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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Minnesota State University, Mankato

Tough market for jobs in Solutions for Mankato over summer summer blues City has many outdoor options to keep students busy until fall semester YOONKI KIM

staff writer

Low expectations helpful for finding work, internships give experiences to build résumé for future positions YOONKI KIM

staff writer

Even though a good number of summer jobs and internships are already filled by early May, it’s not too late to get a summer position. Pam Weller-Dengel, director of the Career Development Center at Minnesota State, said getting a summer job is neither bright nor gloomy, but she believes it’s not much different from last year.     “Certainly the job market is getting better,” said WellerDengel, “but I don’t think that’s a quick thing.” Weller-Dengel said she thinks the seasonal jobs are probably the ones that have to recover the most. “It’s a pretty tight job

market for summer — seasonal, part-time jobs in particular. Employers are not hiring many for summer,” she said. Matthew Coulsey, the communications manager at MRCI WorkSource, also said he guesses there are less jobs available than in the past. With a higher unemployment rate, job seekers with little-to-no experience are submitting applications at the same places that well-educated and experienced people are. In a situation with fewer positions and heavier competition, being a college student isn’t always the best qualification for any job. Weller-Dengel has some advice for job seekers:


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“You might need to lower your expectations in terms of what you’re looking for,” Weller-Dengel said. Some jobs and internships are non-paid positions, but these unpaid internships can benefit students because it improves their résumés for future employment. Whether it’s little money or a stepping stone to a career, an internship is going to be helpful. She suggested www. as another Web site to look for jobs in Minnesota, as well as www. According to the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, the number of unemployed workers

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‘The Pit’ and why students love it so much, see page 2 Ed/Op.......................................4 Variety......................................6 Sports......................................9 Classifieds.............................11

Summer days in Mankato might seem dull to some students, but the city does have some alternatives to hanging out on the couch all summer. With higher temperatures and long-lasting daylight, going on a picnic or a hike can spice up a boring day. Some good locations are closer than expected. A good place to start is Minneopa State Park, which is five miles west of Mankato. Minneopa means “water that is falling twice,” referring to the two waterfalls of the Minneopa Creek. Trails that encircle the falls lead down a limestone stairway to the

valley below. Barbeque grills are available and a daily parking permit costs just $5. Annual permits are $25. If $5 seems expensive, a great alternative is Sibley Park. Located at 900 Mound Ave., Sibley Park was established in 1887. It has active recreation opportunities on the north side with softball fields, tennis courts and fishing spots. More passive recreation is provided on the south side of the park with extensive landscapes and gardens, a storybook farm site, open space and picnicking areas. A small zoo in the park has many animals including alpacas, peacocks and goats.

web photo Minneopa State Park is a great place to visit in the summer months.

Variety examines Pixar in anticipation of “Toy Story 3” PAGE 6 Sports recaps Maverick tennis and track and field seasons PAGE 9

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SUMMER Swimming and sporting events are a great way to fill time during the Mankato summer continued from 1

Wednesday, June 9, 2010W

Why do you like going to ‘The Pit’?

Adam Smith

Davin Moyer

Ben Rickel

“I like looking at hot women.”


“It’s a nice place to cool down in the summer!”

web photo Tourtellotte Pool will open this weekend. It offers an off-campus atmosphere that friends and family can enjoy for a low price.

With the many lakes in the area, fishing is also a great option. An annual Minnesota fishing license is obtainable both online and at WalMart for $18 for Minnesota residents. It costs an additional $3 to fish rainbow trout or salmon. Those looking for indoor swimming fun can go to the Highland Pool on campus. During summer, the pool’s open swim is from 4-6 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday. Lap swim is scheduled from 12-2 p.m. Wednesday and Friday. On June 15, 17, 29 and July 1, open swim will be from 6 - 8 p.m. The Tourtellotte Pool will open Saturday. Located at 300 W. Mabel St., a day pool pass costs $2.50 and a seasonal pass is $45. Families of two can get passes for $85 with each additional family member costing $7.50. Good news for baseball fans is that the Mankato

MoonDogs have started at Franklin Rogers Park. Game tickets are on sale now and can be purchased online at www.mankatomoondogs. com, at the MoonDogs office at 1221 Caledonia Street or by phone at 507-625-7047. Thirty-five home games are scheduled until the end of 2010 season on Aug. 16. Another exciting sports event is the Minnesota Vikings training camp. The 2010 camp will be in Mankato in late July through early August for 45 consecutive year. This is the first chance fans get to see veteran Vikings players and the newest draft picks live in action. In addition, the Vikings will offer daily autograph sessions. The camp will also have events such as junior training camps, a family football night and youth cheerleading clinics.

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elena shufelt • msu reporter Hiniker Pond, nicknamed “The Pit” is a popular Mankato hang out in the summer. Dozens of college students visit on hot days to relax, swim and have fun. Though many rumors surround the hot spot and fatalities have occurred in past years, The Pit is packed full by the Mankato community every summer.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New interim position for Scott Olson Appointment to begin July 2010 REPORTER STAFF

Scott Olson has been recommended for the position of interim vice chancellor for academic affairs at Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU). Chancellor of MnSCU James McCormick recommended Olson, who is currently provost and vice president for academic and student affairs at Minnesota State.

web photo Provost Scott Olson has been at MSU since 2003.

Current vice chancellor for academic and student affairs Linda Baer is resigning to join the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as senior officer. “Scott Olson brings a wealth of administrative and academic experience to this demanding job,” McCormick said. “Given the pressing challenge we have to produce more graduates, I am confident that we will continue to make progress on that front under Dr. Olson’s leadership.” Olson has has held his position at MSU since 2003. He earned his doctorate in radio, television and film at Northwestern University in Illinois. His appointment is expected to begin in July following a June 16 meeting about the chancellor’s recommendation.

JOBS Any job is good right now


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Obama says Gulf will ‘bounce back’ from worst spill ever

Government relying on own calculations to measure amount captured, does not match BP WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama sought to reassure Americans on Monday that the Gulf Coast would “bounce back” from the worst oil spill in the nation’s history, but not without time, effort and reimbursement from BP. Surrounded by Cabinet members, Obama said that not only is he confident that the crisis will pass but also that the affected area “comes back even stronger than ever.” The president and top federal officials were briefed on the government’s battle against the spill by Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen, who is overseeing the government’s efforts in dealing with the tragedy. Allen earlier Monday told reporters that a cap on the damaged oil well is now keeping up to 462,000 gallons of oil a day from leaking into the Gulf. That’s up from about 441,000 gallons on Saturday and about 250,000 on Friday. BP in a statement put the amount being captured at 466,200 gallons. Allen said the government was using its own flow-rate calculations and not relying on those from

BP. He put the amount being captured at 11,000 42-gallon barrels, or 462,000 gallons. “This will be contained,” Obama asserted. “It may take some time, and it’s going to take a whole lot of effort.

beginning to capture some of the oil. We are still trying to make a better determination as to how much it is capturing.” But, Obama added, “even if we are successful in

web photo BP oil has been spilling into the Gulf of Mexico since April 20.

There is going to be damage done to the Gulf Coast, and there is going to be economic damages that we’ve got to make sure BP is responsible for and compensates people for.” Obama said that government scientists and other experts confirmed that the capping device “is

containing some or much of the oil” the problem wouldn’t be solved until relief wells reach the area of the damaged well in several months. “What is clear is that the economic impact of this disaster is going to be substantial and it is going to be ongoing,” Obama said. “We also know that there’s

already a lot of oil that’s been released, and that there’s going to be more oil released no matter how successful this containment effort is,” he added. The president has been speaking out on the disaster almost daily and has visited the Louisiana coast three times since the April 20 explosion that killed 11 workers and unleashed the oil gusher. He reiterated an appeal he made on Friday in the region that BP not “nickel and dime” Gulf coast residents and businesses that have filed claims against the Londonbased oil giant. “’We are going to insist that money flow quickly and in a timely basis,” Obama said. Allen acknowledged at Monday’s White House briefing that the company has struggled with handling claims. He said we’d “like them to get better” at processing the claims and that a system for paying them should be “routinized” as soon as possible.

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continued from 1 was eight times more than the number of vacant jobs statewide in the fourth quarter of 2009. This ratio indicates that the fourth quarter labor market was the least favorable for job seekers during the history of the job vacancy series dating back to 2000. “Right now any job is a good job to have,” WellerDengel said.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

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The 2010 MTV ‘Twilight’ Awards

A recap of the ceremony where everything’s made up and the points don’t matter NATE BRENNAN | editor in chief

This year’s MTV Movie Awards ceremony, held live Sunday night from Los Angeles’ Gibson Amphiteatre, showed its rated 14-and-older audience quite a bit more last night than previous years have. For one, it learned from last year’s success with Andy Samberg as a host that it needed a sketch comedian to pull off those short video and stage segments, but this one, host Aziz Ansari, can do stand up the youthful, average MTV viewer can relate — dining at Quiznos, admitting it’s all about

silly ““Twilight”,” that “Julie and Julia” looked more real than “Clash of the Titans,” “Alice in Wonderland” and “Avatar” (“those movies look like videogames!”). Also popping up were “The Hangover” stars Ed Helms, Ken Jeong and Ken Jeong’s bikini line. But what was most shockingly unique to some television audience members of this year’s ceremony, and especially to Parents Television Council President Tim Winter, was the rampant use of the

Photo by Getty Images

f-bomb, some of which slipped past the live broadcast’s censors, by stars such as Peter Facinelli and Mark Wahlberg. Winter dubbed the awards ceremony’s language use as an “outrage to the conent rating system” in an interview with the Web site While most of the cursing was reportedly scripted, the reliance on the second-most skin-curdling curse word for humor in the non-scripted

moments left television viewers such as Winter taken aback.

Sketches The joke throughout the first portion of the night was that the show was produced by Les Grossman — the parody of Harvey Weinstein portrayed by Tom Cruise in “Tropic Thunder” (yeah, that movie from two summers ago). More on this later.

Similar to Samber’s video segments being reminiscent of his digital shorts work with “Saturday Night Live,” Ansari’s were similar to his past work with the MTV network on his show “Human Giant,” even bringing co-creators Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel in for a sketch about pint-sized standins dubbed “Stunt Kidz” — a great sequel for fans of the trio’s “Shutterbugs” saga.

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The Reporter Crossword: 06/06/10


To find the answers to this week’s crossword, check out our newly renovated Web site,, on Tuesday for the results.



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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

MTV continued from 4 Ansari also did a reworking of the films “The Blind Side” and “Precious: Based on the Novel “Push” By Sapphire,” in which he got some much-needed help wrapping up by everyone’s favorite teenaged, swoop-haired singer, Justin Bieber. We’re just five minutes into the 2010 MTV Movie Awards and it has already become a foregone conclusion, Justin Bieber needs his own network.

Awards Rundown “Twilight” wins award for best female performance for her ability to cry for 25 minutes straight. “Jersey Shore” standout Michael “The Situation” Sorrentinto wins Best Situation for being “The Situation.” “Twilight” wins best breakout star for her performance in “Up In the Air.” Mamma Mia beats Alison Lohman for Best Scared as S**t Performance. “Twilight” wins Best Kiss for that kiss from the first movie. Sandra Bullock wins the MTV Generation Award for being the spunky, offbeat, charming actress audiences have grown to love. However, it’s hard to forget a few of the films in MTV’s Bullock montage are barely watchable (“The Lake

News House,” “All About Steve”). Bullock urges crowd to focus on more important things, which is reasonable, although her having an affair with a tattooed, fauxNazi is undeniably fascinating. Sensing a serious tone in a night hardly marked by them, ScarJo and SandyB then make out to fill the ceremony’s straight girls kissing each other quota. Ken Jeong winning Best WTF Moment didn’t project to be the most heartfelt moment of the night, but as the former full-time physician thanked director Todd Phillips and “The Hangover” cast-mate Bradley Cooper, for helping him through his wife’s cancer, Jeong choked up and declared two years cancer free. Draco Malfoy wins Best Villain because “Twilight” didn’t have one, the other nominees were older than 22 and no one wants to risk another Christoph Waltz speech tanking. Robert Pattinson, you know, that dude with the bed-head who was in that Vampire flick for like 15 minutes? Yeah, he won for Best Male Performance, an award Jeff Bridges still hasn’t won yet. He also won a brand new made up award called “global superstar,” because he is popular, from England and England is a different country than the United States on the globe. “Twilight” wins best movie, Mike Dexter gives acceptance

speech with an f-bomb precursor to each thanked name save one, Stephanie Meyer — “I’m not going to curse with you because you’re Mormon.”

Performances A surprise performance of piano and interpretive dance by Ed Helms and Ken Jeong leads to another when executive producer Les Grossman (Cruise) takes over the stage with J-Lo and does a choreographed routine to Ludacris’ “Get Back” and Lopez’s “Get Right.” Say what you will about the man’s kooky interview appearances and “Battlefield Earth” religion, but Cruise is a top-notch professional performer, and he proved with this wildly entertaining number. Katie Perry’s flavor-of-theweek style makes Russell Brand, an avid fan of The Smiths, force himself to mimic enjoyment. And did anyone else notice how Katie Perry pushes her breasts over and up and then surrounds herself with small-breasted backup singers? Maybe, I’m I over-thinking this. It’s the third act and it’s time to welcome you all to the Christina Aguilera rave party. If you haven’t been taking acid for the last hour and a half of the awards or don’t want to wait patiently through the next two minutes of digitized

Reporter • Page 5 singing, you can now turn to ESPN to check the updates for your current favorite baseball/ hockey/basketball/soccer team (Go USA?). In what looked like an outtake from the film “The Fifth Element,” Aguilera’s performance was a sex-driven medley of songs from her unreleased at the time album featuring lyrics that kept the censors more on their toes than Wahlberg’s ad-libbing. And just in case you didn’t get that this performance was about sex, a flashing red heart appears over her vagina. You’re welcome.

Sneak Peeks For the second year in a row at the “Twilight” Movie Awards, the cast of “Twilight” gives “Twilight” fans a sneak peak into the next “Twilight” movie. Whereas director Chris Weitz (“The Golden Compass”) didn’t have much action to work with amidst all the Bella sobbing, Edward moping and Jacob shirtlessness, the third installment in the saga brings to life much more action than its predecessor and projects to do favorably for Weitz’s fantasy style. J.K. Rowling’s more critically-acclaimed book-tofilm series finale “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” got a preview into what part one of how the seventh year will go

like for the “Boy who lived,” and holy smokes, kids, this one will knock your socks off. Tensions, action and animosity are raised while the origins note inside Voldemort’s locket from the mysterious R.A.B. is uncovered.

Post-Awards-NewQuirky-Show-Tradition While the awards ceremony may have been a bust for viewers looking for performance-based victories (which is no one), at least that RJ Berger show didn’t look too bad (yes, it did). This is no “Freaks and Geeks.” A good concept is ruined by “Secret Girlfriend”-type comedy — forced technology useage, overwrought situations, high school clichés and gross-out humor. Although, that Kid Cudi track was pretty sweet to hear, and if “How To Make It In America” taught us anything, it’s that Kid Cudi makes even the questionable of programming watchable. Nate Brennan is the Reporter editor-in-chief and resident pop culture expert. Follow him on Twitter at NateBrennan to read his live reporting from the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival this weekend.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Variety Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pixar: Not Just


variety editor

In 1995, a fledgling animation studio renegotiated the future of animated film with “Toy Story.” The concoction of a simple premise — toys who come to life when their owner turns his back — inside a highly evolved script touting wit, action and a coming-ofage undertone both the young and grown can enjoy made for an overwhelming success. Now 15 years and billions of dollars later, Pixar, as it prepares to launch “Toy Story 3” in theaters on June 18, has become the industry’s most consistent power player. The studio’s success relies on the formula they introduced that handful of years ago, one that since has demanded the attention and adoration of both critics and the populace alike. Creating a tangible world and characters, injecting irresistible, sometimes snarky comedy, and always a lacing of emotion (bordering on the sentimental) has proved an inexhaustible creed of filmmaking that has come to define the Pixar brand. “Toy Story 2,” despite its insurmountable predecessor, exists as perhaps the clearest example of Pixar’s craft. The sequel succeeded to expand on characters in a way that matches the endearing state they were left in at the end of the first film and opened new avenues of development that push the boundaries in terms of its uncompromising and direct thematic influences. In the film, Woody’s faith in Andy and their relationship as toy and owner is tested when he learns of an opportunity to accompany other toys to a museum display in which he’d be the main attraction.

As Buzz and the rest of Andy’s toys mount a rescue mission, Woody faces the fact that Andy has to grow up. The film is a testament to the balance Pixar achieves between poking fun at itself and trying to express true emotion. The film opens with a dramatic action sequence in which Buzz infiltrates the lair of a newly introduced villain, Emperor Zurg. Just as Buzz is defeated by his nemesis, we figure out it’s only the final level of a video game Rex, the cowardly T-Rex, has been furiously trying to beat. A second selfacknowledging twist comes when the gang roams through the aisles of a toy store where another Buzz, behaving as if he were an actual space ranger, attacks the real one. The fact that Pixar chose such a marketable topic as toys highlights its conscionable effort to permeate pop-culture in a considerable and cyclical

matter. The films are that much more relatable and somehow meaningful if we can enter our local Target and face, as the toys do in the film, a towering wall of Buzz Lightyear action figures. Pixar’s signature storytelling has always been matched with an attention to visual detail and spectacle. In its 2008 film, “Wall-E,” the

studio combined realism and stylization to aesthetically mirror humanity’s often greedy and disillusioned ways. While the realistically rendered robot Wall-E works tirelessly to stack cubes of garbage on the dusty, abandoned Earth, satirically built human beings, with monitors hovering inches from their faces, glide through space on an eternal pleasure cruise, leaving them utterly oblivious to life. The studio’s most politically and socially charged film, “Wall-E” demonstrates the beauty of the world through fluidly animated sequences meant to awaken us to the potential of the outside world and how important it is that we protect it. As Wall-E and his lovelinked companion EVE swirl through space in a gorgeous celebration of life, audiences are forced to look at their own lives and what they might be missing right in front of them. In this case, as in all of Pixar’s creations, animation becomes more than an imaginative tool; it becomes a vehicle for capturing the most valued pieces of our lives and returning them to the millions who care with better clarity and meaning. “Toy Story 3” will hit theaters June 18 in all three dimensions.

(507) 389-5157

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Monster movie much more than it appears JACOB BOHROD

variety editor

Vincenzo Natali’s 1997 deft, sleeper suspense/horror “Cube” displayed the then new director’s sleek sense of the genre. The film, about a handful of strangers with varying skills trapped in a booby-trapped maze, preempted the coming wave of situational, psychological horror defined by the “Saw” series which didn’t see its start until 2004. Last Friday, Natali, instead of predicting a new wave of horror to come, reached into the past with the release of his very own creature-feature. Although equally as metaphorical and definitively political as others of its make, “Splice” is a different breed. Adrien Brody, ever-odd, yet brilliant, plays Clive Nicoli who, along with his feisty lab partner and girlfriend Elsa Kast (Sarah Polley), specializes in playing Dr. Frankenstein with varying strands of animal DNA. As all movie scientists must do when the funding dries up, the pair resort to drastic measures in order to please their sponsors (so, yes, they reach for the A. B. normal brain, and things go accordingly). With an over-inflated God-complex, Clive and Elsa are every morally confused

on-screen scientist that has come before them. The globular, wriggling lifeforms they create only tease the couple with the idea of what more they could do. Natali’s traditionally-spun setup takes a sharp turn, however, when it synonymizes playing God with parenting. Like every morally tested on-screen scientist before them, Clive and Elsa act as every first-time parent as well, with all of the doubts and secondguesses to match. Their drastic move to accomplish something new and possibly reel back their sponsors produces Dren (Delphine Chanéac), a humancreature hybrid that, with a split skull, winding tail complete with retractable stinger and reverse-jointed legs, symbolizes what each new parent couple must see staring back at them: an alien. Eventually, “Splice” turns its back entirely on the flaws of science to replace it with an exploration in parenting with horrifically charged results. French actress Delphine Chanéac plays “vulnerably terrifying” with precision. As unpredictable as a child, yet dangerously capable, she creeps around cocking her head in curiousity. Performance and prosthetics harmoniously create something memorably eerie.

Gene’s repaiR

Gene or KIP bruender

For all your foreign & domestic car needs * sp e c i al i z i n g i n v w *

100 industrial drive • eagle lake, mn 56024

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The cold water hues and slow, smart camerawork lends a dramatic overtone usually saved for more grounded fare, exemplifying the film’s intentions to produce anxiety

through characterization and uncertainty rather than pure bravado. This is the beauty of “Splice”: make Brody and Polley doctors and replace Dren

with a normal human child and the film becomes an intense, hip melodrama. Why the film is what it is does not depend on the courageous freedom it takes, even though it certainly gains more from it. “Splice” is odd in that where it hits it also misses. Its indefinable quintessence can be disagreeable on some levels, but to strip it of any detail would compromise the purposefully baffling effect it produces. Strange and cool with an ending that, as its nature demands, disagrees, Natali’s film deserves the special notice “Cube” never received.

web photos

Sports Wednesday, June 9, 2010

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Lucky Number Seven: MSU Makes History Led by a strong senior class, the women’s track and field team made a historical leap on the national stage PAT DELANEY

staff writer

The Minnesota State track and field teams finished up their seasons last week at the NCAA DII national meet. Each team had athletes competing for the last time in their careers at MSU and felt the urge to leave on a high note. The women may have surprised themselves with how well they performed at the national meet. After a third-place finish in the conference, the women’s team had its best performance of the season at nationals, scoring 26 points, good for seventh overall. “I think we went above and beyond what we thought we were going to do,” said senior Brittany Henderson. “Collectively, we all did really well. Everyone performed at their best.” The seventh place finish was

the best MSU has ever performed at nationals, something especially impressive with the rich history of the program, which regularly has All-American athletes on the team. The Mavericks received All-American honors in the 4x100-meter relay, the 100, 200 and 400-meter dashes and the pole vault. Henderson had another impressive meet capping off a remarkable career with 14 All-American honors. She led the 4x100-meter relay team that broke its own school record with a time of :45:56. Joining her in the record-breaking performance were fellow senior Kelsey Leonard, junior Linnelle Clark and freshman Becca Schmidt. Leonard finished off her career as a four-time All-American. Joining the group in standout performances was junior Lauren Stelten, who finished second in

Track and Field / page 10

photo courtesy of msu athletics and sports pix Brittany Henderson (far left) finished her career with an impressive 14 All-American honors. Henderson led the 4X100 team that finished its race with a school record time of :45:56.


Maverick women serve up an impressive ‘10 season LEE HANDEL

sandra Anderson and junior Heather Jensen led the way for the The Minnesota State Mavericks, with each women’s tennis team winning her singles answered many quesmatchup in straight tions that were asked at sets. the beginning of the 2010 The two also season. tasted victory in their Heather Jensen The team was very doubles matchups. Ancompetitive all year and derson and her partner, managed a .500 record, going sophomore Tegan Bakke, won 12-12 on the year and finishing their match 8-4. Meanwhile, sixth in the final ITA Central Jensen and senior Paige Burke Region rankings. They were also prevailed 8-2 in their match. also able to hold their own in the The Mavericks’ tennis team NSIC standings, going 6-4 in capped of its impressive doubles conference play. run over the Peacocks in the topThe Mavericks entered the flight doubles match, as junior conference championships as Sarah Madigan and her freshthe No. 5 seed and pulled off a man partner Kathryn Gavin won slight upset when they defeated their matchup 9-7. This capped Upper Iowa 5-2 in the first round off a dominating performance of the tournament. They were against the Peacocks and served then ousted in the semifinals by as perhaps the highlight of the an Augustana squad that had not 2010 season when looking at the lost a matchup all year. season as a whole. In the quarterfinal triumph The Mavericks also had their over the Peacocks, senior Casfair share of individual accomstaff writer

plishments this past season, as freshman Brandi Dohmen was named ITA Central Region Rookie of the Year. Dohmen went an impressive 12-9 in her inaugural year as a Maverick and showed a lot of upside for the years to come. After going 10-9 at the #3 flight, Dohmen showed she was ready to compete at the #2 flight as well, going 2-0. The Maverick who played at the highest level of competition all season long, Madigan, was selected to the NSIC All-Conference Second Team for singles and doubles completion. She also finished ninth in the final ITA Central Region individual rankings and sixth ranked overall in the doubles rankings with partner Gavin. She was honored along with fellow Maverick, Jensen, who was named to the NSIC All-Conference Honorable Mention. The pair of juniors will be

Tennis / page 10

Sport Shorts

MSU’s Hamilton named Preseason All-American He rushed for 10 touchdowns and his 1,201 total yards was third Minnesota State in MSU history for a junior defensive back single season. Jesse Hamilton has Clark has started been named to the MSU’s last 33 of 35 Consensus Draft Sergames and anchored vices Preseason Divilast year’s offensive sion II All-American line which rushed for Second-Team. Jesse Hamilton 2,601 yards. He was The Racine, Wisc., named to the All-NSIC native tied the single season record for interceptions South Team last season and last season with seven and was was also a Second-Team AllRegion selection. named to the All-Region and Schmid finished with 47 the All-Northern Sun Intertackles on the season and collegiate Conference South Team. He also was third on the finished first on the team with team with 69 tackles. three sacks. Sophomore running back Jake Aberg and senior offenBaseball sive lineman Jeremy Clark Although the MSU basewere named to the Honorable ball team’s regular season has Mention Offense list, while concluded, it won’t stop the senior defensive end Bryan Mavericks from playing comSchmid was named to the Hon- petitive baseball this summer. orable Mention Defense squad. Many players are planning Aberg averaged 100 yards on playing in leagues across per game last year and was the United States. also named All-Conference Sport shorts / page 10 and All-Region last season. REPORTER STAFF

Page 10 • Reporter


TENNIS Men’s tennis squad finishes year on high-note, beating St. Mary’s 7-2. MSU finished the year 4-12 continued from 9

heading a solid crop of returning Mavericks next season. The squad will be coached by the reigning ITA Central Region Coach of the Year, Phil Brauer, who will be entering his eighth season at the helm for the Mavericks. The Mavericks are going to miss Anderson and Burke, but the early promise of Dohmen and Gavin should spell good things for the squad in 2011.

Men’s tennis The MSU men’s tennis team finished its 2010 campaign 4-12 overall, but ended the year with an impressive 7-2 home victory over Saint Mary’s. One of the bright spots in its season was the play of freshman Mitch Barr, who went 7-7 at the #3 flight and should be a force for the squad for years to come. “We really had a fresh team this season that worked well

together,” said Doll. “We had a bunch of young kids that worked a lot harder than most, which was good.” Another positive from the 2010 season came when seniors Chad Berger and Adam Doll both won the final two matches of their careers. “I’ll miss the competing and just being part of a team,” said Doll.

SPORT SHORTS Mavericks staying busy after run to College Baseball World Series last month continued from 9

photo courtesy of msu athletics and sports pix

Representing the Northwoods League and the Mankato Moondogs will be right-handed pitcher Blake Schwartz, left-handed pitcher Ryan Demmin and outfielder Danny Miller. Other players in the league will be right-handed pitcher Bret Mitchell (Roch-

ester Honkers, shortstop Zach Rowles (Willmar Stingers) and right handed pitcher Luke Putz (Waterloo Bucks). The New York Collegiate Baseball League will have three Mavericks, each playing for the Watertown Wizards including right-handed pitcher

Eugene Sturm, infielder Ben Kincaid and outfielder Pat Dockendorf. Right-handed pitcher Mahlon Zimmerman will be the lone Maverick in the Mountain Collegiate Baseball League as he plays for the Laramie Colts.

Which would you rather arrive in?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

TRACK AND FIELD Leonard finishes career as a four-time AllAmerican continued from 9

the pole vault with a will all be missed next top height of 12’10. season but head coach Jen It was Stelten’s sixth Blue is proud of the strides time being awarded her athletes have made, not All-American. only throughout this seaThe Mavericks son, but throughout their finished better than careers at MSU. any other in their conference, someKelsey Leonard Men’s track and field thing they described The men’s team won especially sweet after the NSIC championship finishing third as a team prior to largely in large reason due to nationals. great performances by senior According to coaches, these Denise Mokaya, who competed Mavericks seniors leave a strong in the 800-meter run and sopholegacy behind them, one that more Dan Novak who competed included working hard, allowing in the pole vault. Both qualified themselves to be coached and for nationals but neither were believing that they can go above able to finish high enough to and beyond their expectations. score any team points. “I left knowing that anything Mokaya finished his career is possible if you work hard and with the Mavericks as a fourstay focused,” Henderson said. time All-American, as well “I wasn’t that great coming out as winning an indoor national of high school but I wouldn’t be championship this past season where I am now without putting in the 800. Novak will return in a lot of hard work. I give a lot next season to what should be of credit to the coaches for being another talented team under a go to person. I think this team 2010 Central Regional Coach of will continue to have success. the Year Mark Schuck. They have a lot of potential and could be a dominant team.” Seniors like Henderson, Leonard and Whitney Kroschel

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June 9, 2010  

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