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Interview by Jeremia Linton

PALLADINO Why did you decide to go into the medical field? I grew up in a family of doctors and was always natural to me to be in the field of medicine. I wanted to dedicate my life to something useful and to change the life of others for the good. Later in my career, I found that Plastic Surgery was the field of choice since it would allow me to improve the quality of life. This is what I chose to do. For people who are not familiar with the plastic surgery industry, you also go by the alias “MagicSurgeon”… why is this? I love magic, and being an amateur magician I decided that this alias goes well with who I

The research on your surgeon and the practice is perhaps the main factor which will ensure satisfaction and most important safety. What are the current trends in plastic surgery? By far, the largest more trendy part of plastic surgery has been with buttock enhancement, by means of fat transfer known as BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift). Still liposuction and breast augmentation play a significant role in the plastic surgery practice but BBL’s are becoming a predominant field in plastic surgery likely related to more curvy social figures out there like Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé, amongst others.

any other when you bring the price and quality we are able to deliver. There is no competition, and the best part is, that we love what we do. Just watch what will happen with Mia Aesthetics over the next few years. Are there any new procedures you perform or plan to perform in the future? The beauty of plastic surgery is that it is an ever changing and evolving field. With the progress on anti-aging and regenerative medicine, there is always room to improve and advancement. We stay on top of the new trends and are always improving our techniques and technologies to provide the best result possible for our patients.

“We stay on top of the new trends and are always improving our techniques and technologies to provide the best result possible for our patients. ” am and what I do. When I met Dr. Miami for the first time, he thought this was a very clever name since “every one wants some magic”, and I agreed with him. What are the preliminary steps someone should take before going through with any type of plastic surgery? The basic steps when considering plastic surgery are to invest in researching your surgeon. You should search for reviews online, before and after photos, and perhaps consider a consultation (local or remote) to make sure you feel comfortable with your surgeon. See what others are saying. Today, with the online exposure we have, it is pretty evident who is a good surgeon and who is not. Be careful about getting the best deal, although at Mia Aesthetics, you will not only get the best deal but the highest quality of work available today. 6 - FRESH MAGAZINE

What are your favorite procedures to perform at the Mia Aesthetics clinic in Miami, Florida? My favorite procedures are those related to body contouring, from BBLs to Tummy Tucks, Mommy Makeovers, body-lifts which provides complete improvement both on my patient’s body shape and self-esteem. Why do you love being a part of Mia Aesthetics? Mia Aesthetics provides affordable plastic surgery at the highest quality in the field, performed by board certified reputable professionals with an amazing team behind this machine. And these are the early stages of what will become the busiest, more reputable locations for plastic surgery in the world. I’ve been in other practices, had my own private practice, but what you have at Mia Aesthetics does not compare to

Fat grafting had revolutionized the field and will continue to show the advantages in the many areas within the field. How do you think plastic surgery will evolve into the future? The anti-aging field is the next step. I think the stem cell field and genetic control of aging is what will become the standard to delay or even arrest aging and prolong longevity. We will always be in demand to get better. What are your own personal goal(s) for the future? To continue to deliver outstanding results, staying on top of new developments in technique and technologies and enjoy being able to impact in such a positive way the life of others while doing what I love. Website: www.miaaesthetics.com


“The anti-aging field is the next step.”


“Never allow relationships to stop you from pursuing your dreams, and never let relationships (friends, boyfriends, even family) limit or define the kind of modelling you do.”




“If I could work with anyone in the future, it would be Johnny Cinematic or JZL, HANDS DOWN! I would freaking die!” NATIVE

I was born in Toronto, ON, Canada and that’s where I currently reside.


I started pursuing modelling a little over 2 years ago. I was actually trying to pursue music at the time and I thought modelling and acting would not only add some shine to my resume, but I thought it would also help me with my confidence, being comfortable in front of cameras, and performing in front of people. So, I took some acting classes, I started working with one photographer, found that I loved to model and that it was actually a lot of fun and continued to pursue modelling. Then I started getting requests from other photographers who wanted to work with me, and it just kept growing and snowballing from there, to the point where I no longer had the time or energy for music and had to take a break from it. Not to mention that pursuing music was also breaking my bank account and I was nowhere near paying any kind of bills with it. I felt I got a better response from my photos and modelling than I got from my music, and to me, modelling was a wave that I felt I had to ride out, especially because it was always something I wanted to do but never actually thought I would do. Two years later and I’m still surfing this wave baby!


I really try my hardest to read and respond to every single comment! As soon as I post something, I try to stay online for at least 30 minutes so that I can read, like and respond to comments, and then I’ll go back a few hours or a day later to catch anything I missed but it’s rare for me to read comments beyond that unless I happen to see the notification.


My advice to young aspiring models is to be smart, be safe, love yourself, and never allow negativity to stop you or limit you. Never allow relationships to stop you from pursuing your dreams, and never let relationships (friends, boyfriends, even family) limit or define the kind of modelling you do. Find your strengths and use them to your advantage, but also recognize your weaknesses and work on weaknesses you know you can turn into strengths. Think outside the box, be creative and push yourself outside of your comfort zone in order to grow and excel as a model. KRAZY XPERIENCE The craziest thing I’ve ever done on a shoot is trespass on private property of a huge mansion that was being renovated in the Hollywood Hills. That was just

straight up crazy and probably a little stupid because we could hear workers on the property doing renovations and we still trespassed! Luckily we made it out undetected with fire shots :)


No, I don’t ever feel pressure to post naked images of myself on Instagram. If anything, I feel pressure to post on my social media just in general because that’s what’s expected of me - to post images and snippets of my daily life on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and now with these Story features, it’s kind of overwhelming!


Looking back, some of my favourite projects include work I’ve done with local photographers like Ronnie Lee, Danny Mejia, Yaamon, Precise, Astral, Adrian Richard, and more! The set I shot in LA last year with Davide Anderson is one of my all-time favourites. The nude creative project I did with Saint Aubyn and Glamzilla in Toronto a couple of months back was also memorable because I was painted silver by Glamzilla herself! The nude artistic work I’ve done with Burak in Toronto and Roger Talley in Las Vegas are definitely some of my all-time favourites. I’ll also never forget my shoot with Arthur St. John at the Find Your Talent house in the Hollywood Hills, that was just absolutely amazing and so surreal!


If I could work with anyone in the future, it would be Johnny Cinematic or JZL, HANDS DOWN! I would freaking die!


Of course I’ve experienced competitiveness! Females are already naturally competitive with one another so you can only imagine what models can be like. I’ve had models take gigs from me in the past, I’ve had models freak out on set or on location because the attention is on me instead of them, I’ve had models compete with me on set or on location, I’ve had models work with the same sponsors that I work with and I’m sure I’ve had models bad mouth me or hate on me but that’s just how life is. I don’t allow those things to weigh me down, because in all honesty, the good, supportive, beautiful, inspiring women and models I get to meet far outweighs any of that negative bullshit. Instagram @therealdjazel Interview by French Vouvou Photos by @davidefoto FRESH MAGAZINE - 9




SMA RTB LON DES Photos by Nader Abushhab (NBMA Photography) Interview par Jacques Henri Blaze

“Being a unicorn is an evolutionary process”

Hey girls, thanks for sharing your time with us. As twins, how long have you known each other? How and when did you meet? #Joke Leslie: We met in the womb lol. I would say I didn’t consciously become aware that there was another person that looked like me until we started kindergarten. Lindsey has always been my sister, but the cognitive awareness of another face out there that looks like mine didn’t sink in until we were older. Lindsey: Well we’ve known each other since the womb. We were wombmates. We’re identical twins. So I guess you could say we met each other before we were born. How did you discover you were unicorns? Leslie: Being a unicorn is an evolutionary process at least for me. Everyone has a different definition of self expression and the way in which they view themselves and their surroundings. Becoming a unicorn is not within one sex, it’s about coming into the power of your own being and knowing you are completely comfortable in your own skin. I would say going into business with my sister really cemented the confidence and belief that I can do anything I set my mind to. I already had drive, channeling it into a visual company just pushed me further. Anyone that 12 - FRESH MAGAZINE


knows me, knows I prefer to be behind the scenes, so my evolution in front of the camera and people has really made me more aware of my body and that I can say anything I wish to with it. Lindsey: We started #SmartBlondes a little over two years ago in our first tiny apartment together. We had always loved unicorns and around that time the unicorn emoji was added to an update for the iPhone. We were seriously obsessed from then on!! And it wasn’t too long after that we discovered unicorns are kind of like our calling card because they’re very unique. “Every woman is a unicorn” What does it mean? Can you explain the concept behind your business SmartStyling? Lindsey: Unicorns are unique, fun and inspiring; no two are the same. And we believe that everyone is a unicorn because each person is one of a kind. Everyone has something different to offer. And in our eyes, that makes everyone a unicorn. #SmartStyling is the styling side of the #SmartBlondes brand. We were approached a little over a year ago to style a local influencer in the valley and it was something that we had never tried before. We had only ever styled ourselves but loved being creative and thinking outside the box. So we pulled 3 looks for them and the photos turned out amazing. The person that we styled felt amazing in all 3 looks and loved the final edits. After that, we caught the styling bug and decided to make a career out of it. Leslie: Every woman is a unicorn is the motto that we live by with our brand. It means that no matter where you are or what you’re doing in your life, own it, stay confident and shake things up with your wardrobe! The term every woman is a unicorn also reflects our #SmartStyling business because as wardrobe stylists, we want to bring the #SB experience to every client. Our goal with every package offered is to help our clients take a risk with their fashion and to help them feel confident no matter what they decide to wear. Do you provide professional reviewing services? Lindsey: We don’t usually write reviews on products or brands that we’ve worked with. When we first start communicating with a potential brand that we want to represent, we already know if they’re a good fit or not. So we don’t necessarily need to review it because we only represent brands that we like and that we would use their products, etc. Do you see yourselves as “influencers”, and if so, what does that mean to you? Leslie: Yes, I would say we are a combination of influencers and stylists. Being an influencer is all about trendsetting in an authentic way for the #SmartBlondes brand. Our followers and fans relate to us because they know we keep it real and because they know we’re going to continuously push the boundaries with our content. What being an influencer means to me is providing quality opinions, content and messages to our fan base that represents the #SB brand. At the end of the day, people choose to put their faith in us and without them we would not be #SB. Lindsey: I see us as influencers but I also see us as stylists as well. Being an influencer means that we work with different brands and promote their product on social media. We go back and forth with a brand before going forward just to make sure we’re a good fit for each other as well.

Every woman is a unicorn is the motto that we live by with our brand. It means that no matter where you are or what you’re doing in your life, own it, stay confident and shake things up with your wardrobe!”



Fashion week Shades of Sorbet Model: Ashley Orr Photo: Almanza Photography Style: #SmartBlondes

“We just wrapped a runway competition powered by Phoenix Fashion Week to win the title of Stylist of the Year on March 24th.”

“We were nominated as one of the top six stylists in the state to participate. So, the competition is based on showcasing a Spring trend for 2018 and we styled twelve models in shades of sorbet.”

Model: Shelby Hieb Photo: Almanza Photography Style: #SmartBlondes


Model: Amanda Meza Photo: Almanza Photography Style: #SmartBlondes

“The idea behind our show was a mixture of our urban side to our personalities where we take more casual pieces and glam them up with custom made couture pieces which we like to refer to as urban couture.�







You two have a very unique look! How did you create your own visual identity? Where does your style come from? Leslie: We have always had a very firm grasp on who we are as individuals as well as our vision for our brand. We constantly want to create innovative content, take risks with our wardrobe choices all while remaining authentically #SmartBlondes. What I mean by that is who Lindsey and I are, is our brand—we’re bold, colorful, loud personalities. We incorporated a mix of our personal tastes to create a powerhouse joint statement. I personally gravitate towards edgier pieces—mixed prints, bold colors, statement jewelry and always a pair of sunglasses. We have come to be known for our blue and pink hair, so that also ties into our visual appeal. I would say our style comes from a combination of current trends and a drive to continuously out due ourselves, push the boundaries to trend set. Lindsey: First, thank you! :) Second, we’ve always been very colorful and creative. We like to try and create new trends: not necessarily follow the existing trends. When we first started #SB, we really loved emoji’s and show the world a more cutesy side of ourselves. Then as time has gone on, I feel like we’ve just come into our own and I think our look really reflects that.

getting started was to use social media as an avenue to get our name out there as bloggers as that was the basis of how #SmartBlondes was founded. We started our social media platform to get our message out there, connect with our #UnicornArmy and grow as a brand. Lindsey: we started our @smartblondes Instagram account two years ago. We have decided to start the blog portion of our brand first and then waited a few months to start social media. I think we were waiting to start our Instagram because we wanted it to be perfect and then we realized nothing is ever going to be absolutely perfect so it was better to just jump right in and get started. Do you also work with brands? Can you share any brands you have collaborated with? Leslie: We have worked with quite a few different brands as #SB is very versatile. So many of the brands that we work with vary in size from boutique to larger followings. We’ve worked with local brands such as The Art of Ice Cream Experience, Luxe and City, UrbanOG, Vulpinic Vestements, Fashion Week San Diego all the way to celebrity brands such as Shahida Parides.

“We have come to be known for our blue and pink hair, so that also ties into our visual appeal. I would say our style comes from a combination of current trends and a drive to continuously out due ourselves, push the boundaries to trend set.” How did you develop an interest in fashion & beauty? Lindsey: I’ve actually always had an interest in fashion and beauty but when I was younger I never thought that I would be in the beauty industry. A lot of people don’t know this about me but I actually went to nursing school in my early 20s and towards the end of the program I decided it wasn’t for me. I realized that I loved dressing up and getting my outfit ready for my lectures more than I loved going to those lectures. I would not change going to nursing school for the world because I learned so much about the medical field and I like to say I have a basic knowledge but fashion and beauty is definitely my number one passion.

How do you decide which brands to work with? Lindsey: When we decide to work with another brand, we really do a lot of research and ask a lot of questions to make sure that we are a good fit for each other. And to make sure that their aesthetic fits our aesthetic before we go forward. Leslie: In order for us to work with a brand, the product or service has to fit with the overall vibe, message and aesthetic that #SmartBlondes represents.

Leslie: I was actually in my junior year of college at Arizona State University studying Journalism when I really had a better understanding of fashion and how I fit into it. I was also managing a boutique at the time and I realized I wanted to explore some public relations internships in the fashion industry. Upon graduating from ASU in 2014, I worked in the PR field for six months before Lindsey and I incorporated our brand. We have always wanted to go into business together and both of us realized that we had a platform in fashion to really use our voice and carve out a niche for ourselves in the industry.

Beyond fashion, what other talents would you like to explore next? Leslie: We are working hard at our next venture of quality video content with style videos. Of course that has to do with fashion, however we both intend on using our YouTube platform to showcase not only our influencer and styling abilities in lifestyle, beauty and fashion, but to show our individual sides of our personalities. We are also producing our first pieces for our merchandise line. As an example, I hold a BA in Journalism from Arizona State University and still love to write. I have been crafting fictional stories since I was young and would love to do an individual series where we just sit and talk about writing, simple as that!

When did you start social media, and what was your motivation for getting started? Leslie: We started to understand the power of social media six months into the incorporation of our brand. Our motivation for

Lindsey: I’m really into makeup and skin care. I think it’s so important to take care of your skin and keep it healthy. Plus, when your skin is healthy and smooth, it becomes a great canvas for a full face of glam make up. :) And I love glam makeup!


FRESH In a recent instagram post, you said “You say you the realest, i told you i’m the illest”. Can you explain us that quote? Leslie: We both love to post statement lyrics on our pictures. Sometimes a little cheeky, sometimes bold and sometimes philosophical. This specific quote on a more recent Instagram post means that both of us are very real people. We like to keep it real. And of course you have to have confidence in anything that you do. Lindsey and I are show up, show out people. If we commit to something, we do it big and we do it with 100 percent dedication and drive. Lindsey: I love that quote from one of our Instagram posts. It’s a line from one of Fergie’s new songs called Hungry off of the Double Dutchess album. To me, that caption means that I am confident and I’m not sorry about it. I think it’s really important to take pride in your confidence in who you are and the way that you look. What’s wrong with being confident? I believe Demi Lovato said that one. You recently worked on a fashion show défilé in Arizona. Can we talk about it? Leslie: We just wrapped a runway competition powered by Phoenix Fashion Week to win the title of Stylist of the Year on March 24th. We were nominated as one of the top six stylists in the state to participate. So, the competition is based on showcasing a Spring trend for 2018 and we styled twelve models in shades of sorbet. The idea behind our show was a mixture of our urban side to our personalities where we take more casual pieces and glam them up with custom made couture pieces which we like to refer to as urban couture. We unfortunately did not win stylist of the year but the platform and exposure gained was well worth the experience. Lindsey: Our trend was shades of sorbet. Even though we didn’t take the W, I’m really really proud of what went down the runway on our behalf. We had an amazing team and an amazing group of models that walked for us! I think my favorite pieces that were utilized are from a designer called Vulpinic Vestements. The designer made chest pieces, a dress and chokers in all different shades of sorbet for us to utilize in our show. The pieces are silicone molds in a drip aesthetic and each of the colors is made from inert earth or makeup grade pigments. What would be your dream collaboration? With which brand or which photographer for example? Lindsey: I have a couple of dream collaborations but I think my absolute favorite would be having the opportunity to create a line with Pretty Little Thing or Boohoo. I just love all of their pieces and all of the colors that they use. It totally screams #SmartBlondes!!! Every time I go on either one of those sites, I can just imagine myself wearing every single thing! Leslie: I would say a dream collaboration of mine would be to co-produce a makeup brand / fashion line with a top tier brand in the industry such as Pretty Little Thing or Ulta for a unicorn shadow palette!


GET IN TOUCH Instagram: @smartblondes www.smart-blondes.com





I was born in Perù but I was raised in Italy.


I studied IUAV Fashion Design at university near Venice and then at Central Saint Martins in London. So i basically started to “taste” the fashion industry since i was 19.


I cover so many roles! Being a freelance PR, I cover many roles such as managing the production and promotion regarding events and brand consulting as well. My schedule is different every week: from days full of meetings in showrooms to days full of meetings with journalists - Trendsetter and new cool kids to days where in the morning, i am in Florence and in the afternoon in Barcelona. Moreover, all these activities help to be up to date with Milan’s new realities.


At the moment.. that’s hard! Probably: Vivienne Westwood, Isola Marras, Moncler, Alysi and Le Coq Sportif.


I try to mix and match. For example, an elegant dress with some sneakers but having at the end a sporty ensemble. I always run around the city from place to place so I need to be confortable in every occasion.


HOW CAN YOU HATE FASHION! It’s impossible. “Everybody wants to be us and do our job.” This is a motto from The Devil Wears Prada. Many envy this work environment because they only see the outside and frivolous side of it but behind, there is a lot of work and dedication. The negative part


is that we do not save lives. Unfortunately, we can’t make a difference in the world by really helping the others. However, some people from the industry really make a difference. For example, the owner of DIESEL: Renzo Rosso who has opened many onlus and helped the Italian heritage by safeguarding many Italian works and monuments.


Ahhaha nice question... it depends! I usually like to buy vintage clothes in vintage boutique when I travel.. unique pieces that nobody can have ;)


That’s probably funny because it was a vintage jacket in Berlin.


I really need to release all the stress accumulated during the week, so basically i go to the gym twice a week and once a week, I see my personal trainer.


No, I eat everything i want! The reason is that italian food is not only delicious but also super healthy!


The radio project Automat I did with Emporio Armani Sound. I was a speaker and i had my own show. This project involved two of my favourite thinks: Music and Fashion. In every different episode, there was a guest (journalist/influencers/ blogger) and that guest had to bring a playlist that was really significant for him or for her. Instagram @campadel_maria Interview by French Vouvou Photo by Davide Ambrogio

“I usually like to buy vintage clothes in vintage boutique when I travel... unique pieces that nobody can have.”






“My Highlight? When I was on Love & Hip Hop Miami. That was the moment I wanted, something I always wanted to experience.” Photo by Ricky Virtuoso Interview by Francis Laguette





I am from New York, Manhattan perhaps... where the lights shine bright and the city never sleeps. But now, I’m based in Lauderhill, Florida. No. I have two beautiful amazing daughters to take care of. But I do model from time to time. I am very focused and I just want to win!


Well first I started off modeling when I was 15 years old. I was forced by my mother. I didn’t know if this was something I wanted to do because I thought it would be hard but it’s a piece of cake once you find your inner beauty!


I would study radiology. I would love to work in the hospital dealing with ultra sound! I love babies. I’ve always loved going to every appointment to see how you can tell a baby’s heart beat. It just blows my mind.


A few months ago my husband decided to do his own clothing line. He would be hours on the computer researching different material, what’s in, how the design is going to look like. I even helped him drawing out different designs. He decided to go far with it and all I do now is give my help, support and ideas on new clothing! Make sure to check out the website (fashionxfitness.com) as well!

I go to the gym three times a week. After the gym I normally drink my protein shake to keep fit. I also train mostly on my legs. Patience! That’s the key. I have two daughters who I am with every single day of my life. But I still maintain to get things done and still have a social life with my girls , or even some alone time with my husband. Even tho I’m tired 24/7, time is priceless! You have to love every moment.


When I was on Love & Hip Hop Miami, that was the moment I wanted, something I always wanted to experience and thanks to Jeanine! She helped me get on there. I was an extra and I sat with Shay and we spoke about so many things I wanted to do with my life far as TV, model and music.


RIRI! Of course the beautiful Rihanna! Singer entrepreneur! She came out with a make up line... Lord knows how much I love make up. I do make up on the side for friends and family. That’s something i love to do. I would love to go far with her on her make up brand one day to make new ideas. Instagram @kimthestud




Guns N’ Magnolias Can you present your new movie entitled Pink Magnolia? Pink Magnolia is a huge passion project for me, its a very vulnerable and honest side of me that I quite haven’t showed yet in a visual. To start Pink Magnolia is a song from my latest album Space Jamz 4. It touches on the different spectrums of a relationship, like the love, the pain, the personal mental battles. I came to Kiddclo and I just told him look this record means a lot to me and I wanna turn it into a short film, he saw my vision and we made it happen. What was the most challenging aspect when producing a short film? This was our 1st short film so we definitely learned a lot in the process, clearing locations and finding the right actors can definitely be challenging but luckily we had a super short cast and everyone involved did an amazing job. Big shout outs to Lexi Maashio who plays Maya and Dardan Demalijaj who played the mechanic they definitely put on big screen performances. What makes the story and characters special? The story is special because it’s coming from a real place, it’s coming from real pain I drew from my own past experiences and the experiences of people close to me. The characters are unique but also very relatable. Boome in character is fighting a real mental battle, he’s contemplating suicide at the beginning of the film it’s a very intense scene. Maya the love interest is just trying to be a 26 - FRESH MAGAZINE

supportive friend, she’s trying to remind him of his worth. But also on the flip page Maya is fighting a mental battle of her own, she’s in love with him but she has to hide those emotions. Additionally she has to watch him grieve about another woman, in her heart she knows she could love him unconditionally but he is blinded by all the past pain. What films have been the most inspiring or influential to you and why? To be honest during this filming process I didn’t wanna grab inspirations from any other films. I wanted the story to come from a fresh perspective and be original. But as far as films that probably inspired me subconsciously Vanilla Sky and City of God would be huge ones. Where can fans buy your new “Space Jamz 4” album? Can we expect other short movies soon? Fans can get Space Jamz 4 everywhere from all digital retailers Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, etc... You can definitely expect more short films from us, as I am responding to this questions Kiddclo and I are sitting at JFK International airport ready to board a flight to Africa to go shoot another one. Pink Magnolia is now available on Youtube!



Get up and get started now. If the passion is there you will pave your way in. There are no limitations.�




“I hate how models are stereotypically supposed to be a certain size and a certain height.” CITY

I am from Miami, Florida.


I have always been into the fashion industry. Always been fascinated with the idea of being in control of the first impression that people will get once they look at you. The clothes you wear plays a huge role in presenting who you are as a person and it’s amazing. In terms of working on professionally establishing myself in the fashion industry, it has been about a year now.


Beauty is what you bring to the table. It is YOU. Being the truest form of yourself is beauty. From the way you walk, to the way you talk, to the way you look, and especially the way you think is beauty. Working on yourself internally and learning to truly love yourself, will manifest into your appearance and then everyone will acknowledge your beauty. It has to start within yourself.


At the moment, my favorite brands are Adidas, Forever 21 and Fashion Nova. There are a lot of other brands I love and shop from but those are my top three.


What I love the most about the modeling industry is the creativity that it involves. I love that humans can create from emotions, fashion, photos, even that walk down the runway is a form of expression. In front of the camera, you turn into a character and you are at your most vulnerable state pouring out emotions from within. I hate the requirements and the limitations. By this, I mean I hate how models are stereotypically sup-

posed to be a certain size and height. I understand it to an extent because fashion designers want their clothes to look a certain way on their models but that “perfect body” idea is detrimental to a lot of young women’s self-esteem. I am so grateful that these standards are becoming less important every day but they still exist. I do understand though that it has little to do with fashion designers and more to do with society’s idea of “perfect”. It is not an unsolvable problem though. Society is getting better.


Honestly, at most probably around $500 for a watch. Typically, I do not spend that much money on clothes. You can look good on any budget.


My advice for those looking for a career in the fashion industry is start now. Stop planning, stop thinking about how you are going to start, stop telling yourself a story as to why you will wait until tomorrow to start. Get up and get started now. If the passion is there you will pave your way in. There are no limitations.


All of them, there is not one project that I prefer over another because I am learning and have learned from each and every project. I look forward not backwards so the question should be what are your favorite upcoming projects and that my friend is a surprise. Instagram @brownsugarrr Interview by French Vouvou Photo by @shotby.twoods Swimwear by @vacaybabe_




Shannon K

You used to be a very good dancer as well. Can you tell us more about the Kathak dance? Kathak is a classical dance form which comes from India. It consists of footwork, expressions and hand movements in sync. Meaning of “Kathak” is story to tell through dancing and it’s a very graceful dance form which I love a lot.



Even if you are a pop artist, do you plan to perform bollywood music in the future? Maybe an official feature with your father one day? Finally I can say that I have released a single featuring my dad “It’s Magical”. The single is full of melody and interesting part about the single is, It’s bilingual , Hindi and English . Apart from that, I’ve co-written this single with great Bollywood lyricist Sameer Anjan.

As a powerful influencer, are you involved in charity? I love doing charities.The charities that I’ve been involved in are, Animal Equality, Boo2Bullying, Little Princess, Junior Blind. I turned vegan after joining Animal Equality. I had long hair which I’ve donated to Little Princess (Kids Cancer Charity) when I was 12 and reason to support Boo2Bullying is my personal experience. I’ve been bullied a lot for various reasons so I want to help other kids like me. In fact, I’m writing an anti bullying song for my upcoming EP. I support Junior Blind since my eye sight is so weak that I can’t read anything without glasses or contacts. I’m doing my bit to return the love which I’ve received from society. Full interview available in our previous FRESH edition feat Shannon K



X Moka Blast

Last year, you hit Turkey for two amazing concerts? Was it your first experience in Europe? It was my second trip to Europe as I had hit England seven years prior but it was my first time in Turkey. The show venues were amazing and I really enjoyed myself as the people and culture are so remarkable I can’t wait to return. One of my favorite places in the world. The women are drop dead gorgeous as well. I just had to add that. Lol.


Was it a revelation for you? How did it impact your life? Like... the world is way bigger than just USA? Revelation is the perfect word to describe the impact on my life as my eyes are set on conquering every continent and leaving a lifetime impression. Since I can travel now I just look forward to learning about new places and setting an example for the youth in impoverished communities. I want to show them even somebody like myself who came from nothing

can always achieve your dreams and since touring worldwide I can actually tell you that the world is not that big any more. Then UK... A Tour with British superstar Lady Leshurr! That tour was a dream come through as I transverse the United Kingdom. Lady Leshurr is a legend and to be on tour with her was more of a movie. When I hit the stages I didn’t know what to expect but I had to make sure that when I got off they knew who I was. My first impression was one of excitement and nervousness as I was in another country but once it was show time I was ready... Full interview available in our previous Mr Dreamz edition feat Moka Blast.






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Smartblondes fresh edition 2018 mr dreamz  

Mr Dreamz magazine Fresh Edition featuring #SmartBlondes, Dr. Humberto Palladino, Djazel, Maria Campadel...

Smartblondes fresh edition 2018 mr dreamz  

Mr Dreamz magazine Fresh Edition featuring #SmartBlondes, Dr. Humberto Palladino, Djazel, Maria Campadel...