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The magazine is named after the location of La Salle Green Hills; GH is an abbreviation for Green Hills, where the school is situated, while 343 is the landmark number along Ortigas Avenue. The school is home to outstanding faculty, students, and notable alumni who are leaders in business, public service, education, arts, and many other industries. The magazine aims to feature developments, milestones, and stories of interest about the school.

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The Lasallian in two moments of his life journey: first, as recipient of the fraternal care and guidance of older ‘brothers,’ and later as shepherd and mentor tasked with passing on the Lasallian spirit to a new generation. Together, the figures represent all Lasallians, linked in a boundless chain of faith and love, where one sees what it means to be truly ‘brother to others,’ walking in friendship on the journey towards God, in the spirit of Christian brotherhood and in imitation of the Christ who came to be brother to us all.

This offering from LA SALLE GREEN HILLS CLASS 1984 and Daniel De La Cruz pays tribute to the spirit that binds all students and alumni of LSGH in a brotherhood that extends across generations, inaugurated on March 18, 2012, in celebration of the 100 years of Lasallian presence in the Philippines under the administration of Br. Felipe C. Belleza Jr. FSC.

President's Message

As we emerge from the pandemic, La Salle Green Hills is witnessing a significant transformation. We owe its realization to the efforts and support of various partners. In this issue, we will see that in the darkest moments, the light of the Lasallian value of communion shone brightly and opened up a world of opportunities for our school:

The alums who are now shaping a better world as leaders in their industry are helping us define our directions and improve our services and infrastructure; The students have risen above and beyond; they demonstrated courage and openness in organizing events and winning competitions; and

The parents supported our programs and tackled new challenges head-on, from accompanying their children in virtual classrooms to helping them complete their online projects.

We have identified innovation as the pivotal strategy in our school's journey for relevance. But we always stand resolute that the partnerships or the value of communion are the bridges that connect Ortigas 343 to better options and better outcomes.

Let us carry with us this light to guide our future, to continue to innovate, and to push the boundaries. We will always be proud to publish stories of our personnel’s dedication, our student's pursuit of dreams, and our community's unwavering support..

LSGH 1981

Editor's Note

This cover of this current issue of GH 343 features “Kapatid” a physical/brick and mortar reminder of what LSGH has stood for the past years.

The stories we have collected and share with you in this issue point to the future of LSGH and what being a “kapatid” means to the academic community of LSGH.

Being a “kapatid” means excelling in different fields: Banking (Cesar Consing); Judiciary (Andre Reyes).

Being a “kapatid” means being a blessing to look back with relief at our surviving the pandemic, hence a list of words we might soon forget.

Being a “kapatid” means ensuring that education is accessible to those in the margins and ensuring that we take care of our mental health.

The current monument of “Kapatid” features two young gentlemen - I wonder how this will look like in the future? We as your magazine will be sure to document this for you.

We hope you enjoy reading!


La Salle Green Hills

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Editor’s Note 5 AUGUST2023

Mr. Cezar P. Consing, LSGH 1976

Making the Most of Banking and Business

He has had a highly successful and influential career in the banking industry, making him a prominent figure in global investments. He is known for his abundant inventiveness and productivity. Coming out of retirement, he boldly took the role as the first non family member to hold the reins as President and CEO of the Ayala Corporation (AC), the country’s oldest continually existing company for nearly 200 years.

And He is a Lasallian. Meet Mr. Cezar

‘Bong’ P. Consing, businessman and unrivaled banker extraordinaire!

Cezar P. Consing is president and CEO and a board director of Ayala Corporation, the Philippines’ oldest and most diversified business house.

From 2013-2021 he was president and CEO of Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), having first joined the bank’s board in 1995. From 2004-2013 he was a partner and co-head for Asia of the Rohatyn Group, an emerging markets alternative investments firm. From 1985 - 2014 he was an investment banker with J.P. Morgan & Co., the last seven years as head or co-head of Investment Banking of Asia Pacific and President of J.P. Morgan Securities Asia. Prior to that, he was a BPI corporate banker. He has worked overseas for 28 years of his 43year career.

Mr. Consing is currently vice chairman of BPI, Globe Telecom, Ayala Land Inc. and AC Energy. He is chairman of the Philippine Dealing System, which provides the country’s capital markets infrastructure. He is also chairman of the College of St. Benilde.

He is a member of the Trilateral Commission, the international discussion group and is also a member of the boards of trustees of the Philippine-American Educational Foundation, which awards the Fulbright scholarships, and of the Manila Golf Club Foundation.

Mr. Consing has previously served as chairman and president of the Bankers

Association of the Philippines, president of Bancnet, and chairman of the National Reinsurance Corporation. He has previously served as an independent board director of Jollibee Foods Corporation, CIMB Group Holdings Berhad and First Gen Corporation. He has also served as a board director of SQREEM Technologies, a fintech company, and, an e-commerce company.

When he was CEO of BPI, Mr. Consing also served as chairman of its thrift bank, investment bank, UK bank, property and casualty insurance, leasing and rental subsidiaries. He was also a board director of its life insurance, asset management and microfinance subsidiaries.

Mr. Consing previously served as a board director of the Asian Youth Orchestra, the US-Philippines Society, La Salle Green Hills, Endeavor Philippines, which supports promising entrepreneurs, and International Care Ministries, which assists the poorest of the poor.

Mr. Consing earned an M.A. in Applied Economics from the University of Michigan in 1980. He received an A.B Economics degree, magna cum laude, and a gold medal for Economics, from De La Salle University in 1979. He attended La Salle Green Hills high school and De La Salle University grade school. He was a member of the varsity track and field team, the university student council, and was a teaching assistant in Economics. He taught part-time at the university’s

whole career has centered around Ayala, BPI and J.P. Morgan.

Describe what “Businessman of the Year” means to you.

think I was named because I had just stepped into the shoes of Fernando Zobel, the CEO of Ayala, who had to take a medical leave. To me it means that was in the right place at the right time. One can’t discount the role of chance in one’s life or career.

Our new LSGH tagline is ‘Learn More. Be More.’ How do you think that resonates with you as an LSGH alumnus?

It’s a tagline that really resonates with me. A fully lived life requires continuous learning, formally and informally. Things are changing so quickly. One must continuously learn to stay relevant and make the most of life’s opportunities.

What do you think students as early as Junior or Senior High School should do to get their start in today’s banking/business industry and/or becoming future CEOs? What skills and qualities do they need to hone?

To succeed in almost any career requires a willingness to continue learning, an ability to communicate effectively, good judgment, and an ability to get along with people. Good formal education is an important start, and life’s learnings should be added to the mix.

MBA program in the early 1980s. He was previously named as one of De La Salle’s outstanding alumni.

He is married to a former De La Salle batchmate, Maria Ysabel Zulueta, who also graduated with a degree in economics, magna cum laude. They have a son, a graduate of the University of British Columbia, who resides in Toronto.

Tell us some of your fond memories of LSGH.

I recall that the meeting rooms of the extra-curricular clubs were on the second floor of the gym. I was the features editor of the school paper and was active in a couple of other clubs. So would hang out in these meeting rooms before or after classes. also remember our track oval, when it was still a dirt track. was a sprinter on the track team, and would do my laps before or after classes.

Tell us about your beginnings with banking and business.

It was 1980 and I had just returned from doing a masters program in Applied Economics at the University of Michigan. asked my father what he would suggest do for a job. He recommended that I apply at BPI, because it was very reputable and because Ayala and J.P. Morgan, two venerable firms, were its principal shareholders. As luck would have it, my

What is your message to the LSGH community as one of its notable graduates?

Make the most of what LSGH offers - - education, opportunities, values. Take advantage of attending what has to be one of the finest secondary schools in the country to prepare for a purposeful life. n

LSGH Leaders LSGH Leaders 6 7 AUGUST2023 GH343

Mr. Ernest L. Cu, LSGH 1977

Leading The Way In Digital Technology

Sometime ago, a young man who would be a forerunner in the world of digital technology walked the rooms and hallways of La Salle Green Hills. A notable member of batch ’77, Ernest L. Cu embodies what it is to be a Lasallian leader, bringing with him learnings that started even at a young age.

What are some of your fond memories of LSGH?

It is through pouring into the colorful pages of our past that we can strive to find our core and understand the nature of our identity. The constant and vibrant energy that filled the rooms and hallways of La Salle Green Hills (LSGH) will never be forgotten. In the younger years of our lives, we encounter people with whom we get along very well. It is the time when we start nurturing friendships, building relationships, and creating wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

The best source of knowledge is through experience. High school is a period with ample opportunity to enjoy and learn to take on responsibilities. Memories circled

in being actively engaged in school activities while excelling in both sports and academics. have learned not just to play every game but always to stay ahead of it.

Early experiences of failure in his first independent venture franchising a printing company did not stop Mr. Cu in his future endeavors: from spurring the beginning of the BPO business model for the Philippines and then at Globe, where his stewardship and transformation across the company made it the number one mobile brand in the country. He grabbed opportunities, took risks, and made innovations to ensure that businesses remained ahead and competitive. It is therefore not surprising that he was bestowed numerous distinctions from

national and international award-giving bodies including ICT Entrepreneur of the Year, Philippines’ Best CEO, CEO of the Year, Asia’s Best CEO, and Best Telecommunications CEO.

Tell us about your beginnings as an Entrepreneur with BPO, and the corporate world.

I was trained to be an entrepreneur at an early age, handling my father's company employees while was still in college. In 1982, left for Evanston, IL to take my MBA at Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University. After graduation in 1984, joined Bank of America Business Services and before long, managed their largest account in Southern California.

" The best source of knowledge is through experience. High school is a period with ample opportunity to enjoy and learn to take on responsibilities. Memories circled in being actively engaged in school activities while excelling in both sports and academics. I have learned not just to play every game but always to stay ahead of it.
LSGH Leaders LSGH Leaders 8 9 AUGUST2023 GH343

My first independent venture was a franchise of a digital printing company.

I grew the business to three stores in California and one in Vancouver, BC. However, in 1992, the U.S. sank into recession, and the economy lost almost more than one and a half million jobs in the manufacturing and construction sectors. Our business failed and we had to shut down or sell all of the stores that we had. If there is anything that I have learned from my father's business and my first own venture, it is: adapt or die. Know when to exit a business, and start young while you can still learn from your mistakes and recover.

I took my experience in digital printing to take a consultancy position to transform a large traditional printing company into the digital world. Soon, I rose to become the CFO and was eventually offered the CEO position.

I had made my first missteps but knew I still had a long road ahead to make up for them. At that time, I was offered to be the president & CEO of SPi. There were about 30 people in another Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) then. SPi came in with 900 or so people. That was the industry. We had to define who we were. We had to pitch it to the world to promote what was called IT-enabled services. The BPO term came and stuck as the industry term for now.

Entering Globe in 2007 was entirely by chance. I met Jaime Agusto Zobel de Ayala (JAZA) in one of the uncommon circumstances -- we were co-parents in a school. Globe Telecom, at that time, had to open a new window of opportunities to stay ahead of its competitor. It was far behind in the competition, and a vision was needed to expand and improve its services.

I started changing Globe's culture with a very simple and easy-to-understand concept – the Circle of Happiness. It shows a cycle of fulfillment and gratification, with no beginning or end, allowing each component to be a cause and an effect. But in this circle, the Globe employee is also firmly situated as a customer. Culture, Customer Centricity, and our Purpose are the core reasons why we attained and retained the dominant market share in the telco business and the digital solutions industry in the Philippines. The Globe Group plays the infinite game of pioneering digitalization and now stands with its group of companies in various life stages. Our non-telco businesses continue a growth momentum, with various footprints in fintech, healthtech, edutech, adtech, and entertainment.

Describe what being a “digital technology innovator” means to you.

A digital technology innovator can identify the potential of digital technology and use it to create products or services

that benefit society. This means having an eye toward recognizing opportunities, taking risks, and putting in the hard work necessary to bring these ideas into reality.

It also requires innovations that can be used to solve real-world problems that uplift the lives of people. Globe Group demonstrates this by democratizing access to connectivity to the people, habituating them to adapt to digital technology, and allowing its customers to participate in the new digital economy. Much like how GCash achieved its 19-yearlong success, we seek to emulate other tech businesses and help them thrive to become the country's next unicorns.

How about being the “Best CEO” and one of “Asia’s Most Influential?”

It is a humbling experience to witness the impact that I create in people's lives, more than achieving recognition as the Best CEO or Asia's Most Influential. Yes, receiving these awards and titles is an honor but the best reward is knowing how much I, together with the organization, contribute to nation-building.

Our new LSGH tagline is “Learn More. Be More.” How do you think that resonates with you as an LSGH alumnus?

Education is the cornerstone of success, and this has certainly been true in my life. Throughout my career, have strived to learn as much as possible while also creating an environment where others can do the same.

What do you think students as early as Junior or Senior High School should do to get their start in today’s business/ telecommunications industry and/or becoming future CEOs? What skills or qualities do they need to hone?

My advice to anyone who desires to be an entrepreneur, regardless of age or current stature, is to start with a problem in mind. As an entrepreneur, a thought leader, and an industry disruptor, my philosophy is to start thinking about challenges to be solved, problems that are large enough to move the needle and create a positive impact. You don't start creating technology and find where it will go. In developing new businesses, building a huge company that is the first of its kind is at the forefront while ensuring to create significant shareholder and investor value and solving lingering problems of society.

What is your message to the LSGH community as one of its notable graduates?

Find your WHY. The importance of purpose cannot be overstated when it comes to achieving success in both business and in life. Simon Sinek's ideas provide valuable insight on how people can infuse meaning

into their daily lives by finding something bigger than themselves things that they care about deeply enough to pursue passionately over the long term.

Having a strong sense of purpose allows you to be more effective and passionate about your work. It gives you greater purpose for why you are doing what you are doing, which puts everything into perspective.

With Mr. Cu at the helm, his visionary leadership and passion to transform and modernize the companies he led was always at the forefront. Armed with the necessary skills and a strong sense of purpose, Ernest Cu has definitely found his “WHY” and “learned not just to play every game but always to stay ahead of it.” Certainly, he has lived out the ANIMO! n

"My first independent venture was a franchise of a digital printing company. I grew the business to 3 stores in California and 1 in Vancouver, BC. However, in 1992, the U.S. sank into recession, and the economy lost almost more than one and a half million jobs in the manufacturing and construction sectors. Our business failed and we had to shut down or sell all of the stores that we had. If there is anything that I have learned from my father's business and my first own venture, it is: adapt or die. Know when to exit a business, and start young while you can still learn from your mistakes and recover.

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LSGH Leaders LSGH Leaders 12 13 AUGUST2023 GH343

This was how Associate Justice Andres B. Reyes, Jr., a member of Primus Batch ’68, described his high school experience. Although it took him by surprise when his father transferred him to the Green Hills campus from the De La Salle University - Manila campus, he realized that being in La Salle Green Hills wasn’t so bad after all. It was an entirely new world, exciting, although a bit fearful since he hardly knew anyone. The campus was very new and everything about it was very impressive – from its new buildings, classrooms, to laboratories, with a speech lab to boot. Even the equipment was remarkable, and it struck him that LSGH had brand new

Olympia typewriters, while in Manila they only had the Underwood units.

It was their batch that started certain traditions like the school fair, the CUE Drama Club, and the Lazette, to name a few. It was also during this time when the wearing of black pants was made part of the uniform, instead of maong pants, which was a trend back then. They also started wearing the polo barong in their senior year in high school. And they had a smoking room for students as well!

Associate Justice Reyes felt that with all these, you could sense a different kind of energy - an energy that made him feel that his experience in school was indeed the Golden Era. It was an era when Lasallian Brothers around the campus were either administrators, teachers or club moderators. They were very passionate

in educating the young while making sure they managed the school well. They made sure that the school offered a balance of excellent academic and sports programs. It was the era of good music, with the Beatles at its peak, and trendy fashion. It was a time when Associate Justice Reyes made many friends along the way.

Driven by his ambition, Associate Justice Reyes prioritized his choices and he saw LSGH as a good training ground. Associate Justice Reyes is someone who always gives his commitment and his best in anything he puts his heart into. His involvement with the school, whether it is a project he pioneered as president/ officer of the Elementary Parents Auxiliary Board, the Parents Auxiliary of La Salle, a member of the Board of Trustees or the director/president of the LSGH Alumni


Association (LSGHAA), in all these various posts that he held, he devoted his time and efforts into it because he simply wanted to make LSGH the best school, a school that he is very proud of.

Expectedly his three sons are all alumni of this school: Carlos Andres, Batch’93, Andres III, Batch ’96, and Christopher Alex Andres, Batch ’07. Their dad already knew that this is the best school having produced La Salle Brothers and leaders in different fields, so there was no doubt that they would be studying here as well. The siblings were one in saying that the school has taught them the values of faith, service, and communion and being generous and compassionate just comes naturally. The school has also developed their leadership potentials and inspired them to be more aware and concerned with helping those who are less fortunate.

It is also a feat that Andres III, or Andoy as he is fondly called, has been elected

as president of the LSGHAA, making him and his dad the first father and son who have held the position. As the current president, Andoy would want to make projects that can bring in more funds to be able to sustain the current programs and create more service-oriented projects of the association. It is an honor that they both share, driven by the same passion in ensuring that the school remains the best. And as expected, Andoy’s two sons are now enrolled in LSGH: Andres IV is in Grade 11 while Patrick Andres Thomas is in Grade 5.

Even if LSGH is no longer an exclusive school for boys that the Reyeses have been used to, they all understand the need for change. They believe that the school is on the right track, with the various ways it has adapted, especially during the pandemic by introducing online learning, improving facilities, and fostering inclusivity.

Indeed, we have three generations of Lasallians who continue to express their gratitude to the school in general, and in particular, to the Brothers, faculty and staff who have guided and molded them. Here are Lasallian Christian gentlemen who are one in saying that because the school took care of them in their younger years, they continue to give back to the school, and would like to encourage the others to do the same. And with another generation with so much more to learn and experience, we hope that they too, like their grandfather will say, “I spent my happiest moments in La Salle Green Hills!” n

it green. Associate Justice Reyes with his grandsons Andres III or Andoy elected as President of the LSGHAA. DAndoy’s two sons are now enrolled in LSGH: Andres IV is an incoming Grade 11 student and Patrick Andres Thomas will be in Grade 5.
Driven by his ambition, Associate
Justice Reyes
prioritized his choices and he saw LSGH as a good training ground.
“I spent my happiest moments in La Salle Green Hills!”
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LSGH Facts LSGH Facts 18 19 AUGUST2023 GH343

In The World Of Those In Conflict With The Law And The Unschooled:

A Ministry From The Ground

Br. Vince continues to experience God’s loving providence and accompaniment in his encounters with the students.

The year was 1999. I was forced to fast-track my driving lessons because I had to drive the teacher-volunteers of St. Joseph School – La Salle to their Sunday apostolate at the Handumanan City Jail in Bacolod. I took over this task from Br. Bong Servando FSC when he was reassigned to another community, and I became head of St. Joseph School.

At first, my involvement was limited to just driving for them every Sunday. However, as time went by, I became more interested in what they were doing. I eventually decided to take a more active participation in their ministry. Without me realizing it then, this experience somehow ignited my passion to work with young people and adults who lacked education and teach them intentional and practical application of what they learned. From then on, I became immersed in the world of those in conflict with the law and the unschooled -- the most vulnerable and at risk.

My involvement was further enhanced through my work as Director of the University of St. La Salle – Bahay Pag-asa Youth Center from 2006 to 2009, leading me to become acquainted and engged with DepEd’s Alternative Learning System (ALS). My commitment with ALS continued when I moved to La Salle

Green Hills in 2009. The program was then called the Special Education Program for Former Street Children (SEPFSC) and was under the Lasallian Mission Office (LMO). SEP-FSC is one of the school’s social action beneficiaries.

In 2010, along with Br. Manny Hilado FSC, then Head Administrator for LMO, we thought about bringing the program outside the confines of the school. The program was extended to Barangay St. Joseph, San Juan, in collaboration with Kagawad Rey Jagunap. The small Barangay Hall became our first classroom outside LSGH and the program was renamed to La Salle Green Hills Alternative Learning System (LSGH ALS). Eventually, the program moved to Barangay Kabayanan and later, through the quiet initiatives of Mrs. Cecille Bugayong, the program was transferred to and was hosted by the San Felipe Neri Parish, with the support of Fr. Mon Merino, parish priest.

From a reachout initiative under the LMO, the program was later moved under the Alternative Education Department. In 2019 and through the pandemic, with our familiarity due to a previous formation program, the Mandaluyong Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) invited the LSGH ALS Team to deliver DepEd’s ALS program to Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDL). With the approval of the school administration, the collaboration with the Mandaluyong BJMP was realized.

This is just an overview of how the LSGH ALS has evolved and the grounding of my journey with the ALS ministry and shared experiences and in association with former partners Mr. Iboh Bautista and Ms. Weena Meily, and currently Ms. Catherine Laguitan and Ms. Abigail Mariano. Assisting us in the program are quiet and generous volunteers in the persons of Mrs. Baybs Medenilla, Mrs. Benilda Tu-

Features Features 20 21 AUGUST2023 GH343

In the words of the St. John Baptist de la Salle:

To reward so great a good work and a service that he regards so highly, God gives two kinds of reward in this world to those who commit themselves untiringly to the work of the salvation of souls. First, he gives them an abundance of grace; second, he gives them a more extended ministry and a greater ability to procure the conversion of souls.

What is most significant about this journey is what has happened within. My perspective of the mission, both personal and in the congregation of the La Salle Brothers and the Lasallian Family, was transformed into a more radical, humbling, and very down-to-earth understanding. With my encounters with different ALS learners, I was allowed to see things through their eyes. For me, such an engagement was an experience of ministry without frills but only thrills, not about being in control but of being disturbed. This was an experience of the ministry from the ground. This is where I am most able to dialogue with God in the persons of those who are in the midst of

difficult and compromised realities. I am just grateful to experience and be disturbed by the actual realities from the peripheries. am equally grateful to be moved to do what needs to be done, as far as am able and as required of me. In addition, I was also humbled and blessed with the quiet dedication and love for the ministry of our volunteers. Through their contribution, I, together with the LSGH ALS team, have a clear encounter and experience of God’s loving providence and accompaniment. Indeed, the work is God’s, thanks be to God! n

Graduation day! Celebrating the successful completion of learners at the Mandaluyong BJMP with LSGH and BJMP administrators. Graduation mass. The celebration of the Holy Mass has always been an integral part of the graduation rites. Consultation. Teachers take time to help students cope and better understand their lessons. azon, both from San Felipe Neri Parish, and Mrs. Abby Uyco, parent-volunteer from LSGH.
Features Features 22 23 AUGUST2023 GH343

Mental Health Must Have: GEIS Services In The Time Of The Pandemic

Maintaining good mental health is a must.

Having such enables us to navigate through the myriad of challenges we face and those facets of life that may endanger our emotional resilience, productivity, and interpersonal relationships. It allows us to cope with the complications and pressures of daily goals, steer through difficult times, and propel us to achieve our full potential.

The COVID19 pandemic has brought varying challenges to everyone. It has changed the way we do things and affected our daily routines. With its onset, everyone, including young people especially. experienced anxieties that affected their mental health. Given such, the Guidance and Education Intervention Services (GEIS), the counseling and guidance arm of La Salle Green Hills (LSGH), further enhanced its program offerings to provide optimal mental health care through individual and group counseling sessions, developmental group guidance, standardized tests, education interventions sessions and an active referral network of mental health professionals/organizations.

With the implementation of RA 11036 or

the Mental Health act of 2017, GEIS has reinforced its mental health services by conducting positive psychology sessions from preschool to Grade 12 including grade levels in the Alternative Education department. Through the said sessions, students are made aware of how to keep their relationships, emotions, goals, activities and sense of meaning (PERMA) in check. Individual counseling sessions are also conducted across grade levels. Memoranda of agreement with The Medical City (TMC), Philippine Mental Health Association and Ramon M. Tanseco Center for Family Ministries were established to help students (and personnel) undergoing more serious mental health crises.

Composed of 11 registered counselors

and five associate counselors, two EIP teachers, three psychometricians, two secretaries and a career placement officer. GEIS also provides mental health support sessions to partner schools and communities. Sessions on positive psychology, psychosocial support and parenting sessions were conducted by the counselors last November 2022. Parents, kinder to grade 6 students and teachers of Pasil Elementary school Kalinga, Mountain Province, participated in the three-day session. With the help of the Student Activities Coordinator’s Office and Peer Counseling Organization, GEIS provided mental health and psychosocial support sessions to select students and teachers of Jaime Hilario School - De La Salle Bataan.

People from all walks of life encounter challenges in their daily lives. We, counselors who choose to be in the helping profession and give service to others, respond to the needs of those we serve. We get a sense of fulfillment when we provide help through our services. As we guide others, we are also given direction and meaning in life.
- Ms. Donnabel Bautista, RGC G6 Guidance Counselor
By: Eduardo G. Suarez Jr, MaEd, RGC GEIS Team. The department provides optimal mental health care to students and personnel of the school through its enhanced program offerings.
Features Features 24 25 AUGUST2023 GH343
Mental Health. Sessions on mental health and psychosocial support for students and teachers of JHS-DLS were conducted.

The sessions were conducted by three counselors with the assistance of Senior High School student-peer counselors.

Through a series of webinars and convocations, GEIS has also conducted mental health sessions on mindfulness, anxiety, and management of learning disabilities among the faculty of La Salle Green Hills. Sessions were facilitated by psychiatrists of TMC and psychologists of MLAC Institute of Psychological Services. LSGH personnel were guided on how to collaborate to take care of students having learning disabilities and its comorbidities, conduct self-care among themselves, and identify and manage anxiety and depressive symptoms.

Likewise, GEIS recognizes the efforts made by our former People Deprived of Liberty (PDL) learners. Some of them are enrolled in the Alternative Learning System (ALS) and working their best to reestablish themselves in our society by putting a premium on education. They, too, received counseling sessions from our Alternative Education counselors. They are also given group guidance sessions on career, mental health and decision making. The sessions motivate them to further their commitment in their new path and be an inspiration for everyone, most especially those who are incarcerated.

of age, culture, gender, and status. It was a humbling experience for us to witness the current situation where we are: far from achieving a country of mentallyhealthy individuals given limited access to mental health support services. Hence, we are grateful to share our knowledge and skills to improve the situation and assist the students, teachers, parents, and communities flourish in life.

Overall, the importance of mental health cannot be overstated as it plays a crucial role in the individual’s well-being and quality of life. It affects our thoughts and feelings, our behavior, as well as how we handle stress, relate to others, and make decisions.

La Salle Green Hills, through GEIS, is at the forefront of promoting mental health by risk prevention, early detection, and intervention. With its ongoing programs and activities, we hope to enhance the overall health and functioning of individuals and the community as a through – with improved access to self-care and initiatives to support mental well-being. By addressing mental health needs, we can create healthier, happier, and more productive Lasallians. n


We, counselors, are helping professionals. We take our job not only with a sense of responsibility but with a greater calling to help those who are in need. These activities that entail serving others provide meaning to our life. We also learn from the process as we journey toward serving others'. In return, it helps us to always be grounded and makes us more committed, compassionate, and competent in the vocation we chose."

Kalinga. A three-day session was held for students, teachers, and parents of Pasil Elementary School in Kalinga, Mountain Province.
" Mental health support is for everyone, regardless
Guidance and counseling sessions assist students to develop the ability to understand themselves, solve their own problems and to make appropriate adjustments to their environment.
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Dimly-colored lights and cool air permeated the interior of the St. Benilde Gym as crowds of students and fairgoers stayed, congregating in the center and on the bleachers. They were treated to the culminating event of the Kabihasnan Fair night.

Last February 18, the La Salle Green Hills AirForce held the highly-anticipated twelfth rendition of their annual Testify concert, Testify XII.

Testify is an annual event celebrating the founding of the LSGH AirForce in 2008, and with it, the group’s achievements, challenges, and milestones. It can also be seen as a celebration of a thriving street dance culture in La Salle Green Hills (LSGH).

Testify XII was held back-to-back with the Student Affairs Central Body's (SACB) Gunita music festival.

This was the first Testify concert conducted onsite in three years, with Testify 9 held last March 2020 being the group’s previous live performance. This required the team to readjust from online to physical performances once again.

“It was a challenge, especially having to delegate the time allotment with everyone in the production,” said LSGH AirForce Captain Matthew Mejia. “The team

was also used to producing an online concert so it was quite a shift for everyone doing a face-to-face concert this year. It was a new set up that everyone needed to adjust to, but everyone was able to help out and provide an amazing concert.”

The return to the live concert format also posed a unique challenge for Mejia, in that he now had to step up his role in not only performing but also organizing the event.

“I had my first Testify performance as AF before the pandemic, and now I am the one leading all of a sudden. Before I was the learner then suddenly I became the teacher so it was very different,” he explained.

The LSGH AirForce was not the only group that delivered a spectacular performance that night. Concertgoers were also treated to the live performance of La Salle Green Hills Ace which, for most of the community, was one of the first times they witnessed the all-female dancing

group’s homegrown talents and prowess.

LSGH Ace Team Captain Ryianna Tibayan expressed her delight at the dance troupe’s performance that night and the “rewarding experience” the group had, remarking “It was quite fulfilling seeing the girls engage with the audience and demonstrate confidence and stage presence by projecting energy and emotion to the audience, making eye contact, and demonstrating a sense of performance.”

“Although Testify XII was our first collective performance. It is definitely the best of many to come,” said Tibayan. n

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"Testify XII was the closing event of the Kabihasnan 2023 Fair-a stellar culmination to one of the longest, yet most rewarding and memorable Saturdays for the ISGH community at large. The return of Testify served not only as a testament to the mantra "AF never stops", but also that through LSGH AirForce and Ace, the craft of street dance will not just entertain and hold its place in the community, but also continue to inspire its practitioners and audiences the way it has for 15 years, and ultimately, help it grow.

LSGH Air Force. Never ceases to amaze with their usual energetic and lively performance during the Testify XII concert.
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ACE in action. The all-female dance group gets to show off their dance moves.

Kabihasnan Fair

LSGH Celebrates First Long-Awaited Onsite Fair in 4 Years

Last February 18, La Salle Green Hills once again opened its doors for both students and outside fairgoers to enjoy the highly-anticipated Kabihasnan Fair 2023.

Kabihasnan is the biennial school fair of LSGH, with this year’s event being the first onsite fair since 2019. Unlike previous years, this year’s Kabihasnan was scheduled only for a day; nevertheless, it was still enjoyed by students, faculty, staff, and guests alike.

A total of 61 food, game, and special booths such as the Dedication Booth, Retro Massacre, and Water Pong were organized by different grade levels. Simultaneously, student organization-led events such as Fashion Forward’s Lasallians in the Runway, Hallyu’s KPOP

Random Play Dance, and musical performances by The Ambassadors, Animo Rhythms, and Kundirana were also attended by fairgoers.

Other events included the Kabi All-Stars basketball and volleyball competitions— both won by faculty-led teams, SearchIn’s Ngiti Kiddie Kabihasnan Fair for the children of the Support Staff, and the Sports Program and Development Office’s Basketball Clinic sponsored by the DLSU Lady Archers.

The fair culminated with SACB’s Gunita

musical festival and LSGH AirForce’s TESTIFY XII concert at the St. Benilde Gym. Gunita was graced by the performances of both student and local music acts including The Itchyworms, Kanto 3551, The Bleachers, Tres por Tres, Colinas Verde, Superstition, and Kundirana. The LSGH AirForce and LSGH ACE showcased the school’s homegrown street dance talents in their performances to cap off the night. n

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The fair grounds are open. The long-awaited onsite fair began with a program and the blessing of the fairgrounds. Learn
Be More. Let’s get everyone on board the school’s tagline! Walking advertisement. Students stroll around the campus to promote the varied food, dry goods, and game booths.
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Itchyworms. The popular local band grace the concert to the delight of the audience. Ngiti Kiddie Kabihasnan Fair. Search-In initiated this event for the children of the support staff. Jess B. Kind. The female counterpart mascot of Johnny B. Good, continues to send the message of welcome and inclusivity to the female students that is aligned with the school’s zero-tolerance against child abuse and any form of bullying. Business Simulation. Students get to apply lessons learned in their ABM classes as they man their booth.
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Let’s dance! Students and guests let it loose during the KPop Random Play Dance sponsored by the Hallyu Club. Kabi All-Star Games. The student athletes are all set to play against the faculty-led teams in the friendly exhibition games of volleyball and basketball. Tres Por Tres. The band, composed of former members of the Kundirana, serenaded the audience with their own brand of music.
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Gunita and Testify XII. The much-awaited music festival and concert included performances of both student and local music acts. CenCom. The members of the Central Committee ensure that everything goes well during the fair.

A Spike for the LSGH Women’s Volleyball Team

Embracing new ground, encountering unknown courts, floors glinting with fervency—18 girls sprint with much ardor. Like a true Green Archer, volleyball players have the goal of striving for not only higher, but also for greater, with their body as their bow, and their ball, holding potential energy, their arrow. By being a part of the newly formed LSGH Women’s Volleyball Team, they will now put the ball to use. That ball is their passion, and it is up to their determination to realize that passion and their dream.

Embracing new ground, encountering unknown courts, floors glinting with fervency—18 girls sprint with much ardor. Like a true Green Archer, volleyball players have the goal of striving for not only higher, but also for greater, with their body as their

bow, and their ball, holding potential energy, their arrow. By being a part of the newly formed LSGH Women’s Volleyball Team, they will now put the ball to use. That ball is their passion, and it is up to their determination to realize that passion and their dream.

The Team came together through an open tryout for junior and senior high school students and several interested members from the LSGH ARROW summer program. Aindrea Tamayo was one of the players who first hesitated to try out for the team.

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Luckily, she mustered the courage to join the tryouts and she is now one of the players representing her school with pride.

“For me, [at] that time, it’s hit-ormiss. So ‘yun nga, since tryout siya, there’s nothing wrong na mag-tryout ka muna, diba?”, Tamayo explained. “‘Yung friends namin from the other team, which is ‘yung sa Boys’ Team, they were saying ‘Try mo lang. There’s nothing to lose naman, but more to gain, right?’”

The tryout process was in the form of a double screening. The first screening was composed of two teams of 30 to 40 players who were asked to show off their skills to the coaches. The second round of tryouts focused on the technical skills and potential a player has. By the end of the tryouts, 18 players were picked.

First task, assignment of jersey numbers. The volleyball players’ chosen numbers hold significance in their lives. Sophia Luna’s jersey number

represents the age she started playing volleyball and is also the jersey number of her favorite volleyball player, Bea De Leon of the Ateneo Lady Eagles and Choco Mucho Flying Titans. Meanwhile, team captain Luceana Villanueva has the number "3" for her jersey number; since she was the third to get measured for the jersey and that number 3 has been her lucky number ever since.

Coach AJ Jingco, a former DLSU Lady Spikers, is one of the coaches of the team. She emphasized the importance of having an open and professional relationship with the athletes and establishing a connection to better understand where they are coming from, particularly since the players must undergo a rigorous 4 to 5-hour training on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Training strategies that the coaches use include the basics of the sport, individual and team drills, and skills and condition training.

One of the challenges faced by the

newly formed team was their very first Mandaluyong Meet tournament, with it bringing several layers of pressure for the players.

“It’s more of the pressure while you’re playing, parang kakaiba ‘yung when you’re in court and all of the audience is watching you, tapos may pressure din from the coach and your teammates that you have to work together,” Macy del Castillo stated. However, she also noted that this first tournament also brought the team closer together.

Another perennial problem was time management, however, this did not stop the girls from giving them their best, both in academics and in volleyball. The players ascertained that having a persistent mindset and time blocking between academics and extracurricular activities are essential tips for student-athletes like them.

Quoting one of her Grade 12 teachers, Aindrea Tamayo explained,

“Diba ang tawag sa isang athlete should be a ‘student-athlete’ not ‘athlete-student’? So, of course, you must prioritize your schoolwork first before going sa training, kaya nga may at least an hour or two before ‘yung actual start ng training itself.” The girls’ driving force to pursue their student-athlete endeavors are their families.

Through it all, the coaches witnessed how everyone equally treats each other and how the players look forward to learning the sport and its tactics, which serves as their motivation to continue coaching these young women. It was these social and working improvements that saw the Women’s Volleyball Team triumph at the Secondary Division Mandaluyong Division Meet.

The pioneers also advise aspiring players to be confident and humble, get to know their teammates, let one’s skills speak for you, and manifest consistency and teamwork in all trainings and matches. On the

other hand, the future team captain must have chemistry with everyone on and off the court and know how to motivate and communicate to achieve the desired result.

What’s up next for the team, you ask? Training for upcoming tournaments and representing the school with paramount pride in more competitions. They hope that the Lasallian community will support them in their upcoming games. The team aims to empower women through the sport they all adore and treasure. With their determination, they’re sure to dominate the court with green and white arrows. They’re genuinely fearless ace archers, spiking and serving the ball with a sharp focus!

To those who aspire to be part of the volleyball team, here are a few things to keep in mind. First, the coaches and team captain, Luceana, ensure that everyone has a proper mindset, which includes the values of teamwork, determination, and humility–the keys to success. Second, what

the players enjoy the most in playing volleyball is the interaction with different people, playing in different areas, and the positive comments they receive from other teams.

Most importantly, having passion and discipline is of utmost importance. As Sophia Luna told us, “To succeed in this line of sport, it’s discipline over motivation. Motivation is just the driving force, but discipline is the action.” n

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The LSGH Pep Squad

The LSGH Pep Squad, established in the 70s. Previously, the team was composed solely of male athletes, but at present, it has transitioned into a coed team. To recruit potential members, we focused on student clubs and later absorbed individuals into the varsity team.

The inspiration of the team to pursue cheerleading as a sport is drawn from the National Team for Cheerleading, and the goal of becoming the best high school cheerleading team in the country motivates them to perform their best. Our plans include participating in the National Cheerleading Championships in 2024 and the following years.

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Commencement Address Of Mr. Rene “RJ” A. Ledesma, Jr.

LSGH 1991

Br. President Edmundo ‘Dodo’ Fernandez, Senior High School Principal, the Board of Trustees, Lasallian brothers, Administration, Faculty members, my fellow parents, and – most importantly - our senior high school graduates of La Salle Green Hills, Good morning.

I am very humbled to be the first ever commencement speaker for La Salle Green Hills. God knows that there are many more alumni who are far more eloquent, far more accomplished, and far more deserving than I will ever be. But hopefully, with the discernment of the Holy Spirit and the spiritual guidance of our patrons Sts. La Salle and Benilde, I humbly pray my message will inspire the next generation of Lasallian achievers for God and for country.

To my fellow Lasallians, again my name is RJ Ledesma. My name and my face might not be familiar to many of you, but if your parents grew up in the Philippines in the 80s, I am almost certain that they remember me. Back in high school, I used to be in a series of popular Royal Tru Orange softdrink commercial and that commercial has now become a nostalgic part of growing up in the 80s.

I am a proud third-generation Lasallian. My grandfather was one of the first graduates of De La Salle College. My dear dad, God bless his soul, was a proud, proud Lasallian from kinder to college. Meanwhile, his brothers were all products of De La Salle College Manila. And all my first cousins were graduates of La Salle Green Hills. My wife, also a DLSU graduate, also comes from a Lasallian family. My father-in-law and all of my brothers- in- law are all La Salle Green Hills graduates. So you can say I am green all the way.

And, today, I am particularly proud of my high school alma mater. Because for the first time ever, as a La Salle Green Hills alumnus, have the distinct opportunity to address our female senior high school graduates of La Salle Green Hills. I am so proud of all of you! May I invite all of our Lasallian coeds to stand up and be acknowledged. Can you please give them a round of applause. Animo as well to the efforts of Br. Dodo Fernandez for making Lasallian education truly inclusive across all grade levels.

I owe so much of my career and my lifestyle to the well-rounded education I received during my formative years here at La Salle Green Hills: it provided a springboard for how I would approach my life. I learned to become a writer and editor by being part of the Lazette newspaper, I learned to become a host and actor by joining the school’s elocution and extemporaneous speaking competitions, I learned to become a multi-business entrepreneur through the academic discipline gained by being in the honors class and I learned to become an active part of my church community in Couples for Christ, the Feast and Magis Deo because of my active participation in the Search- In retreat.

I am sure that, armed with your Lasallian education, you are all poised to achieve great things in the future in whatever field you choose to excel in. But, even at this point in your young lives, all of you have made a distinct and unparalleled achievement that we –your elders – will never be able to match: you all managed to graduate while studying in the midst of a global pandemic.

There is ancient Chinese proverb that says, “May you live in interesting times.” If that proverb is true my dear graduates, then all of you have hit the jackpot for the most interesting time! We – your parents – will never fully understand or appreciate all the interesting academic, emotional, physical and spiritual challenges you as students went through during your high school years.

And am sure that your parents– who also faced their own financial, emotional and spiritual struggles in this pandemic – are all ecstatic that you all completed your senior high school degrees. So let’s give another round of applause for both the students and their parents!

But you know what? ‘Living in interesting times’ is actually a common denominator across many generations of La Salle Green Hills high school graduates. None of the previous graduates may have lived through a global health crisis, but we have lived through several life-changing political upheavals that have shaped the way that we see the world.

For example, my high school life in the wake of the EDSA revolution which was just a few hundred meters away from

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here. Our sophomore and junior years were filled with failed and bloody military uprising which we called kudetas and numerous and prolonged brownouts (that we almost had a four- day school week)! And how did we start off my senior year? With an earthquake.

But my high school life was no less interesting than those who came before and after me – from the first quarter storm in the 60s, to Martial Law in the 70s, to the Aquino assasination in the 80s, to the second people power revolution in the 2000s,, and to the impeachment complaints to the ‘war on drugs’ in 2018, and finally to the Covid pandemic.

Having said that, I believe that what is important is what life lessons we gained out of living in these interesting times. As far as I am concerned, we are all valedictorians in life if these trying situations turn into an opportunity for all of us to become better students, better human beings, and better children of God.

At La Salle Green Hills, you not only received a great Catholic education but you also received an education on how to live resiliently so you are ready to face the challenges ahead of you.

And if there’s one thing I know about Lasallians that make us stand out among our peers is how we are able to manifest our resilience: by being “madiskarte”, by being “maabilidad”, by knowing how to make the best of any situation. With this, I have no doubt that you will be successful as you enter into the next phase of your academic career and well into your working years.

And as you enter college and establish yourself in your chosen profession, may I ask a little favor from all of you? stand before you a product of a proud Lasallian education inspired to deliver this message because was – in turn – inspired by my own dad and my teachers and the Christian brothers. If I’ve inspired you in any way- may I please invite you to give back in your own little way to the Lasallian community and inspire future generations of Lasallians as well. Pay it forward to an institution that has shaped and molded you to the Christian ladies and gentlemen that you are today. One of St. La Salle’s most memorable sayings was “union in community is a precious gem, when that is last all is lost.”

For myself, I wanted to give by teaching Economics and Public Speaking in DLSU, mentoring in Operation Big Brother here in LSGH, and sitting among the Board of Trustees of CSB together with Bro. Dodo. How about you? How will you pay it forward?

My dream is that one day, one of you senior high school graduates will be giving this same commencement speech to the next generation of La Salle Green Hills graduates.

am very excited to see how the next generation of La Salle Green Hills graduates emerge as Christian achievers in their chosen fields – business, medicine, engineering, the arts, entertainment, sports, politics or whatever field they choose –and demonstrate how their achievements will improve other people’s lives for God’s greater glory.

Before I end my speech, allow me to leave you with some parting words from Br. Jose Pablo Basterrechea, the Brother Superior General of the Brothers from 1976 to 1986. Bro. Jose often talked about not taking the name of La Salle in vain. What he meant by this was that to be a Lasallian is not only to wear symbols that identify you with La Salle or to be very enthusiastic over victory in sports like basketball (which I guess is important too). But what is more important as a Lasallian is to be open to the needs of others. To know the reality that you are living in and to try to actively respond to serve the people, especially the young people. To feel that this is the will of God for us. To be an instrument of salvation for others. To have a heart for our brothers and sisters and to be always open to others in spite of the religious, cultural, social (and may I add political) differences.

To be a Lasallian is to live as brothers AND sisters to one another. That is faith, service and communion.

You might not remember everything you learned in high school (God knows I don’t), but you will remember the quality, the rigor and –most importantly – the spirituality of the education. The Brothers and your Math teacher might forgive if you forget calculus, but there a few things they want you to remember about your Lasallian education:

Always keep a rosary stashed in your pocket (my late dad had one until the day he died).

And to treasure three lines of prayer that should be like an arrow piercing your hearts: (And these prayers are so meaningful for me because I prayed them together with my dad at his death bed.)

will continue O my God to do all my actions for the love of you.

St. John Baptist de la Salle, Pray for us.

And – most importantly – Live Jesus in our hearts, forever.

That is truly what Animo La Salle is all about. Mabuhay kayong lahat! n

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Looking At The Online Learning Experience From The Perspectives Of The Parents

In December 2019, an outbreak of COVID-19 occurred in China. Within a few months, the corona virus has rapidly spread across the globe, causing schools to close and putting everyone’s ability to respond promptly and effectively to the test.

La Salle Green Hills lost no time in adopting Flexible Lasallian Education through Technology and Collaboration at Home (FLETCH), its home-based online learning program, and making adjustments to its curricula. The transition was, to say at very least, not easy; but, La Salle Green Hills braved the odds, migrating to a full online learning space. Indeed, never before has the entire education system faced an unprecedented crisis. No one could have possibly predicted that it would take years before schools in the country, and worldwide, would be allowed a semblance of normalcy, to implement face-to-face classes, albeit limited. As LSGH prepares to finally go full onsite this school year 2023-2024, we at GH343 felt that it is vital to gain an understanding of parents’ online learning experience in the past three years: their thoughts and feelings, their challenges and the specific strategies they themselves employ with their children. It has become vital not only to document an era that is ending soon; it has become imperative as well to learn from it. Using the Focused Group Discussion (FGD) approach, a team from the Marketing and

Communications Office (MCO) met online last April with selected parent level representatives, Atty. Angelica Lirag (Grade 12); Mr. Glen Mapalad (Kinder); and Mrs. Angel Park (Nursery), including LSPA President, Mrs. Catleya Garza.

When classes were suspended indefinitely due to the implementation of the community quarantine, our parent-participants were very candid about their initial apprehensions, fear even. They openly talked about having to deal with a mire of anxiety, uncertainty from the pandemic and the nagging fear of contacting the virus themselves. Fortunately, they said, La Salle Green Hills rose to the challenge, ushering in FLETCH, Ranger 360, and One Nexus, among others. Overall, our FGD respondents said they were satisfied with the way La Salle Green Hills responded to the crisis, ensuring the continuity of their children’s education within the safety of their homes. Their online learning challenges, were varied - from poor Internet service at home to their children’s level of technological competency, especially those from the younger grade levels, specifically preschool. Our

parent-respondents also considered the resulting limited interaction between and among students worrisome, with one parent expressing her preference of the traditional classroom setting over the online learning platform. The FGD also revealed parents’ initial reservations about the possible impact of online learning on the quality of their children’s learning experience, their socialization and mental health.

Despite these challenges, however, they were quick to point out how they marveled at the speed by which their children adapted to technology, and how Ranger 360, LSGH’s learning management system, including One Nexus, made keeping tabs on their children’s progress in school easier amidst the pandemic. To end, the virtual meet-up has allowed us at MCO to capture the parents’ experiences in an online learning environment. The FGD, although limited, enabled us to understand the COVID-19 phenomenon from their perspective. It has expanded our understanding of the different challenges that parents might encounter in case something akin to the disruption brought about by the pandemic happens again. n

"FLETCH is indeed flexible! Even though nothing beats face-to-face classes, FLETCH has done a good job for students to learn online. Lessons are well-paced and easy for students to follow. All the teachers teach well and are understanding of the problems students experience during classes and activities. - RICO

FLETCH is a really great program! I love how, with FLETCH, the quality of education is still evident despite it being homebound. The LMS, Ranger360, is so easy to understand and is a great tool to keep up with our classes and requirements. - KYRA
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In Memoriam


- DANIEL 12:3



December 11, 2022

Former LSGH HS Guidance Counselor and Coordinator, Lasallian Master Teacher 1978 - 1997


December 17, 2022

Former LSGH HS Laboratory Technician 1978 - 2018



January 20, 2023

Former LSGH School Physician 2013 - 2018


February 5, 2023

Former LSGH Assistant Head Librarian 1971 - 1998


February 16, 2023

LSGH Bookkeeping (BKP NCIII) Part-Time Faculty 2021 - 2023


March 13, 2023

Former GS LRC Computer Facilities In-Charge and Multimedia Resource Developer 2000 - 2014


March 26, 2023

Former LSGH Alumni Association Secretary 1974 - 1999


July 8, 2023

Former LSGH Grade School EPP Teacher 1963 - 1990


August 2, 2023

LSGH Support Staff/Library Aide, Office Clerk 2018 - 2023

LSGH Adult Night High School Batch 2012

In Memoriam 62 GH343
La Salle Green Hills 343 Ortigas Avenue, Mandaluyong City 1550
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