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2 Opinion Racism against Native Americans still prevalent in the United States BY ruby willie Advertising Manager How would you feel if you were belittled because of your race? Many people in today’s society focus on racism towards African Americans and Latinos but fail to acknowledge discrimination towards Native Americans. Native Americans were mistreated even prior to the foundation of the United States of America. Since the colonization of the New World, American Indians were considered “savages” due the fact that they were less technologically advanced than Europeans and were determined to protect their land from invaders and their self-interested ambitions. Natives have purpose of protecting the land that they have claimed for themselves. “The Indian has lived a hard life. Many people don’t like to hear the truth but racism still lives on today,” said Miccosukee Vice Chairman Roy Cypress. In fact, history shows that Native Americans were put into slavery in a system known as “Encomienda.” The Encomienda is a system established by the colonial Spanish that forced the Indians to go through harsh labor in farms, mines, and ranches where some were abused to the point of death. Many people do not realize that many of our former presidents were anti-Indian advocates that believed Indians should be killed off. President Thomas Jefferson ordered the War Department to kill any Indian tribe member who took action against a white person trying to steal Indian lands. He believed the Natives were powerless and should remain quiet while they lost their lands. It became necessary to kill any Indian that objected this. Despite a lack of evidence, President Abraham Lincoln ordered the execution of 38 Sioux members, consisting of holy

or political leaders. President Theodore Roosevelt was also guilty of disliking Natives. He believed they were an inferior race that did not match up with his standards for an idealistic society. Roosevelt said, “I don't go so far as to think that the only good Indians are dead Indians, but I believe nine out of ten are, and I shouldn't like to inquire too closely into the case of the tenth." When people hear or see a Native American some may automatically think alcoholics, gamblers, and uneducated people. Although this is true to some Natives, as in any other race or culture, it seems this is the general stereotype associated with Native Americans, across the board. Personally, one of my experiences involved

my mom, assuming she had consumed alcohol over the limit, and forcing her to take a Breathalyzer test which proved otherwise. Still, that didn’t stop the I have also had to endure hearing racist remarks directed at me such as “at least I pay my taxes,” “go back to your Tiki hut,” and “look at that treehugger.” Many liberal actions go towards other races and rarely to Natives. The Justice system seems to favor concealing statistics that will reveal the unfair treatment towards Natives in the past. News and television seem to illustrate how Hispanics and African Americans are mistreated and stereotyped, but don’t acknowledge the same type of discriminations direct at Indians. As a Native, I have seen and experienced the lack of attention given to us when it comes to racism and justice. It’s important that we bring this issue to light, especially in a city as cosmopolitan as Miami.

Native American Timeline

1896 Supreme Court decision Plessy v. Ferguson rules that Native Americans are second class citizens

1924 The federal recognizes Native Americans as citizens and gives them the right to vote.

1972 Indian Education Act is passed to create Education to support efforts of local educational systems and Indian tribes and organizations in educating Native Americans.

Raider Sound Off

Do you think that racism towards Native Americans still exists?

“Yes, I think it still exists. It was worse back then than now though. I think it's still around today because people are annoyed that they think native Americans don't pay taxes and they have to.”

- Sophomore Michelle Rodriguez

“No, because I haven't seen it. I've seen other types but never towards Native Americans.”

- Junior Campbell

“Yes, because racism still exists everywhere. Everyone pays attention to other types of racism but native Americans don't get much attention.”

- Freshman Mikalyla Thomas

“I don't think racism is as bad as it was before. But I think there are some type of stereotypical vibes towards Natives mainly.”

- Economics teacher Dr. Cubas

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Opinion 3 Small businesses help maintain city’s charm BY rachel legon Layout/Features Editor aroma of tomato sauce and cheese melting onto soft dough, prepared by a man

It is important to continue to support local businesses, and help maintain

Sex and Sensibility: Why sex education is a fundamental component in a school curriculum BY Anabel epstein Editor-in-Chief In short, attempting to enforce abstinence

decisions and act responsibly, rather to focusing on

infections, emotional attachment or abandonment,

4 News

Model United Nations students earn honors at New York delegation conference By Ravi Patel News Editor Twenty-four Model United Nations students had the opportunity to demonstrate their talents in International Relations at Columbia University in New York at a four-day conference from Jan. 16 to 19. Each student participated in a variety of discussions and used their historical background in each area to successfully delegate with students from schools around the nation. Senior Aleksis García, a novice to the chaotic, day-long delegations of Model United Nations successfully challenged and debated with his delegates in regards to the Sengoku Period. His hard work and dedication paid off when he received the Outstanding Delegate Award, one of the most prestigious awards handed

out. His fruitful results gave him hope for future Model United Nations delegations. “I was really proud of myself for receiving

work with international relations, which is what I hope to study in college,” said García. Junior Aidan Kahl, co-president of the club used his past experiences at other Model United Nations conferences to successfully wipe out his fellow delegates when defending the United States after being targeted by most of them for “assassination” in the US-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue delegation. His skillful tactics in getting to the top, despite the antagonisms

between he and his delegates, led him to earn an honorable mention during the awards ceremony. Others who received honorable mentions included freshman Katherine Cohen from the Sons of Liberty delegation, senior and vice president Michael Lefkowitz from The Best and Brightest delegation, and senior Felipe Rego from the Taking Back Rio de Janeiro: A War Against Organized Crime delegation. “I was very proud about some of the performances that new delegates were able to exhibit. I was actually quite impressed and pleased by some of the delegates’ performance in the conferences,” said club sponsor Mr. Miguel Del Castillo.

Left: Freshman Katherine Cohen, junior Aidan Kahl, senior Michael Lefkowitz, senior Felipe Rego, and club sponsor Mr. Miguel Del Castillo stand proudly after their committee awards ceremony. Center: Mr. Del Castillo and students that attended delegations at Columbia University stopped by its sister school Barnard College. Right: Paula Bontempo and Anika Wikramanayake stand outside Columbia University’s library before they enter a delegation. Photos by Bianca Corgan.

Attention Students! Don’t forget to support the solo and ensemble music groups at their upcoming concert! March 7th, 2014 University of Miami Clark Recital Hall 7:30 PM

News 5 Business Club members qualify for DECA Florida competition By camille Kelleher Web Editor Recently, select members in the Business

Thirty-three students are beginning to prepare and competition that will take place from March 6-9 in Orlando. “I’m looking forward to participating in such a renowned competition with my peers,” said Senior Jonathan Chow. “I know that we will all learn a lot and have a really great time.” These students are able to move onto the next round because they scored in the top six places in their respective categories in the District competition. Students will compete either individually or in a group under the categories of marketing, business

Although the District competition only consists of 100 multiple choice questions, students will have to solve a scenario that deals with their category and take another multiple choice test. Students who place in the top two rankings in each category will move onto the National round. “I will have students practice for both the role plays and written content of the contest,” said Club Sponsor Mr. Kamal James. “Practicing is important because it gets students used to analyzing a case in real time, presenting it in real time, and getting feedback from audience so that they can improve in the future.” Last year, two Prep students placed for the hoping to break the record this year.

junior Maria Guijarro look over a practice exam. Photo by Camille Kelleher.

hospitality and tourism.

The start of the new year marks the return of the annual awards season By Paolo Scalla Managing Editor Returning for a second time around, comedy duo Tina Fey and Amy Poehler of Saturday Night Live fame hosted the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards on Sunday, Jan. 12. With comedic performances including jokes made about A-list celebrities like Tom Hanks, George Clooney, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus to Amy Poehler dressing up as Mr. Golden Globe “Randy,” the male counterpart of Miss Golden Globe, Poehler and Fey provided viewers with an awards night full of entertainment and laughter. According to USA Today, Sunday night’s telecast of the Golden Globe Awards drew its largest audience in 10 years and was the most watched program of Sunday night, amassing over 20 million viewers. By the end of the night, actors and television series. While 12 Years a Slave and American Hustle were awarded with the award for Best Motion Picture—Drama and Best Motion Picture—Musical or Comedy, respectively, the award for Best Performance by an Actor and Actress in a Motion Picture—Drama went to Matthew McConaughey in Dallas Buyers Club and Cate Blanchett in Blue Jasmine. In the Best Performance in a Motion Picture—Musical or Lupita Nyong’o, Jennifer Lawrence, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, and Scarlett Johansson (Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times/MCT). Maria Menounos (Lawrence K. Ho/Los Ange-

Comedy category, Leonardo DiCaprio and Amy Adams were awarded for their performances in The Wolf of Wall Street and American Hustle. The week before when the People’s Choice Awards was hosted on Wednesday, January 8, the nominees fared much differently with Iron Man 3 winning in the Favorite Movie Category and the Favorite Movie Actor and Favorite Movie Actress being awarded to Johnny Depp and Sandra Bullock, respectively. Also, while Sandra Bullock left the Golden Globe Awards empty handed after losing in her nomination for Best Performance in a Motion Picture—Drama by an actress, she was much more successful at the People’s Choice Awards. Winning Favorite Dramatic Movie, Favorite Movie Actress, Favorite Dramatic Movie Actress for her role in Gravity, Favorite Comedic Movie for her role in The Heat, Favorite Comedic Movie Actress, and Favorite Movie Duo with George Clooney, Bullock swept each With awards season having just kicked off in January, the 56th Annual Grammy Awards was hosted by LL Cool J to honor music on January 26 and the 86th Academy Awards hosted take place on March 2.

6 News Artist Jimena Montemayor spends the day with art students By estefAniA MArtinez Staff Writer On Jan. 30, the advanced level art students Montemayor, a Mexican artist.

Brooklyn, New York, which focuses on modern pieces featuring graphic design and illustrations. While students were excited to meet the artist, Montemayor was happy to visit the school as well. “I think it’s awesome to get to work with the students. When I was in high school, I would have loved to hear someone entering the art world give me advice and encourage me to pursue a career in

English teacher Mr. Adam Schachner leads his class in discussion. He will be teaching some of the new English classes that will be offered next year. For more information on the new course offerings, visit Photo by Anabel Epstein.

English department to offer new courses for juniors and seniors By AlexA Coots Layout/Features Editor Exciting changes are underway in the English department in terms of course offerings for juniors and seniors for the 2014-2015 school year. Juniors and seniors not following the AP or IB tracks will have more course choices within the English curriculum, providing them with the opportunity to individually customize their course selections, on a semester basis. “We’re looking to provide curriculum that, like college, gives students specialized courses in the classes they like to take. We are hoping that this will give students the chance to shape their curriculum English teacher Mr. Adam Schachner. Course offerings will be structured much like a college program. For example, students may elect to take a semester course on Existentialism, and follow that with a semester course examining the horror genre. Together, the two semester courses would satisfy the traditional requirements of a yearlong English course, while providing students with a more engaging curricular experience. “The course choices for next year are pretty cool. I never would have thought the school would

Montemayor has garnered a following in the art world, and has been featured in several magazines. “I recently researched her and found that I really love her style. But meeting her was amazing because I feel it’s an amazing experience because it opens our minds and also it gave me a different Valeria Buttaci. After a presentation and discussion, Montemayor worked with art students on creating a graphic installation using geometric patterns created with various colors of duct tape. The pieces were displayed throughout six different areas of the walls.

said sophomore Gabriela Muller. While the new courses will count towards graduation core requirements for juniors and seniors outside of AP or IB tracks only, any other interested student will be able to take one of the new courses as well. Freshmen, sophomores, AP or IB students wanting to take one of the new English courses, may do so as electives. “In essence, nothing has changed as far as core requirements for graduation credits. The department is offering more choices within the

Students enjoyed the opportunity to not only meet a current artist but to also work with her on an actual piece. “It was wonderful for students to meet and work with Jimena. This opportunity helped them said art teacher Ms. Stacy Goldman.

Upcoming juniors and seniors are looking forward to the changes in the English department mainly due to the highly anticipated courses offerings. Some current seniors have expressed disappointment in not having this change come sooner. “I wish that the school would have implemented these changes last year. It would’ve been awesome to take a class on horror novels or a said senior Maksim Tokarev. Senior art students Ana Carvalho, Ariel Abella, Caitlyn DePalo, Kaylee Fantis and Isabella Avila use green duct tape for their

News 7 Time to put a stop to animal cruelty in the circus BY ANABEL EPSTEIN Editor-in-Chief Ladies and gentlemen! Children of all ages! Welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth! Oh, the circus. Who wouldn’t want to spend an afternoon sitting under a grandiose tent

that prods and punctures the elephants’ skin, is used

their spirits. You cannot control an elephant with a childhoods. However, what happens behind the


suffering creatures.

be in circuses to begin with, but we have to start However, there are endless accounts of

and the lack of a paddock and proper shelter. On

protest on behalf of the elephants outside of the circus to

protest for the elephants.

8 Features

Students have taken the opportunity to earn extra money by holding jobs during the school year. Many students have jobs in industries that vary from teaching to working in retail. They take the chance to learn time management skill between work and school while earning extra spending money. Senior Manuel Perez started working as a salesman for a kitchen cutlery brand called Cutco in July 2013, when a friend recommended him. His job involves calling potential customers that he has been recommended to and showing them all of Cutco’s products at scheduled appointments. Manuel’s earnings are from commission of what he sells, and as his ranking increases he earns more commission “It has been very successful, I managed to be ranked the number 5 salesman in the United States out of 40,000,”said Perez. Manny enjoys his work but said that it was very he was able to manage his time effectively, he was able to accomplish what he needs to get done. Another Senior, Rachel Legon recently started a job at Hollister in the Shops at Sunset Place. Rachel has learned a lot from her co-workers because they are all around the same age but go to different schools, mostly because Hollister is one of the few places that hire workers under the age of 18. “I started working so that I could earn some extra spending money before college and to learn about responsibility such as how to handle my own money,” said Legon. By Bianca Corgan Staff Writer

Rachel greets and helps customers, makes sure that the store looks tidy by folding clothes, cleaning up the dressing rooms, and working at the register. She believes that it is important to learn how to handle her own money and keep on track between school and work, especially before going off to college. Even though currently she only works a few days a week which does not disrupt much of her school work, she says it does add extra responsibility to her already hectic schedule as an International Baccalaureate senior. Even though some students work in retail, others use their free time to teach skills that they have harnessed to others. Junior Mallory Blum works at Bet Shira as an assistant Hebrew School teacher. Mallory started working there in the seventh grade for community service hours, but started getting paid this year. She balances her work and school life by doing something she truly enjoys – working with kids. Even though she only works once a week she has learned a lot about working with people of all ages. Senior Cara Zito is an assistant and tutor at Math Monkey, which is an enrichment program dedicated to development in mathematics. “It is hard to balance homework and with work especially during the week when I am tutoring from 3pm to 7pm. When I get home I am tired, but I have learned to



Features 9


This year, senior Jordan Rodrigues a professional setting when the British consulate in Miami approached Moving to Miami in 2009, Rodrigues own time around Miami, which can all be viewed on her vimeo account. whenever the British ambassadors go to D.C. as an introduction to demonstrate what they do in Miami. Rodrigues plans to continue to use her studying in England for university.

working on something he loves.



4. 1. Junior Noah Jacobs stands with an aircraft he works with at Avonica. He works on weekends. Picture provided by Noah Jacobs. 2. Senior Manuel Perez displays inventory that he sells through Cutco. He works from home and over the phone. Photo provided by Manuel Perez. 3. Senior Rachel Legon stands outside of Hollister at The Shops of Sunset Place before work. She works 2-3 times per week. Photo by Hayley Legon. 4. Senior Cara Zito helps a student with her math homework while at work at Math Monkey. She works on weekdays. Photo provided by Cara Zito.

Layout by Alexa Coots and Rachel Legon

By Rachel Legon Layout/Features Editor

Artistic Entrepreneurs

Junior Noah Jacobs works as an assistant for engineers working on planes for Avonica. He enjoys working there because he learns skills that are useful for


Passions Unfolding

Although most sophomores are too young to have paying jobs, some have started their own at-home businesses to make some extra money. Erin Keating has used her artistic abilities by making posters of her original paintings and selling them on her own website. Her surrealiststyle paintings can be found on her website www. and sell from $15-35 each. “I really enjoy painting and have a few online buyers, but I also sell to family and friends and even some teachers. I hope to pursue this as a career and it is my favorite hobby,” said Keating. Photographer Jacqueline Dylewski started taking pictures at sporting events at school but was soon approached by parents of athletes, asked to take pictures and create spreads for the family. She charges $50 to photograph a game, $100 for a dedication page, and up to $200 to photograph a big event. “I love taking pictures because it allows me to catch and replay every emotion during events. I take over 80,000 pictures in one school year. Parents ask me to make pages and organize them but I still get to add my own artistic style,” said Dylewski.

By Jessica Rolnick Staff Writer

e b r e p u e S u t q i e t s a t n Fa 10 News Feature

By: Anabel Epstein Editor-in-Chief

Seniors Alejandra Ruttimann and Alexander Mintz received the Outstanding Senior in French Award from the American Association of Teachers of French. They were nominated for excellence and commitment in the study of French, a high scholastic record, and participation in extracurricular activities to the French language.

Senior French students Alejandra Ruttimann and Alexander Mintz received the Outstanding Senior in French Award from The American Association of Teachers of French Founded 1927.

is Spanish, began taking French in 7th grade and is currently taking two French classes - French

“I love the cultures of French-speaking countries. It has given me another frame of reference to analyze other languages and cultures,” said Mintz. Alejandra Ruttimann expanded her language base of English and Spanish beginning in 7th grade. During the summer of 9th grade, Ruttimann spent three weeks alone in France to truly immerse herself in the language, and heightened her fascination with learning other Romance languages. “French is a relaxing way to expand my self-expression and explore more than just a language, but rather an entire culture,” said Ruttimann.

Students practice French through Skype with foreign teens By Bianca Corgan Staff Writer Madame Kabamba’s French Studies in a Global Context class recently started to Skype with

Kabamba. Ms. Kabamba contacted Mr. Becker, at the

Burkina Faso, Africa. The students exchange names and talk about life in both the U.S.A and Burkina Faso, while the American students practice French and the African students practice English.

organize an international conference using Skype software where French students at Gulliver would represent their countries’ culture, discuss interesting and essential topics about world diversity, teenage interests, and international ideals. With few minor issues due to technology, the students were able to introduce themselves in French and greet each other. Ms. Kabamba explained that they are going to continue doing the Skype sessions as the school year continues, and even possibly organize an exchange program between the two schools. “I hope to learn about how teenagers around the world experience both similar yet different life styles, while practicing French,” said sophomore

Coordinator, shared with Ms. Kabamba information Burkina Faso, Africa. Madame Kabamba explained that the goal is to help students perceive a greater connection between different countries including world literature and intercultural competence. “My goal as a teacher is simple; I would like to create a cross-cultural understanding between an American school and an African school. Thanks to technology it is feasible; I believe this will have long-lasting implications for the students,” said Ms.

Madame Kabamba discusses the goal of the Skype call with

Sports 11 Senior Raoul Khouri moves into college athletics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology By caMillE KEllEhEr Web Editor Among the bright and talented students of this year’s senior class, senior Raoul Khouri will be attending the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and was recruited for football. Along with playing football, Raoul will study Mechanical Engineering, also known as course 2 at MIT and with a minor in Computer Science. Raoul reached out to Coach Brian Bubna, the MIT recruiting coach, mid-way through his junior year of high school. He contacted him through the MIT football website. “When I was a freshman, I knew that I was capable of getting into a prestigious university,” said Raoul. “However, I did not know that I wanted to go to MIT until my sophomore year.” Although he was talking to coaches at Carnegie Mellon and wanted to enter into their choice. “I love MIT because every time I read published reports about different projects, I notice

that the projects were designed by MIT engineers and researchers.” Along with the prestigious and challenging academics, Raoul wants to play defensive end for overall record of 6-3. Raoul has played football for his entire high school career. “I am worried about balancing the academic workload with football,” said Raoul. “I’m very excited to be in Boston next year, I personally love the cold.” Raoul’s passion for engineering and the sciences is present given his activity in the STEM showcase. Along with peers, Raoul presented their project, The Eco-Cooker: Clean Cooking for All, in front of judges and competed with other students from around the country. “If I could make one invention right now, devote all of my time and unlimited resources to it, I would create a nuclear fusion generator in response for the demand for renewable energy.

Senior Raoul Khouri has been contributing to the Raider football team for the past few years and hopes to contribute equally at MIT. Photo supplied by Raoul Khouri.

Girls soccer team defeats rival Ransom Raiders in a dominating game By Zachary Graulich Contributing Writer The Gulliver girls soccer team will enter Regional Semi-Finals with an undefeated record after destroying Ransom 2-0 in regional QuarterFinals, and after beating Palmer Trinity 5-0 in their district championship on the day of their senior game. The team is in the midst of a very strong season with only two ties. They scored a total of 62 goals and only received 2 against. The team is ranked twelfth in the state. “Success comes from academics and athletics in school. This school demands success so the team works hard to get it. Our philosophy is to dominate. We don’t always play well but we score. I just feel that it is a young team and the new system we introduced this year had them struggling for a while, but they got it in the end,” said head coach Everton Edwards. With the team advancing to the playoffs they must train harder than ever to win. “Intensity is one of the things we have to improve,” said Edwards. “We are too nice. We have to set the tone. Against a good team we always play great and against average teams we struggle. We have to be consistent.” With Gulliver’s record, things are looking up for the state championship chances. However Edwards takes it one step at a time.

“We take it one game at a time. We are so young we didn’t plan to go to states; we just take each game as it comes. This is a new season and we shouldn’t get ahead ourselves.” they want to make a deep playoff run, in hopes of winning the state championship. “I believe in my team,” said junior Khara Vassell. “If we can win the state championship, then we will.” At this point it seems as if the Gulliver girls are unstoppable. Their performance will be seen soon in the Regional Semi-Finals where we will see state championship.

opportunity to score. Left: Junior Natalia Verde jukes a defender. Photos by Zachary Graulich

12 Sports Coach Bloom and Raiders get signature win over the rival Ransom Raiders by michael lefkowitz Contributing Writer After a heartbreaking loss at Ransom in their

Girls Basketball wraps up season in disappointing loss to Ribault High School by isaac saba Sports Editor

Boys Soccer cruises to a win in State championship against Bishop Moore by isaac saba Sports Editor

Entertainment 13 By Graham Reid Entertainment Editor and Frank Ocean, Yeezus goes against everything music has ever taught us. Kanye is reminiscent of a late Basquiat or Picasso on tracks like ‘On Sight’ and ‘New Slaves.’ Everything is jumbled, mangled, and gritty yet still appealing in a way that one can not describe through words, only emotion. Lyrically, West calls out commercial society and humanity, as a whole, on several occasions. Now, it’s been ten years of negativity for West. From his decision to enlighten Taylor Swift at the podium of the 2009 Grammy’s, to getting into has always managed to be on the dark side of the limelight. Undeniably, this press and critic related

Kanye West released his seventh studio album, Yeezus, in June of 2013.

A little over ten years ago Kanye West released what was his lifetime’s work at that point, The College Dropout. Over this decade, West has put out seven consistently solid albums. None quite like Yeezus, though, which was released in June of 2013. Dating all the way back to his early Def Jam recordings, Kanye has earned the reputation as one of the most arrogant, outspoken individuals in the creative innovation often scares people, which is precisely why Yeezus has gotten incessant backlash upon its release. Presenting ten tracks produced by a countless list of some of music’s most iconic artists, a few among many being Justin Vernon, Rick Rubin,

else we have ever seen, Kanye West has socially and musically broken down the barriers and pushed society’s preconceived limits. Going full circle, bringing West’s actions and views to light, his latest LP is a cultural milestone that has dared to question the world we live in and those that inhabit it. Do not look at Yeezus as intrusive though, view it more as a ten track journey and expand mankind’s future endeavors. Regardless of how brutally straightforward and unorthodox Yeezus is, it still leaves you wondering how one man can create something so controversial that it is either utterly hated or loved. As the chorus of ‘On Sight’ states “He’ll give us what we need, it may not be what we want.” Yeezus, from a majority standpoint, is not the best album of 2013, but it is, inarguably, the most enlightening piece of culture we have seen since Picasso put paint to canvas or Steve Jobs reinvented the digital world.

Scorsese’s The Wolf Of Wall Street is By Graham Reid Entertainment Editor

1. Yeezus- Kanye West Arcade Fire 3. Random Access Memories- Daft Punk 4. Settle- Disclosure 5. Overgrown- James Blake 6. Nothing Was The Same- Drake 7. AM- Arctic Monkeys 8. Doris- Earl Sweatshirt 9. Pure Heroine- Lorde 10. Old- Danny Brown 11. Government Plates- Death Grips 12. 6 Feet Beneath The Moon- King Krule 13. My Name Is My Name- Pusha T 14. Comedown Machine- The Strokes 15. Long. Live. ASAP- ASAP Rocky 16. Repave- Volcano Choir 17. Magna Carta Holy Grail- Jay Z 18. Acip Rap- Chance The Rapper 19. Love’s Crushing Diamond20. Night Time, My Time- Sky Ferreira

FIRST NOTABLE RELEASE OF 2014 Ariel Pink Early Live Recordings Here at The Raider Voice, we have always been advocates of Ariel Pink and his ground-breaking, innovative tracks. Both Before Today and his follow up album Mature Themes paved the way towards the establishment of experimental music. With a cult following, Pink is generally regarded as either a musical revolutionary, or just another artist that doesn’t deserve popularity... His latest release, Early Live Recordings is most work.

Scorsese’s latest gem, The Wolf of Wall Street, is an in depth, chronological depiction of former stock broker Jordan Belfort’s career and personal life. Now, getting past the basic synopsis and money. Brought to life by Leonardo Dicaprio, Belfort’s high-roller, and high-cost, lifestyle is The Wolf of Wall Street. Based on a true story written by Jordan Belfort while in prison, Scorsese’s directing coincides beautifully with the former wall street broker’s lifestyle. Though undeniably long, Scorsese needed as much time as possible to allow viewers to

understand the reasons behind Jordan Belfort’s initial rise and eventual downfall. With extensive drug usage and the dehumanization of women comes unparalleled highs and lows, which is a theme both Scorsese and Dicaprio master throughout the movie. In depth, accurate, and well-executed are characteristics of The Wolf of Wall Street. Both Leonardo Dicaprio and Jonah Hill ignite Scorsese’s vision… Showing precisely how costly, health-wise and his colleagues at Stratton Oakmont. Considering that Di Caprio won a Golden Globe for his role portraying Jordan Belfort... Put aside three hours of your time, and invest in this

Don’t knock Ariel Pink though, as always he put out a collection of tracks that distinctly remind us that their is no limit with experimental music. Early Live Recordings is more of an adhesive bond solidifying the connection between various genres of alternative music. It causes us to question whether or not Ariel Pink actually takes himself seriously... which is a beautiful thing because he undeniably has torn down the barriers of alternative music while still maintaining a nonchalant, carefree attitude towards his music turn dishing out some serious hype around the

14 Entertainment

Disclosure concert mesmerizes audience by rachel legon Layout/Features Editor

Arctic Monkeys kick off their US tour at the Fillmore Miami Beach By Alexa Coots Layout/Features Editor British punk rock quartet Arctic Monkeys



ROBERT IS HERE renowned for its endless variations of tropical and

Freshmen Morgan Greaton (left), Hayley Legon (middle), and Madeline Epstein (right), strawberry pick at Knausberry Farms. Photo by Hayley Legon.

career sitting roadside, auctioning off his father’s

“I love trying new fruits when I go here,”


“I thought I was in heaven when I tried their

Senior Alexander Mintz Pimstein looks at avocados at the Robert is Here Fruit Stand. Photo by Anabel Epstein.

Gilbert. “It’s nice to have a strawberry shake while

worth every sip of your shake and bite of your bun.

WAYSIDE MARKET Locally known as “The Fruit Stand,” Wayside Market has played a huge role in every Gulliver student’s life. Whether standing in line eyeing a Spongebob shaped popsicle or picking

“I love biking to Wayside on the weekends because they Daniela Grava.



Around Town

February 25th Demi Lovato: Neon Lights Tour Demi Lovato will be performing her Neon Lights Tour Miami show on February 25th at the BB&T center. The concert features opening acts Little Mix and Fifth Harmony. Tickets range from $42.00-$81.00 and can be purchased outside the venue or online at

March 4th-5th Justin Timberlake Concert Justin Timberlake will hold his 20/20 Experience World Tour Miami show on Tuesday, March 4th at BB&T center and Wednesday, March 5th at American Airlines Arena The concert starts at 8:00 p.m. Tickets can be purchased for $85.60 on StubHub.

March 14th-30th Dade County Youth Fair The Miami Dade County Youth Fair and Exposition will take place from March 14th30th at Florida International University located at 10901 Coral Way. The Fair features different exhibits, food, and carnival rides. The event will start at 12:00 p.m on weekends and 3:00 p.m on weekdays. General Admission tickets cost $12.00 and can be purchased at the Venue.

On Campus

March 17th-30th Sony Open Tennis The Sony Open Tennis tournament will take place at the Crandon Park Tennis Center located at 7300 Crandon Blvd. in Key Biscayne from March 17th thru March 30th. Matches will include Rafael Nadal, Rodger Federer, Maria Sharapova and Venus Williams. Daily tickets start at $6.00 and can be purchased at and

Softball Schedule March 4th: Vs. Key West HS at 4:15 P.M at Gulliver March 5th: Vs. Carrollton at 4:00 P.M. at Carrollton March 7th: Vs. South Dade HS at 7:00 P.M. at South Dade

March 17th Tyler the Creator Concert Tyler the Creator will be in concert at Revolution Live located at 100 SW 3rd Ave in Fort Lauderdale. The show will start at 7:00 p.m. Tickets are $27.00 and can be purchased at

Boys and Girls Track Schedule March 4th: At Coral Shores at 3:00 P.M. March 8th: At Ferguson HS at 8:15 A.M. March 9th: Track community service at Gulliver at 7:00 A.M

March 22nd Miley Cyrus Bangerz Tour The Miley Cyrus Bangerz Tour will hold its Miami Show on Saturday, March 22nd. The concert will start at 7:30 p.m at the American Airlines Arena located at 601 Biscayne Blvd. Tickets start at $61.40 and can be purchased at

Upcoming... Next month’s edition of The Raider Voice will contain a review of the start of the tennis season, information on concussions, tips for dealing with stress, and a super bowl review.

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