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This year’s already seen some huge films, but that was just the beginning. Buckle up for some of the biggest blockbusters of the year. Your cinema summer starts now! Marvel kick things off with the new chapter in Phase 4. Spider-Man: No Way Home left things forever changed, now the MCU enters a new dimension of Strange as the Multiverse Of Madness is unleashed. Two of cinema’s most legendary pilots take to the skies as Tom Cruise returns and burns as Maverick in the long-awaited Top Gun sequel and Disney and Pixar launch you to infinity and beyond in Lightyear. And worlds collide as the Jurassic era is brought to an epic end in Jurassic World Dominion. The spectacular show goes on as Baz Luhrmann brings Elvis’s life story to the big screen in his rockin’ and rollin’ musical biopic. Scares are on the menu as the dead come calling in The Black Phone, a child’s superpowers ignite in a new take of Stephen King’s Firestarter, and Jessie Buckley has a holiday from hell in Alex Garland’s Men. Got a taste for something sillier? Bob’s Burgers big screen debut is sure to satisfy! And make sure you leave room for the much-delayed Minions sequel that finally arrives to reveal the origins of their despicable partnership with Gru. Lee Curtis Editor






WHAT’S ON The unmissable new releases hitting the big screen in May and June.






18 THE BLACK PHONE 22 COMING SOON We look at the forthcoming films to get excited about in July and August.



NOTE: All information enclosed is correct at time of print, however release dates are subject to change and not all films included in the publication may be shown at your local cinema.

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May / June 2022


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1. Benedict Cumberbatch / 2. Tom Cruise / 3. Buzz Lightyear (Chris Evans) / 4. Elizabeth Olsen 5. Zac Efron / 6. Gru (Steve Carell) / 7. Bob Belcher (H. Jon Benjamin) / 8. Miles Teller


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The eyes have it! Name the eight famous faces that appear in an upcoming film.


Do you know the minions? The Minions are back! Discover how their despicable partnership with Gru began in Minions: The Rise Of Gru, but before you do, we want to know how well you know the Minions. 1

What are the names of the three main Minions?


Which Minion became the king of England?


How many fingers do Minions have on each hand?


What colour are evil Minions?


What language do Minions speak?

Which of the following can’t a Minion do? Survive in space Glow in the dark Resist laughing at the word “bottom”


What’s the Minions’ favourite fruit?


Which villain did the Minions serve before Gru?


Finally, everyone knows the Minions love to sing and they’ve covered many songs. How many can you name?


What’s unique about the new Minion, Otto? ANSWERS 1. Kevin, Stuart, Bob / 2. Three 3. Resist laughing at the word “bottom” 4. He has braces 5. Bob / 6. Purple 7. Minionese / 8. Banana / 9. Scarlet Overkill 10. Another Irish Drinking Song, Ba Do Bleep (Go To Sleep), Hair, I Swear, Make ‘em Laugh, Papa Mama Loca Pipa (Major General’s Song), Revolution, Theme From The Monkees, Universal Fanfare, Y.M.C.A.




JURASSIC WORLD DOMINION IN CINEMAS 10 JUNE Director Colin Trevorrow / Starring Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Sam Neill / Genre Action, Adventure, Thriller This summer, experience the epic conclusion to the Jurassic era as two generations unite for the first time. Chris Pratt’s Owen Grady and Bryce Dallas Howard’s Claire Dearing are joined by Laura Dern’s Dr Ellie Sattler, Jeff Goldblum’s Dr Ian Malcom, and Sam Neill’s Dr Alan Grant in Jurassic World Dominion, a bold, timely, and breathtaking new adventure that spans the globe. From Jurassic World architect and director Colin Trevorrow, the exhilarating third film in the trilogy and sixth in the franchise takes place four years after Isla Nublar has been destroyed. Dinosaurs now live – and hunt – alongside humans all over the world. This fragile balance will reshape the future and determine, once and for all, whether human beings are to remain the apex predators on a planet they now share with history’s most fearsome creatures. Jurassic World Dominion, from Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment, propels the more than $5 billion franchise into daring, uncharted territory as never-beforeseen dinosaurs are unleashed in a globe-trotting adventure full of breakneck action and astonishing new visual effects.

Elvis IN CINEMAS 24 JUNE Director Baz Luhrmann / Starring Austin Butler, Tom Hanks, Olivia DeJonge / Genre Biography, Drama, Music Oscar-nominated, visionary filmmaker Baz Luhrmann explores the life and music of Elvis Presley through the prism of his complicated relationship with his enigmatic manager, Colonel Tom Parker. Starring Austin Butler and Tom Hanks, Elvis delves into the complex dynamic between Presley and Parker spanning over twenty years, from Presley’s rise to fame to his unprecedented stardom, against the backdrop of the evolving cultural landscape and loss of innocence in America. Central to that journey is one of the most significant and influential people in Elvis’s life, Priscilla, played by Olivia DeJonge. May / June 2022



DOCTOR STRANGE IN THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS IN CINEMAS 5 MAY Director Sam Raimi / Starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Elizabeth Olsen / Genre Action, Adventure, Horror, Sci-Fi The MCU unlocks the Multiverse and pushes its boundaries further than ever before in the spellbinding new chapter of Phase 4. After casting a forbidden and dangerous spell that tampers with the stability of space-time, Doctor Strange seeks help from his trusted friend, Wong, and powerful former Avenger, Wanda Maximoff, to restore a world where everything is changing. Journey into the unknown with Doctor Strange, who, alongside mystical allies both old and new, traverses the mind-bending madness of the Multiverse to confront a mysterious new adversary. From visionary filmmaker Sam Raimi, Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Elizabeth Olsen, Benedict Wong, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Xochitl Gomez, Michael Stuhlbarg, and Rachel McAdams.


May / June 2022

The Bob’s Burgers Movie IN CINEMAS 27 MAY Directors Loren Bouchard, Bernard Derriman / Starring H. Jon Benjamin, Kristen Schaal, Dan Mintz / Genre Animation, Adventure, Comedy In the animated, big-screen, musical comedymystery-adventure based on the long-running Emmy-winning series, a ruptured water main creates an enormous sinkhole right in front of Bob’s Burgers blocking the entrance indefinitely and ruining the Belcher’s plans for a successful summer. While Bob and Linda struggle to keep the business afloat, the kids try to solve a mystery that could save their family’s restaurant. As the dangers mount, these underdogs help each other find hope and fight to get back behind the counter, where they belong.

The Black Phone IN CINEMAS 24 JUNE


Firestarter IN CINEMAS 13 MAY


Director Scott Derrickson / Starring Ethan Hawke, Mason Thames, James Ransone / Genre Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Director Keith Thomas / Starring Zac Efron, Ryan Kiera Armstrong, Sydney Lemmon / Genre Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Director Angus MacLane / Starring Chris Evans, Peter Sohn, Taika Waititi / Genre Animation, Adventure, Sci-Fi

The writer-director of Sinister and Doctor Strange returns to his terror roots with a new horror that follows a thirteen-yearold boy, Finney Shaw, who’s abducted by a sadistic killer and trapped in his basement. When a disconnected phone on the wall rings, Finney answers and discovers that he can hear the killer’s previous victims, and they’re dead set on making sure that what happened to them doesn't happen to Finney.

For more than a decade, Andy and Vicky have been on the run hiding their daughter Charlie and her extraordinary pyrokinetic powers from a shadowy federal agency that wants to harness her unprecedented gift for creating fire. After an incident reveals their location, Charlie fights to protect her family and herself from the sinister forces that seek to capture and control her in a new adaptation of the Stephen King classic.

Disney and Pixar’s sci-fi actionadventure presents the definitive origin story of the character Buzz Lightyear. Captain America star Chris Evans voices Buzz in the Toy Story spin-off that launches audiences on a thrilling adventure to infinity and beyond as it introduces the astronaut who inspires the toy as Buzz embarks on the mission that will secure his legacy as a Space Ranger.


Minions: The Rise Of Gru IN CINEMAS 1 JULY


Good Luck To You, Leo Grande IN CINEMAS 17 JUNE

Directors Kyle Balda, Brad Ableson, Jonathan del Val / Starring Steve Carell / Genre Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Director Sophie Hyde / Starring Emma Thompson, Daryl McCormack, Isabella Laughland / Genre Comedy, Drama

Long before he becomes the master of evil, Gru is just a twelve-year-old boy in the seventies, plotting to take over the world from his basement. It’s not going particularly well, until Gru joins forces with the Minions. Together, they build their first lair, design their first weapons, and execute their first missions. When Gru's beloved supervillain supergroup, the Vicious 6, oust their leader, he interviews to become their newest member. But, they aren't impressed by the wannabe villain and, after outsmarting them, Gru finds himself the mortal enemy of the apex of evil. With Gru on the run, the Minions attempt a daring attempt to save him, and Gru discovers that even bad guys need a little help from their friends.

Nancy Stokes, a retired school teacher and widow, is yearning for some adventure, some human connection, and some sex. Whilst her husband Robert provided a home, a family, something resembling a life, good sex was never on offer. But he's gone now, and Nancy has a plan: she'll find adventure with a sex worker named Leo Grande. In an anonymous out-of-town hotel room Nancy greets Leo. He looks every bit as good as his picture, but what Nancy wasn't expecting was to fall for him, and to find that he likes her. Over the course of three rendezvous, the power dynamics shift and their well-worn masks begin to slip in this charming coming-of-middle-age comedy-drama. May / June 2022



TOP GUN: MAVERICK IN CINEMAS 25 MAY Director Joseph Kosinski / Starring Tom Cruise, Miles Teller, Jennifer Connelly / Genre Action, Drama, Thriller After more than thirty years of service as one of the Navy’s top aviators, Pete “Maverick” Mitchell is where he belongs, pushing the envelope as a courageous test pilot and dodging the advancement in rank that would ground him. When he finds himself training a detachment of Top Gun graduates for a specialised mission the likes of which no living pilot has ever seen, Maverick encounters Lt Bradley Bradshaw, call sign: “Rooster,” the son of Maverick’s late friend and Radar Intercept Officer Lt Nick Bradshaw, aka “Goose.” Facing an uncertain future and confronting the ghosts of his past, Maverick is drawn into a confrontation with his own deepest fears, culminating in a mission that demands the ultimate sacrifice from those who will be chosen to fly it. Bringing Tom Cruise back to one of his most iconic roles, Top Gun: Maverick features an ensemble cast that also includes Miles Teller, Jennifer Connelly, John Hamm, Ed Harris, Glen Powell, Lewis Pullman, Monica Barbaro, Jay Ellis, Danny Ramirez, and Val Kilmer, who reprises his role as Maverick's former rival Tom Kazansky, aka "Iceman." 10

May / June 2022

Men IN CINEMAS 20 MAY In the aftermath of a personal tragedy, a young woman retreats to the beautiful English countryside hoping to have found a place to heal. Her dream escape slowly turns into a terrifying nightmare when someone or something from the surrounding woods appears to be stalking her in a feverish, shape-shifting new horror from the visionary director of Ex Machina and Annihilation.

Elizabeth: A Portrait In Parts IN CINEMAS 23 MAY From the late, great, and much celebrated director of Notting Hill and The Duke, Roger Michell, and prolific producer Kevin Loader, comes a nostalgic, uplifting, and inventive documentary about the extraordinary life and seventy-year reign of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.



Buzz Lightyear is back as you’ve never seen him before. Prepare for lift off on an intergalactic adventure that reveals the origins of the man who inspired the world’s most famous space toy. WORDS ADAM MATULEWICZ IN CINEMAS 17 JUNE

Director Angus MacLane / Starring Chris Evans, Peter Sohn, Taika Waititi / Genre Animation, Adventure, Sci-Fi Before he became the mostwanted toy on Andy’s and every other kid’s wish list, Buzz Lightyear was a real space hero. Or rather, a real fictional hero within the Toy Story universe. Disney and Pixar’s Lightyear reveals the origin story of the Buzz Lightyear character who rises through the ranks at Star Command, from a budding young test-pilot, to become a fully-fledged Space Ranger. After being stranded on an alien planet for a whole year, Buzz sets out to search the stars for a way home. But in a galaxy with infinite possibilities, getting home won’t be quite as easy as planned. Having hung up his shield and retired from the Avengers, Captain



May / June 2022

STAR MEN Space is full of wonder. There’s no knowing what else is out there, but what’s for certain, we’ve seen plenty of heroes in the stars over the years.

America star Chris Evans takes on his new role as the voice of Buzz to lead NEIL a new team of Space Ranger recruits ARMSTRONG that he’s taken under his wing. Taika There are real-life space heroes in our world too. Waititi’s Morrison and Keke Palmer’s First Man sees Ryan Izzy join him along with a personal Gosling portray Neil robot cat companion Sox, voiced by Armstrong as he places Peter Sohn, on what promises to be a one foot for man on the surface of the Moon. bumpy ride. Blast off onto a secret mission into MARK uncharted space filled with alien WATNEY creatures, unidentified monsters, After being stranded on Mars, killer robots, and the threat of Matt Damon’s astronaut a certain evil Emperor lurking successfully grows potatoes on the red planet – something somewhere in the shadows. we’ll have to wait a few It’s time to set your lasers for more years to find out fun and get ready to fall with style is really possible or not. as Lightyear launches you on an adventure to infinity and beyond STAR LORD in…3…2…1… Peter Quill helped save the

universe from Thanos. Next year, we pick up with where we left off with Quill, his crew, and maybe even Thor in tow in Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3. What new threats lurk amongst the stars?

YOU AIN’T SEEN TOP G UN Tom Cruise takes to the skies as Pete “Maverick” Mitchell in the long-awaited sequel to the widely adored 1986 aviation actioner. WORDS ROBB SHEPPARD IN CINEMAS 25 MAY

Director Joseph Kosinski / Starring Tom Cruise, Miles Teller, Jennifer Connelly / Genre Action, Thriller After more than thirty years of service, Maverick is back on the big screen where he belongs. For those worried about preserving the legacy of such a treasured original, everything we’ve seen so far suggests that not a whole lot has changed for Maverick. He’s still not as observant of the chain of command as his superiors would like, he’s just as skilled when it comes to unauthorised flybys, and he still spends his downtime playing volleyball. What has changed though, is those around him. While Val Kilmer’s Ice Man is set to return, Maverick’s love Charlie won’t be as Jennifer Connelly joins the stellar supporting cast as (the) Penny Benjamin - the local bar owner famous for a romantic run

in with Maverick. Will they find a loving feeling? Also added to the mix is Miles Teller’s Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw, the son of Maverick’s late co-pilot Goose, who has just joined the new recruits at Maverick’s flight school. Hot-headed and brash, Rooster is much more of a Maverick than his mild-mannered father which makes his relationship with his new mentor all the more intriguing. With a new generation of pilots under his wing, Maverick lifts off on a death-defying mission that will see him confront his deepest fears and possibly bring him some sought-after closure as Top Gun returns to take our breath away once again.



st in the is It’s not ju ntional. H is unconve e involves k ic er av M niqu rting tech packedgo-to cou raoke in a ka tu p m at first, n io impro ss re bad imp rl. gi e out bar. A th gets but he still

OSE RIPieGs bOy the seattohfehrisules

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An ic e Mav cool Va l Kilm com erick’s er i ne pe trop tition fo mesis a s hy. W nd r the hilst the g Top G I o c l e d , Man un later it’s M ge sa a and ves his l verick w ts e arn i s the fe in com ho resp man-hug bat ect. of



May / June 2022


Jurassic World is no more. Now, dinosaurs live – and hunt – in our world. Facing history’s most fearsome predators, can humans keep dominion of our planet? WORDS CHRIS WASEY IN CINEMAS 10 JUNE

Director Colin Trevorrow / Starring Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum / Genre Action, Adventure, Thriller Sixty-five-million years after their mass extinction, dinosaurs once again fight to reclaim their place as the planet’s apex predators. At Fallen Kingdom’s epic conclusion, former Jurassic World ranger Owen Grady and park manager Claire Dearing save the dinosaurs and release them into the wild. Since then, dino population has exploded across the globe with humans finding themselves living side by side with enormous roaming herds, and hunted by creatures far beyond their control. Now, four years on, our heroes must fight to stem the tide of human-dinosaur conflict. With humanity’s place at the top of the food chain at risk, and facing terrifying new prehistoric predators, they’ll need some help.





May / June 2022

Returning alongside Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard are the stars from the original trilogy: Laura Dern’s Dr Ellie Sattler, Sam Neill’s Dr Alan Grant, and Jeff Goldblum’s Dr Ian Malcolm. Forced back into action, the world-weary trio – who know a thing or two about dinosaur survival – may be the key to finding a solution. Returning too is director Colin Trevorrow, who brought the franchise roaring back to life with the $1billion breaking Jurassic World, and promises human drama on an enormous scale as he brings the Jurassic era to an epic end. Thirty years after Steven Spielberg’s legendary dino debut, Jurassic World Dominion lays the story to rest and, whichever species claims dominion over Earth, may also bring dinosaur’s extinction from summer blockbusters. Yet, whenever we’ve thought it’s dead and buried, this franchise, like life, finds a way.


A visionary billionaire funds a genetics programme to revive dinosaurs from prehistoric DNA. When the park’s systems are sabotaged, dinosaurs escape and begin to hunt.


A research team is sent to “Site B” to study surviving dinosaurs. The military escort has a hidden agenda, capturing a T-Rex that breaks free and wreaks havoc across San Diego.


Dr Alan Grant is lured back to Isla Sorna. Stranded and alone, he encounters an island overrun with a new species of dinosaur.


A new theme park with a new main attraction. History repeats itself when the Indominus Rex escapes containment and goes on a killing spree.


Isla Nublar’s volcano roars to life, threatening extinction for dinosaurs. As a rescue is mounted, a sinister plot to weaponise and sell dino-hybrids is revealed.



20thCenturyUK #BobsBurgersMovie


Director Scott Derrickson calls up past collaborator Ethan Hawke for his new supernatural horror thriller where the dead can speak through a disconnected phone. Dare you answer the call? WORDS AARON POTTER IN CINEMAS 24 JUNE

Director Scott Derrickson / Starring Ethan Hawke, Mason Thames, James Ransone / Genre Horror, Thriller Ten years after setting audience’s hearts racing with his surprise horror hit Sinister – scientifically the scariest film ever according to a 2020 study – Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson hangs up his superhero cape and reteams with Blumhouse to dial back in to his terrifying roots for a new nightmare, The Black Phone. He brings with him long-time friend and Sinister star Ethan Hawke as his lead, only this time, he isn’t the hero. Playing the villain is definitely a departure from what we’ve come to expect from the Training Day and Before Sunset star, but a sadistic serial killer is a terrifying turn that he’s fully embracing – even sporting his own ghoulish mask. This nightmare image is what Mason Thames’ Finney Shaw finds himself facing when he’s kidnapped and forced to survive in


▲ SCAN ME ▲ 18

May / June 2022

the killer’s soundproof basement. Luckily, or perhaps not depending on your perspective, he’ll have help planning his escape from a nearby disconnected phone that can somehow make contact with the killer’s deceased victims. The Black Phone has been generating a lot of buzz since its debut at last year’s Fantastic Fest. Since then, critics have been ringing the bell for the chilling tone and Hawke’s unnerving performance in a new horror that’s set to be even scarier than anything we’ve seen from Derrickson before.

DERR ICKS HORR ON’S I DELIG FIC HTS The Exorcism Of Emily Rose Half supernatural horror and half legal drama, Derrickson’s debut is loosely based on a ws terrifying true story and follo Laura Linney’s lawyer as she defends a sketchy parish priest accused of murder.



r Ethan Hawke ’s troub crime led tru novelis et ups h to a re is famil mote A m e in searc rican to y h of in wn s gets m ore tha piration. He for whe n he bargain ed gory ho n he discove rs me mo vies of murde rs and grisly the bo makes himself ogieman known .

Deliver Us From Evil re Derrickson’s last horror befo he set the stage for Marvel’s Doctor Strange dabbles in the e world of exorcisms once mor go and follows NYPD cops who a through great pains to stop series of possessions plaguing the city.

Supporting Acts

Baz Luhrmann assembles a bevy of stars to take the roles of Elvis’s family, friends, and musical influences.

The life and times of Elvis Presley are laid bare in an extravagant biopic from the director of Romeo & Juliet, Moulin Rouge!, and The Great Gatsby. WORDS LEE CURTIS IN CINEMAS 24 JUNE

Director Baz Luhrmann / Starring Austin Butler, Tom Hanks, Olivia DeJonge, Luke Bracey, Helen Thomson / Genre Biography, Drama Bold costumes, big musical numbers, and breathtaking visuals, Baz Luhrmann brings the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s story to the big screen in typically spectacular fashion. The visionary director’s unmistakable style needs a little less introduction than his latest leading man. Having put Leonardo DiCaprio, Ewan McGregor, and future Greatest Showman Hugh Jackman in the spotlight, the Oscar-nominated director now sets the stage for Austin Butler. Breaking out from Broadway, the relative newcomer has got the dazzling wardrobe, quaffed hair, and hip-swinging swagger. But he doesn’t just look the part, Butler steps into the blue suede shoes to truly become the King in a transformative performance that captures Elvis’s style, infamous southern drawl, and iconic singing voice. Also transforming is Tom Hanks, who’s almost unrecognisable in an

out-of-type role as Elvis’s notoriously controlling manager Colonel Tom Parker. Their fractious relationship is the focal point for a film that follows Elvis from his music-loving childhood to his chart-topping stardom. Following them over two decades, the film showcases how exceptional success also comes with strife as Parker’s vice-like grip stretches to all aspects of Elvis’s life, including his relationship with his beloved Priscilla. There are external pressures too as the film promises a politicallycharged portrait of an everchanging America as Elvis’s rise to fame intersects with social unrest, racial tensions, and the assassinations of President Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. With perfectly-cast stars, spectacular songs, and extravagant style, Baz Luhrmann’s jukebox musical biopic is a big screen spectacle that’s sure to leave cinemagoers all shook up.

is eJonge Olivia D Presley a Priscill lian

ra The Aust Netflix’s r from e m co w as the ne ety stars The Soci Elvis’s life. love of

Davi dW Han enham k Sn He ow is port r fellow

ra A mus ys one ustralia nam ic’s mo of coun n s es try t his fi who gi famous rst b ves E lvis ig b reak .

on Jr Harris g n i v l e n K . Ki n is B.B Harriso

in ’s Kelv es Cyrano rs as the blu one s e m Jr sta o c e who b s and legend inspiration ’s is lv E . f s o friend



May / June 2022

OUT OF TIME From the mind of Sam Raimi comes the second adventure for Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme that promises to change our perspective on the entire MCU now the door to the Marvel Multiverse is open. WORDS AARON POTTER IN CINEMAS 5 MAY

Director Sam Raimi / Starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Elizabeth Olsen, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Benedict Wong / Genre Action, Adventure Sci-Fi Still reeling from the universealtering events of Spider-Man: No Way Home, Stephen Strange’s encounters with the vast possibilities of the Multiverse aren’t quite over yet. This time teaming with Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff, together these two Marvel masters of magic and time are set to embark on the most wild and kaleidoscopic adventure the MCU has ever seen – one where multiple versions of the universe collide after Strange casts yet another dangerous spell. Leading man Benedict Cumberbatch pulls double duty in this sequel, also starring as an evil iteration of Strange who seemingly



has it out for the entire space-time continuum. Has the so-called Master of the Mystic Arts finally met his match in himself? Not only that, but our heroes must also contend with the return of Chiwetel Ejiofor’s Baron Mordo who’s still hunting down sorcerers after defecting at the end of the first film. Rumours abound of appearances from Ian McKellen’s Magneto, Ben Affleck’s Daredevil, and more fanfavourite characters from Marvel’s past, present, and future as former Spider-Man director and Evil Dead creator Sam Raimi returns to Marvel with an epic horror-infused genre-busting adventure where the possibilities are truly endless.

The Butterfly Effect What would you do if you had the ability to travel back in time to change the outcome of your life? That’s the question behind this early noughties sci-fi thriller starring Ashton Kutcher.

Inception Astounding visuals meets imaginative storytelling in Christopher Nolan’s mind-hopping heist movie. How Nolan and his team presented his ideas of entering dreams directly influenced Doctor Strange’s astonishing visuals.

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Before No Way Home dared to dabble in crossing over SpiderMen, this animated smash-hit swung in and blew the concept wide open as Miles Morales’ wall-crawler starred alongside Spider-Gwen, Spider-Ham, and more.

▲ SCAN ME ▲ May / June 2022




THE RAILWAY CHILDREN RETURN IN CINEMAS 15 JULY Director Morgan Matthews / Starring Sheridan Smith, Jenny Agutter, Beau Gadsdon / Genre Adventure, Drama, Family Inspired by one of the most beloved British family films of all time, The Railway Children Return is an enchanting adventure for a new generation. Picking up nearly forty years after the events of the original film, The Railway Children Return will take audiences on an exciting and heartwarming journey, in which a new group of children are evacuated to a Yorkshire village during the Second World War, where they encounter a young soldier, who like them, is far away from home. BAFTA and Emmy Award-winner Jenny Agutter resumes her role from the original film and is joined by BAFTA-winner Sheridan Smith, Academy Award-nominee & BAFTA-winner Tom Courtenay, Game Of Thrones’ John Bradley, and a new generation of Railway Children: Beau Gadsdon, KJ Aikens, Eden Hamilton, Austin Haynes, and Zac Cudby. Directed by BAFTA-winning director Morgan Matthews, The Railway Children Return brings a contemporary sensibility to a classic story and combines a British cast with stunning locations and iconic railways from the original film.


May / June 2022

DC League Of Super-Pets IN CINEMAS 29 JULY Directors Jared Stern, Sam Levine / Starring Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, John Krasinski, Kate McKinnon, Keanu Reeves / Genre Action, Comedy Krypto the Super-Dog and Superman are inseparable best friends, sharing the same superpowers and fighting crime in Metropolis side by side. When Superman and the rest of the Justice League are kidnapped, Krypto must convince a rag-tag shelter pack – Ace the hound, PB the potbellied pig, Merton the turtle, and Chip the squirrel – to master their own newfound powers and help him rescue the superheroes. The animated action adventure features the voices of Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Kate McKinnon, John Krasinski, Vanessa Bayer, Diego Luna, Ben Schwartz, Keanu Reeves, and more.

Where The Crawdads Sing IN CINEMAS 15 JULY

Bullet Train IN CINEMAS 29 JULY

Director Olivia Newman / Starring Daisy Edgar-Jones, Harris Dickinson, Taylor John Smith / Genre Crime, Drama, Mystery

Director David Leitch / Starring Brad Pitt, Joey King, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Brian Tyree Henry / Genre Action, Thriller

From the best-selling novel comes a captivating mystery that tells the story of Kya, an abandoned girl who raises herself to adulthood in the dangerous marshlands of North Carolina. For years, rumours of the “Marsh Girl” haunted Barkley Cove and when a young man is found dead, the community immediately casts Kya as the main suspect. As the case unfolds, the verdict as to what actually happened becomes increasingly unclear and threatens to reveal the secrets that lay within the marsh.

Brad Pitt, Andrew Koji, Joey King, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Brian Tyree Henry star as five assassins who are all on a high-speed train to complete their connected yet conflicting objectives. Sandra Bullock, Zazie Beetz, Michael Shannon, Logan Lerman, Hiroyuki Sanada, and hip-hop star Bad Bunny complete the eclectic ensemble boarding this fun, delirious action-thriller from the director of Atomic Blonde, Deadpool 2, and Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw.

Beast IN CINEMAS 12 AUGUST Director Baltasar Kormákur / Starring Idris Elba, Sharlto Copley, Iyana Halley, Leah Jefferies / Genre Action, Thriller Idris Elba stars as Dr Nate Samuels, a recently-widowed husband and father who returns to South Africa, where he first met his late wife, on a long-planned trip with his teenage daughters to a game reserve managed by an old family friend and wildlife biologist. But what begins as a journey of healing for the mourning family soon becomes a fearsome fight for survival when a rogue lion, a survivor of bloodthirsty poachers that now sees all humans as the enemy, starts to stalk them.

Thor: Love And Thunder IN CINEMAS 8 JULY Director Taika Waititi / Starring Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Christian Bale / Genre Action, Adventure, Fantasy After renouncing his claim to the Asgardian throne and hitching a ride with the Guardians Of The Galaxy, Thor hopes to start a new chapter in his life. But his search for a fresh start among the stars soon leads to a fateful reunion with his long-lost love and an encounter with an all-powerful new enemy. Chris Hemsworth returns as Thor to lead an exciting ensemble cast that includes Chris Pratt’s Star Lord, Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster, and introduces Christian Bale’s Gorr the God Butcher.

Nope IN CINEMAS 22 JULY Director Jordan Peele / Starring Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer, Steven Yeun / Genre Horror, Mystery After disrupting and redefining modern horror with Get Out and Us, Oscar-winner Jordan Peele reimagines the summer movie with a new pop nightmare that poses the question:”what’s a bad miracle?” The expansive horror epic reunites Peele with Oscar-winner Daniel Kaluuya, who’s joined by Keke Palmer and Oscar-nominee Steven Yeun as residents in a lonely gulch of inland California who bear witness to an uncanny and chilling discovery.

May / June 2022




When Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and the rest of the Justice League are kidnapped, Super-man’s best friend Krypto and his League Of Super-Pets step up to save the day! WORDS ROBB SHEPPARD IN CINEMAS 29 JULY

Directors Jared Stern, Sam Levine / Starring Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, John Krasinski, Kate McKinnon / Genre Animation, Action, Comedy With great power comes great responsibility, but it also comes with great treats and rewards, too. At least, that’s what the DC League Of SuperPets hope. With Metropolis under siege and DC heroes missing, a pack of unsuspecting shelter animals – Kevin Hart’s Ace, Vanessa Bayer’s PB, Natasha Lyonne’s Merton, and Diego Luna’s Chip – are accidentally endowed with superpowers and join forces with Dwayne Johnson’s Krypto on a mission to save their superhuman counterparts. This all-new animated adventure promises an indestructible dog, a turbo



May / June 2022

turtle, a two-storey high hog, and a lightning-shooting squirrel, as well as a whole lot of laughs. Far, far away from DC’s trademark darkness, the Super-Pets promise to put the comical back in comic book movie. The voice cast will make your ears prick up too! Superhero film fans have longed to see A Quiet Place’s John Krasinski in superhero tights and can experience him here voicing the Man Of Steel himself. Meanwhile, Keanu Reeves dons the cowl to voice The Dark Knight. Fetch in SNL star Kate McKinnon, Sonic The Hedgehog’s Ben Schwartz, and a Machiavellian Marc Maron as Lex Luthor, and the Super-Pets are ready to take the lead this summer.

A Rock And A Hart Place

Central Intelligence

Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson make their tag team debut as an unwitting accountant and a CIA agent thrown together on a mission. Their chemistry is off the charts.

Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw

Hart only pops up for a cameo, but seeing him pretend he does leg day and drop his voice an octave to impress The Rock and The Stath is furiously funny.

Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle

After getting sucked into a video game, Hart’s college football star has to get used to his avatar’s diminutive stature, while Johnson’s geek must know his role as a hulking hero. They take their banter and bickering to the next level as they buddy up again in the sequel.




WIN DOCTOR STRANGE IN THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS PRIZES! In the wake of the world-changing events of Spider-Man: No Way Home, Stephen Strange must now face the consequences of his actions and the endless possibilities of the Multiverse. In Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness, the MCU unlocks the Multiverse and pushes its boundaries further than ever before. After casting a forbidden and dangerous spell that tampers with the stability of space-time, Doctor Strange seeks help from mystical allies both old and new to restore a world where everything is changing. Journey into the unknown with Doctor Strange, who traverses the mind-bending and dangerous alternate realities of the Multiverse to confront a mysterious new adversary.

As Marvel Studios takes you on a journey through the Multiverse, only in cinemas from May 5, we’re bringing you a chance to win prizes from this highly anticipated release.

To enter, answer the following question:

Q Which powerful Avenger does Doctor Strange team up with in the movie? Visit www.onscreen.online/win or scan the QR code to enter.


T’s & C’s apply. See website for details.


May / June 2022


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