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Genetic Freak Jaylen Brown was born on October 24th, 1996 in Marietta, Georgia. Growing up, Jaylen and his brother had a lot to live up to because their dad was a 7 foot world champion boxer. From day one Jaylen knew what it would take to make his dreams come true. With Jaylen standing at 6 foot 7’’ with a 7 foot wingspan, it’s easy to realize why he was so dominant in highschool, and the AAU circuit.

Starting up Smart

“That’s the reality because sports are a mechanism for control. If people didn’t have sports they would be a lot more disappointed with their role in society. There would be a lot more anger and stress about the poverty and hunger. Sports are a way to channel our energy into something positive. Without sports who would know what half these kids would be doing.”

When Jaylen was young, his dad taught him to chase his dreams and to always go big. He also knew that it might not happen, so he paid attention, and worked his tail off on his schoolwork. He lived in the part of the city where being smart was looked down upon, and everyone made their money by selling illegal substances. Almost everyone was a low life gangster who couldn’t keep a job.

So Jaylen went to work in the

classroom and became a hard working student. He finished high school with a GPA of 3.1. Jaylen was the hardest working player on and off the court, and was considered a can't miss NCAA recruit.

Ballin’ Out Jaylen Brown knew the moment he touched a basketball he was destined for something great. To show everyone how good he was, he decided to transfer to Wheeler High, a better basketball school. In the beginning when Jaylen transferred, he was a shy kid. He didn’t have many friends at his new school until Trevin Steede started talking to him. They instantly became close with each other, and bonded over basketball. When the basketball season came, Jaylen absolutely balled out and received 9 scholarship offers! 1

College Hoops When Jaylen Brown went to college, he didn’t put up insane stats, but when he was on the court, he was a star. He showed crazy potential and was a clutch time player. He led his team to the NCAA playoffs. The season before that, his team didn’t even make the playoffs, but after he joined the team, they did. When people talked about him going to the NBA, they talked about his hustle and competitive nature. At the end of the playoffs, Jaylen knew he was ready to go pro, so he declared for the draft.

Dreaming of the Draft With the third pick in the NBA draft, Jaylen went to the Boston Celtics where his career started. The media booed him at the draft and said he was a bust. This only gave fuel to his motivation. At the end of the season, he proved he could be something special if given time to develop.

Break out Star With his sophomore season approaching, he was still getting crucified by the media with everyone saying he was a bust. After a couple of games, those talks were long over when he started to produce at a high level. The media's perception of him instantly changed from bust to break out star as he was a main part of the Celtics fifty win season. The game where he proved he was a star, was the game when his best friend Trevin Steede passed to Jaylen, and dropped 22 points, 5 rebounds, and 5 assists. This led the Celtics to a huge win over the Warriors. This was a very emotional time for Jaylen. The final straw that proved he was a star was when Jaylen scored 30 points against the Bucks in a playoff game, making him the youngest Celtic to score 30 points in a playoff game in history.

Awards/Achievements 1. Youngest Celtic to score 30 points in a playoff game 2. McDonald's All American 3. overall Pick in the NBA Draft 4. First College Scholarship offer on 10/10/14 5. First team all rookie 2016/2017 Rising Star Game 2017,2018


Sir Winston Churchill “I am fond of pigs.�-Winston Churchill Born into Royalty Sir Winston Churchill was born on November 30, 1874 in Woodstock, UK. He was born the son of Lord Randolph Churchill, a British statesman.


Sir Winston Churchill, Frowning Over a Lost Cigar in 1941.

Churchill was not fond of his math or latin classes in school, but was exceptionally good in his English classes. Winston moved schools fairly often, with him

attending at least three schools.

A Brave Brit In 1899, the Boer War broke out. For the Morning Post, he went to South Africa, and was captured. Four weeks later, Churchill escaped the Boer encampment and returned to the UK.

large hand in the development of the nations in the middle east. He also almost single handedly created the nations of Iraq and Jordan. He did this so that those people could unite and become a more civilized population.

A Selfless Statesman Integrating, Winston Churchill Intelligence and was no doubt a selfless Intuition man. Throughout his career, Churchill had a

Winston Churchill was definitely a man of 3

intelligence. In 1940, Churchill demonstrated his military genius. He did this in Dunkirk, France. This battle was fought between Nazi, Germany, and the Allies. The Allies successfully evacuated 85% of stranded troops as the Allies retreated to Britain. Churchill was not only militarily genius, but was also a master of the written, and spoken word. Churchill’s most famous speech, “We Shall Fight On the Beaches” not only informed the British people of the situation in the war, he encouraged them to, “Fight On the Beaches,” and anywhere else that they needed to never surrender. As another quote of his says,

“Never give in! Never give in! Never, never, never, never, never--in nothing great or small, large or petty--never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense.”

A Loss to the World Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill was no doubt a great man. This is why his death and funeral had such a large impact on the world. His last words are believed to be, “I am bored with it all.” Over 300,000 people lined up to see his body as it layed out for three days by order of the queen.

Some of Churchill’s awards.

Churchill was a well decorated man. Here are a few of his awards: Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, Order of Merit, Order of the Companions of Honour, India Medal, Queen’s Sudan Medal, Queen’s South Africa Medal, 1914-1915 Star, British War Medal, Victory Medal, Queen’s South Africa Medal, 1939-1945 Star, Africa Star, Italy Star, France and Germany Star, Defence Medal, War Medal, King George V Coronation Medal… Churchill has 37 orders, decorations and medals.


Walt Disney Walt Disneyland

“It's Kind Of Fun To Do The Impossible” -Walt Disney Walt Disney

It's A Boy

Walt Disney was born on December, 05, 1901 in Chicago Illinois. Walt had a pretty rough childhood.His family consisted of his Mom, Dad, three older brothers and a sister. One of his brothers was very close to him, and later in life they both pursued in the same carrier. Both his mother and father came from farming backgrounds. His father was a huge impacted on his family and was the leader of the family. Walt was even denied

toys, games, and sports. Walt was also lacking an education from working on the farm and his family constantly moving. Walt dropped out of high-school at the age of seventeen to serve in World War 1, he was rejected because he was at a young age but soon worked for ambulances in the war. While growing up he eventually moved to Kansas City to pursue a career of Newspaper artist. His brother Roy helped him get a job at Pesmen-Rubin Art Studio. Walt worked on

commercials based on Cut out Animation. For some time Walt worked at Pesman-Rubin and his skills grew and grew.

His First Cartoon

Walt Disney made his own animation company. His first animations were called “Laugh-O-Grams”. At the time Walt was only nineteen and his animations were a hit! Again his skills grew and he produced his first cartoon, a seven minute fairy tale called Alice in Cartoonland. The crowd loved these fairy tales!

Different Idea

Walt was looking for something different than just these Laugh-O-Grams and his little seven minute fairy tales. He thought of a mouse character named Mortimer. His wife Lilly denied this idea saying that the name was too stiff. He later came up with other characters such as Oswald The Lucky Rabbit. Oswald was soon replaced, with a funny new character that we all know and love, Mickey Mouse Walt started producing for television. Walt joined “ABC” TV Productions, producing Davy Crockett

Did You Know? Before Mickey Mouse, Walt made a character named Oswald The Lucky Rabbit!

and Mouse Club, for television exclusively

New Worlds

In 1955 Walt opened his first theme park, Disneyland. He later he announced plans for a new theme park called Disney World. Walt rushed the construction of Disneyland and the opening day was not so

magical. rides were shutting down, with many kids disappointed. Weeds were sprouting along the Canal boats that Disney made the workers put signs in Latin with exotic species names on them. With temperatures reaching around 100 degrees, the first asphalt turned stick on the streets of Main Street.

Todays Disney World is a Magical Place! The parks are filled with fun Cast Members.

Not So Good

Walt was a heavy smoker and wouldn't give up. He just got sicker and sicker each day. During the construction of Disney World, Walt was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. He sadly died on December, 15, 1966. He died in Saint Josephs Medical Center. He was very missed and he will always be my hero! â—ź

Fun Fact!

All Workers at DisneyLAnd and Disney World are called Cast Members!


Walt Was Born


Alice In Cartoonland His first 7 minute fairy tail


Mickey Mouse Created the Famous mascot named Mickey Mouse


Disneyland Show ABC exclusive show.


Plans for Disney World

Announced plans to open a new park





by: Leah Skierczynski

Ever since Dian was born, she has always said that she wanted to go to Africa, but didn’t know why. When she had the opportunity to go, she realized that she had a passion for the gentle mountain gorilla.

The Republic of Congo is where Dian studied the gentle mountain gorilla for most of her adult life until her murder in 1987.

“The man who kills the animals today, is the man who kills the people who gets in his way tomorrow.” - Dian Fossey 7

An Animal Lover at Heart

Dian Fossey was born on January 16th, 1932, in San Francisco, California. She grew up with her mother and stepfather. Dian developed a love for animals at a very young age, and was a passionate horseback rider, and an aspiring veterinarian. During her young adult years, Dian worked with crippled children as an occupational therapist in Louisville Kentucky, until 1963, when her lifelong desire to visit Africa caused her to take out a 8,000 dollar loan to finance a trip there.

A Determined Woman

Leaky, the scientist that went to Africa with Dian, wanted to test her determination. He suggested that she should have her healthy appendix removed, as a precaution. She did, and it surprised Leaky because she was willing to have her appendix removed, just to go on the trip.

Intensifying her Efforts

After Dian’s favorite family of gorillas, that she treated like a family, were killed by poachers, she decided to intensify her efforts of protecting them. There are stories of her trying to intimidate the locals with black magic, interrogations, and beatings. There was even one story of her kidnapping a

The Mountain Gorilla

child of one of the locals that have captured a gorilla, and put it for sale. Dian refused to give the local family their child back until they released the gorilla.

A Brutal Death

Dian Fossey was murdered on December 26, 1985. She was found in her cabin, murdered by an angry poacher with a machete. This shows that she new she was putting her life at risk by having many poachers as enemies, but it didn’t scare her, and she continued to live and study mountain gorillas in the Republic of Congo.

Mountain gorillas are critically endangered, with only several hundred remaining on earth. These gorillas live on the volcanic slopes in Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Many mountain gorilla conservations and animal activists (including Dian Fossey), are working to aid the gorillas, and slowly, their number is gradually increasing. 8 But still, they are continuing to face major threats from poachers, and habitat loss.

Anne Frank “I do 't

Anne Frank was a brave, young girl.

A Hero is Born

Anne was born June 12, 1929, in Frankfurt, Germany. As a child, Anne grew up in a wealthy family. Anne was very close with her father, but was more distant with her mother. On the day World War II started getting out of hand, it forced Anne


l he

r , bu

and her family to go into hiding from the Nazis. The Nazis didn’t like Jews like Anne, and believed they shouldn’t be alive. Anne new they must go if they want to survive the war. As life moved forward, the Nazis discovered the secret annex, where Anne had been living for the last two years. They took Anne to a concentration camp in Bergen-Belsen.

l he



l em


Before the Nazis could kill her, she died of typhus, a disease caused by contaminated food and water.

A Courageous Young Girl

Anne was stuck in a crawl space at the age of 13. She could not make any noise and had barely any room to move. Also, when Anne was sent to the concentration camp in

Bergen Belsen, she was with her sister, Margot Frank. Her parents got sent to a different concentration camp. Anne stayed strong and took care of her sister.

Tough TImes

One of Anne’s most admirable traits was her bravery. She had to go into hiding in a small annex. She was stuck there with no friends and fought through. In addition, when she went to the concentration Anne Frank was born.

camp, she was tortured and not fed well. This caused her to get sick and eventually, she was too sick to live.

Living Life Smart

Anne wrote in a diary every day, when she was stuck in the annex. Her father found her diary and published it. Anne is known around the world for her sad story. She explained everything that happened to her in the annex. Anne was caught and taken to a concentration camp in Bergen-Belsen.

1942 June 9, 1929

March 12,1946 1946

Anne went into hiding in a secret annex to escape the Nazis.

Anne died of typhus at the concentration camp.

“You can’t be afraid to fall. It’s the only way you succeed. Your not gonna succeed all the time I know that.” A Rough Start Gloria James gave birth to LeBron at the age of 16. LeBron was born on December 30, 1984 in Akron, Ohio United States. By all means James did not have an all good childhood due to his unstable environment. James never met his Biological father. By the time he was five

years of age he moved at least 7 times. James missed large amounts of elementary school and spent 2 years living in a foster home. The most stable male influence in his life was his mother’s boyfriend Eddie Jackson which who did not always set a good example for James. For example in 2002 he was sent to prison for 3 years for mail and mortgage fraud. Towards the end of elementary school, James found a new influence in his life which was basketball.

Where it all Started

James received the most attention early in his career. During his junior year people started to believe he was going to become a professional basketball player before he finished school. LeBron's team had to start playing at bigger stadiums so the overflow of crowdes was less crammed. James was becoming a national celebrity at only 17 years old. The cav’s selected James at the age

Of 18, he was chosen in 2003 as first pick in the NBA draft. Lebron positions are small forward and power forward. When James was a freshman he led his team st. vincent-st. Mary fighting irish into a 27-0 record. He averaged around 18 points per game during the Ohio State Basketball Championship.

All in the Mind Even though the hype around James was high, his mother and his school advisors helped James stay grounded. In st. V’s they were very strict, they were on there game with books and getting good grades. James knows no work no basketball. By his senior year the hype around him was unbelievable. ESPN and ESPN2

And more sports networks started providing coverage games Lebron played in. all his games were always sold out. James did not only play one sport he also played football for the fighting irish, James was making honors as a sophomore at the same time helping his teammates make it to the state championship semi finals. Despite the overflowing of the heated crowds of James final games, he attempted to make it his last his best games, averaging out 31.6 points, 9.6 rebounds, 4.6 assists, and 3.4 steals a game which lead his team to the 3rd time out of 4 state championships.

Achievements < Lebron averages around 31.6 points, 9.6 rebounds, 4.6 assists, and 3.4 steals a game. < Lebron led his team to the 3rd time out of 4 State Championships. < Lebron was chosen in 2003 as first pick in the NBA draft. < during the Ohio State Championship Lebron averaged around 18 points per game.

Derek Jeter was a Excellent Player When was Derek Jeter Born? Derek Jeter was born in the month of June on the 26th, 1974. He was born in Pequannock, New Jersey.

Derek Jeter's childhood

Derek in a baseball game.

Derek's famous quote â&#x20AC;&#x153;There may be people who have more talent than you but there is no reason for anyone to work harder than you.â&#x20AC;?

In the beginning of Derek's childhood, he was the oldest of 2 children. Derek's family moved to Kalamazoo MIchigan in 1979. Derek was a big baseball fan when he was growing up. When Jeter was in 8th grade he predicted he would be in a NY uniform within 10 years. Derek Jeter played both baseball and basketball during his school years. In his junior year his batting average was very impressive with a .557 record.

A Fearless Player Derek Jeter is brave because when ever he plays he is in front of a huge crowd, that is depending on him, even if he is tired, he has to put up a good fight against the pitcher, hoping to get a hit. It was the bottom of the 9th inning and the bases were loaded. The team was depending on Jeter, and he was up to the plate. All he needed was one hit. There goes the ball out of the park! The Yankees won the world series! Derek Jeter is also brave because when ever he goes up to bat, he has a chance at being hit with the ball, but he still goes up to the plate. If he does get hit, he just shakes it off and continues on with the game. A Grateful Man Derek Jeter is humble because he never shows off after a good hit or play.

When Derek got a hit in a very important game, he took the lead. He never showed off, he just ran the bases. On opening day in 1996, Jeter had a great game with a solo home run, and very good defense throughout the game. Derek Jeter is also humble because he never mouth offs to the umpires or the other team. When Derek is up to the plate and gets called out on a bad pitch, he just walks away and tries again next time.


Derek Jeter was born in 1974 on June 26

Outsmarting Opponents on the Field

because he learned the plays Derek Jeter is smart because he needs and now he plays to remember all the plays and batting timing. baseball better In some of Derek's games in the 9th inning, the now. crowd is depending on him to get a hit. He needs to be smart about the timing of his swing. Derek hits one out of the park to win the game for his team. Derek Jeter is also smart because he had over 56 errors in the low minors, but he turned that around in 1995. He had a hitting average of .344, and 50 stolen bases. This shows that he is smart.


In 1995 Derek Jeter joined the yankees.

2014 Derek Jeter retired from his baseball career


Derek Jeter's first full season.


Derek had been apart of the world series.

Martin luther king jr “I have a dream” A Hero is Born Martin luther king jr when he was 7 years old

Martin Luther king was born on January 15, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia.He was the second of the three children,and was first named Michael, after his father.He was a son of a pastor among a black middle class.In 1934 when he was five he went to school at David T. Howard elementary. In 1940 he went to Booker T. Washington high school.In 1945, at the age of fifteen, he entered Atlanta’s Morehouse college. In 1948 Martin luther king earned a sociology degree from Morehouse college and attended the liberal Crozer Theological Seminary in Chester, Pennsylvania.

Bravery Martin luther king is good example of bravery because he stood up to his beliefs Martin luther king wasn’t afraid to express his feelings in front of white people.With his success at Birmingham still fresh in the minds of blacks and whites in the South and North Martin luther king was poised to assert himself as national and international leader.He is a powerful person where the U.S. government and his followers took his words in consideration.



Another trait that Martin Luther King poses is determination. Even know the white community burned down his house it did not stop him from achieving his goal to have black people being treated the same as black people. One of Martin luther king's famous quotes shows he is a determined man. He is determined because he did not give up even when faced with violence.

The final trait Martin Luther King poses is he is inspirational. He is a role model of how to change the world. He also inspires people to live together peacefully. The quote ”Forgiveness is not an occasional act it is a constant attitude,” shows that Martin luther king inspired people how to change the world.

1929 Martin was born on January 15,1929

1953 On June 18, 1953 Martin Luther King gets married to Coretta Scott King

1963 On August 28 1963 Martin Luther King has his famous “I have a dream” speech

1968 On April 4, 1968 Martin Luther King gets assassinated

Martin Luther King Jr.

The Power of Applied Intelligence

A Hero is Born Martin Luther King Jr. was born on January 15, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia. During his childhood, Martin Luther King Jr. was born in the “Upper class” of his time. He was also the son of a Baptist Pastor. Because he was born in the “Upper class” he got a good education. 1929

Martin Luther King Jr was born on January 16 in Atlanta, Georgia

“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” ~Martin Luther King Jr.

During all that was going on, Martin Luther King Jr. remained committed to nonviolence, if he would’ve chose violence, he most likely would not have been as strong of a Civil Rights Leader that he was. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his “I Have A Dream” speech


King starts his freshman year at Morehouse College on September 20

1949 King becomes the assistant Pastor at the Ebenezer Baptist Church on February 25

and that was intelligent because it showed that everyone is equal: whether you were African American or white.

A Great Measure of Self-Confidence Martin Luther King Jr. on his own, gave his I Have A Dream Speech. No one told him to give that speech or any 1953

King married Coretta Scott on June 18th in Marion, Alabama

1955 Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King have their first child, Yolanda Denise King

other speeches. Martin Luther King Jr. decided to join

arrested because she refused to give up her seat to a white man. Martin Luther King Jr. stayed self-confident the whole time.

Victory is the Goal. Determination gets you There. Martin Luther King Jr.

a boycott called the Montgomery bus boycott. Rosa Parks was 1956 King’s house is bombed. None of his family is injured. He then later pleads for nonviolence on January 30th.

and wasn’t a thing anymore in the United States and he stood up for his beliefs and what he thought was right. King would find something to stand up for, and he wouldn’t stop until there was a solution. He was determined to get that done.

April 4, 1968 Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated by James Earl Ray in Memphis, Tennessee. He made many contributions to life today. He will be remembered.

Martin Luther King Jr was determined to make a change in the world… and he did, he made it so segregation was illegal 1961 and 1963 1957 The Kings’ have their second child, Martin, III on October, 23

The Kings’ third and fourth children are born: Dexter Scott and Bernice Albertine

1968 On April 4th, King is assassinated. On April 9th, he is buried in Atlanta Georgia.

Karen Morrone “You

have to listen to me”

A Fighter is Born In 1973 Karen was born in Seoul, South Korea on December 13. Her dad was in the military and Karen’s mom wanted to go with him and so they did. Karen was born on the site that they were staying at. This is my hero aka mom my little brother and me bowling. My hero was

born in Seoul South Korea on December 13, 1973.

Childhood Begins

Her childhood was a lot of dance, gymnastics, swimming, roller skating and raising cats. Her house burnt down when she was young so now, she does everything she can to make sure that her house won’t start on fire. Also, she makes sure that my little brother and I are careful.

My hero came back to North America when she was only 6 months old.

And don’t go through what she did when her house burnt down because she was really scared. It is totally different from when she was a kid to when I am a kid because she doesn't like when I roller skate and go to a playground around my house.

Starting the Family

When my hero was young she did dance, gymnastics, swim and roller skating.

When my hero was 19, she had my brother that's when she started her family.

My heroâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s adolescence were babysitting, took nursing and child care in high school, graduated from high school, continued with nursing and received her CNA and got married at 19, and started a family, she had my brother when she was 20 and another one of my brothers when she was 23, she had me when she was 31 and had my youngest brother when she was 33.

The Disease Karen was only 40 when she had tennis elbow surgery when the doctor was doing the surgery he did something wrong and it has changed her life, after the surgery she was diagnosed with a disease called RSD which is a rare disease that stand for reflex sympathetic dystrophy and CRPS

Which stands for complex regional pain syndrome. She had another surgery after her elbow surgery she had all of her teeth pulled a couple years ago and she is still recovering from that because her RSD went to her mouth and there is no cure so and when it went to her mouth the doctors couldn't do anything. In January this year she had brain surgery for an aneurysm and that was okay until after she is still trying to get all of her mobility back.

The Korean War started in 1950 and it ended in 1953. It was a long fought battle between the Koreas and no one won so they stopped battling and made peace for a little bit and then the U.S. President sent his troops over and after a year it all stopped.

Sir Isaac Newton Is Radical “What goes up must come down.” Left Behind

A Natural Scholar

Growing Mind

All Around Genius

Isaac Newton was born in Lincolnshire, England. His father died before he was born, and his mother left him with his grandmother to marry the rector of a neighboring parish. At the age of 12, Isaac went to King's School in Grantham. There, he lived with an apothecary named Clarke. Isaac showed romantic attachment to Clarke’s stepdaughter. He made her little things to amuse her, such as sundials, or floating lanterns. They were never in a relationship, and she married elsewhere. Newton never showed romantic attraction to anybody else. This hairstyle was actually fashionable at the time. Weird, right?

When he was 19 he continued his schooling at Trinity College, Cambridge where he studied mathematics and science. Also, he completed his master’s degree in 1667. Isaac Newton has made many amazing discoveries. One of these breakthroughs were when Newton arranged Galileo’s findings into what we all know as the three laws of motion.

Responsibility is Key

In an amazing display of responsibility, Isaac Newton continued his studies in gravitation and optics while his college was closed during the Bubonic Plague.

Isaac didn’t have to do anything while his school was closed, but he did anyways. During this period, he even developed a form of calculus for his own use.

Sit Down

Isaac Newton wasn’t born into significant money, and never had a dad. His relationship with his mother was wobbly, seeing how she left him as a baby to remarry. He was born as the heir to a farm, but it was nothing special. Even at that, he wasn’t a very good farmer. Isaac’s family wasn’t poor, but his family wasn’t filthy rich.

Myth or Fiction? “An apple fell on Isaac Newton’s head, and that’s when he discovered gravity.” Many people believe that an apple never fell on Newton’s head. In that case, many people would be right; an apple never fell on Newton’s head. He just saw an apple fall while he was sitting under an apple tree. And yes, it did lead to his theory on universal gravitation.


P Rosa Parks


One of Rosaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s best traits was her determination. Whenever someone would tell her to be careful, and that something was dangerous, Rosa would walk in with her head held high. Another example of when she showed determination was when her mother fell sick, and Rosa had to drop out of school to take care of her. Later on, Rosa went back to school and ended up received her high school diploma.

Town where Rosa Grew up. Town where Rosa grew up

Childhood Life Growing up, Rosa was a very intelligent girl, even though she attended a handful of different schools. Her schools ranged from private to regular high schools. Her mother was a schoolteacher and her father was a carpenter. Her grandparents were both born slaves.

Outspoken Another good trait that Rosa inherited was how outspoken she was. She was not afraid to speak her mind and defend herself or others. She took part in many protests and petitions to fight for equal rights.

Adult Years


Rosa was also a very courageous person. She was willing to potentially risk her life by refusing to give up her seat to a white man. This is only one example of how Rosa was a very brave women. She was not afraid of the struggles she had to face in order to gain equal rights for african americans. .

In 1932 Rosa McCauley married Raymond Parks. She worked as a seamstress and was also serving as the secretary to the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement for Colored People). She worked hard to fight for women's and blacks rights. The NAACP would gather any information dealing with court cases against blacks.

Members of the NAACP Gathered at Headquarters


only tired I was, was tired of giving in.â&#x20AC;? ~ Rosa Parks

Rosa refuses to move from a bus seat for a white man and is then arrested.

Rosa Parks is born in Tuskegee, Alabama on February 14,1913

1932 February 14, 1913

2005 1955

Rosa married Raymond and becomes secretary to the NAACP.

Rosa died on December 24, 2005

A Warrior is Born George Washington was born on February 22nd, in Westmoreland County, Virginia. His father died when he was just 11 years old, because of this George spent the next few years with his mother at Ferry Farm near Fredericksburg and also with relatives in Westmoreland and additionally with his half brother at Mount Vermont. By the time George was 16, he had a rudimentary education. He was studying mathematics, surveying, reading, and projects of this very day life. In 1749, Washington became the county surveyor, and he had a lot of George Washington fighting experience on the frontier and that let with the Continental Army. him to becoming a major Virginia Milia in 1752.

George Washington leads the Continental Army into battle.

George Was born on February 22,1732, in Bridges Creek, Virginia.

A Leader at Heart Washington was a very great leader, one way that that shows that is After Braddock died in 1755 Dinwiddie promoted Washington to colonial and made him commander and chief of all the Virginian troops. Throughout 1756 and 1757 Washington chased a defensive policy, he protected the frontier with stockades, hired men, and made sure that there was discipline. Another time that shows Washington was a great leader was that Washington was the reason the Continental Army won the war, the army was not trained, they were young, poor and uneducated. Most of them

When George was 11 years old his father died, so he then had to live with other family members. Like his mother and half-brother.

George were between 15 and 25 years old, most of them joined the army because they could not find a job, they just wanted to get paid. There were not enough soldiers and the living conditions were terrible. But Washington led them to victory by his great leadership skills and smart and quick thinking. He did not give up on the army and believed that they were going to be victorious.

By the time George Washington was 16 he had a rudimentary education. In 1749 he became the country surveyor.

George Washingtonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s official carrier in the British arm started in 1752.

Washington He Never Tells a Lie Washington was known for being trustworthy, an example of this is that

George Washington took a serious role as the stepfather and guardian of Martha’s two children; he said it was his duty to be “generous and attentive,” and he very much was. When Washington’s step daughter died at the age of 17, it was an

“Associate with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for it is better to be alone than in bad company.” to abandon the forts

emotional shock for him because he loved her very government was created Washington won the much. When his step son died after fighting with the election for president by a long shot, this shows that Virginia militia at the colonists trusted Yorktown, Washington then virtually adopted two George Washington with of the 4 stepson’s children. the making of their new government and they An additional example of trusted him with their George Washington being country! trusted was When the Colonists won the war, the Washington the Brave Washington was a very first government failed so brave man throughout his they held a constitutional life, an example of this is convention and George when George Washington Washington was the one who lead and controlled it. was sent to deliver a warning to the French When the new

George Washington starts to lead the Continental Army on June 19, 1775

George Washington became president in 1789 and served

at once. But the French ignorted the message. The trip was still very important for Washington, he traveled thousands of miles through the wilderness. He crossed two ranges of mountains, he got thrown off a crude raft into a icy river. The water in the river was so cold that his cloths froze solid! But he still made it home safely and was promoted for his bravery.

George Washington died on December 14, 1799.

Washington caring for children Another point in time that shows that George Washington was trustworthy was when Washington was fighting with the redcoats during the French and Indian war, the general sent 2000 men to attack one of the largest French forts. Washington warned the British general that the Americans fought differently. He said that they would come from all sides, the French and the Indians would hide behind trees and rocks. The general didn’t listen, the redcoats attacked as they were trained, and the British lost.

George Washington Gilbert Stuart painted pictures of Washington

“If freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” Washington’s Childhood On February 22, 1732 George Washington was born in Bridges Creek, Virginia. When Washington was 11 years old his father died and spent the next few years with his mom and relatives on a ferry farm in westmoreland. Washington received irregular schooling from ages of seven to fifteen.

George Washington was born in 1732

Washington’s Early Adult Years From 1754-1763, Washington gained military experience he served many posts eventually Washington was appointed commander and chief of all virginia troops

From 1754 to 1763 Washington gained military experience

1775 George Washington was chosen to be commander of the continental army

This is a map of where George Washington grew up as a kid.

In 1776 george Washington took daring crossings across the Delaware.

The First President

National Symbol

In 1789 George Washington was

When George Washington died his symbolic impotence to the nation remained. Washington was not just a father to his country but a role model to its people. To this day Washington still remains a symbol to its nation and its idls.

the first president of America.Since Washington was the first president no one knew how to confront him. In 1797 Washington's 8 year term ended as being president. Everyone thought Washington was going to be the first president so the delegates were willing enough to give the office powers to Washington.

In 1799 Washington December 19 1799 George Washington was called in one more time incase of died a war

George Washington


“ “Hath no more right to put their hands into my pocket, without my consent, than I have to put my hands into yours for money.” ~George Washington

A Rough Childhood

George Washington was born on February 22, 1732 in Mount Vermont, Virginia. George Washington was a child when his father died, he then spent the next few years at a farm near Fredericksburg with his mother and other relatives. When he was sixteen he had a rudimentary education, studying mathematics, surveying, reading, and the usual subjects of his day. However when the French and Indian War broke out he decided that he would help.

Fearless and Fierce

George Washington was very brave. He was so brave he fought in the French and Indian war when he was 21-years old and he protested against Stamp Act arguing with parliament. In 1753 Washington fought the French in the Ohio Valley. Also in 1754 he encountered the French again to battle for his country starting the French and Indian war. Additionally, Washington protested against the Stamp Acts and argued with Parliament that the act was unfair.

recruiting people, fortifying their frontier with stockades, and establishing discipline which proves he stays focused on his task.

Thoughts far and Wide

The last trait that George Washington had was that he was a very intelligent man. Because of that he had been promoted to commander in chief three times. Also he was elected as a representative to the house of burgesses in 1758 which is the first assembly among the elected representatives in North America. George Washington’s map made by him.

Dull Attitude

George Washington was discipline. George Washington was very well disciplined, he lived on a farm near Fredericksburg for a few years and always worked hard and had a rudimentary education, studying mathematics, reading, surveying, and regular subjects. Another reason why he was disciplined is that in 1756 to 1757 George Washington kept on trying to pursue making defensive policies,

Fun Fact! George Washington’s favorite foods were cream of peanut soup, mashed sweet potatoes with coconut, and string beans with mushrooms.

Fighting in Memory

On Thursday, December 12, 1799 George Washington passed away. People believe the cause of death was because a sickness called acute epiglottitis (supraglottitis). Even though George Washington isn’t alive he will still live on in the U.S history.

George Washington’s death

“I was too busy to be scared” Determination

Peggy Whitson, the longest American to stay in space, and the first astronaut to be named scientist officer of the International Space Station (ISS). Peggy has made some incredible accomplishments, and sometimes we tend to ask ourselves, “How did they get there? Who encouraged them? Who helped? How did they get to where they are now? How do they feel?”

Whitson was born in the state of Iowa, in the town of Mt. Ayr, February 9, 1960. She grew up on a pig farm with her mother and father, Keith and Beth Whitson. At the age of nine, Peggy saw the first astronauts to walk on the moon in 1969. That’s when Peggy realized what she wanted to be when she grew up. Peggy soon began to realize that women didn’t have that much power, But she did not give up. In 1978, NASA made their selections for the first female group to go up into space. Whitson was a senior in high school at the time. Soon, Peggy went to college

Peggy Whitson picture taken at the ISS (International Space Station in Texas)

at Iowa Wesleyan College to study biology and chemistry. Once Peggy finally graduated, she made her way to Rice University to work on Ph.D in biochemistry. After earning her Ph.D in biochemistry in 1985, Peggy spent ten years as a NASA scientist. Training Russian astronauts and American astronauts. As the years passed, Peggy finally signed up for the astronaut corps. In May of 1996, Whitson was selected to be an astronaut corps.

First Blast Off After all the waiting, Peggy soon blasted off into space on June 5, 2002, to go see the space shuttle Endeavour with some Russian Astronauts. Peggy and her crew spent a total of six months, 184 days, and 22 hours in space, recording one of the longest Americans to stay in space. Whitson

described space as "To say that my first sight of the Earth from orbit was breathtaking or magnificent still seems such a paltry way to describe what I saw and felt.... The colors were so vibrant that they seemed to have a

previously unseen texture. I would liken the feeling to having someone turn on the lights after having lived in semi-darkness for years. I had never really seen anything quite so clearly or with so much color!" And that is the story of how Peggy Whitson made her dream come true.


Murder (of an important person) in a surprise attack for political or religious reasons.

Civil Rights Leader

Influential figures in the promotion and implementation of political freedom and the expansion of personal civil liberties.


Is attributed to a player who passes the ball to a teammate in a way that leads to a score by field goal, meaning he or she was “assisting” in the basket. An assist can be scored for the passer, even the player who receives the pass.


A commissioned officer in the army, air force, or marine corps ranking above a lieutenant colonel, and below a brigadier general.


A unit of the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration that selects, trains, and provides astronauts as crew members for U.S. and international space missions.


A phrase for when you are going off in sports.


The Dutch and Afrikaans noun for “farmer.”


Withdraw from commercial or social relations with a country, organization, or person as punishment or protest.

Crude Raft

A collection of logs or timber fastened together for conveyance by water.


Courageous behavior or character.


A medal or award conferred as an honor.


A player who fails to meet expectations; usually drafted in the first round.


Having made a firm decision and being resolved not to change it.



A sports event where the top high school and college prospects are taken based on their ability. A person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.


Having or showing sensitive insight.

Power forward

A large forward who plays in the low post and typically has good rebounding skills.


Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior.


A synonym for Basketball.


Providing or showing creative or spiritual inspirational.


Bounce back through the air after hitting a hard surface or object.


The intention or desire to do evil; ill will.



A military force that is raised from the civil population to supplement a regular army in an emergency.

The action or state of setting someone or something apart from other people or things; being set apart.

Small forward

A forward who is typically smaller than a power forward, and is often more agile and has a better shot.


A famous or exceptionally talented performer in the world of entertainment or sports.


A type of honorable award.


A minister in charge of a Christian church or congregation.


A skilled, experienced, and respected political figure.


Able to be relied on as honest or truthful.


Having won a victory; triumphant.

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Period 1 Real Life Hero Book  

This is a book that was created by 7th-grade students after researching individuals that they considered real-life heroes.

Period 1 Real Life Hero Book  

This is a book that was created by 7th-grade students after researching individuals that they considered real-life heroes.