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How to decide frequencies of is issue April 2010 Preventive Maintenance (PM)

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This is a question I often get so I like to offer some guidelines from the real world. The short answer to this question is that you have to use your experience and common sense supported by a logic decision structure. For you who want to indulge in the details of setting PM inspections, let’s begin with defining what we mean with inspections. Inspections include all objective inspections (we measure something) by observations or by using an instrument, for example, a vibration analyser, an infrared camera, a volt meter, a flow meter, or ultrasonic. Inspections also include all subjective inspections (look-listen-feel-smell). Turn to page 4 for the full article

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The International Magazine For Engineering & Maintenance Professionals Editorial/Contributing Editors:


Jon Barrett, Christer Idhammar, Mark Haarman

Inspection Publisher: Michael Dominguez Advertising:

EMS, MSL Group, Cobalt House, Centre Court, Sir Thomas Longley Road, Rochester, Kent, ME2 4BQ, United Kingdom Tel: +44(0)1634 731646 Fax: +44 (0)1634 731646 Email: Website:

Paul miles Paul Clappison


Preventive Maintenance

How to decide frequencies of Preventive Maintenance (PM) This is a question I often get so I like to offer some guidelines from the real world. The short answer to this question is that you have to use your experience and common sense supported by a logic decision structure. For you who want to indulge in the details of setting PM inspections, let’s begin with defining what we mean with inspections. Inspections include all objective inspections (we measure something) by observations or by using an instrument, for example, a vibration analyzer, an infrared camera, a volt meter, a flow meter, or ultrasonic. Inspections also include all subjective inspections (look-listen-feel-smell). In order to set inspection frequencies we need to understand what failure developing period is. Failure Developing Period (FDP) (Called Pf Curve by some) The FDP is the time period from when it is possible to detect a failure until we have a breakdown. A failure is when a system or equipment is operating correctly within given parameters, but has signs of problems. For example a centrifugal pump may be cavitating, but is still providing the required flow for the operation; we have a failure, but not a break down. The cavitations in our example will eventually develop into a breakdown. The breakdown occurs when the pump is unable to perform its intended function. The FDP is the time difference between the failure and the break down. If the pump started to cavitate at 6 am and it broke down 6 pm 6 days later, the FDP is 156 hours.

Inspection Frequency The theoretical answer to the question is very simple. The


inspection frequency should roughly be FDP/2. For example, if the estimated failure developing period is 14 days and we need some time to plan and schedule the corrective maintenance for that failure to avoid a break down. I think a reasonable inspection frequency is 7 days (FDP/2) in this case. If the inspection frequency is longer than 14 days, we may miss both the failure and we will have a breakdown. So, our rule of thumb is Inspection frequency = FDP/2. The real problem is that we don’t know what the FDP is. There is no standard, no documentation and most plants do not have any history on FDP. Inspection Tools changes the FDP We also need to understand that the FDP changes when we have access to better tools. For example, we may be able to detect a problem with a pillow block bearing by listening to it with a stethoscope. This method may give us a warning period of a few days (on average depending on situation). However, if we

use a vibration analyzer, we can probably detect the same failure at least 6 weeks in advance. The failure is the same, but the FDP has changed! For the most part, the only reason we buy inspection tools is to extend the FDP with more accuracy. In reality, the ability to detect a failure during the FDP also depends on the person’s ability to do the inspection, environment (lighting, temperature, indoor vs. outdoor, etc), and operational parameters at the time of inspection, equipment design and accessibility, and much more. Many Variables Each component has many failure modes, and each failure mode can have different FDPs. We also know that each FDP may change depending on the inspection tool, technique, the person doing the inspection, and more. On top of all this, each component is running at different speeds, different environment and different load.






Temp gun weekly


4 -12 weeks

Vibration analysis every 2 weeks


1 Month

Check/clean bi- weekly


1 Month

Inspect bolts bi - weekly


1 Year

Visual detailed inspection semi-annually

Temperature increase inboard bearing (can’t get good temperature reading on outboard bearing)

2 Weeks

Inspect IB bearing with IR gun weekly (don’t exceed 170 F 77C)

Electrical Junction box and cables

1 Month


Noise from bearings, winding, overload etc

1 Week

Other tools above will pick up source of noise earlier, recommend weekly.

Immediate damage such as fork lift run in, something falling on motor


Can’t catch problems early without a FDP.

Increase in load (A)

2-4 weeks

Weekly Current (A) reading




Preventive Maintenance

At this point of reasoning, many plants do the wrong things. Some plants make

Temperature increase inboard bearing (can’t get good temperature reading on outboard bearing) 2 Weeks Inspect IB

Sample Checks on an AC Motor



6 months

· · · · · · · ·

Temp IB Bearing Temp center Motor Vibration pen at painted spot Check Cleanliness of Motor Look at condition of junction box and cables Visually look for water on motor Check fan with stroboscope Listen for unusual noise

· ·

Measure Amps Vibration analysis with Analyzer (different than pen above)


Carefully check the base (steel) and foundation (Concrete)

bearing with IR gun weekly (don’t exceed 170 F 77C) Electrical Junction box and cables 1 Month Bi-weekly Noise from bearings, winding, overload etc 1 Week Other tools above will pick up source of noise earlier, recommend weekly. Immediate damage such as fork lift run in, something falling on motor Instant Can’t catch problems early without a FDP. Increase in load (A) 2-4 weeks Weekly Current (A) reading Etc Etc etc As mentioned above there are many more failure modes, I have picked some common problems to illustrate my point.

the conclusion that a massive study needs to be done in order to find the answers to all these questions. Why is this not a good approach? This is not a good approach because in 999 times out of 1000, you will not have the data you need to do the analysis and even if you did, the best bang for the buck is usually to get your people trained and then out there doing inspections rather than performing a big analysis. What you will end up with when you do a complicated analysis without data is a guess based on a lot of work, so let’s not do the complicated analysis and instead do a guess using our experience and cut out 99.9% of the work. Example Let’s look at some typical problems with an AC Motor. This example does not include all failure modes, for example, if you look at bearing manufacturer manual, a bearing has over 50 failure modes. Therefore we need to look at most common and most likely problems. Example: AC Motor, 125 HP, 80% load, 24/7 operation, dusty environment. COMMON PROBLEM GUESSTIMATED FDP INSPECTION & FREQUENCY Temp increase center of motor due to overload or damaged winding Weeks Temp gun weekly Vibration in bearings 4 -12 weeks Vibration analysis every 2 weeks Dirt buildup on motor 1 Month Check/clean bi- weekly Bolts loose 1 Month Inspect bolts bi weekly Frame & foundation for corrosion 1 Year Visual detailed inspection semiannually



Preventive Maintenance If we look at the right column there are many different inspection frequencies even when we do a simplified analysis. Our estimates are just guesswork and will vary depending on who is doing the inspection, the type of tool and environment, so we should not take the numbers too seriously, they are estimates. I would therefore look at some of the shorter inspection intervals and then add some of the longer interval inspections to those since we may as well do the longer ones when we are there. They don’t take too long time to do and we are just guessing the intervals. In this example we could group them as follows in a typical process plant environment: If you want to see an example of IDCON’s training material for an AC motor and a Coupling click here: CMS 100R - AC Motor link to CMS 106 R - Gear Coupling

so. If you change the inspection period to four weeks, it is roughly 50 % + risk that you miss it. Criticality does not affect the FDP, but it might be a factor when we assign inspection frequency.

· If you don’t have very good historical data as to what the FDP is, don’t waste your time making an elaborate study, make a reasonable guess, it is what you will end up with anyway with a study without reli-

Christer Idhammar is a world renowned and awarded Reliability and Maintenance Consultant and Guru. He is the founder and executive vice president with IDCON, INC in Raleigh NC, USA; A reliability and maintenance training and consulting company to industry world wide since 1972.

link to Other Inspections If it is a critical motor perhaps you want to do a full motor analysis or a test of leakage to ground.

How to decide frequencies of Preventive Maintenance (PM)

Common Logical Error Inspection frequencies are based on FDP, not life of component, nor the criticality of the equipment function. The life of a component has nothing to do with inspection frequency. For example, a world class plant have an average motor life of 18 years, some motors last 8 years some 25. However, the FDP for the most common failure modes for these motors are most likely in the 1-4 week span, so life statistics has nothing to do with inspection frequency. A common erroneous argument is “we have inspected this component for 3 years and have not found any problems. Therefore, we extend the inspection frequency from one week to four weeks”. The fact that you have not found a problem has nothing to do with the FDP, it hasn’t changed just because the component is running without any indications of a failure. Once that component fail, it may be after 15 years, the FDP may still be two weeks and you need to catch it if it is financially viable to do

Inspections The criticality of the motor is a deciding factor when estimating the financial pay off and may change the selection of the inspection frequency because we are uncertain of the FDP. The FDP is a guess. So, a very critical component may be checked more frequently because we don’t really know the FDP. It is an insurance policy.

Summary · Inspection frequen‐ cies are based on FDP, not criticality or component life. · The FDP for all fail‐ ure modes is quite unfeasible and impractical to predict. However we can make a pretty good guess to what it is.

able data. · If you have the FDP data, ask if it isn’t better to spend the effort in training people in how to do inspections and planning and scheduling of corrective actions instead of making a an outsized study. It is much more cost effective to spend the time on making the execution of good inspections a reality. For further information visit:


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Experts bring wetwound servicing to customers Hayward Tyler Offshore Services (HTOS) has recently established a new office in Aberdeen to specifically support the North Offshore market and developing client base. The Company is already a World leader in the design and manufacture of bespoke pumps and motors for the offshore oil and gas market and has recently designed and manufactured the World’s largest and deepest subsea motor, in addition to an array of specialist seawater lift and firewater pumps. This expertise in wet wound technology for submersible pumps and motors stretches back over 100 years and the new offshore services include a complete in-house wet wound service which allows customers to closely monitor quality and turnaround. HTOS also have a fully equipped service centre and submersible test facility which can test units up to 20


metres long, with a voltage rating of up to 11kv. For General Enquiries contact: Debbie Reeve – Group Marketing Manager

Hayward Tyler Ltd, 1 Kimpton Road, Luton, LU1 3LD Tel: 01582 731144 Web:

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NEWS FROM REWINDS & J WINDSOR & SONS (ENGINEERS) Ltd New £100,000 Spiral Welder launched by Head of UK Welding Institute


rtesis, a leading supplier of intelligent


maintenance solutions, is proud

to announce the launch of its dedicated services





America. Previously selling through a distributor network Artesis has now signed a partnership agreement with Industrial IEKG, a provider of solutions to




maintenance market, who will be responsible for all sales and support in the US.

“In working with Gene Smiley, general manager of Industrial EKG and his team we are now able to offer our customers

Dr Robert John, Director of The Welding Institute, Cambridge, recently officiated at the launch of Rewinds & J Windsor’s new purpose built spiral welder for the reclamation of shafts and other components. Following the cake cutting ceremony parties were shown the new specialist machine, which has been conceived and designed from scratch by Engineering Manager Mark Lavelle. From the earliest days Mark had realised that there was currently no machine on the market to meet his specific requirements. So working with the manufacturer his ideas became reality. The welder has a capacity for work pieces up to a massive 6000mm long by 1600mm diameter, making it one of the largest in the UK. Indeed the company, in addition to the UK, expects overseas work where time and cost for refurbishment is of the essence. This investment heralds further expansion for the company in a region which has seen many traditional engineering companies close. A further example of the company’s commitment is their investment in a popular apprentice scheme with 9 young people currently on the three year course.

a ‘full circle’ solution. Gene uses the analogy of human health monitoring using electrocardiography (ECG – or EKG as it is termed in the USA) and applies it to industrial equipment.

This is a really good way of thinking about our MCM unit and is in fact how we often explain it to our customers; MCM technology takes the electrical signals from the heart of the equipment (the electric drive motor) and turns them into useable diagnoses and recommendations for action to keep the equipment fit and healthy.

In the words of Dr Bob John, "I have been very impressed with my visit today and seeing a UK engineering company facing the future with such a positive attitude is a pleasure. Not only are you investing in state-of-the-art equipment but have a thriving apprentice scheme to ensure you have the people to take the company forward"

The company uniquely in the UK holds the DNV accreditation for welding processes as well as the ASME qualification for spiral welding. RJW Ltd. 81 Regent Road, Liverpool L5 9SY t: 0151 207 2074

Envirosafe takes a refreshing look at dirty engines Engine exhaust emissions are high on the agenda at this year’s Safety and Health Expo at the NEC, 11-13 May. Visitors who operate diesel fuelled engines can understand more about their exhaust emissions

“The next year will see us develop our relationship with Industrial EKG and

and how to treat them by visiting Pyroban Envirosafe in Hall 2, stand 54.

expand our Americas market, making Artesis



On indoor applications, reducing toxic exhaust fumes can lower time lost due to respiratory

accessible and helping to improve the

related illnesses. The fitting of an exhaust filter can prevent longer term illnesses that can


result from prolonged exposure to particulate matter, and reduce the subsequent risk of





maintenance on both sides of the

being sued for failing to take appropriate action. Visit

Atlantic,” Geoff added.


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operate in temperatures as low as - 40 degrees centigrade, say many of these failures could easily be avoided by

Outram Announces Bluetooth® Support Power quality analysers are often

applying conformal coating to internal

deployed in electrical cabinets or other

components to prevent the formation of

difficult to reach locations, making it


hard for engineers to read integrated displays. Outram’s software, PmScreens

Low temperatures also cause problems


during start up due to a component

quality data on a convenient PDA

known as a NTC (Negative Thermal Coefficient thermistor).




display eliminating problems due to the location of the analyser whilst allowing a more rugged solution by eliminating the need for large fragile displays to be

Put simply this means that the lower the

integrated into the equipment.

temperature the higher the resistance

Why electrical equipment fails when

and most power supplies use this to limit

In addition to displaying configuration

the inrush current when the power is






turned on.





operation, engineers can access real However, if the resistance is too high the power supply won’t start, along with the

temperatures fall

device it supports.

time power quality information using a wireless Bluetooth connection between the PDA and the analyser. As well as for example current, voltage, power, power factor and flicker, engineers can

Leading power Supply Company PULS UK

PULS has developed unique inrush

access harmonic data, and, in the

claims electrical equipment

prevention technology to overcome this

PM7000 this capability extends to over

manufacturers often overlook the

problem and allow start ups in the most

500 parameters, detailed information

effects cold weather can have on the

extreme conditions.

about events such as sags (dips), surges

operation of products, resulting in widespread failures the moment the mercury falls below zero.

PULS UK’s Managing Director Harry Moore said, “Manufacturers need to consider carefully the conditions their products

Power supplies used to run equipment

are likely to operate in and make sure the

outdoors such as motorway message

power supply they specify is up to the

screens and railway signalling are


particularly vulnerable in freezing temperatures.

A unit that will work perfectly in normal conditions could be totally useless in

This is because the high voltages generated inside the units, which can

freezing weather and we’ve all seen the results when someone gets it wrong.”

reach as much as 400 Volts, create sparks between conducting parts formed by ions present in condensation, resulting in severe damage and premature failure.

Tel: +44 (0) 330 999 9988 Fax: +44 (0) 1525 841291

and interruptions in power, and to waveforms,



interharmonics. “The Bluetooth technology is ideal to enable remote control of power quality equipment without disturbing or gaining access to the installation.

Engineers at PULS, which has a range of power supplies designed specifically to


Valerie Outram, Outram Research Tel: +44 1243 573050

Latest News & Products

High Performance Oxygen and Moisture Analyser

Oxygen is detected using Cambridge Sensotec’s fast-responding zirconia sensor which comfortably measures oxygen levels from 100% purity right down to 10-20ppm. This sensor has an impressive response time of below five seconds for a 90% response to an oxygen step change. Stability of the readings is further enhanced using inbuilt pressure compensation.

Cambridge Sensotec’s latest addition to the successful Rapidox range of analysers is the Rapidox 3100D H2O and Oxygen Dual Gas Analyser. This instrument adds a high-accuracy dewpoint sensor to a fast oxygen sensor

to produce a bench-top unit with impressive performance. Dewpoint is measured down to -100°C (-85°F) and it can be displayed in terms of °C, °F dp or ppmV.

In common with the rest of the Rapidox 3100 family, the Rapidox 3100D contains the exceptionally quiet Nitto vacuum pump and flow rate is easy to adjust. Calibration is quick and simple and extensive datalogging facilities are included. An RS232 datalink and programmable outputs are also included. +44 (0) 1480 462142

Making Even More Sense M

onitran has launched six ranges of general purpose sensors for vibration analysis and monitoring.

All are available as top- or side-entry and with integral cables or connectors. Submersible and intrinsically safe versions are also available. Devices in the 2200 range are ideal for vibration analysis. As standard they operate between ±80g, have isolated AC outputs with sensitivities of 100mV/g, a rapid response to shock loading and good bias voltage stability.

viding machine/plant protection, and full A second range, the 2300 series, adds internal screening eliminates potential temperature measurement (at earth loop problems. o 10mV/ C) to the 2200 series. A 2287 series echoes the 2285 range but the DC output is proportional to RMS acceleraA third range, the 2285 series, features tion. devices with DC outputs (4-20mA) proportional to RMS velocity, ideal for pro-

Lastly, the 2385 and 2387 ranges add temperature measurement to the 2285 and 2287 ranges respectively.


Latest News & Products Retractable reels reduce risks ederman are advocating the benefits of installing self-retracting hose and cable reels, following the latest campaign from the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) to reduce slips, trips and falls.


HSE state slips and trips are the most common workplace hazards and cause over one third of all injuries. It’s a serious problem as 95% of major slips result in broken bones. In 2009 alone, this equated to over 10,000 workers suffering serious injury at a cost of £512 million to employers and £133 million to the NHS. Yet employers' duties to control these risks are clearly established and most accidents would be easily prevented with better housekeeping.

Nederman supply a complete range of self-retracting reels for air, oil, water, grease and electrical power (stainlesssteel and ATEX-compliant products are available too). Besides risk reduction, there’s positive return on investment too as wear and accidental damage is reduced and efficiency is increased. Nederman’s projects division offer full design, installation and maintenance support. Further information, including an application guide, is available at or by contacting Nederman on 08452 743434.

“Using self-retracting reels reduces two primary risks,” said Mark Hodgens, Managing Director. “If you prevent spillages, you stop floors becoming slippery, whilst avoiding trailing leads removes a major tripping hazard.”

Hadley Group Chooses Infor FARNBOROUGH, UK – March 12, 2010 – Infor, the leading provider of business software for mid-market customers, today announced that Hadley Group, one of Europe’s largest, privately owned cold rolled steel manufacturers, has extended its portfolio of Infor solutions with an investment in Infor PM 10 (Performance Management) software. Hadley Group will deploy PM10 for more agile budgeting and forecasting within its manufacturing sites in the UK and Germany in early 2010, and later roll it out to staff in Dubai and Thailand. Hadley Group has outgrown using Excel spreadsheets for budgeting – a manual process which typically takes more than three months to conduct every year. The Hadley Group rolls more than 125,000 tonnes of steel every year for international customers in industries including automotive, construction and aerospace. It chose PM 10 because it


could easily integrate with its existing Infor ERP Baan 5 software to provide some of the essential data feeds for the PM solution.

Collier concludes: “Technology is pervasive throughout our group – from the barcodes that track our goods-in right through to the PCs we have in the canteen that staff use to book time off for their own holidays.

PM 10 was also chosen because of its ability to 2010 is a busy year for deliver a “In the current economic climate, us with the roll out of complete end-to-end moving to a rolling three month our new PM and BI solution, the performance management budgeting schedule, as opposed to deployment of the Infor ERP software to more analysing out-of-date annual solution, of our international including plans, makes perfect sense for operations, together budgeting, better business planning. Our with the evaluation of forecasting, adoption of PM 10 goes hand in ERP LN. Hadley Group planning, consolidati hand with a change in our culture is constantly looking to improve its on, performance amidst reporting tough trading conditions, and we are and analysis all from a single database very confident of success.” Infor to ensure data integrity. In order to provides more than 70,000 customers help users readily adopt the new a better, more collaborative system, Hadley Group needed a solution relationship with their business that retained the spreadsheet software provider. Visit: familiarity which would ensure a smooth transition to PM10. Additional resources: Infor PM 10: Beyond performance management, The Hadley Group is also piloting an upgrade Infor ERP Baan from Infor ERP Baan 5 to Infor ERP LN, the latest version of Baan. rp/erpbaan/

Latest News & Products Kerry Ultrasonic Baths Provide Workshop Cleaning Leading industrial finishing equipment manufacturer Guyson International now offers a broad range of high quality Kerry branded bench-top ultrasonic cleaning baths, all manufactured at its extensive 10,000 square metre facility in Skipton in the North of England. These ultrasonic baths are often used for providing effective precision cleaning on wide variety of components found in the maintenance and service workshop. The entire range of Kerry ultrasonic baths deliver deep down cleaning; providing powerful ultrasonic cleaning activity inside holes, cavities, tubes, cylinders, threads and bores. All those difficult to clean and impossible areas to access, deep inside components, can now be thoroughly cleaned. Once the part is immersed and the wash solution has flooded hidden chambers and crevices then the ultrasonic activity delivers quality cleaning, lifting off all that dirt and grime, grease, fluxes and oils. Kerry MKC ultrasonic baths are available in capacities of six, fourteen and twenty-

two litres to suit different workloads, and can be supplied with a Pyrex beaker and beaker holder, allowing it to be used with all solvents. The beaker containing solvent is suspended in the bath, which should be filled with water and a small amount of wetting agent. The Kerry Pulsatron MKC ultrasonic baths are able to be programmed to maximise the quality and repeatability of results, allowing the user to pre-set exact cleaning times and temperatures, ensuring consistent levels of cleanliness from batch to batch. All functions are controlled by a simple four-button membrane keypad. An LCD panel

Wheel Presses

displays the temperature and time set by the user, the time elapsed since the start of the cleaning process, and the status of the power supply, heater and ultrasonics. Guyson also offer smaller KC baths, with two and three litre capacity. Kerry Pulsatron KC baths are particularly easy to use, with a simple on/off switch for the ultrasonics and operating instructions printed on the bath's front panel. Tel: +44 (0)1756 799911 Fax: +44 (0)1756 790213 email: website:

Savage Horizontal Forcing /Wheel Presses can be custom configured for your application. Available with single ram or double horizontal rams. All Savage Forcing/Wheel Presses have heavy duty twin rail design and fabricated weldments - no breakage prone castings are used in any Savage press. Modern AAR approved wheel press mounting diagrams for recording pressure/distance are available on touch screen. Savage pressing systems are “Job Engineered� two ways. First, they are engineered to accomplish your specific requirements.

Known throughout industry for their rugged construction and durability for over 47 years. Each press is built with pride by our team of experienced craftsman in Cleveland, Ohio U.S.A.

The Inclined frame, press (pictured) can be loaded by overhead or jib crane . The tilted stance of the 75/ inclined frame does not inhibit loading from above: These presses are also available in horizontal or vertical frame designs.

Second, they are designed to perform their job function as efficiently as possible. Savage offers the broadest line of hydraulic presses available, with many frame types for specific applications.


Latest News & Products Advancing Predictive Maintenance With the World’s Leading Technology

Heat Exchanger Testing with HEXTEQ

Hilsonic announces the launch of there new range of Ultrasonic Cleaners specifically aimed for the cleaning of large scale Intercoolers, and Heat Exchangers.

STOP CROSS CONTAMINATION !!! Since 1973, ultrasound has become an important component of predictive maintenance technology, enabling plant operations professionals to quickly and accurately detect and diagnose premature failure in plant equipment. From mechanical and electrical inspection to leak detection applications that lead to reduction in carbon footprint, ultrasonic detection equipment has reduced operating costs and improved profitability for thousands of companies world-wide. Largely considered the leading innovators of ultrasonic inspection technology, UE Systems’ offers a wide selection of high quality, technologically advanced analog and digital ultrasonic instruments. Whether you are looking for production efficiencies or plant-wide cost savings, UE Systems has the technology, tools, support and resources to elevate any PdM program. To discover the advantages of ultrasound, contact UE at or toll-free at 800.223.1325.

One of the fastest and most accurate condition monitoring systems for PHE and tubular exchangers, Hexteq is used by companies such as Coca-Cola and INBEV. Hexteq is able to detect internal 1 micron defects without opening the pack. Up to 4 times faster than other methods, reduced downtime for the processor.


"This range of Cleaners has been 2 yrs in the making moving from concept to manufacture. Traditionally the approach was to replace a Heat Exchanger and Intercooler as there was no effective method of cleaning them. Our range offers a solution to this, effectively allowing our customers to clean and reuse existing Heat Exchangers and Intercoolers as opposed to replacing them.

HEXTEQ is quick, clean, accurate and fully traceable, using your local water supply, and no use of dye. Connect Hexteq to exchanger via adaptors, fill with mains water, get GPS fix, run the test, 5 mins, get real time condition of exchangers, upload results and graph displaying defect sizes onto your PC for certificate generation.

This offers a significant cost saving to the client as well as the obvious environmental benefit. Furthermore all our Equipment is built to last with an estimated twenty year life span and has easily serviceable components which we can provide as required. Since our launch we have received orders from as far afield as Brazil, Tahiti, South Africa, as well as Europe and of course the UK. Industries that have been particular interested in this range include the Shipping Industry, Dry-docks, Shipyards, Power Stations, and Engine Refurbishes."

Easytesters (UK) Limited (reg in England) BSI Accredited Company/ISO 9001 Tel: +44(0)7913545774 email: web:

For further information contact: Darren Pyke - Technical Director, Hilsonic Tel: +44(0)151 639 6020 Fax: +44(0)151 334 7407 Email:

Hexteq is able to examine a PHE from both sides in approximately 1 hour.

Prosig Fatigue Analysis Systems The V7.0 release of DATS, the longestablished signal analysis software from Prosig, contains a comprehensive fatigue analysis package for stress-life, strain-life and weld-life prediction. Prosig also design and manufacture a range of P8000 data acquisition systems for gathering strain data, which means that they are able to supply a total solution from

Ultrasonic Cleaners for Intercoolers & Heat Exchangers

data capture to analysis and reporting. The strain-life analysis is enhanced by the availability of a materials database included within the package. Alternatively, the software can import raw data from a wide

range of other suppliers. A wide range of pre-processing routines handle peak-trough extraction, principal strains and principal stresses, rosette signal manipulation and various rainflow counting methods. The final results can be presented in either 3D histograms or tabular form, and can be exported into industry standard formats such as Microsoft Word and Excel. Chris Mason, Technical Director,tel: +44 (0)1329 239925,fax: +44 (0)1329 239159,,w:

Latest News & Products

Humidifier maintenance from Walter Meier “Walter Meier service engineers have extensive experience of humidification plant from our own Condair, Defensor and Draabe brands as well as from other manufacturers,” commented Walter Meier managing director Mike Slattery.

Space programme technology helps protect machine tool specialist Once they’re installed on customer’s premises, Citizen’s CNC sliding head lathes operate at high speeds and often ‘round-the clock’. Customers seek to run their Citizen machines unattended and, in some cases, lights out. Successful unattended operation requires a stable, proven production process and for the customer to proactively manage the risk. Insurers usually stipulate the fitment of fire suppression equipment to machine tools operated unattended. Citizen Machinery UK regard this area as a key responsibility and duty of care to it’s customers and has therefore fitted fire suppression equipment as standard for a number of years to machines supplied in the UK/ Ireland. Therefore, as part of its continually developing service to customers, Citizen has replaced its current fire suppression system on its range of CNC Lathes and now fits Nobel Fire Systems Stat-X range of fire suppression units as standard to all machines. Nobel’s specialist installation team initially

The Service & After Sales division of Walter Meier (Climate UK) has introduced a humidifier maintenance service, covering all makes and types of humidifier. Where appropriate, humidifier maintenance can also be integrated with air conditioning maintenance to optimise engineers’ onsite time and reduce costs. Each Walter Meier service contract is tailored to meet the needs of the customer, based on humidifier type, hours of use, water quality and the level of routine maintenance, if any, carried out by in-house staff. “Our expertise enables us to ensure that the plant is not only compliant in areas such as Legionella protection but also operating at optimum efficiency to minimise energy consumption,” said Managing Director Mike Slattery. Kathy Cumella Walter Meier (Climate UK) Ltd Highlands Road Shirley Solihull, B90 4NL Tel: 0871 663 0664

provided a risk based analysis across the range of Citizen Lathes, and once fitted the Stat-X fire suppression system provides all customers with the fire safety reassurances they need. Based on aerosol technology developed in the space programme, the Stat-X family of fire suppression systems is a patented potassium-based aerosol that suppresses fire by chemically ‘interfering’ with the free radicals of flame. In the event of a fire, Stat-X generators can be activated either manually or automatically via the integrated thermal detector. On activation, the generators produce an exceptionally effective, ultra-fine, potassium based aerosol. Unlike gaseous systems, Stat-X aerosol generators are very cost effective to install and maintain - as they don’t require the pressure vessels, piping or expensive installation costs associated with other extinguishing systems. Space and weight requirements are minimal and in the case of Citizen makes the task of fitting the system an easy and viable option. On an agent weight basis, Stat-X aerosol is ten times more effective than gaseous agent alternatives. Fire suppression is rapidly achieved through interference between

the ultra-fine aerosol particulate and the flame’s free radicals – terminating propagation of the fire. Stat-X aerosol generators are virtually maintenance free and have a shelf life of over 10 years. This, coupled to their very low installation cost, makes them an extremely cost effective fire protection solution. For more information contact, Ben Parker at Nobel Fire Systems Ltd. Email Phone: +44 (0)1706 625 777 Fax: +44 (0)1706 625 325


Latest News

Belzona Opens New Regional Office in Grangemouth On Thursday 18th February 2010, Belzona had the official opening ceremony of a new regional sales and service centre based in Grangemouth, Scotland which will serve as a base to Belzona’s UK Sales force, and contracting division, Belzona Technosol. The opening of this new facility is of great significance to Belzona as it is part of an investment that follows their Global Business Strategy which is to adapt to service customers wherever they are in the world. The aim of the new facility in Grangemouth is to provide more localised customer service to the surrounding area. The opening event was attended by Belzona Customers and Staff members including Dr Bill Ashcroft, Managing Director of Belzona Polymerics who in an opening speech explained, ‘Our Vision is for Belzona to be the global first choice for industrial protective coatings and composite repair materials and in order to achieve this we have recognised the need to change from being just a product manufacturer, to a complete supply and apply package to meet specialist repair and maintenance needs in our

target industries and markets. Belzona Technosol was specifically created to provide clients with direct access to Belzona quality products and specialist application services from a single source to take advantage of over 50 years of application Know-How and the track record of being able to solve corrosion problems which to many


would be regarded as being impossible. This local workshop and team now makes our problem solving capability even more accessible to those in the Grangemouth area’. Members of Falkirk Council also attended in support of the opening and Cllr Craig Martin, Council Leader

commented, ‘We will be happy to work closely in the future with Belzona, its staff, customers and suppliers to make this development and your experience here in Falkirk a success.’ Following the official opening ceremony, Belzona performed a live demonstration of its Heat activated products to show off the capability of the facility workshops which was well received by the customers. The major benefits of these products are that they can be applied with minimal surface preparation to pipeline or vessels operating at elevated temperatures between 70˚C ‐150˚C without the need to take out of service. Belzona will be holding regular seminars at the new facility in which customers will be able to visit and further learn about the polymer solutions Belzona has to offer. The facility will also serve as a training venue for Belzona Technicians and Sales Engineers and will provide local telemarketing support to help increase their customer base. The contact details for the new Grangemouth office areUnit 3, Grange Court, Earls Gate Bus Park, Grangemouth, FK3 8ZF Tel: +44 (0) 1324 474785

Energ yst A4 17

Vibration Monitoring

VC-6000 compact monitor used for monitoring small hydroelectric generating units The VC-6000 compact monitor is delivered to Andritz Hydro as an OEM product for monitoring their smaller hydro generating units. This vibration monitor proved to be well

The Schio plant, with 110 employees, assembles and works on most hydro generating unit components,

size, the uptime of these machines is vital. But as a result of the hydro generating unit size and small numbers in the power station, it can be difficult

Figure 1 suited to this application since it has the functionality normally found on the more expensive rackbased Systems.

Figure 3 including turbines, pumpturbines, governors, plant automation, protection, excitation, SCADA,

Company Andritz Hydro Srl. (formerly called VA-Tech Escher Wyss) is the Italian

Figure 2 affiliate of the multi-national company Andritz Hydro (formally VA-Tech Hydro Andritz). The Andritz Hydro facilities in Schio (Vicenza), Italy, undertake the mechanical and electrical engineering for procurement and workshop assembly of large and compact hydroelectric generating units, and Service & Rehabilitation of old hydroelectric power plants. This includes site erection and commissioning.


remote controls and low and medium voltage cubicles. The main customers include the Italian electric utilities ENEL, EDISON and EDIPOWER and the Spanish utility ENDESA. Brüel & Kjær Vibro has delivered a full range of monitoring systems to Andritz Hydro over the years, which include the VC-6000 compact monitor and the VC-4000 monitoring system. These systems have been used on hydro generating units ranging from 4MW units to units over 150MW. OEM Monitoring Requirements The Italian workshop of Andritz Hydro has very special needs for a machine condition monitoring system for their smaller hydro generating units. Several of their clients have small hydroelectric generating units, sometimes less than 10MW, where there is only a single hydroelectric generating unit in the power station. A typical example of this is shown in Figure 2. These power stations collectively play an important role in the local energy distribution. Despite their small

to find a cost-effective monitoring solution for these critical machines. A typical rack-based safety and condition monitoring system has all the necessary functionality and remote monitoring capability for these types of applications, but such a system would be too expensive for monitoring a single hydro generating unit. There are many inexpensive vibration monitors in the market, but these do not have sufficient functionality for effective condition monitoring of hydro units. These types of vibration monitors are primarily designed for monitoring pump and fan motor trains. Moreover, these monitors often do not have a remote monitoring interface that can be accessed by a SCADA system. Compact Monitor as an OEM Product The Brüel & Kjær Vibro VC-6000 compact monitor provided an optimal solution to this dilemma. This vibration monitor has wide-ranging condition monitoring measurement capacity, and can be interfaced via OPC to a DCS/SCADA system for remote process visualization, acknowledging alarms, resetting relays and changing setup parameters.

Vibration Monitoring The compact monitor is factoryconfigured at Brüel & Kjær Vibro for the specific monitoring requirements at Andritz Hydro, which include the sensor inputs and specialized measurements. This pre-configured product is delivered as a standardized OEM product platform to Andritz Hydro, which can be used for many different types and sizes of hydroelectric generating units. When the compact monitor is installed on-site at an enduser’s power station, the measurement parameters are “finetuned” to the particular characteristics of the generating unit, such as rotational speed, number of turbine blades, etc. The relay configuration and vibration data to be exported to the DCS are set up on-site according to the requirements of that power station. An OPC interface is also set up on-site for exporting data to the SCADA system, if needed. Typical Monitoring Configuration for the Compact Monitor For Andritz Hydro, the compact monitor is typically used to monitor small hydroelectric generating units, many of which are under 10MW. Figure 3 shows a typical configuration for the compact monitor for safety and condition monitoring of a typical hydroelectric generating unit. In this example, four compact monitors are used for monitoring the upper and lower generator guide bearings, the turbine

hydro units such as in this example, access may be difficult for placing the displacement sensors directly at the bearing. This is the case for the lower generator guide bearing as shown in Figure 4 , where Figure 4 the radial X-Y sensors are placed as close as possible to the lower generator bearing housing. In this case a velocity sensor is used for monitoring the axial vibration in place of the a x i a l displacement sensor. The velocity sensor is located on top of the generator cover housing, as shown in Figure 4 . The four compact monitors are typically installed in a cabinet in the instrument room of the power station, as shown in Figure 5. The tacho signal is wired to the three monitors at the bearings. This allows triggered vector measurements to be made for all the guide bearings for early fault

Table 1 guide bearing, and for monitoring the axial vibration. Installation X-Y displacement sensors are installed on the three guide bearings as shown in Figure 3. In smaller

detection and diagnosis by using a single tacho sensor. Relay signals are wired to the emergency shutdown system for tripping the machine if the vibrations indicate an impending catastrophic failure. A trip multiplier function in the compact

Figure 5 monitor prevents the normal high vibrations due to startup/synchronization from triping the machine. Measurements and Signal Conditioning As shown in Figure 3, each compact monitor is set up for a specific monitoring task. Figure 6 shows the signal flow diagram for the compact monitors used to monitor the generator and the turbine guide bearings. The compact monitor has measurements that are used for safety monitoring and machine condition monitoring,as summarized in Table 1. Remote Monitoring In addition to the relay outputs, the compact also has data outputs. The DC outputs are used for exporting the 4-20mA signals to the process control system at the power station. Operators use this information to keep an eye on the vibration levels of the generating unit. Using the setup software program that comes with the compact monitor, the Operators can also acknowledge incoming alarms, reset relays and change setups. Vibration data is also exported from various power stations to the SCADA system at the Andritz Hydro Italian headquarters in Schio via an OPC interface. Here the factory is notauthorized to change the setups,but they can keep an eye on the performance of their machine during thewarranty period. This makes it both easier and faster to react to machine problems should they arise. An example of a SCADA screen display is shown in Figure 7. Conclusion


Vibration Monitoring

Giovanni Zampin, Project Manager

Enrico Simonetto, Electrical Engineering Responsible

Figure 6 Figure 7 The compact monitor plays an important role in filling the gap between inexpensive vibration monitors and the expensive rack-based monitoring systems. This is important for monitoring critical hydroelectric generating units that are relatively small, and where there are only one or two units in the power station. In this case the important functionality composes of: n Condition monitoring measurements such as vectors


n Remote monitoring capability.As an OEM product, it is also important that the compact monitor be limited to one or two standard configurations,that can be later finetuned on-site.

Diego Saccon, Hydro Service Mechanical Engineer.

We also thank Claudio Veronesi from E.S.C. Srl for his contributions.

Acknowledgements We thank the following employees from Andritz Hydro for their participation in making this article.


MTEC Preview

England, will be presenting on the hot topic of 'Wireless Networking.'

Mtec is the complete sensors, measurement and instrumentation event for the UK and Ireland and features technology related to instruments and techniques for practical measurement as required in engineering, utility, process, chemistry and life sciences sectors, including: • • • • • • •

Sensors Instrumentation Hardware Techniques Information Processing Systems Automatic Data Acquisition Applications For Control

The 2010 show will once again feature the 'Industrial Networking Theatre' where a series of high profile industry speakers, including a keynote from ISA

times for trade shows in the current economic climate.

With visitor pre-registration increasing Advanced Manufacturing UK features daily, Advanced Manufacturing UK 2010, more than 320 being held at the exhibitors and a Birmingham NEC on 27 “The vast array of comprehensive & 28 April 2010 series of technologies and incorporates these unmissable co-located techniques on show education manufacturing– programmes, focused events: and Mark this month at the NEC Temple-Smith MEDTEC UK medical Event Director will enable device manufacturing at organisers technolgies; manufacturing Canon Mtec Sensors, Communicatio professionals to not Measurement & ns, says the Instrumentation; only message from Machine Building & the UK highAutomation; VTX tech Vision Technology achieve but also retain manufacturing Exhibition; sector is clear: their competitive edge.” “Companies that 3C Contamination adopt advanced Control & Cleanroom Products; Practical Vacuum & manufacturing technologies are undoubtedly better positioned to Surfacts UK; and the new withstand a financial slowdown.” Green Manufacturing Zone and Conference.Manufacturing UK engineering Advanced Manufacturing Help Desk extravaganza at the Birmingham NEC Tel: +44 (0)203 1474620 Fax: +44 (0)203 1474613 (April 27 & 28) is on course to defy the ‘experts’ who predicted tough


MTEC Preview

Michell showing smallest and fastest portable in range at MTEC Michell Instruments will be showing their smallest and fastest portable dew-point hygrometer at MTEC. At just 21cm by 17cm, weighing 1.5kg, and with a battery life of up to 48 hours typical usage, it enables the user to take field moisture measurements with the minimum of fuss. The MDM300 has an innovative ergonomic design, with all the buttons easily accessible while the instrument is held comfortably in both hands. All measurement parameters are available at the touch of a button and the password-protected set-up menu is simple to navigate and intuitive to use. Both instrument set-up and downloading of logged data are easy with a Bluetooth connection that comes as standard. New developments in Michell’s ceramic sensor technology have dramatically reduced the response time for low dew

points, allowing for many more measurements to be taken each day. To maximize flexibility, external sensors can be easily connected and used to measure and display pressure and temperature. These parameters can also be used to provide pressure and temperature compensated measurements improving accuracy and allowing users to choose from a range of measurement parameters. Visit Michell at MTEC on stand 1340 for a demonstration of the MDM300, or for advice on moisture measurement and control. Michell have over 35 years of research and development in the field of moisture measurement, and have

recently added a range of oxygen analyzers to their range of instruments. Nick Malby Global Product Manager Michell Instruments Lancaster Way Business Park Ely Cambridgeshire CB6 3NW

ULTRASONIC FLOW METER TO CREATE A BREAKTHROUGH IN SMALL BORE FLOW METERING aspects of the Atrato is the over a range of 200:1 and has an accuracy better than +1.5% but equally impressive, its simple design and USB interface, makes it extremely easy to install and use.

‘The Atrato’ will be launched at this year’s Mtec Exhibition at The NEC Birmingham, it uses patented technology which enables the direct through meter to handle flows from laminar to turbulent. With accurate and cost effective flow measurement becoming increasingly important to many industries, Titan Enterprises have developed this exclusive product with one of the foremost fluid engineering establishments, Cranfield University. The Atrato is capable of monitoring flow



interface. Professor Professor

Mike Sanderson, Emeritus of Fluid Instrumentation, Cranfield University agreed, he said: “The Atrato’s unique Titan clean bore construction makes The device uses the favoured Enterprises it ideal for hygienic ‘time of flight’ measurement Ltd will be applications. The use of low system where a signal is exhibiting at frequency ultrasound and passed along the pipe with the advanced signal processing to Mtec UK, interrogate the flow ensures flow and back up the pipe against the flow, the stand 1454 that the flowmeter provides difference in these signals high accuracy over a wide produces the flow rate. Until now, turndown range. this technology has been deemed expensive and sometimes inaccurate; In addition the technology developed for however Titan’s founder Trevor Forster the Atrato has the flexibility to provide believes the Atrato’s fully symmetrical, the basis of a family of flowmeters concentric signals coupled with the ability suitable for an even wider range of flows to achieve desired timing accuracies makes and applications.” it a new market leader. It being largely immune to viscosity makes The Atrato even Address: Titan Enterprises, more appealing to customers. Unit 2, 5a Cold Harbour Business Park, Sherbourne, Dorset, DT9 4JW Titan’s Atrato is aimed at the wide Email: customer base and should satisfy critics in Number: 01935 812790 Industrial engineering, plant operators, Fax: 01935 812890 medical equipment supply, drink dispensing, and Laboratory technicians. According to Trevor, one of the unique


Flir a4



NDT-CGI provides training NDT Consulting Group Inc. was established in 1997 to provide NDT Level III services to clients worldwide. NDT-CGI is operated from Hurst, Texas by William E. Blum, an NDT Level III in five methods and a trained instructor. Bill understands the learning process and is able to relate to your personnel and processes to ensure a successful class. NDT-CGI provides training, administration, qualification and consulting services in nondestructive testing. We offer affordable, effective and complete solutions for on-site NDT training, personnel qualification and certification, NDT procedures, NDT technique data sheets, auditing services and program management. Plus, NDT-CGI can help you establish your NDT capabilities. Level IIIs working with NDT-CGI possess ASNT (American Society for Nondestructive Testing) or internal certification in one or more of the following methods, Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Radiographic Testing (RT), Eddy Current (ET), Liquid Penetrant (PT), Magnetic Particle (MT) and Visual Testing (VT). With experience in aerospace, petrochemical, nuclear and structural NDT, we can provide services to NAS 410, SNT-TC-1A, EN 473, ATA 105 and other national and international standards at a competitive cost. William E. Blum Manager/NDT Level III NDT Consulting Group Inc. Toll Free 877-631-2441 Fax 214-852-5131


DEVELOPING A TPM PROGRAMME Total Productive Maintenance

Is this all there is to TPM? Not really! Although Autonomous (Operator) Maintenance is a distinctive feature of TPM, it is not the whole story. TPM is an equipment based improvement programme which aims to involve everyone in improving the performance of manufacturing equipment. This involves Measuring equipment performance (OEE) and Analysing losses, Improving equipment through restoration, focused problem solving activities or equipment modification, and then Controlling equipment condition through appropriate maintenance activities. For more details of training and support in developing a comprehensive


Compressed Air

Becoming a compressed-air expert through interactive e-Learning

ith an Internet-based training



compressed-air station.

Compressed air: it drives almost everything

realises the global knowledge

In this module, the course participant

Inside of the compressor

transfer of its worldwide

receives a concrete planning task: for the

Compressed-air treatment: filtration

staffs. Essential study contents of the

operation of compressed-air screwdrivers,

Compressed-air treatment: refrigeration

online academy are also accessible now as

a customer requires general shop air of


an e-Learning course to all: an interactive

2.4.2. quality in accordance with the ISO

Compressed-air treatment: adsorption drying


8573-1 standard. On the screen, the

The best dryer to meet the requirements

engineers, universities, students, and

compressed-air processing components in

The most efficient way to drain condensate

compressed-air users. Monique Abeels-

a virtual plant need to be arranged in such

Condensate treatment that never fails

Koch, head of the Beko Academy and

a manner that the required quality is

managing partner of Beko Technologies

achieved. Besides the compressor, a

GmbH, explains the central idea of the

refrigeration dryer, a compressed-air

concept: "The spirit and purpose of the

reservoir, a fine filter, a universal filter
















virtual What air is all about

Humidity. Never to be neglected

Compressed-air treatment: membrane drying

Avoiding energy loss

Online Demo version available

and a water separator are available.

independently anywhere in the world and to deal in an efficient manner with the

Final test and personalised certificate At the beginning, the simulation game in

time resources of the learner."

the Air Station Simulator may be rather a






compressed-air station The best example of the didacticallyperfect "game effect" of the program is the

matter of luck. After having worked through the entire course however, it will no longer be a problem. This is possible due to the 12 modules of the course which are entitled as follows:

e-mail: Web: Tel:01527 575778


Online Condition Monitoring

Online condition monitoring system is a necessity and not a luxury


orus engineers at the Medium Section Mill in

the construction industry. The plant has been in operation

Scunthorpe are planning to extend their condition

for three years and consists of one abrasive saw that cuts

monitoring activities throughout the plant with

hot rails, and four cold saws. The two sections saw lines

online vibration devices that are now deemed a viable

consist of one fixed and one movable saw per line.

option. No longer are such devices seen as a luxury but as relevant and necessary tools in the maintenance engineer’s

Engineers had been undertaking basic plant condition

toolkit, which can contribute to a continued focus on

monitoring on the saw lines for some time. This involved

operating costs.

maintenance engineers using portable patrol monitoring equipment to monitor the condition of the bearings in the

The Medium Section Mill at Corus Scunthorpe supplies

motor and gearbox units that drive the friction saw.

railway lines and steel rail sleepers, as well as sections for

However, following a review of the area, the plant became


Online Condition Monitoring ensuring that personnel cannot gain access to the locked gates surrounding the area until the power has been confirmed as switched off. This makes it impossible to conduct vibration monitoring using hand held devices, forcing engineers to consider various online systems.

FAG ProCheck is an online condition monitoring system that enables companies to monitor vibration levels on critical rotating plant or machinery, including electric motors, drives, bearing arrangements, gearboxes, pumps, generators, ventilators, fans and excavators. The system is easy to set up and is robust and reliable. The system’s modular design means it can easily cater for different maintenance and condition monitoring strategies employed across different industry sectors. For example, the system has a range of communications interfaces so that it can be easily integrated with a company’s existing plant management or production control and maintenance systems.

“We were very impressed with the culture of plant condition monitoring within Corus Group,” says Wayne

Jackson, Electrical

Maintenance Engineer, Medium Section Mill, Corus Scunthorpe. Once set up, FAG ProCheck operates automatically without further intervention from the user, to measure, record, analyse and issue alerts on vibration data from rotating plant. By continuously monitoring a machine or piece of rotating equipment, FAG ProCheck can detect changes in their behaviour early and alert maintenance personnel to a potential problem before it actually occurs. Maintenance teams can therefore improve their planning and scheduling a locked access area to comply with health and safety

and production downtime is significantly reduced.

requirements. As Chris Smith, Plant Condition Monitoring Engineer, Scunthorpe points out, “Access to this saw line was

With recent failures of motors adding to the plant

a real problem for us. We could only do checks on the

maintenance costs, Jackson is keen to extend his condition

equipment when the saw was idling, but this rather defeated

monitoring regime to other areas of the plant. “We cannot

the object of monitoring and assessing the condition of the

afford the two to three months it takes for a motor to be

bearings and other rotating components under real time

repaired, nor do we like paying the repair costs which can be

working conditions.”

as much as £20,000 per motor.

Access to the area is restricted by a Castell key system. This

For more information please visit or

trapped key interlock safety system isolates the plant by

telephone 0121 313 5870 or email


I n

take it easy!

Maintenance’s key role in helping businesses beat the recession was evident as visitors turned out in force at easyFairs® MAINTEC to investigate the latest advances in asset management and maintenance technology. Graeme Hughes, Sales Manager, UWT (UK) Limited, was on the look-out for the very latest innovations in maintenance. He said: “Having recently opened the UK sales office of UWT Level Controls I was looking for an exhibition which would bring people from a wide range of industries together under the one roof. This was my first visit to the easyFairs Maintec show and I was impressed with the way it attracted engineers, service personnel and decision makers all with the same goal of discovering new technologies within the maintenance field.” “I agree,” added James White from “This was the first time I visited the show also, it was good to meet up with people we have dealt with over the internet and by telephone but never face to face. I found a few new products and services that are of interest to us and with whom there is potential for future business.”


The show attracted 1,632 visitors over the three days, an increase of 100 compared And one of many easyFairs® MAINTEC to last years show. regulars was Dust Control UK Ltd. James Miller from the company said: “We met Impressed by the strong turnout of senior a good selection of potential new cusdecision makers, over half (53) of the 100 tomers from a broad base, which is imexhibitors have already signed up to be portant to us. It is good to have a forum ® part of easyFairs MAINTEC 2011 – sched- where we can talk seriously to relevant people from companies such as Mars, uled for 29-31 March again at the NEC – EON electric and GSK pharmaceuticals which is a greater proportion than those who rebooked at the same time last year. and know that we have products to suit them and help in their processes. The This year’s event was also notable by the fact that we have products on the stand number of new companies that exhibited and a small demonstration system, really gives the customer a chance to see alongside easyFairs® MAINTEC stalwarts what we are about.” who have used the show as a platform to meet influential industry professionals for The exhibition is now in its 35th year – many years. but with maintenance professionals unIn total there were around 27 newcomers, der more pressure than ever to make efficiency savings, optimise plant availincluding Germany’s Optris. “This has been our first exhibition in Great Britain,” ability, and extend equipment longevity, said Optris’ Sales Manger Thomas Ullrich. the March 2-4 event (Birmingham’s NEC) took an even added importance. “As Optris is preparing its market entrance, Maintec has been a great opportunity to socialise with interested parties, easyFairs® UK Managing Director, Matt search for distributors or resellers as well Benyon, said: “Budgets for new capital as getting a greater overview of the busi- expenditure are as tight as ever – and ness industry. Our new optris PI USB IR when companies can’t afford large scale camera received great attention during investment in new machinery, effectivethe show and we were able to gather ly maintaining existing assets is parasome very interesting leads. All in all we mount. In fact, our pre-show studies enjoyed the show.” revealed that over half (51%) of manu-


facturers and processors are planning to tackle the economic downturn by implementing production innovation to help maintain their equipment and ultimately reduce costs. “This was certainly evident at the show. It generated a focused group of quality, influential visitors…those genuinely looking for the latest products and systems to

improve efficiency and keep costs to an absolute minimum. This year’s show has been a great success, attracting more visitors than the year before. Plus with 53 exhibitors already booked for MAINTEC 2011, next year’s show looks set to be even bigger and better!” Show Floor Highlights

On the show floor, strong interest was shown in FLIR’s new Meterlink™ technology, an industry-first wireless connection between infrared cameras and test and measurement equipment. FLIR launched Meterlink exclusively at the show, explaining that those involved in electrical and building inspection will be able to work quicker, easier and more intelligently than ever before with the new technology. Meterlink makes it possible to transfer, via Bluetooth™, the data acquired by an EXTECH instrument to the infrared camera and instantly embed it on an infrared image for accurate, co-ordinated documentation. This communication is possible between the EXTECH EX845 clamp meter, the EXTECH InspectorPro MO297 moisture meter and infrared cameras ranging upwards from the FLIR i/b60. Commenting on the show, Andrew Baker, Distribution Manager at FLIR said: “Those who were there had a definite interest in purchasing. We chose the show to introduce new camera features and to launch Meterlink™. These new products were extremely well received almost 40% of our stand visitors requested a subsequent site visit. A great result for us.” Thermal Energy International, a leading producer and marketer of carbon reduction and energy saving products, threw the spotlight on its new ceramic microfiltration system at the show. Providing a return on investment in less than two years, the CMF reduces water usage, and can reduce energy consumption by also recovering the heat in the wastewater. Looking back on the show, Grant Bailey, Sales & Marketing Director for Thermal Energy Europe and Rest of World said: "We have been very pleased with the level of attendance and expect to see some good projects materialising from these leads.” Artesis, a leading supplier of intelligent predictive maintenance solutions, were


talking to MAINTEC visitors about the launch of their new diagnostic support service. Aimed at both new and existing MCM users, Artesis recognised that for the industry to fully benefit from predictive and condition monitoring it needed to streamline the whole process flow. It is not enough simply to supply easy to use technology; it is also necessary to make the whole process easier. And so with its team of experienced, highly skilled staff, Artesis now offers the ultimate predictive maintenance solution package to all its users, regardless of whether they have remote, online or stand alone systems. Geoff Walker, Director, Artesis commented: “This year was a particular success for Artesis as we were able to enjoy and benefit from some quality, professional visitors; it isn’t always about the volume of visitors to both the exhibition and our stand but the quality. Over the three days I only needed to look around the stand and see the team in valuable conversation with many potential customers.” Eleswhere, a striking stand display by Ro-Dor emphasised the company’s latest rapid door range. The range offers ener-

gy savings which can fund the cost of the door within a year, plus a number of safety benefits, notably the absence of reinforcing bars, whilst still providing resistance to wind. The range has a knockout facility with automatic re-insertion, often a must with fork lift presence, making the crash resistant Dynaco rapid roll door suitable for internal & external applications. Nigel Morton of Ro-Dor said: “We had a rewarding show and the quality of some of the leads was excellent. We have already quoted several of the respondents and are in anticipation of securing specific orders as a direct result of the show.” And Heather Gallagher, Business Development Manager, Energy Service at Crawford UK Limited praised easyFairs MAINTEC for cutting through the omnipresent doom and gloom surrounding the industry and providing a positive and innovative show: She said: “Maintec was a positive experience for Crawford UK Ltd, we were able to showcase our new energy solution campaign which was well received. Due to the advantages of our industrial and automatic door systems the visitors chose to spend time investigating the busi-

ness improvements we offer and we were able to present on the spot tailored examples of how we can reduce energy waste and save money for any size enterprise, in any industry. As the visitors were the key decision makers for their enterprises, Maintec proved an excellent meeting ground in a relaxed environment to discuss individual business needs.” Live demonstrations of existing solutions enabled owners and managers to see for themselves how our systems could be incorporated into existing facilities. We will be attending Maintec 2011 and look forward to providing current and new customers better service, new solutions and higher energy savings for the future.” Stand bookings for easyFairs® MAINTEC 2011 which takes place on 29-31 March at the NEC, Birmingham can be made by contacting Jerry Dawson on T:020 8622 4416 or email For any


Thermotek nix ad


Power Station Maintenance




Bearings are crucial to the operation of a wide range of production machinery. Yet many do not last as long they should, creating additional and unnecessary costs in terms of production downtime and expenditure on spare parts. Ian Ritchie, Managing Director of Brammer UK, part of Europe’s leading distributor of Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) products and services, examines some of the reasons why bearings fail – and provides some advice on extending the life expectancy of bearings.

The bearing is the heart of the machine and every bearing has a pre-calculated


service lifetime. However, industry

research shows that 16% of premature

research has shown that, for various

bearing failures are caused by poor

reasons, not every bearing reaches its

fitting and a lack of awareness of the

optimum service life – meaning

availability of correct fitting tools. A

expensive downtime and part

wide range of bearing heaters,

replacement that could easily have

hydraulic presses, fitting kits and

been avoided through correct

hook/pin spanners for threaded collars

installation and simple, routine

is available and the fitter should


ensure that everything needed is available before attempting to fit or

The service life of a bearing is affected

replace a bearing. Trying to cut

by several factor including, mounting

corners at this stage will invariably

and lubrication, alignment, re-

create problems down the line.

lubrication, condition monitoring and dismounting.

Lubrication is a key step in the mounting procedure. Using the correct

Mounting is one of the most critical

bearing grease for the application – for

stages of the bearing’s life cycle. If the

example, a food-safe grease will be

bearing is not mounted properly, using

needed in food production

the correct tools and techniques, the

environments - critical to achieving

bearing’s service life can be

optimum performance. Additionally,

significantly reduced. Indeed, industry

the correct quantity of grease and the

Bearings lubrication method used – whether a

can be halted and the necessary access

equipment, in the form of either

single point lubricator or multipoint


hardwired or wireless systems, contact

lubrication system - can impact

and non-contact temperature test

positively on the service life of the

As well as the type of lubricant used,

equipment, shock pulse analysers,


the relubrication method itself can

thermal imaging cameras and even

positively contribute to optimising the

dedicated bearing checkers.

After the bearing has been mounted in

bearing’s life. Continuous lubrication

an application such as a

provides more consistent,

This equipment produces data which

motor connected to a

correct and

can be analysed, allowing accurate

pump, the entire

contamination-free grease

prediction of when a bearing is likely

supply than manual

to fail, and the planning of machine

application. Especially in

maintenance can be planned to suit

highly demanding

the production schedule and increase

applications - or when

the plant’s production output and

stopping the machine to


application needs to be aligned, using belt or shaft alignment tools or shims. Misalignment can cause the bearing to suffer additional, unnecessary load, friction and vibration

Some 34% of bearing failures result from fatigue, often from overloaded, incorrectly serviced or neglected machines.

lubricate bearings is an expensive option due to

At some point the bearing will reach

the financial impact of

the end of its service life and have to

downtime - it is well worth

be replaced. Although it may not be

investigating the

used again, it is important to dismount

possibility of installing an

correctly so that the service life of the

automatic lubrication

replacement is not compromised. The

Furthermore, increased

system which may well

use of proper dismounting tools such as

vibration can lead to

save time and manpower

pullers and separators will help

– all of which can accelerate fatigue and reduce the service life of both the bearing and other machine components.

significantly increased energy

in the long term.

consumption and the risk of premature failures.

prevent damage to other machine components, such as the shaft and

Going one step further, low

housing, which are often re-used.

maintenance solutions in the form of

Incorrect dismounting is also a major

When it comes to bearings, the

sealed-for-life bearings are now

potential health and safety issue for

importance of proper lubrication cannot

available for many applications.

the operator.

performance can only be achieved

Regular inspection – intervals will

As with many other production

through applying the correct bearing

depend on the application - is integral

components, a bearing will only

grease at the appropriate intervals.

to detecting potential problems and

perform as well as it is installed and

More than a third of premature bearing

preventing unexpected machine

maintained. Investing the time and

failures are caused by incorrect

breakdown with all its costly

effort into correct installation, set-up

specification and inadequate application

implications. Some 34% of bearing

and maintenance will not only optimise

of lubricant. But with bearings often

failures result from fatigue, often from

the performance of the bearing, but

being the least accessible components

overloaded, incorrectly serviced or

minimise the risk of unanticipated

of machinery, lubrication can be

neglected machines. However,

failure and the impact of unplanned

neglected, compounding the problem.

neglected or overstressed bearings emit


However, it is a simple matter to build

“early warning” signals, such as

regular lubrication at predetermined

increased temperature, vibration and

intervals into the overall maintenance

noise – which can be interpreted and

plan, at a time when machine operation

detected using condition monitoring

be overstated. Indeed, optimal bearing



Temperature Measurement We also wanted dedicated sensors that

Non-contact temperature sensors help Corus test new cooling methods for steel strip products

we could fix to the rolling mill.”




collected by the four temperature sensors is fed into the rolling mill’s software program where it is used to model and simulate the different cooling methods for the steel strip. “The sensors on the rolling stand have been installed for more than eight months now and are performing without any problems. As soon as our instrumentation team set up the sensors and controllers, it all seemed

The rolling mill, which is approximately one-eighth the size of a conventional full size rolling mill, will incorporate four infrared temperature sensors from MicroEpsilon to measure process temperatures at various positions along the process

side vary from 850 deg C up to 1,100 deg

to work very well, with data being fed

C, whilst temperatures on the cooling

from the Micro-Epsilon controller to

side are down to 600 deg C. The sensors

our own data logger. In fact, we are so

located on the rolling mill housing are

confident in Micro-Epsilon’s products

positioned so that they point straight

that we have just ordered four similar

down into the centre of a steel block

sensors for use in

line. The rolling mill will enable Corus to make better,



decisions with respect to cooling











process says

and repeatability of the sensors swayed our decision.

As Garry Beard,


Micro-Epsilon was also happy


thermoMETER CTM2








products. This includes the simulation

“The compact size, accuracy

from a distance

to lend us a trial sensor to enable our engineers to try it








temperature sensors measure


out on the rolling mill. We also Centre various types and grades of had an onsite demonstration of “The


temperatures from 250 deg C up to


1,600 deg C and so are ideal for use



with metals, metal oxides, ceramics


the sensor and excellent Four




technical support from Micro- mill Epsilon when we needed it,”

temperature sensors will be positioned at various points in the rolling and cooling process. Two of these sensors are already in position and have been used to measure temperatures on the high temperature rolling side. The other two sensors will be located on the cooling conveyor, one at the start and another low temperature version of the sensor at the end of the cooling system.




and composites.



The sensors benefit from double

cooling regimes

precision laser sighting and a 40:1 or


for Corus’ steel strip products. In early





2009, we decided that we needed some

response times are from 1ms. The

new non-contact temperature sensors

sensor weighs just 40g and the

on the rolling mill. These sensors needed

controller 420g.

to be small, robust and accurate. At the time, we were using temperature

For further information please call

sensors that were relatively large in

the sales department on 0151 355

comparison to the Micro-Epsilon ones.

6070 or email:

The process temperatures on the rolling


Sira a4 advertise ment 42

Inspection Equipment

Rotating systems for tube/wire products For the detection of longitudinal defects in seamless tubing, on bars or wire we offer a range of rotating sytems: RS35HS for diameters of 3–35 mm, RS65 for diameters of 5–65 mm, and RS130 for diameters of 20–130 mm. Rotating systems are used for testing during continuous production with or without cut-off (e.g. drawing line), and testing of cut pieces (offline).

Eddy current probes rotate around the test piece, scanning it in a helical pattern. Every time a probe crosses a crack, it generates a defect signal. Thus, the rotating system generates a great number of consecutive signals

that reliably identify the defect as a crack of some length. Rotating systems run at rotational speeds of up to 12000 rpm and provide 100% testing for a minimum detectable notch depth of 50 µm (depending on surface quality) at high line speeds.

As a renowned specialist of eddy current inspection systems for the semifinished products industry with over 35 years of experience, PRÜFTECHNIK NDT provides the industry with a wide portfolio of testing equipment for reliable quality control. EDDYCHEK® and NOVAFLUX® test equipment is used in a wide variety of different production areas, for process monitoring and for

TSD32 Tube Sheet Diagram

the final inspection of tubes, bars and wire. Eddy current testing meets an extensive range of international standards including: ASTM, API, BS, JIS, ETTC, ENEL, DIN, SEP, etc. Tel: +44 1543 448350 Fax: +44 1543 275472 eMail:

Inspection Software Limited has announced a new version of their established Tube Sheet Diagram software, TSD32, for the mapping of heat exchanger tube inspection survey results. The new programme handles up to 40,000 tubes showing results from almost any inspection method including EC, UT, CCTV and Visual. Create complex tube-maps on-screen with just a few mouse clicks, then enter results either manually or by importing data from external EC analysers. Save dozens of man-hours in reporting time. • • • • • • •

User defined categories, shapes and colours Fast updates at up to 200,000 tubes/second Import data from existing EC analysers Integral report preview and layout generator Optional MS Access database storage Full 32 bit implementation Compatible with existing TSD16 files

Suitable for use with… • Power generation plant • Oil, gas and petrochemical plant • Onshore and offshore plant • Inspection departments • Service inspection contractors. Inspection Software Limited, Swansea, UK. phone: +44 (0)1792 404235 e-mail: web:


Safety trolley systems a4


Calibration delivered with a traceable,

Beamex® MC5 accredited calibration certificate. Multifunction Calibrator * Made for tough use Absolute accuracy * Replaces several measurement devices Due to its all-in-one functionality, the MC5 replaces several individual devices and calibrators. This reduces also recalibration costs, as you only need to maintain one device instead of several devices. * Calibrate fieldbus transmitters Although modern fieldbus transmitters have been improved compared to older transmitter models, it does not eliminate the need for calibration. The MC5 Fieldbus Calibrator is a combination of a multifunction calibrator and a fieldbus configurator. * Accuracy guaranteed The MC5 is a high accuracy calibrator. Each MC5 calibrator is

The MC5 has IP65-rated robust casing with integrated impact protectors. * Modularity means versatility The modular construction of MC5 provides flexibility. For instance, the MC5 can be ordered as a pressure or temperature stand-alone calibrator, and then later expand it into a datalogging, documenting multifunction calibrator. * Documenting capability Calibration results are automatically stored in the memory of the MC5 and calibration results are also automatically transferred from the memory to calibration software. This provides you with a complete documenting calibration system that produces calibration certificates automatically. Main features (and specifications)

* Pressure, temperature, electrical and frequency measurement and calibration * Modular construction provides future expansion possibilities * Pressure (1 year uncertainty): from 0.025 % rdg + 0.01 % FS * Temperature (1 year uncertainty): from 0.06°C (RTD measurement) * Temperature (1 year uncertainty): from 0.10°C (TC measurement) * Electrical (1 year uncertainty): typically 0.02 % rdg + small adder * Support for Foundation Fieldbus H1, Profibus PA and HART® * Multilingual user-interface * Warranty: 3 years for MC5, 1 year for battery pack



Explosion-proof enclosures stand the test of time at MCI Electrotechnics A range of explosion-proof enclosures from Cooper Crouse-Hinds (CEAG) are being used by MCI Electrotechnics Ltd, a leading supplier of electrical instrumentation and control panels, to protect a variety of electrical equipment destined for offshore and onshore oil, gas and petrochemical applications. Established in 1995, MCI manufactures, and if required, installs and commissions custom control panels and electrical equipment for both hazardous and non-hazardous environments around the world, including the North Sea, Middle East and Far East. The business has an annual turnover of around £4 million and employs 32 staff. The company’s manufacturing plant is based in Dyce near Aberdeen and covers approximately 6,500 square feet. MCI supplies a diverse range of electrical control systems, including motor control centres (MCCs), junction boxes, motor starters, control panels, distribution boards and CPFG (combined pressure fire & gas) panels. On the hazardous area side of the business, MCI offers customers two main types of explosion-proof enclosure for its products: a moulded plastic (GRP)


EEx de version, as well as a range of metal (aluminium / cast iron) Ex d enclosures. All of these enclosures are supplied by Cooper Crouse-Hinds. Using the CEAG moulded plastic Ex de enclosure, MCI assembles and mounts a variety of flameproofencapsulated components, such as fuses, contactors, lamps, MCBs, switches and meters. These impactresistant GRP enclosures provide increased safety protection for the components. Built up units include Ex distribution boards, control stations and motor starters, all supplied to European standards EN 50014 and EN 50018. The systems are ATEX-certified for use in Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21 and Zone 22. MCI also uses aluminium / cast iron CEAG explosion-proof enclosures for use with control panels, starters, junction boxes, MCCs, distribution boards and CPFG panels. MCI offers three versions of CFPG panels for A60 class modules, battery isolators and temporary power units. These ATEXcertified systems are suitable for use in Gas Group IIB installations, Zone 1 and Zone 2 areas, fulfilling the requirements of EN 50014 and EN 50018. As Ian McIntosh, Managing Director of MCI comments: “We began using

CEAG explosion-proof enclosures around 10 years ago. In that time, the enclosures have proved very reliable. We’ve probably only had to reject one or two units in the last 10 years, which is pretty impressive. For MCI and its customers, it is absolutely critical that the enclosures are reliable because we need to guarantee the safety of our products and help to minimise any downtime for the customer caused by faulty, unsafe equipment.” “CEAG enclosures are designed and manufactured to a high quality and the service and technical back up is also very reliable,” adds McIntosh. “Even our customers sometimes specify that we use CEAG enclosures. They understand that CEAG is a respected, globallyrecognised product in the oil and gas sector and they appreciate the quality of the enclosures.” In late 2009, MCI supplied a motor control centre for a drilling system to be delivered to an oil and gas exploration platform in the North Sea. The 10-metre long MCC panel was built in three sections, which in total use 52 separate explosionproof enclosures. All of the enclosures were Ex d certified and interconnected by using ‘barrier assemblies’. The entire unit has ATEX assembly certification. The remainder of the project was the build of Ex de moulded plastic lighting distribution boards. All units were EEx d certified for Zone 1 and Zone 2 areas. As McIntosh explains: “We won the contract by offering the customer a very competitive price and delivery time for the MCC. We couldn’t have done this without the support of CEAG, who was able to respond to our customer’s requirements in terms of the enclosures. We believe that our delivery time of 16 weeks was almost twice as fast as any competitor could offer for this project. But without CEAG’s support, we couldn’t have met this timeframe.” In addition to supplying explosionproof enclosures and other electrical equipment certified for ATEX environments, Cooper Crouse-Hinds also offers other hazardous area electrical equipment to IEC and NEC standards, as well as other international approvals for Eastern Europe, China and North America.

Megge r ad 47


SENIOR/PRINCIPAL MECHANICAL DESIGN ENGINEER - SUTT Ref: : S/P1004BIR (Genesis Associates (UK) Ltd) Location: : West Midlands - West Midlands Rate: ÂŁ 40 to ÂŁ 45 K (Permanent) + BENEFITS

As one of the UK's leading independent M&E Building Services Consultancies, the only UK M&E practice to win two CIBSE Low Energy Building Awards. Our principle aim is to help our clients create and operate successful building environments through sustainable solutions. Sustainable design and construction is central to our core values. We have an unrivalled reputation for reliability, technical knowledge and expertise and undertake a diverse range of engineering projects ranging from urban regeneration to highly developed new build projects.

We are now looking to appoint a Senior or Principal Level Building Services Mechanical Design Engineer to take up a key role within our team based near Birmingham.

Recently acquired projects and healthy repeat business from our blue chip clients have secured us a full order book for the foreseeable future. Projects cover healthcare, hotel and leisure, commercial, residential and education. All Principal level responsibilities will apply. Remuneration: Attractive basic salary totally dependant on experience plus benefits and clear career progression opportunities which you would expect from an award winning engineering consultancy. If you meet the above requirements then contact Keeley Connell with your latest cv via for immediate attention Genesis Associates are expert recruiters of Mechanical Engineers with HVAC experience, Mechanical Design Engineers with HVAC experience, Electrical Engineers with Lighting and Power experience, Electrical Design Engineers with lighting, power or telecoms experience. contractors, M&E and Building Services Contractors HVAC and lighting.Our loyal customer base use Genesis Associates to recruit all levels of Building Services / Mechanical & Electrical Professionals including: Graduates, Assistants, Intermediate, Senior Engineers, Principal, Associate, and Director level


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Asset Management Rockwell Automation

ATEX Equipment & Services Tech Recovery


Bolt Securing Systems Nordlock Ltd


Condition Monitoring


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