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Spring 2014


MADISON PUBLIC LIBRARY a quarterly newsletter from the Madison Public Library Foundation

FOUNDATION NEWS Readathon Kicks Off Early Literacy Program at Pinney Library On January 8, over 200 neighbors celebrated the launch of Pinney Library’s new early literacy initiative, 1000 Books Before Kindergarten. Funded by a $3,700 grant from the foundation, this free program promotes reading to newborns, infants and toddlers while encouraging parent and child bonding through reading. The kickoff included Madison figures like Mayor Paul Soglin, Michelle Li of WISC-TV, and city police and firefighters reading stories nonstop for five hours. By the end of the event, 112 children had joined the new program.

A toddler gets up close and personal with “Where The Wild Things Are.”

“1000 Books Before Kindergarten emphasizes that year-round reading is essential for children to build the vocabulary awareness and prereading skills they need to enter kindergarten ready to learn,” said Lesley Kircher, youth services librarian at Pinney Library.

In the program, families sign up and track their child’s reading. For every 100 books read, children receive a sticker. After finishing 1,000 books, children earn a free book. “1,000 seems like a large number, but for a newborn baby that enters the program, reading only one book a day for that baby’s first five years makes an incredible difference in the child’s readiness for school,” said Pinney supervisor Sarah Lawton. Pinney will serve as the pilot location for this program with plans to expand it to all nine libraries. In the meantime, families from all across Madison can sign up at Pinney Library or on the library’s website.

Madison Ald. David Ahrens entertains a captive audience during the Readathon.

Ex Libris Volume III: Better With Beer Raises $39,000 Nearly 400 guests tasted their way through 20 of Madison’s favorite breweries and eateries at Ex Libris Volume III: Better with Beer, held on November 1. The foundation’s third annual beer tasting fundraiser took a new twist this year, challenging local restaurateurs to create menu items made with popular craft brews. Attendees enjoyed music from The Oak Street Ramblers and bid on fun and tasty silent auction items. The first annual bottle cap raffle even made one lucky guest the winner of “Beer for a Year,” courtesy of The Great Dane Pub & Brewing Co. Many thanks to the sponsors, tasting partners and donors who helped make this year’s event the biggest and most successful yet, netting $39,000 for the library’s buildings, collections and programs.

Alice Tillett and Bill White say “cheers” to Madison Public Library.

Adam Skibley wins “Beer for a Year” from the Great Dane.

Next Door Brewing Co. preps pumpkin custard made with their Sevex ale.

FOUNDATION NEWS Inquiring Minds Your Questions Answered

Jessica Mac Naughton Foundation President

We Want to Know ... We asked our new board members, “Why do you contribute to the Madison Public Library Foundation?” I contribute to the foundation because I want to do my part to make sure that Madison has a world-class library system.

Q: How can I incorporate the Madison Public Library Foundation in my estate plan?

A: There are many ways to leave a legacy that benefits Madison’s libraries both immediately and well into the future. The simplest way to make a planned gift is by including the foundation as a beneficiary in your will. These gifts can help support the library’s current needs or can be designated to one of the foundation’s many endowments to support the library far into the future. These endowment funds, managed by Madison Community Foundation, continue to grow as they accrue annual earnings over time, ensuring a strong future for our libraries. Charitable gift annuity’s (CGAs) provide a unique planned giving option that can benefit both you, as the donor, as well as the foundation. To create a CGA, you make a tax-deductible gift of cash or another asset to MCF who, in turn, pays you a fixed yearly sum for the rest of your lifetime. Any funds remaining in your CGA can be used to create a new fund or added to one of the existing endowment funds that benefit the Madison Public Library Foundation. Later in this newsletter, you’ll read about the Mohaupt Fund for the Sequoya Branch Library, a great example of how a CGA can be used to support the library. In 2004, Alvin and Ruth Mohaupt established a CGA that led to the creation of an endowment in 2011 that has been supporting Sequoya library’s programs and collections since. While the foundation cannot provide tax or legal advice on the many ways to make planned gifts, we can work with you, your family, and your professional advisors to carry out your vision. If you have already included the foundation in your plans, please let us know so that we can recognize you as part of our Silas Pinney Society.

Angie Brown

My wife and I support the Madison Public Library Foundation because it makes Madison’s libraries great rather than merely good. The foundation’s sole purpose is to enhance the facilities, services, and programs of our libraries, which are treasured assets in our community. Lau Christensen

Dick Goldberg

All benefit from a contribution to our public library - rich, middle class or poor. It is moving beyond a base of books and research resources to serve as well as a vibrant community center, and even a place of help and guidance for the disadvantaged. It serves us all, and helps build a sense of connection and community. I give so that all of the children in Madison can continue to have access to a neighborhood library and all of its programming, in order to spark in them a love for reading.

Marnie Hulan

Anne Lucke

I contribute to the Madison Public Library Foundation because our libraries bring together people from all corners of our community and provide an incredible array of learning opportunities. Libraries helped launch my own love of learning, and I’m proud to pay it forward by investing in this critical community resource.

Kathleen Woit

I have been visiting the Madison Public Library since I was a little girl growing up in Madison. The evolution of the first small library downtown to the new library is absolutely fantastic. Libraries are the heart of the community as both a place of learning and exploration as well as a meeting place to discuss the important issues of the day.

Learn more about planned giving on our website, or give us a call any time.

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Book Club Corner: Meet Book Bags

Ellen Esser Bequest Fills Library Shelves With Children’s Books

Book Bags is one of two book groups affiliated with Tempo, a peer-topeer organization of Madison’s women leaders. Since the group has been meeting for over a decade, the origin of the name Book Bags has been “lost in the sands of time,” but Tempo’s other group name, NFL, is known to stand for non-fiction lovers. Both clubs meet monthly in members’ homes and hold one joint meeting every January.

In 2008, when Ellen Esser left $11,500 to the Madison Public Library Foundation in her will, she had one request: that her donation be used to purchase children’s books. Now that Central Library is open, its vastly expanded 10,000-square-foot children’s area is getting an infusion of new materials.

What book are you currently reading? The BookThief What author would you like to have as a book club guest? Ann Patchett If you could host book club anywhere, where would it be? Provence

So far, the youth services department has used the funds to purchase audiobooks, the 2014 World Book Encyclopedia set, and books about LEGOs and outdoor adventures with more to come.

“Her contribution was in keeping with the way she lived, by doing for others in an unassuming way.”

According to Ellen’s cousin, John McDermott, she never shared the motivation behind her gift.

If you could invite any person to join your book club, who would it be? Jane Hamilton The Book Bags

Congratulations to the Book Bags! They’ve won a gift card to Barriques. If you’d like to be entered in the drawing for next quarter’s newsletter, visit us at

“Having no children of her own, it’s reasonable to believe she wanted to give kids something she wasn’t able to do as a parent by sharing her love of reading,” he speculated. “Whatever the incentive, her contribution was in keeping with the way she lived, by doing for others in an unassuming way.”

A mom and daughter peruse the growing children’s collection at Central Library.

2013 Endowment Funds Expand Collections for All Ages Each year, proceeds from the foundation’s endowment funds ensure a perpetual stream of income to support Madison Public Library in a variety of ways. Here are a few examples of how endowment funds supported your libraries in 2013.

In 2013, the Print Books Purchase Fund produced $4,300 to help the library embark on new projects like establishing a “Too Good to Miss” collection at Monroe Street. These displays offer extra copies of highdemand items that are immediately available. Molly Warren, the curator of these collections, describes them as “a nice way to reward patrons who visit the library in person.” Graphic novels and popular teen titles Established by Alvin and Ruth Mohaupt using Charitable Gift Annuitys (CGAs), the Mohaupt Fund generated $3,800 that was used to purchase graphic novels and teen titles at Sequoya.

Endowment proceeds help create new collections like “Too Good to Miss.”

“Too Good to Miss” collections for adults “Library services continually evolve, but books are still at the core of who we are,” said Susan Lee, who oversees collection development. “The experience of holding a book in your hand just can’t be replaced.”

“The graphic novel format has gained critical acclaim over the past 20 years, but our collections still have huge holes,” said graphic novel selector Barbara Segal. “The Mohaupt Fund gave us an awesome collection of new titles and classic stuff. I’m sure that many readers were delighted, and not just at Sequoya.”

In 2013, the Mohaupt Fund helped Sequoya buy more in-demand teen titles.

Mondo readers for growing minds Goodman South Madison used $1,180 of its endowment fund earnings to purchase Mondo readers to supplement the Madison Metropolitan School District’s curriculum. “We want kids to be able to continue working on their reading skills, even when they’re not in school,” said branch manager Michael Spelman. Pinney, Hawthorne, and Monroe Street libraries have also added them to their shelves. 3

FOUNDATION DONORS & GIFTS Annual Fund Thank you to the following donors who contributed in 2013 to the Annual Fund. Stewards $1,000 or more Anonymous Arntsen Family Christopher & Peggy Bugg James Cain & Miriam Simmons Allen Chase Lau & Bea Christensen Marlene Dikkers Russ & Jean Endres Dan & Peg Geisler Dick Goldberg & Lisa Munro Penny Hubbard Robert Keller Jack Lussier Mark & Nancy Moore Glenn Reinl & Sara Krebsbach James & Jane Roeber Joan Schmit David Schwartz June Scott Geri Torti Dorothy & Robert Troller Tripp & Nancy Widder Patrons $250-$999 Anonymous (9) Anne Arnesen Linda Ciofu Baumann Dave & Terri Beck-Engel Carolyn Bell & Lincoln Ramirez William & Laura Bird Caitlin Boettner Helen Boley Marcia Bradley Doug & Cynthia Carlson Patricia & Dana Chabot Steve Cohan Frank & Mary Ann Cook Tracy Cotter Ted & Barbara Crabb James & Nancy Dast Carl & Eve Degen Diane & Robert Dempsey Stephan Deutsch & Judith Burstyn Christopher Dolan & Eileen Hannigan William & Donna Dusso Jane Eisner Jean Espenshade Ray & Mary Evert Ann L. Falconer Steve & Mary Fix Albert Friedman & Susan Tikalsky Mary Gallagher David & Catherine Gillman Charles & Linda Gorchels Charles & Joyce Grapentine Barry Guinn Donald Hausch & Joanne Thomson Constance Hegerfeld Jane Heymann Duncan Highsmith & Ana AraĂşjo


Randy & Becky Hoffman Laura & Michael Holt Charles & Marnie Hulan Phil Kammerer Thomas Kasper & Ann Rulseh Chris & Marge Kleinhenz Barbara Landes & Paul Sullivan Charles Leadholm & Jeanne Parus Joanne & Bob Lenburg Kent Lesandrini Jane Lewis Caroline & Jim Liedtke Sue & Art Lloyd Anne Lucke Stewart Macaulay Jim & Susie Madden Eileen & Mary Maher William & Caroline Mallatt Wendy Fearnside & Bruce Meier John & Linda Merrill Don & Mary Metz Thomas & Irene Meyer John & Betty Moore Lois Nelson Diane Nienow Laurie Elwell & Rick Niess Jim & Judy Olson Bob O’Neill Paul J. Patenaude Jane Pearlmutter & Stephen Scheibel Sarah Ramirez Carolyn Rank Jacob & Lynsey Ray Jon & Julie Reneau Lorraine & Gary Roberts Ron & Cathy Rotter Dolly Schoenberg Jim & Donna Schroeder Donald & Joan Schuette Elmira & L.H. Schultz Keila Schutten John Selegue & Edith Eberhart William Sheldon Robert & Suzanne Smith Florian & Louise Smoczynski Scott Straub Mary & Rob Stroud Dorothy Swennes Judith Thompson Nick & Betsy Trane Bruce Tulloch Earl & Mary Updike Annie Waitzman Terry & Mary Warfield Ela & Robert Waterman Barbara Williams Kathy Jo Williams Kathleen Woit David Wood & Jane Doughty Alex Young & Nancy Pandhi Tom & Kathie Zaremba Theodora Zehner Ben & LeeAnn Ziegler Janet Zimmerman

Individuals Up to $249 Anonymous (112) Jean E. Allen Melissa Allen Jacob & Lucy Altwegg A. Roy Anderson Bruce & Margaret Anderson Carole & Charles Anderson Duane & Harriet Anderson Harriet Anderson Joy Anderson Lois Anderson Myron Anderson Brian & Mary Andreas Gary & Martha Antoniewicz Michael & Rima Apple Thomas & Jane Arbogast Caryl Askins Charlene & Aaron Avery James Bakken Mr. Tino Balio Mark & Jennell Ballering Susan Balliette Arlene Banoul Lindy & Howard Barden Cathy Kennedy & Frank Barone Douglas Batty Nancy Marshall Bauer Warren Bauer Margaret Baumgartner Bernard Bazan Lawrence Bechler & Patricia Struck Donald Beduhn Donna Beestman John Bell & Lauren Bern Lois Bell Rodney & Bonnie Benson Leonard & Norma Berkowitz Niles & Linda Berman Theodore Bernstein Ghita Bessman Barbara Bickford Tom & Kathy Bier Robert Blank Stephen & Ellen Blitz Charles & Diane Boardman Donald O. & Barbara L. Boe Carl & Myrtle Boedecker Walter & Sandra Borowski Nancy & Aaron Bower Thomas Boykoff Patricia Brady Bill & Judy Braham Mel Braverman Michael Brennecke & Mary Laedtke Mark Brill & Janis Littel Pauline Bruhnke Wendy Rakower & Warren Buckles Paul & Suzanne Buckner Jane Bernatovich & Tim Budke Glen & Ria Cain Ruth Calden Carrie Callahan Maria Cancian & Charles Kalish

Max Carbon Bradley Carl Ian & Joan Carlson Sharon Carlson Nancy & Chuck Carpenter Joseph & Mary Cassinelli Eleanor Cautley Richard Chandler & Heidi Pankoke Robert & Susan Chase Julius & Grace Chosy Jim Christensen Jack & Kay Cipperly Louise S. Clark Joe & Marti Clausius Craig & Mary Clemons Sheila Cohen Mary Collet Tim & Shelby Connell Gregory & Dorothy Conniff Ralph & Geraldine Cotter Frank Court & Abbie Loomis Nancy Crabb The Crownover Family Craig Cullum & Helena Campbell L. Beth Cummings Lois Curtiss Marcie Dachik John Dadmun Jeanne Daniels & Paul Cerutti Frederick J. Davis Janet Davis Nancy & Matthew Davis Sarah Day Norma Denbrook Loren Denlinger & Charlene Drumm Clarence & Permela Lee DeSpain Dan Dettmann Bea & Gene Dewey Barry DeZonia Shirley Dieter Douglas & Lisa Dillman Barbara Dimick Wallace & Peggy Douma William & Alexandra Dove Greg Downey & Julie Yendrek Warren & Ruth Downs Tim Drexler Howard & Jean Druckenmiller Robert Duecker Norman Dullum Shirley Dumas George & Regina Dunst Therese Duranso John & Monica Dyar Anthony & Jane Earl Julie Eckenwalder Kathy Massoth & Bruce Edmonson Linda Eisele Romaine & Arlene Ellingson Charles Elson Brad & Rita Emmert Beverly Engeldinger Joyce & Jerry Ensign Glenn & Irene Esenther

Jim & Kathy Esser Patricia Evans David & Evelyn Fahrbach Dick & Helen Falch Eugene Farley Linda Farley Janet Faulhaber Thomas & Rachel Favour Paul & Elizabeth Faye Nancy Feingold & Douglas Green Michael Feldman & Sandra Wolens Dale & Janine Finke Clarence Firari Edith First Claudia Fischer Dianne Fisher & Mark Chullino James Fleming Kevin Fliege Milton & Emily Ford Barb & Jeff Foster Michael Foy & Carrie Morgan Julie Franz Edward & Deidre Frees Susan Friedman-Hill Joy Froelich Jac & Edye Garner Anna Garner-Strickon Richard & Susan Geier Valy Goepfrich Stanley Goldfarb Michael G. Goldsberry James & Laura Good Evangeline Goth Beverly & Lawrence Gottlieb Dan & Alice Gould Robert Greenler Gay & Mark Gross Lila Gullixson Warren O. Hagstrom Shirley Haidinger Patricia Halpin John Hanrahan Don & Mary Harkness Reta Harring Bruce Harville Carroll Heideman Herbert J. Hellen Simon & Billie Hellerstein Phyllis Helmer Douglas Hemken & Elizabeth Ivers Douglas Hendrix & Sherrie Gates-Hendrix Jane Henning Patricia Herrin Noah & Rosalyn Hershkowitz Helen Hift Dennis & Vicki Hill Elizabeth Hill Lorne T. Hillier Elizabeth Himpsel Ruth Hind Marianne Hobbins Les & Susan Hoffman Dave & Susan Hogg Marlena Holden Donald & Susan Holec Carol Holtsapple

Grace Homb Ulfert & Kathleen Hornemann Jim & Lucille Hornung W. Pharis Horton & Carolyn D. Horton Tom & Sue Howe William & Kathryn Hoyt James Hudson & Diane Martin Sarah & Brad Hughes Barbara Hummel Michael & Lori Hundt Bill & Marilyn Hurst Patricia Huyett Richard & Mary Ann Ihlenfeld Irene Ilgen Susie Fritz Jablonic Thomas & Judi Jacobs Debra Jellings Margaret Jensen Susan Jensen Jeffrey Jerred & Yael Gen Nancy Jesse & Paul Menzel D. Elsa Johnson David Johnson Frances Johnson Johanna Johnson Nancy Westphal-Johnson & Ralph Johnson Samuel Johnson Virginia R. Johnson Prof. & Mrs. James E. Jones Lee & Rosemary Jones Madhu & Sudha Joshi Donna Junghans William & Mary Kakuske Charles Kalish & Maria Cancian Michelle Kamin Al & Dolores Kanner David Karbler Lois Karn Catherine Kautsky Claude Kazanski & Madelyn Leopold John & Jacqueline Kelley Sally Kelling Doris Kennedy Paul & Peggy Kent Walt Keough Bill & Linda Keys Lois Kibbe Steven Kihm Henry Kim Judy Kimball Robert Kirkpatrick James & Lee Ann Kleeman Ronald & Barbara Klein Tom & Rosemary Kleinheinz Mark Kliewer & Eileen Ahearn Fran Klos Helen J. Knechtges Allen Knop & Linda Sweeney Keith & Susan Knowles Kathryn Kohler Patricia Kokotailo, M.D. Mark & Therese Kolan Laura T. Komai Lois Komai Margaret & Tracy Koop Carol Korf Matthew Kozlowski Sara Krauskopf Esther Kretschmar Helaine Kriegel

Darlene Kriesel James & Joan Krikelas Thomas & Domenica Kuech David Kuenzi Mary Kunkel Helen Kuntz Paul & Atsuko Kusuda David & Hilda Kuter Margaret S. Lacy Jacqueline Lahr Dolly Marsh & Jeffrey Lange Robert & Betsy Lee Jack & Joyce Leichtenberg Roma Lenehan Madelyn Leopold Nancy Lersch Beverly Lewis Kathleen Lieber Allen & Joan Liegel Don Lindsay Bob & Glenda Lindsay Louis & Frankie Locke Barbara Lockwood Sue & Gary Loertscher Tom Loeser & Bird Ross James Lorman & Anne Forbes Carla & Richard Love Birl & Ester Lowery John & Janet Petry Lubniewski Gary Lyons & Jayne Squirrell Jessica & Scott Mac Naughton Jim & Susie Madden Arden & Linda Mahlberg Jill Maidenberg & Richard Thal Maija Maki-Laurila Mary Malaney Doris A. Marten Guy & Marilyn Martin Jack & Nancy Martin Lyle & Virginia Marty Thomas & Joan Matthews Margaret McClung Brent & Deborah McCown Marilyn McIntyre Judith McMahon Mike & Kathy Meehan Meghan Meeker June Melder Joe & Margo Melli William & Diane Mellon Paul Menzel Gina Meronek Norma Metzen Linda & David Michael Bruce & Kay Michaelis Fred & Judy Middleton Charles & Sally Miley Margaret & Paul Miller Kenneth Mohr Jim & Pat Moore Mark & Nancy Moore Micheal & Jennifer Morgan Diane Morrissey Barbara Mortensen Sue Mueller Douglas & Shirley Mullen Peter & Donna Napoleone Geri Naymick David Nelson & Brook Chase Soltvedt Edward Nelson

Agate Nesaule Allan & Aileen Nettleton Peg Neuhengen Chris & Pam Neumann Mike Nonn E.J. & Olive Nordby Gail Nordheim Heidi & Tom Notbohm Don & Louise Novotny Elizabeth Odders-White Richard Olbrich Star & Ray Olderman Jefren Olsen & Kathy Rasmussen Ronald Olson Wilma Olson John & Nancy O’Neill Lawrie Kobza & Peter Oppeneer Steven & Kaaren Oreck Sandra Osborn Fred & Lynda Paasch Heidi Pankoke & Richard Chandler Seymour & Ruth Parter Donna Paske Mary Pearlman Donna Peckett Gene & Sayoko Phillips Rick & Marge Pifer Wayne Plant Adam Plotkin & Jaime Healy-Plotkin Guy Plunkett III & Joanne Harper Plunkett Florence Poole Colleen Potter Ken & Nancy Ragland Ron Raines & Laura Kiessling Frank Ranallo Jim Rasmussen Thelma Rasmussen Elaine D. K. Rattunde Jacob & Lynsey Ray Clarence Ready Richard & Mary Ann Reale John Reinemann Louis Remily Lou & Mary Remily Janet Reschke Michael & Pamela Rewey Mikhail Reyfman Anne & Richard Rhyme Fred Risser Maureen Robbins Delores Robillard Richard & Barbara Robinson Eleanor Rodini Mark & Dana Roffers Tim & Beth Rogers George & Pat Roggensack Cynthia Rose Frederic & Mary Ross Jacqueline Ross Barbara Roth Steve & Kathy Rothering Jim & Carol Ruhly Catherine Runnels Evelyn Russell Pat & Betsy Ryan Veronica Saeman Marta Sanyer Ruth Saunders Carol Sawyer Nan & Bob Schaefer

John & Susan Schauf Patrick & Dana Scheckel Kenneth Schmitt W.Thomas Schrader & Monica Jaehnig John Schroeder Betty Schuchardt Patricia Schulz Steven Schulze & Kim Knorr Martin Schwartz Andrew & Kristin Seaborg Sherwood & Jaclyn Seigel Subhra Sengupta Patricia Seybold William Shaffer Mark Shahan & Laura Brown Curt & Karen Shawkey Marleigh Sheaff Eugene & Cecilia Sheets Margaret & Toby Sherry John & Twila Sheskey Julie Shiner-Bazan Nancy & Michael Shinners David Silverberg & Elizabeth Huebel Tom & Patti Sinclair Charles Smalley & Connie Palmer Lori Smetana & Jeffrey Swiggum Alice Smith Charles Smith Patricia E. Smith Pat Smith & David Panofsky Patricia M. Smith Randall & Marilyn Smith Galen & Rose Smith Wrede (Bud) & Melissa Smith Keara Smyth Melissa & James Sosman Koleen Spiece Claudia Standorf Emily Stanley Phillip C. Stark Richard & Victoria Stauber Jamie & Joseph Steuer Elaine Stevens Lynne Stevens Sheila & Larry Stevens Tom & Deborah Still Dennis Stone & Artace Kelting David & Luanne Storley John Stott & Patricia Sanford Paul Strommen & Jude Leimer Sharon Stumbras Dorothy Sund Milton Sunde Richard Swanson & Fanny Aragno Mark Sweet Richard Sweet & Judith Zvara Margaret Talcott Ann Thering Barbara Thomas William H. Thomas Joseph & Pauline Thome Donald & Joanna Thompson Evelyn Thompson Lou Thornsen Amy Thornton John Tolch Barbara A. Trapp Larry & Esther Travis

Nancy & Tom Turman Diane Michalski Turner Jan & Stan Tymorek L. M. & Jean Unverzagt Daniel & Selma Van Eyck Clay Van Mell Janet Van Vleck Nicole Vander Meulen Ray & Susan Vanderby Walter & Diane Vandervest Paul & Jackie Vastola Steven Vedro & Beverly Gordon Charles Vetzner Georgene Vitense Russ Vogel & Dae Jean Jahnke Burton & Georgia Wagner Diane Walker Ann & Bill Walker Marilyn Yeates & George Weidner James & Rita Weiland Peter Weiler Alan Weiner & Sandra Belozercovsky Frank & Mariana Weinhold Esther Weiss Nancy Welch Edward Wellin Matt & Haley Weygandt William White William & Sally White George & Jeanette Williams Mary Williamson Sharen & Thomas Wilson Jeff Wilton & Ann O’Brien Rob & Emily Wixson Scott & Julie Woerth Barbara Wogsland Larry & Donna Wold Sandra Wolens & Michael Feldman Levi Wood Pam & Clint Woodman John & Nancy Woods Rolf & Susan Wulfsberg John Yin & Teresa Lau M. Crawford Young Sol Zaichick Dan & Irene Zimmerman James & Sarah Zylstra Organizations Barriques Cricket Design Works Inc. Epic James Reeb Unitarian Universalist Congregation John J. Frautschi Family Foundation Johnson Bank Laurence & Frances Weinstein Foundation, Inc. Lorman Education Services National Mutual Benefit Nelson G. and Vera C. Hicks Charitable Foundation PEO - Madison Chapter Rochdale International Cooperative Strand Associates, Inc. Sustainable Engineering Group Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek S.C. Wisconsin Distributors LLC


Special Project or Purpose The foundation thanks all donors who contributed in 2013 for a special project or purpose. $1,000 or more Anonymous (1) Dorothy Blotz Capital Times Kids Fund Dean Clark Robert Gooze Friends of Pinney Branch Library Great Dane Pub and Brewing Company Edward Hauser Lois Hindhede Forest Foundation, Inc. Charles & Valerie Kime Madison Community Foundation Monroe Street Library League Madison South Rotary Foundation Phyllis Turner Linda S. VandenBerg Estate Leo J. Groth Estate Tom Wolfe & Pat Powers

$250-$999 Anonymous (5) Ann & Roger Avery James & Kate Becker Bruce Tulloch Friends of Meadowridge Branch Joy Froelich Mary Garrett John & Kristine Grigas Richard Hammerstrom Ronald Jetty & Tammy Kempfert Jessica & Scott Mac Naughton Jack & Pat Mitchell Scott & Debbie Moore Daniel & Judy Nystrom Paul J. Patenaude Carolyn Rank Angela Richardson Mary & Rob Stroud

Up to $249 Anonymous (15) Theodora Christensen Mikaela Hagen Jack Longley & Maureen Durkin Eleanor Nelsen Elizabeth Amundson & Jason Sailing Barbara Arnold Anne Bagley Ted & Kathy Balcom Dr. Robert L. Beilman Charles & Diane Boardman William Brumsickle & Henny Regnier William & Joan Burns Brian & Carolyn Butler David Caulum Lindsay Cieslik Anne Clark & Douglas Baird James & Mary Clark Joe & Marti Clausius Stephen Dembski

Nancy Dodge & David Watts William & Alexandra Dove Theresa Drinka Mary Pat Feifarek Dan & Susan Finkelmeyer Timothy Gavin Charles & Joyce Grapentine Larry & Sharon Sperling Marina Haan Katie Hayden Jeanne Heller Amanda Hingst Helen Horn & Ralph Petersen Stanley & Shirley Inhorn Donald & Maureen Kind Karin Kolb Curtis Kubly Aimee & Micah LaDousa Jennifer LaMontagne Terry & Peggy Larson Joanne & Bob Lenburg Mary Litzer Jerry & Carol McAdow Richard McCoy

Andrew & Cara Moll Francis Power Patsy Ragland Robert & Constance Roden Jane & Douglas Roughen Don & Barb Sanford Andreas & Susanne Seeger Barbara Showers T.J. & Mary Sobota Guy & Eileen Somers Henry Steinberger & Gail Jacob Stuart Strumpf Bradley & Sheri Sutton John & Marika Suval Karl Teuber Edward & Jan Vidruk Paula Wick Dean & Lauren Rosen Yeazel Sansun Yeh Robert Zank Di Zhu

Tributes The foundation recognizes those who made gifts in honor or in memory of a friend or loved one. Anonymous in memory of James A. Conway Mildred Albrecht in memory of Norman Albrecht Vicki Alexander in memory of Bea Van Ess Elizabeth Barrett in honor of Eloise Barrett Molly Belt in memory of Josephine Bosler Niles & Linda Berman in honor of the grandson of Linda & David Maraniss Larry Black & Barb Roeber in honor of Barbara A. Besadny Catherine Buege in memory of Dennis Buege Capitol Neighborhoods in memory of Wilbur Kolar Chiu-Chuang & Jei-Yee Chou in memory of Eyleen Chou Janice Christensen in honor of Leslie Christensen James Clum in memory of Cynthia M. Clum Terry Cohn & Michael Johns in honor of Pamela Alsum Darcy Crews & David Hill in memory of Ann Brauer Kennedy Ellen Crummy in honor of Molly McDevitt Bill Cudlipp in memory of Kate Cudlipp Steward L. Davis in memory of Charlotte Steward Davis Margaret DeVault in memory of M. Vere DeVault Mr. & Mrs. John J. Doll in memory of David B. Magee Daniel & Sandra Eater in memory of Daniel B. Eater Barbara Eggleston in memory of Gerald G. Eggleston Bruce Ehlke in memory of Jackie Ehlke


Maureen Ellsworth in memory of Linda S. VandenBerg & Mary K. Thompson Laurie Elwell & Rick Niess in honor of Al Friedman Janet Emmerich in memory of Paul Emmerich Ray & Mary Evert in memory of Martha H. Jordan Laurie A. Farnan in memory of Ida Farnan Kay Fitzgerald in memory of Kathleen Fitzgerald John & Catherine Frey in memory of David Schwab Violet Geishirt in memory of Kenneth Geishirt Amie Goldman & David Gunderson in honor of Lucie Gunderson Zorko Greblo in memory of Cornelia Greblo Lisa Grueneberg in memory of John Johanneson Margaret Harrigan & Richard Ross in memory of Lois Harrigan Darin Harris & Dawn McCluskey in honor of Ellie & Alexa Rudolph & Ilse Hecht in honor of Eva Hecht Julia Heusinger in memory of Steven J. Heusinger Steven Hopkins in memory of Frances M. Hopkins Kay Jarvis-Sladky & Robert Sladky in honor of Judith P. Olson Ja-Ja Howe in honor of Brinnan Shaffer Kurt & Nancy Kaczmarek in memory of Eugene Kaczmarek Alfred Kadushin in memory of Sylvia Kadushin

Roberta Lynn Keller in memory of Kathleen Keller Amanda Kemnitz in memory of Alice Delwiche Ronald & Barbara Klein in memory of Joel Kobrin Marilyn Knutson in memory of John K. Knutson Lewis Koch in memory of Richard F. Koch Darlene Kriesel in memory of Joanne E. Hertel William & Maxine Ladwig in memory of Debra Wilcox Johnson Phyllis Lathrope in honor of all the children Dorothy Leon in memory of Maurice D. Leon Library Media Fund in honor of Julie Weis Library Media Fund in honor of Peggy L. Ellerkamp Stewart Macaulay in memory of Jackie Macaulay Nancy & Lee McAdams in memory of Patricia Stoffel Barbara McCall in honor of Allen Arntsen Anne McCambridge in memory of Linda Courchaine Francis & Kay McGuire in memory of Felicita McGuire & Mary Jane Gordon Michael Meton in memory of Harvey & Josephine Meton Middleton Family Foundation in memory of Scott Schultz Sue Milch & Wilt Sanders in honor of Laurie Swimm Mark & Nancy Moore in memory of June Erickson Duane & Elaine Neitzel in honor of our grandchildren Lois Nelson in memory of Evelyn Scott

Mary Neumann in memory of George O. Neumann Diane Nienow in honor of Delores Buenger Kriss Ostrom in memory of Otto Zerwick DHP in honor of Eleanor Cautley Thomas Pellino in memory of Teresa A. Pellino Claire Peters in memory of Arthur Peters Lonna Peterson in honor of Elspeth Gordon & Mary Gordon Lori & Steve Ploetz in memory of Adeline Jahn Martin Preizler in honor of Lynn Preizler Ruth Rand in memory of Frederick A. Rand Rita Mae Reese in honor of Hawthorne Library Mary Reisch in memory of Mary Fowler Carol A. Rickey in memory of Vilas L. Rickey Jules Rosenthal in honor of Tracy & Gregg at Sequoya Library Barbara Ryder in memory of Edward K. Ryder Barbara Samuel in memory of Tom Lamm Joan Schmit in honor of Becky Buckman William Schwab & Leslie Grant in memory of Bernard Schwab Robert Schwartz Family in memory of Sara R. Schwartz Karen Shevet Dinah in memory of Faith Meissner Macke Kenneth & Kelly Sidikman in memory of Hazel Pfister

Carl & Elizabeth Silverman in honor of Ollie Ashman June Spencer in memory of Stan Spencer Nancy Spitzer & Thomas Tompkin in memory of Anne Vandenburgh Ernest Spring in memory of Elinor A. Spring Jeremy & Amanda Stein in honor of Emily Minerath Stewart Family in memory of Evelyn V. Burke Weible Adrian Stransky in memory of Dorothy Stransky Jean N. Sumi in memory of Janet M. Johnson Virginia Swingen in memory of Eldred M. Swingen Rob Tanner & Maria Sadowski in honor of Madison Public Library’s Librarians Judith Thompson in memory of Rebecca & John Phillips Ruth Tsotsis in honor of Natalie & Erica Somerson Whisenant Family in memory of Louise Boughton Barbara Wiesner in memory of Marcia & Robert Poull Patricia June Woicek in memory of Barbara A. Witzeling Lore Wahl in honor of D.M. Wahl Patricia Wilker in honor of Wilker & Turner Bayer Patty Witte in honor of Rebecca Bull Barbara Wolfe in memory of Alta Pulvermacher Kathleen Woit in honor of Tripp Widder Clarice Wortzel in memory of Arthur I. Wortzel

Learning for a Lifetime: The Community Campaign for a New Central Library Please visit for a full list of all who have donated to Learning for a Lifetime. Laureate $1,000,000 or more Helen Matheson Rupp Estate Historian $500,000-$999,999 Madison Community Foundation W. Jerome Frautschi Foundation John E. Wall Family & DEMCO, Inc. Poet $250,000-$499,999 Diane Endres Ballweg Mary P. Burke Lau & Bea Christensen The Evjue Foundation, Inc., the charitable arm of The Capital Times Madison Gas and Electric Company Cheryl Rosen Weston & The Douglas Stewart Company, Inc. Author $100,000-$249,999 Anonymous (2) A. Paul Jones Charitable Trust Sandra Bass Friends of the Madison Public Library Dick Goldberg & Lisa Munro Irwin A. and Robert D. Goodman Foundation Marvin J. Levy Jack Lussier Pleasant T. Rowland Foundation Webcrafters-Frautschi Foundation Biographer $50,000-$99,999 Anonymous American Family Insurance American Girl’s Fund for Children Arntsen Family Andrew & Anna Burish Sherry & Doug Caves CUNA Mutual Foundation John & Jeanne Flesch Hovde Properties, LLC Kelly Family Foundation Nimick Forbesway Foundation Stafford Rosenbaum LLP Tripp & Nancy Widder The Wolman Family in memory of Anne Wolman Wordsmith $25,000-$49,999 Mary & David Anderson L’Etoile and Graze courtesy of Dianne Christensen Courtier Foundation, Inc. First Business Sara Guyer & Scott Straus

John & Karen Icke J.H. Findorff & Son Inc. Charles & Sally Miley Fred & Mary Mohs Stephen D. Morton Judy P. & Jim Olson Oscar Rennebohm Foundation Inc. Tom & Karen Ragatz Carol & Jim Ruhly in memory of Velma & King Ruhly Sub-Zero Wolf Foundation, Inc. Urban Land Interests David Wood & Jane Doughty in honor of Mary N. Doughty & Ann E. Wood In memory of Otto & Rose Zerwick University Research Park Inc. Editor $10,000-$24,999 Anonymous American Transmission Company Richard Arnesen Associated Bank Charles & Elizabeth Barnhill in memory of Phyllis Barnhill Sue & Ellis Bauman Bell Laboratories BMO Harris Bank Philip & Helen Bradbury Capitol Bank Rick Chandler & Heidi Pankoke Mildred & Marv Conney Dan & Pat Cornwell Barbara & Ted Crabb Tom DeChant in memory of Marie DeChant DeWitt Ross & Stevens S.C. Andrew Clarkowski, Tana Elias, Irena and Stefan Clarkowski Epic John & Coleen Flad Susan Tikalsky & Albert Friedman Friends of Sequoya Library Carol Froistad Marc & Eve Galanter Margie Devereaux & Dave Hall Lee & Rosemary Jones in honor of Elisabeth A. Jones Joseph Krupp & Diana Grove Stu Levitan in memory of his parents, David & Judith Barbara Widder-Lowry & Paul Lowry in honor of Tripp Widder Rich & Mary Lynch The Madison Concourse Hotel and Governor’s Club Hal & Christy Mayer Tom & Nancy Mohs WISC-TV National Guardian Life QBE Foundation Quarles & Brady LLP Rajesh & Deepika Rajaraman Jeff & Judith Raymond

Blaine & Kim Renfert In honor of Lily Sandholm State Bank of Cross Plains Stone House Development Thomas E. Terry Dorothy & Robert Troller US Bank Foundation Barbara Williams Pam & Clint Woodman Woodman’s Food Markets Nancy Pandhi & Alex Young Publisher $5,000-$9,999 Anonymous The Vukelich-Austin Family Sally & Tom Basting Anne Bolz Jim & Libby Bradley Bradshaw-Knight Foundation Angie & Rich Brown Bradley A. Cantrell & Patrick G. Flanagan Nancy & Chuck Carpenter Colony Brands, Inc. Anne & Tim Connor David & Janet Daniel Susan Denholm Barbara Dimick The Fiore Companies John & Linda Hughes Anne T. Iwata, Family, & Friends in Memory of Darren M. Stucker Michelle Kamin Barbara Karlen in honor of Barb Dimick Krupp General Contractors, LLC Dolores Lillge Anne Lucke in memory of Marcie Madden Jessica & Scott Mac Naughton Magic Pebble Foundation Judy & Paul Moriarty Murphy Desmond Lawyers Peter Ostlind The Navarre Family Dean & Orange Schroeder Stark Company Realtors Lou & John Stolzenberg Mary & Rob Stroud Google Community Grants Fund of Tides Foundation Dr. Bob & Susan Titus Michael Verveer Michael & Ann Waidelich Royce Williams & Family Anne Zellhoefer Reader $1,000-$4,999 Anonymous (5) Anonymous in honor of Jenni Collins Anonymous in memory of H. Eleanor Meloy Anonymous in memory of Gertrude Herman & William L. Williamson Anonymous in memory of Oscar & Bertha Smithback

Anne Arnesen Richard & Elizabeth Askey Chris & Carma Atkinson Juliet & William Aylward Baird Foundation, Inc. Mark & Jennell Ballering Linda Ciofu Baumann Angela Podevels & Tami Belden Mark E. Benno Niles & Linda Berman Rebecca M. Holmes & Bennett J. Berson Michele Besant & Julie Chase Norma & Michael Briggs Frank Burgess James Cain & Miriam Simmons Tom & Patty Carroll in memory of Janet G. Roth Jennifer & Martin Chiaverini Carissa & Jay Christner in memory of Bridget Zinn Peter Clark Carol Cohen Jenni & Chris Collins Tim & Martha Coughlin Robert & Sally Ann Cox Karen & Alan Crossley Nora Cusack & Brent Nicastro Romeo Dais Tom DeChant & Paul Gibbler Carla & Michael DiIorio Dines, Inc. Dudgeon-Monroe Neighborhood Association Robert Duecker John & Monica Dyar James L. Eggler Dick & Judy Ela Ken & Marge Engelman Ann L. Falconer Karen Faster Judy & Gordon Faulkner First American Title-NCS Nelson & Ann Flynn Grant & Sarah Frautschi John Fritsch & John Cannon Jac & Edye Garner Marc & Christine Gartler Mark & Erica Gehrig Amy Gilliland Edward & Sara Gleason Sue Goldwomon & Arlene Zaucha Peter & Laura Gottlieb Paul Grossberg & Dean Ziemke GTECH Sally & Lee Hansen Paul D. Harrison in memory of Carter & Georgia Harrison Peggy Hedberg Herbert H. Kohl Charities, Inc. Susan Dentinger & Mark Hill Lois Hindhede in honor of Lakeview Library volunteers Penny Hubbard Charles & Marnie Hulan Steven M. Jacobson, M.D. Johnson Bank Rosemary Johnson

Jane Jorgenson Amy Kaster Ashley Kerst Charles & Valerie Kime Mary C. Knapp Larry M. Kneeland Laurie Koenecke Mary & Scott Kolar Judith & Marc Kornblatt Donald Lamb Howard & Judith Landsman in honor of Tom DeChant & David Wallner Deanna Letts Janet & Jay Loewi James Luckow Katharine Lyall in honor of Kate Morrison Dan MacDonald, John Van Note, Tim Umland & Greg Paradise, in honor of Tripp Widder Madigan Family Greg Markle & Sor Kuan Goh Guy & Marilyn Martin in memory of Helen Martin & Lina Spaulding Barbara Marwell, in memory of Gerald Marwell Rod Matthews & Marie Sieker in memory of William E. & Katherine T. Sieker Nancy A. McGill McGladrey LLP Lisa Mettauer in memory of Marie B. Warner Bernice L. Schapiro Shafer Fund Monroe Street Library League Dipesh Navsaria & Rania Huntington Norman Bassett Foundation Allan & Eleanor Odden Lawrie Kobza & Peter Oppeneer Tamara Packard & Renee Herber Greg & Sheree Paradise Jane Pearlmutter & Stephen Scheibel Christopher L. Pesl in memory of Lolitta J. Pesl Richard Linster & Patty Prime Louise Purdy Glenn Reinl & Sara Krebsbach Barbara Rex Rippe Keane Marketing Peter Ritz & Carrie Macklin Ritz Louise S. Robbins James & Jane Roeber in memory of Orrilla Blackshear Karl & Marilyn Rudat Karl & Melissa Scholz E.G. & Barb Schramka John & Mary Schroeder Naomi Chesler & Dan Sidney Deb Neff & Kurt Sladky Wrede (Bud) & Melissa Smith Florian & Louise Smoczynski Eileen & Guy Somers Sheila Boothby Stevens


Learning for a Lifetime: The Community Campaign for a New Central Library Continued ... Summit Credit Union Howard Sweet & Jamie Warren Lori Smetana & Jeffrey Swiggum Sven & Julia Sykes Harvey & Barbara Temkin

Tenney Lapham Neighborhood Association George & Catherine Tesar Judith Thompson in memory of Rebecca & John Phillips Natalie Tinkham John & Carol Toussaint

Anne Traynor Christina Wagner in memory of John Ohliger David Wallner & Anne Katz Fred & Eleanor Wertz West Bend Mutual Insurance Whole Foods Market

Barbara Wich in tribute to John & Margaret McClung Patricia Widder in honor of Tripp Widder Kathy Jo Williams J. Wills Hal & Shirley Winsborough

Kathleen Woit Ching Wong & Fred Murray Jaime Zimmerman in memory of Polly Zimmerman Janice Zmrazek

Silas Pinney Society The Silas Pinney Society, founded in 2012, honors those who make planned gifts of all kinds, from estate proceeds to life insurance gifts. Anonymous Norma Denbrook Dick Goldberg

Leo J. Groth Estate Mr. & Mrs. Roland J. Krogstad Nancy A. McGill

Helen Rupp Estate Barbara Samuel Ellyn M. Satter

Orange Schroeder Elizabeth Shema Susan & Bob Titus

Linda VandenBerg Estate Ms. Kathleen Woit

Volunteers The foundation recognizes these individuals for lending their time and talents in 2013. 2013 Board Members Jessica Mac Naughton, President Tom DeChant, Vice President Al Friedman, Immediate Past President Jon Reneau, Secretary Michelle Kamin, Treasurer Theodore Widder III, Campaign Chair Richard Arnesen Angie Brown Nancy Carpenter Richard Chandler Lau Christensen Ted Crabb Dick Goldberg Marnie Hulan Anne Lucke

Judy Plaenert Olson Nancy Pandhi James Ruhly Andrew Seaborg Sheila Boothby Stevens Robert Stroud Susan Titus Matt Weygandt Kathleen Woit Pam Woodman Janice Zmrazek Committee Members Sari Judge Jane Pearlmutter Melissa Selinger Suzanne Swift Emily Wixson

Office Support volunteers Viletta Arneson and Barb Williams.


Learning for a Lifetime Campaign Cabinet David Maraniss, Honorary Chair Tripp Widder, Chair Allen Arntsen Susan J.M. Bauman Jim Bradley Andrew Burish Dave Cieslewicz John Icke Nancy Mohs Peter Ritz Orange Schroeder Ex Libris Committee Lainie Barber, Co-chair Marnie Hulan, Co-chair Barbara Arnold Sybil Better Nancy Carpenter Tom DeChant Kurt Goetzka Sharon Goldsmith Megan Jackson

Sarah Linn Carol Prochaska Amy Thomas Susan Titus Lunch for Libraries Committee Nancy Carpenter, Chair Libby Bradley Kris Bruns Sara Butler Sue Denholm Nancy Doll Martha Vukelich-Austin Catherine Zdeblick Foreword Gala Committee Angie Brown Nancy Carpenter Heather Clefisch Becca Curran Tom DeChant Eve Galanter Erica Gehrig McKenzie Glynn-Zdrale

Annie Levihn Lisa Loup Janet Nebel Eleanor Odden Dana Olson Farrah Slinger Sheila Boothby Stevens Pam Woodman Foundation Office Support Viletta Arneson Marilyn Brown Elizabeth Crom Shirley Droste Kathy Fahey Bruce Frudden Judy Kimball Pat Layne Lois Nelson Judy Plaenert Olson Sheryl Popuch Carol Sawyer Karen Shawkey Elaine Stevens Barb Williams

City and library leadership celebrate the grand opening of Central Library with a “Wild Thing.�

Events Cheers to the following for making our 2013 events such a success. Ex-Libris In-Kind Banzo Maurice & Sybil Better Blackhawk Country Club Bradbury’s Brew Your Own Magazine Nancy & Chuck Carpenter Carpenters’ Farm Cha Cha Beauty & Barber Children’s Theater of Madison Collectivo Coffee Craftsman Table & Tap Discovery World Museum Doubletree by Hilton Madison Douglas Art & Frame Driftless Studio: Nature Gallery & Gifts Fontana Sport Specialties Inc Hawkwind, LLC Kevin Henkes & Laura Dronzek Heritage Tavern Hop Head Beer Tours Iona Angela Johnson Karben4 Brewery Knitting Tree Little Luxuries, Inc. Madison Ballet Madison Opera Madison Symphony Orchestra Mustard Girl All American Mustards Oakcrest Tavern Office of the Mayor Osteria Papavero Restaurant Muramoto

Rocky Rococo Restaurants Stonehaus Farms Studio Melt Texture Salon & Spa The Ina Co. The Soap Opera Vintage Brewing Company Wine and Hop Shop Wingra Boats Wisconsin Distributors LLC Wisconsin Historical Society Ex Libris Sponsors 5NINES The Capital Group Tana Elias & Andrew Clarkowski First Choice Dental Group, S.C. Megan Jackson Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek S.C. Ex Libris Tasting Partners 3 Sheeps Brewing Ale Asylum Bloom Bake Shop Brasserie V Capital Brewery Capital Tap Haus The Coopers Tavern DB Infusion Chocolates Furthermore Beer The Great Dane Pub and Brewing Company Hinterland Brewery House of Brews

Photobooth fun at Foreword.

Merchant New Glarus Brewing Company Next Door Brewing Company One Barrel Brewery Potosi Brewing Company Steenbock’s on Orchard Tipsy Cow The Underground Food Collective Lunch for Libraries Sponsors Eliot & Sara Butler Driftless Studio: Nature Gallery & Gifts Mohs, MacDonald, Widder, Paradise & Van Note Smith & Gesteland, LLP The Suby Group UW-Madison Office of University Relations Foreword Gala In-Kind Absolute Audio, LLC American Printing Company Barriques Candinas Chocolatier Inc. Circolo Catering/Pasqual’s Clary’s Old Fashioned Gourmet Popcorn Death’s Door Spirits Fearing’s Audio-Video-Security Goodman’s Jewelers Heid Music pc/nametag, inc. Pepsi-Cola of Madison Studio Jewelers Ltd. Pam & Clint Woodman

Foreword dessert table.

Foreword Gala Sponsors Alliant Energy American Family Insurance American Girl Sean Amick & Steve Rzepka Annen Roetter, LLC Arntsen Family Associated Bank BMO Harris Bank Capitol Bank Celebrations Entertainment Rick Chandler & Heidi Pankoke Circolo Catering/Pasqual’s Cricket Design Works CUNA Mutual Group Tom DeChant & Paul Gibler Endres Manufacturing Co Event Essentials Fearing’s Audio-Video-Security Foley & Lardner LLP Albert Friedman & Susan Tikalsky Friends of the Madison Public Library Gail Ambrosius Chocolatier Amy Gilliland Godfrey & Kahn The Great Dane Pub and Brewing Company Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin Sara Guyer & Scott Straus J.H. Findorff & Son Inc. Mary & Scott Kolar Madison Gas & Electric Foundation, Inc.

David & Linda Maraniss Meyer, Scherer & Rockcastle, Ltd. Michael Best and Friedrich LLP Mohs, MacDonald, Widder, Paradise & Van Note Monona Plumbing and Fire Protection, Inc. Allan & Eleanor Odden Overture Center Foundation Nancy Pandhi & Alex Young pc/nametag, inc. Leah Pentz Plastic Ingenuity, Inc. Potter Lawson, Inc. Jon & Julie Reneau Jim & Carol Ruhly St. Mary’s Hospital Stafford Rosenbaum LLP Stone House Development Mary & Rob Stroud SVA Certified Public Accountants, S.C. The Burish Group The Capital Group UW Health & Unity Health Insurance Wall Family Enterprise Matt & Haley Weygandt Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek S.C. Tripp & Nancy Widder Wipfli LLP CPAs and Consultants Woodman’s Food Markets

The Madison Public Library Foundation is thrilled to share that New York Times best-selling mystery author Nevada Barr will be the featured author for the third annual Lunch for Libraries on April 24. Nevada will discuss the newest book in her Anna Pigeon series, Destroyer Angel, scheduled to be released on April 1.

Lunch for Libraries: Off-beat with Ben planning committee members.


LIBRARY NEWS Friends Book Store Grows in New Central Library Location Previously tucked away in a corner of the second floor, the Friends Book Store has reopened in a prominent location on the first floor of Central Library. Since moving, the book store has expanded hours, recruited more volunteers and even hired its first employee, book store manager Kathi Kemp. She likes the new location because it’s a more inviting space, “just like the rest of the new library.” The shop sells a myriad of gently used books, CDs and DVDs alongside maps, records, framed prints and other donated items. Proceeds are granted back to the library to enhance collections and programs in a wide variety of ways. “You can’t beat the deals,” says Kemp. “We have beautiful books on every topic – children’s stories, art, history, cooking – for only two dollars.” The volunteer-run book store is working toward its goal of operating whenever the library is open, and staff are eager to train new people. “We’re always looking for more volunteers!” Kemp said. Interested volunteers can find more information on how to sign up at

Book store manager and volunteer coordinator Kathi Kemp.

Library Hosts Workshops on Health Insurance Marketplace Librarians nationwide have been on the front lines of helping Americans navigate the Affordable Care Act. Locally, trained public health staff have partnered with 24 public libraries in Dane County to answer questions and help Dane County residents enroll in the Health Insurance Marketplace. Upcoming workshops include: Friday, February 21, noon-3 p.m. at Sequoya Library Monday, March 10, 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. at Pinney Library Monday, March 24, 10 a.m.-1 p.m. at Goodman South Madison Library 10

Lois Lowry Kicks Off Wisconsin Book Festival Events for 2014 It was standing room only on the third floor of Madison’s Central Library as more than 450 people turned out on a Friday night to hear Newbery-winning author Lois Lowry speak at the first Wisconsin Book Festival event of 2014. “You know it’s a successful event when hundreds of kids come with their families and their own copies of the book for signing,” said Wisconsin Book Festival Director Conor Moran. “We were so pleased to be a part of bringing Lois Lowry Lois Lowry reads from The Giver. to Madison.” This event, presented by Curtains Up and Children’s Theater of Madison, previewed CTM’s upcoming production of Lowry’s beloved novel, The Giver. Lowry read from her book before taking questions from the audience, and CTM actors performed scenes from their upcoming play. The Giver runs February 15 – 23 at the Overture Playhouse.

Fans of all ages lined up to have their books signed by Lois Lowry.

Mark Your Calendars! The 2014 Wisconsin Book Festival will be held October 16-19. In the meantime, don’t miss these upcoming events: Michelle Wildgen presenting on Bread and Butter, Central Library, February 26, 7 p.m. Erica Janik presenting on Marketplace of the Marvelous, Central Library, March 5, 7 p.m.

LIBRARY NEWS From the Director’s Desk Thank you, staff! 2013 was an especially eventful chapter in the 139-year history of Madison Public Library with the opening of Central Library and new programming initiatives Gregory Mickells like The Bubbler and Wisconsin Director of Madison Public Library Book Festival. Among the most dedicated of our supporters through it all have been the 240 employees of Madison Public Library. From maintenance workers to librarians, nearly everyone on staff has been touched by the Central Library project in the past two years, from working with colleagues in the branches to planning for and promoting the new library. The nearly 100 Central Library staff members have worked especially hard in the last two years to make the new library a reality, and all of our staff have played an important part in the new library’s success.

Friends to Match $10K for Meadowridge Campaign Scherrer Construction Company, Inc.’s bid for the Meadowridge Library expansion was approved by the Common Council on February 4 with construction scheduled to begin in early March. In addition to city funding, the Madison Public Library Foundation has pledged to raise $100,000 in private donations to cover a portion of capital expenses and seed an endowment fund for the branch. To encourage gifts to the campaign, the Friends of Meadowridge Library group has pledged to match gifts dollar for dollar up to $10,000. “Donations to this campaign will help create a vastly improved neighborhood center for reading, learning, meeting and sharing,” said Rob Stroud, Meadowridge Fundraising Campaign chair. “And equally as important, these funds will allow us to establish a self-sustaining source of income to help the library thrive in years to come.” To date, the campaign has raised over $31,000, 30 percent of the overall goal.

Staff members also stepped up to contribute financially, collectively donating more than $72,000 to the Central Library capital campaign. Apart from Central, library employees are always among the supporters of foundation fundraisers and other initiatives. I think it shows the level of commitment and engagement of our staff that so many choose to give back to the library to help ensure its success. It is this level of enthusiasm for the library’s mission of providing free and equitable access to cultural and educational experiences and promoting ideas, creativity and community connection that have me looking forward to another successful year and the many exciting projects ahead.

Plans for the new Meadowridge include a fireplace, more computers, and a community kitchen.

WYOU Finds a New Home in Central Library The Madison Public Library has teamed up with WYOU to give the public television channel a new lease on life. Run solely by volunteers and sustained by donations, WYOU was about ready to close its doors. Knowing that the new Central Library had a fully equipped media lab, Mayor Soglin connected WYOU’s Barbara Vedder with library program director Trent Miller, and an innovative new partnership was born.

The library has become a place for WYOU to create and store content, as well as hold events, like its Party at the Library on January 29, which celebrated WYOU’s new era in the library and fostered community conversation about WYOU programs. Keep an eye out for a film-making workshops in the Media Lab this spring featuring WYOU instructors.

“WYOU is all about making and sharing content, which is exactly what we’re trying to do with library programming,” said Miller. “The library provides people with the tools they need to create their videos, and WYOU provides the expertise and the platform to share it.” According to Vedder, not having to worry about rent has allowed WYOU to focus on growth opportunities. “I see it opening up a whole new world serving the people in the community,” she says. “This will bring in so many different people, thoughts and expressions for us to share.”

WYOU teams up with the Madison Public Library.



Nonprofit Organization U.S. Postage PAID Madison, WI Permit No. 1110

MADISON PUBLIC LIBRARY 201 W. Mifflin Street Madison, WI 53703

A quarterly newsletter from the Madison Public Library Foundation

Year-End Gifts Complete Central Campaign, Initiate Endowment The Madison Public Library Foundation is proud to announce that it has successfully completed its campaign for a new Central Library. Due to competitive pricing and contained construction costs, the project came in under budget and the foundation benefited from the savings with a projected credit from the City of Madison of $285,000. This allowed the foundation to seed a new endowment fund specifically for Central Library. This new fund will be held at the Madison Community Foundation and when pledge payments are complete, the fund will be approximately $100,000. A big thank you to all of you who helped make your new library a reality!

Central in Numbers In the first four months it was open, Central Library has seen:


152,335 visits


14,859 program attendees


1,726 meeting room uses


67,756 computer uses

That’s 27 percent more visits, 11 times as many program participants, 10 times as many meeting room uses, and 32 percent more computer uses than the old Central Library!

Central Library’s new spaces and innovative programming initiatives like this 3D printing demonstration in The Bubbler have dramatically increased program participation.

Spring2014 web  
Spring2014 web