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Introduction to MSLGROUP India Social!

Trusted advisors and creative storytellers in the always on conversation! MSLGROUP is Publicis Groupeʼs flagship specialty communications and engagement network.! Unparalleled network of strategic and specialized communications agencies!

Boundless in everything 
 we do:! Creativity !

Diverse capabilities 
 Top five global PR network with more than 3,000 employees in more than 20 countries.!

•  Building brands through creative engagement ! Channels! •  Unbound by channel, holistic approach! Geography! •  Global reach, local insight! Culture! •  Passionate, collaborative, courageous!

MSLGROUP India Social strategy for 2012 and beyond!

MSLGROUP India Social strategy! We have designed the MSLGROUP India Social strategy to integrate social into all our services and client engagements, to strengthen the entire network, not only the social/ digital teams.!

Focus on social, Build deep capabilities in Plan, Build and not digital or Engage! mobile!

Focus first on existing clients, then integrated pitches, then social pitches!

Build deep capabilities Focus on Become best-in- in social for employee integration, not class in social for engagement, crisis standalone social! corporate! management and CSR!

MSLGROUP India Social beliefs!

Belief: Social is about disruption! Social is fundamentally and irrevocably changing societal values, attitudes towards brands and consumption behaviors.!

Societal values!

Attitudes towards brands !

Consumption behaviors!

Social is changing societal values!

“If [social media activists] can bring down the Egyptian regime in a few 
 weeks, they can bring us down in nanoseconds.”! ! PAUL POLMAN, CEO, Unilever! ! Photo from untitlism on Flickr!

Social is changing attitudes towards brands!

“Consumers are beginning in a very real sense to own our brands and
 participate in their creation … We need to begin to learn to let go.”! ! A.G. LAFLEY, Former CEO and Chairman, Procter & Gamble ! Photo from Photo Extremist on Flickr!

Social is changing consumption behaviors!

“The old model was informing, persuading and reminding, the new 
 model is demonstrating, involving and empowering.” ! ! MITCH MATHEWS, Former SVP of Central Marketing, Microsoft! Photo from halderman on Flickr!

Belief: Social is about participation! Social is less about technology tools or media channels and more
 about the co-creation, collaboration and conversations they enable.!




Social is about conversations!

“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what 
 consumers tell each other it is.”! ! SCOTT COOK, Founder and Chairman, Intuit! Photo from ngmmemuda on Flickr!

Social is about collaboration!

“The opportunity for businesses today is to become networks—with a 
 culture of collaborative innovation, stewardship and integrity.”! ! FILIPPO PASSERINI, Former President, Procter & Gamble! Photo from pochacco20 on Flickr! !

Social is about co-creation!

“We are all getting used to the idea of co-creation of content. But are 
 we ready for the notion of co-creation of brands?”
 ! IVAN POLLARD, VP Global Connections, The Coca-Cola Company!

Belief: Social is about integration! Social is most effective when itʟs deeply integrated into technology 
 platforms, marketing programs and business processes.!

Technology platforms! ! (Design for participation)! Marketing programs! (Movement marketing)!

Business processes! (Collaborative innovation)!

Integrate social into technology platforms!

“Technology is shifting the power away from the editors, the publishers,
 the establishment, the media elite. Now itʼs the people who are in 
 RUPERT MURDOCH, Chairman and CEO, News Corporation! Photo by Ben Chau on flickr!

Integrate social into marketing programs!

“We look for insights that represent human truths, motivations and tensions that only our brandsʼ benefits can solve. That spark can create big ideas that can then invite their participation. At its best, it can inspire movements where people advocate on your brandʼs behalf.”! ! MARK PRITCHARD, Global Brand Building Officer, Procter & Gamble! Photo from seyyed_mostafa_zamani on Flickr!

Integrate social into business processes!

“We listen, learn and then improve and innovate based on what our 
 customers want.”! ! MICHAEL DELL, CEO and Chairman, Dell! Photo from xavitalleda on Flickr! !

MSLGROUP India Social offering!

MSLGROUP India Social offering! We have created a strong offering integrating 1) strategic planning unbound by channel 2) intuitive understanding of emerging social technologies and 3) creative storytelling and community engagement.!

1. PLAN! Insights, Strategy, Training!

2. BUILD! Social Platforms, Applications, Profiles!

3. ENGAGE! Content, Community, Conversations!

MSLGROUP India Social Plan offering! Integrated strategic planning approach, unbound by channel, supported by deep vertical expertise in consumer activation, corporate reputation, and employee engagement.!

1. PLAN! Insights, Strategy, Training!

2. BUILD! Social Platforms, Applications, Profiles!

3. ENGAGE! Content, Community, Conversations!

- Insights: Distill actionable insights and foresights from conversations and communities via our People始s Lab insights and innovation approach.! ! - Strategy: Create purpose-driven positioning, platforms and programs to inspire, organize and energize stakeholders, via our Social Heartbeat planning approach.! ! - Measurement: Link back participation and action to business objectives via our VERITE measurement approach.! ! - Training: Design training and change programs to integrate social into technology platforms, marketing programs and business processes via our Social Integration approach.! ! - Crisis Preparedness: Build enterprise capabilities to plan for and manage crisis situations via our Crisis Curve approach and crisis simulation tool. !

MSLGROUP India Social Build offering! Intuitive understanding of emerging social web and mobile technology platforms and consumer behavior, supported by global design studio hubs that provide 24X7 support. !

1. PLAN! Insights, Strategy, Training!

2. BUILD! Social Platforms, Applications, Profiles!

3. ENGAGE! Content, Community, Conversations!

- Community Platforms: Design and develop private or public, web or mobile community platforms, via our People始s Lab crowdsourcing platform.! ! - Social Applications: Design and develop social applications using the Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter APIs.! ! - Social Network Profiles: Create and manage brand profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and SlideShare.! ! - Websites and Blogs: Design and develop simple yet powerful websites and blogs using the Wordpress platform.! ! - Search Optimization: Create keyword-rich content and link architecture for higher search rankings.!

MSLGROUP India Social Engage offering! Creative storytelling around big purpose-inspired ideas, supported by proprietary community engagement tools and a global network of trained community managers.!

1. PLAN! Insights, Strategy, Training!

2. BUILD! Social Platforms, Applications, Profiles!

3. ENGAGE! Content, Community, Conversations!

- Creative Storytelling: Create and crowd-source stories that are rooted in purpose, shaped by insights and unbound by channel.! ! - Community Engagement: Create triggers for community members to participate and act, on the community platforms owned by the brand.! ! - Influencer Relations: Map and engage online influencers to catalyze participation and action.! ! - Social CRM: Track and participate in conversations related to the brand on the social web.! ! - Social Ads: Leverage targeted social advertising on Facebook to support owned media and earned media.!

MSLGROUP India Social planning frameworks!

Social Integration Journey planning framework! Helps corporations build enterprise capabilities for social by integrating social into their technology platforms, marketing programs and business processes, to drive strategic change and real ROI.! Integration!

4! Integrate social into technology platforms!

5! Integrate social into marketing! programs!

Incubation! !

2! Create a company page on Facebook or Twitter!

3! Create a Facebook contest or a Twitter influencer program!


1! Create a static campaign or country microsite!



6! Integrate social into business processes!


The role of paid, owned, earned media! Paid, owned, earned media have distinct roles to play for different stakeholders. Our approach it to create owned media platforms that are unbound by channel and fully leverage earned media and paid media.! - TV & print advertorials! - TV, film & print product placements! - Event & tradeshow sponsorships! - Celebrity & influencer endorsements! - Website tie-ups! - Social & search ads! ! - Brand identity & voice! - Press releases & press conferences! - Whitepapers, reports & infographics! - Events, roundtables & webinars! - Influencer meet ups! - Websites, apps & social media channels!

PAID ! MEDIA! (For strangers)! EARNED ! MEDIA! (For advocates)! OWNED ! MEDIA! (For familiars)!

- TV or print media coverage! - Online media coverage! - Blogger coverage! - Third-party recommendations! - Word of mouth! - Newsletter & website sign-ups! - Event sign-ups! - Social media conversations! - Community management!

VERITE approach for measurement and ROI! Helps corporations links back participation and action to business objectives.!

V! Voice!

É! Engagement!

R! Reputation!





É! Evangelism!

Alignment with the brand persona and messages!

Involvement of relevant influencers with the brand!

Positive Effectivenes perceptions s of brandʼs for the brand! owned media platforms!

Impact in terms of business objectives!

Advocacy for the brands by relevant influencers!

Ratio of core, peripheral and irrelevant messages!

Comments, links, likes, shares, retweets, mentions, embeds!

Ratio of positive, neutral and negative stories!

Business leads, store walk-ins, event attendance!

Recognition, referrals, recommendations!

Increase in followers, fans, opt-in subscribers, registered members!


Social for consumer activation! Design purpose inspired movement marketing platforms and programs; run online talent hunt or reality show contests; or invite consumers to participate in co-creation and ideation contests.!

“What we really need is a mindset shift that will make us relevant to 
 todayʼs consumers, a mindset shift from ʻtelling & sellingʼ to building 
 ! JIM STENGEL, Former Global Chief Marketing Officer, Procter & 

Social Heartbeat planning framework! Helps brands design powerful purpose-inspired platforms and programs to inspire, organize and energize people around a shared purpose.! 1!



Shared purpose or Social Heartbeat to inspire people!

Long-term onlineoffline platform to organize people!

A series of shortterm programs to energize people!

3) Purpose! 2) Bridge!


1) Benefit!


1) Benefit! 2) Bridge! Consumer Journey!

Owned! 3) Purpose!

Social for corporate reputation! Design multi-stakeholder engagement programs around a shared purpose; build thought leadership via a corporate blog or microblog; or invite professional to participate in a community of practice.!

“If a company, or even its chief executive, doesnʼt have a presence on 
 social networks today, that company risks not being in the conversation
 at all. Over time, I believe, that can be fatal to a business.”! ! BRIAN J DUNN, CEO, Best Buy! hoto from h.koppdelaney n Flickr! !


Social for crisis communications

Plan for crisis scenarios via a crisis simulation workshop; track influencers and sources for early warning signals; and build enterprise capabilities to effectively respond to crisis situations in real time.!

“If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each 
 tell 6 friends. If you make customers unhappy on the Internet, they can
 each tell 6,000 friends.”! ! JEFF BEZOS, CEO, Amazon! Photo from alancleaver on Flickr! !

Crisis Curve planning framework!


Helps corporations map out, plan for and build capabilities to manage crisis scenarios across the four stages of the crisis curve. !

Spotlight: Plot 2! heat map of crisis flows! ! Flash Point: 1! Track early warning signals! !

Before Crisis: 0! Plan for crisis scenarios!

Blame Game: 3! Shape narrative via owned media!

Resolution: 4! Optimize for search results !



Social for employee engagement

Co-create an employee value proposition with your employees; transform employees and alumni into ambassadors; and attract and recruit top talent.!

“The successful companies of the future will be those that integrate
 business and employeesʼ personal values. The best people want to do 
 work that contributes to society with a company whose values they
 share, where their actions count and their views matter.”
 ! JEROEN VAN DER VEER, Committee of Managing Directors, Shell!

Talent Engagement planning approach ! Helps corporations engage talent across the employee lifecycle, to enable business goals, brand promise or organizational change. !

1! WHAT! !Create an EVP or Employee Value Proposition around Purpose, Personality and Potential!

4! HOW! !Using a boundless 
 range of high-tech and high-touch tactics!

2! WHY! !To deliver on Business goals, Brand promise or organizational Change!

3! WHEN! !Before, During or After their association with your brand!

MSLGROUP India Social team!

MSLGROUP Asia Social team! MSLGROUP Asia has created a truly integrated Social offering across the Plan-Build-Engage phases, with over 50+ dedicated staff in Asia, including 25+ staff each in India and Greater China.! Parveez Modak,! Mumbai!

Gaurav Mishra,! Mumbai/ Shanghai/ Singapore!

Narendra Nag,! Delhi!

Derek Dong, Beijing!

Sohini Sengupta,! Mumbai!

Siddhangana Karmakar,! Bengaluru! Suryasen Kundu, Delhi!

Stephy Liu, Beijing!

Yeqing Yang, Shanghai!

Yohei Kogami, Tokyo!

MSLGROUP India Social! MSLGROUP India has created a truly integrated Social offering across the Plan-Build-Engage phases, with 30+ dedicated staff across Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.!

1. PLAN! Insights, Strategy, Enterprise Change! Narendra Nag,! Delhi!

2. BUILD! Web, Mobile, Social Applications!

3. 3. ENGAGE! ENGAGE! Content, Content, Community, Community, Conversations! Conversations!

Parveez Modak,! Mumbai! Sohini Sengupta,! Mumbai! Siddhangana Karmakar,! Bengaluru! Suryasen Kundu, Delhi!

MSLGROUP India Social training! We have designed a three-level approach to recruit and train our staff to realize our Social strategy. !

1. Social ! specialists!

Senior staff, focused on “plan”. 5+ in 2011, to grow to 15+ in 2012.!

2. Social strategists!

Dedicated staff, focused on “build” and “engage”. 25+ in 2011, to grow to 30-40 in 2012.!

3. 100% social for all staff!

All other staff, who can contribute to “plan” and “engage”. 5+ in 2011, to grow to 50+ in 2012.!

MSLGROUP India Social training! We have designed specialized training programs for each of these three groups, delivered via in-person workshops and online share sessions.!

1. Social ! specialists!

- Planning & pitching! - Crisis management! - Social for X practice !

2. Social strategists!

- Social CRM tools! - Measurement tools! - Design/ development!

3. 100% social for all staff!

- Creative storytelling! - Influencer relations! - Social engagement!

MSLGROUP India Social case studies!

Case Study: Dell Go Green Challenge in India! In 2010, Dell created a challenge for design students and others to share ideas on how to redesign, reuse and recycle gadgets to make them go green.!

Source: !

Case Study: Royal Challengers Bangalore! Indian cricket club Royal Challengers Bangalore has build a highly engaged community with more than 500,000 fans and regular content created by players, experts and fans.!

Source: Royal Challengers Bangalore!

Case Study: Sony Ericsson! Sony Ericsson India has created an engaged community of more than 750,000 fans on Facebook, using a series of applications and contests.!


Case Study: ebay India! ebay India has created an engaged community of more than 1,100,000 fans on Facebook, using a series of applications and contests.!


MSLGROUP India Social clients! The MSLGROUP India Social team currently manages more than 2 million fans for 20+ clients across platforms. !

How can we help you?!

MSLGROUP India Social  

An introduction to MSLGROUP India's social capabilities and credentials. For more, visit

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