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Newsletter Nov/Dec 2011


Dec 2011 Branch Newsletter

Fampridine (Fampyra) launched Author: MS Trust

Fampridine, a drug that can improve walking in MS, has been launched in the UK. Fampridine, taken as one 10mg tablet twice daily, was granted a conditional marketing authorisation by the European Commission in July 2011 to improve walking in adult patients with MS who have walking disability (defined as scoring 4-7 4 on the Expanded Disability Status Scale). The marketing rketing authorisation is conditional on Biogen Idec (the pharmaceutical company marketing fampridine in the UK) conducting further research about the benefits and long-term term safety of fampridine. NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence), which issues guidance on whether treatments should be funded by the NHS, has not appraised fampridine. Decisions on whether or not to fund treatment will be made by local primary care trusts and funding boards. Walking problems affect a large proportion off people with MS and may be caused by a wide variety of factors. Not everyone taking fampridine will see improvements in walking

In clinical trials, approximately one third to one half of people taking fampridine found walking speed improved, with an average improvement of about 25%.

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Radio 1 DJ in half marathon – Page 4

Fampridine may be effective for those whose walking impairment has been caused by reduced nerve transmission. Fampridine works by blocking some of the chemical processes in nerves to allow electrical signals to continue travelling along damaged nerves to stimulate muscles.

The John Paul II Rehabilitation MS Centre Page 8

Speak to your MS nurse or neurologist if you would like to find out more about fampridine and whether it may be right for you.

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One persons comment was - What's the point in research if we can't get the drugs that will help us? QUALITY OF LIFE, QUALITY OF LIFE, QUALITY OF LIFE, for us and those of our families and long suffering partners!

Multiple Sclerosis Society - Registered Charity Numbers 1139257/SC041990 Registered as a LTD Company in England and Wales. 07451571

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Multiple Sclerosis Society Wigan Branch


Newsletter Nov/Dec 2011

Events Page Dear members: I hope you have enjoyed hearing about and joining ing in the events of the last 12 months. The committee have worked worked really hard on your behalf putting together the events, yoga and pilates classes, coffee mornings and the monthly get togethers, running also, with the help of our willing volunteers, the MS Charity shop shop. Whilst also lso attending the Mayors Charity meetings with ideas for fundraisin fundraising for their charity which will in turn, benefit our Branch. Not to forget Sarah, our young university placement student who co-ordinates ordinates a lot of our fundraisers “So many thanks to all mentioned above.” We would also like to wish all our members: “A Merry Christmas & A Happy and Healthy New Year

Coffee Mornings why not join us on Tuesday mornings at 11am every other Tuesday, (next one being Dec 13th) th) join us for breakfast! Coffees, tea, toast and jam at “The Mount” Orrell, Wigan.

Leigh Group Feb 2012: joining us will be Sue Mortimer-A Mortimer A speaker from the Leigh Disability Centre. March 2012: To be arranged.

Annual Meal January 2012 Our 2012 Annual Meal will take place at the Beeches Restaurant, Standish, Wigan On 21st January @ 1.30pm, for a 2.00pm start (Due to Mount Hotel refurbishment)

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year

Multiple Sclerosis Society Wigan Branch


Newsletter Nov/Dec 2011

Wow! MS Halloween H Night Fantastic‌

Multiple Sclerosis Society Wigan Branch

Are Disabled People at Risk of Losing Vital Benefits?


Newsletter Nov/Dec 2011

Quick crossword 13

The disability charity, Scope, warns that many disabled people, including some of the 100,000 people in the UK who have multiple sclerosis, risk losing essential payments under planned benefits changes Scope has reported that the new Personal Independence Payment (PIP), which the government is introducing to replace Disability Living Allowance (DLA), will not be directed to those who need the greatest support. They predict that thousands of claimants could be left with little or no financial support. The Government has proposed introducing a new medical test that will be carried out on disabled people of working age and aims to more effectively target those in greatest need. It has been suggested that the test should take into account a fluctuating condition like MS. Whilst Scope recognises that DLA needs reforming, the charity reports that this test of claimants' need is flawed for focusing on the disability but does not take into account relevant factors such as housing and transport. The charity, together with support from the disability, welfare rights sector and a disabled people’s organisation, has designed an alternative assessment which will take into account all aspects of an individual’s life and has presented it to Department of Work and Pensions officials for review.

Across 1. Second sign of the zodiac (6) 4. Professional cook (4) 7. Desert plants (5) 8. Arm bone (5) 10. Pressing (6) 12. Sprocket (3) 14. Beverage (3) 15. Provide evidence for (6) 18. Proprietor (5) 19. Saying (5) 20. Profit (4) 21. Ravine (6) Down 1. Diplomacy (4) 2. Unsure (9) 3. Merge (5) 5. Search for food (6) 6. Female relative (4) 9. Essential (9) 11. Fish trap (3) 13. Powerful (6) 15. Halo (4) 16. Crown-like headdress (5) 17. Blood vessel (4)

A Satisfied Customer after paying a visit to the MS Charity Shop, Posted this on facebook “£4, it is a bargain”. “Money to a superb cause and a DVD Stand for me”

Multiple Sclerosis Society Wigan Branch


Eden Project marathon attracts

The winning time of one hour and 18 minutes for the half marathon was set by Andy Moreton, from Elephant and Castle in London.

Hundreds of runners BBC Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills took part in the Eden half marathon

Newsletter Nov/Dec2011

He said: "I really enjoyed it. I will most definitely be coming back. It's a great course." Tracey Smith, Eden's Commercial Manag Manager and the organiser of the marathon and half halfmarathon, said: "With two new course records and the biggest field we've ever seen, this is the best Eden marathon and half half-marathon yet."

More than 1,500 people have taken part in a marathon and half-marathon marathon in Cornwall.

Olympic athlete Jemma Simpson, from Cornwall, fired the starting pistol for the races, which were held as part of the Eden Project's 10th birthday celebrations.

The events, which were raising money for charity, took place in and around the Eden Project in St Austell.

Info Point, Drop in Centre & Charity Shop – One of the best things

About 450 of the runners attempted the full 2626 mile race around mid-Cornwall's Cornwall's China Clay Country. BBC Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills, who was fundraising for the Multiple Sclerosis Society UK, was among the 1,2000 runners tackling the shorter 13-mile event. Mr Mills said: "I have finished it now. It was tough. I didn't realise there were going to be so many hills. 'Great course' "I would definitely do it again. It's one of my favourite parts of the UK. "I'm lookingg at ten grand for multiple sclerosis. It's not a very well known charity. "My Mum has MS, so it's something that's close to my heart. Ten grand for a run, that ain't bad." Pete Roper of Poole Athletics Club won the Eden Project full marathon on Sunday and broke the course record he set in 2009, with a time of two hours 43 minutes and 12 seconds. The fastest woman in the marathon was Karmen Pardoe, 42, from Middlesex, with a time of three hours 16 minutes and 14 seconds.

we have done as a Branch was to get the opportunity to open the Info Point, Drop in Centre and Charity ity Shop which is located in the Galleries (Former Index shop)as it has helped raise the awareness of MS in Wigan. People firstly come to the shop through curiosity but return, sometimes with a family member who has been diagnosed with MS and didn’t even know there was an MS Branch. Tracy our Welfare officer does a great job in making sure people get the correct help aand advice, and has been kept really busy since the shop opened. She helps people in the shop and also visits them at home. Heather Read our fundraiser initially came up with the idea for the centre & has worked really hard with the help of our committee members and willing volunteers to get this project up and running successfully.. Through this project we have also been able to expand our committee which has helped share some of the workload. You can drop in for a tea or coffee and have a chat or a look around the shop. There is always a friendly face at hand and nothing is too much trouble If you would like to donate any items for the shop we would be happy to collect them!.

Multiple Sclerosis Society Wigan Branch


Newsletter Nov/Dec 2011

Contact List Wigan Branch MS Society:

Central Duty Team: 01942 828 777

Contact Number: 07963345329

National MS Society

Disability Resource Centre: 01942 700889 Crossroads: 01942 700 612

Address: 372 Edgeware Road, London, NW2 6DN Tel: 020 8438 0700

Social Security Offices: Wigan: 01942 758 000 Leigh: 01942 236 700

Website: Email:

Continence Advice Services: Tel: 01257 501 340

National MS Helpline 0808 800 8000 (Mon-Fri 9am-9pm)

Wigan Independent Advice Services: Tel: 01942 324 851.

Local Support Development Manager Leo Brightley: Tel, 020 8438 0918 Mob: 07788717589

Young Carers Free Helpline: Tel: 0800 169 3669

Service Development Officer Tracey Cole: Tel: 020 8438 0984 Mob: 07919698308

MS Nurses Denise Winterbottom at Salford Royal (Formerly Hope Hospital)Tel: 0161 206 161 Carolyn Cairns at the Walton Centre Tel: 0151 529 5645 Karen Lea, Community Matron for Neuro Sciences. Taylor Neuro Community Team, STOT Unit, Leigh Infirmary, the Avenue, Leigh WN7 HIS. Tel: 01942 264 255 Therapy Centre Ince, Wigan Marsh Green Community Centre, Kitt Green Road, Wigan, WN5 0EF Phone No: 01942 217 696 Mobile No: 07759286285 Adult Services Area Offices Aspull: 01942 832 592 Golborne: 01942 728 603 Ince: 01942 828 479 Leigh: 01942 404 523 Standish: 01942 832 592 Tyldesley: 01942 404 765 Wigan: 01942 487 901 Carers Centre: 01942 683 711

Shop Mobility Tel: 01942 776 070

Ring & Ride Enquiries: 01942 492 252, 7.30am-5.00pm Booking Wigan Area: 01942 829 444, 9am-11am Booking Leigh / Atherton: Tel: 01942 829 400, 9am-11am Wigan & Leigh Wheelchair Service: Tel: 01204 390 742 (24hr-365 Days a Year) Carers Helpline: 01942 606 086 Monday-Friday: 9.00am-10.30pm Saturday-Sunday: 1.00pm-10.30pm

Support for young people

Aimed at people aged 18 – 40.

Kids and Teens

Young Peoples Newsletter!!

Multiple Sclerosis Society Wigan Branch nch


Newsletter Nov/Dec 2011

Meet your committee and what they do! Tracy Wadsworth: Welfare Officer: Officer Hi, I’m Tracy and I am one of the branches welfare officer’s and I cover the Wigan side of the town. I came to the branch as secretary but after around 18mths in that role I found I was doing welfare, enjoyed it, and now share the role with Jan. The welfare officer’s role is to speak with those affected by MS. And also their friends and family member’s, I help and speak with newly diagnosed to help them try and come to terms with their diagnosis. I also provide a listening ear and general support by sending/giving them relevant information or pointing them in the right direction d irection to the correct service. One of the other role’s undertaken by welfare officer is to speak with members who require assistance in applying for a welfare grant. This could be anything from needing help to purchase a specialist bed to the conversion of a room into a full wheelchair adapted wet room. I also work with Heather on the fundraising side and I also work closely with Paula our campaigns officer. Ben en Cusick: Secretary Hi, my name is Ben. I work as the secretary for the MS Society's Wigan Branch. As part of my role, I take and produce the minutes of the meeting, as well as taking care of letter writing and other important jobs. I also control the branch's Facebook page and branch Website. In addition to this I am the branch's photographer and photograph our events throughout the yearly calendar, calendar, In fact, I am in the process of making a CD that documents all the activities we have done over the last twelve months. It will hopefully be finished for the New Year. I am also a university student at Carlisle University. It takes a lot of juggling but I am enjoying it all. Heather Read: fundraiser Hi, I’m Heather Read, fundraiser for the Wigan Branch. My job is to raise as much money as possible to pay for welfare grants, our exercise classes and social events. Apart from the many fundraising events we hold I was instrumental in setting up the charity Shop/ Info point in the town centre. This provides a regular source of income and a very public face ace for the branch and MS in general. I look forward to seeing you all at our events or call in to the shop for a coffee!!! Carol Critchley: Newsletter Editor Hi, I’m Carol. I spend many hours (not the three it says in the handbook) putting together our branch newsletter. It goes out every two months. My job is to produce it, send it to the printer; collect it when it’s ready then put them all in their grey envelopes. I then print off the labels, stick them to the envelopes and my lovely husband usband takes them to the post office to be stamped and posted. Any additional leaflets that need putting in with the newsletter I also produce. I love being the newsletter editor, thoroughly enjoy every minute of the time it takes me to produce it, I hope hop you enjoy reading it. Jeff (my husband) and I also do the pickups (picking ng up donations) donations for the charity shop. I hope that showing these photos and a description of our roles, gives you more of an insight into who we are and what we do. The February newsletter will show more members of our committee and what they do.

Multiple Sclerosis Society Wigan Branch


Newsletter Nov/Dec 2011

MS Rehabilitation Centre

The John Paul II Multiple Sclerosis Rehabilitation Centre is a modern, opened in 2007, state of the art facility offering complex and multidisciplinary rehabilitation solely for patients with Multiple Sclerosis. The Centre meets European standards in all areas. It is a member of RIMS (Rehabilitation in Multiple Sclerosis) – a European organization joining rehabilitation facilities all over Europe. The Centre is also supported by the European MS Platform. The Centre is located in a four-storey building, welcoming 52 patients every month. It offers high-standard accommodations with facilities fully-adapted for handicapped guests. Watch the video about the MS Rehabilitation Centre: HPYFrOf8nY&feature=related Highly qualified professional staff. The qualified and competent staff includes: Doctor specialties: Neurologist (specializing in medical rehabilitation)Specialist psychiatrist

Internal medicine specialist Specialist urologist Two specialists in medical rehabilitation Therapists: M.Sc. physiotherapist with knowledge of neurophysiological techniques, confirmed by certificates of the Polish Society of Physiotherapy Physiotherapy techniques specialist (BA) Physical therapy techniques specialist Occupational therapist Music therapist Clinical psychologist and speech therapist Other staff: Nurses Caregivers Cleaning ladies Trainees Volunteers There is no communication barrier – most of the staff speaks English and additionally each AMEDS Centrum patient gets the support of an Englishspeaking coordinator during his stay in the MS Rehabilitation Centre

MS Week 2012 date confirmed The date for MS Week 2012 has been confirmed as 30 April – 6 May 2012. Put the date in your diaries!

Multiple Sclerosis Society Wigan Branch

Free Yoga Lessons


Newsletter Nov/Dec 2011

Free Pilates Classes

Are being held every Friday Between 3.30pm & 4.30pm

@ Hope School, Kelvin Grove Marus Bridge, Wigan Join Sue Johnson & Friends

Every Tuesday @ The Therapy Centre Marsh Green Community Centre, Kitt Green Road, Wigan, WN5 0EF Beginner’s class 12.00pm - 1.00pm And Intermediate class 1.00pm - 2.00

For a very warm Welcome “Plus our new Class” For further information Phone: 01942 207 483 The classes are free to MS members, Paid for through donations and fundraising.

Which has started at the Community Life Centre Upper George Street Tyldesley Every Tuesday @ 3pm-4pm

Have you got your lucky numbers yet?

With our Neuro-Physio Therapist Vicki Please phone Heather to book a Session!

Please get in touch with Ken Sutton!”

Phone: 07702025280 or 01257 421 207

3 months still remaining

The classes are free to MS members and MS non-members. Paid for through donations and fundraising.

Lucky Numbers

Phone number: 01942 715349

To keep up to date with all that is happening in your branch Log on our Website;

2 weeks off, 27th Dec, and 3rd Jan2012 Classes resume -10th January 2012

Multiple Sclerosis Society Wigan Branch

Physiotherapy for Multiple Sclerosis in Wigan Neurocare Physiotherapy is a leading specialist provider of physiotherapy for the treatment and rehabilitation of patients suffering from multiple sclerosis and other neurological conditions. They have been successfully helping people achieve their rehabilitation goals since 2003, and specialise specifically in physiotherapy treatment for disorders affecting the brain, spinal cord and the nerves. Neurocare can now offer their specialist services to patients in the Wigan area. This new service joins their existing clinics in Preston, Garstang, Lancaster and Kendal. The Neurocare team are all chartered specialist neurological physiotherapists who are highly experienced in the rehabilitation of neurological conditions. The staff are dedicated to providing a high standard of service and help for patients to achieve their best possible recovery. Though very professional, Neurocare are also dedicated to making your treatment an enjoyable experience which is offered in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in your home or in one of their clinics. During December you can benefit from a 25% discount off your first assessment with this article, so there has never been a better time to see what physiotherapy could do for you. For more information, call Neurocare on 01524 727716 or for more details see their website at


Newsletter Nov/Dec 2011

Local Care from a Local Company Home Instead senior Care specialise in the provision of at-homecare for adults. The service They provide is extremely flexible and ranges from an hour a day to 24 hour care, 365 days a year. There are a variety of services that Home Instead provide, which includes home help, such as cleaning, shopping and errands, meal preparation and household duties; companionship services that can involve everything from escorting clients on visits or appointments to simple conversation and good company; and also any personal care needs a client may have. Home Instead provide a range of specialist services tailored to each of their clients’ needs and requirements, this includes support for people living with varying degrees of multiplesclerosis. Home Instead support many families with respite care in the home, and just simply supporting families to look after their loved ones with care and compassion when they need it. Caregivers are carefully selected, chosen for their compassionate nature; they are CRB checked, they have to provide six references and undergo an extensive training programme. Caregivers are matched to the requirements of our clients; this may be with regard to experiences, interests / hobbies, and

For all you mince pie lovers

personalities. For more information on Home

A Law was passed in 1649 to ban mince pies and has never been rescinded. You could be breaking the law, with every bite of your mince pie. “Who Care’s!..”

Instead Senior Care please call the team on 01942 215 888 or visit We would love to hear from you!

Multiple Sclerosis Society Wigan Branch

Wigan Branch Who’s who in the Wigan Branch? uk

Chair person: Jan Hoff


Newsletter Nov/Dec 2011

Donations Pemberton Conservative Club donated from their Charity box: £44.14. The Red Cat, Hindley Green. Donated from their charity box £33.91. “Thank you so much!”

Vice Chairman: Vacancy Welfare Support Officer: Leigh & District Martin Hough Welfare support Officer: Wigan & District Tracey Wadsworth Welfare Phone No: 07963345329 Mobile 07751416742 Treasurer: Dr Ann Parr Tel No: 01257 424 168 Donations: 22 Parkway, Standish Wigan. WN6 0SJ Editor: Carol Critchley Tel: 01942 207 483 Mobile No: 07580894246

“Giving for free” This Kind Lady is offering for free a double pressure relieving static mattress. Plus a brand new walk-in-bath Please get in touch with Leanne on 01257 425874-only ring after 12pm The taker needs to arrange delivery for these items. Solution crossword 13

Lucky Numbers: Ken Sutton Tel: 01942 715 349 Fund Raising: Heather Read Tel: 07702025280 Secretary: Ben Cusick TEl: 07708228714 Social Secretary: Janet Anderson Tel: Social & Events co-ordinator: Sarah - Phone No: same as Charity shop 01942 323 836 Campaigns manager: Paula Allen Phone No: same as charity shop MS Charity Shop Phone No: 01942 323 836

Carer’s world radio Is broadcast from the UK, connecting carer’s with news, information, and support….

Multiple Sclerosis Society Wigan Branch

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Newsletter Nov/Dec 2011

Wigan MSS “Lucky Lucky Numbers N ” Results Draw No 7 Oct’11 Oct No’s Sold 170 1st


No 125 Mrs I.L Taylor



No 47 Mr Mrs rs E Green



No 64 Mrs C Critchley



No 10 Mr Mrs M Wharam


Draw No 8 Nov’11 Nov No’s Sold 170 1st

£40 No 119 Mr A Hickey


£20 No 71 Mr Mrs P Kelly



N0 73 Mr H Bate

Charity 1139257

The MS Newsletter is published by the Wigan Branch of the MS Society We give regular up-dates dates about MS and what is happening locally in the MS Community Editor: Carol Critchley Contact No: 01942 207483 E-mail: Disclaimer All the views expressed in the publication are individual and not necessarily the view or the policy of the charity and its supporters. We will be pleased to receive your comments, poems, jokes, or any articles you wish to share with us. Pleasee send to the above E E-mail address




No 23 Mrs S Armstrong

A Very Merry Christmas & A Happy and Healthy New Year!!

Nov/Dec 2011 - MS Society Wigan Branch Newsletter  

Nov/Dec 2011 - MS Society Wigan Branch Newsletter