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Twisted Cissters Cissy Seamsters

Prepare yourself for a sensory treat beyond your wildest expectations. You’re about to see a Cissy trunk set & doll so exceptional, you’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven.

 C issy

IfMadame could've She would've

By Rights, Twisted Cissters should’ve & Did

When was the last time you heard Twisted Sister?

At a concert somewhere, some time in the ‘70s? Well, this group has a different namesake. Twisted Cissters is an online “doll group” whose extremely talented members create, design and sew for the doll they love to collect. They raise the bar to new heights and create truly inspired couture Madame Alexander herself would be thrilled to see Cissy wear. This doll is the vintage 20-inch adult-figured, high-heeled fashion doll created by Mme. Alexander and introduced to the doll buying public in 1955. In creating their name, the group used the word “Twist”, as in thread, and “Cissters”, a play on both Cissy and the “sisterhood” clearly evident within this creative group. In a venture outside their normally small creative circle, Twisted Cisster took on an ambitious project for a very worthwhile cause... a donation to The Ronald McDonald House... 100%. Conceived by member Anna Hawkins, the group envisioned and brought to life a scenario which originally began with a Cissy doll and some beautifully crafted clothing but soon evolved into an entire Trunk Set - a throwback to the like sets designed and made by Alexander in the 1950’s - complete, in story, with a jaunt to New York for this fabulous fashion doll. Sit back and enjoy the trip. Maybe you'll be the lucky one she comes home to. Twisted Cissters Cissy Seamsters

Cissy's New York Adventure Cissy Arrives at Grand Central Station. Friday, September 14, 1956: “Hello, New York City!” Cissy, dressed impeccably as always, glides gracefully

across the marble floor of Grand Central Station, heels clicking in staccato on the freshly scrubbed surface. She is followed by a proud porter carrying a stack of matching luggage, further defining Cissy’s taste and style. What more would one expect from this sophisticated socialite? Luggage set, designed and crafted by SuzyQ, contains 3 matching pieces: a suitcase, valise and train case with mirror.

Cissy is wearing a svelte welltailored dress made of black and white check trimmed in black ultrasuede. She wears a matching midnight black ultra-suede bolero. Hanging on her arm is a black umbrella trimmed in the same check as the dress. A jaunty little black hat, matching 3/4 length gloves and sensible black pumps complete the ensemble.

Costumier is Nancy Jones.

The stunning traveling ensemble includes dress and jacket, umbrella, gloves, hat and shoes, all donated by Nancy Jones. The 3-piece luggage collection was the gift of Sherry Slade. The exceedingly beautiful vintage Cissy was donated by Deb’s Dolls.

Cissy Settles into her Hotel Suite ••••••••••


ea Cart not included


lanning a week of fun, fashion and culture in NYC, Cissy includes beautiful and comfortable lingerie in her wardrobe. Her lace trimmed bra, panties, robe and matching gown are as comfortable as they are stylish. All four pieces are made of a pale pink fine cotton knit and trimmed in Valenciennes lace. The bra is embellished with sweet embroidered flowers and the gown and robe are trimmed with pretty taffeta plaid ribbon which adds an element of surprise. Included are matching slippers with taffeta plaid ribbon rosettes accented with embroidered flowers.

Dress form not included.

And there's more: Cissy’s full

skirted short dresses demand a can-can to define their appearance so she packs another white taffeta petticoat just to be on the safe side. It’s beautifully made with white net ruffles trimmed with rick rack and has matching lace trimmed taffeta panties. Included in this set are a tea set, cup with toothbrush and silver framed photo. Pale pink lingerie set by Katherine Mooney. Can-can and matching panties by Natalie Kovacs.

Cocktails on a Private Yacht Saturday, September 15, 1956: Cissy’s whirlwind week includes an invitation for cocktails on a private yacht. Naturally, she wears her red, white and blue nautical separates! Dressed in her navy gabardine blazer with hand beaded pocket patch and white twill slacks with red and blue soutache trim, she looks as classic as the 50’s Chris Craft launch that ferries her to the festivities. A red dotted Swiss ascot, vintage “ruby” ear-

rings and red strappy sandals complete the look as Cissy takes in the Statue of Liberty and the breathtaking New York City skyline. No selfrespecting guest should arrive without a “yachtwarming” present, and Cissy is no exception. She carries a custom made gold wine tote with two bottles of the finest doll champagne.

Cissy graciously accepts the Captain’s hand when boarding.

Deck Chair

Not Include d

Nautical Separates by Natalie Kovacs

(Dolldreams by Natalie);

shoes by Anna Hawkins; earrings, gold hostess bag and champagne from Deb’s Dolls

Cissy Arrives At Carnegie Hall


Sunday, September 16, 1956

issy arrives all aflutter, running late in her shot silk short evening frock, for the greatly anticipated and sold out Carnegie Hall concert starring Edith Piaf, France’s “Little Sparrow.�

ver fashion forward, Cissy wears a new shorter length evening dress for the concert. The frock is of stunning blue Dupioni silk fabric with a fitted bodice and dropped waist culminating with a generous skirt. The bodice is trimmed at the center with a single large rhinestone and accented at the waist by a vintage velvet waist corsage. Underneath her billowing skirt, Cissy wears a white can-can petticoat edged in matching blue silk. She finishes her outfit with distinctively designed dark blue sandals. Her wrap is real silver mink.

Cissy is seated just as the curtain rises. There on stage is the tiny figure dressed entirely in black. Song after plaintive song is wailed, then her signature piece “La Vie en Rose” begins. She looks straight at Cissy. Does she recognize her from their brief encounter earlier when Cissy retrieved her hankie and handed it to her? Cissy follows Piaf ’s gaze and discovers the song is being sung for the couple on her left, Yves Montand with his wife, Simone Signoret.

Dress and Petticoat by Judy LaManna; Fur, Corsage & Shoes by Deb’s Dolls.

Charles James Fashion Retrospective Monday, September 17, 1956

Produced by Vogue Magazine and Held at Saks Fifth Avenue

issy attends the Vogue Retrospective at Saks dressed in her favorite Dior ensemble. She is eager to see again the incredible works of art that sprang from the mind and workshop of the talented, but sadly bankrupt, premier designer Charles James, America’s first couturier. Since seeing the exquisite black velvet torso gown, she can’t help but believe the Alexander Doll Company was influenced by Charles James’ designs to create this work just for her.

Cissy dons a stunning charcoal wool Dior New Look Suit with longsleeve fitted jacket, shawl collar and wide flared skirt but not before she’s properly attired beneath. Her lilac taffeta and lace petticoat with coordinating lace and organdy camisole are almost too lovely to cover. But what would the neighbors say? This stunning suit is accessorized with a black straw picture hat accented by a gray organdy hat band and held securely in place with rhinestone hat pins. Cissy carries a black velveteen handbag complete with white lacy handkerchief and gold compact. Always the lady, she wouldn’t be caught without her lace-trimmed white gloves. A lovely amethyst gem stone ring is visible beneath their delicate weave. The suit comes with two pair of shoes; a black velvet and satin pump and a traditional black strappy sandal.

Wooden screen and vase of flowers not included.

New Style Dior Suit and Undergarments by Virginia Page nnnnnnn Hat design by Richard Stavrakakis

Richard Avedon Exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art



issy, eager to see all, takes in the Avedon Exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art. She is so taken away by the extraordinary images; Dovima and the Elephants as well as the exquisite Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly portraits. As she exits the museum, she is aware that a surge of paparazzi are heading for her, snapping away. “ME?”, she thinks and glances over her shoulder to see Grace Kelly, short steps behind her, serene and lovely and at ease amidst all the snapping and popping and “just one mores.”


issy is resplendent in her fall day dress with fitted bias cut bodice and elbow length fitted sleeves. The dress features a crisp white collar and sleeve band details with a bias cut narrow gold-buckled belt that defines the waist of the very full inverted pleated skirt. The dress, made of cotton plaid shagbark, is topped off with a long sleeved bolero of black pure wool crepe banded in matching plaid bias. A black vintage wool felt Scots hat, black Dupioni silk bag and black strap sandals augment her outside appearance. Underneath all this is a crisp black crinoline and taffeta petticoat with matching taffeta and lace panties. The narrow ribbon bow on her hat is the final perfect touch for this seasonally perfect ensemble inspired by the Scottish highlands!

Ensemble by Arlene Stakic and Katherine Mooney. Earrings from Deb’s Dolls.

Theatre & a Late Dinner at Sardi's

My Fair Lady, Here Comes Cissy!

Wednesday, September 19, 1956:

Dressed to the nines in one of her famous Theatre Dinner outfits, Cissy can’t wait to don her jewels and powder her nose! All eyes will be turning to look at her as she enters the theatre on Broadway. Afterwards, when she descends those theatre steps, she’ll be whisked away to toast the stars with cocktails at the best of the best restaurant in this little town!

Costumier is Arlene Stakic.

Cissy’s entire ensemble is a reproduction of her well-known Theatre Outfit, #2020 or a #2021 variation from 1956, only with a color twist in shades of terra cotta. The dropped waist satin dress is lined in organdy while the matching coat has a satin lining. The matching purse is trimmed in the same beautiful shaded tulle as the jewel-studded head scarf. Drop crystal earrings and matching crystal necklace frame her classically beautiful face. A crisp white taffeta slip and panties, nude stockings and gold strap heels complete the ensemble.

Costumier is Arlene Stakic Shoes by Jane Montague

Dinner at the Russian Tea Room with Edith Head Thursday, September 20, 1956

s Cissy enters the Russian Tea Room her eyes flit over the seated patrons as she looks for a familiar faces to acknowledge. To her left, seated next to a very beautiful starlet, is movie hearth throb Rock Hudson. In the far corner, seated cozily together, are Liz and Michael. “Cissy!�, someone calls. Cissy turns to see her friend, Edith Head, waving her to their table.

Cissy wears a sophisticated aubergine slub taffeta sheath dress with matching bouffant overlay skirt which cinches at the waist with a rhinestone-studded buckle. A sheer organza stole glides across her shoulders. The lavender open-crowned straw hat appointed with aubergine netting and coordinating vintage velvet flowers accentuates her lovely facial features. Three-stone ‘brilliant’ earrings add to the effect. A stylish silver clutch and silver strappy sandals complete her ensemble.

Sophisticated sheath ensemble, hat & earrings byAnna Hawkins Shoes and shoe boxes by Anna Hawkins nnnnnnn Purse & Ring from Deb's Dolls

What fashionable woman would be without an array of shoes to choose from? Included with her wardrobe are three pair of lovely strappy sandals complete with custom-designed shoe boxes.

Jr. League Charity Ball at the Waldorf Astoria Friday, September 21, 1956

Cissy, feeling cool and elegant in ice blue, glides in to the Waldorf Astoria, checks her Arctic white mink with the hat check girl and surveys the scene. C.Z. Gust and Gloria Vanderbilt are huddled together in the far corner. Will they remember her? Oh my, the guest of honor, Grace Kelly, catches her eye and nods. They have met, if just in passing, at the Avedon exhibit; Cissy’s head swells. What a glorious night this is already and it has just begun!

Cissy is dressed is taffeta with an overlay of coin dotted net, bare but not bare, in ice blue. Matching panties and petticoat included. Jewel neckline, wrist and ears are accented with pearls, a perennial fashion must. Cissy wears a snowy white mink stole lined in matching ice blue satin. In this stunning designer frock, Cissy is the belle of the ball.

Ball Gown, Slip, Panties and Mink Stole by Jan Irsfeld & Lisa Cogoni Pearl Necklace & Bracelet by Katherine Mooney

Two Lovely Ladies: Two different Cissys were used to model the exceptional clothing in this auction. They are basically identical, alike in quality, but each has a different hairstyle. The wig is the same style, but it’s “arranged” differently. The winner of the auction may choose which coiff he or she prefers.

• ••••

Tw i s te d C i s s ters Cha rit y Auc tion

•••••••••••••• This entire clothing set has been donated by Twisted Cissters’ members, as has the doll herself. The end result is a wonderful story, entwining an amazing glance back to one of the most amazing dolls of the 50’s, and an example of what great things can come from a few close friends wanting to make a difference. All proceeds from this entire collection will be donated to The Ronald McDonald House. Participating in this endeavor has been an exciting adventure for all involved. We have chosen to donate 100% of the proceeds of this auction to The Ronald McDonald House because of their commitment to keeping families together. Ronald McDonald Houses around the world offer families a way to stay together, in proximity to the treatment hospital, and be comfortable and cared for during their stay. Families are stronger when they are together, which helps in the healing process. By staying at a Ronald McDonald House, parents can also better communicate with their child’s medical team and keep up with complicated treatment plans when needed. When a child is sick, you want the best care possible - even if it is hundreds or thousands of miles away. The Ronald McDonald House allows families to access specialized medical treatment by providing a place to stay at little or sometimes no cost. We’d like to thank Stephen Foster for his illustrations, Karyn Shaffner for her organizational and copy writing assistance and Debbie Foster for photography, layout and design work. We’re also grateful to the following members for their monetary contributions in helping to defray auction listing and settlement fees. Mare Cross

Christine Fisher

Eve Halliday

Jan Irsfeld

Judy LaManna

Katherine Mooney

Julie Roza

Sherry Slade

Charity Auction of Vintage Cissy on Her Trip to New York  
Charity Auction of Vintage Cissy on Her Trip to New York  

This is a story of Twisted Cissters, an online “doll group” whose extremely talented members sew & create for the doll they love to collect....