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LETTER FROM THE EDITOR “THE NEW ERA FOR A NEW GENERATION OF DREAMERZ” Music or the Art to transcribe emotions through melodies, sounds, words... Some notes on a piano, some drums on the MPC, a few words on paper ... and suddenly ... the magic happens. From Paris to Miami, NY to Tokyo, London to L.A, Mr Dreamz captures the urban art in all its forms in order to let the street talk. Cultures, languages differ but the message remains the same. With the social networks and new technologies, the magazine aims at openning the door to all these underground artists whose the talent just waiting to be put in front of the stage.Success always comes from dreamz. Working from Paris to Miami, via Montreal, Mr. Dreamz has developed over the years an extensive international network involving all the continents. Travels, cultural experiences and discoveries made all over the globe, are the starting point of the adventure. Working with more than 50 professionals worldwide, the magazine plays its card on the international field. Art... beyond the borders. By providing opportunities for younger generations, the mag has created the movement to help underground talents to get a real exposure and acquire a solid presence through medias, digital and print. Mr Dreamz is positioned as a new springboard for a whole new niche of artists, rappers, singers, producers, models etc ...

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“Power2Gether is all about finding the right solutions that could eventually put an end to violence, bullying and the reason why we’ve created an interactive model where kids could utilize their time in a more positive way.” Can you describe to us POWER2GETHER in three words? Engaging – Empowering – Rewarding

would reverse the impact and produce a much welcomed positive effect.

How did you come up with this concept to We often hear that today’s new generations change society? Power2Gether’s inception are lost. Lost in a world of violence, money began several years ago with a unique apand selfishness. I guess your concept aims proach in hopes of finding a solution to the at showing the contrary? Absolutely! At problems we see today with kids on social Power2Gether we’ve created a safe, engaging media and the negative effects that come from space where teens come together in a positive it. We needed to be different, unique & cool way. Power2Gether is about unleashing the enough where today’s youth has the desire power of kindness and training today’s youth to engage in making a difference and finding to act with social consciousness and become a positive way of using social media. Social positive, strong contributors in their online & Media is the way the world moves today from offline communities. Our mission is to Culti- all aspects and mostly the way we all connect. vate and Empower a generation of socially re- Launching our concept within the social space sponsible leaders that will be the driving force would be the most effective way to ignite what to a positive social change while integrating we are about to launch; especially since our a Fun, Cool and rewarding platform. Social target demographic pretty much lives, eats media itself is not a bad thing - it’s the lack and breathes social media. We created a way of options and the accepted culture of what whereby today’s youth can enjoy all the feaalready exists out there that is the problem. It tures and benefits of social media, but we took became an open market, for some to say and it a step further by integrating a proprietary do whatever they feel, simply because they are Rewards Program that would incentivize and hidden behind a screen. Our goal was to ana- reward its members for promoting socially lyze all these negative effects of social media responsible actions by doing creating positive and basically find an interactive system that interactions both online & offline.


P2G is a social media with a purpose to instill positive values & promote – Leadership - Social change - Digital Responsibility and a Unified Society. We ask all people to log onto to see for themselves shortly and join our upcoming campaign for change! When will the website be launched officially? Will there be a mobile app as well? The first phase of the working platform will launch in the next few months, but we recently launched the page which shares information about the concept & where members are invited for an exclusive early sign-up. Yes, a mobile app will be available. Why do we have to trust 100% in our youth? Give us three reasons. • They are tomorrow’s leaders ready to be ignited. • They are the driving force that will lead us to a positive social change • They have the ability of building a durable foundation and the capacity of setting a positive and unified society. Interview by Johnson Belvo


Interview by Joha Brown

“I love the country (Trinidad & Tobago) I was born in but that’s it. The word family is dead to me.”





For our readers, where do you come from? Where were you born? I am from South Side Jamaica Queens but was born in the beautiful twin islands of Trinidad & Tobago.

How did you find your artist name? I was named after a coffee drink at a little spot I used to work at. LOL. I was so addicted to the drink and the manager started calling me her little Moka Blast.

How is the local Hip Hop scene in the Queens? It’s really good as there is a plethora of talents in every hood you go too.

What is the main message behind your music? Are women your main target? Just always be yourself and never stop believing. Its funny that you ask that, as females are my biggest supporters but my music is catered to the hustla within every one out there. The tracks I create for the ladies are usually heavily supported but the ones that I create for the streets are always my biggest hits.

Is there too much competition? Is it productive enough according to you? The competition is pretty stiff but the ones who fine tuned their craft are being recognized. It’s very productive as when I see all the new talents, it makes me grind that much harder. The thing you love about the Queens? The ease of what ever you want is literally at your finger tips 24/7. You name it, you can get it asap. I also love the fact that we are a very diversed borough as every race co exists with each other. The thing you hate? Not much to hate as every one out in Queens is about their money. We all hustle just others make it a lifestyle. How did you get into music when you were younger? It was a temporary escape from my harsh reality growing up in Trinidad. Both my parents abandoned my older brother and I and left us to go through hell with my mothers side of the family. Listening to music was the only time all the hurt would come to an end.

What is the quote that defines you the best as a man? Dreams are only attained when you are up chasing them while every one else is dreaming. And as an artist? Those who fail to prepare, prepare to fail! Sounds like you have a real good buzz on the net... Who are your partners in crime? The guys at Coast2Coast have really been pushing me heavy and I’m very appreciative. Before going on tour with C2C, I had the honor of working with Dj Steel & Dj Superstar Jay. They both pushed me very heavily on satellite radio, mixtapes and different blog sites. Microphone Bully is responsible for my blog posts as well as we have a really good working relationship.

Do you keep strong links with your family in Trinidad? Not at all. I love the country I was born in but that’s it. The word family is dead to me.

So far, what are your 3 biggest Highlights? The 3 biggest Highlights will be headling the Coast2Coast April tour, working with Rsonist from the Heatmakerz as he put together a fire track with Joell Ortiz & Mally Stakz, and getting a situation with Vevo.

Do you miss your island sometimes? I miss my childhood friends because they were responsible for a lot of great memories. My island is in turmoil right now as its getting a lot of negative press for crime and drug trafficking. Trust me I don’t miss that at all.

Let’s talk about the DOES THIS FOR REAL video... What is the concept behind that song? Live Fabulously Entertainment CEO, John Fairchild, wanted to do something really big with me so we came up with an idea that would



have the WOW facto behind it. By the time we were finished, we didn’t even know how big it was going to be. Now add my favorite emcee of all times and we have ourselves a mini movie. We just wanted to show every body out there that if you pursue what you love that you can attain, it no matter what the detractors have to say. We does this for real!!

How did you hook up with Jadakiss? When I moved back to NYC, I decided to move to Yonkers as its low key and I did a few mix tapes and was introduced to him through people who told me that our styles would compliment each other perfectly. The initial meeting between us was flawless as I was introduced to Dtyles P & Poobs first and then Jadakiss. They welcomed me with nothing but love and respect. I was so excited as D Block studios became my second home and I soaked up everything Styles, Jada, Sheek and Poobs threw my way. Do you think videos are the best way to market music nowadays? I definitely agree as visuals are the heart beat of any artist career. It can make some one become a fan in a heart beat if done correctly. Virals also give your fanbase a more intimate connection as they can witness all your emotions that you put into your work. What is your message for kids? Don’t ever be too proud to ask questions. Absorb all information given to you and learn to listen. They are the future and will be the visionaries for generations to come so just do what you love and, like I said, be yourself. Integrity and loyalty are key components that are missing so try to reinstitute such practices in a very cut throat business. What are your dreams? I’m living my dreams so we can say its all a reality now. I just want to help all the kids who don’t have a way out of the hood and lack a positive male role model. I really wish that people would think about bringing a kid into this world out of love and have the proper support base to manufacture the neccessary protocol needed to create the leaders of tomorrow.


“Those who fail to prepare, prepare to fail!� Ladies Love Moka Vol.3 Available on

KALEINA CORDOVA (Follow on twitter @KaleinaCordova)

Interview by Jester Caldwell

“I love painting and drawing. I have a creative mind so I need many outlets. I love writing as well, I have many screenplays in the works. To be a good actress, I think you need to learn and appreciate all aspects of filmmaking. My dad taught me how to ice skate so I can do that pretty well and I love it.” As an actress, what are your motivations & your goals? My goal is to create a name for myself in this industry. I aspire to land that lead role every actress dreams of. I am not all about the glitz and glamour, I am about the passion and creativity this industry exudes. My goals may seem cliche because the majority of the population out here has the same dream in mind. But I have never had that gut feeling, that feeling like I am meant to be somewhere or do something, until I moved to LA. Moving to LA has been the motivation I needed to realize that my dream can be a reality. It was a big decision to make the move and if i didn’t believe that i was meant to be here, i would still be at home. I thought about how one day I’ll be 80 telling stories to my grandchildren, I would want those stories to be about taking chances. Taking chances and making mistakes go hand in hand but sometimes something astounding can come out of it.

camera, I found all aspects fascinating. Imagination is precious and as we grow older we use less and less of it so It’s hard to find a job that keeps your imagination alive. Acting is another form of art to me: it’s a creation or interpretation.

When you were younger, how did you know you would become an actress? My dad would bring me to set with him as a child and it opened my eyes to the making of films and tv shows. Behind or in front of the

We guess you felt blessed to be a part of the STEP UP Revolution movie! Has it been your biggest highlight so far? It definitely was a blessing to be part of a film of that scale! It was an amazing learning expe-


Which actors/actresses really did influence you? I think Charlize Theron is fearless, Leslie Mann cracks me up- I love “This is 40”, Kate Winslet, Matt Damon, Julia Roberts- favorite chick flick is “Pretty Woman hands down”, Rachel McAdams, Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp- pick the most eccentric characters and I absolutely love them, Stanley Tucci, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, Emily Blunt, and you can never leave out Meryl Streep . Believe me as long as that list is... it could go on. What I admire most about those actors is their versatility and passion. I believe they are all the epitome of talent at it’s finest.

rience that i will always be grateful for. However I love doing independent films and watching something small grow and to be a part of that growth. What is the role you dream to get? My dream role would be to play the tough girl with hidden vulnerability. A character with depth and a past. Definitely an action movie, I would love to do my own stunts. On a completely different route, my childhood dream was to play a mermaid. So I’ll take either or! How has Hollywood treated you so far? Honestly it has been fantastic! Hollywood doesn’t have the best rep when it comes to people but I must say everyone I have encountered has been nothing but friendly and welcoming. I love the people here, everyones doing their own thing. What are your projects for the end of the year? I am doing a romance/ sci fi short film and am very excited about that. I really loved the script, big or small if I love the writing and the plot, I’m in. Hopefully there are a few projects in the works, stay tuned!


Interview by Winnie M.C

“The charity is for youth that are in need of a role model. The way I see it is that they simply need that someone to look up to and I want to be that inspiring model for them...”

You recently released a song called “NENA”. What does it mean? Why did you choose this title? Well, NENA is an uplifting song all around, the translation for Nena from Spanish to English is my girl, more like a “sweetheart” so to speak. It can be best described as a glorification of a particular woman to a man. Is it the first time you released a song mixing English and Spanish? I’ve had thoughts in the back of my mind about making a song that was bi-lingual but I didn’t think I was capable of doing it. To be honest, I didn’t think this song was going to come out the way it did, for a first. I liked it. Considering I have a latino background, the fact that mixing the english and spanish vibes together wouldn’t be a bad idea. but to answer directly, yes, it is. Is this song a way to show your roots to your fans? Not a lot of my fans knew I spoke spanish, which is my ethnicity from my father’s side. If you put it like that, yeah, it is a way. Also, its another way of embracing both sides of my coin, what better way to show people anything then through music.


What is the story behind NENA? Who is NENA? There really is no story behind Nena. Nena refers to every girl thats out there. It was made so people could embrace a bit of both cultures in terms of music. It was made for everyone who loves a good vibe and enjoys music in either language. How did you hook up with the Los Angeles Youth Network? Can you tell us more about this charity organization? LAYN is a charity organization out of Los Angeles that empowers homeless youth and gives them opportunities besides just shelter and food. They found interest in me from the work I have recently done and decided to put me on board with my new single. They like the example I lead. The charity is for youth that are in need of a role model. The way I see it is that they simply need that someone to look up to and I want to be that inspiring model for them, as I’ve been through tough times myself. That is what the charity it’s all about, helping the youth that need to find a way and helping them carve that path to a better future. Follow me on twitter @TheRealRezzi

JBRE x DOUGIE KENT Interview by Geene Vodka

“Visiting the West Coast and seeing fans over there was my personal favorite experience. Another thing that I would have to say is making these new songs, that’s definitely a highlight. I guess if I had to pick a third, it’d be that we are about to go to Denver Colorado for a huge festival called GypsyJaneFest on October 3rd with Snoop Dogg, French Montana, Tyga, and a ton more. Being the only unsigned act is hella tight. You can cop your tickets at”


“I seriously love talking about Sane. He’s a producer out of West London who has been killing it lately. We stay pretty loyal to the majority of our jams going out having his name on it. There’s a ton of pride involved with Jbre and I when we craft a song with him. The dude is real young, and he’s over there mixing what’s hot in London and we are over here adding the rest of the ingredients on the East Coast. You can check out Sane’s work on his “ How did you get into Music? We both had influence with music all our lives. Jbre always recorded verses and freestyles on his Macbook and I was in a signed band at 18 as a drummer. Music ran deep since day 1. Being from Lancaster, PA there’s so much talent out here and everyone always has a helping hand out. How did you meet? Do you remember that day? I remember it like it was yesterday...we met in the gym at Millersville University and he showed me a few of his rough recorded songs. At the time, Jbre didn’t really put himself out there as an artist per say but mostly was honing in on his craft. I was a solo artist at the time, mainly had like 1 or 2 songs out but they never really got more than 300 plays tops. We decided to record a song together and it was pretty much a wrap from there. People really liked the vibe of polar opposites coming together on a track What is your opinion about PA Local hip hop scene? Relevant enough or not? There’s been some real bands and artists to come out of Lancaster. Gotta pay homage to The Roots, August Burns Red, Texas In July, and This or The Apocalypse for paving a national impact on the music scene. No matter where you go whether it’s downtown Lancaster or in the suburban area, you’re going to see a melting pot of hip-hop influences and artists. That’s what is so dope about Lancaster. Everyone is real different from the next. Lately the scene has been really flourishing in the hip hop aspect which is exciting to see. Your stats on the social networks are just impressive. How did you build that huge fanbase? Collectively, we pride ourselves in really mak ing it known what we are working on musically on social networks. It’s almost like your identity, so you need to brand yourself correctly. As much as we both could eat some of that awesome dinner you posted in Instagram, it isn’t relevant to the blueprint of your project ya know? It’s a mixture of branding properly and connecting with your audience on a real level. Everyday we take time to reach out to people and really thank them for tuning in. After all, the come up isn’t easy!

Do you have some tips for young artists, beginners who want to build their career online? Always keep it organic with the fans. They’re the ones that help you get to your destination. We’ve all been there with having only a few friends as fans. Although it may seems like a blow to the ego, you gotta flip it as positive energy because you just got one step further than most people. So it’s real important to keep working hard to prove yourself to build upon that. I think one of the biggest tips of advice looking back at things would be never do music alone. There’s been so many times when Jbre wanted to do something that I felt wasn’t a good idea, so we didn’t do it. Same thing if I wanted to do something, he may have told me “hey man, it sounds cool, but here are the potential problems in doing this” which helped many times. Sometimes, as musicians we get so caught up in the moment of things and opportunities that sometimes we forget that not everything is what it seems and could potentially make you go one step back. As far as the music goes, I tell anyone that it is real important to put out quality jams. Let’s talk about the AFTER HOURS album... Three words to define it? Energetic: the energy we delivered on this record was pretty interesting because it showed how comfortable we were with making it. Unpredictable: tracks vary from club bangers to slow jams Versatile: We mix a little EDM, main stream hip hop and underground hip hop in the album. Personally, i fell in love with the NOTHING PERSONAL track. What is the concept behind it? Nothing Personal is still a very underrated track in my opinion. Jbre and I really wanted to show people another side of who we are and we are currently going through a branding stage with not only our image but our sound. So it was time to take off the glow paint from the club the night before and speaking that real stuff that we also live. We are part of a positive influenced team called the “Purple Planes” which is a bunch of guys that want to make a difference in the world. As you know, it’s real tough being young and doing things so the concept behind it is having people realize “hey...I was always there for you whenever you needed me, now this is my time... and if

you’re there for me through it awesome. If not..well then i’m going to keep doing me and don’t take it personal” Who did produce that crazy beat? Man I seriously love talking about Sane. He’s a producer out of West London who has been killing it lately. We stay pretty loyal to the majority of our jams going out having his name on it. There’s a ton of pride involved with Jbre and I when we craft a song with him. The dude is real young, and he’s over there mixing what’s hot in London and we are over here adding the rest of the ingredients on the East Coast. You can check out Sane’s work on Basically, it sounds like your music is very conceptual. For example, your Stimulation video... Explain us the story! Stimulation was a song that was the stepping stone of us maturing our sound. So with the music video, we didn’t want it to be something crazy. We wanted it to be a chilled out trippy video that you get lost in after watching it for a few minutes. Margaret Kramer is from our hometown and I met her at a party one night at Millersville University, and she voiced how she wanted to be in the studio to live the dream of a track. So that’s what we did, we brought her in and she killed it. What are the top 3 best (current) emcees? Yessss my favorite question! For Jbre I know he is a huge fan of Kid Cudi, 2-Chainz, and underground beat makers of all calibers for sure. So that’d be rad if we ever got to link with them. However, on my side of the pond...I would say 3 of the best current ones i’ve been bumping would be Jhene Aiko, Travis Scott, and Wiz Khalifa. Being from Lancaster PA, Wiz is only like a few hours away in Pittsburgh and he’s by far my biggest influence on not only music, but life. So as I tell my friends and fans...I’m workin for that day I hear myself on a track with that dude. Literally, I start my day with Wiz regularly which is pretty therapeutic considering he was in a similar position at one time coming up. Hopefully one day....


VALERIE HALEY Photos by RobHillPhotos

AKA STRAWBERRY HUNNIE “A beautiful face will grow old but a beautiful soul will continue forever.”

Your definition of BEAUTY? My definition of beauty is not on the outside but it’s what’s on the inside. A beautiful face will grow old but a beautiful soul will continue forever. How long have you been in the modeling industry? I have been in the industry for 4 years. I must admit it has gone quick but as they say, Time flies when your having fun!

“I’m a character in myself! I have a very fun loving bubbly personality which keeps me always smiling and happy.” How many tattoos you got? Which is your favorite one? I have a couple of small tattoos, I am not keen on large tattoos however many models can pull them off.

At what point in your life did you know that you wanted to be a model? I was born a poser and have been strutting my stuff since I could walk.

For you, what characteristics are the most important to succeed in this industry? I’m a character in myself lol, I have a very fun loving bubbly personality which keeps me always smiling and happy.

What do you bring to the modeling industry? I think my most unique thing is my personality. It really shows through in my images. I also spend a lot of time interacting with my fans.

Who would you say is the personn that did really inspire you? Growing up, my idols were Mariah Carey and Rihanna as they are truly beautiful and women.

How is the modeling industry in your area? Being so close to London, there’s always plenty of opportunities for work there. However, being a mother of two kids, i have to fit it in around my commitments at home. Is Modeling your full time job? I model on a part time basis fitting it in with my hair extension business and looking after my two boys.

Do you plan on going into other things like acting? What are your other talents? Yes I am planing on pursuing a career in the music/singing which is one of my major passions. What do you do in your spare time when you are not modeling? When i’m not shooting I like to spend quality time with my children and family, they mean a lot to me.



CANDEE RED Interviews by Joelle Magnus stage, you just have to keep moving forward. Who would you say is the personn that did really inspire you? I don’t know about who inspired me, but my sister gave me the push to actually give it a go and encouraged me to enter online competitions. What do you do in your spare time when you are not modeling? I exercise (so I can eat what I want and not feel guilty!), I love going out and doing social things like going to the theatre, going to the movies, watching live music and having a few drinks and a dance. For the fans, are you single? Eternally haha!


What body part of yours attracts the most attention? Depends what I’m wearing! Usually my hair, but if I have a bit of cleavage going on then my boobs get their fair share of attention too! If you had to sleep with one woman who would it be? I have to pick just one? Haha! It used to be Katy Perry, but now I think Jennifer Lawrence would be a bit of a freak, and I just love her personality! Do you own any adult videos? Yep, used to pull them out and watch them in the dorm rooms at uni for a laugh!

How long have you been in the modeling industry? I started modelling for fun in university to get some photos for my portfolio so I could pick up acting work as I studied Drama. So that was 7 years ago but then I didn’t start seriously pursuing it until just over a year and a half ago. At what point in your life did you know that you wanted to be a model? I guess I didn’t think it could ever be a reality for me until maybe a year ago when I started making some headway online and building a profile for myself.

“Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder as they say. To me, it’s about that unique special quality that just grabs your attention and you can’t help but stare.”

How is the modeling industry in Australia? Relevant? Competitive? No. I’m in Perth, Western Australia on the West coast, whereas most of the big opportunities seem to be over on the East coast. Is Modeling your full time job? Gosh no! I work in administration full-time. How many tattoos you got ? & which is your favorite one? I have three. I just had my back tattoo re-done yesterday and got some colour put into it – so now I love it. Although my chest tattoo of a Sparrow has the most meaning to me. For you, what characteristics are the most important to succeed in this industry? A thick skin and perseverance. There are always going to be the naysayers that have only bad things to say about you, but you can’t take those comments to heart. You also can’t give up when you hear no. Everybody gets rejected at some

What is your secret fantasy? Me, Matthew Gray Gubler and Jennifer Lawrence. Yes! What is your dream as a model? I want to be internationally published and see my face on billboards! And as a woman... I also want to act and eventually see my name on Hollywood productions. Your favorite ice cream flavor? Vanilla with gummi bears, cherry ripe and jelly. Yep, I have a sweet tooth! Your recipe for the perfect romantic date? Out to a good restaurant for some great food and flirty conversation, then back home for some fun in the bedroom (or on the couch, or in the shower, or…)