Mount Royal University — Spring 2023 Convocation Program

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To call & come together




The word convocation comes from the Latin word convocare, which means to call and come together. The ceremony dates back to medieval times. When the student is presented on stage by faculty, it is a sign to the student and society that a degree of proficiency has been attained.

Mount Royal University is located in the traditional territories of the Niitsitapi (Blackfoot) and the people of the Treaty 7 region in southern Alberta, which includes the Siksika, the Piikani, the Kainai, the Tsuut’ina, and the Îyârhe Nakoda. We are situated on land where the Bow River meets the Elbow River, and the traditional Blackfoot name of this place is Mohkinstsis, which we now call the city of Calgary. The city of Calgary is also home to the Métis Nation.


Today we celebrate your achievements as graduates of Mount Royal University. This is a time to reflect on your accomplishments, appreciate the people who helped you and look ahead with anticipation toward the future.


Chancellor’s MESSAGE

I have had many conversations with students throughout my time as Chancellor and I am proud to say that I have come across individuals with an incredible level of drive and determination during my visits to Mount Royal classrooms. These same attributes that allow students to succeed with assignments and exams translate well into whatever path is pursued after graduation. Well, we are now at that time and I not only applaud Mount Royal graduates, but sincerely look forward to everything that’s ahead.

Graduates, your education is something you now have to help you to confidently reach your goals and contribute to an organization and society as a whole. You are critical thinkers, collaborators and innovators, and my hope is that you carry this into whatever you do next. Take the same drive and passion that brought you to this moment and apply it to everything you pursue. If you continue to be curious, be open to new ideas, and never shy away from an opportunity to seek out the answer to an important question, you will always find new ways to grow and provide great value.

Know that your association with Mount Royal University will be over a lifetime. We will follow your careers and find ways to entice you back for a lifelong connection to our institution. Convocation is not goodbye — it’s see you later!

Thank you for your hard work and dedication. Congratulations and best wishes as you move ahead from here.


President’s MESSAGE

It’s likely no surprise that convocation is my favourite time of year as a university president. It’s a time when the campus is full of energy. Students are excited to celebrate an incredible accomplishment and anxiously await what’s ahead while employees look forward to the opportunity to cheer and send graduates off with pride, knowing all they have achieved during their time at MRU.

As students near the end of their time with us, it’s not uncommon for them to acknowledge a favourite professor, or staff member they have met while accessing a campus service, or perhaps an award or scholarship that has given them the support they needed to complete their program. I commend graduates for reaching out and the countless people who have stepped up to lend a helping hand to help get the class of 2023 to the finish line.

Friends and family members of graduates, you helped someone dear to you in their academic journey. Your encouragement and support of today’s graduates creates an invaluable legacy of each generation encouraging the next to pursue their goals.

Convocation is a special time when we can all come together to salute the incredible amount of work and perseverance that is required to complete higher education. My hope is that each graduate is able to reflect and appreciate everything they have realized to bring them to this very special moment.

Congratulations to the graduates. This is a day you all deserve to enjoy.





The tradition of academic gowns, hoods and caps (called regalia) dates back to the Middle Ages. You will notice that the Platform Party members wear unique regalia representing their university, level of academic achievement and area of knowledge. Academic dress is prescribed by Oxford and Cambridge. Our graduates wear the Cambridge gown style.

The hood goes back to the Middle Ages when begging friars placed goods into the hood. Mount Royal follows the Oxford hood style. The borders of the hood display a colour associated with the degree being conferred.

The headwear is known as a mortar board and hails from ancient Greece, when a felt hat was worn on top of a skull cap. The current style comes from Oxford and Cambridge.


Arms: The design was created in 1912 by Vincent Massey, likely with Alexander Scott Carter. The original colours were replaced by the University’s blue and white colours. Our name is reflected in the mace, which symbolizes royal authority, and the triangular shapes, which reflect mountains.

Crest: The bighorn sheep is Alberta’s provincial animal and the book indicates the University is a place of learning. The dove alludes to our origins as a Methodist and United Church college.

Motto — Quam bene non quantum: In place since the University’s foundation, the motto means, “How well, not how much.”

Supporters: The cougars refer to the names of Mount Royal’s sports teams. The base of the Rockies and the maces refer to the University’s name.

Original concept: Vincent Massey (arms) and Bruce Patterson, Deputy Chief Herald of Canada (crest, supporters and colours), assisted by the heralds of the Canadian Heraldic Authority.

Painter: Linda Nicholson

Calligrapher: Shirley Mangione




Mount Royal’s Indigenous Strategic Plan was developed with guidance from local Indigenous leaders, experts in education and insight from the Mount Royal community. The Plan commits the University to:

• indigenize the campus;

• respect and embrace Indigenous knowledge and perspectives;

• build and strengthen partnerships;

• support Indigenous student success; and

• promote culturally responsible and respectful curricula.

The University is committed to answering the Calls to Action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to address significant educational inequities that have existed for too long. The process to implement the Indigenous Strategic Plan has no finish: there will be continual learning and growing.

Soogapii (It is good).

Kitaakitama’tsinohpowaawa (I will see you all again).

“The role of Aboriginal post-secondary education has evolved from a tool of assimilation to an instrument of empowerment.”
Dr. Blair Stonechild, PhD




Nancy Southern Leslie O’Donoghue

Compassion. Courage. Respect. Reconciliation. These words describe Nancy Southern and her commitment to responsible leadership.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 31, 2023 10 A.M.

Born and raised in Calgary, Southern attended Mount Royal and the University of Calgary before joining her family’s business as a member of its Board of Directors. Today she is chair and CEO of ATCO Ltd., which was started in 1947 by her father, Ron Southern, and is a globally recognized Canadian business leader.

A member of numerous councils and organizations, both in Canada and around the world, Southern’s business acumen and leadership abilities led to her being named to Fortune’s list of the “50 Most Powerful Women” outside the United States in 2016. In 2022, she was awarded the Business Leader Lifetime Achievement Award from the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

Yet it is her personal commitment to education, equity and social issues that sets Southern apart. Recognizing the critical role post-secondary institutions play in social innovation and moving today’s society forward, ATCO regularly engages students through MRU’s Career Services’ work-integrated learning programs and currently employs more than 150 MRU graduates.

Believing that the value of a team is greater than the power of the individual, Southern is committed to inclusive leadership. In 2021, under her guidance, ATCO established its Indigenous Advisory Board, creating action and consultation for the company’s foundational commitment to build and sustain world-wide relationships with Indigenous Peoples.

There is a strong correlation between being a successful leader in business and the time and energy that person gives in support of their community.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 31, 2023 2 P.M.

Such is the case with Leslie O’Donoghue. Currently a corporate director with DYE & Durham, and a longtime independent director with Pembina Pipeline Corporation, O’Donoghue has held many senior corporate positions, including leading business development and strategy as a partner with the law firm of Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP.

Acknowledged — four times — as a Top 100 Most Powerful Women by Canada’s Women’s Executive Network, O’Donoghue has been elevated to the Network’s Hall of Fame. Additionally, she has received the Distinguished Business Leader Award (University of Calgary/Calgary Chamber of Commerce), the Johnson Award (Queen’s University), and been listed as one of the Top 25 Most Influential Lawyers in Canada (Canadian Lawyer Magazine). With a well-earned reputation as an advocate for women in business, while acting as an executive vice-president at Agrium, O’Donoghue formed a Women’s Inclusion Network to provide mentoring, networking and developmental opportunities.

She is also a dedicated volunteer with the United Way of Calgary and Area, including chairing the Calgary campaign.

O’Donoghue’s philosophy is simple: a leader has the responsibility to give back and to inspire the next generation. Doing so, she says, helps society and makes individuals more empathetic and grateful in the process.


Donald Baker Bruce Starlight

As president of Mount Royal College from 1980 to 1989, Dr. Donald Noel Baker, PhD, led Mount Royal through a critical period in its history — a time when radical change was necessary to meet financial challenges. His leadership is often credited as the catalyst that eventually led to Mount Royal’s transition from a college to a university in 2009. He is the author of Catch the Gleam: Mount Royal, from College to University, 1910-2009, a comprehensive institutional history that can be downloaded without cost from the University of Calgary Press.

In 2001, Baker was appointed executive director of Ontario’s Post-Secondary Education Quality Assessment Board, a then-new agency responsible for assessing proposals for degree programs and universities. That led to invitations to undertake projects in the Middle East. After stepping down as executive director, Baker served in various senior administrative or management consulting roles in the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. His history of Qatar University, the first history of a Gulf national university, will appear later this year.

Baker has received several honours, including an Honorary Diploma in Art and Science from Mount Royal College, an Honorary Bachelor of Applied Studies from Humber College and an Alberta Centennial Medal.

Baker remains connected to MRU through the Donald and Heather Baker Scholarship, established in 1989, which supports Bachelor of Arts students majoring in history.

Dit’oni Didlishi (Spotted Eagle) Bruce Starlight is an Elder of the Tsuut’ina Nation and one of the last fluent Tsuut’ina speakers. He has served in many capacities. As a student of, and teacher, mentor and advisor to Mount Royal, Starlight has played a major role in the amiable relationship between Tsuut’ina Nation and MRU. A well-known advocate of crosscultural awareness, he is a member of MRU’s Traditional Thinkers Advisory Council for the Office of Decolonization and Indigenization.

In 2022, Starlight and his family gifted a tipi and tipi knowledge to MRU and share that knowledge with schools.

Having to leave high school due to his father’s passing to support his mom and siblings, Starlight upgraded his learning later in life and enrolled in linguistics at the University of Calgary. Making a career of his knowledge, in 2008 Starlight started the Tsuut’ina Gunaha Institute to preserve his beloved language and served as the Tsuut’ina language commissioner until his retirement in 2022.

In 2019, he was presented with an Honorary High School Diploma from Henry Wisewood High School.

The first elected Indigenous director of the Calgary Stampede Board of Directors after serving as the first Indian Events Committee chairman, in 2005 Starlight was one of 100 people in Alberta to receive a Citizen of the Century Award. He is also an advisor to the worldwide Planet Youth movement.

JUNE 1, 2023 2 P.M.
2023 10 A.M. THURSDAY,

Gen. John de Chastelain

It’s quite a journey from Mount Royal classrooms to the highest ranks of Canada’s military and diplomatic corps, but Gen. John de Chastelain isn’t one to shy away from a challenge. After immigrating to Canada from Scotland as a teenager, de Chastelain enrolled at the original Mount Royal College location in downtown Calgary. In short order, he enlisted as a private with the Calgary Highlanders before transferring to the full-time Canadian Armed Forces. Over the years, he steadily climbed the ranks, until 1989 when he was both promoted to general and appointed chief of Canada’s Defence Staff. He held that position until 1996, save for a period when he served as Canada’s ambassador to the United States, a post usually reserved for high-ranking diplomats.

In April 1998, de Chastelain was involved in assisting to accomplish the passage of the Good Friday Agreement, which put an end to sectarian violence in Northern Ireland. He then spent the next fifteen years helping to implement that agreement, including supervising the decommissioning of paramilitary arms.

de Chastelain keeps his ties to MRU alive through serving as the honorary chairman of the Military Memorial Bursary Program, which honour the sacrifices made by fallen members of our Mount Royal family. He is also a former national vice-president of Scouts Canada and was an honorary director for the Canada Ireland Foundation.

Cheryl Foggo is a noted author, researcher, journalist, playwright and filmmaker whose work and career have focused on sharing the stories of her ancestors and others in Alberta and the prairies’ early days.

A Calgarian whose family roots connect to the Black pioneers who came to the province in the early 20th century, Foggo has celebrated Black and mixed-race Canadians through her novels, films, plays and editorial and public-speaking work.

Nationally recognized and the recipient of more than a dozen awards, Foggo is perhaps best known for her efforts to highlight the contributions and challenges faced by early Black residents in Alberta. She has also produced autobiographical works and children’s books, using history as an anchor for present themes. In a recent project connecting the past and present, Foggo wrote and directed the documentary John Ware Reclaimed, retelling the story of the legendary horseman and rancher who settled in Alberta in 1882.

Foggo is the recipient of the Harry Jerome Award for the Arts (2008), the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Distinguished Artist Award (2021) and the Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee Medal (Alberta, 2022). She also received the Alberta Order of Excellence in 2022.

Foggo volunteers for multiple organizations, is an advocate for writers and artists and an active mentor and lecturer. In 2020, she was the keynote speaker at MRU’s Equity in Education event.

FRIDAY, JUNE 2, 2023 10 A.M. FRIDAY, JUNE 2, 2023 2 P.M. HONORARY
Cheryl Foggo


The Centennial Gold Medal award is patterned after the Henry Birks and Sons Gold Medal, which was Mount Royal’s highest award for student academic achievement from 1935 to 1985. The medal commemorates a deep tradition of academic achievement and leadership at Mount Royal.

Gabrielle Pyska

WEDNESDAY, MAY 31, 2023 2 P.M.

Jasmine Krawchuk

WEDNESDAY, MAY 31, 2023 2 P.M.

Gabrielle Pyska graduated with a Bachelor of Communication – Journalism and Digital Media in 2022 and has been selected as the 2022 Centennial Gold Medal Recipient for the Faculty of Business and Communication.

Jasmine Krawchuk will be graduating with a Bachelor of Communication – Journalism and Digital Media and has been selected as the 2023 Centennial Gold Medal Recipient for the Faculty of Business and Communication Studies.

Calla Ha Megan Davidson

Calla Ha will be graduating with a Bachelor of Nursing and has been selected as the 2023 Centennial Gold Medal Recipient for the Faculty of Health, Community and Education.

THURSDAY, JUNE 1, 2023 2 P.M.

Megan Davidson will be graduating with a Bachelor of Arts – Criminal Justice (Honours) and has been selected as the 2023 Centennial Gold Medal Recipient for the Faculty of Arts.

FRIDAY, JUNE 2, 2023 10 A.M.

Zafina Budhwani

FRIDAY, JUNE 2, 2023 10 A.M.

Zafina Budhwani will be graduating with a Bachelor of Science – Chemistry and has been selected as the 2023 Centennial Gold Medal Recipient for the Faculty of Science and Technology.


The Governor General’s Medal, established in 1873, is one of the most prestigious awards that can be earned by a student for exceptional academic achievement in a Canadian educational institution. On behalf of Her Excellency the Right Honourable Mary Simon, C.C., C.M.M., C.O.M., O.Q., C.D., Governor General, Mount Royal University is pleased to congratulate Donald Golden and Hallie Lindstein for their outstanding achievements.

Donald Golden Hallie Lindstein

Donald Golden was awarded the Silver Medal for achieving the highest academic standing of all graduates in a degree program. Golden is graduating with a Bachelor of Health and Physical Education — Athletic Therapy and has a cumulative GPA of 4.00.

Hallie Lindstein was awarded the Bronze Medal for achieving the highest academic standing of all graduates in a diploma program. Lindstein graduates with a Social Work Diploma and has a cumulative GPA of 3.95.


As a multiple-award-winning poet, essayist, editor and educator, Richard Harrison enriched the literary education of Mount Royal’s students for 25 years during his tenure as a professor of English teaching composition, creative writing (poetry), comics and graphic novels. His work, which covers a wide range of topics from the light-hearted to the most serious, has been published, broadcast and displayed around the world, and his poems have been translated into many languages including French, Italian, Farsi and Arabic.

Harrison earned a Bachelor of Science (Biology) and Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy) from Trent University and a Master of Arts (English) from Concordia University. After being invited to serve as the University of Calgary’s Distinguished Writer-in-Residence in 1995, Harrison began teaching English and Creative Writing at Mount Royal.

2023 2 P.M.


Adam Abou-Dehn Manny Yellowfly Andrea Locke Daniel Major

After working in supply chain management, Adam became a venture leader at Creative Destruction Lab. He supports businesses with commercialization and technology development. He is passionate about innovation, sustainability, art and music.

Tomi Ajele

Tomi is the Editor-in-Chief at Afros In Tha City, Partnerships and Engagement Manager at Apathy is Boring, Avenue Magazine Top 40 Under 40 recipient and a 2023 Outstanding Alumni Award nominee.

Manny manages the fitness centre at the Seven Chiefs Sportsplex. He has worked on projects within sports and recreation that benefit Indigenous communities through partnerships with the Hitmen and the Flames.

As the Director of Consulting Services at CGI, Andrea blends her nursing background with technology to support health clients. She is passionate about women in leadership, mentoring and solving problems with innovative thinking.

With a passion for social innovation, Daniel uses creative disruption to implement systems-level change in health care. His efforts focus on inspiring and educating medical students on advocacy, systems-thinking and social accountability.

BBA ’19, MBA BHPE ‘21
‘14 B.Sc. ‘21, MD Candidate BCMM ’17, MPP
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Academic Procession Platform Party and Faculty


Led by The Highland Trio

Singing of the National Anthem

Hannah Pagenkopf, Vocalist

Commencement of Convocation

Dawn Farrell, Chancellor

Opening by the Elder

Chancellor’s Address

Dawn Farrell, Chancellor

President and Vice-Chancellor’s Address

Tim Rahilly, President and Vice-Chancellor

Presentation of Honorary Doctor of Laws

Honorary Doctor of Laws Recipient Remarks

Presentation of Graduands and Conferral of Graduates

Professors Emeriti

Announcement of Governor General and Centennial Medal Recipients

Alumni Speaker

Honour Song

The Sorrel Rider Singers

Tassel Toss

Conclusion of Convocation

Dawn Farrell, Chancellor

Academic Recession

Led off stage by The Highland Trio

Wednesday May 31, 2023 10 a.m.


Elder Miiksika’am, Clarence Wolfleg

Honorary Doctor of Laws Recipient Nancy Southern

Alumni Speaker Adam Abou-Dehn


Bachelor of Business Administration

Accounting, and General Management

Bajwa, Jasdeep Singh

Belhumeur, Luke Clifford Mathew

Borhot, Khalile

Farkas, Zachary

Fung, Keith Chi-Chung

Gallant, Jonathan Stephen

Idt, Madison Emily

Macaulay, Karly Evelyn

Mackintosh, Gregor Campbell

Niazi, Bahara

Ratudradra, Voniani Qoro

Rezai, Arzoo

Saengone, Sunisa

Sara, Amir Gulab Singh

Scheidl, Sarah Jessica

Su, Yanan

Vidales, Jazmin Daniela

Wong, Justin

Accounting, and Supply Chain Management

Mieses, Jose Jairo

Wright, Kevin James

Accounting Co-operative Education, and Finance

Mankoo, Jasjyot

Accounting Co-operative Education, and General Management

Coppock, Brittney Amanda

Dhami, Taranjit Kaur

Accounting Co-operative Education, and Human Resources

Pelletier, Tiffany Marie

Finance, and Accounting

O’Reilly, Bryce Michael

Sahota, Gurinder

Finance, and General Management

Bajraktari, Albion

Bespalko, Deagan Kade

Brennan, Jackson Ernest

Cameron, Nicolas R.

Freel, Nicole Jane

Friesen, Ryan David

Glumac, Pierce Anthony

Habtegergis, Danait Kidane

Jokić, Tim

Karpuk, Joshua McKay

Limbu, Sujata

McLaren-Gradinaru, Rebecca Paige Kaur

McQuiggin, Mitchell Cade

Mueller, Jared

Nychuk, Jory Grant

Phung, Thi Phuong Linh

Situ, Simon

Trinh, Jimmy

Whitehurst, Joshua

Wood, Joshua Michael

Finance, and Human Resources

Kennett, Kelsey Mae

Finance, and International Business

Hay, Samantha Suzanne

Finance, and Supply Chain Management

Larkin, Cory Kevin

Sabu, Melvin

Finance, and Supply Chain Management

Co-operative Education

Aulakh, Naavneet

Finance Co-operative Education, and Accounting

Hassan, Laveeza

Ketchum, Philip David

Finance Co-operative Education, and General Management

Champion, Deianeira Elizabeth

Gertken, Ethan

Sidhu, Simran Kaur

International Business, and General Management

Hansen, Reis

Inikoro, Rukevwe

Mellum, Avery Elizabeth

Tran, Eric Gilbert

International Business, and Supply Chain Management

Rawlusyk, Matthew

International Business Co - operative Education, and Finance

Tran, Ivy Thi Trang

Supply Chain Management, and General Management (Honours)

Kormann, Lucas Alexander

Supply Chain Management, and General Management

Ali, Ahmad Abeer

Alukic, Ermin

Bodell, Emily Alexandria

Carmichael, Curtis Alan

Grandinetti, Nicole Olivia

Lama, Tsering

Mohammad, Fahad

Poulin, Michelle

Supply Chain Management Co-operative Education, and General Management

Macrae, Emma Jane

Accounting (Honours)

Henry, David Larry

Robertson, Tyler James


Ali, Shayaan Yusuf

Aquino, Kharla

Arada, Michaela

Balestrini, Cesar Eduardo

Beaupre, Julian Rody Ha-nul

Berdin, Celine

Bhatti, Navjot Kaur

Bradley, Thomas

Cantilero, Lyka Charisse Toropa

Chen, Jackie

Deo, Ajit

Dhadda, Baltej Singh

Dhaliwal, Simerjeet Singh

Dhesi, Jagvir Singh

Duval, Michael Shane

Egervari, Stella

Ekkel, Alex

Ellefson, Jillian Rose

Farooq, Muhammad Umer

Garvin, Jessica Lynn

Glenn, Joshua Hunter

Goertzen, Katlyn Alana

Gujilde, Kayla

Hage, Abdulsalam Mohamed

Hegan, Robert Konnor G.

Henderson, Trent William

Hernandez, Antoinette Leonelle

Hibbert, Luke Arthur

Houghton, Tiana Mariah

Huynh, Ivan Yip Jin

Ingram, Scott Robert

Kanji, Shakil Hanif

Kingra, Jeevandeep Kaur

Kuruvilla, Ashley Titus

Lafave, Caitlin

Langlois, Nicole Elise

Lata, Chaiye Li Lapitan

Le, David

Ley, Cory J.

Lopez, Cheska

Losier, Samantha Diane Buechler

MacRae, Laine Elizabeth

Martens, Shiana

Masalunga, Precious Marinel Malasig

McCallum, Charles Gordon

Mikova, Maria

Mills-Fisher, Mikayla Jaden

Monaghan, Conor

Morris, Scott William

Morrissey, Brittnay Brooke

Niazi, Sodaba

Ovakporaye, Donald Moyoma

Padilla, Leokeasha Gwene

Palden, Tsering

Palmer, Tyler Russell

Panwala, Mishaba Zakirhusein

Paradis, Jimmy

Parmar, Roupam

Pershina, Yuliya

Petersen, Chelsea Dawn

Preston, Laura Ann Norine

Qi, Xiao Jin

Rai, Danvir

Reyes, Erroll John

Saban, Leila Mhae Tigley

Salib, Antony

Schultz, Jeremy John Arthur

Sekhon, Harsimrandeep

Sevilla, Kate Wenzell Gaid

Shrestha, Sneha

Sidhu, Inderpreet Singh

Smethurst, Ryan Jonathan

So, Tze Hung Stanley

Stewart, Craig James

Sufder, Syeda Farzeen

Tetreault, Magnus

WEDNESDAY, MAY 31, 2023 10 A.M.


Thankachan, Nijin

Theriault, Amanda Caroline

Tran, Amy

Valencia, Jaimie Castia Gutierrez

Vu, Thu Thien

Wade, Dalin Stone

Watson, Dondre Wayne Marcus

Young, Erin Margaret


Co-operative Education

Calma, Charlene Chelsea

Cugnet, Carter Dale

Dahm, Jennifer Maria

Gloria, Rheyna Amador

Hablado, Stephanie Kate

Hall, Stephanie Marie

Laidlaw, Meghan Elizabeth Anne

Maller, Jacob Edward

Milanes, Camille-Bethany Lescano

Muller, Jolene Anne

Nathoo, Husayn Shiraz

Ong, Jean-Marc

Saeed, Khadija

Siddiqui, Fareeha Jamal

Sladek, Shaeleen Grace

Walker, Ryan Daniel

Finance (Honours)

Kostiuk, Jon Tyler


Agtunong, Sharle Magne Quintos

Ahuja, Arpit

Ahuja, Prabal

Akhmetzhanova, Liya

Al-Mofaddal, Hamza Adnan

Ashe, Jessica Marie

Azgar, Marina

Benetti, Brendan Joel

Blanco Umana, Juan Pablo

Chen, Elaine Pak-Che

Curzon, Jack William

Dawe, Jasmine Candace

D’Costa, Kaleb Joaquim

Delday, Meredith Helen - Grace

deVries, Braden Thomas

Dhaliwal, Yashvir Singh

Di Clemente, Fabio

Fischer, Kyle Evan

Fisher, Andrew Kent

Fonseka, Gampolawaduge Pramith Mario

Gemmel, Sean L.

Gorai, Lauren Bailey

Grewal, Gursimran

Griss, Colin Matthew Watt

Gross, Sara Kathy

Hammond, Karissa Paige

Hammoud, Aya Kassem

Hampson, Leah Zoe

Hartzler, Abigail Faith

Hermanto, Edward

Hyde, Delaney Lynne

Jensen, Kade Devery

Karaja, Aaron Bradley

Khovrenkova, Kateryna

Liddar, Harkaranjeet Singh

Longay, John Cameron

Loo, Robin Mark

Luu, Christopher

McCullagh, Samuel Alexander

McFarlane, Kassandra Leigh

Moss McKenney, Kiran Michael

Nephin, Evan James Shanahan

Nguyen, Brandon

Okal, Omot Odangi

Omairi, Omar

Osah, Onisobaseme David

Osman, Habiba Hassan

Pardesi, Manjot Singh

Parmar, Puneet Singh

Parmar, Simrat

Parton, Matthew Geoffrey

Pasta, Kyle M.

Pearson, Jeremy

Pepaj, Mark

Pillsworth, Riley Albert

Porter, Quinn Timothy

Profeta, Cecilia Francesca

Reid, Charlotte Rebecca

Romana, Vishavjeet Singh

Rose, Charles John

Rosso, Jared Ryan

Ruddy, Michael William

Rudecki, Michal

Salina, Makayla Valentina

Serpico, Nico Emilio Don

Shah, Dwij Ashishbhai

Sharma, Priyanshi

Sherry, Alex Gerald

Smith, Nicholas M.

Smolcic, Andrea

Sweti JR, Daniel

Tayler, Destyn Jeffrey Lane

Thung, Cory William

Tod, Ryan Edward

Todorovic, Sandra

Tuttle, Andrew

Valentine, Samuel Viktor McIntosh

Vi, Jason

Vyazov, Rodion

Weber, Alyssa Kelly

Wildman-Begay, Nilan Gates

Finance Co-operative Education

Czentye, Zsolt

Dussault, Louis

Freer, Mason Hines

Howard, Paige

Mukhtar, Umar

International Business

Co - operative Education (Honours)

Welter, Bryn Read

International Business

Arya, Ananya

Baird, Julie Pauline

Carrascal, Sergio Andres

Creegan-Dougherty, Erin Sonia Shaw

Deegan, Braiden John

Dionne, Matthieu Marc

El Gandour, Mohamed Khaled

Ellett, Allen Wayne

France, Hannah Alisha

Horn, Kennedy

Hussain, Silah

Keogh, Nolan Ellis

Kwok, Hailey Yee-Mei

Pavon Beltran, Jose Miguel

Reiman, Holly A.

Smith, Nyla Shaundell

Supply Chain Management (Honours)

Mergl, Jordan Bryan Scott

Supply Chain Management

Adams, Daniel

Amer, Adel Hisham

Aslam, Zain Moeen

Aulakh, Muneet Singh

Ayoade, Hameed Adedamola

Barbaro, Colton R.

Beedassy, Diana

Beggs, Kellen Patrick

Brodylo, Robyn Marie

Christman, Emily Renee Joan

Couture, Ryan Christopher

Dolal, Tuji Isak

Douvon, Jimson Mensah

Ferreira, Amanda

Fonteyne, Adam Dale

Grewal, Manveer Singh

Hammoud, Omran nayef

Hansen, Jay Jay Jimeno

Jesudason, Harrison Andrew

Kraft, Michael Leo

McCaffrey, Austin Paul

McCullough-Greiff, Tyler Daniel

Pham, Sarah

Ray, Nicolas Mathieu

Saini, Vikramjit Singh

Shahid, Hizqeel

Sidhu, Simeranjit Singh

Stein, Jordan Ross

Stone, Sam Rhys

Tran, Randy

Wajahat, Wajeeha

Wang, Guodong

Supply Chain Management

Co-operative Education

Brinton, Joshua

Capitan, Jasmin

Lim, Carman

Lockhart, Richard Kenneth

Youhana, Maryam Aaed

Aviation Diploma

Bedjaoui, Sofiane

Best, Ethan

Bisgrove, Cole

Bohnet, Reid Michael

Boutet, Gabriel

Burke, Liam

Casey, Sion

Cayabyab, Raven Fernandez

Chen, Frankie

Chohan, Munveer Singh

Epp, Matthew Christopher

Farbacher, Nicole-Anne Victoire

Fix, Liam Justin

Gilhooly, Ryan William

Hand, Maya

Harder, Liam Mitchell

Hendriks, Niels Braeden

Hyun, Myung Hoon

Isip, Alvin

Kovcic, Almina

Langlois, Dominique Joseph

Lawson, Samuel Alva

Legge, Brendin

Li, Julian

Li, Larry

Loewen, Luke

Lourens, Nicholas Marc

MacMurchy, Kaj Gordon

Mark, Benjamin Wei Yi

Martins-Edgington, Jonathan

Matileg, Devin Allan Bjola

Melnyk, Illia

Morrow, Ashleigh Elsie

Papworth, Avery Scott

Perry, Noah James

Reid, Tye Thomas

Sager, Nathan Roch

Schoombee, Liam Malcolm

Sherwin, Nicholas Karol

Singh, Varun

Stang, Michael

Sullivan, Ryan Joseph

Surcan, Wyatt James

Talle, Robin William

Yates, Mitchell Ryan

Yusuf, Muhammad Zaid

Zenchyson, Katherine Veronica

Wednesday May 31, 2023

2 p.m.


Elder Miiksika’am, Clarence Wolfleg

Honorary Doctor of Laws Recipient

Leslie O’Donoghue

Centennial Gold Medal Recipients

Gabrielle Pyska

Jasmine Krawchuk

Alumni Speaker

Tomi Ajele


Bachelor of Business Administration

General Management (Honours), and Supply Chain Management

Kormann, Lucas Alexander

General Management, and Accounting

Bajwa, Jasdeep Singh

Belhumeur, Luke Clifford Mathew

Borhot, Khalile

Farkas, Zachary

Fung, Keith Chi-Chung

Gallant, Jonathan Stephen

Idt, Madison Emily

Macaulay, Karly Evelyn

Mackintosh, Gregor Campbell

Niazi, Bahara

Ratudradra, Voniani Qoro

Rezai, Arzoo

Saengone, Sunisa

Sara, Amir Gulab Singh

Scheidl, Sarah Jessica

Su, Yanan

Vidales, Jazmin Daniela Wong, Justin

General Management, and Accounting

Co-operative Education

Coppock, Brittney Amanda

Dhami, Taranjit Kaur

General Management, and Finance

Bajraktari, Albion

Bespalko, Deagan Kade

Brennan, Jackson Ernest

Cameron, Nicolas R.

Freel, Nicole Jane

Friesen, Ryan David

Glumac, Pierce Anthony

Habtegergis, Danait Kidane

Jokić, Tim

Karpuk, Joshua McKay

Limbu, Sujata

McLaren-Gradinaru, Rebecca Paige Kaur

McQuiggin, Mitchell Cade

Mueller, Jared

Nychuk, Jory Grant

Phung, Thi Phuong Linh

Situ, Simon

Trinh, Jimmy

Whitehurst, Joshua

Wood, Joshua Michael

General Management, and Finance

Co-operative Education

Champion, Deianeira Elizabeth

Gertken, Ethan

Sidhu, Simran Kaur

General Management, and International Business

Hansen, Reis

Inikoro, Rukevwe

Mellum, Avery Elizabeth

Tran, Eric Gilbert

General Management, and Supply Chain Management

Ali, Ahmad Abeer

Alukic, Ermin

Bodell, Emily Alexandria

Carmichael, Curtis Alan

Grandinetti, Nicole Olivia

Lama, Tsering

Mohammad, Fahad

Poulin, Michelle

General Management, and Supply Chain Management

Co-operative Education

Macrae, Emma Jane

Human Resources (Honours), and General Management

Pelland, Quinn Grace

Human Resources

Co-operative Education (Honours), and General Management

Viray, Christine Arlein

Human Resources, and Accounting

Co - operative Education

Pelletier, Tiffany Marie

Human Resources, and Finance

Kennett, Kelsey Mae

Human Resources, and General Management

Batool, Zoya

Chien, Michael Chee Keong

Douglass, Mitchell Noel

Dumont, Dana Faye

Gordon, Kemol Sherwin

Grosart, Tori

Hay, Shanice Shenelle

Huynh, Chau Ngoc Minh

Lalani, Faraz

McIntyre, Connor David

Nguyen, Thu Thao

Power, Ryan

Sauverwald, Sabrina Anne

Sharma, Ratika

Thacker, Amy Lauren

Human Resources

Co-operative Education, and General Management

Alvi, Fatima

Forster, Cassandra Courtenay

Gill, Saprina Kaur

Saini, Priya

Marketing Co-operative Education (Honours), and General Management

Pinzon, Laura Daniela

Marketing, and General Management

Davydov, Yuriy

Donovan, Myles Cameron

Gauthier Martin Del Campo, Anna

Gislason, Tegan Emilie Dawn

Klaas, Brandon

Lau, Matthew

Maybuck, Tori Rae

Morrow, Larissa Rose

Palmarin, David Michael Joseph

Posada Manga, Cindy Paola

Ramirez, Jullien Amara

Sareen, Prabhsimran

Sunuwar, Sonu

Symon, Rachael Marisa

Timmons, Scott Joseph

Marketing Co-operative Education, and General Management

Castro, Julian Felipe

Roman, Danylo

General Management (Honours)

Schaap, Ainsley

General Management

Aggarwal, Anand Arne

Alalouf, Nathan Daniel

Alas, Christopher

Alexander, Jackson Avery

Alva Arguello, Mariana

Anifowose, William Mayowale

Antoni Raven, Juan Andres

Ardizzone, Mikael Geremiah

Arrowsmith, Georgia Mae

Ayala Sanchez, Adriana Nohelia

Balazon, Joseph Messiah Earln Suello

Campbell, Jessica Holly

Carruthers, Nolan Darrell

Chen, Allan Jia Sing

Cheung, Carol

Chuckmala, Brendan Michael

Collicutt, Tanille Helen

Collins, Nolan Peter

Coveney, Dylan Christopher

Dao, Christina Rou

Dehod, Chase Alexander

DeRaadt, Isabelle Maria

Desrosiers, Ian Elfstrom

Dhaliwal, Gagandeep Singh

Dhillon, Manmohan Singh

Douglas, Amanda Charmaine

Douglas, Scott Patrick

Du, Pamela Persimmon

Dubé, Tyler Raymond Charles

Edgar, Kristin Rebeka

Elrafih, Wael

Ewasiuk, Kylie Faith Laurie Anne

Frank, Victoria Marie

Gadaeva, Elena

Gauthier, Steven David

Geronazzo, Gabriela B.

Gibson, Kaelan William Ross

Godin, Alex

Goller, Bret Nicholas

Goodrunning, Tracy Sylvia

Gregson, Shane Erik Jason

Hall, Kenneth Gerhart

Hayes, Savannah Leigh

Hehr, Bonita Teresa

Hoang, Richard

Hodges, Michael Gary Richard

Howard, Kaitlyn Louanne

Hristov, Simeon

Hung, Hing Yuen

Hyun, Myung Hoon

Imegwu, Chukwunonso Onyedikachi

Johal, Gurteaj

Johnstone, Jacob Lorne

Jones, Cody Peris


Jozeljic, Tina

Kooner, Gurveer Singh

Lawson, Samuel Alva

Lim, Shekinah Joy Roxas

Littau, Lillianne Angel Atienza

Lloyd, Robyn Michelle

Lock, Jordon Denise

Lodge, Mackenzie Andrew Saxon

MacDougall, Braeden James Kenneth

Marcus, Danielle Kathleen

Martins-Edgington, Jonathan

Mayhew, Terin Riley

McCallion, James Duncan

McMaster, Jordan C.

Medveszek, Megan Faith

Mercer, Jeremy-James Kenneth

Michael, Bill Kennedy

Molnar-Manseau, Ryan Alexander

Momenzada, Salim

Morrone, Keegan John Brian

Myroon, Colby Donald

Nelson, Suzanne Jane

Nounezi, Landry Phanoel

Noyes, Hannah Elaine

Odgers, Cheyenne Reece

Olmstead, Danae Madisyne Nina

Olson, Danielle Margaret Rose

Omar, Yousra

Paarsmarkt, James Jay

Paccagnan, Isaac Anthony

Pedersen, Kennedy Lynne

Petty, Shedon Noel Daniel

Phillips, Brittany Dawn

Piesse, Madison Cory Lynn

Pineda, Jeffrey Diaz

Potts, Kimberly Rose

Power, Jared

Qadeer, Abdullah Bin

Qureshi, Adnan

Rakhra, Shubraj Raghbir Singh

Reedyk, Derryle Kersey

Reiss, Kohlby Madison

Repper, Kaitlyn Mackenzie

Rincon, Valentina Antonieta

Robertson, Austin Jerry

Rollans, William Douglas

Sabuj, Mariam

Sagaon Ayala, Victor Manuel

Sarah, Fariha Sanjana

Scarcello, Maxwell John

Schmitke, Rebecca Leah-ann

Schultz, Brent Jacob

Schweder, Connor Baily

Scott, Janaya Kaia

Shelke, Kimberly Rachelle

Sibanda, Nyasha Maxine

Silljer, Shaelyssa Raynee

Sim, Sierra Michelle

Simpson, Erin Nicole

Smythe, Kaitlyn Shannon

Snow, Savannah Lea

Squire, Jessica Lorraine

Starcheski, Anton Daniel

Sugai, Ford Rocky Chance

Szymanek, Kevin Charles

Tan, Baowei

Taylor, Frank Joseph

Thind, Gaganjot Singh

Thornborough, Megan Pearl Riber

Thorpe, Jayden Rae

Thorsteinson, Kol Johannes

Thounsavath, Mathew Sunny

Thraya, Samar

Tort, Brandon Kyle

Towers, Emily Elizabeth

Tropp, Marko Brian

Valentine, Kirstyn Jayel

Van Vliet, Emily Isabel

Waschuk, Kortney Jade

Wasmuth, Carson Ryley

Weersink, Arik James Bernard

Weisgerber, Rachel Ellen

Welch, Kiara Nicole

Wiebe, Timothy James

Wilfur, Lyndon Kane

Wiseman, Caleigh DenverAnne

Woods, Justin Tyler

Yung, Shaniya Jade


General Management Co-operative Education

Laurel, Maryjo Mangahis

Law, Brian Jun-Qi

Human Resources

Adekugbe, Deborah Omolola

Asuncion, Angelika Marie

Barratt, Hevyn K.

Boutilier, Angela Spring

Chetty, Ashneil Sundram

Gill, Tanvir Kaur

Gobin, Justin Jeffery

Hiebert, Jessica Jordan

Kaur, Amandeep

Kiglics, Rachael Shannon

Kolomijchuk, Chelsea Fay

Kurian, Sneha Mary

MacLean, Steven Thomas

Magdadaro, Levy Jr. Herrera

Magee, Jenna Elizabeth

Many Heads, Candice Joy

Mikkelborg, Gwynedde Elizabeth

Nguyen, Tram Pham Quynh

Pascual, Wilfred James

Pasychny, Nicole

Pham, Tam Thanh

Plaha, Sharan

Russell, Alyssa Louise

Sheppard, Laura Artrene

Sohi, Ramneek Kaur

Talbot, Rachel Jo-Anne

Human Resources

Co-operative Education

Alderson, Maranda Ann

Dutton, Emily Louise

Haun, Nevada William

Viznaugh, Chelsea Sheila

Wilcox, Zachary J.



Anderson, Tori Alina

Bhanot, Sadhvi

Blake, Emma Lynn

Brocklebank, Wyatt Garrett

Chan, Dakota

Cherkas, Jennifer Marie

Chiocchio, Olivia Jill

Chomyn, Ryan Michael

Chung, Curtis Jun-Kit

Courage, Carlund Taylor

Coward, Michaela Desiree

Coyne, Frances Elizabeth

Doyle, Charlie-Beth

Dzisiak, Tyler David Douglas

Epp, Colton James Willis

Fleck, Eric Johnathan

Gerhardi, Kassidy Rose

Hector, Zoe Eryne

Heinrichs, Ethan Von

Kim, Jeongho

Licina, Simon Jovan

Lim, Anissa Melanie

Lopez, Gabriel Ritter

Macklin, Brooke Ashley

Macklin, Morgan Amber

Morgan, Brandon Edward

Motta Yoshida, Isabela Cristina

Needham, Jake Declan

Ngo, Matthew

Nguyen, Thuat My

Nicastro, Stan Anthony

Rawnaq, Fazelrahman

Reid, Brianna Flora

Richards, Jaycee Jean

Richardson, Landen James

Shah, Muhammad Moiz

Smith, Alexa Noelle Brooke

Soyland, Cindy Jaden

Sud, Simren

Tran, Lorana Loan

Van Den Bosch, Madison Leigh

van Gent, Mikayla Grace

Virk, Akum

von Malegowski, Cordell

Vukic, Nina Margaret

Wollen, Jayman Thomas

Zhou, Yi Meng

Marketing Co-operative Education

Blagojevic, Dejan

Bonnett, Hayley Anastasia

Brost, Amelia Jade

del Rosario, Sergio Miguel

Ezzine, Nouha

Gresham, Courtney Belle

Holah, Kevin Murray

Ilagan, Jordan Kirsten

Lee, Andy

Lindo, Carisse Adrianne alvarez

Rampersad, Matthew Douglas

Ubels, Emilee K.

Bachelor of Communication

Broadcast Media Studies

Bomi, Karinatei Stephen

Bukacel, Adam

Bunny, Keoputhy

Dickie, Ryan J.

Flowers-Nelson, Elijah

Gronsdahl, Connor Dayne

Hawley, Amelia Rose

Holloway, Mohana Amelia

Jobs, Felicia Anne

Kareemi, Kaamil Munaa

Lawson, Evan Michael

Luong, Alex Vy Trac

Meneses Casajus, Nicolas

Mizzoni, Christian James

Nanji, Aazam Ali

Pahl, Dawson Ray

Parent, Lisa J.

Pasychny, Aiden

Patterson, Wyatt Reese Dakota

Renero, Nayeli Bernice

Roberts, Holly Mariah

Saville, Mason Stephen

Sheikh, Aisha Nazar

Sutherland, Donald Joseph

Vergara, Riggs Zyrille Gumban

Viszlai, Ryan Alexander

Werner-Fisher, Tavia Anne

Wood, Evan Nicolas Daran

Yip, Ryan

Information Design

Alexander, Jillian

Baker, Jocelyn Hannah

Beal, Bradley Earl

Blazun, Melani

Bryant, Tyler

Chandler, Corrie Nadine

Damian, Ivy Joyce Boado

El-Lahib, Maria

Follgard, Jolene Elyse

Goucher, Briana Alysa

Govier, Alison Catherine

Habermiller, Jacob Riley

Hucik, Kayley Jordan

Hutchison, Cindy Tsin-Yi

Johnson, Dania Christin

Kenny, Meara Isabelle

Kommalur, Amrita

Ku, Derwin Michael

Laine, Kaitlin Anne

Laurel, Charmae

Lu, Hongwei David

McIntosh, Meagan Nicole

O’Connor, Haley Irene

Pajevic, Maya

Perron, Maxwell Tanner

Potekhina, Olga

Propp, Jared Matthew

Rivington, Sarah Michelle

Rutkowski, Mickayla Lily Anne

Senko, Logan Blaine

Thomas, Asif David

Vaz, Alita Cristina

Wilson, Mitch Alexander

Wlad, Logan Eric

WEDNESDAY, MAY 31, 2023 2 P.M.



Balanko-Dickson, Gregory Donald John

Bowen-Harper, Rogan Andrew

Gavilan Vargas, Lorenzo Elias

Kooper, Halen

Lafleur, Samantha Shontell

Leduke, Dylan Michael

Peake-MacAlister, Marin Kennedy

Rana, Peehu

Rapin, Keanna Faith

Ward, Ethan Campbell

Journalism and Digital Media

Al Khouzaii, Hajar

Boyne, Emma Lindsey

Chahal, Harsimran Kaur

Chan, Cullen K. Ho

Cunanan, Astrid Kristine

Dupuis, Lily Stephanie Linda

Freeman, Madison Ann

Hearn, Cassie

Holmes, Charlotte

Holmes, Taylor

Klassen-Rosewarn, Sydney Elizabeth

Krawchuk, Jasmine Lamarre

Poole, Zachary Christopher

Pyska, Gabrielle Amanda

Shereni, Mirandah

Smith, Gage Benjamin Nelson

Tanner, Eric K.

Weil, Zachary Jacob

Werle, Joshua John

Public Relations

Alwan, Aumina Raad

Bailey, Kennedy Dawn Ellen

Burke, Amanda Mary

Caballero, Abigail Ivana

Clifton, Kimberly Elise

Cohen, Sara Rose

Dechaine, Hayley Jordan

DeMaere, Connor David

Dirks, Grace Laura

Dunow, Ella Christine

Haghighi, Saba Ama

Hargreaves-Kessler, Georgia Lynne

Heise, Amy Joanna

Klein, Ethan Aaron Zephaniah

Lewis, Liam W.

Lorrain, Chad Jay

Macdonald, Ciara Madison

Magno, Katrina Nicole

McCool, Brooke Lynn

McLellan, Avery Grace Ruth

Melathopolous, Lauren Lee

Morales Urrutia, Diego Raul

Moran, Meelayna Maria

Mvula, Courtney Mutsa

Neely, Lauren Jane

Newsome-Marrazza, Natasha Ashley

Nixon, Tyla Paige Lillian

Norman, Jade LeAnne

O’Neil, Ariel

Pearson, Megan Bridgette Lee

Pepper, Holly Patricia

Polasek, Anna Theresa

Redmond, Rachel Madison

Ritz, Sidney Meagan

Roddie, Cayley Irene

Ross, Nadia Izabela

Sage, Kenneth Albert

Sanderson, Blake Adam

Scrimshaw, Joshua

Walls, Rae Lynn

Ward, Hayley Brianna

White, Baylee Savanah

Business Administration

Post Bachelor’s Certificate

Human Resources

Beer, Ashley

Chopra, Gayatri

Dehghanifard, Maryam


Mandeep Kaur


Pareek, Vishwas

Pinheiro Peixoto Da Silva, Jonatan

Stirrett, Katya Joelle

Thursday June 1, 2023 10 a.m.


Bachelor of Child Studies

Child and Youth Care Counsellor

Abebe, Muna

Austin, Mairead

Bitz, Amanda Sarah Margaret

Bomi, Taryn Ayana

Butterworth, Sumati

Delorme, Paulina Elizabeth

Dufresne, Danny Frances

Ferguson, Rachael Mary

Gavel, Nicole

Geha, Weaam

Ho, Long Ching Terri

Hoa, Natalie

Jahns, Ava Sophia

Kubik, Lauren Bree

Lister, Jaime Kathleen Brayanna

Manywounds, Erin Frances Dawn

Marigmen, Vincent Victory Taay

McCann, Chantelle Maureen

McClements, Regan Kelly

Mohamed, Zain

Musanganya, Sarah Uwimana

Rose, Steven Jonathan

Ryzhikova, Elena Sergeevna

Scarff, Bria Ashley

Siddiqui, Arooba Binte

Sikov, Nikolina

Tailfeathers, Kyla T.

Throndson, Trista Chandal

Toma, Mariam Philips

Tran, Trang Thi Thuy

Turner, Grace Marie

Van Zeeventer, Jaylynn

Villanueva, Katrin Aira

Warren, Olivia

Zain-Alarab, Ayah

Early Learning and Child Care

Alamdary, Sara

Axten, McKenna Elizabeth June

Botero, Michelle

Caesar, Italia Maria

Cajumnas, Gia

Cekic, Daniel Deni

Chan, Man Kei

Davie, Cindy

Everett-Summersgill, Mackenzie Brooke

Fauvel, Tiffany J.

Gariepy, Courtney Brynn

Hijazi, Riham Abdul Rahman

Hilker, Elizabeth Dawn

Homick, Nicole Marie

Kanderka, Grace

Kim, Ji Young

Krasni, Anita

Lampasa, Ryka Clarizze Clavillas

Larsen, Caitlyn

Le, Phuong Linh

Maguire, Emma Dianne

Mathew, Sheryl Ann

McAdam, Korie June

McNally, Chelsey Tyla

Morrison, Alexandra Marie

Mukherjee, Chandrima

Ng, Mandy Man Kei

Olson, Alexa Breanne

Otarola, Pamela Louise

Potter, Natasha Evelyn

Relayo, Kimberly

Riach, Kyisha Alexandra Adjubi

Ruff, Janae Carina

Ryan, Bailie Anne

Salas, Christine Jade Orille

Sangris, Kirsten Alicia

Tremblay, Marie Catherine

Velazquez, Ana Isabel

Weber, Megan Carly

Yepes, Sabrina Caitlynne

Opening Elder Roy Bear Chief Honorary Doctor of Laws Recipient Donald Baker Governor General Medal Recipient Hallie Lindstein Alumni Speaker Manny Yellowfly


Certificate of Completion

Bachelor of Child Studies — Child and Youth Care Counsellor

Inclusive Post-Secondary Education

Chan, Jory Dustin Michael

Certificate of Completion

Bachelor of Child Studies –Early Learning and Childcare

Inclusive Post-Secondary Education

Zucht-Morris, Jordan Elizabeth Anne

Bachelor of Education — Elementary

Ahmed, Tasnim Ruba

Alex, Jennifer

Andreyevskikh, Svetlana

Appell, Alexa Anna

Barth, Tamara Jane

Benoit, Bradley Byron

Berreth-Skog, Zoe Kendall

Bhanji, Aryaana

Binafif, Nawal Hussein

Black, Camille Marie

Blundon, Cassidy Selina

Bondy, Makena Rae

Brownlee, Megumi Kaneko

Byam, Kaitlyn Dawn

Clarke, Grace Rose

Cook, Megan Taylor

Cooper, Elizabeth

Cooper, Teighla Marie

Corasiniti, Taylor Nicole

Docherty, Jake Woodson

Dreyer, Crystal

Duce, Jade Elizabeth

Duclos, Blake Larry Marcel

Egert, Ciana Danielle

Eggink, Kelly Christina

Ehalt, Talia Kelly

Ejaz, Zainab

Fishley, Morgan Dianna

Gamblin, Paxton Marie

Gerrard, Kellen

Gill, Mackenzie Elisabeth

Gosselin, Jessica Elizabeth

Greanya, Kendyl Joanne

Grover, Katelyn Dawn

Groves, Cassandra Lynn

Harnett, Amber Dawn

Hasani, Adrienne

Hegmann, Katrina Beatrix

Hein, Janay Blakely

Henderson, Cheyenne Jesse

Hildenbrand, Katherine Elizabeth

Hornett, Karly Elizabeth

Hsa, Lwe Wah

Hunter, Olivia May

Huxley, Amy Dawn

Isaac, Payton Lynn Elizabeth

Jabbal, Kulvir Kaur

Johnson, Ashley Darlene

Jones, Allison Marie

Joubert, Mila

Kaenel, Payton Leigh

Kent-Canalejo, David Samuel

Kobelsky, Madison Rose

Kunz, Nadja Katrin

Kuruliak, Alyssa Skye

Lam, Ruby Wai

Lambert, Brooke Katja

Lanzillotta, Marcus Robert

Lewis-Morrison, Mikala Joan

MacPherson, Farrah Marie

Mangone, Karina Giovanna

Manum, Sydney Lynn

Manzar, Maham

McKenna, Kaitlyn Sarah

McNiven-Berwick, Skyler Thomas

McQuaig, Jaelene Maya

Mikulcik, Grace Donna

Morrow, Kyla Marie

Murphy, Mackenzie Kelley

Neild, Charles William

Nelson, Taylor Alexandra

Ortiz Cardenas, Joseline Astrid

Pflug, Andrea Nicole

Phillips, Hannah Jane

Piper, Jennifer Ann

Pohl, Abigail Ray

Powell, Lisa Deanna

Preston, Tanisha Shania

Profili, Natalie Marina

Prosser, Kristy Lynne

Quon, Sarah Diana

Rau, Hallee Melissa

Reese, Lindsay Nikkol

Rinsky, Sarah Marie

Roy, Chloe Isabel

Russell, Madison Rae

Scott, Ashlyn Paige

Shade, Sierra Fallon

Shannon, Kaylee Arianna

Siry, Megan Nicole

Smit, Janelle Renae

Sonnie, Erin Nicole

Stephens, Marie-Anna Temot

Stewart, Hailey Rae

Stimson, Ravin Alexa Lyn

Stutely, Ruth Dayna

Teierle, Ainsley Jayce

Thistle, Emma Joy

Thomas, Dylan David

Thomson, Paige Erica

Ung, Braeden Alexander

Velasquez, Angelica Del Rosario

Walton, Meritchell Kayla

Wass, Matthew

Watson, Alexi Rae

Wheaton, Jessica Alexandra

White, Ashley Elizabeth Agnes

White, Gabriele

Willan, Jadyn Lee

Wilson, Emily Ruth

Wolf, Paige Kathleen

THURSDAY, JUNE 1, 2023 10 A.M.

Bachelor of Health and Physical Education

Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership, and Sport and Recreation Management

Shukin, Santana Jade

Athletic Therapy

Arndt, Dylan

Ball, Ila Lorraine

Dupas, Monet Tatianna

Fedoruk, Taylor Leigh

Golden, Donald William

Huhtala, Jarod Christopher William

Kimoto, Amanda Yuuko

Lam, Susan

Mans, Lucas Henry

McSymytz, Allie Joanne

Oliemans, Jason Peter

Saunders, Renae Elizabeth

Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership

Clarke, Justin Ross

Clarke, Kaelan Pascal

Cook, Laura Opal

Coursol, Lorianne Jennifer

Gall, Jarod Matthew

Gibson, Rowan Emma

Hennig, Tereza

Hope-Lloyd, Sierra

Johnston, Harrison Lachlan

Murray, Keira Danielle

Ollive, Meg Julia Pearl

Patel, Miraan N.

Schyf-Young, Jocelyn Christina Margaret

Sharratt, Abigail Elizabeth

Smith, Zachary Bryce

Wreggitt, Cody David

Physical Literacy

Alcantra, Jimko

Al-Makdasy, Youssef Raad

Amy, Tatum Eva Dawn

Aroge, Jesutofunmi Lydia

Aurini, Talis Mary

Bains, Akalsaajan Singh

Bains, Gurjeevan

Bautista, Paola Joshe Christine

Bennett, Eric Cameron Taylor

Bulaong, Christian Cody

Carels, Brooklyn Rose

Carrington, Kathryn Yetive Alexandria

Chabeniuk, Jordan

Chahal, Kiranveer

Cheryba, Evan George

Cotton, Jemma

Dela Cruz, Brittaney Delle

Delaquis, Zacharie Jeremy

Delima, Jericho Karl

Doan, Ngoc Xuan Hien

Dohan, Shelynn

Dulai, Sandeep

Foreman, Jenna L.

Gill, Kavreet

Goodfellow, Amanda Michelle

Grant, Danielle Nicole

Gratton, Eric Leonard

Gray, Sydney Skeet

Groeneveld, Riley Tanner

Gullison, Alysha Rae

Hawtin, Jayce Leroy

Hebblethwaite, Kimberly Rose

Hides, Morgan John

Higson, Erin Kaitlyn

Ho, Allan Holt, Alexandra Dawn

Humble, Benjamin Ian

Jordan, Nicholas Rae

Kennedy, Keelin Rae

Klassen, Fiona Emily

Kuhn-Ricketts, Aurin Aimee

Lee, Youngho

Lloyd, Caelan Robert

Loschuk, Mikayla Christie

Loura, Evan Slater

Luu, Daniel Minh Tien

MacIntyre, Jack Angus

Marshall, Madison Anne

Martin, Hunter Stephen Donald

Mills, Haleigh Elise

Mission, Julexis Jon

Morgan, Kennedy Alix Mackay

Nelson, Kaley Anne

Nguyen, Francis Phuong Nam Le

O’Dell, Alex Gracie

Oviedo Adame, Diego Armando

Parada, Mhartee Leoren

Paras, Ivan Randall Villela

Pilbeam, Beverly Anne

Piperni, Talia

Porayko, Joel David

Portelance, Marianne

Ramsay, Morgan Alexa

Rawleigh, Dean Parker Holmberg

Richardson, Cole

Ritchie, Hannah Marie

Russo, Rene Dominique

Sandhu, Rajve

Schmidtke, Heidi Catriona

Shrum, Kaitlyn Anna

Shuert, Devon Amanda

Shum, Chloe

Skaper, Spencer Joseph

Smyth, Rianna Marion Lois

Sondrup, Kimberley Joy

Sriprakash, Rashmi

Stanley, Olivia Alison

Stutheit, Livia Haile

Thannhauser, Max Gammon

Tuff, Rachel Patricia

Valadao, Jazlyn Paige Maria

Van Basten, Jillian Elaine

van Ryzewyk, Nolan Quinn

Vandervelden, Patrick Richard

Venema, Joshua Keith McCheyne

Verbeek, Rheanne Carly

Viktorin, Hana Jesse

Wagner, Bailey Michael

Weber, Nicole Lynne

Winckers, Maya Catherina Lynne

Wood, Jordan

Zhou, Gary Jia Liang

Sport and Recreation Management

Anderson, Jordan Thomas

Brown, Drake William Murray

Bystrom, Braden Douglas Jonas

Carrington, Nathaniel Kingston Kemp

Demyon, Katie Jane

Engman, Morgyn Joyanna

Finlay, Zachary Adam Elash

Floyd, Brandon James

Gardner, Daniel Davidson

Greig, Jillian Grace

Hedley, Lauren Elizabeth

Jozsa, Alexander Edward

Krauchek, Jordan Michael

LoGullo, Sofia Victoria

McLeod, Danielle Lorraine

Raine, Leighton Samuel Dre

Richard, Rochelle Marie

Schaab, Nakita Ingrid

Scidmore, Kate Charlotte

Shokar, Cassie

Suto, Jacob

Certificate of Completion

Bachelor of Health and Physical Education — Athletic Therapy

Inclusive Post-Secondary Education

Little, Nicholas Clifford


Bachelor of Social Work

Acuna, Alexis Gabriela

Allen, Katalina

Anderson, Erin Nicole

Bramall, Sara Michelle

Dinn, Abigail Kate Victoria

Edwards, Kate Merissa

Emerson, Taylor Linda-Jean

Friz, Amy Evangeline

Prysiazny, Allison Rae

Randhawa, Kiranpreet Kaur

Sawan, Chanelle Anne

Schattle, Cassie Jean

Stayner, Angela Kathleen

Tran, Karmin

Social Work Diploma

Agh, Maisa

Amiri, Fozia

Ast, Robyn Marie

Bayardo-Moreno, Camila

Callihoo, Natalia Kaydeance

Campbell, Anna Olivia Farrell

Chittick, Carly Payton

Cloutier, Madison Katie

Cordova Rodriguez, Veronica

Cwik, Kaelyn Mae

Dhaliwal, Pamalpreet Kaur

Dizon, Jon Michael Capili

Doonanco, Georgia Laine

Edmunds, Sophie Ann

Elizabeth, Emma May

Evers, Rochelle Lee

Fehr, Kaitlyn Leigh

Forest, Breanne Michele

Geatros, Grace Olivia

Genest, Shannon Carrie

Ghinescu, Clarisa Marie

Gieg, Tianna Lee-ann

Gil Serna, Alejandra

Hill, Kiara Lynn

Hill, Nichole

Hou, Wenyu

Jahangir, Saba

Jarmoluk, Jessica Lynn

Johnson, Keenan Michael

Laverdure, Tara Alaya

Leggett, Jennifer Eva

Lindstein, Hallie Ryann

Littlejohn, Victoria Marica

McGillis, Raquel Brogen

Mcnabb, Jared Cole

Morin, Christina

Nabuuma, Annet

Nguyen, Vivian

Noor, Basra Hassan

Osho, Kayode Oluwatobi

Perez, Maria

Pesa, Hugo

Peterson, Mason Michelle

Pitt, Laura Julianne

Plews, Brooke Ellen

Pryce, Genevieve Wendy Michelle

Rain, Bianca

Ramsaran, Stephanie Robyn

Razzaq, Maryyam

Rice, Cameron Alexander

Ropchan, Skye

Rudolph, Jordan Joseph

Ruttan, Jennifer Leigh

Schwartz, Lisa Diana

Singh, Harjot

Smith, Paizlee Rae

Sparvier Dubois, Jona Leigh

Stewart, Hannah Jocelyn

Sutherland, Samantha Reanne

Tejada, Cristin Yanira

Thokle, Tia Bernadette

Toews, Hannah Rebecca

Toy, Nathanael Sisay

Tran, Uyen Hoang Tu

Trentini, Izabella Anne

Truong, Brenda

Whitehouse, Taylor Morgan

Zack, Deanna Dell


Athletic Therapy Post Bachelor’s Certificate

Clarke, Stephen Dalton

Clay, Nicole

Dupuis, Devon Sloane

Findlay, Cassidy April

Jacobi, Samantha

Kikuchi, Tracie Ayumi

Konkin, Tatiiana Aleksandra

Lutz, Tori

Marrocco, Ernesto Joseph

Pham, Danny

Thursday June 1, 2023

2 p.m.


Elder Roy Bear Chief

Honorary Doctor of Laws Recipient

Bruce Starlight

Centennial Gold Medal Recipient

Calla Ha

Alumni Speaker

Andrea Locke


Funeral Service Diploma

Bazelinski, Kailey Jean

Champ, Emily Angela

Doerksen, Abigail

Hazlett, Constance Elise

Holden, Katherine Emmaline Malvina

Huson, Cassandra Nicole

Klassen, Darren Trent

Knoop, Jessica B.

L’Abbe, Destiny Amber Elizabeth

Little Mustache, Shania Sage

Loyst, Matayah

Michalski, Alyssa Kaitlyn

Mitchell, Karina

Murrin, Melanie

Pfneisl, Carissa Anna Marie

Rennie, Muriel Elizabeth

Schweitzer, Cailen Raine

Scott, Nickoi

Seefried, Rachael

Trombetta, Sarah

Tyler, Cory Winter

Massage Therapy Diploma

Anderson, Allyssa Maria

Barrette, Gemma Marie

Bochkarnikov, Sergey

Bouchard, Catherine Audrey

Bradley, Jordan Claire

Breker, David

Brunskill, Dana Jane

Busby, Ian James

Clark, Jessica Faye

Cross, Cillian David

De Luna, Marco

Demmings, Kelsey Mae

Dombrovskiy, Yevgen

Driedger, Zoey Pearl

Echeverri, Enrique

Ferguson, Amy Lynn

Fox, Kianna

Gilligan, Kristen Diane

Greer, Carissa L.

Gumbayan, Shana

Hjorleifson, Kelsie

Holmen, Kristen

Kelsall, Gemma

Konschuh, Dakota Don

Krolik, Joshua Andrew

Littlepine, Triann Lindsay

Ludwig, Alana Michelle

Majcher, Nicole

Mohamed, Hanad

Nickisch, Paul

Park, Brady

Peden, Connor Ethan

Reid, Melissa Margaret

Snell, Holly Lisa

Strukoff, Jennifer Brenda

Thompson, Jasmine Patricia

Topley, Taylor Faith

Trang, Kelly

Von Gaza, Monica Elise

Wang, Xianfeng

Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma

Aiken, Kathryn Ellen

Baluya, Welch

Begin, Jennifer Lee

Belonio, Joshua Dipus

Day, Jessica Nicole

Funk, Dawson Kelly

Geddes, James Robert

Gibson-Eresman, Abbigail Kuric

Hogan, Craig

Kaminski, Claire J.

Lee, Jared Alexander

Mackie, Jeana Elizabeth Dawn

Marshall, Tracey Victoria

Nguyen, Nathan Antoine T.

Norton, Joshua Christopher

Olar, Jax Summer

Palache, Roshana

Peterson, James Arlen

Ratsoy, Christine

Redding, Michaela Elizabeth

Rodriguez, Ace

Sharma, Supriya

Stinson, Vanessa Erin

Tye, Lyndon B.

Wood, Jillian Jay

Embalmer Certificate

Dang, Kitty Binh Khai

Harrison, Zachary Benjamin

McMichael, Madison Nicole

Whitton, Alexandra Anne Marie

Funeral Director Certificate

Baker, Elaine Francis

Barrett, Taya

Burgemeister, Lauren Kimberley

Cales, Brandi Michelle

Collett, Anna Mary Jane

Feist, Michelle May-Britt

Half, Kevin

Hamoline, Marc Louis

Harrison, Anna-Lisa

Lavallee, Jordi Marie

Mustus, Carrie Anne

Pelletier, Sasha

Sandager, Kim A.

Thomas, Daphne

Employment Preparation Certificate

Blankert, Shayla Lynne

Brazhnyk, Volodymyr

Calf, Ocean Lakay

Castle, Mathew Joseph

Davidson, Katherine Elyse

Dizon, Nico Raphael Yulo

Foster, Shane Andrew

Galenzoski Kacsmar, Michael Ross

Henry, Jermey Joe

Kandil, Sammy

Maggipinto, Gabriel Roman

Melatdoost, Enayat

Mondor, Jacob Armond

Nijjar, Amneet Kaur

Patenaude, Mathew Joseph

Provost, Aidan Seamus

Quain, Emmanuel Kwesi

Rajah, Jatavan

Rowland-Schenk, Courtney Dawn

Stevenson, Angelita Lesley

Subby Omar, Jamal

Twining, Jamie Irene Sarah

Vaartstra, Nethan Alexus

Bachelor of Midwifery

Bridson-Pateman, Caitlin Elizabeth

Griscowsky, Shawnee Leigh

Harvey-Moon, Erin Kathryn

Johnson, Andrea Lea

Kitchener, Lauren Caroline

Maes, Madeline Laura

Pana, Gianella Santos

Parsons Blackburn, Beth

Ruzicka, Allison Corrie

Talerico, Jennifer Marie

Taylor, Charmaine Chantell Lee

Wagner, Megan Emma

West, Emily J.

Bachelor of Nursing

Abadiano, Sonny Lou Piore

Addiscott, Rosie Marguerite

Adie, Jacquelynn-Nicole Priscilla

Ainsworth-Evans, Deann Huntington

Akbar, Aisha Hussain

Alcantara, Amanda Paige

Ali, Uswa

Al-Wadeiah, Nada

Amundson, Camryn Faith

Apostol, Mary Caitlin Isabelle Ong

Bajwa, Maha Aziz

Barker, Katie Elizabeth

Barrett, Ashley Dawn

Basiliano, Wayne Puchero

Bennett, Amy Elizabeth

Biggar, Leigh Sara

Biggs, Keira Riley

Bloxham, Kambal Saga

Borthwick, Jamie

Brasil, Sabrina Naomi

Brighton, Daniel Joseph

Buhat, Chantelle Angela

Bumakil, Zariah Yvette Rillera

Burton, Hannah

Butz, Mackenzie Victoria

Cabacungan, Maesiah Mollie Bal

Candido, Denise Ivy

Cardinal, Ayla Jordan Elora

Chaudhry, Anika

Cheng, Man Ting

Chung, Lindsey Nhat Han

Cichanski, Gabriela

Cloutier, Alixandra Shelley

Connolly, Belle Marie

Cook, Cara Ellen

Corbett, Sabrina Marie

Crocquet de Rosemond, Abigale Paige

Cross, Kayla Ann

Custodio, Marie Joy Baluyot

Dang, Michelle

Dang, Rachel Mei

Danowski, Dariush

Davison, Emma Clare Luisa

Daze, Emily

De Guzman, Kristine Mariel Marcelo

Delaney, Jillian

Der, Taylor Toy

Dhillon, Ripanjot Kaur

Diaz, Areej Stephanie De Leon

Dillistone, Robyn

Dino, Alyza Joy

Dowie, Emma Nicole

Dueck, Abigail Danelle

Dulce, Juan Miguel

Ediae, Temitope Michelle

Ejaz, Zoofishan

Elobuike, Linda-Ann Ogechi

Eseonu, Lilian Nneoma

Farrar, Alyssa Dawn

Favell, Daniel Maurice

Ferguson, Maya Kathleen

Fife, Egypt Abilene

Fleury, Carleigh Christine

Flores Gandara, Tania Jaqueline

Forero Florez, Ana Maria

Foulkes-Williams, Megan

Frank, Kyra Ananda

Fraser, Lindsay Lee

Funke, Jillian Marie

Garcia, Kathlene Denise

Garneau, Madeleine Chloe

Geddam, Shirley Danah

Ghannay, Mariem

Gilbertson, Amber Rylie

Gillis, Sarah Beth

Gomez, Oriana

Goodwin, Samantha Louise

Grimes, Megan Kathleen

Groskopf, Tiana

Gulamaliyeva, Jeyla

Gusser, Maxim

Ha, Calla

Haile, Hermon Teklemikael

Haley, Ariel S.

Hansen, Janelle Ellen

Harcus, Kaitlyn May

Harris, Nolan James

Harthoorn, Kennedy Skye

Hassan, Nafisa

Hills, Brianna Jeanne

Ho, Justin Cheng Hao

House, Carolina Dawn

Hulleza, Angel Mhay Pendon

Hunka, Kristina Nicole

Hunt, Melaine Rhianna

Hurtado, Susana

Huynh, Rebecca

Idem, Udeme Akpan

Igweze, Chinyere Peace

Iltafi, Tariq

Jaras, Leah Marlene

Jeffries, Amanda Lynn

Juneja, Jayan

Kana, Erika Stephanie

Karakuz, Noam

Kaur, Swanshdeep

Kempin, Chloe Patricia

Kennedy, Mason

Kim, Yerim

Korney, Jennifer Louise

Koustrup, Mikaela Lauren Briar

Kuelker, Kirsten Ann

Kufta, Tetyana

Kunz, Tabea Maria

Kwok, Kathy

Kwon, Michelle


Lal, Manpreet Kaur

Lambrinoudis, Alexis Cleo

Lasam, Ayesha Norr Capuras

Laureta, Juvylyn

Lazaro, Acie

Le, Truong Vy Thi

Lee, Yelynn

Lejarde, John Raven Cunanan

Lemieux, Matthew Daniel

Li, Adrienne

Louw, Carley

Lowry, Shanai Ivana

Luc, Sharon Z.

MacKenzie, Kyle James Duncan

Madley, Emily Colleen

Maitz, Catherine Rose

Maucieri, Isabella Emilia

McLenahan, Noah John

McNeely, Kayla Robyn

McNeill, Amy Sara

Mejia Avila, Marianna

Mendive, Alixandra Maxine

Mercado, Angela Dominique

Miller, Victoria Jean

Momodu, Kuburat

Morneault, Elizabeth Anna

Nai, Marlar

Negash, Samir Ahmed

Nguyen, Kim

Nguyen, Phoenix Kim

Okpala, Gift Ebubechukwu

Olsson, Kamryn Raye

Onyenze, Chinaza

Padilla, Shania Carbonell

Pallister, Victoria Lauren

Pamnani, Param

Pandya, Bishwa Mehul

Pascua, Dennise

Patel, Riddhi C.

Patenaude, Claire

Philidor, Soleil Rose Madriaga

Pietraroia, Aliah Elizabeth

Pilkington, Leah Kenzie

Pilling, Trisha Nicole

Poffenroth, Clinton Kurt

Pomrenke, Jillian Tia

Ponce, Fredelyn Shayne

Poole, Virginia Elizabeth

Presakarchuk, Chelsea Margaret

Prew, Daniel Philip

Rae, Grace Haitian

Rani, Manisha

Ricarte, John Jodi Canares

Ringlein-Henderson, Tazmisha

Rodriguez-Silva, Lucila

Rogers, Rhiannon Brynn

Rollheiser, Rene Stephanie

Rouse, Kayla

Savage, Sydney Rae

Savi, Olivia R.

Schroeder, Tauren Amelia

Shaw, Samantha Lee

Shen, Chen

Shvartsburd, Polina

Simpson, Jade

Siwela, Nomahlubi Bridget

Smith, Daphne Anne

Smith, Kirsty S.

Standing, Amber Michelle Rose

Stobbe, Holly Victoria

Stoodley, Mikayla Emily

Stuart, Taylor C.

Tabuli, Aliya Kyle Galareta

Tan, Charlene Nina

Terfassa, Meti Elias

Tesema Kassaye, Melat Zewdu

Tesfamichael, Medhanie

Tumbare, Nyasha Brenda

Uhlenberg, Rebecca Esther

Van, Jany

Vernerey, Megan Kathleen

Villiger, Jane Elise

Vocal, Aylwin Le

Walia, Japneet Kaur

Wang, Xudong

Wesch, Andrea Raine

White, Michaela Faith

Wingrowich, Sarah Elise

Wong, Ashley Megan

Wright, Tiffany Star

Ye, Terry Jia Xin

Yergali, Alma

Advanced Studies in Critical Care Nursing

Post Diploma Certificate

Critical Care Nursing

Beida, Samantha A.

Chesher, Hillary

Davies, Samantha Danielle

Dhaliwal, Gurjit Kaur

Doreleyers, Marisa

Dourado, Renata Oliveira

Gowland, Dana Roberta

Grainger, Shalayne Lauren

Herauf, Allison Nicole

Hofer, Tasha Christina

Malinski, Hannah Neelands

Steeves, Lourdes Camille

Story, Brielle Louise

Vanderkooi, Denise Holly

Wensveen, Jennifer Brooke

Westcott, Matt

Zuehlke, Natalie

Emergency Nursing

Anam, Nafis Abdallah

Brown, Shaunice Marie

Clark, Shania

De Souza, Zamora

Fair, Braylee Dawn

Garber, Marcie Marie

Haynes, Katie

Huette, Makayla Elizabeth

Keister, Claire

Kelly, Shayna

La Rose, Sean

Machuk, Paige Alisa

Schuh, Meghan Cecile

Soroko, Lauren Kelsey


June 2, 2023

10 a.m.


Elder Roy Bear Chief

Honorary Doctor of Laws Recipient

Gen. John de Chastelain

Centennial Gold Medal Recipients

Megan Davidson

Zafina Budhwani

Alumni Speaker

Daniel Major


Bachelor of Arts

Policy Studies (Honours)

Boucher, Christopher David

Policy Studies

Attia, Ahmed Afify

Bennett-Monterroso, Sebastian

Cavalic, Dino

Ceklic, Lazar

Cho, Andrew

Curren, Timothy John

Duszynski-Brown, Justin Lyle

Ferreirinha, Dylan Kristopher

Holtsbaum, William Blake

Hutchison, Jada Tatum

Li, Yutian

Mal, Ajay

Nadeem, Aisha

Pashchuk, Polina

Potskin, Kendra Isobel

Smith, Jacob Daniel

Striped Wolf, Spirit River Louis

Timmermans, Rachel Briana

Verboven, Shamus Daimon

Walsh, Katie Zara

White, Emily Elizabeth

Bachelor of Arts — Criminal Justice (Honours)

Ahmed, Shuada

Brown, Robert Zachery Foster

Clare, Molly June

Davidson, Megan Bryanne

Helder, Caitlin Christina

Kent, Janay Alisse

Kozhukhar, Mykhailo

Krause, Calvin James

Kroeker, Logan Scott

Lotfikish, Yas

Lukawiecki, Kaylee Morgan

Luttman, Hannah Mary

Michaels-Cobb, Matthew

Payomo, Celdric Verom

Pugsley, Thomas Stuart

Rajanikanth, Prashanthi

Sy, Leo Angelo

Trujillo-Vaccari, Gustavo Jesus

Welsh, Carla Rebecca

Winterburn, Hannah

Bachelor of Arts — Criminal Justice

Ahmadi, Ferdous

Ahmed, Faheem Issa

Angeles Ramirez, Cristian Aaron

Baily, Tanis Megan Marie

Balasundaram, Naina

Beaton, Anna Delaney

Belesis, Nicole Eleni

Boland, Travis Daniel

Bridge, Noah Ashton

Curlock, Abigail L.

Dunning, Ryan Andrew

Fincaryk, Taurean Brenna Ann

Fisher, Ellen Mary

Gilchrist, Gabrielle Marie

Guo, Jenny Chiane

Hettinga, Jennifer Christina

Hughes, Kathryn Grace

Hummel, Tyler Patrick

Jago, Rebeka

Judge, Abigail Jade

Khera, Priadeep

Law Yan Lun, Thanh Phong

Lawal, Adeola Fadiat

Lee, Jisoo

Lu, Vivian

Mand, Jaiveen Kaur

Martin, Keisha Rayne

McDougall, Erin Elaine

Meng, XinXin

Mikolajewski, Ilona

Milan Von Elsner, Cynthia Valeria

Odewale, Kofoworola Olaoluwa

Pawlowski, Nathaniel

Pham, Long Buu

Philipchuk, Jami Lee

Reddy, Sonia Anjeline

Roe, Haley Jane

Rogi, Justin Michael

Rosca, David

Sandhu, Amandeep Singh

Sandhu, Ravdeep Kaur

Sayadi, Mohammed Ghazi

Scott, Kendra Ashley

Sharda, Jasman Singh

Sharma, Amisha Sandhya

Singh, Ajay Partap

Singh, Sahil Deep

Sonmor, Marguerite Edith

Taylor, Mackenzie Katherine

Taylor, Serena Nicole

Theriault, Jacob Noah Joseph

Tod, Corbin Harrison

Umer, Faraan

Vieira, Matthew Joseph Walker

Vista, Angela Nicole


Bachelor of Computer Information Systems

Abarca Saldana, Jorge Luis

Acusar, Ralph Noel

Allan, Fraser

Al-Nakshabandi, Hatoon

Anzola Mendez, Diego Enrique

Atuh, Brian Chinnaya

Axford, Jonathan Andrew

Baluyot, Matthew

Banta, Christian John Salazar

Bao, Minh

Co, Andre Cyril Cimatu

Dang, Anthony

Diego, Darylle Joshua Viaje

Duck, Jasmail Singh

Elbayok, Huda Khalid

Faratro, Daniel

Frezell, Mark

Fudge, Matthew Ryan

Gagliardi, Julianna Maria

Gajer, Justin Alexander

Garside, Julian Simon

Hayat, Shargeel

Henkelman, Jordan Tanner

Hunter, Christian Daniel

Kaushik, Sidhant

Kelln, Josh Kevin

Khan, Maira

Khusro, Zaid Syed

Lam, Darren Everett

Le, David Chi Cuong

MacLean, Colin Duncan

MacLean, Curtis Stephan

Morozov, Albert

Nikolov, Miroslav Nikolaev

Ongcog, Therese Martha Laspinas

Paton, Cale James

Plunkett, Terrence William

Shammas, Fadi Christian

Spurgeon, Adam John

Stange, Edward August

Stepien, Christopher Richard

Tang, Gia Phu

Thraya, Ahmed

Tiwana, Sartaj Singh

Tran, Anro

Van, Cassandra

Yankov, Daniel Philip

Zeineldin, Mohamed Tamer

Co-operative Education

Amarkhuu, Namuun

Chan, Brandon Nicholas

Dragulin, Alexandru Mihai

Dulay, Cedrick John Verceles

Finch, Carter Jameson

Gill, Jacob Charles

Huang, Peter

Janikian, Pedro Scolmeister

Lo, Matthew

Paladino, Nahuel Martin

Radmand, Ramin

Soklofske, Steven D.

Sujatno, Michael Giovanni

Tkachyk, Travis Michael

To, Latonia

Bachelor of Science


Alsuliman, Mario

Barakzie, Maisarah

Barakzie, Zahhak

Buragina, Jenna Tori

Colina Quintero, Fabiana

Cote, Priscilla

Dickenson, Jessica Andrea

Driedger, Makayla Ann

Farozi, Irfan

Fischer, Sydney Emilie

Hamilton, Kaylyn Elizabeth

Herblin, Caroline M.

Javorcikova, Lucia

Kollman, Courtney Payton

Koter, Stephanie

Lang, Jennifer Sandra

McCracken, Alia Brittney

Muhammad Yaqoub, Basira

Nhaloor Sasi, Sidharth

O’Brien, Sarah Nicole

Perizzolo, Marco Johannes

Sampang, Julia Clarizze

Sawka, Taylor

Sweet, Hannah Elizabeth

Taylor, Courtney Lynn

Tonellato, Marshall Harris

Tong, Wing Ki

van der Wind, Terry Johannes

Yu, Isra

Cellular and Molecular Biology

Amin, Reem Hesham Hussein Fawzi

Chan, Carita

Chua, Nicelle Kyna

Flanagan, Marin Emily

Kirichkov, Henry

Luong, Charline

Nolasco, Kimberly Espiritu

Owchar, Ryan Lee

Weeks, Mikayla Mackinnon


Appelhof, Cassandra Jane

Azad, Muhammad Usama

Bisson, Tie Jamie

Budhwani, Zafina

Cesaire, Godween Mageisha

De Los Santos, Josiah Michael Villareal

Foster, Benjamin Paul

Gill, Gurpreet Singh

Gonsalves, Camryn

Haddad, Matthew

Hidalgo, Michael

Lad, Nimesh Ashok

Mahdavian, Seyedyousef

Pahl, Adam Brian


Perkovic, Ivan

Sehgal, Navya

Sobremonte, Wingie Mae Canero

Tilahun, Tigist Tekabe

Venter, Catharina Johanna

Willing, Patrick Howard

Zhao, Jennifer Jiayi

Computer Science

Alwast, Mark Jason

Bardal, Matthieu Rowland Alec

Chisholm, Kaleb Christopher

Darby, Ryan Morgan William

Greeves, Tate Philip

Hernandez, Janel Iris Macaraeg

Koivuneva, Chad

Meneses, Timothy Agustine Padrigano

Olah, David

Paquette, Colton James

Stepan, Matthew

Trac, Andrew

Environmental Science

Asif, Darab

Attrill, Naomi Jane

Bishko, Evan Michio

Blake, Vannessa

Branson, Anastasia E.

Cain, Michael

Carroll, Emily Michelle

Clarke, Nichole Therese

Davey, Rachel Christine

DeBruyne, Michelle Marie

Dube, Jaime Marina

Eyre, Austin Charles

Fries, Nathan Simon

Fyten, Adam Matthew

Gibson, Lexi Heilskov

Graham, Dylan Mackenzie

Harper, Nicholas Craig

Hauser, Danielle Amber

Johnson, Bryce Ian

Kahpeaysewat, Nikita Elyse

Kleinsasser, Lois

Longarini, Jonah David

Manning, Cole Anthony

Marx, Caleb Nicholas

Mationg-Smith, Asia Charmelle

McKenzie, Kristin Calla Ray

Morris, Nora

Murphy, Graeme Patrick

Odland, Thomas Jason

Ordze, Andrew Even

Pollock, Calem John

Quewezance, Sarae Roylene

Richard, Isaiah Maurice Edward

Roy, Srishti

Shakespeare-Huster, Marissa

Sloof, Dawn Tarryn

Swiatylo, Marta

Woodford, Madeline Anne

General Science

Ado, Ace Mitzi Mausisa

Algarwe, Sarah Fauzi

Alonso-Cruz, Monet Elizabeth

Al-Sachit, Baneen Salah

Assi, Jaskaran Singh

Bains, Jasneel Kaur

Batra, Shaurya

Bhatt, Daksh

Bishop, Cailey Amanda

Boon Bolandi, Jacob Peter

Boswell, Taylor Ann

Boynton, Korin Idris

Brown, Riley Erin

Callaghan, Olivia Mae

Cameron, Nathan Scott

Doyle, Aidan Jodi

Ellerby, Hailee Shea

Faba, Emilio Antonio

Gabiola, Kaye Abegail Bauzon

Gallant-Erza, Yoshelle Obeline Hanyo

Gill, Harvir Singh


Gleeson, Joy Marjorie

Grzyb, Lauryn

Haycock, Ashtyn Elizabeth

Kabwiz, Ermeline Jing

Kaler, Simran Kaur

Kao, Geg Hong

Knight, Jacob Aiden John

Lennon, Kelsey Meaghan

Ly, Justin

Mahil, Manvir Singh

Mandal, Subhneer Kaur

Medrano, Paulina Abigail

Miller, Regan Paige

Mills, Nicholas A.

Mung, Khan Sian

Munir, Malaika

Navarro, John Brian Malabuet

Preuter, Janine Rileigh

Price, Dawson

Rai, Navneet Kaur

Schmidt, Jack Leslie

Sefcik, Jenny

Sharma, Rohit

Sultani, Omidali

Swift, Ryan Michael

Tomecek, Rachel Susan

Tran, Lori

Vergara, Roxanne

Vo, Anna May

Wai, Crystal Mckenzie

Williams, Jared Laurel

Wood, Mikayla Adellyn

Zafra, Izabella Nicole


Aranha, Charbel Cassimir

Barg, Stuart James

Brown, Taylor Kameron

Darwent, Celina Anne

Dhadda, Balpreet Singh

McNaught, Zane Alan

Newton, Conor William John

Schmidtke, Carissa Nicole

Shackman, Jordan Samuel

Stasiuk, Kelly

Willis, Samantha Maureen Elizabeth

Wingrove, Dayne Anton

Health Science

Alagao, Ayrton Greco

Alvi, Hassan

Benavides, Isabel

Bin Nehaid, Baleid Mareai Saleem

Casey, Meaghan Elizabeth

Costa Lenz Cesar, Gabriela

Finch, Mackenzie Paige

Flanzbaum, Lara

Gamache, Meagan Lynn

Geronimo, Rizza

Guenard, Hope Laura Ann

Guzman Molero, Valentina Isabel

Haji, Sarah Yusuf Idris

Harbor, Kale Michael

Kinniburgh, Tess Courtney

Koey, Melanie Yi Hui

Lee, Rachel Olivia

Mahjor, Sajia

Malik, Zebaat Unfaal

Manning, Linda Leigh

Mushal, Rafia

Nguyen, Vivian Tuong

Park, Solangia

Proulx, Jessica Cindy

Sailer, Cassidy Arin

Sardovia, Immanuel

Supinski, Aimee Rose

Tran, Shayla Truong

Turner, Haven Brooke

Vobeyda, Robyn Eleanor

Whale, Jennifer Morgan

Wood, Ryen William

Zalazar, Raissa Lynn

Friday June 2, 2023 2 p.m.


Elder Roy Bear Chief

Honorary Doctor of Laws Recipient

Cheryl Foggo

Professor Emeritus

Richard Harrison


Bachelor of Arts

Anthropology, and History

Rashid, Henna Mehboob

Anthropology, and Sociology

Jama, Asma Abdiraheem

Anthropology (Honours)

Tolmie, Maddison Stefi


Batke, Hayley Rose

Bracko, Sean William Tailfeathers

Chahda, Lila Anne

Coupal, Delaina Diana

Cripps, Anika Jade

Day, Madison Laura-Ann

DiGiovannantonio, Alex

Fercho, Jacob Daniel

Fercho, Kaitlyn Elizabeth

Goodale, Aliyah Nicole

Hart, Joshua Kile

Hennessey, Michelle Iris

Jadczyk, Marta Irena

Johner, Reatha

Johnson, Isabel

Lane, Erin Jordan

Malhi, Manjot

Murashko, Katerina Mariya

Pasin, Alexis Cassandra

Quinitio, Darrius Franz

Rowland, Jacey Asta

Sabino, Francesca Rose Espeleta

Schoenfeldt, Allison Nicole

Vanderhorst, Schuyller Liam Smith

Vinet, Devon James

Wheeler, Candice Marie

Wilkinson, Sienna Louise

Yonda, Madison

English (Honours)

Bamford, Aria Cassandra Mary

Challand, Madison Leslie

Cupelli, Brooke

Davis, Emily Anne

Gerritsen, Rhaeannon Catherine

Harvey, Taylor Mackenzie

Irwin, Bradley Jonathan

Scarlett, Madeline Alecia

Singh, Gurvir Kaur


Abouali, Sarah Yossef

Andres, Tanessa Lynn Schaffer

Babiuk, Chase Christopher

Bagshaw, Kennedy Aalo

Bouzalmat, Nadia

Breland, Rebecca Emily

Campbell, Kennedy Jordan

Cayangen, Jillian Cherr Pokkis

Cooney, Rowan Thalia

Creaghan, Richard

Croft, Zachary

Duarte, Jacob Jorge

Elliott, Kimberly Dierdra

Frost-Modeste, Tyrone

Ghebreyohannes, Adonay Temesgen

Grossi, Milanna Morgan

Hessels, Miranda Paige

Hufalar, Arjay Arzadon

Leiva-Sandino, Jolena

MacDonell, Kamryn Anne

Manywounds, Santana Lee

Masuku, Martina Esther

Melendez, Miriam Alejandra

Natt, Bikramjot Singh

Pruitt, Taryn Mackenzie

Raposo, Lisa Maria

Salloum, Vanessa

Scheerschmidt, Ally Justine

Schlachter, Kaycee Lyn

Servello, Emma Mary Rose

Singh, Harjap Kaur

Singh, Sonam

Warner, Taylor Joelle

History (Honours)

Funk, Katherine Anna

Gill, Jai Pratap Singh

Hassan, Zameer Ali

Noonan Kelly, Lorna


Ahsanullah, Tabassum Sohail

Angus, Morgan Wallace

Barr, Olivia Lillian

Dhaliwal, Kanwarpreet Kaur

Eggen, Trystan Kale

Flint, Ryan

Gish, Chassidy Dene

Hamnett, Colin Michael

Johnston, Mark Arthur

Kindleman, Matthew Boyd

Krebs, Nathaniel Gerard Donohoe

Miller, Allison C.

Moss, Graham Tyler

Petry, Adam Brian

Skirrow-Lyon, Connor Xavier

Sommerfeld, Cassandra Marianne

Tejada, Eduardo Ezequiel

Trimmer, Briana Nicole

Tuff, Alecia Marie

Udeng, Hussain

Uy, Sienna Isip

Uzeloc, Kate Rianne

Walz, Michelle Marie

Wegner, Rosalin

Psychology (Honours)

Ambler, Kathryn Sarah

Berger, Emma Yvonne

Borsos, Delaney Grace

Brophy, Emily

Burt, Lexi Rene

Citrigno, Olivia Teresa

Graham, Tess

Griffith-Cochrane, Pierse

Holland, Katherine Mary Grace

Hughes, Arden Brianne

Imbrogno, Julia Velina

Infantes Perez, Leydis Laura

O’Soup, Jacqueline Elizabeth

Pajevic, Iva Nikola

Quick, Tekla Kyle

Rowley, Nicholas James Alexander

Tasker, Chantalle Ariana

Trombley, Rene Simone


Aalen, Danielle Denise Marie

Alizada, Meezhgan

Andjelic, Bryanne Andrea

Balisacan, Janelle Borja

Bensing, Vida Kayla

Bernardo, Ethan Louis

Bitner, Jack Grayson

Boulianne, Alexandre Joseph

Bourgeault, Chantel Raine

Braun, Hannah

Burk, Mikala Katrina

Cartagena, Jireh Alejandra

Clark, Dominic Syddis Richard

Clavel, Madison Margaret

Cross, Shelby Lynn

De Guzman, Jamelah Joy Paguntalan

del Mundo, Rae Jillian

Dent, Dylan Thomas

Dhanoa, Jasjeet

Ekere, Anita Adaugo

Esmail, Imaan Karisma

Fayemi, Esther Folashade

Fiselier, Judy C.

Fraser, MacKenzie Shae

Gaoat, Vanessa Ramos

Gartner, Chase Emmerson

Gill, Manmeet

Goodwin, Jade Louisa

Gorecki, Damian

Graziano, Chelyn Danielle

Hedley, Katherine Marie

Hernandez Vera, Fernanda

Janik, Agnieszka J.

Johal, Parveen Kaur

Joseph, Myia Athena

Khalid, Ayesha

Khurana, Guneet

Kolesnikova, Nadezda

Krampe, Tia Lynn

LaPierre, Kaylie Hannah

Lebedinsky, Eva Maria

Lourens, Jasmyn

Lucas, Leanne

Lucier, Emily Marie

Mack, Ian Peter

MacLean, Jordon Adam

Mills, Valerie J.

Moffat, Scott Ryan

Nash, Emma

Ng, Samantha Lucille

Omar, Soha Ali

Paringit, Shanyah Nicole

Paul, Manisha

Pisano, Karina T.P.

Preece, Amy Elizabeth

Pretzlaw, Mauri Lynn

Romero Castro, Nelson Elias

Roxas, Trisha Angela Quiambao

Schmaltz, Sydney

Shaukat, Zoha

Singh, Jasdeep Kaur

Sloan, Dylan Aaron

Smalcenco, Arina

Smith, Kyle Robert

Smith, Megan Elizabeth

Somers, Shayla-Rose

Sra, Sumeet Kaur

Stanley, Alesha Janet

Syroid, Sophiya Anne

Tainsh, Madeline Emelia

Ul-Rahman, Habib

Vander Ploeg, Kayla Danielle

Watkin, Victoria Rose

Whitman, Andrew

Yiao, Fion

Zehra, Rija

Sociology (Honours)

Mustard, Dallas Jayde

Turcotte, Ashton Leigh Rose


Abdo, Natniel Getu

Ahmad, Nida

Ajjour, Nina

Alegre, Karina Frances Aure

Al-manaihil, Benin

Bahrami, Jackson

Ballantyne, Nicole Jane

Benke, Sabina

Brophy, Jillian Michelle

Chenier, Tori

Christou, Breila Grace

Cordero, Azhley Aquino

Dhillon, Harkiran Hayley

Douglas, Chike Vince

Dutta, Curran Joe

Elkhatib, Leena Omar

Essak, Zebib Awalom

Fischer, Megan Kathryn

Friesen, Angel

Gaudet, Amber Aurora

Ghanem, Bianca Gabrielle

Giasson, Breanne Elise

Gill, Kulsharan

Go, Karen Joy

Hammoud, Mariam

Hazelwood, Cassandra Jayne

Holland, Kallista Arielle

Hook, Taylor Jean

Idt, Madison Emily

Ikoghode, Efe Ikhade

Kandel, Manju

Kennedy, Bradley Gerard

Khan, Habiba

Khangsar, Tenzin Kunga

Khangura, Satnam Singh

Khawar, Alishba

Kocak, Sevim-Nur

Liao, Chieh-Erh

Logullo, Francesca Carolina

Lohr, Daityn Jacqueline

Louie, Chloe Rae

Lueken, Abigail Elizabeth

Mahmood, Huba

Malik, Ameema

Malik, Ismara

Marks, Anna Pauline

McAlary, Rhiana Joelle

Meguinis, Marcie Helena Dawn

Miranda, Larissa - Anne Gaudinez

Mulder, Olivia Renee

Nelson, Taylor Raen

Ngo, Shawn Kiet

Ortiz, Kimberly Andrea

Palanca, Gabrielle

Panaligan, Vianca Diane

Paracha, Mohammad Danayal

Petrushka, Mathew Joseph

Pisesky, Jacob John

Pollock, Samantha Leigh

Prince, Renae Erin

Pryor, Ariel Lien Claire

Rana, Bianca Singh

Rani, Mansha

Rein, Nicole Katelyn

Salazar, Jennalee Mae

Schneider, Katherine Grace

Sedor, Kayla Julia

Serrano, Leonardo Bejemino

Sidhu, Jasmine

Silva Ortiz, Valentina

Sintihakis, Eftihia Happy

Siu, Amanda Nicole

Soos, Jaspreet Kaur

Stalker, Emma Rachel

Thokbuom, Nyadholi

Thurlow, Chevelle Shamber-L

Tisdel, Braydon Clifford

Tsegezab, Rahel Weldhewairt

Udegbunam, Chibuzo Franklin

Vander Griendt, Sarah Adeline Anna

Vanderstoop, Samuel Lee

Villapando, Gio Gabriel Talatala

Whitman, Kellie Marie

Williams, Tori Dawn

Wingate, Marissa Ann

Xander, Dira

Youmbi, Arlette Landrine

Zakeieh, Amina

Bachelor of Interior Design

Al-Sachit, Afnan

Bokenfohr, Emma Maxine

Boucher, Georgia Claire

Buchberger, Abigayle Jolee

Capili, Diana Therese M.

Carpintero, Andrea Carolina

Christensen, Zoe Elisabeth

Dabu, Zsanelle Ungria

Dobrica, Alexandra

Feighan, Hailey Anne

Godinez-Valencia, Natalia Minerva

Helberg, Alexis Emily

Hickling, Jordan Irene

Karchut, Amelia Ann

Lang, Emily Beth

Louw, Cristi

Mckay, Hillary Elizabeth

Melvin, Darby R.

Mitchell, Devyn Monique

Najafi Shahri, Saba

Podborski, Madelaine Isabel Louise

Power, Allandra Dawn

Primiterra, Isabella

Reimchen, Kali Nichole

Silva, Valentina Isabel

Tareta, Megan Elizabeth

Wilson, Skylar Laine Josie

Wong, Kalvin

Woods, Avery Kristina



Officers of Convocation

Dawn Farrell, MA, Chancellor

Timothy Rahilly, PhD, President and Vice-Chancellor

Alex Pourbaix, LLB, Chair, Board of Governors

Chad London, PhD, Provost and Vice-President, Academic (when absent Vice-Provosts or Deans)

Geri Lynn Gouglas, BA, University Registrar

Platform Party

Members of the procession include, depending on circumstances:


President and Vice-Chancellor

Provost and Vice-President, Academic

Secretary, General Faculties Council

University Registrar

Board of Governors, Mount Royal University

Vice-Presidents, Mount Royal University

Associate Vice-Presidents, Mount Royal University

President, Students’ Association of Mount Royal University

President, Mount Royal Faculty Association

President, Mount Royal Staff Association

Deans, Mount Royal University Faculties

Associate Deans, Mount Royal University

Directors, Mount Royal University Academic Centres and Institutes

Honorary Doctor of Laws recipients

Governor General’s Medal recipients

Centennial Gold Medal recipients

Professors Emeriti


Faculty, Mount Royal University

Federal, provincial and municipal elected officials

Representatives of universities, colleges and schools


Thank you to the incredible staff and volunteers who greeted students, ushered guests and provided support so we could celebrate our most recent graduates.


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If you’d like to come back and connect with students as a mentor or speak to classes, there will be opportunities to do so. You can provide insights and knowledge as an Alumni Council volunteer, on program advisory committees, through alumni focus groups. Mount Royal values what you think and how you feel. You are an integral part of who we are.

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