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Daniel Hartis POE Miss! But another drink, that I might better remember my sweet Virginia! ELIZA With another drink I fear you might forget her. POE Ah, were it that easy. ELIZA It’s midnight, you know. POE What care I how time advances? I’m drinking ale today! ELIZA Actually, you’re drinking absinthe. I’ll get you one more. POE My thanks, sweet Virginia. ELIZA For the last time, Mr. Poe -- I am not Virginia. POE But of course, my dear. But of course. ELIZA Last one. Here’s your muse. POE Alas, spirits are no longer a muse, nor even amusing. 'Twas agony to watch Virginia, The disease steadfastly consuming! Yet something came from those dim years. Lyrics from hurt -- words from tears!

No Balm in Gilead 2 Confined to the bed, again and again My fevered wife found voice in my pen. How many visions do I owe to Virginia? How many maidens modeled from my dying bride? Though I wrote of many, I knew only one -And she is gone. She is gone! Gone is Virginia, and gone is my voice, Gone are my wife, my words and my craft. Will I see her again? Is this all that we had? Is there balm in Gilead? Is there balm in Gilead? ELIZA There is no balm in Gilead -- I think you drank it all! POE Virginia! No, Eliza! You promised one more! LENORE The name’s not Eliza, nor Virginia. You can call me Lenore. POE Ah! Sure, sure I’ve heard it before. “’Twas angels that named you Lenore!” LENORE No, Mr. Poe, it was you that named me. POE How, my dear, are you so familiar with my work? LENORE I’ve lived through your words. I’ve died in them, too. POE Oh girl, you know little of life -- and nothing of death. LENORE Nothing of death? Do you not see the death upon my eyes? Do you not recognize that which you’ve created? The most wrong’d of all the dead that ever died so young? The most lovely of all the dead, that ever died so young?

No Balm in Gilead 3 POE Again you recite my poetry. I’m impressed! You’ve lifted my melancholia, if only for a moment. LENORE It was not a compliment, I assure you! You created me, but not by giving me life. No, all who are written by the hand of Poe Are destined for death and woe. And lo! Perhaps you’re right, I know much of death, and little of life. I know little of life, that much is true. And what little I know, I owe all to you. POE Now wait just a minute, Virg-- Lenore! LENORE What is it about death that you love so? You offered little romance to a bed-ridden wife, Yet thought nothing of writing me in and then out of life. You sold death to all who would read it! POE Enough! Criticize my work, pretend you are Lenore -- but you will not speak ill of Virginia! Be those words our sign of parting, fiend or devil! Thing of evil! ANNABEL LEE Foolish man! Do you intend to kill her twice? POE And who now are you? What do you want? ANNABEL LEE I have few wants, as you should know. They are all ever so poetic, you see. To love and be loved, is all I want, In a kingdom by the sea. POE You vile women! Using my own words against me! Anyone who has read my works would know as much! And how dare you insult my poor sweet Virginia!

No Balm in Gilead 4

Eliza! Please, see these women out! ELIZA Oh, Mr. Poe. You’ve had too much to drink. I’m the only woman in this bar. POE Impossible! Lenore and Annabel Lee, These women claim to be. ANNABEL LEE She can’t see us out. No, she can’t see us at all. POE Why, oh why, Have you conspired against me? Have I not suffered enough? ANNABEL LEE Lenore and I have never met, Though it appears we are one in the same. Helen, Eulalie, Ulalume, Lenore -We differ only from Virginia in name. POE No, no! It isn’t true, I loved Virginia so. But if indeed you speak to her, Please ask -- where did she go? ANNABEL LEE You dressed us all up, In gossamer and lace, LENORE With rosiest of cheeks, With palest of face. ANNABEL LEE You gave us beauty, LENORE only to take it away.

No Balm in Gilead 5 ANNABEL LEE You gave us a life, LENORE if just for a day. POE If you are who you say, Lenore and Annabel Lee Please tell me, Tell me truly, I implore! Ever will I see her? Have I gone mad? Is there no balm in Gilead? ELIZA No, Mr. Poe! There is no balm in Gilead. You will not see her. You have gone mad. There is no balm in Gilead! POE Ever will I see her? Have I gone mad? Is there no balm in Gilead? LENOR and ANNABEL LEE There is no balm in Gilead!

WOMEN You will not see her. You have gone mad. There is no balm in Gilead! POE Virginia!

WOMEN You will not see her. You have gone mad. There is no balm in Gilead! ELIZA You will not see her. You have gone mad. There is no balm in Gilead! POE No! Enough! Vile women!

POE Enough! You vile women! Virginia!

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