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LETTER FROM THE EDITOR “THE NEW ERA FOR A NEW GENERATION OF DREAMERZ” Mr.Dreamz Magazine has established its brand as “The New Era For A New Generation Of Dreamers” wich is available online, on mobiles and in print. The publication aims at giving artists & creators a voice that can be heard across all over the globe. Working from Paris to Miami and Montreal, the magazine showcases tomorrow’s mainstream stars. Working from Miami to Montreal, Frxnch magazine was created by french producer Dreamkayris and his sister, Natacha also known as Frenchvouvou, in Grenoble, France. They have worked with prestigious companies and artists such as the NBA (National Basketball Association), VH1, Universal Music Group, Iggy Azalea, H2EMP, MMG to name a few. With more than 5 years in the industry, the publication has collaborated with Kloud9 Agency which provides different placements, design services and social media management. With more than 2.5 Million digital impressions, Frxnch offers clients an extensive reach to their target audience.

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Kennedy Summers Interviewed by Winnie MC

“Women go to college all the time, but people are only surprised when a beautiful woman does it. I don’t understand the logic!” How has your life been since the announcement of being named the new Playmate Of The Year for Playboy? Things got crazy for awhile! I was never in town, but now I think I’ve found a more normal balance. Is being a Playmate of the Year a 24/7 job? I’m constantly on the go! I don’t know when my last day off might have been. I finally just got two phones so I can separate work from the rest of my life. It’s nice to be able to leave the emails at home, once in awhile. How and when did you start modeling? My parents put me into a finishing school and the woman who taught the etiquette classes also owned a modeling agency. I had never thought of being a model, but I was pretty tall, even at fourteen. A beautiful woman with a brain! Let’s break the cliché! You are a 3rd year med student. Are people surprised to learn you are also brillant student? Thank you! I feel like people are definitely surprised, which surprises me. I think it’s honestly a little sexist for people to assume I should be 6


unintelligent because of what I look like. I’m not sure from where that stereotype evolved, but I hope that beautiful women everywhere can stand up against it. Women go to college all the time, but people are only surprised when a beautiful woman does it. I don’t understand the logic! Is it hard to handle both studies and your modeling career? It can be tough, so it’s a good thing that I like a challenge. Modeling is fun, though, and I enjoy studying a lot. I get a rush from doing both, which I think helps me stay motivated and focused. You are probably getting tons of attention from guys everywhere... Is that something you’re comfortable with? I do get some attention from guys, but I don’t use it to validate myself. I think that perspective is the key to dealing with tricky situations. I think of everyone as potential friend, not a suitor. I’m not currently looking to date anyone. What do you like to do in your spare time? I love hiking, working out, playing with my dog, and going out to eat with friends. I’m ad-

dicted to Crossroads Kitchen and I drag them there probably twice a week! What are some of your upcoming projects you are working on? I’m studying for my USMLE Step 1; building PlayOne Fitness, which is my new fitness company that gives you customized workout videos in your own home; and I’m still going strong with Playboy and modeling! Where do you see yourself in ten years from now? In ten years, I want to be running my companies from a remote island in Southeast Asia. I want to be hanging out with my dog and be completely disconnected from technology!

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Instagram @misskennedys Snapchat @MissKennedyS Twitter @MissKennedyS

“I’m constantly on the go! I don’t know when my last day off might have been. I finally just got two phones so I can separate work from the rest of my life.”

Street love!

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Interviewed by French Vouvou with Stayc Johnson

THE MOST HIGH BRAND “My skills came from imitating and paying close attention to how my dad was spitting his flows” Living in Atlanta, GA... Is it a blessing for an hip hop artist like you? LOVE. THIS. CITY! I think that pretty much sums up my description and feelings towards the city. Just love the energy & just love Atlanta in general. Known as the Hip Hop Mecca, is it harder to shine with the competition? In Atlanta it’s extremely hard to shine through the competition here, especially when most of the city caters to this one lane. From my experience when you got something different that the city isn’t on, it tends to get put off to the side because it’s not a familiar sound and you’ll have to find a different way to present your style and your movement to this audience. I have a few friends (artists) who found it better to actually leave the city and go travel and build the buzz that way and let the word come back to the city about what they have going on. It worked and was executed perfectly by those guys. I started to do it with my first tour, but got cut short due to some family troubles at that moment. Now I’m just gearing up to get out there again and do it bigger than I’ve done it before How did you fell in love with music? I grew up with a father who was a rapper & owned his own independent record label. So coming up I was around and seen how he moved and did everything. Just seeing him maneuver his way through putting out two great albums with his groups, it grew on me. My skills came from imitating and paying close attention to how my dad was spitting his flows. My older cousins, my brothers and myself would ride all around Fort Worth, TX (where I’m from) with my pops or my uncle and they would play so many different artists and it was something about riding around packed in those old busted cars listening to screw tapes or, Outkast albums or NWA that just made me feel more at peace in life. The music made me feel good and made me happy to the point I wanted to give it a shot myself. 8


Recently, you released your “FO” EP. Can you tell us more about this project? I’m a country dude! Country folks are known to pronounce words different than the actual saying. In this sense Fo’ was just slang for the number four, backing the fact the project only contained four tracks. The title of my next album is, What U In It Fo’. I made this EP to give fans and potential fans some fresh music before the album cause it’s been a year since I released new material. It was supposed to actually be my second album entitled, ‘Gifted’ but due to some agreements that couldn’t be reached, I ended up stripping the project and creating this and letting it be something to give to the people leading into the next album. Who is the team behind your movement? What’s ‘Most High Brand’? The Most High Brand is our music, photography & film collective. Really our own independent label that we’re completely running ourselves on a DIY approach. Behind the movement, you have 5 artists (Stayc Johnson, JuddaCal, ¢am, Stoney Soul & SuzyDaKidd), our management team, South Raw Entertainment & a few in house producers. Read the full interview on Follow them on Twitter @mosthighbrand

//Living in Montreal, QC, Canada// Orla is a young British woman with an effervescent personality whom has won the hearts of Montrealers through her voice and bubbly persona. Orla arrived in Montreal in the middle of the iconic ice storm of 1998 and fell in love with the people and the city. Here she followed her dream of becoming a successful Television and Radio Personailty. Photography by @lvws_ FRESH MAGAZINE 2016















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Lexi Noel Interviewed by Joha Brown

“I just released an EP called Sios White Wine. it was inspired by the show. If you check it out, you’ll find a DISS track in the album, which basically calls out my experience on the show with some of the girls! ” You are currently featured on “Catching Kelce” (E! Network reality series), Congrats! How did the adventure begin for you? My mom actually found the casting and sent it to me. I went in and the rest is history! There is so much competition in this show. What does make you so different from the other girls? I am funny as f**k, I’m glam, and I’m not afraid to be the center of attention. You have to stand out if you don’t want to be sent home. Are you proud to represent Georgia? Tell us three things you love the most about your state! Absolutely! I love Georgia as it’s a huge part of who I am always. Georgia has bomb food, the best college football teams and has the hottest people! Talk us through your YouTuber career... how did it start and how has it progressed? It started when I kept getting questions on my social media about my makeup, fashion and lifestyle. It felt like I kept answering the same questions over and over. So starting a channel made sense to give everyone the answers they needed at the same time. It’s growing more and more everyday. 14


We all know the importance of being beautiful both inside and out. What other advice would you give to someone thinking about starting a beauty vlog? Go for it! Beauty is for everyone not just “one” type. So starting a blog is going to benefit not just everyone but targeted people who may see your style and routine as something similar to what they would want or do. Who’s the most exciting and inspirational person you have met through your job? That’s tough. The answer really isn’t just one person. I’ve met so many. I met an incredible young girl about 7 years at St. Jude’s Childrens Hospital who LOVES Beyonce. Her and I jammed singing to single ladies. Her mom said that was the first time she saw her happy since being at the hospitals. I met a teenager missing a limb and yet faces each day with positivity. There have been incredible celebrities like Frankie Grande (Ariana’s brother) who I met on a social media tour. He gives amazing speeches to crowds on positivity. In this business you really meet incredible people. What’s one beauty trend you regret trying? Using bronzer as foundation! Oh those days of “learning” makeup! Check my freshman pic-

tures from high school, I look like I’m a orange pumpkin!! It’s awful. We are also curious about your career as a singer! What are your new projects? I just released a EP called Sios White Wine. it was inspired by the show. If you check the tracks you’ll find a DISS track in the album, which basically calls out my experience on the show with some of the girls! I’ve worked before in the past with having apps use my music I’m working on a project with that also for the beginning of next year. What is next for you from here? Definitely going to do more music and working on another project but I can’t give any details yet! But just keep checking out my Twitter (@ thelexinoel) and other social media channels and when I can I’ll let everyone know.

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Silence, on tourne!

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Hillary Hickam interviewed by Mrs Ledoux How many pets do you have? 2 dogs! A 4 pound maltese and a 1-year-old year old shih tzu. As an actress, what was your first role? I played Mother Nature in our school play back in second grade! I was very focused on theatre until high school when I expanded into television and film. Can you introduce our audience to your upcoming horror film called “TiF” and your role within it? I play a reality television star who has made her fame by “curing” other people’s phobias. I travel with a team of beautiful women to an agoraphobe’s home for a routine “curing” show and everything goes downhill from there and SPOILER ALERT!!! ... I’ll leave it there! Was it more stressful to play a role in an horror movie? Surprisingly, yes it was. I wasn’t prepared for the emotional toll the role would take even though physically and intellectually I was ready. Thankfully my cast and crew was incredible and we really bonded and leaned on each other throughout the shoot. As tiring as it was I didn’t want it to end because the other people on the film made it so much fun!

Before you started acting, you were a veterinarian. Why and when did you make this big change? I have actually been acting since I was five years old. I took a break from acting when there was a lot of upheaval in my life and the writers strike hit! I decided to go to vet school but never entirely left the entertainment industry. Even as a vet I made television appearances and worked in commercials. Then I was approached to make a pilot about my life as the Hollywood Vet and it just kind of became this natural progression back to acting! You are known for your collaboration with Paris Hilton as a vet! How was it working for her and other big stars? She was such a delight! I made house calls for her and she had a fun collection of pets at the time. It could often be quite the adventure from hunting for escaped sugar gliders to chasing her pot belly pig around the pool to try and get sunscreen on her! She also has the most adorable cuddly dogs so that was a treat. I had a large number of celebrity clients and honestly they were by far easier to work with than some of the non-celebrity ones! 16


How did you fall in love with animals? Did you grow up with pets around you? Do you remember the name of your first pet? I was born into a house with two dogs. Throughout my childhood I had toads, cats, gerbils, fish, another dog, and a rat. My best friend who lived across the alley had a bunch of cats and they were always having kittens so I spent a lot of time playing with kittens! The name of my first dog was Alexander Hamilton (We called him Zander). Are you still involved in animal welfare organizations? Oh yes, quite a number both domestically and internationally. Here in Los Angeles I work with at least 8 different rescues, and the CatNippers feral cat program. I began working with shelters back in high school and continue to do so today. I have worked with the Marine Mammal Center and Wounded Warriors. Internationally I work with MAWS in Botswana and Worldwide Veterinary Services. I have been volunteering as a veterinarian overseas for many years which I believe makes a huge difference in the current and future welfare of the animals in those countries.

Where do you see yourself in three years from now, now that you are living in Hollywood, California full-time? If Elon Musk gets his act together, I’ll be flying to a distant planet (First actress /veterinarian in space!), but if that doesn’t work out, I’ll be happy working in television and film in NY and here in LA. And of course taking care of the two cutest dogs in the world!

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Facebook: HillaryHickamActor Twitter @hill811

If Elon Musk gets his act together, I’ll be flying to a distant planet and be the First actress/veterinarian in space!



We Love Hip Hop

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Self Xplanatory interviewed by French Vouvou

“I cried listening to this album because I finally was able to hear my own growth”

ALL I AM Now available on



Give us a little history about yourself. Where are you from and what was your life and your grind before 2016? I’m the one and only SelfXplanatory, a writer and music artist. I have been writing music since I was 14 years old and when I was 16 years old I came up with the name SelfXplanatory for myself . I really felt it defined the lyrical aspirations I wanted to attain which was to create a style unlike any other and be considered lyrically as one of hip hops’ greatest icons one day. I’m originally from my mothers womb, but during the first 10 years of my life I grew up on the land of what’s called Flint, Michigan and spent the majority of my life growing up in Alabama. My family always spent alot of our time in Greenville, Mississippi as well because thats where the majority of my family was raised and located but Atlanta, Georgia has always been a second home to me as well. Before 2016 my grind and what I call my COME FROM has always been the same which is write, write, write, record, record, record, promote, promote a 24 hour hustle, hustle, hustle. I’ve always hustled but my main hustle these past years have been professional truck driving. I know right, a damn truck driver, but I needed a way to fund my dream. Other than that, I’ve been tuning myself in with the positive forces of nature by aligning my spiritual, mental,

physical, emotional, and etheric self together as one along with mastering the the art of The Law of Attraction. I said some ISH there didn’t I. LOL. I’m serious as hell though. You are currently preparing the release of your new album! Use 3 words to describe this new EP! IT’S ABOUT TIME. meaning finally a new artist in the game that has the perfect blend of all aspects of Hip Hop rolled into one large red, black and green, black power fist having, retro conscious put some respeck on it ass rapper. LMFAO. I’m just sayin’. RBG 4 EVA. As a magazine, we have followed and supported you for years. Your buzz has constantly increased. How has your music evolved so far? My music has transformed in a way that strikes the heart of every listener. The people help to empower the feeling I have about the growth of my music. you know. that reaction from these spirits as well as what I feel when I hear my music come out on record. I cried listening to this album because I finally was able to hear my own growth and I couldn’t believe that it was me. The hard part is over, it’s time to accept the hard work I put into my craft and get ready for the next tier of supafly moments.


“Lyricism is the driving force behind all of it and that is what truly decides if the song is a hit or miss.” - @selfxplanatory9 Our team was lucky enough to get a preview of your upcoming singles. We particularly loved a song called “One day at a time”. Will it be your first lead single? No, “One day at a Time” will actually be the 2nd single from the album. “Almost Famous” will be the first single and video. “One day at a time” speaks to my soul so much because it’s a song that everyone, young and old, can relate to which entails dealing with life in every aspect and transforming what is seemingly negative to something positive or much greater. From sh*t to sugar like when Andy crawled through that tunnel of sh*t and came out clean on the other end in that shawshank redemption movie. That song generates that feeling like Biggie said from ashy to classy. Feel me. Do you have any features on your album. How do you pick artists you work with? I have a few features on the album but nothing excessive. I hate albums full of nothing but features. I have artists that are favorites of mine that when I hear certain sounds or music I know their style and voice would fit something perfect so I reach out to them. I’m always trying to figure out how to do a song differently so if I need a certain sound I reach out to other artists even if I

don’t know them and make the magic happen. I used to make exceptions with artists but I don’t anymore so if you’re not on my same skill level then you’ll never be on my album. point blank period. every song has to be dope. no fillers. How important is lyricism to you? Lyricism is the key. no matter the style or the genre! Lyricism is the driving force behind all of it and that is what truly decides if the song is a hit or miss. Even for the simple A,B,C songs folks do, there is a science behind song writing. Have you ever dealt with the battle circuit as an MC? Yeah I have because I used to be part of a group called Raw Uncut which consisted of myself and 2 other MCs and they were battle artists.I had to step my game up in that field to keep up with them, which taught me alot. Shout out to Mickey Knots. But all in all, it’s never been my foretay but if i ever had to have it out with a rap battle on record then I’d eat whoever it is alive. I’m dope at what I do so don’t test me.

are doing, you can build your own empire and brand yourself properly as a commodity. the worst is how listeners treat you as a new artist by having deaf ears and not trying to give you the time a day. That is of course until they hear somebody else talk about you or bump your music then they wanna jump on the band wagon cuz folks are followers! What is your most memorable moment in music past or present? Most memorable in the past was my album release party back in 2010 and the first day i wrote my first rhyme back in 1994 and in the present it’s just everyting. this interview with you Dream is memorable. Told you I was coming. lol

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Twitter & Instagram @selfXplanatory9 Website:

What’s the best and worst part about being unsigned? Being unsigned is great because of no attachments or strings. If you know what you FRESH MAGAZINE 2016


“One day at a time” speaks to my soul so m young and old, can relate to”



much because it’s a song that everyone,



We Remenber

FRESH MEMORIES 2016 Canadian Krush 2016

VOYCE* 2016 FRESH edition x Interview by Winnie McC

How have you been since your last feature in Mr Dreamz magazine? I’ve been doing well, busy but I’m not complaining… much. I’d like to take this opportunity though to thank you for all the support you gave me in 2015 and continue to give even now, thanks to you I continue to reach new heights and I am eternally grateful for that. With the industry as it is today, contrary to belief, it is increasingly harder to truly be seen and you’ve given me outlets to let my music be discovered and that was a big focus for me last year.



“When I first met Sookz I was instantly drawn to his emotionally driven instrumentals. He has a way of telling stories without using words and that evoked something in me”


22 22


The last quarter of 2015 was very hectic for you! You finally released 2 albums which include more than 60 tracks. What an incredible production! Can you explain this choice? On October 20th and December 15th of last year, I released ‘Alone in a Crowd: Angels | Demons’ and ‘Hidden in Plain Sight: King of the Sand Castle’ respectively. I won’t lie to you, the months leading up to those releases were filled with both anticipation and fear. Anticipation because those were moments 5yrs in the making. Fear because after all this time I was putting myself out there, giving the world access to my mind and that is a scary thing, especially when you compound the fact that both projects would host 60 tracks, and would release so close to one another. I’ll be honest, when I first started working on AiaC back in 2010, I had no idea where that road would take me, but as I started edging on the end of 2015 it became clear to me that I was telling the autobiography of my life since 2010. HiPS in contrast is a project I started working on in 2013, and unlike its predecessor which is self-produced, it is produced by the very talented Sookz. I’ve said this a thousand times but I’ll say it again because it needs to be said: when I first met Sookz I was instantly drawn to his emotionally driven instrumentals. He has a way of telling stories without using words and that evoked something in me. Like AiaC, when we embarked on this journey we really didn’t know where we were going, we just knew it was a road we needed to be

on. It soon become clear that HiPS told the story of Voyce* whereas AiaC told the story of Stephen (my real name). They are 2 sides to the same story, 2 perspectives of a split mind. How did you build the bridge between the two projects? I just realized that I answered part of this question in my previous response, so I’ll just build on what I said. Warning: what I say after this will undoubtedly make me sound crazy… You’ve been warned. In making AiaC, Voyce* was telling Stephen’s story, a story of pain, loss and sometimes hope. In doing so it began to burden Voyce* who was acting as the messenger. HiPS allowed Voyce* to release his own frustrations. Having Sookz drive that project allowed Voyce* to focus on himself and tell his own story, the story of a man being thrown into the spotlight. It is that split personality that bridges both worlds, where the only separation is a paper thin mirror. Like I said… crazy. Let’s focus now on Hidden In The Plain Sight: King Of The Sand Castle. For each title, give us just one word that reflects the song and tell us the story behind it, how did you create/Write it and why? Sure thing, but before I do I just want reiterate that HiPS, unlike AiaC which was self-produced, was produced by Sookz. In working on AiaC I not only penned the words but also created the instrumentals. However in working on HiPS, Sookz took on the mantle of producer, letting me focus on the lyrics and its melodies while he created the music that drives it. So in many ways the songs in HiPS tell two stories... Read the full interview on

We Remenber



2014 FRESH edition x Interview by French Vouvou & Aytwala

Los Angeles... How can you describe this area in three words for our readers? It is so hard to just choose three, but I chose exciting, opportunities, and beautiful. Los Angeles is very exciting because there is always something to do and a lot of things to see and experience. I chose the word opportunities because there are so many out here and they are endless. Finally, I chose beautiful because this city is my home and I consider it to be one of the most beautiful places and you can’t beat the weather.

Tell us 3 things you love about L.A... The three things I love about L.A. are the weather, people, and opportunities. I love the weather because of the fact that it can be 70 degrees in the winter is amazing. I love the people because you get to meet so many cool and interesting people that you just never know who you’re going to meet. I love the opportunities because, like I said earlier, there is always something to do whether there’s a festival, concert, or a show. You can never be bored.

Is it the perfect place for an underground artist who wants to shine? I absolutely think it is the best place for an underground artist because there are so many resources and connections to be made out here. The opportunities are endless and you have to make sure you take advantage of those opportunities and make the best out of them.

3 Things you hate! The three things I hate are tough because the only thing I really hate is traffic, traffic, and traffic. There is tons of it and you can’t really escape it.

How did you choose your stage name? I choose my stage name NEVAEH because of my personality & what my friends & peers think of me as a nice, caring, & fun loving person. What is the “Nevaeh” special touch? :-) What do you bring to the table? What I bring to the table is dope music that is relatable and real. That’s how I want to connect with other people. When I listened to your music, I found some similarities with Tinashe.And it is a compliment! Is she an artist you admire? Does she belong to the people who inspire you? It is a compliment. I actually get that a lot and I think the style of music we do is in a lane that hasn’t been explored too much. I absolutely admire Tinashe and I think she is very talented. I remember listening to her since her “Boss” days which is completely different from “2 On”, but that just shows her versatility.

How did you hook up with super producer Killa B? Tell us the story! I ran into Killa B while I was in a session with some friends. From there we exchanged contacts and I invited him to another session I was working on to check it out which turned out to be the first time we actually worked together. Since then, we just clicked and became really close. We still talk about that song till this day which is funny. Let’s talk about the “Cut Off” single feat. Tracy T. What has the feedback been about it? The feedback on “Cut Off” has been amazing. We didn’t expect it to get as much love as we did considering it was just something my friends over at RnBass convinced me to put out to finally put a song out. I’m really excited and I can’t wait to put more music out. Read the full interview on

“I absolutely admire Tinashe and I think she is very talented. I remember listening to her since her “Boss” days which is completely different from “2 On”,







TA MA RA DUARTE Taylor Made Photography 26 26 26FRESH MAGAZINE 2016

Silence On Tourne II

FRESH Magazine

“Though characters I learned so much about compassion. Everything I judged about others/or a character was in me. If I judged a character then I was dead in the water” As an actress, what are your motivations & goals? I’m an emotional athlete and a storyteller. I have always been intrigued in the studies of human behavior. I’m fascinated with WHY we do what we do. Anyone is capable of anything given certain circumstances. Though characters I learned so much about compassion. Everything I judged about others/or a character was in me. If I judged a character then I was dead in the water…boring, predictable and far removed. When I found history, reason, and drive to actions I loathed, magnified it in myself HONESTLY, ( it can be an ugly process) I found ownership, understanding, empathy, power and LOVE. I felt universally connected. And isn’t that everyone’s motivation? To feel connected? We just find different forms of doing it. One goal would be to write influential material. I’m taking courses at UCLA and working towards creating my own content. I’d like to produce more, joining forces with other like-minded creators that want to output meaningful content. When you were younger, how did you know you would become an actress? I was 10 years old. My older sisters Sonia and Jenny performed in Portuguese plays and I remembered thinking “I want to do that!” so a few years later I did my first play in Toronto. My older sister Sonia helped me get a commercial agent and drove me around to auditions, meetings etc., but she was attending collage at the time so it was short lived until I was able to drive myself. Which actors/actresses really influence you? Ellen Page inspires me. Not only is she a talented actor but also she is a creator, producing important content. She is a mover and shaker who not only inspires but influences people. Jim Carrey inspires me. I remember walking into Second City classes in Toronto for years and passing by his picture. He inspired me to be brave in my work. Tatiana Maslany. I love watching her work in orphan black. We have the same agent and used to attend the same class in Toronto. There are some people that light a fire in you when you see them work. She is one of those people.

Can you tell us about your new movie BADSVILLE? What’s the story? The movie is about a violent greaser gang that is ripped apart when their leader finds love (Me: SUZY ) and is determined to leave Badsville a town where love doesn’t exist. I was going though a lot in my personal life and Suzy was going though a similar lesson. (this happens ALOT in my art vs my work) It was a deep connection. I ran into April Mullen at an event in Hollywood we got chatting and she sent me the script that night. The next day I met the team and we went to camera two days later. I’m so proud of April, she was just honored at TIFF this year at the Bricks Women in Film.The majority of the Badsville cast were all around the same age (the greaser gang) so we hung out a lot and became fast friends; Its like being at summer camp. You also produced your own short film called “Verona”... What was the feedback? Verona taught me about the whole process from beginning to end. It taught me how to create a film and how much work and long hours are involved. It is not for the faint hearted. It actually taught to me a better actor! Verona is about two young lovers separated by their rival fraternities. It shined a light on gay men who are athletes.I think the film was received well. Was it easier or harder to be behind the camera? I think they both have their challenges and one isn’t any harder or easier than the other. I love producing because I have an A-type personality and love problem solving. Everyone in my life knows I don’t play well with those who do the victim thing. They know not to come to me with a problem without having several solutions and taking it out. Producing is consistent problem solving and I’m always up for the challenge. From my experience NOTHING ever goes as planned. Being malleable and rolling with the punches is so important. Not throwing a tantrum like a 3 year old. This goes for both sides of the camera! … and life really.

Traveler, explorer, yoga lover... What did your travels in Asia bring to you as a human being? Hahahahaha I absolutely am an explorer. I LOVE traveling. I have always been fascinated by well traveled people. They just have an air to them. I traveled alone for 6 months to Thai Land, Cambodia, and Vietnam. I had just gone through training so I was definitely learning a lot from teachers like Piseth Lun. I worked with several NGOs in Phnom Pen through NataRaj Yoga in Cambodia. They took us to a lot of places to teach. The location that sticks out and I went to most often was this massive crumbling white building. It used to be a place of modern living and now the residence are a mix of prostitutes, heroin addicts, nuns, children, business owners, and several girls I met around my age who were teacher assistants at the school. The children were just happy to see us. They listened, laughed and danced with me through poses and then laid in savasanai quietly at the end. Getting to know Monk Yorn Chea in Siem Reap who runs a school that provides free education, sport materials, school uniforms and bicycles to poor, vulnerable and disabled kids was the most eye opening experience. On my last day before journeying to Thailand we sat in the evening light and talked for hours at the beautiful “River Garden” with another woman named Stacy Sims and he then put a red string around my wrist and blessed me. I’m humbled by the experiences. What is the role you dream to get? I have been so lucky to play some great characters from a high-powered snobby vindictive sorority girl to a heroin addict. I would love to play a PI considering it was one of the first things I wanted to be before acting! I love fast witty dialog like Scandal, the Intensity of Homeland, and the grit of Power. A dream role is playing something like a CIA agent. That’s the next move!

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Fresh magazine Self Xplanatory 2016  

Mr Dreamz magazine FRESH Edition featuring Self Xplanatory, The Most High Brand, Kennedy Summers, Tamara Duarte, Hillary Hickam, Voyce, Neva...