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13 Reasons Why Season 2 Information for Parents & Guardians

Agenda • Welcome & Introductions • Overview of "13 Reasons Why" • Tips & Resources

Why are we here? • Raise awareness • Share best practices and ideas • Provide resources from NASP, ACA • Encourage conversations • Strengthen partnership between MPA & parents • A proactive approach can reduce negative impact

"13 Reasons Why" • Season 1 • • • • •

Graphic portrayal of suicide and sexual assault Fear of contagion effect Negative feedback on how characters responded to concerns No safeguards to protect vulnerable youth Sparked conversations about difficult, controversial topics

• Season 2 to be released on May 18 th. • Topics and plotline are still unknown. • Season 2 Trailer:

Current Concerns

• Students may re-watch season 1 in anticipation of new season • Risk of binge-watching • • • •

Possibility of students watching series over the summer break Inability to have a trusted adult present to process thoughts and feelings Vulnerable youth may be triggered Increased isolation

• Perception that adults are unaware and/or are unable to help

Tips for Parents & Guardians • Limit binge-watching • Provide supervision • Consider watching episodes with your child • • • •

Skip over scenes that are overwhelming or uncomfortable Help your child identify the differences between real life versus TV drama Ask questions throughout the episode to encourage discussion Be prepared to hear your child’s responses

Tips for Parents & Guardians • Be aware of common warning signs:

• Suicide threats, both direct (“I am going to kill myself.” “I need life to stop.”) and indirect (“I need it to stop.” “I wish I could fall asleep and never wake up.”). Threats can be verbal or written, and they are often found in online postings. • Giving away prized possessions. • Preoccupation with death in conversation, writing, drawing, and social media. • Changes in behavior, appearance/hygiene, thoughts, and/or feelings. • Emotional distress.

Tips for Parents & Guardians • Air on the side of caution

• If your child is at risk for self-harm or suicide, consider that they not watch ”13 Reasons Why” • Take comments seriously • Ask direct questions

• Talk with your child about suicide

• Suicide is preventable • There is no single cause for suicide • Talking about suicide does not increase the risk of attempting it

• Students should ACT if they are concerned about a friend/themselves • Acknowledge there is a concern • Verbalize that you care • Tell a parent or trusted adult

Tips for Parents & Guardians • Reinforce resiliency and protective factors • • • • • •

Support system Coping skills (problem-solving, conflict resolution) Help-seeking behaviors Reassurance and encouragement Positive self-esteem, future goals Access to mental health and other medical providers

MPA’s Role • All adults at MPA are mandated reporters. • Duty to warn parent(s)/guardian(s) about unsafe behaviors to self or others

• Faculty & staff have completed training on suicide and the reporting process • Depression & suicide psychoeducation and screenings • Counselors are available to provide support and resources

Resources • • • • • Crisis Text Line: Text TALK to 741741; National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: Talk or chat 1-800-273-TALK Additional resources posted on the MPA Mental Health Resources website

Additional Resources

• Depression: • Anxiety: • Substance use - drugs: • Alcohol: • Suicide prevention: • Bullying: • Sexual assault: • After a suicide loss: nd-support/ive-lost-someone

More questions? Contact us! Randy Comfort Director of Guidance 651-748-5602

Ashley Cooper 7-12 School Counselor 651-748-5605

13 reasons why season 2 presentation  
13 reasons why season 2 presentation