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R. BLACK: Successful, sophisticated, elegant, seductive, philanthropistic and especially a Don Juan par excellence is the synopsis of this new project, which for many years was part of my agenda as a dream to fulfill.

Passionate about this industry of publications and as a Publisher of a successful magazine for 15 years in markets such as Puerto Rico, Colombia, the Dominican Republic and Miami, I am honored to launch MR. BLACK MAGAZINE. A project aimed at men, unique in the market and in its class. Initially launched for Puerto Rico and Miami markets, this publication evolves outside of the traditional format to become an exquisite multimedia experiment, where paper will reflect the experiences of an enviable network of very special people and subjects. MR. BLACK gives us the right outlet to develop through exclusive events involving the most influential men in the industry. A strategically scripted space backed by a digital scheme, directed to our readers in the market for luxury. This opportunity is in part thanks to the market in Puerto Rico, which gave me the chance to learn and evolve in this industry in which I’ve developed great relationships that helped me to launch this project today. I wish to thank advertising agencies, Brand Managers of leading names in the market of luxury and above all our readers, collaborators, protagonists, and fans who are still present in each project I develop in that place known as la Isla del Encanto, my home. On the other hand, my new home, Miami that has given me new opportunities and relationships, a city that is growing and where lifestyles, foreign investments, where the entertainment and the public relations are the order of the day, is a positive challenge for MR. BLACK, filled with possibilities. With this edition, we started with a number of strategies, events and gatherings that will give us much to talk about through social experiments and the presence of a great network of men of power and success. I’m sure this product will serve as a platform to develop and unite efforts to support humanitarian and philanthropic causes. I cannot sign off this first letter without thanking God for this new opportunity, to the inspiration that my children represent and Miss Paola García who is the Director of this project. They have supported me unconditionally throughout this whole process. Best Regards. Wilson Pacateque PUBLISHER



MR BLACK WORLD T. 786.868.6921 / 305.3424114 117 sw 10 ST, MIAMI 33130 @mrblackmagazine MR BLACK MAGAZINE is published By Mr Black World LLC. No part of this publication may be reproduced, Photocopied or published by another means Without prior authorization. Mr Black World LLC. Copyrights © 2017. All rights reserved.




MR BLACK inspired by the iconic JAMES BOND


he only superhero close to reality that has transcended several generations is called Bond, James Bond…

MR BLACK is a tribute to all those successful men representing in one form or another super-Agent 007. The modern Knight par excellence, always impeccable, from head to toe, at the forefront of fashion in clothing and fragrances, these men do not go unnoticed. Influential men are our protagonists and they can be found in industries that handle lifestyle, public relations and certainly men who run the country as lawyers, developers, chefs, artists, architects, surgeons, designers, advertisers, producers, and entrepreneurs. Lovers of art, exquisite gastronomy, and travelers by nature, these male visionaries are keen in subjects pertaining to culture and education with the capacity to dazzle in conversations about world events, good wine, political and economic issues. Obsessed with technology and with direct access to amazing hobbies mostly desired by men, spectacular cars, traveling in VIP style, luxurious boats, aircraft, the best styles in Swiss watches and unpredictable accessories.


IS 007 MR BLACK or Mr. BOND is definitely the Don Juan in excellence. His precautious wit, details that mark him as a gentleman and his great style are matched by the most beautiful women in the world who are celebrated in this publication with editorials of explosive power and sensuality. Despite MR Black’s great lifestyle, his biggest quality lies in his philanthropic side with eyes on humanitarian goals. Moving through high social circles, he never misses a cause to support using influence and hands-on involvement.


his dynamic supports the creation of a circle that month by month evolves in different events which are characterized by spectacular experiences and develop a unique Network of “MEMBERS ONLY”. Chronicles about power, interviews of success, career, art, fashion, gastronomy, travel, sensuality, social trends and philanthropy in the best classic style are presented in a sober and distinguished world of luxury space, wherewith all due respect to Mr. Black, JAMES BOND can be found.





“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”- Walt Disney

en don’t become highly successful by accident. There is so much more than meets the eye involved in achieving prosperity. To celebrate the accomplishments of a select group of distinguished caballeros, Mr. Black Magazine created a provocative dining concept that has evolved into Mr. Black’s members-only club. Touro restaurant, located at Paseo Caribe in San Juan, Puerto Rico, became the stage for its first gastronomic gathering. Unique cocktails provided by Johnny Walker served as a preamble to a memorable VIP dinner.

Chef Martin Louzao concocted a fabulous five-course, fivestar menu which included tailor-made wine tasting. Inspired by the success of that soirée, Mr. Black will celebrate a series of Members Only events in restaurants located in Spain, the Dominican Republic, and Miami during the next months.

For Wilson Pacateque, publisher and creator of this special concept, these events represent an opportunity to interact with a select group of successful men who have something in common: through perseverance, hard work and originality, they’ve made their businesses and ventures a winning reality.

Sajo Ruiz Advertising, Creative Designer, Entrepreneur. “Work very hard, do your best and everything else will follow”

Albert Charbonneau Hotel Director of Operations “Define and Deliver EXCELLENCE. Practice “win-win” philosophies with everyone. Always”

Luis Antonio Santiago Fashion Designer “Perseverance and passion”

Manuel Pacateque Hotel Director of Operations “The most important thing is to be careful with time, not waste it. Dedication, passion and avoid distractions, keep an agenda”

Shimmy McHugh President and CEO of Brava Management Group “You are only as good as your last party, so make it memorable”

Karim Benítez-Marchand Plastic Surgeon “Success comes when you loose fear of failing and you follow your big ideas with an strategy that is well thought out and executed with serious discipline, stamina and intelligence.



Astana Kazakhstan





alking about Freemasonry implies a lot of social responsibility due to the historical controversy it has carried. Freemasons have influenced religion, politics, culture, and ideologies of power. Today, speculation and distortions in communication and social media can cause chaos and differences in many groups. Nevertheless, there are facts that cannot be hidden.

Letter G: God, the great architect. Brackets and Compass: The traditional tools for Masons, carpenters, and ar-

chitects, recognition in the arts, sciences, and mathematics, especially in geometry. The circles made by the compass represent the heavens and the divine, while the squares represent the human kingdom.

Anchor: By its connection to the earth, it represents hope in difficult times. Sillar: Labrada is used in Freemasonry to build walls

and strong buildings. It represents the process of continuous growth in our lives.

Freemasonry is an interesting subject to study due to its significant influence on world power. Its branches manage parts of our society such as international banking, the media, international politics and the most powerful elitist organizations in the world. Influential Freemason alumni include Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, Galileo, Isaac Newton, John Wayne, Martin Luther King, Napoleon Bonaparte, Simon Bolivar, Neil Armstrong, Nelson Mandela, Sugar Ray Leonard and Walt Disney among others. It is no coincidence that their legacies have been celebrated across humanity. Part of the Freemason legacy is the society’s remarkable architecture. Based on spiritual foundations, Freemasons designed structures characterized by their series of geometric aesthetics. In their work, they created concrete means of communication that are invisible to most of us but empowering symbols of ideology and brotherhood to its members. Below are some of the most important figures in the society:

Eye: Found on the dollar bill, it means the divine. A higher power symbol-

izes that everyone is being watched and protected.

Skull and Bones: Associated with danger and death. However, within

the Freemason philosophy, it is a reminder to live a good and complete life.

Problem 47 of Euclid: Geometry and mathematics

are important in construction. This symbol has its origins in Egyptian mythology; it symbolizes the importance of art, mathematics, and education.

Columns: They are at the entrance to the temple of

Solomon in Jerusalem. And to the Freemasons, they are markers of a gateway into the unknown.

Without a doubt, the great Masonic Capital par excellence is the city of Washington. The capital of the world’s most powerful country was designed by Pierre Charles, who shared Masonic links with George Washington and 18 other founders of this country. One of the most glaring examples of Freemason design is the star that divides Washington D.C. into 5 points. Drawn on the streets of the city, it connects some of the most important monuments to each other, including the White House.


he star represents the magical virtue of Freemasonry. The eye that sees everything is embodied in a mural of the White House, personifying the new world order. The obelisk of a monument in Washington represents the divinity of Freemasonry at the highest point of the city. And perfect architecture. Their architectural reach has stretched across the world. They have built their legacy in impactful cities such as Astana in Kazakhstan and La Plata in Argentina. They also appear in the Denver International Airport, the Supreme Cathedral of


Israel, The European Parliament building in Strasbourg, and the New Frost Bank Tower in Korea among others.


ach one of these structures carries a surprising history. One in which their power is both majestically and unques-

New Frost Bank Tower in Korea

tionably shown.

The IRS building in Maryland

The European Parliament building in Strasbourg

The MTV building in Toronto Denver International Airport

The Supreme Cathedral of Israel








enny Roudner, otherwise known as Dr. Lenny, is one of the most loved and respected figures in Miami’s professional and social scenes. In addition to being one of the world’s most preeminent plastic surgeons, he is known for the extravagant parties he throws at his lavish Miami Beach mansion.

Dr. Lenny is originally from Australia. He decided to move to Miami Beach, where he became a world-renowned plastic surgeon specializing in breast augmentation and enhancement. For the past 25 years, Roudner has successfully performed over 20,000 procedures.

On beauty, his career, and his lavish events.

DB: What made you choose to specialize in this field of medicine and focus on breast surgery? LR: Plastic surgery has about nine different specialties. When I finished my training, I was practicing all plastic surgery for years. I did everything. Then, when I became popular with the breast surgeries, I became inundated with patients wanting this specific procedure. It’s not like I chose just to do that particularly. It definitely kind of chose me. When I first came into town, one of the most popular plastic surgeons in Miami said to me that I’ll be driven by what the people want me to do and I’ll have no choice about it. He was right. Eventually, I projected myself in this area.

While Roudner is known among his friends for his kindness and generosity, his parties are known for their creativity. They place a focus on celebrating his work by offering everything from breast-shaped cupcakes to live art installations with topless models.

DB: Over the years you made a reputation for putting together some of the most spectacular events at your home. You were nicknamed “Dr. Boobner.” How did that start? Do you organize your own events or do you work with event planners?

In the year 2000, he cleverly named his celebration the My-Lenny-UmBoob Fest. His mansion was filled with close to 1000 guests. The Fest also featured a yacht docked in front of the house that was meant to hit its capacity at 100 people. However, the party attracted so many that it overflowed to 300 instead. It was this party that led people to recognize his legendary talent and originality for event planning.

LR: I’m not sure where the nickname originated; it rhymes with my name, came out of the blue, and then the Miami Herald wrote about it. I like to do everything myself when it comes to my parties. I contact all the vendors, entertainment, and insurers. I send all invitations myself and manage the guest list. I just enjoy entertaining people. I like people to have a good time.

Roudner enjoys entertaining his guests and is always coming up with new and exciting elements for his fêtes. A few years back, he invited a member of the famous stunt performance group the Flying Wallendas to be part of Roudner’s event. Nick Wallenda could be seen walking on a tightrope 60 feet over his home. DB: What is the concept of beauty for you? LR: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; you know that. Some people feel beautiful even though other people don’t think that and lots of people that look beautiful think they are not. Whatever is beautiful to one person, can be completely different to another. I think beauty is whatever any one person wants to feel like as far as being beautiful.


ince I was in medical school, I would throw parties. When I first came to Miami, I was living in the Coconut Grove Hotel, where I had an apartment. My first get-together was three weeks after I moved here. It was fantastic - lots of people and lots of fun. A funny thing happened the next day at the pool deck of the hotel when someone came to congratulate me on the previous night and thank me for the invitation. He asked if I know who all those people were that were invited, to which I replied that I know them from the hotel. He then asked if I really knew who they were and proceeded to tell me that those were some of the biggest drug dealers in the United States. I was shocked! The Coconut Grove Hotel in the 70’s was a huge scene. That was my first party in Miami.





he 8th annual amfAR Gala in Los Angeles was celebrated with Moët Hennessy as a Signature Sponsor and as an Official Wine and Spirits Partner of amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research. The evening summoned the likes of actors Tom Hanks, Melanie Griffith, Connie Britton, Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson, Sophia Bush, Heidi Klum and Dita Von Teese who graciously attended the Ron Burkle’s Green Acres Estate in Beverly Hills, California taking part in a noble cause. In one of the highlights of the evening, Belvedere Vodka offered a personalized Belvedere Bespoke Silver Saber magnum for each guest who pledged $500 or more to amfAR. Champagne, wine, and spirits from Moët Hennessy’s prestigious portfolio to included Veuve Clicquot, a customized Belvedere amfAR martini, Hennessy Cognac, Glenmorangie Single Malt Scotch Whisky and selected wines from Cape Mentelle. To further support amfAR’s fundraising, the iconic brand offered a one-of-a-kind, live-auction lot created specifically for amfAR Gala Los Angeles, which included a Australian Wine Excursion to Cape Mentelle.


ith Moët Hennessy’s support, amfAR has been able to fund 18 Innovation grants to scientific teams that include 74 scientists in all, as well as invest in game-changing, multi-year projects like the amfAR Institute for HIV Cure Research, the only consortium of its kind in the world. Moët Hennessy is proud to contribute to making each amfAR event around the world an exceptional experience, to support the association and its lifesaving research. amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research, is one of the world’s leading nonprofit organizations dedicated to the support of AIDS research, HIV prevention, treatment education, and advocacy. Since 1985, amfAR has invested more than $480 million in its programs and has awarded more than 3,300 grants to research teams worldwide.


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PHOTOGRAPHY AND PRODUCTION Carlos Herrera MODEL EllennSEven 7 HAIR AND MAKE UP Karolina Taraskevic







2016 Harley-Davidson Dark Custom Iron 883


PORSCHE The Porsche 918 Spyder will sports a 4.6-liter V8 engine that is capable of generating 608-horsepower coupled with electric motors that can generate added 286-horsepower making the 918 Spyder a total of 887-hp. Compared with its nearest competitors, the McLaren P1 and LaFerrari which respectively capable of 903 hp and 949 hp, which leaves the Spyder a little off but the price can tell with starting price of $845,000 –significantly cheaper that those two.

The Cobalt Co50 Valkyrie is a super sleek $750,000 personal plane If you have $750,000 and the space for a super slick personal plane, the Cobalt Co50 Valkyrie is the one for you. Aside from the fact that it looks really, really good, the vehicle’s performance isn’t too bad either.


TOYS KITON A symbol of timeless elegance and style, Kiton is the icon of high quality tailoring that combines and exalts innate good taste and a love of beauty.


Savannah is one of the top cats , but if we say its worlds 2nd most expensive breeds in the cats then it might not be wrong some where it styles just look like a Bengal tiger

Our take on the Leica Q (Typ 116)by Crutchfield’s Deia Z. When you boil it down to the essentials, the Leica Q is basically an impeccable wide-angle Leica lens that just happens to have an amazing, very portable full-frame camera permanently attached — really, an unbeatable value when it comes to Leica products. The Q combines classic and contemporary features in a convenient, compact camera with a simple design that reflects its Leica pedigree.

Omega Speedmaster Dark Side Of The Moon

Picnic Time Manhattan Bar Tool Kit






t was the best experience of my life. Having the privilege to ride in one of the most powerful aircrafts in the world with the most qualified pilots. It was a dream come true.

I received a phone call from a good friend who runs the media for the AF Thunderbirds letting me know that if they were to come to PR, he would submit my name for me to fly with them. A couple of weeks later, I received the call; “Fill out the forms I just sent you, you’re going up!’’ It was a pretty exciting moment but at the same time scary. At times I would think of backing out and not doing it, wondering what G-force would feel like and questioning if my body could handle it. Having never experienced something like this before, these concerns stayed in my mind.



Erick uan Moralez Businessman and Golfer Puerto Rico


o I called my friend and told him my thoughts. I did not know if I was going to do it. He told me, “Erick, this is the experience of a lifetime, this is something money can’t buy. You can have all the money in the world, and you cannot pay for something like this because it has no monetary value. You have to be picked.” Two days before the flight, I had the chance to have dinner with the pilots, and I explained my worries. They insisted that I should do it, this was an incredible experience, and I was lucky to be able to do it. They told me that all they wanted was for me to enjoy it and not make me feel bad up there, that they didn’t want their jet full of vomit (ha). So the day came. I got there 3 hours early for training. Flight Surgeon - He explains to me what G-force is (Which I had Googled if I could die from before I walked in. Haha). He taught me a breathing technique so that my blood would stay in my head and I wouldn’t pass out. He went through all the possible things I could feel and how to deal with them. Equipment - The second stage was the equipment. There, they set up my uniform, helmet, oxygen mask, G-suit and badges. They explained what everything is for and how to use it. Emergency - This was the NO fun part. It was basically a 10-minute skydiving course. They outlined the entire process on what to do if there was an emergency. If we had to be ejected from the plane, I learned how to handle the parachute and the process after. This was the part when you think about just staying dressed and not getting on the plane. Pilot - The last stage of training was talking to the pilot. He went through the entire trip. He explained all the movements and the amount of G-force that we would face in each one of them. From there on, we were ready to go. We headed to the control center where I got to meet the entire crew. Everyone was so nice and pumped for me. We walked to the jet, jumped in, and they went through the checking process three times. Two guys from the crew checked that everything was in place and then the pilot checked again before jumping in. We were set to go, and they fired up the engines. This is when the hearts and adrenaline started to pump. There was no way back.


he flight was 1hr 15min long. We did all kinds of crazy flips, turns, speeds. It was truly the best feeling and experience of my life. It was very hard to explain what I felt. I even got to fly it myself for a minute. Something special that happened that the pilot told me never happens was that I got to join the back on our way back to SJ. It was majestic to see the other jets flying so close to me. It was a great show. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity. I was definitely very lucky to be able to do this. My friend Troy Hanson who made this happen, thank you so much. The crew from the AF Thunderbirds who I now consider my friends, thank you for an unforgettable experience. I will cherish this for the rest of my life. People ask me if I would do it again? DEFINITELY!!!





e are afraid of the nude form. We censor the softest parts of ourselves in movies. We see a storm of controversy at the sight of a woman breastfeeding. There are two main reasons we avoid nudity. One is the legacy of religious shame. The other is because it can feel too vulnerable. That vulnerability is what Senén Llanos, the Puerto Rican painter and photographer, encourages us to love with his camera.

By Jacqueline Martinez




lanos’ choice of canvas is remarkable. He draws us into the skin. A look at his artwork will introduce you to an array of people whose bodies are covered only in the bright swirls of paint. You can see every hair and goose bump on their bodies. According to Llanos, what makes us human is an “explosion of color and textures”. This explosion combines with the exposure of each subject to paint a picture that contradicts fear. Instead of fear, we celebrate the body. In his most recent collection, The Bathtub Experience, Llanos combined paint with elements by immersing his models into bathtubs. The comic book-like streaks of paint in their body melt into the water to create a pool of color around them. This collection was

presented at the Condado Vanderbilt Hotel in Puerto Rico, where guests could watch him work as he painted a model for the bathtub of the presidential suite. When Llanos creates, he not only is inspired but inspires as well. Llanos writes a blog where he gives us a glimpse into the processes of his work. In his blog, one can read about Elena Laurenti, the model who felt liberated when she accepted her body as Llanos photographed her. One can also read his reflections on the controversy his photography causes. Nudity is clearly still a taboo idea in our culture. That taboo was taken a step further when he published photographs of his wife pregnant and then breastfeeding. The viewers, who argued such images should be private, certainly were missing Llanos’ point. Llanos accepts human flaws vulnerability, sensuality, and desire fearlessly. He encourages us not to shy away from these things but to appreciate that which makes us human.


lanos earned the top prize for the New York Dancer Photography Contest in 2011. He is also the creator of a clothing line named Gotham Skin, which features leggings that have the images of famous landmarks like Grand Central Station on them. Prints of his work from The Pretty Martian Women and The Bathtub Experience collections are available for sale on his website. The Bathtub Experience is also available for viewing by a private appointment in a gallery in Miramar, Puerto Rico. Just like his art, Senén Llanos’ artistic future looks colorful.





o matter how many times travel experts tell people to try to avoid visiting Paris during summer, there will still be millions of people. Why would you ask? - Because the late-late spring and summer are the best time to be here! And if you find a travel expert who tells you to skip a trip to Paris altogether and go to Cote D’Azur, let me know so I can slap them.

In other words, even though spending whole three months in the summer isn’t necessarily what I’d recommend, a summertime trip to Paris is definitely going to be glorious and – this goes without saying – better than no trip to Paris at all. As tourists flock to Paris in the summer, the city transforms into a bustling hub. Some would say that it is by this time that Paris becomes very un-Parisian: long, moody rains would finally stop, longer nights allow for many fun festivals and special events. Regardless of what anyone says, Paris still remains one of the most romantic cities in the world, and no one will argue about that! So all that said, trip to Paris in the summer months is a must-try experience and one that you should experience at least once in your lifetime.



ere are 10 enjoyable and culturally stimulating activities you can look forward to in Paris during summer time:

1. Love music? Paris got something for everyone: For fans of electronic music, there’s The Peacock Society Festival in the Parc Floral de Paris in early July, and right before that Jazz Festival takes over the park in mid-June. Paris Street Music Festival, one of the most popular musical events in Paris, starts June 21st. During World Music Day, hundreds of musicians gather on the streets, cafes, and bars of Paris to give free performances on different kinds of music from rock, jazz, hip-hop, world music, electronic music, and so much more. Those who prefer classical music would enjoy the Classique au Vert festival at the Parc Floral in August. 2. Crazy about movies? - How about outdoor movies in beautifully manicured parks? The Cinéma en Plein Air festival from end-July to endAugust at Parc de la Villette allows you to relax on the park’s green lawn while soaking up on French and international films. Catch new releases, cult films, as well as short films and enjoy the atmosphere with hundreds of other film lovers like yourself. The best part? It’s totally free. 3. Looking for a chic cocktail with a view? Head on over to Hotel Raphael rooftop bar. You will experience a true Parisian moment and get those cool looking selfies with Eiffel Tower on the background. 4. How about some high-end shopping? Paris is all about it: head on over to Avenue Montaigne and don’t forget to pop in to extraordinary Louis Vuitton store on Champs-Elysées where while standing on the red carpet in front of their massive gold entrance doors, security personnel will perform “airpot-style” body scan of you and your bag. Bonjour frisky! 5. Tired of overly commercial and overpriced “Moulin Rouge” and “Lido” cabaret? Enjoy shows at open air theaters, soak up on both the beauty of Parisian outdoors and the culture. Each year, tourists and Parisians are treated to the Paris Quartier d’été which happens from July to August. Here, you’ll see plays performed by street theaters, dance shows, and musical performances, and yes, even the circus! Another bonus: most of them are free of charge. 6. Got wine? - Will picnic! Another popular thing to do in the summer is to have a picnic in one of the many breathtaking parks of Paris. There are so many to choose from. But if you want to push it a little bit above the bar, then why not try riding a hot air balloon, too? You can do that at the Parc André Citroën. 7. One of the must things to do in Paris, even if you don’t enjoy opera, is to visit the Palais Garnier. Built in1861 to symbolize architecture and opulence of Napoleon III’s Second Empire, it is one of the most beautiful landmarks in the French capital, and possibly the most famous opera house in the world that has the largest stage and 7 tons bronze and crystal chandelier . Palais Garnier offers tours during the day, and many exquisite classical operas, avant-garde ballet and other performances. The Phantom Of The Opera was inspired by these walls and latest editorial commercials for Balmain was shot here. The palace is so breathtaking that picture do not do it a true justice - you have to see it for yourself.



8. Want to see Paris from a different perspective? - Take a boat tour on the Seine river: The majestic city and its famous spots sprawled out before your eyes as you cruise, Parisian wind blowing on your face. Daytime cruises offer drinks, and in the evening you could have a romantic candlelit dinner while absorbing architectural beauty around you. What could be more delightful? 9. Want to experience glamour of Louis XIV? - Visit Chateau Versailles situated only 15 miles outside Paris. There are more than 700 rooms of impressive art and over-the-top antique furniture, including 1,200 fireplaces and 60 staircases to explore. The gardens of the Palace of Versailles cover 30,000+ acres. They included 400 sculptures and 1400 fountains. This impressive estate is so massive that it cannot be covered by foot in one day. Fun fact: In today’s money it would have cost $2.5 billion to build.


Last but never least, and for some is the most important thing to do in Paris, is to visit Louvre Museum which housing 65,000+ priceless artworks including Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. Interestingly enough, during Napoleon Bonaparte rule, this painting was hung on his bedroom wall. You would have to wonder if she was an inspiration for many of his victories?... But when you see her in person, you will quickly realize that is her world-famous status, which in many people’s minds made her larger than life, in reality Mona Lisa is only 31 inches by 21 inches. Being roped off from the viewers, and sitting behind very thick bullet proof glass you will hardly see all the details of her mysterious smile. So although everyone should get a glance at Mona Lisa, just for the sake of saying “I saw Mona Lisa” - do enjoy enormous collection of precious artworks that Louvre has to offer! As you see there are so many things to enjoy in Paris this summer! Hopefully I inspired you to book that ticket and have an adventure of your lifetime, create your own memories! I would love to hear from you and share your Parisian memories with me so I can publish them in our future publications! Please send yours to




By Pedro Lazaro



With the unveiling of a new boutique at the luxurious Ginza Six shopping complex in Tokyo, Japan, Dior celebrated a unique opening. A world-wide presentation which unveiled the Fall 2017 Collection designed by Kris Van Assche. In the presence of the designer, the presentation united key looks from the collection that merged new graphic elements with a classic Dior Homme wardrobe. With two silhouettes exclusively designed for the Ginza boutique, the collection comprises of fine tailoring and utility sportswear infused with a progressive attitude, where nostalgia is remixed with notions of subculture to create expressions of elegant rebellion. The monochrome palette is shot through with daring color and patterns. Touches of electric blue and Monsieur Dior’s 1947 Scream Rouge red meet white polka dots in a newave fashion, a hybrid word which turns ‘new wave’ into an abstract decorative motif. Volumes scale from wide trousers to narrow tuxedo pants; they come layered with jacket and coat styles embedded with technical details and patchwork or ‘scribble’ thread embroidered textiles.


oth Newave and Scream are superimposed on the classic Christian Dior logo for an irreverent twist featured on Ginza-exclusive designs. They include embroidered two-piece suits and sweaters, a polka dot parka, appliqué shirt, knitted tee, and blasted black denim. This worldwide, ‘avant-première’ retail experience preceded the official launch of the collection in Dior Homme boutiques in mid-May. Following the Fall 2017 presentation, Dior Homme invited clients to discover and shop the collection which is now in all the Dior boutiques.




By Pedro Lazaro

Male Suiting for the summer of 2018

A string of colorful and perfectly cut out suits took the runway during Spain’s most prestigious fashion event. Fashion designer Manuel Garcia created the brand GARCIA MADRID in 2006. Garcia brought his sophisticated concepts to life by listening to what his friends and clients asked. Anticipating their needs was a part of the key to his success. Offering a collection that binds the tailoring traditions with a contemporary twist, this author of fashion has come up with a unique concept in men’s dress that conveys a new lifestyle.




Dominique R. Selman Imbert Creative Consultant & Columnist Founder Stampi d’ Art


reedom, the currency of the new era. Freedom to be, to express, to feel, not only for ourselves, but for the rest of the universe. Freedom because we no longer want to be captives of bureaucracies or social standards, because we have been raised to create our own paths rather than to follow that of the ones who have led the way and brought us here.

In a world where time and money have become abstract ideals because we rather be led by our spiritual beliefs and the cleanliness of our minds and souls, Antuan’s art becomes not a mean of decoration, but a revelation. It is rare to find an artist who has such a deep understanding of the diverse areas of human nature and its capacity to store information and energy that can either create, destroy, or give birth to new frequencies. The emergence of his art is a call to new generations to get on board with his revolution of knowledge. This is where the true greatness of the legacy he is creating lays: in the necessity to create not for his personal growth, but to create an aura of scientific and quantic waves that liberate against destruction, encouraging viewers to believe in the power inside us to align what is wrong and what is impure. Antuan’s art expresses the ideals of development in a form so concise, that it becomes too complex to be understood by a mind not ready to accept the openness crucial to become empowered: alignment. Alignment of the planets, held together in perfect harmony by universal energy. Alignment of the soul, so that our minds know no limit as to what we can achieve. Alignment of our surroundings, so that we can convey our message in such a manner that can be understood by those around us.



ntuan has most certainly dug so deep into the innermost core of spirituality and connection between the mind and the universe, that it would be impossible not to recognize him as an enigmatic sorcerer of his craft. With his art, Antuan demonstrates that one is perfectly capable of predicting the changes needed in a civilization, which is not given by aesthetics, but by a deeper knowledge of interaction of the senses in admiring a fine piece. Antuan creates pieces that transport one to different spaces in time by basing himself in nature, the universe, the foundations of human nature. Such things which can be found by looking within the behavior of classic civilizations where there was no speak of currency, but of trade, which inevitably led to growth, to prosperity, and to the discovery of technologies which would revolutionize human behavior forever. Such things which just to come back to the core of our spirit to again find growth. To conceive art as an expression of the artist himself would be to ignore the true energy behind his ideals. To speak to Antuan and to interpret his art, one must be ready to be lead through portals that lead to new dimensions in which art is conceived as a calling, as a desperate cry for social awareness. In his creative nature, Antuan expresses things that cannot be seen if only looked at with the eyes. A deep understanding of Antuan implies a creative outburst of the soul that seeks healing. Antuan exceeds the paradigms of being an artist, for his work proves him to be above engineers, physicists, philosophers, transforming him into a professor of the fine craft of didactical expression. What is most remarkable of Antuan’s expression is his capacity to embrace individualism as a necessity so that we can become the best version of ourselves. Yet, he acknowledges that in accepting and embracing the existence of other individuals, we become more prosperous and create bonds that will transcend far beyond our earthly existence.


n essence, to speak of Antuan is to speak of a leader of change. He is a master in revolutionizing modern history by opening multidimensional experiences in pieces that should be placed at the core of not only spaces, but of our minds. They tell us to never distract ourselves from the principles crucial to our development and the responsibility we must take upon ourselves if we are bound to save the human race from the destruction of values currently amongst us. Antuan demonstrates a strong need to invest all of our power in creating harmony. It would be impossible to speak of Antuan without recognizing the necessary part he is playing in creating history, in leading a movement of economic empowerment through the most admirable of qualities: artistic expression.





“ The most important thing as a leader is your relationship with God”


“I don’t fold under pressure, great athletes perform better under pressure, so put pres-

UCCESS sure on me.”


“Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion”


Everybody you fight is not your enemy and everybody that helps you is not your friend.


Getting hit motivates me. It makes me punish the guy more. A fighter takes a punch, hits back with three punches.


I live one day at a time, enjoying the restof life, just living.




he mileurista neologism is used in Spain to define a person with an income that usually is around 1,000 euros per month, and Millenials have fit that definition. During the economic crisis in Spain, people between the ages of 20 and 40 looked for ways to earn money quickly and systematically. They wanted to enjoy family company, good food, travel and above all financial independence. However, the term mileurista has lost the contemptuous tone which it was known for after the great financial bonanza to become a lifestyle term. Now, to be a mileurista means to have analytical skills and be involved in e-commerce strategies or online business. This new way of communicating makes us ask ourselves daily how can we get closer to other people and consumers via e-commerce. It is there that Jose Luis Martinez Arana uses his creativity and strategy to stay positioned as one of the most sought-after digital visionaries on the internet. He has achieved the dream of earning thousands of dollars a day. Amazon’s unexpected growth allowed JosÊ Luis to create a futuristic business system that makes him an expert at establishing shops on the platform. He has given birth to what many esteem as the perfect business. His passion for the internet inspired him to take advantage of the potential that Amazon has to export products, creating entrepreneurs 2.0.






ose Luis analyzes customer feedback to know what consumers are interested in buying. He discovers the weaknesses and complaints of offered products at an international level in order to make an ideal product for them. Jose Luis is an entrepreneur and marketing visionary who has revolutionized the market using the reverse and inverse method. He demonstrates that his achievements are self-made despite his losses. Financial struggles are not the best excuses to surrender and much less to refuse to achieve your goals. At the moment, Jose Luis Martinez not only gives lectures but also works as a personal reference for companies and new entrepreneurs. He has established himself in the markets of Russia, Japan, Spain and the United States. Jose Luis is a determined man but above all realistic. He is a software developer and considers that success is the ability to overcome trial and error. Jeff Walker, a renowned international marketing trainer, was his inspiration. In one of Walker’s courses, he learned how to make the dream of earning more than one million euros a day a reality. To do this, he simply joined the international movement seeking geographic, temporal and financial freedom.






By Pedro Lazaro

he man behind the Playboy magazine legacy created a universe of sexual freedom and luxury for the modern man. After completing high school during the last months of World War II, he entered the US Army. Once the conflict was over, he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Illinois. The young artist had a great talent for drawing, and he began a career doing illustrations for publications such as Children’s Activities and Esquire. However, he dreamed of creating his own magazine, which he intended to call Stag Party. Such a party is catered specifically toward men. For example, bachelor parties… During this period he discovered a calendar of naked women in a workshop. One of the ladies looked very much like Marilyn Monroe. He hesitated for a moment, but her features were unmistakable. Her body, on a red cloth background, could not go unnoticed, although nobody realized who it was.



e must bear in mind that by the time Hugh discovered this image, Monroe was the most famous woman in the world. The actress had conquered Hollywood and was already regarded as the sex symbol of the second half of the 20th century. The calendar images had been taken when she was still an aspiring unknown model

who had no way to pay the rent. When the photo shoot took place, Marilyn was just around 20 years old and never imagined that she would someday become the most desired woman in the nation. Before Playboy, nudes on print practically did not exist. It was the 1950s, and this kind of work was considered a taboo associated with pornography. Therefore, the revelation that the world’s most famous woman had posed nude would have been considered a scandal. Hefner, aware of the treasure he had found, located the photographer and bought the rights. In December of 1953, when he was only 27 years old, the first edition of Playboy magazine went on sale. Marilyn Monroe graced the cover. In the issue, he included an editorial written by himself in which he expressed the Philosophy of Playboy. That is the philosophy of sexual and expressive freedom. Against the odds, that first number was literally devoured. Seeing the most famous Hollywood actress au naturel shocked the American public and the 54,000 magazines that were printed sold out. Today, one of those original copies is worth about a million dollars. That success made Hefner the pioneer of graphic eroticism and the creator of a product that would make sex no longer taboo. Playboy became one of the most widely circulated magazines in the world and came to be accepted in the homes of American families (usually under a mattress). The famous Playboy logo of a rabbit with an elegant tie was designed by Art Paul for the second edition of the magazine. Today, the rabbit is considered one of the most valuable logos in the world. Playboy became a forum not only for lifestyle but also for excellent journalistic work.

Norman Mailer, Ian Fleming, John Dos Passos, Margaret Atwood, Roald Dahl and many others appeared in its glossy pages. Through the years its extensive interviews were and still are considered iconic. Fidel Castro, John Lennon, Ayn Rand, Salvador Dali, Martin Luther King Jr., Jean-Paul Sartre, Muhammad Ali, Stephen Hawking Carl Sagan and President Jimmy Carter are just a handful of notable interviewees. Although he was a pure-bred puritan, he confessed that while he was never unfaithful to his wife, he still had lustful thoughts with other women. The magazine was selling more than a million copies a month. In honor of this grand reach, Hefner held the first Playboy Jazz Festival at the Chicago Stadium which became known as the single greatest weekend in the history of jazz. By the 1960s, Hugh Hefner’s name had become synonymous with the hedonistic lifestyle millions of men lusted over. Not only was the publisher very wealthy, but he was also surrounded by beautiful and sexy young models. The Playboy Mansion at 1340 North State Parkway was purchased as his new home, and the writer opened the first Playboy Club. Playboy, with its erotic images and interesting articles, became the largestselling men’s magazine in the world. In the 1960s Hefner produced and hosted two short-run television series, ‘Playboy’s Penthouse’ (1959–60) and ‘Playboy After Dark’ (1969–70). In the 1970s the magazine was selling more than seven million copies a month. 23 Playboy Clubs, resorts, hotels and casinos with more than 900,000 members worldwide signaled the immense success the publisher has obtained. The company also owned a record label and a television and motion picture company.


n addition to the women he married, he had sexual relations with several other women. Some of his noted mistresses were Barbi Benton, Brande Roderick, Holly Madison, and Kendra Wilkinson. Most of them were models working for Playboy. He also experimented with bisexuality. Hugh Hefner died of natural causes at his home, the Playboy Mansion, on 27 September 2017 and his wealth was estimated to have a net worth of $50 million.




WAS CREATED WITH THE PURPOSE OF OFFERING THE WORLD’S FINEST FIRST-CLASS SERIES OF DISTINGUISHED CAR RENTALS IN MIAMI AND NEW YORK CITY. Lou La Vie was created with the purpose of offering the world’s finest first-class series of distinguished car rentals in Miami and New York City.


he building where the company is located is strictly dedicated to Lou La Vie Members and it is known as the Lou La Vie Clubhouse; it serves as a lounge and business area for our members. Being part of this club gives access to the clubhouse; inhouse, local and out-of-state, and international events organized by us, and depending on the type of membership, the person can use all our cars too. Our events are very car related but we also partner with top luxury brands to create the best possible experience in everything we do, because after all, Lou La Vie is about lifestyle. With almost 9,000 square feet of luxury recreation the new clubhouse entices you to indulge into a complete lifestyle experience. Designed to cater to you, this loft-style space features: • In-house bespoke menswear tailor • Barber • Stylist • Wine and Cigar lounge with personalized locker access • State-of-the-art billiards table • An auto-lovers library • Full-service bar • Piano and entertainment area • Cinema • Co-working space • Conference room • Rooftop soccer field access • Rooftop lounge (coming soon)


he new Lou La Vie Member’s Club isn’t shy of enjoyment, comfortability and exclusivity. As Lou La Vie Member’s Club enters its 4th year, the concept of the ultimate experience has been raised to a new caliber. We are excited to continue on this journey.




A Boat in the middle of the Miami River with a capacity for 100 members in a sexy and exotic environment where music, lights and a whole thematic staff gives life to a unique experience, brought to us by Carlos Alvarez and his new project which complements Sea Spice: “Air.” A private club exclusively for members invited by the host, which belong to a very select circle of the city made up of senior executives, artists, politicians, great personalities, friends and models, which seems very likely to become the most desired place to be among its members.


team of creatives, architects, engineers and carpenters have taken care of every detail in the design of Air to complete a unique structure that unites several thematic details which will give visitors that atmosphere of navigation at a high level.

Each element of the place, such as decoration, tables, staff and atmosphere are carefully selected and accompanied by a special tasting menu based on international tapas with very high quality ingredients and an excellent variety of drinks and cocktails but above all the best in Champagne welcome you to our select group of guests. After three years of success with Sea Spice, Carlos Alvarez sees his dream come true, what started as a business idea has become the main hobby of this host, a very well-paid hobby “Being in Sea Spice every day for me is like going to the movie theater every day, “says Carlos, very proud to not only own this restaurant, but to have the opportunity to interact with influential personalities from around the world. The Sea Spice phenomenon gives us the opportunity to continue growing and invent new creative alternatives such as Air, to be inaugurated on December 31st of this year with a great party to receive the new coming __ A boat in the middle of the Miami River with a capacity for 100 members in a sexy, exotic environment. Music, lights and a thematic staff give life to a unique experience, brought to us by Carlos Alvarez and his new project named Sea Spice: “Air.” Air is a private club exclusively for those invited by its host. It belongs to a very select circle of the city made up of senior executives, artists, politicians, great personalities, and models. Surely a desirable society to be in. A team of creatives, architects, engineers, and carpenters have taken care of every detail in the design of Air to complete a unique structure that unites several thematic elements. Together, they give visitors the atmosphere of navigating a high level.


ach element of the place such as decoration, tables, staff, and ambiance are carefully selected. They are accompanied by a special tasting menu based on international tapas with highquality ingredients and an excellent variety of drinks and cocktails. Above all, Air offers the best in champagne to welcome you to our select group of guests. After three years of success with Sea Spice, Carlos Alvarez sees his dream come true. What started as a business idea has become his main hobby, a very well-paid hobby at that. “Being in Sea Spice for me is like going to the movie theater every day, “says Carlos, very proud to not only own this restaurant but to have the opportunity to interact with influential personalities from around the world. The Sea Spice phenomenon gives us the opportunity to continue growing and inventing new creative alternatives such as Air, which will be inaugurated on December 31st of this year with a party to celebrate its arrival.





By Pedro Lazaro




glittering event took place where celebrities, movie stars and guest attended the De GRISOGONO Party “Follies in Cannes” during the 69th Cannes Film Festival at Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc, Cap Antibes, France. A-listers gathered at the five-star hotel well informed upon why the party was named CANNES FOLIES. MILLA JOVOVICH, BELLA HADID, ROBERT DE NIRO, GRACE HIGHTOWER, PARIS HILTON, TONI GARN, AMY JACKSON, CHANEL IMAN, CHRIS TUCKER, GREGORY VAN DER WEIL, HAILEY CLAUSON, VALERIA GOLINO and HARVEY WEINSTEIN came together for a luxurious soiree. In the Garden of the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc, the world’s top super stars took the photo call, channeling their mineral beauties on the red carpet and welcomed by the creator of the exclusive jewelry fashion house. On their lips, one question, what kind of FOLLIES is to take place? The answer was the latest jewelry collection, Kim Kardashian and a fashion show with super models dressed in Elie Saab couture gowns, literally stole the show. It’s no secret that Fawaz Gruosi is a visionary creative director, who loves to sculpt gems with impetuous enthusiasm and keen intuition. A work characterized by surprising stone cuts along with material and color combinations that no other jeweler would have dared to imagine. Following a sumptuous dinner gathering approximately 650 guests, the after-party graced legendary Goldsinger, alongside a private performance by “EWF experience featuring the AL McKay Allstars”, DJ Jack E and DJ Willy.



ola La



PHOTOGRAPHY AND PRODUCTION Carlos Herrera MODEL Maria Piracci HAIR AND MAKE UP Fiorela STYLIST Fabrizio de Castro LOCATION El Tucรกn 53





n today’s world, beauty remains relevant to the lifestyle of the successful man. Looking good is a fundamental priority that supports prosperity in all branches of life. MR. BLACK’s persona is directly related to the image projected by the sophisticated man. After all, it is proven that the first impression you make is important for every new endeavor and relationship.

MR. BLACK Publishing is prepared to meet your aesthetic needs with the creation of a provocative beauty line for men that collaborates with humanitarian causes through the Love Future Foundation founded by Publisher Wilson Pacateque. In partnership with Nature Pacific S.L., the luxury European company that offers organic, natural ingredients for the finest cosmetics, comes the creation of the MR. BLACK Skin Care line. What to expect from MR. BLACK Skin Care? An Ultra-lift Night line, whose most important compounds are Aloe Vera, La Cassia Augustifolia, and Hyaluronic Acid.


ULTRA-LIFT NIGHT TREATMENT: All men want a fresh look in the morning! A powerful cocktail of ingredients makes this a superior treatment, transforming skin overnight. With peptides, this cream refines the appearance of wrinkles, evens the appearance of skin tone and texture, and promotes elasticity and firmness to the skin. Advanced Peptides, Panthenol, and CoQ10 are included in the cream to achieve younger looking skin. Directions for Use: Apply in a light circular motion to freshly cleansed face and neck areas, avoiding direct contact with eyes. Women can enjoy the benefits of each product as well!


n addition, MR. BLACK Skin Care, in conjunction with beauty professional Liliana Zapata, has developed multi-sensory experiences entitled THE ART OF THE SENSES VIP Spa Events. In these gatherings, attendees may gather in different venues produced with entertainment that accentuates absolute, surreal relaxation. However, the authors prefer not to publish the details of each event. Each experience is exclusive in order to ensure a new and unforgettable memory for every single visitor. Between luxurious spa treatments and rejuvenating creams, MR BLACK Skin Care will make you look and feel like 007.



By Jacqueline Martinez



“We are like salmon swimming upstream all the time.”

his is what Leonor Anthony tells me as she reflects on her career as a Cuban-born female scholar, artist and activist, sitting in her Miami studio wearing her customary all-black work clothes, cascading red hair and blue glasses. (Other locations include The Hague and

Brooklyn, NY.) Behind me are large canvases: one in which Mona Lisa looks down at me surrounded by traditional European art; another with Audrey Hepburn, inside the words “risk,” “reward,” and “absolute power.” Both canvases have Anthony’s recognizable touch of an American flag spread over, transforming these two icons into the pieces named Death of Culture and Risk and Reward, respectively.

thony that invitation came in November 2016 when the European Cultural Center contacted her to participate in their Open Borders Exhibit with her project Color, A World View. “It doesn’t get any higher than the Biennale,” Anthony tells me, smiling as she gestures toward the ceiling. So why then does she compare herself to a fish pushing against a stream? The answer lies in the reality. About 85% of women portrayed in the art housed in museums are nude. Yet, only 2% of work in museums are created by women. “People are shocked in Art Basel,” Leonor tells me, “when they realize the work they are looking at is made by a woman.” Artists are 50% men and 50% women, but men are favored for showing bold opinions in their work. “Women do the same thing, but don’t get recognized for it,” she explains. Yet, within the next 15 minutes she’s back to her sculptures and paint, asking me to film her as she tests the dripping of paint on a sculpture she is working on for Art Basel Miami. This attitude is what makes her art stand out and communicate to so many. Her work is a vessel for promoting human rights; her courageous use of materials and objects attached to her canvases address societal issues and tell a powerful story, which include prison reform, immigration, color prejudice, equality, women’s empowerment and the environment.

Anthony has been the Artist-in-Residence for Florida International University’s Honors College since 2013, where she founded and curated the Honors College Art Collection. She created the NestGen Project, an ecological biennale in which she includes artists from all over the world to create installations to call collective attention to the harm we cause to our planet when we don’t Anthony’s art is no doubt telling. She creates more than reuse, reduce and recycle. Her work has been featured in the Museé du Louvre, Contemporaries just imagery, channeling a message underneath the fabric at the Ufizzi, Seoul Open Art Fair, Museo Bramante, Museo Contemporáneo de Valencia, and of each work. This combination of aesthetics and political many more. It doesn’t stop there. commentary is what is now known as artivism. This passion Anthony will exhibit and curate the project titled, State of Being to be presented in CONTEXT has all the ingredients of activism, but is charged with the Art Miami during Miami Art Basel Week this December 2017. State of Being exposes the symwild creations of art. Artivism – where edges are pushed, biotic, interconnected relationship between the city, its inhabitants, and their shared history, from imagination is freed, and a new language emerges altogether. the philosophical to the political. Artivism promotes the essential understanding that humans can, through courageous creative expression, experience the he has no signs nor intention of stopping her artivism any time soon. Women face unifying power of love when courage harnesses itself to the many challenges in the world of fine arts. Nevertheless, she persists. task of art + social responsibility. Leonor Anthony is represented by the Simons Art Gallery. Leonor’s Website: However, Anthony’s art has caught far greater eyes than her Instagram: @leonoranthonyartist intern’s. In fact, her work was featured in the 57th Venice Simons Art Gallery: Biennale, the most prestigious art event in the world and Instagram: @thesimonsgallery the highest honor an artist can hope to achieve. The Venice Anthony’s work can be found on page 382 in the European Cultural Centers Venice catalogue Biennale began in 1895 and became the first international art exhibit in history. Since then, it has featured the most Note on the Author: monumental works from iconoclastic artists that have Jacqueline is a sophomore at Florida International University who is majoring in English. She is changed the art world, such as Klimt and Renoir. Artists enrolled in multiple programs including Model UN, UN Women and will be a part of the curamust be invited to participate in the Biennale and for Antion team for the Aesthetics & Values 2018 exhibit on FIU.




By Jacqueline Martinez



“Most Luxurious Chef in the World”

comes to Miami with “Kaori by Walter Martino” restaurant, making this the ultimate experience of the senses like no other aori is the latest creation by Italian Chef Walter Martino who has been a culinary genius from a very early age. His name is a staple of culinary art in Europe and he plans to bring his masterpieces to the United States for Americans to indulge in his creations. The unique dining space will be located at 1250 S. Miami Avenue in the heart of Brickell, internationally known for the hip atmosphere attracting the most demanding food connoisseurs in the world. And although Chef Walter Martino is known for his luxurious culinary feasts, this restaurant will be accessible for all walks of life.


Kaori is a passionate project with months of intense and hard work along with the cooperation of the finest professionals from different sectors such as; Technology & Production: Secuoya USA using technology/audiovisual systems and production of contents 360; Interior Designer: Tatiana Alessandrini; General Contractor: CP Design Build Services; Architect: J. Antonio RodriguezTellaheche; and many others that have made this dream a reality; and will achieve the merger of haute cuisine gastronomy and the most breakthrough technology with an unprecedented staging. Plus, becoming thus a new culinary stagecraft of Miami. Showcasing International Fusion Cuisine, the menu will be highlighting different cooking techniques and flavors from around the world.


hef Walter Martino’s name will definitely get global recognition once he opens Kaori. His very unique approach to food is a luxurious experience on its own. Chef Martino’s culinary masterpieces are so palatable that they bring all the senses to life. His inspiration for the dishes created for Kaori have been thoroughly thought out and each will be a unique and delectable experience. “I chose Miami to be the home of my very first restaurant because I feel the worldly audience will appreciate

my culinary vision,” said Chef Walter Martino. “The different cultures that live here and the tourists that come from all over the globe to enjoy themselves will definitely enjoy the whole experience at Kaori. This restaurant will definitely play with the five senses while living in the present.” Chef Walter Martino is known to have created the most expensive plate in the world and gained the title of “Million Dollar Chef ”. The plate he created was made of solid gold, which also included 84 diamonds and received one million Euros from Arab Prince in 2013, while the plate was breathtaking, the recipes he used were the piece de resistance. Chef Walter Martino is also known as the “Most Luxurious Chef in the World” receiving this recognition after designing the world’s most expensive champagne bottle L’Oro di Bacco with an estimated value of 1.7 million euros that he paired with his signature dishes will transport the patrons on a stunning gastronomic encounter. The Walter Martino champagne contains 24 karat gold and it is decorated with hundreds of diamonds. With media tour kicking off at New York Fashion Week, then off to Milan, Ibiza, LA and Las Vegas Chef Walter Martino’s media tour will end in Miami to open Kaori by Walter Martino’s doors during Art Basel 2015. Stay tuned for Kaori by Walter Martino on Facebook Kaori by Walter Martino Also known as the “Most Luxurious Chef in the World” receiving this recognition after designing the world’s most expensive champagne bottle L’Oro di Bacco with an estimated value of 1.7 million euros. The Italian chef likes alchemy and beauty and to raise the sensations of fine dining to amazing new levels of experience. In a revolutionary new wave of haute cuisine and gastronomic vanguard Chef Walter Martino lives between Ibiza and Miami and travels all over the world offering his luxurious culinary experience to multimillionaires, celebrities and royalty. And, now South Florida will also be able to experience Chef Water Martino’s culinary creations when he opens Kaori by Walter Martino in the Fall of 2015.



Pedro Lazaro





ith great pleasure, the Kunstforeningen GL STRAND in Copenhagen opened its doors for Stanley Kubrick – The Exhibition.

This is the first presentation in the Nordic countries of the exhibition, which has drawn large numbers of visitors all over the world – from cities like Paris, LA, Seoul, Amsterdam and most recently Mexico City. The story of Stanley Kubrick’s fantastic development is told from his beginning as a successful photographer for LOOK magazine at the age of 17 to his breakthrough in the world of film when he was 30 years old, and the subsequent creation of one masterly film narrative after another. Throughout, the show offers, besides knowledge of his many works, a close-up of Kubrick’s dedicated working methods and artistic processes as well as insight into his large unfinished projects: the major films Napoleon and Aryan Papers as well as the science fiction film AI, which was later directed by Steven Spielberg. The huge popularity of the exhibition bears witness to Kubrick’s enormous importance as a film director. Stanley Kubrick died suddenly in March 1999 – shortly before the premiere of his last work, Eyes Wide Shut. He left us not only an impressive legacy of films and unfinished projects but also a huge collection of scripts, design sketches, notes, photographs, costumes, props and other unique objects from his many film shoots. The exhibition in Copenhagen is specially organized for GL STRAND with a focus on Kubrick’s visionary work within a variety of aesthetic fields, and in terms of storytelling and technology. It zooms in on the broad spectrum of material, with all of Kubrick’s films sharing center stage. The world-renowned director was able to complete 17 films. He became famous for his innovation, uncompromisingly high standards, and his commitment to all the artistic aspects of film – from visual composition, lighting, technology, music to stage design and much else. Precisely this interest in all aspects of the artistic expression of film has made many of his movies iconic masterpieces. The space helmet, the dresses of the twins, and the masks are some of the unique, recognizable visual characteristics that immediately evoke the atmosphere of films like 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Shining and Eyes Wide Shut.


hese items and other exclusive material are presented in the exhibition side by side with extracts from all Stanley Kubrick’s films. The materials presented, comprising of approximately 600 elements, mainly come from Kubrick’s personal archives and include scripts with his own notes, processual material and documentation from the film productions, design models, visual sketches, original props and much more. Kubrick’s films are all unique visual narratives – often with highly controversial themes which in their time led to censorship or uproar, as the material in the exhibition also documents. Today his finely wrought works still constitute an important source of inspiration for film-makers and film-lovers all over the world. Several of Kubrick’s professional peers, including Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg as well as Danish film professionals, comment in the exhibition on Stanley Kubrick’s importance to them. Stanley Kubrick – The Exhibition in Copenhagen has been organized by Kunstforeningen GL STRAND and film expert Søren Høy as part of Kubrick Festival 2017 which is supported by Nordea-fonden. Original exhibition concept and exhibition tour are developed by senior curator Hans-Peter Reichmann and curator Tim Heptner from the Deutsches Film museum, Frankfurt am Main. The Kubrick exhibition will run from the 23 of September to the 14th of January of 2018.



Helmut Newton Thierry Mugler, Milan, 1998 © Helmut Newton Estate


T HREAT By Pedro Lazaro

Helmut Newton Yves Saint Laurent, Paris, 1993


Helmut Newton Estate


Guy Bourdin Charles Jourdan, 1978 © Guy Bourdin Estate, 2017/Courtesy Louise Alexander Gallery

mages are revealed at the Berlin-based Helmut Newton Foundation with a new exhibition titled: GuyBourdin. Image Maker / Helmut Newton. A Gun for Hire / Angelo Marino. Another Story. Guy Bourdin revolutionized fashion photography in the late 20th century, similar to Helmut Newton. Both were the star photographers of Vogue Paris and produced some of the most iconic images of that era working for the top international fashion houses. While their medium was the magazine, they approached it with an avant-garde point of view and sharp humor. Unique as they were, they both broke aesthetic conventions by achieving a sense of timeless glamour in their editorials and advertising. Independently of one another, they developed a sense of “radical chic.” While Bourdin found a prime client in French designer Charles Jourdan in 1967, Newton photographed the collections of icons such as Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Thierry Mugler, Mario Valentino, and Blumarine, parallel to his magazine editorials. Newton called himself in self-irony A Gun for Hire. A Gun for Hire was the title of the exhibition for his commissioned work. The exhibit was shown posthumously in 2005 from Monaco to Berlin, and later in Budapest. A selection of this project will now be shown again at the Helmut Newton Foundation – for the first time juxtaposed with the works of his notable French colleague, Guy Bourdin. Guy Bourdin was a painter all his life and an auto-didact photographer. His career spanned over three decades since his debut editorial in 1955. He was also an instinctive surrealist, a creator of enigmatic narratives and a sophisticated art director.

Helmut Newton Mario Valentino, Monaco, 1998 © Helmut Newton Estate


n Helmut Newton’s A Gun for Hire, we can see commissions for fashion designers from the 1990s that were first published in their own fashion books, and later often shown by the photographer as part of his own oeuvre. It was never merely a fashion shoot which he produced, but also an unexpected, complex story, tinged with surrealism or the suspense of an Alfred Hitchcock film – without forsaking the autonomy of the image. It is often unclear where reality ends and the staging begins. Everything is real and artificial at the same time, and occasionally bathed in a cinematographic light. We encounter similar visual approaches in the works of Newton.

In his later fashion and product shots, Newton often staged photographic sequences, such as the black-and-white visual narrative for Villeroy and Bourdin extended the possibilities of what a fash- Boch (1985), a series of single images for Absolut ion photograph could be by creating images that Vodka (1995), a series with the model Monica were cinematic and unforgettable with intense Bellucci in different dresses by Blumarine (1998), interplay of light and shadow, hyper-real colors and his 12 motifs with bikini models for a sports and tight composition. magazine calendar (2002). Entitled Image Maker, the exhibition introduces works by Guy Bourdin from various publicaSmall and intimate, June’s Room is reserved for tions, including iconic and lesser-known images friends and colleagues of the Newtons – and alongside his visionary advertising for Charles this time for Helmut Newton’s former assistant Jourdan shoes. Angelo Marino, who has gone on to work with Both formally and contextually, Bourdin Newton’s widow June (a.k.a. Alice Springs). presented shoes and other fashion products in Complementing the works of Bourdin and Newchallenging ways by creating double spreads that ton, Marino presents under the title of Another resound today and were modern beyond their Story, an eclectic view of the immediate environcommercial context. ment he photographed on his way from Cannes

Helmut Newton Blumarine, Monaco, 1994 © Helmut Newton Estate to Monte Carlo. The snapshot-like images, taken with his iPhone, capture fellow travelers, the sea, or views of architecture and the landscape rushing past the window of the train. The show comprises a collection of 52 panels, each consisting of five color photographs arranged in a tableau representing one week.


n the occasion of the exhibition, the book Guy Bourdin. Image Maker, with an introduction by Shelly Verthime (curator of the Guy Bourdin Estate) and a text by Matthias Harder (curator of the Helmut Newton Foundation), will be published by Assouline, Paris / New York; 10 x 13 in – 25.4 x 33 cm, 260 pages, over 150 photographs, 4 illustrations, hardcover, ISBN: 9781614286356, $150 – €150 – £110




omero is an award-winning journalist from Spain who has received 30 national and international acknowledgments for his support of entrepreneurship, his knowledge of the communication world and his development of different skills specially demanded by entrepreneurs and managers. He is also a lecturer in Europe and the United States on charisma, visibility, and personal branding. The writer directs and presents Emprende, a program that broadcasts RTVE in Spain, Latin America and the rest of the world, through satellite and digital platforms.




he author has just published, along with his daughters Esther and Miriam, Charisma and Empathy, where he reveals how to be charismatic, to generate confidence and to be admired. The work shows the steps that must be followed to achieve this: We all want to be admired, but we do not know how to achieve it. Romero teaches us that admiration is earned through hard work and dedication. Charisma is not something that is born, but is made. Charisma and Empathy does not teach the reader to be charismatic overnight, but to achieve it little by little over the course of months. It shows us how to steadily go without hurry, but without pause. One day you put one of the resources offered in the book into practice, the next day another, and so on. From looks to body posture to how to shake an acquaintance’s hand, the book covers essential aspects that we have to master to be strong leaders. If we succeed, the person in front of us will feel happy in our company, if we do not succeed... It is not a matter of not recognizing our merits, much less, but that we are not proclaiming them at any moment with the intention of envying others. Because we pretend to be admired, never despised we have to be able to manage our merits in such a way that we get the people around us who are responsible for propagating them. That is one of the many secret, revealed in Charisma and Empathy.





Laya Di La Rosa 71







RUMP Serendipity by chance?

In other realms, way before it became true that President Trump was the commander in chief of the US, there have been “off the wall” coincidences that make you wonder... •In an anti-utopia episode, The Simpsons’ writer takes Bart into the future. 2030 is the year, and The Donald has left “Americans” crippled financially. In this chapter, which was televised in 2000, the storyline focuses on the only person who can take the U.S.A. out of its predicament: Lisa Simpson. •Donald Trump and the number 777. Coincidence? His first day at work was January 21 of 2017. Donald Trump will be 70 years old in 7 months and 7 days. •Bizarre coincidences with The Omen films and Trump. The evil character in the films, Damien Thorn, and Donald Trump’s names start with the same letters. •The antichrist character also has British ancestry, rich parents and a connection to the US presidency… Just like Trump. •Both Trump and Damien Thorn attended military school. Are these similarities by accident, chance, or providence? You be the judge of that.




he writer, fashion editor and designer reflects after being hit as with of others by the experience of living through the catastrophe and the aftermath of hurricane Maria. Today Pedro Lazaro directs his attention in creating new ideas, fresh concepts and seeks opportunities where he can offer his ample knowledge, and expertise. Not without reminiscing through the difficult road involved in making a name for himself and what does it mean to star over. Living in the Coco Beach area of Rio Grande, Puerto Rico, where the reporter was writing for several well-known local and international publications, Lazaro was traveling twice a year to NYC to cover Fashion Week and interview some of the most interesting people in the industry. He also wrote and created a fashion documentary while using fashion windows as a thermometer for incoming trends. But on October 20 all that changed drastically. “It’s been rough, the devastation was absolute, my life turned upside down. It was very hard but it was not a shock, I’ve been through many difficult situations in life and I’ve dealt with many trying events, I consider myself a survivor”. I think Puertorricans are very resilient people; we deal with hardship head on. Is there a lesson to be learned from this horrible event? “We do not live in a red carpet world. One must always consider adversity in life, and prepare for it. Things will happen along the way; loss, illness, and events like Maria are part of what life is all about. These situations can make us much stronger than we ever thought. I guess the secret to overcoming chaos, you stop for a moment, reorganize and continue the journey, but you never give up. A few years ago Lazaro could have sworn he was on my way. He worked for some of the most relevant publications on the island and previously had delved in the world of fashion, first as an illustrator, then as a window decorator and as a fashion writer, stylist and editor.


e attended an amazing school in New York City, called the Traphagen School of Fashion. People such as Geoffrey Benne, Bill Blass, Antonio Lopez, and Mary McFadden studied in this exclusive Park Avenue institution that unfortunately closed its doors in the 90s. The school was originally founded by Ethel Traphagen, who was a fashion designer and is credited with introducing shorts and slacks into American women’s fashion. She founded the Traphagen School of Design with her husband in New York City in the 1920s. The school was known for its technical orientation of fashion design, with courses in pattern making, draping illustration and advertising. “I arrived there in the early 80s and it was a true educational and inspirational experience filled with a treasure trove of vintage fashion, historic documents and imagery from that past 200 years. Meantime I worked as a window decorator for mayor department stores. NYC in the early 80s was a melting pot of amazing fashion designers, illustrators, artist of all walks of life and the city seemed to exude a pulse, a vibrancy which since has absolutely disappeared.

“Early on I discovered I was good at designing clothes but very bad at construction and sewing, I knew I would have to explore other avenues in the fashion world“. After working in several interesting and odd jobs Pedro eventually ended up in the news room of a prestigious newspaper in San Juan. “I was working as a receptionist and at that precise period they were out looking for a reporter to develop an entertainment section called WIKEN, which was already being worked on, that person abruptly left, so I applied for the position, and was hired.


hen my editor discovered by background and experience in fashion, and lifestyle I was given a try in their magazine PorDentro“. Pedro designed a small collection of couture, and kept drawing and decorating so when he started working in communications and journalism he was multitasking, way before the term became fashionable. Fast forward a few years, Lazaro was involved in a film and production company and decided to shoot a small documentary about people’s fascination with fashion. Our Passion for Fashion also known as De Guayaberas y Pasacintas is a 45 minute video that explores the attraction people have with dress and style. In the words of fashion designers, stylist, museum curators and important figures of the arts and fashion world the cast ponders the attraction between man and fashion. The film has been shown in theaters and in local and international public television. “I think this is the moment to push on and reinvent oneself. Life works out in unpredictable ways, and one must always be ready to start over; that’s part of the journey in life“.



A NEW LEVEL OF CINEMA A new experience, a concept that transcends the conventional ways of enjoying an on-screen film. With its first opening in Miami’s Brickell City Center, CMX has appeared to create an experience far beyond any in the area.


MX combines the latest technology with decor that is sure to offer an experience of ultimate luxury, comfort and bliss. The experience not only includes one of the few all-laser theaters from Meyer Sound Laboratories, but includes a Dolby Atmos room. Of course, no avant-garde technological experience would be complete without an app where not only can tickets be bought in advance, but select from a fine menu of dining experience and a mixologist providing the most exotic of the cocktails so that the experience is multi sensory, interactive and unique. This state-of-the-art complex includes more than 10 theaters and an indoor LED screen at the bar. The chef, Kristin Tiritilli, has put together a menu with exquisite gourmet options for those who decide to indulge in her creations. CMX offers a perfect space for those looking to experience new sensations, in leisure, in visuals and in being surrounded by a space that is in complete harmony with the lifestyle of up scale entertainment.



he city lights of Brickell are constantly alive to suit the racing lives of businessmen. In the midst of management and industry, you might crave a place other than the doors of a condo building to take a smoke break. The classic image of men gathered on sofa chairs and taking draws out of fine cigars starts to pique your desires. The Casa de Montecristo by Prime Cigar & Whiskey Bar allows you to turn that desire into a facile reality. The Prime Cigar began as a bar in Boca Raton and marked itself as the only sanctuary of its kind in the region. Founders Jason Reznik and Ryan Leeds earned their success by offering the guests a true relaxation experience marked by vintage cigars and smooth bourbon. Now, the men of Brickell can share in this undisturbed experience as the Casa has opened its doors on South Miami Avenue. Inside the Prime Cigar, patrons are invited to indulge in rare brands of whiskey on luxury sofa chairs. The air is kept crisp by a state-of-the-art control system which replaces 100% of the atmosphere consistently. A walk


in-humidor grants you the choice of over 50 sophisticated, award-winning cigar lines. What would the Prime Cigar be if it did not offer Cuban Montecristos, among the finest of the market? A busy lifestyle might entail you to make important decisions daily. Choosing which cigar will not have to be one of them. A highly educated, experienced staff is there to cater to whatever taste of repose you crave. With a Romeo Y Julieta in one hand, you can enjoy a rare brand of liquid courage in the other. Balvenie Tun 1509, Jordan Napa, and Yamakasi 18 are just of the few names that grace the bar shelves of The Whiskey Bar.


n 2016 voted the Casa de Montecristo Prime Cigar Whiskey Bar as a top choice for National Scotch Day. Fortunately, you have the chance to visit this haven regardless of a tight schedule. The Prime Cigar’s doors are open every day for patrons to lounge. Although the James Bond-like wood and suit aesthetics of the Casa might appeal more to sophisticated men, ladies are invited to enjoy the experience as well. In fact, “every night is ladies night” according to the Casa. The lounge lives up to this promise by offering reduced cost glasses of Veuve Clicquot Rosé for women daily. Those who wish for a higher degree of privacy are welcome to become a member. Members of the Casa de Montecristo are granted access to the Private Founder’s Area. In the forward, constantly bourgeoning city of Brickell, one can thank the Casa de Montecristo Prime Cigar Whiskey Bar for being an oasis of sophisticated relaxation.






igars are a part of history and tradition, diligently hand rolled for today’s renaissance debonair man. A labor of love, cigars represent long standing tradition and culture. The quality of the seed, the region where it is grown, the soil, the blending and rolling come together to create a finished work of art. Whether the leaves are grown in Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Brazil, Honduras, Mexico or the United States, there is uniqueness to every hand rolled cigar. When asked, “Which is the best cigar?” The correct answer is… “What you desire.” One must understand, for the aficionado; a cigar is not a trend but a lifestyle choice with the conscious decision to take a journey with each stick at hand. We don’t only smoke cigars, we train our palates to taste and appreciate the flavors and fragrant aromas drawn in every puff. In a fine cigar, the gentleman celebrates his moment in time. A time to think, plan, meditate or celebrate. A man and his cigar represent his milestones in his journey through life with family, business, adventures and romance. Smoking a fine cigar is sophisticated relaxation. Whether you smoke alone, with friends, or in a cigar lounge full of strangers, you are never alone and no one is a stranger because cigar lovers are bonded by the power of the leaf.


Q&A Favorite Cigar? Depends on my mood. Love them all. Mild, Medium or Full Bodied? Full Body Favorite Size? Churchill V-cut, Straight or Punch? Straight Favorite Time for a smoke? Sunset After Dinner? Always after a steak dinner Best Paired with? Another Cigar Espresso or Cappuccino? Espresso Wine? Pinot Noir Whiskey? Single Malt Scotch Tequila? Definitely Anejo Dessert? Flan Chocolate? Dark Seafood? Yes Fish? Grouper Blackened Shellfish? Florida Lobster Oysters? Raw Steak? Can’t live with out. Cut? Bone-in Ribeye Temperature? Medium Rare Tartare? Steak tartare with a Quail egg Escargot? Yes! with garlic and butter Family? A Son and Daughter Sundays? Family Day Party Night? Fridays Saturdays? Dine and Smoke Men’s Night? Tuesday “Steak & Leaf ” Dinners Travel? Best culture education First island adventure? Living in Hawaii Exotic islands? A week in Bali Asia? Lived in Bangkok Thai street food? The best food markets! Europe? Lived in Barcelona. Madrid? Full of spirit. Paella? Paella Negra with squid ink Flamenco? I am a gypie at heart. Favorite City? Miami America? The beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Boating? I am an ocean man. Fishing or Hunting? I eat what I catch. Sport? Soccer Relationships? Take a lot of work. Women? They make the world turn. Love? A Gift Friendship? We need each other. Philanthropy? Support your community. Karma? You reap what you so sow. Best source for knowledge? Read Books Favorite New Magazine? Mr. Black