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To call & come together



Mount Royal University is situated on an ancient and storied land that is steeped in ceremony and history that, until recently, was occupied exclusively by people indigenous to this place. With gratitude and reciprocity, Mount Royal acknowledges the relationships to the land and all beings, and the songs, stories and teachings of the Siksika Nation, the Piikani Nation, the Kainai Nation, the Îethka Stoney Nakoda Nation (consisting of the Chiniki, Bearspaw and Goodstoney Nations), the people of the Tsuut’ina Nation, and the Métis.

At the verbal negotiations held to discuss Treaty 7 between the nations and the Crown and Canadian government, Indigenous peoples assumed hereditary lands would be shared and a cooperative future would be built together that was to last as long as the grass grows, the sun shines and the rivers flow. However, many of the verbal promises made to these nations were not reflected in the written version of Treaty 7, created by the Crown and Canadian government. Even then, many promises that were included in the written version have been broken.

What followed were policies of cultural genocide and assimilation that caused profound harm. The original people of these lands were confined to reserves, prohibited from pursuing traditional practices and forced to send their children to residential schools. Rather than building meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships, there was dispossession and exploitation in systems of economic and social marginalization.

As such, Mount Royal University is committed to advancing the success of Indigenous learners and respectfully supporting Indigenous cultural identities and integrity, leading to a good life in all its aspects. Mount Royal will challenge settler colonialism and systemic racism and discrimination by addressing the legacy of broken promises and rebuilding the relationships between Indigenous and nonIndigenous peoples. This includes those who now live at the confluence of the Elbow and Bow rivers, a place referred to by the Siksika Nation, the Piikani Nation and the Kainai Nation as Moh’kinstis, by the Îethka Stoney Nakoda Nations as Wîcîspa, and by the Tsuut’ina Nation as Guts’ists’i. Mount Royal University will meet these goals by committing to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action and adopting and applying the principles of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.



Today we celebrate your achievements as graduates of Mount Royal University. This is a time to reflect on your accomplishments, appreciate the people who helped you and look ahead with anticipation toward the future.

Chancellor’s MESSAGE

Graduates, your time at Mount Royal has encouraged your growth in many ways. You have been challenged to think critically and ask questions when you didn’t know the answer. You have engaged in collaboration where you’ve had to consider and incorporate the perspectives of others into your work. You have also had to make bold decisions — perhaps in the days leading up to the program you enrolled in, or the many choices every student with personal responsibilities and interests encounters while completing a university credential. Stand tall and be proud of everything you have gained during your time at Mount Royal University and carry it with you in whatever you decide to pursue going forward. You are all ready to make a difference to how we all live our lives.

As a lifelong learner, you will always be a part of the Mount Royal community. We will cheer you on as you progress in your career and hope that you will find your way back from time to time. Mount Royal University is a place where you will always belong. Keep in touch!

Congratulations on your many achievements!




Convocation is a wonderful time of year because it acknowledges the grit and glory of a university education. It is a day reserved for all of you — Mount Royal’s newest graduates — to reflect on the moments that have led to this occasion and the many people who celebrate alongside you. Completing a university program is a journey that requires significant personal investment, but it’s a path rarely traveled alone.

Friends and family join you on this big day as a personal cheer team in the crowd — one of many instances where they have encouraged your growth and perhaps pushed you to reach a goal in moments when you needed it the most.

Mount Royal employees, alumni, and community supporters enthusiastically rally to ensure no stone is left unturned and convocation is a day to remember. For many of us, crossing the stage in a cap and gown and getting to hold a physical degree or diploma after countless assignments and late-night study sessions is a lasting memory of joyful satisfaction. On behalf of all of us at this University, we want you to enjoy every minute because you have certainly earned it.

This academic accomplishment means you have personal experiences, new knowledge, and skills to apply to the many opportunities ahead. I wish you all a successful future that includes staying in touch with Mount Royal as newly minted members of the MRU alumni community.

Congratulations to the class of 2024!






Mount Royal’s Indigenous Strategic Plan was developed with guidance from local Indigenous leaders, experts in education and insight from the Mount Royal community. The Plan commits the University to:

• indigenize the campus;

• respect and embrace Indigenous knowledge and perspectives;

• build and strengthen partnerships;

• support Indigenous student success; and

• promote culturally responsible and respectful curricula.

The University is committed to answering the Calls to Action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to address significant educational inequities that have existed for too long. The process to implement the Indigenous Strategic Plan has no finish: there will be continual learning and growing.

Soogapii (It is good).

Kitaakitama’tsinohpowaawa (I will see you all again).

“The role of Aboriginal post-secondary education has evolved from a tool of assimilation to an instrument of empowerment.”
Dr. Blair Stonechild, PhD




The tradition of academic gowns, hoods and caps (called regalia) dates back to the Middle Ages. You will notice that the Platform Party members wear unique regalia representing their university, level of academic achievement and area of knowledge. Academic dress is prescribed by Oxford and Cambridge. Our graduates wear the Cambridge gown style.

The hood goes back to the Middle Ages when begging friars placed goods into the hood. Mount Royal follows the Oxford hood style. The borders of the hood display a colour associated with the degree being conferred.

The headwear is known as a mortarboard and hails from ancient Greece, when a felt hat was worn on top of a skull cap. The current style comes from Oxford and Cambridge.


Arms: The design was created in 1912 by Vincent Massey, likely with Alexander Scott Carter. The original colours were replaced by the University’s blue and white colours. Our name is reflected in the mace, which symbolizes royal authority, and the triangular shapes, which reflect mountains.

Crest: The bighorn sheep is Alberta’s provincial animal and the book indicates the University is a place of learning. The dove alludes to our origins as a Methodist and United Church college.

Motto — Quam bene non quantum: In place since the University’s foundation, the motto means, “How well, not how much.”

Supporters: The cougars refer to the names of Mount Royal’s sports teams. The base of the Rockies and the maces refer to the University’s name.

Original concept: Vincent Massey (arms) and Bruce Patterson, Deputy Chief Herald of Canada (crest, supporters and colours), assisted by the heralds of the Canadian Heraldic Authority.

Painter: Linda Nicholson

Calligrapher: Shirley Mangione



The word convocation comes from the Latin word convocare, which means to call and come together. The ceremony dates back to medieval times. When the student is presented on stage by faculty, it is a sign to the student and society that a degree of proficiency has been attained.


Gord Gillies

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 12 , 2024 10 A.M.

Gord Gillies is a recently retired broadcaster who has worked in newsrooms across the country including those of CBC, CTV and Global News.

He began his career in journalism in 1981 as a copy boy at the Toronto Star, later graduating from the Radio and Broadcasting Arts program at Humber College.

Gillies rose to prominence as a trusted voice on Global Calgary, where he worked for 25 years. As a news anchor, reporter and on-air talk show host, he has covered some of the most significant events in Alberta, including the 1988 Olympic Winter Games in Calgary and the flooding in Southern Alberta in 2013. His dedication to delivering accurate and impactful news coverage earned him widespread respect and admiration from viewers across the region.

Gillies has been recognized with a Tourism Calgary White Hat Award and numerous honours for his journalistic excellence, including a lifetime achievement award from the Radio Television Digital News Association Canada.

A supporter of many charitable initiatives, Gillies has volunteered with the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation, the Salvation Army and Inn From the Cold. He is an advocate for mental-health awareness in honour of his son, Liam.

Eleanor Chiu

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 12 , 2024 2 P.M.

Eleanor Chiu, FCPA, FCA, ICD.D, AOE, is an esteemed entrepreneur and philanthropist dedicated to enhancing the sustainability of society across for-profit, not-for-profit and charitable sectors.

As the chief financial officer of Trico Homes, a leading residential builder in Calgary, Chiu champions lifelong learning and has significantly impacted various communities, including the Chiniki First Nation, new immigrants and local postsecondary institutions. Together with her husband, Wayne, she co-founded the Trico Charitable Foundation in 2008, which has been pivotal in supporting innovative educational projects.

At Mount Royal University, Chiu has served with distinction in several capacities, including vice-chair of the University Foundation, and member of the Board of Governors and the Dean’s Advisory Council for the Faculty of Business and Communication Studies. Her efforts were instrumental in establishing the Trico Changemakers Studio at the Bissett School of Business. The Chius have also supported the Taylor Centre for the Performing Arts, and its choir loft is named in their honour.

Accolades for Chiu’s contributions to business and philanthropy include induction into the Alberta Business Hall of Fame, the Senior Executive of the Year Award from the Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion, the Calgary Influential Women in Business Award, the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal and the Alberta Order of Excellence.


Wayne Chiu

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 12 , 2024 2 P.M.

Wayne Chiu, CM, ICD.D, AOE, is a distinguished entrepreneur and philanthropist renowned for his business acumen and dedication to social impact.

As the founder of the Trico Group, including Trico Homes, Chiu has positioned himself as a leader in Calgary’s home-building industry. His commitment extends beyond business: in 2008, he and his wife, Eleanor, co-founded the Trico Charitable Foundation. The Foundation has fostered significant advancements in education, health care and poverty alleviation through strategic partnerships and innovative programs. His roles have varied across several charitable foundations, and he currently serves as an advisor on the Premier’s Council on Charities and Civil Society.

Chiu’s efforts in enhancing post-secondary education include pivotal contributions to Mount Royal University, such as establishing the Roderick H. Mah Centre for Continuous Learning and the Trico Changemakers Studio in the Bissett School of Business. The Chius have also supported the Taylor Centre for the Performing Arts, and its choir loft is named in their honour.

Chiu’s philanthropic endeavours have garnered numerous accolades, including induction into the Alberta Business Hall of Fame and awards such as the Senior Executive of the Year by the Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion, the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal, the Alberta Order of Excellence and the Order of Canada.

Charles Osuji

THURSDAY, JUNE 13 , 2024 10 A.M.

Charles Osuji is a distinguished young lawyer, leading Calgary’s Osuji & Smith Lawyers. After graduating with honours from law school in Nigeria, Osuji was admitted to the Alberta Bar in 2014. He became a partner at Osuji & Smith two years later and the sole owner soon after. Osuji has consciously forged a diverse team, recognizing the strength and creativity that emerge from embracing varied perspectives and experiences. Under his leadership, Osuji & Smith has become one of the largest Blackowned law firms in Canada, with two locations in Calgary and presences in Ottawa, the Yukon and Dubai.

Osuji’s professionalism and business acumen has been recognized with more than 100 local and national awards, including being named one of Canada’s top 25 Most Influential Lawyers and as Calgary’s Immigrant of Distinction, as well as receiving the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal and the Inclusive Workplaces Award. He is a LEXPERT Rising Star and one of Canada’s 100 Most Influential Black Canadians.

Osuji’s commitment to excellence and diversity is exemplified by his Foot in the Door Initiative (FIDI), which provides hands-on experience to locally and foreign-trained law graduates. He supports various community organizations, offering his mentorship and pro bono legal services.


Roy Bear Chief

THURSDAY, JUNE 13 , 2024 2 P.M.

Roy Bear Chief — Oom ka pisi (Big Coyote) — is a social worker, residential school survivor, Siksika Nation elder, “Espoom tah” (helper) and former elder-in-residence at Mount Royal University who uses his own story of resilience and perseverance to help make a difference in the lives of others.

Bear Chief has played an instrumental role in helping incorporate Indigenous ideas, concepts and practices into Mount Royal’s curriculum. He has helped guide the University on its path to decolonization and reconciliation, and continues to lead indigenization on campus.

Bear Chief has shared his strengths as a compassionate leader and teacher with various communities, establishing him as an esteemed mentor. He has worked at Siksika Income Support, Siksika Children’s Services, Siksika Health Services and various hospitals and care facilities. He was elected twice into Siksika leadership as a member of Chief and Council in 1999-2001 and 2007-2010. He served as the tribal manager for Siksika Nation from 2011-2013.

In the wider community, Bear Chief has consulted on matters such as social innovation, poverty reduction, age inclusion and equitable health care. He has provided insight into applying Indigenous strategies at numerous organizations, including Vibrant Communities Calgary, Momentum, Bow Valley College and Calgary Legal Guidance.

In recognition of his service, Bear Chief received the MRU Alumni Lifetime Distinguished Achievement Award in 2021 and the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal in 2022.


Ron Ghitter

FRIDAY, JUNE 14 , 2024 10 A.M.

The Honourable Ron Ghitter, CM, KC, is a former Canadian senator, lawyer and human rights advocate. He practiced law in Calgary for 25 years and later became engaged in real estate consultancy and development.

Ghitter was elected to the Alberta Provincial Legislature for two terms (1971-1979) where he introduced Alberta’s first human rights legislation, the Individual Rights Protection Act. His tenure was distinguished by a steadfast advocacy for human rights and civil liberties, laying the groundwork for his subsequent appointment to the Canadian Senate (1993-2000), where he also served as chair of the Senate Energy and Environment Committee.

He is the founder of the Dignity Forum, a human rights non-profit corporation that promotes understanding in the community through advocacy and education. He was also a founding director of the International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development.

Alongside his work to advance social justice, Ghitter is also the founder of the Osten/ Victor Alberta Tennis Centre, a community-based, registered non-profit tennis facility that promotes the growth of tennis in Alberta.

Ghitter has received recognition and awards on many occasions for his community commitments including the Order of Canada, placement in the hall of fame of Tennis Canada and the Alberta Human Rights award.


Honourable Lois Mitchell

FRIDAY, JUNE 14 , 2024 2 P.M.

The Honourable Lois Mitchell, CM, AOE, is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and former Lieutenant Governor of Alberta. Her legacy is characterized by a deep commitment to fostering understanding, collaboration and prosperity within the province of Alberta.

She was a senior partner at Rainmaker Global Business Development, a co-founder of the Global Business Forum and one of 12 founders of Crime Stoppers Calgary.

In 2015, Mitchell was appointed as the 18th Lieutenant Governor of Alberta, serving in this position until 2020. Her tenure as Lieutenant Governor was marked by her dedication to promoting Alberta’s diverse cultural heritage and supporting military families.

Mitchell’s contributions have left a lasting impact on the social fabric of Alberta and she has continued to support initiatives related to education, arts, science, culture and amateur sport. Over the years, she has served on numerous boards and supported organizations related to her profession and her passions.

Her dedication to the people of Alberta earned her the Order of Canada in 2012, along with the Alberta Order of Excellence (2015) and numerous other honours. In 2019, Mitchell was announced as an Honorary Patron of the Mount Royal University Conservatory. She was named President of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society in 2023.


The Governor General’s Medal, established in 1873, is one of the most prestigious awards that can be earned by a student for exceptional academic achievement in a Canadian educational institution. On behalf of Her Excellency the Right Honourable Mary Simon, C.C., C.M.M., C.O.M., O.Q., C.D., Governor General, Mount Royal University is pleased to congratulate Tejas Gill and Kolbi Watmough for their outstanding achievements.

Tejas Gill was awarded the Silver Medal for achieving the highest academic standing of all graduates in a degree program. Gill is graduating with a Bachelor of Science Health Science and has a cumulative GPA of 4.00.

Kolbi Watmough was awarded the Bronze Medal for achieving the highest academic standing of all graduates in a diploma program. Watmough graduates with a Social Work Diploma and has a cumulative GPA of 4.00.

Tejas Gill Kolbi


The Centennial Gold Medal award is patterned after the Henry Birks and Sons Gold Medal, which was Mount Royal’s highest award for student academic achievement from 1935 to 1985. The medal commemorates a deep tradition of academic achievement and leadership at Mount Royal.

Aliya Abdallah

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 12 , 2024 2 P.M.

Fawaz Saleem

THURSDAY, JUNE 13 , 2024 10 A.M.

Aliya Abdallah will be graduating with a Bachelor of Business Administration Marketing major with a minor in Business of Sport & Recreation and has been selected as the 2024 Centennial Gold Medal Recipient for the Faculty of Business and Communication Studies.

Fawaz Saleem will be graduating with a Bachelor of Nursing and has been selected as the 2024 Centennial Gold Medal Recipient for the Faculty of Health, Community and Education.

Natalie McCallum

FRIDAY, JUNE 14 , 2024 10 A.M.

Angela Faye Galeos

FRIDAY, JUNE 14 , 2024 2 P.M.

Natalie McCallum will be graduating with a Bachelor of Arts — Psychology (Honours) major and has been selected as the 2024 Centennial Gold Medal Recipient for the Faculty of Arts.

Angela Faye Galeos will be graduating with a Bachelor of Science — General Science with a concentration in Biology and Chemistry and has been selected as the 2024 Centennial Gold Medal Recipient for the Faculty of Science and Technology.

Sharon Smulders

FRIDAY, JUNE 14 , 2024 10 A.M.


Dr. Sharon Smulders, PhD, is a retired professor in the Department of English, Languages and Cultures in the Faculty of Arts. She received her PhD from the University of Sussex, preceded by a Master of Arts and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Ottawa.

Smulders’ research ranges from nineteenth-century poetry and women’s writing to studies in children’s literature. In addition to teaching courses in these subjects, she has also published articles on the work of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Gerard Manley Hopkins, Alice Meynell, Beatrice (Culleton) Mosionier, Christina Rossetti, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Robert Service, Ann and Jane Taylor, and Laura Ingalls Wilder. Her book, Christina Rossetti Revisited, was published in 1996.

Her current work focuses on environmental issues in children’s picture books.

Clifford Werier

FRIDAY, JUNE 14 , 2024 10 A.M.

Dr. Clifford Werier, PhD, is a retired professor in the Department of English, Languages and Cultures in the Faculty of Arts, where he taught Early Modern Literature from 1987 until his retirement in 2022. He is the editor of Shakespeare and Consciousness and of Much Ado About Nothing for the Internet Shakespeare Editions.

His recent publications investigate the phenomenology of time across media in the processing of Shakespearean jokes and the application of meme theory to the spread of contagious ideas in Coriolanus. He is the editor of the Routledge Handbook of Shakespeare and Interface, a collection which focuses on the ways in which the interface features of page, screen, stage and other media influence Shakespearean cognition and understanding. He is also the co-author of three composition textbooks for Nelson Canada.


John Cox John Winterdyk

FRIDAY, JUNE 14 , 2024 10 A.M.

Dr. John Winterdyk, PhD, is a retired Justice Studies program professor. He was the first person to receive a PhD in Criminology from Simon Fraser University and later served as a visiting scholar — one of only a handful of Canadians to do so — at Germany’s prestigious Max Planck Society. He has held, or currently holds, adjunct and/or visiting positions at several other Canadian universities and similar positions in Namibia and India.

In addition to his diverse research record, Winterdyk has published over thirty-eight academic books and several dozen peer-reviewed articles. He has also been a guest editor of nearly a dozen special journal issues. Winterdyk is the most cited faculty member in the Justice Studies program and has received several awards from Mount Royal University and the Canadian Criminal Justice and Criminology Association for his work. In 2023, he was nominated for the Stockholm Prize in Criminology for his outstanding scholarly work in human trafficking. He was Mount Royal’s first chair of the Centre for Criminology and Justice Research.

Outside of his academic career, Winterdyk was the first Canadian to win an Ironman Canada race and to break the 10- and 9-hour barriers.

FRIDAY, JUNE 14 , 2024 2 P.M.

Dr. John Cox, PhD, is a recently retired professor in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences in the Faculty of Science and Technology. He received his MSc from the University of Alberta in 1976 and completed his PhD studies at the University of Aberdeen in 1993; his early research focused on the petroleum geology and sedimentary environments of the Mesozoic strata in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin. He began his career at Mount Royal College in 1983, and he served as both coordinator of the UT (University Transfer) Geology program and Chair of the Department of Earth Sciences, a position he held for 14 years. As Mount Royal transitioned towards a degree-granting university he led the development of the MRU Geology BSc program. John received Distinguished Faculty Awards in 1994 and 2012 and a Student Association Teaching Excellence Award in 1995. In 2012, he also became a member of the first group of Full Professors appointed at Mount Royal University following its transition to university status.

Most recently, up to and since his retirement, he has focussed his research efforts on investigating the quality and quantity of groundwater found in water wells on Hornby Island, British Columbia.

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Academic Procession

Singing of the National Anthem

Commencement of Convocation

Opening by the Elder

President and Vice-Chancellor’s Address

Chancellor’s Address

Presentation of Honorary Doctor of Laws

Doctor of Laws Recipient Remarks

Professors Emeriti

Presentation of Graduands and Conferral of Graduates

Announcement of Governor General and Centennial Medal Recipients

Alumni Speaker

Honour Song

Tassel Toss

Conclusion of Convocation

Academic Recession

Wednesday June 12, 2024

10 a.m.


Elder Miiksika’am, Clarence Wolfleg

Honorary Doctor of Laws Recipient

Gord Gillies

Alumni Speaker

Katherine Martens, BBA ‘20


Bachelor of Business Administration

Accounting and Finance

Felgueiras, Hope Amelia Reuto

Nemeskeri, Maxim

Savoie, Bjorn Antoine Timothy

Soice, Anthony Thomas

Udoh, Emem Ediomoabasi

Accounting and General Management

Baharvand Ahmadi, Razieh

Bennett, Rhys Jared

Burke-Gaffney, Kieran Francis

Daignault, Christopher Cory

Flohr-Melgar, Claudia Janeth

Grandison, Jessica

Hawkins, Liam

Korodele, Abiola Anuoluwapo Munkhtsetseg, Maralmaa

Navalta, Adrienne Louise

O’Donnell, Zachery Joseph

Salmon, Christopher Gaetz

Schuetz, Samuel Shebeluk, Amber

Truong, The Nguyen Ngoc

Finance and General Management

Bernard, Brett Timothy Borecki, James

Carneiro-Samji, Graham Gordon

Cuellar Vargas, Jairo Esteban

D’Mello, Kyle

Kolody, Gregory Nicholas

Lalwani, Anilkumar Dharmendrakumar

Leer, Parker James Martin, Carly

Morrison, Adrian Emil

O’Neill-Trotta, Joshua Daniel

Ong, Tommy

Patel, Rahul Vinaykumar

Singh, Kamalpreet

Timmer, Jace Daniel Nix

Trenke, Easton Joseph von Meyeren, Moritz

Finance and Human Resources

Wangkhiree, Namphet

Finance and International Business

Houv, Vanessa

Finance and Supply Chain Management

Ali, Muhammad Haider

Finance Co - operative Education and Accounting

Vriend, Noah William

Finance Co - operative Education and General Management

Konkel, Grzegorz Andrzej

International Business and General Management (Honours) Patterson, Paige Sarah

International Business and General Management

Bonite, Zoie Estelle Barbers Mahmoud, Rania

International Business Co - operative Education and General Management

Biano, Dawn Claire

International Business and Marketing

Piraux, Jordan Taylor

Supply Chain Management and Finance

Poon, Cheuk Nam Jeff

Supply Chain Management and General Management

Alton, Benjamin James

Laurans, Mathieu Nicolas

Pinerua-Petit, Angy Michelle

Supply Chain Management

Co - operative Education and General Management

Salas Ciudad, Maria


Alsherif, Moaz Tarek

Alvares, Elisha Marie

Appiah, Valerie

Audet, Bradley

Aujla, Arshbeer Kaur

Berdin, Ericka Cabrera

Berhe, Merhawit Sium

Bhinder, Jagjot Singh

Bigsky, Brittney Eilene

Bisang, Jakob Adam Bohne, Chase Abner

Brown, Courtney Louise

Bruneau, Luke Dylan

Cabanday-Murrin, Brandon Jushua

Carter-Brandt, Benjamin Wallace Chapman, Nigel W.

Coreman, Megan Rayanne

Cowan, Darci Julie-Anne

Davis, Jesse Brandon

Dela Cruz, Hewlett Casal

Dhami, Jasmine Kaur

Dhillon, Pukhraj Singh

Dollano, Gabriel

Dongallo, Clarisse Dela Cruz

Egyir, Michael Kwabena

Florence, Carl Tanner

Ford, Rudy Wallace Peter

Garcia, Ma Cristina Mondigo

Gnam, Kyle Ryan

Guerrero, Eldrick Jon

Guzman Martel, Juan

Hammel, Ellena Maria

Hanane, Daniel

Hasanovic, Lamia

Hermann, Daniel Cameron

Imperial, Esprit Jorge

Jagshi, Amsal Amaan

Jakupi, Arsen

Kavanaugh, Carson

Kearns, Cameron

Khamis, Thair

Khan, Awais Khalid

Korodele, Ayomide Oluwasegun

Kundu, Turja

Lal, Gurpreet Singh

Lazar, Alexandra Ruby

Lete, Britney Paran

Lines, Andrew A.

Linh, Truong Thi Khanh

Lopicic, Darija

Lopicic, Davor

Mailvaganam, Akshithaa

Mann, Jasmeet Kaur

Mehay, Amit

Meru, Serena

Millo, Jordyn Rylie

Mozo, Kristine Jewel Correa

Nevins, Jaxon Ray

Noble, Robert Jordon

Noman, Muhammad Hamza

Pamintuan, Jericko Carmel Garingo

Parker, Sean Maynard

Parmar, Shivkaran Singh

Pietras, Thomas Joseph

Poncsak, Chloe Jane

Potterton, Millie

Qayyum, Maaz

Robas, Zyrille

Romain, Jaden

Sakundiak, Alistaire Dallas Grey

Sanchez, Edwin Rafael

Seleshanko, Ryan John

Sereda, Alexandra

Shah, Abir Suqlain

Singh, Manvir

Thompson, Nadja Maleah

Tolentino, Karen Mae Villafuerte

Toor, Mansimran Kaur

Tran, Vy Vyvyan

Unarce, Raymond Joseph

Varghese, Beula Mariam

Virk, Aamish Ahmad

Wamuya, Olivia Wanjiku

Webb, Daniel John

Weston, Carson Bradley

Accounting Co - operative Education

Anglo, Amielle

Dang, Kevin Huu Vinh

Dao, Quy

Davies, Jared Noel

Hafizullah, Yalda

Kaur, Navnish

Litvinchuk, Nathan John

Manlawe, Theo Sebastien

Maritana, Chelsea Lucero

Parmar, Prabprit Kaur

Salman, Soha

Saunal, Khushi Mangesh

Soro, John Quowee Mangabat

Teodosio, Rizchelle Anne Lumampao

Tram, Thomas

Viado, Maria Gianna

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 12 , 2024 10 A.M.



Aamir, Maha

Abdalla, Samir Hamad

Abdul, Din

Adams, Noal Shane

Agpaoa, Mitzie Cabanatan

Ahmad, Mahnoor

Armstrong, Colten

Arnoco, Alec Angeles

Atwani, Reem

Babiy, Ashley Anne

Baksza, Braxton Jacob

Basi, Rohit Singh

Basra, Justin Mehar Singh

Berglund, Kayel James

Biddell-Halcrow, Jake Kenneth Brar, Gagandeep Singh

Cabacungan, Carl Joaquin T.

Chahbar, Mohamed

Chong, Benjamin Tyler

Contenti, Koby Wayne

Cormack, Matthew Alexander

Daquioag, Kien Jan Tan

Dean, Lorenz

Dhaliwal, Manraj Singh

Dhillon, Heithen Singh

Douglass, Jhett Winfield

Driedger, Aidan Jacob

Dutta, Conner Anand

Epp, Alexandra Jesse

Esguerra, Angelo De Villa

Forgeron, Ryan Alexander

Funk, Tristin Terry

Gascon, Catherine

Gaykhangshawa, Tenzin Tsering

Gill, Dilraj Singh

Grant, Ella Grace

Grogan, Kade Crawford

Hemani, Ahsan

Himour, Hassen Ali

Hoogenboom, Zack

Jacob, Alex

Jafari, Mohammad Hossin

Johnson, James Anthony

Johnson, Logan Marshall

Jolly, Matthew Robertson

Jose, Jennifer

Juressen, Milan Wim

Kamajian, Jacob

Khan, Muhammad Danial

Khan, Yaseen

Kumar, Amar

Kutzy, Tyler Donald

Kuzik, Matthew Michael

Lal, Manisha Rani

Lange, Luis Guillermo

Lloyd, Liam Rhys

Maclaren, Colin Edward

MacNair, Wallace E.

Marks, Jordan Stephen

Merali, Yaseen Alnoor

Mernacaj, Endri

Mulugeta, Daniel Tewoderos

Muluneh, Kalkidan Haileye

Naguib, Aaser Weaam Zaher

Nahal, Gurveer Singh

Nanuan, Sukhpal

Navas, Jesse Jordan

Niazi, Aimal Khan

Nichyporuk, Brandon John

Nie, Yuchen

Obasi, Justice Ekwueme

Ostrowski, Michal

Parmar, Navjot Singh

Parmar, Raman Singh

Pribanic, Hanna

Prothmann Smith, Mason Wayne

Ramos, Alexis Kaye

Reyes Gutierrez, Edgar Nicolas

Rosales, Louis

Rubi, Gilci Grant Cases

Safdary, Sohrab

Schamber, Anna Elizabeth

Sekhon, Amninder

Siegel, Mallary Ann

Singh, Jugraj

Steer, Nolan James

Tesanovic, Lazar Ranko

Tiwana, Karnjot Singh

van de Burgt, Mary Liana

Velasquez, Steven

Veltri, Bianca Antonia

Waddock, Christopher

Whelan, Philip James

Yeo, Kenneth Loung

Yerex, Jediah

Yozipovic, Colton

Zaran, Quinn Connor

Zizler, John Daniel

Finance Co - operative Education

Akinsanya, Oluwakemi

Caraion, Maxim

Combalicer III, Juan Leopoldo Barbosa

Davidson, Carter Nolan

Fullerton, Logan William

Hebert, Michaela Loren Wheatcroft

Kassam, Tahira

King, Brady Edwin

Siegle, Ryan Andrew Donald

Sopp, Brayden Alexander Douglas

International Business

Alexander, Natasha Michelle

Antonius, Henry Richard

Argue, Melissa Laura

Arshad, Omar

Caprita, Alice Elena

Chong, Ho Yiu

Fei, Chang-Wei

McNeil, Jason John Austin

Sudyk, Ewa Melanie

Zhang, HuiYuan

Supply Chain Management

Abdalla Musa, Muhidin

Al-Dusari, Ali

Al-Gertani, Amel

Alibhay Premjee, Shan

Ayerdis, Romel Isaac

Basran, Rupdeep Kaur

Brosh, John Robert

Dadios, Vann Zander

Dhaliwal, Manveer Singh

Dibs, Souhail

Drca, Meri Jovana

Engen, Cameron H.

Galvan, Ian Mark

Gana, Dino Miguel Carag

Gillard, Jared Alan

Harrison, Kara Lynn

Hollington, Garrett Joseph MacKenzie

Ilonwa, Ifeoma Victoria

James, Ryan Dixon

Khourieh, Paul

Le, Thuy Nguyen Phuong

Lotito, Daniela Andreina

Mangat, Saurav Singh

Moussallem, Maya Michelle

Nanad, Sean David Collantes

Nolan, Benjamin

Nur, Zakariya Ali

Patterson, Brent Evan

Rath, Devon Allan

Rizwan, Haris

Ross, Patryk Donald

Rudren, Mekash

Salarzon, Allyza Dane

Shaikhmiri, Saara

Tattrie, Taylor

Wrzosek, Ronin

Supply Chain Management

Co - operative Education

Bath, Sahildeep Singh

Danielson, Tess Ethel

Jenifer, Aiman

Popp, Jared Harrison

Rehman, Wahida

Russell, Andrew Benjamin

Stoddart, Madeline Sek

Venczel, Matthew Peter

Aviation Diploma

Ahad, Abdul

Baes, Jo-Ashley Sabuc

Bischoff, Lukas Sebastian

Bou Saleh, Tamer

Braga, Matthew Landon

Butterwick, Robert Daniel

Cormack, Emily Grace

Evans, Gillian Rachel

Fuchikami, Eiki

Gill, Satvir

Gow, Matthew Richard

Hagerman, Ian

Hess, Duncan Alexander

Hewson, Kensington Brown

Jackson, Taylor Anjeannette

Kelley, Alexandra Raine

Kobylanski, Liam John

Kruzick, Johnathan

Lambert, Seth Jeffery

Magarrell, Easton Reid

McCully, Caden Maxwell

Miller, Lauren Kathleen

Munro, William Ian

Nguyen, Duc - Khang

Oud, Piet Gerben

Oyenuga, Oluwademilade Ayomide

Rana Bhat, Prabin Raj

Rousseau, Cole Carter

Sandhu, Harpinder Singh

Schroeder, Zach Johnathan

Shibayama, Ai Serena

Simpson, Robert

St. Denis, Emily

van Zyl, Mark Richard

Vicenzino, Alexander

Voss, Naomi Ruth

Widmer, Alexander William

Wuest, Konrad

Yepes, Zacharia Lorenzo

Zeer, Zach William High

Business Administration

Post Bachelor’s Certificate

Advanced Accounting

Fequet, Meghan Brianna

Ho, Po Ki

Ilori, David Adegoke

Violini, Angela

Xi, Jessica

Zhang, Ling

Wednesday June 12, 2024

2 p.m.


Elder Miiksika’am, Clarence Wolfleg


Doctor of Laws Recipients

Eleanor Chiu

Wayne Chiu

Centennial Gold Medal Recipient

Aliya Abdallah

Alumni Speaker

Trevor Solway BCMM ‘17


Bachelor of Business Administration

General Management and Accounting

Baharvand Ahmadi, Razieh

Bennett, Rhys Jared

Burke-Gaffney, Kieran Francis

Daignault, Christopher Cory

Flohr-Melgar, Claudia Janeth

Grandison, Jessica

Hawkins, Liam

Korodele, Abiola Anuoluwapo

Munkhtsetseg, Maralmaa

Navalta, Adrienne Louise

O’Donnell, Zachery Joseph

Salmon, Christopher Gaetz

Schuetz, Samuel

Shebeluk, Amber

Truong, The Nguyen Ngoc

General Management and Finance

Bernard, Brett Timothy

Borecki, James

Carneiro-Samji, Graham Gordon

Cuellar Vargas, Jairo Esteban

D’Mello, Kyle

Kolody, Gregory Nicholas

Lalwani, Anilkumar Dharmendrakumar

Leer, Parker James

Martin, Carly

Morrison, Adrian Emil

O’Neill-Trotta, Joshua Daniel

Ong, Tommy

Patel, Rahul Vinaykumar

Singh, Kamalpreet

Timmer, Jace Daniel Nix

Trenke, Easton Joseph

von Meyeren, Moritz

General Management and Finance Co - operative Education

Konkel, Grzegorz Andrzej

General Management (Honours) and Human Resources

Matthews, Abigail Elizabeth

General Management (Honours) and International Business

Patterson, Paige Sarah

General Management and International Business

Bonite, Zoie Estelle Barbers

Mahmoud, Rania

General Management and International Business Co - operative Education

Biano, Dawn Claire

General Management (Honours) and Marketing

Kamphuis, Cassandra Maria

General Management and Supply Chain Management

Alton, Benjamin James

Laurans, Mathieu Nicolas

Pinerua-Petit, Angy Michelle

General Management and Supply Chain Management Co - operative Education

Salas Ciudad, Maria

Human Resources and Finance

Wangkhiree, Namphet

Human Resources and General Management

Barrett, Jodi

Brown, Nicole Kaitlin

Cowling, Hana Connie

Hrycak, Kyle Anthony

Kermali, Arshad

Naqvi, Maryum Batool

Tomei, Daniela Lisa

Marketing and General Management

Groves, Samantha Dawn

Pang, Colin

Timbol, Charlene Claricia

Marketing and International Business Piraux, Jordan Taylor

General Management

Abat, Rodrique Gerard Domingo Abuzukar, Azro

Adao, Aaron James

Ahmed, Aya Fouad

Ajala, Oluwateniola Oreoluwa Alamarvdashti, Ariana Kaur

Anderson, Nigel

Anderson, Sara Taylor

Andreou, Mitch Justin

Aragon, Angelyn Corpuz

Arkle, Blaise Brunton

Armstrong, Brittany Marie

Badgley, Samuel Ross

Bains, Kareena

Bala, Joseph Dapitan

Barlow, Devon Channing

Barnett-Ritcey, Jack Tennyson

Beare, Hailey Michelle

Becker, Kaylee Janessa

Bentz, Michael Joseph Edward

Bourdage-Beckedorf, Cyr

Boyce, Lucas D.

Bradshaw, Denver Jay

Buan, Hannah Leigh Arias

Bui, Kim Leanne

Butler, Griffin Todd

Cabanilla, Joy Marie Lacambra

Callao, Ranford John Jr. Faldas

Campbell, Alexandra Jean

Chap, Thiyang Gatluak

Corrigal, Bruce Molinari

Crate, Taylor Marie

Crisp, Thomas

Cubid, Daniel Joseph

Danielewicz, Sydney M.

Davies, Morgan Aird

D’Costa, Quinton Anthony

Dickey, Shinara Jade

Duperron, Joshua

Freeman, Finlay Geddes

Gelinas, Wyatt Thomas

Georgeson, Charles David

Geronazzo, Dante

Giles, Lewis James

Gilkyson, Carter Davis

Gilliss, Lane Foster

Grywacheski, Jesse Curtis Richard

Hamad, Ali

Hochhausen, Brett Francis

Hum, Sarah Dominique

Huntley, Christopher

Huynh, Amanda Kathy

Ilagan, Javier Phoenix

Janes, Carson Ronald

Jide-Odewale, Olagoke

Johnson, Cooper Marc

Kassem, Saab Salem

Kavanagh, Matthew Alexander

Kelly, Noah

Khatoon, Izza

Kong, Johan Guiller Garcia

Lakusta, Grady Roger

Langill, Ferris

Lebo, Alyssa Michelle

Libbey, William Tait

MacNeil, Shayne Anthony

MacPherson, Samantha Josephine

Manhas, Charnvir

Matulin, Erica Mia Teves

Mawhinney, Sean Baker

McKnight, Elianne Catherine

McLellan, Jakob Russell

Meier, Theresa Ivory

Metcalfe, Tanis

Miller, Erik Charles

Mills, Benjamin Ian

Momand, Rahim

Mostrales Andaya, Aira Francesca

Mulley, Nicholas Ty

Nakoneshny, Hope Louise

Nottveit, Faith Lorraine

Nzekwu, Kassandra Maria

Odame-Larbi, Kwadwo Ankrah

Ostojic, Nathan Andrew

Oszust, Isabella Ivy

Paul, Ajay

Pedersen, Simone Maria Basboll

Pham, Diana

Pinzon, Camilo Alejandro

Praglowski, Aleksander

Procknow, Eric Angelo

Qi, Jingchi

Rahman, Nafiz

Reid, Tye Thomas

Rennie, Brenda Evelyn

Rich, Bradley

Richters, Dennis

Rinas, Taiten Anthony

Ritter, Jesse Quentin Isaiah

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 12 , 2024 2 P.M.


Rogers, Avery Maxwell

Ross, Zachary John

Rotteveel, Pjotr

Ruffolo, Luigi Gaetano

Sangha, Himmat

Scharf, Trevor Matthew

Sheilan, MacKenzie Elizabeth

Simancas Morao, Betania Isabel

Sinclair, Steven James

Singh, Varun

Smith, Jill Mattea

Sorensen, Ryan Lars

Stephenson, Chase Currie

Stephenson, Rylee

Stifanyk, Myles Kenneth

Stolte, Leaha

Sykes, Justin Conner

Tabaniag, Russell Antony DeMeyer

Teshome, Yosias

Thomson, Ashley Andreja

Tiefengraber, Jake Donald

Toews, Robert Dallyn

Tran, Buu Chau

Troidl, Carson Adam

Tsai, Benjamin Ahmad Bing Jin

Vo, Quang Khoi Nguyen

Warren, Ashley Eve

Weening, Olivia Grace

Welch, Kaiden Brendle

Wu, Wen Long

Yousuf, Muhammad

Zaidi, Saif Ali

General Management

Co - operative Education

Hernandez, Saul

Klaudt, Taliesin Alexis

Human Resources

Ahmadu, Halima Ochuwa

Bracken, Taylor Mitchell

Chap, Marnath Gatluak

Chinn Farmer, Gabriela Linda

Clancy, Jake Joseph

de Jesus, Jordan Alonzo

Giroux, Shannelle Jayde

Haymour, Khalil Bassim

Johnson, Alona Chanel

Kinnear, Nicholas Bryant

Levin, Nomi

Mann, Subhneet Kaur

Najam, Radia

Ng, Amber Bridget

Shandera, Samantha Brookes

Sia, Stacey Wen Shuang

Sidhu, Kirnvir Kaur

Wershler, Julia Suzanne Meadow

Human Resources

Co - operative Education

Buzreba, Sara Salah

Garrett, Ashley Nicole

McCullagh, Jordyn Alexis

Rasheed, Zainab Talat

Rehman, Khezar Ali

Schock, Cassidy Dawn

Thibodeau, Emma Kathleen


Abdallah, Aliya

Al-Sabeq, Abdulrahman Majdi

Amery, Nour Monalisa

Arndt, Courtney Lucia

Arvisais, Noah Christoph

Asif, Asad

Berube, Garrett Gt

Brault, Jadelyn Rose Tong

Cabrera, Mark Brandon

Carson, Liam Alexander

Chamoun, Noelle Marie

Charney, Madison Rose

David, Silken-Marie

Dela Cuesta, Andrea Quezon

Edwards, Shelby Anne

Fawcett, Carter Haines

Gaina Ghiroaga, Costin Gruia

Gamez, Mya Patricia

Genovese, Haley Kristen

Gonzalez Robles, Dana Nicole

Hart, Gavin

Hedrick, Nathan Konrad

Helesic, Benjamin Robert

Hennes, Kierson Shea

Johner, Jorgia Renee

Kirsch, Haley Nicole

Kobelka, Jordan Claire

Kravec, Alexandra Emilie

Mason, Bailey Skyler

May, Julia C.

McQuilkin, Carly Marcella Anna

Meek, Jahnique Mekayle

Midekssa, Matiwose Reta

Munro, Miranda Jane

Oinam, Divyang Singh

O’Reilly, Madyson Shea

Paquet, Thibaut John

Paulson, Adam Arland

Peacock, Jaime

Pellan, Robbi Camille

Ramos, Erin Jeremy Bonifacio

Ridsdale, Nolan David

Royle, Samantha Joan

Rybar, Samuel Anthony

Sanchez, Mark Israel

Sawka, Logan Robert John

Schamber, Luke Matthew

Schroeder, Katelin Elise

Steiner, Sarah Michele

Teunissen, Austin

Thlana, Vanlal

Thomson, Sarah Elizabeth

Toor, Ravanvir Singh

Vukosavljevic, Alexander

Walker, Jordan Tyana

Watt, Taylor Grace

Weber, Jenelle Mary Ellen

Wedenig, Carl John

Woelfle, Cassie Kay

Woitas, Abby Kristine

Marketing Co - operative Education

Apostolakis, John

Armstrong, Brooke Erin

Butt, Nawaal Nabeel

Dizon, Mary Charmane

Dumbrava, Ana

Hollinger, Thomas Allan

Macdonald, Tyra

Martini, Katarina Anna

Morgan, Cassidy Marie

Naganathy, Juana Daniele

Pryor, Eric Mitchell

Sobh, Hassan

Bachelor of Communication

Broadcast Media Studies

Ander, Matthew

Bainbridge, Dawson Kennedy

Banting, Gavin Harrison

Dawe, Liam Robert

Dellapina, Kilian

Delos Santos, Mikaela Bianca Sinel

Duke, Emma Grace

Fornez, Gustavo Andres

Hill, Tanner

Hillier, Matthew J.

Jacobson, Aleah Janelle

Jolin, Samantha Leeann

Kawchuk, Benjamin Brent

Mabazza, Jed Cruzabra

MacDonald, Darian Shae

Mallari, Kim Lhenry

Mark, Jacob Duane

Meakin, Gabriella Claire Finstad

Merriman, Matthew Cole

Monette, Taliah Carolyn

Mustaqeem, Misha Adil

Navis, Kevin James

Oblea, Miguel Abuel

Shepley, Elaina Grace

Sifert, Madeleine

Taylor, Jason Daniel

Vander Ploeg, Garret Aaron

Vircoe, Leigh Connor Jeffrey

Information Design

Athitang, Kaitlyn Izabella

Austen, Samuel

Barker, Katelyn Olivia

Barnes, Zachary Michael Stuart

Cobb, Janelle Mary

Garner, Natalie Grace

Godoy-Contois, Corrie Lynn Casey

Hakimeh, Rahaf

Husain, Zahra

Israeli, Amira Aliya

Kadyk, Abby Marie

Kellow, Casey

Lacey, Brynn Nicole

Murray, Grace Lauren

Panter, Emma Leigh

Pisano, Lucas Donato Harry

Rediger, Anna Yu

Reyes, Adrianne Roasa

Reyes, Mikaylah Jade

Robida, Sabina

Salem, Juman

Saxon, Katherine Nicole

Shelley, Konrad J.

Soriano, Vanessa Usita

Torres, Loren Ann

Villeta, Carla Jemimah

Vivian, Theo Mark

Wong, Marisa Kaylie

Yuen, Rachel Ka Ying


Balsillie, Connor James

Mayo, Anne Marie

Merali, Qassim

Ollenberger, Hillary Leanne

Potter, George Edward*

Rosca, Teodora

Journalism and Digital Media

Adeniran, Mofeoreofeoluwa Adedoyin

Ahmed, Samreen-Mubaraka

Creig, Megan Chelsey

DeMille, Matthew Glenn

Ferguson, Stuart Ruari

Harper, Noel

Jassal, Gurleen

Johnson, Erica Auralee

Mason, Mackenzie Jennifer Elgin

Mcmillan, Ryan I.

Palin, Brooklyn Dawn

Palomino, Marco Manuel

Patton, Julie Anne

Pfeifer, Ashley Jordan

Riglin, Abbie Sommer

Samuel, Thalia Marie

Seaborn, Ethan Robert

Public Relations

Achal, Jenessa Marie

Ahmed, Muntahir

Al-Sabeg, Noor

Arnholtz, Haley Catherine

Baldwin, Danielle Elise

Baldwin, Madisson Lee

Balkwill, Eliza Mae

Bosgra, Madelyn Ann

Carnat-Gronnerud, Hannah S.

Chan, Jayden

Chiocchio, Lia Maria

Curlock, Gracie E.

Debre, Kyle

Dederick, Allison Marie

Donnelly, Jessica Evelyn M.

* Degree awarded posthumously

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 12 , 2024 2 P.M.


Doyle, Ryder Brock

Edwards, Allison Jade

Eid, Hassan Ali

El-Gozouli, Shahd Abdelaziz

Encarnacion, Andre Gonzales

Falk, Katherine Raelene

Forster, Nadeeka Gillan

Frenette, Raegan Alaina

Galesloot, Parker

Goods, Chase Stephen

Hancock, Campton Elizabeth

Hawco, Avree Tate

Hawes, Haley Rose

Haws, Brad William

Istace, Braden James Smyth

Kellam, Sara Elizabeth

Kyluik, Shaina Lilly-anne

La Noire Alva, Desiree

Labelle, Desiree Katie

MacGregor, Rianna Rose

MacLaurin, Jonas Nathaniel Kevin

McKee, Madison Elizabeth

Mendoza, Chloie Eishel Galvez

Mooney, Mackena Hope

Popescu, Irina

Renwick, Alix

Rivard, James Albert

Rosso, Tory Michael

Russell, Sadie-Mae

Smith, Francesca

Sonnenberg, Andree Cynthia

Stauffer, Jayden Levi

Stefanyk, Laryssa Julianna

Theriault, Amy

Truscott, Carly R.

Vanwijk, Kendra Louise

Verkley, Sarah Anne Theresa

Wai, Jennifer

Wood, Mackenzie Paige

Woodhead, Madison Kendall

Business Administration

Post Bachelor’s Certificate

Human Resources

Amreenjot Kaur

Jashandeep Kaur

Jasmeet Singh

Jaspreet Singh

Komalpreet Kaur

Manpreet Kaur

Bhagat, Riya

Chhikara, Sagar

Gour, Himani

Hoss, Erich Ramon

Postigo Ramos, Diana Carolina

Pridhi, Pridhi

Rathee, Vinay

Scott, Brian Fraser

Shah, Kirtan

Sharma, Palak

Sharma, Shelly

Somiratna, Tharindu Udayanga

Walker, Tyna Lynn

Whitehead, Bailey Leanne

Wiart, Shelley Marie


Harmanpreet Kaur

Hojati, Zahra

Makkala, Hymavathi

Patel, Dhruvin Snehal

Vega Jimenez, Monica Gissela

Thursday June 13, 2024 10 a.m.


Funeral Service Diploma

Blancher, Shaun Alexander Lee

Bowes, Celeste A.

Collyer, Jordan Rylee


Elder Miiksika’am, Clarence Wolfleg

Honorary Doctor of Laws Recipient

Charles Osuji

Centennial Gold Medal Recipient

Fawaz Saleem

Alumni Speaker

David Nicholson, TVP Employment Preparation Certificate ‘20

Dantu, Carissa Wynter

De La Rosa, Haelo Elizabeth

Dyment, Melanie Faye

Edwards, Allen

Handfield, Mallorey Marie

Harper, Rebekah

Hermanski, Bryn Elise

Hodge, Chantelle R.

MacFadyen, Bailey Kaitlyn

Manley, Sarah

Martinson, Jillian Lee

Nugent-Black, Iona Jade

Parra-Munoz, Meagan Larissa

Schirrmacher, Kristina

Schmeichel, Amanda Emily

Shukin, McKenzi Jasmine

Sitko, Wendy Lynn

Van Damme, Chelsea Rose

Whitford, Alyssa Lee

Massage Therapy Diploma

Blades, McKenna Charlotte

Burgess, Derek Neil

Campbell, Melody Joy

Currey, Tiffany Ann

Dewar, Megan Nicole

Dusoswa, Rebecca

Ellis, Gillian Lee

Evangelista, Celina

Fox, Georgina Rosemary

Franklin, Emma Marie

Germsheid, Robert

Getty, Michael Colin

Green, Jennifer Jane

Grindlay, Elena

Harron, Lesley

Hoffman Turner, Sumitra

Judd, Madelyn Taylor

Karchewski, Jarvis Anton

Larsen, Hannah Rose

Leach, Peter Jon

Lim, Emma

Loewen, Kali Jane

Marshall, Julia

Mikkelson, Bailey Erin

Monkhouse, Melissa

Ngai, Mark Chun-Ping

Okabe, Lindsay Masako

Oswald, Makenzie Rae

Parker, Kyla Nicole

Piet, Johanna Mae Josephine

Rautio, Eric Raymond

Reimer, Alyxandra Chelsea

Schmaltz, Ryley Matthew

Seywerd, Tessa

Sheppard, Nathaniel

Thomas, Kennedy Pearl

Trodd, Riley Lavell

White, Anika Elizabeth

THURSDAY, JUNE 13 , 2024 10 A.M.


Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma

Abdelli, Tayeb

Ballinger, Sean Douglas

Black Kettle, Zachary Ethan Duane

Dougherty, Samantha Brynn Perry

Evans, Lowell Brendan

Garcia Hoyos, Luisa Fernanda

Go, Nathan Samuel Z.

Hill, Carson Mackenzie

Hinger, Lucas Victor

Nagata, Adam Ryo

Oleksiw, Auston R.

Owusu Mensah, Isaac

Quintero, Alejandro Jesus

Rogalski, Kendall Sage

Roy, Bradley James Lorne

Scholz, Evan Thomas

Wang, Siheng

Embalmer Certificate

Connors, Keltie Madeline

Desbiens, Victoria Kathryn

Mann, Tamara

Taylor, Jadyn Lucille

Funeral Director


Buchan, Trisha Leone

Gear, Melissa Lynn

Golka, Jordan Douglas

Kok, Laura Elisabeth

Kuykendall, Kaidyn Dayne

McCrae, Michael Ford

Mielnik, Brieanna Tori

Rollins, Brandy

Sloan, Mark Gordon

Van Den Berg, Michelle Irma

Wahlstrom, Hayley Anne

Welander, Shauna

Employment Preparation Certificate

Abdo, Adam

Ahn, Jiwoo

Bill, Anosha Agar

Callan, Shawn Travis

Crites, Daniel

Dhaliwal, Kirat

Eklund, Samuel Parker

El-Refaei, Hala

Estojero, Jashley Gabriel Ramirez

Hum, Tianna

Jassal, Aadeshvir Singh

Johnson, Hailey Dawn

Kelso-Murray, Connor Douglas

Mamani Mamdani, Keyaan Ali

Morissette, Wyatt Rider

Ngo, Steven Khang

O’Neill, Michaela Jade

Owens, Jacob Michael

Padmaraj, Amaris Dzana

Pederson, Kyle Bradley

Singla, Harshita

Solis, Stephen John

Stewart, Evan Alan

Tsang-Yong, Martin Ka Sing

Van Den Bosch, Haley Danielle

THURSDAY, JUNE 13 , 2024 10 A.M.


Bachelor of Education — Elementary

Abu Farhah, Duha Manaf Hashem

Adams, Kiana Carol Ann

Albanito, Marina Katerina

Allen, Olivia Rochelle

Bahler, Melyna Irene

Bailey, Tessa Ann

Battistessa, Domenic Bernard

Berg, Sophie Maya

Berkshire, Megan Emily

Bessant, Tristin Edward

Binder, Joleen Catherine

Bond, Kiayana Monique Elizabth

Both, Carys Alida

Bridden, Jessica Lynn

Brookes, Leia Isabelle

Buternowsky, Amber Nicole

Cesario, Isabella Antonia

Chernik, Nathan Alexander

Chornoby, Jamie Brian

Davidson, Theresa Joan

Delay, Jack Donald

Diegel, Nicole Georgina

Ducharme-Kusuhara, Lee-Anne Yuriko

Ehret, Breanna Jordan

El-Hamamsy, Rachel Hoda

Felesky, Spencer

Fetherstonhaugh, Jillian Margaret

Fofonoff, Kaity Michelle

Forsyth, Chantelle Dawn

Fourman, Oshrat Ludmila

Frank, Taylor Leigh Fudge, Allison

Giesinger, Marissa Kathlyn

Grabmuller, Paige Susan Lauren

Gyug, Kylie Janelle

Harris, Chelsey Jean

Havens, Jessica Tse

Hess, Arielle Victoria

Hourie, Jaiden Riley

Hungle, Chastity Chelsy

Ikokeno, Benhilda Mutsa

Izzo, Jordana Nicole

Jans, Ty David

Jantz, Torrie Lindsay

Janzen, Madison Mae

Jarrett, Ethan William M.

Jocson, Nicole

Johnson, Emily

Jung, Ihn-Ah

Kaczynski, Brooklyn Hailey

Kemna, Leighton Gordon

Khatra, Anoop Kaur

Kisil, Kassidy Audrey

Koch, Kylie Hope

Kulcsar, Victoria Lynn

Le, Evonne

Le, Tracy

Leighton, Leilani Lee

Leonard, Dawson

Linder, Lauren Anna

Luini, Lauren Marie

Marra, Olivia Grace

Masroor, Dania

Materi, Jackson Peter

Mcadam, Kelsey Amber

McWhinnie, Meghan Elizabeth

Moch, Jolene Renee

Moline, Ty Jeffery

Monaco Jatem, Isabella De Jesus

Munton, Melanie Grace

Nasiry, Salma

Nesbitt, Brynn Danae

Neumier, Jeanne

Nickolson, Nicole Janine

Odeesh, Diana

Oliva Martinez, Fatima Rocio

Olney, Kurtis

Olson, Kalilah

Osczevski, Jessica Catherine

Paiement, Vincent Daniel

Pickford, Brittney Dawn

Pilon, Braden Marc

Pyle, Andrew R.

Pyle, Liam Connor

Reef, Jaydene

Ryan-Hunter, Malorey Elizabeth

Salam, Lina

Samson, Shaylund Bailey

Sandercock, Taylor Marie

Sands, Mary Alice Jennifer

Santiago, Carmen Coronel

Schultz, Jessica

Schulz, Erika Lynn

Skwara, Karolina Jessica

Smith, Rachel Yvonne

Spring, Ashley Dawn

Stevenson, Taylor Lynn Patricia

Stow, Jessica Caitlin

Sturge, Hailey A.

Tanner, Kendall

Taylor, Anna Marie

Teichroeb, Jillian Grace

Terlson, Karlie Debra

Thakurdeen, Ashley

Thomas, Shawna Lee

Tosku, Kristiana

Tynan, James Gordon

Tyrrell, William Tom

Ukalchuk, Charlee Marie

Unreiner, Katelyn Makinley

Vaka, Amalaini Ruth

Van Roessel, Meredith Ksenia

Watt, Shayla Katrina

Watt, Tianna

Wells, Kayleigh Gracie

Yarmchuk, Noah James

Ziegler, Jayda Christine

THURSDAY, JUNE 13 , 2024 10 A.M.

Bachelor of Midwifery

Fraser, Ivy Anna

Harvey, Sabryna Rose

Kathler, Emily

McKinnon, Stefanie G.

McManus, Cassandra Anne

Pierog, Danielle Katelyn

Stefanic, Joanne Margaret

Swalm, Tara Renae

Thiessen, Katrina Elise

Tiessen, Marina Evelyn

Wakewich, Abby Irene

Waldner, Kimberly Dawn

Wiens, Alyssa

Bachelor of Nursing

Abdullayeva, Amina

Abou-Salem, Youmna Khaled

Ahmad, Sarah Mustafa

Al Saadi, Alaa Abdulateef J.

Alawi, Shahla

Aldos, Grace Nina Marie Mariano

Almeda, Shalayna Brooke

Ashworth, Erika Lynn

Bains, Renbir Kaur

Bairaktaris, Michelle

Bansley, Chloe Evelyn

Barakchian, Fatemeh

Barker, Olivia Grace

Beckwith, Jasper

Benacchio, Daniella Marie

Bennett, Gemma Naomi

Bennik, Justin Connor

Boonstra, Jessica Ruth

Braga, Shaelynn Alexa

Bray, Sydney Olivia

Brighton, Kaitlyn Marilee

Bulger, Renee Maria

Bullivant, Emilee Hunter Jade

Burriss, Sydney Elizabeth

Cabalida, Danielle Faith

Cabutaje, Alvin Piluden

Cabutaje, Kaye Piluden

Canonizado, Nicole Angela

Capuno, Madeth Mangaring

Chacon-Romero, Alexia Xolenin

Chaves, Tisha Rachelle

Chen, Anita

Chen, Siyan

Chow, Riley Yuen-Lum

Chukwunaru, Chika Obinwanne

Clough, Jesse Marie

Coe, Renee J.

Craven, Alison Judianne

Curtis, Samantha Nicole

Cuu, Jadyn Jenny

Davie, Dylan Robert

Dilcox, JoRae Doris

Di-N’Zau, Ketsia Clemence

Dolor, Carmie Ly

D’Silva, Natasha Davida Roxanna

Dung, Randy Tuong Hieu

Edwards, Steven George

Elvis-Duruji, Chinonye Nneka

Emeji, Chisom

Eshetu, Seyone

Fabiano, Julia Nicole

Ferdosiyan, Afrooz

Fernandez, Czerlene Mae

Ferraton, Arielle

Fibich, Elio

Ficaccio, Paige

Follett, Lauren Rita

Fontaine, Gabrielle Aline

Franklin, Annika

Frizell, Natalia Nikki

Funk, Ridge McKay

Gabriel, Nichelle-Joyce Borbe

Gill, Khivi

Gonzales, Camille Cao

Gonzales, Zandra

Gonzalez, Lisa Esther

Gosling, Kaitlyn Melandie

Grewal, Simran

Guirguis, Kareen Maher Zaki Sidarous

Hackman, Zoe

Hardy, Emma Christina

Hart, Taylor Ashton

Herman, Ryan Taylor

Hernandez, Alyssa Gail

Hofer, Michelle J. S.

Hood, Payton Grace

Hough, Peregrine

Ibikunle, Ganiyat Abiodun

Iheanyichukwu, Blessing Chidimma

Jarvis, Paige Lee

Jenkins, Vanessa Grace

Kassam, Kareena Karim

Kaune, Stephanie

Kaur, Henna Bibi

Kaur, Kamalpreet

Khalid, Alleena

Kim, Lucia Junghee

Kinzel, Lea

Kok, Lydia Rose

Kryway, Abbigail Grace

Kumar, Divya

Latorza, Alexa Megan Lacson

Layug, Kaye Angela Santos

Lee, Sujin

Losada, Diana

MacDonald, Madysen Margaret

Macua, Raquel Mira

Malyshev, Ivan

Mammone, Gabriella Nicole

Marcus, D’Angelo

Marki, Amanda Michelle

Meindersma, Zoe Catharina

Mey, Melissa Susan

Miles, Amy Lynn

Moffatt, Sarah Marie Ruby

Mohamed, Zeinab Aweis

Monteiro, Mayara Antje

Moss, Kristofer Connor

Mun, Soo-Hyun

Munkhtsetseg, Michidmaa


Muraveva, Ekaterina Alekseevna

Muriyadan, Jerin

Mushaluk, Camila Irene

Myer, Braydon David Naicker, Shaaml Krish

Natividad, Kiarrah

Naugler, Krysten Karen-Ann

Navarrete, Nicolas Daniel

Neufeld, Annelise Mireya

Neunherz, Ashley Marie

Nguyen, Misha Phan

Nguyen, Vivian

Niaz, Ravisha

Nicholson, Aimie

Nicodemus, Kerr Luck Mendoza

Obeng, Nana Akua Agyeiwaa

Odubela, Adenike Oluwabusayo

Okonkwo, Chiazom Ugonna

Olatunji, Mary Ajibola

Onwubiko, Chinyere Dorcas

Pacis, Juvi Rae Dalao

Pamaran, Joseph Nicholas

Park, Benjamin Junyoung

Payne, Sierra Dawn Loreen

Pokin-Socha, Anna

Rawlusyk, Carson Alexander

Rennick, Matthew Dylan

Restrepo Jimenez, Isabella Riggall, Megan Nicole

Ritter-Riegling, Emily

Rivero, Ian Joshua

Sahni, Abhijeet Singh

Salazar Gonzalez, Valeria Alejandra

Saleem, Fawaz

Sandhu, Prinaaz

Schneider, Ellaura Morgan

Schulz, Nicole Rebekka

Sehdev, Sonam

Simm, Erinn Kaitlin

Sivertson, Hannah Leigh

Solano, Ana Isabella Alfonso

Stevenson, Ashley Ann

Strauss, Jennine Elizabeth

Sy Su, Grace Zea Louise Fontanilla

Tesfay, Lydia Hiwot

Thelifort-Fieffe, Cimelienne

Thomas, Fiona Jane

Tiwari, Shiksha

Toe, Marjori Mae Dubria

Tran, Nancy

Trinh, Kathy Amy

Truong, Anna Ngoc

Tucker, Madeline Patricia

Turner, Brynna Marie

Udegbunam, Amarachi Chinazaekpere

Urquhart, Kirstyn Gabrielle

Vanier, Christiana Theresa Jesse

Ventrudo, Katherine Anne

Webster, Hope

Weinrauch, Katie Jasmin

Wesolowski, Gabrielle Sanne

Wilgus, Therese Marie

Wong, Cayla

Wood, Jo Anne

Wuraola, Ifeoluwa Favour

Yang, Yunhao

Young, Ashtyn-Don Rayell

Ziolkowski, Alivia Michelle

Advanced Studies in Critical Care Nursing Post Diploma Certificate

Critical Care Nursing

Doyle, Rebecca

Folkerts, Mikah Alise

Havens, Alison Miriam

Kennedy, Jessica

Manson, Levi Thomas

Martinez, Jocelyn Renee

Ochoa, Daisy Diana

Park, Chan Song

Siddiqui, Saquib

Walsh, Sarah Maureen

Emergency Nursing

Barr, Camille Ashly

Bleile, Danika Meghan

Brown, Linda Jeannette

Churchman, Amelia Joan

Delorme, Erica Anne Fosca

Lommerts, Stephanie Ann

Martin, Alison Lyn

McMillan, Lindsay Dawn

Rivera, Jorman Yesid

Rix, Amber Jean

Ross, Kelsey June

Sapozhnikov, Hope Emily Jane

Wickham, Michelle

Thursday June 13, 2024

2 p.m.


Elder Miiksika’am, Clarence Wolfleg


Doctor of Laws Recipient

Roy Bear Chief

Governor General’s Medal


Kolbi Watmough

Alumni Speaker

Nikkole Heavy Shields, B.Ed. ‘20


Bachelor of Child Studies

Child and Youth Care Counsellor

Aleksiuk, Talia

Anderson, Catherine

Ashar, Alisa

Aslam, Sana

Atiyeh, Sara

Awad, Amany

Ayoungman, Brittany Tina Lane

Boutilier, Madison Erin May

Charlton, Reka Louise

Chhim, Amoolee

Chung, Kilok

Constantini, Megan Elizabeth

Droeske, Kirsten Kimberley Anne

Ede, Jessica Honor

Elhard, Sarah Grace

Fowler, Hayley Dawn

Fraser, Madisyn Paige

Friesen, Sarah Emily Ruth

Hillman, Maddison Paige

Jones, Jamie Morgan

Kandola, Simran Singh

Khan, Ayma

MacPhail, Molly Grace

Marsdin, Annie Elizabeth

Martynychev, Jane Valerie

Mohamed, Qaher Ali

Ncube, Priscillar

Parisotto, Reece Patricia

Pauls, Sara Theressa

Plessl-McAlister, Kyra Bethanne

Pollock, Michailya

Primrose, Aalayna Anne Fay

Rae, Taylor

Sawatsky, Calista Lynn

Sedres, Sharnae Michaela

Sleiman, Janine

Spring, Camryn Josie

Steenson, Jolene

Taylor Vardanyan, Danielle

Toseland, Katie Louise

Wichert, Lacie Jae

Willie, Jeremy Mark

Woolley, Kathrine Ruth

Zack, Samara Keri

Zdrill, Janaya Anne

Early Learning and Child Care

Ahmed, Alawia Adam

Argun, Nergiz

Benoit, Tanya Lynn

Bolton, Megan Lorrene

Crough, Elysa Ann

Diec, Annie Nu

Duong, Vicheny Kang

Frick, Lauren Elizabeth Teresa

Gorgonio, Elizabeth Marie De Roxas

Green, Megan Nicole

Grover, Charu

Higman, Emma Lynn

Ifko, Isabella Anna Wahl

Jutt, Hina Naz

Kasaba, Alice Tantine

Martinez Zeron, Seidy Julissa

May, Jewel

McKnight, Ryley Denae

Ng, Hoi Ching

Paringit, Leigh Kassandra Lardizabal

Park, Dohyun

Penney, Kelsey Ann Louise

Plettl, Alison Grace

Santiago, Kristel Cayco

Sufder, Syeda Mah-e-ra

Tran, Hana

Wiens, Melanie Jane

Zbik, Natalie Zofia

Bachelor of Health and Physical Education

Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership and Sport and Recreation Management

Woodward, Foster Buxton

Athletic Therapy

Al-Salam, Dariana Athaide

Benauro, Arthur James

Kingsmill, Adam Fredrick

Klassen, Michael Miguel

Lutzer, Nathaniel

Mastel, Hanna Joelle

Nacionales, Joaquin Artemius de Leon

Patenaude, Brenna Rochelle

Penney, Benjamin James

Petersen, Heidi Adair

Russo, Eva Francesca

Ryan, Emma

Shields, Dallyn Marie

Simmons, Nicole Rose

Stephan, Laurel Anne

Sutcliffe, Claire Anne Walker, Lauren

Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership (Honours)

Putman, Sabrina Lynn

Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership

Altamera, Anna Rose

Blind, Devon

Coyne, Reena Grace

Ding, Xiaoyang

Howes, Lauren Elizabeth

Jmaiff, Harlee Mackenzie

Koser, Rebecca Nola

Kosolofski, Cassidy Jordan

Lapinskie, Matthew Evan

Marple, Emma Elise

Terriff, Natalie Claire

Van Wert, Rachel Elizabeth

Wagner, Emily Kate

Physical Literacy

Akbari, Rahat

Allum, Sarah Christina

Al-Shimari, Ali

Assen, Kennedy Jean

Astrera, Cristian

Atiyeh, Fadi

Atkinson, Kelsi Jordan

Bahrynowski, Carter Tye

Barclay, Ryley

Bateman, Kyle Austin

Bayne, Emma Elisabeth

Belanger, Nadia Jayne

Bhandari, Anupa

Blake, Connor Gerard M.

Boulding, Cody E.

Brar, Rajdeep Singh

Broda, Ashley Dawn

Budhwani, Aamira

Byam, Christopher James

Campbell, Aidan Jeffrey

Cay, Aaron Michael

Cepaitis, Mantas

Chiasson, Emily

Choo-Foo, Brooklyn

Chubak, Jared Herb Indiana

Coleman, Samantha May

Collen, Hanna Marie

DeRaaf, Riley Marie

Drobchak, Nikol

Ecker, Tyler Michael

El-Hajj, Ali Walid

Elkhatib, Summer Lena

Esquivel, Kyle Sergio

Ferguson, Brielle

Fiwchuk, Reece Emma

Flore, Devin Craig

Fresorger, Bryan

Gauthier, Kate

Ghiultu, Emma

Gingras, Ryan Michel

Gu, Tino

Gunning, Megan

Halling, Madison Marie

Hanley, Alexandra

Hayer, Palwinder Singh

Holman, Lucas Jordan

Hooper, Maddison Montana

Hussein, Islam Nayif

Ibrahim, Alaa

Inkpen, Adam Lucas

Kaldenhoven, Emily Grace

Kazi, Umme Aeman

Keith, Kelsey Danielle

Kunz, Alaine Andreus

Lakhyan, Verneet Kaur

Lal, Rajeev Justin

Lanza, Michaela

Laughland, Jane Molly

Lawrence, Ella Margaret

Lewis, Cade Davin

Li, Peiyu

Mckernon, Dylan Kate

McKillican, Sarah Nayeli

Michaud, Jenna Joanne

Mogrovejo, Sofia

Moss, Amy Christine

Nguyen, Jason Hao

Ngwudike, Agostino

Nijjar, Sukhvir Singh

Nouwen, Blake Willem

Novak, Hannah Maria

Olson, Kelti Lee

Osczevski, Rachel Ann

Palanuik, Jared

Pinheiro Goldner Mohn, Ricardo


Procyshen, Nolan Michael

Quinagoran, Karl Familara

THURSDAY, JUNE 13 , 2024 2 P.M.


Ratzlaff, Robert Deane

Real, Owen

Rezavand, Sarina

Safi, Waseem

Said, Peter

Santa, Laura-Alejandra

Savage, Nicolas

Schmidt, Josie Ellen

Sekiya, Garrett M.

Sharma, Srijana

Sidhu, Guroop Singh

Sidhu, Rupinder

Sohi, Ekman Kaur

Stembridge, Kendra Rose

Stillinger, Emma Josephine

Summers, Julia

Tarrant, Bronwyn Jean

Taylor, Jocelyn

Tran, Vivian Anne

Trotter, Breanne Nicole

Uy, Assumpta Mari Badiola

Venne, Brooke-Lyne Georgina

Vidallo, Matthew Jacob

Warnock, Jensen Andreas Arthur

Wieczorek, Isabel Magdalen

Wozny, Brock Michael

Yasa, Yeganeh

Yee, Timothy Chuck Hong

Zeineddine, Lulu

Sport and Recreation Management

Berryman, Amy Jean

Capuno, Jeanne Marielle

Casavant, Rachael Maureen

Crowe, Ayden Matthew

Fitzgerald, Connor John

Folk, Reid Connor

Golden, Mackenzie Lauren

Hordal, Kassandra Mackenzie

Kanten, Ryan Layton

Larioza, Nicole Abigail

Liesemer, Sierra

Maglio, Nicholas Stephen Thibault

Miyaji, Shinji Clifford

O’Sullivan, Michael S.

Powell, Tyler

Powley, Thomas Lawson

Rancier, Lucas Addison

Santos, Luigi

Schaefer, David

Seda Oben, Pablo Emil

Stevenson, Corey-Dale Angela

Sutherland, Cole Edward

Tucker, Katherine Hannah Skye

Varhaug, Riley

Yakemchuk, Keeling Rine

Bachelor of Social Work

Anders, Jenelle Marie

Baird, Meaghan Louise

Banks, Theresa Lyn

Bayating, Novie Mae Idulsa

Beatt, Kathleen Anne

Biru, Leta Dalu

Bleile, Kayla Layne

Boucher, Skye Cassidy Caroline

Carrier, Edith

Dhaliwal, Pamalpreet Kaur

Duldulao, Katrina Carol Villa

Evans, Kai-Li Cai Tao

Grandison, Shanice Tamera

Hill, Nichole

Hogan, Kaitlyn Brooke

Kanikwu, Maryjane Chidinma

King, Samantha

Knockwood, Cassidy Rita Elaine

Koenig, Phoebe

Leckie, Morgan Taylor

Mah, Meagan Elizabeth

Nabuuma, Annet

Nguyen, Jessica

Parker, Jamie-Leigh

Pelzer, Sarah Beth

Pesa, Hugo Nickolas Gayatin

Rudolph, Jordan Joseph

Santiago, Kristine Cayco

Smith, Alyssa

Tan, Ryleigh Elizabeth

Tizora, Primrose Fadzisai Che

Van Damme, Nicole Lynn

Webster, Bryn Morgan

Winterhalt, Jenna Lauren

Wityshyn, Douglas James

Zack, Deanna Dell

Social Work Diploma

Nardeep Kaur

Bajwa, Surinder Singh

Bass, Sarah Morgan

Bear, Shania

Bilous, Madison Bryanne

Bookey, Hilary Danielle

Chan, Leah

Craig, Amelia Eveta

Crkvenac, Mikayla

Crowchild, Dalyce Tasheena Rae

Cruickshank, Mathea Ruby Rae

Davison, Stephanie D.

Delorme, Carissa Stephanie

Duarte, Vanessa Del Carmen

Dunning, Rylie Matson

Eagle Plume, Bobbi-Jo Irene

El Jamal, Naya Maria

Ethier, Chantal

Forigo, Ava Sophia

Halarewich, Katie Ellen

Hashimi, Mashal

Horvath, Anna

Leavitt, Ariah M.

Little Bear, Brandy Terese Nicole

Lowe, Mariella Kaye

Macadam-Hazel, Kyla Dawn

Mayumba, Nathan

Mitchinson, Alexandra Marie

Mogensen, Elliot James

Nowell, Abigael Scottlyn

Onuoha, Oluchi Leona

Pointen, Kendra Ashley

Ramirez Alvarenga, Vanessa

Roukema, Chantel

Short, Jessica

Singer, Tiffany M.

Stewart, James Andrew

Switzer, Jennifer Tennille

Sykes, Quinn Vivian

Tamber, Simran Kaur

Tessema, Brook Naiomy

Tickles, Riley James

Toma, Riley Jean

Troung, Danny

Watmough, Kolbi Rayne

Athletic Therapy Post Bachelor’s Certificate

Davis, Celena Marie

Henley, Dawn

Hides, Morgan John

Mckeage, Aidan Ross

O’Connor, Dillon Cole

Parsons, Ashlyn Shea

Stapley, Taylor Marie

Friday June 14, 2024

10 a.m.


Elder Miiksika’am, Clarence Wolfleg


Doctor of Laws Recipient

Honourable Ron Ghitter

Professors Emeriti

Sharon Smulders

Clifford Werier

John Cox

Centennial Gold Medal Recipient

Natalie McCallum

Alumni Speaker

Sally Njoroge, BA ‘19


Bachelor of Arts

Anthropology and Psychology

Gallant, Twyla Eva-Rose

Anthropology and Sociology

Samnani, Nasiha

English (Honours) and Psychology

Ma, Mary Kathleen

Policy Studies and English

Stoesz, James Matthew

Psychology and Sociology (Honours)

Snidal, Emma Lynn

Psychology and Sociology

Guerra, Zhania Katherine Ante


Afolabi, Oluwafisayo

Aris, Stephen Kevin

Bagley, Taylor Lynn

Baptiste, Kristie Anne Sofia

Barnes, Claire Alexandra

Berridge, Kayla Ann

Blott, Elizabeth Grace

Borromeo, Carl Justin

Broda, Amber Lee

Broderick, Juliette

Carriere, Evangeline Dorothy

Cicalo, Vanessa Aline

Coutney-McKenzie, Summar Emily

Crawford, Dori Danielle

Hawboldt, Andrew Benjamin

Heaton, Spencer Thomas

Hepburn, Erin Catrina Ruth

LeBlanc, Christine Kaylynn

Niven, Benjamin P.

O’Keefe, Maddison Ann

Omiunu, Melissa Adesua

Poluk, McKenna Maria

Rodrigues, Lisa Sophia

Rozpara, Luiza Fiona

Smyth, Teresa-Rayne

Starlight, Janelle Winona

English (Honours)

Ab, Sama

Christie, Chandler

Thraya, Oula

Tzanakos, Jana Marie


Begay-Wildman, Joyce Fallon

Bhashin, Yuvraj Singh

Billings, Alley Kathleen

Davis, Mae

Edworthy, Kendra Marie

Eeles, Hannah Lynn

Foster, Ruby Anne

Fournier, Evan Michael

Garvey, Jocelyn Jane

Hill-Brace, Charis Lynn

Hinz, Amy M.

Knight, Emily Amanda

Krzpiet, Victoria

Kuykendall, Mark David

Luzentales-Simpson, Samantha Emily

Marshall, Amanda

Munro, Wesley Douglas

Myriani, Tiana Ianne

Pennicooke, Jhuzay Terry

Price, Ethan Anthony

Randen, Anita Alexandra

Sawma, Mariebelle

Singh, Sukh

Vazquez, Alexia

Young, Elise Isabella


Brobbel, Jeremy Cornelius Samuel

Carter, Logan Tate

Cifra, Kipp Bradley

Cotton, Victor Alexander Neal

Dhawan, Manav

Elahee, Jasmine Almel

Gotmy, Zachari Mohammed

Jones, Zowie Bourassa

Leach, Samantha Emelia

Nairn, Heather Lynn

Pornasdoro, Lorenzo Peñaflorida

Pyett, Zoe Rose Marie

Quinn, Mikaila Helen Ann

Rempel, David Tyler

Salazar, Ashley

Smolinski, Eric Michael

Surdu, Asher

Wraight, Deborah Lorraine

Zorrilla, Lucas Campos

Policy Studies (Honours)

Brooks, Jason

Policy Studies

Abu Hayyaneh, Tala Ra’ed Rawhi

Adamson, Liam James

Al Sourani, Naheel

Baylis-Holub, Britton Michael John

Benhaddad, Yaseen

Brar, Mandeep

El Kadri, Nayif

Guay, Yvette

Klopp, Tarran Elouise

Lee, Ryan John

Lipp, Victoria Catherine

Mohammadi, Najla

Palmer, Caleb James

Pimienta, Karen Lorena

Reay-Randell, Haleigh Rose

Sariego, Vivien-An Enriquez

Smiley, Nicole Dawn

Steele, Katelyne Nicole

Psychology (Honours)

Campbell, Connor

Espinosa, Jael Noemi

Essex, Kaitlin Faith

Gillies, Morgan

Kerr, Sterling Grant Gawley

Leadbeater, Keiren Angelia

Mason, Claire Laura

Mccallum, Natalie Laine

Melendez, Isabel Cristhina

Newman, Sophie L.

Ormita, Jenalyn Mingi

Peixoto, Luciana

Pigeau, Courtney Deanna

Pleshka, Anna

Rose, Brettyn

Sandoval, Vanessa Alexandra

Savard, Chantal

Schober, Bethany Ruth


Abbas, Khadija

Adubofour-Poku, Alexis

Angoluan, Shane Canipas

Ansari, Aiden Vincent

Bacolong, Bernadine Jamaila

Bansiloy, Angelica Kate Legaspi

Barnes, Lindsey Margaret

Beck, Aleithia June

Bhangal, Loveleen

Blaskin, Jordan Delphina

Bosman, Diana Shaye

Brar, Navleen

Broomfield, Adam Edwin

Bruse Fortugno, Daniela Colette

Cada, Madison Deziray Lee-Anne

Cairns, Sydney Rose

Caron, Chelsea Nicole

Chabot Rouleau, Evelyne

Chand, Sheetal

Chavarria, Kimberly Francheska

Chen, Olivia Shao Hsi

Chtchetinina, Julia

Cogger, Arianna Faith

Dancey-Betterton, Jaimie Lyn

Dimion, Camryn Mary

Elgiet, Vance Martin

Erickson-Parent, Courtney

Faqiri, Marwa

Faria Blanco, Maria Salome

Ferguson, Aiyana M. I.

Francisco, Gilliane Kent

Fraser, Ian Paul

Gamble, Sarah Joyce

Garratt, Britney

Gill, Harnoor Singh

Green, Rebecca Catherine

Greig, Alexander Cantley

Grubb, Megan Lynn

Guilas, Jann Kirstine

Hashman, Devon

Haswell, Nicole Elizabeth Anne

Hunter, Sebastian Joseph

Johnson, Morgann Paige

Jones, Jayda Judy

Kandamby, Yuvini Lasandee

Kennedy, Ola

Knowles, Adrianna Rachel

Lakhani, Maheen

Lloyd, Morissa Madison

Lo, Kei Wa

Loupelle, Mackenzie Marie

Luft, Madeline Grace

Luijkx, Madison Elise

Ly, Jessica Wen Ying

McKeating, Bradley Davis

McMillan, Kassidy Lynn

Mehl, Benedikt Martin

Muhssin, Bader

Nagra, Sukhraj Singh

Nagy, Taylor Marie

Niroumand, Yasaman


Obiar, Eiriel Buendia

Olbey, Mckenzie Ann

Passos da Silva, Daniella

Patience, Alisha H.

Pechet, Baruch Samuel

Rafiq, Saddia

Rahmat, Nafisa

Ruiz, Alexandra Patricia

Sargent, Bryanna Rose

Schuster, Carson

Sellers, Kjirsti Janae

Shelestynsky, Taryn Maleha

Sinclair Smith, Keely Lynnette

Sommerfeld, Brady John

Stamper, Ava Christine

Taylor, Gracie Alexandra

Taylor, James Carl

Tofts, Reese Liam Maclean

Tremble, Kaelyn Taylor

Vallieres, Payton Christian

Wahlfeldt, Kirsten Ann Walters, Haley Alexis

Warriner, Nicholas Craig

Williams, Arielle

Williams, Sarah Elizabeth

Woo, Fiona Wing-Man

Woods, Tayden Jeffrey Ziki, Princess

Sociology (Honours) Benchamma, Isha Lynna


Ahmed, Zishan

Akeche, Kelly Ngeboh

Al-Dusari, Sara

Altrogge, Gregory Leo

Anderson, Lauren Elisabeth Ansari, Osama Ahmed

Arandela, Mariah Samantha Baldwin, Sureya

Bandzul, Rachael Marrie

Baroudi, Hajer

Barsby, Allison Cambryn

Bayram, Alaa

Becker, Onna Nichole

Beckley, Emily Marie

Berg, Alyshia Louise

Bergesen Aarthun, Emma

Blahitka, Dustin Evan

Bobyn, Breanne

But, Arisha

Campeau, Jessica Madison

Caouette, Brianna Read

Castro Gabaldon, Melina Gabriela

Chevais, Brenna Theadora Marie

Curley, Talia

Daly, Celeste Amara

De Guzman, Julia Rae Villanueva

Deuja, Aayam

Gallinger, Caidyn Sky

Godek, Kamil Thomas

Hart-Wearmouth, Vicki Lynn

Hassan, Zaynah

Hedges, Kylie Murae

Jamorabo, Frances Allen Bonsobre

Jerry, Ritika

Kaufman, Josie Rene

Kaur, Harnoor

Kelly, Dalen Rae-Dawn

Klymyuk, Maryana

Kovacs, Julia Margarita

Kurulak, Mackenzie Jade

Ladia, Rednaxela Cruz

Lauber, Kendell Reese

Lee, Samuel

Maclid, Anna Michaela

Malec, Pamela Susan

Malhotra, Sakshi

Mansour-Quan Chan, Aleara

Mariam, Isaac Tamrat Worku

Maysun, Nabeeha

McClocklin, Taylor Mary

Mckee, Kendra Victoria

Mendenilla, Frances Jane Arandia

Moeller, Jenny Rae

Morand, Paige Elizabeth

Munroe, Amy

Ngu, Lisa

Ogden, Heather Marples

O’Keefe, Kaelyn Erin

Olson, Tayler

Omar, Nadine

Onyenwosa, Benita Ijeoma

Orr, Oliver

Osman, Mayar

Palmer, Gwyneth Hannah

Patriana, Cid-Robert

Phan, Harrison

Picon Almanza, Raquel Yaqueline

Poffenroth, Vanessa Ashley

Polinelli, Rachele Alexandra

Prakash, Ektaa Nitika

Pratt, Briklyn Saige

Ramirez, Jacquelyn Brittney

Randhawa, Manraj Kaur

Raval, Adi

Rizvi, Alishba Fatima

Robinson-Enebeli, Gregory


Romelus, Alixia

Sacro, Laurenz

Sadiq, Nabiha

Sallouh, Safaa Moustafa

Sandhu, Harleen Kaur

Sandhu, Navdeep Kaur

Sanyaolu, Oluwadolapo

Schulte, Kelby Rose

Sharma, Janvi

Sicat, Kyle Loren

Subaran, Brigitte Granadozin

Suchla, Nellyann Bernice

Thorburn, Rylee Janel

Truong, Diana Ngoc

Wright, Brayleigh

Yu, Connie

Zvaniga, Mikaela Barbara Lee

Bachelor of Arts — Criminal Justice (Honours)

Baranowska, Sandra Ewa

Barclay, Brady Robert

Benson, Emma Shea

Brar, Anmol Singh

Butt, Michaela Joshlyn Hope

Du Plessis, Emma Renee

Eaton, Chloe Bella

Flegel, Megan Sandra

Frampton, Mackenzie Mary Elizabeth

Podovinikoff, Alexandra

Reynaud, Alannah

Sommerfeld, Hannah Louise

Umama, Umama

Villeneuve, Mackenzie Dawn

Vinje, Samantha

Wirtanen, Hannah Justine

Younes, Jalal

Bachelor of Arts — Criminal Justice

Ahmad, Abdullah

Aldos, Jerome

AI-Shareefi, Eman

Arceno, Maryl John Ii

Atie, Samah

Bass, Tyler Luke

Benhura, Donnell Tadiwa

Bhullar, Gurjeet Singh

Brar, Sukhpreet Kaur

Browning, Braydon Lee

Chap, Abraham Gatluak

Compson, Kyla Theresa Ann

Corbiell, Kyle Darren

Dizon, Jericho Acuna

Eballa, Chelsea Jillian

Erguiza, Jaya Cyreen Concepcion

Ewacha, Sarah Genevieve

Foster, Christopher Jason

Grant, Zane Daniel

Grimm, Serena Kenzie

Hardy, Alisa Marie

Iamartino, Emma Claire

Janzen, Camron John-Lea

Jeffery, Alexander Matthew

Kaur, Harpreet

Khan, Asfand Ali

Khehra, Avneet Kaur

Kidane, Minas Tesfaye

Lally, Subaig Singh

Mahay, Ranjot

Matus, Sadie T.Y.

McCarthy Benavides, Isabella Paz

McLaren, Kenadi Dawn

McLeod, Simon Daniel

McMaster, Taylor Jade

Mellis, William Richard

Millier, Kessa Karen

Natt, Ajay Singh

Natt, Udaipal Singh

Neufeld, Madison Sarah

O’Flaherty, Fiona Aislinn

Ortiz, Alexandra Jade

Petaske, Meghan Amber Emily

Phillips, Paris Olivia

Pintes, Joenel

Racila, Alexander Armand

Rakka, Aneese Hassan

Ramsdale, Lexi E.

Robinson, Holly Jayde

Roy, Terence Ian

Saifuddin, Sudoba

Saran, Harjot

Senevirathne, Starshika Shanon

Sidhu, Komalpreet

Sigfusson, Hanna Salina

Song, Yu Sub

Tarnowski, Merisa

Trinh, David Hideo

Valencia, Rei Francis Alviz

Vona, Jeffrey Samuel

Welgan, Ashley Brooke

Xu, Jia Yuan

Zaporosky, Skylar Mary Elizabeth

Friday June 14, 2024

2 p.m.


Elder Miiksika’am, Clarence Wolfleg


Doctor of Laws Recipient

Honourable Lois Mitchell

Professor Emeritus

John Cox

Governor General’s Medal


Tejas Gill

Centennial Gold Medal Recipient

Angela Faye Galeos

Alumni Speaker

Stefan Radeta, BCIS ‘19


Bachelor of Interior Design

Akeredolu, Sarah Jadesola

Bastien, Aiyana Marissa

Black, Shekirra Rose

Bruneski, Rhett Henry

Clements, Katelyn Angele

Davis, Yael Maddison

Dunford, Belinda Mae

Ferguson, Maggie Sue

Garcia, Valeria Cristina

Gill, Komal Kaur

Heninger, London Michelle

Hicks, Alexandra Dayle

Hoffmann, Jaclyn Marie

Ilijas, Samantha Nicole

Jacobs, Emma Victoria

Kassir, Leen

Khamba, Inder Singh

Lake, Erin Christine

McAndrew, Emily

Moir, Adam Michael

Patalinghug, Daryl Jane

Pedreanez, Andrea Patricia

Pellettier, Ciara

Pop, Natalie

Russell, Alynah Rose

Sveinson, Ashley Marie

Tait, Kaylee Anne

Taqtaq, Christine

Thraya, Adam

Zavarce Zarraga, Maria Angelica


Bachelor of Computer Information Systems

Amid, Hoomer

Amin, Haider

Banta, Jan Cristen Salazar

Baranowski, Daniel Piotr

Bodemer, Brandon

Bodor, Kurt Zachary

Carvalho, Gareth Noel-Ashley

Conley, Joel Darrell

Cui, Cheng Zu

Gadsby, Evan Clarke

Gonzalez, Marco Antonio

Goren, Guy

Kaderi, Hassan Imad

Kaniusis, Dawson Matthew

Khan, Raphael Mahboob

Kumar, Shreshth

Lindstrom, Matthew Garry

Liu, Alan

Luchian, Christopher R.

Ma, Jessica Christina

Maquio, Jonathan David

Mohammed Emin, Yuusuf

Obiagu, Chukwuemelie Ejikemeuwa


Ochieng, Rebeka

Popa, Mihai

Pope, Justin John

Pravlik, Christopher

Robles, Erika Grace Garcia

Singh, Guranjan

Vouri, Carter James

Walker, Jordan Edwin

Young, Lorenzo Ivan

Co - operative Education

Aggarwal, Ethan Connor

Amy, Taylor Spencer

Arham, Md Nuwasir

Atwal, Paraspreet Singh

Ballagan, Jaskirat Singh

Borchert, Dylan Joshua

Carr, Jordan

Duong, Kyle Matthew

Horner, Jarret Alan

Khan, Abdul Qadeer

Lopena, Juveluzel Bolos

Muhammad, Abdullah Nawaz

Panghulan, Hans Christian Chern

Passarelli, Matthew Tobias

Penas, Nathaniel Medel

Penkov, Kirill

Rapchuk, Crystal Anne

Ton, Khoi That Minh

Valiente, John Samuel Clemente

Virk, Prasandeep

Watson, Jameson

Wimmer, Sebastian Rosaire Erich

Zafar, Anas

Bachelor of Science

Biology (Honours)

Ahuja, Minal

Ball, Abhayjit

Cassidy, Samantha Danielle

Khan, Muhammad Sulman

Kingdon, Emily Mage


Alcantara, Rhandel Rohs Hernandez

Asrani, Gaurav

Blanchard, Charles Norman Earl

Bonert, Jessica Stefanie

Calachan, Roger Matthew Mercado

Carson, Bryce Alex

Corbiere, Katelyn Gale

Cruickshank, Delaney Anne

Dacanay, Mariane Denise

Elorbany, Ahmed

Gonzales, Patricia Colleen

Jersak, Sydney

Khait, Noa

La, James

Ladell, Aera Joyce Marie

Malabug, Karla Mae

Medvedic, Cara Grace

Meldrum, Tyson Leo

Pigott, Grace Carolee

Rayner, Blake

Rios, Luis Omar

Ross, Reaghan Clare

Schindel, Anna Katherine

Seeley, Paige Hannah Darling

Sehgal, Luv

Sveinson, Colton John Lacy

Tambis, Francessheila

Uytiepo, Jamie Villafranca

Wild, Sarah

Wilson, Kiara Shaden

Yu, Yanwei

Cellular and Molecular Biology

Lassota, Christopher

Shaw, Christopher Michael Warren

Weldu Kahsay, Senay


Ahluwalia, Pavneet

Annobil, Augustine

Bhatt, Abhisek Bharat

Casue, Irish Mae Cabangan

Dy, Andrew Joseph

Farooq, Maliha

Gezahegn, Birhan

Goomannee, Gavin

Helfrich, Easton Cale

Huynh, Khiem Nhat

Leveille, Alexander James

Luong, Yen Ngoc

Ormon, Chantal Rae

Pederson, Jaslyn Doreen

Quiros, Krizel Mei Gabiane

Semilla, Kimberly Pablo

Skrlik, Ashton Hope

Computer Science

Alberto, Kamille Angela

Bradley, Soren Edward

Caron, Kellen Ernest Light

Cating, Isaiah Luke Lao

Charles, Scott David

Dhanda, Pelvain Singh

Ebrole, Johann Sebastian

Grainger, Daniel Patrick

Ingelson, Drew A.

Jamieson, Sean Ian

Koivuneva, Kyle Robert John

Myer, Michael Andrew

Smith, Matthew William

Szeto, Jason Yui Chuck

Tallman, Matthew Michael

Viehweger, Jesse Thomas

FRIDAY, JUNE 14 , 2024 2 P.M.


Computer Science

Co - operative Education

Karavadra, Rutu Muru

Koldachenko, Olga Evguenievna

Pham, Matthew Gia Bao

Sikov, Kiril

Environmental Science

Ahmad, Fakiha

Avendano, Leilani Angelica

Bank-Imudia, Violet Chigozie

Barnett, Eve Danielle

Bartlett, Kaitlynn Elizabeth

Eggen, Kyle Bradley

Filyk, Kyle James

Foucault, Ryann Evelyn Marie

Gravel, Jasmyne

Hajdu, Brendan Joseph

Hammermeister, Keenen Taylor

Harris, Kelvin

Hustad, Kaitlyn Jean

Ledda, Kristen

Long, Brendan R.

Lovric, Melina Izabelle

Madrelejos, Alexander

Mattison, Caroline Aimee

Metacat-Yah, Samuel Joseph

Murray, Kaitlin Abigale

Thomas, Bailey Adelle

Van Roon, Garett Robert

General Science

Al Zamel, Lana

Alawiye, Taiwo

Armstrong, Kaedon

Baniya, Abishan

Bernas, Maia Lindsay

Blake, Nioncea Courtnea

Bradbury, Brandon John Douglas

Cameron, Ti’ana-Marie Skyelar

Chahal, Perveen

Cochlan, Sydney Morgan

Dedekind, Nicola

Dhaliwal, Jaipreet Kaur

Diaz-Meneses, Rodrigo

Domingo, Rikki Mae

Duque, Abcdef

Eisler, Mikaela

Emerson, Quinn Jewels

Endaya, Maricris Faye Insular

Escoto, Adriana

Espanta, Jan Marielle

Fiedler, Haley Ryan

Fisher, Samantha Anne Marie

Fong, Shealyn Rebecca

Galeos, Angela Faye Rebuyas

Giers, Benjamin David

Gounder, Jooti

Guieb, Chelsea Joyce

Guinsatao, Geneva

Guirguis, Marina Maher Zaki Sidarous

Ignacio, Micah Castillo

Jimenez, Clarisa May Alegrado

Jumilla, John Paolo Janay

Klassen, Tara

Laudel, Cayley Morgan

Little, Victoria Tamara

Manjunath, Pooja

Mannan, Suzana

Morrison, Amanda Michelle

Nahal, Harsukhbir Kaur

Oliphant, Mairi Anne

O’Neill, Shae-Lynn Ann

Perena, Neil Carlson Cayabyab

Shirsabir, Mariam

Singh, Sanjam Preet

Sleiman, Samantha Sara

Taylor, Olivia

Thoummarath, Gina Manievanh

Tolentino, Andre Angelo

Torres, Jeanne Nicole B.

Tran, Thanh Anh Kiet

Trew, Emily Luanne

Trnski, Lara

Voth, Spencer David George

Wander, Munseet Kaur

Waraich, Saheba

Zamani, Liza

Zheleva, Magdalena Gancheva

Ziaei, Shervin


Becerra De Rosales, Marilyn Elena

Beckie, Benjamin

Benjafield, Vanessa Raquel

Burnett, Emma Gail Daisy

Cairns, Andrea Claire

Harder, Shamus Mitchell

Harris, Michelle Elizabeth

Kuczaj, Pawel Jozef

Werner-Fisher, Maxmillion Jeffree

Zarazun, Brett Albert

Health Science

Alshahaf, Carla

Damen, Cheryl Lynn

Dost, Annika Sietske

Friesen, Rayanne Elizabeth

Gill, Tejas Singh

Jalkotzy, Alanna Lynn

Johnson, Nicole Aejah

Mackenzie, Benjamin William Lucyshyn

Quillopo, Rolemn Klievon Reynante

Younas, Mahnoor

Officers of Convocation

Dawn Farrell, MA, Chancellor


Timothy Rahilly, PhD, President and Vice-Chancellor

Chris Lee, CA, Chair, Board of Governors

Chad London, PhD, Provost and Vice-President, Academic (when absent Vice-Provosts or Deans)

Geri Lynn Gouglas, BA, Registrar & Associate Vice-President , Enrolment Management

Platform Party

Members of the procession include, depending on circumstances:


President and Vice-Chancellor

Provost and Vice-President, Academic

Secretary, General Faculties Council

University Registrar

Board of Governors, Mount Royal University

Vice-Presidents, Mount Royal University

Associate Vice-Presidents, Mount Royal University

President, Students’ Association of Mount Royal University

President, Mount Royal Faculty Association

President, Mount Royal Staff Association

Deans, Mount Royal University Faculties

Associate Deans, Mount Royal University

Directors, Mount Royal University Academic Centres and Institutes

Honorary Doctor of Laws recipients

Governor General’s Medal recipients

Centennial Gold Medal recipients

Professors Emeriti


Faculty, Mount Royal University

Federal, provincial and municipal elected officials

Representatives of universities, colleges and schools


Thank you to the incredible staff and volunteers who greeted students, ushered guests and provided support so we could celebrate our most recent graduates.



Take a deep breath — you did it! Today, you begin the next step with Mount Royal University, not as a student, but as a lifelong member of the Mount Royal University Alumni Association. You belong to a community of more than 118,000 alumni and a broader university community that values you.

As a Mount Royal alum, the Office of Alumni Relations will invite you to alumni programs that connect and inspire you, and support you in your career and leadership development. You’ll also receive exclusive alumni offers, and the opportunity to access products and services to help you navigate life after university.

If you’d like to come back and connect with students as a mentor or speak to classes, there are opportunities for that. There are also opportunities for you to provide insights and knowledge as an Alumni Council volunteer, on program advisory committees, alumni focus groups and more. Mount Royal values what you think and how you feel, and you are an integral part of who we are.

We hope to see you on campus and at an alumni program very soon. In the meantime, we’ve put together a grad giveaway just for you! To enter, visit and update your contact information.

Congratulations on your convocation!

MRU Alumni @MRUAlumni
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Mount Royal University

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