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MOKA BLAST No More Borders For The Conqueror


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- MARCH 2018

06 Visual Escapade Shoot with Ricky Virtuoso

08 This Is Art Paint with Frida Davidsson

10 Silence, On Tourne! Act with Caitlin O’Connor

14 Just Irresistible Dream with CJ Sparxx

16 Let The Music Play Sing with December Rose

18 Montreal Vibes Stephen Voyce & Jess Abran

20 Moka Blast No More Borders For The Conqueror

24 Out Of The Box Dance with Adrian Austin

28 Social Influencers Influence Like Laura Yoko

30 La Séductrice Seduce Like Kyrstle Lina

32 Production Love Produce Like See See Beats

34 Urban Culture Undergrinders x Discoveries



- MARCH - 2018



V is ua l E s c a p a d e SHOOT WITH RICKY VIRTUOSO

@iamvirtuoso “Everyone is Epic and there are no limits to your AWESOMENESS!”

How did you choose your artist name? What does Virtuoso mean? I didnt choose it. Since I was a kid, back in the young ole days, I used to doodle all the time, everywhere! Got me noticed by my 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Level, everyday she would call me Mr. Virtuoso. Virtuoso by definition is a person highly skilled in music or another artistic ventures. I have the master key thus I am Virtuoso.

al lives and I was still doing what I love. I dabbled in MRI the money was great, but it wasnt filled with the action and suspense of being an Radiologic technologist in a trauma hospital. I promise you I couldnt think of a more rewarding career. Saving lives, basically drawing with photons in the most creative ways to help people get better. Tragedy happen and my dream crushed. Instead of caving in. I picked up a camera, and I hasn’t been the same since.

Was your family supportive about you wanting to become a photographer? Lol Hesitant at first but they always supported me. In fact, Art in all of its forms run in my family. My Father, Jean St. Aubin, is a well known photographer. My brother WAM is a very popular and gifted videographer. My brother Echo is a professional dancer. Also both my sisters are singers. So I was destined to be Virtuoso

Miami... Wow! An unlimited playground to shoot with amazing people 24/7 nah? Yes without a doubt. The scenes here are unbelieveable. The best parts of miami are actually hidden from Main stream. I am going to do a podcast to uncover these hidden gems and share them with the world.

Was there anything special in your life that made you want to become a photographer? Actually my main pursuit originally was drawing and painting. Adulthood came so I wanted a career where I could use my artistic talent and still make a decent living. Plus I love helping people. I aspired and became an radiologic technologist “X ray tech”. With this career I actually helped saved many sever-


What has your craziest shooting been so far? I have done so many, I cant really define crazy any more. I just see art and different art . lol Your worst? Why? Unfortunately my worst has to be a favor that i did for a friend of a friend. This person was the embodiment of pure anger so i captured it and sold that bih for $1300. As you can guess, she’s pretty happy now. While shooting though, i never dealt with such negativity. Lol so let’s move to positive topics.

- MARCH 2018


- MARCH 2018


When and how did you start painting? I’ve always had an eye for drawing ever since I was a little kid. Although the first time I actually painted with brushes was about three years ago when I moved from Sweden to Los Angeles and started to develop my painting skills and learned about the different mediums and techniques.

@fridadavidssonart “The whole world to me is a beautiful created piece of art”

You are also known as a live painting artist. What are the main differences between posed portraits and live painting, in your opinion? One of the main differences about painting with brushes compared to painting with my body in front of an audience is the feeling about it. Painting live makes me feel more alive and aware, it’s more enjoyable. Sitting in my studio by myself painting a portrait with brushes is more technical, focused and controlled. Although since I’m such a perfectionist when it comes to my art, I’m usually more satisfied with the result when I’ve spent more than 20 hours on a painting, compared to when I paint live and finishing a piece within two hours. The first time I painted in front of an audience I was very nervous and I had no idea if they were even going to watch me or ignore me, but it was a success! Having the audience watching the process makes me feel connected to


not only the painting, but to the whole environment and the audience. Why did you start painting with your body instead of brushes? I always felt a need to spread a positive message with my art. My subject matters used to be about spirituality, questioning who we are, being in the present moment, positive energy, etc. Instead of painting about it, I wanted to incorporate my whole mind body and soul into it by painting with my body. I believe the purpose of existence is to enjoy life to its fullest, have fun, be in the present moment and don’t take like too serious, so that’s what I’m doing. Painting with my body allows me to let go of control, allow accidents to happen and it puts me in a trance state of mind with a strong feeling of freedom. I believe that everything in this universe is interconnected, and the human body is a piece of art by itself, painting with my body makes me feel strongly connected to my art and I become a part of the actual artwork. The fact that I’m covered in paint makes me feel untouchable, and instead of hiding who I am, I embrace and take back the control my female body that has been stolen and objectified by society.

- MARCH 2018

Art is everywhere

This is Art

What do you think about art battle? Is it risky or even more stimulating for an artist? When they contacted me and wanted me to compete in art battle I was very skeptical at first. I don’t think that art should be something where people compete with each other. I saw it more so of a practice for me to get comfortable with painting live in front of a big audience. Even though the fact that we only had 20 minutes to finish the piece was a stressful thought. I love to challenge myself so I did it and I did not expect me to be the winner. I just saw it as a fun experimental experience. I’m very self-critical and the fact that I won and got so much positive feedback from the audience boozed my self confident, so I’m very glad that I did it, it was very stimulating! Art is everywhere with you! Even when you apply paint on your body, What color are you? Yes! To me, art is everywhere. Sometimes when I’m in the creative mode I can observe a rock and see all types of shapes and forms creating patterns of faces, animals, flowers, etc. It’s all in the perspec-

tive of the reciever. The whole world to me is a beautiful created piece of art. I used to be the color turquoise, but now I feel more of a purple/violet type of color. Do you have a favorite way of working? Painting with my body in front of an audience is my favorite way of working at the moment! It gives me the freedom to experiment with new techniques and expressions. What can we expect from you in the future? Any future exhibitions or performances? I’m very spontaneous, I haven’t set any dates yet for any future performances or exhibitions quite yet. I might perform at the Ultra Music festival 20th anniversary in Miami in March. I’m also planning a solo exhibition here in LA sometime next spring. Until then, I’m working on a lot of cool videos where I’m painting with my body in different ways. I will also start incorporate pop and locking dance into my paintings. I have about 30 ideas right now that I’m planning in my head and I’m very excited about the future!


- MARCH 2018 “The whole world to me is a beautiful created piece of art”

Sile nc e O n T o ur ne ! ACT WITH CAITLIN O’CONNOR

“Study, network, and kick some ass in every audition room because you never know when the calls will stop coming!”


“My favorite role has been behind the camera as a film producer”


- MARCH 2018

Sile n ce O n T o ur ne !

“2018 for me is all about health and getting into the best shape I’ve ever been.”

Please could you start by telling us a little bit about the Screen Actors Guild and your association with it? I’ve been a member of the Screen Actors Guild since 2007 - it is my actors labor union which represents over 150k actors, journalists, recording artists and voice actors and other media professionals worldwide. It’s an honor to be a member and pay your dues - it’s an aspiring actors dream to be in SAG.

Avildsen are so very talented - it’s an actors dream to be on a set like that!

How long have you been acting and how did you start in the industry? My parents were both in the entertainment industry and my cousin is C.Thomas Howell who is a successful actor here in LA. I’ve been acting professionally for 7 years.

Other than acting, what are your other talents? We saw “Expert Cuddler” on your IG profile! Can you tell us more about this talent? Cuddling with my cat and dog on the couch is definitely my favorite past time.

What is your favorite role so far? My favorite role has been behind the camera as a film producer. I’ve produced 4 feature films so far and one of them has been sold to Sony. I love having creative control.

As a celebrity and influencer, are you involved in any charities? I love my girlfriend’s charity project called Project Paperbag - Natalia Castelion has been a friend of mine for several years and I love supporting her charity.

What advice would you give to other young emerging actors? Stay in the game as long as you can. Study, network, and kick some ass in every audition room because you never know when the calls will stop coming!

And the hardest role to play? The hardest role to play is any role with a crying scene investing emotionally to a character is difficult but equally rewarding !

What else do you have planned for 2018? 2018 for me is all about health and getting into the best shape I’ve ever been, I’d like to chase some rolls as a police officer or detective a lawyer and these rules require me to be in my best physical state and learn some combat action and work with guns so that’s what I’m working on!

What is it like to be on the set of a big production such as American Satan (2017)? American Satan was an absolute honor to be a part of such a great cast and the filmmakers behind it like Ash MR DREAMZ MAG


- MARCH - 2018



J us t I r r e s i s ti b l e DREAM WITH CJ SPARXX

@cjsparxx “Pay Attention, ask questions, take chances and work hard!”

Hey CJ, you have been a 7x Playboy Playmate! Since first appearing in Playboy and being labelled a “Playmate”, how has your life changed? Becoming a Playmate was life changing, yes! I’ve been invited to countless VIP events and various high end modeling shoots. It has opened many different travel opportunities, opportunities to make money and doing amazing things that I never dreamed I’d ever get paid to do. How did you become a Playmate? Can you tell us the story? I was at a modeling shoot out in Mexico, and there was a photographer for Playboy Mexico there... we got to shoot, and next thing I know a few months later I was a Playmate! Is it hard to make a living as a model in today’s society where everyone on Instagram and social media takes hot photos and posts? It is harder yes, but I love what I do and I would never trade it for anything else. I work a lot and strange hours, but I’ve done so many cool things that money could never buy so it’s definitely worth it. Is it fun to entertain your fans daily via your social networks? What is your day routine? I love it! I wake up and post a picture on Instagram and a Facebook status and Tweet. Then I’ll go work out and then come home and open up my webcam. I never know what kinda crazy random excitement is waiting for me there haha

You are also a successful web cam model. In which area would you like to improve as a web cam entertainer? I would honestly like to work on my webcam more... sometimes I travel so much and I’m not able to work as much as I like. I love entertaining my fans and I miss them when I don’t get to see them! You started promoting a virtual reality adult entertainment company, Reality Lovers. Are you a big fan of VR entertainment? I love VR and had fun working with on some photos with their gear! I love both adult in nature VR and fun gaming stuff too... although I’m not very good at it (gaming) and I look crazy when I’m playing it. Will your fans one day you think be able to watch you in virtual reality? YES! YES! YES!!!! Where do you see your career going from here? I see my career going in a more fetish based direction, so stay tuned because I have some special things coming up! What do you like to do in your spare time? I’m always on my computer and I love documentaries. I love to work out and am learning about acro yoga and capueta. I love to read too, I sit down with a good book and postmates everything in and I hate wearing pants so I could never leave my house for days sometimes.


- MARCH 2018



“I love VR and had fun working with on some photos with their gear! I love both adult in nature VR and fun gaming stuff too.”



- MARCH - 2018

L e t t h e M u s ic P l a y SING WITH DECEMBER ROSE

“I was raised with the !Dream Big or Go Home! attitude”

For our readers, where do you come from? Where were you born? I’m of Italian origins, but was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec. How is the local scene in Montreal? Montreal has so much talent! It’s pretty crazy when you go out and catch shows, or even on social media, finding local acts and such, it’s a rich scene with talent!

The thing you love the most about your city? What I love most about Montreal is the multiculturalism. It’s a warm feeling city with blends of cultures working to live together harmoniously. The thing you hate? Without getting too political about anything, the thing I really hate is the language war between French and English. I find it’s really silly, and takes away focus from the beauty of the city. How did you get into music when you were younger? My mom claims I started singing at 3 years old while she was changing my diaper! I only really felt I had a calling for music when I was around 9 years old. I started taking piano and singing lessons, and after I won a few awards for singing, it was a little encouragement to me that maybe I was “good enough” to pursue the crazy dream of having a music career. I started training with different teachers, until I completed my University Degree in Music.

So far, what are your 3 biggest Highlights? 2017 was just amazing! In April I won a local Italian singing contest called “Superfantastico”. The prize was a trip to Italy (to perform an Italian original at a major festival called Il Cantagiro). While at the festival, I was awarded the Best Original Song Award in the International Category (with a song I co-wrote here in Montreal called “Lo Specchio”). On account of the win at Superfantastico, I was set up at several local festivals and festivities to sing at, one of which was at Parc Des Hirondelles (this past summer), where I performed in front of 5000 people. That felt like a milestone for me. As an artist, little by little you take on bigger stages and bigger crowds, but I never could have expected that kind of audience! All the successes this year have been amazing and I’m truly grateful. We particularly loved your single «Circus». Who is the team behind the production? My single “Circus” was produced and co-written by me, and a local duo named Sudden Sound (Adam Cavaluzi, and Robert Kowal). I wrote my version of the song, recorded it on my phone, showed them, and they re-worked it to take it to new heights. Can we expect a video for your recent single LIKE STARS? I’m working on this! I hope to have one out at some point in 2018.


- MARCH 2018

How do you imagine yourself ten years from now? I was raised with the “Dream Big or Go Home” attitude. So in ten years from now, I imagine having completed a world tour, a few hit songs, at least 1 Grammy and Juno, being the voice of a cartoon/ or 3D animation character, traveling for work and youth group mentorships, opening an entertainment school, and educating worldwide on music and health. Tell us the craziest story you ever had in your life… It’s pretty hard to label as the craziest, but I guess I could say the experience of shooting my first music video “Don’t Give Up On Love”. It was done on the Santa Monica beach in California, in November of 2011 (if I remember the date correctly). I was wearing a thin green summer dress, barefoot on the sand….now you’d think all that sounds cool…..until I tell you that it was 2 degrees Celsius on that beach that day!!! Was freeeeezing. People were in winter coats with gloves, and there I was in my thin summer dress, barefoot, trying to pretend it was hot and summery so it would look good on camera! No one actually knows the reality of “behind the scenes” work condition, so if you go watch the video now, you might notice me trying not to rattle my jaw with shivers.




- MARCH - 2018


“Isn’t that the beauty of life, there is always something new to learn”

Mont re a l V ib e s


‘Sour Cherry’, the latest collaborative single by Jess Abran & Stephen Voyce, is the follow-up to ‘Molly’, which was released in the Summer of 2017. This song, like its successor, unites the duo with guitarist, Malcolm Sargent, who composed and played the riffs that drive the tune.



“I’m a wild child at heart and a Montreal Pirate, for now.”


- MARCH 2018

JESS & I...

We have always had this chemistry that transcends from our friendship into our creative collaborations or really into anything we do. From the day we met, we just gelled, nothing is ever forced, it just is. And so, when it comes to our music, when we work together, it doesn’t feel like work, it feels like the most natural thing. Speaking of Molly or honestly any song we work on together, we both take pride in writing our own lyrics, we feed off each other yes, but we bring our worlds together to create something new. However, this is a song that never would have been born without Malcolm Sargent, who created the guitar riffs that inspired our lyrics and melodies. He played and we responded, and Molly was born. Working with J has allowed me to grow, not just as a musician, but asa person. It’s not every day that you meet someone, with whom, you can just be yourself, creative-

ly and in life in general. Her unique and very signature musical talent and presence pushes me to reach beyond myself to become the artist that I truly am.


I was fortunate to perform in Toronto along side Mr. Bolly and Chhaya Dewan for Desifest, a festival that celebrates South Asian music. I know what you’re thinking... you’re thinking “but Stephen, you’re not South Asian!”, and you’d be right. But nevertheless, they invited me to perform and unify our cultures, and that will always be the most important and symbolic part of that experience, more significant even than the size of the crowd. To be accepted by what unifies us, instead of being divided by what makes us different, that was a beautiful feeling. And the energy that crowd fed us, that is beyond words. Oh, did I mention that the crowd sang me Happy Birthday �. Was is it the biggest highlight of my career, that’s hard to say, but it ranks up there.

JESS ABOUT MOLLY (SINGLE): I woke up really hung over one morning, and not from alchohol, so my seritonin levels were really off that day. I’m on the couch with my head burried within the pillows and I hear this beautiful ballad. I mean like, Angelic. This swell of emotion totally takes over me and I couldnt help but cry. Haha! It was just so beautiful, I knew right there I HAD to use it for something.” THE DAY WE MET...

I met Stephen when I was coming back from the Hollywood Film Fest Awards, in which a movie I was in was nominated for an award. I was young, maybe about 20 or so. I had just gotten a job in the gaming industry - which I was very good at, but wanted to expand my talent in the entertainment industry as a whole. Stephen owned a Youtube gaming news company at the time called “The GamerNerdz” and he was hiring a video host! A mutual friend of ours put us in touch with eachother, and the rest is history.


I started in this industry very young. I was a circus monkey of sorts, GLUED to the stage. Very emotional, big pain in the ass to my parents, but passionate as hell. I’ve always known since I was about 10 that this music thing was something I was going to do forever. My graduating year of highschool I quickly got picked up by producer to the stars Paul Northfield, who took me under his wing. This guy was a legend to



- MARCH - 2018

me, working along side Black Sabbath, Courtney Love, RUSH, Dream Theater, the list goes on. He was from an era of respected rock giants and he was now coaching me. It was huge. He introduced me to this crazy industry, and set me off on the right foot. To this day I’m convinced I was born in the wrong era.


If I wasn’t such a sucker for punishment, that is this unforgiving industry i’d 100% be traveling the world. I grew up in a small town with a population of about 500 people, farmers to be exact. I grew up in a low income family, with harsh conditions. I was a tough kid who knew how to get her hands dirty. Moving to the city, I feel has weakened me in a way. I don’t see the stars here, and it bothers me. So even if I wasn’t playing on a massive stage for hundreds of eople i’d still be playing, around the world and emmercing myself in different cultures, learning, teaching, and loving through the arts. I’m a wild child at heart and a Montreal Pirate, for now.


- MARCH 2018

Mr. Dreamz M MO O KK A A BB LL A A SS TT No More Borders For The Conqueror

Hey Moka, let’s talk about your alias “The Stage Destroyer”! Ever since I started doing music my end goal was to always leave my fans with an experience they will forever talk about. It’s all about leaving a legacy behind. As the stage destroyer, I will never give you fifty. It’s my duty to make sure when I get off that stage people can justify that their money was well spent. Being on stage is my ultimate high as I feed off the energy from the crowd. When they get excited I go even harder to make them crescendo as keeping the crowd hyped shows great control as an artist who have perfected their craft. In a song called ALIEN, you clearly say «Rest In Peace the old ME»? So... Who is the new Moka? The new Moka is a more refined artist as he has ventured off from the trap music and now welcome different genres in Latin, Pop, and EDM. I want to be that brand that is related to all walks of life. I have also left my past in the past. I held on to values that made me feel that I was subjected to a certain code when in all actuality I have finally learned to put myself first. Ever since I have rid myself of certain individuals around me I have flourished. Last year, you hit Turkey for two amazing concerts? Was it your first experience in Europe? It was my second trip to Europe as I had hit England seven years prior but it was my first time in Turkey. The show venues were amazing and I really enjoyed myself as the people and culture are so remarkable I can’t wait to return. One of my favorite places in the world. The women are drop dead gorgeous as well. I just had to add that. Lol.



Was it a revelation for you? How did it impact your life? Like... the world is way bigger than just USA? Revelation is the perfect word to describe the impact on my life as my eyes are set on conquering every continent and leaving a lifetime impression. Since I can travel now I just look forward to learning about new places and setting an example for the youth in impoverished communities. I want to show them even somebody like myself who came from nothing can always achieve your dreams and since touring worldwide I can actually tell you that the world is not that big any more. Then UK... A Tour with British superstar Lady Leshurr! That tour was a dream come through as I transverse the United Kingdom. Lady Leshurr is a legend and to be on tour with her was more of a movie. When I hit the stages I didn’t know what to expect but I had to make sure that when I got off they knew who I was. My first impression was one of excitement and nervousness as I was in another country but once it was show time I was ready. I can’t wait to head back over there as the love is beyond unreal and very genuine. As an artist, did you feel MORE LOVE, support and opportunities abroad? Definitely! I always dreamed of this moment and now that I am here I am going to make it last as long as possible. The support and love makes me want to always show my fans how much they mean to me. I will do every and anything to keep them smiling as they are the reason I have been getting nonstop notoriety.

- MARCH - 2018


Alien (single) is a track that will resonate for centuries to come. The Alien title is fitting as I always feel I am not from this planet. Are you working on a new 2018 tour? Well the good folks at Artist Auditions are making sure that I stay busy as we will be in Asia, Australia & Africa later this year. They just let me know when my itinerary is set in stone and then come up with a great game plan. Having the CEO of the company also co-exist as my DJ is a winning formula. DJ Unknown and I have been working with each other for a few years and he is making sure that I have no days off. Not bad for an independent artist, right? Let’s talk about your clothing line FOREVER GETTING CASH. Concretely, did being on stage boost the buzz around the brand? Because of the tour the fans have demanded. I launched a new collection by the summer so it’s safe to say the buzz is humongous. I get messages every day with inquiries as to when will it be released. I gave away a lot of merchandise as I wanted to see if they would really take to it and they did. So now expect a summer release for the FGC brand. Why did you choose the African wild dog as symbol? I love me some wild dogs as they are my favorite animals ever. They are very small compared to the other predators but have the highest percentage when it comes to hunting. No one really knows about the African Wild Dogs and the fact they are an endangered species so I wanted to bring awareness to that as well. Eventually one day I pray that they can be domesticated as they are so beautiful especially with that coat of theirs.

Can you introduce your new partner Phonaudio as well? How did you hook up with the brand? How did they support your movement? Big shouts and much love to the beautiful folks at Phonaudio. When I want on tour in England I needed to make sure I had a company that I liked and supported and we reached a great symbiotic partnership that I’m ecstatic about. Phonaudio have amazing noise cancellation headphones and is aesthetically pleasing as I get a lot of compliments while wearing them. They are making me the new face of the company and they have plastered my image everywhere especially on and all their social media sites. They also give me merchandise that I can give away at my shows so the fans get some super dope headsets along with a great performance. Ten years from now, we propose you to leave Earth to be among the first Mars’ settlers. Will it be a Yay or Nah? The first rapper on Mars... It would be LEGENDARY no?:) I will love to go to Mars but not live there. I will go on a tour so the Martians can see how us Earthlings give it up Lol! But you know I live life to be legendary so yes it will be. Do you believe ALIENS exist somewhere? Yes life does exist on other planets but we will never know. I pray that one day we meet another life form. In the time being I will remain the only Alien here under these Blvckskies. Urrrggghhh!


- MARCH 2018

“We’re traveling under Blvckskies, under cover like two black stars” “It symbolizes both Dreamkayris and I as we are both of African American young men who had to battle against the odds. The Blvckskies representing so many obstacles but here we are now and together we are undeniable. I am not only proud to call him a business partner but an honor to say he is one of the true friends I have in this music industry.”



- MARCH - 2018

Out o f th e B ox DANCE WITH ADRIAN AUSTIN Can you remember when you first learned about your field of work? I was like five years old and I use to always watch my Grandmother Hattie Mae Austin, design and sew clothes, and she was also into arts and crafts. I used to always go with her when she was teaching a painting/ croshay class. She used to make our Halloween costumes and Church clothes. My Grandma was so gifted. My Mother was into dancing. She was a majorette in school and she won best dance in the senior superlatives. I have been hip-hop dancing since I was seven and I was also a Drum Major in high school for a short spell. My hip-hop dance talent comes from my mom. What was the path that led you to the position you have now? After my Mother died from cancer I knew I had to work extra hard with my aspirations. Then my oldest sister passed a few years ago from cancer too. My drive, my ambition got me hungry! Playtime is over, no more games. The streets also made me who I am and led me to this position. My hood stay at me, they call me the Walker Homes Hood Star. There’s nothing that’s going to take away from my legacy. I’m dying this way. With the Walker Homes King crown on my head, nobody can take nothing away from me. It is what it is. I am who I am. Can you talk about your recent Punk Rock Star Campaign? For a year I was pretty much inspired by upcoming artists Punk Rock Star shoots. I’m always on the internet looking at other dope, talented artists. I’ve seen so many artist Rock Star concepts and they were dope. And I always desired to be a Rock Star and dress like one. Marcus always wanted to do a shoot with me. Then, I was like he would be perfect for this Rock Star Campaign. And of course, there is other artist that inspired me for this Rock Star Cam-

paign. When I look at these artists I see nothing but a Rock Star image. Prince, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Rihanna, Wiz Khalifa, Future, Lil’Wayne, Chris Brown, Travis Barker. When it comes to Rock Star status they have that. Would you consider working on a Cyber Punk campaign in the future? Yes, I would love to do a Cyber Punk Campaign. I always wanted to look animated. Because I’m such an Entertainer, it’s very inspiring because looking like a cartoon character would be so dope and cool. If people look back at my artwork, I always did animated type of pictures that’s a part of my legacy. I will be doing a Cyber Punk Campaign in the future. Who is Marcus, your muse and how did you meet him? Marcus Forster is my god brother. He is like my little artist, my fashion muse. I met him like eight years ago. He always looked up to me, and been inspired by my work, he always shows me love and I love how he give me props. He constantly says I’m a Fashion Icon, a Legend. Even though, I don’t suppose I have achieved that status yet. I have not completed my legacy. I thank people like him for always acknowledging and admitting that they base some of their style off of mine. My love for model movement has always been genuine. Deep down helping others reach success and make money is what matters most to me. Can you name a moment of failure that positively changed your vision of life? I felt like a failure when I just turned down an open call audition for America’s Got Talent season 13 show. I was one of the contestants to audition in Nashville, TN January 13, 2018. I feel like a failure, it hurts to bring tears to my eyes when I speak about it. This was my time for my NBC primetime debut MR DREAMZ MAG - 24

- MARCH 2018

to show the world my visuals, my hip-hop dance talent. This show would have been a serious platform to promote my fashion. Because I’ve always been a trendsetter and I do hold a groundbreaking way. I gave up on dancing. I wish I never gave up. But this here is about to positively change my vision on life. This is about to make me get back into dancing because I use to be a problem in the dance studio. I desire to go back into beast mode. I want to view that savage I once were. I know I still got it, dancing is my passion, I still see it in me, when I hear music and a beat drop, I feel it in my heart. I just want to be back at my best, I’m going hard like it’s my last bullet and I only got one shot. What is the next step? Opening a new store? Working on a fashion défilé? Right at present I only want to focus on hiphop dancing. It’s been nearly seven years since I performed and been in the dance studio. I’m about to channel myself, reinvent myself as an artist so I need to hit the gym, practice and study new dance moves. I require to be physically fit a beast because I’m such an Entertainer. There are so many dancers that I always looked up to, and love and admired Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Chris Brown, Ciara, Usher, Omarion, Missy Elliott. When I get back into dance character I need to feel like I’m one of them because those are my dance inspirations. At the end of the day, I got to give my fans certain fashion styles that they like. I’m never going to stop being creative my fashion store, fashion defile will come once it’s my time. Twitter @AdrianANDouglas

@adrian_austin @redbonemermaid

“Nothing will compare to spiritually-working with God to push us forward and open even bigger doors� MR DREAMZ MAG


- MARCH - 2018


I T - MARCH 2018


Photo by @nbmaphotography

Every women is a unicorn! MR DREAMZ MAG - 27

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- MARCH 2018


INFLUENCE WITH LAURA YOKO Do you live from social media? My main goal is to live from social media. I work part-time as a biotech digital marketer and graphic designer.

Hello Laura, can you provide 3 facts about yourself that your followers don’t know? Introvert - I really love to be alone and live vividly my creative process. Romantic - I believe everybody has a soulmate. Crossfit Athlete - Since I was a teenager, I used to enjoy gymnastics, martial arts and experimental theatre. In my adulthood, I started circus and “power yoga” classes. It’s a fusion of calisthenics with traditional yoga. Right now I do weight lifting at home and I’m training Crossfit in an affiliated box from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

What do you want to or wish you could change about social media? Honestly, there are many trashy contents on the internet and that’s a huge obstacle for struggling influencers to reach some audience. I wish social media platforms could have an effective streaming service. People would easily access premium contents and influencers would receive a cash for it.

When and why did you decide to start up your Instagram? When I broke up with my Croatian boyfriend. I met Martin in 2014 during the World Cup, in Brazil. He almost proposed me on marriage, but then we had a fight and I wanted to reconcile with him. He didn’t want to and the Instagram was the starting point to fulfill my frustration of being rejected by the only man I truly desired to get married.

Do you have any advice for social media influencers? Don’t worry about numbers at all! Followers, comments and likes must be genuine. Craft an awesome idea that people will love it! What do you hope and plan to accomplish throughout this year? My plan is to become a blog editor and vlogger. I’m sketching my new website and signature platform. Definitely for the next year I’ll start accomplishing stunning collaborations with bloggers, magazines, companies and etc.

Do you express yourself in any other mediums other than through social media platforms? At the moment, I’m only expressing myself through social media. In a near future, I’ll produce a vaporwave album because cyberpunk aesthetics will be a strong trend.



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@krystlelina MR DREAMZ MAG - 30

- MARCH 2018

L a S é d uc t r ic e SEDUCE LIKE KRYSTLE LINA

“If you aren’t looking for anything serious, then Tinder is a great app! In my book, you will also find information about dating apps including Tinder and help with deciding which one is right for you.”

How were you discovered? How did you become a model? Before I modeled, I was a makeup artist for MAC, a coworker of mine did makeup in the industry and suggested I started modeling. This was back in the MySpace days, and internet modeling was still fairly new, so when I posted my photos on MySpace I gained a following right away. Since then, I’ve modeled, worked in radio, did TV Hosting, and I’m also an accomplished photographer. What was your first big break in the industry? My first legit shoot was for DCMA with Joel and Benji Madden, I remember thinking it was so cool that I was able to be in a magazine with real celebrities. My resume only grew from that point. What’s one of the most interesting shoots that you’ve done? Do you remember it? Most interesting shoot I’ve done was for a clothing company Filthy Athletics,

I don’t even think they exist anymore. They covered me in crushed Oreos to make it look like the Christina Aguilera “Dirty” video. I’m not sure why they didn’t just get fake dirt, but considering that Oreos are one of my favorite cookies I thought it would be cooler than what it was. The photos turned out nice, but I couldn’t eat an Oreo for a long time after that. Who’s your favorite photographer Can I raise my hand? Lol jk I’m very picky about the photographers that I work with because I’m also a photographer. I do have a few photographers that I love to work with but it’s hard to narrow it down. What makes you so different from other models in the industry? What makes me different is that I do more than just modeling, I’m a photographer and I also have a Dating Advice Book for my male audience. I teach men how to slide into the DM’s of beautiful women and their favorite models. MR DREAMZ MAG - 31

- MARCH 2018

Let’s talk about your book “Dating For Naked People”. The title itself is intriguing! What does it mean? It’s the “Naked” truth about dating in today’s social media culture. I think there’s a lot of great advice out there for guys from guys, but nothing from a woman’s perspective. I think if my male audience can use my advice as well as their favorite male influencers they might possibly learn how to rule the world. Jk But seriously, I think it’s great to have new perspective straight from the source. How long does it take to write a book like this? A few months of research and writing. Seduction... Is it all about self confidence? Or special skills? It’s about self confidence, and utilizing the qualities you already have to getting the woman of your dreams. In the book you will also find resources on where to shop online and my favorite male influencers.

Prod uc ti on Lo v e PRODUCE LIKE SEE SEE BEATS As a music production duo, How and when did you meet? Me (Cas Weinbren) and Skiggy Ska met randomly through an ad on craigslist in 2012. Skig and a business partner were looking for another collaborator to add to the production team. At the time, I already had some placements with Platinum producer Ty Fyffe, DJ Statik Selektah, Action Bronson and others, and made my own beats, however everyone thought that my drums were weak compared to my keys. I knew I needed a production partner to elevate my music so when I linked with Skig it was a perfect match. My keys and his production were a perfect link. AT our other partner joined us recently. How has the “beat” industry evolved for the past years? Is it harder to sell your work? The industry is ever evolving making it the perfect entrepreneurial space. Now with streaming increasing musicians bottom line, new opportunities are on the rise. From my experience, Taxi music provides opportunities, Beat Stars provides opportunities, and if you have a big enough catalogue, hopefully you can get your music to music agencies, publishing agents, and libraries that can fight for your behalf. The challenge now is be able to create a library and catalogue of many kinds records ready to shop. And easier to make a beat with all those softwares? Technology has changed many different industries besides music. Obviously, music and technology advancements go hand in hand, where technology has been responsible for the creation of nearly every genre. However, with the technology advancements comes new challenges.Current technology is available to create and manipulate any instrument available including creating new sounds. Secondly, home re-

cording studios and easy to learn recording programs change the entire music creative process from a technical studied approach to a more intuitive approach. Thirdly, cloud sharing platforms allow for easier collaboration and sample libraries that make samples quick and easy to clear as well as providing unlimited amounts of inspiration. Lastly streaming platforms are giving value back to music, a musician’s pr approach is totally different than it was 5 years ago. Technology is changing the music world for

the better. However, I still believe that although technology might be available, understanding the history and the beauty of any art form is key. Technology is allowing for the creation of new genres but in order to create something new and modern, the sound of the past is the map. For my musical journey, I idolized George Gershwin my whole life, so I created music in the genres of jazz, classical (film scoring), soul, r&b, pop and hip hop. Technology is able to manipulate the instruments and create these worlds, however, knowledge is still key. How did you hook up with so many major TV channels (MTV, Fox, VH1 to name a few)? Who are your most prestigious collaborators or best studio experiences? For the TV channels, we had an agent who had partially owned the publishing in MR DREAMZ MAG - 32

- MARCH 2018

order to shop the records to the channels. We were also signed to a publishing deal with a music library. We have also recently scored a McDonald’s commercial, and a couple of Nike commercials with Statik. Also for collaborators, Cas has had many amazing experiences. Most recently, this year, I got to play the legendary Blue Note in NYC, with his good friend and collaborator DJ Statik Selektah. This was to show the bridge between the jazz and the new hip worlds. Another cool story, the 3rd record I did with Statik Selektah, this is right after I finished jazz school and started working as an Intern for vet Ty Fyffe, was Time For Some Action ft. Action Bronson. The magic of this record was that I used a jazz theory concept that highlighted the rapper, rather than a singer. Well Done is a classic album and Time For Some Action is a classic record. I’ve played on many albums with Statik since and hope to work with him more. What are your projects for this year? Most recently, we just produced a new SINGLE for Nick Hi$$om “Come Thru.” We are always releasing new beats on our mobile friendly website. Maybe to release the beats also on the streaming platforms. Besides that we are working with an incredibly talented rapper/songwriter Broadway Immaculate and an incredible songwriter Day Underscore. We are also working with our management team at Fairviewmas with industry vets Ty Knox and James Guss. We are always looking forward to work with talented artists. Check out our creations on:

Do not limit yourself, the world now is at your fingertips.



- MARCH - 2018


Dm Punch “I am planning on performing on the 4th of July at Lacy Park in San Marino in front of over 15,000 people.”


When I started taking rap and hip hop music back last summer of 2017 not just as a hobby but as a job, I called up 89 who is my current producer/engineer and is located in Gardena, California. I was referred to him by my management team, and he is truly the best. I actually don’t remember the first bars I recorded because there were so


many but the most recent bars I recorded with “Aaron Cohen” and “Arod” which are some of my best bars yet on “Stay Clean” was:“Pleading till I’m verified, haters couldn’t testify, punchy with the flows all the artists f***ing terrified, coming on the rise so my name hella clarified, record for the deals to my music that I edified.”


1- Being on the KTNG 860 AM Radio station (summer 17). My interview was broadcasted every single weekend for 2 months straight to over 500,000 people across the entire world. 2- Being on the front cover of the newspaper in my community as Los Angeles’ hottest upcoming artist last October of 2017, and the entire city reading my article. 3- Collaborating with Neako and reaching over 1 Million streams across the entire world on Soundcloud, and Neako is an artist who used to be in Taylor Gang and is now signed to Gramercy Records.

Neako is an artist from New Jersey and used to be a previous member of Taylor Gang. He is a business partner and a close friend. He is now signed to Gramercy Records and I feel so proud to say that I have a viral song with him (over 1 million views). I feel like it’s my destiny to be the next hottest artist out of L.A to be signed either by “Warner Brothers Records” or work with the “United Talent Agency” or “Paradigm Talent Agency”. I have officially reached over 1,225,000 plays across the entire world with my two hit singles on Soundcloud. 1,080,000 on Smokin Loud with Neako & on Stay Clean ft.Aaron Cohen and Arod in less than 2 weeks I have cracked close to 200,000 plays already. I also have a huge legion of followers including my IG, Twitter and Soundcloud (90,000 followers). My goal is to reach 200,000 followers in total by the end of this upcoming summer. I can say now that this is the beginning of something legendary. Find him on

me raising awareness for people to not only take care of their bodies physically but to also make sure they are making mentally healthy choices. I chose to be an advocate because I feel like people should be aware that they may be in physically good standing but may need some mental help as well in order to live a well-balanced life and maintain.

Coming from Ohio my role models in the industry were definitely The O’Jays, New Edition, Bruno Mars, James Brown, Michael Jackson, and The Temptations as far as my fashion style with like the white button ups, suits, and dress hats. Some artists and bands that have always inspired me are Nirvana, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, ACDC, Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Elvis, Carlos Santana, Metallica, and Guns N Roses as far as what I like to listen to. As far as crafting my sound I lean more towards Three 6 Mafia, Tech N9ne, Master P, Bone Thugs N Harmony, The Notorious B.I.G., 2Pac, Eminem, Rakim, and Jay-Z. I always viewed those artists as being crowd movers and really getting fans pumped up with quality album content and stage presence.




I am an advocate for mental health awareness. I did not study medical practice in college or anything like that. It’s more like


My three biggest highlights thus far has definitely been opening for Da Mafia 6ix in 2013 at the Agora Ballroom in midtown Cleveland, I got to get on stage with Tae Miles and Ezzy at the Grog Shop in Cleveland Heights during their performance, and 2012 my first show at Peabody’s in downtown Cleveland I got to open up for Afroman. My next project is my most ambitious yet, the only thing I can compare it to is the as sembling of the Nautilus by Captain Nemo. MR DREAMZ MAG


- MARCH - 2018


“I am a Mr. Dreamz because I have achieved what some people don’t accomplish in their entire lives”

The project is not titled yet but I have confirmed production on the next project from my sponsor GoonOnTheTrack, SergeLaconic, DJ Mingist, TX Knicca, and MXKXHRXST. Find him on


Ipsum lorem alterius BIG ROME

“Dreams do come true. You just have to stay motivated, dedicated and stay persistent with consistency.”


Ice Cube & Master P were my role models! I grew up inspired by their music. That raw uncut political street rap by Ice Cube to the raw street attitude from Master P. Also on the business end both are pioneers.


I was born in Southern Missouri (Malden, MO.) Left when i was 5 and moved to South Arkansas when my mother reunited with my father. I just represent the whole state of Arkansas. I moved around a lot after ending up in the foster care system. I had the pleasure of meeting a lot of great places throughout Arkansas. I have earned the right to call myself “The Arkansas Boss”.


I just felt the need to adress an issue that many of us artist have. The release of music that lacks substance. When given

the opportunity to be heard by millions of people, us, as artists, should seize that opportunity to push a message. To educate and bring awareness to real life issues. A lot of today’s music lacks that substance. URBAN RENEGADE EP... A few years back, i was featured by Yo Raps! on their website and in the review, they labeled me as a “Rap Renegade” and it just stuck with me. “I Got Issues” and “It Just Stuck With Me” are the lead singles.


I am hoping to be able to start on yet another EP. Just beat shopping right now but by the fall 2018, I should have a single to push to radio.


There are a lot of great artists out right now but then there are those who make


- MARCH 2018

you wonder how in the hell... but that’s for another interview later down the road. Honestly Hip Hop is over saturated right now with most artists sounding the same and rapping about the same old same old... Like i said before, NOT ENOUGH SUBSTANCE!


To travel a road less traveled and put in so much only to receive very little in return and yet accomplish so much on my own without the help of no one made this journey a learning experience. Dreams do come true. You just have to stay motivated, dedicated and stay persistent with consistency. In due time, all those losses will start turning into wins!

URBAN CULTURE FAT R I C H T H A G R I Z Z L E Y & CODI KODEINE great entrepreneurs. When you watch their videos, when you watch their interviews, you can feel the energy. You can feel that positive vibe. They are black millionaires!



#MrDreamz #DreamerMindset “I always think WIN no matter the situation”


I would say being a part of FiestaBowlent as a whole along with Jermaine Crews, the CEO, and Pauletta Johnson the other CEO. There were so many amazing professionals involved! Like Joseph Beck, an upcoming producer also associated with the fashion industry. My self being CEO of Muggamakingmaniacs and having my music on different outlets like Soundcloud, YouTube, Live Mixtapes, Spinrilla and Datpiff.

Tupac and Biggie but I would have to say Ludacris, 50 Cent, Rick Ross, J Prince, Master P and Will Smith. Ludacris is at the top because that’s my favorite rapper! I’ve never heard a corny CD from him yet. 50 Cent, Rick Ross, J Prince and Master P are




When I was in the 7th grade I wrote a song called “sittin’ on dubs”, I vaguely remember the words in the verses but the hook went like “Mercedes, sittin on dubs excursion, sittin on dubs that Bently sittin on dubs they all sittin on dubs they sittin on dubs” I can’t remember the verses but I’ll always remember that hook it got me detention for a week.


My biggest highlight so far was signing a distribution deal with iTunes. I was working with this management company, DGM Management, who got me a deal with them. It opened a lot of doors for me. I got clothing line sponsors and a lot of publications. Not major of course but it was enough to grow a following on the internet. Moccster is one of the clothing lines that sponsored me. They make pretty good clothes and they donate to help sick children around the world so much love to them. I had a lot of radio interviews and been featured in my fair share of magazines.

Aww man all I can say is it’s going to be the best 17.99 on Amazon or the best 12.99 on Google Play that you spent on an underground artist in a long time. It got party music, trap music and love music. It also

My New single “Lonesome” was inspired by being able to maintain and succeed on your own. The lyrics came to while I was toasting to myself. I can’t remember what I was toasting to but I jotted the hook down in my phone and when I went home later that night, I turned on some instrumentals that I bought a week prior and it was the first beat I heard. I finished the song that night and I was in the studio the next day. If you feel like you made it this far by yourself, if you feel like you have something to prove to your doubters, or if you make moves by yourself then this song is for you. Nobody can say they made me, I’m self-made.


Hip hop is trying to move in the right direction but a lot of artist are taking mumble rap out of context. Some artist are wack with nice beats and good hooks and other artists have their own sound and style. Hip Hop will always change because the way people express themselves are different. MR DREAMZ MAG


- MARCH - 2018

got motivation music! It’s just everything in one project. This is the back up to the first Bear Season and you can find it on iTunes, Apple music, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Deezer, Pandora and other music platforms.


Lol! Locked up in a state jail back 2008, I was watching Animal Planet and suddenly something came to my mind... and BOOM...FatRich Tha Grizzley was born.


Shows, short movies, commercials, fashion and more content like music and videos on a bigger and better level. By the way, you can check out my commercial for “Caught On The Feeling” now on YouTube. Link:

Codi Kodeine “The Art is losing it touch by artist not taking being lyrical serious.”

Its up to the fans to support what they want to hear even if it means taking a stand by your Lonesome. Check



That was the SoundCloud album I dropped in the summer. The reception has been solid. Haven’t heard any thing like “Ohh nooo, it’s horrible” lol. So that’s always a plus. I actually dropped another project after that, an Ep called “Devils Mary Act.1”. It’s not on Soundcloud but you can listen to it on Tidal.


I’m from East Cleveland & Panic Zone (Neighborhood in Midwest City,Ok). Which area do I represent? This was something I always asked myself because I split time between both states due to my parents living in different places. My Father lived in Ohio, my Mother lived in Oklahoma so I spent time in both places. School was Oklahoma and every long break was spent in Ohio till my 17. I represent East Cleveland & Panic Zone. I’m not apart of any particular movement. I just do me stay focused & handle my business to the best of my abilities and of those around me as well. So if I had to say a movement, it would be

a movement towards continued success & black excellence.

PANIC 8577...

I went through a few names in the beginning started out as JD went to Bishop, Exile Quake, Xdus & Finally Panic8577. I picked this name because I always wanted to take my Neighborhood with me wherever I went. That’s where Panic comes from 85 is the year I was born & 77 was the year my Father bought his 1978 Trans Am which was my first car he gave to me. Then life happened so that’s why I put 77 at the end of my name.


iPad, iMaschine 2, Djay 2, Modular, & Reaper. I love it because I can produce on the go. I can create original pieces with the ability to sample & compose then transfer it to reaper & go deeper creatively. If it can make a sound, music can be made. That’s what I believe.



- MARCH - 2018


Currently finishing up The “Story Of Devils Mary”. That album should be out around March-April. The first single “Sure U R” is out now on all streaming & purchasing platforms. We got the website up next cokentrees dot com. I’ll end the year with another album for sure! Link:


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