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Mankato Melts into a Warm Winter

angela kukowski • msu reporter ELISE KONERZA

staff writer

This season, instead of bundling up head-to-toe, shoveling driveways, and scraping car windows, Minnesotans revel in the war m weather. For some people it is a cause for concer n. Unsure of why the weather has taken a tur n could it correlate to global war ming or possibly the proclaimed theories of the 2012 end of the world. Winter recreational activity was delayed far into the season this year. Snowmobiling and ice f ishing have seen the biggest effect of the war m weather. Though it has snowed an estimation of eight inches, according to Russ Joseph,

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meteorologist of K EYC-TV of Mankato, you could always expect the next day to be a slushy mess of melting snow and ice. To this date, the recorded snowfall was 38.5 inches. Ice f ishers were heavily war ned of the dangerously thin ice. A minimum of four inches is required for walking, at least. High temperature records were broken Thursday and Friday with highs of 50 degrees, and some southwester n Minnesota cities topped almost 60 degrees. In Mankato a nearly 50 year record for high temperatures was broken by Thursday’s 52 degrees over the 45 degrees in 1958. The coldest day repor ted this winter

was November 17th at 10 degrees, according to the National Weather Ser vice statistics. “I think the snowless winter is awful, I want to go snowboard and go play hockey, but I can’t do any of the fun winter things that I do ever y year. Since it’s still cold you can’t do anything outside so we’re kind of just stuck indoors,” said Dylan James, an engineering student at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Originally, forecasters and meteorologists predicted that this winter was going to be snowy and cold. Visibly, the perceptions were incor rect. Joe Calderone, a senior forecaster with the Natural

Weather Ser vice at WCCO supplements our questions with answers. Calderone points out that Pacif ic Ocean temperatures have increased immensely when it was predicted to be below nor mal. He adds that La Nina had been a weakening trend and the Nor th Atlantic Oscillation are factors in the unusually war m winter. Chris Schaeffer, lead meteorologist at WCCO, repor ted that this winter is ver y similar to the winter of 2006. Elmer Beauregard, a writer for Minnesotans for Global War ming, believes there is a cor relation with the solar cycle and that this occurs ever y 11 years. The expected ar rival of this

war m weather was actually expected one year ago, but was delayed until now. Speaking with residents of Minnesota, it seemed as though there is almost a common reaction: people really don’t mind the war m winter. “I don’t really like driving in the snow, so this winter has been stressfree for me,” said MSU dietetics student Brianna McLaughlin. Undeniably, the weather is unpredictable, but at least we can say we didn’t have a snowless New Year’s Eve. K EYC-TV weather predictions show a 40 percent chance of snow Wednesday, and temperatures dropping into the teens.


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Tuesday, January 10, 2012T

Gl ob a l UGr a d One international student’s attempt STEVEN VANG | staff writer

As inter national students come to and leave Minnesota State University, Mankato, one student from Pakistan puts tremendous effor t into leaving his mark. Muhammad Sohail’s objective as an exchange student in America was to bridge the gap of misunderstandings between different nations. He has been working ver y hard since his ar rival on educating others about Pakistan and promoting a more positive image of Pakistan contrar y to negative media depictions. Before leaving home, Sohail intends to share his experience with his peers at MSU. Here’s his prof ile: Please give a little bit of information about yourself. My name is Muhammad Sohail and I am from Islamabad, Pakistan. The weather of Islamabad is like in Mankato. The minimum temperature is about 23 degrees. Snow was new to me here; to enjoy snow, you’d have to drive about two hours up the mountains but [generally] it’s really hot, reaching more than 100 degrees. My major is Infor mation Technology and I’m graduating in this coming May or July. How did you end up here in Mankato? I was luckily placed here; there were 90 students placed across the United States by the American Depar tment of State and GlobalUGrad, the program of which I’m a par t. It’s been going on for Eurasian countries but Pakistan was only recently included three years ago, so I’m actually a par t of the third f leet. Can you describe your experience? It was wonderful; I’m a completely different man and have become more conf ident in myself and

to bridge cultures and break stereotypes

my culture. The best thing about America is that you’re not only experiencing one culture but many other cultures. During my stay I was able to travel to different places: Texas, Louisiana, New York City, Washington, Illinois and Niagara Falls. What is a host family? The host family is for the absence of your own family for students who may feel homesick. They can be just like your mom and dad, except they’re just not the real ones. Mine are locally-based and live in Mankato. There was a celebration when I f irst arrived and they put together a par ty for my bir thday as well. They also took me around town to go shopping and we even went up to Duluth together. Were there any stereotypes of Americans that you’ve heard of before coming here and do you think they’re true? There were many stereotypes that I have heard about before coming here including racism, the assumption that ever yone lives like rock stars and Hollywood stars, that ever y city would be just like New York City, and

Sohali was able to visit New York City while going to school in America.

that ever yone would have a boyfriend or girlfriend. All these stereotypes have gone away because people are quite friendly and welcoming here. I haven’t seen a single event that can be categorized as racist. And about the boyfriend and girlfriend thing, well, I’ve been here for about four months and I still don’t have a girlfriend. Did you notice any difference from the PakistaniAmericans and the Pakistanis back home? Pakistanis aren’t that

different from back home and in the United States, they are the same and have the same values. They are in a different society and have to work harder here. The Pakistani’s back home are actually considered quite lazy but in Pakistan, it is understood that when a Pakistani moves outside of the countr y, he or she must become more eff icient, so the laziness just disappears. Apar t from that, ever y Pakistani and ever y American were like a brother or sister to me.

• courtesy of Muhammed Sohali

Are there any similarities between Americans and Pakistanis? In ter ms of friendship, there are a lot of similarities; politics are always complex over there and over here. In Pakistan, there’s no concept of dating; if you like someone, then there’s the option of mar riage which is a bond of tr ust between couples. The social system in our countr y is a lot stronger; the family system is a joint system which isn’t fol-

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Maverick Motivation The privacy and secrecy of cybersex Tips, tricks and tune-ups


staff writer

Motivation is a hard thing to come by after winter break. Thinking ahead of time and into the future, will help you to gain the perspective to give you the initiative to work hard this spring semester. - Focus your attention on the presence and the value of the education. Taking every opportunity possible to grant bigger opportunities for yourself in the future. Looking ahead will provide you with the sole purpose of why little assignments and volunteering add importance to the presence. - If you enjoy what you’re studying – dig deep into your passion and build on it. You will become a better-rounded individual with an edge in the competitive job force when you graduate. - Stay competitive with your peers. After all, someday you may be fighting for the same job as them. Motivation seems to coincide most with competition. Think of every project as a challenge and how you be the best and maybe even surprise your teachers or peers. - If you feel like you’re getting too overwhelmed with fast-paced college life, look to your support group. Whether it may be friends, family, roommates, advisors, counselors or teachers, these individuals are great resourc-

es for whatever questions you may have. They either are or were in your shoes once and know how tough it can be, but they’re there to lend you a helping hand when the going gets tough. - Make sure to update your planner every day. Check d2l and your mail. You never know what you might be missing out on in class, and in college, points are very hard to gain back when you have missed something. - Push yourself to get your hardest assignments or tasks out of the way as soon as you get home from school. Figure out when you are most efficient throughout the day and use that time to study. - Make lists. There may be so much going on in one day that a list is vital to remembering what to do next. - Set goals. Make sure they are achievable but higher than what you might have had the semester before. Pushing yourself will put competition within yourself so that you can keep up the work when you graduate. Organization is the key to crazy college life. One minute you have to be here – the next there. Organization will allow you to stay motivated and on top of things so that you don’t have to scramble last minute because of your procrastination. Good luck with Spring semester, Mavericks.


contributing writer Are you questioning whether your 3 a.m. chats with CreamedJeans69 crosses the boundaries of appropriateness in your relationship? You are not alone in your confusion surrounding the rules of online sexual behavior while in an intimate relationship. Cybersex is a broad term and its most general definition is any sexual behavior with another person online. This can include sexually explicit websites that feature webcams, message boards, and chat rooms. However, as the sex industry has taught us, anything can be sexualized. It is easy to engage in cybersex by sending erotic passages or images over Gmail, Facebook instant messenger, and Skype. And although I have yet to try this personally, I am sure there could be some hot avatar-on-avatar action in World of Warcraft. But if you want the quick answer to your question whether cybersex constitutes cheating, I would challenge you to ask the question to your partner. I can’t answer it for you. No one can other than your partner. In some relationships, cybersex is cheating. In other relationships, not even having sex with another partner would constitute cheating. Every intimate relationship should begin with an explicit and honest discussion about what is acceptable in terms

Cierra Bucholz & Lindy Crawford

of sexual behavior, including sexual satisfaction without the partner. What, this doesn’t happen in relationships? Of course it doesn’t. It is an ideal scenario. That is an understandably difficult and embarrassing conversation to have; hence why it is avoided. If you had that conversation, you wouldn’t be asking me if it’s acceptable for you to send a picture of your engorged genitals to one of your horny Twitter followers. Despite the conversation’s difficulty, however without it, you would be engaging in secretive behavior. And from my clinical experience, secretive behavior is detrimental to relationships. Most of my former patients have not been upset that their partners were masturbating while watching some stranger on webcam smear a stick of butter on her panties. The distress and relationship conflict stemmed from the secretive nature of the dairy fetish. But just because I am advocating for you to have an open and honest discussion about the boundaries of your relationship with your partner, it does not mean you have to broadcast to your partner every time you want to flash your breasts on Chat Roulette. That’s the difference between secrecy and privacy in sexual relationships. With privacy, it’s understood by both partners what the sexual boundaries are and therefore, the behaviors

within those boundaries can be practiced, guilt-free, in private, on one’s own time. With secrecy, you are anxiously waiting for your partner to leave home or go to sleep. The arousal quickly turns to shame as you delete the browser history and cookies from your laptop. And if your partner asks why there’s a bottle of Astroglide and a cucumber in the home office, you lie and say it belongs to a friend. If you get caught engaging in a private behavior, it’s embarrassing. If you get caught engaging in a secretive behavior, it’s a boundary violation. It’s a deal breaker. Cheating and infidelity are subjective and do not have universal rules. The only way to know the rules is to talk to your partner. Be honest with your sexual values. If a behavior is frowned upon, you need to ask yourself if you can honestly live within the boundaries. If not, you need to find a relationship that better suits your needs. Otherwise, you are putting yourself in a position of being secretive to meet those needs. However, if all online sexual preferences are discussed and agreed upon, feel free to guiltlessly turn on your webcam and grab that stick of butter. Do you have a burning sexual question? Submit your questions to

387-2345 • 826 South Front Street, Mankato

Any Large Pizza (includes specialties)


Carryout or Delivery. Expires 1/31/12.

We wish you both the best and will miss you at the Annual Fund!

Annual Fund Website:


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editor-in-chief Four weeks ago, I would have given you my right pinky toe for winter break. School was a drag, I hadn’t eaten a good meal in months and I’m pretty sure my only calories came from Rounders. They were liquid calories. So why in the world am I happy to be back at school? The city of Mankato has worn me down for the last three years, and I’m assuming it’s done the same to you. Here’s why I’m glad we’re back: Side-Note: In roughly two months I’ll be writing an article describing how much I need to get out of town and move somewhere like, I don’t know, Boston. This is how I work. 1.) I can only feel like a piece of trash for so long. Here’s my average day over winter break: Wake up at noon. My mother calls, asks if I want to

get lunch. I tell her that I’m still in bed. She’s not happy. I hop on the elliptical and watch some SportsCenter. I then hop on the computer, eat some cereal and play some X-Box. Now it’s 4 p.m. My sisters get home from school. I’m still wearing pajamas. They look down on me and ask me why I’m such a bum. The parents come home and make dinner. I’m not hungry, because, well, I just had breakfast. I shower and attempt to do something. This normally starts and ends with grabbing some beers with some buddies. Imagine doing this for three straight weeks. Sounds like heaven, but I feel worthless. And I’m supposed to be working a full-time job in less than six months? Doh-K. This might not end well. 2.) “Kyle, do you want to go grab a beer?” “NOOOOO!!!! Okay, see you in five.” What happens when thousands of students, ages 18-22 have three weeks off at home? Sure, some work. The responsible ones at least. I’m sure a lot of us got a call like this, “Kyle (your name isn’t Kyle, I know. Just insert your name here. It’s not hard), are you back home?

Let’s go catch up and grab a beer!” “I better not... Okay, fine, I’ll see you there soon.” This went on for three straight weeks. There’s only so much catching up one can do. Let’s just say that my bank account has some catching up to do over the next few weeks. So does my liver. 3.) I bought Crocs. This • web photo is when I know I’ve hit This might be a picture from Ratke’s rock bottom. closet. Don’t worry, we’re embarrassed too.

I watched the movie “Bridesmaids” last night. Side-Note: Funny movie by the way. I’ve never really understood the female humor, but it’s a good flick. I laughed... I even got a little teary-eyed during the wedding. Just kidding, but seriously. There’s a scene when Annie Walker (played by Kristen Wiig, my dream girl), admits to her mother that she’s hit rock bottom. She’s single, broke, homeless and she has a horrible car. I compared my life with Annie’s. I’m single, broke, have a below-average car and... I just bought a pair of Crocs and I’ve been wearing them religiously. Reason No. 847,492 why

I’m still single, I know. In my defense, Crocs are ridiculously comfortable. Do I look like a moron when I wear them? Sure, but I also have a closet full of T-shirt jerseys and have my Mr. Dugout Award from my junior and senior year of baseball (if you have to ask what this award is for, you’re an idiot) hanging in my office. Wait, I just read that last paragraph. My God, I have hit rock bottom. On that note, enjoy your week and have a great spring semester. If you see me wearing my Crocs, feel free to punch me in the face.

When was the last time you had cotton candy? Sponsored by:


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“I don’t want to be too mean about this episode... goodnight!#SNL” -After the latest Saturday Night Live episode hosted by Charles Barkley.

Allison matthews @AllisonAnneM STAFF WRITER “I am so ready to get back to school. I have nothing left to alphabetize.” - Reacting to returning to school for the spring semester.

Compiled by Brian Rosemeyer

Sophomore, Accounting

Grad Student, Creative Writing

Sophomore, Finance/Economics

Jacob Michels

Ashley Comstock

“It’s been a good amount of time Maybe the 20th anniversary of Valley Fair.”

“I had it this fall at the fair to hear a polka band with my grandpa.”

“This last summer at Valley Fair.”

“I think it was two years ago, I don’t remember. I like the colors.”

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012T

SOHALI “Whenever I used to think about going somewhere or about life experiences, America was the first to come to my mind.”

AVID Nutrition shakes up a healthy change

continued from 2


lowed here where people live individually. Children live with their parents until the death of the parents and there’s no concept of retirement homes. Parents look after their children when they are young so the children must look after their parents when they are old. What was your stay here like and how would you describe it? If I was at my home university, I wouldn’t have had the oppor tunity to roam around even on the weekends as much as I did here. It was a dream come tr ue for me. Whenever I used to think about going somewhere or about life experiences, America was the f irst to come to my mind. I was selected among the 90 students from Pakistan as a student ambassador to represent my countr y. I was able to represent my countr y on different for ums and tried to understand American culture and tried to make other people aware that the stereotypes of the Pakistani culture are also wrong. If the stereotypes about Americans are wrong, then the stereotypes of Pakistanis are also wrong. Pakistan is undergoing a cr ucial time in histor y where there’s a need for promoting a softer image of Pakistan, which was what I was doing with



IN CSU 293!

my time here. I’ve done my par t by representing Pakistan on different for ums where I educated others about Pakistan. I’m glad that the Pakistani Night that we hosted here at MSU attracted near 600 people. Aside from aff iliating yourself with other Pakistani-Americans, did you familiarize yourself with people from other countries, such as other international students? I socialized with people to break stereotypes. There was a ceremony at the Elizabeth Kear ney Inter national Center for students and I was able to meet people from Australia, France, Ger many, Spain and Canada whom I have become friends with. Any last remarks? I would like to thank the American Depar tment of State and MSU for providing me with such a wonderful oppor tunity that I can’t even imagine. As a student, I don’t have a job or the income to provide for an oppor tunity such as this; I imagine that later in life when I do have a job and become wealthy, I won’t be able to have as much fun as I did at this moment in life. I will def initely share my experience with my peers and my family back home.

staff writer

With more than 35 different flavors of shakes, AVID Nutrition has jumped full-force into their year. It all started with a small desire and turned into a way of life for two Mankato natives. Sam and Amy Hendricks discovered this and thus, a seed was planted in their minds. “When Sam and I were in college in Duluth, there was a nutrition club just like AVID that we fell in love with,” said Hendricks. “We both needed to get healthier and were looking for an entrepreneurial opportunity.” The pair worked alongside three others with the same passion for healthy living. The doors officially opened Sept. 7, 2011, four years after the one in Duluth had opened. “We, and our customers, really enjoy our fun, energyfilled, positive atmosphere,” said Hendricks. “It is filled with bright colors and loud music; it is like a healthy night club where everyone is looking good, feeling good and having a great time together.” The structure is that of a coffee house: chairs, tables and a bar area for seating. Students are able to walk in and order whatever they like. The membership meal includes an aloe shot, energizer tea—cold or hot, and a shake of your choice. “I like the idea of having a healthy meal option such as this; the meals are good and the atmosphere was relaxed,” said junior Rasmussen student DeAnna Perreault. “However,

as a college student, it’s difficult to afford those meals or shakes regularly.” AVID also offers free personal wellness coaching and community weight-loss challenges and bootcamps. Results are the passion for drive in this small business. Bootcamp is informal and gives opportunities to workout in a group setting. “It [Bootcamp] was intense,” said Minnesota State University, Mankato senior Emily Gilmore. “My roommate and I went not

angela kukowski • msu reporter AVID Nutrition is University Square’s newest hang-out spot to grab a smoothie and enjoy healthy living.

Volunteers Wanted

Save The Date

Mentors & Coaches

Girls on the Run is a 10-week after school program that uses the power of running to: • • • •


Prepare girls for a lifetime of self-respect and healthy living Build self-esteem Improve emotional and physical health Celebrate being girls

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Volunteers guide and mentor girls through fun and uplifting curriculum. Together, the team trains to walk or run a 5K. This is a great opportunity for Service Learners! Women and men are encouraged to apply. Volunteers do not need to be athletic to volunteer. Volunteers commit to 1 to 2 times per week for 10 weeks. Application deadline is January 23rd.

Application available at: or contact Sheri at 507-345-4629 or

sure what to expect. It definitely kicked us in the butt, but it was well worth it.” The AVID owners said that they owe their success to the support and business they have received from the community. If there are any further questions, direct questions to Sam or Amy Hendricks [ or] or stop by the club around the corner from Cold Stone in University Square.

• • • •

10 am to 3 pm Kato Ballroom • 200 Chestnut St. Mankato

Free admission Style show at 2pm Free planning tote to the first 200 brides Register to win a honeymoon travel voucher For more information go to

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Save BIG BUCK$ and ensure gas hikes won’t affect your pocketbook.

Buy your Semester Bus Pass TOP FIVE REASONS TO BUY A BUS PASS: 1) Free pizza cutter with the purchase of a semester bus pass!

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From Mankato!

The Riddles Have Returned! For those unfamiliar, the A&E section of the Reporter has, in the past, featured a weekly riddle contest. Each week a riddle will appear in this space on Tuesdays. The first student to get the answer and bring it (in person) to the Reporter offices (CSU 293) will receive a prize. Candy bars folks. Not fun size, but full blown chocolatey, caramelly, peanuty and unopened candy bars. The answer will run in Thursdays’ issues. Only the first riddle solver will win each week. Must be alive to qualify.

? This Week’s Riddle

The man who invented it doesn’t want it. The man who bought it doesn’t need it. The man who needs it doesn’t know it. What is it?

MN Beatle Project


a&e editor



Vol. 3 Hits Stores, Hearts BRIAN ROSEMEYER | a&e editor

F rom our impressive row of

named) Man kato Or iginal brand of beer. Front Street pubs to The team at the our equally impressive Man kato Brewer y is number of liquor stores compr ised of th ree beerspr in k led th roughout lovers who have cotown, it’s a safe assumpalesced under a com mon tion to say, “Man kato goal; to br ing Man kato li kes beer.” more beer. No a rguments here. CEO Tim Tupy, of But what k ind of Man kato, was a homebeer? The desire to brewer for a number ‘keep it local’ dr ives of yea rs before conus towa rd brands li ke necting with president Schell’s, Sum m it, Tony Feuchtenberger. Grain Belt, Surly and In 20 09 the two began Finnegan’s. Now these a re all fine work on setting up the first production brewer y brews. Minnesota beer feels good in one’s hand, in Man kato since 1967, Man kato and even Brewing better “When Tim started Company in one’s reasearching his family, closed its stomach. doors. it made me want to reHowTupy and search my family,” said ever, Feuchtenin 2012 Feuchtenberger. “And berger Man kato it turns out, my greateffectively finds great-great grandfather set out itself to resta r t loved to drink beer.” ready Man kato step to’s r ich out of brewing histor y after a the great brewer y shadnea rly 45-yea r hiatus. ows cast upon it by Tupy has brewing in New Ulm, St. Paul and his blood. His greatMinneapolis. In shor t, great-great grandfaMan kato has stewed its ther, Alber t Mina r Sr., own suds. for med the first brewer y Located in Nor th in New P rague back in Man kato at 1119 Center Street, the newly for med 1884. Feuchtenberger ma kes Man kato Brewer y is a sim ila r claim. cur rently producing its first taste of the (aptly

BEER! / page 10


usic br ings us all a little closer. Especially when it’s good. Rega rdless of cultural bounda r ies and societal divides, the human race seems to generally agree on two things; the Beatles a re fantastic, and k ids deser ve

“Vega Productions, of Minneapolis, has once again synthesized these standards of man into a glowing gem of culture with their release of the Minnesota Beatle Project: Volume 3.”

our help when they need it. Vega P roductions, of Minneapolis, has once

again synthesized these standa rds of man into a glowing gem of culture with thei r release of the Minnesota Beatle P roject: Volume 3. For those who a ren’t fa m ilia r, the Minnesota Beatle P roject took f light under the goal of raising money for student a r t progra ms in Minneapolis public

schools (see; M WAC, Man kato). In recognition of the di re st raits some creative programs were in, Vega P roductions rallied together a collection of local bands and asked them to record thei r own or iginal compositions of one of many Beatles classics. T hese songs were then compiled onto a CD, then dist r ibuted to stores and sold. T he proceeds of this is then placed into a grant, where a school can apply for funds based on the needs of thei r student body. Repeat th ree times and here Vega is today, jet-set and gea red to keep the Beatle P roject alive and well. Beatle P roject: Vol. 3 is the best release thus fa r. T he record came

BEATLES / page 11

This semester the Reporter has outdone itself in granting a supplementary is-

sue to your favorite section, A&E. The publication will come out in late February, but we need your help. The theme of the paper will be the Best of Mankato, featuring your top picks in pizza parlors, coffee shops, bars, hangouts ect. To vote for your favorite places to spend time in Mankato, head to the Reporter’s Facebook page and vote away. Each regular issue that comes out will pose a question that you can then respond to through the mysterious magic of the all-mighty Internet. Polls are open for this week’s Best;

What is Mankato’s best pizza?

Page 10 • Reporter


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BEER! “Kolsch is specialty ale native to Cologne, Germany. Known for its bright yellow hue, prominent but not overpowering hops and slight fruitiness, Kolsch has a similar taste of a lager.” continued from 9 “W hen Tim sta r ted resea rching his family, it made me want to resea rch my fam ily,” said Feuchtenberger. “And it tur ns out, my great-great-great grandfather loved to dr in k beer.” With all this beer histor y and k nowledge, the Man kato Brewer y was shaping up to be more than aspiration. But Tupy and Feuchtenberger needed someone who could handle the massive equipment and ca reful crafting required to produce a solid m icrobrew. Enter brew master Mi ke Miziorko. If only the requirements for becom ing a brew master were based solely on one’s love of beer, myself and most ever yone I k now would have a never-empty fr idge in both the house and the ga rage. Unfor tunately for us dreamers, the a r t of crafting a quality beer in mass quantity consists of more than just the love of the sud. It ta kes precision, education and exper ience, none of which, brew master Mi ke Miziorko is shy on. A 20 05 graduate from the Amer ican Brewers Guild, Miziorko began his craft as an apprentice at the Rock Bottom

Brewer y in downtown Minneapolis. After th ree-and-a-half months he was hired by the Sum m it Brewing Co. in St. Paul as a brew master. It was here Miziorko per fected the a r t of the Kolsch-style ale. Kolsch is a specialty ale native to Cologne, Ger many. Known for its br ightyellow hue, prom inent (but not over powering) hops, and slight fr uitiness, Kolsch has a taste sim ila r to that of a lager. As is the case with other products rooted deep within the histor y of a culture, (such as Champagne) Kolsch is regionally protected, meaning it is illegal to brew the ale outside of Cologne, in order to help preser ve its authenticity. However, brewing ale sim ila r to Kolsch is completely legal, and having lea r ned to spea k Ger man at the age of four, and having obtained a bachelor’s degree in the language as well, it seemed fit that Miziorko would choose a Kolsch-style ale to master. And master it he did, a fact he proved in 20 09 when the Sum m it Brewing Co. released its Unchained ser ies featur ing Ger man Kolsch Style Ale, brewed from

scratch by Miziorko. In 2011 when the oppor tunity a rose for Miziorko to move to Man kato and become an intr icate pa r t of the creation of a brewer y from the ground up, he simply couldn’t pass on the offer. Together, Tupy, Feuchtenberger and Miziorko have created their own inter pretation of Kolsch style ale. Man kato Or iginal. “It’s a light, cr isp, refreshing, easydr in k ing ale that is ver y lager-li ke, wellbalanced and approachable that I thin k will appeal to a lot of people. That’s what we’re planning to lead out with. Our f lagship brand beer,” said Miziorko. Man kato Or iginal is on tap now at many local ba rs. To find a complete list of locations, check out the website ( katobrewer But hur r y, because of the high demand, supplies a re going fast.

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BEATLES “With the help of Vega Productions, the performing artists, the Beatles, and with your purchase, children’s art programs can be better than ever, even in the face of doubtful economic security in our public schools.” continued from 9 org). out Dec. 6 and boasts the li kes of Minnesota Buying the record doesn’t only mean music champs Tapes N Tapes, Cloud Cult, you’re cool (which it does), it also means you Cha rlie Pa r r, Solid Gold and 11 other a r tists ca re. per for m ing the fab-four’s master ful works. With the help of Vega P roductions, the Jason F ladager is on the boa rd at Vega P roductions and is excited about the success per for m ing a r tists, the Beatles, and with your purchase, children’s a r t programs of the project. can be better than ever, even in the face of “The first project that came out was us going to some of the local a r tists that we all doubtful econom ic secur ity in our public schools. felt pretty strongly about,” said F ladager. “We Can Work It Out” if we “Come To“But the last few we’ve had a nice list of gether,” and “Help!” our public schools people. This yea r we’ve had to select from “Ca r r y That Weight.” over 50 bands who wanted to apply to be on the record, and for 2012’s volume, we’re look ing at over 10 0 bands.” The growth of the interest in the Minnesota Beatle P roject translates into two things; we will get more of great local a r tists cover ing these wonder ful songs, and the public school system will continue to be en hanced by the work Vega is doing. “It’s become really popula r,” F ladager said. “And there’s a real outpouring of good energy from the Minnesota music com munity.” Minnesota Beatle P roject: Vol. 3 is (MINIMUM OF $100) (MINIMUM OF $40) readily available for audio-consumption on CD for mat, beautiful red vinyl and the traditional digital download. You can find the physical copies at Ta rget, the Electr ic Fetus, Tune Town, on Vega’s website or wherever else tasteful music is peddled, and the download is obtainable th rough the vast regions of cyberspace; iTunes or on Vega’s website (vegaproductions.

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MSU wrestling: The Mavericks took part in the NWCA National Duals last weekend in Springfield, Illinois. MSU fell 14-18 to No. 8 King College in the first round. Senior David Demo won his match 5-2, and junior Jesse Westphal and freshman Cody Quinn also shined with major decision wins. The Mavericks went on to beat Central Missouri before being eliminated by UW-Parkside.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

MSU women’s hoops riding high on six-game winning streak Despite losing their star player to injury and beginning NSIC play 0-3, the Mavericks have rebounded thanks to a team effort. TIGE HUTCHESON

staff writer

After beginning the season in the middle of a seemingly dooming perfect storm—facing three of the toughest teams in the Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference to go along with a season-ending injury to Ali Wilkinson, an irreplaceable player it was counting on this season—the Minnesota State, Mankato women’s basketball team has stepped up and won six straight games. This streak has propelled the Mavericks to a 6-3 mark in the NSIC, and is largely due to the play of seniors Laura Weber and Jennie Noreen. After dropping their first home game of conference play 83-67 to Concordia-St. Paul, the Mavericks rebounded and got the ball rolling with a 60-46 home victory over St. Cloud State the next day. The big win against their bitter rival came thanks to 14-point performances by Weber and freshman point guard Aubrey Davis. Freshman forward Jamie Bresnahan, who has been asked to fill the shoes of Wilkinson, also turned heads that day by pulling in a gamehigh 12 rebounds. Weber continued her strong play the following weekend in the pair of victories over Upper

Iowa and Winona State. Weber had her first doubledouble of the season, finishing with a career-high 23 points to go along with 11 rebounds in an 83-67 home victory against the Peacocks. That Saturday, it was Noreen that took the reins, running up 19 points as MSU held AllAmerican candidate Michelle McDonald to just eight points en route to a 66-55 upset over heavily-favored Winona State. Davis was also a factor on offense for the Mavericks, scoring 18 points in the victory. The trend continued the first week of 2012, beginning with a 13-point, 13-rebound explosion from Noreen, as MSU upset the home-standing Minnesota State-Moorhead Dragons 64-58 on January 2. This was despite 18 points and 16 rebounds from Moorhead’s All-Conference forward Angie Jetvig. Weber led the Mavericks with 17 points, while Davis chipped in 10. After trailing for much of the game last Tuesday, the Mavericks were able to avoid the upset, narrowly coming from behind to defeat Minnesota, Crookston 78-76. Weber (20 points) and Noreen (17 points, eight rebounds) again made their marks, but it

Women’s Hockey

was Davis who stepped up in the clutch, scoring 13 of her 15 points in the second half for the Mavericks. The final game of winter break last weekend saw Weber’s second double-double of the season, as the senior post dominated with a game-high 20 points and a game-high 13 rebounds on her way to being named the current NSIC Player of the Week after helping the Mavericks run away with a 65-58 victory over Southwest Minnesota State in Marshall, Minn. Bresnahan also continued her impressive play, posting 15 points and six rebounds, while Noreen added nine and eight, respectively. After losing Wilkinson in early December, the Mavericks responded quickly and made the necessary changes. Improved play from veterans like Weber and Noreen, along with pleasantly surprising play from freshmen Davis and Bresnahan has the Mavericks looking more fluid and natural than ever. Team chemistry is as good as it’s been in years, and with a pair of very winnable games coming up, it doesn’t appear MSU’s momentum or winshannon rathmanner • msu reporter ning streak will come to a halt The Mavericks will try to extend their season-high winning streak to anytime soon. eight games this weekend when they host Northern State and U-Mary.

MSU earns first comeback win of season, splits in Bemidji


sports editor

MSU Bemidji St.

With nearly three weeks to recharge its batteries after an ultra-challenging first half of Western Collegiate Hockey Association play, the Minnesota State, Mankato women’s hockey team returned to the ice last weekend, opening the New Year with a series in Bemidji. Already sitting at 2-12 in the conference, the Mavericks knew going in that it was imperative to play inspired hockey against the 6-7-1 Beavers. The month of December included sweeps at the hands of Wisconsin and Minnesota-Duluth sandwiched around a split at WCHA cellar-dweller St. Cloud, so the Mavericks were eager to start 2012 on a high note. However, Friday’s contest appeared to be going in the same direction as so many games in 2011, as MSU fell behind 1-0 late in a first period in which they were outshot 16-9.

2 MSU 1 Bemidji St.

0 4

The Mavericks failed to convert on a couple of power plays in a scoreless second period, and it looked as if standout Bemidji State goaltender Zuzana Tomcikova was going to hand MSU yet another shutout loss. Then the second intermission happened, and whatever was said in the locker room worked, as the Mavericks broke through with two third-period goals for their first comeback win of the season. “We had a lot of time off so it took awhile to get back into the swing of things, but we got better as the game went along,” said head coach Eric Means. “Every period we just stressed playing better and I think we did.” Sophomore forward Lauren Barnes got the rally started, banging home the rebound on a shot from the point from senior Jackie Otto for her third score of the season. With the game all tied up 1-1,

the Mavericks were fully engaged and playing the brand of hockey they are capable of. It paid off just 20 seconds later, as junior forward Lauren Zrust stole the puck from a Beaver skater and later put it past Tomcikova for the game-winning score on assists from Barnes and Otto. “We were playing our defensive zone and one of their players lost control and it was a race to the puck,” said Zrust. “[Tomcikova] came out to Lauren Barnes play the puck and I was able to get my head up and put the shot past her.” MSU played its best with that trio on the ice, as each player picked up two points on the night. Senior goaltender Alli Altmann was also outstanding in net for the Mavericks, saving 36 of the

37 shots she faced in picking up the win. “It was obviously a big statement game for us to come out after a long break, get our legs back under us and get a big win,” Zrust said. Despite playing even better hockey on Saturday, the Mavericks failed to cash in on a handful of scoring opportunities in the first and second periods, eventually falling to the Beavers 4-0 for a series split. “I thought we played our best first period all season,” Means said. “We had six glorious opportunities to score early on, including four two-on-ones. We had the opportunity to win that game in the first period and we simply didn’t execute.” It was a familiar tune for MSU, as the team also failed to sweep the series in St. Cloud in December despite playing better in the game it lost than the game it won. Even though the results

weren’t there on Saturday for the Mavericks, the effort was. Sophomore forward Tracy McCann was even given a game misconduct for a major checking penalty. Altmann was on top of her game again for the most part, turning away 42 of the 46 shots she faced. She has been solid in net the past eight games, keeping MSU within striking distance against some stiff competition. “We’ve gotten good goaltending and better play from our defenders, we just need to score more goals,” said Means. MSU (7-15, 3-13 WCHA) plays host to last-place St. Cloud State this weekend in Mankato, and the Mavericks know how huge a sweep over the Huskies would be. “It’ll be nice to play at home,” said Zrust. “We just need to get a lot of shots on net, show them we want these games bad and hopefully get two wins this weekend.”


Tuesday, January 10, 2012 Men’s Basketball

Mavericks struggle over Christmas break, now 4-9 REECE HEMMESCH

staff writer

Then the hardships would After a slow start to its continue, as the Mavericks season, the Minnesota State, dropped their next two games Mankato men’s basketball to the top teams in the NSIC, team’s woes continued after a Winona State and MSU-Moorrough Christmas break. head, by a combined seven Following a win over points. Wayne State more than a The two losses hurt the month ago, the Mavericks pro- Mavericks, but they would ceeded to drop six of their next come back and ring in the New eight conference matchups. Year with a win over Minne“We lost a lot of close sota-Crookston by a score of games to some tough teams,” 74-65. sophomore point guard Travis Things were looking up Meinders said. “Some of those from there, but a few nights losses were the result of lack later the Mavericks could not of execution in the handle Southwest Minlast few minutes, nesota State, dropping something we need to another NSIC contest improve on.” to the Mustangs by a The late-game score of 82-63. struggles really hurt SMSU’s big men MSU’s record as well, were too much to as they now sit at 3-6 handle inside, as they in conference play and outscored MSU 60-22 4-9 overall. Travis Meinders in the paint. Freshman Three of their conguard Kelly Madison ference losses were led MSU with 14 points decided in close fashion, as on the night. they fell 86-75 to ConcordiaIf the Mavericks want to St. Paul to start winter break. pick it up and get some more The next night saw MSU scratches in the win column, fall to the Huskies of St. Cloud one thing they will need to State in dramatic fashion. improve on is defense. MSU MSU led by as much as 11 on average allows more than in the second half, but SCSU 71 points per game this season, fought back and ended up which is 10th in the NSIC. stealing one from the Mavs by “Our team defense is struga score of 77-75. gling and needs to improve “We battled till the end, right now,” said Meinders. “If but we had a couple devastatthat aspect can improve for ing turnovers that hurt us and us, then I believe we will start we couldn’t recover,” said picking up some much needed Meinders, who chipped in a wins.” career-high 12 points in the Through 13 games, MSU’s loss. offense is still maintaining a MSU then proceeded to very balanced scoring drive take a victory from Upper that could help out in future Iowa the next weekend, winMEN’S HOOPS / page 14 ning 58-55.


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Meet the Mavericks Connor O’Brien • Men’s Basketball Connor O’Brien, a New Prague, Minn. native, was not highly recruited out of high school. NSIC foe Bemidji State was the only other Division-II school to show interest in the 6’7” forward. O’Brien started 32 games last season for a team that advanced to the Final Four, losing to eventual national champion Bellarmine University. With increased expectations on a young team, O’Brien is performing well, averaging a team-leading 10.6 points per game while hauling in a team-leading 7.5 rebounds per game this season. He also leads the team in blocks and steals. Q&A with Sophomore Center Connor O’Brien Q: What were some of the benefits of redshirting your freshman year? A: The biggest thing was that it gave me a whole year to get stronger. I was able to add some weight and become a better athlete. Another advantage was being able to simply watch the games and gain experience that way. I was able to learn the system and how you have to play and act in the program to be successful. Q: Define Maverick basketball. A: Maverick basketball means everything to me. The past success of the program motivates me to work that much harder and raise the bar for the entire program on and off of the court. Q: What did your team learn from losing in the NCAA regional tournament your freshman year? A: We learned just how hard you have to work and how good you have to play to make a playoff run. Once you get into the tournament every little thing matters and obviously when you get knocked out earlier than expected the motivation is that much higher for next year. Q: When did you start to believe that the Elite Eight was a real possibility last season? A: We had many goals, but one of them was always making it to the Elite Eight. We focused on those goals in parts. First things first, we wanted to win the conference, then the conference tournament, and then move on and make a run in the NCAA tournament. It’s important to set your team’s goals high, but at the same time not overlook the goals that stand in the way. Once we got the chance to host the regional and beat Metro State by a few points, it really made us believe and look at what we could achieve and where we could go. Q: Describe the atmosphere that the students provided during the tournament games last season. A: The atmosphere was awesome! It gave us a huge advantage with the crowd behind us like that. In that type of atmosphere you almost feel like you can’t lose. It was a special experience playing in front of such a supportive crowd. Q: When did you begin to put last season behind you and focus on the year? A: I put last season behind me right away. As special of a season as we had, you have to understand the target is now on your back, and you want to do whatever you can to build on that success and go further. Q: Have you taken on more of a leadership role with this team? A: I feel like I have taken a much more of a leadership role with this team. We have a very young team so those of us who had experience from last year really need to step up and show them the way. I also feel much more comfortable as a leader. Q: How has your team progressed thus far from the first practice? A: Our team has progressed a lot. We had to put in a lot of concepts and teach the newcomers how we play and what we run. I feel like we have come a long ways but there is also a long way we have to go. Q: How has your team gelled with so many new faces? A: I think our team is just starting to gel and figure out how we need to play together. It’s a process when you have a lot of new guys, but leadership and understanding the team concept helps with that. Q: Where is your favorite place to play on the road? A: Augustana is my favorite place to play. They always have a good crowd that really gets into the game and makes it a good atmosphere. Q: What does a typical game day consist of for you? A: On game day I will wake up fairly early and head to our shoot-around. After that we have a pre-game meal and then I like to sit back and relax. We watch TV and play video games just like everyone else. We play a lot of NCAA Football and NBA 2K. Then as tipoff approaches we have a team meeting. -- Compiled by Cole Kukowski

Page 14 • Reporter


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Men’s Hockey

Mavericks split in New York to open New Year

MSU blew a 3-2 lead on Friday, but prevailed on Saturday in its last non-conference game of the season. JOEY DENTON

staff writer

WOMEN’S BASKETBALL School Wayne State Augustana U-Mary


Minn. Duluth Northern State Winona State Minn. Crookston SW Minnesota St. St. Cloud State Concordia-St. Paul Bemidji State MSU-Moorhead Upper Iowa

Conf. OVR 9-1 15-1 8-2 11-3 8-2 11-3 6-3 10-3 5-4 8-5 5-5 9-6 4-5 9-6 4-5 7-6 4-5 5-8 3-6 6-7 3-6 6-9 3-6 5-9 2-7 5-8 1-8 1-12

MEN’S BASKETBALL School MSU-Moorhead Winona State St. Cloud State Bemidji State Minn. Duluth SW Minnesota State Augustana Northern State Concordia-St. Paul MAVERICKS Wayne State U-Mary Minn. Crookston Upper Iowa

Conf. OVR 8-1 12-1 8-1 13-2 7-2 11-2 6-3 11-4 6-3 9-4 6-3 7-6 6-4 9-5 5-5 9-5 3-6 6-7 3-6 4-9 3-7 4-10 2-8 3-11 1-8 5-8 1-8 4-9


Conf. OVR

Minnesota Minnesota Duluth Colorado College Nebraska Omaha Denver North Dakota Michigan Tech St. Cloud State Bemidji State Wisconsin Alaska Anchorage

11-3-0 10-2-2 9-5-0 7-4-3 6-5-3 7-7-0 6-7-1 5-6-3 5-7-2 4-8-2 3-10-1 2-11-1


15-7-1 14-3-3 12-7-1 10-8-4 11-8-3 11-8-2 9-11-1 8-10-4 11-9-2 9-9-2 6-10-2 6-15-1

MSU St. Lawrence

Winter break for the Minnesota State, Mankato men’s hockey team was the same as it was before the break: a rollercoaster. On the weekend before winter break started, the Mavericks made their way to Minneapolis to take on the Minnesota Golden Gophers. Even though the Mavericks lost both games of the series, they played well enough to give themselves a chance to win, even well enough to think they should have won. Going into the third period of the first game of the series, the score was tied 2-2 until Minnesota’s Erick Haula blasted a shot past senior MSU goalie Austin Lee at the 4:51 mark of the period, which turned out to be the gamewinner. Even though the Mavericks lost, they showed spurts of how talented the team is. They kept up with the Gophers in shots, shooting 28 shots while the Gophers had 30. When the game was tied the Mavericks had multiple breakaway shots, but couldn’t capitalize on any of them.


games. Right now they have seven players averaging more than seven points per game and none are putting up more than 11. Sophomore Connor O’Brien and senior Stephen Kirschbaum are the top two scorers, both averaging just above 10 points, with sophomore Jimmy Whitehead and freshman Zach Romashko both contributing nine per game. O’Brien also averages 7.5 rebounds per game, good for

3 MSU 4 St. Lawrence

3 1

“You change the momentum when you score on plays like that, and you build momentum when you stop plays like that,” head coach Troy Jutting said. In the second game, it took a whole period for the Mavericks to get going. Starting the second period down 3-0 is very hard to come back from, but the Mavericks almost pulled it off. The Mavericks started the second period off with a power play goal from sophomore forward Zach Lehrke two and a half minutes into the period to cut their deficit to two. With four minutes to go in the third, the Mavericks took advantage of another power play with another Lehrke goal off a pass from freshman forward Jean-Paul Lafontaine to make the score 3-2 Gophers, which turned out to be the game’s final score. A lot of the Mavericks thought that if they didn’t have that first period lapse, they could have won the game, but they saw it as motivation to see how good they can be.

continued from 13 third in the conference. MSU returns home this weekend, as they take on Northern State on Friday night and the University of Mary on Saturday. “Defending your home court is one of the most important things you can do in basketball, and that is what we have to do,” Meinders said. “We cannot look at anything else besides these two games because we really need some conference wins, especially at home.”


Wisconsin Minnesota

Conf. OVR

13-2-1-1 12-3-1-0 North Dakota 9-6-1-0 Minn. Duluth 8-7-1-1 Ohio State 7-8-1-1 Bemidji State 7-8-1-0 MAVERICKS 3-13-0-0 St. Cloud State 2-14-0-0

19-2-1 18-3-1 13-7-1 11-8-1 10-8-4 13-8-2 7-15-0 3-17-2

shannon rathmanner • msu reporter Freshman guard Kelly Madison is averaging 8.2 points per game, good for fifth on the team. The Mavericks are currently 3-6 in NSIC play.

“Minnesota is a very good opponent. We will look back at this weekend hopefully as a turning point this season,” Lee said after the game. The following weekend, MSU responded by completing its first sweep of the season with 4-2 and 9-1 victories against AlabamaHuntsville. In the opening game of the series, the Mavericks outshot the Chargers 39-21, with Lafontaine scoring his team-leading ninth goal of the season. The second game of the series turned into a scoring frenzy for the Mavericks, with senior forward Michael Dorr and Lehrke both finishing one goal away from a hat trick. During the weekend before Christmas, the Mavericks hosted then No. 7 Colorado College and got swept. The Mavericks took the first game into overtime with a goal from freshman forward Matt Leitner with four and a half minutes left in the third period to tie the game at one. The Mavericks couldn’t find the game-winning goal in overtime before Colorado College’s David Civitarese recorded the game-winning goal.

The second game was a different story, as the Tigers started off strong and never looked back. After a 2-1 CC advantage in the first period, the Tigers took off and scored three unanswered goals. They would go on to win 6-2, outshooting the Mavericks 44-26. After a 3-3 tie to the Under-18 National Team, the Mavericks traveled to New York to split a two game series against St. Lawrence to open the New Year last weekend. The two teams went back and forth on goals until Lafontaine gave the Mavericks a 3-2 lead with a power play goal at the 11:14 mark of the third. St. Lawrence responded quickly, scoring a power play goal to tie the contest three and a half minutes later. Then St. Lawrence’s Gunner Hughes notched the game-winning goal with four minutes left in the game, securing the 4-3 win. On Saturday, the Mavericks recovered from the loss and got themselves a 3-1 victory in New York. Senior goalie Phil Cook got the start in net and stopped 29 of the 30 shots he faced.

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As a reminder, beginning January 1, 2012, tobacco use (smoking and smokeless) will no longer be allowed on University property or in University owned or leased vehicles. An exception will be made for students currently living in the residence halls to allow tobacco use outside of their residence halls for the remainder of the 2011-2012 academic year. The residence hall exception will sunset at the end of Spring Semester 2012—May 15, 2012. Minnesota State Mankato will offer health and cessation education and awareness services to the campus community. This transition aligns with a March 12, 2010 resolution by the Minnesota State College and Universities’ Board of Trustees which encourages each MnSCU institution to take steps to reduce tobacco use on campuses. A copy of the Universitypolicy can be viewed at policies/approved/tobaccoandsmokefreecampus.pdf. Thank you for supporting the University’s goal of a healthy environment for all through elimination of tobacco use on our campus.

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Earlier this fall, I announced a new campus tobacco policy for Minnesota State University, Mankato.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January 10, 2012  

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