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September 2015


Controversy on Campus A Talk with Miko Peled By Patrick Arellano

On Wednesday May 13, on MSJC’s Menifee campus, Room 927 was densely packed with students and faculty awaiting one of the most anticipated events of the year. After a considerable amount of resistance, the controversial speaker Miko Peled would voice his opinions on IsraeliPalestinian relations. The hype and controversy all started when on March 2015, Professor Shahla Razavi with Amnesty International proposed bringing Miko Peled to campus for a lecture. She brought this proposal to

the Diversity Committee seeking funding to help cover his lecture fee. Miko Peled is the son of an Israeli general and was raised based on the ideas of Zionism; Ideas that he eventually renounced. According to Peled, his activism sparked in 1997, when his 13 year old niece was murdered by a suicide attack In Jerusalem. “The activist side of me that I’d been suppressing,” he claims, “suddenly burst out. It became stronger than anything.” Even though Miko Peled identifies as a peace activist, he is a figure who has gained considerable controversy. During the months before Miko Peled’s speech, the school had many students and faculty divided on whether or not he should be allowed to voice his opinions on campus. Between the February and March’s Diversity Committee meetings, a professor who shall remain anonymous spearheaded the resistance by sending letters to the clubs and faculty as well as current and former congressmen. They described Peled as an anti-Semite who is “filled with hatred.” They’ve been very passionate in their opposition, saying, “Why don’t we just bring the leaders of Hamas and hand out suicide vests at the event?” In the Professor’s letter to their colleagues, they claimed that Peled “perpetuates lies and misconceptions

that can, and most likely WILL, incite hate and prejudice.” They said that Peled “is a representative of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement (BDS),” a movement that they’ve claimed to be “a bigoted global propaganda campaign against Israel.” They also criticized Peled for omitting important information such as the role of Hamas in the oppression of the Palestinian people. But the most powerful condemnation came from their critique of Peled’s reaction to the deaths of three Israeli teenagers. They claimed that “Peled believes Israelis deserve to be targets of terrorist acts and they should expect it.” Congressman Juan Vargas was also very vocal in his opposition to Miko Peled’s speech at MSJC. In his letter to MSJC President Shultz, he stated that “while I strongly support diverse ideas and free speech on our college campuses, I would like to highlight some of the offensive and inaccurate statements and incendiary actions Mr. Peled has made in recent years.” Congressman Vargas also claimed that “Israel has remained a stalwart ally of the United States and a vibrant democracy in an often hostile region,” and that it “strives to respect the human rights of all people.”


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2 | Opinion

Take a Stand Against Speech Codes: Sign the Petition Opinion Piece by: Tammy Russell, President of the Talontalks Committee Academic Freedom: your right as a student to gain knowledge and pursue research without interference or censorship. This semester at Mt. San Jacinto College, we have faced forces within the college faculty who have fought ardently against the foundation of that freedom; yet, we can now say, that they did not succeed and now we are taking steps to insure that this cannot happen again. When I was approached and told that there were faculty members who wanted to stop a club-sponsored event from happening because they did not agree with the speaker, I was moved to take action. Over the last few months, the Talontalks Committee partnered with Amnesty International in order to insure that Peace Activist, Miko Peled, would be able to come and speak here at MSJC. In summary, there were many instances of orchestrated resistance within the college faculty to make this event not happen, but with persistence and help, we were able to push forward, and held a hugely successful event on May 13th. In the end, though, we should not have had to face such opposition and

go through unnecessary hurdles for this speaker to come here. No faculty member should be able to stop an approved club event, an invited speaker, or the content of the speech. This kind of censorship and prohibition has been an issue popping up on campuses around the country and students, as well as faculty, have been standing up to these pressures to silence speakers by taking a “No Speech Codes” stance. As a student at a public college, you have the right to academic freedom; to hear different perspectives, especially on topics where there are so many that fight for silence from the opposition; a call to silence, is an admission of something to hide. To be educated is to know all sides, to understand fully a subject, a system, a story. The college experience should be one where your ideals are challenged and where exposure to new ideas is unlimited. No faculty member or student should have any power to stop you from having that, because they do not agree with the subject. In April, I drafted the Free Speech Resolution, to persuade the college

to refrain from adopting any form of exclusionary action against invited speakers, and other restrictive speech codes; and to amend Board Policy 3900, the College’s free speech policy, to include protection for invited speakers. The Talontalks Committee, Philosophical Society, Amnesty International, History Club, Anthropology Club and Political Science Club have all supported this document, and we have all been circulating the petition in order to gather student signatures. In our opinion, this is the most effective course of action to insure that this kind of attempted censorship cannot happen again. If you are interesting in signing the petition, please email us at, or look out for our booth on Menifee Campus! If you are interested in being a larger part of this process, or joining the Talontalks Committee, please email me directly at TRussell295@student.msjc

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Controversy on Campus continued Students of Talon Talks Committee retaliated to this resistance with a petition to amend board policy to extend free speech to college clubs and invited their invited guests. They claim that in addition to the petition, they’ve “worked against congressmen’s intimidation and faculty attempts to stop a lecture by peace activist Miko Peled.” Talon Talks makes it their goal to see to it that protests to free speech will “never happen again.” Advisor of the Talon Talks Committee, Dr. Jim Davis, was the one who offered to host the Miko Peled event under the History and Humanities Department to bypass club bureaucracy that the opposition was trying to utilize to stop the event. Another person among the defenders of this decision was a woman named Helena Cobban, founder and CEO of Just World Books. She wrote to MSJC saying, “I am delighted to hear that the renowned Israeli peace activist Miko Peled has been invited to address an audience at your college.” Her company published Peled’s 2012 memoir, The General’s Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine. Cobban claims to have “worked fairly closely with Mr. Peled during the preparation of the book.” She has been very favorable to Mr. Peled’s movement, claiming to have been “struck by the depth and visionary nature of his commitment to working for the end of the Israel Palestine conflict.” The Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) also voiced their support of the speech. In their letter to the San Jacinto College Diversity Committee, they claimed to have “sponsored events where Mr. Peled has spoken before audiences that included many who support his views as well as some who do not.” They claim that in spite of the differences of opinions of audience members, “fascinating open dialog has been the result [of these events.]” The JVP’s belief is that colleges and universities “are supposed to be places where there is a free flow of diverse ideas and perspectives.” In addition to the controversy, there were a number of obstacles getting in the way of the event. At the March Diversity Committee meeting, they had asked that their name be taken off of the Amnesty International event flyer that had the Miko Peled event on it. Professor Razavi asked that the Committee supply the fund for the new flyers and they agreed to that. When the new flyers were printed, an unknown faculty member had edited the Amnesty International event flyer on the school website to not only remove the Diversity Committee’s endorsement, but also

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removed the Miko Peled lecture event all together. When Professor Razavi inquired about the flyer, she was told that they thought the Diversity Committee cancelled the event. Upon clarifying that there was no vote, and if there had been it was strictly on funding, the event flyer was then fixed. In Addition, SGA informed Amnesty International that they could not hold the event because their club paperwork was not in order. Talon Talks Committee responded to this by submitting their own event activity form, with support of the Political Science Club and the Philosophical Society. The controversy was so heated that it resulted in the presence of the police department at the speech in case of acts of aggression or unrest. On the day of the speech, Peled made his views on the matter as unambiguous and transparent as possible. He starting his speech by saying, “If anybody here came hoping to hear a balanced presentation, then they’re going to be sorely disappointed. I don’t believe that a balanced presentation on this topic is possible. There is no balance on this issue. If anybody claims their presentation is balanced, they’re either misleading themselves or they’re misleading their audience.” The debate of free speech vs moral objections provokes more questions and ethical dilemmas each day. “Should there be certain limits to free speech?” “Would such limits be more oppressive than beneficial?” “Could allowing certain people free speech really incite violence or hatred?” “Is it worth censoring some people if it meant safely avoiding civil unrest?” There may never truly be a definitive answer.

“I think that it is a false dichotomy for Americans to see this as an either-or question that either they have the free speech rights or they don’t.” ― Nathan Phelps “When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.” ― George R.R. Martin.


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By Patrick Arellano On a rainy Friday, April 24, fourteen students gathered in room 805 at the Menifee campus. Their mission: to flex their mathematics skills and compete against each other in the ultimate test of brains and teamwork. This, of course, was the Spring 2015 STEM/Mu Alpha Theta 5th Bi-Annual Math Competition. Competition was fierce with five teams eager to take on the coveted first place prize. MSJC students Alexis Morabe, Matthew DeRemer and Patrick Arellano of Team? (Pronounced as “Team Question Mark”) were the first place winners. Second place went to Team Flying Spaghetti Monster, which consisted of the STEM club members Kevin Portacio, Scott Locascio, and Devon Catron. The previous year’s champion, Team M&M with Amanda and Abigail Moffitt, were also present and won third place. Fourth place was Team Table #1, with students Jason Mascerenas, Nghi Nguyen, and Jordan Meyers, and fifth place went to students Kate Baldwin, Sayed Thurab, and Kim Bracamontes of the Team Eye of the Tigers. The winners went home with an MSJC handbag filled with goodies, the satisfaction of being the smartest bunch in a room filled with smarties, and a slice of pizza. Everyone else would be given a consolation prize, applause for having the courage to participate, and also a slice of pizza. The leader of the 1st place team, Alexis Morabe, says that the math competition “helps students analyze and solve complex problems that may not be presented in a classroom setting.” But the biggest benefit is the competition as a social setting. Morabe claims that “it helps students find likeminded peers and further motivates campus involvement.” She’s competed many times before and finds the atmosphere to be “very relaxed.” Her advice to future competitors? “Just have fun.” Six grueling questions were delivered to each team; each question testing student’s problem solving and cooperative skills. The devious questions were formed by ICC Representative Alex Cuatok. The rules were simple. Participants could work in teams or individually. Each team or individual was handed one sheet with 6 questions and another sheet to fill out their

answers. The team or individual to solve the most questions without the aid of the internet or class notes would win first place. Contestants were allowed a calculator and pieces of scratch paper. Every right answer was awarded one point, but every wrong answer would deduct half a point. The time limit was 90 minutes and once that was up, each participant would turn in their answers and await the results. SI Coordinator Janice Lavessuer and STEM Club advisor Alex Cuatok worked as a team to organize and plan the event. “We decided to change things up this semester,” said Lavessuer. “Alex and I found seven open-ended questions that ranged from a beginning algebra level all the way to calculus!” The past four semesters have used competition questions from American Mathematical Association of Two Year Colleges. The AMATYC competition was comprised of 20 multiple choice questions. The contestants would work individually and the individual scores were averaged to come up with a team score. “Students have the opportunity to work together solving math problems without worrying about grades!” said Lavessuer. “I would advise future competitors to form a strong team and just have fun!” So, don’t forget to attend the Fall semester competition in MSJC San Jacinto on Oct 30th in Room 1420 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. This competition was sponsored by STEM Club and Mu Alpha Theta. “We are thankful to all departments around campus who donated prizes: the STEM Program, Active Minds Club, Financial Aid, Career/Transfer Center, and Upward Bound Program.”


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t has been eight years since the publication of her book, “Saving Levi” hit shelves, but the emotional attachments MSJC student Lisa Misraje holds for the story of the small orphan boy, critically burned and desperately in need of an advocate transcends any literary title. The story of “Saving Levi” is the story of Lisa’s time in China, where she spent eight and a half years working in orphanages, advocating for orphan prevention, and raising

a family of six children. Although she now lives in Menifee, California, the Business major dreams of the work she is capable of doing once she obtains her Masters in Non-Profit Organization. As Lisa’s book ramps up to become a full feature movie, the entrepreneur, advocate, and mother took some time to introduce the Talon to her rambunctious family, including her charismatic son Levi and the family’s goofy Old English Sheep Dog, Bogie.


How long were you in China and why? Eight and a half years! I went to China thinking I would be back to my life in the U.S. in about four months, but I didn’t come back for eight and a half years. It became my home. When we first went there we were part of the team for the Philip Hayden Foundation, Shepherd’s Field Children’s Village. There were only 12 babies at that time as it was a small struggling orphanage. We came along side to help the owners grow it into one of the most beautiful orphanages in all of China. Now they take care of about 100 babies. They have visitors come from all over the world. There is even a hotel on the land, and a medical facility!

Who is Levi? Levi is just one of my six children. To the rest of the kids, he is no different than anyone else. He has such a heart and is extremely compassionate. But he is all boy and gets in trouble like you can’t believe. Levi is sneaky and he is funny. He is the most thankful child for anything; he’s just a happy boy.

What has China taught you about yourself as an individual? China taught me that failure really is the best teacher. Landing in China I made so many mistakes and failures. It was those moments where I learned and grew the most. Also, before I landed in China I had this fear of death. Returning from China I realized that if I died today it was okay because I had already lived my dream life.

How did you save Levi? In March of 2002, I walked into this small little farm hospital, and off in the corner was this little baby covered in white lotion. There was absolutely nobody there to take care of him. It grabbed my heart as it would have grabbed anyone’s heart. I thought that if this little boy was going to die, he would not die alone. And my mantra was “the best of the best.” If there was a better burn hospital, a better doctor, surgeon, anything, we were going to get there. He was set up for anybody to just fall in love. I didn’t expect him to live.

What has China thaught you about yourself as a mother As a mother, China taught me to be flexible and live in the moments. My children are my treasures and each moment with them is a gift. Landing in China really relieved me of a lot of the cultural pressures; fears and competitions moms have here in the U.S. We were too busy saving lives to focus on those things.


What was it like coming to live in America? It’s Fun! I get to play sports like basketball. Was the adjustment hard? Kind of and then kind of not. It was crazy being in a whole new place that I had never lived in.

Finally, how has your time in China impacted your future? In China people value and respect foreigners with an education. They work hard and sacrifice much to get a degree. After returning to the U.S. as a single mother of six, I realized that certain doors were closed for me without having my degree. I hope to be able to finish my degree and either start another non-profit or work for one. I am no spring chicken and time is not on my side. One of my professors here heard me say that, and her response was awesome. She said, “Lisa, you are going to be 53 with or without a degree, so why not be 53 with a degree.” My secret wish is that I will be able to get my masters and maybe even a PhD. MSJC is a great school and I am so thankful for my professors, financial aid and staff here at MSJC. I really do not think I could have landed in a better piece of space than this. My returning to college has been a very good thing for my children, and I pray they will each go for their dreams at any age, no matter their limitations.

I’ve heard that you read the book recently for the first time; did you learn anything you didn’t expect? No, not really, I knew most things. I didn’t know there were so many people involved with helping me when I was a baby. It makes me feel special.

8 | Sports

By Renzy Reyes MSJC’s soccer program has been very successful over the last three years. Finishing the 2014 season with a record of 15-3-3, the Eagles soccer team took second place in the PCAC North conference right behind Miramar College. MSJC ranked ninth in Southern California and fourteenth in state, making it to the sweet-16 playoffs. Unfortunately, the team lost to San Bernardino Valley College in the first round 2-1, even with MSJC’s striker Savanna Alcantar scoring the first goal of the game. “It was no doubt statistically the best year we have had at MSJC so far. Not just in my time here, but in MSJC history overall” said Chauncey Hayes, whom has been serving as head coach for MSJC’s soccer program for the past three years. From the memorable practices ranging from watching Coach Hayes attempt to play soccer in his infamous shorts to concluding the season on a muddy field in heavy rain, the 2014 season was not only successful record wise but a year the team would never forget. The noteworthy season concluded with all six sophomore players commiting to a four-year institution, with five of them receiving scholarships. Striker Dimitra Tsambasis received a full ride scholarship to Angelo State

University in Texas, having graduated with a 4.0 gpa and being honored as MSJC’s female scholar-athlete of the year. Midfielder Alexa Parker had a stellar 3.8 gpa and received a scholarship from Division 1 school, Louisiana Monroe. Both Tsambasis and Parker left MSJC after fall 2014, attending the following spring semester at their respected universities. Three more sophomores have received scholarship offers as well. Azalea Sanchez is moving on to Texas Wayland Baptists University while Kellie Drew and Cali Prentice plan to stay local by transferring to San Diego Christian College. “I am proud of the girls work on and off the field,” said Coach Hayes. “Eight out of the twenty-one studentathletes that made the Dean’s list were from the women’s soccer team.” With the girls’ overall success academically and athletically, Coach Hayes expects great things from the team this semester. “We really feel that this is going to be the year where we have the best opportunity so far to not only take first in Conference, but a quarterfinal, or semifinal state game. Our goal every year is to try to get to state. When we fall short we learn from

it, and move on. We have progressively improved in the three years I have been the coach here, going from ranking 19th to ranking 9th.” said Coach Hayes. MSJC Soccer played three preseason games this year against San Diego Christian, Cal PoIy Pomona and Cal State San Marcos, leaving Coach Hayes proud of their performance. “Considering that only the first-year players, Kellie Drew, and additional pick-up players played these games, our team did very well.”

Photo Credits & Article: Renzy Reyes

In addition the program has recruited a lot of great talent from local high schools ranging from Murrieta Mesa to Rubidoux and Redlands. With all the positive energy around MSJC’s soccer team and the current great start at 6-1, 2015 looks to be another very exciting year for the program.


Name: Kellie Drew Transfer School: San Diego Christian College (5-3-1) Award: 1st Team All Pacific Coast Athletic Conference Major: Kinesiology Drew accepted a scholarship to San Diego Christian College worth $20,000. She majors in Kinesiology and hopes to start a sports-centered career in which she can help players stay in the game. Kellie told the Talon that she has always looked up to her big sister, who, despite having knee problems over the years has always had the will to keep playing soccer. Her sister’s steadfast drive has motivated Kellie to play hard and succeed in earning 1st team all-conference.

The Talon meets Thursday’s from 12:30-2:00pm in room 486 (MVC). Join us.


Valeria Garcia #3 Central Defender Born in Guadalajara, Garcia came to America at the age of eight and began playing organized soccer on an allboys team. Raised in a soccer family, her inspiration to play comes from her father, who previously played soccer in Mexico. Valeria is currently a captain anchoring the defense and is well touted through her team. She looks to improve her weak foot this upcoming season, stating, “I am a right footer, so I need to start using my left.” In addition, she would like to better communicate as a leader and remain focused on helping the team work together. .

Patricia Roach #17 Outside Midfielder. Patricia Roach is an Outside Midfielder (leftwing) and also plays at the forward and the center attacking midfielder position. In addition, Roach is a captain the team this season alongside Valeria Garcia. Roach excelled in multiple sports she participated in while in high school, including track and cross country. Roach approved of her performance last season, but would like to score more next season. She claims, “I liked how many assists I got, but what I would like to improve on is scoring more goals next season.” In addition to scoring, she would like would to develop on her headers. Standing at 5’10, Roach is one of the tallest players on the team and would love to use her height as an advantage for the 2015 season.

Schedule 9/1 9/4 9/11 9/15 9/18 9/22 9/29 10/2 10/6 10/9 10/13 10/16

@ West Los Angeles vs Saddleback @ Long Beach vs Victor Valley vs Pasadena vs El Camino @ Palomar vs Mira Costa @ Miramar @ Grossmont vs Southwestern vs Imperial Valley

W, 6-0 L, 0-3 W, 1-0 W, 5-1 W, 3-1 W, 2-0 W, 1-0 3:15 pm 1:00 pm 1:00 pm 3:15 pm 3:15 pm

10/20 10/23 10/27 11/3 11/6 11/10 11/13

@ Cuyamaca vs San Diego City vs San Diego Mesa vs Palomar @ Mira Costa vs Miramar vs Grossmont

1:00 3:00 3:00 3:00 3:00 3:00 3:00

pm pm pm pm pm pm pm

Overall: 6-1 Goals Leader: Hanna Kanagawa (5 Goals) Assists Leader: Ashley Ganley (3 Assists)


Alumni reflects on her past at MSJC to inspire students future endeavors in college and beyond.


remember days when I had to search the house for nickels and dimes so that I could get on the #74 bus to Menifee. I remember bumming rides and spending six hours between classes in the library or the cafe at the San Jacinto campus, doing my homework when there was time. I remember begging my bosses in a demeaning retail job to take me off the schedule two lousy days a week so that I could go to class. I remember putting in 40 hours of repetitive labor, standing on concrete in dollar store shoes, clocking in at five in the morning and out after midnight, too exhausted even to shower. I remember that my world was narrow, pessimistic, and doomed. I remember the way that poverty limited me to long bus rides and apartments with no AC on days when the temperature hit 115°. I remember teaming up with my husband and friends to keep each other going to class, even when it was hard, living on Del Taco, getting no sleep. I remember dreaming about being a writer, but not having any clue how to make that happen. I remember the first time a teacher at MSJC challenged me to consider how I know what I know. I remember being recommended to the Honors Program, and accepted. I remember slowly adjusting from the certainty that I would go to UC Riverside to the first faint hope that I might actually get into UC Berkeley. It wasn’t that long ago that I lived in another world. I graduated from MSJC in 2012, having completed the Honors Program, wearing my Phi Theta Kappa key, waiting to hear back from transfer schools. Three years ago I stood at that crossroads, worn out by the hardest work I have ever done, not knowing who I would become.

I graduated from UC Berkeley in 2014. In those two years, I studied English in the top program in the world at the number one public university. I wrote for the award-winning and nationally recognized Berkeley newspaper, the Daily Californian, and became an editor there. I spoke at graduation, proudly describing myself as a transfer student. I published my first novel, THE BOOK OF THE UNNAMED MIDWIFE, a month later. That novel won the 2014 Philip K. Dick Award and launched my writing career. My second book came out three months later. If these last three years look like straight upward flight, it is only because MSJC was my flight school. It gave me a safe place to test my wings, to fail, to watch how other people managed to take the sky. I learned there from some of the best and most dedicated teachers I have ever known how to defy gravity; to apply the lift of ambition to the thrust of reason and escape the earthward pull of of my life as it was. My life as it is began at MSJC. I went to my dream school. I have my dream job. And I remember.

Meg Elison is an East Bay writer and the author of THE BOOK OF THE UNNAMED MIDWIFE from Sybaritic Press, winner of the 2014 Philip K. Dick Award. She is a high school dropout and a graduate of MSJC and UC Berkeley. @megelison

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MSJC students receive a


A 0 sse pply Sch s b an ola yJ d r un sta shi e 3 rt p 0, 20 15 !


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at any of our 8 Southern California campuses. Why Redlands

Who’s Eligible Students who completed their last 21 units at MSJC.

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$2,600 Success Scholarship for students starting by June 30, 2015

Bachelor of Science in Business Bachelor of Science in Management

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Admission Requirements 3 years of full-time work experience

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2.0 GPA minimum

Financial Aid available*

40 units of transferable credits

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“ We both work full-time and have busy lives, which made transferring from MSJC to Redlands an easy choice. With its one-night-a-week class schedule, 2.5-year Bachelor of Science program, and eight campusesto choose from— not to mention the tuition discount offered to MSJC students—Redlands was a perfect fit for us. Best of all, we were able to travel the academic journey together, sharing the same classes and studying abroad for 14 days in Austria and Italy.”

Sara MacRae

Billy MacRae

Bachelor of Science in Business ‘14 and former MSJC Student

Bachelor of Science in Business ‘14 and former MSJC Student

*for those who qualify Top 5% America’s Best Colleges, Forbes | An A+ School and a Great Price, U.S.News & World Report | #1 Best College for Veterans in the West, U.S.News & World Report

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10 Fashion Must-haves for Guys and Gals

By Michelle Rivas Going back to school can be a stressful time of year for all of us: We’re buying school supplies, wondering if we’ll ever get off the waitlist, and, of course, we want to dress to impress without breaking the budget! Dressing comfortably and dressing nice seem to be two styles that are completely opposite of each other, but they don’t have to be! Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you 10 fashion must-haves that will keep you looking fashionable and comfortable this school year!

They’re just the right amount of flashy, but they’re also comfortable and convenient to wear! A nice gold or silver watch looks professional, fashion forward, and, just like a pair of blue jeans, looks good with just about anything you wear. Not to mention you don’t have to reach inside your pocket to check the time on your phone anymore!

These flats are amazing because they really add a nice flair to a simple pair of jeans or a basic dress. Pointed-toe flats can also give the illusion that you’re wearing heels and elongate the legs. From black lace to denim, these shoes come in every style and color imaginable to complete any look! These stylish shoes are the new trend hitting the shelves right now, so steal a pair before they’re all out!

This one is an age old classic! Blazers can really dress up an outfit to look professional and stylish, or be dressed down with some jeans for a more casual look. Blazers are perfect versatile pieces that I would recommend not just getting in black, but in multiple colors to spice things up.

You don’t know how many times an otherwise boring outfit of mine was saved by a good statement necklace. Here’s how the statement jewelry game works: you pick an interesting, flamboyant piece of jewelry and pair it with an outfit that’s pretty basic to add in a pop of color or sparkle. Be careful with this one because if the outfit you’re wearing already has a lot going on, a statement piece could overdo it.spice things up.

A jean jacket in black, white, or a denim blue looks amazing with just about anything. Wear this timeless piece with jeans, shorts, or a dress to give a comfy chic feel to any look!

Boys, these are a must! Whether you’re in school, work, or maybe even the club, this one is always a hit. These shirts can have a professional, elegant look to them, but can also be made to look laid-back as well! These shoes are pretty versatile. I’ve noticed men wear them to play sports outside and mow the lawn, but I’ve also seen men wear these shoes at parties and still manage to look stylish. This should be every guy’s basic staple for a nice look at school or even work. You can’t really go wrong with a solid color and black and grey are the types of colors that look good on anyone! With fall approaching, this is a style musthave for both guys and girls. Bonus tip: Crewneck sweaters can give guys the illusion of broader shoulders while V-necks can lengthen the torso. I love a good leather jacket on a guy-- they’re just edgy, cool, and laid back. These jackets are a trend that have stood the test of time and are super easy to pull off! This piece can make an outfit look a tad bit more formal and, in my opinion, finishes off an outfit. It also keeps sagging pants in check, just in case that’s a problem for you. -Talon Staff

Profile for Mt. San Jacinto College

The Talon - September 2015  

September 2015 issue of the Mt. San Jacinto College student newspaper

The Talon - September 2015  

September 2015 issue of the Mt. San Jacinto College student newspaper


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