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Use the flashcode to see a demonstration video of the VortexTM  3  4WD on your smartphone.

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Without doubt the most intelligently designed 4 wheel drive cleaner. tm

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Efficiently suctions debris with no loss in suction power

The position of the motor makes all the difference. By inclining the position of the pump motor and the suction flow, the Zodiac® engineers have managed to create the first VortexTM technology patented cleaner. The VortexTM effect creates a powerful whirlpool inside the filter basket. The debris remains in suspension preventing the filter from clogging.

THE RESULT: powerful and constant suction throughout the cleaning cycle, 30% greater than a "classic" electric cleaner. Fitted with the ActivMotion SensorTM, automatic trajectory corrector: • Minimum entanglement of the cable • No loss of cleaning time

Electric Pool Cleaner

Why choose VortexTM electric cleaners? Because they are technologically advanced and exceptionally designed. The VortexTM electric cleaners are for customer’s seeking perfection. For enhanced bathing comfort and aesthetics.

 leaners featuring Vortex™ technology ensure continued powerful suction performance C throughout the cleaning cycle.

VortexTM  3  4WD, you're going to love it... – Perfect adherence to the bottom, sides and water line on all surfaces – Optimised movement and pool coverage – Better obstacle management (steps, slope changes...)

4 wheel drive for perfect adherence to the sides

Hygienic and easy to empty filter basket compartment

The rear propulsion system cleans all the areas difficult to access

• For in-ground pools up to 12 x 6 m • All shapes, pool floors and surfaces • 2 cleaning programmes: - bottom only 1 hour 30 - bottom, sides and water line  2 hours 30

Everywhere in the world, the performance of the VortexTM cyclonic suction is recognised by users with different needs but who all share a common aspiration: the quality of the result.

4 wheel drive, 4 strengths for:

VortexTM  3 4WD, for the most demanding users! 2 cleaning cycles

Cyclonic suction: a Zodiac® exclusivity!

Practical storage of the electric cable

• An enhanced pool coverage rate and trajectory (wider rotations, faster curve management…), • Better management of obstacles, • Optimised adherence on all pool floors, sides, and surfaces (tiled, liner, reinforced PVC, painted concrete…), • Faster cleaning even in pools with complex shapes.

Transport caddy, control box and 18 metre cable

Ergonomic handle for optimum handling

•C  leans the bottom, sides and water line •W  eight: 9.5 kg

High speed rotation brushes adapted to all surfaces, including tiles

Wider suction mouth to suction all types of debris

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Zodiac Vortex 3 (4WD)  

automatic pool cleaner

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