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Madison Public Library and Madison Public Library Foundation


Expanding, Evolving, Engaging

Staff & volunteers pass out free ice cream and popcorn at Goodman South Madison’s Backyard bash.

Event Committee Member Lainie Barber and friend Annie Levihn sample a local brew at Ex Libris: A Review of Beer & Chocolate, which netted $20,000 for the foundation.

Steve Goldberg and Jenni Collins present Foundation Board Member Tripp Widder with his Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser Award at the 2011 AFP Philanthropy Day Awards.

Madison Public Library Mission

Madison Public Library Foundation Mission

Madison Public Library promotes lifelong learning by creating welcoming spaces that offer collections and services to inform, inspire, enrich, and entertain.

The Madison Public Library Foundation promotes and supports Madison’s library facilities, services and programs.

Madison Public Library Foundation Vision Madison Public Library Vision Madison Public Library is a leader in building and sustaining a literate citizenry, transforming lives through knowledge and information and enhancing Madison’s high quality of life.

The Madison Public Library Foundation provides leadership and resources to help develop and sustain a world-class library system.

2011-2012 Library Board

Madison Public Library Foundation Board

Theodore (Tripp) Widder III, President David Wallner, Vice-President Lawrence (Larry) Palm, Secretary/Treasurer & City Council Member Ann Falconer, Director Barbara Karlen, Director Tracy K. Kuczenski, Director Gregory Markle, Director Beth Moss, Director

Al Friedman, President Jessica MacNaughton, Vice-President Richard Chandler, Immediate Past President Tom DeChant, Secretary Ted Crabb, Treasurer Theodore (Tripp) Widder III, Campaign Chair Richard Arnesen Sheila Boothby Stevens

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Cover Art: Nikki Johnson Design: Tsela Barr Editor: Courtney Davis Copy Editors: Courtney Davis, Tana Elias, Meredith Lee, Callie Padway

Nancy Carpenter Enrique Gandara Judy Plaenert Olson James Ruhly Andrew Seaborg Robert Stroud Susan Titus Matt Weygandt Pam Woodman Janice Zmrazek

Dear Friends: The science fiction writer Ray Bradbury passed away in June of this year at the age of 92. He left behind a prolific and wide-ranging collection of stories and was one of the most celebrated 20th century American writers. Bradbury grew up in Waukegan, Illinois, and spent much of his youth in the Waukegan Public Library where he discovered, among other writers, Edger Allan Poe. He once remarked, “Without libraries, what have we? We have no past and no future.” In many ways, the Madison Public Library still houses our past. In the new Central Library, an entire section will be devoted to local history. Public libraries provide a unique collection point for chronicling our collective histories through novels, newspapers, maps, music, encyclopedias, cookbooks, and even comic books (another favorite genre of Bradbury) but libraries also expand and evolve with an eye to the future. The libraries of Ray Bradbury’s youth have changed, and the Madison Public Library is no exception. As the community’s needs grow and change, the library adapts. Today’s library is much more than books and traditional media. It is a community gathering space, it is technologically advanced, and yet, it can still provide a quiet space for simply browsing the bookshelves or reading a newspaper. At Madison Public Library, we have always believed that the best way to determine the community’s needs is to ask. This year saw the completion of extensive research conducted by an outside firm talking to library patrons to learn what they currently like about the library, what kind of programs they would like to see, how they would like collections to change and improve and what additional resources they think are important for the library. Additionally, the design for the new Central Library emerged from a number of very well-attended public design meetings. The results will, we think, be extremely well-received when the new Central Library opens in September of 2013 and will be consistent with its citizens’ collective input. An additional opportunity for the library to reexamine its role in the community occurred this past year through a grant jointly funded by the Madison Public Library and the Madison Public Library Foundation to conduct a rebranding process for the library, its branches and various support organizations, including the Madison Public Library Foundation. A wide variety of users, including patrons, librarians, and administrators were asked about what the Madison Public Library meant to them. The answers were as varied as the populations that the library serves, but one theme emerged - all who come through the doors of the library are seeking something, whether it be knowledge, respite, entertainment, access to the Internet, or a better future. As always, Madison Public Library strives to listen and answer to the many evolving needs of our community. It’s a big job, and we couldn’t do it without your support. Thank you.

Theodore (Tripp) Widder III President, Library Board of Directors Madison Public Library

Greg Mickells Library Director Madison Public Library

Dear Friends: There is one question everyone asks that we can’t ignore: “What will a library be in the coming decades?” Nobody suggests we don’t need libraries, but everyone wonders because of some real concern. Hearing the question almost every day challenges us to be both deliberate and innovative as we move forward. The Madison Public Library Foundation participated in many conversations in the past year to guide us in answering the question. Of course the rebuilding of Central Library asks the question in many ways. Who will use it? How big does it need to be? What happens to the books? What activities should take place in a state-of-the-art public library? As with the recent building of Goodman South Madison and Sequoya branches, we took advantage of community meetings and suggestions to discover how the Foundation could help. We also participated in strategic planning efforts with Madison Public Library while adopting a strategic plan for the foundation itself. At the same time, the foundation co-sponsored a co-branding initiative with Madison Public Library. More than just a logo, this exercise moved us to host internal and external discussions about the quality and qualities of Madison’s libraries. All of this necessary conversation and collaboration gives us the confidence we need to plan where and how we fit in Madison’s array of library services. Madison Public Library administration works to maintain a baseline of services, introduce new technologies, and answer changing needs at each branch. Through careful coordination, the foundation assists in all of these priorities. For example, we assist with programming and even provide direct funding for extended hours at some branches. We also provide funding for eBooks and grants for librarians to take their services to the next level. And we help with the ultimate change – new buildings. While new buildings (and regular mail and email from us) are important and most noticeable, it is your support that speaks the loudest. Whether it is your donation, your corporate sponsorship, or your valuable partnership, we will put your contribution to good use in the evolution of our city’s library services. More than ever we answer the call to be stewards not only of your generosity, but also of a fluid, evolving idea. We thank you again this year for entrusting Madison Public Library Foundation with this responsibility.

Al Friedman President of the Board of Directors Madison Public Library Foundation

Jennifer J. Collins Executive Director Madison Public Library Foundation

EXPANDING: Better Buildings, Bigger Impact $9M for a New Central Library

Movin’ Out

2011 kicked off Learning for a Lifetime: The Capital Campaign for a New Central Library. The $9 million in private donations raised through this campaign will go toward the $30 million complete renovation of Central Library. With community needs in mind, architects from Meyer, Scherer & Rockcastle and Potter Lawson have designed a bigger, brighter, more technologically advanced and environmentally friendly Central Library.

In November, Madison’s Central Library relocated to 126 S. Hamilton St. The interim location contains some of Central Library’s most popular collections, 22 public computers and its regular reference and checkout services during all open hours. The New Central Library will open on September 21, 2013.

The new building will have all the features of a modern, 21st century library including a removable floor that will allow for easy upgrades as technology advances. The new library will expand from 90,000 to 120,000 square feet, doubling the amount of public space available to the public. This includes more than 20 small meeting and study rooms, a 75-seat meeting room, and a 250-person auditorium on the completely new third floor. The number of computers will be tripled with plenty of fully powered study tables for laptops.


EXPANDING Backyard Bash a Smash In September, the Goodman South Madison Library celebrated a year of success since its opening in 2010 with a “Backyard Bash.� The event, hosted by the Madison Public Library Foundation, was a thank-you to the donors and community members who made the new library possible. Attendees enjoyed free hot dogs, ice cream, and lemonade between jumping in the bouncy castle, getting their faces painted and watching performances.


EVOLVING: Libraries of the Future Going Digital: Library eBooks on the Rise

Expanding Playaway Collections Make Audiobooks Even Easier

Always on the forefront of technology, Madison Public Library joined the state-wide effort to make ebooks more available in 2011. As part of the Wisconsin Public Library Consortium, which raised over $1 million for the purchasing of new ebooks and audiobooks, the library’s collection now hosts over 8,000 titles. The collection is compatible with PCs or Macs and mobile devices such as the Nook, iPad, Kindle, and more.

A high-tech but simple way to enjoy audiobooks, popular Playaway collections give patrons access to over 1,700 audiobook titles at the push of a button. The preloaded, easy-to-play gadgets allow users to listen to an entire book through a small mobile device.

A grant from the Alliant Energy Foundation allowed the Hawthorne and Ashman branches to purchase several eReaders and iPads for demo and training purposes. Many branches offer classes demonstrating how to use this technology and librarians at every branch help people in individualized training sessions and more in person, over the phone or through email.

Thanks to a generous grant in 2011 from the Madison Community Foundation, the Monroe Street Library now has its very own Playaways in addition to the existing collections at Sequoya and Pinney.


ENGAGING: Inspiration for Young Minds Focus on Youth Inside Library Walls and Out As a part of a community that so highly values education, Madison Public Library recognizes how important it is to expose young minds to reading early in life. In 2011 Ruth Sias, a youth services librarian at Goodman South Madison Library, received the Frances de Usabel Outreach Services Award for her work with children and families in local hospitals promoting early literacy. Sias trained hospital volunteers to engage children and parents in stories, meanwhile expanding the knowledge of public library services in the community. Each year, thousands take advantage of programming for children and families at Madison Public Library. Over 44,000 attended a combined 1,857 library programs for children at all nine libraries in 2011. What the average Madisonian may not know is that another 25,000 participated in children’s outreach programming out in the community. Examples of this outreach include mobile libraries, activities stations during children’s events at the Overture Center, and storytimes at community centers, classrooms, and childcare centers. To help prepare future librarians to engage children effectively in these types of activities, the library hosted a “Storytime Bootcamp” in 2011. The program, created in partnership with the UW-Madison School of Library & Information Studies, gives library students tools to confidently share stories with children. The Library Kidspage, distributed three times a year to the local community, promotes these many programs for children, encouraging them to engage in learning opportunities inside and outside the library walls.


ENGAGING: Community Connections Reaching out to Teens Teen librarian, Jesse Vieau, impacts teens both in the library and outside its walls. He assists with technology training for incarcerated youth through a partnership with the Madison Metropolitan School District and trains teens in technology through library classes and the MediaWorks program at Goodman Community Center. He also helps young adults explore careers, connecting them with internships and volunteer opportunities. In 2011, attendance at Jesse’s teen programs increased 322%, proof of his effectiveness when connecting to teens.

Bringing Library to the Homebound Many of Madison’s elderly population have been coming to the library since they were very young. Madison Public Library Home Services program was developed to keep these patrons engaged in the library community by bringing library resources to them. This program organizes monthly deliveries of books to 26 homebound individuals and 31 retirement facilities in the Madison community. Librarian Jane Jorgenson, program coordinator, organizes 19 volunteers who choose and deliver over 2000 books each month. It also hosts five Retirement Loan Collections at area facilities that trade books among each other to keep collections fresh. Library staff also collaborate with the Madison Senior Center to provide technology training and financial resource workshops for elderly community members.



ENRICHING: Your Donations in Action 2011 Foundation Grants

Community Partnerships

Each year the Madison Public Library Foundation awards grants based on requests made by the library director and management team. These grants support collections and programs at all nine Madison Public Library branches.

A $3,000 combined grant from The Cap Times Kids’ Fund and St. Mary’s Hospital funded Family Fun Nights at Goodman South Madison Library in fall 2011. The weekly programs included story times, arts and crafts, musicians, jugglers and even dancing dogs. 370 people, from toddlers in strollers to grandparents, participated in the series – an average of 37 attendees per event.

Madison Public Library Foundation Grants in 2011 totaled $45,000 including funding for: • Strategic planning research surrounding library usership • A collaborative effort with the library and foundation to re-brand the image of Madison Public Library that was unveiled in 2012 • Sunday hours at Pinney Library for fall 2011 and spring 2012 • Participation in the statewide initiative to purchase e-books and downloadable audiobooks • iPads with early childhood software for the Hawthorne Library

“We encourage all parents to take advantage of Family Fun Night. It’s a great opportunity for families to have fun with each other in an environment that’s both educational and stimulating for creative young minds.’’ Paul A. Yochum, President of The Cap Times Kids Fund

In August, The Alliant Energy Foundation awarded the Madison Public Library Foundation $3,475 toward technology education. These funds helped pay for guest speakers, promotional materials, and supplies for over 50 programs, including iPads and Kindles for teaching patrons how to access library books on their eReaders. Program topics ranged from navigating online tools like Craigslist and Facebook, creating your own web site or blog, and finding a job online. Over 250 patrons took advantage of these opportunities.


ENRICHING: Embracing the Mission Local Friends Groups Support Their Branches The Friends of the Madison Public Library provide volunteer support and recognition, advocacy, and supplemental funds for special projects and collections that the Library could otherwise not afford. Here are some highlights from 2011: • The Central Library Friends group gave a $100,000 gift to Learning for a Lifetime: The Community Campaign for a New Central Library, the largest in the group’s history. Famous for their Friendshop used book store in Central Library, the group raised $11,500 in a final blow-out sale before the big move.

“The library works so hard for the community. When we are able to give back, it builds the community even further.’’ Nadine Pfotenhauer, President of the Friends of Sequoya

• With funds from their semi-annual book sales, the Alicia Ashman Friends group made grants totaling $12,300 to the branch for the first half of 2011 for collection development, programming, the summer library program, subscriptions for BookPage and The New York Times, and the license necessary to show movies including the popular “Best of the Fests” series. • Every Thursday morning, the Sequoya Library Friends group hauls, unpacks, and sorts over 40 boxes of donated books for their monthly book sales in Westgate Mall. In 2011, they contributed $6,500 to the Madison Public Library Foundation to extend Sunday hours at Sequoya. With help from kids in the Summer Reading Club the Friends donated beehives to needy families around the world to provide a source of income through the sale of honey, beeswax and pollen. • In fall of 2011, the Monroe Street Library League generously donated $10,000 to seed an endowment fund for their neighborhood branch as an investment in its future. The Madison Community Foundation currently manages endowment funds for Sequoya, Lakeview, Hawthorne, and Pinney Libraries, as well as funds for special collections. These funds ensure a perpetual stream of income to support collections, programs and other library needs of coming generations.


FINANCIALS: Madison Public Library Foundation Statement of Financial Position ASSETS



















Unconditional Promises to give (net) Prepaid Expenses Beneficial interest in assets held by MCF Furniture and equipment (net)

Accounts Payable







Net Assets






Grants Payable Accrued Expenses

Revenue and Support Contributions







Investment Return









Program services



Management and general









2011 ENDOWMENT FUND BALANCES Madison Public Library Foundation


Hawthorne Branch


Lakeview Branch


Pinney Branch Endowment


Sequoya Branch


Goodman South Madison Branch


Large Print Books Purchase Fund


Judy P. Olson Book Discussion Kit Fund


Mohaupt Fund for the Sequoya Branch Library


Elizabeth Moon Proctor Scholarship


EXPENSES Fundraising $294,663

Management and General $58,937

Program Services $4,275,375


FINANCIALS: Madison Public Library

Revenues City of Madison Library Appropriation

2011 IN NUMBERS In 2011 patrons from Madison, Dane County and beyond made 2.25 million visits to Madison Public Library, checked out nearly 4.4 million items, and used the internet 721,431 times. Almost 90,000 of those visits were kids, teens, and adults participating in the library’s 3,809 events.




Dane County Library Service Reimbursement



South Central Library System Contractual Services



LINK contractual Services



Fines and Fees












Reserves applied









Salaries and Benefits



Library Books, Media and Databases






LINK cat online computer operations



Debt Retirement



Supplies, Capital Assets



Purchased Services, Miscellaneous



Fund Balance Generated








LEAVING A LIBRARY LEGACY Barb Dimick Retires after 30 Years with Madison Public Library 2011 marked the end of Barb Dimick’s remarkable career with the Madison Public Library that spanned from her original position as a library page through her 16 years as Library Director. Over the years, Dimick has changed the face of the Madison Public Library. She has expanded community partnerships, increased technology access, and ensured a welcoming and educational environment for all. Under her supervision, initiatives with communitywide importance were born. Summer reading participation increased over 120% through outreach to schools and preschools. She established early childhood story activities and various programs, bringing the library directly to Madison neighborhoods. Dimick also physically expanded, improved, and relocated existing library locations and added an entirely new branch, Alicia Ashman. Molly Warren, a former student of Dimick’s at the UW-Madison School of Library & Information Sciences and current library employee describes her as “extraordinary” and says that among the students, “her time as a children’s librarian and manager of the Youth Services Department at Madison Public Library was legendary.” “When I was a student, I could not have been more proud to be an employee of Madison Public Library and claim Barb as my boss,” says Warren, “and I’m just as proud today.”

Silas Pinney Society Established One year after Helen Rupp bequested the Madison Public Library Foundation more than $3.4 million – the largest gift in library history – the foundation founded the Silas Pinney Society as a way to recognize and honor those who have chosen to make planned gifts during their lifetime. Named in honor of the Mayor credited with founding Madison’s first library in 1875, the Silas Pinney Society recognizes planned giving in all its shapes and sizes. Planned giving can be quite simple, like leaving estate proceeds in a will or making a stock gift during your lifetime. Other gifts take a bit more planning and expertise, like a charitable gift annuity or a gift of life insurance. Donors who are already engaged in planned giving or interested in becoming a member of the Silas Pinney Society, are encouraged to contact the Foundation. While Foundation staff cannot provide tax or legal advice, they can work with donors, their family, and professional advisors to establish a library legacy.


ANNUAL FUND DONORS The Madison Public Library Foundation holds two Annual Fund drives each year, one in the spring and one in the fall, that support collections and programming at all nine libraries. Thanks to the following donors, these drives raised over $165,000 in 2011.

$1,000 and up Anonymous - 3 Mr. James Cain & Ms. Miriam Simmons Allen Chase Barbara & Ted Crabb Shirley Dieter Russ & Jean Endres Epic Systems Richard Erney Mr. & Mrs. Robert Essock George Fait Jeanette Foster

Dick Goldberg & Lisa Munro Herbert H. Kohl Charities, Inc. James & Joan Horsfall John J. Frautschi Family Foundation Jesse Kaysen & Nevin Olson Robert Keller James & Renee Knight Marvin Levy James Luckow Madison Community Foundation Nelson G. & Vera C. Hicks Charitable Foundation

Glenn Reinl & Sara Krebsbach Joan Schmit Peter Stephenson & Mary Massey Strand Associates, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. George Tesar The Douglas Stewart Co., Inc. Anne Traynor Pam & Clint Woodman Woodman’s Markets Anne Zellhoefer

Marnie & Chuck Hulan Ronald Jetty & Tammy Kempfert Jewish Federation of Madison Charles Kalish & Maria Cancian Amy Kaster Susan Kidder Kathe King Joseph Krupp & Diana Grove Joseph & Joan Nagle Diane Nienow Bob O’Neill Mary Ellen Peters

Karen & Tom Ragatz Jim & Carol Ruhly James & Donna Schroeder Loris Schultz Elizabeth Shema Emily Smith Sub-Zero Wolf Foundation, Inc. Susan & Robert Titus Nick & Betsy Trane Stephen Wajda & Deborah Brandt Tripp & Nancy Widder Theodora Zehner

$500-$999 Anonymous - 7 John & Betty Batson Linda Baumann Marcia Bradley Mr. & Mrs. Richard Campbell Dan & Pat Cornwell Tom DeChant Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Mr. & Mrs. Marty Fields Mary Gallagher Constance Hegerfeld Duncan Highsmith & Ana Araujo

$250-$499 Anonymous - 16 The American Endowment Foundation Anne Arnesen Marie Berman Maurice & Sybil Better Dr. & Mrs. William Bird Caitlin Boettner Nancy & Charles Carpenter Richard Chandler & Heidi Pankoke Margaret Davis Diane & Robert Dempsey Barbara Dimick Mr. & Mrs. Ray Evert Robert Frank & Jeanne Pitot-Frank Jed & Deidre Frees Albert Friedman & Susan Tikalsky Deirdre Garton David & Catherine Gillman Grainger Barry Guinn David Hall & Margie Devereaux Donald Hausch & Joanne Thomson


Rosemary Heitkemper Jane Heymann Penny Hubbard Joe Daniels Construction Co. Margaret George Kaufman & Paul Kaufman Frederick Kelcz & Sheryl Popuch Helaine Kriegel Charles Leadholm & Jeanne Parus Kent Lesandrini Jane Lewis Mr. & Mrs. John Lubniewski Jessica & Scott Mac Naughton Stewart Macaulay Macy’s Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Marwell Bruce Meier & Wendy Fearnside Donald & Mary Metz Drs. Thomas & Irene Meyer John & Elizabeth Moore Donovan Nagel Mary Neumann Leonard Nosal, Jr. & Gretchen Macht

Jane Pearlmutter & Stephen Scheibel Mr. & Mrs. W. Charles Read John Reindl Richard Rhyme & Anne Rodgers-Rhyme Lorraine & Gary Roberts Mr. & Mrs. Ron Rotter Dolly Schoenberg William Sheldon Paul Sherman & Teresa Perez Guy Somers Dorothy Swennes The Woman’s Club of Madison Judith Thompson Christopher Thorn Bruce Tulloch Dr. David Watts & Ms. Nancy Dodge Royce Williams Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Wilson WISC-TV David Wood & Jane Doughty Frank & Diane Zillner Janice Zmrazek

ANNUAL FUND DONORS $100-$249 Anonymous - 49 Mrs. Lois Albright Richard Amasino & Janice Fullenwider A. Roy Anderson Charles & Carole Anderson Louis & Sandra Arrington James Bakken Helen Baldwin Mr. Tino Balio Linda Balisle Mark & Jennell Ballering Nancy Bauer Warren Bauer Ellis & Susan Bauman Bernard Bazan & Julie Shiner-Bazan BD Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Bill Beecher Theodore Bernstein Robb & Kathie Besteman Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Boardman Helen Boley Sheila Boothby Stevens Walter & Sandra Borowski Joan Box Thomas Boykoff Bill & Judy Braham Mike Brennecke & Mary Laedtke Thomas Broman Kirk Brown & Lori Diprete Brown William Brumsickle & Henny Regnier Warren Buckles & Wendy Rakower Barbara Buenger Christopher & Peggy Bugg Cynthia Bush Jennifer Buxton Ronald & Mary Jane Campo Mr. & Mrs. Doug Carlson Ian & Joan Carlson Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Carpenter

Dan & Mary Caulfield David Caulum Mr. & Mrs. Loren Chapman Julius & Grace Chosy Mr. & Mrs. Mark Cis James Clum Carol Cohen Jenni & Chris Collins Frank & Mary Ann Cook Tracy Cotter Nancy Crabb William Cudlipp Lynne Beth Cummings Lois Curtiss Nora Cusack James & Nancy Dast Frederick Davis Sarah Day Johan Den Boon & Anne Bilder Norma Denbrook Denlinger Drum Family Michael & Judith Dereszynski Stephan Deutsch & Judith Burstyn Wallace & Peggy Douma William & Alexandra Dove Stan & Jean Druckenmiller Neil & Colleen Duffie Anthony Earl Frederick & Ivy Edelman Jane Eisner Mr. & Mrs. Romaine Ellingson Jean Espenshade Mr. & Mrs. James Esser Robert Esser Ann Falconer Jean Farrell-Holtan Janet Faulhaber Mr. & Mrs. Steven Fix Nelson & Ann Flynn Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Fok Thurman & Betty Fox Rachel Friedman Bruce Frudden Robert Fry John & Fanny Garver Mr. & Mrs. Richard Geier Edward & Sara Gleason Sue Goldwomon Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Goren Beverly Gottlieb Dan & Alice Gould Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Gould Mr. & Mrs. Paul Greblo Dr. Zorko Greblo & Ms. Linda Clauder Robert Greenler Bruce & Marsha Gregg Mr. & Mrs. John Grigas Mr. & Mrs. Tom Grinde Mary Ann Halvorson Gail Harms

Bruce Harville Mr. & Mrs. Lee Hayden John & Sally Helgeson Mitch & Jess Helle-Morrissey Mr. David Henige & Ms. Janice Behn Jane Henning Mr. & Mrs. Noah Hershkowitz Mark Hill & Susan Dentinger Lorne Hillier Elizabeth Himpsel Enid Hoffman Michael & Laura Holt Carol Holtsapple Mr. & Mrs. Steven Hopkins Mr. & Mrs. Ulfert Hornemann Jim & Lucille Hornung Wm. Pharis Horton & Carolyn D. Horton William & Kathryn Hoyt James Hudson & Diane Martin Susie Fritz Jablonic Joann Jansen Dr. & Mrs. Norman Jensen Nancy Jesse James & Joan Jones Lee & Rosemary Jones Robert Jorgenson Phil Kammerer Al & Dolores Kanner Barbara Karlen Lois Karn Murray & Susan Katcher Roberta Lynn Keller Mr. & Mrs. Paul Kent Walter Keough Halora & Andrew Kidder Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kienitz Richard & Joyce Kiesling Judith Kimball Susan Kirkbride Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Klein Stephen & Judie Kleinmaier Mr. Allen Knop & Ms. Linda Sweeney Robert Koehler Robert & Edith Korn James & Joan Krikelas Patricia Krueger Richard Kunert & Brenda Spychalla


ANNUAL FUND DONORS $100-$249 (continued) Thomas Kurtz David & Hilda Kuter Jacqueline Lahr Annrita Lardy Laurence & Frances Weinstein Foundation, Inc. Mrs. Barbara Lazewski Yvonne Lee Roma Lenehan Elsa Leverington Katherine Lindsay Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Lloyd Louis & Frankie Locke Mr. & Mrs. Richard Love Anne Lucke Joan Lundin Marjory Lyford Ezra & Stephanie Lyon Mr. Gary Lyons & Ms. Jayne Squirrell James & Susan Madden Arden & Linda Mahlberg Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Mahr Mary Malaney William Mallatt Olvi & Claire Mangasarian Robert March Greg Markle & Sor Kuan Goh Pat Marshall Leonard Massie Colleen McCabe Mrs. Margaret McClung Brent & Deborah McCown Richard McCoy Holly McEntee Paul & Jane McGann Katherine McGrath Esther McIntosh Chan & Bev McKelvey Mark & Joyce Messer Don & Ann Michalski Mike & Sally Miley Joel & Deborah Minkoff Pat & Jim Moore Mr. & Mrs. Scott Moore John & Jeanne Morledge Peter & Donna Napoleone National Mutual Benefit David L. Nelson & Brook Soltvedt Chris & Pam Neumann Paul & June Neumann Richard Niess & Laurie Elwell E.J. & Olive Nordby James & Monica O’Brien Linda Baldwin & Vincent O’Hern Richard Olbrich Ronald & Wilma Olson Steven & Pamela Olson Sandra Osborn Katherine Parello Edna Parisi


Seymour & Ruth Parter Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Patterson Ernest A. Pellegrino, Jr., M.D. Merle & Barbara Perkins Kato Perlman Anne Slaughter Perrote Susan Peters Mr. Ralph Petersen & Ms. Helen Horn Portfolio 21 Investments, Inc. Jay Poster Sue Poullette Mr. & Mrs. Martin Preizler Judy Rabinowitz Ken & Nancy Ragland Joseph Ranney & Rebecca Rice Mr. & Mrs. Roger Rathke Nancy Rebholz Maurice & Arlene Reese Tom Liebl & Anne Reynolds Mr. & Mrs. Vilas Rickey Mr. & Mrs. Norman Risjord William & Diane Risley Peter Ritz & Carrie Macklin Ritz Ruth Robarts Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey B. Roberts Robert & Constance Roden Steve Roffler Jeff & Pat Roggensack Nancy Roisum Dr. & Mrs. Patrick Roseboom Steve & Kathy Rothering Michael & Judith Rothschild Kendall & Mary Rouse Larry & Marilyn Ryan Barbara Samuel William & Leah Sandholm Louise Schadauer Eileen Schein Tom & Lynn Schmidt Joyce Schneider Beverly Schrag Vernice Schreier John Schroeder Mr. & Mrs. Donald Schuette Lynda Schultz Steven Schulze & Kim Knorr William Segar Ashok Sekhar Jane Selegue Louise Shannon Grace Shaw Marleigh Sheaff John & Twila Sheskey Anne Short Mr. & Mrs. Frank Siegel Joe & Jeanne Silverberg Scot Simpson & Phyllis Davis Tom & Patti Sinclair Prof. & Mrs. Marcus Singer

Charles Smalley & Connie Palmer Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Smith, Jr. Florian & Louise Smoczynski T.J. & Mary Sobota Phillip Stark Henry Steinberger & Gail Jacob Joseph & Jamie Steuer Elaine Stevens Lynne Stevens John Stott & Patricia Sanford Milton Sunde Tom & Eileen Sutula Jeffrey Swiggum & Lori Smetana Mr. & Mrs. Brian Thacker Gerald & Priscilla Thain The Capital Group Thomson Reuters S&T Technologies Group Susan Toth & Nancy Jane Peirce Mr. & Mrs. Michael Traut Larry & Esther Travis Elizabeth Tuttle Mudit Tyagi & Amy Karon Daniel & Selma Van Eyck Charles & Susan Varco Paul & Jackie Vastola Steven Vedro & Beverly Gordon Michael & Jane Voichick Charles & Gloria Waity John & JoAnn Wall Karen Warren George Weidner & Marilyn Yeates Mr. & Mrs. James Weiland June & C. H. Weisberger Blanchard Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth West Paula Wick Barbara Williams Paul & Coe Williams Chandin Wilson & Susan Overlock Robert J. & Vera Wilson John & Nancy Woods Mr. John Yin & Ms. Teresa Lau Mr. M. Crawford Young Mr. & Mrs. James Youngerman Robert Zank Wilbur Zemlicka Doris Zumhagen

ANNUAL FUND DONORS $99 and under Anonymous - 107 Mr. & Mrs. William Ahern Mr. & Mrs. Bill Albert Mildred Albrecht Mrs. Nancy Alfano Alliant Energy Foundation, Inc. Brian & Luanne Alme Gordie & Betty Amick Mrs. Lois Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Brian Andreas Emy Andrew Michael & Rima Apple Barb Arnett & Ellen Sullivan Stephen & Barbara Arnold

Allen Arntsen Carole Ayres Susan Balliette Jennifer Ballweg Howard & Lindy Barden Charles & Elizabeth Barnhill Jeffrey & Angela Bartell Susan Barthel James & Dorothy Batt Clint Bauch Margaret Baumgartner Marvin & Elloise Beatty Robert Beilman Mr. John Bell & Ms. Lauren Bern Lois Bell Sandy Bell Molly Belt Mr. & Mrs. Dale Bender Sandra Bennett John Benton & Lori Grapentine Bridget Berning Ghita Bessman Barbara Bickford Tom & Kathy Bier Larry Black & Barbara Roeber Gladys Blanchar Robert Blank Linda Bloom

David Blough Donald & Barbara Boe Carl & Myrtle Boedecker Barbara Boehm Paul & Ann Boyer Lorraine Bradley Norma Brantner Scott & Mary Braucht Mr. & Mrs. David Braunschweig Michael Bridgeman Pauline Bruhnke Mary Buchner Paul & Suzanne Buckner Tim Budke Catherine Buege Vladimir & Natalia Bulat Mr. & Mrs. Charles Bunge Saretta Burke Zachary Burns Mr. Michael Cain & Ms. Anita Sprenger Maureen Calabrese Ruth Calden Carrie Callahan Carol Cameron Sylvia Cantu Smith Mr. & Mrs. Max Carbon Bradley Carl Sharon Carlson Eleanor Caro Mr. & Mrs. Charles Carruthers Joseph & Mary Cassinelli Eleanor Cautley John Cerveny Sandra Cesnik Robin Chapman Phillida Charly Robert & Susan Chase John Chladek Janice Christensen Jim Christensen Leonard Cizewski & Cheryl Robinson Louise Clark Mr. & Mrs. James Cleasby Mr. & Mrs. Craig Clemons Constance & William H. Clune Mr. & Mrs. Marcus Cohen Terry Cohn Mary Collet James Conway & Katherine Trace Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Cotter Cecilia Coyle Joyce Crim Alan & Karen Crossley Gordon & Vera Cunningham Erma Curtis Annette Czarnecki Eligio D’Agostino

John Dadmun Richard & Peggy Daluge Edward & Elizabeth Daub Stephen Dembski Jean DeMerit Bill Brooks & Jane Dennis Bea & Gene Dewey Jane Dickert Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Dillman Mr. & Mrs. Gary Dilweg Sarah Dimiceli Aaron Dobbs Mr. & Mrs. John Doll Robert & Nancy Dott Mr. & Mrs. Warren Downs Kay Drew Shirley Dumas Therese Duranso Diana Durant Thomas Eckstein Mr. & Mrs. David Edie Bruce Ehlke Susan Eichhorn Linda Eisele Eli Lilly & Company Foundation Gay Eliason Charles Elson Janet Emmerich Brad & Rita Emmert Mr. & Mrs. Terry Emmrich Beverly Engeldinger Patricia Evans Mr. & Mrs. David Fahrbach Linda Fahy Mr. & Mrs. Dick Falch Eugene Farley Hildy Feen Mary Jo Feeney Gebhardt Jennifer Feiler James & Kathleen Felice Mary Lou Feller


ANNUAL FUND DONORS $99 and under (continued) Anna Femrite Robert Ferrett & Cynthia Fesemyer Mark Fiess Dale & Janine Finke Edith First Claudia Fischer Dianne Fisher Mr. & Mrs. John O. Fleming David & Barbara Flesch Kevin Fliege Milton & Emily Ford Carolyn Foster Barb & Jeff Foster Robert Fowler Mr. & Mrs. John Franz Barbara Fraser Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Freese Mr. & Mrs. John Frey, III Hannah Friedlander Carol Froistad Mr. & Mrs. Russell Gardner, Jr. Anna Garner-Strickon Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Gavin David Gebauer Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Geishirt Ken & Joan Gelhaus Lois Gerbitz Mary Ellen Gerloff Elizabeth Gill Steven & Nancy Gloe Walter & Eleanor Gojmerac Stanley Goldfarb James & Laura Good Thomas Goodwyn Evangeline Goth Mr. & Mrs. Richard Graebel Jennifer & Peter Gray Aggie & Mark Gretzinger Mary Beth Griepp Margaret Griffenhagen Mr. & Mrs. John Grimm Jane Griswold Gay & Mark Gross Lisa Grueneberg Katharine Guanella Lila Gullixson Roy Gumtow Dennis Gustin & Sandra Martinson Mr. & Mrs. Dick Guyot Timothy Hacker & Carol Chen Ellen Hadidian & Peter Braugher Warren Hagstrom & Doleta Chapru Shirley Haidinger Lawrence & Arneita Halle Patricia Halpin P. Hammer Clarence & Lucille Hamre Mr. & Mrs. Cletus Hansen Don & Mary Harkness Reta Harring


Inge Harris Theodore Peterson & Paula Haseman Rudolph & Ilse Hecht Donald & Norma Heeren Simon & Billie Hellerstein Phyllis Helmer Michael Helser Douglas Hemken Roger & Natalie Hendrickson Douglas Hendrix & Sherrie Gates-Hendrix Patricia Herrin Steve Herschleb Julia Heusinger Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Hill Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert R. Hillman Ruth Hind Lois Hindhede Mr. & Mrs. George Hinger

Judy Hoard & Beth Ringgenberg Ruth Hodgson Les & Susan Hoffman Mr. & Mrs. Dave Hogg Allen Holzhueter & Kathryn Hartman Dianne Hopkins Ruth Horrall Ja-Ja Howe Sarah & Brad Hughes Michael & Lori Hundt D. William & Marilyn Hurst John & Marlene Hurst Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ihlenfeld Irene Ilgen Betty Iltis Mr. & Mrs. Frank Iwen Joanne Jacobson Sarah Jamison Dr. Manucher J. Javid Debra Jellings Jeffrey Jerred & Yael Gen Bonnie Jevne David Johnson Frances Johnson Jean Johnson Johanna Johnson

Ralph Johnson & Nancy Westphal-Johnson Roberta Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Jones Mr. & Mrs. Raleigh Jones Madhu & Sudha Joshi Susan Juncer Axel Junker & Linda Danielson Mr. & Mrs. Brad Kahn Mr. & Mrs. Don Kaiser Mr. & Mrs. William Kakuske Carol Kalscheur Shuhsi Kao David Karbler Jeanette Kautzer Elisabeth Kaveggia Mr. & Mrs. John Kayser Claude Kazanski & Madelyn Leopold Sally Kelling Mr. & Mrs. Leland Kempf Ann Kennedy Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Kerns H. Lois Kibbe Joey & Kelly Kick Marian Kienitz William Kilgour Andrew Kimmel & Suzanne Neumann Donna Kind Lesley Kircher James & Lee Ann Kleeman Kristina Klehr Mary Klehr & Allen Cross Dolores Klein & Delores Robillard Daniel Lee Kleinman Helen Knechtges Heidi Knight Jean Knoche Jon Knudsen & Anne Judine-Knudsen Marilyn Knutson Lewis Koch Lisa Koch Stan & Sharon Koenig Patricia Kokotailo Lois Komai Kevin Komarek & Carol Van Hulle Cynthia Koschmann Doris Kox Esther Kretschmar Darlene Kriesel Roland & Irma Krogstad James & Polly Kuelbs Charles Kulp Helen Kuntz Merilyn Kupferberg Margaret S. Lacy William & Maxine Ladwig Jeffrey Lange & Eileen Marsh Dr. & Mrs. Charles B. Larkin Joan Lawrence Robert & Betsy Lee Mr. Peter Leeds & Ms. Heidi Luebke

ANNUAL FUND DONORS $99 and under (continued) Yudie Leibovitz John & Joyce Leichtenberg Joanne & Bob Lenburg Victor Levine Beverly Lewis Kathleen Lieber Margaret Lindberg Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lindsay Barbara Lockwood Thomas Loeser & Delia Ross Mr. & Mrs. Robert Longstreth Alice Lundeen Mr. & Mrs. Richard Mahler Mr. & Mrs. Art Mann D.W. Marek Alison Lindsay Mares Edward Marion & Margaret Maroney Laurel Mark Theresa Martell Doris Marten Harold Martin Ann & Tom Martinelli Mr. & Mrs. Lyle Marty Roger & Norma Mason Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Matthews Mr. Edward Mayland Anne McAleavy Mary Lou McBride Marie McCabe Mr. Ralph McCall & Ms. Beth Horning Peter & Mary McCanna Daniel & Mari McCarty Karen McCarty Carole McEvoy Lucile McFee Nancy A. McGill Julianne McGowan Mr. & Mrs. Patrick McGraw Mr. & Mrs. Francis McGuire Marilyn McIntyre Judith McMahon Kathleen McQuade Mr. & Mrs. Michael Meehan Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Meehan Meghan Meeker Tod & Marcia Melotte Mr. & Mrs. Dan Melton Michael Meton Norma Metzen Michael Best & Friedrich LLP Bruce & Kay Michaelis Fred & Judy Middleton Lisa Miller Paul & Margaret Miller Steven Mintz Bruce & Nuria Moffat Michael Mogil & Barbra Kronborg-Mogil Kate Morand Mel Morgenbesser James & Mary Moser

Susan Motisi Susan Mueller Jay & Jennifer Mulder Jacqueline Mulhern Ann Munkres Earl & Eleanor Munson Alice Nagel Mr. & Mrs. Jack Naughton Geri Naymick Edward Nelson Kay Nelson Allan & Aileen Nettleton P. A. Neuhengen Mr. & Mrs. George O. Neumann Daniel & Gillian Nevers Robert Newsom John & Betty Nicka Niewold Family Wilbert Noltemeyer Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Notbohm Daniel O’Connor Mr. & Mrs. David H. O’Connor Mr. & Mrs. John O’Neill Ray & Star Olderman Lewy Olfson James & Sharon Olle Frances Olsen Bill Olson Jim & Judy Olson Margaret Olson Norman & Darlene Olson Richard & Marcia Olson Steven & Kaaren Oreck Elayne Orr Richard & Dianne Ottow Fred & Lynda Paasch Donna Paske Edna Paske & Charles Pruett Mr. & Mrs. Hamang Patel Ann Paulen Laurie Peccini Donna Peckett Mr. & Mrs. Richard Peik Donald & Ina Penberthy Russel & Joan Perttunen Mr. & Mrs. Jim Peterson

Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Peterson Joan Phelan Helene Phelps Mr. & Mrs. Lynn Phelps Pierce’s Supermarket Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Richard Pifer Kevin & Melissa Pittsley Katherine Place Dina Plumb Guy Plunkett III & Joanne Harper Plunkett Linda Poehlman J. Polansky Patricia Poses Gary Poulson Adrienne Pressman Michael Pressman & Marsha Cohen Christopher Queram Imtiaz & Nausheen Qureishi Debra Rabin Paul Rabinowitz & Birgit Christensen Mr. & Mrs. Richard Radtke Ronald T. Raines & Laura L. Kiessling Elaine Rattunde Richard & Mary Ann Reale Melissa Reeder Maude Regne-Karlsson Charles & Sheri Rein Mary Remily Janet Reschke Mike & Pam Rewey Mr. & Mrs. Mikhail Reyfman Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Reynolds Rayenna Rhys Kathryn Richardson Mr. & Mrs. Ken Riggs Jocelyn Riley Fred Risser Sylvia Robertson Richard & Barbara Robinson Rae Rocca John Rockenbach Gaylen Roe Mark & Dana Roffers Leroy Rogers Cynthia Rose Jules Rosenthal Richard Ross & Margaret Harrigan Barbara Roth Jane & Douglas Roughen Barry & Joanne Rowe William Rowe Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Rumbaugh Catherine Runnels Evelyn Russell Morris Sadicario Ruth Saecker Toshio & Jeanne Saiki Mr. & Mrs. Robert Salisbury Marta Sanyer David Sauer


ANNUAL FUND DONORS $99 and under (continued)

Ruth Saunders Scott & Carol Sawyer Lisa Schaefer Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Schaefer Bonita Schey William & Geraldine Schlecht Kenneth Schmitt Robert Schmook Mr. & Mrs. Hans Schneider Helen Schneider Paul & Sylvia Schoff Steven Schooler & Marsha Mansfield W. Thomas Schrader & Monica Jaehnig Eileen Schroeder Betty Schuchardt Sarellen Schuh William Schwab & Leslie Grant Robert & Sara Schwartz Robert & Virginia Schweiger Allan Scidmore Mr. & Mrs. Sherwood Seigel Subhra Sengupta Richard & Natalie Sewell Patricia Seybold Mr. & Mrs. Curtis Shawkey Mr. & Mrs. Toby Sherry Mr. & Mrs. Michael Shinners Dolores Shiveler Ken & Kelly Sidikman Geoffrey & Kirsten Siemering Judy Sikora Lynn Silverman Mike & Nancy Sloan Janine Smiley Charles Smith Mr. & Mrs. Donald Smith Margaret Smith Patricia Smith Rose Smith Carol Snell Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Sokolow Mr. & Mrs. Louis Solomon Karen Sorenson-LaValley Melissa Sosman Elizabeth Spencer & Lisette Fonder June Spencer Joann Spring


Emily Stanley Richard & Victoria Stauber Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Stege Charlotte Stein David Steingass Mr. & Mrs. Joel V. Stenman Hattie Stevens Meg Stevens Harriet Stoll David & Luanne Storley Mr. & Mrs. Dan Stoudt Jacquelynn Straavaldsen John Straughn Paul Strommen & Judith Leimer Mary Struckmeyer Mrs. Jean Sumi Dorothy Sund Ross Swaney & Elizabeth Greene Ken Swift & Diane Coccari Karl Taeuber Marjorie Thiers William Thomas Joseph & Pauline Thome Kate Thompson Lou Thornsen Robert & Margaret Timpane Mr. & Mrs. John Tolch Marcia Topel Barbara Trapp Marlene Treadaway Ruth Tsotsis Diane Turner Mr. & Mrs. Robert Tuttle Jan & Stan Tymorek Barbara Unger Mr. & Mrs. L. M. Unverzagt Mr. & Mrs. John Van Note Linda VandenBerg Mr. & Mrs. Ray Vanderby, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Walter Vandervest Vicki Vanevenhoven Georgene Vitense Yvonne Vitense Mr. John Voegeli & Ms. Jean Roberts Mr. & Mrs. Mike Von Schneidemesser Burton & Georgia Wagner Diane Walker Mr. & Mrs. Richard Walker William & Anna Walker Walter & Sarah Washburn Dale Waterstreet Curtis & Janice Weatherhogg Millie Webb Laurence Weber Max Weber & Maureen Griffin Guy Webster Mr. & Mrs. Craig Wehrle Karen Lee Weidig

Allyn Weinert Sybil Weinstein Lee Weiss Nancy Welch Edward Wellin Donna & Paul Werth Mr. & Mrs. William Whisenant Donald White Mary White Russ & Liz Whitesel Joseph Wiesenfarth Mr. & Mrs. Richard Wilder Patricia Wilker David & Carol Williams Elyn Williams Marc & Marcia Williamson David Wilson & Ann Jarvella Wilson Jeff Wilton & Ann O’Brien Helen Wineke Marjorie Winkelhake Patty Winspur Lori Wirth Wisconsin Planned Giving Council Mary Jane Wiseman Robert & Martha Witt Barbara Wogsland Mr. & Mrs. Larry Wold Barbara Wolfe Robert & Patricia Wood Ms. Charlotte Woolf Diane Worden Al & Dale Wortley Clarice Wortzel Rolf & Susan Wulfsberg Mr. & Mrs. Dean Yeazel Edwin Young Phyllis Young Stephen & Janet Zimmerman Mr. & Mrs. James Zylstra

ANNUAL FUND MEMORIAL HONORS In memory of Virginia Dymond Fred & Judy Middleton Laurie Peccini Helene Phelps In memory of Sylvia Epstein Katherine Parello Eileen Schein In memory of Norma Hanson Stephen & Barbara Arnold Ray & Mary Evert Barbara Karlen Ann Michalski Steven J. Mintz Kay Nelson In memory of David Jamieson Ray & Mary Evert Reta Harring Lois Hindhede Jacqueline K. Lahr D.W. Marek Robert & Virginia Schweiger Georgene Vitense In honor of Judith Klehr Kristina Klehr Mary Klehr & Allen Cross In memory of Glenn V. Larson Halora & Andrew Kidder Susan B. Kidder In memory of James G. Marshall Wisconsin Planned Giving Council Patricia Marshall Richard & Dianne Ottow Christopher Queram Kenneth & Joan Riggs Dolores Shiveler In memory of John L. McClung Anonymous Jane Griswold Lisa Koch Dina Plumb Jane & Douglas Roughen Marta Sanyer Meg Stevens Robert & Margaret Timpane In memory of Helen Navarre Jenni & Chris Collins Scott & Carol Sawyer

In memory of George O. Neumann Anonymous James & Kathleen Felice Mark & Aggie Gretzinger Margaret Griffenhagen Ellen Hadidian & Peter Braugher P. Hammer Andrew Kimmel & Suzanne Neumann Yudie Leibovitz Michael Mogil & Barbra Kronborg-Mogil Chris & Pam Neumann Mary Neumann Paul & June Neumann Charles & Sheri Rein Gaylen Roe Louise M. Shannon Diane Worden In honor of James & Judy Olson Ellis & Susan Bauman Steven Schooler & Marsha Mansfield In honor of Jane Pearlmutter Terry Cohn Judith Guyot Anne Reynolds Maureen Griffin In memory of Margaret Stephenson Ann Michalski Peter Stephenson Anonymous in memory of Edith Fuller Anonymous in memory of Lorraine Stoefen Anonymous in memory of Gertrude Goldstone Anonymous in memory of Katherine Sieker Larry Black & Barbara Roeber in honor of Barbara Besadny Thomas M. Boykoff in honor of Jules, Max & Molly Boykoff Scott & Mary Braucht in honor of Bill Braucht Sheila & Marcus Cohen in honor of Gabriel & Isaac Wasserman Aaron Dobbs in honor of Connie & Bill Lamm Jennifer Gray in honor of Jeanette Golden & Janet Sarnow Jane Henning in honor of Barbara Karlen Ja-Ja Howe in honor of Kadence Jackson Sarah Jamison in honor of Jean Espenshade Paul & Margaret George Kaufman in honor of A Room of One’s Own Jane Lewis in honor of Dawn Lewis Janet & John Lubniewski in honor of Alexandra Lubniewski John Morledge in honor of Paul Morledge John & Betty Nicka in honor of Ginny O’Brien Diane Nienow in honor of Delores R. Buenger Daniel O’Connor in honor of Louise Jacobs Judy Rabinowitz in honor of Patricia A. Pollard Ruth Saecker in honor of Marguerite Saecker Joan Schmit in honor of Rebecca Buckman

Ruth Tsotsis in honor of Natalie & Erica Somerson Charles & Gloria Waity in honor of Christina Wagner Russ & Liz Whitesel in honor of Steve Olson Patricia Wilker in honor of Wilker & Turner Bayer George & Catherine Tesar in memory of Katherine Krno Catherine Buege in memory of Dennis Buege Lois Audrey Nelson in memory of Evelyn Scott Nancy Ryan in memory of Ted Ryan Ruth Tsotsis in memory of Kathryn Jane Mahany Kerrigan Mildred Albrecht in memory of Norman Albrecht Lois M. J. Albright in memory of Dr. John G. Albright Robert Jorgenson in memory of Shirley-Dawn Jorgenson Marilyn Knutson in memory of John Knutson Nora Cusack in memory of Kathryn Elwers Gordie & Betty Amick in memory of Levi & Minnie Amick & Lester & Vera Moe Jennifer Ballweg in memory of Charleen Ballweg Marie Berman in memory of Jeff Lea Lorraine Bradley in memory of Mavis Monson & Robert Osterkil William Brumsickle & Henny Regnier in memory of Carol Giltz James Clum in memory of Cynthia M. Clum William & Constance Clune in memory of Stephanie Stemberk Mary Collet in memory of Richard Collet William S. Cudlipp III in memory of Harriet Mercer Thomas DeChant in memory of Marie DeChant Jane Dennis in memory of Barbara Dennis Shirley Dieter in memory of Donald G. Dieter Frederick & Ivy Edelman in memory of Robert Edelman & Estelle Dreizin Bruce Ehlke in memory of Jackie Ehlke Gay Eliason in memory of Madeline Wallace


ANNUAL FUND MEMORIAL HONORS Janet Emmerich in memory of Paul Emmerich Richard Erney in memory of Alice Craig Erney George Fait in memory of Mitzi Fait John & Catherine Frey in memory of David Schwab Timothy & Jean Gavin in memory of Veryl Pfaff Julia Heusinger in memory of Steven Heusinger & Brent Vidulich Bonnie Jevne in memory of Fred & Thelma Benck Roberta A. Johnson in memory of Brett Harman Murray & Susan Katcher in memory of Ben & Belle Schulak Thomas & Jennifer Kerns in memory of Albert Zeier Annrita Lardy in memory of Hank Lardy Gary Lyons & Jayne Squirrell in memory of Norman Lyons Stewart Macaulay in memory of John Ramsey Laurel Mark in memory of Dorothy Levy Colleen McCabe in memory of Jason Paul Karen McCarty in memory of Thomas Loesch Paul & Jane McGann in memory of Helen Irene Schwerzler Francis & Kay McGuire in memory of


Mary Jane Gordon & Felicita McGuire Esther McIntosh in memory of Richard McIntosh Judith A. McMahon in memory of David R. Anderson Alice Nagel in memory of Viola Rohner Steven & Pamela Olson in memory of Henry Phillips Judy Rabinowitz in memory of Patricia A. Pollard Jeff & Gail Roberts in memory of Claire Aubrey Roberts Barbara Roth in memory of Lawrence Shapiro Larry & Marilyn Ryan in memory of Betty Frater Barbara Samuel in memory of W. T. Lamm Beverly Schrag in memory of John Schrag William Schwab & Leslie Grant in memory of Bernard Schwab Jane E. Selegue in memory of Wilbur L. Eberhart Harvey & Judith Sokolow in memory of Doris Klassy June Spencer in memory of Stanley Spencer Jean Sumi in memory of Harold Sumi Dorothy Sund in memory of Julian Sund Judith Thompson in memory of John & Rebecca Phillips Paul & Donna Werth in memory of Ken Biba William & Patricia Whisenant in memory of

Louise C. Boughton Royce S. Williams in memory of Herbert & Eve Howe & Theodore Page Chandin Wilson & Susan Overlock in memory of David & Jo Wilson Larry & Donna Wold in memory of Jeanne Olson Barbara Wolfe in memory of Gilbert & Alta Pulvermacher Clarice Wortzel in memory of Arthur Wortzel Edwin Young in memory of Phyllis S. Young Anne Zellhoefer in memory of Helen Zellhoefer Doris Zumhagen in memory of Vernon Zumhagen



In 2011, the Learning for a Lifetime Campaign was just beginning, but support was already pouring in from around the Madison community raising $3.2 million for the new Central Library. These gifts, including $53,000 from library staff, helped bring the campaign total to over $4.8 million – more than halfway to the $9 million goal.

Historian Madison Community Foundation • W. Jerome Frautschi Foundation

Poet Mary P. Burke • Cheryl Rosen Weston & Douglas Stewart Company

Author Anonymous (2) • Friends of the Madison Public Library • Irwin A. and Robert D. Goodman Foundation • Webcrafters-Frautschi Foundation

Biographer Anonymous American Family Insurance Arntsen Family

Andrew & Anna Burish CUNA Mutual Foundation Dick Goldberg & Lisa Munro Jack Lussier

Stafford Rosenbaum LLP The Wolman Family in memory of Anne Wolman

Fred & Mary Mohs Judy P. & Jim Olson Tom & Karen Ragatz Carol & Jim Ruhly in Memory of Velma & King Ruhly

Tripp & Nancy Widder David Wood & Jane Doughty in honor of Mary N. Doughty & Ann E. Wood Anne Wolman

Dan & Pat Cornwell Barbara & Ted Crabb Tom DeChant in memory of Marie DeChant Susan Tikalsky & Albert Friedman John & Karen Icke

Thomas J. & Nancy Mohs Nimick Forbesway Foundation Barbara Williams Woodman’s Markets

Epic Barbara Karlen in honor of Barb Dimick Anne Lucke in memory of Marcie Madden Jessica & Scott Mac Naughton The Navarre Family Dean & Orange Schroeder

Rob & Mary Stroud Google Community Grants Fund of Tides Foundation Dr. Bob & Susan Titus Michael Verveer Royce Williams & Family

Wordsmith Anonymous Mary & David Anderson Courtier Foundation, Inc. Marvin Levy

Editor A. Paul Jones Charitable Trust Anonymous (2) Susan & Ellis Bauman Capitol Bank

Publisher American Transmission Company Sally & Tom Basting Jim & Libby Bradley Nancy & Chuck Carpenter Richard G. Chandler & Heidi M. Pankoke Barbara Dimick

23 27

DONORS TO LEARNING FOR A LIFETIME: THE COMMUNITY CAMPAIGN FOR A NEW CENTRAL LIBRARY Reader Anonymous (5) Elizabeth H. & Richard Askey Mark E. Benno Niles & Linda Berman Rebecca M. Holmes & Bennett J. Berson Sheila Boothby Stevens Bradley Cantrell & Patrick Flanagan Carissa & Jay Christner in memory of Bridget Zinn Peter Clark Jenni & Chris Collins Nora Cusack Romeo Dais Carla & Michael DiIorio John & Monica Dyar James L. Eggler Tana Elias & Andrew Clarkowski Ann Falconer Marc & Eve Galanter


Jac & Edye Garner Marc & Christine Gartler Margie Devereaux & Dave Hall Sally & Lee Hansen Lois Hindhede in honor of Lakeview Library volunteers Rosemary Johnson Jane Jorgenson Charles & Valerie Kime Mary C. Knapp Greg Markle & Sor Kuan Goh Rod Matthews & Marie Sieker in memory of William E. & Katherine T. Sieker Lisa Mettauer in memory of Marie B. Warner Judith & Paul Moriarty Norman Bassett Foundation Christopher L. Pesl in memory of Lolitta J. Pesl

Richard Linster & Patty Prime Louise Purdy Glenn Reinl & Sara Krebsbach Barbara Rex Peter Ritz & Carrie Macklin Ritz Louise Robbins James & Jane Roeber in memory of Orrilla Blackshear Wrede (Bud) & Melissa Smith Anonymous in memory of Oscar & Bertha Smithback Lori Smetana & Jeffrey Swiggum John & Carol Toussaint Christina Wagner in memory of John Ohliger David Wallner & Anne Katz Ching Wong & Fred Murray Janice Zmrazek

SPECIALLY DESIGNATED DONATIONS Often times, the foundation receives donations designated for a specific branch or purpose. These gifts are intended to address needs ranging from step stools to reach particularly high shelves, to more titles for popular collections, to scholarship funds for aspiring librarians. Branch and Specially Designated Gifts Anonymous (31) James & Sandra Adams Bill & Jane Albert Jean Allen Mary Ann Allexi Alliant Energy Foundation, Inc. Alonzo & Beatrice Anderson Edith Anderson John & Julie Anderson Dennis Appleton Rebecca Armstrong Robin Arnhold Stephen & Barbara Arnold Alicia & Hubert Ashman Elizabeth H. & Richard Askey Attic Angel Association Helen Atz David & Kathleen Baldwin Mark & Jennell Ballering Paul & Annemarie Banas Arlene Banoul A. Lorraine Barniskis James & Dorothy Batt Warren Bauer Victoria Bear Verlyn & Lois Belisle Michael Bell & Diane Mayerfeld Jim Berbee & Karen Walsh Virginia Berger Roland Berns Peter Berryman & Kristi Seifert Virginia Bessert Lynne Bethke Maurice & Sybil Better Glenn Beyer Marilaine Blair-Patrick Beverly Block David Blouin & Claire Gervais Charles & Dianne Boardman Katherine Bowie Paul & Ann Boyer Thomas M. Boykoff Melaine Brandt Pamela Bratley Egon Breckner Sara Briles Jack Bromiley Rosemary Brothers Tom Brotherton Jessica E. Brown Lynn Bucher Terri Buechner Catherine Burdick

Stephen & Mary Jane Burrell James & Debra Butler Beverly Butor Edna Canfield Anthony & Leslie Cao The Capital Times Kids Fund Sandra Cesnik Carol Chapman & William Lauer John Chladek Lee & Jean Christensen Megan Christiansen Randy Christianson Jack & Kay Cipperly Leonard Cizewski & Cheryl Robinson

Lenore Coberly Teresa Collins Yvonne Conlin Ron Cook Charles & Blanche Cornwell Robert & Ann Cottingham Ann Crabb Elizabeth Crom Margaret Cullen Janice Czyscon Jonathan D’Andries & Beth Godbee Dane County Credit Union Leonard & Joanne Danielsen James & Nancy Dast Edward & Elizabeth Daub Kristin Daugherty Wynn & Loree Davies Jeannine Denning Paula Devroy-Everard Gene & Bea Dewey Carla & Michael DiIorio Barbara Dimick Christopher Dolan & Eileen Hannigan Lois Doll Edwin & Linda Drake Richard Dugan James & Maria Duncan

Bob & Sue Dunnigan Allan Durrant Thomas & Rhonda Ebbers Paul & Jennifer Eggerling-Boeck Linda Eisele Kris Ellefson Richard & Gayle Ellis Judy Endle Tony Ennis Glenn & Irene Esenther Walker Evans Martin & Theresa Evanson Kathryn Fahey Mary Ann Fahl Ann Falconer Doris Farmiloe JoAnne Farrell Janet Faulhaber David & Marilyn Fayram Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Elaine Fischer Ellen Fisher David Flanagan & Maureen McGlynn Flanagan Robert & Ramona Flanigan Patrick Flannery & Lynn Freeman Mark Foster Michael Foy & Carrie Morgan Michael & Christine Frankowski Karl & Judith Frantz Mark Friedman Friends of Alicia Ashman Branch Library Friends of Madison Public Library Friends of Meadowridge Branch Friends of Pinney Branch Library Friends of Sequoya Branch Friends of the Goodman South Madison Branch Library Bruce & Grace Frudden Pamela Gallagher Cordelia Gallo John Gann Jr. Eric & Julie Gentz Howard & Pamela Gesbeck Andy Evenson & Mary Giblin Karenne Giguere Deryl Gilligan Sherri Giordano Elsie Glass Valy Goepfrich Kurt Goetzka & Teresa Adams Michael Goldsberry Andrew Goldstein Sarah Goldstein


SPECIALLY DESIGNATED DONATIONS Branch and Specially Designated Gifts (continued) Clifford Goodhart & Elizabeth Miller Robert B. Gooze Luba Gordon Joel Graham David & Kathryn Granquist Evan & Deborah Greenland Craig & Lori Grinde Patricia Grinyer Suzanne Hagopian Arneita Halle Michael Hammers & Suzanne Bangert Lee Hansen James Hansen Edyth Harb Gail Harms Christopher Harrison & Huimin Zeng Simon & Billie Hellerstein Rose Helmberger John Hemming Jeff Henriques & Laurie Frost Ramon & Fern Hernandez Steve Herschleb Ingrid Hertel Barry & Diane Hess Fannie F. Hicklin R. Tod Highsmith & Joan Braune Lois Hindhede Joan Hoffman Michael & Laura Holt Randall & Jane Holveck James & Lucille Hornung James & Margaret Hrncirik Beth Hubert Wayne Hudson Patricia Huyett John & Lorrie Hylkema Charitie V. Hyman Irene Ilgen International Foundation for Integrated Medicine Murali & Jayanthi Iyer Charles James Jane Rea James Arthur Janeck Anne M. Jarmuz A. Paul & Aileen Jensen Jeffrey Jerred & Yael Gen Maggie Jirsa Gail Jobelius Ethan Johnson & Maura Ducharme Howard & Bobbye Johnson Rosemary Johnson Marlee Jones Omer & Mary Jones Thomas & Sandra Jordan Mark & Jennifer Kalish Jocelyn Kane Joe Kaufman & Emily Feinstein Edwina Kavanaugh Claude Kazanski & Madlyn Leopold Mary Keller


Mary Jane Kelley Blake & Pat Kellogg Janet Kennedy Jane Kessenich Albert Keup & Betty Thompson Bill & Linda Keys Patty King Dorothy Kittleson Jerry & Cynthia Klabacka Marilyn Klement William & Helen Knechtges Charles Knipp & Beulah Poulter Raymond Knudtson David & Sirgud Knuti John Koch & Mary Anglim Mark & Jean Koehl Karin Kolb Kevin Komarek & Carol Van Hulle Nancy Kopp

Gundega Korsts Peter & Jane Kosolcharoen Robert Kowal Philip Krall Irene Kringle Christine Krueger Ginny & John Kruse Tom & Dee Kuech Robert Kujawa Paul & Atsuko Kusuda David & Hilda Kuter Margaret Lacy Jack & Judith Ladinsky Jane LaFlash Shannon Lange Larry & Jennie Lynn Larson Lindsay Larson Kathryn Lederhause Florence Lederman Rhonda Lee Laurence & Ann Libert Sarah Lind

Mary Linder Tracy Lipinski Shirley Lipke Steven & Janel Lipton Noelle Loconte Carroll & Elaine Lohr Adele Loria Richard & Jean Lottridge Alice Ellis Lundeen Liz Lusk & Susanne Dane Frank & Lenore Lusson Michele & Steve Lustig Pam Mache Madison Civics Club Madison Community Foundation Madison Eagles Auxiliary # 623 Theodore Maglio & Sarah Bland Jeff & Barb Maly Margaret Marriott Evan Marschand David & Shareen Martin Victor & Vincenza Martinelli John & Susan Mauritz Cynthia May Vada Mayfield Marie McCabe Tom & Jeri McCormick Mary Ann McCoshen Nancy McCulley Nancy A. McGill Michael McLain William & Cynthia McWilliams John & Linda Merrill Gary & Julie Meyer Kurt Meyer & Astrid Newenhouse Ann Michalski Midvale Heights Community Association, Ltd. Wilton Sanders & Sue Milch Philip Miles Sally & Charles Miley Walter Miner Steven Mintz Jack & Patricia Mitchell Thomas Mitchell & Lisa Alexander Bruce & Nuria Moffat The Monroe Street Library League Bruce & Lucy Moore William Morrissey James & Mary Moser Maureen Mullins Don Mulseberg Joan Murphy Sara Myers & Ben Clary Patricia Nametz Helen Navarre Dipesh Navsaria & Rania Huntington Geri Naymick Kay Nelson Margaret Nelson Judith Nepokroeff Agate Nesaule


SPECIALLY DESIGNATED DONATIONS Branch and Specially Designated Gifts (continued) Paul Nesja Allan & Aileen Nettleton Kelly Newbold Larry & Kathy Nix James & Monica O’Brien Eric Olson Judy & James Olson Norman & Darlene Olson James & Amy Onofrey Jeffrey Pertl & Bethany Ordaz Marjon Ornstein Renee Ostrowski Elizabeth Paddock Kimberly Palmer Sharon Palmer Park Bank Gretchen Patey Mary Pautz James Peltola W. H. & Barbara Perloff John & Patricia Peterman Douglas Peterson Harry & Sylvia Peterson Judy Peterson Tom Petkus Lisa Pfaff Pierce’s Supermarket Inc. Paul Pingrey & Karen Atz Hulbert & Deloris Pinkerton Plato, UW-Madison Andrea Poehling Jonathan & Elissia Pollack Gary Poulson & Sue Wagner Kenneth Quinn & Mary Alderson Quinn Mary Radford Douglas & Laurel Ranney Anne Rauh & Kellen Backer Karen Reger Emily Reich John Reindl Margaret Rentmeesters Hank & Kay Revercomb Frank Riojas John & Betty Roberts Susan Robillard Susan Robinson William Robinson & Katherine Magnuson John Rockenbach Jennifer A. Rodis James & Jane Roeber Ernest & Evelyn Roost Mary Lee Rossmaessler Mike Roszkowski & Sheilah Harrington Douglas & Jane Roughen Laurie Rouleau Rouse Management, Inc. Roland & Ruth Rueckert Tim Rupinski Jane Sadusky & Kimberly Bean Ruth Saecker Gaspare J. Saladino Peter Sammataro

Don & Barb Sanford John & Mary Santarius Dianne Sattinger Sauk Creek Neighborhood Assoc. Louise Schadauer Mark Schimke Patricia Schleicher Christopher Schmidt Kenneth Schmitt Peter Schmitt Darren Schoer & Julie Horst Orange & Dean Schroeder Emmett & Mary Ann Schulte Gwen Schultz Robert & Sara Schwartz Judy Schwickerath Ralph & Esther Scott Sandy Scott Richard & Natalie Sewell Mark Shahan & Laura Brown Joseph & Grace Shaw Theresa Sheldon Joe & Jeanne Silverberg Susanne Simmons Tom & Patti Sinclair Kathi Smith Louis & Elsbeth Solomon Larry & Sally Soltis Guy & Eileen Somers South Central Library System Madison South Rotary Foundation South Metropolitan Planning Council Mark Spring & Nancy Washburn St. Mary’s Hospital Christopher & Kimberly Stalker-Herron Dan & Beth Standiford Claudia Standorf Emily Stanley Janice Steinberg Peter Stephenson & Mary Massey Elaine Stevens Prudence Stewart Frank & Anne Stoll Dennis Stone Rick & Jeanne Strickland Nancy Stroud Susan Stucki

David Sulman & Anne Altshuler Shirley Sundquist Jeffrey Swiggum & Lori Smetana Bob & Jeanne Tabachnick Christopher Tall Kenneth Taylor & Kristin Davis Todd Taylor Dale & Kathleen Tessmer Gerald & Priscilla Thain Gregory Thain & Miriam Levinson Think Toner & Ink Amy Thornton Angela Thorp Denes Tobie Marcia E. Topel John & Carol Toussaint John & Willeen Tretheway Thomas & Nancy Turman Mudit Tyagi & Amy Karon Earl & Mary Updike Deborah Uram Judith Van Blarcom Marjorie & Robert Van Handel Edward H. Vidruk Terry Virlee Francesco & Jeanne Vitale Ann Waidelich Charles & Gloria Waity Stephen Wajda & Deborah Brandt J. Randal Wallar Bailey & Katherine Walsh Gerri Wanserski Anne Washbush Patricia Watkins Sharon Webster Dave Wegner William & Molly Weiler Marc & Lee Weinberger Alan Weld & Elizabeth Ludwig Laurie Wermter Jack Werner Westmorland Neighborhood Association Maurice & Grace White Russ & Liz Whitesel Nancy Widmer Karl & Susan Wigdal Elyn Williams David & Judy Williamson Mary Williamson Wipfli LLP Tom Wolfe & Pat Powers David Allen Wood & Jane Doughty Frances & George Wood Pam & Clint Woodman Michael & Elaine Yankunas Norman & Evelyn Young Theodora Zehner Jerre Ziebelman Stephen & Janet Zimmerman Janice Zmrazek Steven & Marjorie Zwickel David Zwiefelhofer & Rita Mullen


SPECIALLY DESIGNATED DONATIONS Branch and Specially Designated Memorial Honors In memory of Norma Hanson Friends of Pinney Branch Library Jane & Douglas Roughen In memory of John L. McClung Elizabeth Carroll Barbara Wich In memory of Peter Priegel Dr. & Mrs. Craig Aswegan Annette Beyer-Mears John & Eileen Bonine Jim Briggs & Vicki Fredrick Barbara Brochtrup Kathy Caravella Peter & Carol Carstensen Amber Carter David & Joy Drummond Bruce & Marsha Gregg Charlie & Joan Haack Paulette Harder Charles & Valerie Kime Robert & Wanda Martinsen Bonnie Mitchell Carol O’Leary


Richard & Dianne Ottow Peter & Sharon Peshek Nancy Priegel Ethel Dahir Margaret Rasch & David Stute Tom & Judy Reed Ronald & Carla Reynolds Henry & Pamela Riepe Diane Rose

In memory of Elizabeth “Betsy” Proctor Ted & Kathy Balcom Dean Clark James & Mary Clark Helen Navarre

In honor of June Roohr Janaan Sampson Lynn Schten Steve Schmitt Michael & Carol Sullivan Donald & Arleen Williams Patricia Winkler

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EVENT AND IN-KIND DONATIONS Ex Libris: A Review of Beer & Chocolate In October 2011, the library foundation added a culinary twist to their annual fall fundraising event. The event, now titled Ex Libris: A Review of Beer & Chocolate, featured a presentation by Madison author Jim Miller and artisanal beer and chocolate pairings from local brewers and chocolatiers. Thanks to the sponsors, donors, volunteers and ticket buyers that participated, the event raised $20,000 for the foundation.

Donors Andrew Clarkowski & Tana Elias Axley Brynelson, LLP CUNA Mutual Group The Capital Group EZ Office Products

Mohs, MacDonald, Widder & Paradise Attorneys at Law Mortenson Construction Perkins Coie Charitable Foundation Potter Lawson, Inc.

Quarles & Brady Wegner CPAs & Consultants Wipfli LLP

Gail Ambrosius Chocolatier Gigis Cupcakes Sharon & Oliver Goldsmith Kevin Henkes Herbert H. Kohl Charities, Inc. Ila Handbags Imperial Gardens West Just the 2 of Us Jewelry Little Luxuries, Inc. Madison B-Cycle Madison Children’s Museum The Madison Club Madison Concourse Hotel and Governor’s Club Madison Magazine Madison Mallards Baseball Club Madison Museum of Contemporary Art Madison Opera Mallatt Pharmacy and Costume David & Linda Maraniss Marigold Jim Murphy & Rosa Garner Nails 4 U Nakoma Golf Club New Concepts Salon New Glarus Brewing Company

Olbrich Gardens Oliva Restaurant Orange Tree Imports Organic Valley Pacific Cycle pc/nametag, inc. Pizza Brutta Potosi Brewing Company Carol & Dean Schroeder The Soap Opera Sony Creative Software Inc Sprecher’s Restaurant & Pub Steenbock’s on Orchard Storybook Ballet Studio Jewelers Ltd. Sunprint Taliesin Preservation Taste of India Susan & Robert Titus University Book Store Ron & Peg Wallace Wasabi Whole Foods Market Wisconsin Historical Museum The Wisconsin Union Woodman’s Markets

In-Kind A Room of One’s Own A Stone’s Throw Alan Koa Ale Asylum American Players Theater Bach Dancing & Dynamite Badger Sports Properties Blackbird Family Yoga Boardman & Clark LLP Bradbury’s Brasserie V Brennan’s Market The Camera Company Candinas Chocolatier Inc. Capitol Kids Circolo Catering Claddagh Irish Pub Craig’s Cake Shop Edouard & Jeannine Desautels Dotty Dumpling’s Dowry Doubletree by Hilton Madison Douglas Art & Frame Driftless Studio Francesca’s al Lago Fromagination Furthermore Beer

In-Kind Gifts Of course, not all donations are delivered via check or credit card. Much of what the foundation accomplishes with its events and outreach depends on the generosity of individuals and businesses who donate their goods and services from catering events to hosting them in their home. Barriques Wine Cave CORE BTS

Marjorie Devereaux & Dave Hall Tom & Lisa Linfield

Schoep’s Ice Cream Co.


LOCATIONS Interim Central Library 126 S. Hamilton Street Madison, WI 53703 (608) 266-6300

Monroe Street Library 1705 Monroe St. Madison, WI 53711 (608) 266-6390

Alicia Ashman Library 733 N. High Point Road Madison, WI 53717 (608) 824-1780

Pinney Library 204 Cottage Grove Rd. Madison, WI 53716 (608) 224-7100

Hawthorne Library 2707 E. Washington Ave. Madison, WI 53704 (608) 246-4548

Sequoya Library 4340 Tokay Blvd. Madison, WI 53711 (608) 266-6385

Lakeview Library 2845 N. Sherman Ave. Madison, WI 53704 (608) 246-4547

Goodman South Madison Library 2222 S. Park St. Madison, WI 53713 (608) 266-6395

Meadowridge Library 5740 Raymond Rd. Madison, WI 53711 (608) 288-6160

2011 Annual Report  

Madison Public Library Foundation 2011 Annual Report

2011 Annual Report  

Madison Public Library Foundation 2011 Annual Report