MOYO Magazine Issue 10

Page 109

Fashion Formula competition winners As well as teaming up with Fashion Formula for the Make it in Design Summer School and Winter School, Fashion Formula has been running regular design contests to inspire and motivate our students. Here’s what our Fashion Formula competition winners had to say… Claire Barnard

“I was overwhelmed by the response to my design for the ‘Mediterranean Seaside Weekly’ contest. It was the first competition I'd entered with Make it in Design and I adapted my more linear nautical design from Summer School 2016 to a fun, carefree repeat that shouted summer sunshine! This contest has given me the confidence to enter lots more competitions this year and upload more designs to sell on Fashion Formula. Summer School is such an inspiration and it really pushes us designers to work with subjects and styles we wouldn't normally think of. Thanks Make it in Design!”

Monica Mota

Jackie Tahara

“One of the things I love most about the ABSPD courses is learning about all the resources that are available out there. One of those resources was Fashion Formula. It is a great way to try out new designs, get them printed onto products, and get them noticed. Winning Fashion Formula's ‘Urban Textures’ contest was so encouraging and it’s yet another step towards my design career goals!”

Lynn Priestley

“Winning the Fashion Formula competition was a huge boost to my confidence as a new designer. It has shown me that hard work and persistence pays off – and that doing what you love brings great rewards.”

“When I started out I had little experience with Photoshop and Illustrator, and no design or art degree. Through hours of online tutorials, and with the amazing support of my classmates, I'm now designing patterns! After finishing Module 2 and winning the ABSPD ‘Typography Testimonial’ competition, I found the confidence to enter more online contests. Last September, I entered the Fashion Formula design competition and won! I received three metres of fabric and also featured on their blog. I was so happy! Fashion Formula is such a nice company to work with and their fabrics are awesome – such great quality!”

Montserrat Soto Guerrero

“As an emerging surface pattern designer from Spain, winning the Fashion Formula contest was a great experience for me. It was a good opportunity to promote my designs and my website and I loved featuring on the Fashion Formula blog. All this has given me the confidence to submit new designs for different competitions.”