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The Invention of Benjamin Franklin By: Leslie Rosas Benjamin was a great man. Why? Ben franklin was born on January 17, 1706. When Ben was a kid he had 16 brothers and sisters. His father name was Josiah and his mother’s name was Abiah. He was the eighth child for the boys and 7 girls. Ben franklin dad knew that this was going to be a big family. When ben franklin was in school he quickly learned to read and right but he did not do well in arithmetic soon, his father changed his mind about Ben, took him out of school and began to work his father candle and soap business. When ben was working with his father he was not happy he wanted to go back to school and read and wright. When he was an adult wanted to be a sailor, but His father did not want him to be a sailor because one of this oldest brothers went to sea and never returned. So weeks and days Reading was Ben's favorite pastime so his father made the connection to the trade of printing and sent Ben to learn in his brother's printing shop, Ben continued his learning in Philadelphia and England eventually set up his own printing business in Philadelphia. in 1747 conducting and series of groundbreaking with experiments and electricity and in 1749, Ben franklin was not sure of how to make electricity also 1750 in addition of wanting to prove that electricity and lighting, such as the color of light it is crooked as crackling noise, and other things. In 1752 Franklin was in Philadelphia, waiting for the steeple on top of Christ Church to be completed for his experiment n When he was in school he had to go to Boston Latin School for 1714-1716 He was recognized accomplishments where in science he noted 18th century scientist, the invention that he made was stove, lighting rod, bifocals and many others… for baking well known for maxima’s on thrift, for the government he held numerous positions. When he was an adult he signed the Declaration of independence, the treaty of Paris which ended the Revolution war and the constitution of the United States. When he was an adult he wanted to make electricity but he did not know. So day, weeks, month, and years he thought of how to make it and to prove that he can make electricity because people did not believe he would make electricity so he thought and thought and thought and finally he got it so. He decided to get a metal key, and attached it to the kite. Then he tied the kite to a door knob. That’s when the lighting hit the kite which made it go on to the string to the metal and to the door knob and made electricity. When he finally made it he proved and to the people was wrong. When the people finally found out that they were wrong they wanted it on the top of their home. Every time there was lighting the lighting would hit the metal stick the person’s house to make the electricity.

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