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LETTER FROM THE EDITOR “THE NEW ERA FOR A NEW GENERATION OF DREAMERZ” Mr.Dreamz Magazine has established its brand as “The New Era For A New Generation Of Dreamers” wich is available online, on mobiles and in print. The publication aims at giving artists & creators a voice that can be heard across all over the globe. Working from Paris to Miami and Montreal, the magazine showcases tomorrow’s mainstream stars. Working from Miami to Montreal, Frxnch magazine was created by french producer Dreamkayris and his sister, Natacha also known as Frenchvouvou, in Grenoble, France. They have worked with prestigious companies and artists such as the NBA (National Basketball Association), VH1, Universal Music Group, Iggy Azalea, H2EMP, MMG to name a few. With more than 5 years in the industry, the publication has collaborated with Kloud9 Agency which provides different placements, design services and social media management. With more than 2.5 Million digital impressions, Frxnch offers clients an extensive reach to their target audience.

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#45 SHANNON K Grown, pretty & Ambitious


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Kreative Entertainers Interview by Winnie MC

Eat Drink and Be Mary!

“‘If you do something for someone and you more than one knows person about it, you did it for the wrong reason’” You are known for your role on “The Real Housewives of Vancouver” (Slice TV reality series), How did the adventure begin for you? The “adventure” began when I was approached via phone call from one of the producers to say I was on the shortlist to be on a reality series. It wasn’t until I signed a Non Disclosure Agreement that I found out the show was BRAVO”s “The Real Housewives” franchise. I had never seen the show prior, but began making fast and furious inquires to find out what it was all about. I soon became well aware that the series focused a lot on women being catty and fighting with each other, which honestly threw up a big red flag for me as I began thinking it might not be the best place for a non-confrontational person like myself. However, after discussing it at length with my mother and sisters in Ohio, they persuaded me that I should take advantage of the opportunities that it would present and that by just being myself, what could possibly go wrong. I also realized that perhaps the series

son and pride myself on being a good and kind person, and one thing I knew is that whatever I did on that show would forever bleed into my life and my career which I had worked so long nurturing. On a side note: I promise you that it was not scripted! Did R.H.O.V open doors for you? Yes, absolutely! I was very fortunate that I garnered such a great fan base from the series and have been presented so many fabulous opportunities. I believe anytime you are presented a public platform, doors can definitely open, but what you do with that open door is crucial and comes with deep responsibility. As a result, I have been so fortunate to been offered numerous endorsement deals, business opportunities and the wonderful perks of being able raise awareness and highly significant funds (record breaking in some instances) for charities that are close to my heart. Additionally, the show provided the opportunity to garner an international loyal and

company LadyPants Productions (LPP) has just celebrated our 3rd year anniversary! LPP is a production company that I started after RHOV which took me back to my roots of journalism and production. I am looking forward to the progression of numerous series that we currently have in development with various producing partners in the United States and Canada. Writing and producing shows for networks and digital media outlets continues to be one of the most exciting and creative ventures for me. I tend to write shows that could have a high social impact and have current timely value, as I feel there are so many issues that have yet to be highlighted in the television and digital genre. I anticipate further projects in this ever evolving industry. I am also very honored to have been recently asked to join the organization, “Women’s Voices Now”, who’s mission is to amplify the voices of all women by promoting the free expression of women’s struggles for civil, economic, political, and gender rights worldwide”.

“My evenings are usually reserved to see my girlfriends or just put my feet up with some wine and watching Netflix. Did I mention I’m still single?” could provide me with an enormous platform to raise awareness for the numerous charities I’d been working along side. However, little did I know the claws that were hiding between some manicured paws. What do you feel made you so different from the other participants? I think firstly, having had television experience both in front of and behind the camera, as a host and producer as well as having been a recording artist and a Miss America contestant, I had spent much of my life in the public spotlight. I believe I knew what to expect to some degree. Secondly, I went into the show without an agenda. I think so many women feel the series presents them with an opportunity to be famous and they simply go over the top and are willing to do anything for attention and fame. I was never willing to do that and knew all along that I would never sacrifice my integrity nor embarrass my children for the sake of a show. I’m a pretty non-confrontational per6 - FRESH MAGAZINE

interactive musical fan base which helped My single HERO climb to #1 on the UK charts. What are your other projects for 2018? I am really excited to announce I just about to launch my own Podcast; ‘Eat Drink and Be Mary! The focus of my show will be primarily talking to women, about women and everything females have to deal with on a daily basis. As a woman that is very visible on social media, I have been constantly asked advice from women and felt perhaps I should open up the dialog and engage with other women covering issues such as; aging, fertility, children, divorce, family, health, teenagers, ailing parents and of course empowerment. I know first hand what it is like to be a woman over 40 and feel I can candidly speak about my personal experiences with others. Of course I will occasionally cover entertainment and reality tv as well. I have a great lists of guests lined up already, so hopefully people will tune in! Aside from the Podcast, my

Who’s the most exciting and inspirational person you have met through your career? That is a very tough question because the word ‘inspire’ is a strong word. I am inspired by people that do amazing and wonderful things for others without expecting anything in return. I have met so many people who authentically and are profoundly genuine in their heart. It’s not about popularity or social media, but rather they are pure of heart. One person I must mention in particular is my friend Frank Giustra. A selfmade billionaire, and founder of Lionsgate Entertainment, who is one of the most tireless philanthropist I have ever met. From building the first and only refugee center in Lesbos Greece after physical pulling babies out of rescue boats in the Aegean Sea to helping build infrastructure in third world countries, Frank continues to educate his friends and business associates about the importance of giving back and helping others less fortunate – He has been a considerable influence in my career and life.



“If you do something for someone and more than two people know about it, you did it for the wrong reason”

Mary Zilba FRESH MAGAZINE 2018 - 7


“You have to make sure you are doing things at a top level. Survival of the fittest will take place, and those who are losing money will drop off.”


Millionaire Mindset

FRESH Magazine

“21... At that point I thought my career was set and I was going to be the biggest music promoter in the world one day. The next year I lost everything I had...” Hi Jared, tell us a bit about yourself. What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? I grew up with a single mother in a one bedroom apartment in a middle class neighborhood. I always knew that I wanted to be different, and feared the “rat race” more than anything else. It took a lot of trying to be able to break past the barrier of actually believing that it was possible to earn money on my own, since I was not brought up in that type of environment. My mom worked multiple jobs just to be able to barely get by and provide a great life for me so I didn’t have to miss out on what other kids my age were doing. A huge motivating factor for me is to be able to take care of my mom so she doesn’t have to work when she is older. Could you give us 3 facts the ecommerce community might not know about you? Most people probably thing that I spend tons of time in front of my computer, but in reality I limit my time on the computer to about an hour per day at most. I’ve had many low points in my career that lead me to my success with ecom. I focus more of my energy on my well-being and becoming the best version of myself, than I do on my business, which has a strong direct correlation with the success of my business.

How long have you been in the business of helping entrepreneurs for? A little less than one year. I already have almost a thousand students, and it’s incredible to see many of them thriving. ECommerce retailers often have traffic but no conversions. What would you recommend? You can get thousands of cheap visitors if you are running the wrong type of campaigns such as PPE or Video View campaigns. I recommend a few things. First, make sure your store has all of the conversion factors that you need. Make sure it is clean and easy for someone to buy, because people don’t want to invest much effort into making a purchase. Second, make sure your pricing is right. If you are selling something cheap for too much money, no matter how much traffic you drive you aren’t going to make any conversions. Third, retarget all of the people who visited your site across all platforms. The odds of someone buying the first time they see something are slim, but if you continue to show up in their lives, you will convert those visitors into buyers. Where do you think the future of ecommerce is heading? With drop shipping and print on demand, it is easy for anyone to break into ecommerce. There are millions of

new marketers joining the space each year, and there are also millions of new buyers joining the space. As more and more people get involved, you have to make sure you are doing things at a top level. Survival of the fittest will take place, and those who are losing money will drop off, while those who are making money will continue to grow. You can spend countless time and money trying to learn best practices on your own, but I highly recommend learning from someone who has created a lot of success in the space to help accelerate yourself to that top notch marketing level. Is Dropshipping DEAD? Absolutely not! I think drop shipping is just at the beginning. As with anything, there will be changes, and people will need to adapt. If you are using the same strategies today that worked 3 years ago, then yea, your business will most likely die. However, drop shipping is a broad term, and there are endless opportunities out there. I think high-ticket drop shipping will be a huge opportunity this year, along with print on demand. You have been named one of the top entrepreneurs under 30 years old. What an achievement for you! Now, what is your next challenge? I really don’t like to compare myself to anyone else, I just strive to be the best version of myself. There is way more that I want to accomplish during this lifetime, so I don’t feel like I hit any milestone just yet. The ultimate goal is to provide value that helps make our world a better place. I have a few new projects that I am currently working on that will aim straight for that goal. You made your first million at 21. Just incredible! Were you mature enough to handle this fortune? Short answer, no, I was not! I thought I had it all figured out at 21, but in reality I knew almost nothing. At that point I thought my career was set and I was going to be the biggest music promoter in the world one day. The next year I lost everything I had, plus money from an investor/friend. My business partner and I were not agreeing, and I agreed to buy him out. Problem was, I didn’t have any money, and on top of that my friend/ investor decided to sue me. This was a guy who inherited $50M, and wanted to become a famous DJ, so he agreed to invest in my business so I could put him on the big stage. After losing his money he filed a lawsuit against me for 5x what he lost for damages, so I was 23 years old, broke, and couldn’t even hire a lawyer to defend myself. Instagram @jaredgoetzwhathewants Interview by French Vouvou FRESH MAGAZINE 2018 - 9

FRESH Magazine

Short Creation

Guns N’ Magnolias Can you present your new movie entitled Pink Magnolia? Pink Magnolia is a huge passion project for me, its a very vulnerable and honest side of me that I quite haven’t showed yet in a visual. To start Pink Magnolia is a song from my latest album Space Jamz 4. It touches on the different spectrums of a relationship, like the love, the pain, the personal mental battles. I came to Kiddclo and I just told him look this record means a lot to me and I wanna turn it into a short film, he saw my vision and we made it happen. What was the most challenging aspect when producing a short film? This was our 1st short film so we definitely learned a lot in the process, clearing locations and finding the right actors can definitely be challenging but luckily we had a super short cast and everyone involved did an amazing job. Big shout outs to Lexi Maashio who plays Maya and Dardan Demalijaj who played the mechanic they definitely put on big screen performances. What makes the story and characters special? The story is special because it’s coming from a real place, it’s coming from real pain I drew from my own past experiences and the experiences of people close to me. The characters are unique but also very relatable. Boome in character is fighting a real mental battle, he’s contemplating suicide at the beginning of the film it’s a very intense scene. Maya the love interest is just trying to be a supportive friend, she’s trying to remind him of his worth. But also 10 - FRESH MAGAZINE

on the flip page Maya is fighting a mental battle of her own, she’s in love with him but she has to hide those emotions. Additionally she has to watch him grieve about another woman, in her heart she knows she could love him unconditionally but he is blinded by all the past pain. What films have been the most inspiring or influential to you and why? To be honest during this filming process I didn’t wanna grab inspirations from any other films. I wanted the story to come from a fresh perspective and be original. But as far as films that probably inspired me subconsciously Vanilla Sky and City of God would be huge ones. Where can fans buy your new “Space Jamz 4” album? Can we expect other short movies soon? Fans can get Space Jamz 4 everywhere from all digital retailers Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, etc... You can definitely expect more short films from us, as I am responding to this questions Kiddclo and I are sitting at JFK International airport ready to board a flight to Africa to go shoot another one. Pink Magnolia is now available on Youtube!






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@shannonksinger @shannonksinger ShannonKVEVO

Her na me is


SHANNON Hey Shannon, thanks for sharing your time with us. It’s been a while since your last Mr Dreamz mag interview (Winter 2016). Hey, thank you for having me again on Mr Dreamz mag. I want to say hello to everyone who’s reading this magazine right now. For people who missed your previous feature, who are you and where do you come from? I’m a singer/songwriter. I was born in India, brought up in London. I had my classical training from ABRSM, Royal school of music, London. Can you explain how did you choose your stage name and what does the letter K mean? Shannon means river so my parents wanted me to be like a river. I mean to gel with everyone and even in music , I should be able to sing any type of genre. The “K” comes from homage. My Dad is a Bollywood singer and his name starts from “Kumar” which was given to him by his mentor as his original name was “Sanu”. Your father, Kumar Sanu, is a famous Bollywood performer. As a living legend, he is well-respected in the industry. What type of advice does he give you? My father usually advices me to have perseverance and patience because that is the key along with hard work and a positive attitude. There are gonna be a lot of people who would discourage you but you have to keep going forward and not care about the haters, take in the good criticism and throw away the bad ones. Stay focused and always try to do better than before. Never give up on yourself. My dad also says, “You never get anything before the right time and more then what is in your luck/faith.” He also mentions,”Don’t worry if you don’t get famous all over the world , important thing is to be self satisfied by your own work”. Right time is very important along with talent.

Artistically, how does he help you? How deep is he involved in your career? My dad is always involved in my music and I always ask him for help when it comes to singing. For example, if the mood of the song is sad, how should I bring that emotion through my voice and subtle changes in emphasizing on certain words. This is something that my dad always helps me with and of course when the song is complete, he’s the first person who I send it to listen since his feedback is very important to me! He’s got impeccable ears. Sometimes the structure of the song is dull so he gets into it and tells us what is missing or what we should add more to make it sound better. Apart from work, he does charities like he opened 3 schools for less privileged kids. I want to do charities for people in need too. Who is the team behind your movement (authors, producers, manager)? My team behind my movement would have to be my immensely talented sis Annabel who’s also a songwriter. We mostly write together. I had opportunity to work with great producers like Poo Bear and Kyle Townsend! I feel so blessed. Apart from the professional team, my mom is my biggest support! She’s the reason behind whatever I could achieve so far. She had to move countries for my studies and career which wasn’t easy for her. Born in India, raised in UK and now living in L.A... You are a real adventurer! Culturally, what was the main differences between UK & US? I agree with you. The main difference between U.K. and US would be the amount of opportunities. Even though my Debut single ‘Roll Back The Years’ was released in London, I knew that I had to fly out to the US someday to achieve more as it’s called land of dreams! Weather in UK is almost same everywhere but it’s quite diverse in US like California is warm while NewYork is chilly. Apart from that both of them have given me homely support and encouragement which I really appreciate. FRESH MAGAZINE 2018 - 15

FRESH Magazine

Her name is Shannon K

What were some of the hardest challenges you had to face when you arrived in USA? The hardest challenge that I faced was to rebuild identity in US since no one knew who I was so basically I had to start from the bottom again, at the age of 14! Sometimes I laugh at myself since I’m too young to struggle. Luckily I had found some great people out here to help me with my career. Music videos, radio appearances, live performances... For the two past years, what have been your biggest highlights? Your best memories? The biggest highlights were definitely working with Poo Bear and Kyle Townsend. I really hope that all my fans would love these songs. My best memories yet to come I guess. I enjoyed performing at Warner Theatre, Washington DC and I performed Nation Anthem at Hollywood post 43 for American Legion. Let’s talk about your upcoming projects! What’s new with your music? I’ve recently worked with Poo Bear on a single which is gonna be released by April this year. It was dream come true to work with him. I’ve always loved his songs since they have a melody and meaning to it so I’m super excited about the song with him. Apart from that I’ve worked on couple of songs with amazing producer Kyle


Townsend who is an Academy award nominated producer so I’ve been extremely blessed to have been working with these very talented and humble producers.

full of melody and interesting part about the single is, It’s bilingual , Hindi and English . Apart from that, I’ve co-written this single with great Bollywood lyricist Sameer Anjan.

You used to be a very good dancer as well. Can you tell us more about the Kathak dance? What is it? Where does it come from? Kathak is a classical dance form which comes from India. It consists of footwork, expressions and hand movements in sync. Meaning of “Kathak” is story to tell through dancing and it’s a very graceful dance form which I love a lot.

As a powerful influencer, are you involved in charity? I love doing charities.The charities that I’ve been involved in are, Animal Equality, Boo2Bullying, Little Princess, Junior Blind. I turned vegan after joining Animal Equality. I had long hair which I’ve donated to Little Princess (Kids Cancer Charity) when I was 12 and reason to support Boo2Bullying is my personal experience. I’ve been bullied a lot for various reasons so I want to help other kids like me. In fact, I’m writing an anti bullying song for my upcoming EP. I support Junior Blind since my eye sight is so weak that I can’t read anything without glasses or contacts. I’m doing my bit to return the love which I’ve received from society.

Are you still performing? Yes, I keep performing whenever I don’t have exams because I love it and i gain more experience. I performed in NY, New Jersey, Florida, Washington DC, Houston, Dallas and LOS Angeles last year and I’m currently performing around Hollywood, West Hollywood and the states even more. Even if you are a pop artist, do you plan to perform bollywood music in the future? Maybe an official feature with your dad one day? Finally I can say that I have released a single featuring my dad “It’s Magical”. The single is

Can you tell us more about the “Little Princess” organization? Little princess organization is a kid’s cancer charity based in UK and it provides real hair wigs free of charge to children and young adults up to the age of 24, who have sadly lost their own hair due to cancer treatment and other illnesses. I am so happy to be a part of this organization.

Finally I can say that I have released a single featuring my dad “It’s Magical”.

Kathak is a classical dance form which comes from India. It consists of footwork , expressions and hand movements in sync.”




FRESH Magazine

Silence, On Tourne!

Aylam Orian runs a marathon, not a sprint!

Thanks for your time Aylam. It is a real pleasure to share this interview with you! NCIS: Los Angeles, Code Black to name a few... I guess you felt so blessed to be a part of these adventures recently! Can you tell us a fun story from the set(s) of these two shows? Thank you for having me, the pleasure is all mine! Yes, I felt really blessed to be on those shows, and spend the whole day with such great actors as Marcia Gay Harden and Luis Guzmán (Code Black) and Chris O’Donnell (NCIS: Los Angeles)! The first time I met Marcia on the set, I remember my mind racing to say something meaningful to her, conjuring all the films I have seen her in, in my mind. And what came to me was “Fifty Shades of Grey” (which I loved, by the way). I told her that I loved her in it, and soon enough I found myself having a really intimate conversation with her and my co-star in the show (who played my wife), about romance and sexuality, and what happens between the sexes! I’ll just say that I learned a lot from that conversation! haha... Then, in NCIS: Los Angeles, it was quite moving to act opposite another idol of mine: Chris O’Donnell (LOVE his work on “Scent of a woman”!). Our scene was quite emotional, but I know that Chris plays a tough guy on the show, so I wasn’t expecting anything of that sort. But in the middle of the scene, as he is having a moment with my son who thanks him for saving his life, I couldn’t help but have some tears in my eyes. Chris was acting with my son mostly, but in the next ‘take’, he asked if I could stand right in front of him, so that he could relate to me as well. And in that take, and the following ones, he looked in my eyes, and I saw some tears coming up in his eyes too. It was one of 20 - FRESH MAGAZINE

these moments that remind you why you are doing this for a living! What was it like auditioning for a major TV series like NCIS? It was scary, and involved several rounds of auditions, but I somehow knew that this role could fit me like a glove, and that I could do justice to it if I was given the opportunity. It was also my third or fourth audition for this casting office over the years, so I felt like it was time that we got to work on something together, time for me to contribute to one of their shows with what I can do. So I’m glad that they chose to let me do that! It was still nerve-wracking though, as the callback audition was on Friday, and I was “on hold” for the whole weekend, not knowing if yay or nay... but finally the call came, so all was good! Despite your impressive experience in the industry, do you still feel anxious when you are up for a big role? Hmm, I wouldn’t say anxious, but nervous for sure! But nervous in a good way, in an excited way. I have been doing this long enough to know that many factors in the audition process are not within the actor’s control, and that the question whether you get the part or not, has to do with so many things that are not “your business” in a way, so you can’t be worried about them. So I get a little nervous, and excited, but I focus on doing the best job I can. And the rest, is up to the universe (and the producers! haha) How did you get started in this industry? I went to film school initially, as I wanted to be a film director. But while working on my own short films, and my friends’ films, I really

fell in love with being in front of the cameras! I would show my actors how I wanted then to do the scene, and only later realized that I actually enjoyed that more than the directing itself. I still like directing actors, and choosing camera angles and editing and making a piece of art called “a film”, but being in front of the cameras is more my thing. So after a few years of wetting my feet in commercials and shorts films, I decide to go back to school, at a pretty late age, and study acting! Which I did, in New York. After graduating I did the usual route of doing off-off-off Broadway theatre, student films, and just auditioning for everything I could, until a few things clicked and bigger roles started coming in! What was the best piece of advice you have gotten? Oh, there were many of them... but i think what really helped me, when I was still studying and trying to figure out how to always be truthful and real on stage or in front of the camera, and not “act” (one of my teachers really emphasized the need to be so real, that you never go with an impulse that is not 100% truthful), was to actually do the opposite! I switched to another teacher, who told me to forget about that. Be big, be fake, take chances, be ridiculous, be so out there that nothing feels real and you feel like you’re hamming it all up. And have fun. And only then you can start finding your way back to what is reel, but also interesting and fresh. You have been in the industry for more than 20 years. What is the secret of your longevity? I think learning how this business work, and that it IS a business, not just art, and knowing that this line of work and career are a marathon,

(...) And in that take, and the following ones, he looked in my eyes, and I saw some tears coming up in his eyes too. It was one of these moments that remind you why you are doing this for a living!

movie altogether. So it’s a nice closing of a circle, in a way. It feels weird, but also really really nice, that 20 something years later, I get to play a leading role in the new installment of the franchise! My role is of the show’s villain, Dr. Wilhelm Brücke, a high-ranking Nazi officer, occultist and researcher of the abnormal, who is obsessed with the Stargate and is trying by all means to harness its power for his own megalomaniac agenda. I will be battling the show’s protagonists - Catherine Langford and her father (who are seen in the original movie!), who are trying to protect the Stargate.

not a sprint, can help keep one afloat through the ups and downs. It takes time, LOTS of time, for things to happen, and if you know that, and accept that, and are still committed to it because that is what you want to do (not just the idea of being in this biz or being an actor, but actually wanting to do this work for a living), then it will happen eventually. Also, it helps to have other interests than just the business. Other passions, hobbies, things you are committed to do in your life, while the career is slowly happening.

emotionally, not just physically, between scenes, in a really short time. And of course, how to carry a 2 hours performance from start to finish. On TV and film, almost none of these apply, but you need to know how to find your marks, how to tone things down and be still for a close up, how to generate and maintain an emotional and physical state for many takes one after the other, how to do scenes completely “out of sequence”, etc. Lots more extra skills, I would say, on top of your basic acting technique.

What’s the difference between acting for TV and acting on stage? In it’s core, the technique of acting, the craft of acting, is the same in both mediums. But each of them requires an actor to have, and master, a different set of extra skills and adjustments, in order to be successful in that medium. For example, on stage you need to know how to not upstage your fellow actors, how to find your lights, how to project your voice, and how to transition

How do you feel about being in the new Stargate franchise installment (Stargate Origins)? I feel great! I am very honored. I remember seeing the first Stargate movie with James Spader when it just came out, and the impact it had on me. Especially since a young actress by the name of Mili Avital, who came from the same place I come from, got to play a lead role in it (Spader’s character’s love interest) so it was a big deal for us at the time. And it was a great


Did you watch the other Stargate’s before, or only once you got the role in this one? Other than the original movie, I watched a few episodes of the TV shows that followed, over the years. But I kinda lost touch with it, especially while I was in acting school and trying to make my way as a beginner actor, when paradoxically there was no time to watch TV (or money to even own one!). But once I got the role, I of course watched more, and revisited the original film. It was quite strange to see it again after all these years, but also exciting to be reunited with it, and the whole saga, not only as a fan, but as an actor in it! What is your dream role in the future? I would love to play a James Bond type of role! Using my real-life experiences in the Military Intelligence, and my knowledge of languages/ accents, with the suave and chic that only Bond has. Hey, does he have to be British?? Besides acting, what else do you love to do? I love watching films / TV shows, listening to and playing music (punk rock, yeah!), and basically consuming all forms of art. But my other big passion in life is helping animals, and making the world a better place for all of them. I have a non-profit that I’ve founded back in 2011 “Our Planet. Theirs Too.” and we produce an annual day of events dedicated to animals, all around the world. Check out if you want to know more! Find Aylam on Twitter @aylamorian FRESH MAGAZINE 2018 - 21

My Dream Role? I’d like to play an iconic African American figure. That would be great.”


FRESH Magazine

Silence On Tourne!

Donald Paul

Pa t i e n c e i s K ey

Hey Donald! Please could you start by telling us a little bit about ATLANTA (FX TV series) and your role within it? First off, thank you so much for having me. It’s an absolute pleasure! What impressed me most about the set of “Atlanta” was how it managed to maintain a chill, laid back vibe while staying super professional. They set an environment where the artist can feel free to play and have fun. In the upcoming season I play the role of Boogz, the not so friendly best friend of an upcoming rap artist from the streets of Atlanta.

where season 2 ended. So a lot has changed with the squad. Ryan and Alex recruit Owen and Harry to help rescue their friend and defeat the group. To help the cause, Owen brings in former agent Jocelyn Turner, who has her own dark past with The Widow.

How did you hook up with Donald Glover’s team? I’ve actually been auditioning for the show since season one. Once season two began Donald and his team reached out about a role they created for me and I happily accepted.

As an actor, what was the hardest challenge you had to take up so far? The uncertainty and just not knowing when the next job or opportunity will come. I found that to be a bit hard in the beginning of my career. Having hobbies and other things I love to do helped me with that. I found it wasn’t healthy for me to just sit around and just wait for the next thing. I also find it rewarding when us artist create our own work instead of waiting on the unknown to happen.

For those who don’t know you, where do you come from and how did you start in the industry? I’m from Palm Beach, Florida and the son of Haitian immigrants who moved to the country in the late 80’s. My mother was a gospel singer and musician. I would travel with her and play the drums for her time to time. I got used to being on stage and because of shows like “In living Color” back in the day, I wanted to do more improv. I later enrolled at the University of Maryland studying Drama and after that I would move to New York to study at “The American Academy of Dramatic Arts.” What is it like to be on the set of a big production such as Quantico (ABC)? Quantico season 3 takes place 3 years later from

I play the role of Leon Riggs who is a key player in the underground drug and weapon ring. I get into some trouble and end up in the hands of your guys from Quantico. I cut a deal with them and start working with them.

What advice would you give to young emerging actors? Have patience. As an artist we sometimes want everything right away and/or all at the same time and when we don’t, we tend to get frustrated. So I’d say “Patience is Key” to the young emerging actors. It takes time for things to develop in this industry. As a big Miami Heat fan, are you nostalgic about the golden era with the “Tres Amigos” (James-Wade-Bosh)? Those were the good times! I miss those days

but I do not miss the drama. Where ever Lebron goes, the drama tends to follow. Why’d they lose that game? Is he going to be traded? Do they have the right coach? All questions I hated hearing the media questions the team back in the days. Miami Heat are doing well and very low key about it. All we do is win. No pun intended. Lol. What can we expect for the rest of this season with the Heat? Are you optimistic? I think we’re going to win the chip (championship.) I actually think we’re going to win the chip every year! Lol. We have a young and hungry team that really fights on every possession. Thanks to our fearless leader Coach Spo(Coach Spoelstra.) With D.Wade signing back with The Heat, we now have our veteran leadership in the locker room. What other projects for 2018 are you working on? I just started working on the cbs show “The Good Fight.” Acting alongside the talented Cush Jumbo, Rose Leslie, and Nyambi Nyambi. “The Good Fight” season 2 begins airing March 4th. What is your “dream” role? I’m not sure because my dream role changes all the time. I’ve really gotten lucky and fallen in love with a lot of my past roles. But if pressed I’d like to play an iconic African American figure. That would be great.

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I started dancing when I was 8 years old taking only one jazz class a week. I loved that class so much that when I was 9yo I started dancing more regularly. Initially I was really focused on acro, musical theatre and jazz but when I was 12yo I fell in love with ballet after attending a ballet summer intensive here in Halifax. When I was 13yo I spent a summer at the National Ballet School of Canada and the following year I spent the summer at the Joffrey Ballet School in New York City enrolling in the Jazz and Contemporary Trainee program in September 2017.


To me New York City represents opportunity. This city is filled with interesting people who are doing some amazing things. To have the opportunity to train

at a world class dance school and to meet and work with dancers and choreographers who have worked in the industry is incredible! I find that I am being challenged in so many ways. Not just as a dancer but as a person! The experiences I am having now will impact my whole life, my whole future! It’s unbelievable and I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to pursue my dreams in such an amazing city!


Gosh, it would be tempting to move to Mars! The surface gravity on Mars is so much less than Earth which would make jumping a lot easier!! But still, I am having such an incredible adventure here that I don’t think in the end I would move to Mars! Full interview available in our previous FRESH edition feat Katie McDonald.


I think I’ve always been in love with the magic of life and stories. I had a wild imagination and to play off that and get paid for it is the most magical job one could ask for. My first movie was a Disney cartoon. I guess that makes sense why I love Disneyland so much. The little girl in me still wants to play.



It seems to be, it is all so very exciting. Every next role is my next challenge. To embrace another person’s life with truth is magical. To be someone you are not in your everyday life is challenging in itself, wearing another person’s mask in the rawness of your deepest self is a challenge I embrace. I dream to play in sci-fi, and psychological thrillers. I love science and the unknown, it fascinates me.


I have been donating my time to the Los Angeles Midnight Mission helping underprivileged women. It has been a wonderful experience and very moving inspiring the growth in these women.


I love to write, in fact, I a currently writing a series I’m very excited about. I’m secretly a mermaid, haha, I love water, love swimming and diving. I am a great springboard diver! I fly planes and I’m a mean sniper, when it comes to AR15’s. Full interview available in our previous FRESH edition feat Sonia Rockwell.



Shannon K FRESH edition 2018  

Mr Dreamz magazine Fresh Edition featuring Shannon K, Mary Zilba, Aylam Orian, Donald Paul, Jared Goetz...

Shannon K FRESH edition 2018  

Mr Dreamz magazine Fresh Edition featuring Shannon K, Mary Zilba, Aylam Orian, Donald Paul, Jared Goetz...