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2 Opinion

A shocking tragedy: death by art Stunning FACTS by alexa coots Layout Editor

Eighteen-year-old Israel Hernandez-Llach, an award-winning artist and Colombian immigrant, died on Aug. 6 after Miami Beach police shot him in the chest with a stun gun. According to police records, the artist, locally known as “Reefa,” was spotted “tagging” the wall of a no-longer operating McDonald’s restaurant. According to an article published in The Miami Herald, HernandezLlach’s friends, and witnesses, Thiago Souza and Felix Fernández, said that when the police caught up to “Reefa” he was shoved against a wall and stunned in the chest with a taser gun. Fernández and Souza also reported that the two


More than people have died in the United States since being tasered Tasers have been used on humans more than

feet. placed on paid leave, and the case is currently under internal investigation by lus Lattimore, and Sergeant Rey Aguilar are also under investigation for their roles in the death of Hernandez-Llach. Miami Beach Police Department, but tasing a teenage boy for committing what may be considered a misdemeanor is wrong. While many consider street art a crime of vandalism, others view it as an artistic form of public protest. RegardStreet artists can be charged with vandalism, malicious mischief, intentional destruction of property, criminal trespass, or antisocial behavior, and there are different legal restrictions, depending on whether it was committed on private or public property. Under no circumstances, however, should someone be chased and tasered for vandalism, and the fact that the Miami Beach police Electronic Control Devices (ECDs), such as tasers, are common equipstudy by researchers at the Wake Forest University medical school, less than

being tasered other than irresponsible use. A report by the New South Wales Ombudsman states that police misuse tasers one out of seven times. It was cases, despite manufacturer warnings against that action. In the future, better training for police and an overhaul of taser-use guidelines should be strongly implemented. force used against their son. The lawsuit alleges that police violated Hernandez-Llach’s civil rights, and is seeking compensation for damages of more than

2 million1

2 90000 times

of Taser deployments

volts of electricity is delivered by a taser during each usage

involved stun guns

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Opinion 3

Blurring the lines of gender equality By anabel epstein Editor in Chief I would like to believe we have reached a point in our nation’s history that men and women can be considered equal. More importantly, I hope that I can uphold and advocate on behalf of the mentality for such equality. We are all human, and therefore able to achieve equal goals and express ourselves in equal fashions. 99.9% of our DNA is, in fact, synonymous. As I heard all the buzz about Miley Cyrus’ incredibly provocative performance with Robin Thicke at the VMAs, I was instantly intrigued. The sight of her in a plastic bikini dancing with teddy bears genuinely caught my attention, as it did the entire nation’s. Immediately after watching it, I could not help myself from judging her based on the outward expression of sexuality. Shortly after, I found myself slightly disappointed with my judgements towards her. Robin Thicke danced around the stage in a similar fashion, partaking in her suggestive routine. Regardless, Cyrus was taking the all the blame. So I continue to wonder, why are we directing our criticism towards her, when Thicke participated equally in the stunt? It seems as if we uphold certain standards

for what a woman should be. For some reason, her reputation is tarnished from this performance, while Thicke walks away nearly unscathed. The problem goes even further. Cyrus, 20, was once seen as an idol to many. Doubling as Hannah Montana, she had the hearts of young girls all over the country. As soon as we see her breaking out of that image, she immediately receives backlash and criticism. It is as if we are trying to hold on to the “old Miley,” even though she is venturing in a new direction. And here many of us stand, judging Cyrus based on a strand of events -- two tantalizing music videos, one shocking performance, and many other accompanying factors. Maybe it is time to reconsider what we expect from others, and differentiate our criticisms from perceptions. Cyrus may be reinstating a new identity, yet it is unfair to denounce her simply for being a woman, especially since Thicke was equally involved. It must be another issue - our false beliefs that Cyrus could maintain her innocent and angelic reputation. Regardless, she is human, like me and you. Her DNA is in fact a mere 0.01% different than the rest of us.

Miley Cyrus attend the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards at The Barclay Center in New York City, NY, Sunday, August 25, 2013. (Nancy Kaszerman/Zuma Press/MCT)

Understanding Common App presents struggles By Paolo scalla Print Managing Editor Going into senior year, I expected that the stress associated with standardized testing and college applications would be behind me and my last year in high school would be a breeze. Instead, out the Common Application on time, all the while never-ending college application supplements and requirements.

and Common App supplemental essays over the summer in order to avoid college anxiety during my senior year. However, I soon discovered one of

faced by the Common App of missing one of the most crucial parts to college applications: the individual college supplements. According to the 500 member colleges and universities, yet on August 1 a total of 0 school supplements were available for completion. In fact, as late as August 29, only 483 college supplements were live and available for student completion. With the newest version of the Common App, known as CA4, launched this year, I also perfecting their applications to individual schools.

Unlike previous years, the CA4 Common App denies applicants the opportunity to submit different personal statement essays to different schools. Although the new version streamlines the process of applying, I feel that this particular restriction is detrimental for those students who want to tailor their applications depending on the type of school they are applying to in order to help them stand out. Due to these unexpected challenges I have encountered with the Common App and the poor release timing of the applications, it appears that senior year will be the most challenging and overwhelming one yet.

the program is not made available to students until Aug. 1. Personally, I believe that it is unreasonable college application during their time off when they are not overwhelmed with schoolwork and athletic involvement. For whatever reason, the Common App seems intent on making the lives of students the launch date to a time that coincides with the beginning of school. In addition to the late launch date, I encountered the incredibly inconvenient problem

Seniors Aleksis García and Amaya ContrerasDriggs continue to work on their Common App for college. Although a tedious process, it allows them to stay organized. Photo by Anabel Epstein.

4 News Popular Cookies Now Individually Wrapped BY BIANCA CORGAN Staff Writer There were many changes throughout campus this year, and the lunchroom was no exception. Returning students were when it came to Sage dining’s ever-popular cookies, leading to confusion and speculation for some. “I’m used to being able to just get them. They are now wrapped so maybe there’s a new recipe,” said sophomore Ines Noel. Before, the cookies were placed in an open basket, allowing students to take as many as they wanted. Now, they are placed in plastic bags, two at a time, and kept behind the lunch counter. Students can still request as many cookies as they want. Some students like the change. “I like how the cookies are placed in little bags; they are easy to carry around for a snack later on in the day,” said sophomore Valeria Salami. Still, others disagree. “I preferred the cookies from last year. This year I think they are not as sweet,” said sophomore Marlee Glassberg. According to Sage Dining manager Marlene Videa, the recipe did not change, and the decision was made to place them in bags for sanitary precautions and to reduce waste. Some students were hesitant to have to ask for the cookies. “It is different having to ask for cookies, it was something I am just not used to,” said junior Gabriella Sharp. Even with the change, the cookies remain a favorite lunchtime treat among students.

Parking Gets Personal BY RAVI PATEL News Editor On Sept. 24, seniors were allowed to personalize their parking spots for $10. Students showed up at 9:00am, paint brushes and cans in hand, ready to add some a personal touch to their parking spot. “Painting the parking blocks was a great way to get creative and make my parking spot more personalized!” said senior Melanie Müller. The senior class sponsored the project. Funds collected will be used to support a variety of school events.

Top right: Seniors Kaylee Fantis, Tesi Zito, Cara Zito, Morgan Mills, and teacher Monica Avalos paint a student’s parking block. Top left: Senior Gabriella Riccio admires the intricate designs on her parking block. Right: Seniors Charlotte Ableman and Gillian Sutherland’s American-themed parking block.

News 5

SAT preparation class now available to sophomores


congestion throughout Miami


BY KATRINA GAWEL Staff Writer Miami is known for being one of the biggest cities in America, with an even bigger








*Must present valid high school student I.D. card. Not valid with any other offer. All tanners under the age of 16 must have parental consent. See store for details. Expires 10/31/13

1824 Ponce de Leon Blvd. - Coral Gables (305) 476-8909

844 Alton Road - Miami Beach (305) 672-0767

No Appointment Tanning • Open 7 Days a Week •

SENIORS Don’t forget to schedule your portrait with Fox Mar Studios! Fox Mar 305-596-1750

6 News

Apple unveils the new iPhone 5S and 5C By Ravi Patel News Editor At a time when it seemed the iPhone 5 was at the peak of its vitality, Apple recently opened a new chapter in its history with the introduction of two new devices: the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C on September 10. The features of the new devices are consistent with those of its predecessor, the iPhone 5, however, it does place a heavier emphasis on both the aesthetics and speed of the phone. The iPhone 5S, although similar to its predecessor in looks, is now available in gold, silver, and ‘space grey’. Nonetheless, it serves its purpose as the

Face-to-Face with Student Council President Juan Pino By Estefania Martinez Staff Writer It is early Friday morning, right before homeroom, and the speakers for the microphones and the music are being set up. The student council president prepares for the announcements and reviews everything he has to say before students arrive. Being president includes several responsibilities that Juan Pino elaborates on during his Q & A with The Raider Voice.


Do you have any special ideas for this school



For this school year, I was thinking about having more school sponsored tournaments. For example, like the soccer and basketball tournaments that we had last year. I think this would help hype up the school spirit!

Q. What are you planning to do for Spirit Week? A. We’re still planning for Spirit Week and

haven’t decided on the days yet but I’m really looking forward to it. I will be making a big deal about Spirit Week. We absolutely want everyone to be motivated to participate throughout the entire week.

Q. A.

What made you want to be president?

I have always felt like the Gulliver could use a little more school spirit, especially my grade, so I started thinking that maybe if I was elected president, I could do something about it.

Q. What are the main tasks as president? A. My main tasks as Student Council president

is Friday morning announcements when I have to speak in front of everyone which includes telling a good joke during these announcements, organizing spirit week and well being awesome.

century with its new features, including an A7 chip, better quality iSight camera to satisfy the needs of

and green. Unlike previous generation iPhone generations, customers can avoid spending more money towards showy accessories and can opt to possesses fewer features, which explains its cheaper price when compared to the 5S. The iPhone 5C chip, meaning it operates a little slower than the 5S. Nonetheless, it still has the iOS7 operating system, which makes allows the phone to serve virtually any purpose. “Apple’s idea of making the iPhone 5C is great because not only are they creating another innovative and advanced phone, but also customers can now express their personalities and make a statement with just the color of the phone that they choose, which they weren’t able to do before. It’s

addicts, and of course, the iOS 7 operating system. the most prominent feature, giving the phone a more advanced and spy-like appeal. Apple is covering the to prevent scratches from impairing its performance. “Touch ID is actually quite an elegant namely, the theft of mobile devices and, perhaps even more critically, the information stored on those devices. Many people haven’t yet bothered to implement any kind of security solution on their handsets and for those who have, securing handsets with Pin authorizations can be quite a time-

interview with BBC. The iPhone 5C, however, takes on a than having a aluminium shell, the iPhone 5C sticks out with its colorful plastic exterior, which is currently offered in white, pink, yellow, blue,

The top-of-the-line iPhone 5S and the colorful iPhone 5C, shown here, can be pre-ordered Friday. They go on sale Sept. 20. (Apple/ MCT)

New attendance regulations for students Each year, rules and policies are updated as necessary. This year is no exception. While most of the policies from last year remain the same, the administration is placing an emphasis on student absences. Absence procedures are clearer and aimed at making sure students don’t accumulate excessive absences.

Students are permitted to miss a maximum of 10 school days per semester.

Students are limited to two school-related absences per week. Other absences may revoke privileges to miss class for such activities.

If students are absent from school, parents must notify the 8:30 A.M. on the day of absence.

When students exceed 10 absences, they will be put on attendance probation, putting the course credits of students in jeopardy.

Features 7

Students show spirit at fall pep rally

2 1

6 3





1) The Raider throws whistles to students at the beginning of the pep rally, enhancing the ability to make noise and supporting athletes. 2) Senior the team’s talent. 4) Students listen intently as fall athletes are introduced. 5) Seniors Mckenzie Simkins and Morgan Mills get seniors excited to show their spirit. 6) Coach James Piggot introduces the golf team. 7) Student Council President Juan Pino holds student’s attention throughout the pep rally. 8) Senior Alan Armony, cross country captain, introduces his fellow senior teammates. Photos by Jessica Rolnick.

Reaching the End Zone

8 Features

How to tackle senior year responsibilities while preparing for college.



before they have the freedom to call themselves graduates. With obstacles and highlights that include surviving freshman year, ardent dedication to clubs, academics, athletics, college applications, facing challenges, and making friendships along the way, 12th being seniors. “Right now I’m under so much stress with college applications and keeping up with all of my schoolwork, but when I’m standing on the stage at graduation receiving my diploma, I’ll know that it was all worth it,” said senior Shannon Soler. As the ruling class of the school, senior year comes with certain perks that make the years leading up to it worth memorable one. From senior portraits, to senior skip day, to Grad Bash, to prom, to the homecoming dance, seniors are bombarded with special treatment that set them apart from all other students. The end of the year also serves as exciting time, with the pressure on for the senior class to pull a prank to out-do the efforts of past senior classes.

Make a calendar of all college application deadlines. It can become very overwhelming to manage all dates purely out of memory.


Features 9

Register for an appropriate email address, so when you contact the schools it is age-appropriate and mature.


Ask an adult to read your college essay. It can to help mock a similar impression



Proofread all of your information. And then, proofread it again.

of high school an enjoyable one. Usually by the second semester, a severe case of “Senioritis” runs rampant throughout the senior population. More often than not, avoiding the temptation of avoiding “Senioritis” is a route not as simple as incoming seniors anticipate. With the idea of college closer than it has ever been, surrounding college applications, standardized testing, and acceptances and rejections. At the end of the year though, all of the hours spent studying and working on homework assignments prove to be worth it when each senior makes the sentimental walk to receive their high school diploma at graduation. By May, seniors have reached the long-anticipated goal that college. Article by: Paolo Scalla Design by: Alexa Coots and Rachel Legon

Get your application in as soon as you can. Many colleges read applications as soon as they are submitted, and it is better to send it before the overwhelming rush as the deadline approaches.

8 4

“One of the most exciting moments of senior year that I’m looking forward to is the senior prank. I really hope that us seniors can come up with something great that everyone will love,” said senior Charles Crepy. Naturally, students take advantage of their senior by

Keep your grades up throughout the year. Getting through junior year does not leave you off the hook. Stay motivated to make sure you maximize your chances of acceptance.


Group Text!






9 7









Contact the college to see if an interview will help with your acceptance. Some colleges prefer on-campus interviews, and others allow you to organize one from home.

tips for seniors

Gather and list all activities from the past four years and create a resume.

Apply to a variety of schools to ensure that you have many options once it is time to

10 Essential Apps for High School Students iStudiez

Two Minute Drills

Keep copies of everything. You don’t want to be in a position where you have to rewrite everything.

Write a college essay and work with your English teacher on content and grammar. Research the colleges you are interested in to compile a list.


Find teachers to write your letters of recommendation. Allow yourself to come across as a true person. There are many applicants who try paint a picture of who they are not. Colleges want to see your true essence come through.

Make sure all standardized testing is complete by the start of November.

l a c o L

10 News Feature


Stanzione 87 introduces genuine Italian pizza to Miami

Franco Stanzione spends a lot of time overseeing the restaurant. Not only does he manage, but he also cooks a lot of the food. Photo by Jessica Rolnick. This large 87 is after walking into the restaurant. It is symbolic of the location, 87 SW 8th street. Photo by Jessica Rolnick.

BY JESSICA ROLNICK Photo Editor Recreating old Neapolitan pizza, Stanzione 87 is bringing unique tastes of Italian cuisines to Miami. Only using ingredients imported from Naples, with the exception of their homemade mozzarella cheese, Stanzione 87 remains the only restaurant in Miami that serves genuine Italian pizza. The wood ovens and the imported Italian furniture contribute to the family-style and homey ambiance the restaurant evokes. The restaurant, named after the owner Franco Stanzione, inspired Stanzione’s vision for a unique Italian pizzeria, having grown up in the food business himself. Stanzione and his wife, Ashley Lopez, opened the restaurant together. Stanzione studied in New York with an Italian chef and returned to Miami fueled by the dream of starting his own restaurant. “I bought this property when I was 22 hoping

to be the youngest restaurant owner in Miami,” said Stanzione. years after his purchase and opened by Stanzione and Lopez in April 2013. Their goal was to create a family-friendly restaurant environment and a menu that speaks to the true nature of Italian cooking. The menu features a variety of delicious wood-oven pizzas, all cooked for only thirty seconds to a minute at 900 degrees Fahrenheit, while following culinary guidelines to maintain the title as authentically “branded Neapoletana,” in addition to offering salad, appetizer, and savory Nutella calzone options. With Stanzione 87 open to all Miami foodies, the traditional essence of Italian cooking is Stanzione 87 is located at 87 SW 8th St. It is closed on Monday; the restaurant opens at 12 P.M. Tuesday-Saturday, and at 1 P.M. on Sunday.

aroma espresso bar BY ANABEL EPSTEIN Editor in Chief

Walking into Aroma Espresso Bar is somewhat of a nostalgic experience. From the shape of the chairs to the hue from the lightbulbs, it mimics vibe found in Israel. It should, after all, having originated there. The espresso bar just opened in Dadeland Mall’s new wing. Aroma combines fresh Mediterranean food and pastries with indescribably delicious coffee, creating a modern, welcoming, and comforting experience. “I went to Israel this summer, and stopped by Aroma quite a bit. It’s a pretty common venue there. The food is great, the environment is inviting,

The funghi pizza is a popular choice on the menu. It includes porcini mushrooms, smoked mozzarella, parmesan, arugula, and olive oil. Photo by Jessica Rolnick.

and it’s a great place to be,” said junior Brett Gilbert. The café is known for its Iced Aroma, a frappuccino-like sweet coffee blend which is satisfying in every sense of the word. Impressively, the coffee as well as the chocolate used in pastries and desserts is imported from Israel, ensuring that even the tastes are the same across the ocean. “It’s a little strange that I can get iced coffee here, and it tastes just like it does in Israel. I love having a piece of that here,” said junior Rachel Krieger. Aroma recently opened in the new wing of Dadeland Mall. It is open daily from 7 A.M. to 10 P.M.

Sports 11 Girls and boys varsity golf tee off the season

Swim team prepares for an exciting season

BY RUBY WILLIE Business Manager


Changes in the girls varsity golf program anticipate a winning season. The addition of an assistant coach, a stricter practice schedule and uniform policy will hopefully prove favorable to the young team. Alongside head coach John Reed, will be Coach Kelly Mulligan. Mulligan is also the head coach of the girls tennis team. “Kelly is a amazing person that the girls love very much, she’s going to be a lot of fun,” said Reed. Also with the changes the team’s district was changed. Schools such as Ransom, Carrollton, and Archbishop McCarthy will no longer be in this district. “We really have a chance to win tournaments now, our competition will be smaller and easier,” said sophomore Michelle Rodriguez. Maverick Invitational, where they came in seventh place. On Tuesday October 3 the girls played a match against Carrollton whom they defeated by three strokes. The girls came in second place at the Youth Fair tournament on Sept. 19. members were surprised to see a stricter Returning team “We need uniforms to uniform guideline. Everyone look like a team. the same and it will will look be nice,” said junior Shanna

Dark all around, with the sunrise just starting to peer over the eastern horizon, she steps onto the diving board, places her goggles on her face, and suddenly springs into the water. Gliding through the water, she practices her freestyle strokes up and down the lanes of the pool. As her muscles tire she slows to a stop, revealing that every time she enters the water she tries her best. “It is fun to do what you love and share the same experience with other people,” said sophomore Namilla Sanchez. Sanchez along with the rest of the swim team starts off their mornings at the 5:00 p.m. practices in order to prepare for their meets. Namilla explains that even though being part of the team is hard and time consuming she loves to swim because her team is very supportive and swimming allows her to have fun before and after a hard day at school. “I love to swim because it is the best sport known to man,” said senior Jonathan Chow. Jonathan has been swimming on the team for four years and states that it never gets old because you are always striving to challenge yourself. Sophomore Megan Stoyanovich explains that she loves her team like a family, being part of the team since her freshman year. “I love to swim, and I love to go to practice because everyone is super supportive,” said Stoyanovich. As a team, they work together to excel in their favorite sport and hope to have a successful fall season. At their last meet on Sept. 21, they placed 6th out of 16 teams at the Woodson Invitational.

Team practice is lengthier with the team meeting three days a week after school until 6:00 P.M. at Melreese golf and country club. In the past, they only met once a week. The boys’ team are hoping to secure the district and regional titles. Coach Steve Solomon has been working hard with the team. “We blend this individual sport into a team sport. Everyone helps each other with the game mentally,” said Solomon. The practices are held at the Biltmore Hotel golf course in Coral Gables. The boys Sept. 17. On Sept. 19 they played a match against Columbus and Belen, coming in third place. They placed sixth at the Westminster tournament on Aug. 27. Sophomore Michelle Rodriguez takes Youth Fair tournament. She came in third with a score of 75. This is her co-captain. Picture by Ruby Willie.

Varsity girls cross country team kicks off their season BY ESTEFANIA MARTINEZ Staff Writer The cross country team is ready for a new season. Practicing 6 days a week, the coaches have been pushing the team to get better and better. “The coaches are really working us this year so that we will be able to get to states,” reinforces sophomore Nicole Mueller. The team has also been practicing several days at Tropical Park to get in shape for their upcoming meets. The team has also been doing different activities like yoga and working out at the school gym. “I really enjoy how we are doing different workouts this year. We’re not just running, we’re having fun,” says Carlee Snyder, who has been a Varsity runner for 3 years. With 20 other girls on the team, they are all hoping to run an amazing season.

12 Sports Varsity football team starts the season strong BY KATRINA GAWEL Staff Writer The Raiders have started the season off strongly, with an impressive record of 4-0. The Raiders defeated the Dade Christian Crusaders 38-13 at home on Friday, Sept. 6th. The game started off with a touchdown from Gulliver’s #6 Senior Cornelius Floyd from the 50-yard line. Though Gulliver made a few offensive mistakes leading to Dade Christian’s touchdowns, their defense was too dominant for Dade Christian to get by. “Coming in today, the goal was to execute all our plans. Our team was focused, well prepared and as a running back I was able to use my vision to make plays for the team,” said freshman Robert Burns who scored a touchdown from a 10 yard run. Both quarterbacks Jawan Watson, junior, and Anthony Hasan, sophomore, had a good game with two touchdowns each. The Raider’s offense had a fumble in the 3rd quarter resulting in

Top Left: junior quarterback Jowan Watson drops back to pass. To Center: senior safety Nick Melo tackles an opposing player. Top Right: sophomore receiver Dionte Mullins breaks a tackle. Bottom Left: sophomore Dionte Mullins escapes defenders. Bottom Right: junior quarterback Jowan Watson moves around in the pocket. Photos by Zachary Graulich

a touchdown for Dade Christian executed by #4 senior, Michael Shiver. On September 12, our Raiders went years. Braynon Edwards (12), had an interception and the Raider defense held Chaminade offense in the red zone four times. That limited them to their score of seven and the offense put up a score of 34 points. after 8 years,” said junior George Grimwade. “This shows us and other teams that we are ready for this year.” On September 20, the Raiders defeated Key West High School with a score of 35-17. The Raiders had a strong performance executing both on offense and defense, helping them achieve their so far undefeated record.

Entertainment 13 NOTABLE RELEASES Kanye West Yeezus

Washed Out’s latest LP; Paracosm By Graham Reid Entertainment Editor It does not get more self explanatory than Ernest Greene. He’s a highly accoladed producer, the man behind Washed Out, and rests at the top of the chillwave food chain. production from, at the time, emerging artists like

many of these groups found success, only so much could be done. It was an era within alternative electronic music that meant Greene would go up against the likes of powerhouses Animal Collective and Neon Indian, which were established groups within the indie-electro renessaince, while attempting to break into a genre that seemingly didn’t have anymore room. Out of nowhere Washed Out exploded across the realm of alternative music following the release in 2010 of the EP “Life of Leisure.” Ungrainy, easy going, and most importantly welcoming, Greene’s production kept listeners wanting more. Then, 2011 came around and the full length

debut LP “Within and Without” was everything we expected from Greene. At this point Washed Out was more than just another hype-worthy project, it became a household name. Now, it is 2013, and independent electronic dance music production has only grown more sophisticated and edgy. With Washed Out’s latest LP Paracosm, Ernest Greene reminds us that simplicity and predictability can be a beautiful thing. Not anywhere near as nuance as “Within and Without,” Paracosm represents that of a fully accomplished musician; reverting from experimentation and getting more in touch with non-electronic based production. As always, the vocals are patent Washed Feels Right and Falling Back signify how capable Ernest Greene is of creating an album where every song perfectly transitions to the next. With summer winding down, Paracosm and its sun-kissed tracks could not be released at a more appropriate time.

Drama students prepare for the third annual night of one acts By Marina Santos Staff Writer For the third year in a row, the Drama Department is preparing for a night of one acts on October 17 and 18 at 7pm in the Second Story Theater. The studetns will be performing four different skits: “The Lottery,” “See Rock City,” “Women and Wallace,” and “Sure Thing.” The Americana themed night features only Americanwritten plays. “One acts are great, they’re short and fun so everyone stays interested throughout the whole thing,” says senior Luis Santos. Tickets will be sold at the door, or may be purchased in advance for $5 in room 219.

Senior Luis Santos and junior Bradley Delgado rehearse on the stage of the drama room for one of the one act plays. Photo by

Daft Punk, TNGHT, Kid Cudi, Justin Vernon, Frank Ocean, John Legend, and James Blake are just a few names among the near-thirty, that collaborated on Kanye’s latest gem, Yeezus. While the album may be conceptual, it is the perfect follow-up album to his critically acclaimed My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Experimental, innovative, and even punk-esque at times, Yeezus is lightyears ahead of hip hop. West differs from the norms of rap, creating his own open-to-interpretation, indescribable genre.

King Krule 6 Feet Between The Moon

Back in 2010, we did not know much about King Krule, known as Zoo Kid at the time. We did know, for sure, that he had the potential to become the generation’s song bird. Take his hit “Out Getting Ribs” for instance; Krule exhibits timeless vocals while combining uncharismatic, dreamy instrumentals. After releasing his selftitled EP in November of 2011, we noticed consistency within his track production, which is important when considering that Krule is eighteen and lacks experience in the industry. Now, he’s back at it and has delivered a full length LP equally as powerful as his early work. Krule may still be an emerging artist, but his voice is reminiscent of a mature and wellestablished vocalist.

14 Entertainment



with Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui


auditioned because I literally wanted to sing for Simon. I wanted him to be like “Wow you’re awesome,” and when his reaction was pretty similar to that, it was amazing; It was the highlight of my life. I respect and admire him so much. What made you want to audition for the Xfactor? Honestly, I watched American Idol when I was little, and I would always say “I’m going to sing for Simon Cowell some day!!” You know how Simon is the considered to be the Well, I auditioned because I literally wanted to sing for Simon. I wanted him to be like “Wow you’re awesome,” and when his reaction was pretty similar to that, it was amazing; It was the highlight of my life. I respect and admire him so much.

By camille kelleher Web Editor At every show, Who’s Line is it Anyway? meets Saturday Night Live and Mad TV with sketches, music, and improvisations based on audience suggestions. “Just the Funny” is an improvisational and sketch comedy hole-in-the-wall theater on Coral Way that hosts themed shows every Friday and Saturday at 9pm. Whether it is a night out with friends or a romantic date, “Just the Funny” is the perfect way to spice up ordinary weekend plans. Improvisation is a form of theater that depends on creating the performance in the moment; therefore every show is unique, spontaneous and entertaining. The performers have all been trained on improvisational acting and techniques, exuding an enjoyable and funny aura both on and off the stage. The intimate 125-person theater leaves every attendee at risk of being clapped up on stage,

Q Q Honestly, I watched American Idol when I was A little, and I would always say “I’m going to A idol as a child, she was so perfect and her voice sing for Simon Cowell some day!!” You know how Simon is the considered to be the most

Improvisational comedy theater spreads waves of laughter

inspired me to be the best I can. Now, I love Bob Marley and what he stood for, and I love Ed Sheeran and how real he was, actually how real all of those artists are. Someday, I hope to bring that back- the authenticity of music in the industry.

Q radio? A I haven’t heard myself on the radio yet. How Y100 on all the time and it just hasn’t worked out for me yet, so hopefully I’ll get to hear myself soon.

Q right now I’m with Fifth Harmony. That’s A Well my plan as of now, I don’t really know what the future holds, I’ve learned that you can’t really predict what’s going to happen, because you never know what the future might hold.

actors perform their skits. The performers will later comically and lightheartedly heckle at the rest of the attendees who avoided the stage as they exit the theater after the show. “Ingenious, hilarious, professional,” said Columbus High School senior David Shay. “They are really consistently funny and it is a great way to spend an evening.” If attendees liked what they saw on stage and wanted to become a part of the show, Just the Funny offers improvisational acting and sketch writing classes that are professionally designed, syllabus-driven courses. “Just the Funny” has a calendar of shows on their website, to liven up anyone’s weekend. Ticket prices vary with the show and can be bought prior to the show, online or at the theater. “4-Play” will be performed this Friday at 9pm for $10, and it is well worth the money.

Lifestyles 15 Dadeland Mall opens an inviting new wing

“I think the new wing is really cool. It gives it a modern, fancier twist.”



Both a place of refuge from the Miami heat and a haven for shopaholics,

it has a much cooler vibe,” said senior Marianna Lovo. only locally available at Sunset Mall and South Beach. The new Dadeland store has a more interesting design than the others, even featuring a photo booth and at times a DJ. New restaurants continue to appear in the new building, as the second dining options from Aoki, a sushi restaurant, to Bobby’s Burger Place by popular TV chef, Bobby Flay. the rest of the mall. The architecture is entirely different from the old look, with long columns and big open windows. The mall is more inviting

presence in the Miami community.

I love that Dadeland now has an Urban Outfitters. It is one of my favorite stores. They always have the best clothes!

shops. With a variety of new stores ranging from Tommy Bahama to Porsche Design, Dadeland has opened itself up to attract a more diverse clientele. The new wing’s modern architecture adds a new touch to the building, which was added to the mall in 1991. Opened in 1962, Dadeland has been a landmark in the South Miami/ Kendall area. The new wing not only brought in a wave of new stores, but also an interactive lobby where shoppers can play video games with their families. For the past few years, Dadeland has begun to appeal to a younger crowd with stores

“I don’t really like the new Urban Outfitters because it’s not very big.” INES NOEL SOPHOMORE


“The new wing has kind of a posh MiamiBeachflair.” BRADLEY DELGADO JUNIOR


Around Town

Sunday, September 22nd World Food and Comedy Fest designed to attract people from all cultures to come together, while enjoying the various types of food along with the world-renowned comics.

Wednesday, September 25th Runner, Runner Leonardo DiCaprio takes on his next major role in the crime drama thriller “Runner, Runner”, which includes a fabulous supporting cast that

World famous DJ Rusko comes back to Miami for another performance. He will be performing

Saturday, October 17th Miami Hurricane Football On October 5th, the undefeated Miami Hurricanes (2-0) will host the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (2-0), the game will between two undefeated ACC rivals will be played in Sun Life Stadium, at 12:00pm (subject to change).

October 25-27, 31 Monster Splash

Friday, September 27th Don Jon

During Halloween time, the Miami Seaquarium sets up a spooky, haunted house event, from 2:00 to 10:00 P.M.

On September 27th, the movie “Don Jon” is scheduled to be released, and is expected to be very good. With Joseph-Gordon Levitt as the star, writer, and director, this comedy about a playboy is sure to bring many laughs.


Tuesday, October 10th Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi makes a stop on his “Cud Life” tour in Miami, performing at the American Airlines Arena at 7:30 P.M. This performance will feature fellow rappers Logic and Big Sean.

On Campus

Thursday, October 10th Rusko

The Raider Voice’s next issue will feature the the homecoming game review, the Make A Splash Swim Review Event, Kanye West’s “Yeezus” tour preview, and the review of the play “Six Characters: In Search of an Author”.

Saturday, October 12th Make A Splash The fourth annual Make A Splash Swim Event takes place on the Saturday of October 12th. This event will be at the swimming pool at the preparatory and lasts all day. The sponsorships range form 250 to 10,000 dollars.

Varsity Swimming Schedule September 20: Away versus Bolles and Pine Crest, time to be announced. October 2: Versus American Heritage and Belen Jesuit (Boys) or Lourdes (girls) at 4:00 P.M. October 4: Versus Doral at 4:00 P.M.

Varsity Football Schedule September 27: At Martin County High School at 7:00 P.M. October 5: At Edison High School at 7:00 P.M. October 20: Homecoming game versus Westminister Christian at 4:00 P.M.

ALL STYLES WELCOME If you’re thinking about colleges, think about this: one of the most exhilarating, inspiring, and international colleges in the country is in South Florida. (Lynn students come from 87 countries and 45 states.) To see Lynn for yourself, come to one of our Open House events or schedule a personalized visit when it’s more If you’d like to speak to someone in admission, call 561-237-7545. We’d love to talk to you!

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25 majors including: Biology Communication and Emerging Media Criminal Justice Elementary Education Fashion and Retail International Business Management Psychology Sports Management

Lynn University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, disability and/or age in administration of its educational and admission policies, scholarship and loan programs, athletic and/or other school-administered programs. Lynn University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award baccalaureate, masters and doctorate degrees. Contact the Commission on Colleges at 1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, Georgia 30033-4097 or call 404-679-4500 for questions about the accreditation of Lynn University.

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