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Macon Economic Development Commission

10,000 Jobs 10 Years of Success




Direct jobs (new and retained jobs)


New or expanded companies


Average salaries for direct jobs including benefits


Total earnings for direct jobs


Indirect and induced jobs†


Total earnings for indirect and induced jobs


New investment in plant and equipment


Square feet leased, sold, or constructed †

Ripple effect of additional jobs created to support direct jobs

* Companies with this notation have either changed ownership, closed, or relocated


A successful economic development program touches many aspects of a community by providing quality, sustainable employment for its citizens, new investment dollars, and tax revenue. The multiplier effects of these jobs and investments impact every type of business, small and large, in our community. In 2004, the leadership of the Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce embarked on a 5-year campaign to raise additional funds to enhance the economic development program of the Macon Economic Development Commission and address other important areas of our community. With strong support from the business community and local foundations, the Macon NOW campaign raised $2.5 million for an impressive list of initiatives: • Strengthen a comprehensive business retention and expansion program • Bring quality companies, jobs, and capital investment to the region • Develop a comprehensive awareness campaign to position Macon-Bibb as a dynamic, vibrant community Encouraged by the success of the initial Macon NOW campaign, Macon NOW II kicked off in 2011 with a goal to raise $2 million to address the following initiatives: • Increase economic development • Improve workforce development • Strengthen Robins ALC/AFB • Enhance community image The results of Macon NOW and Macon NOW II’s efforts have been extraordinary. As the global economy continues to improve, Macon’s outlook is brighter than ever before. When we invest in the future of business in Macon, our entire community will reap the benefits for generations to come. Best regards!

Chairman, Macon NOW


Atlanta Airport

Macon Savannah Port


• Centrally located on 3 intersecting highways (I-75, I-475, I-16) • 75 minutes south of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport • 2.5 hours from Ports of Savannah and Brunswick


• Macon Water Authority has award-winning water and sewer facilities • One of the lowest industrial water and sewer rates in GA

• Amerson Water Treatment Plant: 60 million gallons per day (MGD) and expandable to 90 MGD • Wastewater treatment facilities: 48 MGD


• Bibb is the largest county in GA by population to receive Work Ready certification • 40,000+ students attend 8 colleges and universities in Macon-Bibb County and the surrounding region


• 1,000+ acres available for business and industry • Over $1B in Industrial Revenue Bonds in the last 10 years • Received over $10M in State and Federal grants

LOW COST OF LIVING 88% below the national average means lower costs for:

• $2.9B economic impact in GA

• Home to Avionics, JSTAR, and more

• Award-winning Air Logistics Center

• 24,000 military and civilian employees

• Overall living expenses for employees

• Largest industrial complex in GA

• Housing • Services and supplies


In 2014, the MEDC has been the single point of contact for two companies choosing to invest in Macon: Mr. Chips Inc. and Kumho Tire USA. Mr. Chips selected Macon due to its location in the Southeast and the capabilities of the Macon Water Authority to provide them with water and to treat their wastewater. Kumho Tire, the seventh largest conglomerate in Korea, is building their first U.S. manufacturing plant in Macon-Bibb. Producing over four million tires annually, Kumho Tire will invest $413 million and plans to employ 450 people.


The consolidation of Macon-Bibb County has created a very efficient, pro-business environment in which to attract business and industry, and nowhere is that more evident than in economic development. From initial contact to opening, Macon-Bibb County works with the Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce, Macon Economic Development Commission, and the MaconBibb Industrial Authority for a seamless and effective delivery of services and information for us to be the location for new and expanding businesses. Robert Reichert

Mayor, Macon-Bibb County




1,120,000 TOTAL SQ FT

The MEDC was proud to coordinate investments in Macon with six companies from a diverse array of industries during 2012 and 2013. These companies were Aspen Products Inc., Volunteer Pastilles, Middle Georgia Printing Cooperative, Go Green LLC*, Lintech International LLC, and Tractor Supply Company. These companies combined brought 555 new jobs and 50 retained jobs to Macon; their total investment reached $88.1 million.





1,093,452 TOTAL SQ FT

RETAINED JOBS Tractor Supply Company began in 1938 and today they are the largest retail farm and ranch store chain in America serving full and part-time farmers and ranchers, hobby farmers, rural homeowners, and contractors. They operate over 1,130 stores in 45 states. TSC built a 686,000 square feet, state-of-the-art distribution center expandable to 960,000 square feet on 119 acres in the I-75 Business Park. The initial investment was $58 million and TSC employs 300.


$144.9 M 98




315,000 6



In 2011, the MEDC assisted five companies with first-time investments or expansions in Macon - Global Parts Distributors LLC, Kellstrom Industries, Graphic Packaging International, Inc.*, and USA Discounters. Their total investments in Macon equaled $4.9 million that year, and the companies brought 98 new and 50 retained jobs to Macon. With the MEDC acting as the marketing arm of the Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce and providing marketing services to the Macon-Bibb County Industrial Authority, prospective businesses see Macon speaking as one, while our local partners work together to provide appropriate incentives, approvals, and assistance. Cliffard Whitby

Chairman, Macon-Bibb County Industrial Authority

2010 saw the MEDC play a role in facilitating four unique companies’ investment in Macon. These four companies were TIMCO Macon, First Quality, North Coast Logistics Inc.*, and Make Manufacturing.

$203.5 M


218 222


1.9 M


TIMCO Macon was awarded a contract to perform maintenance, repair, and overhaul on the Boeing 767 widebody aircraft for United Airlines. Work began Q4 2010 at the facility located in the Airport Industrial Park adding 130 new jobs with an investment of $1.5 million. TIMCO is considered one of the largest, independent MRO overhaul facilities in the U.S. We added additional work to the Macon facility, including the employment of over 300 professional aircraft mechanics.This could not have been accomplished without the help of our community, the industrial authority, local training facilities, and our excellent workforce located here in Middle Georgia. Keith Statzer

VP and General Manager of TIMCO Aviation Services


The MEDC succeeded with the location, expansion, or investment of six companies in 2009. BLC Hardwoods, Bolts & Nuts Inc., Bombardier, Calco Environmental Group, Air Supply General*, and Spectrum Macon Industries* brought 125 new and 118 retained jobs. These companies’ combined investment totaled $9.3 million and together they leased or purchased over 139,000 square feet and 19 acres of Macon real estate.

The Canadian-based Bombardier leased a 91,000 square foot hangar at the Middle Georgia Regional Airport for its Southeastern U.S. MRO operation. The company invested $4 million, retained 100 jobs at the facility, and added 180 new employees. The facility was formerly occupied by ASA. Due to the large concentration of aerospace related industries in the area, Middle Georgia has been dubbed Georgia’s “Aerospace Corridor.” Middle Georgia is home to more than 100 aerospace companies and contractors including Robins Air Force Base, Bombardier, Boeing, Vought, Northrop Grumman, TIMCO Macon, and Honeywell International.



$9.3 M







In 2008, six companies chose to invest in Macon and worked closely with the MEDC as their single point of contact. The investments of Excess Incorporated, KT Recycling*, YKK USA, Ferry-Morse*, AMCO, and Anheuser-Busch* totaled $21.5 million and together they brought 151 new jobs. Throughout 2008 these six companies chose to lease or purchase a combined total of 338,150 square feet of Macon real estate.

$21.5 M






YKK AP America announced the opening of a new residential window and door manufacturing operation at their facility in the Ocmulgee East Industrial Park. The company began the search for the location of the new facility in 2004 and selected the Macon plant because of its proximity to their market. YKK has operated a zipper and fastener manufacturing plant in Macon since the 1970’s with over 700 employees. The new window and door facility initially invested $10 million and employed 60, but has increased as YKK acquires additional market share.


The year 2007 was incredibly successful as the MEDC assisted four existing Macon companies with expansions and brought five new companies to Macon. The expansion in 2007 included The Boeing Company (2 projects), MBM Foodservice, Macon Chips, and BLC Hardwood Flooring. The new projects were Seminole Precast Concrete, ABC Supply Company Inc., HD Supply*, Economy Tire Company, and Choice Concrete. Their total investment equaled $67,640,000 with 415 new and 105 retained jobs. Combined, they leased or purchased 35 acres and 670,600 square feet of Macon real estate.

$67.64 M


415 NEW 105 RETAINED JOBS JOBS 670,600 10


The Macon Economic Development Commission has been instrumental in BLC Hardwood Flooring’s success. They provided critical support when we first set out to turn around a failing manufacturing business, and they continue to be a valued partner today. MEDC worked diligently to help us secure financing to keep the mill and jobs here in Macon, has helped us navigate difficult local and national political issues, and identified valuable workforce training and other available tax credits. The MEDC is a true asset to any company that wants to relocate to Macon and, more importantly, to any company that is already in Macon. Jason Delves

President, BLC Hardwood Flooring-Wood Fiber Technologies

In 2006, the following companies chose to relocate, expand, or invest in Macon: International Disaster Services, Yancey Brothers*, Freudenberg Texbond, Stanford Refrigerated Warehouses (purchased by Lineage Logistics in 2012), California Cereal Products, Nichiha, AdvancePost*, Johns Manville, RBX, Asplundh, Precision Pipe, Dowty Propellers, and Sara Lee Food & Beverage (renamed Hillshire Brands in 2013). Their investments totaled $173 million and they created 540 new jobs in Macon. 1,280,622 square feet and 90 acres of Macon real estate was leased or purchased by these companies in 2006.

$173 M






Nichiha USA, Inc. announced they would build a $78 million manufacturing facility in Macon. Nichiha USA has 11 manufacturing plants throughout Japan and two in China, and the company chose Macon for their first manufacturing facility in the United States. Nichiha USA specializes in fiber cement panels that are used in commercial, residential, and multifamily properties including patterns such as brick, stone, sandstone, and block. Nichiha USA selected Macon over several sites from Texas to North Carolina because of its location. Since the announcement, Nichiha USA’s investment has grown to $150 million and they employ 185.


In 2005, the MEDC succeeded in bringing five new companies to Macon: Fed-Ex Ground, McClure-Johnson, First Data*, Bluestone*, and Bass Pro Shops. Additionally, the MEDC assisted BLC Hardwoods and Panaprint with expansions. Altogether, these companies invested over $63 million and created 656 new jobs. Over 942,000 square feet and 89 acres of Macon real estate were leased or purchased by these companies.




942,971 TOTAL SQ FT

Bass Pro Shops selected Macon as the site for their first distribution center (450,000 square feet) outside of the Springfield, Missouri headquarters. The nation’s leading outdoor recreation company also constructed a 125,000 square feet Sportsman Paradise retail center attached to the distribution center. The $43 million retail/DC complex anchors a 207 acre retail development in the North Pointe Overlook Park in north Bibb County. Bass Pro hired 400 people for the complex. Bass Pro chose the Macon site over other sites in the Southeast.


The team of professionals at the Macon Economic Development Commission (MEDC) have been a huge asset for our state in terms of bringing new business and expanding existing industries in Macon. MEDC’s approach to economic development through cooperation and one voice is the key to success. I am proud of this group and all they have achieved over the past 10 years. Our team at the Georgia Department of Economic Development is looking forward to continuing to work together to create even more jobs and investment opportunities in Macon. Chris Carr

Commissioner, Georgia Department of Economic Development

2004 saw Kohl’s Corporation select Macon as a site for a 520,000 square foot state-of-the-art distribution center. The Kohl’s announcement was followed by expansions and new investments by GEICO, Boeing, Atlantic Southeast Airlines*, TIMCO, Tyco Healthcare, Dixon Ticonderoga, Northeast Concrete, Barron Wholesale Tires*, Battle Lumber Company, Small Smiles Dental, Ken-Mac*, and Affinity Outsourcing*. This represented over 1,000 new jobs, over $54 million in investment, and more than one million square feet of real estate leased or purchased.

Over the 40 years we’ve been in Macon, our operation has grown from 150 associates in rental space to over 5,400 associates, two structures, and over 400,000 square feet of office space. The Macon Economic Development Commission and the entire Macon community has supported us every step of the way. Whether it’s providing outstanding associates to serve our customers or infrastructure for our expansion, Macon has never failed to deliver. Rhett Rayburn

GEICO Southeastern Regional Vice President Macon Operations

$54 M





1,229,000 TOTAL SQ FT



The Macon Economic Development Commission (MEDC) is a public-private partnership funded by the Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce, Macon-Bibb County, and the Macon Water Authority to act as the single point of contact for economic development projects. The MEDC is responsible for recruiting new business and industry to Macon-Bibb County, working with existing business and industry on expansions and retention, assisting with the development of the Downtown Industrial District, and assisting the partners with the development of downtown Macon. The MEDC works in partnership with the Macon-Bibb County Industrial Authority.

The Macon-Bibb County Industrial Authority (MBCIA) was created by an Act and Amendment to the Georgia Constitution in 1962, and is governed by a six-member board consisting of the Mayor of Macon-Bibb County, four Macon-Bibb County Appointees, and one appointment by the three specifically appointed members. The Act charged the Authority with the responsibility of creating jobs and increasing the tax base of Macon-Bibb County. The MBCIA has developed and owns land in several industrial parks and also owns and leases manufacturing, warehousing, and office space. The MBCIA supports the Macon Economic Development Commission in its economic development efforts, including acting as a liaison with Macon-Bibb County governments to implement incentives and financing of projects.

Established in 1861, the Greater Macon Chamber of Commerce is the area’s largest business services organization and primary advocate for the Macon business community. The Chamber supports the growth and development of business by offering networking and marketing opportunities, providing valuable benefits to its members, advocating for legislative issues that will promote a healthy business climate, and leading the economic development efforts for Macon-Bibb County. With its vision being To Create the Best Place for Business, the Greater Macon Chamber is helping to grow the local economy one business at a time.

Macon NOW, a ten-year, ongoing economic development initiative originally conceived in 2004, is a dynamic plan that leverages new and existing assets to grow our region’s economy. Macon NOW, was the Macon Economic Development Commissions’ (MEDC) five-year, public-private partnership to create and retain jobs and improve the workforce. The Macon NOW II initiative, which began in 2011, also focused on job creation, job retention, and improving the workforce, but also worked to strengthen the ties with Robins ALC/AFB as well as support efforts to increase missions at the complex and enhance the community image of Macon-Bibb County. The primary focus of these Macon NOW programs is to benefit all the citizens of Macon and Central Georgia by expanding the tax base to provide vital services, increasing the level of consumer spending at local businesses, diversifying the local economy, and improving the overall quality of life in the area.


MACON NOW INVESTORS • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Adams & Day Architects Adams, Jordan & Treadwell AGL Foundation Alphagraphics Amerson Construction Company Anderson, Walker & Reichert Appling Brothers Company AT&T/Bell South Atlanta Gas Light Atlantic Southern Bank Aunt Zelda’s Furniture Gallery BB&T Bearings and Drives Bert Maxwell Furniture Company Birch Communications BRG Building & Restoration Group, Inc. Bright Ideas Group Burgess Pigment Butler Automotive Group Capital City Bank Central Bank of Georgia Central Georgia Health System Cheddar’s Chris R. Sheridan & Co. Clifton, Lipford, Hardison & Parker, LLC Coliseum Health System Colonial Bank Commissary 2000 Group, Inc. Community Foundation of Central Georgia CompuNet Constangy, Brooks & Smith, LLC

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Core Management Resources Cox Communication Crowne Plaza Development Authority of Bibb County Dunwody/Beeland Architects Fickling & Company Fickling Family Foundation Fickling, William GEICO General Steel/Macon Iron Georgia Pine Level Foundation Georgia Power Company Georgia Power Foundation Geotechnical & Environmental Consultants, Inc. GIGA Inc. Graphic Packaging International Griffith Family Charitable Foundation Habersham Enterprises Hays Service Howard, Moore & McDuffie Hutchings Funeral Home, Inc. James, Bates, Brannen & Groover, LLP Jet Foundation Jones, Cork & Miller Knight Foundation L.E. Schwartz & Son, Inc. LJL Truck Center Lowe Aviation Macon Magazine Macon Occupational Medicine Macon Power/PPC Mauldin & Jenkins

• McNair, McLemore, Middlebrooks & Co., LLC • Mercer University • Merrill Lynch • MidCountry Financial Corporation • MidSouth Federal Credit Union • Mutual Financial Group • Nu-Way Weiners • Panaprint • Peyton Anderson Foundation • Piedmont Construction Group • Porter Properties • Premier Lincoln Mercury • Riverside Ford • Rivoli Bank • Rivoli Realty • SCANA Energy • Secure Health • Security Bank • Sell & Melton • Shurling & Company • Starr Electric • State Bank & Trust Company • SunTrust Bank & Trust Company • Technicon Engineering • The Telegraph • TIMCO • W.L. Amos, Sr. Foundation • Wachovia • Warren & Associates, Inc. • Wesleyan College • WMAZ Channel 13 • YKK (U.S.A.), Inc. • Youmans Chevrolet Co.


Macon Economic Development Commission

MACONWORKS.COM 305 Coliseum Drive Macon, Georgia 31217

P: 478.621.2030 F: 478.621.2021

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