemic world consumers will be looking for solutions to boost them both physically, and mentally. According to Pinterest Predicts Report 2021* this year is predicted to be the year of ‘Emo Beauty’. Linking our emotional wellbeing with our skin, hair and body health, emotional beauty bridges the mind-beauty gap to simultaneously address how we look, and how we feel.

Our emotions and our physical appearance go hand in hand; on a very minor scale “when someone is stressed it comes out straight onto the skin and causes all skin conditions to get worse and the skin to dry out, become spotty or generally look dull” says Margo Marrone, Founder of The Organic Pharmacy. Put simply, when our mind is unhappy we don’t look our best.

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The 2020 Covid-19 pandemic has created mass disruption for consumers’ emotional wellbeing. This has not only manifested itself in our physical appearance but it has signalled a shift in both beauty perceptions and beauty routines. For the beauty industry this means developing strategies, and products, that support physical and mental wellbeing, and providing beauty routines that not only make consumers look good, but make them feel good too. Living through a pandemic has understandably altered consumers’ emotional wellbeing, with 3 in 10 people reporting they are more aware of their mental health needs, revealed recent Mintel research. But it isn’t just our minds that have taken the hit, our physical appearance is suffering too. “The emotional impact of the pandemic, extended periods of working from home and the burden of an uncertain future has resulted in anxiety, declining skin health and premature ageing. This has been referred to as ‘Covid face’– and refers to the visible appearance of stress on the skin.” says Abi Buller, foresight writer at strategic foresight consultancy, The Future Laboratory. “Since Covid-19 and lockdown periods, people have been focusing more on overall skin health – especially as a result of zoom fatigue and an increased awareness of their appearance. Incorporating brightening, moisturising and blue light-blocking products into routines is something that is continually on the rise as people look to revive and rejuvenate their skin”, notes Buller.

Enter, ‘mindful beauty’. The Oxford Dictionary defines mindfulness as ‘a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique’ and indeed it’s a practice which could prove particularly beneficial given the current chaotic state of the world; a study published in November 2016 in the British Journal of Dermatology found that people who practice more mindfulness experience less distress and a better quality of life than those who do not. Crucially though, incorporating mindfulness into our daily routines has been shown to affect skin positively with as study in the Journal of Behavioural Medicine, June 2018, showing that the practice can help improve wound healing within the first few days, while the National Psoriasis Foundation discovered that mindfulness has been shown to improve symptoms in psoriasis.

While ‘Covid face’ is of course a new phenomenon the idea that our skin can reveal how we are feeling on the inside belongs to an emerging field of thought known as psychodermatology. The skin and brain are grown from the same embryonic layer in the womb and linked by a gut-brain-skin axis, psychodermatology “acknowledges this connection, treating skin diseases using a holistic approach, aware of the impact a skin disease can have on someone’s psyche, and vice versa”, says neuroscientist and Aromatherapy Associates Spokesperson, Dr Tara Swart. When we are stressed our “wound healing slows, oil glands go into overdrive, and inflammation takes off” explains dermatologist, psychiatrist and author of The Mind-Beauty Connection Amy Wechsler. Essentially, if brands can tap into consumers emotionally they can trigger a response aesthetically. *Pinterest Internal Search Data, Global, comparing searches from Oct 2018 - Sep 2019 vs searches from Oct 2019 – Sep 2020 17 www.exportmagazine.net


The demand for mindful beauty is high with 69% of people** planning to dedicate more time to self-care in 2021 than they did in 2021. Brands are already beginning to capitalise on this cultural need for mood-boosting beauty; between March-July 2020 Skin & Tonic sold 35,000 pots of their ‘Calm Balm’ thanks to its promise of melting away makeup and stress. While CBD supplement brand, Mindful Extracts offers mindful practices which are designed to balance the body and calm the mind. By combining traditional products and services with practices such as mindfulness, meditation and deep breathing, beauty products and routines can offer everyday skincare and wellbeing solutions that simultaneously calm the mind and the skin. Consumers are thinking so much more about their physical and emotional wellbeing since the pandemic and self-care has become a vital ingredient to maintain our physical and mental health. In a recent study 67%** of people agreed that self-care routines they developed during the pandemic have become a permanent part of their life. “Elevating our mental and physical wellbeing by carving out time for our self-care keeps our inner resources strong and happiness levels high” says Aromatherapy Associates Education and Wellbeing Director, Christina Salcedas. The physical act of hair brushing, body brushing or moisturising is linked to repetitive motions which promote a state of calm but not only does self-care

provide a moment of mindfulness it also creates a sense of control over our routine - something which many of us have been forced to concede thanks to Covid-19. In fact, it has been found that people with more consistent routines are likely to be happier and suffer less from mood problems and loneliness***. Plus, a consistent beauty routine gives us something to look forward to; regularly treating yourself to proper love and attention can trigger a rush of chemicals to the brain which will boost your mood. So while we may not feel like we can be the masters of our destiny at the moment, with a little help from our beauty routines we can certainly be the masters of our emotional wellbeing. It’s not just skincare brands that can leverage the link between emotional wellbeing and beauty.

** Study carried out strategic foresight consultancy, The Future Laboratory 2020 *** The Lancet Psychiatry, June 2018 18 www.exportmagazine.net


Scents that are proven to reduce stress and improve mood can, and should, be incorporated into skin, hair and body products in order to play within the ‘happy beauty’ space. “Linked to the area of the brain governing instinct, memory and emotion, our sense of smell is the most evocative and primitive of our senses. Through these scent pathways, essential oils can have a dynamic effect on our emotional state. They help transform our moods, moving us away from one state of mind another”, notes Salcedas. Indeed Aromatherapy Associates have developed a range of products which utilise all of your senses to elicit an emotional change through the power of essential oils while Disciple’s adaptogen-rich oils are formulated to help the mind and body deal with internal stress. Fragrance houses are also turning to ingredients to calm the mind. Perfumer Maurice Roucel has created ‘Matcha Meditation’ for Maison Margiela which “reduces stress levels and promotes serenity. It allows you to focus.”. A focus improving spritz is something we could all do with whilst working from home for the 400th day.

As we look towards the future beauty brands will need to ‘behave like health and wellness brands’ says WGSN’s Director of Beauty, Jenni Middleton, they will need to not only provide aesthetic benefits but improve a consumer’s mental state too. This can be achieved by combining traditional R&D with a more therapeutic philosophy, look to brands that practice internal and external wellness such as The Organic Pharmacy and Oio Lab who select clinically-proven active ingredients to make you glow from the inside out. Indeed it is this holistic, inside out, approach which ultimately results in both a happy mind and happy skin. Because it’s true what Roald Dahl said ‘if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely’.

For more information on how IL Brand Consultancy can help you successfully expand your brand into different markets, please contact us on info@ilbc.co.uk or visit our website at www.ilbc.co.uk. 19 www.exportmagazine.net


BEAUTYISTANBUL Online Regional meetings featured 600 buyers from 47 countries

In awake of the pandemic, BEAUTYISTANBUL exhibition continues to provide value added services and organize online meetings where international suppliers and regional buyers can meet online and conduct business effectively in a quick way. Buyers in attendance are selected among important importers, distributors, wholesalers, sourcing firms, retailers, cosmetics chain stores, pharmacy chains and supermarkets of the relevant region and invited to explore sourcing opportunities provided by BEAUTYISTANBUL exhibitors. 1. On September 30th, 2020,1st Online Meeting featured 90 buyers from 6 Central Asian countries. 2. On November 11th, 2020, 2nd Online Meeting featured 256 buyers from 13 East African countries. 3. On December 2nd and 3rd 2020, the 3rd and 4th Online Meetings featured 252 buyers from 7 Central American countries and from 21 countries in the Caribbean region. 4. On February 10th and 11th, Sub-Saharan Africa Online Meeting will host over 200 buyers from 18 countries. 5. In March, West Africa Online Meeting will feature over 200 buyers from 17 countries.

BEAUTYISTANBUL’s experienced team of 25 people fluent in 10 languages showed the difference from other B2B organizers once more by bringing together some of the biggest companies in relevant regions to attend the online meetings. Despite the global pandemic postponing exhibitions and limiting face to face interaction, BEAUTYISTANBUL aims to provide additional value-added services to businesses worldwide. With already over 12,500 registered buyers from 175 countries and over 5,000 products uploaded since January 1st, 2019, BEAUTYISTANBUL’s O2O Online Platform is a clear leader in the hybrid exhibition sector.

In addition to the O2O Online Platform, value-added services such as personalized Target Client Program and Online Regional Buyer Meetings will be available all year long. Once 14-1516 October 2021 comes, the physical exhibition with the coveted VIP Hosted Buyer Program will once again be the center of global B2B discussions. Make sure to follow the future editions of the series of worldwide regional meetings and all other activities held by the BEAUTYISTANBUL exhibition. Next Online Regional Buyer Meetings will host buyers and distributors from Sub-Saharan Africa and West Africa respectively in February and March. If you too want to achieve year-long success, become an exhibitor at BEAUTYISTANBUL now and benefit from all value-added services for free.

For more information, please contact: info@beauty-istanbul.com BEAUTYISTANBUL: October 14 – 15 – 16, 2021 in Istanbul, one of the world’s most attractive cities!

20 www.exportmagazine.net

Company subject to management and coordination by AGF88 Holding S.r.l.

servicing beauty industry since 1946


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compan y

INEBRYA presents BLONDESSE NO YELLOW and NO ORANGE In-salon and at home must-haves, to neutralise unwanted yellow and red tones on blonde and brunette hair

Apply after No Yellow Shampoo wearing suitable gloves on towel-dried hair, massage and comb through. Leave on for 3 to 5 minutes and rinse off. Sles and Paraben Free. No Yellow Mousse leaves the hair soft and shiny while neutralizing yellow tones. After No Yellow Shampoo shake with care and apply the product wearing suitable gloves on towel-dried hair, massage and comb through. Leave on for 3 to 5 minutes and rinse off. Vegan; Sles/Sulfate Free; Non Oxidising.

Hair, in particular if coloured and prelightened, suffers from continuous stress due to technical services, heat-styling, UV rays, frequent shampooing, and over time it may lose moisture, elasticity and brightness. Inebrya, a specialized Professional Hair Care brand, has developed the right solution with two new treatment lines featuring violet and blue pigments: Blondesse No Yellow and No Orange, developed to maintain

hair shades unaltered, from lightest to darkest blonde and brown, too. Blondesse No Yellow is designed for yellow tones on blonde, pre-lightened or grey hair, thanks to violet pigments working as toner. It includes No Yellow Shampoo, Mask and Mousse. Its formulation is enriched with Extra Violet Pigment, which deposits between the hair scales and cuticles, thus penetrating in depth thanks to the High Molecular Weight (HMW) technology. The treatments feature Silk protein hydrolysate, boasting hydrating and protective properties, and Wine extract, rich in polyphenols and resveratrol, helping strengthen the hair structure and working as an antioxidant while protecting colours. No Yellow Shampoo cleans hair working as a toner. Wear suitable gloves, apply on wet hair and leave on for a few minutes, then rinse off. Paraben and Silicon Free. No Yellow Mask leaves hair soft and shiny after neutralizing yellow tones.

Blondesse No Orange is the range formulated with blue pigments and designed to enhance light brown and dark blonde hues, whose lighter shades over time tend

to turn to unwanted warm tones. It includes No Orange Shampoo and Mask. Its formulation is enriched with Extra Blue Pigment, which deposits between the hair scales and cuticles, thus penetrating in depth thanks to the High Molecular Weight (HMW) technology, with Blueberry, Raspberry and Mulberry Extract, packed with Resveratrol, Polyphenols and Vitamin C, which help preventing hair oxidative stress, and in addition Black Charcoal carries out detoxifying and purifying functions on the hair, helping to protect from pollutants and allowing hair to breathe. No Orange Shampoo cleanses,

conditions and neutralizes orangecopper tones, providing shine and moisture to the hair. Also ideal to create a soft Icy Blue effect on natural or whitedyed hair. Apply on wet hair and leave on for a few minutes for a more effective result. Then rinse off. Silicon Free. No Orange Mask detangles, nourishes and moisturises unwanted orangecopper tones. Its rich and concentrated formulation ensures extraordinary shine and softness to the hair. After NoOrange Shampoo, apply the product wearing suitable gloves on towel-dried hair, massage and comb through. Leave on for 3 to 5 minutes and rinse off. Vegan and Sles Free.

Hair Stylist: the Artistic Team Inebrya Photo: Filippo Fortis

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compan y

Beauty WithOut Fear Femininity is precious, but it can also be very fragile. Inebrya is a professional brand that does its utmost to promote unparalleled femininity. Working in partnership with Gruppo Polis and Casa Viola, it is launching a campaign to get hair salons to raise awareness about abuse and make them into first points of contact for victims

According to recent figures, one in three women worldwide have experienced physical, psychological or economic violence at some stage. In many cases they do not report it because they are afraid of the consequences for themselves or their children, or they are scared of being judged by others. The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights has underlined that only 14% of women reported their most serious incident of intimate partner violence to the police, and this figure decreases to 13% when it comes to their most serious incident of non-partner violence. Inebrya is an international ambassador for Italian research in hair care and its product lines target sophisticated, sensual women who make the most of their feminine charms. It is stepping onto the front line in the battle to end violence against women with the Beauty W/O Fear project, which is backed by Casa Viola (a Gruppo Polis service). “Femininity is precious, but it can also be very fragile,” states Marianna Soriani, Inebrya’s Chief Communication Officer and the brains behind the Beauty W/O Fear initiative. “The moment when a woman has to flee from her home and seek refuge is only the tip of the iceberg: the time has come to harness the power of our network, and especially our hairdressers. As people who are close to their customers and can show empathy for them, they have the capacity to raise awareness among thousands of women.”

Promoting unparalleled femininity is an innate part of Inebrya’s DNA and on International Women’s Day it has decided to offer salons that join the initiative the chance to keep watch and look out for the often invisible signs of gender-based violence, while promoting the concept of “safe beauty”. Through the Beauty W/O Fear project, the Inebrya team and its partners are pledging to support and be a source of strength for all women who are victims of abuse. Alice Zorzan, the Head of Gender-based Violence Prevention at Gruppo Polis and creator of a protocol and educational videos for salons,

explains that “hairdressers can sensitively raise awareness among women about the dedicated services that exist especially for them. It is important not to make decisions for them, to keep everything strictly confidential and to make sure you never do everything by yourself when you’re trying to keep a woman and her children safe.” Inebrya products are sold in more than 60 countries worldwide and the far-reaching initiative will involve all of them. The number of the national helpline for victims of violence can be added to the protocol for each country, thus ensuring that it provides effective, concrete help for everyone.

The “W/O” logo of the project is a reference to hopes of a world WithOut Fear and it also conjures up the idea of “Women against Offence”. The initiative was launched alongside the SS21 “La Danse de la Vie” collection, in which the Inebrya woman guides onlookers through a dance revolving around beauty and femininity.

Hair Stylist: Carla Bergamaschi and the Inebrya Artistic Team Photo: Filippo Fortis

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BLUE LIGHT POLLUTION Alter Ego Italy presents the innovative Urban Proof “Anti-Digital Pollution” range. The Professional Haircare selection is a new addition to the Tech Beauty sphere that protects the hair from digital pollution

hair fibres, and reset the circadian rhythm of hair. There are two essential hair care products in the Urban Proof Anti-Digital Pollution line, both of which are destined to become a key part of our new beauty routines: Scalp&Skin Concentrate and Hair Nectar.

There is a new enemy in our midst and it can cause substantial damage to our skin and hair: it is called High Energy Visible (HEV) Light and it is better known as “blue light”. It has a particularly high frequency, which is much higher than that of UV rays from the sun. Spending four working days in front of a computer screen is the equivalent of being out in the midday sun for 20 minutes. Adults spend an average of 12 hours a day looking at three different types of screens. This leads to excessive exposure to blue light from electronic devices such as PCs, tablets and smartphones, as well as LED lighting and cool white light bulbs, which produces the free radicals responsible for oxidative stress and skin ageing. It also affects hair in numerous ways: the fibre is weakened, the hair ages and turns grey, and the scalp is more susceptible to oxidation and irritation. The Italian laboratories of the leading hair & skin care group Agf88 Holding, have developed the Alter Ego Italy Urban Proof Anti-digital pollution

SCALP&SKIN CONCENTRATE This concentrate protects the scalp and hairline from blue light, digital pollution and ageing. Use: pat your hair dry with a towel, apply the concentrate to the scalp and hairline, then rub it in gently. Do not rinse. Style your hair however you like. Urban Proof Scalp&Skin Concentrate 30 ml.

professional hair care line in response to the digital acceleration processes in the world today. This innovative selection can prevent and counteract hair ageing caused by digital pollution. Alter Ego Italy encapsulates a perfectly balanced blend of sophistication, personal care and dedication to sustainability. It is one of the first professional haircare brands on the market to create a line inspired by blue light, in order to protect the hair and scalp from the everyday impact of electronic devices. With the Urban Proof Anti-Digital Pollution line, Alter Ego Italy is introducing the concept of Tech Beauty. It features a special “B-CIRCADIN anti-digital pollution” complex enriched with HAIR NECTAR Lespedeza Capitata This product provides protection leaf extract from from digital pollution. Use: pat your hair plants that grow in the dry with a towel, then spread the product wild in South Korea. evenly on lengths and ends. Do not rinse. It promotes homeostasis Style your hair however you like. in the scalp and helps to Urban Proof Hair Nectar 30 ml. control oxidative stress and irritation, detoxify

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COLOR MASK, TO THE HIGHEST CREATIVITY The new fast&easy product to make your hair go “WOW”

Photo: Marco Di Filippo Hair: team Contrasto Color: Alessandro Fiorin - Gionathan Contino , Fanola Technical Team

These last years have seen a sudden growth in coloured hair masks, an ideal beauty routine to give hair shine and a new life, thanks to a new cosmetic service that does not damage the hair fibre. Featuring coloured pigments that set on the hair surface, colour masks enhance the hair shade and give intense and shiny tones, without stressing the hair. Fanola, famous for colour, creativity and sharing, always looks at the market with great attention and has developed Color Mask, a range of colour masks that revive and intensify hair colour in only two minutes, for natural or coloured hair, with nourishing, moisturising and illuminating properties, without weighing it down.

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Starting from a pre-lightened base you may achieve crazy, temporary effects for fashionable and amazingly “WOW” hair, lasting 8 to 10 shampoos. Color Mask’s key benefit is that it’s quickly applied and user friendly, thus helping stretch time between colour appointments in salon. Color Mask is available in nine different shades: Total Black, Sensual Chocolate, Golden Aura, Copper Flow, Red Passion, Silky Purple, Pink Sugar, Ocean Blue and Clover Green.

COLOR MASK Nourishing and colouring mask to revive hair colour between colour appointments and to dye hair using crazy temporary effects. Color Mask is formulated using a special Color Lock Technology, able to make colour last longer and prevent fade. Silicone free, anti-fading technology.

© 2021 Pettenon Cosmetics S.p.A. - All rights reserved

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AGF88 HOLDING The company ends 2020 with turnover of €160 million, up by 5.6% on the €151 million posted in 2019

Despite the huge problems that emerged on a global scale in 2020, the year ended with some good news for Agf88 Holding as it posted just over €160 million in turnover.

This marked an increase of 5.6% on the figure recorded in 2019 by the leading hair & skin care group, which is based in San Martino di Lupari (near Padua) and run by brothers Gianni and Federico Pegorin (the President and CEO respectively). Exports now account for 70% of the overall turnover for the group, which serves 114 different countries and boasts substantial experience in the main international markets. The group has three production sites, each of which specializes in a specific area: Targeted Hair Beauty and Care, Hair Colouring, and Cosmetic Skincare. Thanks to its facilities, it is able to carry out every stage in the production process: blowing and screen printing packaging, manufacturing, and packing. Consequently, quality and sustainability are guaranteed in the processes and the time to market is much faster for the numerous ground-breaking

products created in the in-house Research and Development laboratories, which specialize in materials, analysis of new technologies, formulation and packaging. Once again in 2020, the keys to AGF88’s success were prompt responses to market demands, safety for end consumers, dedication to sustainability in both environmental and social terms, professional training and close support for the members of the trade who use the group’s products in their salons on a daily basis. “I am very proud of the response given by the group, which is unique in its field due to its family-run nature and Afsoon Neginy, Agf88 Holding strong local COO Business & roots. At the Sustainability Director same time, it has an open outlook on the world, as demonstrated by the significant part played by exports in its figures,” states Afsoon Neginy, COO Business & Sustainability Director at Agf88 Holding. “It is a business that combines an entrepreneurial spirit with an increasingly substantial structure on the management front. Although it is led by two men, they have surrounded themselves at the top by capable women who keep a close eye on customers’ needs, including the two most recent additions to the ranks in 2021.” It was a great achievement for a business that has made innovation its cornerstone for many years.

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Federico Pegorin, Agf88 Holding CEO

First and foremost, the results were made possible by Pettenon, around which the group has been built. It saw growth of 12% thanks to its highly diversified portfolio of products and customers. Furthermore, in 2020 Agf88 Holding once again pledged to meet the strictest international environmental management standards. The industrial buildings feature cutting-edge green technology, as part of a drive to reduce their environmental impact: 5,000 m² of state-of-the-art solar panels currently produce approximately 520,662 kWh of clean energy a year. On top of this, at the San Martino di Lupari plant 100% renewable energy from the sun, wind, water and earth gives an overall annual saving of 1,200 tonnes of carbon dioxide that are not released into the atmosphere. Low-emissivity glass, insulation and energy recovery ventilation systems help to reduce energy use. Particularly great care is taken over waste management: thanks to the in-house blowing department, 100% of obsolete bottles can be recovered, recycled and made into new plastic items, thus reducing the amount of waste materials produced.

compan y

The San Sepolcro plant has both solar panels and a solar thermal energy system. In addition, it recycles cardboard, wood and pallets, which are given to collection companies. “We’ve always favoured a concrete, effective approach when it comes to both business and sustainability,” says Federico Pegorin, the CEO of

Agf88 Holding. “I don’t like making self-congratulatory statements, but my brother and I firmly believe in the ethical business vision that we inherited from our father, Arturo Pegorin. Thanks to our loyal, transparent relationships with partners and staff, and the concrete measures that we take to protect the environment,

we are able to offer increasingly sustainable solutions. We use less water, energy and other resources, limit the impact of all of our production processes and constantly carry out research in order to reduce the environmental impact of products while keeping up our usual high quality and performance standards.”

Agf88 HOLDING: Marianna Soriani is the new Chief Communication Officer

degree in Economics at Bocconi University, specializing in Fashion Management. She has built up significant strategic marketing experience and taken on roles involving growing levels of responsibility at leading international companies in the fields of Cosmetics (Coty, L’Oréal and Revlon), Fashion & Lifestyle (Safilo Group) and Omnichannel Retail, putting into practice branding and content management know-how for iconic brands such as Rimmel, Lancôme, Polaroid and Revlon. As a marketing, communication, digital and branding Strategy Consultant, she worked on digital and communication projects with the Agf88 Holding group in 2020.

“Marianna’s arrival will enable us to step up a gear in the repositioning strategy for the brands in our portfolio. She will provide a crucial link between the corporate strategy – which is based on sustainability and digitization – and the focuses of the individual brands, which all have their own distinctive outlooks,” stated Afsoon Neginy, COO Business & Sustainability Director at Agf88 Holding. Federico Pegorin, the CEO of Agf88 Holding, added: “I would also like to welcome Marianna Soriani once again. With her professionalism and experience, she will help to boost the growth of the company and make a substantial contribution to our communication strategy. Marianna is joining us at a time when our company and our brands are looking forward to lots of exciting challenges: I’m sure that she’ll play a big part in the ambitious digital evolution that’s underway at Agf88 Holding.”

professional cosmetics, personal care and perfumes. Over the last twenty years she has held different roles in Perfume Holding, as Brand Manager first, then Product Development Manager and Regulatory Affairs Manager. Previously she has worked as Quality Control & Technical Manager for Florbath (YSL Beauté) and as R&D Manager for Davines. At the beginning of her career she worked in the pharmaceutical industry in Germany in the quality field. In Parma she discussed her dissertation in Pharmaceutical Technical Chemistry and in Strasbourg she completed her PhD in Industrial Pharmacy.

“Innovation, research and development have always been at the heart of our Company; over the last years we have deeply focussed on this area, both recruiting professionals with a great experience and investing in new technologies, aiming to provide cutting-edge solutions that our customers perceive as such, and environmental-friendly at the same time” - stated Gianni Pegorin, Chairman of the Holding, joined by the Holding Managing Director, Federico Pegorin: “I am happy to welcome Isabelle to our Team. Isabelle’s professionalism will drive our Innovation and R&D division to confirm the quality and safety of our products, while being a step ahead in the research and development of our brands and private label”.

The leading international Professional Hair & Skin Care group Agf88 Holding has made Marianna Soriani the Chief Communication Officer of both its professional division (in the shape of Pettenon Cosmetics S.p.A.) and its mass market division (Beauty Application s.r.l.). The appointment is part of its digital transformation strategy and its efforts to raise the profile of the brands in its portfolio. Marianna Soriani will take charge of the new Communication department, which covers the Digital sphere, E-commerce, and Corporate and Brand communication. Born in Milan in 1977, Marianna Soriani did a

Agf88 HOLDING: Isabelle Philippe is the new Innovation & R&D Director The leading international Professional Hair & Skin Care group Agf88 Holding has made Isabelle Philippe the Innovation & R&D Director of Pettenon Cosmetics professional division, thus strengthening its R&D team alongside the significant corporate development under way. Isabelle will take charge of Innovation, Formulation, Sensory, Packaging, Regulatory, PreIndustrialization and Technical Data Management. Born in France, Isabelle Philippe has developed her career in large companies in the field of

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ELSABEAUTY PROTECTS YOUR PETS AS YOU PROTECT YOURSELF ElsaBeauty a new dermo-cosmetic and organic line for pets

ElsaBeauty is an idea by Nicoletta Casanova, an expert of International Marketing and Distribution. Her love for animals and the environment has turned into a life choice and has now become an innovative and sustainable business, a true revolution. She supports the idea that, just as with humans and children, caring for your four-legged friends through grooming and preventative attention is an essential element of their health and happiness. ElsaBeauty is a grooming and wellness brand that offers 100% organic body-care products mainly for dogs and cats, but not only. They are crafted with only the finest organic plant-based ingredients to create pet care products that are

ideal for pets of every breed, size, age and lifestyle. With the help of Roberto Bonfanti, a renowned and widely experienced cosmetologist in human organic cosmetics, Nicoletta Casanova has created a dermo-cosmetic line that is organic, non-GMO, cruelty free, hypo-allergenic and eco-friendly packaged. Nicoletta’s mission is to help pets live longer and happier with the top quality pet dermocosmetic line inspired by her cute lady doggie. ElsaBeauty relies on the most advanced bio-technologies: bio-fermentation induced by organic elements and Italian phyto ingredients that come from short distribution chain - factors that guarantee freshness and excellent results.

HYGIENIZING AND DERMOPROTECTIVE SHAMPOO The right care for your pets ElsaBeauty Hygienizing and Dermoprective Shampoo is enriched with essential oils of Lavender, Oregano and Marjoram, together with Bergamot, Achillea, Saint John’s Wort and Honey. The 5.0 PH shampoo is packed with 100% organic active ingredients that sanitize and disinfect your four-legged friend preventing germ transmission to you . It has soothing properties that work perfectly against skin irritations, dermatitis and reddened skin. It provides the right level of hydration without modifying the lipid balance of pets’ skin. Sulfate, perfume and preservative

free, this product offers antiseptic and sanitizing properties while leaving pets’ coats soft and hydrated. It contains 5% of organic Lavender and Saint John’s Wort essential oils, which proves the importance given to the right concentration of active ingredients by ElsaBeauty. The shampoo is highly concentrated: pour from 5 to 10 ml of shampoo into 1 lt of water, then apply with a sponge on wet fur; rinse and repeat it if necessary.

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ECHOSLINE presents the new pre-lightener in the KARBON 9 range Formulated with a 100% activated charcoal, it lightens and neutralizes the unwanted yellow effect in just one step

In 2021, blonde is still holding the lead in terms of colour trends. In particular, the most popular shades will range from ash to platinum blonde, in addition to natural and silver reflections and hues. Echosline is a specialized haircare professional brand that has embraced the Vegan Way philosophy for some years. With its new 100% Vegan product ranges, it has married this trend. A new product has been added to the Karbon 9 range to cater to the professionals’ needs:

Hair: Stylistic Team Echosline | Photography: Marco Di Filippo 31 www.exportmagazine.net

a new technical product developed to perform a highly professional pre-lightening service. Karbon 9 is a well-known 100% vegan range, designed to meet the needs of chemically-treated, stressed hair and exposed to external agents such as smog, pollution, heavy metals and fine dusts. The active ingredient is Charcoal (or Carbon), hence its name, 100% natural and Bamboo derived. The number 9, in addition, refers to the 9 plant active ingredients that condition, illuminate, soothe and revitalize the hair, looking after all its needs. Charcoal Bleaching & Neutralizing Cream, the new product by Echosline, has a peculiar creamy and grey texture and is formulated with Plant Charcoal and grey micro-pigments, able to lift up to 7/8 tones. This product can completely neutralize the unwanted yellow/orange effects and give the hair a shiny silver reflection. Its high oil percentage promotes hydration and hair protection throughout the whole pre-lightening process, keeping the hair structure healthy, conditioned and soft. Charcoal Bleaching & Neutralizing Cream is designed for all pre-lightening techniques and ensures high cosmetic results and blonde performance in a short time. A real ally for professionals in salon.

16-18 June 2021

SENS.ÙS: #BEGREEN Our low environmental impact and high energy saving premises make our company a fascinating and unusual place, full of surprises and curiosities waiting to be discovered! The G&P Cosmetics family aims to safeguard and distribute its portfolio comprising over 13,000 formulas worldwide with the help of the Global Fashion Academy, which valorizes both the art of color and the techniques used. G&P and its staff also collect market and customer information as part of its ongoing research and study activities. We view the salon as a basic point of reference where color must respect each customer’s needs and requirements. It is not an easy path, but we pursue it every day through the research and professionalism of our product development center technicians, who are engaged in a slow and meticulous manufacturing process. It is this passion that has shaped the philosophy of «sustainable value», which integrates social, environmental and ethical aspects and automatically projects towards the needs of consumers, in line with the highest Italian quality. Being up to date and fully compliant with EU and environmental regulations is fundamental for us to be able to work while respecting the planet, the young people who will inherit it from us, and ourselves.

We are all responsible for safeguarding our planet, which is why we believe in change through concrete action. With this tribute and other Earth-Friendly projects, we believe we are contributing to making our world a better place, for us and our children.


How much plastic ends up in our oceans every year? Between 8 and 13 million tons of plastic waste were dumped in 2010 alone. Of this, 250,000 tons float on the surface, while the rest lies on ocean floors and beaches around the world. Every year around one million birds and 100,000 marine mammals die because of plastic waste dumped in the sea. When the stomachs of dead and beached whales are analyzed, they always contain large quantities of plastic. The same is true for turtles that often mistake plastic bags for jellyfish. G&P Cosmetics currently has 110 employees. Our decision to adopt reusable bottles will save our planet around 35,000 plastic cups and 6,300 bottles every year in our company! Every one of us has a moral duty to help save our environment.


-6.300 bottles a year

The Company has been presenting itself to its employees as eco-sustainable for some time now. Indeed, in the workplace we have started to replace all plastic bottles with aluminum bottles for our employees. We have also installed solar panels that allow us to create a lower environmental impact and develop what is being studied and processed in an environmentally-friendly way, drawing inspiration from and using recycled and recyclable materials. Within the company we separate paper, cardboard and... plastic waste. This is our starting point: respect for a nature that has given and continues to give us much. We always appreciate commitment to multi-utilities and believe in resource reuse and management. We are located next to the River Tiber, which is at the heart of the history of our culture and of entire civilizations. Not only does the river flow through Sansepolcro and the Valtiberina: it also flows through Rome, which was the capital of the world for one thousand years. Being given this opportunity is a great privilege that allows us to use the water of a historical river that now gives life to G&P products. We have not forgotten the past. On the contrary, we always look to the future and place great focus on both sustainability and innovation.


THANKS TO RENEWABLE ENERGY THE EQUIVALENT OF OUR COMMITMENT TO THE ENVIRONMENT Our new logo #BEGREEN symbolizes the respect our company has for the planet. Water, placed inside the iconic recycling circulating symbol, is an essential resource for our production process. We firmly believe that the only way to take resources from nature is if we respect it. In fact, we use water from the Tiber River that flows through our valley to produce our products. Thanks to innovative demineralization processes, reverse osmosis and the destruction of bacteria using UV rays, the water is extracted from underground and microbiologically purified. We are committed to using more environmentally-friendly raw materials, choosing containers that are recycled and biodegrade better whenever possible. Plus, using energy from renewable sources means every day we use 50% less energy from fossil fuels. This means we have dramatically reduced the amount of pollution we create to generate electricity and carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere. We have purchased electric cars for running company errands and installed charging stations for them. In our own small way, we’re doing our best to fight pollution.


Emissions of an average car n 113,52 years TV on: 41334 days Computers on for one year: 2679,66

GREENHOUSE GASES CO2 Carbon dioxide: 515.03604 kg NOx Nitrogen oxide: 81,36 kg SO2 Sulphur dioxide: 52,5 kg

CARBON 515,04 Tons 44,4 Hectares







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n.a.n.e the environmental sanitizers designed by Maletti Group An innovative solution to sanitize any type of close environment

Maletti Group, a company from Scandiano (RE) which produces furnishings for hair stylists’ salons, beauty centres and spas, launches “n.a.n.e: - new air new era”, the innovative universal particle sanitization system which allows air to be filtered quickly in any type of closed environment. Maletti Group, with Maletti, Nilo SPA DESIGN and Beauty Star, has been a reference point in the beauty industry sector for over 80 years. The company combines consolidated experience in the design field with continuous research in the scientific and technological sectors. And it is with regard to this aspect that, during the months of the pandemic, Maletti Group has invested in developing innovative and technological solutions to protect against the Covid-19 threat and any future health threat, not only inside salons and beauty centres but also in various areas such as offices, schools, shops and surgeries.

The n.a.n.e system is composed of 5 devices, all Made in Italy and medically certified, which exert an active biocidal action directly on air, modifying the individual microenvironment and without being harmful to people. The undisputed protagonist is surely UVC-Totem, the universal device for continuous environmental sanitization, realized in collaboration with the Department of Experimental Medicine of the University of Perugia. With low energy consumption, it ensures safe and quick sanitization throughout the day. UVC-Totem works in a very simple and maintenance-free way: it sucks in impure molecules from below and destroys their DNA thanks to its internal UV-C technology. The sanitized air is then released into the environment, making it safe and secure. UVC-Totem is the ideal solution in large spaces, classrooms, offices, receptions, chapels of rest. In the Wall version, it is perfect for gyms and public spaces with open walls. Near windows, with the antipollen filter, it also removes pollen and allergens from the air inside rooms. UVC-Totem is a class 1 medical device certified by the Ministry of Health registration code 1985439 of 29/08/2021. UVC-Mini Totem is the smaller version of UVC-Totem, ideal for offices and rooms because it can be moved and placed on any surface, from work tables to bedside tables. With an anti-odour filter, it removes odours and mould. Also available in the Wall version, for small rooms and spaces where there’s no possibility of ventilation such as lifts, dressing rooms and changing rooms. The product is equipped with a specific anti-mould and anti-bacterial filter.

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The second n.a.n.e certified product is Block, the innovative table-top “catchall” that thoroughly disinfects everyday objects such as sunglasses and keys. Through a process of atomisation of liquid disinfectant, it reduces the bacterial load by 99,9%. Next comes Kubetto, the “first defence” that quickly sanitizes shoes soles without damaging them, using liquid disinfectant spray with quaternary ammonium salts. About 50% of bacteria reside on the ground, so sanitizing footwear at the entrance of a space means eliminating 50% of polluting agents. Finally, to close the circle, we find Station, the innovative platform designed to control anyone coming in from outside. In the upper part, the station consists of a shelf to hold the sanitizing hand gel dispenser and the termoscanner to measure body temperature simply by approaching the wrist. The lower part houses the Kubetto which is automatically activated by a pressure sensor, once you are on the workstation. With the n.a.n.e devices line, designed and manufactured in Italy, Maletti Group company goes further, tracing the future in new ways and pursuing the aim of putting its in-house research and development laboratories at the forefront of people’s health with innovative solutions.


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PARLUX a “made in Italy” brand to the HAIRDRESSERS’ service and… not only! In the International professional hairdryer market since 1977, Parlux has acquired fame and popularity thanks to the technical and production quality of their tools, which have being creating and realizing in Italy to fully satisfy any professional need. Above all, at Parlux they have been producing hairdryers, the top working tool in any hair salon all over the world. During their long production experience, Parlux presented many hairdryer models; all of them are featuring the best motor effectiveness.

The K-ADVANCE® Plus motors for example which are extremely light-weight and powerful and always present a modern, trendy design as well as high quality components production. (Parlux has been the first company in the industry to employ the Eco-Friendly philosophy: packaging and recyclable plastics, energy saving and ozone free with high safety standards for all their appliances). During the years, many other technical features have been added to these basic ones and have become a “must” for any hairdryer. For instance, the ion technology, the “Air Ionizer Tech” now present in the Parlux ALYON® hairdryer model.

Paolo Parodi and Elisa Parodi

It optimizes the negative ion emission, eliminates the static electricity for softer, shinier hair and provides a very quick, efficient drying. Last but not least also the exclusive “HFS” Hair Free system; an inner device which placed on the air intake is catching and filtering the hair, keeping the hairdryer cleaner and more efficient over time. The Parlux hairdryer are also very colorful and beautiful to see. The different models are available in many color versions, therefore suitable for any hair salon type or personal taste.

The pandemic started last year, led to the creation of a special version of the model Parlux ALYON®, called “Antibacterial” NIGHT BLUE. The lacquering of the body of this model in fact, is enriched with silver dust and creates an unfavorable surface for the proliferation of

microorganisms, thus helping to maintain hygiene while using the hairdryer itself. The antimicrobial treatment discourages the proliferation of bacteria but does not protect against viruses as in the persistence of a health emergency.

The Parlux Research laboratory at the Trezzano sul Naviglio headquarters (on the Milan’s outskirts) is always working to find out the best professional solutions to the benefits of their customers and translate them in real products and devices which are always manufactured in Italy exclusively. Parlux is now a well-known brand, appreciated in over 60 countries all over the world. At Parlux, they have being strongly protecting their models and patents, firmly fighting counterfeiting both in Italy and abroad.

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The special paint of Parlux ALYON® NIGHT BLUE Antibacterial, enriched with silver powder, creates an unfavorable surface for the proliferation of microorganisms and helps maintain hygiene during use. Antimicrobial treatment prevents the proliferation of bacteria but does not protect against the virus of this current health emergency. The antibacterial treatment is available only in the new Night Blue color.


• • • • • •

Antibacterial Technology Professional K-ADVANCE PLUS ® motor Duration: 3000 hours Ideal power 2.250 Watt - 84 m 3 / h “Air Ionizer Tech” technology HFS - Hair Free System device

• • • •


The NEW MagicSense diffuser combined with the Parlux ALYON Night Blu Antibacterial hairdryer, is the non plus ultra for perfect hairstyles and natural curls







Bigger size, ideal for faster drying 15 “finger-tip effect” of new design Universal, suitable for all Parlux hairdryers* DFO - Dynamic Flow Optimizer system which betters the flow of air and does not mess up hair while styling

* suitable for all Parlux hairdryers excluding Parlux 3500 and Parlux 385


the good

hygiene habit SANI HABIT,the first complete routine to hydrate and sanitize hands, body, skin and hair, suitable for both service in salon and at home. Clean and balsamic formulas with unexpected black textures are the best in terms of safety and pleasure.

% LO C 100











10 ESPRESSOTIME How to dye hair and save 70% of the time min.

ESPRESSOTIME is the professional permanent hair color that in just 10 minutes guarantees maximum results in terms of hair shine and coverage. Not only color, but also 4 products for a complete ritual enriched with fermented green coffee and ginseng.



Humanistic Cosmetics© by Giannantonio Negretti A book that tells the story and growth of a new cultural movement

Giannantonio Negretti, an entrepreneur from Brescia and Chairman of NG Group Universal, known as the Beauty Pioneer thanks to his visionary vocation for the world of Beauty, presents his first book, Humanistic Cosmetics©. Humanistic Cosmetics is a way of understanding, thinking, planning and making products and services of Beauty around Man, understood as a complex unit. In other words, its mission is to take care of the bio-psycho-social-spiritual characteristics of Man and the context he belongs to. It puts Man at the centre of its action and intends to create and support a new Renaissance of Beauty. In this vision, the cosmetic is a holistic drug and Beauty is an experience of the Self and of the Self with Others, which goes beyond bodies and infuses well-being into a human totality which is more than the sum of its parts. A cultural movement has been born and its concept has been documented into thisbook which invokes authentic Beauty, giving rise to a new chapter in the fundamental relationship between Man and Beauty. Inspired by the principles of Humanism and the Renaissance, Humanistic Cosmetics has the objective to put Man and his identity with his real needs back in the respect of his ethic and social values, keeping his dignity and individual integrity, back into centre of the path towards Beauty. The foreword is by Diego Dalla Palma, GA, as his collaborators and friends like to call him, in order to create Humanistic Cosmetics starts off from the foundation of vocational training. He addresses the education of the young and dreams of offering a new cultural-professional model through

the project Proud To Be, supported by the non-profit association he has founded: BEAUTY FORCE. It is a project with a psycho-social-educational mission, which aims at acting on the different levels that make up the social fabric to dismantle some stereotypes, accompanying vocational training centres and its social players towards a dimension of self-esteem and professional pride. With Proud To Be, Beauty becomes a choice of success: “I believe that the conscious professional choice of one’s educational path is central in the construction of the identity of a young person.” This book is People & Business Oriented and aims to denounce the distance between the promise of happiness of cosmetics and the disappointing result that almost always awaits expectations; proposing new attitudes and concrete solutions to smile once again at oneself and others. It is a book that becomes the mirror of a revolutionary business mindset. It is an informative idea for the professionals of the sector,

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an ethical example for young students, a great humanistic project for everyone, the secret of which consists of following one’s essence because, as the author concludes: “To reach the real meaning of beauty, Man has to be reconciled with nature and what surrounds him. He has to recover self-care, generating a way of being and feeling such as to put himself in the network of relations that exists outside his world. It is about connecting the macrocosm with the microcosm, carefully observing one’s actions and feelings and, at the same time, nature and other human beings.” “Culture nourishes and educates on beauty, which must be pursued and tracked down in every corner of our life.” Cosmetics are a mediator or relations which Protect Youth, Reinforce Self-Esteem, Reduce Anxiety, Increase the Well-Being of Relations and Touch the Soul. It is with Giannantonio Negretti that a new chapter in the history of Beauty begins. It is a new Renaissance!


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baralan: Details Matter

The persistence in believing in one’s dreams and the ability of shaping the wishes and needs of a dynamic market have always been the beating heart of Baralan’s reality. Amongst tradition and innovation, the Group aims at understanding and anticipating the different requirements of each market segment to transform them into unique products, which are the result of strong passion and constant attention to detail. Thus, “Details Matter” is the slogan of the new 2021 campaign: details that seek excellence, which create endless combinations of products, designed and developed through an active listening of the market. Every aspect of a packaging is carefully studied and personalized to best interpret the identity of each

brand: from materials to shapes, from decorations to processes, from accessories to dimensional characteristics. In fact, it is the details that always make the difference. Aesthetic details, such as the choice of shapes and sizes, developed to create a packaging with an eye-catching design that capture the attention of the final consumer. Functional details, such as the selection of materials, the study of accessories in every feature, chosen to protect, preserve and facilitate the use and application of cosmetic formulas. Emotional details, such as the use of refined colors and distinct finishes that enhance the emotional nature of the product. It is the infinite combination of all these details which creates an added value and makes Baralan’s packaging

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iconic, authentic and reliable. With its new campaign, Baralan therefore presents an image that deliberately depicts the preciousness and sophisticated quality of every detail, while enhancing variety and creativity through a wide range of packaging, which, original in their refined simplicity, each responds to the different needs of the Skincare, Make Up and Fragrance markets. Starting from the details, through research, quality and service, the Group becomes the ambassador of Italian style in the world, with a balance between aesthetics and functionality, between design and practicality. In its ambition to always offer the best packaging solution for every cosmetic product, Baralan transforms each detail into what makes the difference.


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A VIRTUAL TOUR OF ASIAN PACKAGING MANUFACTURERS Asia’s reputation as a hotbed of innovation is confirmed in this virtual tour of five packaging manufacturers, which are also committed to sustainable production. Their business has clearly been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic but they have made good use of the time to develop new projects. Unipack is taking innovative challenges by investing in eco-friendly materials and packaging companies for the development and production of sustainable cosmetic containers that consider the environment. Unipack’s paper bags are biodegradable and oxidative biodegradable, made from laminating paper and PLA film and Oxidative Biodegradable film. Unipack exports its products all over the world, and its innovative products of sustainable cosmetic packaging, biodegradable sachets and paper bags are expected to be in demand from all its main export markets, in particular Europe.

U n i pac k

Unipack, a Korean company, has a great capacity for innovation. Its turnover increased by more than 68% between 2017 and 2019 and it is a supplier to the various global brands thanks to its capacity for innovation in the field of packaging. Last new Unipack developed new concepts in sustainable packaging, with particularly clever solutions and is looking forward to working with overseas’ customers as well as on the local market. Its focus on sustainable packaging includes the development of multi-purpose paper bags, as well as on production using recycled raw materials such as PCR, PP and PET. The company is also working on the development and production of products using bioplastics such as cellulose PP, with excellent results. Its “personalized cosmetics” products allow the replacement of the contents: first of all, the inner container containing the contents can be replaced, and it is a

cosmetic container with a new structure that releases the contents by turning the inner container. The contents of lipstick, compact and cream can all be replaced. The outer container can be used continuously and the inner container can be replaced very easily. The use of plastic can be reduced because the other container is reused and only the inner container is replaced.

The most striking point here is that the external and inner containers can be produced using PCR PP, a recycled raw material, or Cellulose PP resin made using paper scrap.

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Yonwoo is also based in Korea and was started in 1983 as an anodizing plant, only to become, thirty years later, the world’s number one producer of airless piston packaging, Today, more than half of the world’s 100 largest groups in the cosmetics sector work with Yonwoo. The company has recently inaugurated a new factory in China, another step forward in taking Yonwoo and its innovations to new heights. Its recent products include the EZ series, a great demonstration of its expertise in making both eco- and user-friendly products. The use of plastic is reduced as much as possible, and it is refilled simply by turning the bottle base, which is intuitive. Its airless pump is built on the company’s best technology to perfectly protect the formula, including the preservative-free ones such as organic cosmetics. Whereas airless pumps are usually made of 9-10 pieces of different materials, including metal for the spring, Yonwoo developed the first prototype of the ‘One Material Bellows pump’

made from only PE and PP in 2013. Last year, after several years of work, the Yonwoo engineers perfected it to the same standard as the normal pumps and the same technology was applied to the Presto Jar, a completely different type of packaging suitable for even higher viscosity formulas. The 2cc/3cc pumps were equally successful, which provide the strongest and most efficient pumping performance. All these products allow Yonwoo to increase the eco-friendly part of their rich portfolio. Yonwoo is also a pioneer in operating Smart Factory with revolutionary automatizations including robots and next-gen connected software. It is drastically increasing the production capacity to fit the best lead time even for the largest volumes. The quality output has even got better with the lowest defect rates ever since the company’s establishment. By optimizing every step of its production, Yonwoo’s price competitiveness improved and has allowed it to exceed even pre-Covid year performances.

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The new Chinese factory, mentioned earlier, is dedicated to the domestic market (the world’s second largest cosmetic market) with a local sales team. Thanks to being perfectly localized in both production and sales, Yonwoo are expecting tremendous growth there for years to come. Yonwoo is taking 2020 with the pandemic emergency as an opportunity to make the difference once again as the market is recovering fast. Their major customers’ orders already recovered their annual average by the 4th quarter of 2020. Yonwoo is not only expecting a pre-Covid level “recovery” in 2021, but are expecting to surpass any previous performance in their history. Yonwoo has an extensive portfolio with 1500 products, so that it always has a brilliant solution for the customer, whatever their needs and formula.

The company also offers customized services which include both concepts and standard products to be re-engineering based on customers’ specific needs, whether they are about function or design, Portfolio flexibility is another key to its quick recovery performance in the second half of 2020. As for sustainability and ecology, the Yonwoo teams give all they can every day to developing creative solutions for today and even brighter ideas for tomorrow.


CTK COSMETICS CTK was created in 2001by Ian Chung, who realized that the future was to be made in research and innovation – both in terms of components and formulas and customer service. In just twenty years, he has succeeded in developing what could have been considered crazy: a company totally focused on the customer right up to the distribution of the product. Throughout the years, the firm perfected and developed new technologies and new formulas while also collaborating with research centres and design laboratories to offer “the best” to its customers and partners. Despite the less than rosy economic situation of 2020, CTK remained positive, with the workforce of 124 people remaining stable and deciding to intensify the company’s capacity for innovation to adapt as quickly as possible to a contactless world, investing, in particular, in the digital transformation of the company’s business model. The Salesforce system was set up, which gives the organization greater accessibility and accuracy of data and its management, including better visibility of the workflow involved in each project. This allows for finer analysis and strategies.

The new digital platform has improved the company’s processes by maximizing collaboration between the different departments. In doing so, CTK has further increased its speed to market from the beginning to the end of a project. This is a major key to CTK’s service, value and performance goals. The other side of the digital development was to focus on eternal engagement through a digital development platform called CTK Clip, This includes the implementation of a virtual showroom and the creation of a global sales and marketing system fully accessible online exclusively for the client members. In January CTK opened its new independent innovation laboratory which allows it to meet rhe markets needs in terms of sustainability, innovation with a particularly high level of quality, thus meeting the highest global standards.

In 2020, the CTK development team created a total of 137 new innovative cosmetic products, including top sellers in the categories of skincare, concealer, eyeliner, many with an extra focus on clean and vegan formulas. Regarding packaging, CTK’s innovation policy has its engineers focused on design, function and clearly the sustainable drive. In all cases and right away, work on concepts based on mono-materials, focus on recyclable products, opting as much as possible for refillable versions, development and use of recycled plastics (PCR) and finally, work on the bioplastics option. The priority of CTK in the future is the CTK CLIP; the innovative digital platform, adapted to the new “contactless” requirements. This allows CTK to collaborate with brands through a digital experience,

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and introduce its innovations and developments, allowing clients to be inspired and create on their own with CTK resources in formulation and packaging, comprehensively. The goal is to build its global reach to expand its influence in Europe, the Middle East and China, For Europe, the new environmental regulations are driving CTK to change its approach and organization and to invest in new sustainability programmes to better address the markets and offer new solutions and advancements. The innovations produced this year include “Beauty Clips”, a clip-on compact for make-up or lip balm made from 100% recyclable materials (mainly PET and aluminium) that clip on to a bag or belt; the “Bottom Up Stick”, which allows all the product contained to be used, without any waste; a rechargeable and recyclable Lip Gloss with packaging made from PET and in two parts with a refill that fits perfectly into the container itself; a Two-in-One packaging that combines the functions of a liner and a brush for a foldable, rechargeable and portable tool; “Eco-Pact is a new practical and ecological compact in PET, except for its mirror which is aluminium and can be easily removed for recycling;, and airless pumps and systems adapted to new environmental conditions with the Eco-Green Springless Pump which is fully recyclable and without a spring for a complete return of the product, available in versions from 15 ml to 100 ml.



FSKorea was founded in 1988 and in time has grown steadily from the production of make-up brushes, but also of mascaras through make-up cases, sponges, lipsticks, lip glosses, eyedroppers and even more recently, make-up masks, and now has more than 500 products in its catalogue. Like most of its other Korean colleagues, FSKorea is more than ever attached to its basic maxim, “innovation remains an essential element in the progress of any supplier, not to say its life insurance.”

Increasingly the recyclability of products has been one of FSKorea’s recent concerns. They started from existing articles, for example the dropper which is widely used by consumers in skin care. However, the vast majority are made of several plastic and non-plastic materials, which makes recycling very difficult. To solve this problem, FSKorea simplified both the structure and the number of types of materials used.

Another key development has been the “Glue Free Brush” make-up brush which uses virtually no glue at the time of assembly, which on the one hand minimizes chemical exposure of operators during the assembly process but which also makes it possible to make products “inert” as they are non-contaminating for water and soil. FSKorea is also working on brush concepts that are totally recyclable because the problem of durability is not solved solely by not using glue. Another challenge is minimizing compromises in terms of performance and aesthetic characteristics of products. Another new product is the “Micro Slim mascara” with an extremely small diameter brush of only 2.5mm. It is designed to grab, lengthen and give volume to each lash naturally and effortlessly. This new mascara works particularly

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well with very short lashes, as well as in corners and under the lashes. The brush also gives a smooth, elastic curl even on straight lashes. China represents over 50% of FSKorea’s sales and the company is looking to diversify its client bases elsewhere, particularly in Europe, North and South America and Southeast Asia. One of the company’s latest and most successful diversifications has been the production of sheet masks. There has been a tremendous growth in the demand for this type of product in recent years and FSKorea has acquired shares in a company in the belief of the huge potential in the further growth of this product.



Concluding this virtual tour of Asian packaging manufacturers is the Japanese firm of Nippon Shikazai, a 100% family-owned business, highly specialized in two sectors: pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. It is acknowledged as one of the world’s top players in its field as “the” specialist in the manufacture of cosmetic formulas. The company has a considerable presence in Europe, with the acquisition in 2000 of Thepenier Pharma & Cosmetics and then Orléans Cosmetics several months ago. Ever since its foundation, Nippon Shikizai has been recognized as a partner that was fully capable of supporting brands as a sub-contractor and it gained the trust of these brands in a large part thanks to the ongoing investments made in

research and development and also to its ability to create new, innovative and sensual textures very quickly. They are available in any desired colour and have that renowned level of sensoriality which is attributed to Japanese cosmetics, The strength of Nippon Shikizai (which means pigment in Japanese) comes from being recognized as the specialist in R&D for the manufacture of cosmetic formulas. Nippon Shikizai’s latest developments have been a biocidal hand sanitizer, created from a blend of calendula extract and hyaluronic acid, which not only fully disinfects hands but also moisturizes, protects and regenerates the skin. Its texture spreads easily and dries quickly without residues. TP&C has also developed a range of boosters for well-being, anti-ageing, hydration and radiance, formulated with more than 97% ingredients of natural origin and Vegan. These boosters are the ideal ally to enhance the effects of regular beauty products. A nourishing hand cream is also new, to nourish, soothe and energetically repair very dry hands. The non-greasy and non-sticky formula, with more than 98% of ingredients of natural origin, leaves a soft protective film on the hands. The DNA of the group is Full Service, with an approach of reproducibility and stability: a real guarantee of safety for their customers.

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Nippon Shizikai is also positioned as a Clean Beauty specialist and is stepping up its activities towards hot casting. New in 2021, it offers several stick formulas and in particular a skincare stick that hydrates, nourishes and regenerates the skin. As far as its Clean Beauty commitments are concerned, all its products are formulated without talcum powder, mineral oil, silicone, paraben and petroleum-derived raw materials. The Covid-19 pandemic has been the opportunity for the company to work on new products and in particular a new foundation which creates a second veil on the face when it is applied and helps maintain a fresh complexion, even when a

mask is worn all day long. It has a very comfortable texture which does not give that usual tacky skin feel. For the lips, Nippon Shizikai has developed several solutions; a lip balm ( and a lip cream (Cream to Matte Lipstick), which has been designed to avoid colour transfer to the mask. It has a creamy texture, but gives a matt finish on the lips with no colour transfer to the mask. For the eyes, there is a Curling Waterproof Mascara which keeps lashes curled all day long. It lengthens lashes separately without clumping or smudging, while the Waterproof Eyeliner allows effortlessly drawing an intense black line on the inside edge of the eyelid.

compan y

100 YEARS OF INDENA #ScienceOurNature A hundred years of history and continuous growth in the pursuit of excellence. This is the milestone proudly reached in 2021 by Indena - Industria Derivati Naturali - the Italian company founded and based in Milan, which is today acknowledged as international leader in the sector of botanical active ingredients for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. It was the intuition and entrepreneurial spirit of Carlo Boccaccio Inverni and Biagio Alberto Della Beffa which created the company, initially named Inverni Della Beffa, then Indena. Thanks to their revolutionary approach to the medicinal plants sector, modern industrial vision and a profound scientific approach, the company immediately had a relevant impact on the market. “Our 100 years journey has taken us to be protagonists on markets around the world, a matter of great pride for an Italian company, still today led by our family - declares Indena President Biagio Della Beffa, son of Luigi and grandson of the founder - Indena is renowned for the high dedication to quality and science, its continuous investment in product innovation, pioneering processes and constantly state of the art technologies. And since its foundation till today, this is how it has grown to become a leader and a benchmark in the global botanical

CELEBRATING 100 YEARS OF BOTANICAL EXCELLENCE The initiatives that will come to life during 2021 will be spread over several fronts: from science to communication, from training talented young people to a strengthened commitment to the environment. The year opens with the launch of a new corporate narrative designed to highlight and embody a whole new identity and image which are bright and forward-looking. It is important to communicate, nowadays, the history and the life of an industry of nature, especially one as long-lived and complex as that of Indena. We have chosen to begin by celebrating our heritage of botanical excellence with a podcast. Given the evocative name of “Phytocast”, this is an audio journey which traces the company’s 100-year history in 12 monthly instalments, each with a single theme. The centennial will also be marked by the launch of our new-look website indena.com, a digital transposition of the company’s activities that will provide the most up-to-date and complete showcase of Indena’s projects, from today and for the next decade. The new site elegantly illustrates the company’s knowledge system, products, services and innovation, exploring how the relationship between technology, science and nature in Indena is so intense, deep-seated and full of resources. Video productions are an integral part of the story. This form of communication is capable of narrating the universe of science and data in a direct and immediate way, providing information and content to anyone who wants to understand how the fascinating world of medicinal plants can provide undeniable help for people’s health and wellbeing. Indena will also resort to a more traditional and familiar channel of knowledge. A book will be published on the milestones of Indena’s success story, such as quality, research and sustainability, told through augmented reality contributions.

derivatives sector”. Indena CEO Daniele Giavini adds: “Today we manage, from our headquarters in Milan, 4 production sites around the world and 5 international subsidiaries, employing a total of over 900 people (most of them in the strategic fields of Innovation and Quality). We also own about 100 patent families and more

OUR COMMITMENT TO THE ENVIRONMENT, FROM PLANTS TO THE CITY Indena’s deep commitment to sustainability and biodiversity will also play a part in the company’s centenary celebrations. Indena has always regarded nature as its source of supply and, above all, has always been inspired by plants and their mechanisms to drawn precious lessons and apply rigorous scientific observation to produce high quality, particularly effective botanical extracts. A sustainable approach, both environmental and social, is the Company natural way of working. Throughout its long history, Indena has always been committed to monitoring the sources of plant procurement and the entire supply chain. This ensures traceability, transparency

than 1000 scientific studies published with qualified research groups. Despite our deep Italian DNA – concludes Giavini – an international expansion has always characterized Indena, which today has grown and manages 90% of its business abroad including collaborations with several partners in very innovative fields”.

and respect for the environment and the communities involved. This commitment will be complemented in 2021 by a substantial urban redevelopment project, designed to respect the criteria of Nature Based Solutions. A “green terrace” will be created over the Indena building in Milan. This will provide a habitat for a variety of plant species, selected by experts on the basis of their biodiversity and sustainability to the local setting. An environmentally valuable space designed with scientific criteria, a tribute to the city and the people who work in the headquarters. Today marks the start of a year-long journey to get to know Indena, a company that, a century after its foundation, continues to be inspired by the qualities of its founders: vision, farsightedness, scientific rigour and pragmatism.

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BEAUTYASIA SINGAPORE RESCHEDULED TO 2-4 MARCH 2022 Gillian Loh, Project Manager of Lines Exhibition, organiser of BeautyAsia exhibition, has announced that the 24th edition of BeautyAsia will be held from 2-4 March 2022 at Suntec Singapore. This exhibition, originally slated for 1-3 March 2021, is globally renowned as the meeting point for international industry professionals to further enhance their business branding and expansion. The annual business marketing platform is an exciting buyer-seller venue awarding valuable educational and networking opportunities to those within the industry. The decision to postpone the event has been made in the best interest to safeguard the well-being of all visitors. Undeniably that was a tough decision induced by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Several countries are unfortunately experiencing a new wave of Covid-19 infections, bringing about further uncertainty into the business travel and border restrictions. Singapore has kept the Covid-19 situation under control. Local transmission numbers are low to none. Even so, after much review of the Government’s directives for event execution as well as advice from the event venue, Gillian Loh has communicated that the high profile event, BeautyAsia, initially scheduled for the first quarter of 2021 will be rescheduled to 2022. BeautyAsia 2022 2-4 March 2022 Suntec Singapore Hall 401-403

Arcade Beauty launches a full-service, organic mask that is easy to recycle Coming from Asia, the mask has sometimes been considered environmentally restrictive. Arcade Beauty has therefore developed this eco-responsible product; mask, formula and sachet. A solution proposed in full service. This new generation of mask is part of a global offer made in Europe. The mask itself is made of a biodegradable 100% organic cotton non-woven. Tested under dermatological control, the formula that impregnates it boasts 96% natural ingredients and an 8-hour hydration. For its part, the sachet whose shape can be adapted on demand is monomaterial composed of a single resin or 50% paper; in order to be recyclable. Arcade Beauty continues its research into other types of materials. Full service This standard mask is developed in the group’s Polish factory. The shape and decoration of its sachet can be customized as well as its formula on request of the brands.


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Superga Invest has been working for the leading luxury and beauty brands for over 20 years. Founded and led by Alain Bréau since 2001, the company originally specialized in two main activities, logistics and cosmetic packaging for the luxury industries. The family group Superga Invest has now decided to reorganize

its Beauty Division and has recently appointed Leslie Bréau Meniger as President of Superga Beauty. Leslie Bréau Meniger is 40, holds a PhD in pharmacy and is graduated with an MBA from ESSEC. She has held many leadership and managerial positions including Head of International Product at L’Oréal, Marketing Director France at Roche-Posay and International Marketing Director at Biotherm. In 2018, she joined the Superga Invest Group as Managing Director.

About Superga Beauty Superga Beauty, a beauty supplier and a subsidiary of the Superga Invest Group, serves beauty brands through three distinct divisions: Subcontracting (manufacturing, care and perfumes, filling, packaging, co-packing), Promotion and Retail (design and manufacture of packaging, luggage, brushes and applicators), Full Service (fashion, white label products, Full Buy). Owner of 5 industrial sites based in the Hauts-de-France and with a team of 350 collaborators throughout 3 continents, Superga Invest group now boasts a turnover of 100 million Euros and 1000 employees.

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Export Magazine 1-21  

E' un'esposizione permanente e aggiornata di cosmetici - profumi - articoli per l'igiene - prodotti fitocosmetici - bigiotteria - articoli d...

Export Magazine 1-21  

E' un'esposizione permanente e aggiornata di cosmetici - profumi - articoli per l'igiene - prodotti fitocosmetici - bigiotteria - articoli d...