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Thursday, August 25, 2011T

Thursday, August 25, 2011


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a m g Si a m g i S a m g Si

Alpha Alpha Chi Omega

Goi ng Greek

Gamma Phi Beta

Alpha Sigma Sorority recruitment to begin this weekend


staff writer

For those students searching for community service opportunities, leadership experience, academic success and lifelong friends, going through formal sorority recruitment may be exactly what they’ve been looking for. Recruitment Weekend for Minnesota State University, Mankato’s four sororities begins today. Alpha Sigma Alpha, Alpha Chi Omega, Gamma Phi Beta and Sigma Sigma Sigma will be opening their doors to find the newest members of their chapters. During the recruitment period, a few women from each chapter disaffiliate from their sorority in order to provide unbiased guidance to potential sorority members entering the recruitment process. These women are recruitment counselors or Pi Rho Chi’s. After speaking to members of the four sororities on campus, it is

easy to see how they believe their experiences have been beneficial. “I think one of the best reasons is for the sisterhood and sense of belonging,” said sophomore member of Alpha Chi Omega, Amber LaValle. “I came to school here knowing no one and this was a great way for me to get involved on campus and meet new people.” In addition to the leadership opportunities and campus involvement, potential members can look forward to a feeling of belonging in which ever sorority they choose. “Sororities offer so many things, ranging from campus involvement to philanthropy events, but the one thing that sets us apart from other student organizations is our sisterhood,” said Pi Rho Chi and Panhellenic Vice President of Recruitment, Abby Ellis. “Being in a sorority is finding a place to belong and people to count on, not only during your time on campus but for life.” While movies and TV

shows stereotype sorority women, the women in MSU’s four sororities are nothing like their television counterparts. There is no clear definition of what a woman needs to be like in order to join a sorority. “I never thought I would join a sorority! I fish and four wheel and shoot guns. I thought there was no way I would get along with a room full of ‘sorority girls.’ Finally my suit mate convinced me to go to a bonfire hosted by the chapter and in one hour I fell in love with Greek Life,” Ellis said. The best idea for women interested in joining a sorority is to experiment with Greek Life to see if it’s the right fit. “If you don’t see yourself as a ‘sorority girl’ just go and give Greek Life a shot,” said senior member of Sigma Sigma Sigma, Christina Miller. “You will never know unless you try, and chances are that you will be pleasantly surprised by what you find.” Thursday evening marks the Sorority Social where women can meet all four chapters with a no commitment atmosphere.

Representatives from the chapters will be present to assist potential new members with questions and concerns. Friday begins the official recruitment process where

appropriate decision. “Going from chapter to chapter will feel very intimidating at first but just remember we have all gone through it and we are happy

I fish and four-wheel and shoot guns. I thought there was no way I would get along with a room full of ‘sorority girls’” — Abby Ellis women will visit all four chapters and from there decide who they will continue to visit for the rest of the weekend. “Be open to meeting all four chapters and focus on finding out about what makes each chapter special and what each chapter actually does and stands for,” Miller said. “Ask questions and find out the reasons why the sorority members chose the sorority they did.” While the process may feel forced and awkward at first, students should relax and focus on gaining all the info necessary to make an

to meet you,” said Gamma Phi Beta sophomore, Kelsey Kraft. “Focus on getting to know as much as you can about each chapter and you will find your perfect fit. Most of all just remember to be yourself.” Interested students should meet in Ostrander Auditorium at 5 p.m. on Friday to begin the process. The attire is casual. For more information about recruitment or any one of the four sororities on campus, visit www.maverickgreeks. com or email Abby Ellis at

Office of Alumni Relations

Welcomes Students to the Campus and Community Fair OPEN:


M-Th: 10am-Midnight F-Sat: 10am-3am Sun: 10am-10pm




Must show student ID

Student Appreciation Day

507.345.4444 Order Online

WEDNesday, AUGUST 31, 2011 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. • Myers Field House

Students: Show your Mav Card for a free Maverick Pride t-shirt! Compliments of the Alumni Association Offer good while supplies last.

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Michigan court bars sale of marijuana DETROIT (AP) — Medical marijuana cannot be sold through private shops, the Michigan appeals court said Wednesday in a major decision that strikes at businesses trying to cash in on pot and cuts off a source for people with chronic ailments. A three-judge panel said the 2008 medical marijuana law, as well as the state’s public health code, does not allow people to sell pot to each other, even if they’re among the 99,500 who have state-issued marijuana cards. The court said Compassionate Apothecary in Mount Pleasant, Mich., can be immediately shut down as a “public nuisance.” The 3-0 decision means local authorities can pursue similar businesses, estimated at 200 to 300, in their communities. It was not immediately clear whether they would, but state Attorney General Bill Schuette said he’s notifying all 83 county prosecutors. “This ruling is a huge victory for public safety and Michigan communities struggling with an invasion of pot shops near their schools, homes and churches,” Schuette said in a statement. “The court echoed the concerns of law enforcement, clarifying that this law is narrowly focused to help the seriously ill, not the creation of a marijuana free-for-all.” Of course, not everyone shares that view. Chuck Ream, president of an Ann Arbor shop, called the ruling an “assault on democracy” nearly three years after voters approved marijuana as a way to relieve pain or other medical problems. He estimates that one-third of people with marijuana cards get pot through dispensaries, with others growing their own or getting it through a registered caregiver. “If they want wheelchairs chained to every door at the Capitol, if they want to fight about this — oh, boy, they’ll have a fight,” said Ream of A2 Compassionate Healthcare. “There are a lot of people who don’t want to be drooling idiots on Oxycontin. They’ve found

a medicine that relieves their pain and makes them happy.” There is no dispute that the marijuana law makes no mention of dispensaries; it doesn’t even indicate how people should get their dope. It says people can possess up to 2.5 ounces of “usable” pot and keep up to 12 plants in a locked place. A caregiver also can provide marijuana. Compassionate Apothecary, and owners of the mid-Michigan company, claimed they weren’t doing anything illegal because the law allows the “delivery” and “transfer” of marijuana. The business allows its 345 members to sell marijuana to each other, with the owners taking as much as a 20 percent cut. In less than three months, Compassionate Apothecary earned $21,000 before expenses after opening in May 2010. “The ‘medical use’ of marijuana does not include patient-to-patient ‘sales’ of marijuana. Defendants, therefore, have no authority under the (law) to operate a marijuana dispensary that actively engages in and carries out patient-topatient sales,” said appeals court judges Joel Hoekstra, Christopher Murray and Cynthia Diane Stephens. Compassionate Apothecary attorney John Lewis said the shop was still in business Wednesday but likely not for long. “It’s unfortunate for patients who benefit from medical marijuana. It’s going to affect their access to an uninterrupted supply,” Lewis said. Ricky Lewis, 53, of Southgate said he’s relied on a Detroit-area dispensary to ease symptoms of glaucoma. He said he can’t afford to grow marijuana because lights add $300 to $400 to his monthly electricity bill. When people are compelled to buy marijuana on the street, “you may not get what you need; you may get robbed,” said Lewis, no relation to the attorney. Corrina Neff, a board member with the nonprofit Weidman Compassion Club in Isabella County, said the phone was ringing nonstop

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Thursday, August 25, 2011T

London still safe

Recent riots cause travel worry


staff writer

When the riots erupted in North London in early August, many were confused as to why or how they began. Through news sources and social media networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, students in Mankato and around the country started to piece together the details of the North London riots. Because of social programming cuts in the United Kingdom, riots spread like wild fire after a man was shot and killed by police. The department claimed the man, Mark Duggan, fired at them first. In the end, it turns out

that Duggan’s handgun was not loaded and, in retrospect, he did not fire any shots at police that day. After claiming to want nothing but answers, Duggan’s family demanded police to further investigate the death of the 29-yearold. A riot then broke out in Enfield, where more than 200 young men and women started fires, broke windows and caused considerable damage to shops, cars, restaurants and other buildings. It is said that the organization of the riots could have been formed via social networking sites, only further proving the

•web photo

strength of social media in our every day lives. Some UK politicians believe that, if social media didn’t start the riots, they definitely intensified the situation. Over 1,900 arrests were made with crimes ranging from looting to murder, with the majority being arrested for burglary, violent disorder and handling stolen goods. As a result of the riots and intense crime, 26 police officers were injured. While studying and traveling abroad this summer, Katie Schwartz spent time visiting London. “When we were there the riots were just starting. I

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THANK YOU to the 2011 stomper Move Crew Volunteers

2011 Move Crew Volunteers: - Admissions Staff - Alpha Chi Omega - Alpha Sigma Alpha - Alumni Association - Campus Recreation Staff - Career Development Staff - Circle K - Crossroads - Delta Chi - Economics Faculty - Gamma Phi Beta

- IMPACT - Intervarsity - Lambda Chi Alpha - Learning Community Coordinators - Learning Community Students - Marantha Christian Fellowship - Marketing Club - Men's Rugby - NRHH Executive Board

- PanHellenic Council - Phi Delta Theta - Phi Kappa Psi - Pre Pharmacy Club - PRSSA - Residence Hall Association Executuve Board - Sigma Chi - Sigma Sigma Sigma - Student Activities Staff - Student Health Services

Your involvement created an outstanding minnesota state mankato welcome for new students and their families. residential life wishes you a successful year!

Thursday, August 25, 2011


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Heritage fueled by spirituality American Indian event kicks of seren-gig-ity entertainment series

• submitted by Erinn Wilson, Director of American Indian Affiars MEGAN KADLEC

news editor

The Centennial Student Union’s Serendipity Entertainment Series began with a boom - of a drum that is. Norman Benson, a Mandan storyteller and

On December 26th, 1860, 38 Dakota Sioux were put to death after being arrested in an uprising. “The richness [of this culture] is in the spirituality. The spiritual part is that we’re still in

The spiritual part is that we’re still in operation. They didn’t kill our spirit” — Norm Benson

native dancer, performed on Wednesday morning in the Hearth Lounge as part of an American Indian Heritage event. Benson was joined on stage by drummers Joe White Hawk Sr. and Joe White Hawk Jr. - members of the Dakota Tribe.  Two 20-minute native dance demonstrations were included in the performance, as well as the opportunity for attendees to learn basic dance steps from Benson himself.  The event, co-sponsored by the CSU and the American Indian Affairs Office, hoped to bring light to Mankato’s rich American Indian heritage. 

1129 Cross Street North Mankato, MN

operation. They didn’t kill our spirit,” Benson said. Benson has taught drug and alcohol safety education for the past 15 years with the St. Paul public school system. In addition to teaching substance abuse safety, he believes in the importance of students knowing that, despite the fact that he is a Native American, he isn’t any different. “We are essentially the same as you,” Benson said. The CSU House of Serendipity recently reinvented itself and is now dedicated to providing students with “a pleasant surprise ‘round every corner.” With a new challenge in place, the

Midwest Auto Pro's (507) 388-6895

We Offer Frame & Auto Body Repair & Automotive Diagnostics All Models Including Foreign

• • • • •

Mike Zinke, Owner, CEO

Alignments Suspensions Transmissions Brakes Engines

House of Serendipity chose to reinstate its entertainment series. “The driving forces behind CSU sponsored events seek to invite, involve and inspire Minnesota State Mankato,” said CSU Communications Coordinator Leonard Koupal. “House of Serendipity programming that incorporates cultural diversity fits perfectly into those directives by providing the understanding and appreciation of different lifestyles, customs and cultures.” In addition to a new slew

of performers and musicians, the Serendipity Entertainment series also has a new name. “This year we’ve come up with a new, shortened name, for our performance series – Seren-GIG-ity – that continues where last year left off,” Koupal said. The Serendipity Entertainment Series will continue throughout the semester with weekly lunch break performances. Future performances hold their roots in Asian, Latin and Irish cultures and will range from belly dancing to traditional polkas.

“Other upcoming and tentative bookings include the Rain Dogs, the Pre-Apocalyptic Junkyard Orchestra, Greg Herriges, an extraordinary guitarist performing international style music with the aid of a tabla drum player, a mariachi style combo [and] an Oktoberfest-style polka band,” Koupal said. For students who missed this week’s performance, MSU student Lani Petrulo will be performing next Wednesday in the Flexible Programming Space located in the lower level of the CSU.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

GET INVOLVED WHILE YOU CAN One senior urges students to make the most out of their time as a Maverick. This whole college thing doesn’t last forever.

MADDIE GREENE | staff writer

I, like many on this campus, am just a normal college senior. I go to class, work too many hours to help pay for rent and school and enjoy time with my friends and family. So when this month rolled around, once again like many others, I wasn’t exactly enthusiastic about the beginning of the school year. Don’t get me wrong… I like school. I might even love

school but something about summer and the freedom that comes with it makes me eerie about stepping foot into the classroom. Slowly my calendar started to fill up and I realized that this is the last time I’ll be in Mankato for fall semester. An odd thought since it feels like just yesterday I was moving onto the fourth floor of McElroy H Hall and embarking on what I thought was going to be the most amazing journey of my life. So far, it’s been pretty great. I honestly can’t complain but I also can’t help but wonder if I’ve done everything possible to ensure that these have been the best four years of my life. I know that I haven’t always

by dillon petrowitz

“I am very happy and excited this semester since I am going to do an internship.”

Rahul Patel

Editor in Chief: Kyle Ratke (507) 389-5454 NEWS EDITOR: Megan Kadlec (507) 389-5450 sports editor: Lee Handel (507) 389-5227 Variety Co-EditorS: Brian Rosemeyer (507) 389-5157 photo editor: Wale Agboola

it’s time we all branched out a little. For the class of 2012, the real world is knocking on our front door. It is okay to be scared, it is okay to not know the answers right now. Might as well enjoy as much time as we can while we aren’t paying off our student loans and working big kid jobs that do not allow any time for naps or snack breaks. Here’s my challenge for you: Live up this year or if you’re a freshman, live up the next four (or five) years. Before you know it, we’ll be sitting on our front porch in a rocking chair telling our grandchildren about the times we walked to campus, in the snow, uphill… I don’t know about you, but I

want to look back fondly on the time I spent here in Mankato. Attend a few more sporting events, get all the free frisbees, pens and plastic cups as possible during campus fairs, participate in homecoming activities, volunteer, join an RSO or start a new one, go out and enjoy your time here. The more you get involved the more memories, experiences and friends you’ll have when you graduate. So here we go, MSU, ready or not. Time to shine and time to make your mark before it’s time to give up daily naps and endless hours of Jersey Shore marathons. You can follow Maddie on Twitter @ madelinesgreene.

“How has your first week of college been so far? Is there something you are looking forward to this semester or year?”

“My first week is going good. I am happy that I switched my major from electrical engineering to physics.”

Udit Kapur

graduate student manufacturing engineering tech.


done the right thing and have made plenty of mistakes. (I mean, come on, who hasn’t?) But I also know that I’ve gotten involved on campus, attended and worked hard in my classes (well most of them) and have enjoyed the times I’ve spent with some pretty amazing friends. It’s that time of the year again. You can completely start over and change your path. Or you can continue to blaze down the path you’ve been taking. I think that is the beauty of college. You don’t have to come back and do exactly what you’ve done the year before. There are endless opportunities and people to meet. Around every corner, a new experience is waiting for you. Maybe

junior physics

“It’s been pretty good after returning to school from a year and a half break.”

“So far it’s been good. I’m very optimistic and looking forward to meeting new people.”

Mike Wenisch

Clint Santo

sophomore automotive engineering

freshman international relations




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Thursday, August 25, 2011


Have fun, but don’t be an idiot In everyone’s first full weekend back together, fun times are to be had. Just make sure to be responsible while doing so.

By tomorrow, our first week of class will be done. Freshmen, you’ve probably been lost a few times. Seniors, you probably feel like you’re older than the sun right now. While it is nice to see the MSU campus packed, there are dangers that come with that. This weekend, friendships will be reunited and others will just be starting. The freshmen have had a week to get to know people that will be their friends for the next four years. Parties and drinking will happen. There’s no way around it, but there is a way to stay safe doing it. If you’re drinking this weekend, realize that there will be extra police on the roads along with foot patrol. Drunk driving and underage drinking will be a point of interest, as always. If you’re going to have

a drink, don’t drive. It’s as simple as that. If you’re not 21, the safest thing to do besides not drinking, is to be smart while doing so. Pay a few dollars for that taxi. If you’re at a party that seems packed and is at risk to get busted, leave. If you’re going to walk somewhere, make sure you’re not alone. And if you have to go to the bathroom, the middle of the Gage parking lot probably isn’t the best place to go. For the party holders, make sure you limit the number of people there. Make sure people are legal to drink. Remember, by hosting underagers at your house, you are eligible to receive a social host fine even if you’re 21 or older. We hope you have a good weekend, Mavericks. Make it a memorable one and we expect you’ll have a few drinks, but please be smart about it.


Reporter • Page 7

Kraft cuts US coffee prices NEW YORK (AP) — Kraft Foods Inc. is lowering coffee prices in the U.S. by about 6 percent, one week after J.M. Smucker Co. announced a similar reduction. Kraft said Tuesday that the price reduction covers its Maxwell House and Yuban brands and excludes Gevalia, Tassimo and the Maxwell House International line of specialty soluble beverages. The Kraft price cut translates to 20 cents per pound on roast and ground coffees and 2 cents per ounce on instant coffees. "We evaluate the various market factors and make our pricing decisions when we feel it's appropriate for

the business," spokeswoman Bridget MacConnell said. Smucker's price cut, also by about 6 percent, primarily affects its Dunkin' Donuts, Folgers and Folgers Gourmet Selections lines. Prices for coffee beans have soared in recent years in part because of growing demand and harsh weather. Those rising prices, along with higher fuel and packaging costs, prompted companies such as Smucker, Kraft, Starbucks Corp., Peet's Coffee and Tea Inc. and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc. to increase the prices that they were charging their customers. Prices for the beans are

starting to come down, allowing coffee makers to charge their customers less for roast, ground and instant coffee. Kraft, which is based in Northfield, Ill., is working on separating into two businesses. One would focus on international snack brands, and the other on its North American grocery business. The company reported earlier this month that its second-quarter earnings rose 4 percent and its revenue climbed 13 percent. Shares of Kraft, whose other brands include Oscar Meyer and Oreo, rose 12 cents to $33.67 in midday trading Tuesday.






Volunteers Wanted Mentors & Coaches

Girls on the Run is a 10-week after school program that uses the power of running to: • • • •

Prepare girls for a lifetime of self-respect and healthy living Build self-esteem Improve emotional and physical health Celebrate being girls

Volunteers guide and mentor girls through fun and uplifting curriculum. Together, the team trains to walk or run a 5K. Women and men are encouraged to apply. Volunteers do not need to be athletic to volunteer. Volunteers commit to 1 to 2 times per week for 10 weeks. Application deadline is September 2.

Application available at: or contact Sheri at 507-345-4629 or

• Free Internet/Cable TV • Pet Friendly • Walking distance from MSU • Pool/BBQ/Volleyball • $385 per person/room 744 James Avenue, Mankato, MN 56001 Call (507) 387-3771 Email:

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Thursday, August 25, 2011T

MSSA starts academic year with a laugh First meeting consists of introductions, announcements


news editor

With the first week of classes comes long days, late nights and for the students dedicating their time to MSSA, intense meetings. The meeting began with introductions of all the senators as well as an open forum where senators discussed MSSA’s relationship with IMPACT. President Matthew Lexcon and Vice President Moriah Miles both discussed their personal goals for the year, both realistic and intangible. Comments made ranged from information about open positions on campus to introductions of new individuals. The campus community is looking for a new Student Advisory Coordinator in the College of Arts and Humanities. Applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree as well as two years of experience working in the field of student relations. One of the issues discussed pertained to the five vacant seats in MSSA. The seats are in the residence halls McElroy and

Gage B tower as well as the Department of Allied Heath and Nursing and the office of graduate studies. The senate is also looking for a student to fill in their “undeclared” seat. Interested students are urged to contact the MSSA office immediately. After two weeks of advertisement, the vacant seats will be put to a vote. Towards the end of the meeting, the senators stepped out of the large conference room in order to take a break, laugh and learn a lesson or two from Associate Director of Student Activities Gregory Wilkins. When the breakout session began, Wilkins began teaching some hesitant students simple little tune with overly complicated hand gestures. At first the lesson seemed silly, but as the session progressed, the students stepped outside of their comfort zones to do some odd motions. At the end of the activity, Wilkins explained why he made the students do this, making their frivolous game into a learning experience. He described that sometimes

wale agboola• msu reporter Associate Director of Student Activities Gregory Wilkins, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Senator Michael Do and MSSA President Matthew Lexcon participate in some interesting leadership activities at MSSA’s first meeting.

you have to be silly in order to make friends and gain notoriety. He claimed that just like they made mistakes in the song, they were going to make mistakes in their positions. “Life just happens sometimes, and you have

to roll with the punches,” Wilkins said. The meeting was short, sweet and to the point. Overall, it was a solid introductory meeting aimed at making the new senators feel comfortable in their new positions and making

veterans aware of this year’s goals and expectations. “We’ll go into the business next week. I didn’t want to start out the year with business, business, business. I wanted us all to have a little fun,” Lexcon said.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


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MARIJUANA “We’re going to do RIOTS Insurance claims will cost the taxpayers of the everything we can to comply with the United Kingdom more than 160 million dollars. law, but I just can’t say no to people continued from 4 who are really suffering” continued from 4 Wednesday from people “freaking out, panicking, wondering where they’re supposed to get their meds from.” “We’re going to do everything we can to comply with the law, but I just can’t say no to people who are really suffering,” Neff said. “So I’m probably just going to give it to them for free and I’ll have to offset my costs somewhere else.” Just this week, an ordinance took effect in Ann Arbor, a liberal college town, to license dispensaries. Many already operate there. “How this works will have to be reviewed” because of the court ruling, city attorney Stephen Postema said. Nick Tennant, who advises marijuana users at a Detroit-area trade school called Med Grow Cannabis College, said he wasn’t surprised by the decision. Opening a shop, he said,

was “extremely risky.” “Our law gives no specific guidelines to the operation of dispensaries — nothing. Other states do. Look at Colorado,” Tennant said. Indeed, medical marijuana is more than 10 years old in Colorado. On July 1, dozens of rules took effect there allowing and regulating the sale of pot at commercial businesses. Sixteen states and the District of Columbia allow the medical use of marijuana. It was the first time the Michigan appeals court has ruled in a case involving medical pot sales. The state Supreme Court, meanwhile, has agreed to hear appeals on other aspects of the medical marijuana law. “This law was poorly crafted, poorly written, and there have been some unintended consequences,” Schuette, the attorney general, told The Associated Press.

didn’t see any rioting but there were protesters camped outside of Parliament,” Schwartz said. Looting has been the main culprit behind arrests, and there was a large amount of personal property destroyed from the riots. Insurance claims will cost the taxpayers

of the United Kingdom more than 160 million dollars. “We did see a motorcycle on fire but I think I’m the only one who thinks there may be a connection to rioting because from what I’ve read they are starting random things on fire and destroying innocent people’s

WELCOME BACK STUDENTS! Bar & Eatery • 424 Front Street Downtown Entertainment District • 386-1700

property,” Schwartz said. “Since London is a big city, we heard a lot of fire trucks and cop cars.” As many students begin to make future travel plans, they wonder if London is a safe city to visit. “I felt very safe in London and once the rioting dies


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Where to Worship

Thursday, August 25, 2011 T

WHERE TO WORSHIP SERVICE TIMES: Sunday: 8:30 am.... Family 9:45 am.... Traditional 11:00 am... Contemporary

All Sacred Pathways Honored!

114 Pohl Rd, Mankato 507-386-1242

- Worship 10:00 a.m. 2nd Sunday every month - Salon Discussion 10:00 a.m. 3rd Sunday every month - Metaphysical/Spiritual Guidance & Counseling

- Excellent Bible-based teaching - Choice of music styles: - Contemporary includes full band playing relevant worship songs - Traditional includes organ and hymns

1250 Monks Avenue - 345-4011 On the corner of Monks Avenue and Balcerzak Drive. Close walking distance from MSU! Give Bethel a try and see if it can be your 'church home away from home'! Come - just as you are - now is the time to worship.

WORSHIP ON SUNDAYS 9:30 am (through Sept. 11th) 8 & 10:30 am (after Sept. 11th)

EVENING PRAYER Tues. & Thurs. 5:30 pm

r us o f k o o L ! at Pride

Energizer Wednesday Free Dinner Worship


With Holy Communion


Small groups formed at times you can meet




Free Yoga Class 12:00-12:45pm


329 Ellis Avenue (kitty-corner from McElroy residence hall)

Facebook: Campus Lutheran Chapel-Mankato

Made For More?

Lunch 4 a Buck 11:00am-1:00pm

St. Thomas More Catholic Newman Center


Sunday Mass

Worship at 8pm


Meal at 6:30pm GroupLife Bible Study & Discussion at 7pm Campus Pastor: Rev. Tammy Dahlvang


7 pm in Centennial Student Union Every Sunday & Wednesday, Room 201

Maranatha Christian Fellowship

302 Warren Street 507-389-1969

6:00 pm 7:00 pm

Join us for worship, prayer, fellowship, and life-transforming Bibical teaching.

7:00 & 9:00 p.m. Ostrander Auditorium

Plus... Bible Study, Daily Mass, Adoration, RCIA, Retreats, Counseling and more.

Catholic Mavs

For more information contact Johnathan at

Hosanna Lutheran Church Services: Saturday: 5:30 pm contemporary Sunday: 8:00 am traditional 9:30 am contemporary 11:00 am contemporary Wednesday: 7:00 pm contemporary Young Life Support (YLS) times: Wednesday: 5:45 pm with dinner served at 5:00 pm Sunday: 9:30 am

105 Hosanna Dr. Mankato (507) 388-1766

FALL EVENTS Friday August 26th BBQ @ 6pm Chamberlains (168 Swan Lane) WEDNESday August 31st NAV NITE @ 6pm CSU 253 Large group worship know Christ and make him known. @MSU-MANKATO CONNECT•GROW•WORSHIP

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Reporter • Page 11

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Save BIG BUCK$ and ensure gas hikes won’t affect your pocketbook.

Buy your Semester Bus Pass TOP FIVE REASONS TO BUY A BUS PASS: 1) Free pizza cutter with the purchase of a semester bus pass!

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2) Avoid parking hassles and expensive parking permits! 3) Convenient service designed to get you to class on time. 4) Buses provide a quick, comfortable ride during inclement weather. 5) All bus passes are available on-line at


$45 Unlimited Ride Semester U-Pass or $16 Unlimited Ride 30-Day U-Pass Any U-Pass ALLOWS OWNER

FREE PASSAGE on all city routes

THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY STOMPER EXPRESS Free night bus service between Minnesota State University, Mankato, WalMart & River Hills Mall (with valid MavCARD)

Bus Passes are Inexpensive & can be purchased On-line at MNSU.EDU/PARKING, or at the Cashier's office (located in the wigley administration center). For bus route or schedule info visit: or


Report: Rick Adelman has met with Minnesota Timberwolves GM David Kahn about the team’s vacant head coaching position.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Picking Up The Pieces:

The 2011 Minnesota Twins From the numerous and somewhat head-scratching injuries to the brutal pitching of the starters and bullpen to the struggles of new shortstop Tsyoshi Nishioka, much has been made of the negatives of the ballclub this season. But what are some bright spots looking forward?

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LEE HANDEL | sports editor

It’s been a very disappointing season for the Minnesota Twins to say the least. What began as another quest to square off against the New York Yankees in the first round of the playoffs has turned into a complete disaster. Target Field continues to sell out, only to see a makeshift lineup fail to score enough runs to support a pitching staff that has yet to find any sort of a groove in 2011. Injuries have forced manager Ron Gardenhire to go with a bunch of untested rookies and the opening day lineup has been missing since Opening Day. Many stories have been written about what went wrong with the team, but what went right? First off, the Twins finally figured out which pending free agent they should re-sign. That man is Mr. Everything Michael Cuddyer. While M&M Boys Joe Mauer

and Justin Morneau were on the disabled list with their various ailments, Cuddyer was in the lineup every day no matter how he felt. He has also proven to be invaluable out on the diamond and has logged innings at multiple positions, including one as the pitcher. With Delmon Young being dealt to Detroit last week and Denard Span being shopped by the organization, it appears general manager Bill Smith has made retaining Cuddyer his top priority come the offseason. In his tenth year in the big leagues, Cuddyer has hit .295 with a team-leading 18 home runs and 61 runs batted in, and was named to his first All-Star Game back in July. With just over a month left in the season, fans that come to Target Field can rest assured that Cuddyer at least will be trying to give them their money’s worth night in and night out through game 162.

Which brings us to another one of the few bright spots: outfielder Ben Revere. Revere has been a human highlight reel ever since the Twins called him up from Rochester earlier this summer. There are some things that Revere simply cannot do well, like hit home runs. But what he has brought to the team and its fan base has been a breath of fresh air amidst a dismal and trying season. He is the only player on the team who can regularly steal a base, leading all MLB rookies with 23. Revere also might be the only player on the team that can advance two bases on another player’s single. The speedy outfielder also routinely makes an appearance on Sportscenter’s Top 10 Plays for his jaw-dropping catches, and has even made the list once or twice for his exciting baserunning. He made a catch earlier this week against the Orioles

that is being called by some the defensive play of the year. With a smile that reminds fans of the late Kirby Puckett and an approach at the plate perfect for a leadoff hitter, Revere should be in the outfield mix for the Twins for years to come. Once his t-shirt jerseys hit stores, you can bet Twins fans will scarf them up at a rapid rate. Looking at the pitching staff, reliever Glen Perkins is the only player that has truly over-performed this season. In a league dominated by strikeout pithers, Perkins is the only Twins pitcher who can throw 95-plus miles per hour and opposing hitters have figured that out the hard way this season. After appearing to be on his way out of the organization a year ago, Perkins has taken a move to the bullpen and run with it. He is currently the team’s set-up man, and could capably step into the closer’s

role should the team decide not to bring back veterans Matt Capps and Joe Nathan. Perkins has a team-leading 16 holds and a miniscule 2.29 earned run average, with 56 strikeouts in just 51 innings pitched. With the rest of the bullpen in disarray, Perkins is in good shape moving ahead into next year. These three players are not the only things the Twins have going for them. Morneau and outfielder Jason Kubel should be back to full strength next spring. Third baseman Danny Valencia, starting pitcher Scott Baker and middle infielder Alexi Casilla also showed flashes of brilliance that gives the team some hope for next season. If the organization can figure out the Mauer situation, both where to play him in the field and how to keep him on it, the Twins should bounce back and contend next season.

For complete coverage of msu’s fall sports teams and a look inside where current twin jim thome may be heading, see pages 14-16

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Mavericks looking to overachieve this time around

After its exhibition games wrap up, MSU has some golden opportunities on the schedule.


staff writer

It’s evident that not all the players on the women’s soccer team were satisfied with how last season ended, but that won’t discourage them from coming out and playing in top form this year. The players took this offseason to evaluate what they need to do to put them over the top and compete against the best of the best. From working to be in the best shape of their lives, to playing soccer matches during the summer, there is no question these players are determined. Head coach Peter McGahey agreed some games were left on the table, but he knows his team will come to practice ready to go and make this season memorable. “The most exciting thing is now we have the opportunity to grow and get better as a team and create those new memories,” said McGahey. The team realized that by being in top shape by the time practice starts, they wouldn’t have to take a good chunk of practice just to condition. Senior forward Sarah Schellinger realized that last spring and wanted the team to take advantage of the offseason to be in good shape. Schellinger had two assists and started every game last season. “We talked in the spring before we left for the summer about the importance of our fitness level coming into the 2011 season,” said Schellinger. “We didn’t want to waste any time getting back in shape, so we trained hard over the summer by following a detailed workout schedule and playing as much as we could. Our schedule was more personalized to individual strengths and weaknesses, thanks to our new heart rate monitors, so when we got back into things this August, we’d be ready to go.” The team will have some difficult matches to start this season, but as the saying goes: To be the best, you have to beat the best. The quote actually fits, because they play the No. 1 ranked team in the country, Grand Valley State, on Sept. 4th. The players are excited to play Grand Valley, just like every other game. Their mentality is that their most important game of the season is the next one, and teams have to have that mentality to compete in

wale agboola • msu reporter Sarah Schellinger and the Mavericks are looking for some upsets that dodged them last year.

the Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference. Forwards Schellinger and Brittany Henry agree. “We are really excited to play Grand Valley, who is No. 1 in the nation,” Henry said. “Also, Winona is one of our biggest rivals, and since I have played here we have yet to beat them.” “We have some tough games right off the bat like Grand Valley, Metro State and Regis that we are excited about,” Schellinger said. “By winning big games in the beginning of the season, it would help to solidify our place in the conference and increase our confidence. Every game is a big one and our number one goal this season is to be 1-0 after each game, including the last game of the season.” The team has been working hard this offseason, and they can’t wait to play their most important game, the next one, an exhibition match today at 4 p.m. against St. Olaf at The Pitch behind Gage.

Thursday, August 25, 2011T Volleyball

Amundson has seen it all, likes this year’s athletes

From the Tommies leads us to his current stop, Minnesota State, Mankato, where in his seventh season he Like the old has led the Mavericks Johnny Cash song, to a 114-64 record. This head volleyball coach goes along nicely with Dennis Amundson his four NCAA tournahas almost been ment appearances with everywhere, both at the Mavericks. every level and in As for the 2011 seaevery sport. Dennis Amundson son, Amundson again “It was always has high hopes for his the next thing I was squad. interested in,” Amundson ex“We had a significant plained about the time he had offseason. They have returned at other schools and programs. credibly better than last year, Amundson began his and the freshmen are all adoptcoaching tenure at Saint Paul ing well, my team’s on the Harding High School when he floor,” Amundson said in a took over as volleyball coach “Hoosiers”-like statement. in 1977. He led the Knights to The current Mavericks are three state tournament appearled by two seniors this season ances during his time there. in setter Brittany Stamer and He also had his hands defensive specialist Alli Rice. full with a few other sports “They’re great, great leadwhile at Harding. Amundson ers on and off the court,” said coached football, baseball, Amundson. “They have really girl’s basketball, wrestling, responded well to being the track and field and peewee oldest players on the team.” hockey. He also led the MosBig things are expected quito Coast Junior Olympic from the two seniors, but squad throughout his high Amundson also believes junior school coaching tenure. outside hitter Chelsea Fogarty Amundson was then a will make an impact this year. volunteer assistant coach for “Chelsea has worked really the University of Minnesota’s hard in the offseason, I really volleyball team from 1996think she’s going to surprise 2003. During that time, the people this year,” he said. Gophers appeared in seven Fogarty, who is trying to NCAA tournaments, a Big Ten get back onto the All-Contitle game and a Final Four. ference team she was on two It was from there he moved years ago, will be relied on a few miles down the road to heavily on the offensive side the University of St. Thomas of the ball. Five freshmen to be an assistant coach on its


staff writer

volleyball squad.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011


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Nebraska-Omaha transfers are making an impact early on Quarterback Jon Daniels, linebacker Marcus Hall-Oliver and safeties Nathan Hancock and Jordan Hale all figure to see extended playing time this season. TIGE HUTCHESON

staff writer

With two weeks of practice officially in the books, head coach Todd Hoffner and his staff released their first draft of the team’s two-deep depth chart yesterday. And while there’s still way too much time left before the season starts to make it “official” quite yet, one thing is certain: There are a lot of new guys expected to receive heavy playing time this season. “There’s definitely a lot of new faces but everyone seems to fit in and everyone gets along,” said returning wide receiver Adam Thielen. “We’ve got great spirit on the field and in the locker room.” Before the season, the Minnesota State University, Mankato football team picked up a number of players when the University of NebraskaOmaha abandoned their football program in transition to Division I athletics. Many of those transfers didn’t waste any time and are already making a big impact. One transfer that has earned rave reviews from Hoffner is linebacker Marcus Hall-Oliver, a transfer from UNO that has already emerged as a leader and is expected to be MSU’s


join the team as well this year, but Amundson knows already you cannot judge a book by its cover. “They are reasonably well, but we need to wait to see how they’re going to do during actual play,” Amundson said. Everything looks in place for the Mavericks to return a strong team, but even Amund-

starting linebacker. “From what we’ve seen so far, Marcus [Hall-Oliver] has the potential to be a very special football player….He seems to be a playmaker that is all about the team and has been a team leader, so we’re very excited about Marcus,” said Hoffner. Hall-Oliver found out early on what it’s like trying to be a leader in a new situation. “It’s definitely hard anytime you go to a new place,” said Hall-Oliver. “The biggest thing that has helped me has been being here all summer forming a bond with my teammates and getting to know them a lot better, but once I got that and we got into camp I knew all of the guys and I was able to just start being me.” Two other former UNO Mavericks turned MSU Mavericks that have turned heads early on are free safety Nathan Hancock and strong safety Jordan Hale, who look to be key pieces in MSU’s secondary. “Both of those guys are pretty exciting. Both of them are very good playmakers and have great coverage ability,” said Hoffner. One final UNO transfer, senior Jon Daniels, has been impressive in camp and has made a strong case to be

continued from 14

son knows the NSIC will be tough. “Everyone is better conference-wise, the competition is great and personally I love playing a good volleyball team every weekend,” he said. In the end, the whole volleyball squad, coaching staff and campus is excited for this season’s team.

MSU’s starting quarterback this season, but Hoffner warns that the job of starting quarterback is still very much up for grabs. “Daniels started some games at [University of NebraskaOmaha] in the past and he’s a very good quarterback, and Jon Wolf is very similar in his talents and abilities. Both of them are great football players,” said Hoffner. “If we had to play today, Daniels would more than likely be our guy [at starting quarterback], but we still have seven or eight practices to go before we actually have to decide on our starting lineup, so we can have all of the projections that we want but both guys are going to have to continue to work hard because it’s a very tight race.” Despite all of the new faces, the Northern Michigan Wildcats are waiting just around the corner, and there isn’t much time left to make the transition. But the transition will come, and according to Marcus HallOliver, the trip to Marquette, Michigan, is the only thing the team is concerning themselves with right now. “We’ve been keeping a pretty steady pace trying to get ready for our first game. We’ve really been doing a good job of staying focused during practice and just running our game plan and getting ready for Northern Michigan,“ he said.

wale agboola • msu reporter Redshirt freshman Coby Makela (99) engages sophomore Drew Schaeppi (92) in team drills on Wednesday afternoon. Numerous positions are up for grabs on this season’s squad.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pro Sports

Is Jim Thome on the move?

Just 10 days removed from hitting home run No. 600 as a Twin, Thome may be headed to a former team for the stretch run.



At the time I’m writing this, where Jim Thome will end up is still a mystery. We do know he won’t be a Minnesota Twin for very much longer, though. Just days after hitting homerun No. 600, Thome has been put on waivers by the Twins. If one would ask the slugger where he thought he’d be on this day a year ago, chances are he’d say in the 600 club and making a run for the postseason. Being on the waiver wire probably didn’t make the list. But, for maybe the first time over the last season, the Twins may have actually made an alright move. For a team that overpaid for a mystery shortstop who has an awkward mullet, failed to get an ace, didn’t buy or sell at the trade deadline and traded a player with over 100 RBI last season to a division rival for a minor leaguer with an ERA north of six-- putting the future hall of famer on waivers was a smart move. Currently, the two teams that seem the most interested in Thome are the Chicago White Sox (out of playoff contention, doesn’t really make much sense) or the Philadelphia Phillies. Thome does have a no-trade clause, so he could turn down any offer. For a guy who has been a class act his whole career, saying no to the White Sox is something that he has earned. Heading to the Phillies would be a storybook ending to Thome’s career if Philadelphia can make a run at the World

Series, which seems pretty likely. Here are two factors that should be on the mind of Thome when making his decision:

World Series Thome came to the Twins in 2010 because he believed it was his best chance to contribute and win a World Series. Well, Bill Smith and the injury bug ruined that dream with the Twins, but there’s still a chance elsewhere. For a guy who’s been to the World Series in 1995 and 1997 and came up empty-handed, he’s itching to earn that ring, which seems to be the missing link between him being a Hall of Famer and first ballet Hall of Famer. (This shouldn’t be an issue. The guy has hit 600 bombs. He’s one of eight players and three of the eight have used steroids. The biggest question is whether or not the designated hitter should be allowed in. Guess what MLB? You can’t penalize a player for playing a position you created.)

Charlie Manuel Manuel was Thome’s manager in Cleveland. He was also with him in Philadelphia from 2003-05. While watching Thome’s press conference after No. 600, tears built up in his eyes when talking about Manuel, saying he was “like a father.” What would be better than to go back to the manager who started it all? “Jim Thome – a lumberjack



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of a man. A heart full of gold and beef jerky. The summer of 2011, he hit No. 600, was reunited with a father figure and won his first World Series ring. The Man, The Hitter, The Legend: The Jim Thome Story. Hitting theaters in the spring of 2012.” This is starting to sound like an HBO documentary. Can we get Morgan Freeman’s voice?! No?! Okay, fine. We’ll settle for Paul Allen. Thome deserves this. He deserves to go to a team that has a chance to win a title. It seems perfect and hopefully he makes the decision that gives him the best chance. We enjoyed him in Minnesota. He gave us No. 600, plenty of deep bombs and a classic cover of Sports Illustrated. We applaud him. Now it’s time for him to be a little selfish. Go win that ring, Jim. You deserve it.

web photo Placed on trade waivers by the Twins on Monday, Thome could end up back in Philadelphia if the Indians and White Sox pass on him.

MLB’s 600 Home Run Club

1. Barry Bonds 762 2. Hank Aaron 755 3. Babe Ruth 714 4. Willie Mays 660

5. Ken Griffey Jr. 630 6. Alex Rodriguex 626 7. Sammy Sosa 609 8. Jim Thome 601


Thursday, August 25, 2011




staff writer

HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HaLLOWS; PART II One thing that was most notable about the first part of the Deathly Hallows films, the grand concluding chapters in the Harry Patter saga, was that for maybe the first time in the series, the three young stars (Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson) were able to hold their own dramatically with their far older and more experienced co-stars. Despite a script that lacked tact, and direction which made strong work on the eye but did little to aid the acting, the trio at the heart of the Potter franchise began to connect as a unit. The darkness which surrounded the universe was consuming and grand, and the audience could feel for them. With Part Two, the darkness is still present, and the acting is still passable, but it seems director David Yates lost whatever sense of humanity he’d found in his subject matter. The action is, for the most part, swift and distracting, and the special effects are tremendous. But for fans of the series, especially for fans of the books, Deathly Hallows is by far the darkest, most tragic story J.K. Rowling penned, with grief and loss dripping from every turn, making hope for Potter and his companions more and more distant, until, at the last, truly staggering battle of good and evil, there is triumph, there is beauty, there is a sense of deaths avenged and lives earned. In film form, Deathly Hallows is limp, unmoving, too focused on blockbuster entertainment (flash with a pinch of comic relief in every scene) to care about what could be a truly gripping narrative.

SUPER 8 Coming from two of the most respected directors of sci-fi films today, Super 8 created a great deal of anticipation as it thundered into theaters in May, and it did not disappoint. A thrilling and poignant tale of being a kid in the midst of great turmoil, here taking the forms of a mother’s death and a mysterious train accident, Super 8 perfectly captures an emotional and historical moment and tells a great story along the way. Director J.J. Abrams, along with producer Stephen Spielberg, had a unique challenge, attempting to make a film as much about adolescence as its mystery without being corny or childish. The only way it could work is with a stellar group of child actors, and Super 8 succeeds for exactly that reason. Joel Courtney, as the lead character, is spoton, and his romance with

the surprising Elle Fanning (younger sister of Dakota) is both captivating and heartfelt. The two have a tremendous chemistry, and the other kids work for their, admittedly cliched, purposes. This isn’t to discount the adults, who handle some complicated, potentially hackneyed material with grace, particularly Kyle Chandler, playing Courtney’s grieving father. The themes of letting go and togetherness are best understood in his scenes with his on-screen son, and the two interact in a way that’s realistically earnest. Super 8 is an excellent film for reminiscing about childhood as much as it is for experiencing a wonderfully understated sci-fi mystery. With such heavyweights at the helm, it should come as no surprise, but whether or not it’s expected, it’s still nice to see such a moving and fun film.

BRIDESMAIDS Many have compared Bridesmaids to past raunchy summer hit, The Hangover. And as an R-rated raunchy ensemble comedy, it bears some similarities, most notably the role of the idiot savant, overweight friend, in this case played hilariously by Megan McCarthy. Beyond minor comparisons, however, Bridesmaids stands apart from its male counterpart, and even outshines it. Kristen Wiig delivers a surprisingly subdued and very relatable performance in the starring role, as the friend of the soon-tobe-wed Lillian, played by Maya Rudolph. The film’s best moments come when these two real-life pals are able to screw around for the camera, and their chemistry is the heart and soul of the comedy. But Wiig and Rudolph are hardly the only winners here; Chris O’Dowd squirms into the hearts of the audience as the male love interest who is both cute and a little odd, and Rose Byrne lends power to an uncharacteristic comedic turn. Jon Hamm, even in a small role as Wiig’s conceited booty call, charms up the screen even as he disgusts the viewer. The film’s capacity for subtlety is at times thin. If you like slapstick and gross-out humor, there’s plenty here for you. The script, which

FILM / page 20

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Thursday, August 25, 2011T

K ri st i na S ays ... KRISTINA MORITZ

staff writer

With every new decade, there is an abundance of trends that are certain to follow. Some remain popular for years, while others disappear quickly. Fads can be related to fashion, technology, health habits or items that stir about collecting frenzies. As a 90s child, I can recall many trends that were introduced during that decade. There was the overwhelming success of the little stuffed bears called “Beanie Babies.” After the Beanie Babies came the “What would Jesus do?” bracelets. Then there were the AOL chat rooms. If we rewind to the generation in which most of our parents lived, we would find photos of individuals wearing big baggy shirts and rocking the “unkept” hair look. These former trends are vague and mysterious to the common individual today. In replacement of the things of the past, we find ourselves with new technology and fashion developments in our hands. Common items are iPods, YouTube videos, oversized sunglasses, flash mobs, Botox, skinny jeans and…feather hair extensions? Feather extensions have been around for quite some time. This “edgy” and “wild” trend began with rock band Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, who has been wearing feathers in his hair for years. Rapper Ke$ha began wearing hair feathers this year. Out of all the trends I have seen over the past years, I would have to say feathers in the hair is by far the most bizarre. Why people enjoy walking around looking like they have been wrestling with a roaster is something I can’t seem to “wrap my hair around.” I personally have no desire to resemble a little critter with wings, even if it was a cute critter like Big Bird from Sesame Street, which was also a popular television show of the past. Opinions set aside; the trend is a popular one that will probably remain in fashion for quite some time. Those interested in feather extensions will need to fork up $30 to $50 for a pack of three individual feathers. The length, color and density of the feathers all determine how much they ultimately cost. Also, in order to rock the bird look, you will need to have the feathers weaved in by a professional. Similarly, a trend stemming from hair feathers is colorful hair tinsel. This fashion involves weaving thin strands of shiny metallic tinsel in the hair just as the feathers are. An advantage of “tinseling your tresses” compared to “fluttering your feathers” is that it is cheaper. The “bling strings” cost $4 to $7 a pack. Overall, the feather and tinsel are versatile accessories that allow women to experiment with their hair without damaging it with dyes. So friends, flutter and sparkle if you must but I will not be joining you in tinsel town or the bird cage.

• web photo A rising trend among young women, feathers in one’s hair doesn’t appeal to all, but has made an impact on pop culture.

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Reporter • Page 19

TIDBITS FROM THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY LONDON (AP) — Amy Winehouse is still hitting music milestones after her untimely death last month. Britain’s Official Charts Company says Winehouse’s Grammyaward winning “Back to Black” has become the best-selling album in the U.K. in the 21st century. The company, which tracks music sales in the U.K., said Wednesday that “Back to Black” overtook James Blunt’s 2005 debut album to claim the title this week. Winehouse’s second album had jumped to the No. 1 spot on the charts shortly after the soul singer was found dead in her London town house on July 23. An initial post-mortem failed to determine cause of death, and Winehouse’s family said Tuesday that toxicology tests showed she had no illegal drugs in her system when she died. An inquest into Winehouse’s death begins in October.

JERUSALEM (AP) — Former Fox TV personality Glenn Beck capped a contentious visit to Israel Wednesday by hosting a rally next to a hotly disputed holy site in Jerusalem’s Old City. Hundreds of supporters, including Israeli politicians, were on hand to hear the commentator in the final leg of his “Restoring Courage” tour of the Holy Land. A small group of protesters held banners saying “Glenn Beck, go home.” Beck’s unabashedly pro-Israel, anti-Muslim rhetoric has endeared him to some on Israel’s far-right. But religious figures and left-wing politicians have come together in an unusual alliance appealing to Israelis to shun his embrace. Religious Jews are worried he is here to spread the Christian gospel, while dovish Israelis reject Beck’s support for West Bank Jewish settlements and his criticism of peace efforts. Wednesday’s rally was held next to the compound known to Jews as the Temple Mount and to Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary. Last month, Beck, who is Mormon, was hosted at the Israeli parliament and received several rounds of applause when he encouraged lawmakers to “stop playing the game” of mainstream media and “speak the truth” about Israel and its adversaries. Likud lawmaker Danny Danon called Beck a true friend of Israel who reflected the strong bond between American Christians and Israel. “We are proud of this relationship and not embarrassed by it,” he said. “Anyone who supports Israel is such a brave way must be supported.”

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ATLANTA (AP) — While Terrell Owens waits for an NFL team to contact him, the 15-year veteran wide receiver has focused his attention toward an acting career. Owens, who tore his anterior cruciate ligament and had surgery in early April, was filming an episode of the USA sitcom “Necessary Roughness” on Wednesday at the Georgia Dome. He says his knee is a couple months away from being completely healed and though no team has contacted him, he still expects to play this season. The 37-year-old Owens says he is not worried about the skeptics who wonder if can still be a major NFL contributor. He says he is capable of making plays on the field, pointing out the 983 yards and nine touchdowns he had with the Cincinnati Bengals last season.

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Cameras will be rolling on some of the Guthrie Theater’s final performances of Gilbert and Sullivan’s “H.M.S. Pinafore.” Twin Cities Public Television started filming Tuesday night and will wrap up by taping Wednesday night’s performance. The production will kick off the nine-part PBS Arts Fall Festival on Oct. 14. “H.M.S. Pinafore” is wrapping up a 10-week summer run at the Guthrie. Guthrie artistic director Joe Dowling helmed the production, which stars Robert O. Berdahl as Captain Corcoran and Christina Baldwin as Buttercup. The final performance is Sunday night.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011 Bridesmaids continued... Wiig co-wrote, is

Harry Potter continued...

FILM continued from 17

Moments where major characters lay fallen are brushed off or glossed over. And while the action is enough to make one ignore the film’s flaws for the majority of the running time, the climactic showdown, which takes roughly the last twenty minutes of the movie, is half-hearted and confusing. Most frustrating is the resolution. Yates seemed to have no patience for emotion whatsoever, cutting from the battle which we’ve waited seven films to see to the cinematic equivalent of a casual shrug. There is no feeling of success or failure, really no feeling at all. It’s perplexing that a franchise with so much following and budget would care so little for what should be its most important and satisfying moment. While not a complete waste of time, Deathly Hallows: Part Two is definitely a wasted opportunity.

whip-smart, though at times it can be downright depressing; by the end, the audience will feel so bad for Wiig’s character before her ultimate redemption that it’s almost unbearable. Maybe a little more trimming would have helped, as the movie is over two hours long, for no reason I can tell. Still, Bridesmaids is a winning comedy for women and men alike, and deserves to be known as much more than the female Hangover.


CAPTAIN AMERICA/ THOR Woody Allen, one of the most respected writer-directors of the twentieth century, has undoubtedly had a rough couple decades of difficult premises and just-missed ideas. He had some critical success with Vicky Christina Barcelona in 2009, earning Penelope Cruz an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. But it’s been quite some time since Allen has made a movie that connected with audiences in the way his early successes like Annie Hall and Manhattan were able to do. Midnight In Paris finally reverses that trend, and does so terrifically. Owen Wilson takes over in the role normally referred to as “the Woody Allen type,” or the character Allen writes in to almost every one of his films to represent himself. His easygoing charm is perfect for the part; he’s self-effacing and charming, goofy

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role. To reveal more would spoil the fun of the story, and it is very fun. Midnight in Paris may be the best movie Allen has made in thirty years; funny, cute, romantic, and gorgeously shot, the film does for the City of Lights what Manhattan did for New York, and undoes for romantic comedies what Annie Hall did, by bringing back the wonder of love. Since its release in June, the film has already gone on to be the highestgrossing film in Allen’s career, and Sony Pictures Classics has announced that the film will finally see a wide release on Friday, August 26th, hopefully breaking it out of the little indie theaters and into the hearts of the greater American audience, where it belongs.


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and smart, and disarmingly pleasant. It may be the best work he’s done to date. Wilson plays Gil, a struggling writer visiting Paris with his fiancee Inez (Rachel McAdams) and her parents. Facing self-doubts and the obnoxious company of Inez’s friend Paul (Michael Sheen in a hilariously frustrating role), Gil drunkenly stumbles into an alley around midnight, when a mysterious car full of partygoers picks him up and takes him on a journey to, of all places, the 1920s. If that premise sounds too outlandish for you, just wait until Gil starts hanging out with famous classical figures like F. Scott Fitzgerald (Tom Hiddleston) and his wife Zelda (Allison Pill), Salvador Dali (Adrien Brody), and, best of all, Ernest Hemingway, who is brilliantly portrayed by Corey Stoll in what could be a star-making


The summer of 2011 saw Marvel Studios dropping two of its biggest properties into audiences laps in preparation for their unprecedented Avengers film, coming in 2012. The resulting efforts are almost night and day in terms of quality. Thor, directed by critically-acclaimed Shakespearean director Kenneth Branagh, is really two movies in one. The first, set in the title character’s home world Asgard, is a strange, fantastical mix of stiff English costume drama and epic mythical war film. The opening 15-or-so minutes, set in this universe, are laughably cheesy. The acting, and script, are mostly stilted, the notable exceptions being Anthony Hopkins as Thor’s father Odin and Tom Hiddleston as Thor’s devious brother Loki. Chris Hemsworth, as the film’s star, has the “cocky superhero with a mission” face down, though his attempts at weightier moments sometimes feel trite. Thankfully, when the action shifts to modern Earth, the film gets significantly more enjoyable. Natalie Portman, fresh off her Best Actress Oscar win, plays a relatively flat love interest, but her humanity, along with co-star Kat Denning’s terrific comedic timing, relaxes the frigidity of the opening section and makes the superhero story fun without losing focus. Somehow this deviation also improves the frequent returns the film makes to Asgard, lending Hiddleston more menace, Hopkins more gravitas, and their fellow Norwegian deities clearer motivation. In the end, Thor stumbles out of the gate but eventually makes a strong impression before fizzling into a slightly weak ending. Captain America, meanwhile, is something of a mess. Where Thor struggled in its beginning and ending to make viewers care about its protagonists, Captain America has the opposite problem. Chris Evans, as the young, wimpy Steve Rogers, who, with the help of the funny and clever Dr. Erskine (Stanley Tucci), later becomes the heroic Captain, is a decent hero, a bit more nuanced than his Asgardian counterpart. The introductory scenes of the film are compelling because of his plucky resilience, and because of his friendship with Bucky Barnes (Sebastien Stan). But from the first mission the titular Captain takes on, the film delves into ridiculous camp, over-the-top comedy (both intentional and not), and barely believable CGI. The movie’s major action sequences are presented in brief cuts with bombastic orchestration with little reflection; it gets to the point where the plot is all but thrown away, and the motivations of the characters make little to no sense. Captain America does briefly redeem itself at the end, with some human emotion coming through. But in this way, Captain America is the anti-Thor: A strong beginning and end, but a muddled, manic middle with little thought given to logic or dramatic intelligence.



2/$ Offer Expires 9/7/11


(507) 388-CABS (2227) Gratuities Welcome!

located in university square mall • OPEN 11AM-10PM

Thursday, August 25, 2011


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Fall Student Membership





+ Tax



With Current Student ID

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Direct Support Staff to help up to 4 individuals with developmental challenges in area group homes. Positions open include: - FT & PT 3p-10p - FT Awake Overnights - PT Sleep Overnights All positions include every other weekend.


Apply at 125 Madison Ave or contact Paul at 385-6201

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Looking for Something Flexible? PT Direct Support Professionals

LivingLinks is looking for part-time DSP’s to work with individuals with developmental disabilities in several group home settings. Candidates must have a valid driver’s license and a good driving record. $8.48 - $9.50/hr. Hours vary depending on site but may include mornings/afternoons/evenings with flexible scheduling. 15–20 hours every two weeks. Every other weekend and holiday is required. Pick up an application at LivingLinks, 1230 N. River Drive, For more information, Contact Renee’ at (507) 345-7458 or check out our website at to download an application.

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Unlimited golf on regulation golf course and the Executive Par 3 for the remainder of the 2011 season!

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Thursday, August 25, 2011


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Get Real...TAKE A BUS! • • • •

Convenient & Inexpensive Air Conditioned/Heated Fast: Every 12 Minutes Guarantee Purple, Orange and Dark Green Minnesota State Mankato Permit Holders each receive a bus tag to ride FREE between campus and lots 20, 21 & 22.

All Buses Travel Through the Campus Core, Gage Corner, McElroy, and Lots 20, 21, 22 & 23 on Class Days CAMPUS EXPRESS ROUTE 1............................... Runs to 10 p.m. Monday - Thursday; 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Friday - Devonshire, Southridge, Meadowview, College Station, College Town shelter, Heron Drive shelter and University Parking Lots 20-23. CAMPUS ROUTE 8 & MAVERICK SHUTTLE........................... Campus bus shelters on Minnesota State, Mankato property and College Park, Summit. CITY ROUTE 6...... Takes you downtown or to Madison East Center where you can transfer to other City Routes.

Do you need any of these? Groceries • Shoes • Clothes • School Supplies • Entertainment

Take a ride on the Stomper Express!

Thursday - Friday - Saturday 6:00 PM - 11:00 PM Picks up in front of Gage & McElroy Halls. Makes Stops at Wal-Mart, River Hills Mall, Mankato Heights Plaza and much more.

MavCard ID holders ride free; others pay $1.50.

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August 25, 2011  
August 25, 2011  

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