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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Library Construction not affecting library business

Although some are growing wary of the construction enveloping the library, excitement and the completion date grows nearer. ASHLEY GERKEN Staff Writer Construction on the tunnel leading from the Centennial Student Union to the Memorial Library has kept the front entrance of the library closed, but it has not affected the business of the library. The Maywood Drive entrance is the only way students can enter and exit the Memorial Library for now, but all of the services of the library are still being offered. “The closed front doors are an inconvenience, but we’re

open,” Assistant to the Dean of Library Services Leslie Peterson said. She disclosed that the library has not been affected by closing the front doors. “If people need the library, they will come to the library.” MSU students still have basic needs to draw from the library regardless of construction, including study sessions, workshops and tutoring. Most of the dorms are located on the north side of the library, which makes the door more convenient for those students. The permanent entrance has

always been used and allows accessibility for anyone to come in with the power assist doors and elevators. The amenities are located around both entrances to get around the library. “Some people didn’t notice we have the elevators,” Peterson said. The request for making a tunnel was made in the spring of 2012. President Davenport granted funding for the project to take action. Minnesota State Student Association, the main allocation organization on campus, made the decision to support the construction of the

tunnel. The MSSA has also helped make the library become even more helpful in student’s lives. They helped get textbooks on reserve at the library, which allows students to rent textbooks for periods of time with the direct support of Barnes and Noble, as well as Library Services. Construction in the library has been taking place since winter break of last year with the start of the new quiet study areas that are sectioned off by glass windows and doors. The library will keep its nor-

mal hours, seven days a week, while construction is being finished. The front doors could be opened as soon as this week. However, construction of the tunnel will not be finished until later this month. Desiree Meacham, a senior in psychology, has grown weary of the front doors being closed. “It’s inconvenient that to get down in the basement of the library, you have to go down the stairs, up the stairs and down the stairs,” Meacham said.

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Homecoming cuts justified as attendance numbers remain low MSSA looks at what the students value for on-campus events through student allocations. REECE HEMMESCH Editor in Chief

Web Photo MSSA Vice President Ben Shakespear has cited low attendance numbers as the main reason for the decrease in homecoming’s budget.


Minnesota State Student Association Vice President Ben Shakespear mentioned low attendance figures as the main reasoning for the Student Allocation Committee’s move to decrease the homecoming budget for this year. Homecoming, which is ran by the student organization IMPACT, was given $62,500 in 2011 and $55,000 last year, but was cut to $36,000 this year for student money used for homecoming events on campus. “It was generally seen that attendance was a big issue when you’re looking at that size of money,” Shakespear said. SAC recommended that the 34.5 per-

cent decrease, equaling $19,000, be done under the understanding that the number of students who take part in homecoming programs is not large enough to justify their level of current funding. The Student Allocations Committee meets towards the end of the financial year and creates a budget for the next. Every department interest group that receives student allocation funding presents how much they want with a justification and they have the ability to talk to SAC and the budget committee. “It was decided that their attendance was not high enough for their events and homecoming to justify $55,000,” Shakespear said, who explained that the $19,000 cut would remove

Maverick football refuses to lose - Pg. 7

the concert from homecoming. Last year’s musical concert, Eric Hutchinson, was not well attended and most who attended were only there for their organization that was competing for points. A “big-name” Saturday night concert made way for a free carnival to students and the community this year that featured live country music, which Shakespear believed yielded a great turnout and was a nice adage in the homecoming department. Shakespear went into further detail on the subject, justifying that SAC’s cut was all based on attendance. Part of the problem rests with events on-campus and

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Rape report filed before slaying (AP)- The wife of a Louisiana man charged with killing a preacher had filed a rape complaint against the pastor two days before the shooting, but it’s not yet clear if there was an assault or a consensual sexual relationship, a sheriff said Monday. Woodrow Karey is charged with fatally shooting 53-yearold Ronald Harris Sr. during a revival service Friday at the Tabernacle of Praise Worship Center in Lake Charles. Calcasieu Parish Sheriff Tony Mancuso told The Associated Press in a telephone interview Monday that Harris and the suspect’s wife had exchanged text messages before she filed the rape complaint. The sheriff’s department says Karey found the messages on his wife’s cellphone on Sept. 21, a few days before she filed the complaint and less than a week before the shooting. It’s not clear if there was a consensual relationship or not, and that will be a focus of the investigation, Mancuso said. “We’re trying to put all the pieces together,” Mancuso said. The sheriff declined to release a copy of the rape complaint, saying it’s part of the ongoing investigation. Mancuso said search warrants for phone records and other evidence may help paint a better picture of what led to the pastor’s death. Mancuso said Karey was cooperative earlier in the investigation but is no longer talking. The name of his attorney was not immediately available. Karey was scheduled to appear by video from jail for a court hearing Tuesday morning to determine if he can afford to hire his own lawyer or if one should be appointed to him. Mancuso planned to talk to Karey’s wife. The suspect’s wife did not immediately respond to a message at her place of employment on Monday. Calls to the couple’s home rang unanswered on Monday. The pastor’s relatives and church members say the 53-year-old suspect was once a member of the church but left several years ago without explanation. Wendy Bernard, a church secretary and Harris family

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

New login system will be introduced this spring to MSU

friend, was with the pastor’s family Monday morning and said Karey had never shown signs of hostility, “none at all.” The Harris family could not immediately be reached for comment about the rape complaint. Calls to the pastor’s house went unanswered after the sheriff disclosed the complaint. Talisha Harris, the pastor’s daughter, said in an interview over the weekend that preaching had not yet begun Friday night when the gunman burst into the sanctuary. She said a woman who had been handing out visitor packets at the front door ran in, shouting, “He got a gun! He got a gun! He got a gun!” “He came in down the middle aisle. He shot at my daddy, but hit a flower pot,” Harris said. “My daddy ran. He shot him in the back. When he fell, he came closer and shot him again.” The gunman ran out a side door, she said. Kim Myers, spokeswoman for the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office, has said that Karey has no known history of crime or mental troubles. She said he called police to surrender minutes after the shooting and told deputies where to find a shotgun and a .22-caliber pistol he had left in nearby woods.

RYAN BERNDT Staff Writer In an effort to create a more efficient and unified system, MNSU will be introducing a new login system called StarID next semester. StarID, which has already been implemented on many campuses such as Normandale Community College and Minneapolis Community & Technical College, plans to replace the login credentials for D2L, e-services and a variety of other services offered online throughout the MnSCU system. Consolidating online services offered by MnSCU had been discussed in talks on November 19, 2012, when 46 members of the MnSCU system met in different work groups to discuss the future of higher education in Minnesota. The paper published with the discussion’s results emphasized the need to “deliver leading edge continuing education and customized training to students and employers through statewide collaboration.” With over 430,000 students in the system, a little bit of partnership will go a long way. But what exactly is StarID? Literally put, it’s two letters followed by four numbers and ending with two additional letters. D2L, e-services and logging into classroom and lab computers will require the new ID to

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be entered, with possible e-mail login integration in the works. The eight-character format was chosen not only for various security benefits, but also because this allows MnSCU to create logins specific to the individual on a state-wide level. However, in an article published by MCTC’s student newspaper, City College News, writer Gabe Hewitt notes that although 90 percent of students have switched to StarID, they are actually having a harder time remembering their login credentials compared to before. MCTC expected such issues and has made it easier by allowing students to use their old login credentials to access services until 2014. “In an effort to save money,

students are starting at 2-year community colleges and transferring to other campuses,” student and former Minnesota State Universit Student Association Campus Coordinator Tess Bunker explained of the M new benefits. “StarID helps them maintain an identity in the p system so less work is required p f on both ends. It’s also great for students who take summer T classes at different campuses.” t With MnSCU pushing stronger partnerships across the state, StarID is coming and staying at MNSU. You can view your StarID at In order to get your ID, you’ll need a current form of login credentials and your Social Security Card.

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

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Nationally-known speaker speaks at Ostrander

Tony Porter, co-founder of “A Call to Men,” discussed ending violence against women in a light-hearted, unique way PRATAKSHYA BHANDARI Staff Writer

Co-founder of “A Call to Men,” a national violence protection organization that provides training and education for men, boys and communities Tony Porter spoke in the Ostrander Auditorium on Wednes-

day night. Porter has made it his life’s mission to speak to the majority of bystanders, the men he calls “The good men.” He speaks to everyone, particularly men, about breaking out of the “man box,” a facet of society that raises men to believe strength is simply physical. “We heard him speak at a TED conference and wanted him to speak to our students”,


Web Photo One of the most prominent speakers to come to MSU in a long time, Tony Porter spoke of ending violence against women last Wednesday night.

said Laura Schultz, Violence Awareness and Response Coordinator at MSU’s Women’s Center. The speech turned into an engaging conversation. After a brief introduction from the Dean of Diversity Henry Morris, Porter asked for permission from the women present in the auditorium to talk to the men. He spoke to the men present in the room, holding each member of the audience in an engaging conversation about the reasons behind a few men turning violent and how the majority of good men have the capability to stop these few violent men. The facts and figures he gave were simply astounding. According to Porter, in spite of the number of violent men being comparatively smaller than the number of men who are non-violent, one out of every six women in the United States will be raped. One out of four colored women will be raped. “I no longer wish to speak to the few bad men who are abusing women. Reacting to them has not worked for many years so I am calling out to the good men, the majority of men who have the power to bring positive change,” Porter said about starting his unique organization. In his speech, Porter gave thanks to the women in his life. “Everything I have learned, I have learned from the women in my life,” Porter said.

In spite of the sensitivity of the issue, the speech consisted of a lighthearted conversation that hilariously brushed through many points of manhood and social responsibility that is often overlooked when speaking about violence again women. While many people simply focus on blaming the abuser or the victim, Tony Porter’s approach consisted of looking into the very beginning of manhood. Porter used the example of when a boy is asked to stop crying and to act like a man. He points out the fact that boys are taught from an early age to project emotions in the form of anger, to see fear as a sign of weakness. This leads some men to internalize their feelings, and express it in the form of vio-

lence and anger towards others. He called on society to take a look at what we’re teaching young boys. He called on men to look around themselves and recognize these troubled men. He calls men to take it upon their shoulders to stop this false sense of manhood from spreading through generations. As he urged men to rethink and reshape what it means to be a man, he told every man to take a stand and walk to the stage. It was an overwhelming moment for everyone present to see every man in the auditorium walk to the stage and take the pledgea pledge to be more aware and to take on a responsibility to end violence against women.

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Rethinking the twoparty system in America. The GOP’s refusal to accept defeat, as well as other ideas have triggered a near-government shutdown, calling into question the theory of a two-party system. SAM WILMES News Editor While at the time of print it is unknown whether the government has been shut down, a dangerous precedent has been set by Republicans. While their strident stance to Obamacare has been shown in every one of their more than 40 votes to defund it, they are essentially taking an antidemocratic stand in threatening to shut down the whole government to satisfy their own ideological pureness. The time to protest the unpopular new law has come and gone. I understand that after the law’s initial passing, protesting and condemning the law would happen- it’s only a natural part of the inner-workings of a democracy. Votes and protests, as well as political stands, should have taken place from the bill’s passing on March 21, 2010 to the Supreme Court’s decision upholding the law’s constitutionality on June 28, 2012. After that it was time to move on. The Republican’s fail-

ure to do so is a slap in the face of the democratic concept. They are essentially thumbing their nose at the two party system- to them they are right and they are willing to hurt people to achieve their ideologically pure ideals. Sometimes you have to move on. Why are they so scared the law will go in effect? If they allow it to go in effect and it becomes a massive disaster, they can repeal it, show everyone how big of a failure President Obama is and put a knife through liberal ideology. It’s obvious that they know that once a social welfare program goes into effect it is hard to eliminate. After nearly 50 years, Republicans have failed to get rid of any of the social welfare programs liberals have initiated- from Medicare to Medicaid to Social Security. They know that their only hope of ending the bill is to do it before the bill takes full effect. That is why Republican-led states are refusing to implement the bill- they know if they can keep their constituents from participating in Obamacare,

they won’t have to worry about suffering their own political defeat. They are hurting their own future. Their potential presidential candidates are taking political stands looking to rile up the base, to gather a strong support group just in case they run for president. What politicians like Ted Cruz, a Texas Republican with presidential aspirations, fail to realize is that politics is like a business. You are looking to sell yourself to the highest amount of people and you are looking to expand your brand.

These “stands,” are only going to push the moderates and independents away from these hard-liners. Republicans need to know that it is possible to be ideologically pure and not get your way. The concept of this country they claim to love revolves around this. They have taken the needed stand, protested and played their part in the democratic process. Now they need to accept defeat. If they don’t, the theory of a two-party system will take a huge blow due to the destructive tactics of a party who claims to love the thing it’s hurting.

Web Photo

“What did you do for Homecoming?”

RYAN MUELLER, SENIOR FINANCE “ I was at home in Delano going to the apple orchard with the family.”

BRIAN POPPE, JUNIOR BUSINESS “I was in the pep band for the game playing the tuba. It was great.”

RAAD ALGHAMDI “I met some friends at home and I had an exam so I was studying for that exam.”

ALI JAMAN, SOPHOMORE MANAGEMENT, ANATOMY “Met some friends and went to the club.”

Minnesota State University, Mankato


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TONY HAEFS, SENIOR MATH EDUCATION “ I went home for the weekend- I had a wedding on Saturday.”

r o t a w P v h w e

e b l a i h e

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

MSSA “For the future, it is all about bridging that gap between those on and off of campus and trying to get more people to make sure attendance is best as possible.”

Thanks, Mavericks, for painting the town Another homecoming week has come and gone.

continued from 1

getting those involved who are off-campus, something Shakespear hopes to bridge soon. “There is this disconnect that once you leave campus you are no longer involved in oncampus activities and we want to change that and until that’s changed and we see attendance pick up, we can’t justify taking that much money from the students, because all this comes from the student allocations budget.” Shakespear said. Outside of homecoming, Shakespear feels part of the reasoning behind attendance of on-campus events also lies with the event itself and “what we as students value.” Shakespear was in attendance for the Tony Porter event last week, an antiviolence against women activist, held at Ostrander Auditorium, which was absolutely full for the event. Also under that affiliation of events was last year’s Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay speaking event last March, where students almost put the capacity to test in the CSU ballroom to listen to her speak about equal pay and equal work for women in the

MSU Reporter • 5


workplace. “Do we value that type of programming, which is informative, emotional, educational and generally means something to a lot of people?” Shakespear said. “Or do we value this money on concerts and homecoming?” “I love homecoming and student programming and I support IMPACT and all the great work they do, but we also need to see improvements from our end to increase off-campus engagement and from there end to increase overall attendance before we can justify putting in that much money.” For the future, it is all about bridging that gap between those on and off of campus and trying to get more people to make sure attendance is best as possible. “We’re working on getting off-campus incorporated and making sure off-campus students come to these events,” Shakespear said. “But until those activities are well-attended, we can’t justify that amount of student fees.”

LEEANN WALTERSON IMPACT Homecoming Chair It’s crazy to believe that my last homecoming at Minnesota State University, Mankato is over. I have been involved with IMPACT’s Homecoming Committee for the past three homecomings now. We started the planning of Homecoming 2013 last November, and honestly, the time passed in the blink of an eye. Planning homecoming has been a great experience that allowed me to network with more people than I could have ever imagined. The hard work and lack of sleep was well worth it Homecoming allowed me to push the boundaries of what I thought I was capable of. There were multiple new, successful events throughout homecoming week. My favorite was the homecoming carnival. More than 2,900 students, university staff and community members attended. It was really rewarding to see people enjoying themselves, meeting new people and showing school spirit while on the rides and listening to the talented country band that performed, Scarletta.

Two other new events this year were the Maverick spirit photo contest and homecoming medallion hunt. They allowed all students to get involved and show their Maverick spirit, which is what homecoming is all about. Nearly 1,000 students logged on to new software that our campus is using, MavSync, to vote for the photo contest and royalty candidates. The medallion hunt drew large crowds to the Alumni Plaza at all hours for the entire week. It was not found until late Friday night. Being the only person who knew the exact location of the medallion, it was quite entertaining to watch people look for it. Mavericks also helped the greater Mankato community last week. By participating in

the homecoming food drive, offices on campus and competitive teams raised a ton of food, literally, that benefitted ECHO Food Shelf. That deserves a pat on the back. Homecoming 2013 may be over, but the work behind the scenes to make homecoming possible never quits. Planning for next year’s homecoming will already begin in a few weeks IMPACT will also be holding elections for next year’s Homecoming Chair in November. I am excited to welcome in the new homecoming chair and get them started with planning before the semester ends. Those interested in getting involved should contact Bill Tourville at

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Elections will be held Tues., October 8th 8:00AM-6:00PM Online at CANDIDACY APPLICATION DEADLINE: TUESDAY, OCTOBER 1ST, NOON Application Available Online:





The MSSA will be holding an election for the following positions:

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6 • MSU Reporter


North Carolina Republicans vow to fight Deparment Of Justice over voter ID laws RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — North Carolina’s Republican governor is vowing to fight a lawsuit by the U.S. Justice Department challenging the state’s tough new elections law on the grounds it disproportionately excludes minority voters. Gov. Pat McCrory said Monday he has hired a private lawyer to help defend the new law from what he suggested was a partisan attack by President Barack Obama’s Democratic administration. “I believe the federal government action is an overreach and without merit,” McCrory said at a brief media conference during which he took no questions. “I firmly believe we have done the right thing. I believe this is a good law.” North Carolina’s new law cuts early voting by a week, ends same-day voter registration and includes a stringent photo ID requirement. The measure also eliminated a popular high school

civics program that encouraged students to register to vote in advance of their 18th birthdays. More than 70 percent of African-Americans who cast a ballot in North Carolina during the past two presidential elections voted early. Studies show minority voters are also more likely to lack a driver’s license. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said in Washington on Monday his agency would show in court that the intent of the North Carolina law is to suppress voter turnout, especially among minority and low-income voters. “By restricting access and ease of voter participation, this new law would shrink, rather than expand, access” to voting, Holder said. “Allowing limits on voting rights that disproportionately exclude minority voters would be inconsistent with our ideals as a nation.” The lawsuit, filed at U.S. District Court in Greensboro, is the latest effort by

the Obama administration to counter a Supreme Court decision that struck down the most powerful part of the landmark Voting Rights Act of 1965. The 5-4 decision handed down earlier this year freed states, many of them in the South, from strict federal oversight of their elections. Within days of the Supreme Court ruling, North Carolina’s legislature “took aggressive steps to curtail the voting rights of African Americans,” Holder told reporters, calling it “an intentional attempt to break a system that was working.” State Senate President Pro Tempore Phil Berger and House Speaker Thom Tillis issued a statement that rejected Holder’s argument. “The Obama Justice Department’s baseless claims about North Carolina’s election reform law are nothing more than an obvious attempt to quash the will of the voters and hinder a hugely popular voter ID requirement,” they said.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

LIBRARY “The tunnel will provide a warmer walk for students coming this winter. Most of the buildings on campus are connected except the dorms, Wiecking Center, the Alumni Foundation Building and the PAC. ” continued from 1

Web Photo

She has class two days of the week in the library basement. “It can just be time consuming.” On the other hand, she contends the tunnel is a great idea considering the weather conditions in the winter. With the construction of the tunnel, there will also be an amphitheater on the west side of

the tunnel. The tunnel will provide a warmer walk for students coming this winter. Most of the buildings on campus are connected except the dorms, Wiecking Center, the Alumni Foundation Building and the PAC.

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MSU Reporter • 7

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

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Path to perfection continues with homecoming win over Northern State With the offensive line making holes for runners to run for a total of 447 rushing yards and an impressive third quarter, the Mavericks ended the 2013 homecoming game on top. JOEY DENTON Sports Editor

David Bassey • MSU Reporter In the third quarter, the Mavericks scored three touchdowns, including a 7-yard touchdown throw by senior quarterback Jon Wolf (left).

The no. 2 Minnesota State University, Mankato football team had Northern State remaining relevant when the halftime buzzer went off, but once the squads came back to Blakeslee Stadium for the third quarter, it was all Mavericks in the second half to win MSU’s 2013 homecoming game 42-14. As the Maverick offense had a shaky start in the first half, with some penalties and miscues, the defense didn’t let the Wolves even sniff the end zone. Senior quarterback Jon Wolf only played until a few minutes in to the third quarter, but he gave the Mavericks both scores with an explosive 50-yard touchdown run nearly two minutes into the game and ran for another touchdown in the second quarter for 31 yards. The Mavericks ran a lot on homecoming Saturday, 447 yards to be exact. Wolf only ran

six times and finished the day with 109 yards. Sophomore running back Chad Zastrow lit up the second-half stat sheet with all 102 yards in the half, including an impressive 52-yard touchdown in the fourth. Pretty much every school in Division II knows the Mavericks can make things happen in the running game and that has a lot to do with the talent they have on the offensive line. “Our guys take a great deal of pride in being great technical blockers and finishing things off. I think we are going more physical at the point of contact right now, we’re doing a much better job at finishing plays,” interim head coach Aaron Keen said. “I couldn’t be happier with the pass protection at this point.” After both teams rejoined for the second half, the Mavericks took off and produced one of the best quarters of their season, on both sides of the ball. It can’t get any better when the team’s offense scores three touchdowns

on all three possessions, minus the one started with 1:17 left to play, and all three of Northern State’s possessions resulted in punts. Coach Keen had his defense to thank for that. “I thought it was huge that our defense was able to shut them out, and anytime you can come out of halftime with a lead, it gives you a little bit more confidence and being a little more aggressive in the second half,” Keen said. Junior safety Sam Thompson saw a glimpse of what this defense is really capable of in that third quarter, and it’s their goal to be able to do that all four quarters. “I think the biggest obstacle for us is putting four quarters of defensive domination. I think we have had domination, but we just need to put a complete game together,” Thompson said. “The coaches and players of the


MSU comes out 1-1 after a difficult weekend With the Mavericks playing their most difficult part of their 2013 schedule, the squad handled their business on Friday against St. Cloud State. LUKE CARLSON Staff Writer After an up and down week on the home court, the Minnesota State University, Mankato volleyball team has, “learned a lot, playing the number one and number two teams in the nation,” according to sophomore outside-hitter Chandra Honebrink. The Mavericks hosted both of their weekend games, playing St Cloud State on Friday and no. 2 Minnesota-Duluth Saturday afternoon.

The Mavericks got down to business against their stateschool rival when the St. Cloud State Huskies came to town Friday night. With excellent kill play from Honebrink and timely blocks from the defense, the Mavericks got off to a fast start and won a convincing first set 25-21. Honebrink led the offense with six kills, while junior outside hitter Tiana Runck hit .500 in the set. In the second set, the home team was at their finest. Shaky serves and defensive play ham-

pered the Huskies as MSU then went on to rout the visitors with good serves of their own and nifty plays up front. Honebrink once again led the charge, succeeding on eight of nine kill attempts, with the Mavericks taking the second set 25-15. The Huskies rallied and presented a challenge early in the third set with improved defense, but the Mavericks continued to press the attack and to take advantage of Huskie blunders.


David Bassey • MSU Reporter Sophomore outside-hitter Chandra Honebrink (20) finished their 3-0 win over St. Cloud State with 18 kills and eight digs.

8 • MSU Reporter


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

VOLLEYBALL “Sophomore outsidehitter Chandra Honebrink and the Mavericks hosted bout of them this last weekend, playing St. Cloud State and no. 1 Minnesota-Duluth Saturday afternoon.” continued from 7

David Bassey • MSU Reporter

FOOTBALL “Pretty much every school in Division II knows the Mavericks can make things happen in the running game and that has a lot to do with the talent they have on the offensive line.” continued from 7 football program know that we are totally capable of that.” On Saturday, Carter displayed his great playmaking ability with two how-did-he-do-that! punt returns and caught the game’s longest pass reception for 53 yards. “He has a great ability of making the first guy miss, and when you look at a punt returner, that’s what you are going to be looking for and I think he has been really good so far in not trying to do too much as well,” Keen said. “Very excited about what Dennis has been able to do, not only on special teams, but on offense affecting ball games.” After a team wins a big game, like the Mavericks had at Duluth the weekend before, some teams don’t take the next one as seriously, but with it being homecoming and the Mavericks having the 1-0 attitude, they didn’t slow down one bit. “After our win against Duluth, our coach told us it was a great win for our team, but we can’t let this affect us and carry over in to next week,”

Thompson said. Compared to the Mavericks 607 yards of total offense, the Wolves had 295 yards and only 60 of them were on the ground. Senior linebacker Isacc Kolstad led the squad with nine tackles, three of them solo and sophomore Patrick Schmidt made some key plays with four tackles, one of them for loss, and a 30-yard interception that ended up leading the Mavericks to their second touchdown of the day. After winning on homecoming, the Mavericks travel to St. Paul to ruin Concordia University’s homecoming on Saturday. The 3-1 Golden Bears started their 2013 campaign with two wins before losing 34-3 against no. 23 St. Cloud State. According to Keen, this Golden Bears squad isn’t a team to take lightly. “We’ve got one of the better looking defenses that you will see in the country (in Concordia), a great defensive coordinator,” Keen said. “We will have our hands full in preparation.”

A feature all night for MSU, stellar kills and veteran leadership resulted in a win in the final set of the night, with a final score of 25-22. Freshman outside-hitter Sydney Geisness helped guide the Maverick offense with five kills in the set. As a team, MSU posted a .344 hitting percentage and tallied 17 total kills. “I thought that our ball control was very good,” Honebrink said. Honebrink finished the match with a career-high 18 kills and added eight digs, while Runck contributed another 12 kills to the winning effort. Junior outside-hitter Jenna McNallan posted five kills and also had eight digs. Sophomore setter Ellie Van De Steeg paced the Maverick offense with 47 assists in the match. Saturday afternoon, MSU hosted the top-rated volleyball team in the country in the Minnesota Duluth University Bulldogs. After holding its own in the early goings of the first set with a 9-9 tie, the Mavericks were outdone by the visiting squad when the Bulldogs went on a 16-6 run and charged to an early victory, winning 25-15. Runck once again had a premier hitting

percentage, hitting .571 and tallied a team-high four kills in the opening set. The Bulldogs flexed their offensive muscle in a 25-14 second-set win. After an early 5-5 tie, UMD preyed on Maverick errors and low hitting percentage, going on a 20-9 romp to close the set. In a closer third set, the Mavericks once again got bested 25-18 by the Bulldogs, who climbed to a 3-0 match sweep. Honebrink was able to add four kills and junior outside-hitter Kaitlyn Braun contributed six digs in the last set. McNallan and Honebrink finished the tilt with eight kills apiece. Van De Steeg remained a steady presence in the assist department with 31 helpers. The Mavericks take to the road this next weekend, rolling into Bemidji State on Friday to take on the Beavers. Heading into this weekend, MSU wants to keep “playing their game” and improve on an individual as well as a team-effort basis, according to Honebrink. “We need to start from the basics again and move closer to that team mold that we want to have,” Honebrink said. First serve is at 7 pm.

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Avasthi, Hanel next up in Good Thunder Reading Series Second session takes place Thursday

SUNNY SHRESTHA Staff Writer The Good Thunder Reading Series is not a new name to the Minnesota State University, Mankato community. The series has been a tradition at MSU for the past 32 years and through that time the team has introduced MSU students and the local community to different, gifted authors and novelists. Richard Robbins, the director of the series, has been organizing these events for quite some time now and was proud to tell us about his successes in inviting many accomplished authors to Mankato. The series was started with an intention to help emerging writers and students in

Mankato to further their talent by introducing them to professional and established writers. In September, we were able to interact with famous author Tracy Kidder through the GTR Series event. After the success of Kidder’s visit, the GTR Series team is all set to welcome not one, but two other skillful authors. This coming Thursday, MSU will be visited by young-adult fiction writer Swati Avasthi and creative non-fiction writer Rachael Hanel. Both writers are Minnesota-dwellers and proficient in their respective fields. Avasthi is the author of the award-winning novel Split and the mesmerizing novel Chasing Shadows. In addition to writing these stories, Avasthi is also

engaged in teaching creative writing to Hamline University students. Hanel is a former graduate of MSU and has authored more than 20 books for children. Her first book for adults, We’ll Be the Last Ones to Let You Down: Memoir of a Gravedigger’s Daughter has already made its way to several readers’ hearts. With its intriguing storyline and clever writing, the book has garnered a great review from the Minneapolis Star Tribune and several magazines. The event will kick off at 10 a.m. with both authors meeting up with aspiring writers from the community to provide answers to readers’ different questions. They will then be heading to KMSU radio station for a

live interview with Robbins. Following that, the students will be able to get up-close with the writers in the afternoon event at CSU ballroom. Their stay at MSU will conclude with the authors reading some of their work to an audience in the evening. Robbins also hinted that they may be visiting area high-schools the next day. The Good Thunder Reading Series is an excellent opportunity for all of us to know these creative writers and learn important tips about writing. Writing is a handy skill to a student and even though our ultimate career choice might not be writing novels, we will still be writing many papers before we graduate.

Avicii’s True stands apart ERIK SHINKER Staff Writer On his first full length venture, Swedish D.J. Tom Bergling, better known by the stage name Avicii, has surpassed the expectations of electronic dance music and propelled both himself and his music into some beautiful and uncharted territory. True marks the beginning of a new age in house music that takes the lessons learned by the groundbreakers in music and puts them to good use. The album begins with the optimistic anthem “Wake Me Up” featuring Aloe Blacc, a song that most of us have heard from the extensive radio play afforded to the first single. Continuing into the bass beats and hard-hitting piano riff of “You Make Me”, the album begins its exodus from preconceptions with the use of a marimba part under falsetto vocals. The kick drum and synthesized melody forces you to bob your head and tap your toes to the rhythm. Breaking even further from

the shackles of dance music, “Hey Brother” stands out as the wondrous child of a consummated marriage of country and house music elements. Dan Tyminsky’s vocals and harmonies travel over the guitar tracks to form a roaming feel that is compounded once again by a pulsing kick drum. Golden pastures and a feeling of wanderlust come to mind when the bridge hits, leading into an instrumental chorus led by triumphant trumpets and hand claps that climax into the final mixture of added synth. Due to the uniting feel of “Hey Brother”, this is easily a favorite track off of the album. Another clear stand out on the album is “Liar Liar”, featuring the vocal abilities of Blondfire and yet another cameo by Aloe Blacc. Beginning with a yell of the song name, an organ pops in with the background rhythm and riff. Sultry, modulated vocals and a grooving piano line accent a couple of soulful solo organ lines that tastefully add to the track. Showcasing an instrument that is rarely used today in popular

Web Photo

music, “Liar Liar” is a breath of fresh air. Harkening back to the days of big band jazz and using the snare part from The Sweet’s “Ballroom Blitz”, “Shame on Me” brings the two step and jive of the roaring 1920s back into the fold. With a talk box effect on the synthesizer and funky little guitar jabs, this is a song that will have you jumping on the dance floor to give your all to the upbeat and pulsing bass drum. With a tantalizing chorus and jamming rhythm section, “Shame on Me” is a clear hit. Avicii accomplishes in 10 tracks what many artists fail to

do in their entire careers. Combining such influences as blues, big band jazz, 1970s funk, and even country, True stands heads above other electronic albums of our generation. The accessibility and variety of the album is refreshing at a time when zombified beats and monotonous bass rule the EDM scene. As a fan of many different genres of music, I can say that this album not only hits the correct spots in each genre but does so with a grace and professionalism that is truly humbling. Pick up True by Avicii -- you will not regret it.

Robin Williams returns as a Crazy One ADAM MILLER Staff Writer Robin Williams made his return to television Thursday along with co-star Sarah Michelle Gellar in CBS’s The Crazy Ones. A show about a father and daughter ad executive team, the pilot episode follows their exploits as they try to retain their biggest client. Along the way they find themselves making promises, dealing with a few major, minor problems and singing about sexy meat. The show opens with Sydney (Gellar) and her co-worker Andrew, played by Hamish Linklater (from HBO’s The Newsroom and the movie 42), as they try to find a child mascot for a cookie campaign. The scene is short, simple and funny and sets the tone for the type of comedy you can expect throughout the episodes. Upon returning to the office, Sydney find out through another co-worker Zach, played by James Wolk (from Political Animals and Mad Men), that the firm’s biggest client is planning on firing them. Sydney sets out to find her father Simon and finds him hiding in his office playing with toys. After some encouraging words, the two head into the meeting and Sydney starts presenting the pitch they worked on. Simon then takes a leap and pitches something different. The new plan works in keeping their client for now but it comes attached with a promise of a big named star to sing the jingle. Despite the team’s best efforts, they are unable to land the star that Simon promised -- until we find out that he has set up a meeting with the shows guest star Kelly Clarkson. Clarkson listens to the offer but says she doesn’t sing jingles and if she were to do so she wants to rebrand herself, infusing her image with more

CRAZY ONES • Page 10

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Thank you, Breaking Bad

continued from 9

JAMES HOUTSMA A&E Editor AMC’s legendary series Breaking Bad came to a close Sunday night and among a myriad of thoughts spinning through my head, the one that stuck out most was simply, “thank you.” Thank you, Breaking Bad, for leading the charge in televisions overtaking of cinema as the best visual storytelling medium out there. Thank you for, despite being a show involving drugs, not being a preachy anti-drug message and instead focusing mainly on the dangers of lies and how they eventually cause everything to crumble. Thank you for giving a real, gripping look at a man who, even with the best intentions at heart, let his genius and the chip on his shoulder from being slighted years ago start him down a path to becoming a true villain. Thank you for having such excellent writing that the conversations between characters were often just as intense as scenes of peril and violence. Thank you for giving us a cast of characters that were never what they seemed, always revealing some new, unexpected layer of complexity when you least expect it. Thank you for reintroducing Bryan Cranston as a powerhouse dramatic actor and putting such talented players as Aaron Paul, Anna Gunn, Giancarlo Esposito

Web Photo Web Photo

and Dean Norris on the map in a big way. Thank you for focusing on the finite plot details that made each and every episode so crucial to the big picture and made us want to re-watch episodes again and again to speculate how things would shake out. Thank you for incorporating such excellent musical moments, like Norah Jones’ “Black” in the season four finale, TV on the Radio’s “DLZ” and Tommy Blue and the Shondell’s “Crystal Blue Persuasion”. Thank you for having the skill to tell us exactly how the story would end up and still not make every frame of the final three episodes any less heartbreaking when it finally hits. Thank you for staying true to your principles and delivering a finale that prided itself in finality by wrapping things up in a bow, compared to so many

other series finales that went the ambiguous route. Thank you for not being Dexter, among so many other shows, that don’t know when the right time to wrap things up is. Thank you, AMC, for not cancelling the show after season four due to escalating budget concerns. Thank you, fandom, for being so vocal about how awesome this show is and thank you, Emmy’s for recognizing that as well. Thank you, Netflix, for streaming the series in such a timely manner, thereby ensuring its current success. Thank you, Vince Gilligan, for conceiving of such a wild show and seeing it through nearperfectly. Finally, thank you Breaking Bad for five years of continual television excellence.

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CRAZY ONES “The scene is short, simple and funny and sets the tone for the type of comedy you can expect.”


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sex. What follows is Williams and Wolk singing a hilarious and awkward song mixing sex and hamburgers. Their efforts get Clarkson into the studio to sing a song where the main lyric is “it’s not the meat, it’s the motion.” Later they try to convince her that the song is too sexy with her new image and that they should try something a bit more family friendly, which sends her out the door again, declaring that she does not sing jingles. In the end, it is Sydney who

saves the day by convincing Clarkson that the song they want her to sing is not a jingle but in her hands can be a song that can move people. Both Williams and Gellar pull off great roles in this and the dynamic between their two characters feels genuine. The biggest surprise in the episode was Wolk’s character Zach, who is just as fun to watch as Williams. The Crazy Ones airs at 8 p.m., Thursdays on CBS. You can currently watch the pilot episode on

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5 OR 4 OR 3 OR 2 OR 1 bedroom houses/apartments. Available right now. Some for next year. Many to choose from. Check out our website. owner/agent or call 507-6251010. 6/19 3 BED APARTMENT FOR RENT. Completely remodeled. On site Free Laundry. Central Air. Off street parking. Call 507-3404488. 10/15

BIG DOG SPORTS CAFE NOW Hiring for weekend and evening hours. Apply at 1712 Commerce Dr. North Mankato. 10/1

WE ARE A LOVING, FUN FILLED family of 3. Live in western Minneapolis suburbs. We are home study approved. Interested in an open adoption. Open to multicutural adoption. Learn more and contact us at: http://www.adoptingmn. com. 888-446-1143. Email: tomandmaryfrances@yahoo. com. 10/24

FREE SHOTOKAN KARATE classes offered Monday 6-8pm. Tuesday 7-9pm. Thursday 6-8pm. Room PH 102. Beginners are welcome. Need not to be a MSU student to join. For info call Brad @ 507-388-5301 or or search MSU Shotokan on facebook or yahoo groups. 5/1

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Evening Servers Line Cooks Door Security

Must be willing to work Fridays & Saturdays. No Sundays. Apply in person 117-119 South Front Street, Mankato 507-345-1446

Mankato Walmart NOW HIRING!

Must be available to work mornings, nights & weekends. Experience is preferred, but not necessary. Please apply in person Monday-Wednesday.

414 S. Front St., Mankato 507-388-7767

Like working with Kids? NOW HIRING FOR: PARAPROFESSIONAL SUBSTITUTES ISD 77 Mankato Schools PT, On call, M-F $9/hr. High school/GED and background check required

OPEN POSITIONS: • Consumables • Cashiers • Cart Attendants • Truck Unloader • Overnight Stocker Apply at or in store at a Kiosk. Walmart is an equal opportunity employer. Your spark makes us Walmart.

PT Direct Support Professionals (DSP) LivingLinks is looking for part-time Direct Support Professionals (DSP) to work in a group home setting meeting the social and physical needs of individuals with developmental disabilities, while assisting them to achieve their goals and dreams. You will receive on the job training, be involved in consumer’s day to day living, assisting them in their activities, daily cares and meals. You will also be responsible for household duties, medication administration and the documentation of goals and procedures. As you may be driving consumers to and from work and to various community activities, you need to have a valid driver’s license and a good driving record. If you would like to earn $8.48-9.50/hr., have a flexible schedule and can work every other weekend and holiday, then we want you to apply! Stop in and pick up an application at LivingLinks 1230 N. River Dr., Mankato, or download at If you have any questions, call Kimberley at 507-345-7458.

Call to learn more! 507-387-5620


Into a New Job! Production Positions Start Immediately $11.00+ per hour starting • All Shifts Many opportunities for direct hire!

113 North Main St., Le Sueur, MN 56058 (507) 665-3720 •(888) 665-3720 "Call Our People For Your People"

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October 1, 2013  

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