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Dental First Aid Kit: Be Prepared! Posted on February 1, 2013, by Marielaina Perrone DDS, in Oral health, tagged aleve, dental emergencies, dental emergency, denture, dentures, emergency first aid, emergency first aid kits, first aid kit, first aid kits, food debris, gauze pads, Henderson Dentist, herbal tea, Las Vegas Dentist, motrin, Oral Surgery, orthodontic brackets, pain medication, plant camellia sinensis, tea bags, temporary filling

A dental emergency can arise at any time and place. These emergencies can be a loose crown, fractured tooth, or even a toothache. Many homes and even cars have

Be Prepared For The Entire Family With A Dental First Aid Kit. emergency first aid kits in case of a medical emergency. Most do not even think twice about dental emergencies until they happen. Are you prepared for a dental emergency?

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-Pain Medication. This can include Motrin or Aleve. Just something to relieve the pain until you can see your dentist for better pain relief. Do not use aspirin as this will inhibit clotting. -Cotton or Gauze pads. These come in handy if there is any bleeding from an injury or even to have the patient bite down on to relieve some of the pressure. It also comes in handy if you have irritation from your braces or a denture. You can place the cotton or gauze in between the appliance and the sore to relive some of the discomfort. -Wax. Another handy item to cover up areas of irritation like orthodontic brackets or wires. -Floss. This can come in handy to remove food debris that gets lodged between teeth and beneath the gums that cause pain and discomfort. -“Save A Tooth� System. This is for transporting teeth that have fallen out so that you have a better chance for long term survival once re implanted. -Teabags. These are great for stopping bleeding following oral surgery or even a trauma in the mouth. Research suggests that bags containing tea from the plant camellia sinensis is better than herbal tea for this purpose. Tea bags may also be soothing if you bite your lip, cheek, or tongue. -Denture Adhesive Paste. This can be used even if you do not have dentures. In addition to using it to secure dentures, it can also be used to temporarily secure a crown or bridge that has fallen out. Agood example of this is Fixodent.

-Temporary filling material. This material tends to work better than wax for temporary replacement of a missing filling. -Dental Mirror and Spatula. The mirror can come in handy if the emergency is back in the mouth and the spatula is necessary for using any temporary filling material in the mouth. -Instant Ice Packs. These packs can come in handy if there is any trauma to the mouth or face. -Topical Anesthetic. This can give temporary relief

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for denture sores, gum irritation, cold sores, canker sores, or sores from simply biting your lip, tongue, or cheek. -Packets of Salt. These can be helpful if rinsing is necessary, as salt water helps clean and irrigate out wounds. -Package of Colgate Wisps. This handy dental hygiene tool acts as toothbrush as well as a toothpick. These can help remove foreign objects lodged between your teeth. -Orabase. Apaste used for healing canker sores or sore mouths. -Dentist Contact Information. Most dentists can be reached after hours via an emergency telephone line.

Dental First Aid Conclusion All of the items listed above are readily available in most homes as well as drug stores. You can make a kit for at home and in your car for on the road. You never know when a dental emergency might arise and this kit can be a life saver or should I say tooth saver! As always visit your dentist regularly for dental examinations and professional cleanings as well as for follow up to any at home dental emergency.

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Dental First Aid Kit - Be Prepared  

Items to include for a dental first aid kit. Marielaina Perrone DDS | Cosmetic Dentist | Las Vegas | Henderson | Nevada | 702-458-2929

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