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Newsletter Jan/Feb 2012

WIGA WIGAN Feb 2012 Branch Newsletter

Another exciting MS stem cell discovery Published date: 06 Jan 2012 at 4:18PM

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Researchers from the MS Society’s Cambridge Centre for Myelin Repair have found it may be possible to reverse the ageing process in the central nervous system for people with MS. The study used animal models to explore remyelination,, the process where damaged nerve sheaths are restored. As people with MS age, remyelination decreases significantly, resulting in more nerve fibres being permanently lost. By exposing older adult mice to cells from young mice, researchers found that this decline in remyelination could be reversed. Dr Doug Brown, Head of Biomedical Research at the MS Society said: “Professor Franklin and his team have made significant breakthroughs hroughs in recent years and this provides more encouraging progress in their tireless effort to develop therapies that might stop or reverse the devastating effects of MS.” Help change the future of MS at Multiple Sclerosis Society - Registered Charity Numbers 1139257/SC041990 Registered as a LTD Company in England and Wales. 07451571

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Multiple Sclerosis Society Wigan Branch


Newsletter Jan/Feb 2012

Events Page Dear Members. Happy New Year! Our new events for 2012 have not been decided on yet. The branch committee will be putting their heads together in the next few weeks to see what we can come up with. The last twelve months has been really successful for the Wigan MS Branch. Opening the shop/drop in centre was one of our big success stories. This has enabled us to attract more Branch volunteers which have taken some of the strain from the few volunteers we had, so making a happier branch.

MS Life 2012 - 14-15 April It’s just 100 days until the biggest event for people affected by MS opens in Manchester! Our lifestyle and MS information event gives you direct access to leading MS researchers leading talks on hot topics such as myelin repair, stem cells as well as all the latest updates on drugs and treatments. You can also ask questions directly and confidentially to a range of MS health care professionals in our Meet the Experts area. There will also be over 40 workshops taking place across the weekend covering a wide range of MS topics including: Symptom management – including fatigue management, continence management, managing pain plus many more Benefits and employment – find out what your entitled too, as well as how to get back to or stay in employment Sex and relationships – from planning a family, to pregnancy and sexual relationships when you or a partner has MS, to managing a family life and friendships with MS Support for carers – find out more carer support services, working and caring, and support for young carers. Our lifestyle village has a buzzing exhibition hosting everything from information and support to useful products and services. Come and visit our MS Spa to test drive some free complementary therapies or why not work up an appetite while watching some live cookery. The Wigan Branch is going on Sunday the 15th April 2012. And if enough people wish to go then we will provide transport. So for those members who would like to go? Please ring or email the shop. Number and email address on the bottom of page 11 of the newsletter under shop.

Multiple Sclerosis Society Wigan Branch


Not sure I really wanted to know...

At this time I panicked as my brain had now been mentioned twice. This was no coincidence. It took 6 months to get lumbar puncture then another 6 months to get the results.

(A young girl’s story)

Newsletter Jan/Feb 2012

I was diagnosed with Relapsing and remitting MS a week before my 21st birthday, it had taken 3 years! (I didn’t have the best 21st birthday)

Realization: Katie Bannister

My first symptoms occurred in fresher's week at University in 2003 - I was 18 years old. I lost my balance; putting it down to the alcohol and late nights I just rested in bed for a couple of days. On day three I decided I should call my boyfriend; he came to pick me up. The loss of balance gave me motion sickness, after being very sick for a week he called the doctors as when making a run for the toilet I ended up bouncing off the walls and had completely lost the ability to stand up. On arrival to Royal London hospital I was treated for an ear infection. (Standard wrong diagnosis) After 4 days on a ward the doctors decided they should do an MRI scan because I wasn't getting any better and now had lost a lot of weight (Also had allergic reaction to anti sickness tablets) I was sent home after the scan with some steroids and told I just had some inflammation on the brain? Great!! In 2005 a couple of years later I lost most of the vision in my right eye, thinking this was from being in the work shop at Uni I popped into Moorefield's Eye hospital to get it checked. They told me there was nothing wrong with the eye and that maybe it was the brain!!!

Now at the age of 25 I have finally accepted the cards I have been dealt! After a few months of post traumatic stress, Prozac, more Steroids, daily Copaxone injections and some further symptoms I have now come off all medication and am living a normal life. Stress causes the symptoms to get worse so simply if I can control stress I can control my MS. (Oh and heat but I enjoy my holidays too much so I just put up with what I call my "purple eye" in the summer months and on holiday!) I still get a bit angry and annoyed about having MS but there is not much I can do about it! I would like to say I'm healthy and look after myself but I smoke and drink and party maybe a bit too hard. I'm going to live my life to the full and take every day as it comes, I might get hit by a bus tomorrow (living in central London makes that more likely than you think) Verdict: I always consider the people who are worse off than me and that stop’s me moaning! Good luck fellow MS friends x

Multiple Sclerosis Society Wigan Branch


Newsletter Jan/Feb 2012

Meet my lovely Grandsons and their lovely Mum! (Carol Critchley)

Sam meeting his new baby brother ‘Louie’! For the first time ------Born 3rd December 2011

Quick Crossword No 14

Across 1 Gift (7) 5 Fabric (5) 8 Sharp (5) 9 First course of a meal (7) 10 Blow up (7) 11 Sorrowful poem (5) 12 Northern Ireland (6) 14 Deft (6) 18 Film (5) 20 Wooed (7) 22 American reindeer (7) 23 One of the Marx Brothers (5) 24 Permit (5) 25 Underground passages (7) Down 1 High level ground (7) 2 Fit out (5) 3 Blot on the landscape (7) 4 Slates (anag.) (6) 5 Pursue (5) 6 Very active (2,3,2) 7 Hasten (5) 13 Reveals (anag.) (7) 15 Eldest son of a French king (7) 16 Tiresome (7) 17 Pronounce not guilty (6) 18 Holy city of Islam (5) 19 Arm joint (5) 21 Rich sweet cake (5)

Rushing home from school to feed baby Louie. Needs to get him fed and winded as quickly as possible, he has something far more important to teach him Yes!!.... Teaching him how to use the play station (what’s more important than that, it’s a lads bonding session) and it looks as though he likes it! I’m so proud of them both, but especially proud of Sam, He’s bonded so well with baby Louie and loves him to bits.

Multiple Sclerosis Society Wigan Branch

Coping with diagnosis Doctors might have already talked about MS as a possible explanation for your symptoms, but equally it might have been a 'bolt from the blue'. For some people, being diagnosed with MS can be overwhelming, frightening, and distressing. For others it can be a relief, especially if they've had symptoms which couldn't be explained. Others might shut down emotionally. Often, it's a combination of all the above. Getting the diagnosis could raise as many new questions as it answers, and reactions will vary from person to person and over time. Try to remember: it is different for everyone there is no right or wrong way to react however you do react, it is part of a normal process MS may mean you have to make changes over time, but you are the same person you have always been. MS diagnosis - the roller-coaster ride One way of understanding the initial reaction is to look at it like a rollercoaster ride. At first there is fear and anticipation. Once you're seated there's the realisation that you can't turn back. Then the ride then begins and you go through different emotions - there are highs and lows. Some people are able to cope with the ride and others find it too frightening. It's not only the person given the diagnosis who might go through these reactions, but also those around them. Each family member and close friend may react differently. For example, the person with MS might feel relief, while their partner is in denial. This experience is very common Telling people you have MS Telling people that you have MS can be a very difficult thing to do. Accepting the diagnosis yourself is hard, let alone having to break the news to others.


Newsletter Jan/Feb 2012

Being able to open up about something sensitive takes courage and practice. If you find it hard talking about personal issues, there are techniques that can help. Try writing down what you want to get across to the person you are telling, or doing some role-playing with someone you trust beforehand. Dealing with adversity can strengthen a relationship, as well as cause difficulties. Many people with MS say they remember this as the time when they found out who their true friends were. Who to tell "It is a very personal thing, your health, but I don't see why I shouldn't be upfront. I'm not embarrassed about my MS; it's a fact of life." There is no reason why you should feel pressured to tell everyone you know that you have MS, or share that information immediately with strangers. Your health is a personal thing, and only you will know how you want to handle things. However, if people are aware of your condition and how it affects you then they may be better placed to offer their support if and when you need it. Many MS symptoms such as fatigue are not outwardly visible. It can be difficult and frustrating trying to explain to people how you are affected and how debilitating the symptoms can be. You may find it helpful to direct people to the MS Society website to have a look at different symptoms and how they can affect you, this will save you having to explain everything yourself. Dealing with different reactions People may deal with the news in a number of ways. For you, the way they deal with the news may be helpful or not so helpful. Some people may panic whilst others will be surprisingly calm. People who don’t know much about MS will have lots of questions that you might not be able to answer. They might assume that you’re an expert on MS when in fact you know little more about it than they do. …. Continued on page 8

Multiple Sclerosis Society Wigan Branch


Newsletter Jan/Feb 2012

Contact List Wigan Branch MS Society:

Central Duty Team: 01942 828 777

Contact Number: 07963345329

Disability Resource Centre: 01942 700889 Crossroads: 01942 700 612

National MS Society Address: 372 Edgeware Road, London, NW2 6DN Tel: 020 8438 0700 Website: Email: National MS Helpline 0808 800 8000 (Mon-Fri 9am-9pm) Local Support Development Manager Leo Brightley: Tel, 020 8438 0918 Mob: 07788717589

Social Security Offices: Wigan: 01942 758 000 Leigh: 01942 236 700 Continence Advice Services: Tel: 01257 501 340 Wigan Independent Advice Services: Tel: 01942 324 851. Young Carers Free Helpline: Tel: 0800 169 3669

Service Development Officer Tracey Cole: Tel: 020 8438 0984 Mob: 07919698308

Shop Mobility Tel: 01942 776 070

MS Nurses

Enquiries: 01942 492 252, 7.30am-5.00pm

Denise Winterbottom at Salford Royal (Formerly Hope Hospital)Tel: 0161 206 161

Booking Wigan Area: 01942 829 444, 9am-11am

Carolyn Cairns at the Walton Centre Tel: 0151 529 5645

Booking Leigh / Atherton: Tel: 01942 829 400, 9am-11am

Karen Lea, Community Matron for Neuro Sciences. Taylor Neuro Community Team, STOT Unit, Leigh Infirmary, the Avenue, Leigh WN7 HIS. Tel: 01942 264 255

Wigan & Leigh Wheelchair Service: Tel: 01204 390 742 (24hr-365 Days a Year)

Therapy Centre Ince, Wigan Marsh Green Community Centre, Kitt Green Road, Wigan, WN5 0EF Phone No: 01942 217 696 Mobile No: 07759286285 Adult Services Area Offices Aspull: 01942 832 592 Golborne: 01942 728 603 Ince: 01942 828 479 Leigh: 01942 404 523 Standish: 01942 832 592 Tyldesley: 01942 404 765 Wigan: 01942 487 901 Carers Centre: 01942 683 711

Ring & Ride

Carers Helpline: 01942 606 086 Monday-Friday: 9.00am-10.30pm Saturday-Sunday: 1.00pm-10.30pm

Support for young people

Aimed at people aged 18 – 40.

Kids and Teens

Young Peoples Newsletter!!

Multiple Sclerosis Society Wigan Branch

Meet your committee and what they do! Janet Anderson -EBay


Newsletter Jan/Feb 2012

Transfer of Woodlands Respite Care Centre complete Published date: 04 Jan 2012 at 12:05PM

Hi I’m Janet. I work as part of the charity shop team. In addition to our very successful charity shop we also have an ebay shop where we sell new and used items generously donated to us by both local businesses and the general public. My role is to pick out suitable clothes and accessories, photograph and post them in our eBay shop and then post them off to the customers. It keeps me busy but is great fun and I post to people all over the world. If you want to check out our eBay shop you can find us at monster1mssociety, why not take a look and pick up a bargain. Before I found the MS Society I spent a lot of time on my own totally bored after having previously had a busy life. Now I don’t have time to be bored and always have friends to talk things through with. For any one wondering whether to get involved or not I would recommend that you just go for it, I did and it’s changed things for me.

Shop Volunteer Needed Are you bored and have a few hours to spare. Why not just go for it like Janet above. Call in to the MS charity shop in the Gallery Shopping Centre Wigan (old Index shop) Have a cup of tea/coffee and a chat with one of the team. I am sure it could be the best decision you could made. They’re a great bunch of people.

We're pleased to announce the successful transfer of Woodlands Respite Care Centre in York to a new company affiliated to Christchurch Court, a leading provider of rehabilitation services. The centre has been acquired by the new owners as a 'going concern', securing its future as a service for people with MS and maintaining the current staff. Existing users of Woodlands can continue to be supported by the new owners of the centre for respite care and bookings are now being taken on 01904 430600 - with existing pricing agreements being maintained until the end of March. The new service, in association with York NHS Foundation Trust, will provide assessment, rehabilitation and treatment for a wide range of neurological conditions, including MS. Established care provider Stuart Nixon, Vice Chair of the MS Society, said: "We are delighted we have been able to transfer Woodlands into the ownership of such a well established care provider and that the centre will continue to provide services for people with MS." "It's been a long process to get to this stage, but we're pleased that we've achieved what we set out to do. We'd like to thank our staff for continuing to provide excellent care and support for guests during this time.

Multiple Sclerosis Society Wigan Branch

Continued from page 5 Coping with MS Other people may avoid you because they don't know what to say. They don't know how to deal with you having MS, so they choose not to. This can be very hurtful, and it’s hard not to take it personally. Some people will go out of their way to help. This may have the opposite effect, making you feel frustrated or even useless. Try to explain to the person that you will ask for their help if you need it, but that you want them to treat you the same as they did before they knew you had MS. Whatever a person’s reaction, talking about it with them can be really helpful. Try to look at people's questions objectively and don't take them personally. Encourage people to talk openly to you about your MS and about how it makes them feel. Often, you can only do this once you have come to terms with the diagnosis yourself so only talk to people when you really feel ready.


Newsletter Jan/Feb 2012

“Coping with the costs of MS After a diagnosis of MS, life may not change very much at all and many people will continue to live and work as usual. However, for some at some stage, it may not be possible to continue working – or they may have to reduce their hours. Sometimes a partner may decide to give up work to provide increased support at home. Either way, the household income may be reduced just when costly adaptations or changes need to be made. That is why the MS Society, through its branches, considers grant requests to help people affected by MS obtain funding for items they need because of their disability, but for which they cannot get statutory help. The MS Society provides individual grants to assist people with necessary items such as aids and equipment, adaptations to the home or car and top up funds for respite care breaks. Please get in touch with the branch committee for information on how we may be able to help and how to apply.

Lucky Numbers ‘A New year for lucky numbers’ Commencing in April “Ring Ken Sutton!” for further details Phone number: 01942 715349 It’s just £12 for twelve months Could this be your lucky year!...

MS Week 2012 date confirmed The date for MS Week 2012 has been confirmed as 30 April – 6 May 2012. Put the date in your diaries!

Multiple Sclerosis Society Wigan Branch

This is a delicious and simple recipe for fruit tea bread that was give to me by the lady who runs the tea rooms at Dylan Thomas boathouse in Laugharne. It is best eaten a couple of days after making it but if you can’t wait that long it’s not a problem. She also said it keeps for ages in an airtight container but I’ve never found out if that is true because it seems to disappear quite quickly in my house. Anyway give it a go and I hope you enjoy it.

Janet. BARA BRITH 2 Mugs Mixed Fruit 2 Mugs Demerara Sugar Small Pot of Tea 2 Mugs S R Flour 1 Egg Soak fruit and sugar in tea overnight. Add flour and egg and mix well. Pour into a lined loaf tin and cook for 1 hour 15 minutes @ 160 degrees.

Free Yoga Lessons We have been offering Yoga sessions at Hope School Marus Bridge for many years now. But as the intake is so low, we cannot justify (in this economic climate) the expense any longer. For members with MS who wish to carry on with yoga, the Branch will be willing to pay for yoga sessions at The Therapy Centre Marsh Green If the members are happy with this please ring or email the charity shop so we can book sessions for you. Phone no: and email address: can be found at the bottom of page 11 of the newsletter.


Newsletter Jan/Feb 2012

Free Pilates Classes

Every Tuesday @ The Therapy Centre Marsh Green Community Centre, Kitt Green Road, Wigan, WN5 0EF Beginner’s class 12.00pm - 1.00pm And Intermediate class 1.00pm - 2.00 “Plus our new Class” Which has started at the Community Life Centre Upper George Street Tyldesley Every Tuesday @ 3pm-4pm With our Neuro-Physio Therapist Vicki Please phone Heather to book a Session! Phone: 07702025280 or 01257 421 207 The classes are free to MS members and MS non-members. Paid for through donations and fundraising.

To keep up to date with all that is happening in your branch Log on our Website;

Multiple Sclerosis Society Wigan Branch


Newsletter Jan/Feb 2012

NEW TO WIGAN MS SOCIETY!!!! Counselling, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy now available at Wigan branch of the MS Society! Hello! My name is Emma Clegg and I am very pleased to be the chosen Counsellor/Therapist at the Wigan branch of the MS Society, working with MS clients, starting in January 2012. I have been working in the field for 15 years, am Nationally-Accredited via UKCP, and am qualified to M.Sc level in Applied Psychology as well as holding a Postgraduate Diploma in Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy. I am now taking appointments, but first here are some questions and answers you might find useful: Why might Counselling/Therapy be useful for me? If you are having difficulty coping with your condition or indeed ANYTHING on an emotional/Psychological basis, then consulting me could help you with such issues as acceptance, confidence, self-esteem, anxiety, depression, body dysmorphism, relationships etc etc. What might I achieve through Counselling/Therapy? Counselling and Therapy will ONLY enable you to move on from the particular difficult position you are now in if you want it to. If you are serious about helping yourself then I can lead you to a better emotional/mental place that is relevant for you. How soon will I begin to feel better about myself? - This depends on the nature of the difficulty, the personality of the individual, their expectations, beliefs etc. How many sessions will I need? -Again, this depends on the nature of the difficulty, the individual, how long the difficulty has been a problem etc. We can discuss this. Will this all be 100% confidential? - YES!!! By arranging appointments through me, your process will be confidential at all stages, i.e., phone calls, email, consultations, etc. What if I have any questions or want to book an appointment? - Any of the following contact methods are acceptable, WITHOUT OBLIGATION; Email;

Telephone 07984 819840 (preferred; I can call you back if you wish) until 6pm; Landline 01942 796854 until 6pm. - If you wish me to send you some information ONLY then please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to working with you! Emma Clegg B.Sc(Hons) M.Sc D.H.P. PGDHP UKCP MBPsS

Multiple Sclerosis Society Wigan Branch

Wigan Branch Who’s who in the Wigan Branch? Chair person: Jan Hough Vice Chairman: Vacancy Welfare Support Officer: Leigh & District: Martin Hough


Newsletter Jan/Feb 2012

Donations £5.00 donation in lieu of Christmas Cards from Yvonne Slater “Thank you” Jordan’s Fish& chip shop Shevington: Collection Box 42.54p “Thank you” Stag, Orrell: Collection box £38.49p “Thank you” These donations are gratefully received.

Welfare support Officer: Wigan & District: Tracey Wadsworth Welfare Phone No: 07963345329

Solution - Quick Crossword 14

Treasurer: Dr Ann Parr Tel No: 01257 424 168 Donations: 22 Parkway, Standish Wigan. WN6 0SJ Editor: Carol Critchley Tel: 01942 207 483 Mobile No: 07580894246 Lucky Numbers: Ken Sutton Tel: 01942 715 349 Fund Raising: Heather Read Tel: 07702025280 Secretary: Ben Cusick TEl: 07708228714 Social Secretary: Janet Anderson Tel: 07878709102 Social & Events co-ordinator: Sarah - Phone No: same as Charity shop 01942 323 836 Campaigns manager: Vacancy MS Charity Shop (Enquiries) Phone No: 01942 323 836

Carer’s world radio Is broadcast from the UK, connecting carer’s with news, information, and support…. A wife says to her husband “You’re always pushing me around and talking behind my back.” He says: “what do you expect You’re in a wheelchair?”

Multiple Sclerosis Society Wigan Branch

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Newsletter Jan/Feb 2012

Wigan MSS “Lucky Numbers” Results Draw No 7 Dec 2011 No’s Sold 170 1st


No 9 T Wadsworth



No 44 A Postlewaite



No 17 A Jones



No 80 J Grimshaw

Draw No 8 Jan 2012 No’s Sold 170 1st

£40 No 97 K Fox


£20 No 130 C Woods



N0 57 W Harvey



No 173 H Derham

Charity 1139257

The MS Newsletter is published by the Wigan Branch of the MS Society We give regular up-dates about MS and what is happening locally in the MS Community Editor: Carol Critchley Contact No: 01942 207483 E-mail: Disclaimer All the views expressed in the publication are individual and not necessarily the view or the policy of the charity and its supporters. We will be pleased to receive your comments, poems jokes, or any articles you wish to share with us. Please send to the above E-mail address

Have fun, think good thoughts only, Learn to laugh at yourself, and 'Count your blessings’

Have a Great Day!.

Jan/Feb 2012 - MS Society Wigan Branch Newsletter  

Jan/Feb 2012 - MS Society Wigan Branch Newsletter

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