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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Minnesota State University, Mankato


Helping women across the globe

B e a r y

Women’s Center benefit to aid women in Congo ELENA SHUFELT

assistant news editor

f u n d a y wale agboola • msu reporter Minnesota State psychology freshman Maria Almoite participates in Impact’s Stuff a Bear event Monday afternoon in the Centennial Student Union.

Living internationally

MSU graduate comes back to talk about his experiences working in eastern Europe DANNIE HIGGINBOTHAM

news editor


In today’s international market, it’s getting harder and harder to get by in business without knowing a second language. Minnesota State graduate Eric Paul Luhmann, a businessman based in Moscow, knows this all too well. Luhmann, a 1987 grad, majored in French and international business before he received his MBA from the University of Maryland. Soon after, he got an internship Editorial...................................4 Voices......................................5 Variety......................................8 Sports....................................11 Classifieds.............................15

with the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), who sent him to the former Czechoslavakia to work in countries newly created by the fall of the iron curtain. “I had studied in France [while at MSU] and that put the bug in me and let me know I was right to study French and put the bug in me to live in Western Europe,” Luhmann said, saying he didn’t think he would end up in the east. In 1994, OPEC sent Luhmann to live in Moscow

for six months, though he ended up staying for a year. He resigned from OPEC a short time later and stayed in Moscow as a constultant before he began working for Amstead Rail. Luhmann said central and eastern European businesses have a love/hate relationship with the United States. One issue that can often get in the way is that of US trade embargos and sanctions. “Russia doesn’t care about Iran,” Luhmann said. “The U.S. can’t supply anything to

Music and poetry will help fight global violence against women at the V-Benefit Show at Pub 500 Wednesday. This is the first year for the benefit, which supports “The Vagina Monologues” and raises awareness about violence against women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. “It’s going to educate people about the issues and how they affect people across the world,” said Lauren Pilnick, a producer for the event and the sexual violence education coordinator at Minnesota State. Spoken-word performers, musicians and poetry readers will help to inform the public about violence issues. In between acts, people can learn more information about violence on campus

and in the Congo. The V-Benefit Show is sponsored by the Women’s Center and Pub 500. Pub 500 will donate $1 for every artichoke-and-spinach dip bought during the event.  This is a free allages event that is open to the public. The benefit will help sponsor “The Vagina Monologues” Feb. 19 and 20 at 8 p.m. in Ostrander Auditorium. This year, it has a new cast of 25 women and two new monologues.  The goal is to empower women through the knowledge and insight of other stories while bringing awareness about issues of violence against women. This year’s spotlight monologue is “A Teenage Girl’s Guide to Surviving Sex Slavery.” Pilnick said the

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Decisions in Washington have a huge impact globally on whether businesses flourish or suffer.”

— Eric Paul Luhmann, MSU grad the Ukraine or Russia if it knows the supplies could be sent to Iran.” Business is also affected by changes in U.S. politics and policies. “Decisions in Washington have a huge impact globally on whether businesses flourish or suffer,” Luhmann said. Luhmann said he has lived overseas during the presidencies of three presidents: Clinto, Bush and Obama.

Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell and Jude Law contribute to finish lead role in Heath Ledger’s final film See page 8

“During the Clinton years, things were euphoric,” he said. One way this was shown was through the popularity of soft drink companies. Russians wanted Coca Cola, since they advertised in English and seemed American. Pepsi continued its advertisements in Russian, which turned people away. It was tough to be an American in Russia after Sept.

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Pro-marijuana student organization gets its start on campus at MSU ADAM PULCHINSKI

LIVING Though many people in business speak English, some prefer to do deals in their native languages continued from 1 11.

staff writer

The Minnesota State chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws is in the process of trying to gain some momentum on campus. Though NORML is a national organization lobbying for the rights of cannabis consumers since 1970, the group was new to MSU in the fall.  Already having undergone a leadership change, the group has had a slow start. “We’re a brand-new campus organization this year, but we hope to gain momentum as we get a feel for MSU’s needs and desires,” said Sarah Zenk Blossom, a member of the MSU chapter. Blossom, a second-year Master of Fine Arts candidate in creative writing, points to just a few of the activities NORML has in the pipeline this semester as a sign it is getting involved on campus and getting others involved in the organization. “We’re planning a benefit dinner, a 4/20 concert at Professor’s, an outdoor movie night and a post-finals party,” Blossom said. In addition to the special events NORML is planning, weekly meetings followed by movie nights have been established.  Meetings for the group are Monday nights at 8 p.m. in the Maverick Bullpen followed by a cannabis-centric movie.  The first movie Feb. 1

Tuesday, February 9, 2010T

time. “If you were American, Luhmann has had to deal you were held accountable for with the many harsh realities every decision [the U.S.] made, from living in the former every war waged,” Luhmann Soviet Union, saying “you said. “The long arm of the wake up everyday and you U.S. has its impact.” don’t know what’s happening.” One of the biggest lessons “Not one ATM or credit Luhmann has learned from card I own hasn’t been his time in hacked,” he Moscow is said. one that can Luhmann You wake up be applied also had to in any every day and deal with profession “nightmarish you don’t know what’s visits to the in any part of the doctor” when happening.” world: it’s his Ukrainiannot about born wife was what you pregnant with — Eric Paul Luhmann, MSU grad know, it’s his son. who you Knowing know. another “If you know the right language helps Luhmann people, you don’t need to connect directly with the know squat,” he said. “The people he does business with, most important thing upon since two people can speak entry to the market is who directly without the need for you’re working with.” an interpretor. He rarely uses A major factor in the his French major, however, and eastern European market is does most of his business in the political situation, which Russian. is constantly unstable and “A person has to be changing. bilingual,” he said. “Even “I’ve worked in the Ukraine just living in the U.S., this is since ’99 and there’s never obvious.” been a period when there “If you have to know only hasn’t been a major election,” one language, English is the Luhmann said. “A new one to know,” he said, “but minister changes everything you can’t do everything from a and starts from scratch.” This monolingual point of view.” can ruin business deals that have been in talks for a long

web phoro This flyer, found on NORML’s Web site, pokes fun at the 1936 exploitation film Reefer Madness.

was the Dave Chappelle vehicle “Half-Baked.” Other movies this semester include “Surf’s Up,” “Dazed and Confused,” “The Big Lebowski” and “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.” Blossom warns that this is not a time to show up and goof around, however. “The success of the club is largely dependent on the proactive attitude of its members,” Blossom said. “Join us at the meeting and bring your ideas, as well as a willingness to donate your time.”


While the group wants to celebrate the things that make the cannabis culture fun — laughter, friends, food, relaxation — it has another goal: to break the stereotypes about marijuana users. Blossom, who maintains a 4.0 grade point average and teaches English at MSU, wants others to know that members of NORML and cannabis users at large are good students, responsible citizens and motivated employees. The

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Study abroad gives students great lifelong lessons Fair to showcase dozens of programs, internships in different countries GRACE WEBB

staff writer

Students interested in studying abroad can check out their opportunities during the study abroad fair Tuesday. From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., the International Center will be tabling a booth where students can go to learn about the opportunities to study abroad Minnesota State offers. Professors, exchangers, and third-party providers (such as companies students can intern for) will answer students’ questions. More than 25 different groups will be at the fair. Holly Pahl, a graduate assistant working at the International Center, encouraged all students to attend the fair, and then to pursue the opportunity to study abroad. “It’s a really good idea,” said Pahl. “It’s great to get credit and see the world at the same time.” Pahl suggested that students be at least sophomores before studying abroad, and warned that seniors studying in foreign countries might have trouble fulfilling graduation requirements, since most universities offer more general education credits. 

She also stressed that students can go abroad through other area universities if MSU doesn’t have the program they are looking for. Lance Renberg, an MSU senior majoring in German, has already studied in Germany for two years and plans on going back a third time in February. Renberg

excited to study abroad is Daniel Bonnell, a junior double majoring in Spanish and urban studies. Bonnell had the chance to study in Japan during high school and knew he wanted to go abroad again while in college.  The junior is going to Ghana in the spring to study urban development, and plans to study in Spain next year. “I want to study abroad because it will be an adventure,” Bonnell said. “I think everyone should study

It’s very important in college; you gain experience you can’t get anywhere else.”

— Lance Renberg, MSU student

said he wasn’t even majoring in German until he visited the country, where he fell in love with the language and switched over. “On an academic level, the experience was great,” said Renberg. Besides studying at two different universities, Renberg had the opportunity to teach English as a second language.  Now, he is a huge advocate of studying abroad. “It’s very important in college; you gain experience that you can’t get anywhere else,” said Renberg. Another student who is

abroad because it gives you respect for other cultures. It’s fun and employers are interested in hiring people with diverse backgrounds.” Dozens of countries are open to students, such as Japan, Spain, France, England, Australia, Argentina, Costa Rica, Scotland, South Africa, and Italy, among others.  Students can stay anywhere from two weeks to two semesters, or over summer or spring break if that works better.  Any major can fit into the program.  


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Summer stint? MSU Job fair to provide summer job opportunities BLAINE TAYLOR MARTIN

staff writer

If you go:

Every savvy college student knows a summer job is an essential part of college life. To some, a summer job may simply be a stopgap, a way to pocket some much-needed cash between semesters. To others, it might be the crucial internship that jams their foot in the door at the office of their dreams. Both kinds of jobs, and many others, will be showcased in the Centennial Student Union Ballroom Wednesday between 9:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. when the Recreation Parks and Leisure Services department hosts its annual summer job fair. Around approximately 40 employers, representing a wide range of opportunities, will send representitives to the fair. The event is free and students in all majors are welcome to attend. Careers in the park and recreation industry will be well-represented by the National Park Service, U.S.

9:30 a.m. - 3 p.m. Wednesday CSU Ballroom Approximately 40 employers will visit campus Open to all majors Fish and Wildlife Service and a number of municipal park and recreation departments. Some major corporations will be in attendance as well, including Pepsi and Pioneer Hi-Bred International, a DuPont company. More traditional summer employment will be offered by the Mankato Golf Club and summer youth camps, some from as far away as New Hampshire. Coordinators for the event are expecting a good turnout and students are encouraged to come early.


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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

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Inconsistent class cancellations can be confusing If professors plan to cancel class due to poor weather conditions, students should be notified as soon as possible Minnesota State may not have officially canceled classes Monday in response to poor weather conditions, but the whiteout still caused some confusion amongst students. Many professors and instructors made the decision to cancel individual course sections in the afternoon and evening due to the snow, but as usual, students are notified via e-mail. During a winter weather advisory it is important for students to check their e-mail as frequently as possible, but professors should notify students in a timely manner if they are planning to call off class. This does not always happen and can be an

inconvenience when the road conditions are so poor. The Minnesota Department of Transportation and the State Patrol advised individuals to refrain from traveling the roads in south central Minnesota, a clear indicator that the weather isn’t good enough for students to risk driving to campus. Warren Sandmann sent out a routine e-mail to all of MSU on behalf of administration, notifying them that despite the snow, classes will be held as scheduled, but it would be interesting to find out how many classes were actually held. It seems that the majority of faculty and staff did not want to risk

the safety of their students or themselves and made the precautionary choice to cancel classes. This inconsistency could indeed be especially confusing as students are primarily informed through e-mail. Perhaps a new system should be implemented to better notify students regarding the specifics of class cancellations, one that would call for a cumulative, updated list of class cancellations to appear on the Web site. Classes are the bread and butter of this university so it is understandable that professors would be hesitant to call them off until the last minute, but on such a

blustery day as Monday was, it is pretty evident by late morning that the weather’s not going to clear up. In the event that students were still to attend class sections last night, I hope they listened to administration and used their “own judgment and discretion in deciding whether or not to travel to campus.” To stay informed regarding weather-related cancellations at MSU, sign up for Star Alert, an emergency text message alert service, by logging on to your E-account. Log onto to get the latest road conditions for southern Minnesota.

The Reporter is looking for your opinions, thoughts, comments and concerns regarding on- and off-campus issues, current events, or anything else you want to get off your chest.

compiled by Wale Agboola

What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial?

Jackie Vogel • Jr • Bus. Marketing “The ‘milkaholic’ E trade commercial.”

Mady Grassle • Jr • Accounting “The Bud Light commercial, “Drinkability.”

Contribute your thoughts today by submitting a letter to the editor online at www., via e-mail to or in person at CSU 293. This is your space — fill it.

Anthony Passante • Sr • Management “The Doritos commercial with the guy in the casket.”

Becky Chamlongsong • Jr • Social Work

Minnesota State University, Mankato

“The Doritos commercial with the cute boy slapping his mother’s date.”




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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

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Matt’s back again, and this time he’s calling out a movie that isn’t even out yet ... With Valentine’s Day And it is original. coming up in less than a According to a synopsis on week, and all the glorious, “‘Valentine’s goodies that come along Day’ follows several with it having festered on the intertwining couples and shelves of Wal Mart for more singles in Los Angeles who than a month, I couldn’t help break-up and make-up on but take notice of Warner based on the pressures and Brothers’ upcoming — and expectations of Valentine’s originally named — film, Day.” “Valentine’s Day”.  Like I’m sure Starring a you are now, I was screen-bloating just floored when I 23 member cast read this thing.  I’d (Julia Roberts, always hoped, after Jessica Alba, many restless nights Ashton Kutcher, and broken dreams, Bradley Cooper, that someone would Jamie Foxx, pioneer a new type Jennifer Garner, of romantic comedy.  Queen Latifah… No longer founded (Christ, the shitty on the principles list never ends!) of cheap laughs Matt Sauer “Valentine’s and star power, this Day” is clearly new style would relying on its originality and combine the converging plot cutting-edge scripting to stuff themes and comedy found in moviegoers into $12 seats Quentin Tarantino films with this weekend.  the unifying spark of holiday But I guess it makes sense.  exploitation and relationship Who wouldn’t want to tack clichés found in classic another $40 onto their credit movies like “Fred Claus”.  card after spending $125 on Let me tell you, friends, flowers and chocolate?  You that day has come, and it is might as well even out the glorious. I recently watched bill and see the movie twice the two-minute trailer on the if only for the rush.  movie’s website, which I had Indeed, critics are already to replay six or seven times hailing the film, which seems before I was able to snuff my to have transcended our excitement, and was given a conception of Valentine’s much-obliged sneek peek at Day as a silly commercial some critic comments. holiday with its unbelievable “Hugs, laughs, love, and storyline and unique themes surprises!” One read. of love, people talking, “You’ll fall in love with crying, and broken — then ‘Valentine’s Day’!”  said reunited — relationships. another, followed by, “The

perfect date movie!” And finally, the old faithful, all-knowing assessment of a comedy film: “Hilarious!!!” That’s right, the movie is so fucking funny that three exclamation marks are required to measure its prowess. I mean, it’s as if we’ve entered a new world where comedies of old — with their single or double exclamation point comments — are no longer viable, that whatever we thought we knew, we had no idea. Nevertheless, I find myself suddenly cold as I sit before my open computer.  Empty as I glance around the room, watching from the corner of my eye as Queen Latifah dances merrily across the screen and Julia Roberts smiles, her teeth bright like those of the Cheshire, seeming to stretch endlessly, daring infinity to catch their pace.  I push the laptop away for a moment to catch my breath, to unbury my eyes from the apparent beacon of hope splayed across the screen, and then I see it.  Clear as God’s light, and just as immortal, two pairs of words flicker silently across the

screen, the faces of Kutcher, Biel, and Swift grinning obtusely from behind, they read: “Makeout Spots. Click now!”  And I click.  Like Alice in her Wonderland I click, diving deep into the rabbit hole, following his every link and Facebook request until I stumble upon a secret of unknown power.  A secret that might eventually lead, if left unkempt, to the very unraveling of humanity:  It’s a website dedicated to finding make-out spots anywhere in the United States, for the price of a zip code.  Fear swells inside me, fills my body until I’m choking, gagging on the idea of a world in which websites were created for the sole purpose of finding make out spots.  I’d had nightmares in the past about such a world.  A future world in which people could no longer find their own make-out spots, where couples could no longer abstain from licking each other’s faces until they got home and where robot cats wandered the earth, destroying daycares to use their precious cargo —

children— as collateral for Meow Mix.    As I stare, wide eyed and surreal into the dark void of that website, I lean back and close my eyes, wiping the sweat from my brow before opening them again.  I glance at my cat, his sleepy eyes and solemn purr no longer fooling me, and breath deep before flipping open my pocket knife and setting it on the table, just so he knew it was there.  I look back at the computer. “From the director of Pretty Woman comes a day in the life of love,” the movie’s tagline reads. The words echo in my mind while I glance at the cat again. His eyes are open now, glaring deeply into mine, and I look away, fear gripping my heart. He meows loudly, as if to show his dominance, and I reach for the pocket knife, grasping it tightly. It’s only a matter of three day’s time, now, and he knows it as well as I. It’s only a matter of time.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010T

Michael Jackson doctor pleads not guilty in pop star’s untimely death LOS ANGELES (AP) — Michael Jackson’s personal physician pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter Monday, setting the stage for a sensational celebrity courtroom drama as prosecutors attempt to prove Dr. Conrad Murray caused the pop star’s death. Some two hours after prosecutors filed the single felony count, the six-foot-five Murray arrived in court in a grey suit to enter his plea. As he did, several members of Jackson’s family looked on. Superior Court Judge Keith L. Schwartz set bail at $75,000, three times more than most people charged with involuntary manslaughter face. Prosecutors had been seeking $300,000 bail for Murray, who was taken into

custody by sheriff’s deputies but not handcuffed. According to a five-page criminal complaint, Murray “did unlawfully, and without malice, kill Michael Joseph Jackson” by acting “without due caution and circumspection.” The complaint contains no details on Jackson’s death but authorities have said the singer died after Murray administered a powerful general anesthetic and other drugs to help Jackson rest. As Murray walked past a crowd of hundreds of reporters and Jackson fans on his way to a courthouse adjacent to Los Angeles International Airport, several people shouted “murderer.” Inside the courtroom, Jackson’s father Joe, mother

Katherine, and siblings LaToya, Jermaine, Tito, Jackie and Randy sat behind prosecutors as Murray entered his plea. He could face up to four years in prison if convicted. “Looking for justice,” was all Jackson’s father said as he walked past a crowd of reporters and into the courthouse. He and his family members had arrived in a fleet of Cadillac Escalades soon after prosecutors announced Monday they had brought the manslaughter charge. The judge told Murray that after he posts bail he may travel the country freely but may not leave the United States. He must also surrender his passport. Murray, who was with Jackson when he died June 25 at his rented Los Angeles mansion,

GLOBE Money raised will go towards ending violence

towards women in Congo, where rape and torture is common continued from 1

blood pressure. The American Society of Anesthesiologists warned in 2004 that a doctor using propofol should have education and training to manage anesthesia complications, be physically present throughout sedation and monitor patients “without interruption” for signs of trouble. Rescue equipment “must be immediately available,” it said. Los Angeles investigators were methodical in building a case against Murray, wary of repeating missteps that have plagued some other high-profile celebrity cases, most notably O.J. Simpson and actor Robert Blake, both of whom were acquitted of murder.

NORML A marijuana bill was vetoed in the Minn. senate in 2009 continued from 2

submitted photo (Left) Christal Lustig, Shayna Collins and Chera Sevcik perform at the 2009 Vagina Monologues.

women of the Congo are trapped in one of the most deadly conflicts since World War II. It is estimated that more than 500,000 females have been raped and sexually tortured, while almost six million people have been killed and millions more displaced. All of the money from this event goes to end violence against women in the Congo and for the sexual violence education program at MSU.  The females of Congo will receive 10 percent of the proceeds from this event. 

said he did nothing that should have caused the 50-year-old entertainer to die. “We’ll make bail, we’ll plead not guilty and we’ll fight like hell,” his attorney, Ed Chernoff said before the charge was filed. Jackson hired Murray to be his personal physician as he prepared for a strenuous series of comeback concerts in London. Officials say the singer died after Murray administered the powerful general anesthetic propofol and two other sedatives to get the chronic insomniac to sleep. Known as “milk of amnesia,” propofol is only supposed to be administered by an anesthesia professional in a medical setting because it depresses breathing and heart rate while lowering

This is a V-Day event. V-Day is a global organization that has raised more than $70 million in the last 10 years to end violence against females. The organization establishes safe houses for women across the world, including some in the Congo and one as close as South Dakota. Go to www.vday. org for more information.  “It’s really an honor to be part of this movement,” Pilnick said. Justine Johnson, a first-year graduate student at MSU, is a co-producer of “The Vagina

Monologues” and organizer of the V-Benefit Show. “Both the benefit show and the monologues make it comfortable for students and make it relaxing to talk about serious issues while having fun,” said Johnson. The account for this event is funded with money from previous years and is in no way financed with student fees. Tickets are available online at and at the Women’s Center in CSU 218.  



It's time to apply for the 2010-2011 academic year scholarships! The scholarship application will be available from February 1 - March 12, 2010 and can be found online only at

other aim of NORML is to legalize the use of cannabis for responsible adults. “We believe that marijuana use is not a crime and that cannabis should be legal and regulated, just as alcohol and tobacco are,” Blossom said. She became seriously interested in activism after two friends went to prison for marijuana-related charges. The road to legalize marijuana in Minnesota may be a long one.  Sen. Steve Murphy, DFLRed Wing, authored the 2009 legislation bill that passed in the Minnesota Legislature but was later vetoed by Gov. Tim

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Pawlenty. Murphy was quoted on the website as being unsure of whether he would try to push another bill this year. ““We need a governor who will sign the bill,” Murphy said. From the way Blossom talks, though, the MSU chapter of NORML is not slowing down, but gearing up for whatever happens this year. “I got involved because I was angry at the injustice of our nation’s cannabis laws,” Blossom said. “Cannabis is actually a very beautiful plant, and its industrial and medical uses are myriad.”

$20 Off Any tattoo (MINIMUM OF $100)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Reporter • Page 7

Variety Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ledger’s last picture

“Romance is Boring” Wichita (1/26/10)


staff writer Some movies need but an open mind and open arms to achieve something memorable. While “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” is a flighty and, at times, lost example of one, it is indeed one of those films. Crafted by co-writer/ director Terry Gilliam, whose noticeably French-influenced style of filmmaking makes him particularly interesting to keep track of, “Parnassus” will keep you as confused and insecure as its subject matter: a traveling sideshow headed

by the immortal Dr. Parnassus (Christopher Plummer). The only thing consistent about the film is its inconsistency, caused perhaps by the death of its lead (Heath Ledger, as the sideshow’s newcomer, Tony) mid-shoot, which resulted in a complete retooling and the casting of Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell as Tony’s other selves; but to shrug off what becomes the film’s critical feature—an askew universe that ties both the characters and viewers into knots—as a mere happenstance would be a nearsighted and lacking

departure. The film starts off on the foot it intends: the wrong one. A horse-drawn, self-contained stage has set up outside a bar where a jester announces the arrival of Dr. Parnassus, a longbearded mystic who slides onto the set in deep meditation, and bodes the night life to draw closer. Promising entertainment and enlightenment, the jester finds two takers: a rowdy drunk stumbling from the bar and an intrigued movie-goer entering Gilliam’s game of choice and wager.

Ledger / page 10

Earthworks Gardens teaches amateurs the essentials / page 9 photo by

(507) 389-5157

The quick fix Los Campesinos!

web photo Production for “The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus” was stunted due to the death of its star Heath Ledger, but changes to the script incorporated Jude Law, Johnny Depp and Colin Farrell to portray sides of his character.


Singer Gareth Campesinos! and his merry band of Scottish indie-pop misfits are back from taking their longest break in between records (only 15 months) to release another epically exhuberant album that, much like their U.K. counterparts the Arctic Monkeys, makes lyrics on breakups, narcissism and overall pessimism behind up-tempo orchestration, dancing keyboard riffs, call-and-response vocals, bells and whistles. Gareth must only be happy on-stage because, althought excited, he feels that romance (and everything else for that matter) is boring while belting out “You’re pouting in your sleep, I’m waking still yawnin’, we’re proving to each other than romance is boring” on the title track. For Fans Of: Arctic Monkeys, Architecture in Helsinki, bells and whistles

Yeasayer “Odd Blood”

Secretly Canadian (2/9/10)

The psychedelically electronic opener “The Children” may scare new and old listeners away from Yeasayer’s newest — “Odd Blood” — but there is really no need to worry. It’s trudging, grounded melodic pace perfectly precurses lead single “Ambling Alp” — the best song written about Max Schmeling ever recorded — and the rest of the album to be the progression on the freak-pop fans of the band’s debut were hoping for. But while the lead single (and it’s off-the-wall music video) consistently features the familiar up-tempo, jangles craziness of its predecessor, a good portion of the album, much like Animal Collective’s recent output, is relatively toned down; a tactic which makes the band more relatable without sacrificing it’s overall approach and sound. For Fans Of: Animal Collective, Neon Indian, knocking out Joe Louis

Lil Wayne “Rebirth”

Young Money (2/2/10)

There are really only two ways to view the dreadlocked rapper’s “rock” album, and they are words made up by “How I Met Your Mother”’s Barney Stinson — Awfsome and Awesful. Awfully awesome or awesomely awful. Either way, it seems that Lil’ Wayne is very sincere with this misguided pet project of his. But whether or not his sincerity is mixed with a tongue-in-cheek approach — one that the video for lead single “Prom Queen” suggests is the determining factor. And while it’s easy to just call his flirtation with the guitar a bad idea and be done with it, there is something to Wayne’s passionate approach — simple, fan favorite chord progressions mixed with relatable tales of romance both failed and successsful that makes it difficult to judge whether it’s amazing because it is irreverantly terrible or genius in its crassness. For Fans Of: Lil Wayne’s Katie Couric interview

Surfer Blood “Astro Coast”

Kanine (1/19/10)

The beachy, macbre-titled Florida band’s debut LP takes the island-pop of Beach House to a fuzzier, more hollowed-out level. Yet its sound and intentions are far more aggressive toward relationships and loss (“When you told me you were leaving, I wasn’t thirsty for revenge, no I wasn’t dissapointed much at all, ‘cause you’ll be back again”). With songs such as “Fast Jabroni” that resemble Frank Black’s take on the Beach Boys classic “Hang Onto Your Ego” if it was sung by the Cure’s Robert Smith. But with relative ease, the band pulls back the throttle into “Slow Jabroni” and builds itself back into a chaotic crescendo. For Fans Of: Beach House, Girls, being smacked in the face with a smile — Nate Brennan, Variety Editor

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Reporter • Page 9

Impact battles bands and couples

Amateur gardening 101 Earthworks aims to teach useful hobby in wake of economic slump DREW CLAUSSEN

staff writer

Gardening has been an integral part of American culture since the Mayflower touched ground in 1620. It began with people growing food to eat as a means to survive, but with numerous advancements in the food industry, gardening has turned into more of a hobby — one that can be fairly difficult to pick up. Gardening is much more than simply throwing seeds in the ground and watching them grow. This is where gardening classes such as Earthworks Gardens come in. “Gardening is the number one summer hobby, so people are doing it,” said Diane Selly. “The class just makes them do it better.” Selly and her family own Earthworks Gardens, which is located at their home outside of St. Peter. She began growing her gardens after retiring from her 23-year career at the Waseca Federal Prison, where she taught horticulture to inmates. She has taught gardening classes in St. Peter for three years and plans to teach her first class in Mankato this spring. “I like gardening because of the peacefulness, and it’s

fun to plant something and watch it grow,” Selly said. The classes, which start in early March, will cost $30 per person or $40 per couple and run for five weeks. Topics covered in the classes include vegetable gardening and lessons on integrated pest management, which focuses on preventing diseases, pests and weeds. Other focuses of the class are flowerbed management and landscaping, where students learn about the maintenance and layout of their yard, how to prune shrubs and when to fertilize and mow their yards. According to Selly, good landscaping can add up to 15 percent more value to a home. Classes finish with a field tour in St. Peter where students gain hands-on experience and apply the information they learned in the classroom. With the economy slumping, Selly believes that more people are starting to grow their own vegetables because it takes little work to grow a lot of food such as tomatoes and green beans — the most common vegetables grown in southern Minnesota. Selly recommended a few simple steps to those wanting to garden that will


Impact will be holding a Minnesota State rendition of the Newlywed Game Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the CSU Ballroom. Any type of couple — partners, engaged, married, friends, roommates, etc. — are welcome to participate. Those interested are encouraged to show up 10-15 minutes prior to sign up. Ten couples will be selected to participate from the sign-up list by the Impact staff based on variety. The game will consist of two rounds of questions where a partner must attempt to guess their partner’s answer to the given questions. Three couples will advance to the final round to go against “celebrity golden couples,” made up of two CSU staff members

hopefully make their first try successful: Start small, limit yourself to 10 types of vegetables and don’t try to grow sweet corn. Dedicate time to upkeep — you will need about two hours a week for a 100-square-foot garden. Fertilizing does have an impact on plants but it is not necessary; you can use finished compost instead. Get your soil tilled before planting. Decide if you want to start from seed or a small plant. Tomatoes and peppers should be started from a plant, the smaller the plant the better, and all vine crops should be started from seeds. Selly also has advice for ways college students can liven up their dorm room or apartments with plants. Two good plants are the peace lily and the philodendron,” she said. “Both of those plants can take a lot of abuse,” Selly said. “They don’t need much sunlight and if they start to look bad, you can just cut them down to their base and they regrow. For those interested in Earthworks Gardens or have any general gardening questions go to www. earthworksgardens.blogspot. com.

and their partners. Prizes will be awarded to the winning teams and Impact will be giving away several other prizes throughout the night. The voting for Impact’s 15th Annual Battle of the Bands has ended and the five participants have been selected. Polis, To Catch A Thief, Sue City, Dr. Lee and the Terminally Chill, and Plagued Insanity received the most support based on online voting that ran from Jan. 28 – Feb. 5. Voters were allowed to pick up to four bands which, among those selected to compete, included: The Style Biters, Shotgun Fiction, White Collar Crime, The Selektors, and 6th and Vine. Impact’s Battle of the Bands will take place Wednesday, Feb. 17 in the CSU Ballroom.

Super Bowl highest rated show ever NEW YORK (AP) — The New Orleans Saints' victory over Indianapolis in the Super Bowl was watched by more than 106 million people, surpassing the 1983 finale of "M-A-S-H" to become the most-watched program in U.S. television history, the Nielsen Co. said Monday. Compelling story lines involving the city of New Orleans and its ongoing recovery from Hurricane Katrina and the attempt at a second Super Bowl

ring for Indianapolis quarterback Peyton Manning propelled the viewership. Football ratings have been strong all season. "It was one of those magical moments that you don't often see in sports," said Sean McManus, president of CBS News and Sports. Nielsen estimated Monday that 106.5 million people watched Sunday's Super Bowl. The "M-A-S-H" record was 105.97 million.


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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

LEDGER “‘Parnassus’ means to disrupt and deceive its audience. Never does the film wish its viewers to become comfortable or confident, to be content to take at face value what they see.” continued from 8 After the drunk is transported through a mirror on stage to a vast world inhabited by space-jellyfish and oversized tacks (stay with me), he faces a decision: climb a daunting mountain to a promised salvation or visit a nearby pub for one last drink. And, judging by the consequence of his decision, which I will keep a mystery, there is a right and a wrong answer. This opening gives the film an immediate sense of offbalanced whimsicality, enrolling the viewer in a grand game of blue-pill-red-pill that becomes increasingly taxing as Parnassus and his troupe dig themselves deeper into a competition with the devil (Tom Waits). Whether the viewer goes willingly or not into this experiment, as I hinted in my opening, decides the fate of the film. “Parnassus” means to disrupt and deceive its audience. Never does the film wish its viewers to become comfortable or confident, to be content to take at face value what they see. It works at a constant pace to poke and annoy and distract. The film plays exorbitantly with canted angles, shots that tilt their view and shove their subjects to one side or the other, almost as if shaking the film like one would a piece of paper to rid it of eraser shavings. Gilliam also provides few establishing shots, which forces the viewer to be constantly calculating where the film is and to what orientation one character is in regards to the next. To further confuse us, he crams his characters in tight spaces and clutters the area to the point that they nearly blend entirely into

web photo Legendary experimental rock n’ roll singer/songwriter and character actor Tom Waits portrays Mr. Nick (the Devil) in ‘The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus.’ His character comes to collect the soul of the titular character’s daughter as per the agreements of a deal the two have made.

their surroundings. Like the travelers, we are made vulnerable and disorientated, unknowing of who to trust or what to believe or what will happen next. The only rule that governs us is that of the gambler: choose a route and live with the consequences. The gamble, “Parnassus” suggests, gives us our only confidence. Independent of whether one chooses right or wrong, like in Parnassus’ decision to trade the devil the souls of his future children for the love of his life, another gamble is always waiting on the other side.

The film’s interplay of visual grandiosity and juxtaposed melancholy reflect its dualistic view of the world. Life is a continuity of choices, and the outcome of the decisions one makes are never clear before one makes them. What might seem like the best idea at the time may turn out to ruin one in the end. This game, like any other, takes its toll on the player. An open mind can only bring one so far in such murky waters. Where the thought is complete by the end of the film, the swirling tangents present throughout the film have a distancing effect

on the audience and turn loose story threads into loose nerveendings that sting from lack of care. Plummer and the four Tonys shine through the film’s thick clouds, their troubled and mysterious beams too bright for actress/model Lily Cole, who stiffly plays Parnassus’ flirty daughter, and Verne Troyer, who would be well-advised to stick with silent roles. “Parnassus” is one of those movies that takes some time to entirely understand and appreciate. Letting it alone as soon as the credits role, it would seem a silly and stuttering film

that has the energy potential of a thunderstorm but only amounts to a dense fog that even it gets lost in. However, like the film suggests, there are always two possible answers to an equation, and the second lets one see to the heart of “Parnassus,” as a peculiar and cheeky film, but one that is as devoted to its message as it is deceitful in its deliverance. Luckily, no matter the side of the gamble one falls on, there will surely be another waiting on the other side.

Sports Tuesday, February 9, 2010

(507) 389-5227

In a league of his own After multiple internships with teams, Lee Meyer has landed his dream job PAT DELANEY

staff writer Lee Meyer has always had a strong interest in sports. The Minnesota State graduate’s love of athletics has carried him to one of the highest profile jobs in sports— athletic trainer for the New York Yankees. Meyer leaves Sunday for the Yankees’ spring training facility in Tampa, Fla. He then will move to Staten Island, NY, where he will begin his new career after serving the past two seasons with the Minnesota State wrestling team. MSU wrestling coach Jim Makovsky is one person who is not surprised to see the rising success of Meyer. “I could tell from all the stuff he was doing in the summer that he could be very successful,” said Makovsky. “He was doing internships to get to the next step and at low pay. That really made me believe he could do it.” Meyer has done multiple internships over the last three years including working with professional franchises such as the Colorado Rockies, Pittsburgh Pirates and Indianapolis Colts. He also spent time in Mexico working for the Oaxaca Guerreros of the Mexican League as well as the Northwoods League working for the Wisconsin Woodchucks.

Through his experiences, Meyer realized that getting into baseball was his main goal. He admits growing up in a big baseball family was one of his top reasons for getting into athletic training in the first place. “I always wanted to get into baseball,” Meyer said. “When I realized I couldn’t play it anymore I got intrigued by athletic training for baseball. I’m really excited about this.” It has been a steady process getting to this point for Meyer. After finishing up his internship this past summer, Meyer sent out his resume to every major league team. The Yankees were the first team to contact him and he went on to meet with them in Tampa. They came away so impressed that they offered him a head athletic training job for their minor league affiliate in Staten Island. Meyer will have a lot of the same responsibilities with the Yankees as he has had with the Mavericks, which he says will strongly benefit him moving forward. Working with Makovsky, Meyer has learned how important it is for trainers and coaches to have a good relationship. “Working with the wrestling team has helped a lot,” Meyer said. “Jim is a great coach to work with. We al-

Meyer / page 13

MSU Athletics • Sports Pix Lee Meyer (right) received a job from the New York Yankees after spending two years with the MSU wrestling team.


Mavericks keep regional hopes alive with two more wins

dan moen • msu reporter Cameron Hodges (left) scored 25 points in two games over the weekend.


55 MSU-M 105 MSU


73 92

sports editor The Minnesota State men’s basketball team knows that even the littlest slip up could cost them a chance to host the NCAA regional tournament. MSU took on MinnesotaCrookston on Friday followed by Minnesota State UniversityMoorhead on Saturday. The Mavericks easily defeated both teams, beating Crookston 105-55 and Moorhead 92-73 — but being the No. 4 team in the nation, the Mavericks tend to get the best

out of other teams. Moorhead trailed the Mavericks by just five at halftime. “At this point, we get everyone’s best,” said MSU head coach Matt Margenthaler. “At halftime I didn’t say much. We were trying to make too many great plays, when we really just needed a lot of good plays.” The Mavericks made a lot of good — and great — plays on Friday night against Crookston, who has yet to win a game in the NSIC. Travis Nelson and Jefferson Mason shared the lead in points as the both finished with 16. The bench received more playing time and capatlized on


Cameron Hodges and Marcus Hill scored 13 and 11 points respectively, while Stephen Kirschbaum and Taylor Morrow both scored 10 points. Jermain Davis scored 10 points also. The Mavericks started out rusty against Moorhead, but finished strong. Moorhead tied the game 61-61 with 10:46 left in the second half, but that would be as close as they would get as the Mavericks pulled away during the last stretch of the game. Nelson had a game-high 24 points.

Men’s Hoops / page 13

Page 12 • Reporter


Tuesday, February 9, 2010T


Barber guides Mavericks back on track Sophomore guard takes advantage of more minutes UMC MSU

WOMEN’S BASKETBALL School Conf. OVR (23) Concordia 12-3 18-4 Wayne State 10-4 17-4 Augustana 10-4 16-5 MSU-Moorhead 10-5 16-6 UMD-Duluth 9-6 14-8 Winona State 9-6 14-8 SW-Minnesota State 8-7 14-8 MAVERICKS 8-7 13-9 Northern State 8-7 12-10 Bemidji State 6-9 12-10 Minnesota-Crookston 6-9 8-13 Mary 5-10 9-13 St. Cloud State 3-12 8-14 Upper Iowa 0-15 2-20

MEN’S BASKETBALL School Conf. OVR (4) MAVERICKS 14-1 21-1 St. Cloud State 12-3 18-4 (25) Augustana 10-4 17-4 Winona State 10-5 16-6 Mary 9-6 13-9 Concordia- St. Paul 9-6 12-10 SW Minnesota State 8-7 13-8 Northern State 7-8 11-11 Upper Iowa 7-8 10-12 Wayne State 6-8 9-12 Bemidji State 4-11 7-14 Minnesota-Duluth 4-11 7-15 MSU-Moorhead 4-11 7-15 Minnesota-Crookston 0-15 3-18


WCHA 14-7-1 (6) UMD (4) St. Cloud State 13-6-3 12-4-4 (2) Denver 11-6-3 (3) Wisconsin (10) Colorado College 11-8-3 (9) North Dakota 8-9-3 8-10-2 Minnesota Alaska-Anchorage 8-14-2 6-13-1 MAVERICKS 4-18-0 Michigan Tech

PTS 29 29 28 25 25 19 18 18 13 8

68 76



staff writer Lauren Barber normally doesn’t put up many points for the Minnesota State women’s basketball team. But that changed last week after guard Jennie Noreen sprained her ankle during a mid-week practice. “[I knew] I would have to step it up, play a few more minutes and just try and get the points Jennie usually gets,” said Barber. The sophomore guard did that, and then some. With Noreen slowed by the sprain, Barber scored a careerhigh 20 points in MSU’s 76-68 victory over the University of Minnesota, Crookston Friday. On Saturday, she led MSU with 19 more points as the Mavericks dismantled Minnesota State-Moorhead 73-56. In the process, MSU improved to 13-9 (8-7), avenged the losses it suffered to both teams earlier this season and, most importantly, improved its position in the NSIC standings. “We knew we had to get two wins,” Barber said, who aver-

dan moen • msu reporter Lauren Barber led the team in 3-point percentage last season and showed why over the past weekend.

MSU up by as many as 19 points. Barber provided more spark on Saturday, hitting four first-half 3-pointers as the Mavericks took an early 28-19 lead against Moorhead. While the Dragons closed the gap, another Barber 3-pointer and 14 points from freshman Ali Wilkinson eventually helped MSU turn the game into a blowout. Barber finished the two-

game stretch 13 of 23 from the field, including 9 of 14 from 3-point range. MSU, which lost four straight games during January, has now won three straight. “We don’t focus on our losses anymore,” said coach Pam Gohl. “We’re just really working on trying to get better every day in practice and then seeing what that can equate to in games.”

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17-4-3-3 40 (1) Minnesota (5) Minnesota-Duluth 17-5-2-1 37 13-10-1 27 (9) Wisconsin 8-9-7-3 26 Bemidji State 9-11-4-3 25 St. Cloud State 11-11-2 24 Ohio State 3-16-5-3 14 MAVERICKS 5-17-2 12 North Dakota

aged about seven points per game prior to Friday. “We had to step it up and play our game, and that’s what we did.” MSU entered Friday in a three-way tie for the eighth position in the NSIC, a crucial spot since only the top eight teams advance to the conference tournament and keep their playoff hopes alive. The Mavericks’ two victories vaulted them into a three-way tie for seventh place with Southwest Minnesota State and Northern State. But with only five games left before the conference tournament, MSU’s margin for error remains extremely small. “I don’t think we can get comfortable,” said senior Liz Trauger, who scored a careerhigh 28 points Friday and posted a double-double Saturday. “If we get comfortable then we don’t come out and fight. We need to keep fighting ... and just know that we have to win.” That sense of desperation was evident Friday, when Trauger scored 20 first-half points to give MSU a 38-34 halftime lead against Crookston. A second-half run, keyed by two Barber 3-pointers, put

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010



MSU ends 16 game winless streak MSU SCSU


0 4

dan moen • msu reporter The Mavericks shutout against St. Cloud State was their first this season.

Altmann said. “It always motivates you to be perfect and do better the next time you go out there.” Altmann turned away 33 shots on goal while turning in her first shutout of the season in the Mavericks’ 4-0 triumph. However, Altmann was not solely responsible for the shutout. “I had a clear look at every shot because we really played as a team,” Althmann said. “It feels great, but it was a team effort for that shutout.” The Maverick offense finally woke up on Sunday as well. Senior captain Kala Buganski got the attack started with her third goal of the season. The momentum carried over into a weak area for the team, as sophomore blueliner Ariel Mackley notched her first goal of the season on the power play. After a goal from sophomore forward Moira O’Connor late in the second period, fellow sophomore forward Emmi Leinonen would cap the scoring in the third, registering her team-leading ninth

MEYER “ ... They seem excited to have me and I am excited to be there.”

ways had great communication between us and that is really important especially for a sport like wrestling which is very demanding. A lot of the stuff I will be doing in baseball is like what I do with wrestling, except probably not quite so demanding.” As much as Meyer has benefited from his time at MSU, the university will equally benefit by having a student achieve this much success. MSU is well-known as a school that has a great athletic training program and Meyer is a perfect example of that. Seeing a student make it to a professional organization will give other MSU students a great idea of what they can

Sport shorts: Both men’s and women’s track and field in first over the weekend. MSU took eighth overall in the tournament. In the latest USTF NCAA The Mavericks opened SunDivision II Regional Team rankday’s action falling to Elmurst ings, both Maverick track and collge 873-872, followed by a field teams were in first place. 913-816 loss to Central MisThe men earned 290.17 souri. points. MSU is one of two teams MSU came back with two from the NSIC in the top-five. solid victories over Arkansas The other is MSU-MoorState and the Univerity head, who is ranked of Nebraska by scores third. of 927-919 and 870-820 The women earned respectively. 286.45 points — more Seniors Ashley Clinthan 20 points higher choc and Lisa Hoover than No. 2 Adams State. finished in the top-10 of There are other teams overall standings. Clinin the top-five from the choc averaged a score NSIC. The University of Ashley Clinchoc of 190, finishing fifth, Mary and Winona State while Hoover ranked are in third and fourth respectenth with a 183.8 mark. tively. The Maverics are next in action in Whitewater, Wis., Feb. Women’s Bowling 12-14.



staff writer Just 48 hours removed from perhaps their worst performance of an already trying season, the Minnesota State women’s hockey team turned in their most complete effort Sunday afternoon with a dominating 4-0 shutout of the St. Cloud State Huskies. Despite traveling to St. Cloud on Friday, the Mavericks did not show up on offense or defense in their 6-1 letdown against the Huskies. Thanks to a 6 a.m. practice on Saturday morning, the team was firing on all cylinders come Sunday afternoon at All Seasons Arena. “I think the morning skate on Saturday really motivated us,” said sophomore goalie Alli Altmann. “We were disappointed after Friday’s performance and we didn’t want it to happen two games in a row.” While head coach Eric Means refuses to directly point to Saturday’s early morning skate as the reason for the turnaround, he did admit to seeing a change in the team’s intensity level the next day. “We did a couple things differently, but mainly we just refocused,” said Means. “We just called to their attention that things need to change if we want to win.” The Mavericks arrived flat at the National Hockey Center on Friday, and it showed in the first period. Despite senior forward Ashley Young’s eighth goal of the season, the Mavericks were being outplayed on both ends of the ice and it resulted in a 6-1 setback. After allowing the first five goals, Altmann was relieved by junior Paige Thunder late in the second period. “Nobody likes getting pulled,”

Reporter • Page 13

strive for. Meyer is now busy packing his things and getting ready to trade in his winter clothing for shorts and sunglasses. While he would have been happy with any baseball job, the Yankees seemed to fit perfectly for him. “They are a really great organization and they share a lot of the same values as I do,” Meyer said. “They don’t just focus on winning, they want to see everyone develop and become a good person. They seem excited to have me and I am excited to be there.” A truly dedicated person, Meyer can now enjoy the fact that all his hard work has paid off.

goal of the season. Senior forward Christina Lee served as the catalyst for the team’s goal-scoring binge, as she assisted on three of the team’s four goals. “If I’m getting three assists it means others are getting involved and we are probably winning, so I’ll take it,” said Lee. Lee was also encouraged by the team’s ability to finally break through on the power play. “It shows we are getting confident shooting the puck,” Lee said. “It helps us know we can score if we keep working hard and crash the net.” Means gave the team an ultimatum for the rest of their season heading into Sunday’s game and it worked. “How are we going to walk out the door these last seven games? We need to do what’s needed to turn seven games into eight games and eight to nine,” Means said.

The MSU bowling team, which is currently ranked No. 13 in the nation, posted a 2-2 record Sunday at the Shrewsbury Invinational , which was a threeday long event which took place in the Shrewsbury Lanes in St. Louis. The Mavericks are now 33-26 overall after posting a 7-7 record

Women’s Tennis MSU defeated MinnesotaDuluth, 7-2, on Sunday morning in the NSIC opener for both teams. The Mavericks next play Sunday morning against Southwest Minnesota State at Gustavus.


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continued from 11 Mason added 18, and in addition to having his 500th career assist on Friday, senior point guard Jesse Clark finished with 14 points. Both Davis and Hodges had 12 points. The Mavericks play Concordia-St. Paul and St. Cloud State this weekend. A sweep would clinch the Mavericks the NSIC for the Mavericks, something they were unable to do last season. “Concordia and St. Cloud are both tough teams and they are both proven,” said Nelson. “We will need to have a good week and prepare well in practice.” Tip off is scheduled for 8 p.m. on Friday and Saturday on the road against Concordia St. Paul and St. Cloud State respectively.

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Lost & Found

Lost - 5 year old left his Nintendo DS Lite at the basketball game in the Taylor Center on Friday night, 1/29/10. If you found it and would like to make a little boy happy, please call Beth at 3891608. A reward will be given. 2/16

Notices FREE SHOTOKAN KARATE Classes offered M/T/TH. 6-8 pm. Dance room (HN 225) Beginners are welcome. Need not be a MSU student to join. For info call Brad @ (507) 388-5301 4/22

Roommates Wanted Glenwood Terrace M/ Roommate wanted to share 2 Bedroom apartment (6 month lease) call 507-387-1217. 2 /25

LARGE 2 BEDROOM APARTMENT Available August 1st

308 James Ave., $680/mo.


19 3 4 -2 0 0 9

Bible Study Wednesdays • Vespers 9 pm Thursdays • $1 Supper 5:30 pm, Bible Study 6:30 pm

FOR ALL COLLEGE STUDENTS We offer a quiet place to study, a computer lab, a kitchen to prepare meals, TVs, free washer & dryer, Bible studies, counseling, and great friendships!

CENTER HOURS: 8am-10pm OFFICE HOURS: M-W, 12-5pm; Thurs 9am-9pm


Washer, dryer, off-street parking. $995 + utilities.


ATWOOD PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, INC. 209 S. 2nd Street, Suite 200 Mankato, MN 56001 507-388-9375


520 James Avenue, Mankato One Bedroom - $560 Two Bedrooms - $695 Heat paid, free internet, outdoor pool, close to campus. (507) 387-4748


Mondays • Wednesdays • Fridays




(Look for our electronic sign!)

2 blocks from campus, washer, dryer, central air, garage. $1495 + utilities.

Call Jim at (507) 345-2049

Call (507) 381-1723



Washer, dryer, garage. $1280 + utilities.

• Near MSU on the bus route • Washer & Dryer • Heat & Water paid • Big backyard! • Off-street parking • Feels like home!

Staff: Campus Pastor Wong, Reverend Roger Knepprath, Mark Probst, Vicar Proksch, RA Jon Ibisch

Renting for August 1


100-241 Bunting Lane, Mankato Two Bedrooms - $750-790 Free internet, dishwashers, washer/dryer, two baths, outdoor pool. (507) 625-6961


1902/1094 Warren St., Mankato One Bedroom - $590-610 Two Bedrooms - $710-730 Behind Blakeslee Stadium, outdoor pool, extra storage, garages available. (507) 345-1963

1510-1530 Warrent St., Mankato Four Bedrooms - $1,300 Free internet, dishwashers, across the street from MSU, behind Alumni building. (507) 388-7459



324 James Avenue, Mankato Four Bedrooms - $1,450 Free internet, 3 years old, dishwasher, washer/dryer, two baths. (507) 388-9375

200-214 Balcerzak Drive, Mankato Five Bedrooms - $1,600 Side-by-side duplexes, adjacent to MSU, two living areas, two baths, washer/dryer. (507) 388-9375

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

FREE MONEY! February 9th & 11th ONLY!

Purchase $200 Flex Dollars and GET $100 FREE!!! Flex Dollars can be used at any University Dining Services location on campus, and are valid until the end of the academic year. Purchase Flex Dollars at the University Dining Service Office

February 9, 2010  

MSU Reporter

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