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LETTER FROM THE EDITOR “THE NEW ERA FOR A NEW GENERATION OF DREAMERZ” Music or the Art to transcribe emotions through melodies, sounds, words... Some notes on a piano, some drums on the MPC, a few words on paper ... and suddenly ... the magic happens. From Paris to Miami, NY to Tokyo, London to L.A, Mr Dreamz captures the urban art in all its forms in order to let the street talk. Cultures, languages differ but the message remains the same. With the social networks and new technologies, the magazine aims at openning the door to all these underground artists whose the talent just waiting to be put in front of the stage.Success always comes from dreamz. Working from Paris to Miami, via Montreal, Mr. Dreamz has developed over the years an extensive international network involving all the continents. Travels, cultural experiences and discoveries made all over the globe, are the starting point of the adventure. Working with more than 50 professionals worldwide, the magazine plays its card on the international field. Art... beyond the borders. By providing opportunities for younger generations, the mag has created the movement to help underground talents to get a real exposure and acquire a solid presence through medias, digital and print. Mr Dreamz is positioned as a new springboard for a whole new niche of artists, rappers, singers, producers, models etc ...

VOUSTAD CHRISTOPHER OWNER| CEO OF MR DREAMZ MAGAZINE KREATIVE KAYEOS & KRUSAUDIO.COM “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them”-Walt Disney

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“JoBee is a man that’s spritually grounded, loving, strong, creative, Open-minded and driven. I am a man that loves love and everything that it intels. Music is my life’s force and I use my gift to spread love and healing througout the world.”

The favorite song to work out to... I love to work out to Dawn Richard’s song titled Bombs because it completely gets me up and going everytime I play it. It’s one of those ones that I keep on repeat. Favorite song to relax... I always relax to my girl Brandy’s song Sweet Nothings it just has some of the sweetest harmonies I’ve heard in a long while. You can’t go wrong with Brandy. Favorite song for a romantic date... I don’t mean to be cheesy but my song I Need Your Love. It is one of those songs that has a sweet melody and it always sets the mood for me. Favorite song to have to sex to... I love R Kelly’s song It seems like you’re Ready because its a classic baby maker. R Kelly’s music always take you to that sensual place when you’re with that special someone.

What’s your projects? I am currently working on my debut full length album titled Vocal Stimulation. I have finally narrowed the content down and I am hard at work writing and recording as we speak. I will be releasing my first single the end of summer and shooting the video over in the UK with VideoInk. They are one of the most creative production companies I’ve come across in a while. I will also be shooting a movie this coming fall with director Lewis Farinella in Florida. I just did a scortching collab with my brother from another mother Dream Kayris that will totally blaze the summer titled Give Me Your Love. Your favorite to describe your music? My favorite way to describe my music is using it as a metophor and it would be described as a pot of Gumbo. I feel I infuse all types of elements and genres to give you a flavor thats so intising that you’d surely come back for a several servings.

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Top 3 favorite songs for this summer... My top 3 favorites for this summer has to be Usher’s Good Kisser, Danity Kane’s Lemonade, and Iggy Izalea’s Fancy. I think all of those songs are definitely going to blaze up the summer even more this year! Your 3 favorite current r&b singers... I have quite a few but my favorite 3 has to be Brandy, Jhene Aiko, and Miguel. I love all of their styles and how they stay true to real music. They are still maintaining a sense of relevancy, yet keeping that old school passion. Your 3 favorite models... My 3 favorite models are Tara Banks, Naomi Campbell, and Heidi Klum. I love all of these ladies not only because they’re insanely gorgeous, but because they’re trendsetters. They were’nt just pretty faces, they branded themselves.


What is Rock today, in 2014? Rock is changing, harder and on its way back! Music moves in cycles and what’s cool now probably won’t be cool in a year from now. Real rock n’ roll never vanished, it just takes breaks to rehydrate its system before it makes it grand entrance. I think that time is upon us again and rock is sneaking it’s way back into everybody’s lives! What is your message for all those people who say that ‘Rock’ is dead nowadays? People love to put things into categories! Rock is not dead! It’s just not the main focus right now. Rock will never die, but it does change. Everyone forgets that music depends on fans for survival! If you want rock to be up front & center... buy rock records! Is there too much violence in Rock? Nah, I think there was definitely more violence brewing during the East Coast/ West Coast feud in Hip Hop back in the day. Rock helps you release your demons instead of harbor them. As Kanye West said, “Are Rappers the new Rock stars” now? Haha, I wouldn’t say that’s a false statement! Rappers are definitely living big & partying hard! So I’d say they are definitely living the rockstar life for sure! Do you listen to other genres of music? I listen to everything! In fact my first concert was Phil Collins! I try to keep an open mind. If you make good music I will listen to it!

How did you choose the name “The Killing Lights”? Why? I was in a near fatal touring accident. A drunk driver hit our tour van killing him & sending me into a coma. The last thing I saw before impact was his lights... Hence The Killing Lights. Are you fascinated by the myth of vampires? Do you think they are just a myth or a reality? Haha, I plead the 5th on this question! All I can say is nothing is impossible & The Lost Boys (1987) changed my life! After so many years on top, what is your biggest challenge? I’ve been so engulfed in the goth culture for years that I feel refreshed branching out into pure rock n’ roll! It is definitely starting over but it feels so good to be able to express myself freely again! We parted ways with our label that was bringing us down & focused on making badass music! I’m excited for the future. How was your current UK tour experience? It was an amazing experience! I wasn’t expecting so much positive feedback being that I just changed into a new project. I was really surprised how much they embraced the new sound & stage show! We are currently planning our debut EP & will release a music video for our first single “Waste My Time”

Haha! Well I was once sent 2 vials of blood via FedEx! Needless to say it was pretty insane & mind blowing! #ClichésQuestions: Rockers always end a concert with women in their room #Backstage ... True or false? false! #ClichésQuestions: You can’t be a real rocker if you have short hair... True or false? Haha! False #ClichésQuestions: If you check out a Rocker’s bag, you will find cocaine, a bottle of whiskey & a porno magazine... True of False? #Joke So What woud we find in Michael Vampire’s bag? Basically true depending on the artist! For me.. After 52 bottles of Jack Daniels on Warped Tour a year back it’s now Ciroc Peach & Hummus! Lol More seriously, how can you explain the fact that so many people still have stupid pictures in their mind about rockers? Well, I think after the 80’s the image of a rockstar is engraved in people’s minds! Most people would be surprised if I told them i graduated college with a Criminology & music business degree! Life is ever changing! Keep an open mind & be you regardless of what people say!

Tell us the craziest thing a fan/groupie has done for you?

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VALERY VS. RAQUEL Growing up in Orlando, FL, What did bring you to California? A road trip vacation! I was only supposed to visit California for a couple weeks and things just started happening. One of my best friends introduced me to my manager Sheila and the rest is history! She believed in me and helped me get all the basics together. If it wasn’t for her help and influence I wouldn’t be where I am today. Life is so crazy and I am so very grateful. 

What is the hardest part about acting? There are a lot of difficult things with making a career of it but of just acting itself- I’d say letting go and trusting your instincts. It’s just so easy to be in your head and try and get it the way you hope the director/writer envisioned it but when you just let go and embrace the process because you enjoy ‘acting’ and trying things a couple different ways, it’s not as scary.

Despite your recent success, do you still keep strong links with your family in Puerto Rico? Yes! My grandparents are still there, some aunts and uncles and several cousins. The rest of my fam lives in NY and FL. My family IS my strength. No doubt about it.

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years? I see a woman who knows even more about what she wants/doesn’t want. I see more of my family closer to me than now. I’ll be doing as much film as I have TV, writing, and traveling! I’m such a planner but I’ve come to realize more and more that life is going to be what it’s meant to be! But in the end, I see myself happy.

We guess “Hit The Floor (VH1)” is one of your biggest highlight so far. How did you get this opportunity? Tell us the story! It’s definitely a favorite! I auditioned for the show when it was still called “Bounce” in 2012! I had a couple of stages of callbacks and a network test. All auditions incorporated dancing and acting. It was crazy! I loved my audition sides (script) and although I’ve always loved dance, I hadn’t danced as long as my competition (One of them told us in the waiting room she graduated from NYU in dance) so needless to say I was really nervous. But I lucked out that my characters story wasn’t solely based in the dance world. Whew! I am so freakin’ grateful I got this opportunity. You have no idea! What is the main difference between Valery & Raquel (your role on the show)? The main difference is that Raquel is more impulsive than Valery. She wears her heart on her sleeve like I do but when I tend to over think and over analyze things, she usually runs with her feelings. What do you like the most about your character? That she is so so brave. She follows her heart and is trying to be the best mother she can be and have a better life for herself as well. That’s not always easy. There’s so much heart behind her decisions and although that’s not always a good thing, I respect her fearlessness.  And what do you hate the most? The same thing that I love! Lol She loves so much and so easily that it tends to hurt her more than help a lot of times. I hate it because everyone wants love so it’s something out of her control. Or so it seems sometimes. As strong as she is, that longing really clouds her from making smart decisions. Who is your favorite actor/actress?  I’m so indecisive so picking just one is hard! I love Rachel McAdams and Angelina Jolie for different reasons. And Sandra Bullock is up there too!

You have latin origins... How does this culture impact on your life professionally? And as a woman? Professionally, it’s been interesting. A lot of people complain about the lack of roles in TV/Film for Latinos and there’s definitely A LOT of truth to that but to be honest, being Latina has been helpful in my career personally. A lot of the roles I’ve booked have catered to my roots. I’m bilingual so it’s helped me as a host too. I just honestly can’t complain. As a woman, my culture is such a huge part of who I am. It’s my family, my childhood, my memories and my life. I’m such a proud Latina. I love our music, our passion and don’t get me started on our food! It grounds me and at the same times lifts my spirit higher. I bet that doesn’t even make sense but it feels right! Lol! You are very involved in charitable organizations... Can you tell us more about it? Yes! I’m an ambassador for Best Friends Animal Society! Their dream is that one day no more animals will be killed in our shelters. They have amazing adoption fairs, encourage spay/neuter to minimize the number of animals that make it into those shelters and are on a dedicated mission to ‘Save Them All!’ I am one of many people who bought my “baby” from a puppy mill website. I was ignorant to what these companies were doing so I think it’s important for me to help others who just like me, might not realize what giving these places business is doing to these innocent animals. There’s so much behind BFAS so I encourage you to visit www. bestfriends.org and learn more! You’ll fall in love.  What’s your worst nightmare? My family passing. Can’t even type this without getting choked up.  Recurring dream? Ugh, I use to dream my mom passed away often. Especially when I was younger. I obviously have a thing about losing my family. I just honestly wouldn’t know what to do.

Between Valery & Raquel, who is The less shy? Raquel | The spiciest? Valery | The most ambitious? That’s a tie! They’re both ambitious just for totally different things. | The most sensitive? Hmmm Valery | The most romantic? Raquel | The most audacious? That’s a close call but since I just read episodes 7 & 8, Raquel totally takes the cake on that one. 6

“As a woman, my culture is such a huge part of who I am. It’s my family, my childhood, my memories and my life. I’m such a proud Latina. I love our music, our passion and don’t get me started on our food!” Follow me on twitter @Valstweet



SOL ROMERO For our readers, where do you come from? Where were you born? I was born in Mexico City and I spent all my life between switzerland and mexico. My mom is swiss and my dad was mexican.

So far, what are your 3 biggest Highlights? 1- Bipolar Love 2- Jango Airplay Fans responce 3- Facebook fans

How is the local pop scene in L.A? I love it! It’s the best

How can you define your musical background? My niche is prob pop dance euro.

The thing you love the most about your city? Being near the beach, i love the wind, the waves and nature.

Let’s talk about the message behind your music... The message behind my music is usually how life is, sometimes good, and sometimes bad. You have your ups and downs, but you have to keep going with what you believe and make it work.

The thing you hate? There is really nothing i hate about LA :D How did you get into music when you were younger? I was always singing and dancing and creating... I have loved it since i was a baby. Who was your idol? Celine Dion, Whitney Huston, Janis Joplin, Nana Mouskouri. Sounds like you have a real buzz online now... The adventure began with my mom and my brother; We started together like a big family, being simple, humble and just working away with what we had. And actually the fans have been pushing us to go further. The first song we put on was Bipolar Love. I was so nervous cause I didn’t know how people would react to it. But I am very blessed and happy that it came like this. How did your fans welcome the hit “Y Did U Leave”? They love it and they want more.... Was that song autobiograhical? Hmm no! It was actually about my best friend, my soul mate...


“The adventure began with my mom and my brother; We started together like a big family, being simple, humble and just working away with what we had.”

Acting or Singing... What is the hardest? Wow hmm I don’t know... Acting is very time consuming but I love singing above all.

Can we expect other videos for 2014? Yes!!!!! Yes please, I hope more than 1 What are your upcoming projects? Finishing my album, and working with producers to make more songs like I’m Here To Stay. What are your dreams? I have a lot of dreams, i think a life without dreams is an empty life. Every day is a dream by itself. Tell us the kraziest story you ever had in your life... Wow, well I have lots of them, but... I was in a restaurant with a friend. And he didn’t know I am allergic to sea food. And the restaurant only cooked sea food, and vegetables. So I ordered the vegetables, and when they came I didn’t know, they fried them in the same pan as they do the sea food. So I had an allergic reaction, and my friend didn’t know what to do. So he just panicked and froze so I had to go to my car and get my medicines and epipen. And once I was ok, I went back to the restaurant to my friend and he still completely out of it, and couldn’t talk... So it was pretty crazy scary....

“The message behind my music is usually how life is, sometimes good, and sometimes bad. You have your ups and downs, but you have to keep going with what you believe and make it work.” Follow me on twitter @SolsRomero



From Denmark To U.S, Let’s Shine Beyond Borders!


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What is your definition of BEAUTY? I see beauty everywhere I look. Especially in things with flaws. I see it because it makes it unique and different and that’s real beauty. Not something flawless because then, it just gets to mainstream and boring. People stress and can’t handle the fact they are getting older. Well let me tell you something. You can not run from age. Time passes. Deal with it and you will see beauty just like I do! Such a shame that many people don’t see it and only run after youth. How long have you been in the modeling industry? I have been in the industry for 10 years now but only about 5 years internationally. At what point in your life did you know that you wanted to be a model? I never really thought I would be able to become a model but when I was about 22 years old, I got discovered by a photographer who wanted to take my picture. At first I didn’t want to, because I was unsure about if I had what it takes to become a model but he convinced me otherwise so I agreed to try it out. The images came out great and I got a lot of positive feedback on them. That inspired me to pursue a career as a model and I got into an agency but after some time I decided to go solo and be my own agent but I do have a partner in crime who makes sure that everything is in order with the bookings so he is sort of my booking agent. How is the modeling industry in your area? In Denmark, there aren’t real opportunities for a model so that is why I started to look elsewhere for work. Europe and the rest of the world has a lot more to offer. So many magazines especially in the USA. Denmark is just too small for magazines to make it. So for upcoming models, it is hard to get a foot inside the modeling industry if you don’t know how to get in touch

with the right people abroad. Is Modeling your full time job? Yes for the moment it is full time for me. I have been lucky that many magazines has shown interest in publishing my work. But it also takes a lot of time to get images ready and do interviews plus get in touch with many publications around the world. For you, what characteristics are the most important to succeed in this industry? If you really want to make it in this industry, it takes a whole lot of persistence, determination, stubbornness to achieve what you came for. There are so many beautiful girls out there who just want the same thing as you. So it is hard and some models give up because they get sad and disappointed. You have to be self confident enough

spend time exploring nature. My favorite hobbie is to go far and deep in the forest, find a quiet spot in the sun, lay down in the grass and read a good book while the birds are singing and my dogs are playing! This is the real LIFE. For the fans, are you single? Currently, yes. i am. I guess I focus too much on my career but if I should meet my soul mate... well then, maybe I could find some free time! If you had to sleep with one woman who would it be? Jessica Alba! She is so beautiful, a real natural beauty! Tell us something your parents don’t know about you… Hmmm. That I sometimes eat frozen french fries before I put them in the

“My dream as a model is to get much more exposure in the U.S! It is definitly my # 1 priority” right now! and believe in your potential. But most important, Stay humble, smiling and serious. Nobody wants to book a lazy diva who thinks she’s above the mass. Who would you say is the person that did really inspire you? I don’t think there was any particular model who inspired me to pursue a modeling career. It has just been later on that i have come to be inspired and impressed by some of the models. Models like Marilyn Monroe, which i think was a very beautiful and talented woman, had the right curves! What do you do in your spare time when you are not modeling? I love to travel and see the world, meet many different people and learn about various cultures. This is really exciting, and there is so many beautiful places to discover and explore! I also like to

oven. I know it is weird but thats just me! Your recipe for the perfect romantic date? Hum...A deep discusion... A simple moment we can share together. If the conversation is running smoothly and both of us are listening intensely to each other, then things are going well! So find some common topics! Make eye contact and show with your body language that you are listening. I don’t like people who talk too much about themselves or talk down about other people. This can really ruin everything during a date. We both need to be heard, so if he only talks about himself, I’ll get bored! I’ll be polite and listen, but I will not be going on another date with him. Oh and I actually prefer to do something fun than go to some fancy!



“Well everybody comments on my eyes. I have long black hair, natural dark skin and i am Asian and White Irish which is a crazy mix”

How long have you been in the modeling industry? 7 years At what point in your life did you know that you wanted to be a model? I was dancer and then become a model when I was asked to go to India to do Bollywood.  Tell us how you are unique compared to other models. what do you bring to the modeling industry? Well everybody comments on my eyes. I have long black hair, natural dark skin and i am Asian and White Irish which is crazy mix. How is the modeling industry in Manchester? Do you feel that there are a lot of opportunities for young upcoming models? It’s always same look over here... Blonde hair, blue eyes... They never really go outside the box and look for other types.

Is Modeling your full time job ? Yes I work for playboy as I have just signed a 3 year contract and work on TV in UK on playboyTV. So tune in guys! How many tattoos you got? I have a half sleeve one which i am taking to full sleeve and butterfly on my pussy bone and 4 other little tattoos. For you, what characteristics are the most important to succeed in this industry? I want to be the best in everything I do and guide other young girls in the right path.

For the fans, are you single? ( dont break hearts! :-) yes am single! What body part of yours attracts the most attention? Eyes and bum! If you had to sleep with one woman who would it be? Angelia Jolie  Do you own any adult videos? If you go on Sexstation, you can view videos of me! Tell us something your parents don’t know about you… I fancy girls sometimes

Who would you say is the personn that did really inspire you? My mum What do you do in your spare time when you are not modeling? Look after my daughter and my chug pet dog.


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How are you Tino? It sounds like you are a very busy entrepreneur! What are your current projects? Thank you for giving me the chance to talk about EXLEY. Currently, my team and I are working on our new technology platform that we believe will revolutionize the way we create and consume digital content. It will enable anyone to easily create and share content in a “mobile-native” format and at the same time allow you to easily find and connect with content that you love, cutting also facts from fluff. Can you describe your EXLEY concept in three words? Unique: We believe that there simply is no other concept out there like ours. Disruptive: EXLEY is designed to empower people to become media, it’s from the people for the people. Overdue People don’t believe in mainstream media anymore like they used to. A recent study showed that 77% of Americans said they DISTRUST the mainstream news institutions in the United States. How did you find this idea? This was a process. A few years ago, a friend of mine and I were looking at a few gossip and

entertainment news sites on the web. And then it just hit me as I realized that all these sites basically brought the same news, but with a local flavor. Still, you had to go to so many different sources, never really sure that you find what you were looking for. So the question was simple: why not create a “one-stop shopping solution”? People need to start finding and stop searching what they want to read. On top of all, I got so frustrated with the fact that all this wide-spread content was so hard to read on a smartphone. I got sick of all the scrolling, zooming and accidentally hitting of wrong buttons. It was like squeezing an elephant through a keyhole.That is why we re-engineerd the content production process. And last but not least, we realized that we all are the “eye on the street” - you, your readers, we all are. That brought us to the concept of “citizen journalism”. Is the new generation ready for your app? I truly believe the new generation is ready for our app and the idea and concept behind it. I also truly believe and hope that it will be a stepping stone in this monumental change we currently experience in media.


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Official Website: www.getexley.com

#2014 “One reason why we see so many young companies is their ability to react faster to new shifts and trends, and because they are amping up the innovation cycles of the industry.” Can you describe your “Portopong” concept in three words? 100% PORTABLE – It just is, what other product can you take in a lake, to a concert, in the pool, or inside for a party. AMAZEBALLS – It just is an amazing product – ‘nough said. FUN simply put, that’s what PORTOPONG was and is about, is having fun with friends. How did the fans welcome that innovating product? What do you think? We invented the world’s first inflatable beer pong table! They loved us for it! Granted we had a few haters that would yell at us “that was my idea”, but most of them just kept smacking their foreheads saying “why didn’t I think of that”. The Beerpong is so popular in North America... How can you explain that? We are sports addicted and more competitive than most others, plus I think there is a splash of ADD in us all, we like to keep entertained and moving all the time compared to some of our laid back counterparts around the world. Is there a demand for your product in Europe? And other continents? YES – Germany, Australia, UK, and Denmark love PORTOPONG and a big shout out to our neighbors up north in Canada. The Canadians

are really getting into it these days! We love seeing this global impact we have in a pong universe. What do you answer to those people who think you encourage the new generations to drink? I don’t – I encourage people to be social and play a fun game with each other, I don’t advocate being stupid, or abusive. I play with water in my cups and chill with a beverage of choice in hand and sip accordingly. You want to play with water or juice or nothing play the game and enjoy it – but don’t blame us if you think this was what sparked that generations behavioral issues. Is the “spring break time” your best market? Heck NO – spring breakers are cheap! They have spent all there hard earned parents money on buying tickets to destinations and any cash they have left is going to filling the cooler. Do we think they should bring a PORTOPONG – um – YEAH! Tropical places, pools, oceans, need a lead in to make new friends – how couldn’t PORTOPONG not help them.

As an innovator, what is your next challenge? Our biggest challenge is staying ahead of the rest and making sure people know the difference between the quality and thought that went into making PORTOPONG compared to other products. “My dreams are simple – make enough to live comfortably, buy an island, move to the island, and enjoy the rest of my days as king of the island!”


#PORTOPONG @Portopong

The first time you eat an Offenbacher fudge? My mother made the Original Recipe every Christmas. I was pretty young the first time I can remember enjoying it, but looked forward to it each year after that! I remember feeling safe, warm and loved! The first time you knew you would work in that field? #FudgeIndustry I started trying to make my mother’s fudge in 2009.  I knew, when my friends tasted it and loved it, that it was meant to be.




The first time a celebrity talked about your fudges? It was last year at the MTV Movie Awards Style Lounge at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. Besides gifting over 200 boxes of my fudge, celebrities were also able to sample on the spot; thus, creating instant feedback. The celebrities were great.  They used Twitter, Facebook, emails and text about how much they loved my fudge! The first time a major TV Channel talked about your products? Actually Offenbacher Gourmet Fudge was featured on QVC last fall.

What are your favorite fudges? Honestly, I grew up being a fudge snob. I never ever found another type of fudge that could compare to my mother’s fudge.  So her fudge was the one and only, the Original Recipe which is Milk Chocolate with English Walnuts!   The perfect fudge for a romantic date?  After my mother passed away and I started making her fudge, I created some new flavors.  So I would say my Dark Chocolate Roasted Hazelnut Raspberry would be the perfect romantic flavor, wouldn’t you?  Pair it with a nice glass of wine and do I need to say any more?   The perfect fudge for the Valentine’s day?  Let’s go with my Dark Chocolate Black Walnut Champagne flavor for this special holiday.  Add a glass of bubbly and you’ve got a date!   The perfect fudge for kids?  My mother’s Original Recipe is perfect for kids.  It was my favorite childhood memory. This recipe and tradition was started in 1938 when my mother got married, and was carried on every Christmas since then, over 75 years.

“My next challenge is creating a delicious snack food that is sprinkled with my amazing fudge.” www.offenbacherfudge.com For our readers, where do you come from? Where were you born? I come from the greatest and most underrated city on the planet in my opinion, Toronto. I was born and raised on the west side of the city, where I spent at least 90% of my youth. How is the local Hip Hop scene in your area? The scene is quite big if you know where to look, it gets as small as just passing bars back and forth at lunch tables to the very own King of the Dot, which is immensely respected everywhere. so you can say Toronto has a good mix when it comes to the hip hop scene.



The thing you love the most about your city? The thing I love most is not knowing all of it. I know that there are bigger cities in the world but Toronto is still large in my eyes, well, enough to say that I don’t know all of it completely. Now and then I still hear about or come across spots or even streets I’ve never heard of before. The thing you hate? Stress. that has to be the thing I hate the most. it’s never good for you, and it ruins people. I’d rather live stress free and devote my time to better things then to surround myself with that kind of negativity, which is never a good thing. Let’s talk about the message behind your music. Obviously, you are very involved in

Bully Prevention. Personally, did you face bullying at school? In my younger youth, I did and it was heavily too. It was something I had to take as a kid, something I couldn’t escape personally. with that said, it carried on till near the ends of my elementary school years, that’s when everyone decided that I wasn’t a fun target anymore. What is your message for all those victims who arent able to break the silence? Patience, and strength are both virtues. Bullying now-a-days is short lived, and the longer you go without letting it break you, the easier it becomes to break through from it. Pain is temporary, but achievement is forever. What are your upcoming projects for the summer 2014? My EP that will come out later in the year titled “Wall of Words”, definitely something everyone should be prepared for. That does not go without mentioning all of the other projects that are on the list! What are your dreams?  Simple, My dream is to become the pinnacle of music. I look up to all of these Hip Hop heavy weights and know that I want to be better then my creators. essentially meaning that I want to take everything that has been done, and push the limits further.

“My EP that will come out later in the year titled “Wall of Words”, definitely something 15 everyone should be prepared for.”

What advices can you give to young people who dream to sign with your label? Give the best songs they have, the best pictures, bio and make sure they have some type of budget because this is not a free industry and the labels want artist that have some kind of self investment, and if I like the artist and what they are doing I would invest in them. Also don’t get caught up in a bad contract, be aware of people that say they are in the music business but they are not, telling they can do this and that... And check these people out, do your research and it should be some evidence of their credibility. Best way to define yourself is... A leader, innovator, a thinker and very fair. How do you see yourself 10 years from now? I want to see Concore Entertainment keep evolving as we are and in 10 years I would like to see Concore Entertainment as the most relevant label in music. And I would like to develop a foundation to build houses for homeless people around the world and programs to help kids in the inner cities giving them music programs, and recreational centers.

INSIDE THE GAME WITH CHARVE THE DON Tell us, what does a Label CEO actually do? Oversee company day to day operations, making the right decisions to put the company and the artists in a position to be successful and it also requires to be able to manage relationships because you have to work with so many different people and a lot of time on the phone. How long have you been in this industry? Well since I was 14 years old. I got my first deal with Macola Records and on the label we had NWA, Dr. Dre, Eazy-E, 2 Live Crew and then I got my next deal when I was 16 with CBS records which is Sony, and then I started producing artist such as Immature, Freddie Jackson, Cherish and all the way until now with The Shop Boyz and Natalia Damini. So, I’ve been in the industry over 20 years. Why did you choose the name Concore Entertainment? What does it mean for you? What is your message behind that name? I came up with the name Conquer like means to Conquer your goals, and I thought it would be cool to spell it different like Concore. But basically it means with God’s favor, faith and believing what you are doing you can conquer you goals.


Can you share with us the most incredible experience you’ve lived in your career? When I was 16 years old I got a deal with CBS records which is Sony and I got a huge check and I was able to buy my first car. That really blew my mind and I knew I was in the right business. But another thing was I was able to get Immature played on a big radio station for the first time. Because the label we was on at the time, Virgin Records, they couldn’t get Immature on the urban radio stations. But I was able to get them played in the urban stations. Your best memory in general? Your worst one? My best memory was traveling around the country, on the road with my artists. And my worst memory was when my older sister Yolanda died in September 11, 2012 and she was only 49 years old. With all the new technologies, the job of Label Owner has really evolved during the last years, no? Yes it has and earlier years, our promotions were focused organically revolving around street teams promoting posters, flyers, retail record stores etc... They are still part of it, but social media and the technology has a huge impact in today’s music with the digital downloads, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.. So now social media is a big part of our marketing!

“Also don’t get caught up in a bad contract, be aware of people that say they are in the music business but they are not, telling they can do this and that... And check these people out, do your research and it should be some evidence of their credibility.”

What are the unmissable upcoming releases for Concore Ent? We got Jonezen a hot rapper from Detroit who has a great story, and his single Bombs Away is scheduled to be released in July. Rezzo’s album “Who’s Rezzo” coming in July/August. Natalia Damini is working on her new album, and she also has a single coming out this summer with Dream Kayris called “Kama”, she also has a record coming with Malc Farrar on the song “What You Gonna Do”, Young Lye with the song “Street Love” and a feat. with Naz B, a rapper from Switzerland with the song “Attention” and a record with Izzy Lee called “ Endless” which is available now on iTunes. We got the Shop Boyz who is known for the huge smash “Party Like A Rockstar”, We got Jay Bezel, Young Hustla, Champagne Shaw, Young Ronnie, Smoove Gotti’s EP and Izzy Lee’s EP is scheduled to be released also this summer. We also have inhouse production by The Transformaz, and mixing and master by Niko Jay.


Growing up in San Francisco Bay Area, who was your mentor when you were younger? In high school I had a History teacher named Greg Henley that really pushed me and believed in me. I had a great time in high school slacking off, telling jokes, sitting in the back and not fully engaging with school work. One  day, Mr. Henley called me into his classroom, closed the door and told me that the only person that didn’t think I was smart and capable enough to succeed was myself. That changed a lot for me. I realized that I had the tools to do what I wanted if only I would get up and do it. I’ve never forgotten that. He taught me that it was up to me how my life shakes out.   During the 5 past years, you have played in so many movies/tv shows... So far, what has been your top 3 best memories? I’ve been really lucky to work with amazing people over the last 5 years. Let’s start there. Sitting around the study table for the “Advanced Dungeons and Dragons” episode of Community will always be the life changing moment for me. That was the first time I realized I could really do this. I could really be an actor. Also being directed by Bryan Cranston while dressed as Santa in the Christmas episode of Modern Family was incredible. He’s a guy who cuts right to the meat of the story and the work, I learned a lot from Heisenberg. Lastly, I met Henry Winkler on the set of Royal Pains while we were both wearing tuxedoes and the first thing he said to me was “Ain’t this the life?” Damn straight. Can you tell us more about your recent 2014 projects? Yes! In July I have a horror flick coming out called Haunting of Cellblock 11 that I’m very proud of. We shot it for 2 weeks at Missouri State Penitentiary and it was one of the most intense experiences I’ve ever had. I’m working on a web series right now called Believer that should be out later this year. I just shot a western with Edward James Olmos yesterday actually, which was pretty sweet. What is the main differences between C.Koontz & Fat Neil? I have a touch more confidence than Neil does haha. I’ve been lucky enough to be constantly supported by friends and family so I haven’t fallen into the depths of despair like Neil. It was interesting to experience that kind of exclusion and vitriol, though. Chevy is so good in that D&D episode that I really got worked up a few times. It’s difficult to receive that kind of criticism over and over again. By the end of it I really felt for Neil and everyone that happens to. I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for Neil. Who is the funniest? Between me and Neil? I’m obviously much funnier than that sad sack. Although he did lighten up in later seasons. I like to think working at the Greendale radio station loosened him up and he was rocking zingers by the end. The Craziest? I think just being at Greendale Community College would make anyone crazy so I’m gonna have to go with Neil on that one. The most confident with women? I’m gonna call this one an even split! I think Neil knows how to woo a woman. We all saw how he got Vicki. I’ve always though he had some game in him deep down. Way to go Neil! Your biggest success? Professionally, my biggest success has to be the wonderful time I spent on Community. It really did change my life and I’ll be forever grateful for the opportunity to hang out with that cast, crew and writers and become friends with them before it was all over. We had a great run and I would’t change a thing.

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I’m from Savannah, GA. We nickname it the C-port or Sav for short. i was born in Bayshore, long island NY. but left at 5 years old so I’m basically a GA boy. I think i fell in love with hip hop after listening to the thug life album in 1994. I learned that whole album in 2 weeks. It basically painted that picture of life in urban, ghetto environments, spoke for the oppressed, and also gave us hope.


I can remember 2004, i was supposed to be in my senior year of high school, already a year late, my mom went through mental issues and we ended up evicted from our apartment, with no other relatives to take us in. It forced me to grow up overnight. i was already 19 years old but i must admit it scared me. basically forced me to make my own way in life. I turned to the westside streets i always knew to hustle, but this time it was serious with a major goal in mind, and i vowed to save every penny so i wouldn’t end up in that situation again. Until this day i still have that same drive as an artist/hustler!

SUMMER #2014 Projects

For the summer, I’m currently recording the EP to put behind the “Where You From single’’. A brief introduction to all of my fans rocking with me and anybody following my movement. “its a banger” coming soon….

“Where You From” #VIDEO

Just showing pride in the city I’m from. Savannah is the forgotten city in GA. Yet and still my people love it and wear it like a badge of honor. We gutter, real, and uncut. It showed me a lot and basically raised me. The inspiration for the song definitely comes from my city.


I maybe a krush because I’m different, fresh, and I’m showing the hunger. The game is sleep right now, fans want to see an artist with that pain and struggle in the music, and not just what they thinks gonna sell. My dream is to be one of the big ones!

HIP HOP & HATERS I feel like it’s a lot because a lot of artists got

their own personal opinion of what they feel like music should sound like, whether is bias because of coasts and regions. and some never caught that big break they want and feel they deserve, and a new artist may come out of the blue and hit hard gaining national success overnight, i think it makes certain artists bitter. I think we just gotta remind ourselves at times its just fate for certain people.

INSPIRATION TWEET Tyler perry once said the only reason he’s successful is “The grace of god”. I believe that then i believe it now. I loved that quote because like he said, you can waiter a garden but you still need the sun to come out for the plants to grow. We, as artists, can invest in any area possible in this industry but its only gonna happen on a full scale level if god gives us his blessings...

“Just showing pride in the city I’m from. Savannah is the forgotten city in GA.”


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ALL EYEZ ON... BIG ROBAKA713 “The most shocking and dramatic story in my life was the death of two of my closet home boys cousin Tony and best friend Larry. We were closer than brothers, they always believed in me. I can still hear their voices” FIRST KRUSH...

First let me start off by thanking you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to grant me this interview. Born and raised in Laurinburg (The Burg) North Carolina, I was always into sports NBA, NFL that was my first dream but I always knew I could rap. I remember me and my friends when we were younger, always freestyling, seeing who could come up with the best flow (a little laugh). I remember when I was 8 or 9 my older sister had a party at the house, I snook in and started break dancing all the girls loved it and I said yep this is what I’m going to do right here but the first song that really got me into hip hop, was the Geto Boyz mind playing tricks on me, that beat and those lyrics.


Guess Who Just Came Up Part 1.. dropped March 23 2014. I got next because t’s just my time. My dreams are to make it big and seriously impact the game as a songwriter and rapper and one of the main reasons I’m different from the masses is cause I’m Rob, Big Rob (James Bond voice).


One of my favorite tweets would have to be by @one changed lady-vision. it’s about what’s inside of you. The reason this tweet inspires me so much is because you have to believe in yourself before everyone else does. You have to see the finish line way before you cross it visualize success.


The most shocking and dramatic story in my life was the death of two of my closet home boys cousin Tony and best friend Larry. We were closer than brothers, they always believed in me. I can still hear their voices saying “Rob, you know you nice, you know you need to do something with this right’, so you know, that’s pretty much my driving force. Failure’s not an option.

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“I was born N grew u o p in C vember 8 1 989 in hester spired field, V Peters to do m bme a u , V this . Cothat usic b “There are no inspirational tweets moved m a. I ing up rgbut y artis t , s” always inspires quote from the movie ‘Fight Club’ I wme. as i“It’s nonly after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.”


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IMy was real born name November is Umut 8and 1989 it means in Petersburg, “Hope” in Va.Turkish. I grew Iupaminfrom Chesterfield, Turkey, Istanbul Va. Coming but my up,family I washas inspired a Greek to do music by Iartists background. was born outside in 1995 of the and culture yeah, of that hiphop. sums itI listened up. I have to Sytsem always of been A Down, involved Redwith Hotthe Chili music. Peppers, My and The mom usedDeftones. to just leave I’veMTV always openwanted all day that long concept and my of those dad used styles to playmixed met hewith Bağlama hip hop. (a traditional I remember Turkish hearing BIG do all instrument) “Suicidal the time.Thoughts” But the first andtime wasi taken fell in back love by how with music real was that song whenwas. theyLike aired damn, Michael a lot Jackson’s of people won’t say something Remember the Time music like that, video buton heTV. tookApple it there iPod’s and if you’ve were a huge everthing beenwhen in that they place, first you camecould out. Irelate was in to it allgrade 5th the way. and iBut wanted one one of my so major badly. influences The first album in hipi hop is Kanye bought was 50West. Cent’sI The feel Massacre he came in andatMichael a time where Jackit seemed son’s Dangerous. everybody I grew hadup theand same metsubject Electronic matter Music and he High in took School, it deeper. Swedish I remember House/French waking up House one morning was and getting still is aready hugefor thing school here andFor mtvthe was last on.3The years, “Through i have the Wire” listened nothing video came but House on and music. that was As i itpassed for me. myEvery 18th thing dudei got birthday, wentinto through a newtocrowd get where and now he was i amand really the he got into Psychedelic in the accident and Glitch and with Hop his music. jaw It’s wired likeshut addiche did that song. Dude was basically saying “Who the hell tion. can stop me now?” That influenced me to keep grinding always, don’t the bullshit of life get to you. Direct all 2014 #PROJECTS that anger, frustration, joy, whatever have,different and put Well currently i am working on soyoumany it into the music. things at the same time. As an artist i am getting ready for my TIME... festival performance in London, running from FIRST to another. a musician;Va. i just reIone wasphotoshoot born November 8 1989As in Petersburg, I grew leased my debut EP;Va. Lucid Dreaming, i work with the up in Chesterfield, Coming up, I was inspired to amazingly talented artist AbbyofHolden do music by artists British outside pop of the culture hiphop.onI a collaboration album i amRed alsoHot working some listened to Sytsem of Aand Down, Chili on Peppers, remixes the dope Fire wanted and thethat Romance. and The with Deftones. I’veband always conceptI love being busymixed all thewith time,hip i hate times – heari just of those styles hop.spare I remember hate them. Work, Work and Earn... Those words are my ing BIG do “Suicidal Thoughts” and was taken back driving by how force. real that song was. Like damn, a lot of people

won’t say something like that, but he took it there and if you’ve ever been in that place, you could relate to GOT NEXT it all ithe way.it But one ofnow my to major influences Well know is a cliché say this but forinmehip it hop is true; Kanye West.work I feelfor hethe came in at Music a time and where is just I don’t money. its it seemed everybodyfor had theI same and spirit are important me. don’t subject know, i matter don’t care he it deeper. remember waking up many one morning howtook many copies iIsold on iTunes or how Twitter getting ready for school and to mtv was music on. The “Through followers i have, i just love make and share it the Wire” video came on smiles, and thatJoy was for me. Every with people and see their onittheir faces. The thing dude went through to get wherei he the biggest compliment for me is when seewas my and friends he got the accident andmy with his jaw shutmohe and fansingetting deep into music and wired enjoy the did thatI song. Dude was basically saying “Who hell ment. have always dreamed to perform on thethe VMA

stage. TheTIME... atmosphere is amazing. Also i am different beFIRST cause i am ME when i make music, i don’t tryVa. to change I was born November 8 1989 in Petersburg, I grew myupstyle just to fit radios and labels’ standards and get in Chesterfield, Va. Coming up, I was inspired to that viralbyhit songoutside on iTunes whatever. I would do #1 music artists of theorculture of hiphop. I rather stoptomaking than having onlyChili onePeppers, successlistened Sytsemmusic of A Down, Red Hot fuland viral stupid hit like Gangnam Style onthat BBconcept HOT 100. The Deftones. I’ve always wanted of those styles mixed with hip hop. I remember hearing

do “Suicidal Thoughts” and was taken back by EPBIG “LUCID DREAMING” #Concept

how real that song was.dimension Like damn, lot EP. of people I wanted to create another withathis I wantsaytosomething like from that, but took#1it to there edwon’t people play this CD the he song the and last if you’ve been that“Lucid place, you could relate to song, closingever their eyesinand Dreaming” through all theand way. But one of my love major influences in hipa theit beats harmonies. I just that feeling when hopcan is Kanye West. I feel he came at a you timefeel where it song make you feel different andin make high. seemed everybody had is theallsame subject andsong he That’s what psychedelia about, isn’t matter it? Each took itfor deeper. I remember waking up one morning from getstands another feeling and another obsession ready for andsomtv was on. “Through myting personal life school and i am thankful to The Harlem, Abby the Wire” video on and that was with it forme me.and Every Holden, Shank andcame Saizzar for working use thing dude went through get where he was and the their beautiful vocals on mytobeats. he got in the accident and with his jaw wired shut he did that song. Dude was basically saying “Who the hell LEAD SINGLE canlead stopsingle me now?” That influenced me to keepHolden. grindThe is Lose Control featuring Abby ing always, don’t the bullshit of life get to you. Direct We released two buzz singles from the album. ‘Fears, all that frustration, joy, whatever you have,skills and Drugs andanger, Spirits.’ to showcase my psychedelic put‘The it into the music. and Coming (featuring Harlem)’ to reach the urban crowd because i have a HUGE KRUSH for hip hop music FIRST TIME... and i really wanna spread my voice to the urban audiI was born November 8 1989 in Petersburg, Va. I EDM grew ence. Lose Control featuring Abby Holden is a pure up with in Chesterfield, Comingand up,it Iiswas inspiredfirst to track some houseVa. influences the official do music by artists outside of the culture of hiphop. single from the album.We shoot the video in London nextI listened to Sytsem of A Down, Red Hot Chili Peppers, week! and The Deftones. I’ve always wanted that concept of those styles mixed with hip hop. I remember hearINSPIRATION ing BIG do “Suicidal Thoughts” and was taken back My havethat dealed alcohol, hatred, insebypast. howIreal songwith was.drugs, Like damn, a lot of people curity sosomething long. It feels the won’tforsay likelike that,psychedelic but he tookmusic it thereis and only genre in wich i can really express my feelings and if you’ve ever been in that place, you could relate to sayit what sayone with lyrics needed. all thei want way. to But of just my beats. major No influences in hip But foristhe record. However, just hop Kanye West. I feel hePsychedelic came in at Music a time is where anitera for me to express my feelings and an inspiration to seemed everybody had the same subject matter and make this EP. My music will evolve with other different he took it deeper. I remember waking up one morning genres. getting ready for school and mtv was on. The “Through the Wire” video came on and that was it for me. Every thing dude went through to get where he was and the he got in the accident and with his jaw wired shut he

www.Soundcloud.com/XjJack 21


My name is Stephen Foster, but my stage name is DJ Hayze. I was born in Las-Vegas, Nevada but I grew up in Stafford, Virginia. I attended Averett University on academic scholarship and received a Bachelors of Science Degree in Global Marketing with a minor in music! I’m a base driven kind of guy so growing up, when I listened to music, it was never really about the words but more about the instrumental or beat behind the scenes. I drew energy and love for the music based off what the foundation of the song was built from. Kris Kross’s style sparked a huge interest in music for me. Everything about them I could relate to whether it be style of dress or how they rapped. I grew up listening to them as a kid and was motivated by their work. There is no specific song that led me to DJing; I love the art of music. I started off by producing my own musical compositions. I would travel with my music on CD’s frequently and whenever friends or peers would here the collabs I put together they would occasionally ask me to make copies for them or work with them on their own music ventures. This encouraged me to take the step into DJing and try my hand.


As a DJ or even as an emcee, when hosting an event, it becomes somewhat your responsibility to set the mood and make the event memorable for the guests. So when I was asked to DJ Dennis McCamery’s wedding, my main focus was to do just that. I always understood the power of music and how just like in a movie, music can set the tone for what is to come. I never really had seen it for myself until a point in their wedding reception when


the bride had smashed the cake into Mr. McCamery’s face. This is typical at most weddings, but for me it was so unrealistic because after she did that I played “Ain’t No Stopping Us Now” which brought a comedic vibe to the moment but also in a way livened up the reception because I had just painted a picture not only for myself but for everyone else enjoying this special occasion. In my mind it was like I had just witnessed a scene from a movie, where the music I played was the climax of the film. This was a healthy reminder of how music has so much influence. It changed me as a DJ because it’s not just something in the back of my head, but is in the forefront and something I think about every time I am DJing. I find ways to make every event memorable for everybody.


My mind is always wondering! I was never the type of person to become Stressed to the point I couldn’t function! When i start to stress or over think things, I stop what I’m doing, put on some music and write down everything step by step play by play on how to effectively finish the project! It can be hard at times planning a big event especially when you’re advertising by yourself. I think the best part about event planning is the advertising because I’m a hands on kind of person. I like conversing with everyone and building quick relationships with people. My business sense comes natural even though I went to school for Global Marketing! I network every day by speaking to random individuals having random conversations at the most random locations!

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The DC night life is extremely fun. It’s a cat walk EVERYWHERE you go! When you come to DC, you can’t dress like a lame or what we call lame: a “Bamma/Gump.” The women out here are VERY outspoken and they will be quick to play you (in our terminology, carry you). It all depends on what you like! Even the urban street attire looks good out here! Back in the day, you use to be able to determine where someone was from by the way they dressed, walked, and talked whether or not if they were from DC, Maryland, or Virginia! Now days, we all slightly look, act, and dress the same. You have great Hiphop clubs like Lux or Ibiza, or maybe you’re not quite feeling the big club scene and you’re looking for something more chill like a lounge; there’s Rosebar, There’s a strip of bars called Adam’s Morgan (Great drink specials). If you’re looking for some exotic fun, there’s Stadium or Fuegos! You can’t forget about the food! There’s food in DC that you can only get in DC like jumbo Slice (Huge oversized pizza), Chinese food carryouts where you can get the great fried chicken and mambo sauce, Ben’s chilli bowl, Z burger, and plenty of other places. If you’re a college student, there’s plenty of house parties you could crash such as Howard University, American University, Georgetown University. If you’re looking for something more romantic, there are dinner cruises, great parks to walk around, different waterfronts, beautiful sceneries! I can’t forget about the GOGO scene! That’s D(C)-M(D)-V(A)’s bread and butter. Our music differentiates from every genre in the country! Nothing like watching the reaction of a live gogo performance!


was when I started Averett University’s first band! There was so much adversity being thrown in my face! I was a freshman playing football at Averett University when I first noticed that Averett didn’t have a band at all! But you know as a freshman, all your worried about is having fun! Sophomore year came around and I brought up how it’s unacceptable for the school to have no band! I mentioned to some higher officials that we need to change that! The dean of students and the president of Student life had told me, “We have already been notified about the situation and we already have something in the works!” Sophomore year went by, and still no band! So I went to the President of the school, the Dean of Students, and the President of Student life and told them specifically, “I will start this band with or without your help!” That’s when a guy named Nicholas Sturdifen came in the picture! He helped me organize the band! I found two trumpets players, one alto saxophone player, a bass guitarist, a flute, a trombone, and three drummers! I wrote all of the musical composition for every instrument in the band as well as conducted the orchestra! When students and faculty/staff started to hear about the band, no one took us serious until we had our first performance at a Home basketball game around 2010! Fortunately enough, we all slightly knew of each other which made it easier to communicate with one another! Our chemistry was phenonmenal! We were invited to a lot of great events and I’m proud of that accomplishment because I left a legacy that everyone at Averett University will always remember me by!

“My time is definitely coming! I have a lot of fresh innovative ideas that can take everyone around me to the next level including Jay Z! My mind is always wondering! I’ve always been three steps ahead of people since I was in elementary school! Everyone around may not understand my actions or networking but by the time they catch on, I’m on to bigger and better! I want to be able to have the opportunity to retire before I’m 30 (not saying I will of course). I don’t want to just be the best club Dj or the best radio Dj. I want to be a diversed Disc Jockey that covers all aspects and angles of entertainment, music, and business! I will turn my brand into a Global brand! My ambition and my networking abilities definitely sets me apart from everyone because I correlate my personality into everything I do! There’s no way that you can’t like me, I’m a people’s person!”




I come from a small town man…it’s called Warren, Oh it’s not much there but I still love it! It’s my home. It’s the place where I first fell in love with music. I remember back when I was like 8 years old, my brother use to love Bone Thugs & Harmony and he would play their songs all day long. Being from Warren, that’s like a 40 minute drive away from Cleveland where they from, so seeing them on TV and hearing their songs on the radio would always just blow my mind. Me being 8 years old, I thought all famous people lived in New York or California or something. I still remember the song that made me fall in love with hip-hop. The song was “Juicy” by Biggie. That song related to me on so many levels. Every time I would listen to that song, it was like he was rapping about my life you know. I use to just sit in my room playing video games vibing to it on replay like look where he came from and look where he at now. I remember all the days we had nothing and we had to make something out it so the lyrics spoke volumes to me, especially being a big dark skinned kid growing up in the hood.


The name S.T.OH Tha Kidd actually came from my last name which is Stokes. I was sitting at home rapping one day and I was trying to do this little freestyle and it started like “It’s S.T.O.K.E.S tha kidd fit so sick my swag a mess” and I liked how the S.T.OH part sounded so I just kept it and “Tha Kidd” was just something I referred to myself as being a newcomer to the rap game. The H in S.T.OH was added on because I’m from Ohio so I figured it would give the name some character you know representing for my hometown.


I never would’ve thought I would ever be featured in any magazine. Growing up, I loved music, but sports was always my thing. So if we were talking about that, I would’ve have been as surprised, but for music I’m actually pretty shocked. This whole experience has just been so surreal so far. So, with that being said, being a part of this magazine is probably the most incredible thing that has happen to me so far in my life. This experience definitely humbles me and just makes me want to go even harder you know. As a man and an artist, this experience has boosted my confidence and my grind to totally different level. It feels amazing to be getting recognized for all your hard work and effort. It just goes to show that anything is possible if you put your all into it and never give up.


This summer going to be crazy! I’m actually finishing up a mixtape right now called “Dat Scratch” and it will feature some other local artist in my camp like Young Cap, Cue Jonze, M80, and J Fire. All great artists with their own individual styles so you can expect a lot of variety on this project. I also just finished up a track with J Staffz that will also be on this project. J Staffz is a producer from Toronto, he’s worked with artist such as Wiz Khalifa, French Montana, G-Unit and some other wellknown artist in the music industry. So go to the website sto330.com and subscribe to the mailing list to get all the exclusive updates and releases. We always working so it’s never a wasted moment we doing everything from the clothing line to custom Styrofoam cups. It’s all about expanding the brand and building an empire you know.

“If there are no ups and downs in your life it means you are dead.” After I read that tweet, it really just reinforced my way of thinking. Now every time the game gets rough I just think about that tweet and keep it pushing. 24 24

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“The second highlight is Meeting one of my favorite musical mentors, Beyoncé, who I met long time ago at Boutwell Auditorium in Birmingham, Al, when she came on tour with Jagged Edge and John B.”

How Is the local urban scene where you live? I am from Birmingham Al but Lived also in Las Vegas, NV. The local scene? well... there are not enough outlets for Independent talent. I will say also it’s lots of greats hidden talents like myself who just need more opportunities. The Thing you love about your city? I love the magic of my city. it’s full of dreams. People like myself and Ruben Studdard who have big dreams and pursue them by launching outside the box and collaborating with great music supporters like Mr. Dreamz Magazine. The Thing you hate about your city? The lack of opportunities unlike Atlanta and Los Angeles and even New York. We are stuck in few sound and we need to expand more, allow more independent artist who have a crossover sound in the doors. How did you get into music? I got into music via church. I sang in church choir since I was 3 years old performing lead vocals, learning songs and praise dancing. It was always my dream to be a big star and share

my musical stories and...oh boy! so many story’s do I have! Any Highlights? One High light of my career is meeting; talking to and being mentored by the great Kim Burse, the Creative Director who has worked with High scale of  Celebrities and Stars, studded events the likes of  Beyoncé, NFL Super Bowl XLVIII, Destiny Child, Ciara, Jennifer Lopez, Dionne Farris, So So Def Records, Music World Management, Creative/Music Director at Bcreative Productions and many more .The second highlight is Meeting one of my favorite musical mentors, Beyoncé who I met long time ago at Boutwell Auditorium  in Birmingham, Al when she came on tour with Jagged Edge and John B. I got to meet her, hug her and my Mama Pam got to Pray for her and the whole Destiny Child group before they got on the tour bus. It was so exciting. And my third highlight was singing in Vegas at Caesar’s Palace with Lounge singer Head Liner Darkest. I was in shock as she ran into me in the lady’s restroom and invite me, and my late best friend Marcus Johnson, to the stage for an impromptu performance. It’s something I

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I will never forget. Your projects... My single “Explode” concept was my coming out introduction to the world. I feel like once my talents realized, I will make the world shake lol! So that title seem so appropriate and the lyrics are just about fun and partying . Upcoming videos? Maybe, I sure will consider it. As an artist, it’s so important to get the visual concept out in the open but I’m currently working on a new Album so stay tuned! 2014... is my come out year. Last year, I exploded and this year we shall see aftershock lol. So stay tuned because I am doing Photo shoot, Modeling, Recording Videos and going into the studio to record my first Independent Album. I also am open to collaborating with other talents so hit me up world. I’m looking forward to the aftershock of my Explode so stay tuned world.

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“Everything is possible in your life. I remember that quote saying “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful” Follow me on twitter @dreamkayris www.dreamkayrisworld.com

Where do you come from? Basically, I am working from France to Miami & Montreal. I have a multicultural background. My melodies bring different flavors...from Afro beats to carribean & latin rythms.

Zabulon (Zouk music) and different artists on Myspace (back in the days!) opened me some doors! Definitly! Thanks to Myspace, that platform was the beginning of my international career.

How did you choose your artist name? God put me on earth like that. I was born as a dreamer. Everything is possible in your life. I remember that quote saying “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful”... Unfortunately, I don’t remember the author but this quote has always been my motivation. When I was younger, I decided to follow another way compared to my other friends who just wanted to live the “normal” life, without taking any risks. They called me the Alien lol simply because, at that time, I was the only one who wanted to live BIG, travel to U.S and pursue my dreams. That’s why I chose Dream. Then, the Kayris is K-ris. My real name is Kris. So Dream Kayris represents me, myself and I... My world.

Personally, i discover you through your hit “SUENO”... and we really LOVE it :-) Who did produce that song? I did produce it. I produce all my songs! My first love is production. I consider myself more as a producer than a singer. I used to be the man of the shadow...working in the shadow for the others! A couple years ago, I began to sing hooks for different rappers in North America. My hooks were very appreciated and that’s how I began to express my talent behind the microphone. The rest is history. #SUENO is my first “real” single after more than 10 years in the game. I worked on hundreds songs before, but this one was really ME! For that hit, I chose to work with my real brother JOBEE and another artist from Miami, Swazy Styles. We shot last year the video and I decided to hold it until this summer. This song already had a real buzz on social networks, especially in South and Central America. I know it will make the difference in Europe very soon! Who could resist Merengue Music :-)?

As a kid, what were some of your life-changing moments? My Father, my mentor helped and taugh me a lot. Talking about music, I think my collaborations with famous producers like JP


What are your highlights? Miami... The shooting of #SUENO video in South Beach directed by the so talented Lewis Farinella. We also shot Jobee’s single “My Heart”. Also, the First time I was dealing with a major company. It was in 2006 in Paris with Section Zouk. The #1 World Music label in the world. In 2011, I shot a couple music videos with Doxamillion and Fase in Miami... We really hit the skies! Basically I can say that, Miami is my life Highlight. I come from nowhere, and I built, years after years, something incredible! And the best is yet to come. I stay very humble. What are your projects for 2014? Ouch! Got major hits to come! God blessed me! I am now very sollicited all over the globe! A new Zouk single with Jobee titled “Give me Your love”. An incredible collaboration with the canadian singer Alexa Ferr on my upcoming single “VIDA LOCA” and last but not least, a hot feature with the brazilian pop star Natalia Damini. We are currently dealing with Concore Entertainment who manage that artist. She worked with Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne and the Shop Boyz. The collaborations are about to be very creative. I also have new works with my brother Fase from Atlanta!

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Mr DREAMZ Magazine Summer 2014 Valery Ortiz VH1  


Mr DREAMZ Magazine Summer 2014 Valery Ortiz VH1