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Mounds Park Academy | 2011–2012 Annual Report

What does it mean to you? At MPA, opportunity is at the core of our mission, our philosophy, and how we grow with our students every day. We believe that allowing our students to experience, explore and engage in a wide variety of activities and subjects not only deepens their everyday experience at school, but cultivates a life-long love of learning.

Here, our students truly do it all. Every day is an exercise in self-discovery, on a path to uncovering who they truly are and becoming who they were meant to be. Which is why we want to thank you for supporting MPA in the many ways that you do. Your generosity, passion and enthusiasm for MPA keeps the spirit of the school burning brightly every day and makes it abundanly clear that MPA is truly the place to be and become.

The hand-drawn headings that you see in this document were created by MPA Lower, Middle and Upper School students.

When Board Chair Robin Brooksbank asked Beth Averbeck and Charlene McEvoy to take on the challenge of the 2011-12 Annual Fund, they were ready to go. With children in all three divisions, Beth and Charlene felt they had a grasp on the importance of current parents to the Annual Fund initiatives as well as the need to grow alumni support. Whether it was


Beth Averbeck Charlene McEvoy


Christina Beck Anne Brataas Lori Guggenheim


Kari Kunze-Hoeg Mike Velin ’06

handing out hot chocolate, calling through the night during GiveMN 2011 or giving their precious weekend hours to strategy sessions, Beth and Charlene did it all. GiveMN 2011 was a huge success story— MPA won a prize for being one of the top ten fundraisers in Minnesota. But GIVE MPA Day


Robin Brooksbank Lori Tapani Traci Tapani


Amanda Campbell Missy McDonald Tammy Sinkfield

was even more fun. The spring push to give generated over $25,000 dollars to support Mounds Park Academy in just 24 hours. Beth and Charlene recommend a repeat experience. GROW Although we did not make the goal of $550,000, Beth and Charlene raised nearly $500,000—a grand total of $490,505.15.

CL ASS 2011

Every dollar raised makes an essential difference for our beloved faculty, growing


body of alumni, and ultimately will enrich our students’ experiences in the classroom. Thank you Beth and Charlene for all of your hard work!


Fay and Bob DeBellis Howard Green Ray Grinsteinner Char Ferlic Peter and Karla Myers Bridget Fitzgerald Cynthia Mueller Suzanne Strack Wade Peterson ’87

LEADER : $10,000 to $24,999

BUILDER : $1 ,000 to $2,499

US Bancorp Foundation


Ali and Joy Alizadeh

Wells Fargo Foundation - Educational

Brad and Lynn Berning

Anonymous (2)

  Matching Gift Program

Tom and Karen Lansing

Ronald and Donna Bailey

Annie and Jim Winsor

Dan and Heidi McKeown

Karen and George Benz

Judith Wood

Ford and Catherine Nicholson

John P. Berdusco

Brenda and Wade Woodson

Nancy Simek

John and Ruth Bergerson

Jim Wright and Jeanne Danaher

Frank and Judith Tschida

James Blomquist

Charlotte Wilcox

Dana Boyle

MENTOR : $500 to $999

John Brower and Ellen Higgins

3M Foundation

PARTNER : $5,000 to $9,999

Larry and Linda Burstein

Anonymous (4)

Anonymous (2)

Jenean and Peter Cordon

Margaret and Randy Beahrs

Fosten and Beverly Boyle

Peter Dahlberg and Anuradha Tummala

Steve and Nancy Beck

Robert and Fay DeBellis

Michael Dai and Gail Engstrom

Kofi Bruce and Amy Christensen-Bruce

Jamie and Cindy Gardner

Matthew and Judith Dugas

Jim Caspers and Cory Pope

Paul and Lori Guggenheim

Ecolab Foundation

Martin and Julie Chambers

Kevin and Polly Hart

Lawrence and Lynn Ehren

Chris Colantti and Connie Sanborn

Jeremy and Tricia Hedberg

Brit Etzold

George and Erin Connolly

Jeffrey and Jacqueline Mudge

Michael and Joyce Eyerly

Deane C Manolis & Nancy G Manolis

Dwight Opperman

Rahoul Ghose and Lynne Bardy

  Charitable Giving Fund

Target Corporation-Take Charge of Education

Alfred and Ingrid Lenz Harrison

Jim and Joanie Delamater

John and Dana Wood


Howard and Nancy Dunlavy

Pete Jacobs and Carol Hatcher

Fred and Carol Entwistle

ADVISOR : $2,500 to $4,999

Harvey and Suzanne Kaplan

Dan and Elizabeth Esch

Tamra and Rick Anderson

Anthony and Randee Killeen

Allan ’93 and Trine Flinn

Anonymous (2)

Maurice Kuypers and Denise Rutherford

Charles Flinn, Jr. and Elizabeth Hayden

Gregg and Robin Brooksbank

Randy and Jenny Lindrud

Judy and Steve Lewis

Courtenay Brown ’91

Ted and Aileen Lyle

Walter Galicich and Stefanie Swanson Galicich

Tom and Nancee Bruggeman

Betty Myers

Bretta Grinsteinner

James ’97 and Samantha Cordon

Leslie and Chris Neugent

Ray Grinsteinner

John and Gretchen Corkrean

Richard and Nancy Nicholson

Sixto Guiang and Jennifer Mehmel

Mike Downs and Ronit Yalon

Rob and Mary Nicoski

Joe and Shari Hammer

Troy Emmans

Diane Ogren and Jeffrey Hill

Bob and Nancy Harper

Todd and Tara Fruchterman

Stein Olson

Wally and Deborah Hilke

Gary and Ellen Galbavy

Dan O’Neill and Nancy Etzwiler

Mark and Andrea Honda

James and Joan Gardner

Christopher Parish ’95

Norman Jones and Sandra Schreur Jones


Bob and Jenny Peterson

Steve and Cathy Lauring

Annie and Howard Green

Tom and Dee Polacek

Joe and Chris Levesque

Randy Herman and Sharron FitzGerald

Andrew and Karen Portis

Jim and Dawn Loving

Vladimir and Silvia Hugec

Anudeep Rahil and Timinder Biring

Phil and Stephanie Martineau

Chris and Jeanine Jesmer

Rajendra and Anuja Rao

The McQuade Family

Mike and Martha Krikava

Robert Roach and Nancy Reid

Mr. John and Ms. Hanne Messerich

Alan and Sandy Law

Timothy and Melinda Samsel

Paul and Karen Montour

Medtronic Foundation

Jeff Schackor and Mary Eret

Morgan Stanley

Cynthia Meyer and Cynthia Mueller

Dr. Ronald and Mrs. Susan Schwartz

MPA Alumni Association

Jay and Catherine Millerhagen

Jim and Audrey Schwieger

Alan and Lynn Muir

Myers Foundation, Inc.

Securian Foundation

Chad Nicholson ’97

Peter and Karla Myers

Dan and Emily Shapiro

Pondie Nicholson Taylor ’02 and Mark Taylor

Brent and Melissa Peacock

The Strand Family Fund of The

Dr. and Mrs. Randall Norgard

Jim Poradek and Katharine Gotham

  Saint Paul Foundation

Douglas A. Olson and Charlene E. McEvoy

Amy Smith

Lori Tapani and Daniel Sjoquist

Heather Parish ’92

Traci Tapani

Chris and Dwight Porter

United Health Group

Premier Banks

10–14 Years Consecutive Giving

20–24 Years Consecutive Giving

Matching Gift Company

15–19 Years Consecutive Giving

25+ Years Consecutive Giving


David and Maria Reamer

Gina Wallraff

Jon and Grace Buck

Rich Rolfs and Mary Zygmunt Rolfs

Brian and Peggy Willett

Lisa Buck and John Wensman

Salem Foundation

William Zimmermann

Hien Bui

Michael and Jonelle Sampson ’01

Andrew ’93 and Margaret Burke

Tim and Mary Scanlan

DONOR : Up to $250

Rachel Bye and Rita Amendola

Kristin and Jay Schantzen

Leah Abbe Bloem

Annika Callaghan ’05

Joseph and Christi Schmitt

Mandy (Abdo) ’92 and Bill Sheahan

Cathryn Camacho ’04

Mark and Wendy Schrandt

Jill Abramson ’91 and Jonathan Malamy

Joseph Campanelli and Margaret Huff

Steve Siegel Family

Abdikafar Aden and Hawo Hersi

Amanda Campbell

Beth Slocum and Robin Brown

Alerus Financial

Arne and Susan Carlson

Stephen Spencer and Stephanie Sommer

Jonathan Allan ’03

Ann Caspar and Ravi Balasubrahmanyan

Joseph Springer and Joan Ireland

Drew Allen ’06

Jolene and Jon-Christopher Catudio

Tom and Lisa Staples

Ben and Therese Anderson

Dennis and Sara Cernohous

Rob and Amy Stolpestad

Jane and Mark Anderson

Amit and Namarta Chandra

Sanjay and Anju Syal

Michael Anderson ’06

Adam and Jennifer Ciresi

Peter and Suzanne Thompson

Ted and Joan Anderson

Rose Mary Colorafi

Peter and Mary Jo Thrane

Jennifer (Mace) Andrew ’96

Peter and Laura Colton

Edward ’93 and Megan Titcomb

Farhad Anklesaria and Krista Nelson

Randy Comfort and Lisa Fisher-Comfort

Norm Troullier and Christine Stanson

Anonymous (19)

Maureen Conway and Wayland Campbell

Mary B. Vergin

Abe and Kristen Appert

Ashley Cooper

Mike and Stephanie Vergin

John and Julie Appert

Patricia Corkrean

Colleen Winters and Erich Schwab

Todd and Tina Arsenault

John Cotterell ’04

Mike Wisniewski

Erik and Lisa Aunan

Richard Crabb ’00

Jennifer Austin-McGrath

Steven and Dianne Cunningham

MENTOR : $250 to $499

Bob and Julie Averbeck

Diane Dahl and Chuck Bransford


Jack and Kanta Awasthi

Neil and Marcia Dahlquist

John and Deb Campbell

Yazdan Bakhsh and Bassema Alsabbagh

Marina Dale and Brian Harms

Dr. Karl Chun and Ms. Jane Neumann

John Baldwin

Jennifer Daly

Anthony Collins and Bridget Fitzgerald

Asha Bandal ’00

Richard and Nancy Dana

Ken Dahlberg and Mari Espeland

Michael Bander and Ellen Rest

Richard Davis and Alice Roberts-Davis

Robert DeGregorio

Carolyn Bates

Vicki Day

Jose and Carolina Del Solar

Alain Baudry

Karl and Lainie DeBoer

Anne Devout Atchison and Randy Atchison

Julie Baum ’91

Dr. and Mrs. Jeff Dichter

Curtis and Lisa Dunn

Ruediger and Ana Baumgart

James and LeeAnn Diedrich

Larry Edwards and Missy McDonald

Rachelle Beauchane

David Dierenfield and Anne Street

Loren and Shirley Espeland

Shawn Beauchane

Mary Anne Dietz

David and Beth Finch

Carter and Christina Beck

Beverly and James Docherty

General Mills Box Tops for Education

Elin Beck ’08

Molly Dolan

Richard and Carol Gross

Mary and Bryan Beggin

Stephen and Sandra Dvorsky

Kemps Nickels for Schools

Dr. Richard and Mrs. Kay Bendel

Parker Eberwein

Ken Kixmoeller and Kim Otness

Stéphanie Bernatchez and Dennis Davidson

Don and Pat Effenberger

Lamont and Rebecca Koerner

Barbara Berwald

Robert and Kristen Ehren

William LeMire and Elizabeth Jansen LeMire

Frank Bezdicek

Jake and Laura Eibon

Tasslyn and Dan Magnusson

Joy Bigalke-Danielson

Joy and Loir Elazary

John and Sarah Myers

Emily (Spilseth) ’91 and Bryce Binstadt

Ann Entwistle ’02

Kevin Nepsund and Karen Ta

Kathleen Bischel Beddow and Earl Beddow

Markus and Sandra Erben

Curt and Anne Petersen

Brad and Angela Bliese

Joseph and Lynette Erchul

Wade Peterson ’87

Jessica Blue

Gregory Erickson and Jamie McNaughton

Jerry and Mona Poehling

Carolyn Borow and Brad Moore

Essilor Prescription Safety Eyewear

Chip and Suanne Sardi

Andrew Brainerd ’03

Daniel Ethier

Lawrence Schultz

Doug Braun-Harvey

Yuen Fai and Maria Ng

Patrick and Grace Spencer

Megan Bridges ’97

Danielle Faribault

Drs. Scott and Cristina Thomas

Tom and Heather Broneak

Ralph and Loanne Thrane

10–14 Years Consecutive Giving

20–24 Years Consecutive Giving

Matching Gift Company

15–19 Years Consecutive Giving

25+ Years Consecutive Giving


William Fiedler and Ruth Martinez

Lisa Holter Ankel and Felix Ankel

Lee and Barb Lyons

Catherine Finch

Mr. and Mrs. Kristian J. Horvei ’00

Sheri (Boerbon) Lyons ’86 and Thomas Lyons

Melonie Fischer

Kelly Humphrey

Bill Madigan

Les and Meredith Forgosh

Joe and Tricia Hutton

Barry Madore and Kirstin Scanlan Madore

Robert and Laurie Foss

Carey and Warner Ide

William and Suzanne Magee

Robert M. Frame III

Nadine Smith Ide

Kevin Maione and Lisa Plaxton

Dr. and Mrs. Dominic Frecentese

Alex Isaac ’04

Vincent and Diane Mako

Marilyn Fritz Shardlow and John Shardlow

Sarah Jahn

Gordon Mammel ’03

Lisa, Kevin and Kaitlyn Gaeu

Kapil and Tina Jain

Yatheendhar and Nisha Manicka

Nick and Ingrid Gangestad

Douglas and Kimberly Jakway

David and Belinda Manolis

Karli Gasteazoro ’03

John and Carol Jakway

John Marien

Rachel Gates ’02

Scott and Mary Jane Jallen

Judith and Todd Marshall

Chris ’93 and Katie Gehrz

Beth Janke and Betsy Furman

Wayne and Patricia Marzolf

Shannon Gherty Anderson ’00

Brook ’93 and Anne Johnson

Michele Maturen

  and Brad Anderson

Dan ’88 and Tanya Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McElvain

Molly Gherty ’02

Don and Monica Johnson

Dave and Chris McGaha

Lisa Gilliland

Evelyn and Steve Johnson

Leman and Sharon McLean

William and Nancy Given

Joy Johnson

Laura McPherson ’04

Rosa Glade Arnold and Scott Arnold

Michael and Summer Johnson

Elizabeth Melton

Cheryl Godbout Bandal

Frank and Shiahid Judge

Hillary Mercer Graves ’96 and Richard Graves

Kevin and Linda Goodno

Philip and Rosanne Kaplan

Steven Merchant

Jon and Carla Grabanski

Lauren (Sperry) ’00 and Steve Kavan

Marian Messing ’07

Raymond Grabanski

Bryan Kelly ’07

Richard H. Meyer

Dr. John L. Grant and Mrs. Mary Buerkle-Grant

Peter Kieselbach ’06

Brian and Laura Millberg

Jim and Nansee Greeley

Thomas Kieselbach and Anna Davies

Amie and Jane Miller

Jeremy and Kristi (Wood) Green ’89

Yamini Kimmerle

John Miller

Eric ’91 and Kirsten Gregerson

Nicole and Aaron Koen

Judith A. Miller

Katie Gross ’01

Terese and David Koppen

Michael and Kimberly Miller

Kristin Gross ’05

Joe Kordosky

Paula Miller

Peg Guilfoyle and John Baillie

Karen Kozen-Lien

George Mills ’04

Wendy Gulden and Edgar Vant

Paul Kramer ’05

Tom Mischke and Rosie O’Brien

Dr. Christopher and Mrs. Monica Haas

Jeffrey and Robyn Kramer

Nancy Misra and Brian Stenquist

Daniel and Amy (Kemper) Haase ’90

Gerry and Marcia Kraut

Janet and Dan Moody

Clare Halloran ’03

Robert and Sheri Kreischer

Matt and Jane Moore

John Halloran and Dianne Wright

Sanjay and Tricia Kuba

Melinda and Jorma Moore

Ruth Hamberg ’05

Nathan and Amy (Effenberger) ’01 Kuchta

Satchel Moore ’04

Allan Hammel

Jan and Fred Kunze

Charles Moser

Doug and Diane Hands

Kari and Jeffrey Kunze-Hoeg

MPA Faculty

Shemeko Hang ’05

Nancy and David Lage

MPA World Language Department

Brian and Debra Hanson

Gaetan and Cheryl Lambiase

Lisa Mueller

Shimon and Roberta Harosh

Karen and Greg Langseth

Garrett Mulrooney and Anissa Mediger

John and Catherine Harvanko

Olivia Lansing ’06

Himadeep Muppidi and Anila Prabhu

Thomas E. Haskett and

Matthew and Shari Larson

Dan and Katie Murr

  Patricia McJames Haskett

Soren Larson ’07

Bryanna and Michael Nagan

Jenelle (Charbonneau) Hastings ’98

Ann Laundry and Larry Doucette

Courtney Nagle and Scott Burnett

Doug and Jolayne Hauge

Jeffrey and Kelly Lavers

Michael and Donna Nathe

Fritz Hauschild ’03

Ue and Nhia Lee

Charlie and Jane Neimeyer

Nancy Hauschild

Louis and Janice Leichter

Gail and Jerry Neren

Chris and Amy Hawley

Alisa Lein ’96

Eric Netteberg and Julie Wrase

Teri Heil

Ken and Doreen Leopold

Brad and Lori Nidersson

Larry and Kim Heinemann

David and Mary Beth Lichtor

Betty and Glenn Nordling

Peter Hendrickson and Mindy Keskinen

David and Terryl Liebgott

Kari and Michael O’Keefe

Rose Hendrickson

Scott and Carrie Lindgren

Jesse Okie and Mary Harrington

Alexandra Hiniker ’05

Lisa Litchfield

Steve Olson and Diane Gobran

Gary and Carol Hitz

Gary and Mary Lunstad

Patrick Opatz and Stephanie Hawkinson

James and Sandy Hoeg

Will Lyle ’07

Gloria Ortega-Gerdts

Emily Osman ’06

Will and Jayne Sillman

Nan Wille and Richard Cecchettini

Patti and Kent Osman

Ranjit Singh and Anna Baxter-Singh

Carol and Anton Wilson

Jennifer and Timothy Otremba

Tammy Sinkfield

Scott and Nancy Wilson

Maureen Otwell

Cedric Skillon and Doneka Scott

The Wine Thief and Ale Jail

Adam Pabarcus ’03

Caitlin Smith ’02

Gayle Winegar

Lisa and Craig Pederson

Dr. James and Mrs. Joanne Smith

Art and Debbie Wineman

Scott Peeler and Amelia Becker

Dr. Kenneth and Ms. Karen Smith

Daniel and Genevieve Winga

Yorke and Lois Peeler

The Smith Family

Emily and Anderson Wingfield

Ed and Kris Pendergast

Richard Smith and Anne Bendel


Philip Petermann

Sandy K. Smith and Gregory Giesen

Thomas Wolfe and Sally Silk

Kristine Petersen

Renee and David Sonka

Sum and Ka Ling Wong

Curtis and Linda Peterson

Paul and Claire Spilseth

Lisa and Jim Woodruff

Derek ’89 and Cheryl Peterson

Jay and Joni Springer

Adam Wooldridge

Dianne Peterson


Renee and David Wright

Garry and Mary Ann Peterson

Deedee Stacy

Jeff and Kris Wroblewski

Richard and Mary Jo Pfannenstein

Lawrence and Karen Stang

Katherine Young

William Platz and Todd Savage

John and Karen Staral

Robert Zeglovitch and Jane Young

Keith Pulling

David Steffes ’98

Dawn and Peter Zimmerman

Sadiq Punjani and Anila Habib

Katherine Steffes Dean ’97 and Matthew Dean

Russ Purdy and Amy Schneider Purdy

Elaine and Stuart Steinman

John and Kelsi Rahm

James Stewart and Florence Monsour

Mrs. V. J. Ramezzano

Renette and Scott Stinson

Theresa Reardon Offerman and Leo Offerman

Douglas Stone and Kristine Vick

Tony and Lori Reimers

Remi Stone

Kevin Rhodes and Melinda Lopes

Shane and Suzanne Strack

Trudy Richter

Peter and Wendy Sullivan

Valerie Rigsbee ’03

Pam and Sean Sutton

John and Julee Rimarcik

Eleanor Swanson

Joe Rose ’92

Quang Ta and Hoa Dang

Meg Rose ’89

Stephen and Angeline Tan

Mary Rossini and Bill Anderson

Sam Thao and Mee Vang

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L Rozinka

Xiong and Ger Thao

Mansur and Nazifa Sajady

Xoua and See Thao

John Saltness

Mitch Thomsen and Sue Moses

Sue and Steve Samuelson

Edward ’93 and Megan Titcomb

Erik Sand ’03

Mani and Harini Upadhyaya

Erica Savage ’01

Christopher Utgaard ’92

Thomas and Judith Savage

Sharon Utgaard

Savy Source For Parents

Michael and Lisa Vale

Anne Roth Scalia

David and Nancy Van Dyke

Mark Scheible and Beth Wegner

John and Betsy Van Hecke

Mr. Chris and Mrs. Alison Schell

Patricia Vanderslice

Ginna Schultz and Alejandro Diaz Andrade #

Chris and Vallay Varro

Gary and Suzanne Schwartz

Scott and Sarah Veith

Laurel Schwartz ’11

Michael Velin ’06

Mike and Barb Scinto

Tom and Nancy Vick

Katy Selb

Sally Walker

Rollie and Murt Seltz

Todd Wandell ’95

Bradley Seum and Natalie Waters Seum

Renae Wantock

William ’88 and Stephanie Seymour

KaTrina and Paul Wentzel

Ellyn (Scibora) Shapiro ’91

Karen West ’06

Marc and Kathy Shapiro

Lyle and Colleen Wick

Stephanie and Patrick Shea

Gavin Wilkinson and Karlyn Peterson

10–14 Years Consecutive Giving

20–24 Years Consecutive Giving

Matching Gift Company

15–19 Years Consecutive Giving

25+ Years Consecutive Giving




Chris Hawley

From March 5 to March 9, Mounds Park Academy was


Amy Stolpestad

transformed into a magical kingdom of books, reading, fun, and


Shane Strack

mystery. Did you check out the enchanted forest? What about

President Vice President of Grade Reps Vice President of Funding

Beth Finch

the Middle School Café? While the Book Festival is primarily a

Lower School Co-Chairs Middle School Co-Chairs


community building event, it also supports MPA’s commitment to

Sandra Schreur Jones

these funds have provided special book collections, reference

Mike Offstein

materials, a display case, furniture, author and illustrator visits,

Cindy Gardner

and much more.

reading and raises funds to support our library. Over the years,

Karen Kozen Upper School Chair

Chris Levesque

Developing the love of reading, the ability to connect with what inspires them, and the motivation to find the time in busy schedules for reading are our top priorities. As the “storehouse of knowledge,” the MPA Library staff ultimately seeks to provide students with the resources to inspire personal growth and a broader understanding of their world. Each year, the funds raised through the Book Festival and the generosity of the Parents Association help us accomplish this goal.

PHASE T WO TECHNOLOGY 2011-12 brought Phase Two of directed support from the Parents Association. The proceeds from fundraisers like the magazine drive, poinsettia sale, and spring plant sale were used to support the purchase and installation of a video projection system in the Nicholson Center. This has been a much needed addition to MPA, providing the opportunity for better presentation of information by speakers and increased access by our students to advanced technological presentation systems.

Abdallah Chocolate Shoppes Mandy (Abdo) ’92 and Bill Sheahan Afton Alps Recreation Area Afton House Inn Ali and Joy Alizadeh Ben and Therese Anderson* Tamra and Rick Anderson Anderson, Helgen, Davis & Nissen, LLC Anonymous (9)* Todd and Tina Arsenault* Arthur Murray Dance Studio ArtiCulture John P. Berdusco Bradley and Lynn Berning Emily (Spilseth) ’91 and Bryce Binstadt Bloomington Theatre and Art Center Dana Boyle Fosten and Beverly Boyle Breadsmith Gregg and Robin Brooksbank Greg Burger Cannon River Winery Jolene and Jon-Christopher Catudio Cedar Pet Clinic Dennis and Sara Cernohous Dr. Karl Chun and Ms. Jane Neumann* ComedySportz Twin Cities Como Zoo and Conservatory George and Erin Connolly* Jenean and Peter Cordon John and Gretchen Corkrean* Cossetta Italian Market Ken Dahlberg and Mari Espeland* Peter Dahlberg and Anuradha Tummala Marina Dale and Brian Harms Robert and Fay DeBellis Dick’s Sporting Goods Dodge Nature Center Downtowner Car Wash Robert and Kristen Ehren* Dan and Elizabeth Esch Les and Meredith Forgosh* Funkie Gardens Gary and Ellen Galbavy* Walter Galicich and Stefanie Swanson Galicich* Nick and Ingrid Gangestad Jamie and Cindy Gardner Gibbs Museum of Pioneer & Dakota Life Annie and Howard Green Ray Grinsteinner*

Paul and Lori Guggenheim*

Rob and Mary Nicoski

Shimon and Roberta Harosh*

Diane Ogren and Jeffrey Hill*

Kip and Nicole Hartung

Old Log Theater

Jeremy and Tricia Hedberg*

Douglas A. Olson and Charlene E. McEvoy*

Randy Herman and Sharron FitzGerald

Papa Murphy’s Take N Bake Pizza

History Theatre

Christopher Parish ’95*

Bret and Jennifer Hokanson

Park Square Theatre

Vladimir and Silvia Hugec

Brent and Melissa Peacock

Kelly Humphrey

Bob and Jenny Peterson

Joe and Tricia Hutton

Karlyn Peterson and Gavin Wilkinson

Hyatt Place

William Platz and Todd Savage

Illusion Theatre

Tom and Dee Polacek*

International Wolf Center

Pool and Yacht Club, Inc.

Douglas and Kimberly Jakway

Jim Poradek and Katharine Gotham

John and Carol Jakway

Chris and Dwight Porter

James Sewell Ballet

Prom Management Group Inc

Chris and Jeanine Jesmer*

Punch Neapolitan Pizza

Joe’s Garage Restaurant

Anudeep Rahil and Timinder Biring*

Norman Jones and Sandra Schreur Jones

John and Kelsi Rahm

Jungle Theater

David and Maria Reamer

Anthony and Randee Killeen*

Rich Rolfs and Mary Zygmunt Rolfs*

Nicole and Aaron Koen

Thomas Rudd and Patricia Furlong*

Kowalski’s Market

Amelia Ruth

Mike and Martha Krikava*

Deborah Sagstetter

Daniel and Julianne Lannon

Salute Dental

Kate Larson

Sue and Steve Samuelson

Matthew and Christine Larson

Kristin and Jay Schantzen

William LeMire and Elizabeth Jansen LeMire*

Lawrence Schultz*

Let’s Dish

Gary and Suzanne Schwartz*

Joe and Chris Levesque

Dr. Ronald and Mrs. Susan Schwartz

Lexus of Maplewood

Srinivasan Seshadri and Hema Ramaswamy*

Linder’s Garden Center and Greenhouses

Bradley Seum and Natalie Waters Seum

Lutsen Resort & Sea Villas

Ranjit Singh and Anna Baxter-Singh

MacPhail Center for Music

Todd Snell and Julia Garofalo Snell*

Bill Madigan

Patrick and Grace Spencer

William and Suzanne Magee

Jay and Joni Springer

Anthony and Michele Magistad

St. Paul Saints

Maplewood Audi

Stages Theatre Company

Maplewood Community Center

Renette and Scott Stinson

Maplewood Mercedes Benz

Rob and Amy Stolpestad*

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McElvain

Sweatshop Health Club

Mr. John and Ms. Hanne Messerich*

Stephen and Angeline Tan

Michael and Kimberly Miller

Lori Tapani and Daniel Sjoquist*

Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Traci Tapani

Minnesota Children’s Museum

The Cottage House Inn

Minnesota Swarm Professional Lacrosse Team

The Minnesota Timberwolves

Minnesota Twins Baseball Club

The Red Balloon Bookshop

Minnesota Zoo

The Rivertown Inn

Miroslavich Photography

The Village Scoop

Mark Mossman

Dr. Scott and Dr. Cristina Thomas*

MPA Theater Department

Peter and Suzanne Thompson*

Lisa Mueller

Tiny Acorn Portraits

Peter and Karla Myers

Edward ’93 and Megan Titcomb

Courtney Nagle and Scott Burnett

Norm Troullier and Christine Stanson

Ford and Catherine Nicholson*

Ursula’s Wine Bar & Cafe Usborne Books Michael Velin ’06 Vertical Endeavors Warners’ Stellian Appliance Co Weisman Art Museum Zachari Wetz ’99 White Bear Lincoln Mercury, Inc. Wild Mountain - Taylors Falls Recreation Scott and Nancy Wilson* Zosha Winegar-Schultz ’12 Colleen Winters and Erich Schwab Renee and David Wright

Mounds Park Academy alumni are active in their communities in

Wuollet Bakery

ways that bring the mission of MPA alive throughout the world. We are grateful that those alumni also take a moment to give

*Faculty Sponsors and Fund-A-Need Donors

back to MPA. Below is the total class participation of giving to MPA—whether to the MPA Annual Fund, the Alumni Endowment for Financial Aid, Breakthrough Saint Paul, or other funds. Thank you! We are grateful for your support and proud of the difference you are making in the world.

Class % of Class Giving 1986 25% Ali and Joy Alizadeh Bob Averbeck John Brooksbank ’12 Dan Bruggeman Lisa Buck Pam Frecentese Jesse Golfis ’96 Katharine Gotham Chris and Jeanine Jesmer* MPA Class of 2016 MPA Class of 2017 MPA Class of 2018 MPA Class of 2019 MPA Class of 2020 MPA Class of 2021 MPA Class of 2022 MPA Class of 2023 MPA Class of 2024 MPA Class of 2025 Richard Meacock Dan O’Neill and Nan Etzwiler Doug Olson and Charlene McEvoy* Anna Orbovich ’08 Gloria Ortega Paul Peterson Kathleen Sheridan The Wine Thief and Ale Jail *Faculty Sponsors

1987 16% 1988 12% 1989 13% 1990 4% 1991 19% 1992 19% 1993 11% 1994 2% 1995 10% 1996 6% 1997 8% 1998 6% 1999 4% 2000 12% 2001 6% 2002 12% 2003 16% 2004 11% 2005 12% 2006 15% 2007

11% **


4% **


1% **


No gifts received **





** Not actively solicited

1982 LEGACY SOCIET Y Karen and George Benz Fosten and Beverly Boyle Gregg and Robin Brooksbank Peter and Jenean Cordon Mike Downs and Ronit Yalon Suzanne and Bob Flotten James and Cindy Gardner James and Joan Gardner Lance ’93 and Betsy (Brewer) ’95 Harris Robert Kreischer Since the founding of MPA in 1982, our community has demonstrated considerable philanthropic generosity. That wonderful tradition continues with the 1982 Legacy Society. The 1982 Legacy Society is a group of benefactors who wish to support MPA’s

David and Susanna Meyer Peter B. and Karla Myers Gail and Jerry Neren

mission of educational excellence by including the school in their estate plans.

Ford Nicholson

Since the very beginning, MPA has offered a unique educational program that truly

Christopher Parish

develops the whole child – academically, artistically, and athletically. Members of the 1982 Legacy Society contribute to MPA’s continued ability to offer every student this individualized path to learning. In fact, that learning continues for a lifetime. An MPA experience helps alumni develop into knowledgeable, self-confident, ethical, and

Jesse Okie and Mary Harrington Brent and Melissa Peacock Wade M. Peterson Chris and Dwight Porter Susan and Bill Sands

compassionate adults.

Mary Ann Smith

The 1982 Legacy Society allows MPA to thank you for caring deeply about the

Glen Taylor

importance of education at MPA now and in the future. If you would like more

Sandy Kreischer Smith Louis and Camille Wainwright

information, please contact Mike Downs, Head of School, at 651-777-2555.

The Head’s Circle honors the gifts of those families that give $2,500 or more to the Annual Fund. This group of donors provides critical and substantial support to MPA’s operations. Their philanthropic leadership is part of what makes the difference between a great school and an extraordinary school. Gifts from Head’s Circle members directly impact the lives of students by ensuring the best quality teachers, the incredible co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and a mission driven focus from all members of the community.

Each year, the MPA Alumni Association offers a $500 grant for use towards an alumnus’ research, education or service project. The purpose of the grant is to support alumni activities that align with the MPA mission of global responsibility and life-long learning. The grant program was created in 2006 and it is funded entirely by alumni and community giving. It is open to any MPA graduate and it is awarded on an annual basis through a competitive application process.

2012 RECIPIENTS L ARA DEL AMATER ’06 traveled to Cusco, Peru and volunteered at CerviCusco, a non-profit medical clinic dedicated to preventing cervical cancer. The grant will support the work of the clinic in providing screenings to disenfranchised and impoverished Peruvian women.


traveled to Peru as a member

of Engineers Without Borders. She used the grant money to purchase a DNA extraction kit, which identifies pathogenic illnesses in water. The kit will help increase access to clean water in underdeveloped areas.

In May 2012, Mounds Park Academy was named a Malone

All incoming Mounds Park Academy students accepted to

Family Foundation Partner school. With a gift of $2 million

grades 7-9 with a demonstrated financial need are eligible

dollars from the Malone Family Foundation, MPA is now able

to apply for the Malone Scholar Program. Successful

to provide financial aid for high-achieving, low-income students

candidates will demonstrate the following characteristics:

attending MPA. Mounds Park Academy was one of 11 schools nationally in 2012 to receive this prestigious opportunity to serve talented students.

• Malone Scholars should be high achievers (generally top 5% of their class). • Malone Scholars should be highly involved and

The MPA Malone Scholars program is guided by the desire to

independent learners.

identify, enroll, and support these unique learners because the

• Malone Scholars should be effective communicators.

whole child philosophy and participatory, hands-on experiential

• Malone Scholars should act with respect and integrity.

education provided by outstanding experienced faculty members allow the very best educational opportunities for students to reach their full potential.

Dear Friends, Thank you so much for your commitment and support of Mounds Park Academy this past year. We’d like to use this opportunity to give you an update on funding and other activities that occurred in 2011-12. Parent and overall community participation in the 2011-12 MPA Annual Fund was commendably high, continuing the superb levels of participation the school has seen over the past few years. A special thank you to Beth Averbeck and Charlene McEvoy, who co-chaired the Annual Fund and helped the school achieve these great results. MPA is accredited by the Independent Schools Association of the Central States (ISACS), and 2011-12 was the final step in our seven-year reaccreditation cycle, the previous reaccreditation taking place in 2005. Reaccreditation is an opportunity for reflection and evaluation, and while this process requires extra work on the part of our faculty and staff, we welcomed it. The last step involves an on-site review by a visiting team of independent school administrators and teachers from around the country. We received the team’s final report this past spring and are grateful for the commendations and recommendations for growth addressed by the team. We’d like to give thanks to Nansee Greeley and Scott Peeler, our steering committee co-chairs, for their expert guidance. The reaccreditation process identified our greatest strength, strong student and faculty relationships, and we are proud to say it is a true MPA tradition. Close relationships between faculty and students are the centerpiece of our nurturing educational environment. From Lower to Upper school, our students view teachers as supportive adults, both inside and outside their classrooms, and it is this relationship that ultimately leads to an exceptional education. The visiting team from ISACS “witnessed magical teaching and engaged

Robin Brooksbank

learning happening throughout the school in authentic and

Chair, MPA Board of Trustees

creative ways.”

Mother of Julia ’09, John ’12 and Joe ’17

When you walk through the halls of MPA you’ve no doubt experienced the positive spirit and loyalty for the school community by students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends. As we continue in the 31st year at MPA, we know that

Mike Downs

change can bring opportunities and are both excited and

Head of School

committed to ensuring the school thrive for 30 more. Thank you for everything you do.


Michael Velin ’06

third grader until he graduated in 1992. It was

Patrick Wand ’03 and Scarlett Robinson

his hope that Mounds Park Academy never

The MPA Alumni Endowment for Financial Aid

Andrea Wedul ’95

become an elitist school.

reached an initial goal of raising $25,000 this

Gayle Winegar Mary Ann Lockhart

year. As a representative and leading fundraiser the first award of $1,000 to a member of


the Class of 2013 along with a contribution

The purpose of the Alumni Parent Financial Aid


to the general financial aid fund for current

Fund for Diversity is to provide financial aid for

A new endowment in 2011-12, the purpose of

MPA students. This endowment honors MPA’s

students with demonstrated financial need at

the Middle School Field Trip Endowment Fund is

tradition of giving back to the school.

Mounds Park Academy. The donors hope this

to provide financial support for field trips in the

endowment will help to ensure that the MPA

Middle School. The funds from this endowment

Mandy (Abdo) ’92 and Bill Sheahan

student body remains a diverse population.

should support (but are not limited to) service

Jill Abramson ’91 and Jonathan Malamy

As such, first preference for awards should

learning, outdoor environmental education

Tamra and Rick Anderson

be to support and enhance diversity in the

and other field trips that support the curricula.

Jennifer (Mace) Andrew ’96

student population. Diversity shall be defined

The hope of the donor is that these funds will

Anonymous (7)

by the Head of School in collaboration with the

support the growth of these experiences when

Cathleen Bartholic ’06

academic leadership of Mounds Park Academy.

and as the financial situation of the school

for the endowment, Chris Parish ’95 presented


Julie Baum ’91 Megan Bridges ’97

Jesse Okie and Mary Harrington Anonymous

Courtenay Brown ’91 James ’97 and Samantha Cordon



Juliet Dana ’05


Fosten and Beverly Boyle

Mark ’95 and Mindy Farrell

Karen and George Benz

Neil and Marcia Dahlquist

Allan ’93 and Trine Flinn

Darrell Bigalke


Brian Clarke ’02

Ramsis and Norma Gobran

Larry and Donna Found

MPA Parents Association



Clare Halloran ’03


Joseph Springer and Joan Ireland

Rachel Gates ’02

The REELL Foundation Sally Walker

Kerry Herman ’07 Michelle Hesterberg ’07


Kate Johnston ’98

Randy Herman and Sharron FitzGerald


Daniel ’86 and Lauren Kaplan

Beth Slocum and Robin Brown

Anonymous (2)

Kari and Jeffrey Kunze-Hoeg

Christopher Ward ’98

Dr. Karl Chun and Ms. Jane Neumann Mike and Martha Krikava

Kimberly (Storey) ’90 and Drake ’88 Lightner Dr. and Mrs. Russell Luepker


Tim and Diane Law

Ande ’99 and Kristi (Anello) ’00 Lund

Anonymous (2)

Tom and Dee Polacek

Stanley Maragos ’95



Sarah O’Connor ’87 and Patrick Jackson

Garry and Mary Ann Peterson

Gary and Ellen Galbavy

Barry Madore and Kirstin Scanlan Madore

Jeffrey and Jacqueline Mudge

Adam Pabarcus ’03 Tripp Parker ’87


Wade Peterson ’87

The purpose of the Matthew Gardner

Meg Rose ’89

Endowment Fund is to provide financial

Ellyn (Scibora) Shapiro ’91

aid each year for qualified students with

Rolf and Barbara Singford

demonstrated financial need at Mounds Park

Erika Strand ’95 and Daniel Olmos

Academy. This endowment honors the memory

Mitch Thomsen and Sue Moses

of Matthew Truman Gardner, who attended

Conor Toohey ’99

Mounds Park Academy on opening day as a

Christopher Parish ’95

Dr. Ronald and Mrs. Susan Schwartz

In honor of Mandy Abdo ’92

Keith Pulling

In honor of Kelvin Okada ’12

Wendy Schlenner

John Saltness

Amy Okada

Stephanie and Patrick Shea In honor of Lorraine Anderson

Beth Slocum and Robin Brown

In honor of Chris Parish ’95

Garrett Mulrooney and Anissa Mediger

Scott and Sarah Veith

Danielle Faribault

Nan Wille and Richard Cecchettini In memory of Auntie Nancy

Brian and Peggy Willett

In honor of Kristine Petersen

The Honda Kids


Allan ’93 and Trine Flinn

In honor of Mary Beggin

In honor of Nick Dugas ’11

In honor of Chris Porter

Annie and Howard Green

and one year of college down!

Ford and Catherine Nicholson

Matthew and Judith Dugas In honor of Brock Bliese Brad and Angela Bliese

In honor of Karen Rossbach In honor of Allan Flinn ’93

Allan ’93 and Trine Flinn

Judy and Steve Lewis In honor of Quinn Campbell Doug Braun-Harvey

In honor of Mike Scinto In honor of John and Kaia Flinn

Marian Messing ’07

Charles Flinn, Jr. and Elizabeth Hayden In memory of Jan Caruth

In honor of Marilyn Shardlow

Dan O’Neill and Nan Etzwiler

In honor of Alayna Fox

Curt and Anne Petersen

Charlie and Jane Neimeyer

In honor of Chloe Castaneda ’12

In honor of Al Greimel

Jennifer Austin-McGrath

Marian Messing ’07

In honor of Martha Castellnos

In honor of Dan Haase

Allan ’93 and Trine Flinn

Allan ’93 and Trine Flinn

Mike and Martha Krikava

Annie and Howard Green

In honor of Jack Cotterrell ’04

In honor of the Humanities Teachers

Alex Isaac ’04

who shaped how I teach

Jennifer (Mace) Andrew ’96 In honor of Don Shult Babette and Jeffrey Apland In honor of Chris Staral ’06 John and Karen Staral In honor of the marriage of Susan and Loren Taple Philip and Rosanne Kaplan

Juliet Dana ’05 In memory of Catherine DeGregorio

Janet and Dan Moody In honor of Zosha Winegar-Schultz ’12 Lawrence Schultz

Frank Bezdicek

In honor of Chris Jensen

Rose Mary Colorafi

Brian Clarke ’02

In honor of the 12-year friendship of

Steven and Dianne Cunningham

Satchel Moore ’04

Zosha Winegar-Schultz ’12 and

Robert DeGregorio

Audrey Berdahl-Baldwin ’12

Mary Anne Dietz

In honor of Chris Kehoe ’04

Larry Edwards and Missy McDonald

Alex Isaac ’04

Joseph and Lynette Erchul

Gayle Winegar In honor of Renee Wright

Essilor Prescription Safety Eyewear

In memory of Alan Law

Allan ’93 and Trine Flinn

Lisa Gilliland

William LeMire and Elizabeth Jansen LeMire

Annie and Howard Green

Gary and Carol Hitz

In honor of the Middle School Faculty

In honor of Diane Yanchek

Karen and Greg Langseth

Dan O’Neill and Nan Etzwiler

Garrett Mulrooney and Anissa Mediger

Allan Hammel

Vincent and Diane Mako MPA World Language Department

In honor of Benjamin Neri

Alan and Lynn Muir

Melonie Fischer

Michael and Donna Nathe

(dollars in thousands) Current Assets



Cash and Cash Equivalents



Due from Breakthrough Saint Paul


Accounts Receivable Net of Allowance



Pledges Receivable - Current Position



Other Assets












Total Current Assets Property and Equipment, Net Other Assets Pledges Receivable, Net of Current Position Investments at Market Deposits with Bond Trustees Bond Issuance Costs Net of Amortization







Accounts Payable



Accrued Expenses




Deferred Revenue



Bonds Payable, Current Portion



Total Other Assets Total Assets

As of June 30, 2012

Current Liabilities

Due to Breakthrough Saint Paul

Bond Interest Payable Total Current Liabilites





Long-Term Liabilities Valuation of Interest Rate Swap Agreement



Bonds Payable, Net of Current Portion



Asset Retirement Obligation Total Long Term Liabilities Total Liabilities











Net Assets Unrestricted: Undesignated Temporarily Restricted Permanently Restricted



Total Net Assets



Total Liabilities and Net Assets



For the Year Ended June 30, 2012 (dollars in thousands) Revenue (net of Financial Aid $2,266K)




Tuition and Related Fees


Instructional Programs


Malone Grant


General and Administrative




Plant Operations and Maintenance


Auxillary Programs


Auxiliary Programs


Investment Return and Interest Earnings




Change in Valuation of Interest Rate Swap Other Revenue and Support

(554) 303

Total Revenue


Financing Expenses


Depreciation and Amortization


Total Expenses


*Excludes Breakthrough Saint Paul

2011–2012 Revenue

2011–2012 Expenses

Tuition and Related Fees

Instructional Programs

Malone Grant

General and Administrative


Plant Operations and Maintenance

Auxillary Programs

Auxiliary Programs

Investment Return and Interest Earnings


Change in Valuation of Interest Rate Swap

Financing Expenses

Other Revenue and Support

Depreciation and Amortization

Down the hall, past the foreign language classrooms, is a stellar

Breakthrough Saint Paul students continued their exceptional

example of how Mounds Park Academy reaches out to the greater

work, toward the end goal of attending college, during the 2011-

community through Breakthrough Saint Paul. As a subsidiary

2012 school year. Well over 225 hours were spent in the hallways,

organization of MPA, Breakthrough works with 230 Saint Paul Public

classroom, cafeteria, recital hall and Nicholson Center over the course

School 7th through 12th grade students to help prepare them for

of the year. This time pays big dividends when BSP students become

college with an academically rigorous summer and school year

juniors and begin their work with BSP College Essay Coaches and

program. BSP employs a Students-Teaching-Students Model, which

the BSP College Counselor (see sidebar). Like the Class of 2011,

involves hiring older students who are passionate about education to

the members of BSP’s Class of 2012 graduated from high school

teach younger students during a six-week, full-time summer program.

and are now attending colleges across the country. The average

And if you heard cheering during a summer visit to MPA, then you

annual scholarship amount for the group is $23,000 and several

have witnessed the excitement and enthusiasm for learning that

earned prestigious awards, such as the Wallin Scholarship, The

encapsulates BSP!

Gates Millennium Scholarship and full rides to schools like Tufts and Occidental. All of BSP’s talented scholars have overcome adversity in

This year, Breakthrough Saint Paul celebrated its eighth summer

order to accomplish their goal of going to college.

at Mounds Park Academy with its annual Celebration event in the Nicholson Center. Nearly 500 family members, friends and BSP

By hosting Breakthrough Saint Paul, the Mounds Park Academy

supporters joined 120 Breakthrough Middle School students and

community is helping to ensure that Breakthrough Saint Paul’s

26 Aspiring Teacher Interns to watch the BSP students perform and

motivated students are able to go to college, regardless of the

display their summer learning in a Breakthrough-typical fun and

challenges they face.

enthusiastic way.

Breakthrough Saint Paul is able to provide the college counseling experience that MPA students receive thanks to MPA Alumni and professional College Counselor, Wade Peterson (’87). His focused work with the BSP juniors and seniors has garnered admission to schools like Stanford, Macalaster, Tufts and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, to name just a few. Students begin working with Wade one-on-one and in small groups during the spring of their junior year of high school. Wade surveys the students about their academic interests and helps to tailor a list of colleges that best suit the personality, needs and degree options of each individual BSP scholar. Wade also ensures that each student is participating in test-taking practice session so that their ACT and/ or SAT scores best reflect the students’ abilities. At the same time, MPA Alumni Parent and BSP Board member Chris Porter coordinates with students to assign them to a one-on-one college essay coach. As Wade puts it, “the college essay coaches, led by Chris Porter, do a phenomenal job of bringing out the special voices of BSP students. They really get the students to tell their own stories.” Throughout the fall, Wade expends tremendous energy making sure that the BSP seniors are on track to not only get applications submitted, but also ensure that the applications are top quality. Most importantly, Wade follows through on all aspects of the college application process in a way that the BSP students’ school counselors are unable to do because of time and capacity constraints. For this reason, BSP students are truly getting an independent school-like experience with their college counseling. When asked why working with BSP is so satisfying, Wade responded, “It is very gratifying working with students who are well-prepared, eager to learn, and ready for college. Most are first-generation college students, and this is a particular joy to see, as they are often the first in their family to head off to college.” Wade is helping to change the trajectory of many BSP families, as 83% of BSP students will be the first in their family to go to college and 59% speak a home language other than English. Going to college is a dream for many of our immigrant families and Wade’s work helps to ensure that the children are fulfilling that dream. Wade sums up the evolution of his time working with BSP: “In my three years working with BSP, I have grown to realize how special it is. I look forward each day to working with the amazing students and teachers. I think BSP meshes perfectly with the mission of MPA. I think BSP adds a lot to the MPA Community. It is a truly special organization. I encourage the MPA Community to become more involved with BSP.”

2051 Larpenteur Avenue East Saint Paul, MN 55109 651-777-2555

Mission Statement We teach students to think independently, communicate effectively and act with respect and integrity in a diverse community that models intellectual ambition, global responsibility and the joy of learning.

What We Value • Students who are involved and engaged in their own education • An atmosphere of open discourse and academic rigor • A balance of academics, arts and athletics • Experiential learning led by exceptional faculty • Mutual respect and meaningful service • Technology as an integral part of learning • A school-wide spirit of innovation

MPA Annual Report 11–12  
MPA Annual Report 11–12  

MPA Annual Report 11-12