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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

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New scholarship places emphasis on leadership


staff writer A new scholarship will be available to students starting in fall 2012. The scholarship will come from the James H. and Maryan G. McCormick Leadership Endowed Scholarship Fund which was recently established by the Minnesota State University Student Association (MSUSA), the Minnesota State College Student Association (MSCSA) and the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities foundation. “Chancellor McCormick has done a lot for students over the last 10 years by taking their input on policymaking for higher education seriously and recognizing him through a scholarship that will hopefully help students farther into the future will be a great honor,” Kari Winter, Director of Development and Alumni Outreach

of MSUSA, said. A video posted on YouTube by student representatives of these organizations discusses how McCormick has made it a priority to work with the students of MSCSA and MSUSA to create policies that provide students with a stronger and more powerful voice in the MnSCU system. The students also say that he made the question of “how have I helped students today?” one of the guiding principles throughout his Chancellorship. It also talks about how he has mentored students throughout the MnSCU System. MSCSA President Travis Johnson is one such student. “We’ve worked directly with the chancellor and his staff, and the interactions I’ve had with him have been great. He talks with us like we’re another chancellor from another school. My relationship I’ve had with him has been one of respectful professionalism and it’s

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Bike Walk Week Page 2

megan kadlec • msu reporter

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Minnesota State University, Mankato

A gateway to learning

Construction at Stadium Road and Ellis Avenue to continue through July

megan kadlec • msu reporter Construction is underway at the campus gateway site. When the project is complete, a narrow pond and new signs will welcome students to MSU. TYLER WATSON

staff writer

Students taking summer classes may be wondering what’s happening with all the construction going on across campus. The school itself seems to be a continuous work in progress, as two large additions (Julia Sears dorms and Ford Hall) have been made in just the last few years. Covering the area that used to be the McElroy/ Crawford parking lot at the corner of Maywood and Ellis, a new dorm is currently being built. The second new dormitory building in 4 years is presumably being built to accommodate the overflow of students who would otherwise be housed in the to-be-demolished Gage towers. Where people are going to park is another question yet to be answered. The other major project under way is the Campus Gateway. For many new

students, the intersection of Ellis and Stadium at the crest of the hill is their first glimpse of the Minnesota State University campus. Since there’s no real “front door” to the MSU campus, the school decided it needed a fresh new patio - a project that should add another aesthetic to our beautiful, yet sometimes dull campus. Students living in Mankato throughout the summer often drive past the gateway intersection almost daily and they can’t wait for the annoying construction to be completed. Though, in all honesty, the manner in which the construction is being handled is impressive—the road barriers create a safe commuter path, and changing the light to blink red seems to ease the traffic caused by the squeeze. Before, cars going west on Stadium (down the hill) in the righthand lane, forced onto the edge of the left lane, caused the light to give a green arrow when

there was no need to. On the site a rendering of the project has been posted to show passerby what it’ll look like when it’s done. The view looks quite picturesque. The corner sidewalk will be widened to allow for more pedestrian traffic. To accent the existing stone slabs carved with our intellectual disciplines, there will be a narrow pond, surrounded by low, landscaped hills and greenery. There will also be two new brick and stone signs with LED lighting. This doesn’t sound very different from the rest of campus, but it brings excitement. The project is expected to be substantially completed by July 1, with final completion before the end of July. Until then, a temporary walking path has been created with barricades and fences to ensure pedestrian safety. In any case, it will definitely look better than the piles of gravel that are there now.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


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Gayest city in America attempts to outlaw gay marriage

Anti-marriage amendment placed on 2012 ballot in Minnesota


news editor

Whether or not same-sex marriage should be legal or illegal has been a major issue in the United States for many years. There are currently 29 states that have adopted constitutional amendments banning the marriage of same-sex couples. Until now, however, same-sex marriage hasn’t been the main topic of debate in the Minnesota Legislature. A mere two weeks ago, the Minnesota House voted 70-62 to place an anti-marriage amendment on the 2012 ballot. The decision was previously approved by the state senate and Governor Mark Dayton does not possess the power to veto proposed constitutional amendments. In an attempt to show his disappointment through a symbolic

gesture, Dayton “vetoed” the proposed anti-marriage amendment. In a letter to the legislature, Dayton urged, “without question, I am vetoing it; and I urge Minnesotans to reject this mean-spirited, divisive, un-Minnesotan and un-American amendment.” The amendment will offer a simple yes-or-no question to Minnesota’s voters: “Shall the Minnesota Constitution be amended to provide that only a union of one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in Minnesota?” There is already a law in Minnesota which outlaws same-sex marriages, but Republican legislators and anti-LGBT individuals argue that without a constitutional amendment, the courts can easily overturn the law already in effect. “I think it’s a shameful day,

when we ask a majority group to vote on a minority group’s rights. The constitution should be used to expand rights, not to oppress people further,” Jessica Flatequal, director of the Minnesota State Mankato LGBT Center, said. “Not to mention, same sex marriage is already prohibited by law.” Debate over the proposed amendment is sure to rage on through November 2012 and continue far into the future without any signs of slowing, or becoming more civil. The Minnesota Family Council - a group devoted to making samesex marriage illegal - has posted offensive material on their website, linking homosexuality with bestiality, pedophilia and other deviant behaviors. The state of Minnesota is cur-

Get healthy, save money Bike Walk Week encourages individuals to start moving JOEY DENTON

staff writer After a long winter, people started to bring out their dusty, rusty bikes from the deep back of their garages or basements, biked a few times, and now their bicycles are parked in their garages. The wet weather lately has given people excuses to not bike to and from work, the grocery store or the bank. During the grueling winter, people always think they will start to bike to work when the weather warms, and now that the weather is warm again people are still taking their cars to work and spending exorbitant amounts of money on gas when they could save a lot of money and get a great workout at the same time. In attempts to encourage biking for economic and health reasons, numerous Minnesota groups have collaborated in an event called Bike Walk Week. “I think that Bike Walk Week is an amazing time for people

who may want to try biking or walking more often, and a wonderful time for those year round cyclists and walkers to strut their stuff,” Alicia Adams, one of the coordinators for the week, said. With 7,000 registered participants last year, the groups expect nothing less than a great turn out again this year. The week, which starts on June 4 and ends on the 12, will consist of different events occurring mostly in the Twins Cities area. The events will focus on the importance of biking, biking safety and other alternative ways of transportation such as rollerblading and walking. “It’s a great way to get people in the cities and out of the cities out on the road biking and giving it a try,” said Amber Collet, a communications associate for one of the companies sponsoring the event. “We try really hard to make it an open and accessible event for anyone who wants to participate.”

megan kadlec • msu reporter MSU students park their bikes on campus after commuting for class or work.

The action packed week will start off at the Grand Old Day Festival on Sunday June 5 where, according to the Grand Old Day website, there will be an 8k inline skate, 8k run, 5k run/ walk and youth run. There will also be a parade, live music and art fair. Events such as the Wednesday Women’s safety class and ride, bike to work day and class, Yoga on the Greenway will complete the week’s activities. Another unique event happening this year is the Bike Walk Week will participate in Minneapolis’ first open streets activity. Various streets in Downtown Minneapolis will be closed for people to bike, walk, run or skate through the beautiful downtown area without having to worry about automobiles getting in the way. Bike Walk Week is free so individuals can focus on the physical activity rather than their wallets. “It’s a great thing. It’s free to register, free to participate and we are even giving away prizes during the week,” said Collett. People who are interested in participating can register at “By registering for Bike Walk Week we aren’t asking you to change your lifestyle,” Adams said. “We’re simply asking you to make a trip that you would have made during the week anyway by biking or walking. It doesn’t have to be your work commute. It can be something as simple as a trip to the post office or the grocery store. We just really want people to get out there and get moving.”

rently facing a multi-billion dollar deficit, and many supporters of the LGBT community are arguing that the amendment is merely a cover up for what the Republican legislature hasn’t done to solve the failing economy. “We’ve got this $6 billion deficit here and leadership says they want to work to improve the economy and this is the only issue they get done,” Monica Meyer, executive director of Our Front Minnesota, said. “It’s a sad statement for our state.” Our Front Minnesota is a local organization that has been fighting for gay rights for nearly 25 years. A recent poll conducted by the Star Tribune reported that a majority of Minnesota residents oppose the anti-gay amendment. According to The Advocate magazine, Minnesota is home to the

“Gayest City in America”. Beating out cities such as New York, San Francisco and Las Vegas, Minneapolis earned this coveted title based on its number of registered profiles, openly day elected public officials, the number of gay and lesbian bars and the frequency of Tegan and Sarah concerts in the city. If Minnesota passes an amendment to bad same-sex marriage, The Advocate will have to reconsider Minneapolis’ standing as the gayest city in America. No one knows whether or not Minnesota will choose to vote for an anti-marriage amendment in the 2012 election. In the meantime, however, the debate rages on with no signs of surrender from either side.

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@BrianRosemeyer Crossword created by Sammy Kluver

Across 4. Summer swimwear for the ladies 5. August Zodiac sign 6. Constellation also known as the Big Dipper 7. Baywatch-esque summer job 12. Beach essential 14. Popular sunscreen brand 17. Chilled summer soup 20. The type of bug bite that itches like crazy 21. Season in the summer hemisphere 23. Spanish for summer 26. Summer blockbuster feat. the hilarious Kristen Wiig

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27. Missouri city hit by F5 tornado 29. Sport played outside on a sandy court 31. The type of summer that has lingering warm weather well into September 32. Common picnic problem 33. Month of summer solstice 36. Measure of how hot it feels outside 37. Luckily, we live in the state of 10,000 of them 41. Farmer’s _____ 42. Necessity for skiing, tubing and wakeboarding 47. Country music festival in early August

49. Place for homegrown produce 50. Popular summer footwear 51. Country artist that sings a song with a title the same as this crossword Down 1.Most popular ice cream flavor 2. Summertime natural disaster 3. Kardashian sister with the 20.5 carot engagement ring 8. Star of the final Harry Potter movie, due out July 15 9. Farmer’s need 10. Summer vegetable eaten with hands

11. Late August festival that embraces every kind of fried food 13. Foodborne bacteria causing panic in Europe 15. The F in SPF 16. Summer movie titled after a Norse god 18. Como Park ___ 19. Icy summer treat 21. Minnesota state fish 22. Could be $5 a gallon?! 24. Grass maintenance 25. Desert “sight” 28. The food pyramid is soon to be the nutrition ____ 30. Another word for sunset 34. Rays that we need protec-

tion from 35. Glowing bug 36. Frozen part of most summer drinks 38. State currently fighting devastating wildfires 39. Campfire favorite 40. Tiny, annoying bug that bites 43. Team that calls Target Field home 44. Budlight summer flavor 45. NBA star recently announcing his retirement 46. Makes all these warm days possible 48. Bronze shade acquired in the sun




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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

SCHOLARSHIP “We posed the fundraising opportunity as a competition by region.” continued from 1 one that I’ve really enjoyed,” Johnson said. “Also, on a personal level, he’s spent time talking with me and mentoring me about where I’m going to go with my life. It just shows the kind of person he is to us. He’s always been concerned about helping the students.” MSCSA raised $5,890 for the scholarship fund at an April leadership conference and other donations that came in after the scholarship was established. “We posed the fundraising opportunity as a competition by region, challenging people to raise as much money as they could,” Emily Harrison, Director of Development at MSCSA, said. “Our goal was to raise $4,000. We blew that out of the water.” The ultimate goal of the organizations is to raise $100,000 by August. “MSUSA and MSCSA will put together a concentrated effort to get to $100,000, which we will reach, and money for future student scholarships will be gained off the interest raised from that,” said Jered Weber, Director of Communications at MSUSA. The organizations hope to fund one year of education for one college student and one university student annually. An official fundraising kick-off event will take place on June 29 at Metropolitan State University where a celebration of Chancellor McCormick’s years of service will take place. The scholarship will emphasize leadership and will be available to all students in the MnSCU system. “This scholarship will go towards leaders on campuses and in clubs, but it will also consider community involvement and those students staying involved on a state level,” Johnson said. No deadlines have been set and students won’t be able to apply until next school year, but both Harrison and Winter said that the MSCSA Student Leadership Scholarship requirements will be used for this scholarship. The requirements say that applicants must be current undergraduate students of the MnSCU system with at least a 3.0 GPA who demonstrate great leadership skills and a commitment to serving others. Students must provide a transcript, a resume detailing leadership roles and two letters of recommendation. Harrison also mentioned that two essay questions in regards to leadership will be a part of the application as well. Those who would like to donate to the scholarship fund should go to SSLPage.aspx?pid=371.


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THe DEath march

ROTC cadets participate in memorial run


staff writer

Last March, a handful of Minnesota State University ROTC students earned the chance to compete in a national marathon called the Bataan Memorial Death March. The marathon commemorates the WWII event in which American and Filipino Prisoners of War were forcibly marched more than 60 miles by the Japanese Army. The memorial run took place in the hills of White Sands, New Mexico, where runners struggled across rough terrain for 26.1 miles. There were two separate teams from MSU who took part in different competitions. The first group was the marathon team, who completed the course with an average team time of four hours and 19 minutes. The light team received first place in their category, and had a consistent 45 minute lead on their competition. Members of the team included Minnesota State Mankato senior Caitlin Christopherson, freshman Sam Lozano, Gustavus Adolphus junior Lance Switzer, Bethany Lutheran junior Phil Kaminsky and freshman Eric DeBruzzi. The heavy team completed the marathon in Army Combat Uniform, including combat boots, with a 40 rucksack attached to their back. The team received 12th place in their category with a time of seven hours and 31 minutes. The MSU students who competed in the heavy competition are ROTC members Clinton Kim, Nate Wingo, Bryan Beal, Jake Nelson and Alex McGillick. Eager to know more about the event and the physical boundaries of human performance, I got in touch

with Bryan Beal to ask a few questions about his experience in the Bataan race. tell me about the Bataan Q: First, race. I understand that it’s a sort of rough terrain marathon. How would you describe it? The Bataan Memorial Death March is indeed a rough terrain marathon in which the trail you follow varies from loose packed dirt, to pavement, back to dirt, then a nice stretch of deep loose sand, back onto a dirt path and onto pavement for the finish. The route also has a lot of elevation change including one of the most grueling portions, a two to three mile uphill stretch, which for us happened be into some very strong winds.  It also differs from a normal marathon due to the fact that we were carrying our rucksacks which had to have at least 35 pounds in them.


easy/difficult was the Q: How race for you? Are you impressed with how you performed? The race for me was fairly challenging. The first half did not seem too terrible but the last six miles definitely took their toll on our team.  I am very pleased overall with how I performed in this race considering that only eight months prior I broke both bones in my right ankle and had reconstructive ankle surgery.


put in a lot of training. Q: You What kind of routines/methods/techniques did you use? What sort of things were you thinking about while competing? Yes, we did put in a lot of training.  While the other


• courtesy of MSU ROTC The Heavy Team completed the 26.1 marathon in full army combat uniform, combat boots and 40 pound rucksacks.

cadets were doing the normal PT (physical training) in the mornings our team was focusing on muscle groups that would be crucial to our success such as legs, core, back, and shoulders. We would work these muscle groups as hard as we could to push ourselves, and then we would push each other to train even harder.  We did lots of running and every Friday we would go on training ruck marches with 45-50 pounds in our packs to prepare for the event.  The training was fairly competitive since we could only bring five people and there were seven people that wanted to compete.  While competing I was thinking about just enjoying the walk at first.  As it went on I was thinking of the pain building in my feet and legs.  Towards the end the only thing I was thinking of was being done, just wishing that I was done walking.

do, it takes a lot of training and even more determination.

you feel like the Bataan Q: Do race is something anyone

that I am one of a very small crowd that have completed the event, and after overcoming my injury gave me even more appreciation for what you can do when you push yourself.

could do? I do not feel that the Bataan is something that anyone can


was your most positive Q: What experience from this competition? What was the worst part about it? My most positive experience was the team bonding that took place during the race. All five of us had to stay within five seconds of each other and we tried our best to stay positive and motivate each other.  The worst part was the pain in the last two miles, and walking along the never ending wall.  The finish was just around the corner, and every time you came to the corner of the wall, it would just be another wall with another corner.  It was demoralizing.


would you say this event Q: How has changed or improved you? definitely made me feel reA: Itallyhasgood about myself knowing

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New music you’ll kick yourself for missing:

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

“Theft of the Commons,” No Bird Sing

“Blood Pressures,” The Kills

“Waste Age Teen Land,” Face Candy

Danger Mouse Presents:


There’s a lot one can cite to compare the film industry and the music industry. This isn’t just in staff writer terms of the formal similarities of the two media, like the use of narrative, common structures, or the thematic cross-section of reality and fantasy. From a purely industrial point of view, the two share a lot in common: Genre divisions, slumping sales, and an explosion in diversity of product. But, stripping away the numbers for a second, each industry seems to understand the importance of aesthetics in a release calendar. There’s a reason film has a “Summer Blockbuster” season: There are some movies which, released in the summer, excite and please audiences much more than they would in the dead of winter. The music business has a much more complicated calendar; music sales tend to be relatively static in fall and winter regardless of product. Still, there’s always something to be said for an emphasis on aesthetics over sales. With this in mind, Rome, the long-in-development collaboration between the incomparable Danger Mouse and Italian composer Daniel Luppi, may be the year’s most perfectly timed release. Most of the country has barely begun to sweat under the warmth of summer, and, here in the Midwest especially, there’s a palpable desire for dust and heat, for sensuality and calm to burn away a long, chaotic stretch of snow and ice. There couldn’t be a better time a quasi-concept album inspired by spaghetti western theme songs, flush with the luscious vocal refrains of Norah Jones and the fiery passion of Jack White, and grounded by Danger Mouse’s exquisite, enraptured production. The album alternates between tracks with the guest vocalists and without, and it’s hard to decide which sound suits the producer and composer best. White is simultaneously laid-back and threatening on “Two Against One,” which also features Danger Mouse’s trademark backup singers, who appear sparingly but to wondrous effect. The preceding orchestral “Roman Blue” is sweeping and strong, while follow-up “The Gambling Priest” is sinister and fun. But the true stand-out here is Jones, who has sometimes struggled in her public perception as the VH1 darling whose smooth-jazz, easy-listening hits netted her awards and fame. Since the early days of her career, she’s proven herself to be far more flexible and talented than some people give her credit, going undercover in a grrl-punk band called El Madmo and plunking bluegrass in The Little Willies. She proves herself again here; “Season’s Trees” is an absolute knockout, and “Problem Queen” might be the most upbeat track in the collection. Make no mistake: For all the grand ideas behind Rome, and for its throwback ambitions, this is kick-off-your-shoes-and-bask-in-the-sun music. It’s the kind of summer album that comes along so rarely these days: Sweet and soulful, capturing the daylight CHRISTIAN HAGEN

Al so Fr om Da ng er M ou se

without sugar or pop gimmickry. Don’t expect a magnum opus, but open yourself to it, and you’ll find the album has a rich embrace. Beyond the previously mentioned numbers, Rome doesn’t have any particular standouts, which isn’t a negative in this case; when working with a project so predicated on big ideas, finding consistency is a pleasant surprise. “The Rose with the Broken Neck” is melancholy and swirling, and on its own might tire, but it flows beautifully within its surroundings. Danger Mouse’s fingerprints are all over “Black,” which sounds like a low-key lounge rendition of Broken Bells’ “The High Road.” Each instrumental track, including the album’s two recurring themes, “Morning Fog” and “Her Hollow Ways,” might be treated as filler on a lesser album, but Luppi’s compositions are mesmerizing. At times, it feels like you could float on top of this music, let it pull you out to sea, and never care about anything more. Though the album doesn’t quite capture the feeling of those old movies Danger Mouse is clearly emulating, what with its 21st-century polish and modern rock icons on vocals, Rome might be the beatmaker’s most accomplished experiment since he captured summer radio with “Crazy” five years ago. And that’s saying a lot for a man who seems to strike gold no matter where he digs. As his excavations get more deep and complex, he seems to be surer of his footing, and that can only bode well for when he hits his next strike. Music may not have a “Summer Blockbuster” season, but if it did, Rome would deserve to be the year’s first, and maybe its best.

Page 8 • Reporter


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

NBC Retains New Wii Introduced Olympic Rights

LAUSANNE, Switzerland (AP) — NBC retained its hold on U.S. Olympic television rights Tuesday in a four-games deal through 2020 worth nearly $4.4 billion, defeating rival bids from ESPN and Fox. “I can say the Olympics are really in their DNA,” IOC President Jacques Rogge said, referring to the network, which has dominated the Olympic broadcast scene in the U.S. for 20 years. Now controlled by Comcast, NBC won the bid despite last month’s resignation of longtime sports and Olympics chief Dick Ebersol in a dispute with the new owners. NBC has broadcast every Summer Olympics since 1988 and every Winter Games since 2002, and it was the network’s experience and familiarity with the IOC — as well as its money — which won over the Olympic body again. NBC now will have exclusive rights to the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, as well as the 2018 Winter Games and 2020 Olympics, whose sites have not yet been chosen. IOC TV rights negotiator Richard Carrion said the deal is worth $4.382 billion overall. That includes $2.01 billion for the 2014/16 Games and $2.38 billion for the 2018/20 Olympics. Carrion declined to say how much the other networks offered. But executives with direct knowledge of the proposals told The Associated Press that Fox bid $3.4 billion for four games and $1.5 billion for two, while ESPN offered $1.4 billion for two. The rights fees break down this way: $775 million for Sochi, $1.226 billion for Rio, $963 million for the 2018 Games and $1.418 billion for the 2020

Olympics. “This secures the financial future for the next decade of the Olympic movement,” Rogge said. It was the first U.S. rights auction since 2003, when NBC secured the 2010 and 2012 Olympics in a deal worth $2.2 billion. That included $2 billion in straight rights fees, plus a $200 million global sponsorship deal with NBC’s former parent company, General Electric. The IOC had said it hoped to exceed that deal this time, and it did, slightly. The $4.38 billion figure for four games represents a small increase only in rights fees compared to the previous twogames package. Carrion said the IOC still hopes to reach a separate extension with GE as a top-tier sponsor. Traditionally, the IOC awards the rights for two games at a time, but the networks expressed interest in going for a fourgames package. They did so without knowing where the last two will be held. The IOC will select the 2018 host city on July 6 in Durban. The candidates are Annecy, France; Munich; and Pyeongchang, South Korea. The host of the 2020 Olympics will be chosen in 2013, and Rome is the only official contender so far. “What was very important was the four-games bid,” Carrion said. “That is what put us over the line. NBC has proven its worth time and again over the years, and we’re very excited to continue working with them.” Comcast CEO Brian Roberts said NBC would take Olympic coverage “to greater heights than ever achieved before.”

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Nintendo has introduced the world to the Wii’s touchy new big brother: the Wii U. The Japanese gaming giant on Tuesday unveiled the Wii video game console’s successor, which will broadcast highdefinition video and feature a touchscreen controller that can detect motion and interact with what appears on a television display. “Up until now, home console games had to occupy the TV screen in order to be played,” said Nintendo president Satoru Iwata. “The new controller for Wii U, with its 6.2-inch screen built in, means you won’t need to give up your gameplay when someone else comes in the room and wants to watch a TV program.” The white touchscreen ontroller, reminiscent of Apple Inc.’s iPad and other tablet computers, can broadcast standard-definition video but also features a directional pad, microphone, dual analog sticks, speakers, two pairs of shoulder buttons and a frontfacing camera, which can be

used to make video calls. The console itself will use proprietary high-definition optical discs, 1080p HDMI output and internal memory that can be upgraded with USB and SD technology. No other technical specifications were provided. The prototype controller was demonstrated during the Electronic Entertainment Expo, the gaming industry’s annual convention, in several ways: displaying a player’s inventory in a “Legend of Zelda” game, offering an alternative way to play a chasing game, being used as a shield from incoming attacks in a first-person shooter game and showing the image of a teed-up golf ball on the ground before it was struck to a putting green depicted on a TV. The controller was also shown being used to browse the Internet both on a TV and the controller. Reggie FilsAime, Nintendo of America president, noted that the touchscreen controller is not meant to be a portable gaming device and that the system is

dubbed the Wii U because its “unique, unifying and maybe even utopian.” Nintendo said the Wii U will be released between April and December next year and will be backward-compatible with Wii games and controllers. “Smash Brothers,” ‘’Darksiders II,” ‘’Batman: Arkham City,” ‘’Tekken,” ‘’Assassin’s Creed” and “Metro: Last Light” were among the titles announced that would be released for the system. The price for Wii U was not revealed. The unveiling of the Wii U comes after two years of slumping sales for Nintendo’s Wii, which remains the overall top-selling home video game console against Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox 360 and Sony Corp.’s PlayStation 3. Those consoles already feature highdefinition graphics and added motion-sensing capabilities similar to the Wii last year with their respective Kinect and Move camera systems.

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Head to to read up on editor-in-chief Kyle Ratke’s notes on the NBA and NHL Playoffs, and whether or not the Minnesota Twins can turn it around.

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The NBA Draft: Who’s No. 1?

web photos KYLE RATKE | editor in chief

We know this year’s NBA draft is one of the weakest in recent memory. We know that Kyrie Irving is the No. 1 guy in the draft, but in any other draft, he’d likely be a No. 5 pick at best. We also know that David Kahn won’t have to take another point guard, but he still might. He’s like Jonny Flynn. You’re not exactly sure what he’s trying to do, but you don’t like it. You don’t like it one bit. Welcome to the 2011 Kid’s Take mock draft, the one place where Dan Gilbert wins. Side-note: Remember when Gilbert said that the city of Cleveland would win a title before LeBron did? I hope he was in Blackout City, because that might be one of the dumbest statements I’ve ever heard. He’s in the lead for “I Hope You Were Drunk When You Said That” contest. Scottie Pippen is No. 2. Enough talk. Let the mock begin! 1. Cleveland Cavaliers – Kyrie Irving – Duke – PG It just makes sense. Will he save basketball in Cleveland? No, not even LeBron could do that. Baron Davis is getting old (and has a child living in his beard). An average fan couldn’t name four players on the Cavs team. I don’t think Irving bcomes a great pro, especially in a league with so many talented point guards, but he won’t pull a Flynn. He’d have to try to be that horrible. Side-note: The Cavs are rumored to love Derrick Williams. Doesn’t it make sense to take him at No. 1 and take Brandon Knight or Kemba Walker at No. 4? Just thinking out loud. I’d rather have Williams and one of those two, rather than handcuffing msyelf to a point guard at No. 1. Tough call.

2. Minnesota Timberwolves – Derrick Williams – Arizona – SF I hate this pick. Is Williams going to be better than Michael Beasley? Maybe, maybe not. Is Williams worth a lot more in trade bait than Beasley is? Without a doubt. Believe it or not, a psycho who used to smoke more pot than Kelso in That ‘70s Show isn’t exactly a wanted man in this league. Williams has a chance to be good, but the Wolves won’t draft him and keep both of them. Beasley might kill someone if they do. I’m not kidding. Expect this pick to be traded or Williams to be traded. They could simply draft someone else? Enes I Kanter pronounce your name? (See what I did there?) Brandon Knight? No thanks.

3. Utah Jazz — Brandon Knight - Kentucky — PG

4. Cleveland Cavaliers Enes Kanter—Kentucky — C

5. Toronto Raptors - Kawhi Leonard — SDSU —SF

This is the pick that the Jazz aquired in the Derron Williams trade from the Nets. It makes sense to draft Knight to replace Williams, but I still think it was a boneheaded move to trade Williams when the top prizes were this pick in a horrible draft and Derrick Favors, who doesn’t look like anything special. Some mocks have Kanter going here, but I doubt it. The Jazz have a cluster of bigs including Favors, Al Jefferson and Paul Milsap. Side-note: I think it’s funny how Jefferson finally seemed to be on a winning team and BOOM, there goes Williams. Jefferson didn’t give me the time of day during an interview a few years ago. I’m smiling a little bit right now. Karma.

Would I be happy about this pick if I were a fan? No. My rules for drafting players are simple. I need to be able to pronounce your name and anytime you don’t play for an entire year because of eligibility reasons, I don’t trust you. Name the last European center to find success in the NBA? The Turkish, 6-11, center is being hyped up, and maybe rightfully so, but I’m not buying it. But on a team with Anderson Varejao and Ryan Hollins as its listed centers, the Cavs don’t really have a lot of wiggle room here. I still think Williams/Knight sounds better than Irving/Canter. Is that totally absurd? Two players that can grow together, or the best player in a bad draft and an iffy European center. Mmmmm.....

Many people believe the Wolves will try to trade down to this spot to try to snag Leonard along with some other assets. Maybe Beasley will be part of the trade? Who knows. Toronto doesn’t really have much going for them and their forwards consist of Ed Davis, Joey Dorsey, Reggie Evans, Amir Johnson, James Johnson, Linas Kleiza, Sonny Weems and Julian Wright. Ummm, yeah, give me Leonard. Leonard’s a guy who can shoot from outside and go inside if he needs to. Is he a “true” No. 5 pick? No, absolutley not. Does he instantly become a top-four player on this team? Yep. For the rest of Ratke’s mock draft, head to You can also follow him on Twitter @Kyle_Ratke.

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Maverick softball eliminated from NCAA Championship


staff writer

There are five stages of grief that any person, group or team must go through before they can accept a situation. Let me describe those five stages as it applies to the Minnesota State University Mankato softball team that finished the season just three wins away from a national championship. The first is denial. You wake up thinking that there’s still a chance. The season can’t possibly be over yet because it seems like it just started. Eventually you move on. The second is anger. You’re mad at yourself for any number of things including mistakes you made in the games you lost, bad luck, destiny and your shortcomings as a player and a team. But eventually, you move on. The third is bargaining. You beat yourself up about the little things that kept you from becoming National Champions, such as failing to score a tying run in the final game of the year against Midwestern State, and wish that you could do it over and get it right this time. But eventually, you realize it’s no use and move on. The fourth, and possibly the hardest to watch, is sadness. It finally dawns on you that the season is over and that some of the girls on the team around you will graduate and you’ll never play with them again. You may never reach the National Tournament again either, and considering that’s the one thing you wanted the most out of your college softball career, coming up even a little short hurts a lot. But eventually, you even manage to move on from this. And then there’s the final stage: acceptance. “You can always be a little disappointed when you don't finish your season on a win, but I would

say that is very, very little compared to how thrilled and proud of the entire team to have accomplished what we did throughout the year,” said senior Natalie Spicer, summing up an entire career’s worth of MSU softball teams trying to reach the National Tournament before finally achieving success this season. “We have fought through adversity, fatigue and anything else that was thrown at us. This season’s team may have looked down and out at certain points but that was never the case,” said Chelsea Erickson. The Mavericks defeated Saginaw Valley State 2-1 in the first round of the NCAA Championships. However, a 4-2 loss in the second round to eventual National Champion UC-San Diego was the first dagger, before a 1-0 loss to Midwestern State in an elimination game for MSU officially ended one of the most memorable seasons in the history of MSU athletics, one that included a program-record 54 wins. But the best thing about “acceptance” is that it never goes away. Despite the fact MSU did fall just short of their ultimate dream, acceptance of what actually happened, not what could’ve happened, is something the Mavericks will carry over to the future, add to the program’s tradition and savor for the rest of their lives. “This team was very unselfish, people understood when they needed to step up and get the job done. No matter what the score was, our team always fought and believed that we could win, which lead us to many victories on and off the field by the end of the season,” said Spicer. And after everything that they’ve been through, the players will finally get a chance to sit back and celebrate how much they managed to do and how far they’ve come.

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Postseason Baseball Reporter Awards With the books officially closed on the 2011 Minnesota State Mankato baseball season, it is time to reflect on yet another successful year for the Mavericks and hand out some postseason Reporter Awards. MSU went 40-12 overall in 2011, winning the NSIC Regular Season Championship and a program-record 27 straight games while qualifying for the NCAA Division II Tournament for the 30th time in program history. The Mavericks were then eliminated by Mesa State 7-4 in regional play. Here are the awards: LEE HANDEL | sports editor

Team MVP Matt Kuchenbecker, Jr., Second Base

Kuchenbecker stood out in an extremely potent Maverick lineup in 2011, as the junior from Burlington, Wis., led the team in runs batted in with 56 and doubles with 18. After starting the year in the bottom third of the batting order, Kuchenbecker’s extra-base power and clutch hitting with runners on base vaulted the second baseman to the second slot in the order for the rest of the season. Kuchenbecker continued to produce on a consistent basis, and seemingly played a key role in nearly every one of the Mavericks’ program-record 27 straight wins. He finished the season fifth on the team in batting average at .320, with six homers and 93 total bases, both good for second on the team. Whenever the Mavericks needed a hit, Kuchenbecker came through in the clutch. Honorable Men-

tion: Pat Dockendorf, Jr., 3B, (.369 AVG, 49 R, 7 HR, 38 RBI).

Pitcher of the Year: Blake Schwartz, Jr., Starting Pitcher

Schwartz pitched at an elite level for the Mavericks yet again in 2011, and has already racked up some much more meaningful postseason awards than this one.

The righty finished the year 10-2 with a 2.11 ERA, and recently received Third Team All-America honors for the second straight year. Schwartz was also named Central Region Pitcher of the Year and NSIC Pitcher of the Year while logging 89.2 innings with 79 strikeouts. Schwartz owned opposing hitters thanks to his pinpoint control, walking only 12 batters while allowing zero home runs the entire season. The junior from Rosemount, Minn., tied for the team lead with three complete games and will be the ace of the Mavericks’ starting rotation in 2012 if he does not depart for bigger and better things. The crafty righty will also be pitching for the local Mankato Moondogs this summer.

Rookie of the Year: Bryce Bellin, Fr., SP/RP

Bellin came onto the scene with a bang in 2011, finishing the year unblemished with a 6-0 record and miniscule 1.20 ERA. The freshman phenom appeared in 19 games for the Mavericks, starting four of them, and became invaluable to head coach Matt Magers because of his ability to take the mound and excel in any situation. Bellin threw 52.1 innings and struck out 39 batters, and should see an increased role as a starter next season for MSU.

Most Improved Player: Mahlon Zimmermann, So., Closer

This award was a tough one to find a match, as nearly every MSU regular who excelled in 2011 was already coming off a solid 2010. That being said, Zimmermann stepped up in his second year with the Mavericks, earning the closer’s role and finishing 3-2 with a 2.45 ERA and nine saves. This came after Zimmermann posted a 4.05 ERA in 2010.

Newcomer of the Year: Jeremy Sudbeck, Jr., First Base/DH

After transferring from Iowa Western Community College, Sudbeck did nothing but produce at the plate in his first year with MSU. The junior entrenched himself in the middle of the order, leading the team with a .381 batting average.

Coach of the Year: Matt Magers, 3rd Season

Even though Magers pretty much ran unopposed for this award, being named Central Region and NSIC Coach of the Year in 2011 certainly garners recognition. The Mavericks have gone an impressive 121-44 with Magers at the helm and have eclipsed the 40-win plateau the last two seasons.

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June 8, 2011  

MSU Reporter

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