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Ceci Amador Jess Breier Jessica Caudill Olivia Doan Jessica Hawkins Heather Kimberling Andrea Schurr Jon Shouldis

HAIR & MAKEUP Trish Allen Jessica Bach Lacy Schnitzler

PHOTOGRAPHERS Jenna Anderson Anna Esposito Alexandre Paskanoi Jim Tincher


Seteena Ueberschlag



Maggie Christensen Rachel Walker Roy Yeung




Jaime Shouldis




Maggie Christensen Tamra Graves



Photos by Anna Esposito

DEAR READERS, Here at MOUR, the month of July is all about travel. Whether you’re up for a stay-cation, road trippin’ or jet setting to your favorite beach. Even fantasizing about your dream vacay counts!

rld Wo : h tc Clu n u F


rt Apa


In planning this issue the MOUR team reflected on how travel used to be, especially air travel. A flight was something you dressed for, totally glammed up. We laughed knowing, today, most everyone’s thoughts surround one concern: “Just how comfortable can I possibly be?” Yes, some of us rock PJ’s to the airport. Don’t judge! For those who like to stay near home we’ll share a few locations perfect for your next road trip that are just ‘Within Reach’, page 34. Fret over packing? Not to worry, contributor Andrea Schurr shares a few helpful hints on what and how to pack for any trip in our regular segment, ‘Watch N Learn’, page 33. And you definitely don’t want to miss our two guests of the issue: Allison Johnson, stylist and blogger of Pink Lou Lou, page 28, and Louisville based model and make up artist, Catherine Jones Kung, page 26. Where ever your destination and whatever your travel plans this month, grab your MOUR, relax and enjoy!

xo, tamra & maggie

Shear Sweater: Morton James $129


s summer bag ’ i x e L must haves THE BAG

Knock On Wood Clutch | Calypso Boutique $26 513 E Maxwell Street | 859-225-3810 |

1. “FOO FOO”

A gals bag must ALWAYS have a little something to spritz. Smelling irresistible at all times is required! MEMORY OF KINDNESS available at Crushed Violet. 131 Church Street | 859-317-8251 |


These Tom Ford beauties will leave you feeling glam all day! $390 | Available at Monkee’s of Lexington 116 Clay Avenue | 859-253-0427 |


Never leave the house without a stop-em-in-their-tracks color in your bag. You never know where the day, or night, will take you. Jane Iredale, Just Kissed Lip Plumper available at Prive MedSpa. 3363 Tates Creek Road | 859-523-5893 | Even if you don’t come across the need for a bold lip, a soft moisturized lip is just as important, if not more! An All Natural Beeswax Lip Balm, like this one from Ooh La La. 703 Main St. Paris KY | 859-988-1118 |

4. SPF

Yes, we mention SPF a lot during the summer months and only because we want you to have beautiful, ageless skin! This Neocutis Journée Day Cream with SPF 30+, available at Lexington Dermatology, is exactly what you need. You will be left protected and hydrated. 448 Lewis Hargett Circle Suite 240 | 859-226-0206 | Product images from websites listed


Paisley Crop: Bluetique $34.99


Heading to an exotic

Fringe Crop: Bluetique $31.99

resort this summer? Want to feel like you’ve just returned from international travels? You’ve gotta try these bold patterned pieces!

Off Shoulder Dress: Bluetique $55.99

Patterned T: Morton James $99

Patterned Dress: Bluetique $48.99 Flower Crop Top: Black Market $34


Photos by Anna Esposito




Lexstreet Style: thursday night live



It’s so exciting to see everyone out, enjoying a beautiful Kentucky day, supporting local businesses and dressed to the nines! We’re loving the high-waisted bottoms, pops of color and fun patterns!

photos by jenna anderson 9


Photos provided by Alexandre Paskanoi Photographer: Alexandre Paskanoi - Style: Miu Koridi – Hair: Weena Jérôme - Make Up: Lisa – Model Agency: Scoop Agency Montreal - 12

You can wear almost anything. Butterfly, round, square, cat-eye, big “ga-ga� oversized sunglasses

Trend Hunting

Oval Shape Face:

By Jessica Hawkins 13

Heart & Square Shape Faces: You typically look good in round and cat-eye styles (Square shape can even pull off a great butterfly shape shade!) 14

Round Face: You typically look better in a butterfly shape or square shape lens

You can buy some of these frames & more at: 15












comfort &CLASS Photography by Anna Esposito Hair by Jessica Bach & Lacy Schnitzler Modeled by Seteena Ueberschlag Makeup by Trish Allen

Knit Tank: Black Market $34 Yellow Tank: Black Market $48 Mint Shorts: Bluetique $45.99 Compass Necklace: Bluetique $24.99


oga pants, t-shirt, sweatshirt and tennis shoes. Sounds like she’s headed to the ballpark, right? Wrong, she’s on her way to the airport. While this seems like a normal outfit to most, it was anything but in the 1950’s and 60’s. In the 40’s, dressing for comfort wasn’t even an option…especially for women. I recently went on vacation and paid close attention to what women were wearing. Hands down the majority of women wore jeans and t-shirts. Coming in at a close second were yoga pants and maxi skirts or dresses. A few women were dressed in business attire, suits and pumps, while more than I’d like to admit looked as if they were flying straight to their favorite night-club. Should you sparkle on a plane? Let’s rewind to a decade where traveling was considered a luxury and the majority were businessmen in suits. Rarely would you see a woman in an airport traveling for leisure. If you did, you better believe she was dressed to the nines. Skirt, blouse, blazer, panty-hose, pumps and only the best wore their hat and gloves. Evidently running through an airport like you are in the Amazing Race wasn’t an issue in the past. Well, it wasn’t an issue at all actually; it was about looking your best at all times in all situations. The late 60’s and early 70’s became the Retro Era. Wide leg pants, high-waists, short skirts and bright colors. Pants or dress, women still wanted to look their best, despite comfort. As time has flown by, comfort for travel has become the new fashion trend. But, do you sacrifice your own style and the latest fashion trends to be comfortable? Emily Glass, an event-planner in Lexington, travels across the country monthly for her job. When I asked her if she dressed strictly for comfort when traveling, she said she planned her outfits for comfort and class. Stating, “You can still


“You can still be comfortable without sacrificing your fashion choices.”

be comfortable without sacrificing your fashion choices.” For vacations, the destination helps plan her outfit. Going south means a maxi dress, light jacket and scarf for the plane. Something easy she can shed when arriving in a warm destination. For business, her staple outfit always includes a basic blazer and flats, never knowing when she may have to run to the next flight or immediately to a meeting upon arrival. Missy recently went to Punta Cana with her husband. “Comfort is key,” she said when I asked her about her outfit coming home from vacation. Despite the destination, she is always in yoga pants, a t-shirt and always has a sweatshirt on hand for the chilly airports and on the plane. Vickie also dresses for comfort, but her outfit is strictly based on where she is travelling. Being one of the lucky ones, you know, the kind that are retired and travel only for pleasure, she has no agenda. Therefore, you always have to be ready for dinner after travel. Or not having luggage when you arrive. Being prepared is key and Vickie is always prepared, well, to look good that is. While comfort seems to win the majority vote in choosing an outfit for airport travel, I think we can all agree it can get cold. Layer it up and be prepared for the weather at your final destination. If the thought of dressing down for the sake of comfort is a complete faux pas in your fashion book, which by the way is completely acceptable, you can follow the latest street styles in your arrival city on From Savannah to Manhattan to Milan, you can see the hippest trends on the street. No matter what, be you and enjoy your journey. Happy Travels.

By Heather Kimberling

Boyfriend Shirt: Worlds Apart $48 Blue Necklace: Worlds Apart $34


Striped Dress: Worlds Apart $176 Necklace: Bluetique $32.99 Box Clutch: Bluetique $49.99


Trench Coat: Black Market $78 Bandeau: Black Market $16 Print Shorts: Bluetique $30.99

White Tank: Bluetique $28.99 Flower Pants: Bluetique $45.99 Yellow Necklace: Bluetique $32.99 Green Clutch: Bluetique $28.99


Seahorse Dress: Bluetique $66.99 Blue Necklace: Worlds Apart $34


Top: Bluetique $14.99 Print Skirt: Bluetique $48.99

Photo: Adam Lewis Model: Myah Winbush Suit: Elizabeth Galacia Earrings: MOUR Closet 24

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Meet the Pro 26

g n u K s e n o J e n i r e h t a C

A self-proclaimed awkward art school girl turned makeup artist, actor, designer and model—I’ve just described Catherine Jones Kung of Louisville. She has worked with companies such as Churchill Downs, Lexus, the Miss America Organization, Rodes and Sophisticated Living. Her work has graced the pages of People Magazine and Sports Illustrated. She even appeared in the 2014 movie 50 to 1. How does one go from being the girl with self-esteem issues to traveling the country, meeting inspiring people and in turn inspiring confidence in others? It takes a combination of innate passion and constantly pushing oneself beyond perceived limits.

art school to accent her clients’ best features and make them feel beautiful: “I love how accenting a woman’s simplest characteristics can quadruple her self-esteem and empower her. That is magic. That is art. A woman who feels beautiful is capable of great things.” Although she’s a Louisvillian through and through, she’s familiar with Lexington’s fashion community. Having served on the board of the Lexington Fashion Collaborative and befriending

But wait—there’s more! Catherine offers her best beauty tips for those of us who plan to enjoy the upcoming summer heat:

“I have been an artist my entire life,” she says, “from the moment I could pick up a crayon I was drawing, and as I got older I progressed into painting.”


She got her start at the University of Louisville. Being a painfully shy art student left her time to immerse herself into the arts and develop her talents: “Growing up, I struggled with self-esteem, as so many girls do. I was the awkward art school girl, the one that clearly went about life to the beat of her own drum. I sewed a lot of my own clothes, made my jewelry and painted murals.” While in her early twenties, she began to pursue modeling. As a petite young woman, she knew it would be difficult to land a coveted runway gig, so she went a different route. “Boutiques, advertising and commercials all need realistic people to help sell their products.” She took a few odd jobs assisting local photographers; from there she was used as a test subject and became instantly hooked. “It was like acting, except there were no lines and the scene was a moment captured forever.”


As for makeup, she realized that she enjoyed the face as a living canvas. She uses her knowledge gained through

Use oil absorbing blotting papers instead of powdering, or prior to powdering. It will keep your makeup for becoming cakey and clogging pores. Use an eyeshadow primer to keep colors from creasing and melting. I recommend Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion. I won't even wear eyeshadow if I can't wear this underneath it!


Use lip stains under glosses for a fresh look that lasts.

designers Soreyda Benedit Begley, Sarah Jane Estes and photographer Andrew Kung (to whom she is now married!). What has helped her is being surrounded by genuine, like-minded people: “Though this industry is a tricky one, I’ve been very fortunate to be able to work with several people who have helped me grow and have always been a constant source of positivity and encouragement.” With Catherine’s line of work, she gets to travel and meet an array of exciting people, often working closely with her husband Andrew: “Our favorite city to visit and work in is probably Miami. South

Beach is my happy place!” She has met and worked with supermodel Coco Rocha, The Voice star Olivia Henken and designer Claire Williams. Earlier this year, she had the privilege of traveling to Atlantic City to do makeup for Miss America 2014, which she describes as a huge learning experience: “Jenna [Day] was incredible to work with and I learned so much from her confidence and calm demeanor throughout the course of the competition.” She has already come a long way in her career, and she owes her success to setting realistic goals (with a little dreaming on the side): “I took small steps and set small goals. As I would accomplish one I would then set another and continue to build on it. Setting lofty ideas of what you want to do can set you up for a very quick let down and leave you discouraged.” And she’s not about to slow down any time soon. Her future goals include being a spokesmodel and starting her own line of cosmetics specifically for redheads. Since transitioning from blond to red, she has struggled with finding the right makeup shades to compliment her fiery tresses. She’d like to ease some of the anxiety for herself, natural redheads and others who decide to make the courageous leap to red. “Designing a tried & true selection of colors would make life a lot easier for so many women!” “I knew my road could be a bumpy one— and it still is—but I keep growing and learning every day.” Catherine’s words are ones we should all say to ourselves every day, and she’s an example of how a goal, whether big or small, is worth pursuing, so long as you carry a certain amount of tenacity and a willingness to learn. By Jessica Caudill Photo provided by Catherine Jones Kung 27

by jessica hawkins | photos provided by pink lou lou

Recently, I got to sit down with the gorgeous and down to earth owner of Pink Lou Lou Design Studio, Allison Johnson . Running a business at 29, Allison is bringing all the glam and glitter to her bridal clientele. Pink Lou Lou Design Studio, which she runs with co-owner Dana Peddicord, specializes in hair, make-up, and sells bridal items. When she’s not at work you can read about Allison’s life and her favorite things on Her blog talks about all sorts of topics, including her closet and decorating her own home. The blonde bombshell and self-proclaimed heel advocate met me for drinks downtown where she dished on

The Blog Spot Allison, I love following your blog Pink Lou Lou! You talk about it all, from weddings to hair. What inspired you to begin blogging? I started blogging after I called off my wedding. It was the craziest time of my life; I didn’t know anyone who had done that. I always liked writing and my friends had encouraged me to start possibly blogging. So I started to write about my experience with calling the wedding off and ended up meeting a lot of girls who had been through the same thing and how they got through it. So that’s how it started…writing to no one, because no one reads it at first, haha! You have the dreamiest closet and now I know why you are a selfproclaimed heel advocate. What is your favorite pair you own? I call them my “Carrie Underwood Heels” because they are glittery and about 5 inches…they’re actually Jessica Simpson’s brand but I call them my Carrie shoes, because it looks like something she’d wear. Why she hasn’t come out with a shoe line is beyond me! You keep a pretty in Lexington?

full closet!


is your favorite place to shop

everything from how she started

Pink Lou Lou


her travel tips for our readers this month.

In addition to blogging, you are the owner of Pink Lou Lou Design Studio. What is it like running a business at 29? Can you tell me a little bit about PLL Design Studio and how it came about? PLL Design Studio is my business where I do hair, make-up and sell bridal items. I have a partner Dana, who I work with. We started just doing it for friends through high school and college, glamming them up for their weddings. I started getting more girls asking me to help them and decided to start a business out of it. It’s been our second full year now and it’s been super crazy busy, but such a blessing. We have about 52 brides this year. I really love being with people on their happiest day of their lives—it’s an incredible feeling. In terms of running my own business, it’s been a learning experience. The hardest thing is learning how to manage time when you’re running a business. One thing about the nature of our society right now is that everyone is accessible all the time. I’ve had to set up boundaries so I don’t drive myself crazy trying to get back to everyone. Our

issue this month is all about travel and what ones necessary

travel essentials are.


is your favorite travel destination?



dream vacation, perhaps?

I really like Bluetique—it’s so cute and reasonably priced. It’s got unique pieces that you don’t necessarily see everyone else in. I read you recently purchased your own home and you are quite the interior designer! What was your inspiration for your home décor? Yes, it’s super exciting I got to buy my own home and do it while single. It’s something I’m super proud of and was a huge step for me. Pinterest has been a great inspiration for decorating. I love getting ideas on there. I’m all about “feminine glam” and that’s one thing about having my own home which is nice—I can decorate however I want! Anything feminine and girly with a little rustic is thrown in there. 28

A favorite vacation spot of mine would probably be Rosemary Beach in Florida. It’s a really small and cute community. The Truman show was actually filmed in seaside down there. I am also getting ready to go visit my sister in Hawaii for the first time! But my dream vacation is Bora Bora! I WILL go one day and stay in one of those huts on the water, Haha!




MIX IT UP, By Jon Shouldis

mourmagazine, and 1248 other likes #TheCucumberSpritz 1.5oz of cucumber infused vodka over ice. Top with lime spritzer. Garnish with lime and cucumber. Want to make your own cucumber vodka? Pour vodka into a sealable jar over several thick slices of cucumber. Let infuse for a week. Strain infused vodka into a new sealable jar and drink up! #summertime #chilled #enjoy #mourmagazine #travelissue #july






MOUR HEALTH & BEAUTY BROCCOLI This one may not sound as delicious, but broccoli is packed with chromium which is a very important nutrient that controls the level of insulin in your body. Research shows if chromium is consumed within two hours after a workout you can increase the amount of glycogen (a form of energy storage) in your body.

CHOCOLATE MILK No you’re not dreaming, I said chocolate milk! Chocolate milk is a great post work out drink because it is packed with double the carbohydrates and protein content than other drink options such as regular milk or a sports drink.

PINEAPPLE Pineapple is high in vitamin c which is a key component in repairing tissue. It also contains bromelain which is a natural anti-inflammatory, so it can help heal bruises, sprains and swelling.

getting the most out of your work out

By Olivia Doan


CHICKEN & BROWN RICE This is a more filling after workout snack than the yogurt, and is just as effective. It is shown that eating carbohydrates and protein together after a workout yields the best results for building muscle. Brown rice is also a great source of fiber and is filled with complex carbs to fuel the body. Brown rice has tons of benefits that go beyond helping your workout, it’s been known to protect against heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer.

Photo Credits:,,,,

YOGURT WITH FRUIT Low-fat yogurt provides a large dose of protein. After a workout your muscles will be depleted of amino acid, protein helps replace the lost amino acid which helps you build muscle. The fruit provides fiber, vitamins and carbohydrates to regain energy.




Is it a bar? Is it an arcade? Luckily for us Lexingtonians, it’s a great combination of both!

Local craft beers and well mixed drinks on one side, vintage arcade games on the other. Help Frogger make his way across a busy highway or swamp while sipping a Moscow Mule. Save the Universe from complete annihilation while downing a West Sixth Lemongrass Wheat Beer brewed just a half mile away.

Walking in, I felt like this place might just be a little too “cool” for me. After taking one look around though, I realized that this place is just the right amount of “cool” for everyone. The bar patrons varied from a hipster with a beard that would make ZZ Top jealous to a preppy wearing a collared shirt and perfectly ironed khakis. The bartenders were knowledgeable and helped me pick out beers based on my taste and what I normally drink in other bars. They suggested a Moscow Mule for HK who proclaimed “Jessica Breier – this is my new summer drink!”


And the games! We can’t forget the games…CLASSIC arcade games. Ms. Pac-Man, Tetris, Frogger, Knock Out, Galaga and Q*Bert just to name a few. All still only a quarter to play. These days, we can wake up at 3 in the morning, download an app and play Ms. Pac-Man in an instant, but there’s something refreshing about going to the game instead of the other way around. The feelings of dropping a quarter in the slot, listening to it go all the way down, the graphics that were so amazing in their time, the music starting as soon as you hit Player One Start. Those memories and feelings of nostalgia are what make Arcadium a place you should definitely frequent! Who has Ms. Pac-Man’s theme music in their head right now? Bring plenty of quarters and travel back in time at Arcadium. The fate of the Universe depends on you. By Jess Breier Photos by Jim Tincher


The LEXSEWS project is designed to provide refugees and low-income participants with multidisciplinary educational and skill development opportunities that promote self-sufficiency through professional sewing courses which incorporate entrepreneurship.

Lexington Fashion Collaborative

What’s up at the Collaborative?

The Neighborhood Series Exhibit at the Lyric Theater and Cultural Center NOW – August 16

Hand Stitching (2 Part Workshop) Saturday, August 2, 2014 9am-12pm & Sunday, August 3, 2014 1pm-4pm

Stitching Art at the Headley-Whitney Museum NOW – August 17

Handwoven Treasure Pouches Saturday, August 9, 2014 1pm-5pm

Workshops at the Headley-Whitney Museum:

The Presences of Clothing Sunday, August 10, 2014 2pm-4pm

Aspiring Model Workshop Saturday July 19, 2014 8am-1pm

Product Development Program with Kim Barber July 12th and July 19th 11am – 3pm Email to register and for more info!

FeltLoom Workshop Sunday, July 27, 2014 1pm-5pm

Please join us for our networking event: July 20th, 3pm } Sign up for the LFC newsletter for updates on events and projects.


Watch and Learn:

Packing for a summer getaway By Andrea Schurr

Vacations are supposed to be all about relaxing, so why does packing have to be such a hassle? Follow these 6 easy breezy tips and tricks to get the most out of what you put in your suitcase.

1. Mix and Match: When packing tops and bottoms mix and match is the best way to make the 5. Leave the hair products/tools most out of the space in your suitcase. And luckily for travelers, mixing patterns and prints is a at home: Your hair needs a super-hot trend for summer. Leave the basics at home and have some fun with your vacation ensembles. Vacation is a great time to be a bit more adventurous with your style. To make it easier on yourself,stick to packing a general color-scheme like gemstone or earth tones. You can mix and match your bathing suit tops and bottoms too!

2. Keep your feet happy: Yes, the new six-inch heels you have been dying to wear are cute, but maybe not the best idea for plodding along through hours of sightseeing or other vacation activities. Pack the comfy shoes instead and you won’t regret it. Flat platforms are the shoes of the moment right now and offer a much more forgiving alternative than those blister-inducing stilettos.

6. Do your research & Dont stress!

3. Layers, layers, layers: Weather is always unpredictable. Packing plenty of loose layers will ensure you will be comfortable no matter what. A waffle-knit sweater over a bikini top is a super cute way to stay warm poolside once the temp starts to drop. Plus, anyone who has ever been stuck in a hotel room with a thermostat that seems to only have two settings— sauna or artic blast—knows the importance of being prepared.

vacation too! Give your locks some much needed R&R from the straightener, curling iron and blow dryer. Plus, if you vacay at the beach, the salty ocean water is the all the styling product you will need (it adds great texture and enhances hair’s natural waves). This will leave you with plenty of room for souvenirs!

4. Technology:

Even on vacation we can’t get away from our technology. Make a checklist of all the devices you are planning on bringing. In the checklist include an area to check-off when you pack the chargers and other accessories you will need for all your technological devices, as well. Images from

Educate yourself ahead of time to ensure you are packing the right attire for your getaway. For example, if you are going to a resort, do they have a strict no jeans policy? If you are traveling out of the country, what cultural standards of dress might you have to comply with? Let your style shine while still maintaining respect for your surroundings. Lastly, don’t get too worked up about forgetting something important. Chances are, wherever you are going has plenty of places to shop for anything you might have forgotten, and who can complain about an excuse for some shopping? 33

Within Reach By Ceci Amador

Great weather makes for great and pleasurable driving, so pack a bag, fill up the gas tank, grab some great tunes and let the adventures begin. From a one-day escape in Cincinnati to a weekend-long trip to Savannah, here are some great ideas for some time away!

Cincinnati, OH. Lexington, KY.

Nashville, TN.

Essentials for the Road • • • • • • •

Snacks and food Music/Playlists Map or GPS Comfy clothing Hand sanitizer and toilet paper Camera Car charger

Cincinnati, OH

Only an hour and half away, the Queen City offers its visitors shopping, sporting events and family-friendly attractions. Let’s not forget about food—Cincinnati is famous for the delicious 3-way Coney’s from Skyline Chili; a perfect spot to fill up before you take on the rest of the city. WHAT TO DO

Krohn Conservatory: Experience flora and fauna on a new level. The greenhouse is home to a rainforest, a desert flora, flower shows and many special rotating exhibits. Fountain Square: The heart of Cincinnati’s public life; Fountain Square offers special events, free concerts, eating contests and great architectural sights. Pack a lunch or eat at one of the local spots, Fountain Square is sure to offer something for you. Cincinnati Reds Game: Whether you’re a baseball fan or not, the Reds game is a great outing with family or friends. Carew Tower: Ride the elevator up to the 49th floor to get an amazing view of the city, the Ohio River and Kentucky. Cincinnati Art Museum: For a glimpse into the past, the museum offers major works of Ancient Art, European Art, Middle Eastern, and more importantly, local artist’s work.

Nashville, TN

Otherwise known as Music City, Nashville is a short 3 hours away from Lexington. For country music lovers, Nashville is a paradise where music fills every corner of the downtown area.

Charleston, SC.


Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum: You can’t go to Nashville and not visit the Music Hall. When in Nashville, you’ve got to “Honor Thy Music” in order to truly understand the heart and soul of this city. Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge: One of Nashville’s most famous music bars, Tootsie’s hosts both renowned and up-and-coming country artists on a daily basis. Perfect to get your music fill to end the day or start the night, Tootsie’s is bound to have a crowd regardless of the day and time. Grand Ole Opry: Known as one of the most famous stages in the US, the Opry offers constant yearlong performances for all age groups. Having started as nothing more than a radio show, the Opry has come a long way since its early beginning in the 1920s. The Parthenon: Located in Centennial Park, the Parthenon is an architectural beauty that hosts many American artists’ work within its walls. Pair it with a visit to Vanderbilt University and you’ll be sure to give your eyes a treat with so much architecture and plenty of great views. Hermitage: Home of former President Andrew Jackson, the Hermitage will take you back in time as you take a stroll through the grounds. Slavery, everyday plantation life and the war are only a few of the topics visitors can expect to learn more about during their visit.

Charleston, SC

Rated as one of America’s Top Friendliest Cities, Charleston is the epitome of Southern charm in terms of city. Known for its exquisite architecture, acclaimed restaurants and its role in the war. Charleston has something to offer for everyone—whether it be romance or a weekend of family fun, you’re sure to fall in love with everything this city has to offer. WHAT TO DO

Fort Sumter: Talk about history—Fort Sumter is the place where the first Civil War shots were fired. Although it is only accessible via water, it’s a must-see in Charleston. There are ferry rides available year-round and once you get the feel and see of some of the historical firearms, the visit will be all the more worthwhile. South Carolina Aquarium: The Aquarium is home to South Carolina’s diverse aquatic life. The displays are arranged by the state’s regions, hosting aquatic life from small fish to turtles and sharks. If you’re up to it, you can also feed stingrays and shrimp through the aquarium’s interactive tank. Old Slave Mart Museum: Located in Charleston’s Historic District, this building is the only existing building in which slaves were auctioned pre-civil war. Tough to go through, but rewarding for its message, the Old Slave Mart Museum is a great place to get a glimpse of and experience the past. City Market: Found in downtown Charleston, the market is open every day of the year. The perfect location to grab a bite to eat, buy souvenirs, people watch or simply walk around. The market will fill your day with the hustle and bustle of the city’s vendors and shoppers.

Visit one or visit all, summertime is the perfect time to pack light and travel around. There’s no better way to gain knowledge, insight, perspective and love than through travel and the things you can discover when out on the road. Treat yourself to a much-deserved break, pick a travel buddy, and capture the moments that will make you grow as a person.


the summer short

Yellow Shorts $99 at Morton James

Beaded Shorts $48 at Black Market

Denim Cutoffs $185 at Morton James

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

– St. Augustine

Image Credit:

Profile for MOUR Magazine

MOUR Magazine | July 2014 | The Travel Issue  

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MOUR Magazine | July 2014 | The Travel Issue  

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