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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesday, October 23, 2012 /msureporter

Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Alcohol Awareness week teaches responsibility, safety MSU’s Greek community promoted Alcohol Awareness Week to teach students about responsible drinking

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Former Dove model talks “Real Beauty” Stacy Nadeau speaks to students about Dove ad campaign and her new life as a model


staff writer

Former Dove model Stacy Nadeau spoke to Minnesota State University students Wednesday night, encouraging them to forego idealized beauty and embrace balance. One of the most contemporarily, controversial ad campaigns of 2005 emanated from one simple question, “Do you feel comfortable calling yourself beautiful?” Of the campaign’s 3,000 respondents, 98 percent said no. According to Nadeau, these women were comparing themselves to an unfeasible ideal created by wafer-thin runway models, hours spent in hair and make-up, and photo manipulation that can create humanly

impossible representations of people. This definition of beauty is constantly reinforced by both the media and fashion industries, and is, “99 percent of the time unattainable,” Nadeau said. “At this point we knew the definition had to change, and the model for this part of the campaign became to make women feel great about themselves.” So in 2005, with its Campaign for Real Beauty, Dove set out to redefine perfection. Using everyday women, ranging in dress sizes from two to 12, Dove disregarded the prototypical trends in advertising. Nadeau, a self-proclaimed size 10/12 since the seventh grade, said she was the, “Bot-

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web photo Alcohol Awareness Week was intended to inform students about safe drinking habits, not necessarily to stop them from drinking. LUCAS RYAN

staff writer National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week was last week and several events were held at Minnesota State University, Mankato to educate students about the most commonly used drug: alcohol. One thing many people associate with college is drinking alcohol and understandably so. For many students weekends entail nights with drinking games and bar tabs. However, these nights out partying can end in tragedy if it is not done responsibly. On college campuses, excess drinking of alcohol claims the lives of more than 1,500 students each year. Alcohol Awareness Week’s main message was not that you should completely abstain from alcohol, but instead fo-



cused on consuming alcohol responsibly. Throughout the week students learned about the consequences of alcohol abuse and to use alcohol responsibly. The coordinators of this year’s event were Lee Schroeder and Tessa Weber, Vice Presidents of Risk Management for the Interfraternity Council and the Pannhellenic Council. They kicked-off the activities on Monday with, “Root Beer Kegs and Eggs” in the Centennial Student Union. At the event students received Easter eggs and root beer. Inside the Easter eggs there was candy and facts promoting alcohol awareness. Students also could sign a banner promoting responsible drinking habits. “Those Easter eggs had

little facts on alcohol awareness a lot of things people didn’t know,” said Schroeder. “A lot of people seemed really interested, it kind of pulled people in.” On Tuesday night the Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority hosted “A Shot of Reality” in Ostrander Auditorium. The show was an informational comedy presentation discussing some of the consequences of binge drinking and partying. During the show the crowd was heavily involved, interacting with the performers on stage. At the end of the show mocktails were handed out. “I had a good time,” MSU student Carly Wilson said. “They had some really good facts and made it relatable.”

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012T

Thad Shunkwiler campaigns for students

MSU adjunct vows to bring a people’s representative back to St. Paul

web photo Shunkwiler, a veteran, plans to bring the views of Minnesota’s citizens back to the capitol. ROMAN EPPERS

staff writer Many students see politics as unimportant, as a fight over the economy without any room for them. Thad Shunkwiler identifies himself as a Republican, but only because of their fiscal policies. The rest of his ideas are socially moderate; his decisions are for the people. Shunkwiler is running for State House 19B,

which covers Mankato and Eagle Lake. He became interested in politics when he was in the military. He says he grew compassion through his service, and that the state government has been “embarrassing” over the last few years. “People are what I’m most passionate about,” he said. “I’m running because I care about people and they need better

representation. Regular people, everyday people—that’s who I’m running for, not the party.” Shunkwiler attended Minnesota State University, Mankato and has received degrees in Sociology, Military Science and Mental Health Counseling. He is currently working on his doctorate and is an adjunct instructor. Shunkwiler says that there are three main things that he is passionate about. The first is the economy, where he wants to continue to create good jobs. “Minnesota has a low unemployment rate, but people are underemployed,” he said, Shunkwiler is disappointed that so many students are graduating and pursuing higher education just to end up working at a minimum wage job. The second thing that he is passionate about is education, more specifically higher education. “It’s sad when programs are being cut but there is a Vice President for everything on campus. Education and the economy go hand in hand.” What he means is that MSU is spending money on extra staff members when they could be working to improve their programs and keep them from being cut. He is also passionate about veteran’s benefits. His 12 years spent in the National Guard helped him realize how impor-

Staff: Campus Pastor Wong, Reverend Roger Knepprath, Mark Probst, Sr. Asst. Jesse DeDyne, RA Kody Green

tant it is to have excellent services for those who have made sacrifices for their country. Shunkwiler prefers Governor Mitt Romney’s ideas on economic recovery. “I don’t agree one hundred percent,” he said, “but he does have more economic leadership and experience than Obama. You have to instill simple economic principles.” When asked if he thought it was important that students vote, he said “definitely.” “College students need to educate themselves. We are the future of our state. The next generation will move on and we will be the leaders. This all starts with voting and could end in running for office,” he said. He also said that the changes he wants to make would affect college students. “I want to make college more affordable. I want less money spent on administration costs so tuition prices can be lowered,” he said. That means that college will be more affordable for students, leaving them with less debt when they graduate. As a recent graduate, he knows how important it is to

find a job that pays them enough to pay off student loans. “I want to grow the tax base by creating better paying and sustainable jobs.” Shunkwiler knows it is important for people to find jobs in the fields that they graduated in, instead of being underemployed. “I’m working for everyone, regardless of age or political party. I want to be an active voice for everyone in the district,” he said. Shunkwiler notes how district 19B is being inadequately represented in St. Paul. “We need someone who wants to work for all Minnesotans, not just the city of St. Paul.” He also says he is one of the few Republican candidates who has publically admitted to being against the marriage amendment. He admits that topics like that are important, but people are more focused on voting yes or no that they forget that there are other serious things to be voted on. Admitting that he is voting no has cost him a lot of support from fellow Republicans, but

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Cedar Meadow Apartment Homes

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Mankato residents provide motivation for runners Sunday One MSU student experiences the 3rd Annual Mankato Marathon

web photo Marathon participants and marathon fans alike gathered for the Sport & Health Expo Saturday at Myers Field House for booths, shopping, and a pasta feed. MOLLY HORNER

staff writer The Mankato Marathon couldn’t have fallen on a better day. Minnesota’s Mankato Marathon, Relay Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K, 5K and Kids Run were run for the third time Sunday in Mankato, Minnesota. As a student at Minnesota State University, Mankato it

was perfect to be able to run my first half marathon starting right on campus at MSU with more than 3,500 other participants. I was inspired to run it with my mom, and it was special to be able to experience our first Mankato Half Marathon together. The Scheels and New Balance Sport & Health Expo

took place Saturday from noon to 8 p.m. at Myers Field House. Runners could grab their packet pick-ups and stop by countless expo booths and enjoy a bit of shopping. A Sodexo Pasta Feed also took place Saturday from 4 to 7 p.m. for runners and nonrunners in the Myer’s Field House to share a pre-race meal

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DOVE LECTURE “No one in the history of advertising has ever done this before.” continued from 1 tom-heavy Midwestern girl” of the campaign. Nadeau was an active student at DePaul University in Chicago before a Dove talent agent discovered her. She said she was skeptical of the situation at first. “What about me is screaming model to you,” she said to the talent agent. With that, Nadeau initially declined the offer to attend the first casting call. But because of support, and even some deception from her roommate, and encouragement from her mother, Nadeau went to the first audition. She said she stripped down to her, “Brandnew, double-layered, white underwear,” for the photographer and allowed him to take four photographs, front, back, and both sides. Six months later she was boarding a plane for New York City to start shooting for the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty. According to Nadeau, after two days of shooting, the Dove Women’s publicist sat down with them and explained the significance of the campaign. “No one in the history of advertising has ever done something like this before,” the publicist said. “We have no control over what will happen. The media could chew you up and spit you back out. They may hate it.” Nadeau said it was at this point that the six women made

a pact. “If we help one women feel better, think differently, if we help one man, challenge the way he saw women in the media before, we will have done this all for a reason,” Nadeau said. The campaign did affect the way people were talking about themselves, but it also had its skeptics. Nadeau said a columnist had referred to the campaign as, “an embarrassment to advertising.” However, the response to his column was so negative, and so many people were defending their own beauty, that his paper ultimately published an apology, Nadeau said. There was also a debacle in 2008 when a writer for the New Yorker implied that Pascal Dangin, a renowned photo manipulator, had worked on the photos of the six women. Dangin released a statement saying he did work on the campaign, but only the Dove ProAge campaign, where he was instructed solely to remove dust and correct color. The campaign is in its seventh year, and although Nadeau no longer works directly with Dove, she continues to speak to women across the country. “It’s time to change the Conversation,” Nadeau said. “We can’t change the media overnight.” But everyone can take small steps in changing the way they view beauty, and strive to be their, “own, best, healthy self,” she said.


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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

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Advice for finding the perfect place to call home MEGAN KADLEC

editor in chief

The leaves are falling and it’s growing colder with each passing day. It can only mean one thing – it’s time to start thinking about your housing options. While it may seem silly to consider your housing options for next year when we’ve just passed midterms, the best deals on apartments often start at the beginning of November. This time two years ago, I had already signed a lease and got a great deal on a four bedroom place in Highland Hills. If I had waited any longer, I would be paying almost $100 more than I did last year. And while I chose to stay in the same apartment for another year, prices did change. When choosing the perfect apartment, there are many things students forget to ask or consider. This is where I come in. During middle and high school, I lived with a real estate agent. During this time, my dad and I used to go to open houses on lazy Sunday afternoons and pretend to be looking for a house, just because we thought it was fun. My family’s favorite show to watch after dinner was House Hunters. Needless to say, I picked up many of the basics

you need to ask when searching for an apartment or house. -Ask about paint and hardware restrictions before you pick up that gorgeous canvas painting. If you can’t paint the walls or use nails to hang artwork, your apartment may end up cold and uninviting. And while that’s okay for some people, it’s not acceptable for those creative minds. -Find the hidden costs. When looking at apartments, students generally focus on their monthly payment. What they don’t look at is what exactly is included in that monthly price. Figure out what utilities the apartment complex pays for and what you have to take care of before signing a lease. These added expenses should be taken into consideration when constructing your archive • msu reporter monthly budget. Choosing the perfect apartment complex can be daunting, but with the right questions and some time to re-Ask about one-time costs. search, students are sure to find the perfect place to live. While these aren’t generally as had with rodents or mice. It’s management not care and let -Are there any other rules damaging, it’s still important a disgusting question to ask, everyone basically run free? that limit what you can and to know how much the applicabut you’ll wish you had known Generally, it’s good to have a cannot do in your apartment? tion fee is, or what you have to the answer before you signed balance. You don’t want to be Ask if guests are allowed to pay for your security deposit. on the dotted line and you have busted for having a “party” spend the night, or if there is a Often times, you’ll need to to deal with nauseating carpet with your three roommates on curfew for entering or exiting have an extra few hundred stains or a cockroach problem a Friday night, but you also the building. dollars sitting around when the for another 11 months. don’t want your neighbors to -Are pets allowed? Chances times comes to sign the lease. -Think about social host have more than 100 partyare most college students don’t -Ask about the last time a laws and alcohol rules. Is the goers in their apartment on a think about having a pet, but specific apartment was cleaned apartment complex known for Tuesday evening when manthere are the select few who professionally and about any handing out multiple citaagement doesn’t care to stop problems the space might have Housing / page 5 tions every weekend or does them.

“If you could be any villain for Halloween, who would you be?”

Tommy Njurgunah Social Work “Loki.”

Matt Lindstrom, economics “The Joker.”

Nick floyd, Creative writing “Captain Hammer.”

Compiled by Lela Magxaka

Kelli Danner, Community Health “Poison Ivy.”



continued from 4

want to bring their childhood pet with them to college or are toying with the idea of buying a cat to make a new apartment feel more like home. -Figure out what the maintenance policy is. Some common questions you might want to ask: If something breaks, will maintenance repair it within a timely manner? In emergency situations, is there a 24/7 maintenance staff that can help you when you need it? -Ask the exact date of when you can move in. Often times, especially in a college town like Mankato, leases run August through July. And while most students need to be out of their apartment or house by July 31, many apartment complexes don’t allow tenants to move in until after Aug. 10. If this is the case, ask if you can be exempted from the rule. Otherwise, there will be a lot of couch surfing for a week or so. -Determine whether or not you’re able to sublease the apartment. Though most people sign a lease thinking they are going to stay for a full year, plans change. For example, if a student decides to transfer halfway through the academic year or wants to stay home during a summer, they should be able to sublease their apartment. You should ask whether or not this is allowed and how difficult the process

truly is. -Ask yourself how comfortable you feel living with the roommates you have selected, and try to predict any possible problems. This is something you need to determine on a personal level. No matter how nice an apartment or house is, if you don’t get along with your roommates, you will never be happy. I moved in with friends my sophomore year and, by November, we hated each other. They moved out in January and my best friend and I received two new roommates. The entire ordeal was stressful and if I would have looked more closely at the potential problems, I might have saved myself quite a few headaches and screaming matches. My final piece of advice is this: Make a list of what you do and don’t want in an apartment or house. I plan on moving to Minneapolis next summer with one of my really good friends and the first thing we did was sit down and make a list of what we wanted and what we could afford. If you know what you want, you’ll be less likely to sign up for something you really can’t afford, or even something you hate. Make compromises where necessary, but don’t feel like you have to settle for a sub-par place just because the landlord talked you into leasing a

place that is less than desirable. Landlords are, in a sense, sales personnel, and they may try selling you something you don’t want. Remember, you are the one who is going to have to call this place home for the next year, or however long your lease runs. If you’re still completely stumped as to what you should ask about when looking to rent an apartment, talk to your parents or other adults in your life. They have more experience than you, and often times, they’ll think of something you would have never thought about that might help longterm. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t that great running back to Daddy to ask about what I should consider when renting an apartment, but it has actually helped me and I feel like I would have been far worse off without his advice. Choosing an apartment can be tough, but I hope that with some simple advice, it will be a little bit easier. For those with questions about specific apartment complexes in Mankato, check out the Housing fair which will be held Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the main level of the Centennial Student Union. Good luck, Mavericks.

Housing must-haves A 2012 study asked students who lived off-campus to rank the factors most important in choosing where to live. A scale from 1 to 4 was used, with 1 being the least important. These results are located on Minnesota State University Mankato’s Off-Campus Housing webpage. Before you attend the Housing Fair or start looking for apartments, take a look at this list to see where your priorities lie. Having a list of what you thnk is most importznt will help you find the perfect place. Rent Amount - 3.64 Distance from Campus - 3.52 Condition of Unit - 3.5 Utilities Included - 3.38 Availability of Parking - 3.23 Amenities Included - 3.05 Number of Bedrooms - 2.9 Number of Bathrooms - 2.82 Where Friends Live - 2.43 Distance from Stores/Restuarants - 2.34 Recommendations from Others - 2.26 Pets Allowed - 2.05 On a Bus Route - 1.98 Advertised on Campus - 1.63 Where Parents Wanted - 1.62 Smoking Allowed - 1.59

NOW LEASING 2012-2013 WHY U-SQUARE? • More time to sleep and study • Less money on gas and parking • Above or next to U-Square Mall VILLAGE 1

HOUSING “If you know what you want, you’ll be less likely to sign up for something you really can’t afford, or even something you hate.”

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Behind Maverick Bookstore

3BR & 4BR Across from Taylor Center

2BR, 3BR & 4BR

All apartments have wireless internet and DTV with 7 HBO's, NFL Network, MLB Network, NHL Network & All ESPN's.



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Tuesday, October 23, 2012T

ALCOHOL AWARENESS “We MARATHON “Signs like ‘there’s a beer at the top of want you to realize that you can enthe hill,’ and ‘no one signed you up for this,’ kept my feet joy alcohol and you can drink. But we moving and it was hard not to sneak a smile.” want it to be responsible and in modcontinued from 3 eration.” continued from 1 The audience learned what to do if you do choose to consume alcohol, to keep hydrated by drinking water and to stay with trustworthy people on nights you chose to drink. The show was a fun way to learn about a serious topic. On Thursday night there was a mock house party at the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity house. The party gave students the perspective of a sober person at a party. The mock party had students taking part in various activities you would expect to see at a typical house party. “People are going to see what you would typically think to see at a party and what are not appropriate behaviors,” Webber said. The mock party was realistic and felt like it was a real party. From drinking games to a very real looking fight, students saw how foolish and irresponsible people act while drinking alcohol. “When you see it from a

sober perspective you’re just really like why do we even do this,” Schroeder said. “So it’s really just like an eye opener I think.” Not everyone that goes to college binge drinks during the weekends, as many students do not have any problem avoiding using alcohol. “This is my third year here and I have not drank here,” Webber said. “I’ve had plenty of fun without drinking.” A major problem with alcohol at college is when students abuse it and recklessly binge drink. The group’s main message this week was, if you do choose to drink, do so responsibly. Fewer problems stemming from alcohol would take place if students simply drank responsibly. “We want you to realize that you can enjoy alcohol, you can drink, but we want it to be responsible and in moderation,” Schroeder said. “You can drink in moderation and still have fun.”

together. I could not get enough of the runner headbands that were for sale, one of mine says “run now wine later,” so I bought three. As 8 a.m. rolled around Sunday morning I was ready for the start of the Half Marathon. Both the 13.1-mile half marathon and 26.2-mile full marathon, along with the Marathon Relay began at the same starting line area at MSU’s Campus Parking Lot. With all participants taking off at 8 a.m. there was plenty of energy and anticipation at the starting line. We started running through campus then headed south when we hit the 3 mile marker. The full Marathon Runners headed left while the Half Marathon runners headed right. Volunteers made sure the turns for the course were well organized since it would have been quite the surprise if I ended up running 26.2 miles instead of 13.1. The first eight miles flew by while running on the Red Jacket Trail, showcasing Mankato’s most beautiful, natural scenery.

As I was dreading the hills the most, Mankato Marathon fans were keeping it alive and enjoyable. Signs like “there’s a beer at the top of the hill,” and “no one signed you up for this,” kept my feet moving and it was hard not to sneak a smile. After following the winding Minnesota River to other stretches of wide-open prairie lands just South of Mankato, we headed along Sibley Park. There were so many different paths and scenes over the course of those 13 miles. I didn’t know exactly where I was heading which made it more exciting and enjoyable, especially with fans cheering at every mile. The course wound its way through its biggest hills around the mid-way point. The course featured its steepest downhill route along the Red Jacket Trail, then another uphill as runners made their way to the six mile marker. For the most part, the course was mainly fast and flat. The longest part of the race for me was the 11 to 12 mile mark. At that point I was ready

for the finish line, ready to head to Rounders delicious veggie omelet. The end of the race, of course, was my favorite with nothing but smiles and free giveaways. Years of watching the Twin Cities Marathon had taught me the importance of cheering on the runners, and the fun of seeing the diverse population of athletes, but after finally conquering my first half marathon, I realized how important the fans and the community truly are. The Mankato Marathon couldn’t have presented a nicer Minnesota. All the hard work from the campus’s faculty, community volunteers, and of course the fans, paid off. Even though I was only half crazy to do the half marathon, someday, I’ll follow in my mom’s footsteps and run the full Marathon.

CORRECTION: In Oct. 18’s “Scientific evidence used in creationist lecture,” it states that the lecturers are evolutionists. This is not true. The couple are creationists.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


US housing, Chinese economy see growth BANGKOK (AP) — Stock markets rose Thursday after an unexpectedly strong U.S. housing report renewed confidence in the world's biggest economy and the latest data from China suggested the worst of its slump is over. The U.S. Commerce Department said Wednesday that builders started construction on new single-family houses and apartments at the fastest pace in more than four years. Housing starts surged to an annual rate of 872,000 in September, far above estimates. Housing is crucial to any economic recovery in the U.S. and the numbers offset the gloom from some mediocre earnings reports. China, meanwhile, released figures that showed its worst economic slowdown since the 2008 global crisis leveled out in the third quarter while retail sales improved. The world's No. 2 economy grew 7.4 percent — still slower than the previous quarter's 7.6 growth but declining at a much gentler rate than before. "The expectation now is that China's economy has bottomed out and we can look forward to better results in the fourth quarter," said Francis Lun, managing director of Lyncean Holdings in Hong Kong. European stocks were mostly higher in early trading. Britain's FTSE 100 rose 0.2 percent to 5,919.72. Germany's DAX added 0.1 percent to 7,401.59. But France's CAC40 lost 0.2 percent to 3,520.89. Wall Street appeared headed for a marginally higher open.

Dow Jones industrial futures rose 0.1 percent to 13,498 and S&P 500 futures were flat at 1,456.80. The U.S. and Chinese indicators are rare good news for the global economy, which has been weighed down by Europe's chronic debt crisis and sluggish American growth. But analysts at DBS Bank Ltd in Singapore said it remains to be seen whether the housing data represents the start of a real U.S. recovery. "One thing's for sure: nowhere else do you see this sort of growth in the economy. If for that reason alone, it's worth watching," DBS said in a market commentary. Japan's Nikkei 225 index rose sharply, by 2 percent to close at 8,982.86. Hong Kong's Hang Seng added 0.5 percent to 21,518.71 and South Korea's Kospi gained 0.2 percent to 1,959.12. Australia's S&P/ASX 200 advanced 0.7 percent to 4,559.40. Benchmarks in Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore also rose. In mainland China, the Shanghai Composite Index gained 1.2 percent to 2,131.69, the highest close in more than a month. The Shenzhen Composite Index gained 1.7 percent to 878.64. "The gains were mostly due to investors feeling more confident after Premiere Wen Jiabao said Wednesday that he was confident that the year's economic and social development goals would be realized," said Peng Yunliang, an analyst based in Shanghai. Poly Real Estate, China's second-largest listed property

developer, gained 6.4 percent while industry leader China Vanke advanced 3.8 percent. Four real estate developers hit the daily limit of 10 percent. Japanese heavy equipment maker Komatsu Ltd. rose 4.7 percent and Hitachi Construction Machinery gained 3.7hyundai percent. South Korea's Hyundai Heavy Industries advanced 2.9 percent. The positive U.S. data and the apparent tapering off of China's slowdown helped Australian resource shares, which depend heavily on demand fueled by global growth. BHP Billiton Ltd., the world's largest mining company, gained 3.3 percent. Rio Tinto Ltd. surged 4.8 percent. Hopes that Spain's debt calamity might ease grew ahead of a meeting of European Union leaders in Brussels later Thursday to discuss the region's financial crisis. Markets are hoping that Spain will seek help to keep its borrowing costs down. The government in Madrid has been reluctant to do so because such aid could damage the country's image and also compel it to comply with onerous conditions. Benchmark oil for November delivery was down 2 cents to $92.10 per barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange. The contract rose 3 cents to finish at $92.12 per barrel on the Nymex on Tuesday. In currencies, the euro fell to $1.3103 from $1.3123 late Wednesday in New York. The dollar rose to 79.14 yen from 78.97 yen.

your home away from home.



per mo.

per bedroom

2 bedrooms



per mo.

744 James Avenue Mankato, MN 56001



Reporter • Page 7

SHUNKWILER continued from 2 he doesn’t mind. He once again said that he’s running for the people of Mankato, not the city of St. Paul or the Republican Party. Besides running for congress, Shunkwiler raises a family with his partner Tara. They have two children, Olivia and Owen. Thad works as a therapist for the state, does research for the University of Minnesota and teaches as an adjunct professor. He insists that he’s just a regular guy. He hasn’t studied politics or economics like most people who run for congress. He is simply fueled by the need to bring Mankato a voice in St. Paul. To finish the interview, Shunkwiler shared a few more relatable facts about himself. My favorite show is Breaking Bad,” he said. He also admitted to watching UFC fights and

participating in Fantasy Football for fun. “My team is winning, I’m in second place, and I’m looking forward to repeating as league champion,” he said. When asked how he makes it through long days, he thought about it and replied, that “I remember that they could be worse. I was overseas for a year. I know how important family is.” Shunkwiler admitted that he might not win the race, but at least people in the area will know that someone is fighting for the community. “My priority is to end divided partisan politics. This election isn’t about Republican or Democratic issues; it’s about Minnesota issues. I will work for the people of district 19B, not the career politicians in St. Paul.”


Design Your Own or Buy Off The Rack!

Monday 9:30 - 6:00 | Tues.-Fri. 9:30 - 8:00 Sat. 9:30 - 6:00 | Sun. 12:30 - 4:30

Sioux Rd. - 388-3867 (Across from Shopko)

The cheapest place in town for Halloween costume ideas!

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sports | (507) 389-5227








1 pm WOMEN’S SOCCER........................ vs. Winona State 6 pm WOMEN’S HOCKEY...........................@ Mercyhurst 7 pm VOLLEYBALL.....................................@ Augustana

FOR MORE COVERAGE OF your favorite Maverick TEAMS VISIT:

Mavericks spoil Winona Homecoming, down Warriors 30-20 The top-ranked MSU football team improved to 8-0 and no. 7 in the country after Saturday’s victory over Winona State. JOEY DENTON

staf writer

Winona State No. 7 MSU

20 30

The Minnesota State Unicareer high 167 yards in their Leading the way defensiveversity, Mankato football team 34-31 victory over Southwest ly were sophomores defenwas operating on all cylinders Minnesota State the previous sive tackle Jeffrey Raymond in their 30-20 victory over week. Having him as a go-to and safety Nathan Hancock. Winona State. receiver has really helped Raymond led the team with Acting Head Coach Aaron the Mavericks quarterbacks five tackles including two of Keen saw all aspects of the improve and have more confithem for a loss, while Hancock team doing their jobs and dence throwing the ball. made four tackles with an inhelping others throughout this “He’s been big all year. terception and blocked a punt win. He’s our go-to guy in the second quarter. “I thought it was offensively, particuOn special teams, junior probably our best team larly in the passing kicker Sam Brockshus was victory of the season,” game,” Keen said. “I named the NSIC special teams Keen said. “The guys think his knowledge player of the week after makdid a great job of pickof what we do ofing three field goals on three ing up one another.” fensively is probably attempts, including a 47-yard In his second start better than anybody field goal, a career high. after coming off an on the offensive side The previous weekend Jon Wolf injury, junior quarterof the ball right now.” Brockshus made two field back Jon Wolf played On the defensive goals out of three attempts and arguably his best game this side, the Mavericks’ showed one of the made field goals season through the air comwhy they have the best rushing gave the Mavericks the win in pleting 16 of his 23 passes for defense in the NSIC as they their double overtime victory 224 yards and three touchheld the NSIC all-time leading against the Mustangs. downs, all to senior receiver rusher Rayon Simmons “He’s been doing a Adam Thielen. to just 60 yards on 20 great job driving the Thielen, who finished the carries. football with great game with 10 catches for 128 Even though the leg strength the last yards and three touchdown re- team gave up 318 passseveral weeks but ceptions, was named the NSIC ing yards, they forced obviously having Offensive Player of the Week. two interceptions and some great accuracy This marks Thielen’s secgave the offense the as well,” Keen said. Adam Thielen ond game in a row reaching ball twice in Winona As of yesterday afdouble digits in receptions and State’s side of the field, ternoon, the Mavericks triple digits in receiving yards both drives leading to as he caught 11 passes for a scores. MSU Football / page 10

shannon rathmanner • msu reporter Junior quarterback Jon Wolf led the offense to 369 yards of total offense as he went 16-23 for 223 yards with three touchdowns in the air while rushing for 54 yards on the ground in MSU’s 30-20 victory over Winona State.

MSU ties Friday night before epic overtime win Saturday over RPI MSU hockey needed a big weekend to stay on top of their game, and they got just that by achieving a win and a tie over Rensselear Polytechnic Institute.


news editor

Freshmen Teddy Blueger and Bryce Gervais netted career firsts while senior goaltender Phil Cook stood tall, but the Minnesota State University, Mankato men’s hockey team had to settle for a tie Friday, after a rugged road game by the visiting Renssaeler Polytecnic Institute Engineers. MSU jumped out to an early lead at 3:23 of the first period, when Shattuck St. Mary’s product Teddy Blueger got the Mavericks on the board with a weak wrist shot from the point that found it’s way through traffic. The Engineers responded just



four minutes later, as RPI junior Nick Bailen’s own blast trickled past Cook to make it 1-1. RPI sophomore Scott Deibold, the reigning ECAC Goalie of the Week, shut the Mavericks down following Blueger’s early tally, stoning sophomore Matt Leitner from the left side midway through the first period. Dylan Margonari had a chance to test Deibold again just a few minutes later, when Bailen hauled the freshman center down on a clean breakaway, resulting in MSU’s first penalty shot since 2010.

3 4

Deibold held his own once again however, sending the teams to the locker room tied. RPI’s vaunted special teams went to work once again in the second period, when Engineers’ captain CJ Lee went to the box for tripping, generating a shorthanded 2-1 that was quickly shutdown by Cook. Returning MSU sophomore Chase Grant gave RPI a powerplay chance of their own just a few minutes later on a rare charging penalty, but Cook held steady once again, stopping freshman Mark Miller on a partial breakaway.

The teams would trade special teams chances several more times throughout the frame, but the score held until 16:36 of the period, when RPI sophomore Mark Neal beat Cook on the powerplay for a late two-goal lead. The special teams battle continued early in the third, as a series of offsetting minors, followed by an additional penalty to RPI sophomore Jacob Laliberte, left the Mavericks with a rare 4-3 powerplay. MSU was able to work the puck low, but after junior Josh Nelson fanned on a backdoor chance, RPI’s two-goal advantage held. RPI converted once again a few minutes later, when Laliberte fed

linemate and fellow sophomore Ryan Haggerty down low, who one-timed the puck past Cook on the left side to make it 3-1. MSU was quick to respond however, when junior Johnny McInnes redirected a shot by freshman Bryce Gervais to cut the Engineers’ lead to one. McInnes would try for the equalizer just a few minutes later, but Deibold denied the junior once again, this time on a point-blank chance. The Mavericks, however, would turn to a freshman once again, when a beautiful pass from sophomore Matt Leitner found Gervais alone in the slot to tie the game

MSU Hockey / page 10

Page 10 • Reporter


MSU Hockey

FOOTBALL NSIC North School St. Cloud State Bemidji State Minnesota Duluth Northern State Minot State MSU Moorhead U-Mary Minnesota Crookson

Div. Conf 3-1 5-3 3-1 4-4 3-1 7-1 3-1 4-4 2-2 2-6 1-3 1-7 1-3 4-4 0-4 1-7

continued from 9

with just three minutes remaining. The Mavericks generated a few chances in overtime, before settling for a tie. Head coach Mike Hastings was reflective following the game, praising his veteran netminder. “We found a way to salvage a tie, that’s a positive out of that game,” Hastings said. “We should be sending some thank you’s to Phil Cook tonight.” “I thought we played passive, and that’s not us,” Hastings said, lamenting RPI’s physical play, particularly on special teams.

The special teams battle would continue on Saturday just five minutes into the game, when RPI junior Guy Lebuef was ejected for a dangerous hit from behind. The Engineers continued their physical dominance however, holding MSU scoreless on the extended five minute powerplay chance. RPI however would strike first towards the end of the opening frame, when junior Brock Higgs found linemate Zach Schroeder in the left circle, who fired Higgs’ cross-crease pass home to give the Engineers a one goal lead.

NSIC South School MAVERICKS Winona State Sioux Falls Wayne State SW Minnesota State Concordia St. Paul Augustana Upper Iowa

Div. Conf 4-0 8-0 3-1 6-2 3-1 7-1 2-2 5-3 2-2 3-5 1-3 2-6 1-3 3-5 0-4 2-6


Conf. OVR

SW Minnesota State 13-1 Minnesota Duluth 12-2 Concordia St. Paul 12-2 Wayne State 10-4 Winona State 10-4 MAVERICKS 10-4 Augustana 9-5 Upper Iowa 8-6 Northern State 8-6 Minnesota Crookston 5-9 MSU Moorhead 4-10 Sioux Falls 4-10 U-Mary 3-11 St. Cloud State 2-12 Bemidji State 1-13 Minot State 1-13

21-1 21-2 18-3 18-6 18-6 16-6 15-8 14-9 13-9 9-12 12-11 12-11 3-18 6-16 5-19 3-18

MSU would record a major penalty of their own just 30 seconds into the second period, when senior Tyler Elbrecht was cited for charging RPI goaltender Bryce Merriam. The Engineers capitalized just a few seconds into the powerplay, when Nick Bailen’s shot hit traffic, before Neal batted it home for an early second period score. The game would remain tied throughout the second period, until the Mavericks found their stride in the third period. Johnny McInnes found himself in front of the net once again, redirecting a shot by freshman Jon Jutzi for his third point of the series. The Mavericks’ offensive barrage would continue just a few minutes later, when Merriam’s toe save denied a chance by sophomore Jean-Paul Lafontaine, and senior Eli Zuck jammed the puck home in the ensuing scramble. Dylan Margonari would give the Mavericks the lead on a highlight-real play at 14:55 driving up the right side, before cutting inside on a pair of defenseman near the hashmarks and beating

Merriam wide. A late RPI goal would force overtime once again, when Matt Neal batted a bouncing puck out of the air. However Hastings’ Mavericks would not be denied in their third straight overtime contest, as Matt Leitner forced the puck to Eriah Hayes to Merriam’s left, who fired a blind one-timer to end the contest in spectacular fashion. “I definitely wasn’t aiming, that’s for sure,” said Hayes of his overtime theatrics. “The puck happened to slide over to me.” Hastings was quick to praise not only Hayes’ goal, but also the team’s work ethic leading up to the game. “One thing that we preached all day was accountability to each other,” Hastings said. “We tried to stay real positive.” The Maverick’s will have another chance to test their positivity Friday, when they travel to St. Cloud State to take on the 2-2 Huskies at the National Hockey and Event Center in St. Cloud, Minn. The puck drops at 7:37 p.m. on Friday, and 7:07 on Saturday.

MSU Football continued from 9 are ranked no. 1 in the initial NCAA Division II Super Region Pull. In this poll, the top six teams at the end of the regular season will be qualified to the NCAA Division II football tournament. The Mavericks will conclude their road trips for the

SOCCER (NSIC) School Conf. OVR MAVERICKS 13-0 14-1-1 Winona State 12-1 13-3 Upper Iowa 10-2-1 13-2-1 Minot State 10-3 12-3-1 8-7 U-Mary 8-5 Bemidji State 7-5-1 9-6-1 St. Cloud State 7-5-1 8-6-2 Concordia St. Paul 7-5-1 8-7-1 Minnesota Duluth 6-5-2 7-6-2 SW Minnesota State 5-7-1 7-7-1 Augustana 3-8-2 4-10-2 MSU Moorhead 3-9-1 4-11-1 Northern State 2-8-3 3-10-3 Minnesota Crookston 2-10-1 2-13-1 Wayne State 1-11-1 1-14-1 Sioux Falls 0-12-1 0-15-1

Tuesday, October 23, 2012T

david bassey • msu reporter Freshman Teddy Blueger continued to impress this weekend with two points overall including a goal friday night.

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regular season against the 5-3 Wayne State Wildcats at Memorial Stadium in Wayne, Nebraska at 1 p.m. Wayne State trounced Concordia-St. Paul 48-21 this weekend as they put up 544 total yards.

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Reporter • Page 11

College football picture beginning to become more clear SEC powerhouses Alabama and Florida have the makings for undefeated seasons in 2012, but the ‘Tide and Gators will more than likely meet in the SEC title game, possibly knocking one team out of the national championship scheme. ADAM KRIESEL

staff writer

If eight weeks of college football have taught us anything, it is that the SEC is pretty good, all of the top-five teams in this week’s BCS rankings are undefeated and SEC rivals Alabama and Florida currently sit one and two. Beyond the top-five you can find a one-loss LSU squad ranked sixth, with their only loss coming on the road to Florida. The dominance that this conference displays should come as a surprise to no one, but the gap between the SEC and the next best conference is impressively wide and continues to grow. Although Alabama plays three straight games against ranked teams (Miss St., at LSU, Texas A&M) they will be favorites to win in all three. Florida, meanwhile, has two ranked opponents left, and has already taken care of their two hardest games on the schedule against LSU and South Carolina. It would be shocking if one of these teams fails to run the table. After Alabama and Florida comes Kansas State, perhaps the biggest surprise of the season. Led by Heisman

hopeful quarterback Collin Klein, the Wildcats have already beaten two ranked opponents on the road — a 24-19 win in Oklahoma and a 55-14 blowout this past Saturday against West Virginia. A little known name before the season began, Klein has turned into one of the premier dual-threat quarterbacks in the country. Through seven games, Klein has completed more than 70 percent of his passes while throwing 10 touchdowns and just two interceptions. On the ground, he has gained 551 yards and rushed for 14 more scores. The Wildcats only play two more ranked teams the rest of the season, Texas Tech this Saturday and Texas to finish off the regular season. Playing both these games at home gives Kansas State a legitimate shot at running the table in the Big 12 and potentially landing in the BCS Championship Game. In order for KSU to play for a national title, a repeat of the 2009 season would need to occur. In that year, no. 1 Alabama and no. 2 Florida put undefeated records on the line when they squared off in the SEC Championship game. Alabama ended up on top and went on to beat

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previously undefeated Texas for the title. Meanwhile, Florida settled for the Sugar Bowl and pounded Cincinnati 51-24. The other top-five teams, Oregon and Notre Dame, are a bit of a wildcard at this point. They have both won every game on their schedule but still remain in the standings week after week. Oregon has arguably the toughest schedule remaining with three games left against ranked opponents. Two of those opponents, USC and Oregon State, are in the top10, and both of those matchups are coming on the road. It will be difficult for the Ducks to run the table, but it still may not be enough even if they do manage to. Notre Dame, meanwhile, is barely squeaking by. Four of their seven victories have been by seven points or less, including a highly controversial overtime win against Stanford was highly controversial. Up until now, the Irish have only played one true road game, a 20-3 win at Michigan State. Their schedule gets tougher from here on out, however, and begins with a trip down to Oklahoma to face the eighth-ranked Sooners this Saturday.

Three of their final five games are on the road, and a perfect season could come down to a final week showdown against USC in Los Angeles. Regardless of their final record, this team will likely be on the outside looking in when it comes to a shot at the title. As of right now, Notre Dame deserves to play

in a BCS game, but a spot in the title game is too far out of reach. Too many teams ahead of them need to lose while they go undefeated. The Irish are undeniably talented, but they seem to be stuck at the bottom of a log jam that is the BCS rankings.

web photo Florida quarterback Jeff Driskel has come out of nowhere to lead the Gators from a no. 23 ranking in the preseason polls to no. 2 in the BCS as of week 9.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012





IN THEATRES: Paranormal Activity 4.............. October 19 Alex Cross.............................. October 19 Fun Size.................................October 26 Chasing Mavericks..................October 26

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Funk Band Storms Mankato

Minneapolis’s Own Electric Children will perform at What’s Up Lounge this Saturday What is your favorite venue to play? Here in Minneapolis, we’ve got a ton of great options as far as types of venues are concerned. The place that we like best is the taproom attached to a local brewery called Harriet Brewing. The staff and everybody that hangs out there are some of the coolest and most welcoming people in town.


staff writer


he funky, soulful jazz band Electric Children agreed to spill the details of what it is like to be a local band in Minneapolis. Dig E.C.? Well, you can catch their next performance downtown on Front Street at Savoy, Saturday, Oct. 26 at 10 p.m. Here are the answers. A true EC five-man project. So it appears that Electric Children consists of 5 members. Has this always been true or has the group evolved since its start? We started as a three piece with Jon McDuffie on keys and singing, Alex on bass, and a drummer named Josh. We expanded to four when Kirstin joined second. We added Jon Hoffmann on guitar and subbed Toby in on drums, and we kicked it into high gear from there. What influence can you collectively say you draw inspiration from? What about

local bands? The first time we realized that we agreed musically, we were probably listening to either jazz or rap music, but on any given day, we’ll each listen to five different things. Three major local influences for us are Alicia Steele & the Endeavors, More Than Lights, and Duenday. Playing with them and experiencing their entirely unique sounds helped us discover what it was that we wanted to sound like. Who are some of the bands/artists you are proud to have shared a stage with this past year? A few of our members play in more than one band here in Minneapolis, and we’re always thrilled to share the stage with any of them. Toby plays in William Within, Kirstin with The Running Riot, and Alex with The Premiums. The guys in The Level Heads are super fun to play with, and What Tyrants, who we’re playing with at Savoy on the 26, always bring the energy and THROW DOWN.

When/where was your favorite gig? Least favorite? One of our least favorite shows was at a hole-in-the-wall • web photo bar in the noman’s land between Minneapolis and St. Paul. For our favorite, we’d have to say it was actually a double header. In August, we hosted a release weekend at the Nomad and again at Harriet on backto-back nights. The energy was absolutely off the walls, and all the bands killed it. It says on the band page you are playing in LA this month and then returning (for some strange reason) to MN to play at Savoy. What gives? This is actually an issue that we’re working on. There’s a producer working out of Seattle that makes 8-bit and chip-tune music, and that’s his show that you’re seeing. We’re probably going to have to have an epic “Battle of the Electric Children,” video tape the whole thing, and have Bruce Willis will have to produce it to make it more bad-ass, but for now we’re just trying to be clear that our most accurate schedule will always be posted on our own website at

I have been Vibin’ (no pun intended) to Ride the flow for about a week now, and I really dig the vocals and that awesome cello playing. Do you folks have any other EP’s or an album that I missed? No, this is our first real stab at a recording project. We did three demo songs about a year and a half ago, but we really got a taste of spending time in the studio with “Ride the Flow.” We worked two 15-hour days with our producer Ian Combs to record the instrumentals tracks and vocals, and we couldn’t be happier with how it sounds. If not, do you guys do a lot of just improve – jamming? Also, do you ever freestyle rap? Well, we do a lot of improv onstage, but it comes with a lot of written, structured material. We keep sections of songs open for

as we continue to promote and learn with “Ride the Flow,” we’ll also still be writing. On bandcamp it says Electric Children is a “blend of hip hop, jazz, R&B, and soul,” and I can totally see all of those elements in the EP. On stage, what do you guys feel comes forth the most? At our shows, most people end up describing us as a soul-funk group. We like to find and ride these deep grooves for a while, and won’t play something if we don’t all agree that it feels great. String instruments like the cello and fretless bass allow us to really bend notes and slouch time for a minute or two, and that probably brings out the funk. You guys are really talented, and the EP shows that. Does that mean you guys have some other talents the audience doesn’t

“Kirstin speaks fluent Japanese, Jon Hoffmann can drink a cup a vinegar without flinching, Alex can belly dance, Jon McDuffie can make the best caramel macchiato EVER, and Toby is half German and half Indian.” in-the-moment solos, and a lot of our finished songs grow out of free musical exploration, but it’s always groove based. Freestyling isn’t something we see ourselves doing, but we consider playing our instruments to be about the same thing- we also speak with the notes and rhythms our fingers make. Any near future plans for a full album? For us the EP we have out right now is a major stepping-stone in the process of recording a fulllength. Getting into the studio, jumping into promoting with radio stations and print media, blogs…everything has been an amazing learning process for us. We’re still working completely independently, and

see? Kirstin speaks fluent Japanese, Jon Hoffmann can drink a cup a vinegar without flinching, Alex can belly dance, Jon McDuffie can make the best caramel macchiato EVER, and Toby is half German and half Indian. In addition to EC’s hidden talents, what does the band do when they are not practicing or playing shows? Four of us have jobs, one of us a student. Jon and Jon work at Starbucks, Kirstin works as an account specialist, Alex works at an independent record store, and Toby is a math and music major at the University of Minnesota. We also like movies, going to shows, and eating baked goods (Kirstin’s cookies and brownies rock.


Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Reporter • Page 13

October 23 Home Video Releases


web editor

Magic Mike – Loosely based on Channing Tatum’s real life experience as a male stripper, Magic Mike is the tale of the titular Mike, a legend at his nightly place of employment, Xquisite. Mike’s got dreams of leaving the stripping biz to build custom furniture. But everything becomes complicated when he takes in a troubled friend and introduces him to the world of male dancing, much less when he develops feelings for said friend’s sister. Despite what you may

think of Channing Tatum’s acting skills, which have been described as anything but magical, the fact is that director Steven Soderberg doesn’t make bad movies. And while I hardly think that that was the, ahem… asset… that brought so many women out to see the movie in June, Soderberg’s guidance might just be the thing that takes exploitative material normally aimed at one demographic and makes it an enjoyable watch for many. Magic Mike is now avail-

able on Blu-Ray/DVD and VOD, will reach Redbox on 11/6, and will finally drag itself to Netflix on 12/18. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter – After witnessing his mother killed by a despicable bloodsucker as a child, a young and vengeful Abraham Lincoln is trained in the art of vampire slaying by a man who totally isn’t a vampire (spoilers). But fate has much bigger plans for Lincoln as he balances his daily ascent to the presi-

dency of the Unites States and his nocturnal hunts of the undead. Well, you can’t say you don’t know what you’re getting with a title like Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. In a lot of ways AL: VH is the epitome of a fun B-movie. It’s got a hokey premise, bad dialogue, terrible special effects, and a severe case of self-seriousness. Yet, through some strange twist of fate, watching these actors go from delivering their terrible dialogue with

a straight face to brutally butchering vampires in varying speeds of slow motion, set against pounding techno music, makes everything so much more hilarious. True, it does play to a very specific audience but give AL:VH a shot for kicks and giggles. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is now available on Blu-Ray/DVD and VOD and will slice up Redbox and Netflix on 11/20.

Music Industy Majors Construct Event EMILEE STRUSS

staff writer Aaron Harrington, Ronia Gramer, Melissa Sjoberg, Will Malloy, Cassie Urbano, Rachel Mogck and Eric Moody: These seven Minnesota State University, Mankato students enrolled in Dale Haefner’s Music Management and Concert Production class have been hard at work. Over a six-week period, these students have been constructing plans for a concert. During an interview, the students made it clear that deciding on final ideas was the most difficult aspect of event planning. Gramer commented, “If is helpful to understand everything that goes into event planning. I may not be doing the actual

event planning in the future, but I will be working with those that are.” The students had many options to take for venues, performers, dates, times and divvying up tasks. Haefner commented that this student-led project takes students’ experience where their textbooks cannot. This project has allowed the students to apply textbook planning to real life experiences. The ultimate goal is outlined as the long-term learning that will be relevant to their future careers. The students dealt with every roadblock and bump along the way.

Sjoberg mentioned the projects effectiveness in relation to her future career. “This is exactly the type of planning I will be doing,” Sjoberg said. She also snickered as she recalled learning about all the small details such as which paper size to use for certain promotional tasks. After the essential tasks were defined, they were delegated and then the development began. After planning, re-planning and re-planning once again, the date, venue, and performers have been set. The students are proud to present their events final design. The date is set for Wednes-

day, Nov. 17 at the What’s Up Lounge in Mankato. The concert is open to all; the students especially welcome those supporting local bands. Three bands will be featured including: Boardwalk Arcade, The Bitterroot Band, and good night, gold dust. Doors open at 9:30 p.m. and the performances will begin at 10. There is a $5 entrance fee at the door. Also, don’t forget your I.D.; this Concert is 21 and up… sorry to the young ones. With the event quickly approaching, the students are polishing the final details. The planning is complete and the only thing left is to spread the word. The event will be fea-

tured on several radio stations including Z99 and KMSU, on the What’s Up Lounge Facebook page and flyers will be floating around. The students have enjoyed discovering every aspect of planning the event and are ready for their hard work to pay off. Heafner, being an event promoter, is pleased to say that he could give full responsibility to his class. With the goal in mind, they worked together and completed their individual tasks. The students are ready for it, so come on out and enjoy the show.

Page 14 • Reporter


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fourth ‘Paranormal’ Weakest of the Batch


staff writer


t’s Halloween time, which of course means it is that time of year audiences get another dose of Paranormal Activity. Jumping ahead five years from the conclusion of Paranormal Activity 2, this fourth outing centers, enters the arena of ‘freaky child syndrome.’ Taking place in 2011, a family takes in the

mysterious Robbie while his mother is away for several weeks, and upon his arrival, freaky, dare it be said – paranormal – happenings begin. Alex (Kathryn Newton) uses her sorta-boyfriend Ben (Matt Shively) to setup recording devices in all the laptops around the house, hoping to catch the activity in the act and see precisely what it is that’s haunting them. The good news is that Paranormal Activity 4 adheres to the formula that has

worked for it so far with three films in a row, and also tries to up the ante and offer something new in the video recording department. An ingenious use of Wii Kinect offers glimpses of Toby, the creature Robbie brought with him (and was present at the beginning of this whole mess, as revealed in PA3), and the laptops offer the uneasiness of characters moving in a dark house. To its credit, the writers and directors try their best to make this movie as individual as possible, while complimenting the movies that came before. Unfortunately, despite its cleverness, it fails to achieve the same heights of terror as its predecessors. People spending money for PA4 predominantly desire one thing: to be scared. In this regard, the movie falters. There are levitations,

with bodies and objects; there are indescribable objects walking alongside characters; there are the blank stares of Robbie, who is communicating with some unseen force; and there is the climax where everything goes to hell and no character is safe. For all the paranormal elements that make up these movies, the most thrilling scene includes Alex in a locked garage. What the demon’s up to this time around doesn’t offer up any genuine scares, and that’s perhaps the biggest disappointment. As for the demon, this is most confusing. In the first two PA movies, it was always assumed a tall, hulking demon was causing all the ruckus to these families, and in PA3, the writers introduce Toby, a character that, it stands to reason when contemplating child-demon interaction, is about the same size as the kids and understandably not growly and violent. Thus, it would seem, there are two creatures – the big demon that growls and does all the dirty work, and Toby, the invisible entity that acts as a friend and equal to the children, a conduit, perhaps, between the kids and demon.

It’s either to the series credit or failure that such questions are being wondered. There are lingering questions with this series, such as the character of Robbie, who seems to disappear halfway through the narrative, or the symbols that have now become an integral part of the series mythology, or what’s the main goal of the cult and the demon. Minimal as it may be, there is hope that by the conclusion of this series, wherever it may end up, answers are forthcoming, and when all is said and done, all the movies constitute one cohesive narrative. Paramount has officially greenlit Paranormal Activity 5 to haunt audiences October 2013, so hopefully the series will have a renaissance and not only be absolutely terrifying again, but creatively satisfying.

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TREASURE HUNT. WE’VE hidden a tin in the Mankato area. Find the tin to win the treasure. Think you can be the first to find it. Learn more at 11/20

FREE SHOTOKAN KARATE classes offered Monday 6-8 pm. Tuesday 7-9 pm. Thursday 6-8 pm. Room PH 102. Beginners are welcome. Need not to be a MSU student to join. For info call Brad @ 507-388-5301 or or search MSU Shotokan on facebook or yahoo groups. 5/2

HELP WANTED BARTENDERS WANTED! $250/ day potential. No experience necessary. Training available. Age 18+ OK. (800)965-6520 Ext 170. 5/2 S T U D E N T PAY O U T S . C O M PAID survey takers needed in Mankato 100% free to join! Click on survey. 12/6

FRIDAY OCTOBER 26TH Chris Brooks and the Silver City Boys

SATURDAY OCTOBER 13TH Free Falling Tom Petty Tribute



Permanent Cosmetic Tattooing by Staci Lowe

10% Off Eyeliner

FRIDAY OCTOBER 12th Rhino Great Show and Rock Covers

Eyebrow • Eyeliner • Lip Liner Full Lip • Specializes in Corrective Licensed artist with 11 years experience


FRIDAY OCTOBER 19TH Hollywood Blvd SATURDAY OCTOBER 20TH Function Junction THURSDAY OCTOBER 25TH Madonna Ticket Give Away

SUNDAY OCTOBER 28TH Halloween Bash BROTHA Lynch Hung WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 31ST Halloween Costume Contest Sex Toy Bargo


Monday @ 9pm & Saturday @ 2pm All Ages Welcome

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

October 23, 2012  

MSU Reporter

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